Buying My FIRST Fishing Kayak!

LINK TO SICK STICK -- Back from Africa and I've decided to pick up a new yak in hopes to scour some local southern ponds and rivers to help me catch bass this winter. PLEASE! I want to hear all of your feedback and I'm all ears when it comes to suggestions, I'm a major beginner when it comes to fishing off Yaks and need any help I can get! --Young Plugg What I film with… Drone — Camera — Lens — GoPro — BIG SHINY Camera -- BIG SHINY Lens -- My Other Gear... Computer — Editing software — Mic — Camera Case — Backpack -- Follow me on… SOUNDCLOUD -- INSTAGRAM -- TWITTER -- SNAPCHAT: fishingthemw FACEBOOK -- #ftmw *The above links are Amazon Associate links*

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LINK TO SICK STICK -- Back from Africa and I've decided to pick up a new yak in hopes to scour some local southern ponds and rivers to help me catch bass this winter. PLEASE! I want to hear all of your feedback and I'm all ears when it comes to suggestions, I'm a major beginner when it comes to fishing off Yaks and need any help I can get! --Young Plugg What I film with… Drone — Camera — Lens — GoPro — BIG SHINY Camera -- BIG SHINY Lens -- My Other Gear... Computer — Editing software — Mic — Camera Case — Backpack -- Follow me on… SOUNDCLOUD -- INSTAGRAM -- TWITTER -- SNAPCHAT: fishingthemw FACEBOOK -- #ftmw *The above links are Amazon Associate links*

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for Buying My FIRST Fishing Kayak!

The Dream Catcher
The Dream Catcher - 4 years ago
Wanted to get my cousin into fishing, told him to watch 5 Jon B. videos. Now hes into fishing and keeps asking me to go
AJ Gaming
AJ Gaming - 4 years ago
The Dream Catcher I
Kyle - 4 years ago
Is Gary the fish still alive please post another vid about Gary
JoobyFoo - 4 years ago
My 2 month old stops crying and becomes entranced by his vids.
jonathon phantha
jonathon phantha - 4 years ago
Hey what rods and reels we're using in Africa with lunkerstv if you don't mind me asking
BRush Fishing
BRush Fishing - 4 years ago
Im gonna Try the same thing, Thanks man!
The Dream Catcher
The Dream Catcher - 4 years ago
yeah lol, lots of little kids are inspired easily by things they find interesting. Jon B is a perfect example. He's gotten tons of kids into fishing that barely knew how to cast a rod before watching youtube
Drew Corcoran
Drew Corcoran - 4 years ago
that's awesome bro
BUCK RUSH - 4 years ago
That's how I got into use to only like hunting now Fishing is life
Max Crockett
Max Crockett - 4 years ago
The Dream Catcher lol that's how me and my brother got into it.
matanuska high
matanuska high - 4 years ago
my 7 year old is all about the googan squad and watching fishing videos..he caught some fat salmon this summer and outfished me the last 2 trips.
HookNBass92 - 4 years ago
The Dream Catcher that's so sick
2024 Luis Garcia
2024 Luis Garcia - 3 years ago
Rex_ Rhett
Rex_ Rhett - 3 years ago
8:51 R.I.P. Pool Noodle

Lol nvm. Looks like it found its way back home.
Dennis Nicholson
Dennis Nicholson - 3 years ago
Jon, you're a funny guy with a healthy sense of humor and your videos are fun to watch. Yet, above all of that, you are a decent person. Those folks in the shantytown in Soweto, South Africa are happy despite their circumstances. That gives anyone, with the sense to see it, a whole new perspective on life.
Timeless Vick
Timeless Vick - 3 years ago
This is crazy bro I haven’t watched a video from you in like 6 years!!!! You fucking grew up like crazy! Is that your house or your parents house? If it’s yours damn proud of bro and even if it’s not I’m still proud of you! Keep up the great work on YouTube! @jon.b
Hunter DiMaria
Hunter DiMaria - 3 years ago
Hey I just got a new pool floaty at the 1$ store, it floats so I’m gonna call it a boat. I’m not mimicking anything he said. But in all seriousness I love you Jon b, I’ve been watching since 5 k subs. W hen are you going to come to California? Sorry I had to make that terrible roast but I would call that MASSIVE kayak a boat
Ernesto Herrera
Ernesto Herrera - 3 years ago
No jomo but bro you look like scarlett Johansson little brother
Hunter Deer
Hunter Deer - 3 years ago
Awesome video
im a mango
im a mango - 3 years ago
Drops pool noodle

