Setting up a large tropical freshwater aquarium

Practical Fishkeeping magazine online shows you how to set up a large tropical freshwater aquarium.

Setting up a large tropical freshwater aquarium sentiment_very_dissatisfied 229

Howto & Style 17 years ago 1,273,750 views

Practical Fishkeeping magazine online shows you how to set up a large tropical freshwater aquarium.

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Most popular comments
for Setting up a large tropical freshwater aquarium

Jürgen Kaßnitz
Jürgen Kaßnitz - 9 years ago
fish  - pl.: fish - only when referring to different kinds or species: fishes - the same with "shrimp" and "shrimps" - but it`s more common to use only "fish" and "shrimp" - not to mix up with "Fish and Chips"
Cheers !
SamCrowe98 - 10 years ago
\check Out These Tropical Fish That Jump, The Second One Is Them Actually Jumping Out Of The Tank /watch?v=4hWM7zimE9U /watch?v=Yib3NUJhA_8
Dan Frodsham
Dan Frodsham - 11 years ago
hey everyone can you please check out my video of me putting my whole hand into my red belly piranha tank! only had them a few days so advice on tank size in future etc will be really appreciated cheers
Raad Liziq
Raad Liziq - 11 years ago
small fish can be sucked by the filters.. watch this video if you have small fish watch my vid about Preventing small fish from being sucked by the filters
John Orange
John Orange - 11 years ago
Pretty uninspiring - a shame really, six minutes and forty seconds is an eternity, you could have made it a lot more interesting by explaining why you were doing what you were doing.
nev6363 - 11 years ago
waste of server space !!
Mandatory Possession
Mandatory Possession - 11 years ago
Check out my tank it's a perfect example of a successful community aquarium.
nicksmith1123 - 11 years ago
nice vid please check out my tank :)
Relemdeen - 11 years ago
most likely not. i would say maybe 55-75G i have both. and thats what it looks like to me.

10. comment for Setting up a large tropical freshwater aquarium

Justin Murgasen
Justin Murgasen - 11 years ago
you have to eye read it
TheMrHutchie - 12 years ago
there is no fucking sound
Ash B
Ash B - 12 years ago
they can be sent in whatever angle you want, mine are horizontal in my sump filter :)
chris geller
chris geller - 12 years ago
i am pretty sure it said fresh water in the title fuck head
Christian Clark
Christian Clark - 12 years ago
Kevin Farrington
Kevin Farrington - 12 years ago
If I had a nickel for every pixel in this video, I would have a penny
Ruslan Gunawan
Ruslan Gunawan - 12 years ago
palito420 - 12 years ago
Blake Driesen
Blake Driesen - 12 years ago
Is that salt water tank
GreatWhiteNiko - 12 years ago
This is how things were done about 30 years ago. The filter is not adequate, the flow pattern from the filter is inefficient, don't even need to comment on the filter media. The light is dim, the plants are not going to do well in that clean sand. The water dechlorination is a joke because tap water contain more poisons than just Chlorine/Chloramine. The cycling does not need to be longer than 1 day. There is one good thing about this tank - it is not small. That's it. Cheers!

20. comment for Setting up a large tropical freshwater aquarium

Ujjwal Parmar
Ujjwal Parmar - 12 years ago
i like roseline shark...:D
ivan alvarado
ivan alvarado - 12 years ago
@awesomelife007 any cory catfish will do other then that you should probably stick to tetra and mollys. ccichlid species would bother your fish since its a small tank.
ivan alvarado
ivan alvarado - 12 years ago
@adairstylist1134 if you mean a canister filter then not really any filter thats for 50 gallons or more will do you well. canister filters are best for saltwater aquariums in my opion.
springloadedchicken - 12 years ago
ah, good old fashioned style aquarium setups... :D love that canister filtration.
outlander271 - 12 years ago
@TomShootsPhoto As recommended by the manufacturers. Maybe modern heater/stats don't need to be.
TomShootsPhoto - 12 years ago
@outlander271 Why should it?
bryan keller
bryan keller - 12 years ago
no sound what the heck
Zepp dela paz
Zepp dela paz - 12 years ago
Aquarium dimension plz and glass thickness? thnx
themikester223 - 12 years ago
Holy crap 1,000,000+ views on a "setting up an aquarium video" o.O
Zach Dewey
Zach Dewey - 12 years ago
i just bought a 50 gal, should i buy a filter like that?

