Big wave kayaking - Tao Berman 2012

Tao Berman is revered as one of the worlds most innovative kayakers. Berman has pushed the sport to new limits and is doing it again with "Big wave kayaking." Subscribe: _ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. See into our world: Red Bull on Facebook: Red Bull on Twitter: Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube: Subscribe to the Red Bulletin: Sign up for our Newsletter here:

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Kayak 10 years ago 554,086 views

Tao Berman is revered as one of the worlds most innovative kayakers. Berman has pushed the sport to new limits and is doing it again with "Big wave kayaking." Subscribe: _ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. See into our world: Red Bull on Facebook: Red Bull on Twitter: Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube: Subscribe to the Red Bulletin: Sign up for our Newsletter here:

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for Big wave kayaking - Tao Berman 2012

Victor Volvox
Victor Volvox - 4 years ago
What?? He's TOWING into these??? Gay. What a kook
Jason Ji
Jason Ji - 4 years ago
what a kook!
Cameron Waters
Cameron Waters - 4 years ago
What are the black things sticking out of the water?
goofyfoot2001 - 4 years ago
Are those people or seals?
Rumple Foreskin
Rumple Foreskin - 4 years ago
It’s called wave ski surfing. They have been doing it in South Africa for almost a century
Charlie Dunn
Charlie Dunn - 4 years ago
I know old guys with beer bellies who would have ridden that wave better first time.
Prep Has Fallen
Prep Has Fallen - 4 years ago
How about you actually paddle out, then paddle a wave instead of getting towed outside and then towed into every wave.
nikey nV
nikey nV - 4 years ago
Tickle Fritz
Tickle Fritz - 4 years ago
Tao is an embarrassment to Red Bull, what a jackass!

10. comment for Big wave kayaking - Tao Berman 2012

John Mullan
John Mullan - 4 years ago
Caught on the inside... he he he
Ana Carolina Vicentin
Ana Carolina Vicentin - 4 years ago
my praticecion kayaking
henryssurfshowcase - 4 years ago
I could not imagine getting flipped around from a wave under water in one of those Kayaks
B.M.M - 4 years ago
Seems quite practical to perform the "turtle" duck dive
ROLF HENDEL - 4 years ago
Blog Caiaque Aventura e Natureza.Irado,radical mesmo,muita adrenalina. It's power.
guernica69 - 4 years ago
Huh, kind of a douche.
mehdi Jillabi
mehdi Jillabi - 4 years ago
you should try to get barrelled
isaacwilk - 4 years ago
Does anyone else get irritated by these Red Bull 'athletes' who spend 3/4 of the video talking about their 'new project' '3 years in the making' 'innovation' ' just so exciting to be doing this' 'I'm really stoked with my new setup, it cost 5 million dollars and was engineered by this specialty firm in Norway' etc Does anyone actually care? These videos are what create adventure sport snobs. Would be 10x cooler to see a video of just someone doing something cool, not bragging about it
Symphony Farm
Symphony Farm - 5 years ago
Seriously - get barreled in a kayak and then retire. Or even better, land a barrel roll a la boogie boarding style!
The Pat1480
The Pat1480 - 5 years ago
i dont like redbull

20. comment for Big wave kayaking - Tao Berman 2012

Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 5 years ago
oh, i see you got on some 30-35 foot waves, kewl... just leave the 50-60 foot waves to us surfers c;
Alex123 sup
Alex123 sup - 5 years ago
100 ft wave next those waves where only 40 go to jaws
jeff browne
jeff browne - 5 years ago
2:23 what are tall the things in the water? seals?
Cameron Todd
Cameron Todd - 5 years ago
next challenge: do it foiling!!!!
Eddie VB
Eddie VB - 5 years ago
any one know what the truck is at 3:06
adow77 - 5 years ago
joynthis - 5 years ago
Tow Berman.
Justin Allen
Justin Allen - 5 years ago
gotta go to jaws Maui and get a huge barrel and make it out... you got this
AleaderWaterShoes - 6 years ago
anyone know the song at the end?
Fireeagle - 5 years ago
AleaderWaterShoes siri
Bum Fights
Bum Fights - 6 years ago
kayak teahupoo
Gumball - 6 years ago
xD He would die xD

