Nature's Chaos Transformed into a Jungle Aquascape by James Findley

At 3 years old this super tank was transformed into a jungle style aquascape. The hardscape and substrate are the originals, only the plants were changed. The age of this tank is a testament to the longevity and high quality of ADA Aqua Soil - the ultimate substrate for your planted aquarium! Video timings: 00:00 360° walk around shot of Jungle layout 02:40 The original volcano layout just after planting was completed 03:10 The volcano layout at 1 year old 04:09 The Jungle Transformation This is a follow up video to "The Making of Nature's Chaos" 30 minute documentary which can be viewed here- And also Nature's Chaos 1 Year Old which can be viewed here- You can see more of James' work throughout our website in our Aquascape Journal section and our Aquatics Gallery.

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At 3 years old this super tank was transformed into a jungle style aquascape. The hardscape and substrate are the originals, only the plants were changed. The age of this tank is a testament to the longevity and high quality of ADA Aqua Soil - the ultimate substrate for your planted aquarium! Video timings: 00:00 360° walk around shot of Jungle layout 02:40 The original volcano layout just after planting was completed 03:10 The volcano layout at 1 year old 04:09 The Jungle Transformation This is a follow up video to "The Making of Nature's Chaos" 30 minute documentary which can be viewed here- And also Nature's Chaos 1 Year Old which can be viewed here- You can see more of James' work throughout our website in our Aquascape Journal section and our Aquatics Gallery.

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for Nature's Chaos Transformed into a Jungle Aquascape by James Findley

stan - 2 years ago
Very nice! I also like that style much more than the Amano. I dont know why he didn't use Echinodorus.
TheTheladrillo23 - 3 years ago
in every stage i really enjoy this setup
charadeyouareha - 3 years ago
those cories are so cute!
David Sanchez
David Sanchez - 3 years ago
I liked the beginning, towards the end it just looked like a bunch of grass lol
Cyclone 9
Cyclone 9 - 3 years ago
That is so cool, damn really cool work and tank
Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar - 3 years ago
or did tgm provide any kind of Rapid course or any thing regarding aquascaping in India
Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar - 3 years ago
hi .... TGM team ....I want to know that in nature aquarium leafs got covered with kind of black smudge or algee you need leaves so clean.....and can u tell the manufacturing techniques of huge pressure tolerating aquarium.( pasting glass and acrylic )....
Valentijn .Van Renterghem
Valentijn .Van Renterghem - 3 years ago
Do you add anything to junglescape, my enchio's doesnt seem to grow at all.
Syafiq Dosuki
Syafiq Dosuki - 3 years ago
Weekly water change? wow!

10. comment for Nature's Chaos Transformed into a Jungle Aquascape by James Findley

Aaqilian5.0 - 3 years ago
oh wow. so inspiring. cheers lads!
Cantatos - 3 years ago
I just love this scape.
Tuan Vo
Tuan Vo - 3 years ago
I prefer the old one. Maybe just trimming a bit of the old leaves and re-arrange the grass floor would be better. I still enjoy the back where the Cryptocorynes and Nymphaeas grew and made a natural feeling.

The new one looks so empty so it wastes the above area of the tank. It looks clean and neat.

If we can combine the cleanness, neatness in certain areas and the natural growing plants of the old one could create a fabulous tank.
Faffing Around With Chemicals
Faffing Around With Chemicals - 3 years ago
Love these videos
Pietro Scarpa
Pietro Scarpa - 3 years ago
I really liked the original layout of the plant's.
arunas sv
arunas sv - 3 years ago
Could you write dimensions of your tank?
Isaias Herrero
Isaias Herrero - 3 years ago
I want to  make a jungle aquascape for my 10 gallon tank. How would I do that? It's an aqueon tank that I got at petco.
auni2008 - 3 years ago
Where are the co2, filters etc?
Love the jungle aquascape. More natural than the Japanese manicured garden style.
But where are the co2 diffusers and water filters?
Are they cleverly hidden in the foliage?
BandyBorehol - 3 years ago
jungle is shit
S - 3 years ago
Absolutely stunning!!!!!!.........I could look at these Aquascapes for hours and hours!

