Aquarium Aquascape Tutorial Guide 'Crimson Sky' by James Findley & The Green Machine

Another shallow display aquarium for The Green Machine created by James Findley. Full Setup Specifications and step by step photo journal here: Aquarium: ADA Cube Garden 120-F: 120W x 30D x 20H cm This nature aquarium show the dramatic effect that can be achieved using a minimal number of plant species- three in this case.

Aquarium Aquascape Tutorial Guide 'Crimson Sky' by James Findley & The Green Machine sentiment_very_dissatisfied 153

Howto 10 years ago 986,837 views

Another shallow display aquarium for The Green Machine created by James Findley. Full Setup Specifications and step by step photo journal here: Aquarium: ADA Cube Garden 120-F: 120W x 30D x 20H cm This nature aquarium show the dramatic effect that can be achieved using a minimal number of plant species- three in this case.

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Most popular comments
for Aquarium Aquascape Tutorial Guide 'Crimson Sky' by James Findley & The Green Machine

Justin Lewelling
Justin Lewelling - 6 years ago
How often would u haver to clean a tank like this? and would it involve removing and starting over? just curious never had a fish tank but this stuff is awesome and makes me wanna try it.
John Puetz
John Puetz - 6 years ago
tluangtea coyg
tluangtea coyg - 6 years ago
i really want to try but i have'nt build an aquarium before.. i want to start with a small one..which one is preferable acrylic sheet or glass?
kulwinder kulwinder
kulwinder kulwinder - 6 years ago
very nice sir
Nick Felsoci
Nick Felsoci - 6 years ago
Where do you get ADA tanks in the USA >>???
Rachel Kruse
Rachel Kruse - 6 years ago
I'd like to see the cycles the aquariums go through
YaBoiCosmo - 6 years ago
Anyone else think this looks like the first mission in Halo: Reach?
Dani A
Dani A - 6 years ago
the narrator lowkey loves james
Raphyr - 6 years ago
It comes across as if there's a weird ruleset to aquascaping, as if they're trying to limit your creativity. Isn't art supposed to be completely open minded?

10. comment for Aquarium Aquascape Tutorial Guide 'Crimson Sky' by James Findley & The Green Machine

andel lyon
andel lyon - 6 years ago
how do u write Amano in english langage ? = F-I-N-D-L-E-Y
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget - 7 years ago
Will it be more stunning if instead of fish I added my pet blue whale or should I stick with a traditional fish, such as a shark.
SCHERGE - 6 years ago
I wish i would be as funny as you ;)
René Casaña
René Casaña - 7 years ago
I wish they start making videos without the narrator. We already know just simply by observing, that everything the artist do it gives sense of scale, has an objective, it's part of a technique, or has some sort of aesthetic purpose.
Samuel Velez
Samuel Velez - 7 years ago
when doing aquascape. should we always have those pwder things?
Samuel Velez
Samuel Velez - 7 years ago
i see, but adding those powder things will also help the plants grow better right? on top of ADA aqua soil? just wondering, im totally new and oblivious to aquascaping. and i would like to know how to do it. is there some kind of tutorial out there that i could follow? coz most tutorials i've seen are just how to plant.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
+Samuel Velez it's not always necessary. It depends on your budget. If you can afford it, use them and your plants will benefit. If you want to save some money just go for ADA Aqua Soil which is a 'complete substrate'
Naufal MI
Naufal MI - 7 years ago
is the moss get spray everyday?
Luciano Romero
Luciano Romero - 7 years ago
I just watch this videos because I like the whole process of making an aquascape and the end result, also the narrator's voice it's an added bonus
Trashiicox - 7 years ago
Man I really wanna fix my tank now and make it awesome lol
Wish I'd seen this before I planted mine
ttallassa - 7 years ago
have been watching many of your tutorial videos these last days, but this aquascape is by far the most stunning imo.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
Thanks! :)
Jason Weir
Jason Weir - 7 years ago
I do love these videos but the narrator needs to chill tf out. Every sentence is "adjective adjective adverb adverb adverb verb, to achieve a adverb adverb adjective adjective adverb adjective noun".
That Guy
That Guy - 7 years ago
How much does a nano tank cost to make, how long and what is the maintenance level?

20. comment for Aquarium Aquascape Tutorial Guide 'Crimson Sky' by James Findley & The Green Machine

The Mysterious Gamer
The Mysterious Gamer - 7 years ago
nice size many gallon does that tank have?
Nigel Aquascaping
Nigel Aquascaping - 7 years ago
Pure art
Александр хорошая
Александр хорошая - 7 years ago
нахрена столько грунта? чтоб коряги не падали?)))
KunCoRo Titi SaDeWa
KunCoRo Titi SaDeWa - 7 years ago
emiel cooreman
emiel cooreman - 7 years ago
This channel convinced me to start a planted tank ! Those scapes are amazing!
Solidarity1024 - 7 years ago
This one is by far my favorite. The diagonal element coming out of the water is beautiful.
TheFacebiters - 7 years ago
How do you go about moving a scape after you are done terraforming?
Canh Thanhdo
Canh Thanhdo - 7 years ago
doorhandles - 7 years ago
is that you, James Findley?
Sergio Gómez
Sergio Gómez - 7 years ago
Some ramirezi would be awesome in that tank

30. comment for Aquarium Aquascape Tutorial Guide 'Crimson Sky' by James Findley & The Green Machine

Fox4k - 7 years ago
do you have online shop?
Fox4k - 7 years ago
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
fifa pop
fifa pop - 7 years ago
Aquascapes are great, yet, I would still rather go to a park that had a walking trail. I spent time on a Salt water aquarium. It was fun at the time, until the 90 gal tank leaked. its ended up a big mess. lots of work...and a money sink. that nano tanks are more reasonable for indoors.
RogueCrafter - 7 years ago
This was one of his best...
genthom72 - 7 years ago
What are the 3 plants used in this setup?
Macy Lynn
Macy Lynn - 7 years ago
My favorite piece. Beautiful. I'd love to try a shallow tank like this.
niklasjuchem - 7 years ago
that stone formation O.O
DeeEl - 7 years ago
Mute the video and it will be great.
Danushka Vithanage
Danushka Vithanage - 7 years ago
what size of this tank??
Juan Espinal
Juan Espinal - 7 years ago
That's a well seasoned tank
Arie Diansyah
Arie Diansyah - 7 years ago
Олег Борівець
Олег Борівець - 7 years ago
Thank you for teaching, best regards from Ukraine
Yaseen Kutbi
Yaseen Kutbi - 7 years ago
Trully amazing work, Iwagumi is Japanese yes? I know Iwa means " rock" or "stone".
How long do these displays typically last? can they be kept going indefinately?
Reptilian Spags
Reptilian Spags - 7 years ago
What rules did this guy break. Seriously who has established rules for this shit. I get that it looks dope but he stacked some dope rock with the right substrate and then planted some dope plants in a dope pattern. Anyone can do this. By that I mean no one is saying "ARE YOU TRYING TO BREAK THE BOUNDARIES???"
Tom Armbruster
Tom Armbruster - 7 years ago
Boundaries.... pfff. Its all subjective. However, he's got good style based on a personal study of natural environments he's observed then reproducing them, subjectively.
Harry Jones
Harry Jones - 7 years ago
Christian Aguilar
Christian Aguilar - 7 years ago
I want this set up in my house !!!
Emily M
Emily M - 7 years ago
Christian Aguilar I like how your name is just a couple A's away from being Christina Aguilera
ophello - 7 years ago
The sense of scale helps to create a sense of scale, which is critical to achieving a sense of scale.
RadBroThatsRad - 7 years ago
This comment made me lol
Bob Sus
Bob Sus - 7 years ago
What would The green Machine recommend for a beginner aquascaper? I've been slowly working my way up to it and really want to try my hand at this.
Aquarismo - 7 years ago
fantástico, beautifull,
Brad Simpson
Brad Simpson - 7 years ago
Well thanks, Green Machine. I've been gorging on these videos for HOURS now. However, I think I've found my favourite of James' works with this piece, and with that, I think I'll call it a night. If I ever find myself in the UK, I'll be visiting the showroom. These tanks are fantastic, and have definitely given me some inspiration. I may attempt a recreation of Crimson Sky in my own living room.
Black Hole Universe
Black Hole Universe - 7 years ago
don't fishes get bored in small aquariums?
Justyn Hill-Hand
Justyn Hill-Hand - 7 years ago
This is a pretty big tank for fish that size. Especially considering fish that small would typically be kept in a 1-5 gallon tank.
Black Hole Universe
Black Hole Universe - 7 years ago
I mean, I was just asking overall, but in James aquascapes I noticed that he always care about space, that's why he uses small fishes all the time.
Wiki :)
Wiki :) - 7 years ago
Main part is the aquascape i guess :P The fish are just cherry on the top :P

