Bass Crushes GIANT Topwater Lure -- Clear Water Kayak Fishing

➤ RIGGED SHIRTS -- Brice's YouTube Channel -- Brice's Instagram -- Another kayak bass fishing mission successful! Hope you guys enjoy --Young Plugg Song 1: Point -- Artist: The Cancel Song 2: Butterflies -- Artist: Journey What I film with… Drone — Camera — Lens — GoPro — BIG SHINY Camera -- BIG SHINY Lens -- My Other Gear... Computer — Editing software — Mic — Camera Case — Backpack -- Follow me on… SOUNDCLOUD -- INSTAGRAM -- TWITTER -- SNAPCHAT: fishingthemw FACEBOOK -- #ftmw *The above links are Amazon Associate links*

Bass Crushes GIANT Topwater Lure -- Clear Water Kayak Fishing sentiment_very_dissatisfied 2058

Kayak 6 years ago 209,505 views

➤ RIGGED SHIRTS -- Brice's YouTube Channel -- Brice's Instagram -- Another kayak bass fishing mission successful! Hope you guys enjoy --Young Plugg Song 1: Point -- Artist: The Cancel Song 2: Butterflies -- Artist: Journey What I film with… Drone — Camera — Lens — GoPro — BIG SHINY Camera -- BIG SHINY Lens -- My Other Gear... Computer — Editing software — Mic — Camera Case — Backpack -- Follow me on… SOUNDCLOUD -- INSTAGRAM -- TWITTER -- SNAPCHAT: fishingthemw FACEBOOK -- #ftmw *The above links are Amazon Associate links*

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Most popular comments
for Bass Crushes GIANT Topwater Lure -- Clear Water Kayak Fishing

Christopher Anderson
Christopher Anderson - 5 years ago
The kayak vids are always the best
gone fishin smitty
gone fishin smitty - 5 years ago
wow 2,000 people disliked this video. oh well haters gonna hate. #1 fishing channel I tune into. thanks for the good fishing
cc519 - 6 years ago
No tank tops for the girls to wear?!?! Sad beans bruh.
S Moore
S Moore - 6 years ago
9:00 in that poor fish got 1/2 his face ripped off by that swimbait. Brazzos is def on my fishing bucket list
Brock M
Brock M - 6 years ago
What fishing line do you use?
Bryce Animations
Bryce Animations - 6 years ago
My names Bryce but I don’t have a kayak nor am I very good with swimbaits
Tim Bretthauer
Tim Bretthauer - 6 years ago
Hocking? You go to Ohio U?
Ethan Skarda
Ethan Skarda - 6 years ago
Get a small boat dock rope from academy, bass pro, or cabelas and tie it to the front handle of your kayak. That’s what I do and it makes dragging my kayak through shallow water or shallow rapids super easy
Wyatt Bowman
Wyatt Bowman - 6 years ago
I love your fishing videos, they be the best videos. And I can’t really choose between mono line or braided line

10. comment for Bass Crushes GIANT Topwater Lure -- Clear Water Kayak Fishing

Bailey county
Bailey county - 6 years ago
Sick vid Jon the brazos looks like a dope river to fish! I can not wait to see some more yak videos this year :))
Reuben Shapansky
Reuben Shapansky - 6 years ago
Brett Voorhees
Brett Voorhees - 6 years ago
What fish gripper do you use? @Jon B.
bret wigger
bret wigger - 6 years ago
Lmao "they're selling like a god church" no wonder this had so many dislikes.
Fishing Like A Boss
Fishing Like A Boss - 6 years ago
Lyric Derbin
Lyric Derbin - 6 years ago
aww the good 'ol ratchet strap slapping the roof sound. gotta love it
algorithm - 6 years ago
Meanwhile here the nearest lake that has bass in it is 45 minutes away and you need a boat to get to them...
BankFish Vince
BankFish Vince - 6 years ago
Love the fishing action and the video edits. This channel really inspired me to start my own fishing channel
Slaunch Master Outdoors
Slaunch Master Outdoors - 6 years ago
Waco or Whitney, well since your driving to the Whitney dam I’d assume it’s Waco lol
Lindsay Sandoval
Lindsay Sandoval - 6 years ago
You are cool

20. comment for Bass Crushes GIANT Topwater Lure -- Clear Water Kayak Fishing

RocketsHockey46 - 6 years ago
9:30 "You'll float too."
Daniel White
Daniel White - 6 years ago
Ahhh I miss the old jon b that would tell us the names of the lures and not worry about the company plugging him
Jack DeBorde
Jack DeBorde - 6 years ago
Hey man I kayak fish too
If you're having problems with keeping your paddle in the boat or you are just worried it'll fall out when that 10 pounder comes along... there are connectors where your paddle and boat are connected by a rope-thing... they are cheap and you can get em at academy or cabelas!
Eric Madbusop Champion
Eric Madbusop Champion - 6 years ago
Great video and definitely some great fishing.
Shaun Ponzini
Shaun Ponzini - 6 years ago
wearing the adidas, nice
Steve Forsythe
Steve Forsythe - 6 years ago
Nice catches Jon...nothing like kayak fishing. Do you ever come to Ontario Canada? We have some of the best fishing. Anglers from all over the U.S. come here every year. 1,000's of lakes, streams and rivers for your pleasure!
Asher Jackson
Asher Jackson - 6 years ago
so cool
Carlos Osorio
Carlos Osorio - 6 years ago
Dude I live on lake Whitney
Chris Waltmann
Chris Waltmann - 6 years ago
How's that sunburn? Should of had that sweet rigged buff on.
Steukhon Heu
Steukhon Heu - 6 years ago
Yo wtf was that seriously #dead

30. comment for Bass Crushes GIANT Topwater Lure -- Clear Water Kayak Fishing

POPULATION0 - 6 years ago
It bothers me so much that he does not use a paddle holder and that he just leaves it in his lap
Tylor Lacy
Tylor Lacy - 6 years ago
Jon b + Milliken fishing = best video ever guy. You dudes gotta make that happen
WalleyeSlayer 69
WalleyeSlayer 69 - 6 years ago
Great video jon
Bassin With Mikell
Bassin With Mikell - 6 years ago
Beat aka slash song?? At 0:03 - 1:14
Ben Nardi
Ben Nardi - 6 years ago
What kayak are you using looking to purchase one
Thomas Pannell
Thomas Pannell - 6 years ago
This is my favorite jon b vid ever.
Dylan Burleigh
Dylan Burleigh - 6 years ago
THE DAB IS DEAD JON! Great video besides that!
Joey Carter
Joey Carter - 6 years ago
Jon B. You’re edits are sickkkkk
Greesmonkey - 6 years ago
Subscribed liked and hit the notification bell
Stoked On Toads
Stoked On Toads - 6 years ago
More vids like this
Robert Redford
Robert Redford - 6 years ago
Very nice fish.
Michael Schenk
Michael Schenk - 6 years ago
The kayak strap was vibrating from the wind that's what made the noise lol, if you try twisting the strap that is most exposed to the wind when you strap it down it shouldn't vibrate or make the noise much.
Collin Culberson
Collin Culberson - 6 years ago
Jon, are you ever going to fish the devil's river?
Every Thing Outdoors
Every Thing Outdoors - 6 years ago
Tell me why this man looks baked af at the end
Joe Farkas
Joe Farkas - 6 years ago
When you guys do floats like this whats the best way for handling pick up and drop off? Is it just drop the yaks at the entry point and then take a car to the exit point and hike it back or what? Thanks Joe
James Kcgh
James Kcgh - 6 years ago
Hey man I live in Murfreesboro Tennessee if you ever come up here I could take you fishing I’m not very good but it would be fun
teamflanneloutdoors - 6 years ago
Oh Hell Yes! Nothing better than a full day in the Yak on a river chasing Slaunch donkeys ( well if they were Brown, THAT would be better). Thanks for taking me along!
J Bright
J Bright - 6 years ago
Sick video man! These kayak vids are amazing
Brad Skolonski
Brad Skolonski - 6 years ago
Whatever happend to Grant
all_things_fishing - 6 years ago
Sweet vid Jon!