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Marti Czarny
Marti Czarny - 3 years ago
Awesome tank!
Jean-Michel Gervais
Jean-Michel Gervais - 3 years ago
why is their dislikes to this video? this is a very nice nano tank! XD
Hugh Rection
Hugh Rection - 3 years ago
Utter crap job. Where's the sunken ship and the diver?
tokingcircle - 3 years ago
Does it have a filter?
qnt396 - 3 years ago
Yeah it was very nice after 1 year and now all volcano gone :/
Vintage Honda Guy
Vintage Honda Guy - 3 years ago
I like this tank better than the first version
Mehmet Tanrıver
Mehmet Tanrıver - 3 years ago
What is the light system and total watts you are using here? Thanks for the amazing video
Harry Han
Harry Han - 3 years ago
how many gallons is this
bringmeyourweak - 3 years ago
475.51 US gallons.
2019freddie - 3 years ago
The tank 1 year in was nicer IMO.
Kaustubh Mali
Kaustubh Mali - 3 years ago
video is great.. loved the music playing behind in sync.. feeling of relaxation with visualization

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ho hooho
ho hooho - 3 years ago
how much would this roughly cost? and would this work if i live in a tropical climate?
Brad Simpson
Brad Simpson - 4 years ago
3:24 - That's a nice looking Farlowella cat hanging out low on the scape(just left of centre). You don't see many like that around. How long was the gap between the transformation planting and the video shown(time for the plants to grow in)?
Rat Finder
Rat Finder - 4 years ago
You ruined it... It was perfect... thats a shame
Random content
Random content - 4 years ago
what ligth do you use for this tank?
Alex Cordovez
Alex Cordovez - 4 years ago
Can i achieve the same results with dirt substrate?
Jimmy Cothran
Jimmy Cothran - 3 years ago
Alex Cordovez Absolutely. Also CO2 and good lighting
Shaun's Fish Tanks
Shaun's Fish Tanks - 4 years ago
I see the corys are still hanging around but may I ask where did all the schools of tetras go?? especially the cardinals.
nik afif
nik afif - 3 years ago
1:38 look
I Rate Your Comments
I Rate Your Comments - 4 years ago
Why were weekly water changes necessary? what's accumulating in the tank that would require such extreme water changes on a weekly basis?
Natural Caridina
Natural Caridina - 3 years ago
Raymond Xie but is a 1800 liter tank nitrate and ammonia isn't going to ever be a problem XD
Raymond Xie
Raymond Xie - 4 years ago
Weekly water changes is recommended in general., especially if you have a planted tank where you dose fertilizers. You want to remove excess nutrients from the water column so algae doesn't grow.
Jay's Aquariums
Jay's Aquariums - 4 years ago
+TheOrangefan13 with soil u dunt have to gravel vac, the waste from the fish are used by plants
TheOrangefan13 - 4 years ago
Do you gravelvac these aquariums? Just around the outside I am planning to run my first 25 gallon aquascape soone. So beautiful!
I Rate Your Comments
I Rate Your Comments - 4 years ago
+TheGreenMachineLtd right at the start.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 4 years ago
Hi, do you mean right at the start after water is first added, or during general meintenance moving forward?
SomethingReallyStrange - 4 years ago
watching the fish and shrimp, and leaves and plants move underwater is so relaxing! I totally want to create my own aquascape one day
Goblinchief123 - 4 years ago
Man. Only thing with this is so many fish completely disappear into the plants.
Personal preference would be adding a few top swimming fish ( Danios are a personal favorite ) and maybe some Angels or something. But otherwise the tank is gorgeous,
I Rate Your Comments
I Rate Your Comments - 4 years ago
angels would look great in this tank. maybe even some grown out silver dollars or tiger barbs.
Tammy H.
Tammy H. - 4 years ago
I enjoyed the original
fahad aziz
fahad aziz - 4 years ago
Amazing tanks. Especially the first one.
Mike90 susanoo
Mike90 susanoo - 4 years ago
This is honestly really wonderful and lovely to watch, the nature of this tank is amazing.
sarah jane wilkinson
sarah jane wilkinson - 4 years ago
This Is One Beautiful Tank. I Seen The First One To This. And Can See How Much Has Changed. Amazing
R H - 4 years ago
I can’t enjoy the last update on this one. All the plants hide away the gorgeous stone work. It was best 1 year into it.
kernel w
kernel w - 4 years ago
amasing tank. :)

i noticed you have crs in there. :) how do they get along with fish?