30. comment for Big wave kayaking - Tao Berman 2012

Ross Kayaker
Ross Kayaker - 7 years ago
hey give me a ring
Doneet Crowdfunding
Doneet Crowdfunding - 7 years ago
Here's your new challenge Tao: Become a humble man.
Mark Scannell
Mark Scannell - 7 years ago
00:59 in and we see Batman hanging his head in shame of what is to come!
Jester TheZombie
Jester TheZombie - 7 years ago
Okay....Biggest I saw there was about 30ft.... I've kayak surfed 55(ish)ft in Mullaghmore, about an hour's drive from my house. This guy should come visit, he'd be in for a shock.
Stone Weasel
Stone Weasel - 4 years ago
Just check out what Dessie McGlinchey does on a regular basis ;)
dp - 5 years ago
I kayak surf. What you're describing sounds incredible and beyond what I could imagine.
KungFu Spider
KungFu Spider - 5 years ago
Jester TheZombie dude i once surfed a 3 ft one!without any gear,it's clear that im 10 times better than u
Norwegian733 - 5 years ago
But that would take him 10 years, as this "project" took him 3 years....
Mark P.
Mark P. - 7 years ago
Ok that was disappointing....the guy sucks at this.
Red Bull should sponsor Rein Hagenaars, he kajak surfed Jaws on his own and got mad props from the surfers, not like this pussy with a jeski tow :)
Mark P.
Mark P. - 6 years ago
+SurfnWally Yeah but no jetskis still very capable kayak surfer, his runs are not very spectacular because you can't paddle jaws by hand.
Mark P.
Mark P. - 6 years ago
Wow you really needed 10 months to come up with that?
Jessica Tritt
Jessica Tritt - 6 years ago
jeez dude stop bein a hater
SurfnWally - 6 years ago
I agree: disappointing. The waves were just OK, but he didn't do much with them.On your recommendation, I searched for Hagenaars at Jaws. Equally disappointing. I was only able to find a shot of him at 15' Ho'Okipa, and one shot of him [not surfing] at 18' Jaws. The Strapped Crew won't even get of the couch when Jaws is only 18'. I've shot Jaws at 60'+. If you have a link that shows Hagenaars going BIG at Jaws, I would love to see it; but from what I've seen he was there on a pretty weak day.
Julian Bering
Julian Bering - 7 years ago
Does anyone know the name of the song in the end?
Euphemism - 7 years ago
4:00 "At that point when I'm getting rag-dolled end over end I realized how significant you are out there" I think he meant INsignificant, or maybe he just thinks he's more important than the waves.
Mark P.
Mark P. - 7 years ago
+music4lifesux hehehe hey man it takes a lot to think, talk and sound important at the same time :)
gregory smith
gregory smith - 7 years ago
super classic !!!!!
Thomas Brummel
Thomas Brummel - 7 years ago
Is it just me or does this place look like mavs
CaptBH2 - 7 years ago
Cats Ass!!
tan man
tan man - 7 years ago
The frist part is so funny
Brieuc Bonduelle
Brieuc Bonduelle - 7 years ago
Stephen Hamill
Stephen Hamill - 7 years ago
tao berman.. the most hated pro in kayaking
Chris Hobson
Chris Hobson - 5 years ago
Pull your tongue out of his ass hole
Jessica Tritt
Jessica Tritt - 6 years ago
who Tao he is better then you will ever be I bet you did not run a 98 foot waterfall like him
Tyler Ward
Tyler Ward - 7 years ago
Venting Show
Venting Show - 8 years ago
Try a SUP next time, dirt bag.
IAMLampLighter - 8 years ago
i've a little more faith in the world seeing that others are wiping the douche off their brows from watcing that rubbish. you have trampled me, Red Bull. and you have not removed your Tao from you rear, Mr Berman.
T Tank
T Tank - 8 years ago
Tao, how about you try surf kayaking Mavericks!  Now that would be interesting.
Richard Repper
Richard Repper - 4 years ago
That was Mavericks. He sucked.
DIktogs - 8 years ago
or teahupoo
Keep it up, please don't retire, you know you cant give this sport up!
Muskky - 8 years ago
I didn't know that Justin Timberlake was a big wave surfer
Romany1111 - 8 years ago
Basically a Red Bull ad. Berman's "performance" was heavily edited because he was unable to do anything near what he thought he'd be able to do.  Doesn't understand ocean/surf  kayak skills and is not interested in learning.  He collected his check, I am sure. 
Stone Weasel
Stone Weasel - 7 years ago
It is a cool film but still does not really begin to show what is doable in a surf kayak. Steve, while an amazing paddler, will still very much admit that he still has a lot to learn about surf kayaking. He does seem to be keen to learn and become great in the surf though so fair play to him.
Romany1111 - 8 years ago
+THeQUAKt Thanks. Also check out "Fly Don't Fall" featuring Chris Hobson (UK) boater. 
THeQUAKt - 8 years ago
There is a realy awsome Kayak-Surfing movie by Steve Fisher. There you can realy see, what is possible in a Surf-Kayak