30. comment for Setting up a large tropical freshwater aquarium

lucarox123 - 12 years ago
Who likes my aquariums.
HungQDang - 12 years ago
@aaronschool296 can a 20 G look like it's more than 4' long and 15'' wide?
Gidenkidenk - 12 years ago
I have a 1 gallon goldfish bowl and a 75 gallon tank, just need to put time, money and fish into it
Travels & Chases
Travels & Chases - 12 years ago
@loxley70 Thanks alot for the advice.
loxley70 - 12 years ago
@DTRAVELZ its sometimes better to leave the ph as it comes out of the tap as it is better for the fish to have a stable ph than 1 that fluctuates,there is no correct ph,different fish do better in different like soft water with a low ph and african cichlids prefer hard water with a high as they say if it aint broke dont fix it
Travels & Chases
Travels & Chases - 12 years ago
I am having a hard time getting my PH balance correct. I am trying to get it to 7.0 and I have followed all of the directions to the T , and it always stays at around 6.4 . I have a 72 gallon Bow tank, that was very recentlly professionally cleaned , and all filtrations are up to par. Any ideas of what I can do?
12createaccount - 12 years ago
no sound, good i dont want to here a wife beating do it yourselfer curse at those little roots while he beat the shit out them
2706588 - 12 years ago
@DiscusKev at this point, even a sign language person in the lower corner would be appreciated.
Pedro Pereira
Pedro Pereira - 12 years ago
@Robomonkey5000 its silica sand!
Budget Shooter
Budget Shooter - 12 years ago
@X666X666 fishless cycling is when you leave the aquairum running without fish for one month, but you put the daily fish food in as if there were fish
PandorasStar - 12 years ago
surley he's got to much substrate in there? its going to get alsorts of nasty bacteria beacuse of the thickness? am i wrong?
X666X666 - 12 years ago
hi can some one explain the substrate is is it aquarium soil ? and also what does fishless clying mean leaving pumps and heaters on for a few days before adding fish ??
Piano with Jacob
Piano with Jacob - 12 years ago
@1Filmproducer thx
1Filmproducer - 12 years ago
@pingshiyu fairplay, yeah still average but not bad for a begginer, arent u
Piano with Jacob
Piano with Jacob - 12 years ago
@1Filmproducer 26 gallons
1Filmproducer - 12 years ago
@pingshiyu not really, its average, i have 60 Litres, 15 gallons, id say yours is about 20 gallons which isnt large but is alrite
Jonvox - 12 years ago
Excellent demonstration mate.
Piano with Jacob
Piano with Jacob - 12 years ago
is my 100 litre fish tank "large"?
Yakuzagang5 - 12 years ago
@cccspizza Nice grammar.
Saiju Jose
Saiju Jose - 13 years ago
Your collections are excellent. See our excellent exotic Ornamental fish farms in Kerala. We have awesome collection of fresh water ornamental fishes.Please watch our videos. Anna Aqua Pets -Ornamental fish farm in Kottat - Chalakudy - Thrissur DT- Kerala -India

