Altitude Aquascape by James Findley - The Making Of Follow this link to read the full aquascape journal including over 70 photos not included in this video. Featuring step by step... Assembly of the intricate Lava Rock hardscape material using a hot glue gun. Planting of each aquatic plant. Discussion of composition theory. Explanation of plant and technique choices. Grown in footage of the finished piece. TGM Substrate Supports Available here: Visit our website for more articles, videos, and loads of Nature Aquarium aquascaping info and content:

Altitude Aquascape by James Findley - The Making Of sentiment_very_dissatisfied 60

Howto 9 years ago 448,884 views Follow this link to read the full aquascape journal including over 70 photos not included in this video. Featuring step by step... Assembly of the intricate Lava Rock hardscape material using a hot glue gun. Planting of each aquatic plant. Discussion of composition theory. Explanation of plant and technique choices. Grown in footage of the finished piece. TGM Substrate Supports Available here: Visit our website for more articles, videos, and loads of Nature Aquarium aquascaping info and content:

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for Altitude Aquascape by James Findley - The Making Of

ELCHINESEGUY - 4 years ago
Autistic vision
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget - 4 years ago
The plants completely dominated the aquascape and ended up covering the rocks and destroying the scale.
Ball is Life
Ball is Life - 4 years ago
This tank is worth over 3,500 on their website if you were to build it yourself. Not to mention this is on sale price.
Jake Alex
Jake Alex - 5 years ago
I also like it before the jungle...
alex pratti
alex pratti - 5 years ago
Qual o tamanho deste aquário? altura x largura x comprimento
PhilipTrouble - 5 years ago
I believe that a darker ground would have created a better illusion of darkness, especially with green light.
Steve Hung
Steve Hung - 5 years ago
Very interesting techniques used. I am interested in the Substrate support. Does it deteriorates over time and does it affects water quality?
Perceval Randall
Perceval Randall - 5 years ago
i thought metal was poison to fish
Tidjypudds - 5 years ago
I'd like to see more deep tank stuff to help me with ideas for my own

10. comment for Altitude Aquascape by James Findley - The Making Of

Aquatic Light and Magic
Aquatic Light and Magic - 5 years ago
thats the kind of hardscape is begging for an all-buce plant selection
S - 5 years ago
These videos are addictive!...........I am very impatient with videos but for these I just calm down.............truly amazing work!
Macy Lynn
Macy Lynn - 5 years ago
Beautiful color! I would've wanted some of the rock to show through more but that's the fun of doing this, everyone's can be different! Beautiful creation!
Two_Heads_Talking - 5 years ago
Poor choice of plants. Once its all grown it looks like any other plants tank really.
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown - 5 years ago
I love these videos but, after watching a few of them back to back, I've noticed how repetitive the wording of each video is...
The troll scout
The troll scout - 5 years ago
Ryan Brown "to help with a sense of scale."
VauganizerHD - 5 years ago
Those are not Flying Foxes, they are Siamese Algae eater. but apart from that, this tank looks awesome.
Tony Lenci
Tony Lenci - 5 years ago
I love how everything is "TGM" product blah....even though you can find lava rocks and the black plastic supports everywhere in the world. I guess its a sales point of view. Still an amazing tank and very inspiring.
francis dudero
francis dudero - 5 years ago
I think it's a siamese algae eater not siamese flying fox as mentioned
p712ynj0kl - 5 years ago
Did James take out the utricularia Graminofilia??
MOK2543 2000
MOK2543 2000 - 5 years ago
How many c.m.?

20. comment for Altitude Aquascape by James Findley - The Making Of

Anshul Fernando
Anshul Fernando - 5 years ago
Do these aquariums have heaters on them? I want to put some small fish similar to the ones seen but do not want to put an unsightly heater in it.
mark e Johnsen
mark e Johnsen - 5 years ago
use a in line heater
Sem de Bakker
Sem de Bakker - 6 years ago
IT is great
Prince Leigh
Prince Leigh - 6 years ago
What's the purpose of buying the most expensive and most exotic rocks if you're just going cover it up with all that grass?
If that's the case save the money and toss a big ass boulder from a demolition sight in that bih and keep it moving.