50. comment for Big wave kayaking - Tao Berman 2012

maballs bunghole
maballs bunghole - 8 years ago
fucking goat boaters
Master9 - 8 years ago
Yeeeha big waves!
Subterfugeo - 8 years ago
Would of been a decent project to get barreled at least.
Ryan Campbell
Ryan Campbell - 8 years ago
I disliked because he said he could think of nothing more and is "retiring from paddling"...there is always more to shoot for my friend
mike bow
mike bow - 8 years ago
this is the dumbest fucking thing i've ever seen. Get an actual board.. they are made to be surfed unlike kayaks
Jessica Tritt
Jessica Tritt - 6 years ago
+callum Grimes true
callum grimes
callum grimes - 7 years ago
+mike bow dumbest fucking comment I've ever read, there are actually kayaks designed to surf.
Kid In Africa
Kid In Africa - 8 years ago
Commit or eat shit
ben jermy
ben jermy - 8 years ago
What Kayak is it ??
David Blumberg
David Blumberg - 8 years ago
what struck me was "I am in it for the challenge.  no challenge, so i retire."  what about the joy of surfing and paddling (I do both)....
David Korst
David Korst - 8 years ago
why are you getting towed in when you're in a kayak?!?! Paddle that shit! you could definitely get enough speed to drop in, they go faster than surfboards and surfers paddle into waves like that. Last project? Tow surfing is only critical in 50ft+ waves or giant slabbing barrels. oh that should be his next project. get towed into teahupoo or the right on a kayak! yew get shacked
CristianCarnero - 8 years ago
jajaja menudo tio que ostias se pega.
4sizle - 8 years ago
thats a pretty bad ending.....
Champagne Children
Champagne Children - 8 years ago
anyone know the song at the end?
Julian Bering
Julian Bering - 7 years ago
+Alex Kaim This isn't the song
Alex Kaim
Alex Kaim - 8 years ago
Darude- sandstorm
Dana & Sherri Outrigger & Kayaking
Dana & Sherri Outrigger & Kayaking - 8 years ago
Ben McClean
Ben McClean - 8 years ago
You beast!!!
ifell3 - 8 years ago
Whats those little black blobs in the sea just before the wave?
ohlolololololollol - 8 years ago
Chris O'Mahony
Chris O'Mahony - 8 years ago
its a type of kelp called bull kelp
TrollsRolling - 8 years ago
Red Bull tastes like piss and it ruins your teeth, just like piss does.
Chris Hobson
Chris Hobson - 8 years ago
That same week I was paddling into bigger waves in the UK, no support, no cameras... its such a shame that me, 3x world surf kayak champion can not even get to speak to a company like redbull to get support for something like this, and tao berman can get them to support him to do this...'towed into big waves...' more like Bounce uncontrollably down a big wave....  I have utmost respect for Tao, as he has pushed kayaking to new limits, but stick to what you know, stick to the rivers... The big companies should look further than the end of their nose and give someone like me a chance! Surfing the biggest wave in a kayak is my dream, and my goal, i will do it with or without their support. 
oregonxyz - 5 years ago
everybody wants to be a celebrity - all of us "average" people are very bored with all the cat-fighting amongst the look-at-me crowd
Alister Nelson
Alister Nelson - 8 years ago
i totally agree , but the funny thing is that you say stick to what he knows , most of his videos show how much he doesn't know even a stick can get down a water fall and i think the stick has more brains anyway . (I'm no grade 5 paddler or big wave kayaker , i just do the small stuff so far)
Guiding Mike
Guiding Mike - 8 years ago
Why do I get the impression that  Tao Berman smokes a lot of dope and got his way through life paid by his father?
Richard Repper
Richard Repper - 6 years ago
Tao Berman hasn't been anywhere near the top of his sport for at least a decade. There are hundreds of paddlers out there who make him look like a weekend warrior in every discipline.
Jessica Tritt
Jessica Tritt - 6 years ago
Tao is the best at his sport
wrybread - 8 years ago
Harsh! The guy is at the top of his sport, he deserves respect, in my opinion at least.

But back on topic, I'm surprised to see him getting towed in. I'd have thought with all the extra push and speed of a kayak he could paddle into those waves.
Darcy de Joux
Darcy de Joux - 8 years ago
I thought it was cool I m into surfing but can appreciate what he did
M - 8 years ago
Jigsaw - 8 years ago
How do they fit their balls into the kayak?
Jj the man
Jj the man - 5 years ago
A.J. Deutsch those big balls of steel
A.J. Deutsch
A.J. Deutsch - 5 years ago
OhHellNo, what balls?
Callum McMahon
Callum McMahon - 8 years ago
ok he isn't a surf kayaker hes a bit of a dick if i'm honest. He is the only paddler i know who just wants to beat everyone else an show off but hey if hes gone it lets the full time non up them self guys come out and show case the sport.
Callum McMahon
Callum McMahon - 6 years ago
+Jessica Tritt I've done 10ft and was scared shitless there isn't any denying his balls but the only thing bigger than his balls is his ego.
Jessica Tritt
Jessica Tritt - 6 years ago
hey look who's talking don't make fun of Tao like that lets see u get in a kayak and surf a forty foot wave
Stoked Backwoods Media
Stoked Backwoods Media - 8 years ago
The Zambezi is under threat from a huge hydroelectric project and we need 10000 signatures by February 11, please sign and then spread the word any way you can!
Mike Patterson
Mike Patterson - 8 years ago
the concept is interesting but it's no reason to stop paddling....  keep flowing with the river
Tyler Bethea
Tyler Bethea - 8 years ago
kayak a black diamond moutnain!
oregonxyz - 8 years ago
all he kind of did was bounce down the face -- & yeah -- keep kayaks out of the lineup -- they just get in the way

