Aquascape Tutorial This 150 x 150 x 75 cm Nature Aquarium by professional aquascaper James Findley is growing in beautifully - it is definitely one of the most stunning works we have ever had on display. Many thanks to James Findley, the creator of Nature's Chaos and founder of The Green Machine - the aquascape is a true testament to his skill and artistic ability. You can see more of James' iconic work in our Aquatics Gallery.

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Howto 11 years ago 2,095,039 views This 150 x 150 x 75 cm Nature Aquarium by professional aquascaper James Findley is growing in beautifully - it is definitely one of the most stunning works we have ever had on display. Many thanks to James Findley, the creator of Nature's Chaos and founder of The Green Machine - the aquascape is a true testament to his skill and artistic ability. You can see more of James' iconic work in our Aquatics Gallery.

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syam unni
syam unni - 5 years ago
I m in kerala .i want to study this makeing please sir can you help me my 8330868017
Thierry Sauveur
Thierry Sauveur - 5 years ago
James created à new masterpiece , a centerpiece of a large aquascaping collection. Thank you James for this prowess, one more to your painting . I can spend hours gazing at this wonder . But I am caught up in reality. Thanks James........
papara papa
papara papa - 5 years ago
Holy shit this is beautiful. I wont nuke you guys :) just kidding, i will hahhaha joke. Kidding aside I think this will add more movement thing if you add some bettas in that piece of art <3
_Paws_ - 5 years ago
I learned most of my techniques from this video and still come back to it
JT - 5 years ago
love this square tank!  beautiful :D
DesignGear - 5 years ago
wow :) amazing work an art form in its self
Green Machine
Green Machine - 5 years ago
That is my name on youtube how weird it was to see my name on a video
JAZERLIGHTS - 5 years ago
This is therapy. Perfect music! The tones touch the bones!
Richard Fuentes
Richard Fuentes - 5 years ago
That's a massive tank!

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Владимир пушкин
Владимир пушкин - 5 years ago
Must be hard to clean that monster aquarium
twinturbo111 - 5 years ago
how come the water is not clear? is there a particular reason for that?
connor gardner
connor gardner - 5 years ago
when i want to fall asleep i put one of these vid on, not taking the piss or anything it looks amazing when its done, just sends me to sleep really fast
Nana Hidayat
Nana Hidayat - 5 years ago
james, james n james.. finally james still not statisfy with his ideas.. n wnted to do more scaping lol.. jst kidding
NOVEMBER RAIN1129 - 5 years ago
this could have been better decorated ! not so good as they think it is !
Eliott Morgan
Eliott Morgan - 5 years ago
i dont have the words other than Art. a masterpiece by a very passionate artist.
Sociedade Etilista
Sociedade Etilista - 5 years ago
Video description in a nutshell: James did this. James is really good. By the way, his name is James.
Sociedade Etilista
Sociedade Etilista - 5 years ago
Nice video, but I didn't quite catch that old gentleman's name. Anyone?
RICK LETT - 5 years ago
Rosemary Hofstedt
Rosemary Hofstedt - 5 years ago
What is that tall, red plant?
tiramisu - 5 years ago
watching this make me useless. every success need hard work dedication and persistence.
i dont have it. im tired all the time, unknown cause. i cant even watch whole movie in one pass without falling asleep.

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Edoge183 - 5 years ago
Roi Magik
Roi Magik - 5 years ago
you can definitly see the volcano
SacSkateCrew - 5 years ago
james never said a single word
James Howell
James Howell - 5 years ago
that's amazing
中国好创意 - 5 years ago
中国好创意 - 5 years ago
大师造景的功劳强大啊啊 very good
Gabsare Sarg ART
Gabsare Sarg ART - 5 years ago
The art of sculpting nature!!! I would work for free for them just to know their secrets!
RICK LETT - 5 years ago
I'd pay THEM to work there.
flippin_son - 5 years ago
I could watch this all day. Just brilliant
revivefromthedespair - 5 years ago
all for a low cost of 7995
Goin Bananas CRS
Goin Bananas CRS - 5 years ago
starts at 24:23

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Steve Murphy
Steve Murphy - 5 years ago
Hi guys,
wondering what the red stripy shrimp was towards the end of the video. Awesome work guys, very inspiring !
Haoko - 5 years ago
Anyone that can suggest a clay that's safe for the fish but does not require a ceramic oven.
I want to handcraft some detailed rocks for a nano aquarium.
Haoko - 5 years ago
Found it myself in the end :D
For other curius on this subject i use Super Sculpey just make sure you harden it well so no liquid are left inside the clay that could harm fish.
(its not poisons just unwanted bacteria inside, from what i'm been told)
Peter Karig
Peter Karig - 5 years ago
I want to do a mangrove tree centerpiece like this with java moss, ferns, and anubis varieties, and have Florida gars.
ace - 5 years ago
can we put like fake accessories into aquarium like an anchor and shipwreck
Ramza - 5 years ago
Destroy the great barrier reef and make your own aquarium at home. Funny how man works.
Hi im V and i approve this message
Hi im V and i approve this message - 5 years ago
The fam sprinkly dem powder chemals like its season chicken XD
trollerer b
trollerer b - 5 years ago
do u need irrator when the plants are giving out oxygen already? pls advise. thanks
Sabhyasachi Paul
Sabhyasachi Paul - 5 years ago
is that trunk is original...
Will Rueb
Will Rueb - 5 years ago
The peace and calm i get from these videos is amazing!
Spectrum Kid 225
Spectrum Kid 225 - 5 years ago
What was the music
Leroy Sinclair
Leroy Sinclair - 5 years ago
Feel like this guy would murder me if he saw my tank
Marsha Mulanax
Marsha Mulanax - 6 years ago
Marsha Mulanax
Marsha Mulanax - 6 years ago
Sorry this is awesome
Farside - 6 years ago
Genocidal feelings upon seeing pond snails in the tank.
TheDecemberBreed - 6 years ago
I think this was the most relaxing video I have seen in years.
Alperen Küçüker
Alperen Küçüker - 6 years ago
Are you james?
m zaki g
m zaki g - 6 years ago
BewbsAreAzum - 6 years ago
Drinking game: Take a shot every time you hear the word "Aquascape"
RICK LETT - 5 years ago
No. Every time you hear "James says ...". Drunk in five.
Prince Nuhu
Prince Nuhu - 6 years ago
please may you. write down all those ingredients you use I real like ur works
andhika chandrasatya
andhika chandrasatya - 6 years ago
any ideas how to clean this aquarium without harm the living things inside?
Baha T
Baha T - 6 years ago
I fell asleep watching the last 5 mins of the video! How relaxing

