Aquascape Tutorial Guide: 'Continuity' by James Findley & The Green Machine Aquascape Journal, Photos & Transcript available on our website. This is another of James Findley’s shallow display aquariums for The Green Machine. Via the link page you can find the list of all equipment used, as well as step by step photos from empty tank to grown in aquascape. You can also watch the step by step video. SETUP SPECIFICATIONS AQUARIUM & CABINET ADA Cube Garden 120-F (120 x 30 x 20cm) TGM Custom Cabinet Silver SUBSTRATE SYSTEM ADA Powersand Special M ADA Aquasoil Amazonia Powder 9ltr x 2 bags ADA Tourmaline BC ADA Clear Super ADA Bacter 100 HARDSCAPE MATERIALS ADA Sado-Akadama Stone FILTRATION SYSTEM ADA Super Jet Filter Do!aqua Violet Glass Mini – Inflow (Mini-MV-1) 13mm ADA Lily Pipe Outflow P-2 13mm ADA Bio Rio Filter Media HEATING Inline heater LIGHTING ADA Solar II w/2- 36W Power Compact x 2 CO2 SYSTEM ADA CO2 Tower ADA CO2 Glass Bubble Counter ADA Pollen Glass Beetle Series 30mm ADA Drop Checker FINAL PLANTS USED Micranthemum Monte Carlo Cryptocoryne Green Cryptocoryne Tropica TGM Terrestrial Moss Enjoy, and Happy Planting! TGM

Aquascape Tutorial Guide: 'Continuity' by James Findley & The Green Machine sentiment_very_dissatisfied 628

Howto 8 years ago 2,496,552 views Aquascape Journal, Photos & Transcript available on our website. This is another of James Findley’s shallow display aquariums for The Green Machine. Via the link page you can find the list of all equipment used, as well as step by step photos from empty tank to grown in aquascape. You can also watch the step by step video. SETUP SPECIFICATIONS AQUARIUM & CABINET ADA Cube Garden 120-F (120 x 30 x 20cm) TGM Custom Cabinet Silver SUBSTRATE SYSTEM ADA Powersand Special M ADA Aquasoil Amazonia Powder 9ltr x 2 bags ADA Tourmaline BC ADA Clear Super ADA Bacter 100 HARDSCAPE MATERIALS ADA Sado-Akadama Stone FILTRATION SYSTEM ADA Super Jet Filter Do!aqua Violet Glass Mini – Inflow (Mini-MV-1) 13mm ADA Lily Pipe Outflow P-2 13mm ADA Bio Rio Filter Media HEATING Inline heater LIGHTING ADA Solar II w/2- 36W Power Compact x 2 CO2 SYSTEM ADA CO2 Tower ADA CO2 Glass Bubble Counter ADA Pollen Glass Beetle Series 30mm ADA Drop Checker FINAL PLANTS USED Micranthemum Monte Carlo Cryptocoryne Green Cryptocoryne Tropica TGM Terrestrial Moss Enjoy, and Happy Planting! TGM

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Most popular comments
for Aquascape Tutorial Guide: 'Continuity' by James Findley & The Green Machine

Aditya Sarojbg
Aditya Sarojbg - 6 years ago
very beautiful
Lunaaxx - 6 years ago
johnny prendergast
johnny prendergast - 6 years ago
What fish are they
Dedy Irawan
Dedy Irawan - 6 years ago
Wow very very beautifull.
LOCO FLACO - 6 years ago
Дмитрий Буштак
Дмитрий Буштак - 6 years ago
The Best!
StephenNu9 - 6 years ago
Excellent stuff.
William Mayhew
William Mayhew - 6 years ago
The Voice Over guy clearly has a crush on James, and i'm ok with that.
Tom R
Tom R - 6 years ago
Why did he put all those rocks in the corner, then brush in between them before he completly coverd them up?

10. comment for Aquascape Tutorial Guide: 'Continuity' by James Findley & The Green Machine

Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock - 6 years ago
11:18 my Firebelly toad would die to live in that
GalaxyTraveler - 6 years ago
That is so beautiful...I used to love aquariums/terrariums and nature when i was a kid, now I want to make something like this!
Arash Moradian
Arash Moradian - 6 years ago
how much maintenance does this need ??
bigo live - Tube
bigo live - Tube - 6 years ago
markyboi79 - 6 years ago
Also, is James talking about himself in the third person?
markyboi79 - 6 years ago
I bet this dude pays hookers to change his daipers!
Calvin K
Calvin K - 6 years ago
James is serious competition to Ethan from h3h3productions with that fupa!
Majid Arif Siddiqui
Majid Arif Siddiqui - 6 years ago
Where can we buy all the things listed?
Dennis Larsen
Dennis Larsen - 6 years ago
How Much does this system cost to order to Denmark?
goosfsn - 6 years ago
this guy is growing frogs ,my african ciclids can move youre stones from left to right in 2 days lol video

20. comment for Aquascape Tutorial Guide: 'Continuity' by James Findley & The Green Machine

Sky Caststeel
Sky Caststeel - 6 years ago
My turtle would fuck that tank up.
Nyonx Cobain
Nyonx Cobain - 6 years ago
wow.. nice..
Avery Brown
Avery Brown - 6 years ago
Very informative video, thank you. Beautiful work. But the music ruins the whole thing for me. PLEASE pick something less abrasive, or at least turn it down so that the video is more accessible for PWDs!
Heavy&Sick - 6 years ago
how then u wash it?
Hundred - 6 years ago
how do they keep water clear? regular partial water changes?
Kin Jon Un
Kin Jon Un - 6 years ago
If there's an earthquake then the water will spill out it is in the edge
Mike Bui
Mike Bui - 6 years ago
Nice work, if we can get rid of the horrible background music. There are better music out there. Hurt my ears to listen to that lousy music.
Rachael clayton
Rachael clayton - 6 years ago
Anyone in australia do this, and who are your suppliers,
Lemendeer - 6 years ago
Everyone who owned an aquarium knows, this will not look like that for long.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
+Lemendeer they can look beautiful for many years when maintained correctly
Digester 24
Digester 24 - 6 years ago
James should rub some chia seeds on his head. Now that would be a fun time lapse video to watch.

30. comment for Aquascape Tutorial Guide: 'Continuity' by James Findley & The Green Machine

claudealan100 - 6 years ago
Great video but terrible music choice
Chantel Elizabeth
Chantel Elizabeth - 6 years ago
Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing, I absolutely loved this.
Loomix Alexandra
Loomix Alexandra - 6 years ago
so...whats the guys name again?
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen - 6 years ago
what about algae will it ever growth in the tank?
zeyshibelle panza
zeyshibelle panza - 6 years ago
its so beuatiful i like it
Zaina Khan
Zaina Khan - 6 years ago
What is the black powder?
what hayley nationality? Yakamura
what hayley nationality? Yakamura - 6 years ago
but how to clean it?
Maestro - 6 years ago
tbh this video is satisfiying to watch
AriannaAyers - 6 years ago
I learned something new. I didn't know about aquascaping before. I do find the music stressful though, and wish the narrator did not say "James" every minute. I think it detracts from the experience.
cH4rL¡E is s4R4h
cH4rL¡E is s4R4h - 6 years ago
martijnoss - 6 years ago
What is the first layer the white powder under the sand
Elias Barazorda
Elias Barazorda - 6 years ago
Which are the sizes of the tank
Kevin Morrison
Kevin Morrison - 6 years ago
At 3:22 he added something and you did not say what it was???
k Beno
k Beno - 6 years ago
This is a handy video if you're sponsered by ADA
JAZERLIGHTS - 6 years ago
Absolutely lovely tank!
Chris Griffith
Chris Griffith - 6 years ago
ADA forecepts? I mean really? use some damn bamboo chops sticks. And Guppies?? Really??! 500-700 in materials, and Guppies? I'd expect about 7-12 Otocinclus Catfish, and 2-5 tetras, of any kind... but guppies can be a bit nippy on the vegetation after they get a taste for it.
NarcissiqueDawnn - 6 years ago
I'm sorry, but can James speak?

