Building an F1, hour by hour

The F1 is my flagship design, just a darn good sea kayak for a surprisingly wide range of uses. I've been doing this for 17 years, your first build will probably take about twice as long, plus time to buy materials and build any jigs. Plans and videos available at

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The F1 is my flagship design, just a darn good sea kayak for a surprisingly wide range of uses. I've been doing this for 17 years, your first build will probably take about twice as long, plus time to buy materials and build any jigs. Plans and videos available at

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for Building an F1, hour by hour

Евгений Бородин
Евгений Бородин - 4 years ago
какой молодец еще и на субарике
Jean-Baptiste Partiot
Jean-Baptiste Partiot - 4 years ago
voici a la fois une tres belle réalisation, et une tres belle vidéo
Tributary House Ltd.
Tributary House Ltd. - 4 years ago
Well done brother. A bit surprised to see only one layer of fiber - but clearly it works and is light as hell.

Why no rudder? One thinks of a sea kayak as requiring a rudder.... Shows what I know!!
Прекрасное исполнение. И удивительно как просто Уже хочу такую и себе сделать .Только вопрос это стеклоткань или синтетика.
max - 4 years ago
Herr Cojones
Herr Cojones - 4 years ago
great craftmanschip !
Иван Пономарев
Иван Пономарев - 4 years ago
Nice work!!
luky nuryadin
luky nuryadin - 4 years ago
Its more than a kayak, its an art...
John Stapleton
John Stapleton - 4 years ago
forget the last post....I thought that was the Saltash bridge between Devon and Cornwall...

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John Stapleton
John Stapleton - 4 years ago
Now for a deserved Pint in the R.A.B.I.....stapes (Firkin)
77gravity - 4 years ago
Please, what does it weigh? Beautiful.
77gravity - 4 years ago
Thank you, so quick :) Coming back to the video gives me the chance to click Like (which I somehow failed to do before) AND you get another View. Keep up the great work, in both boats and videos. Love from Australia.
Cape Falcon Kayak
Cape Falcon Kayak - 4 years ago
A finished F1 weighs in at about 30 pounds. There are modifications that can be made to create an ultralight version, getting the weight down another 10% or more... Check out the "Modifying the F1 kayak" video on my channel for more info on that.
thor wilkinson
thor wilkinson - 4 years ago
Great vid!!! Best I've seen so far.
Brigante Casatiello
Brigante Casatiello - 4 years ago
REAL MASTRO d'ascia !!!
Dan Hillman
Dan Hillman - 4 years ago
Beautiful job but I can't help but think it's a good thing you're not heavier than you are.
Cape Falcon Kayak
Cape Falcon Kayak - 4 years ago
One of the great things about skin on frame building is it allows for easy modifications to accommodate different body shapes. We offer the F1 kayak building plans in 7 scaled sizes to fit paddlers from 100–250lbs, and have another boat design for paddlers of even larger builds.
Guillaume Reeves
Guillaume Reeves - 4 years ago
Wow! that's some nice craftsmanship. Love it
What kind of wood is that to bend so easily?
Cape Falcon Kayak
Cape Falcon Kayak - 4 years ago
We use white oak for bending -- there are a couple of videos on our channel specifically about the steam bending process and prepping wood for bending, if you want to learn more.
Jessica Sommy
Jessica Sommy - 4 years ago
check stodoys instructins
Jakub Šimánek
Jakub Šimánek - 4 years ago
Simply: This is a Piece of beauty! Highest respect to you!
XxMlgx15XxX - 4 years ago
i live in portland too and i swear to god on that same day we were driving across the st. johns bridge and i saw a guy in a white kyak at the bottom XD
Galleta's Dad
Galleta's Dad - 4 years ago