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juscallmej - 6 years ago
one of the first aquascaping videos I saw years ago. this has inspired my current aquascape pictured. would love feedback on it. Cheers.
furywhale Marjanov
furywhale Marjanov - 6 years ago
how can you get hired for the green machine
Anna GanIm
Anna GanIm - 6 years ago
what fish are those?
mikey crabtree
mikey crabtree - 6 years ago
if I can make it to UK can be your apprentice? seriously I've been into this stuff since I was a kid
Diogo Gemelgo
Diogo Gemelgo - 6 years ago
nice job! I have a question, how many BPS are running there? thank you
Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard - 6 years ago
How in the world did I end up here?
ram kumar
ram kumar - 6 years ago
Stunning Work.....james....
Amila Chinthana
Amila Chinthana - 6 years ago
xxTorchemAll - 6 years ago
What kind of tetras did you use? Cardinal tetras?
Alexander Anderson
Alexander Anderson - 6 years ago
If by some miracle I ever hit the lottery I will fly you to America to build me a tank. : )
Inside World
Inside World - 6 years ago
how to clean water ?
we have to clean hole tank or only change water?
Dante Hammons
Dante Hammons - 6 years ago
that is my next project..O.M.G..
Snoekvisser1972 - 6 years ago
Chaos would be throwing it all in with your eyes closed and add a few 30 inch koi to "aquascape" afterwards.
RaVen Sequoia
RaVen Sequoia - 6 years ago
PLEASE put English subtitles for the Deaf and hard of hearing viewers. Thank you.
John Sheehan
John Sheehan - 6 years ago
I think just the word "James" displayed would be sufficient.
DJFudgyBear - 6 years ago
and now this tank costs?
DJFudgyBear - 6 years ago
ok now try moving it to your clients house hahaha not possible .
Aleksej Ukrainec
Aleksej Ukrainec - 6 years ago
I cant believe my eyes...This is so beautiful!!!
sharkey - 6 years ago
what is that powder stuff on the first layer?
Crystal Glass Rocks + Decor
Crystal Glass Rocks + Decor - 6 years ago
Check Out My Crystal Glass Rocks used in Aquariums everywhere! They really make the Aquascape POP with Color! Thank you for the video, enjoyed all of the information.
Charlie Videos
Charlie Videos - 6 years ago
What happens if a fish dies in there? Would you guys even know if they die in the small spaces? How often do you guys do water changes? Finally, how many livestock did you guys place in there?
Jay's Aquariums
Jay's Aquariums - 6 years ago
In such a large setup one fish wouldnt affect the bioload too much, besides, the shrimps will take care of it
Thomas1980 - 6 years ago
wow.... great Video!!!
Deon 0026
Deon 0026 - 6 years ago
very beautiful channel great job im subbing up
Sawyer Brown
Sawyer Brown - 6 years ago
I think they have never heard of pronouns.
ricardo diaz
ricardo diaz - 6 years ago
Now this is art and it deserves recognition.
ricardo diaz
ricardo diaz - 6 years ago
it looks like a volcano
DiscoveryGalaxy - 6 years ago
joe mullen
joe mullen - 6 years ago
anyone else masturbate to this.
just me, okay.
Slappy Dapper
Slappy Dapper - 6 years ago
James must get a really sore back
Spi Rale
Spi Rale - 6 years ago
drinking game: take a shot every time you hear the name "James"
Christian Newton
Christian Newton - 5 years ago
Finish your drink when they say "sense of scale"
FishFish - 5 years ago
16 shots up until 7:00 You'd be dead by the end of the vid
Rushing Aura
Rushing Aura - 5 years ago
youre drunk at 7 shots actually i counted it
Ashley - 5 years ago
i asm totaly drunk @3 mins in
C Wu
C Wu - 5 years ago
joe w
joe w - 6 years ago
LOL! I had exactly the same thought right around 7:00
Spi Rale
Spi Rale - 6 years ago
and 2 at every "James explains"
F4c2a - 6 years ago
why not just make it out of plastic would be easier
niven poovanen
niven poovanen - 6 years ago
isnt it dangerous to put substrate withou washing them?
Jonathan Thomas
Jonathan Thomas - 6 years ago
OMG a little freshwater shrimp at 26:51!!
Jereme Farley
Jereme Farley - 6 years ago
DarkSagan - 6 years ago
Watching this blazed up was amazing.
Anthony Gunawan
Anthony Gunawan - 6 years ago
What a Masterpiece, truly amazing.. i love it
Sibel Ünlü
Sibel Ünlü - 6 years ago
this is the most beautiful video ive seen!
Stillmin Stilldoit
Stillmin Stilldoit - 6 years ago
i am really amazed by your work, love to try this one day, being a disabled person i need a nice hobby to keep myself busy
Lon Lon
Lon Lon - 6 years ago
I am so jealous that he gets paid to make stuff like this... What a job to have...
class sick
class sick - 6 years ago
would love to see some salamanders in there. :)
WizardsNipple - 6 years ago
I wish I could do this for a job
Steve S
Steve S - 6 years ago
Can the fish just live off the plant life? I'm new to aquariums so Idk if that can be done or not.
Aidan's stuff
Aidan's stuff - 6 years ago
Steve S
Steve S - 6 years ago
Aidan-O-Saurus yea I figured, just want to make a semi self sustaining aquarium, thank you!
Aidan's stuff
Aidan's stuff - 6 years ago
Steve S no they can't you will have to feed them still :)
Jesse Henry
Jesse Henry - 6 years ago
How do you clean the tank when it starts to get mossy ?
BassHeadsProduction - 6 years ago
this is cool and all.. but honestly all your tanks are mad ugly.
John Sheehan
John Sheehan - 6 years ago
Yeah - he should've added some wonky Nemo and Dory ornaments.
Junyu Jan
Junyu Jan - 6 years ago
so once it set up. do you need to replace the soul regularly in order to feed the plants?? I think it is very hard to replace the soul.
Nidz Blah
Nidz Blah - 6 years ago
That's beautiful. I wished I had something like this in my house.
C B - 6 years ago
3:58am....yup..i really need to be watching this video right now...
Christopher Otero
Christopher Otero - 6 years ago
mr. Vander
mr. Vander - 6 years ago
On their website it says that this set up is £4400 (without fish).
SECRET Schrodinger
SECRET Schrodinger - 6 years ago
He's building a world, wow.
Bryan Thomas
Bryan Thomas - 6 years ago
y do u have crappy fish in a beautiful tank?
AcolyteOF Fire
AcolyteOF Fire - 6 years ago
not fish is crappy. it just depends upon what you want to watch, a boring tank with just pretty plants or an active one with boring plants and fish who move around adding life/activity
Iono Sama
Iono Sama - 6 years ago

the fish are just extra, the focus of the work is not the fish... it's the plant, terrain and their combination... heck it could be without the fish for that matter

those are by no means 'crappy' fish btw, they are used commonly in large aquarium where larger shoals of fish moving in unison can create a much better effect than mere handful or even a dozen fish.
Agustin Reyes
Agustin Reyes - 6 years ago
this is absolutely a masterpiece, I stumbled across this and now have a future hobby this is so gorgeous and the possibilities are endless like a blank canvas. I love this!!!

100. comment for Aquascape Tutorial

Ali Gohar
Ali Gohar - 6 years ago
Great Man, What an Acquirium, great job ..... I am out from U.K otherwise i will higher you to settle it up fo rme in my Home. Oh Man,,,
Péter Vincze
Péter Vincze - 6 years ago
Great job!
You Tube
You Tube - 6 years ago
how many liters this aquarium
绿鳄鱼 г
绿鳄鱼 г - 6 years ago
мы в полном восторге 我们很高兴
Joshytion Brooks
Joshytion Brooks - 6 years ago
Great work!
Richard Brown
Richard Brown - 6 years ago
so frustrating watching this. really interesting, but if I never hear "James explains" as a phrase EVER again it will be infinitely too soon...
Lee Chang
Lee Chang - 6 years ago
a Piece of beauty! Epic phenomenon this Aquascaping thing is! ;)
Bob Sus
Bob Sus - 6 years ago
At first I was going to kind of just click through the video to see the end result, but I found myself utterly enthralled with the process and how it was done. How beautiful a talent.
Francis DiMeo III
Francis DiMeo III - 6 years ago
Embrace The Chaos
Embrace The Chaos - 6 years ago
now James is in my head now
Jake AF
Jake AF - 6 years ago
I love this. It's so relaxing, and weirdly fulfilling, to watch this come together. I've attempted a live, planted, freshwater tank before, and the upkeep was pretty serious--and that was only 65 gallons! It was my first attempt, and I had a few plants succeed while the rest failed miserably. The ones that did succeed, though (like the tiger lotus?), became massive and outgrew the dimensions of my setup. I hope to try something like this one day, but on a smaller scale... possibly a BioOrb. It's such a creatively beautiful, stress-relieving hobby/craft.
Andy Tran
Andy Tran - 6 years ago
wow... bravo james
SBdunks3 - 6 years ago
Amazing wow I'm speechless this is beautiful I kinda want one.if you don't mind me asking what's your energy bill like?
Healani Matthews
Healani Matthews - 6 years ago
Türker Türker
Türker Türker - 6 years ago
what is the size of aquarium?
Teten. Designproduce
Teten. Designproduce - 6 years ago
sam cro
sam cro - 6 years ago
kokar bu.
Kim Li
Kim Li - 6 years ago
What's his name? :D
Lawrence Bader
Lawrence Bader - 6 years ago
...I think I love James
Artur stanislavovic
Artur stanislavovic - 6 years ago
I've been in that shop myself- these guys are probably the best 'aqua-shop' in UK for freshwater fish tanks lovers !
casey childs
casey childs - 6 years ago
There's no tips and tricks on the website
mrbekr1 - 6 years ago
What type of plastic your substrat support is made??
Toan Huynh
Toan Huynh - 6 years ago
please tell me what kind of powder at 0:55- 1:30?? . thank you!
Elias Varn
Elias Varn - 6 years ago
I need to stop watching videos like these... I need small low tech planted tanks, not huge high tech tanks!
Raams R
Raams R - 6 years ago
So cool!
Pseudobean Machine
Pseudobean Machine - 6 years ago
How hilariously unnatural
megamass - 6 years ago
Awesome job
Strange Person! xP
Strange Person! xP - 6 years ago
How do you transport a tank like that? (O__o)
walawaladose - 6 years ago
whats the best way to stop a carpeting plant from spreading?! im trying to so something similar to this design
Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez - 6 years ago
@TheGreenMachineltd I got a question did the drift wood in that tank leach tannins at all
Michael Silver
Michael Silver - 6 years ago
It really isn't.
JBpiification - 6 years ago
It is petrified...
Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez - 6 years ago
+Nam Nguyễn nobody was asking u kid
Nam Nguyễn
Nam Nguyễn - 6 years ago
It does, don't you see the water is a bit yellow?
mickenoss - 6 years ago
Some Glowlight Tetras would look awesome in there, the colour would match the rocks perfectly.
Riff Raff
Riff Raff - 6 years ago
While it may appear to be chaos it is actually very ordered.
Valentino A
Valentino A - 6 years ago
I dream about a aquarium this size.. nice tank btw
IQ - 6 years ago
Целый подводный мир создали. Очень круто)
angelo grandinetti
angelo grandinetti - 6 years ago
what is the name of that plants on the black table ????
PikolUploader - 6 years ago
I came a little
Leah's Prayer Closet
Leah's Prayer Closet - 6 years ago
+PikolUploader I know!
same :$
Hundred - 6 years ago
can i lives there? pitiful fish face
sachin kharade
sachin kharade - 6 years ago
we all had a superpower we have to just test it
sachin kharade
sachin kharade - 6 years ago
we all had a superpower we have to just test it
Gene Code
Gene Code - 6 years ago
I dont understand the eerie background music. Feels like Im watching Alien 5 movie.
sarah jane wilkinson
sarah jane wilkinson - 6 years ago
This Is Truely Amazing.. I'm Thinking Of Starting Mine. But At Min I Have Just A Normal Aquarium 2 Ft. When I Buy My New Big Tank I'll Be This. But At Min I'll Be Watching Your Video's, When I Seen This. This Is Me All Over. This Is Beauitiful
Esteban Cardenas
Esteban Cardenas - 6 years ago
this is art motherfuckers!!! beautifull!!!
Toguro - 6 years ago
simply elegant
CoCoNutZ4eVer - 6 years ago
that was awesome!!!!!
Wet Paint
Wet Paint - 6 years ago
what is the white powder he put down at the beginning? Thanks so much!
Valentino A
Valentino A - 6 years ago
Its a substrate additive ;)
Dexter Allen
Dexter Allen - 6 years ago
+Wet Paint dried semen
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - 6 years ago
more chemicals and additional additives you buy more $ :]
Eli Bishop
Eli Bishop - 6 years ago
This is literally the cost equation for anything when "you buy more."
Jonny Hogarty
Jonny Hogarty - 7 years ago
you're not worried about the metal you used for the moss leaching ?
iamnsh1 - 7 years ago
Master Piece ! Mind Blowing ! No Words ! Fantastic ! Beautiful !
Neill Jansen van Vuuren
Neill Jansen van Vuuren - 7 years ago
You Know An Aquarium Is Big When A Rake Is Needed
Lilliz91 - 7 years ago
what is that white powder exactly that you put on beginning and what it's meaning is?
I Hate V Perms
I Hate V Perms - 6 years ago
It's substrate additive and as they said in other videos it isn't needed
RJ Santiago
RJ Santiago - 7 years ago
salivating over this video :)
Evan Gangle
Evan Gangle - 7 years ago
I wish I had the money, time and skill to do something like this.
Caro Cheshire
Caro Cheshire - 7 years ago
love it.
Chris Rodriguez
Chris Rodriguez - 7 years ago
IDK tigerWEST - 7 years ago
Lucky fish
Alisha E
Alisha E - 7 years ago
Planet Cichlid
Planet Cichlid - 7 years ago
is there a filtration system added or do the plants filter the water
I Hate V Perms
I Hate V Perms - 6 years ago
Yes there is a filter but shrimp and plants are also filters
The shrimp eat all the algae and the plants add oxygen to the water increasing the lifespan of the shrimp and and fish thus all the algae is eaten
Wilson H
Wilson H - 7 years ago
"James Explains" are used 24 times in this video.