Is he mute? I mean no malice thou
H. Moon
H. Moon - 6 years ago
I swear that's some of Poppy's music in the background...
H. Moon
H. Moon - 6 years ago
So beautiful and inspiring... Living Art.... thank you so much
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon - 6 years ago
Nice vid to watch but that background music sounding like a mosquito with gas flying around was annoying.

50. comment for Aquascape Tutorial Guide: 'Continuity' by James Findley & The Green Machine

Teolulz - 6 years ago
EZ. anyone could have done this.
chotu arsalaan
chotu arsalaan - 6 years ago
aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh james change that fucking music
Colin H.
Colin H. - 6 years ago
I want to start this hobby up so bad but I'm 16 and this is an expensive hobby. It's beautiful and therapeutic though so...
Eleasah Chance
Eleasah Chance - 6 years ago
Very beautiful! How are they safely transported?
Oluf Fries Thomsen
Oluf Fries Thomsen - 6 years ago
Lovely video, but awful music
Zai H
Zai H - 6 years ago
name of background music please.
Sachi Rae White
Sachi Rae White - 6 years ago
Nigel Aquascaping
Nigel Aquascaping - 6 years ago
James is king
MirkyWater - 6 years ago
Whats the guys name?
OblivionIce - 6 years ago
What fish? Why not something with color?
Fu Thaiter
Fu Thaiter - 6 years ago
pls chance that shitty background music. very bad to listen.
Xeuz AK
Xeuz AK - 6 years ago
How much you think that all cost?
Will M
Will M - 6 years ago
bizarre tanks with andrew zimmern
Addung Rohman
Addung Rohman - 6 years ago
ngawe ngeneki entek duit piro lek
aku nate ngawe tapi gagal lek
Anthony Lowney
Anthony Lowney - 6 years ago
that music though...
I Biskero
I Biskero - 6 years ago
idk why, but i thought that was a blender tutorial XD
Pat Pat
Pat Pat - 6 years ago
So beautiful!
strizzyl - 6 years ago
there's something going on here a mix of ASMR Atlantis past life flashbacks some lsd and synesthesia for good measure
So Nura
So Nura - 6 years ago
My gosh tat is so beautiful
SkynSand - 6 years ago
Any chance of getting information on the stocking of this tank?
PhycoOnTheFirstFloor _
PhycoOnTheFirstFloor _ - 6 years ago
Plot twist James is the narrator
my view
my view - 6 years ago
Nope not jealous in the slightest
Goldenquorum - 6 years ago
How do you maintain this kind of aquascape? Thank you.
피리 부는 소년
피리 부는 소년 - 6 years ago
Clay Twomey
Clay Twomey - 6 years ago
how does the water stay so clear?
Shane Ludlow
Shane Ludlow - 6 years ago
Haha captions at 0:46 so funny
Bill Board
Bill Board - 6 years ago
This is just the perfect thing I was looking for to help me relax! Looks so peaceful with the Boards of Canada-esque music.
Erik Ahl
Erik Ahl - 6 years ago
Even I want to live there..
foolchecker123 - 6 years ago
no idea how i ended up here but I like it! Subbed !
Davis Balla
Davis Balla - 6 years ago
His autistic ? is that what I just heard
Andrew van Leeuwen
Andrew van Leeuwen - 6 years ago
....i want to get an aquarium again... Thanks last aquarium was electrocuted because my pump failed... Never saw that happen...
キティニャー - 6 years ago
impressive work
Trevor Dawson
Trevor Dawson - 6 years ago
Just found the cure for insomnia.
ikhsan saputra
ikhsan saputra - 6 years ago
DmStandish4 - 6 years ago
One issue with the video is James dropping the plug. Why didn't that just get edited out?
Froggy Boii
Froggy Boii - 6 years ago
This looks like a bullfrog or tadpole tank
liam quinn
liam quinn - 6 years ago
A good idea would to do a city that has been flooded, would be good to have buildings sticking out of the water while fish get to swim around the flooded and decaying buildings. this wouldnt be as peaceful as these terrains but would have a cool astetic which would be cool
SpaghettiKillah - 6 years ago
James is God
Daniel Halley
Daniel Halley - 6 years ago
Nice landscaping, very nice!
Diego Oliveira
Diego Oliveira - 6 years ago
The most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life ♥_♥
Pear Bear
Pear Bear - 6 years ago
Hey great content this Aquascape is a beauty please keep the content coming <3.
Adam Felli
Adam Felli - 6 years ago
Wtf this music sucks
GhoulsN'Glamazons - 6 years ago
I wish I was a fish living in that aquarium
Björn - 6 years ago
this is so beautiful!
.m. - 6 years ago
like the modern, minimalist design
Corb4n - 6 years ago
so beautiful
Kaltrina Demiri
Kaltrina Demiri - 6 years ago
This would be so cool if you threw in some fiddler crabs
Somu Dixith
Somu Dixith - 6 years ago
Can someone please tell me the moss which added upon the rock
ronisworld2 - 6 years ago
17 MONTHS!!!??? MORE THAN A YEAR!!!???
ʌRicca De Rooseʌ
ʌRicca De Rooseʌ - 6 years ago
Great video but I have a small question, which type of fish did you use?

100. comment for Aquascape Tutorial Guide: 'Continuity' by James Findley & The Green Machine

Jyuunie Kim
Jyuunie Kim - 6 years ago
This is so beautiful - 6 years ago
Great result and great music
Lykan Lupus
Lykan Lupus - 6 years ago
I may be blind, but I don't see any filters or any water-cleaning-equipment. Does this Aquarium clean it self through the plants or are there frequent water changes needed? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I don't really know anything about aquariums, other than you put fish, plants and water in there.
Paul Roadz
Paul Roadz - 6 years ago
Looks great it really does but I'd like to know more about filter systems for this kind of set up .
Lisa Choi
Lisa Choi - 6 years ago
Now lets put a turtle in it and watch what happens!
CriticalManimal - 6 years ago
what kind of water? and how to maintain this?
Fishing Mojados
Fishing Mojados - 6 years ago
Straight beauty.
larry sellers
larry sellers - 6 years ago
Can some kind of sea monkey be added to self sustain the fish?
SweetsK - 6 years ago
not sure why this is recommended, but goddamn am I glad it was.  newly subbed.
P R - 6 years ago
James the legend
Forever and ever I swear!
Forever and ever I swear! - 6 years ago
U need lots of patience waiting for it to get over grown, which is the hardest part..
Sonia Ssky
Sonia Ssky - 6 years ago
how to clin ti?
Gabos1337 - 6 years ago
cleaning this would be so fucking annoying
Daniel Brother-Bear Barras
Daniel Brother-Bear Barras - 6 years ago
Mark Smith
Mark Smith - 6 years ago
You missed the part about putting water in the tank....some of us can mess even that up! Could you suggest how to put water in the tank? Moving house soon and this is going to be a perfect addition!
tepunto - 6 years ago
Those fish live in a beautiful world.
XXIVVI - 6 years ago
jeez the background music is terrible for this video.
Fedup Limes Low End Saga
Fedup Limes Low End Saga - 6 years ago
Yeah but, now James' gorgeous tank is complete and sitting on the bench in the furnace room in the basement.
Colin McCarthy
Colin McCarthy - 6 years ago
i've stumbled into the green machine's website and all these vids, and suddenly the way that I view aquariums has changed dramatically. I was curious if you guys ship any of the tanks like the F-90 to the US. I can't find anything of that low-and-long dimension in my area for any reasonable price...

like, I could probably pay $75 in shipping and it would still be considerably more affordable...
Jsalrulz - 6 years ago
The music made me feel like I was about to be murdered.
Pflaumenkuchen01 - 6 years ago
So ive watched this video for about 10 minutes and everything ive gathered so far is that James is a great guy.
Syed Moin Doja
Syed Moin Doja - 6 years ago
the background audio is terrible with its buzz and drone!!
Md Aliedin Moktar
Md Aliedin Moktar - 6 years ago
Hitler is actually a cat
Hitler is actually a cat - 6 years ago
I have a few questions (looking to enter the hobby) Do you still need to change the water after having such large plant biomass? and do you actually need a heater if you live in a tropical climate?
John D'oh
John D'oh - 6 years ago
this is only an introduction to aquascape. Asia is home of freshwater aquascape.