50. comment for Aquarium Aquascape Tutorial Guide 'Crimson Sky' by James Findley & The Green Machine

KovenDC - 7 years ago
Can you recommend an alternative LED light source for this tank? I live in Australia and have looked into the Fluval lights, but im not sure if they are strong enough for this set up.
Marcelo Marcelo
Marcelo Marcelo - 7 years ago
what are the aquarium measures?
Kyle Reynolds
Kyle Reynolds - 7 years ago
I love this scape!!
Bone Thug99
Bone Thug99 - 8 years ago
how much money should be saved up for building a aquascape? I can't wait to build my own.
q Lancaster
q Lancaster - 8 years ago
to replicate this would be really expensive
Juju jujuria
Juju jujuria - 8 years ago
one of the best I've seen.
What if you put in turtles?
blooduhz - 7 years ago
not recommend, turtle or tortoise create a lot of dirt ammonia that could harm fish in the tank
PrettyDope 310
PrettyDope 310 - 8 years ago
What's the name of the red plant? I can't spell even if my life depended on it haha.
Marcos Silveira
Marcos Silveira - 8 years ago
Do you ship to Brazil?!?
Marcos Silveira
Marcos Silveira - 7 years ago
+johaness vix Pq ser roubado, Johaness?? Não entendi!!
johaness vix
johaness vix - 7 years ago
lol para ser roubado kkkkkk
TheGreenMachineLtd - 8 years ago
We can ship most products anywhere, please follow the 'Inernational Shipping' options on our site to get a shipping quote
gede satria
gede satria - 8 years ago
Mind blowing work of art.
love your work.
Padzilla - 8 years ago
This looks really cool, if only I had money
Prabin KC
Prabin KC - 8 years ago
how much does it cost?
Jackie Channel
Jackie Channel - 8 years ago
+Prabin KC it's a nature aquarium. The plants and filter will keep the water quality good, you might need to add minerals to the water once in a while.
Prabin KC
Prabin KC - 8 years ago
And what about the water change?
How is it done?
SuperKit1991 - 8 years ago
does this tank have a filter? I cant see one. looks so beautiful1
Fatih Güler
Fatih Güler - 8 years ago
Yes. All tanks need filters. They removed it for video shooting.
XOF 5 - 8 years ago
I'm amazed at how aquarium looks
Faisal Ameer
Faisal Ameer - 8 years ago
Will such Aquarium being in half water, half air become a home for common spider and tree mosquitoes as well?
The GTI Guy
The GTI Guy - 8 years ago
Well, crap. Now I want to start Aqua scaping lol as if I don't have enough hobbies as it is
gilang romy
gilang romy - 8 years ago
this video was inspiring me, to create aquascape <3 ..its a lovely space and looks so peacefull . .
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos - 8 years ago
do the fish eat the plants in the tank
Michelle Woodrow
Michelle Woodrow - 8 years ago
+Jose Ramos A fair amount of species will (goldfish will eat any plant in a matter of days, as will cichlids I believe) but most won't bother the plants.
Brian Xuereb
Brian Xuereb - 8 years ago
How long does the substance last before the plants require fresh minerals please? Thanks
Ludwigia pilosa
Ludwigia pilosa - 8 years ago
The "Ammannia 'bonsai" is really the true Rotala indica. This is supported by botanical evidence. Even Tropica now sells it as "Rotala sp. 'bonsai', perhaps not willing to go all the way to avoid the confusion that has traditionally been associated with it and R. rotundifolia.
Jake Lee
Jake Lee - 8 years ago
where do you put your heaters?
droitega - 8 years ago
i want to live in there! so cool
YeuxDeBleu - 8 years ago
Why did you add the water first this time before planting? Normally you have wet the substrate, then plant, then add water. Doesn't really matter?
choppa gunna
choppa gunna - 8 years ago
I need this guy to do this to my fish tank
Ahmad Zulfadli
Ahmad Zulfadli - 8 years ago
what tank size is this?
Ana AP
Ana AP - 8 years ago
beautiful work! inspired!
Ross stewart
Ross stewart - 8 years ago
He well fancies James
chao ting Cheng
chao ting Cheng - 8 years ago
what plant did u use on the top of the rock?
Kiko Magsino
Kiko Magsino - 8 years ago
i enjoyed every minute of your video.. i always wanted to have this kind of tank, but since i was working here in Arabia, this kind of plants and other materials isn't available in the local pet store.. i need your suggestion please. thank you :)
Jason - 8 years ago
that's just crazy, nice work
elvisaquarium - 8 years ago
Lovely aquarium!! Beautifully planted and aquascaped! :)
Sohan Meegahage
Sohan Meegahage - 8 years ago
Who else feels extremely relaxed when watching this guy mess with a fish tank
negatyve - 6 years ago
I've watched 5 of his videos in a row now. It's entrancing. It reminds me of watching Bob Ross paint when I was a kid. I had never thought of designing aquariums as an art form before but the things this guy creates are stunning.
Mc Swag
Mc Swag - 7 years ago
Sohan Meegahage literally came to say that exact thing
cree - 7 years ago
yes, just lay down and watched, and thinking how could look my new aquarium
Tom Armbruster
Tom Armbruster - 7 years ago
Have a couple drinks and its even better.
Wanderer in the Dust
Wanderer in the Dust - 8 years ago
+Sohan Meegahage I actually play this to fall asleep at night...
MotoDNA - 8 years ago
Olav Øverland
Olav Øverland - 8 years ago
yeah and the music and everything is soo relaxing :)
Husain Alqabandi
Husain Alqabandi - 8 years ago
how thick is the glass?
Jordan Post
Jordan Post - 8 years ago
Gonna start aquascaping in like two days! Wish me luck!!
wingedstring - 8 years ago
+Jordan Post One does not simply "start" to aquascape from one day to another, but good luck anyways.
Jordan Post
Jordan Post - 8 years ago
+Neill Jansen van Vuuren not good.
Neill Jansen van Vuuren
Neill Jansen van Vuuren - 8 years ago
how did it turn out
Ironiic zero
Ironiic zero - 8 years ago
+Cichlid Maximus
Angel Z. Lopez
Angel Z. Lopez - 8 years ago
+Ironiic zero he failed miserably and smashed his tank
Ironiic zero
Ironiic zero - 8 years ago
so how did it go
westben2000 - 8 years ago
i love your vids
Jng418 - 8 years ago
Great video and tank, too bad not many people can afford the amount of stuff he puts into the tank ._.
Errol Khan
Errol Khan - 8 years ago
Love all your aquascapes - a real source of inspiration.
TechMantra - 8 years ago
I have a pretty bland tank but these are amazing videos. I'd like to convert my tank to look something like this but I'd have to turf my fish out until a new setup could be made.
STEFAN JAY - 8 years ago
What's the thick glass
kamas rich
kamas rich - 8 years ago
where did you set the filter?
John Kramer
John Kramer - 8 years ago
I am in love with this tank
Михаил Якунин
Михаил Якунин - 8 years ago
Konios 1980
Konios 1980 - 8 years ago
lozgod - 8 years ago
Is there any need for water movement?
Ironiic zero
Ironiic zero - 8 years ago
yes, the evenly distribute nutrients and Co2 around the tank
Ben Someguy
Ben Someguy - 8 years ago
at 8:38
zen - 8 years ago
i have something like this in my living room for my red-back turtles
Rob W
Rob W - 8 years ago
+sSmoke looool
zen - 8 years ago
+Wafl Turtle a turtle
Ashe Shiina
Ashe Shiina - 8 years ago
Wtf is a red back turtle
William E
William E - 8 years ago
That is so amazing at frost is looks like your adding spices to cook something to eat. Lol. Also me art of work. I am waiting for a 12 gallon edge tank to set something up and getting ideas for it. Thanks for the best video
Bill. In San Diego
The Outdoor Canadian
The Outdoor Canadian - 8 years ago
Holy additives!!!!!!!!!!
Embang Teguh Sulistio
Embang Teguh Sulistio - 8 years ago
Love it very much. Brilliant
Eric Smith
Eric Smith - 8 years ago
I watch this when I cant sleep lol
Kee Yang
Kee Yang - 8 years ago
Still cheaper than saltwater aquarium
DJ Reefer
DJ Reefer - 7 years ago
Depends on stocking not tank size.
OhmannOcean - 8 years ago
+AQUASCAPE ROOKIE Calcium reactor and dosing is unnecessary in a tank this size.
AQUASCAPE ROOKIE - 8 years ago
tyrannopuker rekt
tyrannopuker rekt - 8 years ago
Not really.This tank it's much costly than salt aquarium.That's from my experience.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 8 years ago
+Kee Yang Indeed!
Maaike Uijthoven
Maaike Uijthoven - 8 years ago
it's stunning, my cats would have a field trip ;-) i think i need an enclosed space lol, but love this tank!