for his next project - he should destroy as many sups as he can - I hate sweepers
dickylobster - 8 years ago
Every wave no matter what the size, is a challenge and an adventure in life. One day in the surf and you want to retire? Your not a Waterman.
Sese R
Sese R - 8 years ago
Exactly my thoughts!
LVC85costa - 8 years ago
just not amazed... its like a big budget experiment... no paddling, no carving, and he kinda just accepted that pounding. should have done a lot with that wave plus he got a tow in...
jomanolu garcia yañez
jomanolu garcia yañez - 8 years ago
Name ok song min 4,15 please
Danielle Vee
Danielle Vee - 9 years ago
surf kayaking is GAY!  Stay out of the lineup before the locals give your dumb asses a two wave beat down.
Tristan Curnow
Tristan Curnow - 8 years ago
You got internet balls, bet your a pussy face to face
Micah Handrinos
Micah Handrinos - 8 years ago
But yeah dude seriously your hair is gay as fuck.
Micah Handrinos
Micah Handrinos - 8 years ago
+Shino Yaj exactly what i was gonna fucking say to him hahaha 
Yanglers - 8 years ago
Stfu fagatron look at your gay ass hair lol, you probably sit home all day wanking with that bitch hair due.
ALEXANjunior - 9 years ago
is that you at the photo? man i if i were you i will commit a fucking suicide. i m not bull shit you :))
Scootchels - 9 years ago
That is some big wave action...but he needs to stick to rivers. His technique sucks with no carving or turns. Look up Costa Rica surf kayaking. Those cats rip.
Spider fish
Spider fish - 9 years ago
Experiences the biggest waves in the world Nazareth Portugal.
jvanegas14 - 9 years ago
jesus! the biggest waves I've kayaked are 4 feet on a good day!
Anne Gavin
Anne Gavin - 9 years ago
what away to test a kayak
Jonas Brown
Jonas Brown - 9 years ago
No no no ! Don't retire! Keep paddling! Your my biggest motivation for kayaking! Just keep doing regular rivers! Please!
edu llanie
edu llanie - 9 years ago
Samual Buford
Samual Buford - 9 years ago
Love how if your trying to have fun on the waves if it aint surfing your a loser....STFU, bro waves are just some natural relationship with the moon. If you want to surf them fine if you want to bodyboard body surf kayak fucking skee down them...who cares surf fanatics need to sit down and reflect on their own sport because being an opinionated ass hole is not what it's about.
Paul Page
Paul Page - 9 years ago
No surfing or kayak surfing here, no bottom turns, decent carving, more like just running scared............
xlr8r17 - 9 years ago
0:16 OUCH
Lawrence M
Lawrence M - 9 years ago
I understand where you come from however like Tao Berman i search for adrenaline rushes within paddlesports and well once you step it up a notch you get hooked to it and after a while anything below this level will not give you that same rush. Tao here has reached such a level there is nowhere for him to progress to unless if he literally would want to do something that can only be classed as suicidal which is why he has retired which is the sensible option.
Romany1111 - 9 years ago
Very cool, but Mr. Berman holds this record for himself only. There are a lot of amateur and a few pro kayak surfers from N. California who routinely surf faces this tall and higher, in stock/production boats. Red Bull needs to do a little research before they jump on marketing ideas that hold no water.
adventurecraig - 9 years ago
Matt Shields
Matt Shields - 9 years ago
AWESOME, but instead of retirement now its time to pack a fishing rod into your yak and chase a marlin!!
SuperMichael300 - 9 years ago
Goodjob dude, your awesome!
Alex McLeod
Alex McLeod - 9 years ago
go back to call of duty bud
Alex McLeod
Alex McLeod - 9 years ago
this 0:16 and this 0:32 is why he would be retiring from professional kayaking
eXozGaming - 9 years ago
@tehegle power shut up and @onthewaterr shut up :)
Patrick Kroppe
Patrick Kroppe - 9 years ago
Ok buddy. Im gonna let you have fun with your internet fight. You win. Pussy.
onthewaterr - 9 years ago
You sound like a tough guy saying fuck every other word.
Patrick Kroppe
Patrick Kroppe - 9 years ago
You sound like a pussy to me.