50. comment for Setting up a large tropical freshwater aquarium

chezbabe91 - 13 years ago
outlander271 - 13 years ago
Aren't heater/stats supposed to be at 45 degrees or vertical?
zerounite - 13 years ago
putting the aquarium is not my problem ... my problem is decorating it :( ... i don't have much of a artistic mind
iNNoCeNttDReAMs - 13 years ago
@andyITA I like it compare to fake neon colored plants aquarium.
M F G - 13 years ago
it look easy, but it will make your back hurts..
andyITA - 13 years ago
your aquarium looks colors ...simply too boring....
SuperBoricua61 - 13 years ago
Great....I have a question and I'm almost sure other viewers may benefit from your answer. How about CO2 for a good plant life? THAT seems rather complicated and maybe expensive too. I remember as a boy having a good aquarium plantscape (if you can call it like that), and now, if there is no CO2...plants die off easily. I prefer having natural plants instead of plastic...but I want to be better informed.
SuperBoricua61 - 13 years ago
Great....I have a question and I'm almost sure other viewers may benefit from your answer. How about CO2 for a good plant life? THAT seems rather complicated and maybe expensive too. I remember as a boy having a good aquarium plantscape (if you can call it like that), and now, if there is no CO2...plants die off easily. I like having natural plants instead of plastic...but I want to be better informed.
HordeFTL - 13 years ago
@snowandskate69 It depends on how deep it currently is, as long as the plants roots are buried in the gravel/sand it should grow fine.
Brittany Cohen
Brittany Cohen - 13 years ago
@ALNEAL I agree they should read books first, but the simple fact is many people will not. For them, hell for their fish, I would much rather answer their "rudimentary" questions than let them make a mistake and kill their fishy friends. Btw, who said keeping fish couldn't be fun? I love to just watch them swim. Also, they don't need constant care, thus their appeal to most people. True you must maintain water temps, pH, ext. but they are pretty easy as far as pets go. My son already helps feed!
Brittany Cohen
Brittany Cohen - 13 years ago
@ALNEAL The whole point of asking questions is to get answers. Why be so snotty over a legitimate question? Even children can be taught to care for fish as long as they are informed, it is not exclusive to "professional fish keeper". I would encourage any and all people to enjoy this hobby. @aflatminor Please don't get deterred, and good luck with your fish keeping if you so choose (which you should! cuz it's fun^.^). Just make sure you keep asking questions! We can only learn from asking Qs :)
Paris - 13 years ago
@MrMitchellsMagic LMAO!!
w1p30ut3r - 13 years ago
1) Too bad canister for a large aquarium... Dont try to put Discus on it! ;) And put a lot more ceramic/quatiz medium... 2) The termostate needs to be on a vertical position, cuz the pressure of the water vs its temperature that exciter the termostate system to turn on or off. 3) You prettend to use a water fertilizant? It was better use a substrate fertilized one, cuz, when you add nutrients to water, it means, algae... ps. Sorry for bad english... Its not my natural language... :)
jason98700 - 13 years ago
Step 10: Eat Fish
Mitchell Embrey
Mitchell Embrey - 13 years ago
Have I hone deaf?
Niall O'Brien
Niall O'Brien - 13 years ago
what subtrate did you use
aflatminor - 13 years ago
Hi Can the de-chlorinator be bought from the fish shops or from the chemist?? Cheers...
aflatminor - 13 years ago
@hammertimevice Eh?? Wot?? :-)
hammertimevice - 13 years ago
was this made for deaf people
jerry lui
jerry lui - 13 years ago
@Robomonkey5000 It's a plant substrate similar to flourite. Might be an off brand one or something.
Jack G
Jack G - 13 years ago
any questions about aquariums email me at
PurePressure999 - 13 years ago
@supercaite I live in a high-rise apartment building. I lived on the 10th floor for a year with a 150 gallon aquarium with no problems. I live on the 4th floor now, and I have a 125 gallon setup with no issues. The office manager told me that the building has concrete floors, so weight shouldn't be an issue. Though she said not to go over 150 gallons -- just to be safe. Your apartment building probably has concrete floors. Ask if there is a weight limit though -- to be on the safe side.
Dan81369 - 13 years ago
@DoubleDynamiteMan thx
Dan81369 - 13 years ago
how are the fish on 5:37 in the middle named? (three with a black stripe and little red lightning)? Thanks
twolate2l00k - 13 years ago
why no sound
blkcpdconure - 13 years ago
@niccynoo101 I alway like to say that Bettas should be in at least a five gallon tank. They can survive in a small bowl but like humans they like more room to explore. My betta is in a 10 gallon tank and he is very happy.
grebowille - 13 years ago
This is not a large tank! It is a small one! ;)
yitzy e
yitzy e - 13 years ago
what kind of bulb are you using ?
yitzy e
yitzy e - 13 years ago
what kind of bulb are you using in your Hagen Glo T5 HO Lighting System ?
Maurice Dümmen
Maurice Dümmen - 13 years ago
@supercaite can you ask your hirer maybe? The best would be, to ask the architect of the building or to have the building plants... would be better for you, your aquarium and your neighbor in the 9th floor ;) you can calculate with this (have it from a good book about aquariums): 454 litre = 120 gal 454 litre = 454 kg, = 225 pounds add it to the tableground of the aquarium and the approximate weight of the decoration must be a really good floor hope that could help you
Furiouza - 13 years ago
@supercaite of course it can happen! - check where the walls are that carry the building and maybe position around those walls! i wanted one of those,too but our "normal" house wouldn't carry the aquarium, so I have a smaller one now
fruit of victory
fruit of victory - 13 years ago
@supercaite Fine dude, Fine.
Frankie Kuna
Frankie Kuna - 13 years ago
is that real wood or is it like a plastic or something?
Frankie Kuna
Frankie Kuna - 13 years ago
is that dirt?
Jay marin
Jay marin - 13 years ago
fucking ads man !
Umar F
Umar F - 13 years ago
this is like my third video in a row with no AUDIO in it !!!!!!!
drgnfrc13 - 13 years ago
@evilash1996 But "fish" is more proper. You'll rarely hear an experienced aquarist refer to them as "fishes".
Hetzer Hasser
Hetzer Hasser - 13 years ago
@evilash1996 maybe....what i remember when i learn english was that the plural of fish is fish ! i'm not from englans/U.S !
Mario DiSanto
Mario DiSanto - 13 years ago
@acvaticlifE hey! dumb fuck fishes and fish are both proper english.
TSAquariums - 13 years ago
wow! Awesome vid! If you don't mind head over to my channel for some new aquarium videos...If you guys could that would be great! Thanks YouTubers!
RedxAngelx - 13 years ago
large stones and big roots should be in before you fill up with sand, since if you have fishes that dig, it prevent them from falling :) (not directly on the glass tho)
Daniel Olsson
Daniel Olsson - 13 years ago
Also one should add a few fishes at a time when setting up a new aquarium. And restrict the feeding the first 1-2 weeks.
Ryanmanguything - 13 years ago
where did you get them and for how much.
Hetzer Hasser
Hetzer Hasser - 13 years ago
@Hargonar the plural form of "fish" is "fish" not fishes
Brandon189 - 13 years ago
@coolioman529 Press F5 to skip them.
Paul Branigan
Paul Branigan - 13 years ago
cool video check mine out
18pranay - 13 years ago
where is the sound ???????????????????????????
Nick - 14 years ago
plz comment my vids and nice setup
Nick - 14 years ago
plz comment my vids and nice setup
Rubus Roo
Rubus Roo - 14 years ago
@coolioman529 Firefox + AdBlock Plus = no adverts

