Nature Aquarium - 60 cm Iwagumi by Adam Wozniak

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Mals Aquaholics
Mals Aquaholics - 2 years ago
Aquascape amazing ! I would find it helpful if we got a good look at the rock selection before they went in the tank . So we can see what shapes you use to achieve the aquascape ..
Ulisses Castro
Ulisses Castro - 3 years ago
Sachil chandran
Sachil chandran - 3 years ago
What are the plants used in scaping
장쓰 - 3 years ago
Sachil chandran hear glass, moss, tigma
Shanker Shrestha
Shanker Shrestha - 3 years ago
stones used?
z3ro7o - 3 years ago
Shanker Shrestha seiryu
AQUADESIGN by aquamaniac
AQUADESIGN by aquamaniac - 5 years ago
This looks really cool.

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