and i always loved your work, James!
jason mayer
jason mayer - 7 years ago
what filter do you use
mr. Vander
mr. Vander - 7 years ago
+jason mayer Canister filter for sure.. :)
Deki Dugi
Deki Dugi - 7 years ago
Hello, please could you tell/write me exact name of those tine fishes in this aq, thanks...
Deki Dugi
Deki Dugi - 7 years ago
Hello, please could you tell/write me exact name of those tine fishes in this aq, thanks...
Anis Ćurić
Anis Ćurić - 7 years ago
Very nice my friend,but where do you find those :D VERY NICE AQUARIUM (Y)
Timberbay - 7 years ago
This is still my absolute favourite tank! I wonder how it looks now if its still up.
mlevesque33 - 7 years ago
Amazing. To bad I'm bad with aquariums. I always end up with cyanobacteria without knowing why.
gnovincejr2 - 7 years ago
Damn! That's a lot of work! Much respect!
I Hate V Perms
I Hate V Perms - 6 years ago
Have you seen the update
He transformed it into a jungle
anvar mukhitdinov
anvar mukhitdinov - 7 years ago
Too much efforts! Finally amazing fish's world. I loved it so so much, very beautiful.
Thank you very much for the idea. Wish you long and healthy life!
Ben Vernon
Ben Vernon - 7 years ago
How many tetras have you used in this aquarium?
LOOO OOL - 7 years ago
that tank be nice for a black piranha!
miguel antonio fonacier
miguel antonio fonacier - 7 years ago
How do you maintain or stop the over growing/spreading of plants? if well maintained, how long does it last before you start all over again?
Captain Commodore
Captain Commodore - 7 years ago
Your videos would be very nice if they werent about advertising your shitty powders and "special" stuff...
Zepth Qalev Xanders
Zepth Qalev Xanders - 7 years ago
truly inspiring! hope the materials are available in the Philippines..
piyush kumar
piyush kumar - 7 years ago
very nice video.....beautiful green tank..:p
Pettypinkcess - 7 years ago
What's the music in this video? I want to know because it's so damn relaxing like falling asleep to music
chris vos
chris vos - 7 years ago
BDrake - 7 years ago
You guys have a snail problem
Ozrealix - 7 years ago
What are the fishes you use in the tank???
MissStaleyHere - 7 years ago
I want to make an island but not visible from all angles.. but now i am afraid because they say it's so challenging.. gah. I'll have to make some more sketches before I dare anything. after all, it's not cheap.
Maxime C.
Maxime C. - 7 years ago
150 small fish looks better than 10 large ones for sure!
Alen AxP
Alen AxP - 7 years ago
wow Great, looks like a pool
trijnie dijkstra
trijnie dijkstra - 7 years ago
Which plants do u use at 15:22?
christian tolentino
christian tolentino - 7 years ago
how do you clean fish waste in a tank this big? D:
Chode - 6 years ago
You symphony the gravel with a gravel cleaver! One of the most important tools in fish keeping
joshua burgos
joshua burgos - 6 years ago
+Jordan happy fish. 
Jordan - 6 years ago
I believe it's cocain
I Hate V Perms
I Hate V Perms - 6 years ago
+joshua burgos substrate additive
joshua burgos
joshua burgos - 7 years ago
+TheGreenMachineLtd what is the white powder.
LOOO OOL - 7 years ago
+christian tolentino plants eat it
LOOO OOL - 7 years ago
+christian tolentino u dont
Ozrealix - 7 years ago
+TheGreenMachineLtd and how many shrimps are there??
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
+christian tolentino The shrimp help clean it, as well as the large external filter. On top of that we use a syphon once a week to suck up debris from the aquarium floor.
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek - 7 years ago
Videos like this inspired me to build my 1700 gallon aquarium/vivarium. Thank you for taking the time to put this together.
Tautvydas Cepele
Tautvydas Cepele - 7 years ago
To have such a tank, is my wish for Christmas. An outstanding tank, to say the least.
Cinema Cinema
Cinema Cinema - 7 years ago
cool aquarium bro!
Aubrey Y
Aubrey Y - 7 years ago
This. Guy. Is. Brilliant.
ProjectMessmer - 7 years ago
I'm subscibing
ProjectMessmer - 7 years ago
really cool
Thabiet - 7 years ago
Before I start looking at prices of substrate and plants can anyone tell me what kind of shock I am in for?
Mommas Knight
Mommas Knight - 7 years ago
+Thabiet go to menards and get whatever you want its 3 dollars a bag then wash it out in a bucket with the hose or bathtub faucet until its spotless clean.
convict 242
convict 242 - 7 years ago
i can give you one of my cichlids, they will destroy your layout in minutes und kill all your fish
You could just put a group of red claw crabs and they will wreck your plant work and root stuff up because of thier burrows.DO YOU FEEL IT NOW MR.KRABS????!?!!?
Mr.President - 6 years ago
convict 242
Compendyum - 7 years ago
+convict 242 I could add too my turtles, they would eat all the fish and push those rocks randomly just for the heck of it.
gustina242 - 7 years ago
+convict 242 LOL, that's real nature's chaos
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
+convict 242 no thanks :)
yudontsay - 7 years ago
one word! WOOOOOOW! I love watching your videos!! :D I am setting up my first 42 gallon tank and want to use plants as well but not sure what to chose etc :/ but your videos really give an inspiration :)
Shan So
Shan So - 7 years ago
what's his name again?
A Ginger Diver
A Ginger Diver - 6 years ago
Shan So Jack
mr. Vander
mr. Vander - 7 years ago
James explains...
LucidConcept - 7 years ago
+Shan So Paul. Ugh, weren't you paying attention?
karina Duran
karina Duran - 7 years ago
nice ..!! you should totally check this channel it has awesome videos as well
DreamWarrior - 7 years ago
what kills me about aquascapists is the fact they ALWAYS throw in neons and some other tetras. toss in some predators and oddballs instead :)
Sir Snek
Sir Snek - 7 years ago
My back hurts just watching him do that,and I'm much,much younger than him XD.Cool video.
Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar - 7 years ago
Truly Amazing work by GreenMachine.
Jacky Lauckaphone
Jacky Lauckaphone - 7 years ago
at 21:13 is that baby tears? i put mine in a terrarium. Are they aquatic as well? I'd love to make a mini aquascape with it. although... would it need a CO2 pump??
Awesome1001able - 7 years ago
It must be nice to have so many expensive lovely amazing thigs to use to plant these amazing aquariums for free haha i love planting aquariums and end up making some amazing designs this would totally be my dream job one lucky guy these are amazing videos please keep doing them i learn alot from them :)
saurabh siddharth
saurabh siddharth - 7 years ago
how much it costs?
Sinan E
Sinan E - 7 years ago
Fish probably look at this the way we look at bill gates house. Lol
Tom Morton
Tom Morton - 7 years ago
Just love seeing how happy the fish look
fione expayolice
fione expayolice - 7 years ago
OMG so pretty!!! great video! I'm going to get a bigger tank <3 absolutely beautiful
AYUSH JUNG K.C 777 - 7 years ago
hat off to you man its really amazing
Lucas Oromi
Lucas Oromi - 7 years ago
After a lot of consideration. I decided not to build my own aquarium, but project beautiful aquariums in a screen. I am looking for a seller of high definition videos of aquariums such as in this video; but I can't find any by googling. Do you sell some high quality videos of your aquariums?
Ervin Melad
Ervin Melad - 7 years ago
it's like james is always presenting something, talking to someone. does he have an audience in the video?
Fish Freak
Fish Freak - 7 years ago
I think people come up to the shop to see him do aquascapes - so yes I believe he would have an audience
dian andari
dian andari - 7 years ago
is it high tech one?
K00L VIDEOS - 7 years ago
wow beautiful aquariums
Alex Paulsen
Alex Paulsen - 7 years ago
Takashi Amano who? I've been watching your work over the last week and thoroughly enjoyed it.
ocdkicks - 7 years ago
+Alex Paulsen I agree that there are tanks that are just as beautiful as Amano's but, Takashi Amano paved the way for aquascaping.
sai krishna
sai krishna - 7 years ago
Simply amazing, what a masterpiece!! Great work..!!
Louis 09
Louis 09 - 7 years ago
All your videos are so relaxing!
Zaidigames - 7 years ago
If i was a fish, i would want to live in that tank.
Tiny Effort
Tiny Effort - 7 years ago
Hello my name is Richard. I live in the U.S.  I have years of experience in the aquarium hobby.  James Findley you are an incredible artist.  Better than me I happily admit. However I have one complaint of you and every aquarium artist I who's work I have seen. Including Takashi Amano.   If you are going to create art that is this breathtakingly beautiful then why do you stop short of the goal by leaving the aquarium hardware visible?   Go ALL the way and make the hardware invisible to the viewer or near invisible. Some hardware should be visible so it's progress can be monitored but chances are even in those circumstances it could be hidden. 
I could do it.  With total confidence I could walk into your shop and hide your aquarium hardware almost totally from view if not totally from view. And so could you good sir.  With aquarium mastery of your skill level you can, and should, hide the heaters, in-take and out-take hoses, co2 monitors and probes and so forth.  There are commercial in-line heaters on the market.  They can also be easily and cheaply made from acrylic. Beautiful work sir. Breath taking.   So why don't you hide that ugly hardware?  With some time and careful planning I could do it.
Nikki Naydenov
Nikki Naydenov - 7 years ago
nice tank! whats it like with regular maintenance? is it a pain to clean?
Nuhash Rahman
Nuhash Rahman - 7 years ago
as this is natural, do i have to feed those fishes manually ? or their food will be created naturally in there ??
Arif John
Arif John - 7 years ago
It is so awesome artwork! Breathtaking! But I was searching for some waterfalls dispensing from the rocks. Its gonna kill me! Also, I wish to see the whole mountain areas with Bonsi trees and lakes and vallies.. Oh, it gonna resurrect me!!  :)
MrWebon - 7 years ago
Did james explained anything?.

