My Top 5 Indoor Plants

Welcome to Plantjungle! Here are my top 5 favourite indoor plants! Please subscribe for more videos and follow us on

My Top 5 Indoor Plants sentiment_very_dissatisfied 16

Howto & Style 6 years ago 44,600 views

Welcome to Plantjungle! Here are my top 5 favourite indoor plants! Please subscribe for more videos and follow us on

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for My Top 5 Indoor Plants

mrudula narra
mrudula narra - 5 years ago
Killallda Drugslordcriminal
Killallda Drugslordcriminal - 5 years ago
Hmmmm you're damn cute.....thanks for sharing your videos I soooo love it....keep it up the good work and inspire more young people like from Philippines xoxoxo
Nisaa Khan
Nisaa Khan - 5 years ago
Wish my hubby was enthusiastic about plants I just love them
Solveg Rasmus
Solveg Rasmus - 5 years ago
devils ivy??? that's just same old phtos,or the right name Epipremnum aureum
Omon Maravilla
Omon Maravilla - 5 years ago
love them all
neonia hazelwood
neonia hazelwood - 5 years ago
He's adorable!
neonia hazelwood
neonia hazelwood - 5 years ago
One billion loves for how you have taken such great care of your beautiful plants.
JASON TAN - 5 years ago
yr plants all look so healthy. Gorgeous!
Yaleimie Pagan
Yaleimie Pagan - 5 years ago
The last one

10. comment for My Top 5 Indoor Plants

fryfold - 5 years ago
Did you really only call it a happy plant? Wtf.
Casey Brown
Casey Brown - 5 years ago
fryfold it's mass cane (I think dracaena massangeana)
suzanne aji
suzanne aji - 5 years ago
good job
suzanne aji
suzanne aji - 5 years ago
Lorette Wall
Lorette Wall
Lorette Wall - 5 years ago
suzanne aji and
SKINNYPUNCH - 5 years ago
Hi! Youre soooo cute.
ida frost
ida frost - 5 years ago
Are you in Sydney,plantjungle? You have a good weather unlike in bathurst
Chad Hill
Chad Hill - 5 years ago
Heard the Aussie accent and subbed straight away haha! I'm getting into house plants & it's hard to find someone living locally!! Do you have any air plants? Or know where you can buy them from?
ryselny Rosa
ryselny Rosa - 5 years ago
The fiddle leaf fig !!! I still need one.
Anny Morales
Anny Morales - 5 years ago
I love ur plants
vinny so
vinny so - 5 years ago
you're cute
Vinícius - 5 years ago
Your plants are really beautiful!
Gerald N
Gerald N - 5 years ago
Your enthusiasm makes this topic exciting. Great video.
Trish Estes
Trish Estes - 5 years ago
Gerald N the music is very distracting and takes AWAY from your great energy and enthusim

20. comment for My Top 5 Indoor Plants

Kurtz Malcom
Kurtz Malcom - 5 years ago
not sure if you already know this but if you wake up in the night and check on the Calathea you will see that the whole plant closes up in the night
summnie - 5 years ago
Hi, good video!! I was wondering do u get gnats flying around from all those plants? And how do u get rid of them?
Brenda Sullivan
Brenda Sullivan - 5 years ago
summnie gnats come from too much water let plants dry out that should do it, if not change soil.
Chris Gomez
Chris Gomez - 5 years ago
Hi, What type of soil do u have the dracaena cane in?
Vince Picondo
Vince Picondo - 5 years ago
wow I love the plants!
Stacey Reyes
Stacey Reyes - 5 years ago
Great first video.I look forward to seeing more of your plants.
Yolanda Romero
Yolanda Romero - 5 years ago
You didn't show that nice split leaf!!!
Aisha Begum
Aisha Begum - 5 years ago
Hi there it's a lovely video keep more coming , why don't you send us a photos plants would be nice
Sam Briggs
Sam Briggs - 6 years ago
Love it Alan, you're so good on camera too xx
Plantjungle - 6 years ago
Thanks so much Sam! Glad you enjoyed it

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