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Liam Gaither
Liam Gaither - 4 years ago
Amazing amazing amazing. The amount of work that went into that is just... Wow.
Lucas Kerper
Lucas Kerper - 4 years ago
Beautiful craftsmanship, the music is great and the video progressed at a quick and watchable rate of speed. Have you ever considered attaching a small steam engine to the canoe? Or I should ask: is that even possible? (Like a Stirling engine)
Ed Jackson
Ed Jackson - 4 years ago
where's the wheels
Alfons Alex
Alfons Alex - 4 years ago
Wow this is beautiful!
Ville Turkkinen
Ville Turkkinen - 4 years ago
Beautiful craftmanship.
Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy - 4 years ago
By the way... Your filiming was very well put together.
Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy - 4 years ago
Craftsmanship at it best. Awesome work, your damn good. I don't even own a kayak.
aratanatar - 4 years ago
super video ! what kind of cloth do you use to cover the frame?
aratanatar - 4 years ago
maybe I ask different : can I use cotton or leather ? or must it be Polyester ?
J. Dana Clark
J. Dana Clark - 4 years ago
aratanatar my first question as well. Also what kind of resin?
Cthulhu Life
Cthulhu Life - 4 years ago
Golden hands!
Ryan Hewett
Ryan Hewett - 4 years ago
using the same technique that you created your canoe with you should create a wider hand paddle.

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The days of Robloxia
The days of Robloxia - 4 years ago
Name of song?
Keith Douglas
Keith Douglas - 4 years ago
Thats so ccol!!
Michel Gilormini
Michel Gilormini - 4 years ago
Bravo! belle réalisation
ronin478 - 4 years ago
That is incredible!! Great Craftsmanship!
George Wille
George Wille - 4 years ago
Great Video... NICE KAYAK!!!! love it. Thanks for the video... and the effort to show us it.
JoachimMink - 4 years ago
This is fantastic and to build a kajak in only 31 hours is very quick, I meen.
Claudio Contri
Claudio Contri - 4 years ago
Austin 12
Austin 12 - 4 years ago
Was expecting a race car, however not disappointed.
Diego Antonio Sanchez
Diego Antonio Sanchez - 4 years ago
Felicitaciones maestro!
Centurion Wizofid
Centurion Wizofid - 4 years ago
I fell in love with wooden watercraft as a teen. "Whig's Jig" was a 20 ft, square stern, built for the St. Croix river and lakes above. I was blessed to see it and travel in it while she wore canvas. Sleek and fast. This kiyak reminds me of working in wood and looking for the best. This is so marvelous. Thank you.
Florence Or.
Florence Or. - 4 years ago
thank you for sharing ... ! a dream, maybe soon
Pauly - 4 years ago
That feeling you get when your boot fills with water:'( great vid mate
Jean-luc - 4 years ago
Très beau travail félicitation
Boris Pecin
Boris Pecin - 4 years ago
Savršenstvo je u jednostavnosti! Predivno!
juan clavel
juan clavel - 4 years ago
Woooww..!! precioso Kayak. Tuvo que ser un proceso muy cuidado y con mucha ilusión y amor. Enhorabuena también para quien realizó el video...
c0braZ - 4 years ago
wow... Awesome!
ED LAB - 4 years ago
Clayton Bradley
Clayton Bradley - 4 years ago

I'm so glad to see you're doing well. You inspired me to build my first kayak years ago, and then my canoe, and maybe a cabin one day. I remain hopeful that I'll eventually be able to attend one of your classes.

Lovely boat, as always, and a great video.
Adam - 4 years ago
Pure beauty, thank you :)
tonton 63
tonton 63 - 4 years ago
Magnifique ! Quelle chance d'avoir ce "savoir faire" !