Haha just kidding, it's a great video
Seb 4
Seb 4 - 7 years ago
how did you guys manage not burn the plants with all that ammonia released by soil ? I've setup my tank for a month now plants are growing but I can see plant burn on leaves .. I do water changes every other day and still after 30+ days my tank still not cycled & ammonia is still leaching from Amazonia soil do you have any tips or tricks to help out ?   thx
Ironiic zero
Ironiic zero - 7 years ago
+Seb 4 when i did my scape with aquasoil my mosses were burning. the best thing to go is continue the water changes until ammonia is zero. i used prime which helped. when the ammonia was gone my mosses grew back and are greener than ever. grows really fast as well
riptorn - 7 years ago
Nice but the fish are too small.
Ironiic zero
Ironiic zero - 7 years ago
it's called keeping a sense of scale.
Joshh Whaa
Joshh Whaa - 7 years ago
That was the whole point.
D3cyTH3r - 7 years ago
Victor Morales
Victor Morales - 7 years ago
Awesome tank!
Hamadawana - 7 years ago
stop saying james explains (lol)
tommylax17 - 6 years ago
i like that part
Footde Coulde
Footde Coulde - 7 years ago
+Hamadawana Poll but James explains with out me saying James explains you wouldn't no if James had explained it
CEFishEssentials - 7 years ago
Very beautiful :-) Anna
Don Suomi
Don Suomi - 8 years ago
Mister Findley is the Rembrandt of aquascaping. Absolutely stunning!
Jamie James
Jamie James - 8 years ago
Wow! That was simply amazing to watch. What a job to create such beauty .
glennorky fish channel
glennorky fish channel - 8 years ago
Jason Yeung
Jason Yeung - 8 years ago
Wish i could visit your store one day
Redeye -/-
Redeye -/- - 8 years ago

To watch this made me totally relaxed. This is pure art!
Acuario Tropical
Acuario Tropical - 8 years ago
Very nice setup but it's difficult for maintenance. After a few months it will be grown and turned into an aquatic jungle.
Leo Moscardi
Leo Moscardi - 6 years ago
how do you maintain this? I'm gonna venture into aquascaping and im loving this artist view.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 8 years ago
+Reverendo Demonio This aquarium lasted very well for 3 years and could have gone longer. Here is a video of it after 1 year... With the right knowledge, maintainance is fairly straight forrward.
Karakin ha
Karakin ha - 8 years ago
DeMishMIsh - 8 years ago
Beautiful :) what were those corydoras with the shiny strip?
and what are those tiny catfish eating algea? are they otocinclus?
tExE Swan
tExE Swan - 8 years ago
Beautiful tank would be perfect for an oscar
Darryl D. Ruggs
Darryl D. Ruggs - 8 years ago
would adding african cichlid's be harder to keep this type of tank clean. since they eat other fish?
SansonaBatalla - 7 years ago
Darryl D. Ruggs
Darryl D. Ruggs - 8 years ago
+Celebinspec WoW really?!?! i thought they were carnivores. Ive had chiclids before and they would murder gold fish we put in the tank. we had 50 gallon tank and a dozen gold fish lasted 10 minutes , TOPS!
Celebinspec - 8 years ago
And the small fishes also.
Celebinspec - 8 years ago
They would eat the plants
Dawid Małaszyński
Dawid Małaszyński - 8 years ago
Someone know name of Sand in this movie ? Where I buy this sand ?
parker simpson
parker simpson - 8 years ago
I strive to be an aquascaper like you one day
Michael Gumm
Michael Gumm - 8 years ago
I think James Findley is the one that narrates all of these. hehe
ritter89 - 8 years ago
I would have had an orgasm over this when I was younger and deep in the thick of my aquarium habit and low budget aquascaping attempts. During sleep, I used to actually have dreams about having unlimited access to aquarium shop supplies and setting up something majestic and natural looking like this. I think something was wrong with me
adarkerlink - 6 years ago
+ritter89 ¨During sleep, I used to actually have dreams about having unlimited access to aquarium shop supplies¨