are they able to breed?

mooks - 4 years ago
This tank is epic
imran shah
imran shah - 4 years ago
Hi James how are you. It is amazing piece of art and i am very much aprreciate your effort. I wanna asked you some simple questions. Can you pls tell me?? After this transformation of jungle aquascape.
1. Is there any need for artificial water cleaner filter?
2. And you are using small fishes in this aquascape if any fish die which is natural process. So, it will be create infection for other fishes then how can we get its body out of aquarium???
ShellysAshes - 4 years ago
1. There will be an external filtration system, almost all tanks need a suitable filter, not just to remove harmful substances from the water but also to maintain a water flow so that there is no stagnation.

2. The tank is so large that an individual death will have less impact on the water quality than in a small tank. On top of this, unexpected mortalities will be much lower in a tank like this that recreates the natural environment and is maintained by experts in the field. (the fish are almost never stressed beyond natural levels so less prone to diseases)

Also, water changes are necessary in all tanks which would remove harmful bi-products that are produced during the decomposition process. It's not just dead fish, it's also fish waste, rotting plant matter, leftover food that will lower the water quality. A balanced aquarium will contain a bioload of bacteria that convert bi-products into less harmful substances, and water changes will keep the water quality high.
trevor burgess
trevor burgess - 4 years ago
where is your shop located . ?
TheGreenMachineLtd - 4 years ago
+trevor burgess Wrexham, Wales, UK
Cool Goby Fish
Cool Goby Fish - 4 years ago
wow, that's amazing
ocdkicks - 4 years ago
Both are amazing. The original was more appealing visually but, the jungle is preferred by the livestock.

50. comment for Nature's Chaos Transformed into a Jungle Aquascape by James Findley

