Building a Wooden Kayak - Making the microBootlegger

A video documenting the process of building a wooden kayak. Nick Schade makes a custom built microBootlegger, starting from raw lumber through completion. Nick Schade from Guillemot Kayaks specializes in designing and building bespoke small wooden boats. Drawing from years of experience using kayaks, canoes, row boats and small sailboats, Nick creates unique original design and constructs them using wood and high quality composite materials. Materials: Mahogany, Maple, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Epoxy. Infusion Epoxy provided by Endurance Epoxy Light Awash Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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A video documenting the process of building a wooden kayak. Nick Schade makes a custom built microBootlegger, starting from raw lumber through completion. Nick Schade from Guillemot Kayaks specializes in designing and building bespoke small wooden boats. Drawing from years of experience using kayaks, canoes, row boats and small sailboats, Nick creates unique original design and constructs them using wood and high quality composite materials. Materials: Mahogany, Maple, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Epoxy. Infusion Epoxy provided by Endurance Epoxy Light Awash Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Joe Atwork
Joe Atwork - 4 years ago
I've built 4 strip canoes and one of the greatest moments is when you pour on the resin and the beautiful color of the cedar pops out. Of course, nothing beats dropping it in the water for the first time. Thanks for the video.
Paul Miller
Paul Miller - 4 years ago
Я вспоминаю как мы деревянные байдарки каждый сезон подновляли к тренировкам, гонкам. А тут столько труда! Этот парень явно флегматичный зануда!) А на таких каноэ не то что на воду, на них дуть нельзя, только в музей!!!
Kem Stewart
Kem Stewart - 4 years ago
Poole Bay Bushcraft.
Poole Bay Bushcraft. - 4 years ago
A true craftsman at work. Thank you for sharing this film.
Billder Inbaja
Billder Inbaja - 4 years ago
A beautiful, impressive display of craftsmanship and precision. The quality of the video equals the quality of your boatwright skill.
Zlatko Jovanovic
Zlatko Jovanovic - 4 years ago
Pure love... speachless...
Roland Busch
Roland Busch - 4 years ago
Hi Nick, i am Roland from Germany, 53 years old.I just want to tell you that, seeing your work, makes a complete change in my life.After many years working in different jobs , i was so overwhelmed seeing what people can do by passion, that i make this decission.Last year i quit my job to start from zero as a boat apprentice.i became more and more fascinated by working with wood , boats and by discover these skills. Understand more and more of this fascinated handcraft every day i start working on my little sailingboat, wich is a old dutch steel sailer, but there's still enough wood to work on. I really like to thank you for your outstanding work, your passion and heart what you put in all  the videos.Here in Germany the backyard and hobby boatbuilder are a rare folk, most of the DIY Builders on youtube and webcommunities are english/american.I am lucky, in my late age to see a chance to learn  techniques or get inspired by people like you to keep some traditions up, and learn  new technics and working progress in different ways.My education will take 3,5 years and in this time i like to build on of your beautiful designs.start from zero in this i like to ask whether you have a list or give me some ideas by kind of tools etc to set up my first workshop in my life.Soory for my english, i need some practice....Roland
Salvo C
Salvo C - 4 years ago
Matte Edström
Matte Edström - 4 years ago
Turn sound off! The music will kill you!

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Justin Morlock
Justin Morlock - 4 years ago
How long did that take roughly?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 4 years ago
It actually takes me longer now than when I was a beginner. Partly due to the fact that I am building this for a customer and I am going all-out. This particular build had a lot going on. I was experimenting with new techniques. I don't recommend to anyone that they build their first boat in the same way I'm building this one.

If I were building purely for myself, making a boat for hard use, I would not take nearly as long. I could do it in about 150 hours. I think it is reasonable for a first time builder to need about 200 hours.
Justin Morlock
Justin Morlock - 4 years ago
Thank you for the reply. I have a book on building kayaks and I wondered how long it took. Being a beginner to it I'm sure it would take me longer. Haha! Again, thank you sir for the quick reply.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 4 years ago
This boat was built over the course of 6 months where it was my primary project.
wjjmlg - 4 years ago
Who would give this a thumbs down must be a complete moron!! The skill this guy has is unbelievable!!! Beautiful boat!!
Charles Hranek
Charles Hranek - 4 years ago
Can you make me one. Very good work
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 4 years ago
Yes, I can. Visit for more information. You can email me directly from there if you are interested, and I can provide you more information.
Laurenz Sportwear
Laurenz Sportwear - 4 years ago
Which kind of raw lumber do you use to make your boards ? Plain, quarter, rift or live sawn ? Thanks in advance Nice work :)
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 4 years ago
I want vertical grain on the final strips. How I get this depends on the wood I can find. I discuss this a bit in my latest video:
Michael Simpson
Michael Simpson - 4 years ago
That was the loveliest 20 or so minutes I've spent watching something in a long time........ you Sir, are a master craftsmen/artist. A thing of beauty, is a joy forever.
BuildGuy _
BuildGuy _ - 4 years ago
This is a beautiful craft.
tails miles power
tails miles power - 4 years ago
Tears so nice
Certified Zoner
Certified Zoner - 4 years ago
Loved the video. Great job
Niofh Dillon
Niofh Dillon - 4 years ago
That's easy

20. comment for Building a Wooden Kayak - Making the microBootlegger

Stuart Lock
Stuart Lock - 4 years ago
Hey Nick what is the tool called you are using to plane the keel boards down after cut the line straight about 4.5 to 5 minute in to this video?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 4 years ago
Maurizio Candido
Maurizio Candido - 4 years ago
woww this is the Stradivarius of the kayaks
I admire you, and do not imagine how much I would like to learn from you
Bob Sakall
Bob Sakall - 4 years ago
I would have used plastic resin glue which is more water proof then white glue. Great craftsmanship.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 4 years ago
Since the whole boat is eventually encapsulated in epoxy, the yellow glue never gets wet. So, it doesn't need to be waterproof. In this application yellow glue works better than the plastic resin glue.
Sean Mckee
Sean Mckee - 4 years ago
Nele Abels
Nele Abels - 4 years ago
Masterful craftsmanship. I wish I'd could do that.
Donald McClellan
Donald McClellan - 4 years ago
That looks more like true art work Beautiful
CelebTiger - 4 years ago
If I buy a kayak like that I will never put that in water. I will keep it on my head and swim instead.
MarineBis - 4 years ago
it's more a carbon sport supercar than a traditionnal wood job...
Michael S. Gilstrap
Michael S. Gilstrap - 4 years ago
Wow, that is a beautiful boat.
Michael Lee
Michael Lee - 4 years ago
Just had a realization: dudes trying to get away from their wives, have created everything in this world..

30. comment for Building a Wooden Kayak - Making the microBootlegger

corumn - 4 years ago
i went straight to deep sleep in the first 3 minutes.. anyway great video and craftmanship.. just change the music please.. this is my 3rd attempt to watch the video.. now with mute sound..
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 4 years ago
I'm glad I have been able to help you catch up on your rest. I hope your muting strategy helps you get through the whole video. Thanks for your persistence.
psygnale - 4 years ago
Ok, on the serious...

Why the 220 dislikes?

Not rhetorical, I actually, truly want to know the exact reasons 220 people had for giving this vid a thumbs down. If you were one of them, feel free to air your grievances here.

Educate me.
Pav T
Pav T - 4 years ago
blimey, that is some real craftsmanship there! fantastic job! i wander where did the 220 dislikes come from...
Ken Schmitt
Ken Schmitt - 4 years ago
Really cool
Chuffin 'ell
Chuffin 'ell - 4 years ago
There actually are people who don't love your children like you do.
Paul Hitchman
Paul Hitchman - 4 years ago
I purchased your book years ago, I'm guessing maybe even 10 years. Never did get around to making a strip built kayak BUT I did enrole this Spring to a boat building course where I'm attempting to build the 21'2" Massachusetts Bay Indian Class sailing boat designed by John G. Alden. Just amazing to see these boats being built with so much care an precision. I hope I can achieve something close to this.
41magfan - 4 years ago
Absolutely beautiful.
Sezer Domac
Sezer Domac - 4 years ago
Really enjoyed and admired your skill, thank you for sharing
Hwdson sl
Hwdson sl - 4 years ago
Parabéns ...É uma verdadeira obra de arte
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 4 years ago
thank you
Freddy Lobos
Freddy Lobos - 4 years ago
I have no words ... greetings from Chile ...
Benny Boy
Benny Boy - 4 years ago
Man, it was such a beautiful job, but how much was that carbon fiber tho?
Cha_4a - 4 years ago
возникает один только вопрос! НАХУЯ все делать из дерева, если всё покрывается полимерматериалами?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 4 years ago
The final coating is automotive clear urethane applied by spraying.
Crispy Bacon
Crispy Bacon - 4 years ago
Un-freakin-believable !!! I couldn't stop watching. It's 1:30am and I am amazed at this! I couldn't even draw a damn canoe, let alone be capable of this! Amazing!
Cameron Caballero
Cameron Caballero - 4 years ago
This was every helpful and i love the music in the video, what artist is this? and what kinda wood do you prefer?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 4 years ago
The music is: Light Awash by Kevin MacLeod (

This kayak is made from mahogany, I also use western red cedar and some domestic hardwoods.
Brady Ajay
Brady Ajay - 4 years ago
Arthur Ludwiczak
Arthur Ludwiczak - 4 years ago
Oh my God! This is so so beautiful!
P Cs
P Cs - 4 years ago
Bob Jones
Bob Jones - 4 years ago
Work of art.
Nathan C
Nathan C - 4 years ago
Taking a natural material and then cutting, shaping, honing and sculpting into a functional work of art. The level of precision that is capable is stunning. You, Sir, are a master craftsman, second to none.
Ripsaw17 Name
Ripsaw17 Name - 4 years ago
nice work