... i keep dreaming that, too... this hobby is like a drug, but legal.
ritter89 - 7 years ago
+Osh Leveque
lol...pretty close
Osh Leveque
Osh Leveque - 7 years ago
+ritter89 hahaha! "wet dreams"!
Karim Swift
Karim Swift - 7 years ago
ah sorry sarcasm through digital mediums is harder to recognise
ritter89 - 7 years ago
+Karim Swift
i was just kidding
Karim Swift
Karim Swift - 7 years ago
i'm still going strong now invested into a tank and just plodding along with it. you shouldn't be sorry it's great!
ritter89 - 7 years ago
+Karim Swift
Wow! I'm sorry to hear that : ). It's an all consuming passion and a full time investment. Only the strong survive
Karim Swift
Karim Swift - 7 years ago
+ritter89 this is me currently
tenzmoon - 8 years ago
Edgaras Razanas
Edgaras Razanas - 8 years ago
hi i will try do same tank just 300 litres and have question what name of small plant what u do in 7min
MulliganGambler - 8 years ago
This is ART. Absolutely stunning...
Saboufor - 8 years ago
oh my goooooooood this is breathtaking
margaret davis
margaret davis - 8 years ago
You are without a doubt a master of aquascapes. I am amazed at what you do. Thank you for sharing your art with us. I don't have room for even a small one but if I did...
blackpanther1282 - 8 years ago
I found the video from beginning to end useful and relaxing 
Jessica Loves Glitter
Jessica Loves Glitter - 8 years ago
I want one!
knightoftheabyss11 - 8 years ago
Nice work!
Mattyew - 8 years ago
what song is in the background? (i already checked rick astley and darude sandstorm) I'm guessing mum?
Mattyew - 7 years ago
+Black Mesa Engineer Thanks, will do! :D
Black Mesa Engineer
Black Mesa Engineer - 7 years ago
+Mattyew Hey there ! Pretty old comment, but: You can check an artist called "High Skies" which is pretty similar to the track used in the bakground !
Cadens Pet Room
Cadens Pet Room - 8 years ago
They make their own music
28kailey - 8 years ago
What exactly do I need for the flooring to set up a planted aquarium? The white powder & dark brown soil where what exactly?
stunning james is a god when it comes to tanks nenos and aquasacping
The lady From Amsterdam
The lady From Amsterdam - 8 years ago
Вода таки не кристальная, мутность есть(
TheCalcarAvis - 8 years ago
+TheGreenMachineLtd what rock did you use in this aquascape around the 8th minute?
UltraSeRoXaT - 8 years ago
Awesome aquarium! i'll make the similliar tank with smaller one.
Home Email
Home Email - 8 years ago
Nice island scape, wish there was wood in it, but I am biased.
Jason Yeung
Jason Yeung - 8 years ago
Holy shit this is awesome! 
Edroy Pires
Edroy Pires - 8 years ago
OldeOne deESuhrim
OldeOne deESuhrim - 8 years ago
Wow. This makes my tank look clumsy.
shadowslip2271 - 8 years ago
Cleaning the gravel and and the weekly water changes must be fun.
How do you stop the gravel from mixing when cleaning it?
Ron G
Ron G - 8 years ago
how would u clean a tank like this?
The Emerald Warriors
The Emerald Warriors - 8 years ago
The fish don't even know they're in captive!! It's great
Yunsub KWON
Yunsub KWON - 8 years ago
I'd like to know which kind of light they used. looks bright and clear.
SleightofHand - 8 years ago
You can find all their hardware on their site, lights filters etc. But in general your normal light fixtures holding the right bulbs will give you great lighting, keep in mind that good water clarity will make the lights seem "brighter" than in cloudy tanks.
Joshua Bellis
Joshua Bellis - 8 years ago
So Beautiful.
Ray Hartung
Ray Hartung - 8 years ago
Your tanks are amazing!
Anthony Marraccini
Anthony Marraccini - 8 years ago
Hey guys. So I have a 55g tropical  freshwater aquarium, and I need help adding fish to it. Here is what I currently have:
2 small bala sharks
3 small silver dollars
2 zebra danios
1 pleco