100. comment for Setting up a large tropical freshwater aquarium

Giovanna Catzinsky
Giovanna Catzinsky - 14 years ago
Substrates are very cloudy at the begining. I use mechanical fine floss wool fiber in a canister filter for 24 hour and your water will be clear.
asdfghj - 14 years ago
aaah good vid but SOUND I NEED SOUND!! aah i cant concerntrate if its too quiet and i cant hear anything..!!! Ahhh!!! SOUND SOUND SOUND i feel better hearing my keyboard not going deaf good :) SO UNCOMFORTABLE WITH NO FREAKN SOUND!!!D: LOL xD
Bryan W
Bryan W - 14 years ago
@justaukman im pretty sure they are called cigar fish. but i could be wrong
pluppmupp - 14 years ago
@jolupuke their scientific name is Puntius denisonii. Their old scientific name was Barbus denisonii//Crossocheilus denisonii.
DaMan478 - 14 years ago
@spartackusrey u need to vacuum or siphon it
Alex Ross
Alex Ross - 14 years ago
Well, thanks, that makes more sense and is what I had understood to be the case in the past.
kumarsa108 - 14 years ago
No its not ok to bury a heater, it should have water flow all around it. if you see it was not buried, it was just above the sand/gravel substrate.
Alex Ross
Alex Ross - 14 years ago
Thanks, I didn't realize it was okay to bury a "regular" heater.
Alex Ross
Alex Ross - 14 years ago
So the heater is buried in the substrate?
Alex Ross
Alex Ross - 14 years ago
Why put the heater in before the substrate?
Ndo Bro
Ndo Bro - 14 years ago
@oscar2hot4u no sound for me too
oscar davidson
oscar davidson - 14 years ago
it ther any sound on 4 any1 coz thers none 4 me hit rely if you do
xxHUNGREExx - 14 years ago
can u use coffee cup in fish tank
sloppi1234 - 14 years ago
its not a dirt ! its just smaller pices of the substrate that are flushed up when water was added
finalman25 - 14 years ago
o okay i was gonna say the result looks crystal clear on here
finalman25 - 14 years ago
ur water looks really dirty
Goglecan fukitself
Goglecan fukitself - 14 years ago
of course, but its more difficult for example because there is not so much air on their roods...
Sander - 14 years ago
they start growing after some time in the aquarium and you should choose the plants that grow fast because then you dont need to use lots of money on plants!
DanTheGangsta0 - 14 years ago
will aquarium plants grow in sand
schizobipolarjoe - 14 years ago
know why the africans cichlids died, because goldfish are cold water fish, african cichlids are warm water fish and need a high ph of 7.8-8.4
schizobipolarjoe - 14 years ago
angelfish are cichlids, and discus are cichlids too.
schizobipolarjoe - 14 years ago
pool filter sand, but make sure it doesn't have arogite in it.
schizobipolarjoe - 14 years ago
looks like a miss of eco-complete,black sand,and regular sand.
zerocool212121 - 14 years ago
@commonSagitario your right plants dont need cycling but they need nutriends and with a fresh tank there is none. and the old methods work best ive been doing this from the early 90s to now so befor you start with ur verbal diarrhea check yourself. if its new water your lvls of ferts and metals should be at a min unless ur live in mexico. ive been in this game for a long time so plz dont try and insult me aquariust norm are allys but you dont seem to get that. check my tanks out if u want.
Razer1263 - 14 years ago
u should post a video of it.
Razer1263 - 14 years ago
Carried on, if you buy a tank with a stock heater and filter these will be fine to start out but as you add more fish you really should in- vest in more exspencive ones.
Razer1263 - 14 years ago
ure best bet is to buy the biggest tank you can, every one says that smaller tanks are good for starters, they are not. the more water you have in ure tank the better it maintains its self, it can control the levels on niterate etc much better and remain more sable witch means if you do have an imbalence with any thing it should sort out it self and no fish or plants should die.
zerocool212121 - 14 years ago
declor is a waste just wait a day and the clorine is gone takes like 12-18hrs to disapate then just cycle your tank for a week or two to get mirobial life going. he doesnt even say to add your fish a couple a week or just use feeders so ur tank can adjust to them so your lvls nitrite,nitrate,an amonia dont go off they chart and kill tankmates. i would add plants after tank is set up so it has nutrients to grow from its the lil things that make all the diff on a good tank.
zerocool212121 - 14 years ago
thats the min a tank should be circulating at(4xhr)is norm i always have more than less. if u got a 180 get the fx5 my 150 gal i ran 1100 gph lil high but did a awsome job. i use two seperate filters to incase u have a failur on one backup will keep ur fish safe dont learn the hard way on that on. more flow keeps there metabolic health and stam up. there is a diff between survial and living surviving is just holding on.