50. comment for Building a Wooden Kayak - Making the microBootlegger

musamor75 - 4 years ago
Very fast images, very slow music. I'm not sure it's that easy to follow. I'm afraid I'm off - not enough time taken for showing things done step by step. Don't get me wrong, I practiced a traditional craft in Europe for 35 years, so I know what a bit of timber is. Longest time spent on a single piece of furniture: just over a thousand hours. A seventeenth century Boulle marquetry cabinet. Long, slow work. Very different. Good luck, and good bye.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 4 years ago
If you're interested in seeing more details about the process, you may like my series on building the Petrel Play where I spend 10 minutes on what was a few seconds in this video.
Первый Партизанский
Первый Партизанский - 4 years ago
Paul Kerfoot
Paul Kerfoot - 4 years ago
Boat building is difficult woodworking, as there is barely a straight line in the entire boat. Very nicely done.
Zedrei - 4 years ago
Don't even want to know the price. Great work though.
Look at this dude
Look at this dude - 4 years ago
This video brought me peace
hippie tie-dye
hippie tie-dye - 4 years ago
Craftsmanship at its finest, such a pleasure to watch.
J. Garcia
J. Garcia - 4 years ago
sutnning display of craftsmanship, woodworking experience, and dedication to the art. thank you for such an amazing video. that vessel looks worth more than my life savings, absolutely gorgeous.
Craig Ballantyne
Craig Ballantyne - 4 years ago
Absolutely beautiful. Pure art.
Ralph Riffle
Ralph Riffle - 4 years ago
to much work
Tremain Bowman
Tremain Bowman - 4 years ago
Truly a skilled craftsman. That music put me sleep, though.
Norm T.
Norm T. - 4 years ago
Excellent video, great craftsmanship, motivational, thanks!
Vito Amos
Vito Amos - 4 years ago
wood and synthetic materials
Vito Amos
Vito Amos - 4 years ago
sorry, i find you video lost craftsmanship when you left the wood and used glue .nice video
Leechi Lee
Leechi Lee - 4 years ago
Luis Alberto Panigazzi
Luis Alberto Panigazzi - 4 years ago
Great work!!!!
Neil - 4 years ago
Unbelievably inspirational. A masterful work of art at its finest.
MACHO - 4 years ago
the music makes it easy to masturbate
MGTOW man live free
MGTOW man live free - 4 years ago
truly a masterpiece
Carlos Gabilondo
Carlos Gabilondo - 4 years ago
By far the best woodwork I have ever seen. Congratulations!!!!!
greta163 - 4 years ago
Nick literally wrote the book on strip kayaks. Anything he does is awesome. I bought a 48" wood strip model canoe kit from and built a wood strip kayak on my table, using the same methods. It came out beautiful! I was so pleased with it. It really gave me confidence to one day build one of Nick's full sized kayaks. Great video, learned a lot.
valentin volgin
valentin volgin - 4 years ago
albert brooks
albert brooks - 4 years ago
waltham1957 - 4 years ago
All that and you never show it hitting the water, are these for collectors or something?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 4 years ago
I would have liked to get some on the water photos, but I did not have a chance before delivering it to the client.
Mr Happy
Mr Happy - 4 years ago
I feel so humble now. I watched this in a state of dreaming and smiling. Amazing!
Tyler Ruthenbeck
Tyler Ruthenbeck - 4 years ago
RC000E - 4 years ago
When I saw some vacuum infused carbon action beginning, I knew this guy was takin it to a whole different level. That's a serious piece right there.
Tramp - 4 years ago
эта прекрасно
Márcio Serpa
Márcio Serpa - 4 years ago
What product, varnish was used? Thanks.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 4 years ago
I used an automotive clear coat on this kayak.
Doug Bish
Doug Bish - 4 years ago
You sir, are a bad bad man!
Johnny Ray
Johnny Ray - 4 years ago
How much? That is indeed heirloom quality. Lovely boat.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 4 years ago
Enough to cover over 6 months of skilled labor.
игорь титов
игорь титов - 4 years ago
Красиво сработал !!!
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 4 years ago
Thank you!
유목연 - 4 years ago
Kento Wakai
Kento Wakai - 4 years ago
... was thinking, " how's he going to get the inside?". Brilliant.
RAI S. MELLO - 5 years ago
Hello Nick. Work too full of details. How many days to complete? The end result was great. Congratulations, Nick
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
I did not count the days, but I started in the fall and finished the next summer. While this was not the only thing I worked on in that time, it was the primary project.
Nick Chambernator
Nick Chambernator - 5 years ago
Very nice, but wont the high ridge break if you bump into a rock?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
The construction is very tough and can take a lot of abuse. While it is always possible to break something, the kayak is not fragile.
Brenda Adamko
Brenda Adamko - 5 years ago
That was like watching boatbuilding porn... So relaxing listening to all the sanding, lol...
MrMagnusFogg - 5 years ago
This is not a kayak, this is a sculpture named 'Kayak'...there's difference...beautiful work, Mr Shade :-)))
Aaron peters-reid
Aaron peters-reid - 5 years ago
That was amazing to watch!!
firel(wild state)
firel(wild state) - 5 years ago
and the winner for most expensive kayak goes to you
Rolando Perez
Rolando Perez - 5 years ago
where did you find this music?
very soothing
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
Andrew Plauger
Andrew Plauger - 5 years ago
I work in the handcrafted solid wood furniture industry...this is what I truly want to get into, handcrafted custom masterpieces. A table is simple. However, mastering the technique of building a one of a kind magnificent.
greg - 5 years ago
i think saying im impressed would be a understatement.
Shelton Harlow
Shelton Harlow - 5 years ago
This is my favorite video of all time.  I watch it several times a week to help me relax!
Just one question:  what is the purpose of the strips of wood with the black pitch @16:00?
Your mastery of your craft has me completely in awe. Beautiful.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
Thank you! The wood will become a rail for the seats and foot braces. The "pitch" is epoxy with graphite in it. This will have a hole drilled in it. A peg on the seats and foot braces fits into the holes and allows adjustment of the seat location. The epoxy reinforces the hole against wear.
HELMUTH FLICKR - 5 years ago
congratulations, beautiful kayak
Bravo21 - 5 years ago
Beautiful. Skill an execution do not come cheap _ the result is simply stunning and these boats at $35k are cheap at twice the price.
Daryl Massey
Daryl Massey - 5 years ago
Thank you just thank you
observer - 5 years ago
Charlie Veihmeyer
Charlie Veihmeyer - 5 years ago
I have serious issues standing still, paying attention to anything for any amount of time, but this video transfixed me to point of laying down without moving for 19 minutes, which other than sleeping, is a record for me.
Marco Antonio Inzunza Camacho
Marco Antonio Inzunza Camacho - 5 years ago
muy buena tecnologia saludos
Brett Roworth
Brett Roworth - 5 years ago
The most impressive wooden canoe I have ever seen is a c-15 war canoe built by bear mountain! It's 50' long!
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
Ted Moores makes beautiful boats. He is the master.
fito gabriel donbina
fito gabriel donbina - 5 years ago
sin palabras,

100. comment for Building a Wooden Kayak - Making the microBootlegger

Jonas Dieltiens
Jonas Dieltiens - 5 years ago
That inlay is sick! Love that Kayak!
swampfox1953 - 5 years ago
Nothing like watching a true craftsman at work.
Romstroy - 5 years ago
Keith Avery
Keith Avery - 5 years ago
Ion Teszter
Ion Teszter - 5 years ago
Lots of hard work. The skill seems to be there.
Does the boat float?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
Unfortunately, I did not get any video of the launching, but, yes it floats.
Jaime Diaz
Jaime Diaz - 5 years ago
Increible !!! un trabajo espectacular el que usted realiza.... mis mas gratas felicitaciones... me quede impresionado un gran saludo desde Chile Sudamerica !!!
Robert Brand
Robert Brand - 5 years ago
Wow!!! What a masterpiece.....true art
Haji al Kidya
Haji al Kidya - 5 years ago
This isn't a watercraft...this is a piece of art!!
Haji al Kidya
Haji al Kidya - 5 years ago
Some people have an innate talent for this kind of craftsmanship. Nick, you are one of those people. My hat is off to you. These vessels are exquisite!
Lycanthropic Paranoia
Lycanthropic Paranoia - 5 years ago
Amazing job Nick!!
Imants Parādnieks
Imants Parādnieks - 5 years ago
Sean Evans
Sean Evans - 5 years ago
Thank you! Very nice work. I really like your boats and book!
Koen Vanderpoorten
Koen Vanderpoorten - 5 years ago
Old fashion craftsmanship with some contemporary technology (composite) to re-inforce. Excellent job.
Izzuddin Baihaqi
Izzuddin Baihaqi - 5 years ago
help...i came
Tikkarifle - 5 years ago
That level of feel for the material and the tools is incredible. makes me feel very inadequate but, I still loved it. thank you so much.
CarecaPiolhento - 5 years ago
Nesse vídeo você aprende com quantos paus se faz uma canoa
Eric Krupa
Eric Krupa - 5 years ago
Truly a master of the craft. There is no way that any amount of money can actually pay for that kind of mastery.
J. Dana Clark
J. Dana Clark - 5 years ago
my 6 year old boy thinks you made a very beautiful kayak.
J. Dana Clark
J. Dana Clark - 5 years ago
We think so, but we're biased.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
Very smart boy!
Martrio - 5 years ago
what a masterpiece. respect!! thanks for beautiful video.
Maly Pivo
Maly Pivo - 5 years ago
you would have to be crazy to put that thing in the water:)
id put it above my fireplace (well above, so it wouldnt catch fire:)
Estiner Souza
Estiner Souza - 5 years ago
obra de arte
Andreas Vestervig
Andreas Vestervig - 5 years ago
Oh my god, it nearly hurt in my stomash watching this man do his work, some the things h e does, is not a piece of cake, i have tryed working with the same martials (as its a part of my training, as a boat builder) he is an artist. Good work, and a good day !
rardy samantics
rardy samantics - 5 years ago
Brand new epoxy boat with natural wood finish.
redneek24 - 5 years ago
What did he use to cut the strips?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
The strips are ripped from the original boards with a table saw. If that is what you are asking.
thai pham
thai pham - 5 years ago
wood core
Jim Thode
Jim Thode - 5 years ago
Missed a step. No boat is complete till it is put in the water.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
I know. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture the launch.
darkblakkcloud - 5 years ago
this is art!!! in my language there is a saying: what ever you do try to do your best. thats it.

I wondered how many man hours required for a kayak?