Linkin Knoxville
Linkin Knoxville - 4 years ago
Cloudy tank just the same.
Seb 4
Seb 4 - 4 years ago
love the CRYPTOCORYNE WENDTII turning dark red very nice wish i had one like that in my tank
mlevesque33 - 4 years ago
So you guys still use liquid fertilizers in your tanks even tho you have a rich substrate? Did you remove the aquarium filter for filming purposes?
maimee - 4 years ago
can we have bigger fish in aquarium like these? I have no idea what fish though
Seb 4
Seb 4 - 4 years ago
+dajoke24 yes those plants grow fine in low tech tank and very little maintenance if u add co2 it will only help so you can't really go wrong with those
the dark messiah
the dark messiah - 4 years ago
dajoke24 - 4 years ago
+Seb 4 quick question, so hardy, low-tech plants like jungle val, anubias, java fern and moss, water sprite, etc, would I not need co2, high lighting, and even zero fertilizers and it would grow fine?
maimee - 4 years ago
+Seb 4 thanks. I'll think about it
Seb 4
Seb 4 - 4 years ago
ok ok well one thing the bigger the tank the less maintenance you'll have 2nd a full equip tank that looks like this won't be cheap just saying. I have a 80 gallon ,high tech, metal hylides lighting , co2 system, filtration system, fertilizers ... i dont know whats your budget or how much your willing to spend. if you want to stick to low budget then go for low tech won't need co2 or high light or ferts and you can achieve a very nice aquascape with low light plants 
maimee - 4 years ago
+Seb 4 tbh I'm still collecting information, haven't got spesific plan whatsoever
Seb 4
Seb 4 - 4 years ago
+maimee how big is your tank ?
Seb 4
Seb 4 - 4 years ago
oufff gold fish are probably the worst fish to put in a planted tank
maimee - 4 years ago
+Seb 4 to be honest I want goldfish. Is it possible?
Seb 4
Seb 4 - 4 years ago
+maimee once plants are established you might but bare in hand that bigger fish tend to eat or dig up plants I've had bad experience and not even with big fish lol . Cichlids forget about it dont even try
Khaled Q8
Khaled Q8 - 4 years ago
Najkstory FishFever
Najkstory FishFever - 4 years ago
best work of super tanks! :D
Hoang Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen - 4 years ago
Konios 1980
Konios 1980 - 4 years ago
The pot beautiful and unusual concept. Beautiful job.
Olav Øverland
Olav Øverland - 4 years ago
well my 60l looks small compared :p
Gabor P
Gabor P - 4 years ago
Tell James it's fucking awesome ! LOL I love this so much better then the Amano style where 80% is water and only 20% décor ! I mean a few plants bogwood and soil and some fish ! To me it was empty and not as nice as it is now ! Just Remember reading Amano's first book he is nature lover and like painters on canvass he does it in aquascape ! Not nature way ! Some places where I went (snorkel) almost standing water where I seen this Jungle setting ! Of course there wasn't any African or south east Asian plants but as a style I'm talking about ! So kind of nature way is better I mean nature under water not a mountain hill side ! Yes it is beautiful terrestrial scape not under water ! OK this is my taste only ! But what I see here is by far my favorite and the way I do mine ! I spoil my fishes with plants they like and nibble on then just bare tanks or rocks or spearing few plants scape ! Plants gives out Oxygen and many other things for the fishes and living things in the tank ! Plants keeps the tank balanced and less off balance when you have no plants or only a few ! I never had sick fish in any of my heavy planted and established tanks ! But with out plants it was a nightmare and work and money !  Set up like this needs only bi-weekly water change what I find cause if the water quality and parameters is fine then why to change it ! I always aim at balance and the cycle ! RO water to top off but my tap water full of minerals what algae loves ! That is the main reason why I only do bi-weekly water change ! OK if you have RO and CO2 and UV and all sorts of ferts. then yeah but that is the expansive way and again not natural ! I try to use nothing ! Only good water good lights and only on timers a good soil and only bio filter ! That is all ! So again it's great and really nailed it this time so please tell him that it's one of a masterpiece ! Thumbs way up on this ! Thanks ! PS: Try more the nature way then Amano's way that is his style ! Amano is a nature painter with aqua design ! Peace out and keep the videos coming !
ABlazeWM - 4 years ago
Cindy O'Hara
Cindy O'Hara - 4 years ago
What is the size and dimension of this tank?
Omar boss1995 Boss
Omar boss1995 Boss - 4 years ago
nice tank
repercussion206 - 5 years ago
any good websites to look at tanks gear etc... first time doing this but need the right direction
Lhin Doh
Lhin Doh - 5 years ago
The problem here is the limited biodiversity in terms of fish. They are simply not interesting enough and the quantities aren't stirring.
Lhin Doh
Lhin Doh - 4 years ago
I'm thinking that if one of those pond experts builds a pond somewhere and its in top condition with its own filter unit and key aquascaping organic starter materials in a disturbed city park or forest preserve, nature is going to do the rest. The thing is I would want to see what happens over time like a few years. I got the idea from seeing stuff on t.v. where people are always doing plant tree campaigns and trying to reforest tropical areas by planting seeds. I actually did some forest garbage cleanup work years back.
fahad aziz
fahad aziz - 4 years ago
+Lhin Doh what you said about damaged habitats. Well the issue is controversial. I would like to blame us but it could be an act of nature also, to balance the natural echo system.
Lhin Doh
Lhin Doh - 4 years ago