100. comment for Aquarium Aquascape Tutorial Guide 'Crimson Sky' by James Findley & The Green Machine

Indigo ॐ
Indigo ॐ - 8 years ago
My favourite from James Findley ... really stunning , a piece of art !!!
C A L E B V E E - 8 years ago
I let James work while I fall sleep.
Debrean Sofiyanto
Debrean Sofiyanto - 8 years ago
OMG, thats amazing aquascape, thanks for inspired me !
auqa cooltura
auqa cooltura - 8 years ago
how thick is the glass?
Tony Wong
Tony Wong - 8 years ago
Are they T5 light fixtures.. ?
Zoltoks - 8 years ago
I swear it makes me want to shrink down so I can swim in there!
Don Suomi
Don Suomi - 8 years ago
How did you achieve the right PH-levels for the Cardinal Tetra's, since they need such a specific level? Thanks!
(I was wondering the same for the "natura chaos" masterpiece)
Don Suomi
Don Suomi - 8 years ago
+TROLL Trollsson I'm assuming you aren't 10 years old now, but I understood that both cardinals and neon aren't as strong anymore as they used to be due to overbreeding. So I'm going to be a bit more carefull I have the right balance to have 99% change they survive.
Don Suomi
Don Suomi - 8 years ago
+Ironiic zero Yeah, I also prefer the Co2 system. Thanks :)
Ironiic zero
Ironiic zero - 8 years ago
don't use the chemicals they are useless. the aqua soil and use of Co2 helped lower the ph
Don Suomi
Don Suomi - 8 years ago
+Kaspar's Movie Reviews Thank you!
Ник Реков
Ник Реков - 8 years ago
The amount of money that goes into each of these Aquascapes has got to be mindboggling..
Distressed Person
Distressed Person - 8 years ago
how about the oxygen though , does the plant provide the oxygens for thefishes or ?
Pablitorrinco - 8 years ago
hermoso, este es uno de los acuarios mas bellos que vi por años
godlikecharacta - 8 years ago
James Findley is the only aquascaper doing different things, the guy is very talented.
wei siang
wei siang - 8 years ago
any idea surface skimmer for shrimp tank???
Shery '
Shery ' - 9 years ago
this would be so amazing for baby turtles
Randy1337 - 9 years ago
You lose a lot of water due to the big surface and the fact that it`s open.Do you often have to refill?
Ungha Bungha
Ungha Bungha - 9 years ago
These planted freshwater tanks look so much nicer than the most expensive marine reef tanks. IMO.
tyrannopuker rekt
tyrannopuker rekt - 8 years ago
Both looks.Don't discourage reef tank.A nano reef is cheaper than this cool tank the video.
CC Media
CC Media - 9 years ago
could you post the substrate that was used? Both the top layer (sand) and the bottom that was used to create height in the back. Thanks
Harry Potter
Harry Potter - 8 years ago
Its all from ada
ferry hartono
ferry hartono - 9 years ago
fucking cool
AQUAPASS - 9 years ago
A great job, well done :D
Binoy Mb
Binoy Mb - 9 years ago
hey guys u guys r awesome , I live in newzealand  n sadly I cant get any of those white powder which you put first or even the proper substrate , what we get is only laterite gravel kind of thing which is pretty average :( wish I could get those stuff which actual aquascapers like u get it ,, huh may b one day
Slay Queen
Slay Queen - 9 years ago
I could imagine small turtles swimming in the tank as they have a place to sit on as well
hibohi - 9 years ago
Hi, did James use CO2 for this setup?
Would it be required
Beyond Aquatic Design
Beyond Aquatic Design - 9 years ago
+hibohi yes co2 is required in a hi tech tank,but you could always achieve beautiful Aquascapes in a low tech tank!
Venga - 9 years ago
Troche dużo tej chemi na początku
Florent Lescouezec
Florent Lescouezec - 9 years ago
This one is definitely the best looking of all other, even they are all superbe :)
Victor Morales
Victor Morales - 9 years ago
Green Machine should franchise out to the US!! South Florida to be specific! ;)
irrescene - 9 years ago
didnt know this was such a thing i been wanting to do some like this but not really aquatic more like with carnivore plants 
but watching findley work opens up my mine a lot 
more than something natural i wanna do something out of the ordinary my idea is to do a huge champagne bucket i have a really nice one but im trying to leran how to cut the bottles or where to take them to do an specific cut
Juan Carlos Fondeur
Juan Carlos Fondeur - 9 years ago
Thanks you very much! you are a great inspiration! I want to start my project soon.
I have a question, when you use living plants on a aquarium dont you need a CO2 tank suply for them? Thanks
Beyond Aquatic Design
Beyond Aquatic Design - 9 years ago
+Juan Carlos Fondeur YOU SURE DO. to have successful plant growth requires a balance of light,nutrients,trace elements, and co2! . happy fish keepingggg
MaiCohWolf - 9 years ago
they never mention that you'd have to be loaded to afford all that stuff. beautiful aquascape though!
Jhon Jhonson
Jhon Jhonson - 8 years ago
yea pretty sure just those rocks alone is probably $200+
Ironiic zero
Ironiic zero - 8 years ago
+MaiCohWolf well the general rule for this hobby is to buy the best quality equipment first so that in the future you will safe ALOT.
MaiCohWolf - 8 years ago
+Kaspar's Movie Reviews 100 dollars? … lol clearly i've taken up the wrong hobby for my paycheck.
Beyond Aquatic Design
Beyond Aquatic Design - 9 years ago
+MaiCohWolf true... but similar results may be achieved with the right choice of INGREDIENTS cheers!!
Егор Егоров
Егор Егоров - 9 years ago
Рыбка микрорасбора Галактика намного лучше бы смотрелась в вашем шедевральном аквариуме, аквариум действительно получился как картина на холсте и рисовал ее отличный художник! С нетерпением ждем новых шедевров с подробным описанием материалов которые используются в ваших шедеврах в плоть до названия камней. Спасибо!
Harold Labis
Harold Labis - 9 years ago
may i know the name of the powder that using for doing this sir? im so curious about it and i want to create my own style and post it in here 
dthkop01 - 9 years ago
You're a god
mabz zaman
mabz zaman - 9 years ago
Makes me want to get rid of my two tanks and start aquascaping.. this is truly breath taking and so peaceful to just stare at. Thank you for this video you got yourself a subscriber.
4,7/26 oz
4,7/26 oz - 9 years ago
Pedro Trujillo
Pedro Trujillo - 9 years ago
Any suggestion on keeping the Alternatera?. I can get the red growth at the top very well but as it grows the lower leaves turn into yellow. Thoughts are appreciated.
tyrannopuker rekt
tyrannopuker rekt - 9 years ago
Cool and happy fishkeeping!
8930alan - 9 years ago
nice aquascaping 
but the narrator needs to chill down 
tgm moss? tgm fossilised wood? whats next tgm water.. tgm brush haha i did not know tgm was a god that makes all things we know
crazycatlady39 - 9 years ago
I guess I would have preferred dark green plants instead of red ones in the background, to give the idea of a giant forest receding into the distance.
Waldo Salad
Waldo Salad - 9 years ago
It's so hard to clean though
Patsplattheredstonisist - 9 years ago
+TheGreenMachineLtd shallow aquariums seem harder to clean to me
Beyond Aquatic Design
Beyond Aquatic Design - 9 years ago
+Lemon Turtle Some may be hard to clean, but passion to the hobby transformes it in to a pleasure. your lemon turtle looked very interested with the camera.
Waldo Salad
Waldo Salad - 9 years ago
Oh thx
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
+Walid Hardan It's fairly easy to clean this aquarium actually.
Aqua Wild
Aqua Wild - 9 years ago
how is does those mosses survive without moisture ?.. .  I placed mosses out of water .. . they all dried out
Lou Bernabeu
Lou Bernabeu - 9 years ago
Terrestrial mosses don't need a lot of water, and may be supplied by the moisture in the air coming from the open tank, plus misting maybe :)
nmacog - 9 years ago
Amazing tank - i've ordered 25kg Limpopo Sand from you along with Tropica Plant Substrate hope I can achieve something like this one day ...
Will Taylor
Will Taylor - 9 years ago
I have no idea how I got to this video. With that being said this was oddly satisfying, and relaxing to watch.
ritter89 - 9 years ago
What is that substrate additive? Fertilizer? Pumice?
Tim - 9 years ago
Imagine the tanks he keeps in his home...
Michele Pittman
Michele Pittman - 9 years ago
Beautiful! Such talent.....
gembel monas
gembel monas - 9 years ago
the fish said thanks for the are ok
Yash Achivement
Yash Achivement - 9 years ago
Mr.James Findley.. the ultimate aqua scape architecture I have ever seen... great Salute!!!!!!
Pinballpete007 - 9 years ago
Very cool !  Nice job.
Amal Sugunan
Amal Sugunan - 9 years ago
can you tell me more about the substraits added in beginning?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
+Amal Sugunan ADA Aqua Soil was used... read about substrates in our article here:
Emerson White
Emerson White - 9 years ago
I like how he started his hardscape with the narrator talking about how he was breaking with convention by placing the largest stone at the end and last. Then he moved the largest stone to the center, and spent forever moving the other stones around to make room for it because he didn't place the largest stone first.