PS: If you need an apprentice I am ready to work Sir :D
Bertonni Magnus
Bertonni Magnus - 5 years ago
obra prima.
avo - 5 years ago
How many millions of $ that kayak costs?
Kiel Ploen
Kiel Ploen - 5 years ago
Mahogany kayak. Dann....
Andre Marais
Andre Marais - 5 years ago
African Cichlids
African Cichlids - 5 years ago
nice boat , does everyone use mahogany ?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
The most common wood is western red cedar or white cedar
sportpoint - 5 years ago
Thanks for the video!
rixille - 5 years ago
I totally want to start building boats.
Shiny Ma
Shiny Ma - 5 years ago
I see real craftsmanship spirit from this great master of art.
Kr Al
Kr Al - 5 years ago
amazing work really amazing enjoyed wathing soo much
Jeff Hardin
Jeff Hardin - 5 years ago
Awesome video and great work! Obviously there are 109 lazy people out there.
Steve Kunder
Steve Kunder - 5 years ago
Beautiful work and great video. Makes me scared to try a project as a beginner, as you are so talented!
carnipicus - 5 years ago
if you could be a little more artistic that'd be great
Cowboy 2131
Cowboy 2131 - 5 years ago
That's awesome
S G - 5 years ago
Mind blowing detail in a throw away world. Hats off.
Francesco Mitrotta
Francesco Mitrotta - 5 years ago
Semplicemente magnifico.
sugershakify - 5 years ago
about 1,000 hours of work ?
DaddyHD - 5 years ago
so much freaking talent
david,r. massey
david,r. massey - 5 years ago
that's 3/8" Balsa core extremely difficult to work with in this application
AL'1 terre net
AL'1 terre net - 5 years ago
Rogue Bystander
Rogue Bystander - 5 years ago
still better love story than twilight!
stephenz - 5 years ago
It is magnificent, nothing less than a work of art.
david,r. massey
david,r. massey - 5 years ago
It is all about the end result! Sitting next to rolls of 1k carbon, 1.8oz.syntex,1.8oz.kevlar in my home computer room. Big vac pump& all the trimmings, it's Cristmas every day! Building 18-6 canopied proboat racing canoe. 3/8" core cut& machined from 11ft. 6x6 stock. 1/42" stunning bockmatched Ziricote veener(picked from best i have seen in years)from Certainly Wood, East Aurora,NY. Using 2532 style BFG(7oz.) fiberglass outside & 4oz. inside. Like you there are many ways to build a show piece. 53years& now my 23 boat.
Kwadu Leach
Kwadu Leach - 5 years ago
nice bro
Maurizio Candido
Maurizio Candido - 5 years ago
PaddyRants - 5 years ago
A rare insight into a fascinating art form. The Indian, Hawaiian, boatbuilders of old would be proud of him!
Asesor de Asesores
Asesor de Asesores - 5 years ago
Vladimir Tomilov
Vladimir Tomilov - 5 years ago
Hvis du ville være interesseret kan jeg sende billeder kajak via e-mail.
Thomas Klein
Thomas Klein - 5 years ago
youtube at its best...
Model RC
Model RC - 5 years ago
The patience needed xD
Arno de pooter
Arno de pooter - 5 years ago
very clear and beautiful video!
Frodo - 5 years ago
omg! the ecstasy of being able to do this! artistry!
Oskar Heinzl
Oskar Heinzl - 5 years ago
Imbr1on - 5 years ago
3400 like
Purveyor of Awesome
Purveyor of Awesome - 5 years ago
Truly Inspiring. Most of us probably rush too much through a project, excited to see the finished product. You spend so much time on the details I would think you are actually sad to see the process come to an end. Thank you for sharing!!!
andro carreone
andro carreone - 5 years ago
este hombre es todo un artista. simplemente maravilloso
Eder Montiel
Eder Montiel - 5 years ago
é um Dom de DEUS, Parabéns...
Brian Werner
Brian Werner - 5 years ago
Perfectionist much? J/K.That is really beautiful. Amazing skills.
Shawn White
Shawn White - 5 years ago
Thought Kerbal Space Program was still running in the background LOL.. Nice work!
jkportfolio - 5 years ago
i'd like to think Jean-Michelle Jarre is off camera playing the synth while you were filming this.
Cristo Andresen-Ots
Cristo Andresen-Ots - 5 years ago
Glad to see how much you have developed your techniques.I considered you as a God for 10 years ago, when you insipiried me to build my own strip built kayak!
Greetings from Norway!
Mejhul - 5 years ago
The kayak is beautiful.
The film is also beautiful, kind of like an art film, hope to see more this kind of videos.
Are you 'avin a laugh? Is he 'avin a laugh?
Are you 'avin a laugh? Is he 'avin a laugh? - 5 years ago
I came here because I thought the boat looked nice in the thumbnail, reminded me of a ww2 German U-boat minus its conning tower lol... very beautiful form. Ended up watching a very relaxing and well put together video of some guy crafting with zen. just brilliant, and I won't bemoan the use of fibres and resins, I enjoyed the surprises of the techniques employed... nice 20 minutes.
FlyingGuySFO - 5 years ago
These things run about $30,000.00 A pop. He builds boats for the gentry.
Odenir Batista
Odenir Batista - 5 years ago
Impressionante, lindo trabalho Parabéns.
Troels Overgaard
Troels Overgaard - 5 years ago
thank you!
chu chu
chu chu - 5 years ago
amazingly great craftmanship
Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson - 5 years ago
I would love to work for you , But i live in the UK , I have traveled the world installing bespoke Conservatory's , but im looking for the next thing that sparks my interest and offers a challenge . I was so hoping when i looked , you would be based in North Norfolk UK .........No such luck ; ( Great job guy's , really beautiful work , All the best .............
Youtube User
Youtube User - 5 years ago
A loveley boat but what a massive waste of carbon fiber. I know its made to last long but glass fiber is alread a pain in the ass to recycle and cf is just special waste that is gonna lie on a disposal site for thousands of years.
Alexandre nazareo de oliveira batista
Alexandre nazareo de oliveira batista - 5 years ago
Muito bom parabens pelo seu trabalho.
Slim Charles
Slim Charles - 5 years ago
Mate, you have made a kayak that would be handed down, know thats something you rarely hear about these days, quality.
jroceansailor - 5 years ago
All I can say is impressive
bill98465 - 5 years ago
Merv - 5 years ago
The level of craftsmanship that went into this creation truly exceeded my expectation. I was already impressed before you applied the marquetry, but that really tipped it over the edge. The beauty of natural timber married with the functionality of modern composite materials make for a craft that is not only a pleasure to behold, but no doubt a delight in its purpose. Thanks for sharing.
mtgentry - 5 years ago
Beautiful work, friend. Hats off to you.
David Lewis
David Lewis - 5 years ago
Sir, you are a true craftsman and an artist! Thank you for the video!
Bassalicious - 5 years ago
Very nice craftsmanship! A "wooden" kayak is definitely made from less wood than i would have thought. Are there kayaks made entirely from wood or wouldn't that work?
yuri sales
yuri sales - 5 years ago
Assistir a esse vídeo me relaxa. <3
Olibara Hosasa
Olibara Hosasa - 5 years ago

tmqwlsdywjd - 5 years ago
sleepy music
Taiwoon Woon
Taiwoon Woon - 5 years ago
Thats a amazing work! Thank you for sharing the process and efforts!
Luiz Liske
Luiz Liske - 5 years ago
Superb craftmanship!
Apostolos Zacharoudis
Apostolos Zacharoudis - 5 years ago
Amazing video amazing boat. I am really impressed by both. Well done
jadekayak01 - 5 years ago
great craftsmanship.

i would have liked to see a west greenland style boat because they suit my eye but the workmanship is superb
Coco Pacabana
Coco Pacabana - 5 years ago
it's really impressive. You live with your kayak so it get a soul. Learn from you would be a dream.
Martin Koch
Martin Koch - 5 years ago
What is the sand being sprinkled on the wood pieces? What's that all about?!?!
Martin Koch
Martin Koch - 5 years ago
+Nick Schade
Thank you both for the reply.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
As Tom said, I am scorching the veneer to darken the tone of the wood.
T B - 5 years ago
Guessing it is a method of burning the wood for color contrast. More precise than using a torch and more subtle than using a wood burning iron. If you look closely at the edges of the inlay at 17:41, you will see the darkened portions.
Hookemups - 5 years ago
For some reason this came up on my YouTube. I watched it and loved the meticulous detail of each step. Clearly a Rolls Royce of its type.
Ian Stradian
Ian Stradian - 5 years ago
That is craftsmanship. I'm so impressed I have no words.
Thank you for making that video.
Ant Mallett
Ant Mallett - 5 years ago
Lovely work - but the level of patience required would send most men to an early grave.
tom thompson
tom thompson - 5 years ago
mor how to build a composite canoe ,,, but no question on the quality and workmanship ,, fine fine work.
zach korinis
zach korinis - 5 years ago
I'm gonna do one after seeing this but quick and dirty so I can portage and get fish asap
therealnightwriter - 5 years ago
At one point it looked like you were making two identical canoes, so that seemed interesting, then it seemed like you were using the wood as forms before too may parts were installed for making a fiberglass canoe, then it looked like you were forming a Kevlar canoes from wooden forms, none of this seems to be true, so the confusion just makes this video painful, like a woman both pretty and rude, there is an attraction but it's better left alone.
therealnightwriter - 5 years ago
Instead of the time taken to add music, talking and explaining things would go a long way. Lots of stupid music out there, few awesome kayak building videos.
Yidris - 5 years ago
so... it's a 1mm thick wooden core kayak with many layers of composite that actually do the work.... the name is misleading.
Danny Roberts
Danny Roberts - 4 years ago
I personaly have built Nicks Guillimot design . It is officaly called a wood composit design. Strips of cedar 1/4" thick is what the core is. The glass and carbon fiber are for strength. I used glass inside and out on mine. I would assume he uses carbon on the inside for its superior strength and its lighter than using e glass. Without the use of the fiberglass and carbon the wood alone is not strong enough. An all wood kayak would be alot heavier. My kayak ways 45lbs fully rigged out and is 17, long and 21" wide. Even the old wood canvas canoes were covered in canvas to protect the wood. It took me about 250 hours to build mine seventeen years ago. I still use it today and apply a new coat of varnish every year. I hope this helps.
John D
John D - 4 years ago
If you don't like it there are plenty of people building wooden boats the old traditional way. Go somewhere else. Or why don't you build one and make a video.
Brad R
Brad R - 4 years ago
This is a wood kayak idk what your on about lmao
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
I did read through the thread and am in no way offended by anything you said. I understand your objections to these kayaks being called "wooden". You certainly have a point. I didn't respond for the purposes of disagreeing with you, I just wanted to clarify some details about the construction.

My background is in engineering and tend to be fairly pragmatic about things. If it works, its good. What its called isn't so important.

That said, I don't feel any reason to pull back from calling the kayak a "wooden" boat. The wood is sufficiently integral to its functioning as a kayak, that I am comfortable calling it a wooden kayak. Without the wood, this would a floppy bag, not be a kayak. While it may not be what you expected when you started watching the video, maybe this will help expand your understand of what is possible with wood.
Yidris - 5 years ago
Nick Schade thank you for your response. if you read the entire line of comments, you will see that I continually praised your workmanship, and did not simply assassinate your craft.

I came to this video thinking that I was going to see something else. I honestly thought that the entire kayak would be made from wood. perhaps several laminated layers of wood that was then finished with Teak oil and then oil based polyurethane.

I am a wood worker myself, and I understand the concept of composites as well due to the fact that I am a federally certified Airframe and Powerplant Technician with extensive schooling in composites.

the finished product is beautiful, and I'm happy that you took the time to create this video so that assholes like myself can leave stupid comments on it.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
I won't get into the discussion of what is or is not a composite, but will provide some details regarding the materials used.

The wood is 1/8" [3mm] thick, only a small portion is removed, there is one layer of 6-ounce carbon fiber plus 1 layer of 2-ounce fiberglass cloth on the interior, the exterior is 1 layer 4-ounce glass plus 1 layer 2 ounce glass. The total thickness of all the fabric and epoxy combined is probably less than .04" or less than 1mm.

The total weight of the wood for the kayak itself is about 18 lbs [8kg] and for the carbon fiber, and glass is about 12 lbs [5.5kg], added to this is about 5 lbs [2.3kg]. Thus the bare hull, before seats etc, is about 35lbs [16kg].

About half the weight of the kayak before adding the seats is wood the other half is fabric and epoxy.

Structurally, all the components work together to provide the strength and stiffness to the boat. The wood alone would be fragile and not seaworthy, the fabric and epoxy alone would be very flexible and not seaworthy. With all the components together, the structure is durable and stiff.

To achieve the same stiffness using modern materials alone would require substantially more fabric and the weight would be greater than the combination with wood. To achieve the same strength with wood alone would require much more wood and would be substantially heavier and if you listened closely you could hear it starting to rot the moment you put it in the water.
Geoff Semon
Geoff Semon - 5 years ago
So the Museum of Modern Art classifying the canoe as made of wood isn't good enough for you?
So there is no climate change, the earth is flat and you most probably think Drump is a good president too and you voted for him. Must be an interesting living in an alternate planet you live on
Yidris - 5 years ago
Geoff Semon if you use the basic definition of the word "composite"; being composed of multiple components, then yes, applying a finish to a piece of wood is a composite. however, in the fields where construction techniques are utilized, it is a much more focused term.

this is not a wooden canoe. The Man expertly joined some wood together, then thinned it to about 1mm, then entombed it in layers of fiberglass that add up to several times the thickness of the wooden structure inside. essentially he used used the wood for artistic purposes, and not structural purposes. the wood makes up roughly 10% of the total structure of this canoe, so it is nothing more than a fiberglass boat, with a wood grain pattern inside.