Actually no I don't work with aquariums. I actually work with terrariums and vivariums of a large size and similar to this type of tank. I use exotic lizards, snakes, insects,frogs and the terrestrial stuff but always small sizes. I am into the aquariums because they are plain awesome way beyond when I was younger. I worked in a natural history museum for years that's how I got to see what they missed out on as far as exhibits. Depending on where you are the zoos and museums are behind the hobbyist of this stuff in terms of new state of the art designs. What I am thinking about now though is to see how a healthy pond can attract new life and organisms and just what they the creatures would be even in urban settings. With the aqua-scaping work, I am seeing possible opportunities for the technicians of that to actually replenish damaged habitats. The only thing is I can't figure out how the filters and other stuff needed can be powered long long term in remote forest locations. I think this aquascaping work is the stuff of environmental engineering solutions just not noticed directly for it. Good luck on your project! and post if you can. These tanks are amazing until I saw too many to keep adding them to my favorites list- it became more work :-)       
fahad aziz
fahad aziz - 4 years ago
+Lhin Doh are you into this hobby too? I am a beginner and currently experimenting on a 15 gallon planted tank with a lot of fish and double filtration with uv steriliser. I just want to see how it looks after a year so that i could rectify the mistakes that i will make. The plan is to move to a bigger tank.
Lhin Doh
Lhin Doh - 4 years ago
Your right and I actually did see a tank like this one that was filled with small fish and crustaciens. It was actually awesome but as usual too rich to look at without seeing it directly. The tanks are probably best as museum exhibits but they bring to mind the ability soon for a person to be able to actually install and design outdoor ponds for increasing and stimulating biodiversity as well as repairing existing pond systems messed up by pollution etc.. I would love to see those subjects connected to them.     
fahad aziz
fahad aziz - 4 years ago
That's because it's more to do with plants in these kind of tanks rather than fish.
rammer2014 - 5 years ago
does anyone know the name of the long stemmed red plants? im having trouble finding it
khai ha
khai ha - 5 years ago
how to get supplies look like that???
marco0798 - 5 years ago
man those are some pretty corys what species are they?
Myron Huang
Myron Huang - 5 years ago
could you try designing aquascape aquariums for larger tropical fish?
Arif John
Arif John - 5 years ago
Now make seascape, beach and blond Barbie dolls..:D
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez - 5 years ago
I am looking for easy and fast growing plants. What kind of plants do you recommend for a beginner?
Patrick van Keeken
Patrick van Keeken - 3 years ago
Angel Lopez microsorum-pteropus. anubias nana, vallisneria, Amazone sword
SleightofHand - 5 years ago
Whens the next video coming?
Trey L
Trey L - 5 years ago
when is the next video =/ i can only watch all your videos 20 times over before i need a new one lol.
Victor Morales
Victor Morales - 5 years ago
Prefer the original ten fold
joe brunner
joe brunner - 5 years ago
Compared to the first tank, this is severely lacking. Very disappointing. Sorry.
jim richards
jim richards - 5 years ago
I love your content and the music. When I hear it for some reason I think of Blade Runner.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 5 years ago
That's because The Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis is one of James' favourite films/soundtracks and it is his favourite to aquascape to. We often have it playing loud while he aquascapes :)
Tropictank - 5 years ago
Why does aquarium water look cloudy? Nice plants!
Edward Samuel Miliband
Edward Samuel Miliband - 5 years ago
+Tropictank He goes into this in the video. It has nothing to do with the lighting.
Tyler's Tech
Tyler's Tech - 5 years ago
Its just the way they have the lighting set up
Mind.Body.Soul Music
Mind.Body.Soul Music - 5 years ago
Does Green Machine work for saltwater aquascapes as well??
TheGreenMachineLtd - 5 years ago
+Mind.Body.Soul Music We only do tropical freshwater aquariums. Thats what we're the best at, and it's what we'll stick at (for now at least). :)
DeMishMIsh - 5 years ago
this is very very beautiful :) but how can the grass survive in such low light?
and what are those nimpheas?
TheSkruer - 5 years ago
Could you make a list off plants somwere in the description or in a link.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 5 years ago
Hi, thanks for your request. We don't have a full list of plants but we talk about some on the video from around 08:14 ... you can also read the transcript on our website near the bottom of the following page where you can click the plant names to find out more about each-
joe eoj
joe eoj - 5 years ago
How do you get the plants so densely grown. Mine seem to thin out.
Aleos Oricos
Aleos Oricos - 5 years ago
obliviousthunder - 5 years ago
I do love the music you guys use, but i do understand Coribec's point of view. A little change once in a while would be nice. :)
obliviousthunder - 5 years ago
great aquascape by the way! :)
Ian Parsons
Ian Parsons - 5 years ago
Personally (I'm no expert) I think it would have added to the tanks effect if, along with the small fish, some large, shy fish were added to "flicker" in the shadows and create a more mysterious and cool look. 
BiteMyShinyMetal4ss - 5 years ago
Hello TheGreenMachine,
I see that many of the leaves of your Echinodorus Quadricostatus have been partially chewed off. I also see that you have the Amano Shrimp in your tank. I have the same Problem. I never see them doing it, probably they chew off the leaves in the night. I would have to feed them constantly to avoid that, but I think it would ultimately make them lazy to graze for algae. Is there a way to prevent them from destroying the leaves or do I just have to live with it?