they grow speicment that you didn't even know existed.
zyen ender
zyen ender - 6 years ago
sory newb here. do u ever change the water?
and how long do u know if u fail in a aquascape? 1week? 1month? 1 year?
i wana give it a try.
zyen ender
zyen ender - 6 years ago
any link web to newb guide? looks like its to complicated to just q & a in here.
tomp rocks
tomp rocks - 6 years ago
nope you dont need to put it outside. and its not good because its uncontrol light(you dont know how the weather's gonna be) and it promote algae growth.
the lights you gonna use is depend on your aquarium size and the plants you're using.
zyen ender
zyen ender - 6 years ago
thanks for the help.
btw what requirement for the led? or do we need to put it outside daily? to get sun.
tomp rocks
tomp rocks - 6 years ago
first 2 month do 50%water change twice a week, after that just do 30% once a week.
if in 2 week after planted your plants keep melting and has no new growth,that mean something is wrong with your set up.
Joshua Lorenzo
Joshua Lorenzo - 6 years ago
so, how to clean it? i mean, aquarium needs to be cleaned right?
Alex Alejandre
Alex Alejandre - 6 years ago
Looks like Moss grew everywhere .... Needs more fish though. Awesome work
WuduB!? - 6 years ago
sam bryant
sam bryant - 6 years ago
His guppies suck... 2000 dollars spent on the set up. 20 dollars spent on the guppies. I'd put some plecos in there maybe a few African dwarf frogs
Nathan Hassall
Nathan Hassall - 6 years ago
I made mine from a lightbulb!
Ryan Ghost
Ryan Ghost - 6 years ago
Artist and track? Very cool stuff BTW looks like I'v got a new hobby as well.
Patrick Duffy
Patrick Duffy - 6 years ago
Video is sweet, music is not.
I think it gave me ear cancer.
KENTONO TUMULAK - 6 years ago
Is this design good for tiny turtles???
Butcher Seven Actual
Butcher Seven Actual - 6 years ago
James has laid down a suitably dope track to accompany his aquascapes.
Kevin - 6 years ago
I do something like this. If you guys would like to see some manscaping, come to my channel.
Daryl Keith Loon
Daryl Keith Loon - 6 years ago
Lovely video but the background music makes it hard to listen to the instructions, a bit annoyed TBH
Orijuno - 6 years ago
10:46 "here, james clearly drops the plants but clearly does not give no fucks and still uses it because he's a boss"
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez - 6 years ago
Music not motivated
Keekee Waleria Sadd
Keekee Waleria Sadd - 6 years ago
Fuck this way beautiful........i want this.....
Joe Bryans
Joe Bryans - 6 years ago
What filtre use this? :o
kushy04 - 6 years ago
hours of aquascaping and you put guppies at the end in there? ... what?!
Ernesto Rodriguez
Ernesto Rodriguez - 6 years ago
the music... so creepy!
Ahmed Mahboob
Ahmed Mahboob - 6 years ago
The slope made by the substrate and rocks makes it look as it is for an Oscar.
hadtochangemyname tothis
hadtochangemyname tothis - 6 years ago
If I was to do this. would it be safe if my cats drank from it? they drink everything but water from their bowls (yes toilet lid is always down)
Jawpz - 6 years ago
That would make a great tank for a turtle.
itlookedlikefun - 6 years ago
This is cool. I could've done without the farting music. But yeah, I gotta have one.
Santos Pizarro
Santos Pizarro - 6 years ago
add lighting to the tanks from bellow and the sides! PANELED LIGHTING.
Santos Pizarro
Santos Pizarro - 6 years ago
best time of my life
Santos Pizarro
Santos Pizarro - 6 years ago
Internal tubing should protrude to connect to next tank/diorama
Santos Pizarro
Santos Pizarro - 6 years ago
Paintings of tribal folklore on rocks, and technology from the future right underwater.
Santos Pizarro
Santos Pizarro - 6 years ago
Santos Pizarro
Santos Pizarro - 6 years ago
water should dance with fish to sensors readings changing colors.
Santos Pizarro
Santos Pizarro - 6 years ago
Santos Pizarro
Santos Pizarro - 6 years ago
a stream and waterfall for the fish to play,
Santos Pizarro
Santos Pizarro - 6 years ago
caverns and burrows for the fish to live in, tanks should connect like plumming to each other to give fish a playground and space to excersise and move from living space to different house rooms...yes, even the bathroom, interactive lights will indicate where the fish is monitored by mobile app.
Santos Pizarro
Santos Pizarro - 6 years ago
Light should have sensors that react to external and internal for the fish.
iendoTV - 6 years ago
james FINdley lmao get it?
George Bond
George Bond - 6 years ago
it's 3am and I'm glad I clicked on this
Official fr0d
Official fr0d - 6 years ago
so how do you change the water ?
Gunzee - 6 years ago
I have a silly question but the force exerted on the glass doesn't alarm anyone? I look at the corners of my small tank and try imagine the stress on them, something like this would freak me out. That tank is probably holding in the region of 100kg +. Water volume alone is 72 litres or 72 kg. I don't know but I wonder what the maximum psi these tanks can hold.
Maybe I'm just being over cautious, but I am so tempted to copy some of the work here. I have most of the material but need to bottom substrate. My tank really needs a overhaul, it's water and bio-bacteria is okay but it's got very little life. Nothing died I just stocked it with hardly anything, zebra catfish and neon tetra. The catfish are over 4 years old, very nice fish but they have a habit of vanishing (think they bury themselves).
tomp rocks
tomp rocks - 6 years ago
you compare your tank to this premium high quality and expensive ADA tank that made specifically for this kind of stuff...? LOL
Andrew Givens
Andrew Givens - 6 years ago
Doesn't this substrate release ammonia as a cycling aid and plants ideally should be planted after the tank has cycled?
noxabellus - 6 years ago
I bet that exposed moss smells great /s
rola minaro
rola minaro - 6 years ago
the music is very blade runner xD
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
+rola minaro James' top choice is for music to listen to while aquascaping is the Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis
Susan Kerkhoff
Susan Kerkhoff - 6 years ago
That is so cool! Your video looks so professional, too! Do you have art gallery shows? :)
My metaphysical guides keep suggesting that aquarium plants are vegetarian and that I could actually grow some for salads. :)
I wish I was in business! I'm an artist and I'm just trying to write books and certify now that my journey feels a little more arthritis like. Thanks for sharing! It's really beautiful and I totally appreciate how much attention you gave to it sort of as an artist!
~Psychic Suesie
Susan Kerkhoff
Susan Kerkhoff - 6 years ago
Namaste! :)
Susan Kerkhoff
Susan Kerkhoff - 6 years ago
Aww, thanks! :)
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
+Susan Kerkhoff very interesting Susie! Message us via our website as we'd be interested in hearing about your books
davidhunternyc - 6 years ago
Wow, breathtakingly beautiful. I am so glad I found this video. Is there anyone in the NYC area specializing in ADA Aquascaping?
Peridoodle - 6 years ago
when it was partially filled and he was planting, who else thought it might make a cool terrarium for small frogs or snakes with land on either side and a small pond/stream in the middle?
tyler t
tyler t - 6 years ago
How long do these usually last before they need to be cleaned and redone? Assuming you've done everything right.
whitebuffulo - 6 years ago
Those fish just got their tank pimped.
Chris Santana
Chris Santana - 6 years ago
What's with the creepy 80's music
Mike The Gamer
Mike The Gamer - 6 years ago
so basically its a very fancy aquarium.
Sean - 6 years ago
I have turned off my co2 canister and just keep a simple tank. It is too difficult. Monthly electrical bill was very high too
Jen Jones
Jen Jones - 6 years ago
Wow! That's beautiful!!
SaaDy - 6 years ago
Can you please tell us how long it would have taken if James didn't add the fertilizers and the boosters, because 17 months is a long time i wonder how long would it be without the aid?
tomp rocks
tomp rocks - 6 years ago
with all those premium product he use its usually only take 2months for the tank to mature,
but he show us 17 months later,maybe because he did alot of change and other thing as you can see the first carpet plant he use was tenelus then he cange it to monte carlo,
so thats why i think he decided to upload this after 17months.
SaaDy - 6 years ago
Please change the background sound track
pure4life0wn - 6 years ago
Jonàs Valls Bosch
Jonàs Valls Bosch - 6 years ago
Андрей Коледа
Андрей Коледа - 6 years ago
Класс!!! Красота!!! Природа пришла в дом!!!
Mister Linh
Mister Linh - 6 years ago
that looks AMAZINGGGG
getstuk - 6 years ago
How much for all that? Are we talking $200, or $2000...
tomp rocks
tomp rocks - 6 years ago
BED BUG - 6 years ago
this is awesome
billy abbott
billy abbott - 6 years ago
That's quality!
Aqualirius Peixes
Aqualirius Peixes - 6 years ago
Boa noite que plantas são essas em cima da rochas ?
Benjamin Cepigulino
Benjamin Cepigulino - 6 years ago
the fish will jump out and die
Zrokool123 - 6 years ago
The ambient background ....mind.
Rediskin1977 - 6 years ago
Как всегда очередной шедевр! Какие же вы молодцы.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
Some of our Russian viewers have provided translated subtitles for our video 'Spontaneity'- thank you/Спасибо! If other Russians could check them and provide any necessary amendments, we would be very grateful! The video is here:

We encourage the translation of any of our videos into your language of your choice... the more the better!