100. comment for Big wave kayaking - Tao Berman 2012

onthewaterr - 9 years ago
you sound pretty mad to me.
Patrick Kroppe
Patrick Kroppe - 9 years ago
I'm not mad, I just think you're a fucking pussy. That is all.
onthewaterr - 9 years ago
umad bro?
Patrick Kroppe
Patrick Kroppe - 9 years ago
Shut the fuck up, you fucking pussy.
onthewaterr - 9 years ago
or he does it for the sponsors/money...
onthewaterr - 9 years ago
point being?
AquaCentauri - 9 years ago
used to see a couple in the 90s in australia but havnt seen one in over a decade thank its just those irritating stand up paddle boards.....
Andri Sigurgeirsson
Andri Sigurgeirsson - 9 years ago
Something to challenge the imagination! 2013 Spring-melt news from Iceland...Goðafoss was turned into a rapid as the average flow of 1765cfs went up to 24000cfs(biggest since '95) one can only imagine what Aldeyjafoss looked like :-P The 26-foot right-hand side drop of Goðafoss turned into a monster hole, and the 40-foot right-hand side drop went down to 13-feet, it is about 100-150-feet wide...Aldeyjafoss is on the same river...a 13-foot wide, 65-foot drop. you'd better pray for mercy!!!
emmerfarro - 9 years ago
Cody is his name before he settled on "Tao". His mom goes by the name Silver Moon.
A Pack a Day
A Pack a Day - 9 years ago
Bloody egg beater :) guys have been dropping in on paddle skis for awhile. I remember big punch outs in the parking lot between the paddle skiers and surfers when I was a wee grom surfing in East London South Africa.
onthewaterr - 9 years ago
Did he say professional? Is he 77?
Mark Mackoviak
Mark Mackoviak - 9 years ago
You are an idiot. He's retired from PROFESSIONAL kayaking. Don't be so dimwitted. Impossible to retire from something you love? Do you think a 77 year old could still be a professional kayaker?
La Chips
La Chips - 9 years ago
mon c'est d’être comme vous des pros du kayak bravo
Jim Ferrigno
Jim Ferrigno - 9 years ago
When guys like Tao "retire" from kayaking, that means they're off the pro circuit. Most of these guys still paddle recreationally, they just tire of the show and the constant need to put yourself in harms way to appease sponsors.
365kayak - 9 years ago
One does not simply, "Retire from Paddling." Awesome skills bro!!!
onthewaterr - 9 years ago
He hasn't done it all, others have done a lot more. If you knew this guy as much as everyone in the kayak community does. You'd know exactly how he meant it.
Dani Ruiz
Dani Ruiz - 9 years ago
It's kinda boring when you are to big for a sport. I mean, when u have done more than anyone can do on a kayak, when there is nothing harder than you have done before... then you retire as a profesional paddler. I think that's what he means. Make sure he will still paddling by his own and with friends also.
A Mc
A Mc - 9 years ago
hey tao, you might even want to surf some small ones...just so you can learn how to surf.
A Mc
A Mc - 9 years ago
dude is a complete hype. like seriously he never surfs a wave, not one. He gets annihilated in one wave and he rides down the shoulder of several others. He has no idea what a bottom or top turn is. there's not one shot without a jetski sitting on his shoulder ready to grab him. what a joke...embarassment to the actual good surf kayakers out there. kayakers that can even paddle out in big surf.
Josh Godber
Josh Godber - 9 years ago
you try paddling in to a 50ft wave, let me know how that turns out for you.
brianbirc - 9 years ago
just a step below half man next challenge stand up
Russell Flint
Russell Flint - 9 years ago
I don't get it; just looked at his website and it really does look like its all a job to him, no where does he say he loves kayaking or he loves surfing. It's all about doing other sports and setting goals. Sounds like he treats it as a job, where's the passion. It must be somewhere?
isak sink
isak sink - 9 years ago
you must hate kayaks then
isak sink
isak sink - 9 years ago
he means retire from doing it as a profession , do you really believe he will stop kayaking... common sense
EVAN VAN - 9 years ago
Do a kyak backflip for red bull
Aidan Squirrell
Aidan Squirrell - 9 years ago
amazing i met my girl friend in my kayak
clive gibney
clive gibney - 9 years ago
I don't think he ment he was never going to paddle again. He's just going to stop pushing his limits. Trying to break Tyler Bradt's record for the highest waterfall could easily result in death. Anyone who paddles loves it!!
Ruedi Klein
Ruedi Klein - 9 years ago
ok, different question: what were those black things in the water? don't think they were swimmers, but they looked like he even hit some of them while kayaking
NinjaOfDarkEpicness - 9 years ago
Ok that was mean
NinjaOfDarkEpicness - 9 years ago
Caus he's not a fucking surfer you bloody moron. He's a kayaker
wav3rider808 - 9 years ago
Why wouldn't he try to paddle into big wave as the next step? Everyone in surfing knows the real talent of big wave surfing is not towing in it is paddling in!
Torran James
Torran James - 9 years ago
Don't set projects, they can end. Set ambitions, that'll only ever end when your compassion does.
Tomás Saavedra
Tomás Saavedra - 9 years ago
he has not ride the wave