50. comment for Bass Crushes GIANT Topwater Lure -- Clear Water Kayak Fishing

Mindy Brooks
Mindy Brooks - 6 years ago
Make a new video plz
jesus ramirez
jesus ramirez - 6 years ago
I swear hes high af at the end jaja #stonerlife
Team body count Fishing1
Team body count Fishing1 - 6 years ago
Ur a amazing
Reaps Havoc28
Reaps Havoc28 - 6 years ago
I literally live 45 minutes from there. come to Waco sometime and I'll show you around some spots
M. M.
M. M. - 6 years ago
Dumb Ass, you're keeping your fish out of the water way the fuk too long---- they could give a shit what you're talking about. Just show us the fish,-- ( they all look pretty much the same in case you hadn't noticed), put them back in the water, and then you can blab your head off all you want.
Chasing The Fish
Chasing The Fish - 6 years ago
Stand up your hook sets will thank you lol
wyatt mcconnell
wyatt mcconnell - 6 years ago
Comment back if you can please
wyatt mcconnell
wyatt mcconnell - 6 years ago
Hey Jon b can you and I have a fishing tournament
Nicholas Sanchez
Nicholas Sanchez - 6 years ago
Sam L.
Sam L. - 6 years ago
Yo when u have time come down to Aurora Illinois pleeeeeeaaase!!
Albertdog101 - 6 years ago
Top camera work Jon, I love the underwater shoots
DJda GamerTV
DJda GamerTV - 6 years ago
Your bass videos go hard keep Makin videos bro
XJlover - 6 years ago
You should mount a pole on the back of your kayak that comes above your head and put a go pro on it so you can film the fish biting top water
SFS Fishing
SFS Fishing - 6 years ago
Everyone watch my video! I’m fishing for pike in a little creek!
Bass Lerp
Bass Lerp - 6 years ago
Sounds like you were about the drop a "toad" @1:25 lol
Andrew T
Andrew T - 6 years ago
Jon b is gonna hang out with capron funk from the funk bros soon that's why there aren't that many vids it's gonna be lit
Daniel Clarke
Daniel Clarke - 6 years ago
So Jon you happy you bought a 400$ kayak instead of a 30,000$ bass boat?
Bassmaster 963
Bassmaster 963 - 6 years ago
I thought he dropped his camera in the water when he was releasing that second bass
Adam Rice
Adam Rice - 6 years ago
The dent in the lens is probably from you punching it lol
Sagir Santana
Sagir Santana - 6 years ago
what do you recomend for fall fishing in ponds
Crank Bait
Crank Bait - 6 years ago
Who ever is doing the dislike bots FUCK YOU
BassGeek - 6 years ago
That river was loaded with toads. Nice job bro.
John Gomez
John Gomez - 6 years ago
Just looking out for my favorite YouTube fisherman... You gotta wear that life vest! Accidents happen on the water every day; better safe than sorry. Some of the kayak fishing life vests have big pockets for lures, scissors, etc to help keep your space clean as well and they're comfy as hell. Fish on Jon B!
Jacob Phillips
Jacob Phillips - 6 years ago
dope jon b rolls
thomascambosao - 6 years ago
Possum kingdom?
Joseph NY Wayfarer
Joseph NY Wayfarer - 6 years ago
That was either a fart or the straps holding your kayak to the roof in the wind
E Moore
E Moore - 6 years ago
Great videos and really appreciate the professional looking work you put into your fishing adventures with excellent video and music. If you added a sail to your kayak it would be a "Sloop Jon B" HA!
EnZa - 6 years ago
Bruh, u guys can wear t-shirts outside when in Finland its like 33 °f
jay bassintexas
jay bassintexas - 6 years ago
Dope vid
Pascal B
Pascal B - 6 years ago
Jon B inspired me to make a youtube bass fishing channel just chaught a huge bass on a topwater lure go check it out on my channel!
Adventures of the Allens
Adventures of the Allens - 6 years ago
Cool to see you in some places I've fished. Good video man, keep them coming.
Joshie - 6 years ago
I know this is funny coming from a sub and not John b but seriously everybody remember to like John b and all the googans vids. They do it best and they deserve the likes these vids get sooooo many views and if everybody just remembered to like they would be even better off doing what they love ❤️
Fishing With Muffin
Fishing With Muffin - 6 years ago
Is this the same dam where Peric got stuck in the middle of the river
BassFishing WA
BassFishing WA - 6 years ago
"I caught the smallest one of the group. Pulls in a 5 pounder. haha damn. I gotta go fishing there.
Ethan Barlag
Ethan Barlag - 6 years ago
Who remembers j0j0barz33
Kermit R
Kermit R - 6 years ago
I like the catch n cook style fishing lol we have fun check us out!
Fisherman - 6 years ago
nice kayak fishing
Nio Gamer tag and Random
Nio Gamer tag and Random - 6 years ago
Can we get an update on Gary
Evan McKendrick
Evan McKendrick - 6 years ago
Jon B you should come to utah and fish at flaming gorge reservoir for some big lake trout.
Lasse Kröger
Lasse Kröger - 6 years ago
Dope! You should go for another round. That river and the fish it holds are looking sick!
Lil Lysol
Lil Lysol - 6 years ago
Jon B is the young goat at fishing! Put this comment in your next video.
Jarrodplays - 6 years ago
your videos always amaze me.. best fisherman on youtube!
StarvingKidFromAfrica - 6 years ago
Jon b if u ever talk smack to me in real life and no one was around I would hmmmfff u better hope u never meet me.
TubeYou - 6 years ago
The noise was the straps on your yak catching wind and vibrating. I know it well...
Wrapping any lose excess strap around the part of the straps that's pulled tight will dampen the vibration.
Robert Llamas
Robert Llamas - 6 years ago
Woohoo my Deps 250 I sold Brice is famous!! Haha
BASSaddict909_Jr - 6 years ago
Keep on kayak fishing, dab-in on them bass... much love from Cali. KFNS
jimforjzs777 - 6 years ago
Ta hell with ur ads
Jersey Joel Fishing
Jersey Joel Fishing - 6 years ago
Awesome video Jon.....nothing beats topwater!!
Cody Fishes for bass
Cody Fishes for bass - 6 years ago