Kind regards and thank you for your awesome videos!
xDAVMANx - 5 years ago
Does Aqua soil need to be capped??
Mike Lyle
Mike Lyle - 5 years ago
The original tank was beautiful, but I didn't like the sharp transition to bare substrate around the edges. This jungle layout has a more natural look. Regardless, both styles are an inspiration to me.
fasertthanaslug1 - 5 years ago
sanguine - 5 years ago
My godddd this is amazing. Are you taking on apprentices :P
grant horton
grant horton - 5 years ago
both aquascapes are beautiful. i think, if TGM would be interested, that angel fish would be beautiful in this aquarium. the size and plants would make as few as 5-7 angels look beautiful, it would also add to the stock, being there are mostly corydoras and shrimp in this tank, having a few mid water fish would greatly add to the aquarium i believe.
koushinproductions - 5 years ago
I prefer the old one.. I dunno why, Im still enchanted by it.
Edward Samuel Miliband
Edward Samuel Miliband - 5 years ago
+koushinproductions I think it's the fact it's a grand monolith in the middle of such a barren environment, it's almost sci-fi-esque how everything is drawn to the magical object in the centre.
Thanachot Kaewsuriyayothin
Thanachot Kaewsuriyayothin - 5 years ago
Oliver Knott
Oliver Knott - 5 years ago
nice Job :-)
WingsOfHorus - 5 years ago
I'd love to do something like this, but with a marine tank.
matheous sovarous
matheous sovarous - 5 years ago
AHHH! Mr. Findley! I was SO in love with the original Nature's Chaos design, it showed amazing scale, and showcased your brilliance as, my personal favorite, an aquascaper in the West, if not the World! Why?? Why go and change that beautiful work of nature-art? Of course those are rhetorical questions, I understand that  you did have a good opportunity to show others how to reinvent their scapes after a while, and doing so on a big scale as you did will no doubt help a countless number of us,  i do believe all I have is the videos you made of it and your genius at being able to compile all kinds materials and create out of them the different shapes, textures, and composites. 
My name is Matthew J. Di Serio and  i just want to thank you for reinvigorating my passion for the life aquatic, and all it brings, plants, inverts, beautiful scenes of captured nature, I could go on for ever. to put it short and sweet; thank you from the bottom of my heart Mr. Findley, and all the rest at TGM for once again showing me i can create and sustain beautiful living microcosms of nature. Hoping to see TGM in person one day. I may even move from Cherry Hill New Jersey to the UK! It must be great to be near Stonehenge! All my aquatic love and support,
Matthew John Di Serio,        
P.S. Can i find ANY of TGM's products here in the states? Its hard to find ADA products as well, NO ONE has them!!!!!  Thanks again for all you do, and for personally inspiring me to be more productive in life and my hobbies and passions,
Vibol Lee
Vibol Lee - 5 years ago
You guys know how to stop the snails from populating so fast? I started out with just 2 snails. Now i have at least 100 snails in my tank after 1 month and a half, and i'm seeing maybe 1000 unhatched eggs in the tank too. Soon there wont be enough algae.
Neary Lee
Neary Lee - 5 years ago
You just have to keep cleaning the unhatched eggs everyday you sucker lol
kayserili38xx - 5 years ago
Wonderfull! Great job James and his team !
Richard Neumeyer
Richard Neumeyer - 5 years ago
Wooww, is amazing! I love the jungle style.
BeatarsonL - 5 years ago
Looks like you were overwhelmed with the maintenance of the original scape and changed your plants. It does look better now though, I'll give ya that...
TheGreenMachineLtd - 5 years ago
The maintenance for the original layout was not challenging... Approximately 3 hours per week.
wilmar correa arboleda
wilmar correa arboleda - 5 years ago
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee - 5 years ago
How do you scape a rectangular fish tank for either two way or 360 degree viewing?? 