I say that because you have some of the most beautiful rocks I've personally ever seen, but you defeat the purpose of choosing them, placing them in the tank, then arranging them, rearrange them again then to just cover them up with all that damn grass and moss, sigh smh ijs.
Amanda Glaser
Amanda Glaser - 6 years ago
This is stunning! I love th red added in the front along the sand/cliff border. Well done!
Сергей Грищенко
Сергей Грищенко - 6 years ago
Thanks !!! Молодцы ребята .
Jordan Post
Jordan Post - 6 years ago
How tall are you, James?
Angel Castaneda
Angel Castaneda - 6 years ago
anyone else notice the snail at 20:00 climbing up the front glass, out of focus?
Art by Olive Tree
Art by Olive Tree - 6 years ago
He creates wonderful works of art. : )
Andy Suryantoro van Ruzzette
Andy Suryantoro van Ruzzette - 6 years ago
Amazing!! Am subscribing!
Yadukrishnan J
Yadukrishnan J - 6 years ago
I respect you Sir. Everyone tries to upload the videos as soon as possible and never waits as long as you does. You takes the current view and then gives us the visual of the initial stage. This show that unlike others, you have the patience and confidence in your work.

30. comment for Altitude Aquascape by James Findley - The Making Of

Patrick Knip
Patrick Knip - 6 years ago
Do you guys make your own tanks or do you buy them from someone? The tanks themselves are beautiful!
Jordan Post
Jordan Post - 6 years ago
+Patrick Knip They buy them from ADA. It also says ADA on the bottom right hand corner.
Najkstory FishFever
Najkstory FishFever - 6 years ago
best work of super tanks! :D
Yev Zakharov
Yev Zakharov - 6 years ago
Go to 17:00 and try not to freak out!
Shaggy3544 - 6 years ago
Will your substrate supports work for terrariums/vivariums as well? Because I kind of want to do something like this for reptiles/amphibians.
BIGgourami - 6 years ago
I dont se why it wouldn't. iIf your herps are climbing on it a lot it might expose the support though.
Brian Bloomfield
Brian Bloomfield - 6 years ago
How does James keep the sand so clean?
Seb 4
Seb 4 - 6 years ago
+Brian Bloomfield yeah every day loll
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson - 6 years ago
Do the plants grow/spread on the sand? and you have removed them over time
Amber Aquariums
Amber Aquariums - 6 years ago
agreed with Joe. While there was some rock faces showing it was the best!
Los Lobos
Los Lobos - 6 years ago
soundtrack? lol
MrToesterMan - 6 years ago
does anyone else here wonder what those support are?
lee guankiat
lee guankiat - 6 years ago
The layout is a demonstration of Bob the builder. Just kidding. Very inspirational, if given the opportunity, I will attempt at something like that.
Mr West
Mr West - 6 years ago
Great design.  I was wondering if you ship to the USA?  Do you plan a location here anytime soon?  ADA has done it.  You can too?
rammer2014 - 6 years ago
Amazing aquascape! The rocks were stunning, too bad they were covered up eventually.
Site Aquariofilia
Site Aquariofilia - 7 years ago
The glue isnt nocive in contact with water?
luis german romero chavez
luis german romero chavez - 7 years ago
I gotta know what's plastic material's name you used for shaping circles,i can use any different rocks?escuse if it's not a good english you understand?... Please mrs thegreenmachine ltda send me a message here
Tommaso Zagni
Tommaso Zagni - 7 years ago
A lot of technique. But after 6 months, this seems TOO MUCH full. Not like it at all. Prefer something minimalistic.
Flimsy Pizza DUCK u too....bitch...
Flimsy Pizza
Flimsy Pizza - 6 years ago
Duck u bitch
Saman Torabi
Saman Torabi - 7 years ago
how much would be something like this aquarium ?
Todd Dietlin
Todd Dietlin - 7 years ago
That is just really cool.
Inorite - 7 years ago
Whoa!  What kind of fish were those?
wizecraca - 7 years ago
Where would I go about getting that aquarium backing?
Jason Yeung
Jason Yeung - 7 years ago
LOVE IT! Im gonna do what you do, hopefully i can do it