eviltvcompany - 9 years ago
step it up and get tubed on that thing kook
intellishock - 9 years ago
yeah, he probably just retired from competitive kayaking so he can enjoy the sport he devoted his life too. just saiyan.
Martin - 9 years ago
Only a gay who likes one night stand. Awful approach.
beveik - 9 years ago
sticking "redbull" on every super-pro-elite ass won't make me drink your shit. no way
MushroomBro - 9 years ago
retire as a profession you bunch of dumbasses
RUDYAKAHALIBU77 - 9 years ago
Why to go Tao , setting the bar ! Great team work out there : )
Oliver Warthling
Oliver Warthling - 10 years ago
kayak down a water slide
CuriousCraig2 - 10 years ago
Kayaking forever.
Dust Man
Dust Man - 10 years ago
burn out
Jackson Jolly
Jackson Jolly - 10 years ago
That boat is just a covered over surfboard...
alohajason - 10 years ago
duh.. i'm sure Red Bull supports him pretty well so he can 'work' kayaking
Jason G
Jason G - 10 years ago
U planned this for 3 years n that's the best wave u could get? Seems like ur just hyping it up a bit.
Kayak NewsUSA
Kayak NewsUSA - 10 years ago
Dust Man
Dust Man - 10 years ago
retire from kayaking? like it's a job or something
Brad Cullen
Brad Cullen - 10 years ago
Its kinda good he is. Now real kayakers can step in.
mokotramp - 10 years ago
panathora - 10 years ago
One does not simply RETIRE FROM KAYAKING! KOOK! Sorry this really didn't impress me. 3 Years wasted.
onthewaterr - 10 years ago
This guy[Tao Berman] "retired" from kayaking, which shows that he didn't love the sport and more so thought of it as a job.. I will kayak till I'm dead which it is impossible to retire from something you love.
Daniel J. Fylan-Smith
Daniel J. Fylan-Smith - 10 years ago
Wes Hall - WalksOnOne
Wes Hall - WalksOnOne - 10 years ago
Impressive, he says he has reached his goal, I have not seen him get a barrel ride in a kayak, which would be more impressive.
Rick Ackroyd
Rick Ackroyd - 10 years ago
That was not 40 Foot...
Rory Martin
Rory Martin - 10 years ago
"have not pulled popped my deck in over ten yeras" thats called complacency and that dumbass is why you got hammered thank fuck he is off the rivers....
jmc1271 - 10 years ago
ok...not sure how much of a Tao fan I am...regardless, I have 2 words: English Channel. The bloakes have been working the waves in their Makos since the 90's.
FURANO TV - 10 years ago
Berean Purther
Berean Purther - 10 years ago
You guys are idiots. Doing 50 foot + cliffs and having a sponsor like red bull allows someone to say they are retiring.
Greta Zagarino
Greta Zagarino - 10 years ago
Wow... can't believe the haters have nothing better to do. Tao made a living at a sport he loved, and he did push the envelope for all of the punks doing his same tricks today. Like him or hate him, he's managed to do something I admire: play to work and work to play. He made a living, providing for his family... kayaking. Congratulations, Tao, you have way more fans than haters who have respect for all that you do. Nuff said.
12Achilleas - 10 years ago
Why he needed a helicopter for doing that thing how a doctor that flys over him would help him he would land at the sea and it wasnt that extreme running with a kayak at waves
Diatomsonmypizza - 10 years ago
did he say "gnarly"? what a fucking idiot.
ctophman1 - 10 years ago
Who on Earth does this guy think he is? Growing up with an uncle that kayaks all the time, I've been to the beach just to watch him surf the waves. This is NOT a new sport, but has been around for a long time,and when my uncle was a child,it was still around.What pisses me off is when people like this act like they are inventing a new sport, or innovating a current one to a new level.Tao does not have any respect from me,never act this egotistic,when a sport has been around longer than his life.
connor goodwillie
connor goodwillie - 10 years ago
I grew up with him and he is the biggest duche ever haha. Do it cuz you love the sport not because you want to prove yourself.
Jesse Hendrix
Jesse Hendrix - 10 years ago
you can't have a career in kayaking, unless your a teacher, teaching new people how to role. its so much more then that and its not something you can retire from, the thought of that is ridiculous
Jesse Hendrix
Jesse Hendrix - 10 years ago
Kayaking isin't something you can retire from, its a lifestyle, there isn't some giant league with numbers being taken out of the game.
paightonadelaida - 10 years ago
The haters here are the kooks still in Jr high who pulled into a head high wave once and now think they're Laird Hamilton.
Rob Meeker
Rob Meeker - 10 years ago
Congrats Tao, I've been watching ya for years, way to go out well, and screw the haters.... Out with a good ride cowboy, good ride....
Auzzie Surfer
Auzzie Surfer - 10 years ago
sick video and everyone hating on him fuck up your all just jealous wankers cause you cant do it
simplyhike - 10 years ago
some cool kayaks with some amazing waves there!! great video! so much action! Just to let you know we sell loads of kayaks and other travelling products so please take a look at our channel for more info! thanks! :-)
Dirk Langpap
Dirk Langpap - 10 years ago