I'm not saying that the canoe isn't a good canoe. I'm sure that it is top of the line, and will Outlast anything that I will even make. but that doesn't make my statement invalid.
Geoff Semon
Geoff Semon - 5 years ago
Yidris as soon as a wooden boat has any sort of coating on it a composite has been formed. If you just coat the canoe with varnish, constant maintenance is required. These kayaks are meant to be used. This method construction requires a skin on both sides for strength. Without cladding the timber would need to be thicker and ribs would be required making the vessel heavier. As Nick has been building kayaks since "93 and one of his kayaks is in the Museum of Modern Art I'd say he knows what he's doing
Yidris - 5 years ago
Are you 'avin a laugh? Is he 'avin a laugh? I came here to see a wooden kayak being built. not to see a composite kayak being built that just happens to have a thin layer of wood on it.
paraglide01 - 5 years ago
I also like to moan and I am a dick. ;-)
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee - 5 years ago
Often with good reason.
Are you 'avin a laugh? Is he 'avin a laugh?
Are you 'avin a laugh? Is he 'avin a laugh? - 5 years ago
uh... everywhere I go there's always one cunt moaning about the title of the video.
Lee Stevenson
Lee Stevenson - 5 years ago
Yidris m7mi
Ant Mallett
Ant Mallett - 5 years ago
+ Yidris I would like to see that too, but sadly, I think it wouldn't fit in with his technique or his clients. You are a rare find on YouTube, someone who knows his/her stuff, can speak English and has an interest in craft/making. I would like to speak with you on other topics, what do you think? Like pen pals...
Yidris - 5 years ago
Ant Mallett all in all, it's a gorgeous boat. I would love to see what he can do with more traditional wooden boat techniques. like you said, it would involve a ton of tar or sap and sinew, but still, I would love to see this craftsman really ply his craft on a 100% wooden boat
Ant Mallett
Ant Mallett - 5 years ago
+ Yidris I wasn't aware that he started with 3/16, or properly said, about 5 mm. I agree, after planing, spokeshaving and sanding the crap out of the wood, he probably had spots in the 1 to 2 mm range, most of it though, I would think would be 3 mm thick at least. That's 1/8 " for you colonials...
You said 'the 3/16" thick wooden strips were whisper thin, really all they were was a design. they served no function other than providing a form on which the composite layers could be set.' I agree with you on that. The fact that the outer layer of glass fibre was put in place first, before any of the formers were removed, shows that the wooden shell has no implicit integrity. And only after the outer FG shell has cured, is there enough rigidity to pull a vacuum as the inner epoxy/CF lining is applied.
I think you hit the nail on the head, 'just a visual design inside of a composite boat.'
So after all that work, and the attached price tag...
Yidris - 5 years ago
Ant Mallett good points, all of them. and I agree, the majority of the 'workmanship' is in wood. all of the special skills and craftsmanship required is in carpentry and fine wood working techniques. but I still maintain that the majority of the 'construction' is composite, so that takes away from the term 'wooden'.

it's the same as if I made an acoustic guitar out of carbon fiber, yet i had wooden bracing inside, and then I insisted on calling it a "wooden" guitar... it's not.

after he shaped the wood, and scraped it, then sanded it, the 3/16" thick wooden strips were whisper thin, really all they were was a design. they served no function other than providing a form on which the composite layers could be set. and once the boat was finished, the wood was essentially just a visual design inside of a composite boat.
Ant Mallett
Ant Mallett - 5 years ago
+ Yidris The majority of the workmanship is in wood, the rest is something anyone could do. So perhaps the term wooden is still true? I feel that if this kayak was made 1000 years ago, the wooden shell would be smothered in tar, or an equivalent, inside and out. And perhaps the tar would have sinews laid into it as it dried? Who knows?
Yidris - 5 years ago
Ant Mallett I agree, it's an exceptional result. im just not keen on someone calling an item "wooden" when the majority of the construction is composite.
Ant Mallett
Ant Mallett - 5 years ago
+ Yidris It's an incredible build - absolute attention to detail. Probably more like 5 mm wood core. Yes, misleading name, I agree. But look at the result...
Richard Rider
Richard Rider - 5 years ago
What a pleasure it was to watch you work...rr
Derek Elliott
Derek Elliott - 5 years ago
Absolutely beautiful to watch. I have to ask - what sort of malcontent do you have to be to "dislike" this video?
Wes B
Wes B - 5 years ago
Wow. Impressive level of craftmanship.
jujitsu62 - 5 years ago
I have to say , honestly ; I have never in my life , seen such craftsmanship . The finished products speak for itself .... absolutely beautiful !!
randy l
randy l - 5 years ago
I am in awe at how much tedious work goes into the beautiful kayak. Amazing.
Kevin Souza
Kevin Souza - 5 years ago
Very very nice video, the music.. This is a beautiful art form.
zero _zero
zero _zero - 5 years ago
What kind of wood is that ?
miracleuu - 5 years ago
Wooden Kayak...Percent of wood in Kayak is...20% ))))
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
Actually, by volume, probably about 90% of the boat is wood. The CF, fiberglass, and epoxy are very thin.
s/v Mira
s/v Mira - 5 years ago
This is just really beautiful.
Christian Kramer
Christian Kramer - 5 years ago
too pretty to use
Cella - 5 years ago
I have always wanted to get into making wooden boats and kayaks and canoes but have no idea how to even start. seems like it is a lot to learn.
Cella - 5 years ago
thanks mate
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
Dean Khalil
Dean Khalil - 5 years ago
building a fiberglass boat and a bit of wood still a work of art
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
By volume most of the kayak is wood. The carbon fiber, fiberglass and epoxy, while important to the overall structure, are in a very thin layer on the surface. Without the wood, the fabric and resin materials would just make a flexible bag.
Victor Tsygankov
Victor Tsygankov - 5 years ago
It's not a kayak, it's a VIOLIN!
Plain wizardry! \m/
lekio88500 - 5 years ago
superbe réalisation
Nich Fallon
Nich Fallon - 5 years ago
I'm not sure how many times I said "wow" during that video. I'm glad there was no dumb voice over. The mans skill did all the talking that video ever needs.
I would love to see this little beauty in action.
Zack Johnson
Zack Johnson - 4 years ago
Go here now if you want the best boat plans online:
Sylvain Maspeyre
Sylvain Maspeyre - 5 years ago
what a nice job ! but you should call this video how to build a wood and plastic kayak !
fpv unbox
fpv unbox - 5 years ago
WJK - 5 years ago
Amazing work... a true labor of love and art!
Juliano R. Günthner
Juliano R. Günthner - 5 years ago
Randy's Tropical Plants
Randy's Tropical Plants - 5 years ago
Jeezum crow that's a lot of work. What a beauty!
Juan Aranda
Juan Aranda - 5 years ago
nice music
Ecir Spedo
Ecir Spedo - 5 years ago
Fantastico !!!
Denys Sene
Denys Sene - 5 years ago
a piece of fine art
Alan Cayn
Alan Cayn - 5 years ago
That was beautiful!
Steven Fogerty
Steven Fogerty - 5 years ago
Donald Sayers
Donald Sayers - 5 years ago
When I was a lad at school. our woodwork teacher built one just like that, beautiful wood.

Til he painted it blue.
John Walsh
John Walsh - 5 years ago
Breathtaking absolutely loved it from tree to the finished product what a beautiful kayak such skill and hardwork gone into a beautiful piece of work love the scenic video clips of the lake too thought that was genius
Keep up the great work
Meno Deno
Meno Deno - 5 years ago
Man that is something special. What does one of your canoes cost?
Rod Dahl
Rod Dahl - 5 years ago
Meno Deno Upwards of $30,000.
Sumner Mclain
Sumner Mclain - 5 years ago
I watched the whole thing and all I wanted was to see it in the water at the end.
QualeQualeson - 5 years ago
Yeah I feel that the video was cut a bit short at the end there. Would have been cool if we could marvel at the finished product bit more.
asdasd asdasd
asdasd asdasd - 5 years ago
Wow... I'm stingy, but I'd spend my money on that beauty... absolutely gorgeous!
Silverlit Studios
Silverlit Studios - 5 years ago
asdasd asdasd it would ONLY set you back upwards of 30k
yoshe yoshe
yoshe yoshe - 5 years ago
20 minute video and a 5 second shot of the finish product ?
Cody Gonsalves
Cody Gonsalves - 5 years ago
The video doesn't need narrative, watching is enough. There are plenty of videos with guys who ramble on. And for those complaining about the music, you clearly haven't watched videos with the super annoying loud techno beat music. But if you really can't handle the music in this video, just turn off the volume and simply watch an artist at work.
graymouser - 5 years ago
Fantastic work, but I had to bail halfway - that music. Frankly, I'd prefer just the sounds of the work itself.
Myra Eden
Myra Eden - 5 years ago
I was only going to watch a bit of this video, but then got taken back by the amount of craftsmanship going on,that I watched the whole thing.Best thing I did.Beautiful.I hope they send a video of the build to the owner.That would be nice
Emilis Karbauskas
Emilis Karbauskas - 5 years ago
Awesome work !! Kerbals To Space!!!!!!!!!
Joltinjess5 - 5 years ago
I don't think that I could ever use something this beautiful knowing the amount of time and craftsmanship that went in to it.
BitHead1000 - 5 years ago
Hey guy. Why don't you work on something a little easier next time.... like the space shuttle.
Andrey Pashkevich
Andrey Pashkevich - 5 years ago
Красивая работа, можно смотреть на процесс многократно.
Sam Armor
Sam Armor - 5 years ago
Nice video production, good choice of music, and certainly an awesome artistic craftsmanship. I enjoyed the video but I really got tired by JUST watching all the delicate steps. Amazing! thanks for sharing
Ludwig Callaerts
Ludwig Callaerts - 5 years ago
A very fine craftsman and true artist at work!
David Januszewski
David Januszewski - 5 years ago
Gorgious, well done......
Will - 5 years ago
Incredible craftsmanship. I really want to build my own strip-wood canoe or kayak, but it will never be as good as this!
al wil
al wil - 5 years ago
Beautiful video to match an even more impressive build. My hats off to you and your skills sir!
Eric Perman
Eric Perman - 5 years ago
Seu trabalho é maravilhoso.