What fish do you recommend I add?
David Barry
David Barry - 8 years ago
+TheGreenMachineLtd what is the white powder and what does it do?
charliebad - 8 years ago
Spotted or figure 8 puffers would love this.
ALEAND ARK - 8 years ago
id like have some of this beautiful plants i live in colombia. could i??
Elisabeth Anderson
Elisabeth Anderson - 8 years ago
I stumbled upon this film, looking for something unrelated but I have to say I really enjoyed watching it and think the display is stunning. Thank you! :)
Gianni Drudi
Gianni Drudi - 8 years ago
Pawee Sayson
Pawee Sayson - 8 years ago
It is so beautiful! Too bad there are no good aquascapers in the Philippines.
Emmanuel Hiss
Emmanuel Hiss - 8 years ago
Beautiful.....amazing.....great!!! ^^ . :$
AmaruPhoenix - 8 years ago
What kind of filtration systems do you use for these beautiful aquariums? I'm getting a 50-60 gallon tank to fit in my living room and I want to try to make something similar in a smaller scale
kushanava kundu
kushanava kundu - 8 years ago
Agnesa Vargová
Agnesa Vargová - 8 years ago
Congratulation! Absolutely NICE! 
Kullabs - 8 years ago
 could have used a paintbrush with longer handle....could have been easier
Dyziel - 8 years ago
so beautiful
T-Zay - 8 years ago
This is an art form like floral arrangement.  As a new fish owner I find planted aqua-scapes fascinating.
Aaron - 8 years ago
Awesomeness I love you guys fish tanks. I also watch ADA Set up their fish tanks 2 I've been watching them since 2013. only thing I want in my fish tank is the floating plants at the top of the water that would be so awesome God bless everyone today
Aaron - 8 years ago
Awesomeness I love you guys fish tanks. I also watch ADA Set up their fish tanks 2 I've been watching them since 2013. only thing I want in my fish tank is the floating plants at the top of the water that would be so awesome God bless everyone today
Venomy Rick
Venomy Rick - 8 years ago
simply beautiful
steevihn - 8 years ago
how much did all this cost?
Girish Thakur
Girish Thakur - 8 years ago
In India, we dont find such information. I am highly influenced with Nature's chaos, its one of your best Aqua scapes. I would be attempting for first time and would share my video and would like to have your comments.
[ J o n e l ] Collections
[ J o n e l ] Collections - 8 years ago
That is so beautiful!  Fishes are the best pet!
Ironiic zero
Ironiic zero - 7 years ago
+Voldemort yeah but the idea of taking care of your own "underwater world" is pretty cool.
Voldemort - 8 years ago
They're pretty but they can require A LOT of maintenance 
charliebad - 8 years ago
+N Gurung lol
N G - 8 years ago
+charliebad cats and dogs are the best snacks
charliebad - 8 years ago
+Naveen R Cats are the best pets.
Joel Webb
Joel Webb - 8 years ago
Such an awesome aquascape! I'm jealous of James that this is his day job, I'd give my right arm to be paid to do that, amazing job satisfaction. Bravo!
Joel Webb
Joel Webb - 8 years ago
Very true! :)
Me Keely
Me Keely - 8 years ago
It would be difficult without you right arm.
Subhadeep Majumder
Subhadeep Majumder - 8 years ago
Paul Bunyan
Paul Bunyan - 8 years ago
If I didn't know better I would swear that this video was narrated by Lord Eddard Stark...
Shelly Estrada
Shelly Estrada - 8 years ago
+Paul Bunyan R.I.P Lord Eddard Stark, warden of the north.
Paul Bunyan
Paul Bunyan - 8 years ago
Don't we all?
Shelly Estrada
Shelly Estrada - 8 years ago
Aw :( I miss him!
Oscar Lindholm
Oscar Lindholm - 8 years ago
Absolutely beautiful!!
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk - 8 years ago
Do the fish mate and make other fish?
Kalokaghatia Antony
Kalokaghatia Antony - 8 years ago
Please look at my channel and tell me, what you think of my aquariums.
Matt Wooly
Matt Wooly - 8 years ago
An amazing tank, just a shame that to keep it so pristine you are limited to the fish that can be kept. Some love fish, some love aquascapes each to there own but my plecs would have a fieldday in that tank
Squirles G
Squirles G - 8 years ago
Egh plecos are a bit boring compared to cichlids only bad part is the cichlids tear the plants to shreds too
Ricky Alonzo
Ricky Alonzo - 8 years ago
Ricky Alonzo
Ricky Alonzo - 8 years ago
How do you cut the grass? What does it look like after a year?
Ricky Alonzo
Ricky Alonzo - 8 years ago
It says page doesn't exist
TheGreenMachineLtd - 8 years ago
Sylvain Giu
Sylvain Giu - 8 years ago
C'est magnifique.
TWICE - 8 years ago
how does he clean the tanks poop D:
TheGreenMachineLtd - 8 years ago
We leave the dirty work to the Shrimp who seem to love it! :) (constant filtration also helps).
张雪 - 8 years ago
i like
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson - 8 years ago
Sergiu S
Sergiu S - 8 years ago
I just wish I lived closer to visit your shop. Thank you for this wonderful video!
Mwariama Sankara
Mwariama Sankara - 8 years ago
I was thinking about doing this, I'm glad I watched this before I started.... Very good instructional video
Akira Ichikawa
Akira Ichikawa - 8 years ago
My back hurts just by watching this.. A great effort indeed. Congratulations
TUTO DAB - 8 years ago
its beautiful and wonderful
Daniel Krasimar
Daniel Krasimar - 8 years ago
How do you plan the strength of the tank? How do you know that the glass will hold up? Just have lots ...  Weight Inside. just another quest: what about cleaning ? ...once u create the all aquarium..., you can not change-clean ?...
Caroline Jordan
Caroline Jordan - 8 years ago
I love watching this video.
Brady Pearce
Brady Pearce - 8 years ago
I have bullfrogs and I am trying to do the same thing
Doctorpc Intelligence
Doctorpc Intelligence - 8 years ago
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson - 8 years ago
What kind of moss is being added at 13:24? I cant seem to find it on the web.
bhambu santos
bhambu santos - 8 years ago
Aaron - 8 years ago
Yes! God bless you have a good day hopefully I'll get one in the future. What am I talking about, I know I'm young one in the future
Daethaqt3000 - 8 years ago
Gopz R G
Gopz R G - 8 years ago
also what type of filter used ??
Gopz R G
Gopz R G - 8 years ago
hi, plz list me what all things u have added in the tank before you added the sand ...........
Shaun Minns
Shaun Minns - 8 years ago
Absolutely breath taking the end result is!!
And truly inspiring.
Shawn Boling
Shawn Boling - 8 years ago
After all the work is done: 24:20. Enjoy.
kevin lawes
kevin lawes - 8 years ago
Andy Garner
Andy Garner - 8 years ago
WOW  i mean WOW that is so out of this world.well done on a great video presentation AMAZING 
john hodgson
john hodgson - 8 years ago
What fish are used in this tank? Thx
mohammed spike
mohammed spike - 8 years ago
awsome aquarium i love it if we put lucky fish in that
Axel Taylor
Axel Taylor - 8 years ago
James explains.....urgh! stop saying that!
Otherwise, nice job
dfunkt - 8 years ago
i cried, shat myself, and had an orgasm...simultaneously.
dfunkt - 8 years ago
educational aquarium porn!  =)
Umbles - 8 years ago
Well I was feeling confident I could Aquascape my tank, but now I feel I don't have the required, knowledge, experience or money to start one lol
jigglestumps - 8 years ago
Wow, blown away. I didn't even know this existed and this has inspired me to one day possibly try this myself. Just beautiful!
Thanks for sharing this video, I will try to visit to see with my own eyes. Truly an incredible piece of art.
djrajr - 8 years ago
Absolutely beautiful. 
Duane C
Duane C - 8 years ago
Fascinating to watch them design and plant, and then to see the results in a month; but I would never have the patience to actually do it.
stevenreyes005 - 8 years ago
channel rankings aquascaping/salt aquarium category interms of no. of subscribers:
#1 the green machine        32k subscribers
2   bulkreef supply (salt)     31k
3   aquadesignamano         28k
4   african cichlid hub         18k
5   tidal gardens (salt)         11k
6   jacobs aquarium            10,787
7   ivan mikolji                     10,270
8   tratropica                       9k
9   adg vibe                         7k
10  planted tank uk              5657
11  waynes fishworld            5536
12 adu                                 4k
Aaron - 8 years ago
+stevenreyes005 all glort to God. God bless you today too!
stevenreyes005 - 8 years ago
+Aaron Durell Willis thanks :)
Aaron - 8 years ago
Right when I started watching these videos I knew they were the top dogs. I could tell by the way the thanks looked. God bless you have a good day. *Big Smile *
Darren Pauli
Darren Pauli - 8 years ago
ADA string? Jesus, I just tie the fissidens on with cotton string. Works every time. :)
Frank B
Frank B - 8 years ago
his back must be hurting?
Photo Sushi IV
Photo Sushi IV - 8 years ago
I like the irony of the title for this tank..chaos..yet the tank is beautify balanced and organized. :-)
Neo Manalo
Neo Manalo - 8 years ago
Those fishes are like in heaven
RICK LETT - 5 years ago
I could watch just the fish for half an hour.
Claudius Ferdiantho
Claudius Ferdiantho - 8 years ago
An art. A masterpiece...
Yann Bandy
Yann Bandy - 8 years ago
Great vid, thanks for sharing!  Not just aquascape, but soundscape as well.  I would very much like to know the musical piece used here. Thanks!
al chalk
al chalk - 8 years ago
Great video. How do you balance the Co2 with fish in there? I've heard you can od the tank and kill off your fish. Also how longnis your photoperiod? Thanks
Ambot Sini
Ambot Sini - 8 years ago
Alexander Menes
Alexander Menes - 9 years ago
OMG! I want to live there ahaha...
Alexander Menes
Alexander Menes - 9 years ago
Wow Amazing Works!
RedGreene - 9 years ago
I don't even have a fish tank but this was extremely intresting to watch!
OnlineBackupServices - 9 years ago
TOMMY LAUDANI - 9 years ago
another great aquascape by james findley.
Nurbek Kasymaliev
Nurbek Kasymaliev - 9 years ago
it's amazing!
D Whodat
D Whodat - 9 years ago
nice, where's my fishing rod?
charlesanddog - 9 years ago
amazing - beautiful work
Brad Lutrick
Brad Lutrick - 9 years ago
this is an incredible tank, but it shouldn't be so symmetrical 
RaJhon - 9 years ago
can we get a list of all the substrate materials and stuff used in the vid
Milo Kovet
Milo Kovet - 9 years ago
MrMarkone66 - 9 years ago
wow, four halogen lights, don't be sucked in by the beauty of these set ups people. halogen lighting is very expensive to run and operate. the bulbs are expensive and need to be replaced often, they also use large amounts of electricity.with four lamps running your electric bill will go up at least 200 dollars a month.The final nail in the coffin with this lighting is that these bulbs run very hot, meaning the water gets over heated killing everything within. So now you have to buy a chiller to cool the water, these also are expensive to own and operate.If you would like to own a money pit get one of these set ups. shame on you TheGreenMachineLtd
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
We don't need a chiller in this aquarium. These lights are required to sustain this plant growth in this size aquarium.
Akvarie Planten
Akvarie Planten - 9 years ago
Super Nice tank " i like it" please check and sub my Channel too! :)
FrederickDerLion - 9 years ago
I really can not stand the way the narrator is trying to make it sound like surgery and not art. No, you don't need a special pair of fucking tongs. I pair of chop sticks work just fine.
Akira Ichikawa
Akira Ichikawa - 8 years ago
+T2ak Or you can do one yourself, if you have the patience. Of course it worth the price, but is a nice thing to do yourself (and cheaper lol)
ToastedWalnut - 9 years ago
tell me about it. £16.60 for some fishing line to tie moss on to whatever.. give me a break.

I will say their tanks are of amazing quality and worth the money if you can get one (USA).
Mister Invisible
Mister Invisible - 9 years ago
Thank goodness! Not a whinny American voice to be heard! Excellent work there, I just wish I was closer for a visit.
Mister Invisible
Mister Invisible - 9 years ago
+T2ak Forgive me, but what year did America eventually join WW2?  And how about WW1?  
My point is, Britain lost 3.1million lives.  Can you imagine losing that many soldiers, and then just a few decades later fighting another world war for 3 years whilst your largest and most powerful 'ally' sits back and pretends everything is fine?  So yes forgive me when I laugh in the face of every American that says they saved us. America helped.  Nothing more.
ToastedWalnut - 9 years ago
LOL you hold onto that.
Mister Invisible
Mister Invisible - 9 years ago
+T2ak  Helped?  Yes.
Would the outcome have been any different?  Nope.
Britain had already broken the back of Germany, America just swept up the mess.
ToastedWalnut - 9 years ago
+Mister Invisible I take it you had everything handled without our help... biased view? Really?? 
Mister Invisible
Mister Invisible - 9 years ago
+Charlie Chaplin  Are you sure about that?  I'm guess you are American by your incorrect and biased view of history?
Milo Kovet
Milo Kovet - 9 years ago
Really? Without "whinny American voices" this video would be in German asshole! Stop ruining this beauty with ignorance and hate, shame on you! 
Jack Foster
Jack Foster - 9 years ago
Where can I get the music used in this video? It's fantastic!
Francisco J Hernandez
Francisco J Hernandez - 9 years ago
Wow.......... amazed!!!
matthew patterson
matthew patterson - 9 years ago
this is cool stuff
aricars6263 - 9 years ago
Makes me wish i was a fish.
Scooby dooderino
Scooby dooderino - 9 years ago
Hey, Green machine, i have a question... ¿How do you move this gigantic tanks? I mean you i suppose you can't take the water because you could kill the bacteria or malnourish the plants... I am just curious, ¿How do you do it?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
This tank is non-moveable!
peter baran
peter baran - 9 years ago
A aquarium could comfortably fit 5.6 herds of small fish!!The neon are simulans?? Construction but nice fish I see it as empty!
peter baran
peter baran - 8 years ago
However you again that these comments it again! Has done a tremendous job!
peter baran
peter baran - 9 years ago
+skaff If I judge from your behavior in a different opinion! Sure why I expect something better!
skaff - 9 years ago
hi, thank you for your opinion, but are you completely retarded?
Mister Invisible
Mister Invisible - 9 years ago
LMAO a herd of fish?
CubeRepublic - 9 years ago
Geology teacher taught me that substrate; be it sand, sugar, pebbles, etc will always settle at 30 degrees.
CubeRepublic - 9 years ago
+Chris Massheder You're right, angle of repose is 0-90 degrees.
Chris Massheder
Chris Massheder - 9 years ago
Your geology teacher was wrong, many factors effect the angle substrate will settle, shape being the main one!
LeoNarwhalDaVinci - 9 years ago
Man, I want this job.
secretdeath - 9 years ago
Wow crazy
Mike Kollin
Mike Kollin - 9 years ago
Where is the location for the Green Machine???