Want to evolve? Stand up...Try surfing on a river, maybe SUP? Then go to some really big waves, not that mushy stuff.
Troy Pasko
Troy Pasko - 10 years ago
asian dad: "Now, teahupoo..."
Simon - 10 years ago
Still a horrible goatboater
GordKayaksStuff - 10 years ago
Who the hell would ever want to "retire" from kayaking?
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray - 10 years ago
Rio Tana
Rio Tana - 10 years ago
OMG The gut crunch at 0:17
stefan tertsch
stefan tertsch - 10 years ago
tao Berman is a god!!!! does anyone know the name of the song which start at such a nice song :)
slimshady94 - 10 years ago
madmiguelh2o - 10 years ago
You're right. Even the rivers he paddled earlier in his career are way more serious than towing into big waves. the same goes for some of these really tall drops too though. They are impressive but the threats are more about injury than drowning. Rush Sturges and Steve Fischer just paddled the Congo river with like 1.5 million cfs. That makes this big wave thing seem like class 3. But whatever its still cool.
CraicShack Prod
CraicShack Prod - 10 years ago
Tao Berman has every right to have an ego, have you seen half the stuff he has done on the rivers, its not even an ego, its pure balls, you have to respect that. You should also be greatful that he is bringing such publicity to surf kayaking. And lastly, nobody said he was the best, he clearly says in the video that he wants to challenge himself. Now get back to work.
Stokeiometry - 10 years ago
drop in at Pipe! get pitted, get spat out a barrel, there are way more gnarlier crap to do. even the river waves the bombflow crew hits up looks gnarlier. C'mon redbull !
slapandtick1e - 10 years ago
hell yeah he got demolished lol
TechnoEngineer - 10 years ago
Yep, totally agree with you there, StoneWeasel. Not much talent on show there at all; no bottom turns or top turns. He surfs like a playboater.
sshhhhhh - 10 years ago
That's the wrong Kayak bud... he looks like an idiot flopping around on that thing with little control...
Josh Dance
Josh Dance - 10 years ago
Contour camera. No housing. Nice.
Chris C
Chris C - 10 years ago
Jack Gibbs
Jack Gibbs - 10 years ago
he doesn't even have any surf kayaking technique! 3 years in the planning!!! WTF!! Give me a jet ski and a holiday to a big wave destination and I'll do it in a day!!! What a cock!! I hope he does actually retire!
tconv722 - 10 years ago
Doesn't he mean that he realized how INsignificant you are out there after getting hit by that big wave?
mellowmoods420 - 10 years ago
Question.... how did that Contour camera do without the underwater housing???? I'm thinking of picking one up, but plan on buying the housing for it (for surfing). May change my mind on the housing...
Arend VanderKam
Arend VanderKam - 10 years ago
Slap a hydrofoil on that thing!!!
David Hackett
David Hackett - 10 years ago
i just drank my own urine
Hossy81 - 10 years ago
Hehe 1:58..... looks like he is peeing...xDD
Brian W
Brian W - 10 years ago
Does anyone know the name of the song starting at 04:15????? Efffin Shazam keeps on saying its some japanese song, way off... please!!!
gounderus - 10 years ago
EPIC kayaking some gnar gnar! Wow, imagine accomplishing everything in your sport/job/life...incredible! Props to him for never being complacent!
mvulch - 10 years ago
sorry but those waves are nowhere near 40 feet. he was being pulled onto the shoulder of already broken waves.
Andrea Ikata
Andrea Ikata - 10 years ago
the Truck is an MXT International, and the location is Nelscott Reef in Lincoln City, OR
birdman bl
birdman bl - 10 years ago
where is nelscot reef?
birdman bl
birdman bl - 10 years ago
Where is this clip shot? Thanks
bland old isaac
bland old isaac - 10 years ago
"thats the same things that waves around going to do, push you forward" great, thanks for the physics lesson there mate
BurtonSnowboard123 - 10 years ago
contour on the helmet but gopro on the kayak?
1200hpv10 - 10 years ago
what kind of truck is that 3:06
Sean Morley
Sean Morley - 10 years ago
Tao, if you think those were the biggest waves surfed in a kayak you are deluding yourself and conning your sponsors and everyone else. You may be the first to get towed into a wave and congratulations for that but the biggest wave - no way. I know I have surfed bigger and so have others. Of course our challenge is to capture it on film like you did...
Ryan Andrews
Ryan Andrews - 10 years ago
Kony 2012
jesse8111 - 10 years ago
@jameymoore1995 I think he means retire from being a professional, he's not going to stop paddling.
martibridges1 - 10 years ago
I'm with Jamey Moore who says no one retires from kayaking. I'm 57 and still running whitewater after 36 years. It's only Class III and IV, but still. And surf kayaking is a lot harder than river whitewater for sure. Glad to see Tao trying something new.
jraustinable - 10 years ago
Now that's just lazy surfing
Jamey Moore
Jamey Moore - 10 years ago