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Amanda Mason
Amanda Mason - 6 years ago
Just beautiful, this is why I love the hobby. I currently have an aquaponics system in my kitchen using a 75 gallon tank with "exotic" tropical fish and my veggies and herbs are growing wonderfully! I would love to do something like this!
John Nguyen
John Nguyen - 6 years ago
The tank is so nice! I wish I had that setup in my 20 gallon.............
Vlad Artichoke
Vlad Artichoke - 6 years ago
how tf did I end up here I was watching strength wars
DLY - 6 years ago
so much effort for a few small fishes? just dump them into a container lol.
tomp rocks
tomp rocks - 6 years ago
obviously you dont know about the hobby, coz this hobby is not about fish.
andrew johnson
andrew johnson - 6 years ago
This was cool to watch. Did not enjoy the dark synth pop soundtrack. You should just turn the volume down and watch this video to Boards Of Canada - Music has The Rights To Children.
Evil Beaver
Evil Beaver - 6 years ago
This just popped up as a recommended video. It's amazing, but I don't understand why they chose what look like ugly feeder guppies for fish. I guess if they jump out, it's no loss, but there are a million different livebearers that look more attractive than those. Strange.
MolettiDiSardo - 6 years ago
Those fish must think they've died and gone to heaven.
Stephen Nicholas
Stephen Nicholas - 6 years ago
The layout was so bad though, no clear area to rest the eye, no focal points, everything was a bit too evenly. You need to be a little bolder at one point and then a little less at two other points close to the main focal stone or shape. It looked way too tight between the stones, so it felt like the plants were being throttled.
I'm feeling lucky, punk
I'm feeling lucky, punk - 6 years ago
Why the background music is so annoying to listen? You could've pick a better soothing/relaxing one. ugggh.
Dan Jeru
Dan Jeru - 6 years ago
Horror-movie music for a landscape video? what a time to be alive!
David Muir
David Muir - 6 years ago
17 fuckin months?? naaaa
GabeThePlug - 6 years ago
I wander if aliens did this with are planet...
Fred S
Fred S - 6 years ago
this is stunning
MrSparkles - 6 years ago
such an amazing tank but then Guppys??
Peida Li
Peida Li - 6 years ago
do you still need to pump oxygen into the tank and filter the water to get rid of ammonia? it'd be cool if this aquarium is completely self sustained.
Tsab Bee Vaj
Tsab Bee Vaj - 6 years ago
Can you do a standalone substrate tutorial because i see you mixing a while bunch of stuff but really dont understand why and whats the purpose you really dont go into detail...such as the white powdery stuff in the beginning
G Coy
G Coy - 6 years ago
Awesome tank, but the fish are very bland
Adil Ahmed
Adil Ahmed - 6 years ago
What kind of fish are those
Ethan Lang
Ethan Lang - 6 years ago
Wouldn't the fish be able to easily jump out and die?
Aaron white
Aaron white - 6 years ago
music horrible
Trump Donald
Trump Donald - 6 years ago
is that a bubble of oxyzen?
Henry Marcel
Henry Marcel - 6 years ago
Sunil Joshi
Sunil Joshi - 6 years ago
the music also too good, which music is that
Goblin Big Boss
Goblin Big Boss - 6 years ago
So awesome!
Crosstongue - 6 years ago
Can this method be used in making organic swimming pools? I like it very much the end products are so dreamy.
Juan David Beaine Pinto
Juan David Beaine Pinto - 6 years ago
what's the name of the background music?
oolon colluphid
oolon colluphid - 6 years ago
Subbed - Great video! I'm a woodworker breaking into tanks & scapes, and this is great learning! Until the AquaSoil it almost looked like a cooking video... "a little cayenne, some cumin, whoa! That's waaay too much black pepper..." ;)
Le Nhat Thanh
Le Nhat Thanh - 6 years ago
i hate the music
jimmi henry
jimmi henry - 6 years ago
There will by shit loads of dry guppy's laying on the ground! James and the green money machine, thumb up!
Mohan Krishna
Mohan Krishna - 6 years ago
hey anyone know name of background music
Zai H
Zai H - 6 years ago
upload music to soundcloud please.
Juan David Beaine Pinto
Juan David Beaine Pinto - 6 years ago
TheGreenMachineLtd i would like to get the track too, please
Juan - 6 years ago
Could I also get the track?
Also what is the white substrate layer before James adds the powersand?
Mohan Krishna
Mohan Krishna - 6 years ago
TheGreenMachineLtd ur awesome can u please provide it at
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
Hi, there is not a name for it, we make it ourselves.
Dillon Demarr
Dillon Demarr - 6 years ago
If only Morgan Freeman were narorating this video...
MOLDUR'ART - 6 years ago
Muito bom. Como eu faço para traduzir? ?
Speedytyperman Answers
Speedytyperman Answers - 6 years ago
Would make a great setting for Dungeons and Dragons or Warhammer campaign
Reginald Finley
Reginald Finley - 6 years ago
Beautiful. Thank you!
Mohan Krishna
Mohan Krishna - 6 years ago
ahhh this is a nice video they made this video too beautiful with nice music and good voice
Buyung Rachminto
Buyung Rachminto - 6 years ago
why im not see the FILTRATION SYSTEM installed..n please step by step to do it in this tutorial
Mozart Rocha
Mozart Rocha - 6 years ago
YouTube know what I will like better than me
Dawn Michelle
Dawn Michelle - 6 years ago
Love that this was in my recommendation.  Never knew this existed it's really beautiful. 
There should already be "Best in Show" movie version of Aquascaping.
Paul Jones
Paul Jones - 6 years ago
my cat would have a blast with something like this at home
RICK GARCIA - 6 years ago
The music is really annoying but other than that, I think I'll subscribe.
Ruben Ramirez
Ruben Ramirez - 6 years ago
The fish must be happy
twarozek - 6 years ago
dat analogue
Gabsare Sarg ART
Gabsare Sarg ART - 6 years ago
I really enjoyed your video! I wish you could talk a little more about the filter you used and how you installed in in the tank.
Nivram Smith
Nivram Smith - 6 years ago
Not gonna lie. I will never do what james is doing but i enjoy these videos and the music is one of the reasons. Very chill.
Glen Kimpton
Glen Kimpton - 6 years ago
Place in a pre heated oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes or until golden brown.
Arbaaz Patwari
Arbaaz Patwari - 6 years ago
That is cool.
Tiger93 - 6 years ago
Is it possible to have people like James come to your house and make this? Please let me know as I'm very interested in making this a birthday present
TheGreenMachineLtd - 6 years ago
Use the contact form on our website and include all details of your project including your budget and we'll get back to you.
Tiger93 - 6 years ago
Can you imagine his seasoning some chicken? Or is it just me
Nemesis UR
Nemesis UR - 6 years ago
TyrantVirusZ - 6 years ago
Does the water ever need changing?
Robert Goldman
Robert Goldman - 6 years ago
now make one with marijuana growing out of it.
Thomas T
Thomas T - 6 years ago
Brian W
Brian W - 6 years ago
Looks like he's making a giant cookie...