50. comment for Altitude Aquascape by James Findley - The Making Of

nicholas moore
nicholas moore - 7 years ago
this guys pretty imiganative
WolkeSafini - 7 years ago
If there was a little more light over the tank, the Hygrophila pinnatifida would show  nice red-purple leaves, which would fit into the overall view.
Andreas Vlahakis
Andreas Vlahakis - 7 years ago
this tank is epic, the only thing i don't like and think is an eye soar is where the reddish and white sand meet on the front left corner
TheVJProduction - 7 years ago
this is the kind of shit they need on animal planet, not that fake ass shit tanked and wild alaska or tree house shit. come on! are you shittin me?
Libuin - 5 years ago
Tanked is a disgrace to our hobby!
lordmagicpants - 7 years ago
It's like porn for INTJ's
Natalia - 4 years ago
A few intensely curious INFP's here and there too.
k3ithsmitty - 5 years ago
lordmagicpants and ISTP's I've been researching this for days now lol
F.O.X - 7 years ago
This dude is amaizing with aquariums
K B - 7 years ago
you guys do a great job..i'm an artist but i can learn before i do my 72 bow front soon!
kevin cody
kevin cody - 7 years ago
Andrew Harris
Andrew Harris - 7 years ago
Great video. Could move that camera much slower when doing close ups like at 9:15
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
+Andrew Harris Hi, thanks for the feedback.
Skinnyfish - 7 years ago
Outstanding work!!!
victor iliadis
victor iliadis - 7 years ago
I would really appreciate and i think all of your viewers would if for every aquascape you would make a list of the rock type , grave ,sand , grave additives  and all plants names 
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
Hi Victor, this has already been compiled here:
Thanks for the feedback :)
Faisal Haque
Faisal Haque - 7 years ago
What about space for filtration?really nice tank but i wouldnt be able to do it in mine, i have an internal and external filter on each side so they would be in the way rocks on both left and right side of the tank...any suggestions?
drgnfrc13 - 7 years ago
Canister filters are the way to go. 
whitecloudsschools - 7 years ago
Between two mountains - Aquascape part 1  i made a version from james principles.. please give some feed back 
whitecloudsschools - 7 years ago
coming from someone who is the newbie....  i feel the end result is stunning, but different from what i imagined when the scape was freshly created.... mostly because the plants grew a bit. I wonder if the plants were a lot smaller would it give a deeper feeling of more height...... i am creating a 10 gallon version of this using the same principle what plants you recommend??
mpooyan83 - 8 years ago
The commentator sounds like he had a cold when recording this.... lol
MrBogatell - 8 years ago
hello.i have a 200 liter aquarium and i need some advices about the number of fish i can put in and which species are compatible.
i love you work and videos.
thank you so much for help.
Robert Wood
Robert Wood - 8 years ago
So hot glue isn't toxic to the fish?
Robert Wood
Robert Wood - 7 years ago
Do you know what glue that is? and where i can get some?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
The glue we used is not toxic at all to the fish.
Gus Stav
Gus Stav - 8 years ago
a tank like this looks nice but its so expensive so setup
Bianca Kartus
Bianca Kartus - 8 years ago
This is stunning, i just came across this video i have no idea how but i'm glad I did, i didn't even know that aquascaping was a thing, deffienetely a beautiful talent to have, i'm sure the fishes enjoy their new homes when you do these, great job, now i'm just going to go and watch all of your other videos :) haha
Costas Englezopoulos
Costas Englezopoulos - 8 years ago
Forgive me for asking... I know it has been mentioned but my English are not good enough to understand: what is this white powder he adds before the substrate at 02:50 ? What is it for ? 
Costas Englezopoulos
Costas Englezopoulos - 8 years ago
Thank you for your answer.... could it somehow be added after the substrate? In the water, in the filter or something like that? 
Jesse Topacio
Jesse Topacio - 8 years ago
How long does the plants last? Does the water need to be changed from time to time?
I Rate Your Comments
I Rate Your Comments - 6 years ago
+TheGreenMachineLtd Why 50% weekly? What is accumulating in the water which needs to be removed?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 8 years ago
With good maintenance and fertilisation they should last as long as the aquascaper desires. We do a 50% weekly water change.
Jay Caple
Jay Caple - 8 years ago
I actually liked it better before the plant growth....with more rock showing.  It didn't quite have the mountain affect after. 
Jake Alex
Jake Alex - 5 years ago
I agree. I don't think this aquascape aged well. The scale was lost due to the foliage.
GeoAlfredo! - 6 years ago
I agree!!! in some part the narrator said: "that he is putting the plants, to look like a canyon", I think that it looks so much better without to many plants (or growth?)
WoundrousMindTrick - 6 years ago
+Jay Caple
I would have liked to see more mosses and less java as well showing off the amazing hardscape better.
telcom6661 - 6 years ago