50. comment for Building an F1, hour by hour

vincent7520 - 4 years ago
He put the seat on the wrong side !!!…
remustyle - 4 years ago
TallAKFF - 4 years ago
How easily do they scale up, I am 6'8" 250 lbs?
Adam Perkins
Adam Perkins - 4 years ago
You might enjoy reading "Building Skin on Frame Boats" by Robert Morris. Lots of discussion of proportioning kayaks to fit your own body by traditional methods.
Cape Falcon Kayak
Cape Falcon Kayak - 4 years ago
They scale easily, I'm actually working on a boat for a larger guy in my living room right now. For guys your size I typically recommend a longer kayak though just to float the extra weight.
MattA. - 4 years ago
Excellent cinematography. This was pleasing to watch and has me curious about your kayaks!
Jpman 276
Jpman 276 - 4 years ago
I thought you were building a race car!
donnyo65 - 4 years ago
Russi - 4 years ago
Quero um desse ❤️
Deckard Shaw
Deckard Shaw - 4 years ago
WOW, MY DREAM......have had the original building plans for ages.....
Robert Williams
Robert Williams - 4 years ago
Cool, the St.John’s Bridge!
Tom Popp
Tom Popp - 4 years ago
Cathedral Park in St. Johns! Great spot to boat.
Andrea's Workshop
Andrea's Workshop - 4 years ago
Wonderful build and video edit!
steve schwartz
steve schwartz - 4 years ago
Superb craftsmanship.  Great video
manta1969manta - 4 years ago
Real piece of art!
KOTN HEWHOHIM - 4 years ago
I make F1s completely from carbon fiber. I sell an average of one a month with a back log of one year.
Andre Demetrio
Andre Demetrio - 4 years ago
Super nice!
What did you use for sealing the Nylon? Epóxi?
Good Job!
Andre Demetrio
Andre Demetrio - 4 years ago
Thank you for the info! Nice boat!
Cape Falcon Kayak
Cape Falcon Kayak - 4 years ago
it's a two part polyurethane sold by
georgyboy2323 - 4 years ago
Really a great job. I appreciate the shape and the details. The hull is brilliant. Can you tell me what kind of resin did you use?
gotnokittys - 4 years ago
That is so beautiful. And, wonderful craftmanship too.
Bagong Strees
Bagong Strees - 4 years ago
bagi ilmu dong mr.
Bosco Bob
Bosco Bob - 4 years ago
It needs knee braces...
metaspencer - 4 years ago
What an utterly gorgeous video and build. Shot so well and so many details. Thanks.
Sam Tait
Sam Tait - 4 years ago
It seemed a real shame to screw those plastic foot pegs in after all that amazing wood work
GordWing - 4 years ago
Beautiful project...
Quaker 1969
Quaker 1969 - 4 years ago
Awesome and elegant!
Ross Williams, DC
Ross Williams, DC - 4 years ago
Beautiful combo of the old and new.
Mark Badoer
Mark Badoer - 4 years ago
Great video and kayak. Impressive.
The HandToolery
The HandToolery - 4 years ago
Beautiful vessel and great video!
Ozzy Lozada
Ozzy Lozada - 4 years ago
Peaceful and tranquil video. Thanks for sharing.
Jake Rosenfeld
Jake Rosenfeld - 4 years ago
A++.   There are no visible holes in your game.  Nice work!
Steven Benner
Steven Benner - 4 years ago
Nice video Brian. I built an F1 and it's a fantastic kayak, very versatile and my wife loves to paddle it too.
phdfxwg Fischercat
phdfxwg Fischercat - 4 years ago
how mutch it whey ? and your padel needs bigger blades !
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell - 4 years ago
dam cool. Where did you learn those techniques? I have seen many but this is a new one. What do you call it?
Steven Warner
Steven Warner - 4 years ago
Sooooo Sweet!
Mark Lackley
Mark Lackley - 4 years ago
Nice video and music. Thanks
TheDcrocks1 - 4 years ago
The hull is did you figure out the center of gravity for the height?
Nikolaus - 4 years ago
Interesting design. A tad bulky for my taste, but it's definitely got something. And a beautiful build. Slightly envious here.
Adam Perkins
Adam Perkins - 4 years ago
Cape Falcon Kayak,
Hah, sounds like you're channeling Phil Bolger a bit. I always (grudgingly) admired his ability to let go of the aesthetic-ego and just accept that functional concerns were going to make the design ugly...
Cape Falcon Kayak
Cape Falcon Kayak - 4 years ago
I don't have any judgement one way or another.  Put absolutely anything in the water and it will do something really good and something really bad, and some things kind of OK.   Good design squeezes as much as it can out of the compromises toward the desired result.  It's not for me to interfere with anyones desires though.  There are days I like the look and feel of a Greenland kayak more than I care about comfort or handling.   On a long expedition, screw skin on frame, give me a plastic prijon kodiak with a big rudder.  Paddles like crap, but a perfect expedition tool.  If I had a long, multi day, upwind slog, put me in a glass brit boat,  the mass and weight forward design will punch the chop more cleanly and be faster over distance despite the increase in weight.  For marshes, and protected lakes, why use a kayak, a kayak shaped canoe with no deck is a lot nicer and weights 30% less.  If we are really honest about all purpose kayak design, well, that was perfected in the 70's, it's called a Lettman Mark IV.   I like the F1 because it's quick, stable, maneuverable, comfortable, and light, and almost anywhere I push the design parameters I lose more than I gain.  If I could work in glass or plastic I could improve it a bit, but then that adds 20-30lbs and takes away the ability to customize exact sizes.  Imagine if road bikes only came in 45 and 55cm?  that's what kayaks are like, and it's what we live with because it's not practical from a manufacturing standpoint except in skin on frame.  I love that I can tweak things individually that way. Lots of upsides, lots of downsides, everything is always a compromise.
Andrew Moizer
Andrew Moizer - 4 years ago
Interesting and honest critique Brian. So seeing the "form in function" has to rule the day in the end (or perhaps at least the converse in that "without function, there is no form" ... or something like that).
Cape Falcon Kayak
Cape Falcon Kayak - 4 years ago
A tad bulky for my taste too but there's just no way to make it do what it does otherwise.  It seems like I go through a cycle of pushing my own boats narrower and narrower in 1/4 inch increments until they look perfect, and paddle wrong.  Then it's back up about an inch in width and the magic is back, and the cycle starts over again. Believe it or not, the footprint on the water is actually narrower than most 20" wide "fast" kayaks.  (Your average F1 sits on a 19" waterline width at the cockpit). Narrow, long, and low slung is sexy as heck, but there are so many downsides. 