10. comment for Buying My FIRST Fishing Kayak!

im a mango
im a mango - 3 years ago
Rip the pie he
Jamin Stoll
Jamin Stoll - 4 years ago
I love hunting and fishing
on the farm with nathan
on the farm with nathan - 4 years ago
Good for u
Hayden Schneider
Hayden Schneider - 4 years ago
I saw the noodle when it happened I was like Jon Jon oh wait it’s a vid
srafishing - 4 years ago
8:51 what were u thinking jon
Stewart Vernon Jr
Stewart Vernon Jr - 4 years ago
Put a trolling motor on it. That what I did
Ltbo 67
Ltbo 67 - 4 years ago
It's a Toyota
Shark Shane
Shark Shane - 4 years ago
I have the same exact kayak
Phil Gali
Phil Gali - 4 years ago
you ever do walleye videos? what baits would you recommend june fishing?

did you order the pineapple or Amazon can just send you a random care package? where is this opption
Tom Harries
Tom Harries - 4 years ago
did you win the lottery or what?

20. comment for Buying My FIRST Fishing Kayak!

Charlene Hudson
Charlene Hudson - 4 years ago
you need to rename the video, just a total ramble, my 1st time disliking a fishing related video
Bearded Bass Veterans
Bearded Bass Veterans - 4 years ago
Just bought the same one a few days ago! Awesome Kayak!
jesse Garlick
jesse Garlick - 4 years ago
You don’t have to act suppressed cause your the one that ordered them dumby
EP1C Rain Gaming
EP1C Rain Gaming - 4 years ago
I have that kayak it’s really good!!
bnhhne88 - 4 years ago
Can you make a video showing your set up on the 10T yak? Just bought one and need some ideas.
Matthew Thurmond
Matthew Thurmond - 4 years ago
very arrogant little f***
OCat - 4 years ago
should have gotten the Lifetime Tamarack 10' kayak. It's just as good and half the price homie!
clay money
clay money - 4 years ago
Groceries? Dead battery? Dude keep it to fishing....
Outdoors In Minnesota
Outdoors In Minnesota - 4 years ago
1:54 can see it’s fake lol
The Indoor Outdoorsman
The Indoor Outdoorsman - 4 years ago
Man that looked like $300 on the counter... Also cheap would have come from Academy, spent $340 on mine.

30. comment for Buying My FIRST Fishing Kayak!

Jason Jason
Jason Jason - 4 years ago
Lol a drug deal why is it so sketchy
Scotty Outdoors
Scotty Outdoors - 4 years ago
When are u going to make a video with it?
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis - 4 years ago
Cool I always wanted a kayak
Cayden Long
Cayden Long - 4 years ago
Put a deeper on it
Austin Chu
Austin Chu - 4 years ago
8:46 The pool noodle makes a surprisingly useful fishing tool. I fly fish a lot and they're great for storing tandem nymph rigs. I also use them to store pre-rigged hooks + leaders for carp fishing. I'd say the pool noodle is a great purchase... :)
Sagan Worshipper
Sagan Worshipper - 4 years ago
Must be nice to be rich af.
MTNation - 4 years ago
xD why tf did he buy a pool noodle lmao
Cameron Jordan
Cameron Jordan - 4 years ago
Pokes cactus, hurts... Is suprised! Seriously dude
North East fishing
North East fishing - 4 years ago
At 8.02 i can see you bank details man
North East fishing
North East fishing - 4 years ago
Delete this once you checked
Sweswio - 4 years ago
That kayak is badass
Brian G
Brian G - 4 years ago
Get a anchor, you'll be suprised how much the smallest amount of wind will blow you around.
Cameron Temple
Cameron Temple - 4 years ago
Been watching you for months and was never subscribed... weird. Just got you to 690,000. Booyaah
yooser naime
yooser naime - 4 years ago
why is this even a video? self-indulgent fool.
Jamie Cara
Jamie Cara - 4 years ago
I tie a cooler on a cooler floaty when I go out kayaking and fishing all day! best decision you will make.
I got a couple cross bars from DICKS and those foam blocks from sport mans warehouse and strap that sucker up to the top of my Durango. The foam absorbs the shock so its perfect for going down dirt roads so you don't have to worry about your kayak slipping off... oops O.o my B. As for a fish finder you can purchase ones just for kayaks online. google that shit.
lK N I G H T lx
lK N I G H T lx - 4 years ago
How about u ride it Down Niagara falls. Jk Jon
kingfishing 10
kingfishing 10 - 4 years ago
How much was the kayak cuz I'm thinking about buying one
Cameron Howe
Cameron Howe - 4 years ago
Should have bought a vibe kayak bro
MAra chan
MAra chan - 4 years ago
think like this Jon B if the toys are for yourself and your buying it for yourself.. we damn well deserve it!
The Bowser Journal
The Bowser Journal - 4 years ago
Congratulations on the new kayak! We have two and found that when we posted our videos our friends always wanted to go with us so we bought two more. We have a fleet of 4! You always need a pool noodle. Use it to make a kayak dolly to help you transport your kayak from the car to the water.
Aidan McCoyd
Aidan McCoyd - 4 years ago
who's red Porsche is that behind the truck in the beginning of the video