I'm also a little terrified that that big stone that is just sitting in loose substrate (designed for plant roots) is going to topple over in a few years and take out the side of the aquarium.
Kiefer Lund
Kiefer Lund - 9 years ago
I can't understand what he called the green plant in the front, what was that?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
+Kiefer Lund this plant is Eleocharis sp. Mini. You can find out everything that went into the making of this aquarium on our website here; @articles/journals/crimson-sky-aquascape-james-findley-journal
David Thornton
David Thornton - 9 years ago
How is moss on rock innovative?
LeadFaun - 9 years ago
It's never been done in an aquascape before.
Xafyr - 9 years ago
I hope this question is ok for you. how much kost this Tank with all the kind of technic, plants, hardscape ...
(Sorry for my terrible english ^^)
Too Krispy
Too Krispy - 9 years ago
You inspired me to start Aqua scaping
Fox Boucher
Fox Boucher - 6 years ago
goodbye wallet
K Reed
K Reed - 6 years ago
McBirdsong - 8 years ago
+MINERCRAFT PICASSO do a minecraft aquascape!
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
Good luck on your new adventure! Remember that patience is key and that we have loads of free resources on our website to help you on your way...
Steve Uhlman
Steve Uhlman - 9 years ago
90 idiots watched this video.
LeadFaun - 9 years ago
Again, may have done it accidentally.
Steve Uhlman
Steve Uhlman - 9 years ago
+LeadFaun you can put this on mute and it would still be a bad ass tank and video
LeadFaun - 9 years ago
+kr al, did you consider the fact the person disliked because the narrator is bad, or because the music is used in every other video by the Green Machine, or that, perhaps, they mistakingly clicked the dislike button?
Steve Uhlman
Steve Uhlman - 9 years ago
+kr al exactly. This is a total masterpiece in my opinion.
LeadFaun - 9 years ago
Duh, but disliking a video doesn't make one an idiot.
LeadFaun - 9 years ago
How do you know? You must be one.
EnLaiten - 9 years ago
My new desktop wallpaper. One of the most beautiful aquariums I've seen. 
DanceLvr2013 - 9 years ago
Sweet! You look like you're enjoying yourself as much as I am observing you work. Awesome stuff. Thanks for uploading this vid.
thebones - 9 years ago
beautiful but just a suggestion, why not use clear suckers on the glass wear to further hide it?
Sant Sant
Sant Sant - 9 years ago
so~ beautiful! good for shirmp
brandon alexis aguilar guzman
brandon alexis aguilar guzman - 9 years ago
me gustaria mucho aprenser a hacer eso pero desgraciadamente no entiendo el ingles, podria sacar una vercion subtitulada? :c
donato russo
donato russo - 9 years ago
Is the substrate live? If i had to purchase substrate a little at a time would it there be an expiration date or deadline before the substrate would have to be in water?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
+donato russo ADA Aqua Soil Substrate does not need to be used within any set time. So if you buy some, you can use some, and leave the rest for your next aquascape years later, for example.
anunay ranjan
anunay ranjan - 9 years ago
How beautiful !!!
You haven't mentioned any usage of CO2 system ... is it working without one ??
Tool Time
Tool Time - 9 years ago
Beyond awesome.
icecube606 - 9 years ago
What plant makes up the green carpet?
PunkSkaful - 9 years ago
LeadFaun - 9 years ago
I wish I ahd a tank like this, I'm thinking of getting a new one soon.
Art Maknev
Art Maknev - 9 years ago
So beautiful, would this setup be any suitable for betta fish?
Beyond Aquatic Design
Beyond Aquatic Design - 9 years ago
Of course thats what i meant just didnt  see the need for details.
nozii06 - 9 years ago
+Art Maknev no actually, betta fish appreciate flatwater. but it will sure be pleased with all that place to swim !
Beyond Aquatic Design
Beyond Aquatic Design - 9 years ago
+Art Maknev placing a betta in that tank would make him very happy , and it's something similar like placing me in a mansion hahah cheeersssss!
SleightofHand - 9 years ago
Bettas are unfortunately kept in small jars, bowls or mini tanks where they don't have sufficient swimming space. I'm sure any Betta would love this planted tank, it's a whole lot better than an unplanted bowl don't you think?
SleightofHand - 9 years ago
AndHaunted - 9 years ago
I wish there was a shop like this close to where I live. These guys make some of the coolest style aquariums.
Martin Könnecke
Martin Könnecke - 9 years ago
Very impressive work! But I have a question: how is the ground of this planted aquarium supposed to be cleaned? Does the ground need a cleaning at all? I am referring to the ground and not to the plants. Please tell me :D
Va Gina
Va Gina - 9 years ago
LeadFaun - 9 years ago
Harry Dev-Singh
Harry Dev-Singh - 9 years ago
I'm sorry if I missed it but couple of questions:
1. what are the substrate additives used?
2. The article did not mention CO2, what system is used?
alphaphotoandvideo - 9 years ago
thats sooo beautiful
articatrr - 9 years ago
can you say that extra additives names? i ve counted five types..
Kaiju Lampturn
Kaiju Lampturn - 9 years ago
Also is it go for other semi aquatic animals
Kaiju Lampturn
Kaiju Lampturn - 9 years ago
Is this tank OK for turtles?
Maciej Gołąbek
Maciej Gołąbek - 9 years ago
Good job!
ElectronicBayardo - 9 years ago
i love to job
Dingus - 9 years ago
God I could watch this for hours
Michał Koszczeszyn
Michał Koszczeszyn - 9 years ago
GreenMachine I have question for you. I need have aquarium but I dont know what size tank is good? 50x30x40 or 50x30x36 ? or maybe do tank 50x30x20? :P 
Saint Macarius
Saint Macarius - 9 years ago
how do you clean it?
Gianni Drudi
Gianni Drudi - 9 years ago
aaaaalllss - 9 years ago
look just like my tank.... 
vignesh k
vignesh k - 9 years ago
Great man.......... if u wanna come to india?..
vignesh k
vignesh k - 9 years ago
Great man.......... if u wanna come to india?..
Fusion Exotics
Fusion Exotics - 9 years ago