Damn, I'm hungry...
diego rodrigues rosisca
diego rodrigues rosisca - 6 years ago
perfeito ... sem palavras.
Jon-Pierre Gentil
Jon-Pierre Gentil - 6 years ago
I'm sorry but this was really disappointing. I watched him plant this thing with one type of plant, and then "17 months later" we basically see an entirely different aquarium because it was replanted. :(
joeyisfunny - 6 years ago
Very cool video, but very strange choice of music.
Михаил Власов
Михаил Власов - 6 years ago
how clean this?
erbi - 6 years ago
The materials you use are very expensive in turkey.
Fucking come to turkey
Josh B
Josh B - 6 years ago
looks hard to clean
CorpseTongji - 6 years ago
my dumb fish would hurt themselves in that lol
aaasnwbordr - 6 years ago
Awesome. But please, please, please choose different music. My goodness it's like ear rape.
Mike Landwolf
Mike Landwolf - 6 years ago
can you imagine how hard god must have worked to create everything and we just mushed and destroyed it
Dragon Destroyer
Dragon Destroyer - 6 years ago
This is satisfying
ScreamsoftheDead - 6 years ago
How much does something like this weigh?
Paulus Aquascaping
Paulus Aquascaping - 6 years ago
ridden4 - 6 years ago
WHere can i find stone? :-)
Chain Quli
Chain Quli - 6 years ago
What is that white powder on the base
elderizm - 6 years ago
It is look perfect! But I think its cant movable! How much weight in it an half ton?
jesse whales
jesse whales - 6 years ago
Sherrie Teller
Sherrie Teller - 6 years ago
Wowww! Amazing!!
Rambaa Somdet
Rambaa Somdet - 6 years ago
just want is wrong with the music
ui jh
ui jh - 6 years ago
buying stones!? no thanks I can pick one up for myself
jakob - 6 years ago
this makes me sleep
Goreball studios
Goreball studios - 6 years ago
i have a drinking game; take a shot everytime the narrator the continuity between the monte carlo and the terrestrial moss. I guarrantee you will believe that you have 12 toes 14 fingers and 3 legs
UltraPlayerXD - 6 years ago
Sounds and looks like a very expensive hobby but so beautiful
Chuong Nguyen
Chuong Nguyen - 6 years ago
I know ill never make this but i really enjoy watching your work :)
crazycutz - 6 years ago
love the ominous 80's music :D
Sherry Price
Sherry Price - 6 years ago
More of these videos please?
好きなものは、皆さんの笑顔です - 6 years ago
andy irfan
andy irfan - 6 years ago
7:17 tired bro ?
YIC - 6 years ago
the bubbles on the right side @ 19:37 looks so uniformed
makes me wonder if it's cg
Nicolas Coorens
Nicolas Coorens - 6 years ago
le bien être des animaux est à prendre en compte.. Ce bac est beaucoup trop petit!
PepsisWarrior - 6 years ago
Amazing. You guys are some bloody serious artists! I'm going for it ...
Nancy Calimero
Nancy Calimero - 6 years ago
Does anyone know the name of the music played in the videos?
Jorge Daniel
Jorge Daniel - 6 years ago
An aquarium like this is amazing. IF you're someone with a lot of time and patience. I shiver just by thinking on the maintenance of this
Batman & Robin
Batman & Robin - 6 years ago
Space rock perfect tunes kudos to james
WaLx - 6 years ago
honestly i dont know what am i doing here ? :D - but i liked the video
Shivam - 6 years ago
17 months later...
Bombfrost the blackneon light
Bombfrost the blackneon light - 6 years ago
for the fish does it need to the specific to be that kind of fish or it can be any kind of fish ?
Dustin Collins
Dustin Collins - 6 years ago
what a wonderful work of art i love it
Humps Dumps
Humps Dumps - 6 years ago
soft British voice james then masturbates into the tank....there's no reason for this, He just likes it.
48th Ronin
48th Ronin - 6 years ago
Why are there 396 thumbs down? This is so cool.
Aegean Epiphany
Aegean Epiphany - 6 years ago
No its just an ordinary piece of rock... oh but hang on you sell it? That explains it then...
Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham - 6 years ago
Very Transcendental, im not a fan of this sort of thing but, I was captivated by your enthusiasm and the sounds of the video.. I Like Fish.. I think they are very nice and peaceful to watch also I like Biking, the two things can be combined
Fionn Mac'Morda
Fionn Mac'Morda - 6 years ago
yay....minnows :/
Leo S
Leo S - 6 years ago
I didn't quite enjoy the music.

The soothing efect of watching James creating the new aquascape (something "green") was somehow ruined by this "Sci-Fi" type of music (not "green" at all) ... I would've considered a different kind of background sound.
JabbaScript - 6 years ago
zed 502
zed 502 - 6 years ago
the music makes me feel like I'm watching the docile side of a serial killer
brian bridges
brian bridges - 6 years ago
zed 502 brilliant!
Silly Siji
Silly Siji - 6 years ago
I'm absolutely obsessed with watching The Green Machine. This is completely mesmerizing. Cool tracks too!
Darkbulb1 - 6 years ago
I can't find hydracartle verticillata does it have any other names?
Dyson Mays
Dyson Mays - 6 years ago
Dedication good job
Jessie S
Jessie S - 6 years ago
beautiful! any traditional fish tank algae to worry about staining that crystal clear glass?
thestrongnsilenttype - 6 years ago
I thought for a second "Hey this would be cool for my turtle!" then remembered my turtle would rearrange that place somethin fierce.
dan sheppard
dan sheppard - 6 years ago
This Aquascape 'porn' was delicious to watch, thank you for the upload.
damian chapman
damian chapman - 6 years ago
This video is great but the music is unnerving
MTRX 2010
MTRX 2010 - 6 years ago
what's that plant growing on the rocks outside of the water??
Joe - 6 years ago
Fiddlehead Fern
Fiddlehead Fern - 6 years ago
This narrator makes me think of The Stanley parable.