Aqua Gods
Aqua Gods - 14 years ago
did he just put the cord in the water...
wesley hennessee
wesley hennessee - 14 years ago
i just got a 30 gallon tank with light stand and filter for free its all in great condition though im not sure what i want to put in it
socalgoldengal - 14 years ago
sound would be nice
curtis munday
curtis munday - 14 years ago
ur a fuckin douche jizzboy
curtis munday
curtis munday - 14 years ago
both, you can have fish survive simply with an airstone, you just need something to break the water surface, all i use is a aquaclear 110 on my 90gal and an airstone, im getting a fluvol 310 for my 180 gallon tank,these just basically have sponges to clean out fish waste, best method in myopinion.
Rohan4basu - 14 years ago
I like helping people soo, filter is for cleaning tank and makeing water circulate depending on type it can add air too. I set a a tank in under 20$:D. see the video my pet crayfish to see a filter that does both.I set that tank up in under 20$ and I paid 16$ for filter ;)I got tank well I tell u some time
Richard Walsh
Richard Walsh - 14 years ago
why start small??? start with a 55gal. they are pretty cheap before the sizes after that start to get pricey. undergavel filter and couple of power heads really keep the water clean and clear(as long as you don't over feed or over stock) and you're good to go
Emma Spinderalla
Emma Spinderalla - 14 years ago
start small, with hardy fish, and good filtration is essential to a clean tank and healthy fish. it will help with oxygen saturation of the water as will live plants and even an air pump and stone. find a good aquarium shop and they will help you allot with all the details, equipment and even problem solving should you have any. i set up a tank for the first time six mnths ago and havent lost a fish yet......
pyromaster55 - 14 years ago
best place to start is a 10-20 gallon tank. For a tropical tank you need the tank, lighted hood, substrate, heater, filter, water testing kit (or LFS that will test water for you), a small amount of hardy fish (classic bodied tetras are popular) to "cycle" the tank, and decoration. Optional (but not required) are air stones and air pump, and live plants.
razzp25 - 14 years ago
SOMEONE HELP ME !! Im considering buying and aquarium but doesnt have any experience at all with those :S My question is.. Is a filter pump pupose to keep the aquarium clean and provide air to the fish???
LyOnS409 - 14 years ago
thats a badass tank lol
hamsikElavezzi - 14 years ago
lol dude wtf why do u watch his videos? fuk off people like it
CCWSig - 14 years ago
A big one. Gold fish are extremely dirty eaters, and they creat a HUGE bio load on the aquarium. A filter with a large Bio Filtration such as the Hang on back ones from Marineland with a Bio Wheel are your best bet. Also The one inch per gallon of water does not apply with gold fish. More like one inch per 4-5 gallons will keep them alive.
No I don't want to change my username
No I don't want to change my username - 14 years ago
Thomas55Pham - 14 years ago
a very good one, lol. Goldfish is crapping fairly much.
conorholt - 14 years ago
doess anyone know a UK site where i can get good, well priced aquarariums or know where i can get a second hand one?
Ashraf Farid
Ashraf Farid - 14 years ago
cant you just put the plants into the gravel or sand?
hamsikElavezzi - 14 years ago
gold fishes are sh1t only amoniacs...i have that and i put OSCARS it s nice they eat gold fishes xD
harryvirgok38 - 14 years ago
have a look at my setup as response
iMmember91 - 14 years ago
if i have an aquarium that size, i'll definitely keep lots of goldfish in it... xD
jabyrd82 - 14 years ago
nice video
Christine C
Christine C - 14 years ago
yes the plants use the water to live...i have a live plant and have larger size pebbles and just use the pebbles to hold the plant down so it wont float up
sloppi1234 - 14 years ago
Joel Chong
Joel Chong - 14 years ago
No.Certain soils are ment for aquatic plants but if u want it to look natural,cover it with sand and/or gravel.Mabye I will post a video on it.
Sam G
Sam G - 14 years ago
where can you get freshwater sand? i dont want to use gravel and im setting up a 29 gallon tank in like a month. can you find some at like petco or petsmart?
Pimporly - 14 years ago
can you please give me a list of the plants you used? Thank you.... ~ Orly
simplycyndicated - 14 years ago
Can a eel fit there?
bverman123 - 14 years ago
how big is this tank 4ft?
collinw24 - 14 years ago
you mean hell
MAQ Al-Q - 14 years ago
Very very dirty :P!
Rastamensa - 14 years ago
the aulonocaras rulessssss
Bill Jicks
Bill Jicks - 14 years ago
that the point for a filter :)
Daniel Soltys
Daniel Soltys - 14 years ago
nice tank and fish. I like the rasboras
corvettkiller666 - 14 years ago
yay verily!!