Lovely tank!
MangKepweng94 - 9 years ago
may be how much it's cost?
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith - 10 years ago
do you guy ship o the usa ?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
We ship everything except the ADA range. For ADA you should shop with your local supplier. Shipping Costa can vary so it's best to tell us what you want and then we'll give you a shipping cost and then you can choose whether to proceed. Thanks!
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
Yes we do. Follow 'international delivery' instructions on our website. We don't ship ADA to USA because there are ADA suppliers located in your country.
Jonathan Marsh
Jonathan Marsh - 10 years ago
Is this guy narrating himself in third person?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
Hi Jonathan, James isn't narrating this. You can see & hear him talking on this interview: James Findley Interview on Crimson Sky Aquascape
Deke1 - 10 years ago
looks amazing, probably not a cheap hobby to start...
NOWORRYS08 - 10 years ago
where can i get this kind of substrate?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
javamoss237 - 10 years ago
James Findley = Legend
tony pike
tony pike - 10 years ago
can i ask what grass that is at the front of tank? as would like this in mine :)
Lou Bernabeu
Lou Bernabeu - 10 years ago
I think it would be perfect for some epiplatys striatum . But it's amazing still, and I feel discouraged when I see my sad tank ;)
MissVenezuelaFan - 10 years ago
Stunning love it so much!!! Very rich ideas!!!
SHIVANGI PURI - 10 years ago
TRULY BREATHTAKING! I'm developing great interest in the ART of aquascaping. I'd give this standing ovation !! 
Marco Bahamondes
Marco Bahamondes - 10 years ago
Rodrigo Tovilla
Rodrigo Tovilla - 10 years ago
It looks like the rock in the Lion King :) GREAT!
Saj Sajid
Saj Sajid - 10 years ago
where is the water filter, airpump, heater, thermameter? is it a pratical tank or just show off a real life tank, water filter, heater, thermameter r essential.
YM Pretty
YM Pretty - 10 years ago
this is far the best instructional video i have ever seen
Robert Wood
Robert Wood - 10 years ago
So no filter needed? I have had no luck with a filtered tank, will this solve my problem?
Robert Wood
Robert Wood - 10 years ago
I see. I wasn't sure, since i didn't see it, but after visiting your website, i see them now. Thank-you for your help.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
We do use a filter on this aquascape, it is external so is not visible in the video. Towards the end of the video at around 19:58 you can just about see the glass filter inlet and outlet pipes which have been added- one at either end of the aquarium. Filtration is, as you say, essential.
Vilburr - 10 years ago
This is fantastic!
amirul azad
amirul azad - 10 years ago
how about maintenance the water? this tank did not use filter?
Amit Patkar
Amit Patkar - 9 years ago
+TheGreenMachineLtd Does the Mass ( waste solids, food remains etc ) gets cleaned by this external filter? it should have strong suction power to do so. 
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
We do use a filter on this aquascape, it is external so is not visible in the video. Towards the end of the video at around 19:58 you can just about see the glass filter inlet and outlet pipes which have been added- one at either end of the aquarium.
ElectronicBayardo - 10 years ago
mario pacheco
mario pacheco - 10 years ago
Where can I buy the stones and how much will they cost me
Eric Ongena
Eric Ongena - 10 years ago
Trés belle vidéo et trés beau travaille... Bravo!!!
alientech - 10 years ago
hello what is the red plant called?
Jelsen Tjandra
Jelsen Tjandra - 10 years ago
Hay can i know what is the component that needed to make the aquarium from the soil untill the plant??
Dufffaaa93 - 10 years ago
That narration.
gembel monas
gembel monas - 9 years ago
yes, the information's useful
LeadFaun - 9 years ago
But the narrator is good.
stonedghandi - 10 years ago
Mute + back ground new age music = win
Bruce Rodriguez
Bruce Rodriguez - 10 years ago
Snowballer - 10 years ago
the fish fit perfectly
Andrei Oskar
Andrei Oskar - 10 years ago
Why would anyone 'unlike' this???
It is beautiful! Congratulations to the creator.
Shareen Sharma-Prasad
Shareen Sharma-Prasad - 9 years ago
Some people don't like iwagumi style
Craig Magee
Craig Magee - 10 years ago
+Andrei Oskar I KNOW you do Andrei. You started your comment very clearly that you didn't understand why someone might dislike this. I gave you a suggestion as to why some might. That's all!
Andrei Oskar
Andrei Oskar - 10 years ago
Craig, I personally think its a very good video with very good explanations. I could do what he did anytime without watching the video twice. Its a very clear video and the result is great.
Craig Magee
Craig Magee - 10 years ago
+Andrei Oskar  Which probably explains why you couldn't understand the dislikes. (amongst other things) :)
Andrei Oskar
Andrei Oskar - 10 years ago
Overly pretentious narration? Didnt seem so to me.
Craig Magee
Craig Magee - 10 years ago
Probably the overly pretentious narration annoyed a few. It did me. Not enough for me to dislike as its a pretty nice scape but, please... someone else write the narration script. If you have to explain it to death - then did you really pull it off?
Adrian Allister
Adrian Allister - 10 years ago
Very beautiful
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
Please help us improve our videos by answering this short (less than 2 minute) survey!
Jutta Maier
Jutta Maier - 10 years ago
Indeed, the fish are acting normally, unlike in so many ADA tanks set up by "the master". bravo!
wetterwille173 - 10 years ago
I really like all the work i have seen on youtube. I only have some questions about the 'grassy' plants on the bottom of the tank.
1. Does it stay that short or do you have to cut it sometimes?
2 How do you clean the bottom of the tank when it's al;l covered with plants.