I probably won't be making an aquarium anytime soon, but this was interesting to watch.
Semi Perfect Cell
Semi Perfect Cell - 6 years ago
Absolutely stunning. <3
Neal Golden
Neal Golden - 6 years ago
Maintaining this tank must be a bitch...
Auuduun - 6 years ago
james james james james james
yonatan - 6 years ago
does the water stays like this clean alone?
Tolba Szy
Tolba Szy - 6 years ago
What is the shipping cost for one of these?
Dylan Dunn
Dylan Dunn - 6 years ago
How does the water not get murky over time?
HONKEY KONG - 6 years ago
My aquatic turtles would destroy in a matter of minutes.
kanchour16 - 6 years ago
Pice of art
Robin Thomas
Robin Thomas - 6 years ago
I love this. looks like fun.
skasso12 - 6 years ago
How long does a aquascape ~lives~? Is it self-sustainable?
Catty Cattington
Catty Cattington - 6 years ago
I wanna see one of those as a turtle tank.
Axxel Rose
Axxel Rose - 6 years ago
This what mike been doin in his spare time ok
­ ­Jiguen
­ ­Jiguen - 6 years ago
+1 sub
Robert H
Robert H - 6 years ago
17 months? Months?! Golly!
Just. Happy
Just. Happy - 6 years ago
OMG man thats just beautiful
OVO - 6 years ago
5:25 "james uses his autistic instinct" wtf
Arthur Kay
Arthur Kay - 6 years ago
1.5x speed ftw
angelG14 - 6 years ago
looks beautiful, but how did i get here?
Destripa Poesías
Destripa Poesías - 6 years ago
Great One
kids place on channel 9
kids place on channel 9 - 6 years ago
dramatic music, where's the terminator
Renold Vottier
Renold Vottier - 6 years ago
nagualdesign - 6 years ago
You should hire a timelapse dolly and get a close-up shot of one end of the tank moving incredibly slowly to the other end.
Johnny Chacon
Johnny Chacon - 6 years ago
how do you deal with mosquitoes?
Mark Hawes
Mark Hawes - 6 years ago
whats the music please
Noodles - 6 years ago
Loving the video, entertaining to watch this man do his work. Does anyone know the music by chance?
Sergey Shinkarev
Sergey Shinkarev - 6 years ago
wow never seen anything like this before
Wavy - 6 years ago
Fred Flamingo
Fred Flamingo - 6 years ago
Why are you talking in third-person?
livingthelifewithjazzy - 6 years ago
Omg this is just so beautiful!!
Brian Choi
Brian Choi - 6 years ago
Fish would jump out
The Judge
The Judge - 6 years ago
Please speed up the vids.
The Judge
The Judge - 6 years ago
How does the cleaning work, is it self cleaning?
SquidkidMega - 6 years ago
the background music makes it look like your up to something sinister……amazing tank though
Richard Hedd
Richard Hedd - 6 years ago
Shallow tanks are nice, but what they lack in daily maintenance, they make up for in set up time. The only thing I don't like about them is the plant life above the water line. What I think they fail to mention here, is that unless you want your living space to smell like a pond, any plant life above water should be replanted under the water.
Alexander Rucker
Alexander Rucker - 6 years ago
CBourn48223 - 6 years ago
That's some next level rock gardening right there.
bratwurst - 6 years ago
nice. shitloads of stones and no space for the fish.
MsKiri23 - 6 years ago
the voice over sounds super legit cause youve got the same accent as the how its made guy
Allen Wong
Allen Wong - 6 years ago
I own and aquarium and ill tell you right now none of this is cheap whatsoever lol. The plants especially.
jono - 6 years ago
how long does something like this last for without smelling or needing cleaning?
General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett
General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett - 6 years ago
this guy secretly worked with God to create this world
dandrea bush
dandrea bush - 6 years ago
Makes me want a fish tank
Jorge Cordova
Jorge Cordova - 6 years ago
La Blue Girl
La Blue Girl - 6 years ago
for some reason I find this so therapeutic..
Miky G
Miky G - 6 years ago
Those oxigen bubbles look amazing, it looks like an artificial pump instead.
Loving this cool project.
timothy disalvo
timothy disalvo - 6 years ago
thats amazing
Manoopriyan Rangaraj
Manoopriyan Rangaraj - 6 years ago
Guys, I think this is a commercial for ADA.
Triigger20 - 6 years ago
Old people and their weird choice of old 60's music xD Nice aquarium tho
Kevin Finkel
Kevin Finkel - 6 years ago
you didn't show how to add the initial amount of water without disturbing the substrate.
Nova Calisthenics
Nova Calisthenics - 6 years ago
I hope I can transform into a fish and live in there.
mitblinkin - 6 years ago
makes amazing fish tank. only places guppies in it.
Jasper Newstead
Jasper Newstead - 6 years ago
i don't know about his music. like, calm down on the aggressive dystopian synth.
John Driskell
John Driskell - 6 years ago
how tf did i end up here
Emil S
Emil S - 6 years ago
Spectacular awesome tank.....
CobraDove - 6 years ago
Annoying AF background music that is TOO LOUD
Maxin Mathew
Maxin Mathew - 7 years ago
music is cancer
Agent Orange
Agent Orange - 7 years ago
17 months later? I would had just left it as sand and rock and say it's a desert setting.
Moe Maarawi
Moe Maarawi - 7 years ago
i am a fish person but i think you should at least put a little filter i now you put the powder for filtration
DarkMatter - 7 years ago
How do you manage to keep algae off of the rocks?
Haoko - 7 years ago
Anyone that can suggest a clay that's safe for the fish but does not require a ceramic oven.
I want to handcraft some detailed rocks for a nano aquarium.
Revenge - 7 years ago
Wish I had time and money for this
RIPPER334 - 7 years ago
Looks good... but would be much more practical if it were a taller tank.
Lokatos12 - 7 years ago
Where do I have to pay to watch the moss grow ? Would do it for years ^^
wbqg - 7 years ago
Kyle - 7 years ago
I've been looking around at various styles of aquariums for a while and have watched a lot of your videos, but I think this is the one I'm going to use as my main inspiration for my 20 gallon tank. I just love the natural look of all the rock next to the monte carlo. It's very relaxing. Your videos are awesome, keep it up!
Shabanas Jaleel
Shabanas Jaleel - 7 years ago
the description says filtration systems and heaters
Shabanas Jaleel
Shabanas Jaleel - 7 years ago
wait ! when did he put filtration systems in the tank
Morten Skogly
Morten Skogly - 7 years ago
I like the shape of the aquarium. A custom build I suppose? What would the price be for everything listed in the description?
Michael Garza
Michael Garza - 7 years ago
yea loo at the price of the ADA CO2 Tower, if anything like that is necessary,,, I think ill just have to pass on this hobby...
tomp rocks
tomp rocks - 6 years ago
its not necessary , ADA is like the premium brand in aquascape hobby. if you have the money to spend on it why not, coz its really a good product and its look elegant as well, if you dont have the money just buy from another cheaper brand, but i recommend at least to buy their aqua soil because it is really the best aqua soil out there.
donnibrasko1 - 7 years ago
Why does James like to refer to himself as a third-party?
chloejpb - 7 years ago
AMAZING.. i watch people doing this kinda of thing, and the fish almost dont have oxygen that he needs!
This aquariums was fantastic, congrats!
Carlos Enrique Peña
Carlos Enrique Peña - 7 years ago
magicstix0r - 7 years ago
$700 for a 19 gallon tank? OMG that tank is expensive... It doesn't even have built in overflows!
mohammad sadaghiani
mohammad sadaghiani - 7 years ago
I love his aquariums but I just can't watch his videos because of the bloody commentators voice and accent....... it's just soooo hard to listen to and takes out the joy of it for me!!!
HEKTIC458 - 7 years ago
This tank looks amazing!
namepi - 7 years ago
Do you need a filter?
Ryan Owen
Ryan Owen - 7 years ago
and i bet the fish are happy too :)
Anne Rittwage
Anne Rittwage - 7 years ago
But what happened to the piece after it was done growing? I assume James has quite a few pieces.
NikkFrikk - 7 years ago
What plant is used in the bed of the tank(at the end)?
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson - 7 years ago
Beautiful but I'm sure the upkeep trying to keep it clean from algae etc is horrible.
Fabio Silva
Fabio Silva - 7 years ago
How to clean?
HaveYouEverBeenFarEvenAsDecidedToGoLookDoWant - 7 years ago
Where can I buy a completed aquascape?
Prof. Awesome
Prof. Awesome - 7 years ago
Thats fucking awesome!
Faraz Siddiqui
Faraz Siddiqui - 7 years ago
Your video is mesmerizing. Thank you! Great job. I have a small Cichlid aquarium. Is it possible to aquascape with Cichlids?
Yareth Linares
Yareth Linares - 7 years ago
Excuse me as the plants I use
And Rippster
And Rippster - 7 years ago
Looks extremely expensive
konrad84r - 7 years ago
James the irreplaceable ,
Arya C
Arya C - 7 years ago
I need someone to talk about me the way this narrator talks about James.
Nguyễn Nhựt
Nguyễn Nhựt - 7 years ago
TheGreenMachineLtd, can you tell me about Mineral in video?
Mar tin
Mar tin - 7 years ago
Wow! This is beautiful!
nikey agnas
nikey agnas - 7 years ago
Sven Christiansen
Sven Christiansen - 7 years ago
am i the only one watching this because it's fkn satisfying af??
Stefan Myers
Stefan Myers - 7 years ago
I love this tank!!
deeptendu chandra
deeptendu chandra - 7 years ago
what are those green fish?
Chandrally Mahajan
Chandrally Mahajan - 7 years ago
It's like zen gardening, but better!
djmocok - 7 years ago
With a tank this size, you can even keep a mexican here.
Gregory Marrero
Gregory Marrero - 7 years ago
for some reason over 200 people were so offended by this video they had to dislike it
South Devon Pixie Photography.
South Devon Pixie Photography. - 7 years ago
Brilliant job. Amazingly creative.=)
991Fate - 7 years ago
What is of art? How is this even possible... does it require some sort of special filtration device? How Does the water keep crystal clear? What do these fish eat without adding up ammonia and waste buildup.. This is truly amazing I must DO this!
991Fate - 7 years ago
Ben Bowland. Thank you! Sometimes I can't believe something this beautiful is possible. This is truly art. And I assume they use a type of vacuum correct? Like a grovel sucker.
Ben Bowland
Ben Bowland - 7 years ago
They use a canister filter, which is pretty standard. The plants help maintain water quality to a certain extent, but regular water changes are still needed to maintain pristine conditions
Mighty YoungSir
Mighty YoungSir - 7 years ago
you won bro you can quit now
Beija Flor
Beija Flor - 7 years ago
Wow, so many moaning about the music, wtf do you want, Beiber ? Cyrus ? Ffs, this is about the visual content not the audio (apart form the narrator), some people pfft !