HonoluluThighThigh - 14 years ago
or you can get a used tank... they generally sell for a dollar a gallon. : )
Josh Arnold
Josh Arnold - 14 years ago
i want to get an oscar but i only have a 10 gallon tank but i want a 100 gal but theyre rediculously expensive
Grak70 - 14 years ago
It's a form of bacteria. And although it is unsightly, it isn't harmful. Agitate the surface of the water more using a powerhead and it will usually go away: It has to have stagnant water to form. If you want to get rid of it right away, you can skim it off by lowering a water glass just below the rim and decanting it off.
pdasch0 - 14 years ago
Chris Porter
Chris Porter - 14 years ago
I don't have any sound coming out of the video?
Leonardo Cervantes
Leonardo Cervantes - 14 years ago
Beardie (3): Forgot to mention here, neon tetras are considered as dither fish, small abou 1/2" fish and combining them with goldfish (2) won't make a big impact on the water balance. They are moderately active fish swimming in all three layers of your tank, top, mid, bottom levels, but hardly a disturbing factor for your goldfish. The rule of weekly 20% water changes will not only benefit your goldfish but your neons as well.
Leonardo Cervantes
Leonardo Cervantes - 14 years ago
Beardie (2): For your 10-gal tank, you would need 2 goldfish and 8-10 neon tetras in a planted tank with dark substrate, OR, 6-8 tiger barbs in a planted tank (sturdy plants), no companion fish for the tigers OR 4-6 midsized tetras in a planted tank. Expect a lot of water changes for the goldfish as they produce the most fishwastes, at least change 20% of water vol every week to help maintain low nitrite load. Water chemical balance is essential also to fish keeping.
Leonardo Cervantes
Leonardo Cervantes - 14 years ago
Beardie (1): Your fish selection is NOT an ideal one. Goldfish are peaceful animals, easily disturbed by frenzied activities. Tiger barbs are aggressive and is NOT an ideal companions for tetras either. And 10 gallon tank for these animals? Way too small!! A 10-gal tank can hold at most 2 fully grown goldfish without disturbing the water chemical balance. Tetras are schooling fish just 4 of them is not enough to let them feel secure. Tiger barbs are also schooling fish, you need more!
Leonardo Cervantes
Leonardo Cervantes - 14 years ago
Bengobee: I think the rule of thumb of water to fish ratio is: 2" of fish lengh for every gallon of water. And we're talking about length for adult/fully grown fish here. So judging from the number of fish in that tank, i think he needs a bigger tank than the one shown, maybe in the range of 75 to 100 gallon tank. So with your idea of 50 fish, ave. length of each fish 3"/2" = 1.50" x 50 x 2 gals = 150 gal tank.
C0LL1N - 14 years ago
lol you never have to plug in the filter or heater? just hang em on the side then mature your tank with fishless cycling then add fish then go stick your head in the toilet and flush duhhhh
Dave Mac
Dave Mac - 15 years ago
de tank looks like a grave yard ....put 2 big red tighr Oscars in it hee hee hee ...AND FEED EM CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP
ingeboorg - 15 years ago
poor poor fishes
fischersrt - 15 years ago
and hiding places
fischersrt - 15 years ago
Looks good except that the fish are huddling together. They need a path to swim around, some obstacles
Dhong Xiong
Dhong Xiong - 15 years ago
Yea I'll stay away from fish but not your mom.
gavthetank - 15 years ago
since you asked that i would advise staying clean of any aquatic creature for its own protection
gavthetank - 15 years ago
u sir dont know shit about fish i would give up i bet all your fish are dead by now youe need a huge tank for all those fish
Josh Mittelsted
Josh Mittelsted - 15 years ago
I was replying to Beardielover369..............
Josh Mittelsted
Josh Mittelsted - 15 years ago
Thats way to small, Especially for your tiger barbs =/ they'll start to get territorial =| So maybe you should get like a 15 to 20 gallon tank. Hope that helped =)
filflu - 15 years ago
Personally I would add some tall plants on the back and add some fish which are surface dwellers, because as it is, the top part is a bit wasted, pity for such a large aquarium. But I appreciate that it is your aquarium and everyone has his/her opinion and preferences, as long as the fish are healthy, as they seem to be, its fine. Thanks for posting the video.
warfakaneopets - 15 years ago
you have waaaaaayyy too much fish in your tank...........upgrade to a bigger one usaswimmer
dospeak - 15 years ago
Plus I am an artist... so I'd like to add more decorations to the tank! :D and the lightings too... :P
Dhong Xiong
Dhong Xiong - 15 years ago
Will the filter pick up the fish poop?
Richard B
Richard B - 15 years ago
if ur in US...try craigslist . its a site wer people sell their stuff, u might find cheap tanks. i once saw a 180g tank on ther for jus $400