Grunter - 5 years ago
Master Craftsman at work . You'll get splinters from his Handshake.
nggdsb - 5 years ago
Extraordinarily beautiful!! Awesome craftsmanship! Thank you for sharing!
korsez - 5 years ago
what is the cost of such kayak? Is it practical or more like art that u can use in water?:D
Kevin Timm
Kevin Timm - 5 years ago
The price of the kayak is in the comments above yours - and yes, the canoe is very practical and usable.
Fernando Guevara
Fernando Guevara - 5 years ago
Amazing. My jaw hit the floor. Thank you
SaltyJabroni - 5 years ago
the amount of dissolves in this video triggers me.
Rodrigo Folador Milli
Rodrigo Folador Milli - 5 years ago
Simply awesome and wonderfull!
Julián Girardin
Julián Girardin - 5 years ago
Es como un film de Akira Kurosawa.
Floppy Volley
Floppy Volley - 5 years ago
Is this the Kerbal Space Programm music?
Zack Johnson
Zack Johnson - 4 years ago
Go here now if you want the best boat plans online:
Trevor Lee
Trevor Lee - 4 years ago
+Julien Sorosac Oh, that's where I knew it from
Julien Sorosac
Julien Sorosac - 5 years ago
Yes it's the music that kicks in when you reach space :-)
left foot forward
left foot forward - 5 years ago
wow. what a talented and knowledgeable craftsman.
Vaclav Niedermertl
Vaclav Niedermertl - 5 years ago
amazing job
WV591 - 5 years ago
that i some fine craftsmanship much patience needed.but regular wood glue?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
Standard wood glue is stronger than the wood itself. Since the whole boat is clad with fiberglass or carbon fiber set in epoxy, the wood never gets wet, so the non-waterproof nature of the glue is not an issue.
WV591 - 5 years ago
thank you. I realize that. so no long term effects on those glue joints? Amazing who would have thought that  would hold. 
Rob Pratten
Rob Pratten - 5 years ago
Yes, regular wood glue. The boat is encapsulated in epoxy and fiberglass so the regular wood glue is only a holding technique.
ginganz13 - 5 years ago
Awesome - I built two of his 'free' guillemots 10 years ago - they've been all over New Zealand - caught tons of fish!
Joseph Lynn
Joseph Lynn - 5 years ago
That was incredible
Blair Wise
Blair Wise - 5 years ago
that's one of the most beautiful things I've watched in quite some time.
MrCpolzin - 4 years ago
Exactly what I was thinking Blair,that was truly amazing and what a pleasure to see.
Marco - 5 years ago
To much synth freakes me out
Maciel Luiz Bettega
Maciel Luiz Bettega - 5 years ago
Nick "Virtuosi" Schade ! Congrats.
Timothy Kush
Timothy Kush - 5 years ago
Beautiful work. Fantastic!
Gaviano Fernando
Gaviano Fernando - 5 years ago
Uno spettacolo
foxdesignbuild foxdesignbuild
foxdesignbuild foxdesignbuild - 5 years ago
Very very beautiful and well conceived work. Thank you for sharing. :)
Hugh G Wrection
Hugh G Wrection - 5 years ago
Orbital sander!!! Noooooo!
EnzoTube EnzoTube
EnzoTube EnzoTube - 5 years ago
Amazing work!
GreaseMonkey X
GreaseMonkey X - 5 years ago
WoW. That is an amazing amount of precise work.
walter mccue
walter mccue - 5 years ago
That was incredible. Thanks for sharing
agustin vinci
agustin vinci - 5 years ago
teach me!
Shane K
Shane K - 5 years ago
Do you spray a clear coat over the west system when you're done to get that beautiful shine finish? Thanks
Shane K
Shane K - 5 years ago
Thank you sir, that's a beautiful boat.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
Yes, it is an automotive clear coat over the epoxy.
DONRETNAVY - 5 years ago
A beautiful masterpiece..............
Yannick Sirjean
Yannick Sirjean - 5 years ago
Hey Nick a new revisited book from you ?
Yannick Sirjean
Yannick Sirjean - 5 years ago
Beautiful work.
doncarlo5 - 5 years ago
a nice trip into it...
GeggeAUT - 5 years ago
a masterpiece of work and love - and filmmaking too! great!
Chris Naude
Chris Naude - 5 years ago
Absolutly beautiful... Im speachless! Workmanship from another world!!!
Михаил Новиков
Михаил Новиков - 5 years ago
Wery nice. Where i can see using this boat on water?
Dr. Steve Brule
Dr. Steve Brule - 5 years ago
Music is making my ears hate this film video. I need a bandaide and some ear plugs please
Dr. Steve Brule
Dr. Steve Brule - 5 years ago
Rod Dahl
Rod Dahl - 5 years ago
Dr. Steve Brule I guess you haven't found the volume control? I guess all doctors aren't smart.
Dr. Steve Brule
Dr. Steve Brule - 5 years ago
And because i like potatoes, that means im not smart or something? You are dumb and you are probably living in the middle of the street getting run over by a truck everyday and eat your own poo.
Music blows
alan smith
alan smith - 5 years ago
Dr Steve Brule,  If that is your true feelings after watching a master craftsman share his craft with the world....Sir, please just go back to sitting on the couch and eat more potato chips with heavy cream dressing until you are sedated again.  Also please increase your medications...they obviously weren't working on the day you posted up.
Eugene Kaplan
Eugene Kaplan - 5 years ago
Absolutely incredible craftsmanship. Actually, it's better to say an art! This kayak is a masterpiece!!!
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson - 5 years ago
A thing of beauty.
Roy Telling
Roy Telling - 5 years ago
I just watched this and you have true skills. I am planning an aluminum boat just under 4m 1.5m wide.
but this is more about art and you are a true artist. I would like to make one of these but just a little bit out of my league.
But thanks only have one complain about the video it would only to say it would of been nice to see it in the water
Paul Butchart
Paul Butchart - 5 years ago
I purchased your first book many years ago but I've never taken the time to build a kayak. Your techniques have changed a lot since that book but the care and craftsmanship is still there. After watching this I have to finally take the time to do it. Thank you for a beautiful design and amazing inspiration.
Damien Percy
Damien Percy - 5 years ago
How much is one of these masterpieces worth ?
albatored - 5 years ago
This is a master piece of art !! I am impressed.
Investing Copilot
Investing Copilot - 5 years ago
Do you have any videos on the creation of the seating? I would be very interested to see how that's done!
ewauvwas - 5 years ago
one of the most sothing and beautiful crafts video I have ever seen!!
Bibi Biskouaz
Bibi Biskouaz - 5 years ago
I find the musique is too loud and not very good. Quite annoying.
Carl Anglin
Carl Anglin - 5 years ago
Wouldn't hurt to have some narration instead of super fast video and irritating music. Lost me!
Abraham Irizarry
Abraham Irizarry - 5 years ago
Awesome. The Best Video since The Making of Noah's Arch.. By Far The Most and The Best Construction of Of A Vessel. Thank You A Billion Times for Such an Incredible Video
bill block
bill block - 5 years ago
i been in boats 40 years good work and well done
Paul Drinan
Paul Drinan - 5 years ago
Thanks for sharing this Nick. Amazing craftsmanship!
Guy Ward
Guy Ward - 5 years ago
What a work of art many hours of work and talent goes into that. Would love to have the skills to do work like that. Thank you for sharing. Guy
Emiliano Pandolfi
Emiliano Pandolfi - 5 years ago
FantaZ4U - 5 years ago
Absolutely priceless craftsmanship. It was an honor to watch this video.  Thank you so very much for posting this building of an heirloom quality vessel.
trapperTim2b - 5 years ago
wow Master craftsmanship
manuel gonzalez
manuel gonzalez - 5 years ago
I'm astounded,such work of can build anything
Chris Lowe
Chris Lowe - 5 years ago
wow. so mutch skill, patience and attn to detail. well done
Humus Workshop
Humus Workshop - 5 years ago
Absolutely impressive, awesome work! Really nice video man, thanks for sharing!
Bob Schaefer
Bob Schaefer - 5 years ago
Great video! I really enjoyed the full sped up process and the cutaways to the water.
Ferdie Roxas
Ferdie Roxas - 5 years ago
Basecamp Leather
Basecamp Leather - 5 years ago
A truly gifted artist!
Karl Traunmüller
Karl Traunmüller - 5 years ago
Wow, amazing!
George Young
George Young - 5 years ago
Truly amazing work! The amount of skill and attention to detail is mind botteling. I believe we should all strive to reach that level of perfection. To always find ways to improve and never be satisfied with "well its good enough". Beautiful build, thank you for sharing it with everyone. Work like yours should inspire others to seek out perfection in there own craft.
jose carlos severo rodrigues
jose carlos severo rodrigues - 5 years ago
uma obra de arte, sem mais.
Racing Singles
Racing Singles - 5 years ago
The master
TheBrowseman - 5 years ago
Good thing youtube has fast forward, I would have never made it through this boring overdone video, Great canoe bad video
Oliver De Battista
Oliver De Battista - 5 years ago
Amazing is your craftsmanship ,but you hardly showed the finished product so disappointing ,its a work of art .take a good video of it and show the end result ,so we can enjoy all the hard work you put into it. thank you for being such a great person
jasper jack
jasper jack - 5 years ago
Nick - absolutely amazing. It's guys like you that make what are country is today.
Needless to say I would never have the patients , but I love to canoe and have 5 of them. Cheers to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John VanDerWalker
John VanDerWalker - 5 years ago
Beautifully done. thanks.
Black Warrior Lures
Black Warrior Lures - 5 years ago
Nice. Art.
Must love sailing
Must love sailing - 5 years ago
Once again, completely amazing.
What was the soundtrack?
Gökmen Emre Keskin
Gökmen Emre Keskin - 5 years ago
I was very interested until fiber glass and carbon fiber involved... I thought it was wooden kayak. But wooden core composite one...
AmaRok LP
AmaRok LP - 5 years ago
Hi Gökmen, i'am a german carpenter and i know there are many possibilitys to build a kayak, a boat, or what ever just by using wood without any glasfibre or other chemical stuff. wood and water is no problem under the right conditions. what i mean is i share your opinion.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
The Struer boats are amazing. I would love to own one.

It is unfortunate that the US does not have the kayaking club culture that exists in other countries. There used to be fairly active whitewater kayaking clubs, but those faded as inexpensive kayaks became more easily available.
IF Engineering
IF Engineering - 5 years ago
Hi Nick, very glad seeing you weighing in this discussion, and I hope it doesn't snow ball too much for you to stop responding. I myself, originally from one of the Soviet Republics, and as teenager for a number of years belonged to a flat water kayak racing club. Most kayaks we used were shallow draft flat water racing boats with very small cockpits and small rudder fins controlled by feet via two cables connected to a control stick in the front of the rower. The hulls of the older ones were laminated and steam plied thin veneers of wood, finished with lacquer inside and out. In the beginning of every rowing season every one (read every kid I. the club) started the season by hand sanding his boat and applying thin layer of new lacquer on the outside of the hull (and sometimes inside the cockpit). Some of them did have the wooden frames and tops of the boats were covered in thin canvas filled with silver-colored varnish of some kind. The hulls of the newer ones were made entirely from laminated layers of fiberglass, and tops and bottom decks were joined just above waterlines. This newer boats were much lighter then older wooden boats, but hulls were somewhat flexible. Then there were few boats that were kept in trainer's elling, and were reserved for training by professional rowers, those that were competing in national competitions. I have later found out that those few boats were made by Struer in Denmark, and that Soviet Ministry of Sports has purchased a limited number of these boats years ago and that the club I attended has received several of them.
I was maybe twelve or thirteen, and was fascinated by these boats. They have weighted half as much as any other boat we had, and were the most beautiful boats I've seen.
Flat water kayak racing was the best sport I was ever involved in, unfortunately almost unknown in Florida, where I live now. I often lament that there are no kayak racing clubs down here. I would have paid serious money to be in one of these clubs again.
Gökmen Emre Keskin
Gökmen Emre Keskin - 5 years ago
Totally agreed. For example I'm currently making Bamboo&Carbon Bicycle. As you say diferent materials involved. Aliminium, carbon, bamboo.. even natural hemp. Also my future project is making Asiatic traditional horse bow. materials will be hardwood, buffalo horn, sinew, leather, fish gland glue etc. Anyway, I just want to say that I love ANY kind of hand works, craftsmanship... Does not matter what material or style.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
I appreciate that you are interested in woodworking, but if you are really interested in different skills, it may be counterproductive to lose interest as soon as the truly different skills start being shown. While you may not currently have a need for fiberglass and epoxy, these techniques may be adapted in interesting ways to many woodworking projects, not just boatbuilding. They are applicable anywhere strong, lightweight and/or waterproof are beneficial. Don't limit yourself just because they don't fit your pre-existing expectations of what constitutes "woodworking".
Gökmen Emre Keskin
Gökmen Emre Keskin - 5 years ago
Mr. Schade, I'm glad that you join this conversation. I want to make it clear again... I dont know that how kayaks are made in the past or how they making now. Totally understand your material choice, I'm working with epoxy, carbon fiber, glass fiber and some wood in various projects. I'm learning and searching about woodworking. So, after I watched many "wood" working videos, YouTube suggest me your video as "Building a Wooden Kayak" Naturally i interested and started watching your woodworking skills. And i lost my interest after you start covering epoxy and other materials. Its DOES NOT mean that i dont like it, It DOES NOT mean that I dont respect your craftsmanship, It DOES NOT mean this is not a woodworking, It DOES NOT mean that I know anything about building kayaks. So I wathed your video because i want to see different skills from different craftsman and learn as much as i can by watching videos. and just lost my interest when wood working part finished. Maybe i coudnt explain myself because of my broken English.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
The original kayaks, made by the Inuit people of the Arctic were made with a wood frame, tied together with sinew and covered with seal skin, sealed with rendered fat. They were in fact composite boats, obviously using natural materials, but they combined the properties of several different materials to create a vessel that was greater than the sum of its parts.