100. comment for Bass Crushes GIANT Topwater Lure -- Clear Water Kayak Fishing

mwhitney113 - 6 years ago
What happened to your bass
Bccccz - 6 years ago
That vibration was 100% your ratchet strap for your kayak, its happened to me plenty of times. Maybe next summer you could zip on up to Wisconsin for some trout.
M&M Outdoors
M&M Outdoors - 6 years ago
Sees a ten lber, Thats cool, the trip is over
Shawn Kullman
Shawn Kullman - 6 years ago
Love your vids Jon b keep it up and you should make a lanyard for keys! It should be black and say never stop fishing in red lettering that would be sick!!! Name is Shawn and from Maine
NinjaShark - 6 years ago
Jon, how are you attaching the GoPro to your kayak seat?
Roly and Nico
Roly and Nico - 6 years ago
Remember Gary the bass
MANCHEESE YT - 6 years ago
can I have a baitcaster
Twangtown7 - 6 years ago
Someone teach Jon how to lip a bass.
Fern Delisle
Fern Delisle - 6 years ago
@Jon B. do you have a discount code for Favorite? Wanna get ahold of a Phantom rod!
JustAz Lazy
JustAz Lazy - 6 years ago
4:47 it looks like there is a lizard on the dead tree
Amar Berberkic
Amar Berberkic - 6 years ago
Another vid from the dope story dude
Kyle Burt
Kyle Burt - 6 years ago
Clicked off at the dab lol
Thomas R Sunday
Thomas R Sunday - 6 years ago
Low_fi chill got that DJ Cam j_dilla vibe
Max Phillips
Max Phillips - 6 years ago
I subscribed bc of the kayak vids
Otter - 6 years ago
that 3rd fish was a beauty
Nettles Outdoors
Nettles Outdoors - 6 years ago
Another amazing vid, from my favorite YouTuber. Love the vid!!!....... and the new Kayak
Brenden Pelle
Brenden Pelle - 6 years ago
Jon b is lit
LBCbassin - 6 years ago
Yes! Fire video! Nice jon!
Zwaden - 6 years ago
Lake whitney?
Daniel White
Daniel White - 6 years ago
Idk what's up with the 2k dislikes
ToasttProductions - 6 years ago
That was sick!!
Bill Costa
Bill Costa - 6 years ago
Holy sunburn, Batman.
Gaming Central
Gaming Central - 6 years ago
Funny how I live about 500 miles away from where they are but I live on the Brazos and its so muddy looking
Ever Greatest
Ever Greatest - 6 years ago
What's up with the dislikes
Kevin Pena
Kevin Pena - 6 years ago
Nice video john
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson - 6 years ago
What happened to Gary the bass?? He just disappeared
MoMo Baklava
MoMo Baklava - 6 years ago
how do u get 2000 Dislikes on a bass Yak fishin vid?
Charlie K
Charlie K - 6 years ago
he used the tranx
Jacob Shepherd
Jacob Shepherd - 6 years ago
Question for you Jon, what Favorite brand spinning combo would be the best for creek/river finesse fishing? The lighter setup the better. Thanks.
Jacob P
Jacob P - 6 years ago
Why so little likes and so many dislikes ?
SlobberMyCorn - 6 years ago
there was a Claritin add before this video and the the ad was so blurry, i don’t get it
Dropshot Fanatic
Dropshot Fanatic - 6 years ago
Dope video
James Myers
James Myers - 6 years ago
But I still love his videos
James Myers
James Myers - 6 years ago
I wish he had a go pro on him like Rob
Brett Jorgy
Brett Jorgy - 6 years ago
Dude it’s so dope when your on the kayak!!
Chance Albertson
Chance Albertson - 6 years ago
Looks like you skipped on the sun screen. I bet that stung a little the next day.
Andrew Higdon
Andrew Higdon - 6 years ago
What was that one part about hitting juicy holes??
Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor - 6 years ago
Who keeps dislike botting your vids? There’s absolutely no reason for a damn FISHING video to have only a 50% like to dislike ratio.
James Huffman
James Huffman - 6 years ago
Dig the leveled up intros
TEAM RACKIT - 6 years ago
Whenever y'all get ready to release Gary the bass you should do it in Lunkers new lands pond
Stephen Harmon
Stephen Harmon - 6 years ago
Upped your game with the yak addition haven't watched in awhile, but will now
Mr Pleezy
Mr Pleezy - 6 years ago
I really want to to try fresh water fishing
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith - 6 years ago
That. Black poppin frog tho!
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith - 6 years ago
Jon b is killin it in the 4 runner!
Kenny Galloway
Kenny Galloway - 6 years ago
Got to love the Brazos River aka pb river
Hoosier Daddy Outdoor Adventures
Hoosier Daddy Outdoor Adventures - 6 years ago
2:52 bro this video would have ended so much differently has this fish thrashed just one more time! Wow that would have hurt! 3# bass dangling from your forearm by treble hooks!
João Pacheco
João Pacheco - 6 years ago
Can you fish stand up on your kayak?
if don't, you should try
hunter skeen
hunter skeen - 6 years ago
You need to put a lanyard on your paddle so that you can release it when your reeling in the fish and not worry about loosing your paddle.
TEAM IELLA - 6 years ago
i don't understand why all theese dislike for your last videos :\
Cory Collins
Cory Collins - 6 years ago
Are there bass in Idaho?
dallas paschall
dallas paschall - 6 years ago
Come fish belton lake in belton tx... Id love to see if you could pull something out of there cause 10 years ive never even seen a bass come out of there
Eric De La Cruz
Eric De La Cruz - 6 years ago
can you stand on the Ascend Kayaks?
Ivan Kovač
Ivan Kovač - 6 years ago
so You like park the car and put the camera down beside of the road and go back in reverse than videotape driving thru, go out of the car and take the camera, drive 100 feet and do all over again??? haha :'D
Sporkuser - 6 years ago
Sit more upright and paddle with your arms at chest height your body will like you and you will save tons of energy.
Andrew Does Life
Andrew Does Life - 6 years ago
The only thing more dope than the b roll is Jons new whip!!!
Chris Trabucco
Chris Trabucco - 6 years ago
That was probably my favorite video that you've done in a while IMO. Needed has been rough lately
Greyson Greenwood
Greyson Greenwood - 6 years ago
The noise at the end of the video is Jon b kayak straps flopping in the wind
Sam Moore
Sam Moore - 6 years ago
Are you going to the funk bros, in his latest vid he said you were
Hogers TV
Hogers TV - 6 years ago
some one needs to make portable chargers for go pros
STEEL6Whiskey - 6 years ago
Ya gotta bring that yak up here to CT. Hit the CT River for stripers and pike.
A_Fishing_ TV
A_Fishing_ TV - 6 years ago
Nice one
Sandy Gilley
Sandy Gilley - 6 years ago
what is the best cheap vlogging camers
Jeyan A
Jeyan A - 6 years ago
Hey come fish the spill way in waco thats were i live
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel - 6 years ago
dddddddope vid jon let us get one more with 1rod 1reel
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy - 6 years ago
finally the fire videos are back
LilAznFishinDude - 6 years ago
Horn of Gondor at the end. What happened to the Highlander?
huntingman jones
huntingman jones - 6 years ago
Your editing in this video is on point! Well done!
Thicc Boi
Thicc Boi - 6 years ago
When can we do a meet up in Illinois
Zach C
Zach C - 6 years ago
Why so many dislikes i love Jon's videos.
JustAz Lazy
JustAz Lazy - 6 years ago
2k dislikes isn't even a lot
Jacob Manier
Jacob Manier - 6 years ago
That's looks like a dope place to catch some big bass on the fly
Bryce 930
Bryce 930 - 6 years ago
Hey... my names Bryce
B Vlogs
B Vlogs - 6 years ago
One of those treble hooks probably going into the top of your hand here soon with the way you handle these catches, Lol. Love the channel!
Alvaro Cerrato
Alvaro Cerrato - 6 years ago
fix the paddle holder bro!
GoneFishin - 6 years ago
Awesome Fish!! all nice size! maybe one suggestion next time you do top water can we get the rear cam to work so we can see those blow always great videos!!!
baked bud
baked bud - 6 years ago
Im pretty sure im in the top 5 pecent of biggest bass caught. I miss that bitch
Nhard 13
Nhard 13 - 6 years ago
Donovan Townley
Donovan Townley - 6 years ago
The fish he caught on the swim bait was pregnant
Bryce in HD RAW
Bryce in HD RAW - 6 years ago
My name is Bryce
Jarred Monaco
Jarred Monaco - 6 years ago
That noise at the end sounded like a cow was in the truck
NBA EDITS - 6 years ago
3k likes 2k DISLIKES WTF
Drag Screamers Fishing Team
Drag Screamers Fishing Team - 6 years ago
Is that where Peric almost drowned the other day?
Michael Lavin
Michael Lavin - 6 years ago
Like I understand if the video/ or any video isn’t your favorite but why smash the dislike button.. I forget to even hit the like and these dusty dudes are slamming the dislike- go fish man and cheer up
Sara Mays
Sara Mays - 6 years ago
So sick so sick so sick
Master Baiter
Master Baiter - 6 years ago
More Musky vids
VoidDisruptor - 6 years ago
What’s the name of that bait you were using
Robert Kinney
Robert Kinney - 6 years ago
Jon love the underwater releases they are very Kool ......
AloneSoul666 - 6 years ago
I want to take him sturgeon fishing with me. XD
Carl Woods
Carl Woods - 6 years ago
Ahhh the old Brazzers river...
fuskeren - 6 years ago
yo jon what rod and reel is that and how manny breaks do you hav on when you're casting that frog
Sam Nettleton
Sam Nettleton - 6 years ago
WOW the dislike bots on this! totally do NOT deserve the hate Jon B. You're a freaking amazing content creator man, loved this video!
Kryen - 6 years ago
hey jon, would you be able to get brice to do a kayak tour? interested in his setup
Sion Bevan
Sion Bevan - 6 years ago
Awesome once again best on YouTube
Finna Fish
Finna Fish - 6 years ago
"They're selling like a God church. Just kidding nobody says that..."
Brandon Kyle Mckibben
Brandon Kyle Mckibben - 6 years ago
Awesome man. I’ve never met Brice in person but I know him through FB. I see his post from the Brazos all the time. There are some monsters in that river.
DoubleR Productions
DoubleR Productions - 6 years ago
Sooooo the intro wasn’t a Toyota commercial???? Paid advertisement? All jokes aside dope video & editing as always..
Jack Junkies
Jack Junkies - 6 years ago
Jon this is probably one of my favourite vids you've Made
ThEwAVeYoNe518 - 6 years ago
1v1 me ? Lol. Dude is garbage thats why his vids are getting 3k likes and 1500 dislikes
Karsen Legg
Karsen Legg - 6 years ago
like a godchurch lol
Maine Man Bassing
Maine Man Bassing - 6 years ago
thats gotta be a pain to change batteries on two different go pros on a kayak.
SkinnyWaterBoyzTV Barela
SkinnyWaterBoyzTV Barela - 6 years ago
Brice is the man!
Benandjustin12 - 6 years ago
Shoot more first persons on the yak! I wanna see where your casting
Left Lane Outdoors
Left Lane Outdoors - 6 years ago
really tired of this fish brain ad.
EliaahF. - 6 years ago
This edit was smoooooth
PKV 8 - 6 years ago
M's in my Bank Account! lmao
Dalton Foley
Dalton Foley - 6 years ago
Jon showing some love for 21 at 4:53 mark, I like it! "Eight shooters ready to gun you down"
Zach Wells
Zach Wells - 6 years ago
Get some sleep Jon
Cheese Grater
Cheese Grater - 6 years ago
I have that exact same frog
Pacific Fishing
Pacific Fishing - 6 years ago
What's the song at 11:58?
Evan Steffeck
Evan Steffeck - 6 years ago
I really like the underwater release. Please do more! Love it
MaTriX gaming
MaTriX gaming - 6 years ago
Yo Jon you need to come to Australia!! And fish for some Australian bass!
Gamming Slayer
Gamming Slayer - 6 years ago
Waco tx is were im from and lake whitney has some bigass stripers and largemout bass
Mike Rumsey
Mike Rumsey - 6 years ago
What's with the dislikes?