Pimporly - 15 years ago
dull selection of fish!
MJin03 - 15 years ago
does that get rid of chlorine? its mainly the cholorine that u need to deal with cause that is like poison to fish. however it will also work if you just leave the water under the sun for like a day. dont quote me on that but thats what some people say. be safe and just use aquarium supplies since they also contain stuff like methylene blue which kills things like white spots
TYLER8717 - 15 years ago
could i use water that is being run thru a water softner
Squirrel boy
Squirrel boy - 15 years ago
hey, how do you de-chlrinate water? i have a water filter installed on my sink- does it help?
brooke_clevenger - 15 years ago
watch till the end.
drkingslend - 15 years ago
Is there a list of the fish in the tank?
renton1664 - 15 years ago
looks like it says tetra-tec ex1200 on it.
Dale Cooper
Dale Cooper - 15 years ago
nice setup m8
Mike Denton
Mike Denton - 15 years ago
the best basic looking fish for a freshwater tank?
5628188888 - 15 years ago
i ment wat brand is the filter sorry
slashd - 15 years ago
I was just looking up information on how to set up my tropical fish aquarium. Thanks!
5628188888 - 15 years ago
wat brand is that fish and how much do those filters cost ?
gerrrardo - 15 years ago
what kind of substract was?
Teera Sujithamrak
Teera Sujithamrak - 15 years ago
lol, agreed
Brandon - 15 years ago
Brandon189 - 15 years ago
How many gallons is it? And great set up
BIGGESTxxEMINEMxxFAN - 15 years ago
not cos you are the biggest fukkin nerd eva with a windows 95 computer and wishin you could afford a fish tank - hey i think you can get a plastic and maybe a minnow for 5 quid ha ha ha ha pussy
BIGGESTxxEMINEMxxFAN - 15 years ago
the fukk u calling an idiot go fukk sum guppies or something ha ha ha ha FAG
BIGGESTxxEMINEMxxFAN - 15 years ago
kusrsuz - 15 years ago
ya benım anlamadıgım sey o suyu hazırlarken su bulanıktı sonradan nasıl olduda temızlendı :S
globeliner - 15 years ago
strange at 4.50 the mud disapear???
globeliner - 15 years ago
Dirty mud is good for substrate....?
aquariosmaster - 15 years ago
Não concordo muito com esta sequência, mas...
SabreMK42 - 15 years ago
obviously i dont have fish in the tank when putting tap safe, what do you take me for
Alex Smoler
Alex Smoler - 15 years ago
When the tank already has fish inside it you should never do that. Since chlorine and the other chemicals in tap water kills fish, the water should be dechlorinated before it is put into the tank.
SabreMK42 - 15 years ago
I put the tapsafe in after I put the water in the tank to remove any nasty stuff on the tank surfaces
umberto slash
umberto slash - 15 years ago
per favorenon imitate questo pazzo! non si fa assolutamente così!
4k3el - 15 years ago
that set up is stupid. the plants need co2 they will eventually die and the water will be polluted by the decaying plants. it also A awfully looking set up
noob rider
noob rider - 15 years ago
its sand
boo too
boo too - 15 years ago
what kind of gravel is that?
boltp777 - 15 years ago
they can be expensive usually $150 and up
Kevin Mosher
Kevin Mosher - 15 years ago
nice vid. check out my tank. everything in my tank was purchased from petsmart, and it was quiet simple to setup, then again ive been keeping fish since i was 10. so come and check out my videos and comment.!
boltp777 - 15 years ago
its a canister filter
sebhead - 15 years ago
great video, some background music would be nice
daro2096 - 15 years ago
Is the video meant to be silent?
DeptulaRacing - 15 years ago
no just when the fish poop instead of getting in the crevaces of larger substrate it sits ontop of sand so in my opinion it is easier to clean
0thingthing0 - 15 years ago
clean it every week
AAH HAA - 15 years ago
y u lookin at this comment c another video or replay this 1
Joel Becerril Juárez
Joel Becerril Juárez - 15 years ago
how much your filter???
erikmoua - 15 years ago
wow that tank looks hella badass
JUNAID187 - 15 years ago
hahaha that made me laugh
Eric Dumaine
Eric Dumaine - 15 years ago
not firemouth, some kind of geophagus,microgeophagus,or satanoperca
Norman Martinez
Norman Martinez - 15 years ago
ok i say get long plants since your fish like to be in the surface
Frank Aracena
Frank Aracena - 15 years ago
what type of fish was that on 6:01? it looked like a firemouth to me
thebuizerd - 15 years ago
weaponeer - 15 years ago
that can get messy and stain. but still beats waiting for ever...
ddtran46 - 15 years ago
or you could boil it
Tuan Wan
Tuan Wan - 15 years ago
aw ur fish so happy...
rpblcan - 15 years ago
he should on the filter and the pump system
Jennersville - 16 years ago
put the heater in last. they brake to easily
kumarsa108 - 16 years ago
Large tank... how big is it? it doesnt look much more than 200 litres, which is not exactly large.