Great aquascape btw !
jack Ken
jack Ken - 7 years ago
nearly had 2 fingers off .get some gloves on .
Bryan N A Anderson
Bryan N A Anderson - 7 years ago
how do one clean such a beauty
Bryan N A Anderson
Bryan N A Anderson - 7 years ago
thanks alot,,, will use ur advise well
Ben Bowland
Ben Bowland - 7 years ago
Wipe the glass, replace about 10-20% of the water every week, and the tanks pretty much take care of themselves. You can get snails, fish, and shrimp that eat algae and clean the inside for you
Franklyn Franco
Franklyn Franco - 7 years ago
smorc655 - 7 years ago
The Toonami of aquarium channels.
R H - 7 years ago
He = narrator
jehenna - 7 years ago
I just keep hearing Onslow from Keeping up Appearances with that narator voice
Beija Flor
Beija Flor - 7 years ago
Lmfao, he does sound like Geoffrey Hughes yes.
Sharon Marmon Kaczorowski
Sharon Marmon Kaczorowski - 7 years ago
I'd love to create one but imdusabled by multiple autoimmune disorders. I should get hubby to watch this! I have two African claw toed frogs. The problem is finding plants they cannot swallow.
Marcin Żukowski
Marcin Żukowski - 7 years ago
what kind of moss is this in the air part? does it need additional watering?
HoneyBadgerBoss - 7 years ago
Mike Kollin
Mike Kollin - 7 years ago
Just Wow!!!
beez. - 7 years ago
Charlie Bourgeois
Charlie Bourgeois - 7 years ago
Can you imagine this video in a southern hillbilly accent?
Thomas1980 - 7 years ago
great video!!
GunsForGuns kidd
GunsForGuns kidd - 7 years ago
if i made one of thoughs i would come up with it as i go no planning at all NONE!!!
Rhengie Reloban
Rhengie Reloban - 7 years ago
I'm just looking for a Hedgehog case then I saw this.
Taime Sacdalan
Taime Sacdalan - 7 years ago
is it only me who find the music background so creepy?
Rajiv Chemburkar
Rajiv Chemburkar - 7 years ago
James chose some ugly fish for a beautiful aquarium
Nuclearbeagle - 7 years ago
James now adds 1 litre of water to fill the tank....
wichid cichlid
wichid cichlid - 7 years ago
I was mesmerized for 20 min. this guy is a amazing artist! living art is what this is! incredible! ✌
Jack o
Jack o - 7 years ago
those are some happy fish. look at the oxygen just bubbling up out of the moss constantly. this is awesome.
Semtex stu
Semtex stu - 7 years ago
Loving the 'Bladerunner' music!........
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
+Semtex stu Vangelis is a great composer- the Bladerunner soundtrack is a favourite of ours.
Brandon Negrette
Brandon Negrette - 7 years ago
Put a plecosomus in there and watch the magic begin
TheExaltedPheonix - 7 years ago
This looks so much more interesting than a normal fish tank. You have your own world in there, and it doesn't have to be a shallow tank. This is better for the fish I would think as well.
Blumac5 - 7 years ago
That tank looks literally awesome
George Kakashvili
George Kakashvili - 7 years ago
Maaan! Thats so much air generated by tiny plants... Did not know they photosynthesise at this rate!!! awesome!!
Megan Kirk
Megan Kirk - 7 years ago
I recently (6 months ago) got into aquascaping. I wish I had known about this channel sooner! I find Aquascaping a very soothing hobby, as it's essentially underwater gardening. Your videos would have helped me enormously when I first started! I don't know if you have a discussion about lighting, since I haven't gone through all your videos yet, but I certainly could use some tips! I'm in the process of shopping for a better lamp.
Megan Kirk
Megan Kirk - 7 years ago
TheGreenMachineLtd Oh, thank you so much! I'll have a look.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
+Megan Kirk have a read of our article on lighting... it's a bit old now so doesn't cover LEDs but the info is still relevant
Ben Force
Ben Force - 7 years ago
how could anybody downvote this?
Lasmiranda Densiwillja
Lasmiranda Densiwillja - 7 years ago
so beautiful! Don't the fish jump out?
auser11223344 - 7 years ago
Steve S
Steve S - 7 years ago
What would happen if you took a dump in the water? Would the good bacteria and charcoal be able to cope and get rid of the bad stuff or would everything just die and rot? I know it's a stupid question, but I'm a stupid person and it's the 1st query that came to mind.
Blakes tanks
Blakes tanks - 7 years ago
this is amazing, i live to become as good as this.
Miel de Coco :3
Miel de Coco :3 - 7 years ago
OwO this amazing
Czarek Cieślak
Czarek Cieślak - 7 years ago
Wow, you can really see how this guy is passionate about his work
ICBBZZ - 7 years ago
Stunning… and the music seemed very appropriate to the creation of a 'new world'…
I think if I was one of those fish I would be very happy :-)
And I reckon my next new project has just been decided!!
Swarnanil Kundu
Swarnanil Kundu - 7 years ago how much rent are the fishes paying?
Two Sisters Cleaning
Two Sisters Cleaning - 7 years ago
The music sounds like walking dead!
Two Sisters Cleaning
Two Sisters Cleaning - 7 years ago
Very interesting , and expensive . Love it though.
OrignalRECIPE92 - 7 years ago
Wow. Very cool. Subscribed m8.
Gordon Chin
Gordon Chin - 7 years ago
imported rocks from Japan....
Anky Panky
Anky Panky - 7 years ago
magnifique :)
Angel Castro
Angel Castro - 7 years ago
All these are so beautiful BUT poor fishes no place to swim :(
Jr's Reptiles
Jr's Reptiles - 7 years ago
Ryan Hagge
Ryan Hagge - 7 years ago
tkzsfen - 7 years ago
the editing of the video is also pristine!
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
Check out our latest aquascape tutorial video, Spontaneity- just launched!
TornadoAzulK4 - 7 years ago
This is what space colonists will make as a job
Rosaria t
Rosaria t - 7 years ago
bkiism - 7 years ago
Why doesn't James talk
raemiy baksha
raemiy baksha - 6 years ago
bkiism its cooler that way
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
+bkiism he talks in this interview...
Adhwa Hazim KATERIMEIKA RIKAZIKIRIN Zulkifli - 7 years ago
So what kind of aqua fish I can put in there? I'm kinda excited to try this since I have almost 40+ guppy
Aurimas Valavicius
Aurimas Valavicius - 7 years ago
Hi can you tell the plant name which planted in soil?
XOF 5 - 7 years ago
This is the type of thing that looks cool when someone makes it. then I attempted to mimic him and comes out looking like shit lol.
Tininovae Muiki
Tininovae Muiki - 7 years ago
at what time did you add the fish in?
ExecuteDemocracy - 7 years ago
Does anyone know if these Aqua Scapes are self sustaining?
Pickle Dick
Pickle Dick - 7 years ago
am I the only one who wants to swim there
MilkBeard555 - 7 years ago
is he a painter? he moves like a painter
lxc999 - 7 years ago
this is so calming
Quinton Hall
Quinton Hall - 7 years ago
I want to make something this beautiful but i'm scared of fucking it all up xD
Héctor Fabián Pérez
Héctor Fabián Pérez - 7 years ago
best aquascape channel
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
Thanks Héctor! Look out for our next video how-to - Spontaneity aquascape! (It should be published in the next few weeks).
Ryley W
Ryley W - 7 years ago
I found this very interesting, would be nice to do something like this for toads, I found one last summer and had it for a few weeks in a small clear bin with dirt and such
TheCrnic - 7 years ago
What is the music? It sounds like a track from Eve Online.
MAXimus LAWLESSnessTM - 7 years ago
I needed the full 20 minutes to cum but got there in the end.
s_ r
s_ r - 7 years ago
i suckkkkkkkkkkk at aqascapeing
Sunny Pup
Sunny Pup - 7 years ago
I want to see how he put in the water
ivar denstore
ivar denstore - 7 years ago
what is the white stuff in the aquarium before you adding the special power sand ?? salt? why do you need it :)?
Monir Mualla
Monir Mualla - 7 years ago
this is a dream tank !
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
We're glad you like it!
987P123 - 7 years ago
awesome video and I love the music
Lukasz Michalski
Lukasz Michalski - 7 years ago
James is amazing
M Aldi
M Aldi - 7 years ago
your music is too dark!
Lance Loverink
Lance Loverink - 7 years ago
is he seasoning a steak or is this an aquarium?
Vebis - 7 years ago
Is the reason for you not having a air pump in this aquarium because of the "mikrodata monti carlos" fotosynthesis?!
A. H.
A. H. - 7 years ago
How often do you have to replace the fish that jump out?
Rebecca Brownson
Rebecca Brownson - 7 years ago
this music sounds spoopy
willjb1999 - 7 years ago
how do you control algae so well?
Don Mega
Don Mega - 7 years ago
how to keep it from becoming smelly? as in bad swamp like smell?
abhishek unni
abhishek unni - 7 years ago
hello, I am a recent follower of your channel. your videos have given me a lot of information but can you please tell me how to place a filter in this environment. or is there no need for one?
abhishek unni
abhishek unni - 7 years ago
TheGreenMachineLtd thank you very much. I was really waging my option on using a filter due to it ruining the scenery I intend to create, which by the way is a temple ruins. Thank you very much.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
Hi Abishek, we cover filter setup in the following video:
Please let us know if you have any further queries after watching this.
Rohit B S
Rohit B S - 7 years ago
Need you help and suggestion..!!
I did the similar setup and purchased all the product and plant from you authorized dealer "The Aquarium Store"(Bangalore, India).
After the setup his done when i added water to tank it turned to black..!! even after 12 hrs it still looks dirty.
Can i add fish to aquarium or how many days i need to wait?
Voodoo8648 - 7 years ago
what are the tiny bubbles protruding up from the moss?
Matthew McLaren
Matthew McLaren - 7 years ago
Update: After a little bit of googling, turns out I am right. The bubbles are from the plants photosynthesizing and processing CO2 into oxygen.