Someone explain to me pls. Thank you :)
CROSSfilms11 - 6 years ago
@4:50 wth Jon hahaha
Alex Hill
Alex Hill - 6 years ago
Update on Gary
Jorge Delgado
Jorge Delgado - 6 years ago
Jon are you making ice fishing videos this winter? Or staying in Texas?
Liam MacDonald
Liam MacDonald - 6 years ago
You should wear a chest or head mount on the yak if possible. I'm thinking this video would be a bit better if it had a few first person shots.
YRHA VIDS - 6 years ago
Freaking sickkkkk video bro!!!
Who? - 6 years ago
did jon really refer to ricegum at the end there?
Anton Benadie
Anton Benadie - 6 years ago
I dig the use of underwater footage. I rate you must do it more often.
braden pulver
braden pulver - 6 years ago
Is that a top raider
braden pulver
braden pulver - 6 years ago
The Muskie lure
QoTix Warfare
QoTix Warfare - 6 years ago
What was that rod you were using with the musket bait?
Andrew Bertman
Andrew Bertman - 6 years ago
That dab edit tho
Timothy Freitas
Timothy Freitas - 6 years ago
It was your straps for the yak
CastNReel - 6 years ago
Dabbing on dem bass
Yolo Boi
Yolo Boi - 6 years ago
What is with all of the dislikes?
Roberto Cruz
Roberto Cruz - 6 years ago
What camera mount do you have for the back camera?
Matthew Keeler
Matthew Keeler - 6 years ago
Why 1k dislikes
Carnage Squad Outdoors
Carnage Squad Outdoors - 6 years ago
Hey so a good tip for kayak fishing, especially in rivers are a good pair of water shoes. Keens are especially good for the time of water you were fishing in this video! Great video by the way, I’m glad you are doing kayak videos since I do a lot of kayak fishing. It lets me relate to how you feel when kayak fishing!
john paul ayala
john paul ayala - 6 years ago
Sick video
Jordan Holm
Jordan Holm - 6 years ago
dude buy some sun screen
Snarin' Bait
Snarin' Bait - 6 years ago
Awesome video! I love to kayak fish too!
Bearz G.
Bearz G. - 6 years ago
So did PETA hire someone to make dislike bots for all the fishing youtubers?
Ashton Waddington
Ashton Waddington - 6 years ago
I love the kayak content!
Victor Cancel
Victor Cancel - 6 years ago
Great f******g fishing video Jonjon U came a long way man beautiful content ,congrats .peace from jersey.
Jacob Baldwin
Jacob Baldwin - 6 years ago
Honestly, the quality of these videos is amazing I cannot get enough of them! The amount of work that he puts into them definitely shows and I will keep coming back
Colby G
Colby G - 6 years ago
Cory Zoda
Cory Zoda - 6 years ago
LOOOOOVE the underwater footage with the Yak...and hooking the camera on your ore....dope...dude your videos are so amazing....thank you Jon B!!!!!!
Bass'N'Trout - 6 years ago
Help me get to 100 subscribers! Sub to me I sub to you
Emily Anaya
Emily Anaya - 6 years ago
I have the same shoes as Jon
Desnes7 - 6 years ago
Thanks for adding the music titles.
Latch Swaney
Latch Swaney - 6 years ago
It's a Fucking largemouth not largie. How old are you?
Backlash city Fishing
Backlash city Fishing - 6 years ago
Wow I'm surprised those bass all have length !!those fish are gorgeous, it really upsets me people eat them.
Idiot that is hacking my channel FUCK YOU
Idiot that is hacking my channel FUCK YOU - 6 years ago
What's the chance Jon sees this
TheBudgetFisherman - 6 years ago
Is it possible to do a meet up somewhere for your subscribers in Texas I'm a few hours away but it would be 100% worth the drive if you could set one up
Fish Slingers
Fish Slingers - 6 years ago
Jon catches a 3 pounder and he says "meh" I caught a 3 today and I think I came my pants
BRADLEY CLIFFORD - 6 years ago
Love the vid Jon
wrastlinryan - 6 years ago
Love the runner man, just bought my wife one.
Jack G.
Jack G. - 6 years ago
U sould put a go pro under the kayak.
billfromelma - 6 years ago
Hey Jon, awesome video. The underwater shots saved the day. Those were some beautiful bass. Musky baits catch big fish ! The chest mount would have made it a little better. We could have seen the strikes. I always get a kick out of how you do the extra effort to get creative shots. Puts your videos above the others.
Will Hamilton
Will Hamilton - 6 years ago
Jon’s editing is amazing!!!!!
Hunter Short
Hunter Short - 6 years ago
4 juicy holes to hit........
Parker Gibbons
Parker Gibbons - 6 years ago
There’s nothing better than some Jon b editing!
Lucas McCue
Lucas McCue - 6 years ago
This was filmed on my birthday!
Boo Ya
Boo Ya - 6 years ago
What's with the dislikes?
Blake Doornbos
Blake Doornbos - 6 years ago
Amazing Vid keep doing the yak vids
senior tucan
senior tucan - 6 years ago
Nothing is in the description. I'm
fish my bass
fish my bass - 6 years ago
13:55 toasted jon
Garrisonbay Siberians
Garrisonbay Siberians - 6 years ago
Your fishing videos are one of the very few I actually enjoy, even your vlogs.
stebby48 - 6 years ago
4:49 Lmfao XD
Ou†sider ‡
Ou†sider ‡ - 6 years ago
1K dislikes wtf?
Matt Foke
Matt Foke - 6 years ago
Hey I Jon b I can't find that jacket u were wearing in the video on your store
OntheFish With Adam
OntheFish With Adam - 6 years ago
Jon, hmu for Whitney hot spots
Colin Perry
Colin Perry - 6 years ago
Love your vids Jon keep up the good work tho
David - 6 years ago
i love you
Colin Perry
Colin Perry - 6 years ago
Why 1k dislikes
David Parry
David Parry - 6 years ago
Sorry davidsoutdoorsshow
Anand Hudson
Anand Hudson - 6 years ago
Dislike bot still there. What asshole has done this, cause I'm a kill them
crispysak - 6 years ago
Love your vids man ... but you gotta be more cafeful the way you hold your fish bro... even tho your releasing when u hole them at an angle like that your damaging their jaw. You can tear them leading to the fish dying. Look it up brother. And keep up the strong work #verticalholdnoangle
James Hutcheson
James Hutcheson - 6 years ago
We have the same kayak and paddle. Also, you may have been abducted by aliens twice in this video.
Sting Squad
Sting Squad - 6 years ago
Dude you make the best vids
Rambo21 - 6 years ago
That kayak is junk
PCM24 97
PCM24 97 - 6 years ago
The Brazzers river?
Alexander Gargano
Alexander Gargano - 6 years ago
I tried looking up the brazzers river but all I got was a lot of inappropriate pictures
elijah mcbride
elijah mcbride - 6 years ago
Fishing North Alabama
Fishing North Alabama - 6 years ago
Keep daily post please. Get you a signature favorite rod. Who agrees
Miller Reid
Miller Reid - 6 years ago
I gotta ask why do you never wear polarized glasses? Doesn’t have to be costas or smiths but why not any polarized
Evan Gibeau
Evan Gibeau - 6 years ago
I live in Michigan, do you think I could catch fish on topwater at night? It drops to around 55-60°F.
Robbie Coward
Robbie Coward - 6 years ago
Just got the same kayak looking forward to seeing what you did to it
elijah mcbride
elijah mcbride - 6 years ago
English paper can wait
Kelly Richardson
Kelly Richardson - 6 years ago
Hey, I'd really like to purchase the hoody yours wearing. When might you have those available in the store?
Sensei Seanobi
Sensei Seanobi - 6 years ago
Another day, another Jon B video...