There are very few boats that are purely wood. At the very least the wood was covered with some protective material such as pine tar, paint, or even sheets of copper. They were held together and sealed with a variety of materials, metal screws, cotton caulk, red lead bedding compound, etc.

We now have access to pretty extraordinary materials that are wonderful for boat building. I have sealed and reinforced the wood with modern fabrics and high quality adhesives. Most of the mass of the boat is wood. I have replaced the sinew, skin and fat with carbon fiber, glass and epoxy, but what makes it work is the wood. Without the wood, it would be heavier and not as strong.

These kayaks can be used hard, and will hold up to a lot of abuse. My customers may not use them as much as I would like, but I build them for use.
Gökmen Emre Keskin
Gökmen Emre Keskin - 5 years ago
Again, I did not say anything about craftmanship. I dont want to repeat myself. Good work, misleading title. (at least misleading for persons who are not well informed about kayaking or kayak making)
IF Engineering
IF Engineering - 5 years ago
I can see where the confusion (read disillusionment) comes from someone who knows very little about building boats, and yes, the title does say wooden boat. However, there are many ways to build boats out of wood, and different methods involve different amounts of other materials. The way Nick builds his boats, it appears to me, is as much for their beauty as for their utility. He showcases the properties of wood, which I assume is Mahogany or something similar, which is probably a reason he builds hulls out of thin strips of wood. When I saw how he laminated the strips together along their edges with, what looked like, regular wood glue, I thought: "there is no way that boat will not spring leaks and fall apart, but then I saw him laminating a layer of fiberglass to the outside of the hull (which, after being saturated with epoxy became transparent, by the way), which gave the hull complete water seal and structural strength, while still allowing to see every fiber and movement of that wood grain. Then he installed, what looked like, a layer (or few) of carbon fiber, and vacuum laminated it to the inside of the hull.
Very sound construction methods. His boats still look like works of art, they HAVE real wood, which is probably at least 50% of the boat mass, but this wood is so well protected from water and sharp rocks, that if used carefully, should last for generations.
Arne Schwarz
Arne Schwarz - 5 years ago
You are absolutely right, and Blair Wise is very oversensitive. The video should have been titled "Building a partly wooden Kayak".
Gökmen Emre Keskin
Gökmen Emre Keskin - 5 years ago
Calm down man. I already mentioned in the fist sentence. I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT KAYAK OR WOOD AND WATER. I'm not trying to say anything. Please dont blame me about that nonsense "feeling important" thing. It maybe industry standard or something like that, I dont really know. I, just as a person who interested handmade stuff, saw that title (which is "Building a Wooden Kayak") I interested, and start watching. So i=I was expected something made out of entirely wood. Because if someone say "wooden door" I imagine a door made out of wood. Of course metal hinges, handles, paint, finishing etc will be involved with this door. but probably 95% will be wood. Or what do you think if I say "stainless steel knife" ? A knife made out of steel. There may be wooden or plastic handle on it. But its not a major part of it.

I'm saying again. I dont know anything about kayaking, making kayaks, water-wood relation. I cant even swim. It may be a standard using composite material in kayak making job. But as an ordinary, not educated, non-intelligent, not important youtube watcher, title could be better if something like "Hand made wooden carbon-glass composite kayak" Again, Im not saying its a bad work. I respect any kind of hand made stuff. That's why i watched this video. I dont know why you take too serious my comment. I was not disrespectful to the maker or his work. I just said i lost my interest after epoxy and carbon-glass fiber part. Whats wrong with it still dont know... Seriously i didnt feel anything insulting.
Blair Wise
Blair Wise - 5 years ago
Gökmen Emre Keskin yes there were kayaks before there was a party. There were also Wheels before there were automobiles. there were also bows and arrows made out of sticks before better technology and people started fires by rubbing sticks before the match was created. What's your point? The man did absolutely phenomenal work and chose to give it a layer of protection. That's what most people do. Including fine artisans. He took a beautiful piece of art and also made it usable. Certainly you don't buy an automobile and never put a coat of wax on it? why do you put a coat of wax on it? I guess my point is why I try to look at something beautiful and come up with something negative comment other than to try make yourself feel important or look intelligent, which in most cases much like yours usually yields the exact opposite result.
Gökmen Emre Keskin
Gökmen Emre Keskin - 5 years ago
Yes I don't know about bare wood and water. Its not related what I said. Also there were kayaks before epoxy, glass-carbon fibre materials. I'm not saying anything wrong or insulting. Also I didn't say that its bad work. Don't take your guard. :)
Blair Wise
Blair Wise - 5 years ago
Gökmen Emre Keskin you don't know that much about bare wood and water obviously.
FlyersNation98 - 5 years ago
This is beyond beauty. Incredible craftsmanship.....
random269 - 5 years ago
Do you put your kayak in rivers and streams which have rock??????
StonyRC - 5 years ago
That is a true labour of love - and the work of a master craftsman. A beautiful creation.
nexgenjdm - 5 years ago
Ron Lusher
Ron Lusher - 5 years ago
Craftsmanship at its finest! Beautiful work , wish I could afford one!
Dimitar MItkov
Dimitar MItkov - 5 years ago
just... PERFECT!
Paolo Zampieri
Paolo Zampieri - 5 years ago
can one find the drawings and/or some kind of "starter-kit" to get going in making your own kayak?
George Harlan
George Harlan - 5 years ago
built by a master craftsmen nice work just beautiful
TPHVICTIMS - 5 years ago
Cord Crenshaw
Cord Crenshaw - 5 years ago
Thoroughly enjoyed this. True craftsmanship!
Random Person
Random Person - 5 years ago
That was satisfying. Now I'm in aw.
Kevin Tunaley
Kevin Tunaley - 5 years ago
I want to build one of these just to see if I can , never done any woodworking though so that bit scares me
Hoon Birdpersonpilot
Hoon Birdpersonpilot - 5 years ago
this is the most difficult expensive and time consuming way to build a kayak, but its very nice and durable and seaworthy.
Hondo Trailside
Hondo Trailside - 5 years ago
Wow infusion set carbon fiber internal layer. Not sure I see the need, but you did and nailed it. I can do all that stuff except the inlay and infusion. But wow, all on one boat, taken as far as it can be taken at this point. The detailing, like dentilons for the coming, is amazing. Done that to join a guitar but never a boat. You vision and execution are tremendous.

If I may ask, what brand of electric scissor is that. I have thought of getting a rotary knife for heavier products like mated roving, but that is something I hadn't seen.
Hondo Trailside
Hondo Trailside - 5 years ago
I really like that oscillating belt sander, never seen one of those. I use a disc sander. One of the cool things about disc sanders is that at the center of the disc (normally below the table) there is no cutting, but as you move out on the disc it cuts faster and faster. This acts like a dynamic fence because if you start rolling out from the center it cuts less quickly in the area of the form that you are rolling away from. This makes it very easy to pull a smooth curve. Of course belts have the opposite advantage of even surface feet, and less heat, and burning, but for templates, I do like a disc sander.
IMagius IMagius
IMagius IMagius - 5 years ago
a true craftsman .. thank you for sharing a view into your world
Lalle Prutt
Lalle Prutt - 5 years ago
Holy Macarony what a beatiful kayak!
Donald Harvey
Donald Harvey - 5 years ago
this is my total special moment now and nothing can replace the calming effect thus video had for me and what I would love to be able to do it leaves me totally calmed but in so many ways under equipped and if this is the moment that brings calmedness budist monks have a lot to learn and should come down out there mountain more loved every moment it is stunning thanks it still taking my breath away
Donald Harvey
Donald Harvey - 5 years ago
these men were gifted and are on a whole other planet when it comes to wood crafts I shudder to even think of a tempting to build anything near as good as this and that music and landscape to calm and build to makes it all worth while still it would never turn out to float if I tried this you guys are really awesome builders you took it to a totally whole new level I have to watch your video all over thanks for showing me things that are totally out my reach can't find the words to say now just lost for words your to good way to far to good
Donald Harvey
Donald Harvey - 5 years ago
breath taking the ultimate wood craftmanship at its finest makes it look like so simple ware do I begin I would love to start with something easter than this he makes it look so easy I could image me pulling on every hair in my head don't know what more to say it's made look to easy yet I could image me striping lots of parts back off to try to get it right as I look at this video again and again ooft I will just admire your craft work in all its splendour
Jeremy C
Jeremy C - 5 years ago
True craftsman. A pleasure to watch.
Roger Crook
Roger Crook - 5 years ago
Brilliant so skill full.
rlr1173 - 5 years ago
What a pleasure to see an artist in action... Thank You
Alexis Muñoz
Alexis Muñoz - 5 years ago
que increible. cuanto respeto.
ChefGiovanni - 5 years ago
Very nice. I just SUB your channel, will watch more later !
SpiritBear12 - 5 years ago
This was pretty awesome. But, I have to admit, I really wanted to see it gliding through the water that you showed so often through the video.
石井一幸 - 5 years ago
Mark Hazelden
Mark Hazelden - 5 years ago
I thought that I was a patient man. The Lord gifted you with both patience and talent.
Peter Owens
Peter Owens - 5 years ago
This is a tour de force in exquisite workmanship. Very few can ever aspire to such high standards. I wonder if watching this many folk might discount the possibility of building a DIY example?
Specialized61 - 5 years ago
This is beautiful work.
mstargate12 - 5 years ago
Attention to detail makes this a true work of art. It inspires.
Uwe Thomae
Uwe Thomae - 5 years ago
Ihre Boote sind Kunstwerke! Mir gefällt, mit welcher Hingabe Sie hier bei der Arbeit sind - sehr schön!
Kolon999 - 5 years ago
What is the small hand plane doing for each strip that the initial cutting process did not?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
Each strip is at a bit of an angle relative to the adjacent strip. To get a tight fit between the strips they need to be beveled slightly. The bevel changes down the length of each piece so I use a hand plane to create that bevel.
Journey Is The Way
Journey Is The Way - 5 years ago
wow! just wow! Do you teach any class? I'd love to be your student. This deff would help me out in building my future catamaran. Loved it! I'm in awe in how you created this masterpiece! Teach me master.
Mike West
Mike West - 5 years ago
I was just telling a buddy the other day about the class in maine. And now i am here
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
I'm just back from teaching a class in Maine. For more information about classes visit:
Joe Collins
Joe Collins - 5 years ago
Now would anyone seeing this actually drag it down to the river and go for a ride?
Roesch -4- Broward County Sheriff
Roesch -4- Broward County Sheriff - 5 years ago
I think he put too much work in this to pass any rugged terrain such as rivers, rocks, usage, carelessness, etc. Because that screened coated fiberglass should fo it. The extra interior wood sections could have been less to add lighter weight. But, this is one helluva fantastic construction video. Very relaxing, too.
Paul myers
Paul myers - 5 years ago
great video. terrible soundtrack
chris white
chris white - 5 years ago
Absolutely stunning
William Burdon
William Burdon - 5 years ago
John Harrison
John Harrison - 5 years ago
that my friend is a craftsman end of story
lunkydog - 5 years ago
Carmel Pule'
Carmel Pule' - 5 years ago
Sir, I am not going to talk about your canoe as all that spectacular detail originated from an high level activity in your mind that we cannot see. As I myself come from a family of traditional boat builders in the Mediterranean Sea, at 8:02 I could not help admiring how you moved your hand along that hull and I knew what your fingers felt and about what you were conscious and seen. At 8:05 those nimble fingers, without any sign of clumsiness handled that shaping tool with grace and a feeling for every movement and the sharpness of that blade, I have no doubt that you honed it yourself with all your respect for that edge which you must look after with great care. At 8:20 the diagonal strokes indicate clearly that you are a natural master craftsman, with a sensitive feel at the tip of your fingers which aided by shadows you can avoid the smaller radius of curvatures to give that hull the best maximize and largest curves with its length. At 8:26 while your right hand is working to produce the desired surface curve , your left hand is not exactly idle but those fingers are feeling the hull for all the strokes you generate and they are measuring how kind you are to it. The manner in which the swarf and shavings roll off that very sharp scraper, what remains has no option but to obey your demands as far as finishing is concerned, where you do not even allow the scratches of the grit of sanding, scrapers in the hands of a master craftsman is more than enough.
It is such a pity that all that workmanship is hidden between layers of epoxy and fibres which were laid with such gentleness and all such a meticulous manner including the vacuum which ensures lightness with strength.
I need not go further, any boat that is supervised or made by these human movements, shown by this man and seen in this video , will definitely be a work of engineering art, to be treasured in one's life. This is what I admired most as the boat itself is circumstantial, and the product could be anything as it will contain the same quality of excellence. Congratulations, Sir, I raise my hat to you.
Thomas Burns
Thomas Burns - 4 years ago
Carmel Pule' it's not a kayak. It is a beautiful art work!
プライベート - 4 years ago
Carmel Puleq
Carmel Pule'
Carmel Pule' - 5 years ago
Through using one word such as "beautiful" or "nice" one is being too economical and one is only thinking of the product itself, Creating an item of beauty its originator goes through many delicate actions to create beauty and it is not fair for different people as dancers, craftsmen, musicians, singers, furniture makers and shipbuilders and plane makers to call their product " beautiful". It is the the person himself that one should admire and not only the item in question and so one need to comment on the fact that one appreciated a particular action or a set of actions by the craftsman to achieve beauty, Beauty has multiple and diverse components and most of the beauty is in the movement of the craftsman mind which is reflected through the hands and limbs, That is real beauty, the movement and the gentleness and the ability to sharpen tools and move them in such a manner that another beauty is created. So do not be so economical with words when you meet a craftsmen, find words to describe the craftsman himself and though you will never refer to him as " beautiful" you may hint that you admired his movements and his delicate actions in knowing what to do to create a beautiful product. The real beauty is not in the item but in the many components and actions of the craftsman. That is what one should admire and one needs to know what makes beauty in dancing , singing, various arts, building boats , varnishing.......... discussing the creation of what is beautiful is much better than just saying that something is " beautiful " or " nice".
Edward Ramirez
Edward Ramirez - 5 years ago
well with that kind of comment I gues just saying "beautiful" would say as much. =)
Yidris - 5 years ago
Bowcase or tens of thousands of hours of hard work, practice, and tutelage.... but yeah.... might as well Rob that from him and give all of the credit to space ghost
Bowcase - 5 years ago
Carmel Pule' Amen and amen. Truly gifted by God.
Eric Buettgenbach
Eric Buettgenbach - 5 years ago
Amazing work. Such detail. Love it. I finish fine woodwork and paint for a living. You have some skills
William Major
William Major - 5 years ago
Cried at the end, again.
RailgunCat Puff
RailgunCat Puff - 5 years ago
beautiful work! what's the tool you used to trim fiberglass and carbon fiber mesh?
James Popp
James Popp - 5 years ago
So you don't use any nails or staples to hold the strips in place? Just clamps and tape?
Marcus Rayner
Marcus Rayner - 4 years ago
Hondo Trailside like you said beginners build their boats this way to, it's a great way for a beginner to learn certain building skills with steps shown along the way, I feel your being very negative not very constructed if you feel you have a different technique or a different method please show us, you can never learn to many ways in life, you said your a builder so show us your build projects and teach us your different skills and ways☺
shaihuluddable - 5 years ago
Just do it! :)
bluto212 - 5 years ago
What you do is absolutely beautiful. Maybe if videos like this had been around when i was a kid. . . oh well.
David Hansen
David Hansen - 5 years ago
It's a work of art. I can appreciate the time that goes into a boat like this. When every inch is meant to be as artful and as accurate as possible, the time spent building it is not an issue. I imagine the building of the boat was as fulfilling as taking it out on the water. You have a lot of patience!
Congrats on a stupendous project!
Hondo Trailside
Hondo Trailside - 5 years ago
This has become a deal with making these boats and now that it has long been achieved I am not all that impressed with it (NS is a great builder I don't mean that, but beginers build their boats this way too).