100. comment for Nature's Chaos Transformed into a Jungle Aquascape by James Findley

CombatAnimal - 5 years ago
I'm stuck between the two aquascapes; they both have their pros and cons. In my opinion, the volcano scape had too much negative space and felt like the foreground was a bit too empty. The jungle scape, however, addressed this issue, but I think the immense magnitude and size of the plants in the center is too overbearing for the viewers eyes. Regardless of my opinion, the two scapes definitely capture the essence of nature.
Dominik Vlahović
Dominik Vlahović - 5 years ago
as long as its good for fish and plants its gorgeous no matter what stage it is.
Coribec - 5 years ago
It would be nice if you expanded your music library.
SunWest Mortgage Company, Inc NMLS 3277
SunWest Mortgage Company, Inc NMLS 3277 - 4 years ago
+TheGreenMachineLtd The music works well. It's intelligent. If you do indeed want to try another avenue, may I suggest artists such as: Aes Dana, Carbon Based Liforms, H.U.V.A Network.
telcom6661 - 4 years ago
+TheGreenMachineLtd justin bieber
Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner - 5 years ago
Personally I think the music is great and really fits the whole theme, very original
TheGreenMachineLtd - 5 years ago
+Omar Kabbani
 It is almost impossible to satisfy every viewers tastes in music, as this is an extremely subjective artform. James does enjoy lots of classical music, as well as electronic works by composers such as Vangelis. We'll look into this . Thanks for the feedback. TGM
Omar Kabbani
Omar Kabbani - 5 years ago
I think James ought to have some input here. It's his design, his image and he should compliment that with his style of presentation music. A form of classical may work rather than the random minimalistic sounds you current use.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 5 years ago
What style music do you suggest?
Omar Kabbani
Omar Kabbani - 5 years ago
I was just thinking the same thing! Great vids but the music is so unfitting. 
TheGreenMachineLtd - 5 years ago
Ok, we'll write some new material :)
KogreX03 - 5 years ago
I love the scaping and information in this video but can't help but be heavily put off by the self-plugging product placement.
J Spalding
J Spalding - 5 years ago
Absolutely stunning!
IFG - 5 years ago
gooner1matt - 5 years ago
Personally I don't think the corydoras in this tank are Adolfoi they look more like Corydoras duplicareus to me.
TheGreenMachineLtd - 5 years ago
Well spotted, there are some duplicareus in there, as well as adolfoi
h hh
h hh - 5 years ago
The jungle is nice, but i think that a more prominent hardscape would have made the tank a lot better. The problem in my opinion is that even if the setup has to replicate a jungle, it isn't natural! Good job however, can you do a paludarium setup? I'd really like to see one!
h hh
h hh - 5 years ago
Sorry if my english is poor, i'm italian!
E Hushpuppy
E Hushpuppy - 5 years ago
the second one is definitely more relaxing
Anthony Piti
Anthony Piti - 5 years ago
Amazing transformation!! This has given me some ideas for one of my tanks.
dfunkt - 5 years ago
dopeness!  i likes my aquascapes like i likes my ladies: all natural.  love this sick thick planting...the fish are probably flippin out they're so happy!
Aaron Voluntaryist
Aaron Voluntaryist - 5 years ago
Can't tell which one I like better lol.  The color of the original was awesome, but I'm trying to go for the jungle look in mine.
Squirles G
Squirles G - 5 years ago
Lol flips the camera off
Aquatic Mastery
Aquatic Mastery - 5 years ago
From a classic Amano-style nature aquarium POV, the pervious scape was better. However from an naturAL and cichlid-keeper (dwarf, discus and angels) POV, this scape is much better.
ShellysAshes - 5 years ago
Awesome. Love jungle-style. 
NYCity Cichlids
NYCity Cichlids - 5 years ago
So cool
Jake Daniels
Jake Daniels - 5 years ago
Love this so much more than the original it's fantastic and the fish seem so much more peaceful
AQUADESIGN by aquamaniac
AQUADESIGN by aquamaniac - 5 years ago
The original looked better indeed.
But this one looks amazing too.
More than that is an unbelievable transformation.
A iwagumi style mountainscape turned in to a jungle style is something I had never seen before.
But it works because the tank is massive enough to hold plants that can dwarf such a huge hardscape.
On a smaller tank the effect mighr not look this good.
MrNCCountryBoy - 5 years ago
KampKarl - 5 years ago
love it i wish you could put stingrays in aquascapes
c c
c c - 5 years ago
where are the neons?
Oli Zadar
Oli Zadar - 5 years ago
for me first aquascapes is much better.
Davidtoscano Toscano
Davidtoscano Toscano - 5 years ago
kehw - 5 years ago
Those Cory's look amazing. As does the tank. I personally think this is much better then the original.
Robin Timmermans
Robin Timmermans - 5 years ago
Wow! Such an evolution, the main project is totally respected. It does not seem handmade! Well done!

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