One day I was shooting the shit with a big name kayak designer and looking at his very popular new boat and I commented "hey _____ you know if you whacked of those ends and bumped up the width by an inch it would be just as fast, but be more compact, less effected by wind and pick up a noticeable edge in maneuverability."   He replied "Yeah, but we're not gonna sell very many boats that way are we?"    The painful truth is that so much of kayak design is driven by aesthetics.  Some people like the look of the F1, I personally don't, but it's addictive to paddle, so I just live with it.
Lance Buck
Lance Buck - 4 years ago
Great video! I am inspired to build again!
Nathan Gill
Nathan Gill - 4 years ago
I must have watched this ten times today! Great video! Thanks!
Adam Kelly
Adam Kelly - 4 years ago
Hey Brian - the tyak I built with you in Sydney is still my favourite boat. You should come back out so I can build an F1 :)
qaannat - 4 years ago

That F1 looks like it paddles so well. That is the first time I think I've ever seen one in action, on the glide. You should show a bit more about their capabilities....
Cape Falcon Kayak
Cape Falcon Kayak - 4 years ago
Getting a video made about the F1 specifically is something I REALLY need to do.  Anyone can SAY their boat does this or that, I want to actually show it.  Turning the boat with body leans only in a 30mph crosswind, easily catching and surfing small wind waves, surfing big ocean waves without just broaching and side surfing, threading through tight channels in a marsh, being able to lift tow or rescue by any line on the kayak, hitting it as hard as I can with the sharp end of a claw hammer.  Then an overview of all the features.  Also, the three different versions, and six different sizing options.  Finally some sort of scientific way to actually show the dramatically reduced drag.   I'd also like to talk about it's evolution from the boats that inspired Cam Broze to design the coaster, to the coaster, to where I picked up the concept and where I went with it and why.  It's a huge project, but one I hope to tackle this year.
Emanuel B
Emanuel B - 4 years ago
ThAnk you for posting! Merry Christmas!
Nick Gates
Nick Gates - 4 years ago
Great video Brian, you make it all look so effortless!
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes - 4 years ago
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