+Jay Caple James vision was to make a glorious rock mountain and cover it entirely with plants so that only with naked eyes one could spot a trace of that glory. Well done!
TheGreenMachineLtd - 8 years ago
It is often the case that the hardscape looks very impressive before plants have been added. As these are the bones of the aquascape, this is a good sign that the aquascaper has done a good job of the hardscape. When plants are added the hardscape is softened somewhat.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 8 years ago
Please help us improve our videos by answering this short (less than 2 minute) survey!
david autef
david autef - 5 years ago
oliver taruc
GeoAlfredo! - 6 years ago
Normal silicon, I mean handcraft-silicone?
oliver taruc
oliver taruc - 6 years ago
candle glue or silicon
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa - 7 years ago
What glue did he use at the very beginning? Awesome channel by the way!
Marcel Testa
Marcel Testa - 8 years ago
What size tank?
Txer Zhon Kha
Txer Zhon Kha - 8 years ago
This is the ugliest aquascape I've seen in Youtube.  At first building it was okay but the end result is such a disappointed.  Whose idea is this? James? Com'on do it better. What's going on? Too much plants and ugly plants make it worst....
Ironiic zero
Ironiic zero - 6 years ago
...and you can do better
paisal vey
paisal vey - 8 years ago
what's planted name ?
DTayFab7 - 8 years ago
well, another camera angle would have been helpful, at least for the first 6 min. I can't see anything. Nethertheless, nice planting.
Jake Enopia
Jake Enopia - 8 years ago
can i use fluval stratum substrate?
do fluval stratum get messy?
please reply!
Rusu Catalin
Rusu Catalin - 8 years ago
it was much more interesting to see the rocky layout and fewer plants .... the 9 months after layout has too much green imo
Rar. - 7 years ago
Well don't put so many plants in your own tank, then!!
MrBogatell - 8 years ago
suk it gipsy
Ziabis Oh
Ziabis Oh - 8 years ago
I see you are using a hot glue gun, I bought one as well because you use one. I am just asking are these 100% safe? (newbie question). Thank you.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 8 years ago
We have had absolutely no problems with ours (over a very long period!)
Jay Pleski
Jay Pleski - 8 years ago
The grown plants are stunning, but I really did like the canyon look of the first stage.
Kyla R.
Kyla R. - 8 years ago
SO beautiful! Can you guys come and make all of my tanks look like this? Haha...
Wilbert Barraquio
Wilbert Barraquio - 8 years ago
How do you maintain an aquarium like this? Such as water change and picking up old food.
reign4life - 8 years ago
To much plant growth between the rocks.. was much nicer at first while it was a canyon look to see all the way through to the back. Just my opinion though..
Bob Berg
Bob Berg - 8 years ago
What is the name of the background music its verry relaxing
Kyle Sandilands
Kyle Sandilands - 8 years ago
m&p planted aquariums
m&p planted aquariums - 8 years ago
very nice work
TheJodo2010 - 8 years ago
Very nice. That stone looks like lava rock.
heazy87 - 8 years ago
ProtagonistNonTheist - 8 years ago
Does James narrate these videos?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 8 years ago
No he doesn't - narration it's done by Mark Astles.
ProtagonistNonTheist - 8 years ago
Love the background music.
Han Lu
Han Lu - 8 years ago
my tank has the same dimensions. gonna try this next time. truly inspirational !
petrisko machino
petrisko machino - 8 years ago
Grand canon , super
velvetris - 8 years ago
demonstration was good, but "always think outside the box" ,"bring in your innovative thoughts" were used too often and i felt irritated 
secretdeath - 8 years ago
This guy creates his own ecosystem....
Marcus Cronstam
Marcus Cronstam - 8 years ago
Beautifiul hardscape, but I liked it better at 16:45 than "9 months later" were it is overgrown. Thanks for the inspiration though, keep spreading the joy. 
TheGreenMachineLtd - 8 years ago
Aquascapes are always evolving and changing, like any living thing. The beauty at each stage is often subjective. Thanks for the comment.
Mixie Palms
Mixie Palms - 8 years ago
i love keeping fish ! but this is just so natural, art hmmm maybe, zen like, wow 
rexlinkfish - 8 years ago
I'm soo jealous of people with this kind of talent.. I love art like this but I've never been able to do a good aquascape... As well with other things in art that I love to try to do but when I see someone with less experience have so much more talent in making it look nice it just makes me feel bad about myself but I still enjoy watching these things. Awesome job James. Also, I'm not saying he has less experience than me but I can't seem to do any good lay outs.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 8 years ago
In part, that is why James created The Green Machine, so he could spend his time helping others achieve the aquarium layouts of their dreams :)
carliss henderson
carliss henderson - 8 years ago
you can do this!!!
Missy Brown
Missy Brown - 8 years ago
Mr Finchley is talented. Most inspiring video. I'm doing research before getting my fish, tank etc and this has been very helpful to me. Thank you.
goldhead101 - 8 years ago
Aweesomeness overload!