Thanks in advance.

A newcomer. 
wetterwille173 - 10 years ago
Thank you very much!
OhmannOcean - 10 years ago
1. It will get taller and you''ll have to trim it.
2. You don't touch the substrate of a planted tank, they do it all for you.
ggdelgado - 10 years ago
How do you keep algae growing in the stone? How do you clean them?
ggdelgado - 10 years ago
Thanks, very informative
Zach Meador
Zach Meador - 10 years ago
A really expensively maintained one like that, yeah, sort of. There's always some small amount of algae if you have waste production and high amounts of light, and then a lot of the beneficial bacteria that grows in the aquarium can sometimes look like algae, but that typically doesn't arrive until the tank has been established for a few months.
ggdelgado - 10 years ago
Wow, so basically a planted aquarium does not grow algae?
Zach Meador
Zach Meador - 10 years ago
co2 addition as well as biological competition between the substrate bacteria and the plants themselves. It takes away most of the requirements for algae growth
Kyle Drummond
Kyle Drummond - 10 years ago
very nice, but how about the filtration or oxygen!?
OhmannOcean - 10 years ago
In a tank like that you are more worried about running out of CO2 for the plants. And the plants act as a source of filtration as well. The only purpose to filters is to replicate natural bacteria, and he even said in the beginning that the additives he was adding would promote natural bacterial growth.
Sexy Ten
Sexy Ten - 10 years ago
Sometimes people just Aquascape tanks for shows, sadly I think thats a waste of such beauty
Kantha Perumal
Kantha Perumal - 10 years ago
how do u clean it ? each time you have to do the same ??
Pookie wolfgirl
Pookie wolfgirl - 10 years ago
this would be a cool betta tank for a single make and some neons!
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez - 10 years ago
56 people accidentally hit the dislike button.
LeadFaun - 9 years ago
Endymion766 - 10 years ago
I think this is my favorite one. 
tristinatr - 10 years ago
This is absolutely breathtaking. 
Zhao Yun
Zhao Yun - 10 years ago
That is just beautiful
Kevin Gentemann
Kevin Gentemann - 10 years ago
Hi James. Love your videos as they bring great inspiration and want to do my own Iwagumi tank. To be fully prepared my only issue is maintenance, which I'm not sure what must be done. Could you please make a quick video on how you maintain the tanks weekly?
The Mighty Slim
The Mighty Slim - 10 years ago
Absolutely stunning. Ive just atarted aquascaping and I would love an aquarium like this one day
Silver Claw
Silver Claw - 10 years ago
Does the dude do this for a living?
rareu4532 - 10 years ago
Some ppl are so brilliant on this!!!  =)) thanks for uplaoding!!
mikedoles - 10 years ago
another gem, james take some risks, use some wood
Rated M
Rated M - 10 years ago
What brand of substrate is that?
Marconnysistem - 10 years ago
alguém traduza pro português por favor?
stevenreyes005 - 10 years ago
great stuff here, informative, and skillfully done
alan spurlock
alan spurlock - 10 years ago
it's a fish tank
alan spurlock
alan spurlock - 10 years ago
i enjoy the aquarium hobby, been it for years. he is not doing anything that impressive, just more expensive. it is a nice tank though
The Mighty Slim
The Mighty Slim - 10 years ago
You obviously do not share the passion for this so why even watch the video and more, why comment. To people who really appreciate this you look like an idiot.
Mike Kollin
Mike Kollin - 10 years ago

I Love this stuff!!! 
Blue Bangz
Blue Bangz - 10 years ago
watxh my videos i have 7 oscars
Jeremy Goldberg
Jeremy Goldberg - 10 years ago
I love it just hope the fish don't jump out like they do in my tank without a canopy, visually stunning work, beautiful.  I need some grass in mine just can't find anyone but dr fosters that sells it and am not paying thirty shipping just for grass.  Love this set up.
chrystale75a - 10 years ago
simply artistic.... so nice!
Paandemonium - 10 years ago
You know, people say reefs are hard. I keep reefs and they are NOTHING compared to the amount of crazy it takes to make one of these lol
ichisuke ryu
ichisuke ryu - 10 years ago
When the narrator said 19:22  "This is extremely simple layout" My brain just explode! if its that simple, my ass won't be sitting in front of the computer watching someone success within just 10 freaking weeks!
ichisuke ryu
ichisuke ryu - 10 years ago
This is so awesome!
ShinyGoldBacon - 10 years ago
This is gorgeous! I wish I had the space and resources to design tanks like this. I'm limited to my 20 gallon aquarium right now.
NemoGirl - 10 years ago
Reminds me of Lord of the Rings -
IAmDatYoungBull - 10 years ago
This is art, man. high quality aquascapes are truly breathtaking
Kong Tsaab
Kong Tsaab - 10 years ago
i almost cried watching this video...never seen anything so beautiful in my life before!! WOW...i want a tank like that to put my goldfishes...haha
Sharon Sawyer
Sharon Sawyer - 10 years ago
That setup was the most prettiest I have ever seen in my life...
F.O.X - 10 years ago
Very pretty aquarium  but how you realy clean it  do you take everything out and cleqn tank and those rocks
phoenixkool - 10 years ago
man, i wish i one of those fish dawg!! #realtalk #whitepeoplepets
Pham Manh Trung
Pham Manh Trung - 10 years ago
Paul Nicoloso
Paul Nicoloso - 10 years ago
beau paysage, bon choix de plantes et de bois
Sylvie NICOLOSO - 10 years ago
l'esthétique est mise en évidence à travers la simplicité...
SimonSaysBaka - 10 years ago
Looks really good, but im not sure something is wrong with the layout, i cant put my finger on it but something seems off.
TOMMY LAUDANI - 10 years ago
Breathtaking. That's probably the greatest more beautiful aquascape i have ever seen. Well done.
Alex Silva
Alex Silva - 10 years ago
I just loved this aquarium. Explendid word. just got tired of the british gentleman narration as the work was being develooed then I Mute the video, so I could enjoy the beauty of this work of art and the sound of silence. Jeff from Brazil :-)
Darren Cordina
Darren Cordina - 10 years ago
Can you please list the subtrates you used at the bottom of the aquarium. What type of stone is that?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
Martin Karadzinov
Martin Karadzinov - 10 years ago
newlife - 10 years ago
this is what i want   all ;looking like naturalhabbitat of fish
patrick jullian
patrick jullian - 10 years ago
the fish can jump out 
patrick jullian
patrick jullian - 10 years ago
put a half moon betta in there
patrick jullian
patrick jullian - 10 years ago
i thought the stones was bod wood
patrick jullian
patrick jullian - 10 years ago
too much powder for the substrate  but its is needed  use it well done 
gabe3366 - 10 years ago
I think it looked better with no plants.
santhosh babu s
santhosh babu s - 10 years ago
Can you give me some tips for betta aquarium..