Gene Jensen the great canoe designer, could turn out a canoe that would win races and go on to be pulled for molds and sold by one of the major canoe companies, in 4 days. That is hand drawing the plans for a new model, lofting full size and making, outfitting and launching and paddling the boat. So yeah these are pretty boats, but there is a whole world of making boats for real uses efficiently up to boats 60 of 100 feet long, using strips and epoxy and that seems little observed in the rush to create small often badly designed boats (not here) that look like a coffee table. And people seem to feel pushed to ever more expensive, heavy, and time consuming to build designs, for what are boats. They need to be well designed, fair, able to hold their shape, light, and durable.

So am I am watching the video because I love this boat, and all, but as a builder just throwing out the fact that great boats can be made relatively simply with this system right up to the size of major yachts.
Roesch -4- Broward County Sheriff
Roesch -4- Broward County Sheriff - 5 years ago
Fiberglass in the end does it all.
James Popp
James Popp - 5 years ago
+Nick Schade
Really appreciate the reply, Nick. I'll definitely check it out!
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
I started while I had a different job, doing it for my own pleasure until I got to the point where I felt it would work. You might want to read this:
James Popp
James Popp - 5 years ago
Thanks for the reply Nick. Just a question: how did you get into this field of woodworking? Honestly making a career out of doing things like this and woodworking is a dream of mine. Is it a good profession to go into?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
Clamps and tape and the occasional dab of hot glue to hold a strip to a form.
mohammed Usama
mohammed Usama - 5 years ago
this is tooo much it is just a kayak...
Herbert Meier
Herbert Meier - 5 years ago
I guess it won't get any better than this! Your dedication for details and quality is very impressive!
ferrarigirl666 - 5 years ago
such a beautiful piece of art, ruined by carbon fiber an fiberglas with epoxy! ok, i understand the fiberglass.... but the black of the carbon looks horrible
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy - 5 years ago
I can appreciate the "purist" approach.

Personnaly i think it looks great. As mentionned, the contrast between the wood and the carbon fiber looks good. I always liked the classic look mixed with modern materials and tech.

Reminds me of these boats ;-)
ferrarigirl666 - 5 years ago
+Nick Schade don't get me wrong... i use wood as well as composit materials in mij rc model airplanes , so i really understand why you use it, but in my opinion, the carbon does not look great in combination with the beautiful wood
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
I understand where you are coming from, but I have found that if I leave all the wood showing, the wood loses its impact. I feel that the contrast with the carbon fiber makes the wood look better, and likewise the carbon fiber looks good because of the contrast with the wood. Each material makes the other more interesting and more visually appealing to the eye.

As a true composite material, the combination of the fiberglass, wood and carbon fiber creates a structure that is better than the sum of its parts. It is lightweight and strong.
Sergio C M
Sergio C M - 5 years ago
Es una obra de arte, felicidades, ojalá este tipo de fabricación nunca se acabe
Dr QxR
Dr QxR - 5 years ago
Truly impressive Nick!
Giovani Santos
Giovani Santos - 5 years ago
Which product to use for finishing? Varnish or epoxy resin ?. Thank you
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
The final finish is an automotive clear coat, 2-part urethane, applied with a spray gun.
Nebojša Kamenčić
Nebojša Kamenčić - 5 years ago
Beautiful art
Thomas Marks
Thomas Marks - 5 years ago
Wow! just gorgeous! wish I had the space to do a build like this.
Steve's Work and Family VLOG
Steve's Work and Family VLOG - 5 years ago
This is a true work of art. Well done! Thanks for sharing.
JC Johnson
JC Johnson - 5 years ago
Good job.
Brett Lee
Brett Lee - 5 years ago
Oops…, the guy’s name isn’t Ted, it’s Woody Hyezmar…, google him and you’ll find his free plans online.
Trev S
Trev S - 5 years ago
The skill & creativity in this video is overwhelming
firstgeer - 5 years ago
rarerepair Frits
rarerepair Frits - 5 years ago
Indestructible beauty
deputy dog
deputy dog - 5 years ago
true  craft's man
Marty Smith
Marty Smith - 5 years ago
That is, without a doubt, the most incredible piece of art i've ever seen. Just stunning. Your range of craftsmanship is enviable, to say the least.
corsept77 - 5 years ago
un véritable artiste... quel chef-d'oeuvre !!!
travis young
travis young - 5 years ago
Spectacular. Stunning craftsmanship and such a detailed video. Thank you!
INS wINS - 5 years ago
Sergio Trespando
Sergio Trespando - 5 years ago
Erik Luyten
Erik Luyten - 5 years ago
wow thats the coolest boat i would love to paddle it on a nice calm lake early in the morning when the sun is coming up so peacefull that is life and to hear a loon sing
DrStef - 5 years ago
Very impressive. You are an artist Sir.
Wes Tyler
Wes Tyler - 5 years ago
Incredible! Thanks for sharing.
T2H Instructionals
T2H Instructionals - 5 years ago
You are a true artisan must be some Viking there somewhere.
Viru Sinstall
Viru Sinstall - 4 years ago
kayaks are native american / russian you idiot larper
Roesch -4- Broward County Sheriff
Roesch -4- Broward County Sheriff - 5 years ago
I totally agree. He has phenomenal skills.
Robert Purdom
Robert Purdom - 5 years ago
Gave me goosebumps. We done.
lucas s
lucas s - 5 years ago
so metal!
Terry Harms
Terry Harms - 5 years ago
Wow what a master piece, Thank you so much for sharing,
tinezz34 - 5 years ago
ABSOLUTELY stunning ! I could watch you working for hours!
Robert Morris
Robert Morris - 5 years ago
I was dreaming through the entire video about the sheer joy of making one of these beautiful boats, but when I saw the finished product at the end, sadly, I was forced to accet the reality that I cannot.
You are a true craftsman, and I applaud you...
David Robinson
David Robinson - 5 years ago
stunning video ..and even more stunning workmanship .patience personified .thank you sir
trueblue - 5 years ago
Wow , brilliant stuff , just one little disappointment for me - at the end I didn't see it floating ! Great skills though.
GETREAL! - 5 years ago
now, that is A MASTER PIECE...BRAVO~!
LouB - 5 years ago
All of that and we do not even get to see if it will float upright.

I just knew we would it would come gliding across the screen in the water scene that kept repeating over and over through the seasons.

Some objects no matter their intended purpose are also works of art
Kerouacf 00
Kerouacf 00 - 5 years ago
Thank you for this video, very well made and totally inspiring, though I'm not into boats your skills are inspirational.
Daniel Looper
Daniel Looper - 5 years ago
amazing build thanks
WereAllThatBored - 5 years ago
Great work! And answered the question of whether infusion was worth the time in a wood strip boat.
John Knoefler
John Knoefler - 5 years ago
Obviously I can't afford one of these. I won't even bother asking the price as I can see how much labor goes into one. I also can't afford to build one this way. Best I can do is an approximation using similar techniques and leave off the expensive carbon fiber and epoxy. Looks like fiberglass and resin is the answer for us poor folks.