100. comment for Altitude Aquascape by James Findley - The Making Of

6669bj - 8 years ago
question- do you ever have to change the dirt in a planted tank after time say a few months or ever?
BestComment1992 - 8 years ago
Tie Wolf
Tie Wolf - 8 years ago
I think it's a bit of poor editing taste to show the fish at 18:06 with the one flashing on the sand; a sign of parasites.
Tie Wolf
Tie Wolf - 8 years ago
 Usually from ich in my personal experience - which makes its way from the inside of the fish and through the skin which results in the "white spots" being the parasite on the outside of the fish.  But upon a quick google search to confirm this, I found that flashing could also be related to poor water conditions like high ammonia.  All in all, flashing isn't healthy behavior.
darkshady951 - 8 years ago
I feel like the height of the plants ruined the golden ratio. Definitely needs trimming.
Patsplattheredstonisist - 8 years ago
this is now my favorite aquascape like, ever, such a good look with the white and next to the jungle, absolutely amazing!
lee guankiat
lee guankiat - 8 years ago
i really like this aqua scape!
Phil Grady
Phil Grady - 8 years ago
Guys I love this tank!
Pamfilo22 - 8 years ago
What are those red plants one the bottom? :D They look amazing.
proxprox - 8 years ago
Could be wrong, but I think they are identified as Alternanthera
reineckii 'Mini' around 17.20. Tropica seems to sell them!
klelusive - 8 years ago
rustilldown7 - 8 years ago
its an ADA tank. They have really nice expensive tanks.
Ryan Merhet
Ryan Merhet - 8 years ago
The tank is a lot bigger than I thought it was...
Teo G.Roberts
Teo G.Roberts - 8 years ago
Ore do you nead oxígeno stuff
Teo G.Roberts
Teo G.Roberts - 8 years ago
Can you use just one filter
Bourne Vengeance
Bourne Vengeance - 8 years ago
This is incredible!
Bourne Vengeance
Bourne Vengeance - 8 years ago
I love the background, wouldn't mind one of these myself!
Bourne Vengeance
Bourne Vengeance - 8 years ago
I love the way Jim thinks outside the box in order to set new aquascaping standards.. Awesome!
Renato - 8 years ago
why he don't use silicone?
EpiK1ReM5611 - 8 years ago
Credit to your guys work..thanks for being so detailed.
nhwoj12 - 8 years ago
The straight lines between the dark and light substrate in the front doesn't look good.
Artis Ikers
Artis Ikers - 8 years ago
What kind of filters and light you use?
Gustavo Carvalho
Gustavo Carvalho - 8 years ago
Great! Perfect! What is the plant in 18:05?
smracer31 - 8 years ago
can you detail how you prepare your water, what gh you aim for and do you replenish kh?
William K
William K - 8 years ago
Bamboule05. It seems you did not actually watch/listen to the video.
TheTiM731 - 8 years ago
this is a beautiful piece of art! It is amazing. I really like your work James. I am amazed by the way you arange your tanks and very impressed. I also enjoy the way the videos are made. Very professional.
Bamboule05 - 8 years ago
Nice piece, but what's so "out of the box" about it?
zs k
zs k - 8 years ago
i am so jealous, i wish i could do this for a living
deadeye4047 - 8 years ago
what about 10-20 gallon tanks with everything else
deadeye4047 - 8 years ago
how much does this sort of thing usually cost? tank, rocks, ect.
SilentScreamer - 8 years ago
What does the thing you use as the background called again? Please
epicnas12342 - 8 years ago
Max Annand
Max Annand - 8 years ago
what kind of glue did he use in the gun?
O Canada
O Canada - 8 years ago
Absolutely gorgeous aquascape. This is the first aquascape I have seen look good with such height. The small fish and plants give a great sense of scale. Very well done!
byler beattie
byler beattie - 8 years ago
Spectacular!.... wow!
Jaap Lubberts
Jaap Lubberts - 8 years ago
Whats the co2 system called used in this video? Im now using co2 tablets, and my plants definitly dont like those!
2162daz - 8 years ago
this tank is beautiful and I love the pearling! In terms of bubbles per second how much co2 do you have going in??
IringPalo - 8 years ago