Pure Black Betta
Mark Osta
Mark Osta - 10 years ago
are there any filters or air stones?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
There is an external filter. There are no air stones as these are bad for plants! (The plants provide the oxygen for the fish).
gmxmax - 10 years ago
Der Künstler am Werk. Brav verwendet er alle Produkte von ADA. Wie ein Koch bereitet er, wie ein Maler pinselt er. Dazu gibt es kacke Musik und stetiges, leeres Gewäsch vom Moderator. Kein Wort über Licht, das Wasser, Co2, gerade das würde aber dem geneigten Hobbyisten weiterhelfen. Ich finde es toll was der James da macht, der hat echt was drauf, nur die Hersteller des Filmes stinken nach Lulu...Die haben keine Ahnung was der James da tut.
Huka rez
Huka rez - 10 years ago
Der Film zeigt hauptsächlich das Kreative.
Die anderen Informationen sind überall erhältlich. Internet und Bücher um nur zwei zu nennen.
Ich bin froh das der Film eben nicht überladen mit technischen und chemischen Details ist.
Devin Aube
Devin Aube - 10 years ago
I would put in dwarf , moon , blue , and gold gouramies
Юлиан Смоктуновский
Юлиан Смоктуновский - 10 years ago
Хули молодец, насыпал удобрение сам не знает какое, и улыбается. Все это намного проще делается. В 70 годы этого ничего не было и все росло. Я живой пример.
tomas andres veliz campos
tomas andres veliz campos - 10 years ago
So beautiful :)
jorgecornet - 10 years ago
what i don't understand is is there not a filter?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
This tank does use a filter- it is external.
Tw1zzl3rs - 10 years ago
+Chris DePaepe
 What about CO2?
Christopher DePaepe
Christopher DePaepe - 10 years ago
The mass of plants and bio media such as plants, rock and sand. you wont need one for it works better than most filters
Milan Trieu
Milan Trieu - 10 years ago
This is amazing i want do this job everyday ! :D
Mr_Baller2 - 10 years ago
Cichlid Munga
Cichlid Munga - 10 years ago
this one seems to be a fan favourite
A. Neufeld
A. Neufeld - 10 years ago
If I ever become a millionaire, I'm hiring this guy to design me an awesome tank
The Mighty Slim
The Mighty Slim - 10 years ago
The fun is in the design and build man. Do it yourself before you become a millionaire.
heazy87 - 10 years ago
How much does something like this cost?
original don
original don - 10 years ago
36 people are just mad they can't afford the tank
Stef Lawyer
Stef Lawyer - 10 years ago
The big questions are, how much? And what does it look like in 6 months?...
Superscettik - 10 years ago
ThePukeko - 10 years ago
Sup guys if you've got time could you checkout my vids of me converting my tank to a planted aquascaped type thing. :)
ollieflp - 10 years ago
To be fare anyone can do this with the right amount of funds good though
PedroTawaTV - 10 years ago
It's art and nature : )
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
and science! :)
Allday1040 - 10 years ago
Did you have to add co2 to this?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
yes, we diffuse CO2 into the water to help the plants photosynthesize.
marko gorvokovic
marko gorvokovic - 10 years ago
how much does this auqrium cost withall this decoration...heh this is aint just decoration this is pure art..
南香 - 10 years ago
Cyrille Becker
Cyrille Becker - 10 years ago
C très jolie
neonno - 10 years ago
4192362 - 10 years ago
Didn't know this bloke invented retaining walls!

Good video but tone it down a bit its only fish tanks.
Anindya Mukherjee
Anindya Mukherjee - 10 years ago
Thats the most beautiful Aquarium i have ever seen in my life
luiz chua
luiz chua - 10 years ago
do you have a follow up video for this, so i can know how to maintain that awesome tank? great design
Jonathan Leddy
Jonathan Leddy - 10 years ago
Lovely Tank. Does Aquasoil cause an ammonia spike in the water chemistry or can you really start planting straight after filling with water?
Niyala - 10 years ago
James is the best aquascaper I've seen
Mixie Palms
Mixie Palms - 10 years ago
that is almost a spiritual experience, well done 
materijal men
materijal men - 10 years ago
How much did it cost? Very nice showing setups for hundred of bucks but hey, why dont you show a setup without expensive substrate, CO2 system etc...?
Dont get me wrong, it is nice, but think a little...
Alberto Sanchez
Alberto Sanchez - 10 years ago
Whats The name of the red plant?
Ruben  Lopez Rodriguez
Ruben Lopez Rodriguez - 10 years ago
para mi el mejor que as echo 
Andrew Sebastian
Andrew Sebastian - 10 years ago
no co2? (noob)
LeadFaun - 9 years ago
There's a filter, idiot.
ChingHern Tay
ChingHern Tay - 10 years ago
is in the filter
Mamat mateuf
Mamat mateuf - 10 years ago
Amazing.... I love
Darth Belal
Darth Belal - 10 years ago
What's the "life span" of one of these aquascapes?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
Years, when maintained properly.
SidDruXX - 10 years ago
Beautifully :)
SARATH MENON - 10 years ago
Enrique Goitia
Enrique Goitia - 10 years ago
man i would really like to see this tank in person or help ajmes design or at least maintain a tank as his mentor to learn, james pls hire me. :)
Martin steenbeeke
Martin steenbeeke - 10 years ago
That's SICK!
BestComment1992 - 10 years ago
I wish i was a fish in that tank. beautiful work!!!
Lhin Doh
Lhin Doh - 10 years ago
I went through a solid ten years of working with terrestrial habitats. Even though these tanks are sensational, they are too elegant for me to experiment with. I would love a nice collection of fish but more wilder varieties including aquatic frogs etc.  With these exquisite systems the fish variety is critical, narrowed and sensitive.
representtexas - 10 years ago
My  hobbies are modding cars, computers and guns. Never cared much for landscaping..nature etc...