askvideos1 - 16 years ago
The fuck kind of substrate is that?!
luiz2sk - 16 years ago
can some 1 tell me if it is a good idea to get a canister filter for my 55G tank.its in my bedroom and i want to know if it makes alot of noise,or i should move my tank?..i currently use 2 penguin Bio-wheel 300 but i heard canister are way better...thanks.
Richard B
Richard B - 16 years ago
its the other way....the heater shud be near the water output so tht the heated water will circulate everywhere ^_^
Douglas Au
Douglas Au - 16 years ago
the plants can root the driftwood jus lik tht?
EQUANT - 16 years ago
Cool aquarium ! Btw, what kind of fish are those ?
mikossoq - 16 years ago
321ArmanD123 - 16 years ago
Rajesh Plakkat
Rajesh Plakkat - 16 years ago
not a great lookin tank or fish. not a big tank also. no carbon no co2 reducer no ug filter
54spiritedwill54 - 16 years ago
I think its mineral mud for live plants
Greatwhite75 - 16 years ago
No sound?
TheDarkGypsy - 16 years ago
Hey, freshwater is a good place to start for beginners like myself. I'd love to eventually have a saltwater reef, but I have to learn how to properly take care of an aquarium before I start buying expensive fish. ^_^
streamleazefishhouse - 16 years ago
i think a better recommendations for most novices is to add fish slowly (one shoal every couple of weeks or so) starting with hardier fishes first.
streamleazefishhouse - 16 years ago
yes most aquatic plants will be fine in gravel. it pretty much personal preference if you keep he plants in their pots/bunched status, or if you want to take them out and spread them around. Remember they require plant fertilisers suitable for aquariums with low phosphate and Nitrate which would other wise encourage algae to grow, and around 8hrs of quality light
SPACEDMADNESS42 - 16 years ago
that's what google is for
SPACEDMADNESS42 - 16 years ago
nice setup, five stars
streamleazefishhouse - 16 years ago
This is a poor video trying to describe how to set up a tropical aquarium. I'm amazed PFK have done it. First, it states nothing about choosing a appropriate place for the aquarium. It states nothing about water quality and give no indication on length of time of "fishless cycling" or mention anything about the appropriate hardy starter fish someone should start there tank off with.
Shogun Lobster
Shogun Lobster - 16 years ago
I'm getting close to setting up a 150 gal tank and this video helped me out a lot with the info, big thanks!
wlayk0vmann - 16 years ago
You ment Douchebag? Again my apolpgy for arogance & disinformation for aquarium enthusiasts and pro...
Neal5189 - 16 years ago
A tropical aquarium is a warm freshwater aquarium, while a marine aquarium is a saltwater aquarium.
wlayk0vmann - 16 years ago
Okay, okay fine, I take it back! Sorry. Is that OK? And you Neal5189 are too quick to call names to people you dont know.
wlayk0vmann - 16 years ago
Well... many of the fishies are (not all obvious) from China mainland. Thats hardly tropical...
wlayk0vmann - 16 years ago
And you're rude! What defines tropical water? Do explain smartass...
Neal5189 - 16 years ago
your an idiot, tropical water is freshwater from tropical rivers, lakes... Marine is saltwater
wlayk0vmann - 16 years ago
Oxymoron attention: If its a tropical, then how could it be a freshwater aquarium!?
Jason Figueras
Jason Figueras - 16 years ago
Is there sound in this video? I cant hear.
ayume1 - 16 years ago
how do you clean it out?
Killfirejack - 16 years ago
Redline Torpedo = Puntius Denisonii Hence why latin/scientific names are so important.
Killfirejack - 16 years ago
the striped fish looks like Puntius denisonii aka roseline barb or Denison barb
Zaku186 - 16 years ago
what are those fish with the stripe running down the sides?
Enso LLC
Enso LLC - 16 years ago
why not use sand?
SBDTHRU - 16 years ago
I think its mineral mud for live plants
SBDTHRU - 16 years ago
Theres no way that tank is 318 gallons
ocarinaoftwilight - 16 years ago
there are some cichlids in the tank.
Beekeeper Vlog
Beekeeper Vlog - 16 years ago
I'v currently letting member at fishaquarium (dot) org watch this video, i think it's a great video for a newbie to watch a setup
Dragonfoe - 16 years ago
What kind of dechlorinator did he use? I use aquasafe for my freshwater tanks, just wondered what brand that was?
Joe Benyi
Joe Benyi - 17 years ago
I'd say about 1.2m * 0.50m * 0.50m
practicalfishkeeping - 17 years ago
This video is a companion to an article published in Practical Fishkeeping. The article provides greater detail on setting up this aquarium.
Jay Zarna
Jay Zarna - 17 years ago
Nice video. I like how the fish and tank all fit together. It looks real good. How big is that tank?
nat grapa
nat grapa - 17 years ago
this is a very informative video thanks!!!

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