Someone online said: "when plants photosynthesis, they give off oxygen which is dissolved in the water . But once the water becomes saturated with oxygen the oxygen produced by the plants will form small air bubbles. This is pearling. It is natural and tells you that your plants are growing well."
Matthew McLaren
Matthew McLaren - 7 years ago
I'm not entirely sure. He never installed a pump, nor did he leave a spot to install a pump later on. Plus the bubbles look very natural. It's usually very obvious when bubbles are fake. So the bubbles are probably from the plants exchanging co2 in the water.

But I honestly can't say for sure because I am new to this stuff.
Voodoo8648 - 7 years ago
Matthew McLaren you sure there's not a pump under the rocks or soil or something? That's a lot of oxygen in a short period of time for such small plants
Matthew McLaren
Matthew McLaren - 7 years ago
ThatXoneXguy in a sense, yea haha
ThatXoneXguy - 7 years ago
Matthew McLaren so....plant farts?
Matthew McLaren
Matthew McLaren - 7 years ago
Oxygen produced as a byproduct from the photosynthesis of the plants.
PlasmaRifle40watt - 7 years ago
how do you clean that tank...
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
We cover tank cleaning in the following video:
William H
William H - 7 years ago
so cool
Leo enki
Leo enki - 7 years ago
Amazing work .. the final result is beautifully natural looking... well done.
Roger Gomes
Roger Gomes - 7 years ago
I did not like the design for the type of aquarium !, because it hides a very large area of the aquarium !, not like enjoying it well !, which is not a viable for a permanent
aquarium! Aquarius the industrialized product much less chemical, the more natural the better!, Not to mention costs that get much higher with maintenance, in fact you are led to a very large consumerism !, where much is not necessary !, which makes the Aquarism
Massimo Zurlo
Massimo Zurlo - 7 years ago
Bravo! did u used Gambusia affinis because it's a cold aquarium?
Jonathan Roberts
Jonathan Roberts - 7 years ago
how much does he charge to make a take for me?
Lil. Ms.J
Lil. Ms.J - 7 years ago
thanks sooo much for showing me how to do this
johnfan2 - 7 years ago
That's art... so beautiful.
Marvin Joosten
Marvin Joosten - 7 years ago
What fish breed is that?
Damaged - 7 years ago
dont know anything about aquascapes, but is there a reason why the fish types inside are all the same in every aquascape?
Jsh Zero
Jsh Zero - 7 years ago
can you please tell me more about the substrate additives used and why those where chosion?
Hi There
Hi There - 7 years ago
So, how much is this in total?
piye ahu
piye ahu - 7 years ago
Mckenzie Boyle
Mckenzie Boyle - 7 years ago
how did i get here. this is wild
Adrian Verhalen
Adrian Verhalen - 7 years ago

NOTE: possibly dumb

do you have to clean this tank ever again ? or do the plants and the soil you used and the coal which acts as a filter keep it clean as long as you have the tank ? because I'd love to have a turtle or a snake of some kind in a tank like that ! with the fish a semi aquatic tank like that is breathtaking!!]
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
Cleaning is covered in this video:
no need of such music in background. its not a NASA show. get some soothing music
Emmanuel Ramirez
Emmanuel Ramirez - 7 years ago
almost 2 am and I don't know why am watching this ._. I don't even have a fish xD
Sabrina - 7 years ago
Damn those are one lucky fish. I would love to be in that tank
Mugito Bryan
Mugito Bryan - 7 years ago
whats the annual cost of maintaining the aquarium?
Ultimate Fishkeeping Show
Ultimate Fishkeeping Show - 7 years ago
A Big Congratulations from the Ultimate Fishkeeping Team.
Very beautiful indeed.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
ShadowDragon HD
ShadowDragon HD - 7 years ago
Are these aquariums sold?
baz - 7 years ago
Pure Art , Oh and the commentary was great to
Dana Beckman
Dana Beckman - 7 years ago
I would love to try my hand at aqua scanning. I hesitate due to cleaning concerns. How does one clean the tank without disturbing the plants etc.?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
Cleaning is covered in this video:
magic1wizard - 7 years ago
Dana Beckman you need a filter, good water circulation and partial water changes.
Ali Sad
Ali Sad - 7 years ago
Hello. Is it possible the name of material used in agriculture?
Roy Torres
Roy Torres - 7 years ago
i did something like this but for my snake made the tanks habitat more realistic. trying this next.
Bessen Kuruvilla Philip
Bessen Kuruvilla Philip - 7 years ago
how does that moss grow on the rock?there is no water/soil at the upper part of the is it getting nutrients?
joshua campos
joshua campos - 7 years ago
i have 2 red eared sliders, would it be okay to have them in a habitat similar to this using these products?
torchmmaempire - 7 years ago
Name of song and artist?
oakland002 - 7 years ago
Love it , very thorough explanation
sdq sdq
sdq sdq - 7 years ago
why no more new scape ?
Hankerino Hillerino
Hankerino Hillerino - 7 years ago
Jay D
Jay D - 7 years ago
Seasoning the aquarium
chunkylover817 - 7 years ago
too bad ADA is on the expensive side
chunkylover817 - 7 years ago
I don't doubt that! :) happy aquascaping!
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
ADA is very good value compared to other brands.
Nader A. Gepril
Nader A. Gepril - 7 years ago
I love your work and all but most of the time I put the video on to sleep to it .thanks !
mooglemania - 7 years ago
Nader A. Gepril same!
mag0070 - 7 years ago
What is this an ADA commercial? XD
TheGreenMachineLtd - 7 years ago
We use products from our shop, most of which happen to be ADA because it's the preferred choice int arms of quality, design and overall value.
MARK'S AQUATICS - 7 years ago
great video guys! I think james should have dressed up as ming off flash Gordon with that music. lol
zak hui
zak hui - 7 years ago
i'm sorry for asking this because my english is bad
can anyone tell me what he use to set this up?

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