Stumbled upon this "Landscape" type of aquarium and my creative side really wants to see what I can come up with. Great Video thanks for some inspiration!
Wawan Setiawan
Wawan Setiawan - 10 years ago
cool. mr, can you teach me?
RainbowBetta - 10 years ago
He didnt was the sand before he added it into the tank now there will be dust in your tank
RainbowBetta - 10 years ago
All of those additives seems unhealthy for the fish
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
This isn't the case. They are good for the plants which in turn provides a better environment for the fish.
james rocks..............
Ajit Kumar
Ajit Kumar - 10 years ago
Mast he yaar
SuperLocness - 10 years ago
Narrator is blowing this guy up so much it leaves a bad taste.
Aleph Null
Aleph Null - 7 years ago
haha so true tho
Matt Weber
Matt Weber - 10 years ago
never been done before?! Use of terrestrial mosses in this style has been done in the paludarium hobby for ages....
33argento - 10 years ago
The guys voice is annoying
ThisShippProductions - 10 years ago
I find it calming, like a BBC world service commentator :P
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz - 10 years ago
Wow beautiful
TheKlumpman - 10 years ago
My earth eaters would be like there in fairy flos land I'd give it less than an hour an it would be all over hahahahaha I'll buy it off ya for my fighting fish he'd love it
WerkWerkWerkWerk - 10 years ago
iron head
iron head - 10 years ago
verry   werry nice..
Design - 10 years ago
WOW! Awesome awesome awesome!
rvmsv - 10 years ago
This is art. Amazing.
xEn0pH0Be1 - 10 years ago
I thought for a second he was standing inside a massive tank when I first clicked ;> lol
Jorge Fernandez
Jorge Fernandez - 10 years ago
cant tell me the size of acuarium? good video
EpiK1ReM5611 - 10 years ago
Yea you guys make this guy sound like god or something he is good and might know his stuff but you guys need to drop it down a notch. Good stuff though.
epicnas12342 - 10 years ago
Truly amazing
Siddhun Karthik
Siddhun Karthik - 10 years ago
very much beautiful
noki barde
noki barde - 10 years ago
Amazing even without plants
batmannu - 10 years ago
so awesome work!
doki lake
doki lake - 10 years ago
beautiful :) a question for you; i have a 1 meater by 80 cm tall tank and i want to add a carpet like plan, what would you suggest ?...which is the hardies of them, i dont have e very strong lighting system although they are LED...thanks :)
RobbyDoom - 10 years ago
This is a fantastic aquascappe, but to say he invented the use of terrestrial moss, is outlandish. I've used it many times.
Dylan Ⓥ
Dylan Ⓥ - 10 years ago
When I saw that I actually said "wow" out loud, it looks amazing!!!!
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
Check our website for accurate prices.
BeatarsonL - 10 years ago
$5-6000 US is probably a conservative guess... I spent $1500 on a 16 Gallon set up w/o ne ADA stuff If its ADA, just add 0's. Here's a quick breakdown w/o including substrate, additives, plants or liquid nutrients... Those beautiful lights hanging over the tank; more than $1500 a pop. The tank itself; about the same as the lights, maybe a little less because its shallow. Pressurized c02 with Solenoid & diffuser around $3-400. Canister Filter ($300~as much as you want to spend)...
Arne Scheire
Arne Scheire - 10 years ago
very nice! i come to rest when watching these vidz :D
Jan Geirnaert
Jan Geirnaert - 10 years ago
what substrates are you using ?
Azie L.
Azie L. - 10 years ago
thefishguy - 10 years ago
Man...I really wish I could afford to just aquascape all day and be known for it! Fantastic tank!
DERICK SORIA - 10 years ago
simply Beuatiful...
roshan pk
roshan pk - 10 years ago
surely a amazing of the best aquascape i have seen.waiting to see more.........
David Ramirez
David Ramirez - 10 years ago
Thank you TGM for all of the videos you have posted. Simply Amazing to see it from start to finish! You have Inspired me
Joris van der Kamp
Joris van der Kamp - 10 years ago
looks amazing!
Michael Fishman
Michael Fishman - 10 years ago
Just great!!!!!
Dayanand S
Dayanand S - 10 years ago
Wow truely amazing aquascape setting that I have ever seen....
2010Chenoa - 10 years ago
I have a Red Devil Cichilid he is approx 13/14 inches long. What would you suggest to place in his tank that he won't distroy? Would it be better to use Sand, sand with river rock? I'd like to see a video or if you have one already done that you could tell me to watch that you feel would work best for my boy. Thanks in advance!
Alan Dolgov
Alan Dolgov - 10 years ago
write please what plants at you in an aquarium.
Ethan Flory
Ethan Flory - 10 years ago
when I die I would love to be a bald eagle or a fish in one of your aquascapes :) please
Stu Whisson
Stu Whisson - 10 years ago
I imagine that they are not, but if they were, they would be thousands. The tank, lighting and filtration (not seen) will be a couple of thousand. The amount of substrate used, is several hundred pounds alone on top of several hundred pounds of substrate starter powders and power sand. Ironically the cheapest part of the tank are the plants and fish. Less than a hundred pounds for both. That would be the base cost, then you've got James' fees on top.
HolaBobito - 10 years ago
This is one of the most beautifully designed tanks I've ever seen. Touche.
scubyduu - 10 years ago
We don't have words to say how beatifful this aquaspace is. TGM Rules.
Wahyu S Buddy
Wahyu S Buddy - 10 years ago
Wow...Amazing <3
Art Ilse Schill
Art Ilse Schill - 10 years ago
interessant :-)
jromero717jr - 10 years ago
Are any of the tanks you build and set up like ''NATURES CHAOS'' for sale???
Alejandro Chappez
Alejandro Chappez - 10 years ago
que medidas tiene el tanque?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
Thank you, and thanks to everyone for watching, and for all the comments.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
Only three aquatic plants - the terrestrial moss is not aquatic :)
shadowssenator - 10 years ago
A few thousand pounds,at least.
fedefedefede00 - 10 years ago
how much money it takes due to reproduce a similar aquascape? thanks
NYREPS - 10 years ago
4 plants did you for get about the moss?
Martin S
Martin S - 10 years ago
CoralMan24 - 10 years ago
beautiful can I ask all items used on this build please?
Tittylovwr - 10 years ago
Quite simply tittys!
AkAbeeli - 10 years ago
This is truly an amazing Tank. The layout and design is exactly identical to what i want to create! When i'm ready i can't wait to begin my project!
Lukasz Siarka
Lukasz Siarka - 10 years ago
I've seen it in real. Amazing scape!
Göran Thorén
Göran Thorén - 10 years ago
Saw it on the webbshop, looks super! To bad the shipping cost makes it impossible...
dreamslovesoul - 10 years ago
Hmm, it just doesn't explode or wow me enough. It is a nice set up though. Everyone is a critique, just voicing my thoughts on this.
simon estades
simon estades - 10 years ago
In my opinion, the best aquascape from James Findley to date. Congratulations for the stunning work!
Brian's Fish Tanks
Brian's Fish Tanks - 10 years ago
Very cool aquascape!
leeransetton - 10 years ago
TGM, you are amazing! How many Watts per Liter do you use in this kind of shallow tank?
Sor1ner - 10 years ago
Wow it's awesome great job
NumbMuzik - 10 years ago
How do you move this to its final location ?
petlover997 - 10 years ago
I love watching these videos before I go to sleep.
ADU Aquascaping
ADU Aquascaping - 10 years ago
Unreal. I love it!
jamie brazier
jamie brazier - 10 years ago
a smell of petroleum pervades throughout
a smell of petroleum pervades throughout - 10 years ago
always love these vids, inspiring
Phil Grady
Phil Grady - 10 years ago
Andreas modd
Andreas modd - 10 years ago
Looks amazing, like a pice from a small stream in a rainforest.
jeremiemcd - 10 years ago
Konrad Lebiedziński
Konrad Lebiedziński - 10 years ago
Great job Mr Findley - It was breathtaking. Greetings from Poland
listaminex - 10 years ago
The lights cost about £800 pounds each...
listaminex - 10 years ago
The are almost certainly T5
GroinFaceGroin - 10 years ago
Are those T5 or T8 light tubes?
De Cordeboeuf
De Cordeboeuf - 10 years ago
i like
9385dee7 - 10 years ago
James, drop over and help me fix my tanks up
dragz - 10 years ago
Whats a better choice use this method with addatives or use a dirted tank also maintenance wise would be lovely if someone could give me some info :)
TheGreenMachineLtd - 10 years ago
Yes we do sell it... we have literally tons of it and it is one of James' favourite hardscape materials for obvious reasons. Find it on our website.
Göran Thorén
Göran Thorén - 10 years ago
That looks amazing! Do you sell this fosilized wood?
MrM3m3L - 10 years ago
ScrewDrvr - 10 years ago
Absolutely beautiful James.
Rohit Singh
Rohit Singh - 10 years ago
Stunning !

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