how many rasboras can I have in 60l nano cube aquarium? Iam thinking about 5 Trigonostigma heteromorpha and 5 Galaxy rasboras. Is it too much or should I add some more? thanks
II Knucklez II
II Knucklez II - 8 years ago
same here i think you lose the sence of scale at 9 months. but amazing tanks!!!! hope you guys have many more to come. I have seen every tank scape so far!!!
fishingnerd36 - 8 years ago
Very nice aquascape. however in my opinion the plant choice isnt ideal, seeing it 9 months later the scape has lost a sence of scale. i think if only mosses and very small plants it would have left a great impression. still thumbs up to TGM and James Findlay
thomas schäfer
thomas schäfer - 9 years ago
Very nice tank and idea! How are the water parameters? Best Regards from Germany!
Uniqu3 - 9 years ago
I love these 'Making of' videos, keep it up!
Prince Kehy
Prince Kehy - 9 years ago
Beautiful tank. Ever think of using Heterandria Formosa fish? I find they're perfect for planted tanks- tiny (less than 1"), not distracting at all to the scape, but still beautiful, and extremely hardy, with a lot of personality.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
Because James didn't have two big rocks that were the right shape for what he wanted.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
Most tap water is fine for plants... softer is better for plants. We use Reverse Osmosis filtered water (and manually replenish salts & minerals etc) in store for our water to make sure it is perfect.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
In our experience in-tank CO2 diffusers are better suited for smaller aquariums than in-line reactors. This is because we find we have better control of CO2 flow. Also it is easy to see exactly when CO2 is entering the aquarium and at what rate.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
Thanks for the feedback, we agree with your suggestions - Bonobo and Boards of Canada are indeed excellent. The TGM producers will be back in the studio working on new material as and when new videos come along :)
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
The water will soak through the substrate to the bottom... also the glue is at other levels throughout the tank. It is not dangerous for fish.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
It's not silicone, and it's not dangerous to fish
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
No :)
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
Thanks for the feedback, we are always looking to improve
rustilldown7 - 9 years ago
I have a 29 gallon and have always dislike the measurements of it because, like the narrator said, it can be quite a challenge to scape it nicely. This video has given me a whole new outlook on these proportions that I can't believe I have never thought of before. This is going to be my new setup.
fleejay806 - 9 years ago
Very impressive but my question is how come he just didn't use two big rocks with holes and fill them up with substrate to plant?
amber cutter
amber cutter - 9 years ago
I have watched a lot of these type videos and I must say loudly that this IS one of the best I've seen so far. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge. Peace
Nick Tremblay
Nick Tremblay - 9 years ago
Yeah they will die with tap water because of the chlorine go to your local pet store and get water conditioner which removes chlorine from water and making it safe!
nathan perlman
nathan perlman - 9 years ago
were do you get your water from, could the plants die doing this with tap water
Arjen de Boer
Arjen de Boer - 9 years ago
Nice!! Greetz from Amsterdam
mersf559 - 9 years ago
ilike how the commentator goes into detail on what James is doing lol
Carlos Pérez
Carlos Pérez - 9 years ago
*-* so beatifull, great work!
Aggzz91 - 9 years ago
Making every tank look incredible every single time without fail subbed!!!!
Bobby Shotz
Bobby Shotz - 9 years ago
This guy is awesome.... Love his videos... I tried a planted I just use gravel, lol