For all the people that said this looks easy. Get in a kayak and go down a class 3 river. You will fall out in the first rapid. I guarantee you. Now for Tao to go and do this is incredible. He is inventing new areas of the sport that I love. And Tao, no one retires from paddling. If you don't ever paddle again just because you can't find the next biggest thing to do, then I ashamed for looking up to you as much as I have. The river/ocean is a place to have fun and create memories with ur friends
Chapell - 10 years ago
do not end I look up to you
SKMbrdr17 - 10 years ago
What kind of truck is that at 3:07?
TheLethalMoo - 10 years ago
@JonWasGeht yah its one of those sports where it sure is a lot harder than it looks xD
Richard Franks
Richard Franks - 10 years ago
@xcaleb5880x1 Piss Off*
satlly1 - 10 years ago
4:38 This is so AMAZING!!!
tconv722 - 10 years ago
Why would he retire? That doesn't make any sense.
Caleb Adams
Caleb Adams - 10 years ago
@givealittletakealot Tyler Bradt*
Laurence Jones
Laurence Jones - 10 years ago
Don't retire your sick man!
Stephen Hamill
Stephen Hamill - 10 years ago
@givealittletakealot tyler bradt has the current world record. tao set it a few times a few years ago.
Shizzl - 10 years ago
@SolidBrowser should have*
Sjur Funnemark
Sjur Funnemark - 10 years ago
Dont retire!
Dudio - 10 years ago
@JonWasGeht I've Kayaked some small surf before, and its a lot easier than surfing them because you're already good to go, just got to get the speed up and line yourself up.. the only thing I found that screwed me up was remembering which side of the oar to dig in when you were starting to rotate. I'd always do the wrong one and it would go even worse and I'd tumble. That's one thing, it hurts a lot more when you tumble in a kayak, on a surfboard you can just bail.
Max Spengler
Max Spengler - 10 years ago
you have yet to paddle across the ocean...
Exploring Elements
Exploring Elements - 10 years ago
You do need "big balls"!!! Congrats on getting it done Tao. The ocean has been by new frontier as of late, but the rivers will always be home:) Your too young and on top of it to retire, keep up the good work!
That_WRX - 10 years ago
James Manning
James Manning - 10 years ago
Check out Joseph Kony hes nuts!
gorgino85 - 10 years ago
try jaws!
RJ - 10 years ago
who thinks of this o ya redbull
David Jeffrey
David Jeffrey - 10 years ago
It's a damn good thing he decided to retire... only a matter of time til he destroyed himself for good. It's amazing what he's accomplished so far, and to still be in one piece, he gets my respect big time. Cheers to a great career Tao!
RobertGoulet298 - 10 years ago
@ToysCollective Kelp most likely.
Parker Arnold
Parker Arnold - 10 years ago
retirement, whaaaaa?
Scotty McComas
Scotty McComas - 10 years ago
Im always curious about stuff like this, why wouldn't he just learn to surf its more efficient and will have more area to progress ie airs, turns, etc?
Scotty McComas
Scotty McComas - 10 years ago
@ToysCollective It the air bulbs on the end of bull kelp
ToysCollective - 10 years ago
2:23 whats all that in the water? seals?
amoshilel123 - 10 years ago
@JBIRCHMAN1996 i know right
apolo vieira
apolo vieira - 10 years ago
I'm not the only one that catch waves with kayak!
Pedro Paulo Grillo
Pedro Paulo Grillo - 10 years ago
@baker35000 hell yeah
Jack Shields
Jack Shields - 10 years ago
seems like a generally nice guy....
nurz33 - 10 years ago
thats fantastic!
TheNich8888 - 10 years ago
dont quit yet! theres so much more you can try on the big waves, like getting into the pipe, trying to launch out of it, doing all sorts of surfing tricks in a kayak, or transferring the kayak tricks into huge waves, not to mention kayak big waves all over the world. theres TONS of stuff you could still do, dont stop cause you cant think of anything new, the possibilites are endless!
alexsurfingwaves - 10 years ago
Hey Tao! I have a challenge for you... why don't you try and cayac down a glacier!!! That would really be narlly!
DragoSolitario67 - 10 years ago
Rodrigo prwenks
Rodrigo prwenks - 10 years ago
What is the name of the song 4:15 ?
IvIustangsvt2003 - 10 years ago
1 person must drink monster.
themrjones - 10 years ago
it's like you got a little speed boat. so sick.
Thefriscojr - 10 years ago
what the fuck are you doing scroll up!!!
Pukki34 - 10 years ago
Lets see the underwater footage from a gopro? How lame not to include the wipe out footage..!
flouwe jet
flouwe jet - 10 years ago
Mygge Meistro
Mygge Meistro - 10 years ago
I dont understand how you guys do it, I looks so easy, but its not
scratchcratch - 10 years ago
Freakin' awesome!
ThisKidsYoutube - 10 years ago
imagine how this could affect the lives of paralyzed surfers? or those who have lost leg(s) in surfing accidents, this could be way to get them back out??
Solo- Johnson
Solo- Johnson - 10 years ago
Patrick Veenstra
Patrick Veenstra - 10 years ago
@phvemmen and not a little too
Stuart - 10 years ago
I just lost five and a half minutes of my life and I want them back.
scooterkid66 - 10 years ago
he is retiring?
JonWasGeht - 10 years ago
It looks so easy...
Patrick Veenstra
Patrick Veenstra - 10 years ago
@JBIRCHMAN1996 yeah!!!!
MajorTom - 10 years ago
PennerPros - 10 years ago
under 300 Club YEAH!
fuckyou goglefags
fuckyou goglefags - 10 years ago
fake and gay

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