Thank you!!
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
ranjith run
ranjith run - 9 years ago
it's awesome.. !
Anita Lee-Yu
Anita Lee-Yu - 9 years ago beautifully done!!..thnx for sharing!!
rexlinkfish - 9 years ago
Oh if only I could visit this store... Not saying I have money to buy anything but seeing these things in person would be mindblowing and I would love it :) great tank guys!
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
You're welcome to visit :)
OTS H3dgie
OTS H3dgie - 9 years ago
Going to have to get my hands on some crispus red after seeing this. 

Sorry if it's been said somwhere, but what is lighting the tank?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
You can find this and many more details about this aquascape (some not mentioned on the video) here:
FOREVER AND A DAY - 9 years ago
Just awesome!!! Thanks for sharing.
francischeefilms - 9 years ago
very nice tank wouldn't mind one for some filming
SmokeTx78 - 9 years ago
James your work is truly incredible. You have a blessed talent in what you do and you make it look so easy. I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos and just sit back in awe. 

That is really great to hear you ship to the US. So that means you can ship Tropica plants to the US? That would be awesome!
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
Contact our sales team directly on our website with any special requests:
Mamat mateuf
Mamat mateuf - 9 years ago
Amazing..... I love :)
Sky Chang
Sky Chang - 9 years ago
like nature
Aggzz91 - 9 years ago
man i wish i had the money and space for tanks like his!!!! check mine out on my channel
NicholAsian - 9 years ago
this place is fantastic, i cant wait to go back soon
Sebastian Hanganita
Sebastian Hanganita - 9 years ago
Nice nice nice
mersf559 - 9 years ago
do they ship to the US?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
We do ship to the US, but not ADA products as there are ADA suppliers located there already. If you want something from the rest of our catalog please contact us for a shipping quote.
дмитрий иванов
дмитрий иванов - 9 years ago
отличный дизайн !
Wilkinsr88 - 9 years ago
Fantastic! I would love to see some information included on the filtration and other water quality features of the tank. Also, I want to see what it's like maintaining the plants in there--how often are you pruning and doing water changes? The long term stuff is important too! Thank you for the video
Zwoele Beer
Zwoele Beer - 9 years ago
That.. looks awesome!
Freedomlover55 - 9 years ago
Amazing ! I would put 2-3 bigger fish in there for the contrast, Pterophyllum scalare for example.
batmannu batmannu
batmannu batmannu - 9 years ago
so so beautifu :))
mrschoba - 9 years ago
i wish this was James narrating this and not you
AgentDudo - 9 years ago
The size of the tank was deceptive in the thumbnail. When I heard "1800 Gallon", I heard the pit of my wallet scream in horrified agony as I exclaimed "Damn.".
Michael Xu
Michael Xu - 9 years ago
Michael Xu
Michael Xu - 9 years ago
they probably don't
Rebuthebarbarian - 9 years ago
this is a great job, wau :0
oImpalero - 9 years ago
how do you clean the gravel during a routine water change? I would love to create something like this but i dont see how to clean the debris from the bottom without tearing up the whole display
Caranuil - 9 years ago
Narrated by Sean Bean? Sounds alot like him!
Zana Whiterun
Zana Whiterun - 9 years ago
Arne Scheire
Arne Scheire - 9 years ago
MultiDiabolo666 - 9 years ago
Its porn :-)
lAbyssl yoyo
lAbyssl yoyo - 9 years ago
AWESOME! Good job James!
guadalupe ochoa
guadalupe ochoa - 9 years ago
Angelo Kevin
Angelo Kevin - 9 years ago
fish lover
fish lover - 9 years ago
fish like neons actually love living in the plants also if you watched carefully and saw their were hiding spots in the wood you would know once the plants grow the neons and corys would be like a clown fish to an anemone. its just probable close to feeding time or they are just hanging in the current that's why you see them in the middle area.
mihali84 - 9 years ago
Nice setup, but not a good use of the full space provided. Also the fish have no place to shelter, it's almost as if they are perpetually swimming in a circle around the middle.
Eslam Farahat
Eslam Farahat - 9 years ago
Wonderful work I liked the smile that it raised the face of James at the end of the Video It expresses everything
jambock - 9 years ago
Perfect! *-*
Jose Serrada
Jose Serrada - 9 years ago
q son esas pepitas negra popo de conejo
Jaime Duende Gongora Gongora
Jaime Duende Gongora Gongora - 9 years ago
will i get a tear to see such beauty in Mexico's monetary resources but good brands like ada fail
theBioHouse - 9 years ago
Different fish have different behaviors and sensitivity. Some fish are more shy than others. More schooling fish = less shyness in my experience. Tetras are great schooling fish as they are not very shy but still sensitive. Look into Celestial Pearl Danio (galaxy rasbora), they are beautiful fish, but very very shy. If you have more CPD's, they tend to be bit more outgoing. Good luck!
Marc Kruse
Marc Kruse - 9 years ago
werry werry werry nice!!!! what would cost me the interior furnishings?
haeleypapa - 9 years ago
some discus would make this tank complete
andyforeverification - 9 years ago
That was beautiful :') I watched the whole thing...
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico - 9 years ago
Temperature of fish tank ?
Milan Rai
Milan Rai - 9 years ago
That smile at 28:37 was the real proud smile and of course deserving one...great job!!
Dj Scott J
Dj Scott J - 9 years ago
Wow, Epic
Mike Klegin
Mike Klegin - 9 years ago
i love the music in the background. oh and the planted tank is wicked cool!
klok95330 - 9 years ago
Epixelle - 9 years ago
DigitalBerserk - 9 years ago
that guy is an artist
Kathy Swift
Kathy Swift - 9 years ago
What species is this tank stocked with? And how are the plants doing? It's a beautiful tank!
violetskye6 - 9 years ago
Mother of fish tanks
ziz79 - 9 years ago
Semplicemente stupendo....
vijay kumar
vijay kumar - 9 years ago
shall i use river sand as substrate? guide me i want to have plants in my aquarium
Patsplattheredstonisist - 9 years ago
this is one of the best, sooooo pretty!!
Willem Van Oranje
Willem Van Oranje - 9 years ago
oooohhhhhh i wish my landlord would allow me to instaal a aquarium,would be my first i want one sooooooo bad
alcocer1126 - 9 years ago
Dope af
Maria Sama
Maria Sama - 9 years ago
amazing! professional work!
malak gangar
malak gangar - 9 years ago
Sir i stay in INDIA but carry a die hard like for aquariums. Your aquascape is truly awesome and creates real feel. Sir i would like to learn aquascapes with you and your expert team ......And would like to create my own aquascape.....
Pedro Acosta
Pedro Acosta - 9 years ago
I live in a province, about 1000 km from the city of Buenos Aires. I would love to purchase your products, but unfortunately buying foreign products is quite complex. Hopefully in the future they could be a sales Argentina with its incredible and comprehensive product line. Even a simple diffuser Co2 is hard to find in this country. Thank you very much for your attention.
Supa Tanks
Supa Tanks - 9 years ago
Stunning, make me want to live in there:D
finalman25 - 9 years ago
awesome tank..looks amazing
semaj chong
semaj chong - 9 years ago
thats a beutiful tank
AlDo Jimen
AlDo Jimen - 9 years ago
muy bueno
firzenion - 9 years ago
absolutely beautiful. you guys just got a new sub.
christian magdael
christian magdael - 9 years ago
clap clap i wish i can have one
jean tsai
jean tsai - 9 years ago
asians be tinking good recepie to cook fish
CombatAnimal - 9 years ago
What is the total estimated cost of creating this tank? Thanks.
Joris van der Kamp
Joris van der Kamp - 9 years ago
wouw i like that tank
Kicks4Fish - 9 years ago
Hey this is a great channel! I have watched this for a while and just recently I tried to set up my own channel. It would mean alot to me to be able to connect with you! I really like how you showed the process of making the scape!
Johanna nykänen
Johanna nykänen - 9 years ago
Looks really Amazing!
Eric Barney
Eric Barney - 9 years ago
This is a freshwater tank, and you can do amazing aquascapes with salt water. However, living corals are often used more extensively in these setups than marine plants to form what is called a nano-reef. These tank setups are usually much more expensive than freshwater setups, require much more diligence to maintain optimum water conditions, and are more time consuming.
ZAK TAYLOR - 9 years ago
how much would it cost to maintain a tank like this on a weekly basis? i am interested in buying
Hoda Gibreel Osman
Hoda Gibreel Osman - 9 years ago
Expert people on their field makes excellent projects like aquarium that is so beautiful and looks like a piece of the ocean. Thanks for sharing.