Damn, that feels good to say!
Tucker McDonough
Tucker McDonough - 6 years ago
Wow! Really couldn't tell what that word was at the end there! Way to edit and make it kid friendly Jon!
Adam Davis
Adam Davis - 6 years ago
Please go fishing with kindle gray
Finesse Anglers514
Finesse Anglers514 - 6 years ago
Always carry a scale with u!!! Lol love your bracelets just ordered one!!
Seth Smith
Seth Smith - 6 years ago
Great vid!
Hue Xae
Hue Xae - 6 years ago
Is that a Shimano Expride rod covered up so Favorite dont say nothing? :P :P :P :P
Keenan Moore
Keenan Moore - 6 years ago
I'd like to see most footage from the high up behind the shoulder angle. See the casts better. Structure ahead and most importantly the blow up. Great vid Jon.
Marks Fishing
Marks Fishing - 6 years ago
Fish with bamabass
American Fishing
American Fishing - 6 years ago
do a rigging up video
Midwest Outdoors
Midwest Outdoors - 6 years ago
Jon catches a four, oh man that’s a nice fish. Me when I catch a four, OH MY GOD THAT WAS INSANE
Golden Fish
Golden Fish - 6 years ago
love the underwater footage!
Fishing The World
Fishing The World - 6 years ago
my goodness I now have aids
Jared Wright
Jared Wright - 6 years ago
Joe Vasek cringe
Colton Yarber
Colton Yarber - 6 years ago
I fish behind Whitney all the time I guess I don’t go far enough down!! For sure trying this in the next day or so
ChiefWahoo14 - 6 years ago
I know you gotta do what ya gotta do to get views but that thumbnail smh... don't pause to pose for a thumbnail pic. Don't be Rob
Keenan Moore
Keenan Moore - 6 years ago
Where in Texas is the MTB house located?
J P - 6 years ago
Just kept thinking that bass was gonna twitch and you’re getting a hook in the arm.. you’re always pretty loose with lures with trebles. Either you do get hooked a lot or your one lucky Googan :)
Jojobarz 33
Jojobarz 33 - 6 years ago
Another BANGER
parker pavlas
parker pavlas - 6 years ago
Omg I live there
Brandon Mays
Brandon Mays - 6 years ago
Awesome video, and I love the new truck and rig
Jana Kurth
Jana Kurth - 6 years ago
That would be considered a giant largemouth in Wisconsin
david Arnold
david Arnold - 6 years ago
likin' me some kayak jonny!!!
John Armstrong
John Armstrong - 6 years ago
I know where that is.
WRFishin - 6 years ago
your telling me that the smallest fish of the group was a five??
Adam Pasquale
Adam Pasquale - 6 years ago
L i k e ! ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith - 6 years ago
21 Savage and Jon B? what is this, a crossover episode?
Danny M
Danny M - 6 years ago
Love ur vids Jon b I subscribed
Slice_Of_Bacon - 6 years ago
its funny when he hooks into a large mouth and he pulls himself, not so mush the fish lol
toin - 6 years ago
That intro tho, so clean
Maxwell Claunch
Maxwell Claunch - 6 years ago
Brice is one sexy man
joel morris
joel morris - 6 years ago
Where did y’all put in at and get out
Roger Wells
Roger Wells - 6 years ago
You should come to Colorado one day it’s beautiful out here and the trout fishing is great
Rafael Martinez
Rafael Martinez - 6 years ago
That shimano tranx ain't cheap!!
OhioBassTrackers - 6 years ago
Get the micro power pole for the back
Go Navy
Go Navy - 6 years ago
I’ve been fishing for a long time and I’ve always wondered why swim baits aren’t just the best bait no matter what. It almost perfectly imitates exactly what the fish are after but for some reason fish love 2 huge willow blades and a rubber skirt with 2 hooks more then a perfectly realistic glide bait???
Dave C
Dave C - 6 years ago
shoulda just fished by the ramp
Patrick Vinersar
Patrick Vinersar - 6 years ago
Since you love cars you should try to do some car videos! With your editing skillz it should be easy.
Owen Murray
Owen Murray - 6 years ago
Real dawg, I'm fa real dawg 21
Landon Severson
Landon Severson - 6 years ago
Jon b keep making the good content
Kutler Paul
Kutler Paul - 6 years ago
You need to come over to Louisiana
ILike Fortnite
ILike Fortnite - 6 years ago
Come visit I have hella fishing spots I can show you
ILike Fortnite
ILike Fortnite - 6 years ago
I live in waco!
53iBro - 6 years ago
What happens when the fish dab back?
Hanz On Fishing
Hanz On Fishing - 6 years ago
Great stuff Jon B
Mark Daniels
Mark Daniels - 6 years ago
-Gets a paddle holder
-Doesn’t use it
Frederick Outdoors
Frederick Outdoors - 6 years ago
Casually says "theres a 10lber"
TightLineTV - 6 years ago
is that a top raider hahah
Michael Wright
Michael Wright - 6 years ago
Bro you were 40 minutes from my hometown, Belton Lake just had a new largemouth record broken at 14 lbs and we have an abundance of smallmouth in the resovoir too but I think the biggest smallmouth caught was like 9 lbs back in 2011
Michael Wright
Michael Wright - 6 years ago
Pretty sure I've asked all of yall to check it out a handful of times...hopefully you'll get a chance to see this and see what it's like
Brock Maddux
Brock Maddux - 6 years ago
Legend has it that Jon doesn’t reply to comments
Melvin Jones
Melvin Jones - 6 years ago
That shirt looks like Team Rocket from Pokemon lol
Donnie Lawson
Donnie Lawson - 6 years ago
What was the setup for the dude you were fishing with? Was that a kayak or paddle board?
RippinLipz WNYfishing
RippinLipz WNYfishing - 6 years ago
Them would be tanks for Ny bass for Texas bass there ok considering the state record is 18.8 or something
Larson Hill
Larson Hill - 6 years ago
Holy sunburn
Dawson Garrett
Dawson Garrett - 6 years ago
so glad its fall break so i dont have to get fs anymore cause i skip out on hw watching your vids. Keep up the good work
Tyler Graham
Tyler Graham - 6 years ago
Jacob Bott
Jacob Bott - 6 years ago
I’m really liking the kayak vids please keep making more
BlakeHarrison Pooley
BlakeHarrison Pooley - 6 years ago
Frog in the tree at 5:01
Bass Casters
Bass Casters - 6 years ago
How many Ms in ur bank account?
Outdoor Adventures
Outdoor Adventures - 6 years ago
Love you and the vids jon. Keep up the good work man!
BlakeHarrison Pooley
BlakeHarrison Pooley - 6 years ago
There is a frog in the tree at 5:00
Andrew Farquhar
Andrew Farquhar - 6 years ago
hop back in the yak
Motiondog - 6 years ago
Loving the under water shots
Back Water Bassin
Back Water Bassin - 6 years ago
Can't wait for you to fish with the funk bros
Mathew Cha
Mathew Cha - 6 years ago
wow, those bass are soo skinny. majority of those if they were chunky would be easy 3-4lbers back to back. lol.
Wil Keith
Wil Keith - 6 years ago
Love you Jon b
Ryan Frohlich
Ryan Frohlich - 6 years ago
" Dabbin on the bass " Jon you crazy
Eric B
Eric B - 6 years ago
Love the videos dude. I know the water temperatures are probably still pretty warm but think about wearing a pfd(at least when it gets colder).Your a big inspiration to some of these younger kids and they really look up to you. Show em if someone as cool as Jon b wears a pfd they should wear one too. Keep up the good work dude! Love the content.
michael wachsler
michael wachsler - 6 years ago
One of my favorite videos. Hope to fish there sometime soon
Nolan Pahmahmie
Nolan Pahmahmie - 6 years ago
Water n fish are different looking bro. Just like us people & fish allover the world.
Preston Cobb
Preston Cobb - 6 years ago
Your videos always make me happy. Thanks for doin what ya do bud.
Jonathan Jacobs
Jonathan Jacobs - 6 years ago
Sounded like the straps holding down your yak. Same thing happens to mine. Get a stake out pole it will keep you in place.
Abigail Stimpson
Abigail Stimpson - 6 years ago
I like how he said he was gonna put all the stuff he is in the description but he actually didn't...
