Aquarium Sump Design

In this video I explain how to design a sump for your Saltwater Aquarium.

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In this video I explain how to design a sump for your Saltwater Aquarium.

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Paul Willis
Paul Willis - 5 years ago
no that diagram does look like a Picasso...not sure u used the right artist
Rotter Tube Reef
Rotter Tube Reef - 6 years ago
awesome video thanks! subbed
ThinkDeeper - 7 years ago
A B.S. in Engineering or a Masters in B.S. - quite choice.  Let them live in ignorance.  I like your style Brian.  Thank You.
casino007007 - 7 years ago
stop drawing  the picture show me the sump you build please ?
Kevin McDonnell
Kevin McDonnell - 7 years ago
Are you saying that I can run my protein skimmer off of my return water?
Trevor Henry
Trevor Henry - 7 years ago
You have made a very simple filtration into a complicated system. You should of focused this video on something a new person to this hobby can make and not have to worry about regulating, welding, decreasing pump numbers and just kept it simple.
Aaron Bursiek
Aaron Bursiek - 7 years ago
Wow. 20 minutes of you primarily talking about your tank. Next please.
John Vergo
John Vergo - 7 years ago
Superb video. I'm new to saltwater and I'm in the process of designing my system. I feel 99% more confident about my plans after seeing your video, although I think it was cut short. Is the last part posted?
Hector Cabrera
Hector Cabrera - 8 years ago

10. comment for Aquarium Sump Design

Paul Himmelman
Paul Himmelman - 8 years ago
very helpful, thanks.
Jordan Keuler
Jordan Keuler - 8 years ago
Very nice video... it is making me redo my hole sump idea and hopefully save me a lot of headache in the future 
naushad semna
naushad semna - 9 years ago
Dear Brian, this design of yours for making sump filter is very nice. But friend upload some sump design for african cichlids tank
Jordan Chapman
Jordan Chapman - 9 years ago
What size sump would I need for a 250 liter aquarium and what else would I need for it other then a skimmer plz help ??
Brian Greul
Brian Greul - 9 years ago
Yes.... been working on the room the tank is in... it's taking forever. I'm working on drywall now... so aquarium stuff will resume in a few months. System is still running fine. Not putting fish in until construction is done.
Erick Meyers
Erick Meyers - 9 years ago
Any updates on your system coming?
Brian Greul
Brian Greul - 9 years ago
In this case I eliminated the need for an extra pump. I first supply the water to the skimmer, and then the excess is sent to the refugium. The skimmer eliminates what the refugium needs. I've been working on the master suite that the tank is in, so I have not done much in the way of aquarium stuff for the last year..... but I will begin working on it again. I'm finishing the drywall this weekend in that room. :)
Fishman - 9 years ago
Thanks for sharing. Some interesting thoughts. I hadn't considered regulating the flow across the refugium. I'm not clear why you wouldn't want all of the water flowing through, maybe the volume of flow through the sump is the issue. My only concern is the rock bed at the beginning of the sump. I think excess detritus will overwhelm the rocks ability to process the bacteria.
marineVaviator - 9 years ago
Tell the "expert" to go f*ck himself and stay with the engineers. Give me the forum and the guys username, I'll handle it lol
Rouse MKG
Rouse MKG - 9 years ago
Nice video bro! I love the drawings on the dry erase board. I work in a chemical plant, so seeing your drawings up on a board is second nature to me, although I think for the majority of people, watching your setup live and going through your whole setup piece by piece would give a better idea of what your doing.

20. comment for Aquarium Sump Design

strata g
strata g - 9 years ago
man you are seriously flash :-)
strata g
strata g - 9 years ago
"penny of prevention is cheaper than a pound of cure"? my god you guys have some naff sayings lol. but apart from that, what a brilliant vid, I have not seen a sump and over flow system explained like that before, very clear, this has been neglected by a lot of instructors. that's just what I was looking for. always had cichlids but this will be my first tank build first time with a sump and first marine (GULP!) shame it cut short brother but all good, admittedly had to pause and take notes tho.
astromicwm - 9 years ago
These type of video what YouTube need to be filled with,, thank's and keep up
Jonathan Jonathan
Jonathan Jonathan - 9 years ago
this guy is a fucking loser
miagy420 - 10 years ago
You have the bean animal overflow, good choice i'm building one for my 150l tank
AquariumsbyZero - 10 years ago
Great video, very informative, i designed my own sump for my nano reef but this will help when i set up my larger reef.
MELOMACHINE - 10 years ago
you are the shit!!! thanks!!!!!
jollymylela - 10 years ago
Good video
aikobabi - 10 years ago
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Merry Berry
Merry Berry - 10 years ago
Thanks for the great video sir, really appreciate it.

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jayhawkscott - 10 years ago
I'm in the process of designing a new sump for my tank and your video made me think a little more about my design plans. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.
jayhawkscott - 10 years ago
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez - 10 years ago
grey concep idea i can wey to see up and roning kep up grey work as far to weld pvc to plastic i done in the past and i have no problem good luck to you thanks

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