Love the video editing and background music. Love how the sounds of work sometimes come through for effect. A very skillful video edit to highlight the awesome construction process. Thanks Nick. Wish I could afford one of your wonderful boats.
Brian Stoner
Brian Stoner - 6 years ago
Wow! Very impressive skills, the video editing was also very good.
Thanks for posting.
Saad Brahmia
Saad Brahmia - 6 years ago
Arduous Ant
Arduous Ant - 6 years ago
This is an awesome video :D Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on :D if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! :D 15gdm Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace
Sky Pup
Sky Pup - 6 years ago
Antipodean33 - 6 years ago
I know that a rounded bilge/chine to some looks more pleasing, but when it comes down to ease of construction AND performance, hard chines win hands down. So my question is, why go to all the trouble of doing a strip planked kayak when an everyday stitch and glue design is easier and better performance wise?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 6 years ago
+Antipodean33 From the perspective of a first time builder, S&G is undoubtably easier and quicker, especially if you are building from a kit. However, if you are an experienced woodworker, strip-building is a more interesting project because it actually involves more woodworking.
Antipodean33 - 6 years ago
+Nick Schade Yes, i have seen your designs and they are beautiful looking and no doubt excellent boats performance. I should have worded my comment better, i was thinking more in line with a first time builder
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 6 years ago
+Antipodean33 I design kayaks for their performance. Different hull forms create different performance characteristics. My goal for this kayak was best served with rounded shapes. I do some hard chined stitch and glue designs, when my design goals can be well served by the shapes S&G can produce.
D. Ward
D. Ward - 6 years ago
I am currently building a Guillemot from Nick's book. The book alone is educational enough to learn what needs to be done, but the videos are priceless when actually building one of these amazing boats. I have watched all of them, some of them multiple times as I move into different stages of construction. Thank you Nick for teaching me such an awesome, relaxing, and rewarding new skill, the results of which will last generations.
pen mightygun
pen mightygun - 6 years ago
+D. Ward i hate to learn from a book. the videos really helped me as after watching a video i had already done it one time . just like in medicine you see one try one do one.
Joe Atwork
Joe Atwork - 6 years ago
Good Video. I have built several strip canoes. My two favorite times are when the color of the wood pops out when poring on the resin and dropping it in the water for the first time.
Joe Atwork
Joe Atwork - 6 years ago
+pen mightygun That too. I look at all of those shaving and wonder how many firestarters do I really need. Hate to toss anything that looks and smells that good. Usually end up filling a garbage bag and keep it 'til my next project produces more. I knew one guy that would put the shaving in a canvas bag to make a dog bed.
pen mightygun
pen mightygun - 6 years ago
+Joe Atwork mine is taking a sharp hand plane to that soft cedar and hand planing it like it was made of butter then looking at the cubic meter of shavings and thinking wow, i bet other men would have to sand all that shit off.
Patrik Kubík
Patrik Kubík - 6 years ago
this is absolutely awesome :3
wacobleu - 6 years ago
beautiful job
homebuiltindoorplane - 6 years ago
Absolutely incredible. Fantastic video, fantastic workmanship. Perfectly done, and what an inspiration. You should write a book about boat building! Thanks!
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 5 years ago
+Mister22MR2 No, vacuum infusion is new for me. I don't necessarily recommend it. It does good stuff, but it is a lot of work.
The Dude
The Dude - 5 years ago
Do the books cover Vacuum forming CF?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 6 years ago
John Nesral
John Nesral - 6 years ago
Amazing craftsmanship. I hope one day, I'll be able to make something as beautiful as you've have.
RomanovDK - 6 years ago
Wow! Just plain old wow!!! A true master craftsman.
Robert Evans
Robert Evans - 6 years ago
I made one three (?) years ago, and had a couple of big problems. The worst was when I was fitting the two halves back together again. I fussed and fussed with clamps, weights, straps, and all sort of things. And cursing, of course. The secret is at 10:04 of the video. Nick has put in guides to reassemble. Almost makes me want to try again! But not quite.
iwantosavemoney - 6 years ago
What a work of art I could never afford one of those but it is nice watching you do your trade thums uP
Robert Evans
Robert Evans - 6 years ago
+Nick Schade Since you mentioned it... Clcboats kits are great. The parts are precision cut, and their staff will give you phone advice.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 6 years ago
+Robert Evans Chesapeake Light Craft has kits for this design. Not using the same materials I used, but you can still make a nice kayak with their materials.
Robert Evans
Robert Evans - 6 years ago
+iwantosavemoney This model is difficult, but the hybrids like the Night Heron are not, and there are wonderfully precision kits available from a couple of vendors (not sure if it is appropriate to mention those here)
Pete - 6 years ago
Jesus would be proud lol
Morjax Plays
Morjax Plays - 6 years ago
/r/OddlySatisfying, reporting for duty!
Gerardo Salas
Gerardo Salas - 6 years ago
That's a sweet bell sander! And nice boat!
Dave Grainger
Dave Grainger - 6 years ago
World class boat and video! Honored to have had a very small part in the making of this masterpiece (infusion assistant) One question: what the heck is going on with the frying pan and hotplate at 16:51?
Placerville - 6 years ago
+Dave Grainger I believe he's using the heated sand to slightly darken and 'shade' some of the lighter pieces to give them depth. Look at the point in the video where he's scraping off the tape and you'll see how the lighter wood around the eagles head has dark shadows. Nice touch.
pen mightygun
pen mightygun - 6 years ago
+Dave Grainger heated sand control burns the wood to shade it for a 3D effect or he is cooking up some smack.
Robby Brown
Robby Brown - 6 years ago
Tim Herda
Tim Herda - 6 years ago
This was so satisfying to watch. True admirable craftsmanship. You've set the pinnacle for wooden kayaks.
thomasuras - 6 years ago
Just great stuff
Eagle Bird Creations
Eagle Bird Creations - 6 years ago
holy cow
Sergey Kopylov
Sergey Kopylov - 6 years ago
5:58 what kind of glue is used to glue strips together. This white glue does not looks like epoxy.. is it water-soluble, isn't it? is it a king of D4 wood glue?
pen mightygun
pen mightygun - 6 years ago
+Sergey Kopylov most likely its elmer's wood glue. remember you have to hand plane and sand all those glue lines.
Robert Evans
Robert Evans - 6 years ago
+Sergey Kopylov Waterproof glue is not necessary. The fiberglass on the inside and out hold the strips together later.
Lachie55 - 6 years ago
Hi Nick,

I have been following your book for the Great Auk kayak and have loved the process so far.

However, I am struggling with the fibreglassing stage. I have been doing some tests and cannot seem to get the fibreglass to become completely transparent (it seems to be "patchy"), even though it is saturated (in my opinion anyway). I have been putting off full fibreglassing the hull for weeks now for fear it will ruin my hard work.

What is the best bit of advice you can give to keep this from happening.

I am hoping to build another one at some stage and learn from my errors!

Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 6 years ago
+Lachie55 I don't know of any way to fix the sizing after it is contaminated. I believe that the epoxy bond to the glass will not be as strong, but it is probably still strong enough for internal use.
Lachie55 - 6 years ago
+Nick Schade I'd say you've hit the nail on the head there! Something I wasn't aware of. Thanks very much I will take more care with that in future attempts. Contaminated sounds like a permanent problem, are there any steps to make the glass i currently have usable? Or is it a case of ordering fresh glass? Would it be ok to still use that contaminated glass internally where clarity is not critical?
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 6 years ago
+Lachie55 It may be a problem with your glass. If it got contaminated or the "sizing" damaged it could have problems wetting out. For example if the cloth got wet or was stored in humid conditions.
Jeff Turner
Jeff Turner - 6 years ago
If I only had six years to build one. Great video. Learned alot
Randall Kelnhofer
Randall Kelnhofer - 6 years ago
Well done, I salute you.
Darrel Carson
Darrel Carson - 6 years ago
This video has inspired me to believe that just maybe I can do this too. I already have most of the tools I need, including the Wood-Mizer sawmill. Thanks for posting this video!
pen mightygun
pen mightygun - 6 years ago
+Darrel Carson its just as easy as it looks. I did it. And i dont have to paddle around in a fucking plastic milk jug.
Daniele Dallapè
Daniele Dallapè - 6 years ago
Jim Dodd
Jim Dodd - 6 years ago
I would love to find some planks, that fine to build with !!!
Robert Evans
Robert Evans - 6 years ago
+Jim Dodd Google "kayak kits".
David Chamness
David Chamness - 6 years ago
I started off thinking, "I want to do that." After watching for a while, I thought, "no, that's more than I can do, I want to buy that." Then, when they got to the inlay, I thought, "no, that's way out of my league, I can't even think about being able to afford that." By the time they were finished, I was thinking, "that's not the right product for me, because it's so nice, I would not even be able to use it - I'm not careful enough with my possessions, and I'd damage it."

It's not an item I'd use, it's art in the shape of a kayak, and I'm much more of a "I'll just bash this around, so I should have indestructible plastic instead" kind of owner.
pen mightygun
pen mightygun - 6 years ago
+David Chamness yep you are the milk jug mentality. mine was a perfect build old ladies would stop to admire it. people would run out of restaurants to look at it. now its covered in scratches, but because i built her. i know i can refinish her better than new.
Matthew Murdock
Matthew Murdock - 6 years ago
Damn it show them in the water!
pen mightygun
pen mightygun - 6 years ago
+Matthew Murdock LOL your in love.
KMatthewJ - 6 years ago
+Calvin Smith No they wouldn't.
Arjen Hartink
Arjen Hartink - 6 years ago
+Calvin Smith why would they
Calvin Smith
Calvin Smith - 6 years ago
+Matthew Murdock They sink like a rock.
Lech Tokarski
Lech Tokarski - 6 years ago
piękne kajaki produkujecie - wielkie brawa
Александр Астафьев
Александр Астафьев - 6 years ago
Спасибо. Давно смотрю за вашей работой. Очень нравится.
Phillip Brown
Phillip Brown - 6 years ago
Love the inlay, your craft continues to evolve. The vacuum bagging is that now part of your standard workflow?
Carl Brill
Carl Brill - 5 years ago
I use infusion at work. We find it great as far as not getting everything messy and the finished product is really good (if we take the time to get our bag solid!). The amount of waste it generates is huge, it seems to me. The cloth/resin ratio is so much better with infusion. That is a beautiful boat you built, the maple stem totally reads as bronze.
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 6 years ago
+Phillip Brown I have not officially adopted the infusion. I still need to experiment with it some more.
Gianni Iandolo
Gianni Iandolo - 6 years ago
Hello Nick . ..the your video perfectly expresses the sentiment that surrounds the birth of a kayak homebuilt . The magic that goes beyond a building 's sake . You are a true artist congratulations .Gianni Iandolo
Edmund Barry
Edmund Barry - 6 years ago
Did you make your own wood putty?
Edmund Barry
Edmund Barry - 6 years ago
+Nick Schade thank you!
Nick Schade
Nick Schade - 6 years ago
+Edmund Barry The putty is sanding dust with water and a bit of glue.
Naked Acres
Naked Acres - 6 years ago
Some nice craftsmanship Nick and the editing is first rate as well. The inlay was amazing.
Robert Adams
Robert Adams - 6 years ago
The best video I have seen in a long time. Just the work being done and not a word spoken. Many in the film industry could learn allot from this and how not every seccond does someone need to be saying something. Thank you.
pen mightygun
pen mightygun - 6 years ago
+Robert Adams he got to choose every angle every second , he made you see every mystery of the build. if anything , only a master craftsman can make this video.
Monty Smith
Monty Smith - 6 years ago
Very nicely done

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