grumpy cat
grumpy cat - 6 years ago
Come to central Florida to fish
Aventai - 6 years ago
Buenisimo hermano, me encanto!!
Tristyn Pechacek
Tristyn Pechacek - 6 years ago
Dope video
Titus Feskens
Titus Feskens - 6 years ago
Keep up the kayak videos they are dope
MEGA HOUSE FISHING - 6 years ago
Corrupt Y
Corrupt Y - 6 years ago
I was fishing and I caught a bass 17 inches long and 20 inches around 7lber xD
Avery DeRouen
Avery DeRouen - 6 years ago
You know it's gonna be a good day when you see a upload from ol J0J0Barz33
desiree rodriguez
desiree rodriguez - 6 years ago
Bro I'm n Waco TX let's rip sum lips man hit me up let's meet up dude fr fr
Agustin A.
Agustin A. - 6 years ago
I got 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 fish ready to catch
ya boi
ya boi - 6 years ago
So advice paddle from your toes to your waist and keep your arms out a little more than you have them now
Lando Fishing
Lando Fishing - 6 years ago
Super happy to see someone in a kayak!!!! For me it's the MOST fun way to fish!!!!
Willsueu - 6 years ago
i hear that mounika song
Rei Mei
Rei Mei - 6 years ago
0:00 hasn't even started fishing yet unsubed
The Dream Catcher
The Dream Catcher - 6 years ago
This upload rate is super key
Kali Bonoz
Kali Bonoz - 6 years ago
Hey Jon b.phenomenal editing with great music.ever decide to do movies it's you all day every day.nice video great job
Allen Morgan
Allen Morgan - 6 years ago
Don't know if anyone else has mentioned this, but the horn sounding off in the last few seconds as Jon was diving out was a signal that the dam was about to change the release rate. Probably going to start releasing a little water.
Collin Morrissey
Collin Morrissey - 6 years ago
You should get a head mount for ur gopro
Spinner Worm
Spinner Worm - 6 years ago
For a vid I should make outriggers for your yak so u can stand and fish
Zack Keller
Zack Keller - 6 years ago
4 days in a row..... living the dream
Bryce /Ghost
Bryce /Ghost - 6 years ago
Hey he has the same name as me lol
Austin Aman
Austin Aman - 6 years ago
Jon I here that your going through meat up with Capron from the Funk Bros and do a little fishing
Chris Mata
Chris Mata - 6 years ago
Rob has fished here a few times
Matts sports World
Matts sports World - 6 years ago
Hey can u sub Jon love your vids
Luis Arenas
Luis Arenas - 6 years ago
4:52 so unexpected... nice form tho....LOL
F1S - 6 years ago
your editing is super inspiring. Keep crushing it
Slime Quest TV
Slime Quest TV - 6 years ago
Jonathan Kennedy
Jonathan Kennedy - 6 years ago
Your progressive sunburn was fun to watch.
Andrew Dillon
Andrew Dillon - 6 years ago
Guys he is going to funk bros house
joel santibanez
joel santibanez - 6 years ago
What kind of camera do you use for the underwater releases ?
Brock Vogel fishing
Brock Vogel fishing - 6 years ago
When you were going through those Rapids I was like rob would flip his yak
Eric Castillo
Eric Castillo - 6 years ago
Awesome video bro
Cape Nelson
Cape Nelson - 6 years ago
Anyone know what kind of frog that is?
Upchurch786 - 6 years ago
So freaking Badass!..
Cade Eavenson
Cade Eavenson - 6 years ago
jon you should use the bat lure
Chris Born
Chris Born - 6 years ago
I love the yak videos keep it up
7citiesfishing - 6 years ago
yet another dope video Jon! the weather has been crap here so haven't been able to fish much, but I'm still grinding out some videos, everytime I see your it inspires me even more!
7citiesfishing - 6 years ago
anyone agree?
Cape Nelson
Cape Nelson - 6 years ago
Had to pause at 0:35 and compliment the killer b roll footage!
Moey Hamka
Moey Hamka - 6 years ago
Your kayak vids ara A1 bro keep it up you fucking beast
Vini - 6 years ago
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith - 6 years ago
Wassup with the lizzard skin bat tape on tour rod
Carson Reynolds
Carson Reynolds - 6 years ago
Just, just savage my boi!!!
Kent Glass
Kent Glass - 6 years ago
Loving these kayak video's! My personal favorite way to fish!
CitrusCountyHookers FL
CitrusCountyHookers FL - 6 years ago
Awesome vid b
UpNorth Bassing
UpNorth Bassing - 6 years ago
Never clicked off Robs video so fast
Dylan Egan
Dylan Egan - 6 years ago
Even faster
Dylan Egan
Dylan Egan - 6 years ago
Sam Wilson I have
Jefferso Wilson
Jefferso Wilson - 6 years ago
UpNorth Bassing to hate on him lol
Jefferso Wilson
Jefferso Wilson - 6 years ago
UpNorth Bassing never clicked off monster mikes video so fast
Master Notsew
Master Notsew - 6 years ago
Also, I have my own wilderness tarpon 100 kayak that I like to fish out of
Tristin Riddle
Tristin Riddle - 6 years ago
FlanTh3Man - 6 years ago
Post notifications on!!!!!
Luke Fowler
Luke Fowler - 6 years ago
He is going fishing with capron funk some time
f266101463 - 6 years ago
Lorne Andsavior
Lorne Andsavior - 6 years ago
This video made me squirt
Master Notsew
Master Notsew - 6 years ago
Hey Jon....I have a house right next to the hocking river. I'm 13 and smallie fishing is my passion. If u can, reply to me and as always....Keep Fishing-Never stop
fatboys outdoors
fatboys outdoors - 6 years ago
What a sexy bass
Jimmy Thatcher
Jimmy Thatcher - 6 years ago
In mahy bank account
Callum Reddington
Callum Reddington - 6 years ago
if this gets 100 likes i will eat a musky lure
Andrew - 6 years ago
Great vid but can you explain his kayak setup
Bryce - 6 years ago
Ayoooo!!! Real men are named Bryce
A&OCustom Fishing
A&OCustom Fishing - 6 years ago
Jon "DOPE" B. at it again with another DOPE vid! LOVE IT MAN!!!!!
Donovan King
Donovan King - 6 years ago
Amazing vid as always
UWMC187 - 6 years ago
The straps on the roof of your car vibrating in the wind is the noise you were hearing at the end of the video.
Openwater Fishing
Openwater Fishing - 6 years ago
Is this the brazos?
Connor kuntz
Connor kuntz - 6 years ago
I’m pretty sure you can stand up in that kayak give it a shot one of these times
Robert Secondi
Robert Secondi - 6 years ago
Dope vid, make yourself a rudder. That vibrating sound you heard at the end was most likely the strap on the yak vibrating against the wind.
Hannah Blain
Hannah Blain - 6 years ago
What did u go to college for.
Mr.alpaca 75
Mr.alpaca 75 - 6 years ago
At 9:47 why did it cut out
John Choi
John Choi - 6 years ago
Craig Krage
Craig Krage - 6 years ago
Now that's a mustache.
CT Outdoors
CT Outdoors - 6 years ago
I love seeing Jon b on my YouTube feed
Outdoors With sports
Outdoors With sports - 6 years ago
Hey Jon could you use your chest strap while fishing on your kayak? I feel like we would be able to see the fight a little better.
Tallen - 6 years ago
man bring dat ass to Alaska
Will Cooley
Will Cooley - 6 years ago
Can we get a "that was sick" counter????
Asianboybassin - 6 years ago
My data plan has special needs because of you
BrettLea1214 - 6 years ago
I wish it was GIANT bass crushed top water lure
Coleman Wolf
Coleman Wolf - 6 years ago
Can't believe your fishing my spots man! I caught my personal best in July when a 8lber ate my wacky worm by that waterfall. Also you would love fishing down river of that bridge. Around Spiveys Crossing is the best fishing I have ever done.
Lachlan Mulhearn
Lachlan Mulhearn - 6 years ago
Love those kayak angles!
Califisher04 Califisher04
Califisher04 Califisher04 - 6 years ago
Hey Jon. Can I please get a rod or reel that would be great. I love to fish thank please.
mikeylofton - 6 years ago
I'm gonna send you some sunscreen sir.
Ainsley Harriot
Ainsley Harriot - 6 years ago
Stopped watching incest for this 

