Aquascape Equipment Setup

Aquascape Equipment Setup Mr aqua 11.4g Eheim 2215 diy inline co2 reactor

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Aquascape Equipment Setup Mr aqua 11.4g Eheim 2215 diy inline co2 reactor

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Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez - 4 years ago
hey where can i get some of those intake and outtake pipes man they look sweet.
yesus00 - 6 years ago
very nice explained !!!
Enrique Goitia
Enrique Goitia - 7 years ago
where did you get the co2 chamber thing?
HigherPlanes - 8 years ago
I like it
Jayden's Old Channel
Jayden's Old Channel - 8 years ago
Very nice! I have learned from you. However - I'm going to modify my tank so the tubes come in from beneath. Trying to have the pipes makes the most minimal impact possible.
mubashar qadeer
mubashar qadeer - 9 years ago
@lolmark which software program u used to make video?
Juan Chong
Juan Chong - 9 years ago
nice set up
unijabass - 10 years ago
Hi, great set up!Would 2215 be ok for my Mr.Aqua 33gal?
mnugs - 10 years ago
Hey, how would I be able to get ahold of those intake / outtake pipes? I hate my ugly green ones. Thanks

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lolmark - 11 years ago
@SpecialElements BigAls online its 0.59/foot 1/2" tubing
lolmark - 11 years ago
@SpecialElements Bought from another member of SCAPE. Here's his video: watch?v=2vwkywueRhg Send him a message maybe he'll hook you up. It's really inexpensive and keeps everything out of the tank so it looks less cluttered.

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