Rediskin1977 - 9 years ago
Какой ты тупой!)))
georgya3xx - 9 years ago
is this fresh water? Can you do the same thing with salt water species of plants?
Samuel Berry
Samuel Berry - 9 years ago
'James explains'
Ivan Corona
Ivan Corona - 9 years ago
Amazing I want my tank to look like this:O
tamonettX500 - 9 years ago
Same goes for driftwood or stores charge an arm and a leg for decorations. I find my driftwood and rocks while hiking. You can also find better deals on driftwood online by wholesalers.
tamonettX500 - 9 years ago
To hell with petstore sand; it's way too expensive and you get such a tiny bag. They're in it for profit. I've read you can use pool filter sand, from Lowe's or Ace Hardware (or any hot tub store, etc). You can get a 50 lb bag from $13-$30.
Andre H
Andre H - 9 years ago
Looks amazing
kade black
kade black - 9 years ago
i watched this whole video from start to finish! this was so amazing and the outcome was exquisite!!
Anthony Graham
Anthony Graham - 9 years ago
In a way this was relaxing
Logan Mailandt
Logan Mailandt - 9 years ago
what comprises most of the maintenance?
Dark Matter
Dark Matter - 9 years ago
Rediskin1977 - 9 years ago
Best music
Venus Aziara
Venus Aziara - 9 years ago
Beautifully amazing
RichsBallPythons - 9 years ago
water takes few weeks to clear up as it cycles and at beginning of setting up a tank it will be dirty as well when decorations and gravel not fully rinsed off
Andrew Bedingfield
Andrew Bedingfield - 9 years ago
Lucky fish!
deviouscola - 9 years ago
looks good! but why is the water not that clear?
Dhilan PP
Dhilan PP - 9 years ago
James is an artist
such an inspiration to make me want to go planted .. wild discus would look so epic in that tank.. James, awesome job as usual.. keep them coming..
Demi Verheul
Demi Verheul - 9 years ago
28:42 where's Waldo? :p Now seriously... Really great job!! You can be so proud of what you've accomplished. Keep on doing it!
Cameo Sealeaf
Cameo Sealeaf - 9 years ago
Wow its so insanely beautiful! Im new to aquascaping, but I hope to get this good one day. I just upgraded to a bigger tank, and I cant wait to see it come to life!
Lau Arg
Lau Arg - 9 years ago
wooow that is a talent
marius codrut
marius codrut - 9 years ago
nice work! for those who just want to skip to the finished thing, go here 26:23 :)
Sammy31Dee - 9 years ago
its amazing how these tanks can make me wanna do this over my reef tank. simple stunning work here
Reid Smith
Reid Smith - 9 years ago
fish dying on a "what if" occasion does'nt sound like a very healthy fish environment to me
tormodiv - 9 years ago
150x150x75 cm eq about 1680 liters / 3.78 = 444 gallons
MidsummerNightScream - 9 years ago
Hey guys we have just released a new iOS app for aquarists! Please check it out. We are hoping to help more people get into the hobby by making it easier to get started. Search for "My Aquarium Guide" in the app store to find it.
Beto Gutierrez
Beto Gutierrez - 9 years ago
This tank would have been better if it was a cylinder shaped tank! its still good thou'
Ruslan Usupov
Ruslan Usupov - 9 years ago
огромное спасибо за видео !
Jaap Lubberts
Jaap Lubberts - 9 years ago
I tried to make something similar. But it isnt as beautiful as this one, i got alot algue and my plants dont grow really good. Do you have any tips? Here's a video of my tank. its 60liters.
Jean-Francois Prince
Jean-Francois Prince - 9 years ago
Hello, does this tank have a heater? what temperature do you keep the water at? and finally what is a good fish to keep plants clean in an unheated tank? Thank you.
Rediskin1977 - 9 years ago
Fantastic! + + + + +
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez - 9 years ago
marktimmer2212 - 9 years ago
i wish, i was a fish!
Reid Smith
Reid Smith - 9 years ago
really? I didnt know that a good aquarium provides a healthy environment for the fish which inhabit it....
Sam Butler
Sam Butler - 9 years ago
OMG you reply off my comment :D so happy haha.
LISA MCNAY - 9 years ago
me to i just love it so relaxing
Rory Rock
Rory Rock - 9 years ago
I think I watched this 3 times - just an amazing/educational video.
Xan Beerboy
Xan Beerboy - 9 years ago
You know I am curious. How long does that substrate last? Do you have to replace it eventually and dismantle the setup? That would be really sad :( That is 1 incredible tank... If I ever get to be a billionaire I am going to make 1 of those... Err I mean find people to make me 1 of those... ONLY BIGGER ! :D
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
Our maintenance team does one 3-4 hour basic maintenance session per week on this aquascape. We use a movable scaffold to make the job easier. Fish rarely die but if they do they may be eaten by shrimp etc or if you spot them you can remove them form the aquarium. A good Nature Aquarium should provide a very healthy environment for the fish within.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
The Green Neons shoal beautifully all day long!
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
All products are on our website... take a look. Follow the links in the description.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
What country are you in? We can ship most products worldwide.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
The plant roots should reach the bottom of the aquarium. Some of the additives are to help good bacteria grow... which is part of the biological filtration of the aquarium.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
We do use heaters but they were removed for filming.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
Look at our latest videos... there is an updated video of it at 1 year old. Currently it is still going strong :)
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
Some TGM Substrate Supports were used to provide a barrier so they wouldn't spread into the foreground.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
Hi John, glad you enjoyed the video. The powders are ADA Substrate Additives- read the aquascape journal by following the link in the description. You will have to find an acrylic tank supplier closer to you for it to be worth it cost wise. We use reverse osmosis water. We can ship most things to Australia.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
A range of ADA Substrate Additives which help the plants.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 9 years ago
As Sam said... you can use something to break up the flow of the water. You just need to be careful.
MsKhaeli - 9 years ago
This is the most amazing tank I have ever seen. I love it!
Whathe Fuqge
Whathe Fuqge - 9 years ago
with a good type of external filter and protein skimmer or with a good kind of sump system.
EPSchz - 9 years ago
What is the white product he adds at the beginning?
pockethegoods - 9 years ago
GDaniel - 9 years ago
11:20 there's a grandpa with a mustache in the rock o.O
Ayan Mallick
Ayan Mallick - 9 years ago
How can I Clean this type tank ?????????
Rediskin1977 - 9 years ago
Wow, super!
mef1975 - 9 years ago
I really wish to know more on how the substrate was set up, like the products used and the science behind each product's function. Have they a tutorial for substrate set up with their products?
岡本唯奈 - 9 years ago
Aldo Fernandes Azevedo
Aldo Fernandes Azevedo - 9 years ago
Some Discus would be nice!
Jay Pleski
Jay Pleski - 9 years ago
Amazing and inspiring. I've never seen a walkaround tank so completely arranged.
Bugoutbrian - 9 years ago
it sounds like sean bean narrating lol
Jhefferson Mancera
Jhefferson Mancera - 9 years ago
Jhefferson Mancera
Jhefferson Mancera - 9 years ago
I was going to say the same.
__ARMY__ - 9 years ago
my tank sucks now
TheKickingDonkey - 9 years ago
It makes you to want to be a fish.
Declan Nalced
Declan Nalced - 9 years ago
Simply beautiful! thank you for the inspiration.
Andrew Lam
Andrew Lam - 9 years ago
damn this tank is beautiful
дмитрий иванов
дмитрий иванов - 9 years ago
отличная работа
BleuSaphirReptiles - 9 years ago
When I look at this, I think of an lush island!
Danny Hall
Danny Hall - 9 years ago
Well, at least I know the website now...
denismalys66 - 9 years ago
Great!!Nice Job!
AQUADESIGN by aquamaniac
AQUADESIGN by aquamaniac - 9 years ago
I love this video.learned alot from it too.I just wish I could scape a tank that good one day.awesome planted tank.
Voll Blau
Voll Blau - 9 years ago
some day... some day...
mario23051975 - 9 years ago
Hi zalez , you just need to put the tree trunk in boiling water , and than you wash it for a couple of days.
mario23051975 - 9 years ago
I agree , this is art , under all points of view
mersf559 - 9 years ago
he was putting in work
Captain Swing
Captain Swing - 9 years ago
This is art.
Pypamid - 9 years ago
And now to ruin it all with a bubbling skull and some blue gravel

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