Too much?
Stoner X
Stoner X - 6 years ago
smoke a blunt with me
Unknown_ Legend31
Unknown_ Legend31 - 6 years ago
Bring back the retro sweatshirt
Ben McHargue
Ben McHargue - 6 years ago
Jon B, question-
How much did your biggest ever largemouth weigh?
Seth Moser
Seth Moser - 6 years ago
Prob one of my fav videos ever
Mike Litton
Mike Litton - 6 years ago
Amazing how within 40 minutes 8 people goobed out disliking a classic video such as this fine piece. "Keep crankin toads" #NextT-shirtCaption
Gabe Herbst
Gabe Herbst - 6 years ago
Beat fisherman ever subscribe to me to beet Jon b like this and he will she u fishing
Greg Stanley
Greg Stanley - 6 years ago
I live in CT and bruh ya'll catch 5 pounders like nothing here I'm lucky if I catch a 3 pound they are all 1-2 here...
andy pincince
andy pincince - 6 years ago
Only kids and girls watch this kid..if you really want to learn about fishing, go to Tactical Bassin"
Urban Bass
Urban Bass - 6 years ago
What was that noise at the end? It sounded like a Sasquatch
Andy Wang
Andy Wang - 6 years ago
Top water + Jon B= sickest video ever
Everett Barlag
Everett Barlag - 6 years ago
Ya know what homework you can wait
Trout Hunting NZ
Trout Hunting NZ - 6 years ago
andy pincince
andy pincince - 6 years ago
Oh boy, here we go again, Mr.Hollywood showing off!.Why this kid has so many subs is beyond me..oh, thats daughter just said most of his subs are girls..they like the cute, wise guy
FLYNN STONE - 6 years ago
andy pincince That’s a really cool story, thanks.
Timothy Baker
Timothy Baker - 6 years ago
Bro I got a kayak!!! I had to after watching you
Randy Bryant
Randy Bryant - 6 years ago
not a flair fish in the bunch excellent vid
Joey Burrell
Joey Burrell - 6 years ago
I live in Whitney Texas in a gated Community named white bluff and I go to lake Whitney to go bass fishing all the time and in my community there are stocked ponds that hold giant bass
Damon Terpstra
Damon Terpstra - 6 years ago
Jon B. Yesterday at school (Im a Junior in High School) we were playing a game and our team name was JON B-ROLL. At first my teacher was doubtful of the name and I said come on. It just sounds dope. And she let us use it!!!!!!!!
Tommy Nichols
Tommy Nichols - 6 years ago
That's huge bass rock on
The Point Fishing
The Point Fishing - 6 years ago
I think the suv was a great investment.
Dillon L. Fishing
Dillon L. Fishing - 6 years ago
what do you use to record yourself, in the front of the kayak
Nick Morris
Nick Morris - 6 years ago
Were you using the hero 5 or putting the case on a 4 every time (talking about go pros)
Oscar G.
Oscar G. - 6 years ago
he just casually says theres a 10 pounder right there
Rocko's Tacos
Rocko's Tacos - 6 years ago
Is that the same creek/river that rob goes to all the time great vid man
Jhered Adogo
Jhered Adogo - 6 years ago
i like all your video's
Jhered Adogo
Jhered Adogo - 6 years ago
jon b
Fresh Stug wiggly
Fresh Stug wiggly - 6 years ago
Jon, have you ever fished the lemont quarries?
ReelFinsFish'n - 6 years ago
The noise at the end was your tie down straps in the wind. Twist them before you tighten and the wind will not make noise.
Juan Thomas
Juan Thomas - 6 years ago
Hey Jon. Really like the fact that you're fishing out of the kayak I think that's one of the biggest things that the YouTube industry is missing. It's real anglers doing it from a kayak. I hope you keep on with the videos cause I'm really liking what you're putting out. Great job man!!
CaptainCrispy - 6 years ago
Does anyone else just miss the getting in the car and going to a pond to fish. I mean I love the videos you make now but I kinda think it would be cool to just throw it back a little to the old days.
Joe D. Fishing
Joe D. Fishing - 6 years ago
Does anyone have any recommendations for an affordable bass fishing kayak
Kurtis A.
Kurtis A. - 6 years ago
I thought a 3-4 Lb bass was big...then I watched this..I thought wrong. Good video Jon. Keep up the great and terrific work!
Masquinongy - 6 years ago
same here in PA, a 3-4 LB smallie where I live is a pretty decent bass you dont see a whole lot, anything above 5 pounds is an absolute monster. We dont have many largemouth here either that are totally huge either.
Backlash city Fishing
Backlash city Fishing - 6 years ago
Fishing With Lucas if you can find a part of san diego river called old man's pond it's full of lunker bass,it's near the Santee swapmeet.
Backlash city Fishing
Backlash city Fishing - 6 years ago
Fishing With Lucas I lived all over sd county before I moved to Kansas I was living in Pacific beach ,lived in North park,normal heights all over San Diego river was my hands down favorite fishing spot.i loved it,I miss sd and real carne asada fries lol.spent 26 years of my life in sd!!
Fishing with Lucas
Fishing with Lucas - 6 years ago
Backlash city Fishing where did you fish at, I live in SD now.
Backlash city Fishing
Backlash city Fishing - 6 years ago
Michael SANCHEZ when I lived in San diego I used to catch 5-8 lb bass on a regular basis then I moved to Kansas and I'm lucky if I catch a 5lber.althought there are cooling ponds that are heated all year long that produce big number bass,but a bass boat is needed to fish those places!!
Michael SANCHEZ - 6 years ago
There's 20lb bass here in Cali in several lakes. At Castaic Lake reservoir there was an infamous large mouth bass they named Dotty that was 25lbs. I don't know why people don't come out here to the west coast to bass fish more often. We definitely have some huge fish in these waters.
ahastar1141 - 6 years ago
Size is relative. In the mid west 3-4lbs is note worthy, in the south, that's nothing to write home about
Donovan King
Donovan King - 6 years ago
YoBoiKurtis Gaming Clash Royale & more!! Still a sizable bass
Gloria Ybarra
Gloria Ybarra - 6 years ago
love the yak videos
jordan weed
jordan weed - 6 years ago
Hunting during the day and watching the best channel on YouTube at night. Can't get better!
Christian N.
Christian N. - 6 years ago
Jon, What the hell was that dab at 4:54 lol
Zakymq - 6 years ago
God Church jajajajaj
Alphonso Kyser
Alphonso Kyser - 6 years ago
Come fish the brazos at possum kingdom damn I’ll be there this weekend
Jason Alvarado
Jason Alvarado - 6 years ago
Fish lake texoma
fishing 101
fishing 101 - 6 years ago
Love the video man
Barry - 6 years ago
Go pro mounted to a pvc pipe or stick lashed to the yak.
Golden Fish
Golden Fish - 6 years ago
Ricky Mcmahan yessss
Nicholas Langley
Nicholas Langley - 6 years ago
Do you use an anchor in faster moving water?
East Coast Bassin'
East Coast Bassin' - 6 years ago
" they're selling like a god church... Just kidding nobody says that" -Jon B 2017.
Fix Boys Fishing
Fix Boys Fishing - 6 years ago
You should have a tv show tbh
The Top Water King
The Top Water King - 6 years ago
What was that noise it sounds like a cow
Dylan Mason
Dylan Mason - 6 years ago
Great video John b and I will always keep fishing and never stop
Isaiah Rozzelle
Isaiah Rozzelle - 6 years ago
Hey Jon. I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge how much effort you put into your videos. I'm honestly just super amazed! I was wondering by chance, if by chance, that you would ever consider mentoring someone and teaching them your skills? I'd love to try and learn from you and how you do everything(though you probably wouldn't have time with how much you fish and that I'm in Ohio lol). But I was just wondering if you'd ever consider it?! I hope you have a nice day and thank you for the effort you put in your videos!!!
Andrew Welden
Andrew Welden - 6 years ago
Those underwater go pro shots were money man. Especially of the rock ledge! Those are sweet - 6 years ago
Isn't kayak bass fishing simply more fun??!!
Fcsdrum13 - 6 years ago
Love you videos keep up the awesome work
HomeyGamers - 6 years ago
PLZ bring extra batteries PLZ
Bass Fishing With TK Heaven
Bass Fishing With TK Heaven - 6 years ago
Nicely done man, another epic edit!!! Stay safe and tight lines!
ColeZach Bassin
ColeZach Bassin - 6 years ago
Nice vids plz like or comment
Dan McCullough
Dan McCullough - 6 years ago
Pumped you're going to see the funk bros. You gotta learn a backflip!
Peyton Powroznik
Peyton Powroznik - 6 years ago
More vids like this please! Like if you agree
Ethan Stephens
Ethan Stephens - 6 years ago
4,200th viewer lol
ETHAN ZICKERT - 6 years ago
Does anyone recommend any lures that are good for a decent size pond?