champcantwin - 9 years ago
James has done it again! Can't wait for the next one.
James Conrey Aquatics
James Conrey Aquatics - 9 years ago
Amazing look, love you channel
daniel cossey
daniel cossey - 9 years ago
I've noticed that in all of the display tanks that you post here on youtube you use an in-tank CO2 diffuser, is there a reason why you use these and not an in-line reactor?
finn niko
finn niko - 9 years ago
looks great after grow in/// music is wacky
DirtKnapp - 9 years ago
Nice, I'd like to see your take on the vertical build too (I'm subbed to you also). I currently only have room for a two foot tank but have a lot of vertical space to work with, and I'm looking for inspiration on how best to utilize it's height. Any pointers or suggestions?
DirtKnapp - 9 years ago
Amazing scape, love the choice of livestock too. Can't wait for more of these full length build videos!
Brian's Fish Tanks
Brian's Fish Tanks - 9 years ago
Very nice looking scape!
TurtleTankVideos - 9 years ago
Unbelievably good. Keep the videos coming.
Kris Oddy
Kris Oddy - 9 years ago
Nice one James, I've been looking forward to seeing this video since we spoke the other day and you told me it was almost uploaded. I'v only just had chance to see it and its blown me away mate.... really really good work its a proppa piece of art and most probably my fav one you have done. I think i will go for some tgm tropical lava rock for mine. =) take care Kris
Azaqua nl
Azaqua nl - 9 years ago
Very, very impressive work of art! I love the technical approach and how it works out! And how you show how it is made, step by step, in this magnificent video. Personally I feel it is a bit overgrown in the end result and a pity the Utricularia, Eleocharis and Hydrocotyle do not peak through enough. But who cares in this masterpiece!! Thank you for the inspiration!
iamgilesffs - 9 years ago
thank you and merci
xelA ppaR
xelA ppaR - 9 years ago
Yes it's dangerous as mention in the video. However, with this design the substrate in the back where the glue is will never get compacted and the very bottom area where the glue is wont ever get wet..
Brazyb42 - 9 years ago
HybridHerps - 9 years ago
I think this is my favorite tank on your channel as of.
aoni elhafi
aoni elhafi - 9 years ago
myskatemonkey - 9 years ago
What kind of filtration did you use?
dnealuk - 9 years ago
Solvent glues may well be dangerous before curing fully. Hotglue is just melted plastic & we don't normally question using plastic in our tanks
Max Yan
Max Yan - 9 years ago
The glue is definitely dangerous for fish and plants, which is why it is being used in this set up.
jeremiemcd - 9 years ago
Great vid, great job James, , keep up the great wrk :)
Phil Grady
Phil Grady - 9 years ago
Another brilliant design, absolutely stunning aquascape. I have not thought to use lava rock in an aquascape but the execution of this aquarium has given me new ideas!
lee greenslade
lee greenslade - 9 years ago
That is a nice aquascape, very impressed, looking forward to seeing it when I next pop into the Green Machine. Just one question, who does the voiceovers on these videos? It kind of sounds familiar.
Follow Media
Follow Media - 9 years ago
corrugated plastic board. art/print/graphic shops
Eduardo Padilla Ochoa
Eduardo Padilla Ochoa - 9 years ago
no cause it's silicone
shizdank - 9 years ago
james findley is a master! never ceases to amaze us
iamgilesffs - 9 years ago
From what material are those substrate supports made of ? I'm wondering if I can buy it for a fair price.
AQUADESIGN by aquamaniac
AQUADESIGN by aquamaniac - 9 years ago
Awesome aquascape.Once again james is carving the way for others to follow. I love that there are no tricks to give a sense of height to the scape. The cliffs are actually there and as tall as they look. Normally people use perspective,plants and wood to make it look lake the scape is tall when in fact it isn't. Love it.
Jhon Garces
Jhon Garces - 9 years ago
is the glue dangerous for fish?

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