Because I have a cold streak right now
Travis Davis
Travis Davis - 6 years ago
Jon B putting on a river clinic!!!! What a day.
kadin croak outdoors
kadin croak outdoors - 6 years ago
You have just been pumping out amazing videos keep them up love your vids keep them like this
Gage Morgan
Gage Morgan - 6 years ago
Do u go deer hunting
Connor Shea
Connor Shea - 6 years ago
Hey guys I just started my own channel and would like to know what you think! Any comments are appreciated.
Kaleb Brownlee
Kaleb Brownlee - 6 years ago
yes a new video it has velt like it has been week's sence the last video oh jon i want to see you go cat fishing i want to see you bet my challenge please take my challenge i want to see it really really bad
Oscar G.
Oscar G. - 6 years ago
Jon That Vid was SOO SICK
North Westernn Fishing
North Westernn Fishing - 6 years ago
Love u jon
East Anglers
East Anglers - 6 years ago
wish we could see the blowups but still nice video
Thomas Kladar
Thomas Kladar - 6 years ago
I'm liking the editing style, reminds me of the old hocking videos
Eric Pulido
Eric Pulido - 6 years ago
The cayak came out sick...
Isabella Reynolds
Isabella Reynolds - 6 years ago
You’re collabing with Capron Funk!!!
hd fishing
hd fishing - 6 years ago
4:45... thank me later
Huskerturtles11 awb
Huskerturtles11 awb - 6 years ago
What's Poppin
wenoobsyeah - 6 years ago
Yay the dislike bots are gone! Love your videos Jon skipping my homework again lol.
All Of It
All Of It - 6 years ago
me to man, me to
NorseWarriorFromNorway - 6 years ago
wenoobsyeah - 6 years ago
Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Who the hell waste their time disliking videos lol, especially with a video that has great quality content!
Mr Pleezy
Mr Pleezy - 6 years ago
jg76980 haha
jg76980 - 6 years ago
NorseWarriorFromNorway I liked the video but im pretty sure all the dislikes are because of 4:54
Mr Pleezy
Mr Pleezy - 6 years ago
wenoobsyeah I still them do I have to update youtube
NorseWarriorFromNorway - 6 years ago
3k likes 2k dislikes now :c
zachary wright
zachary wright - 6 years ago
wenoobsyeah I think you spoke too soon :/
AngryBeetle118 - 6 years ago
Bots are back!
GameMaster - 6 years ago
wenoobsyeah no there not gone
CalebGVS - 6 years ago
wenoobsyeah it's also Catch Em all fishing doing it. Cuz they're all on perics channel too.
CalebGVS - 6 years ago
wenoobsyeah they're all over Chris Bulaws channel
wenoobsyeah - 6 years ago
Micah Middleton 1rod became a hacker lol, maybe that's why he's not uploading lol
Micah Middleton
Micah Middleton - 6 years ago
Yeah i call BS on that ratio, Jon's vids used to get hardly any dislikes. Dislike bots are killin it. I wonder who sends them
hecrunchedit327 - 6 years ago
Not gone yet, no Jon B. Video deserves to have a 2.5/1 like to dislike ratio, I still think someone is rigging the dislikes!
Charles P Scene
Charles P Scene - 6 years ago
I always skip homework :3
wenoobsyeah - 6 years ago
Yah I'm first place in the comments lol
wenoobsyeah - 6 years ago
megahouse215 dude the music on the video you just made it too loud lol, suggestion would be make it less louder and more of a soothing music rather than a rap. That's my opinion though stick to what your doing if you want too lol.
MEGA HOUSE FISHING - 6 years ago
Upchurch786 - 6 years ago
wenoobsyeah literally same
badboybootz8 - 6 years ago
wenoobsyeah - 6 years ago
Lol, that weird sound at the end of the video made my day, as well as your video!
Brenton D.
Brenton D. - 6 years ago
Is your kayak stable? I never see you standing on it?
Brenton D.
Brenton D. - 6 years ago
Kyle_A_C I’ve seen a lot of people do it and I was just wondering
Kyle_A_C - 6 years ago
Southeast_fishing why would you stand on a kayak
Snyder Fishing
Snyder Fishing - 6 years ago
Hey Jon B cool video

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