50. comment for Buying My FIRST Fishing Kayak!

MEGAHOUSE TV - 4 years ago
Yak life
Cooper Short
Cooper Short - 4 years ago
Sticker it up
Maxwell Roeland
Maxwell Roeland - 4 years ago
I think the neighbors put there porche panamera in the wrong driveway
Laxzify - 4 years ago
Yo we have the same kayak
Mark Muladore
Mark Muladore - 4 years ago
Hey man, I picked up a cheap Raymarine Dragonfly for mine. The transducer just sits through the scupper hole into a groove on the bottom so you don't have to worry about hitting crap. I don't know how close to Detroit you are but theres some killer walleye fishing on the river from my yak. Good luck!
Rooter's Backyard
Rooter's Backyard - 4 years ago
Nice.... About everything in this video!
I put my tandem yak on my Mazda 3. That should be just fine......also, ascend is a great starter yak. Don't listen to the haters
Harrison Leak
Harrison Leak - 4 years ago
I've been thinking about getting that one but I wasn't sure how well you could stand on it and fish
CLM Fishing
CLM Fishing - 4 years ago
I bought a kayak about 3 yrs ago to fish out of(not actually a fishing kayak) while I'm off working. First fish I hooked up on was a 4 pound large mouth. You can say that hooked me on kayak fishing.
Storrs Fishing
Storrs Fishing - 4 years ago
Get a Garmin. They have lots of different finders and some are made specifically for yaks. They are so small and work so well.
William Granados
William Granados - 4 years ago
Hey Jon hit me up if you need help with that check engine light. I'm a Toyota mechanic. Make sure your gas cap is tight and also check for a hose behind the air filter box, it'll go straight down to a hard line, they like to come loose.
Tyler Hollan
Tyler Hollan - 4 years ago
Go on a shopping spree in bass pro
Dustin - 4 years ago
You'd think with your fan base you could have easily gotten hobie or one of them to sponsor you !?!?
Tim Griffin
Tim Griffin - 4 years ago
I have that exact same one. Same color and all. Love the deck space and the factory rails. Only con is it really doesn't track all that well. Also, try to keep it out of the red Texas mud, it will stain that white.
Holla at me so I can join you some time. I only live about 2 hours from the MTB house.
JR Norton
JR Norton - 4 years ago
I started laughing at 5:55 that little cut scene was extra haha
Ben's Reel World Fishing
Ben's Reel World Fishing - 4 years ago
Put the pool noodle around the roof rack to protect your truck and your kayak.
Douglas Case outdoors
Douglas Case outdoors - 4 years ago
How much was the yak
Az bass Angler
Az bass Angler - 4 years ago
I'm looking forward to getting my own kayak also. I will look at that brand like you said it was super affordable
rxt3001 - 4 years ago
Hahaha! @6:51 I would have probably done the same shit
Washington Fernandes
Washington Fernandes - 4 years ago
Nice kayak good for you man ı have one
xrichx817 - 4 years ago
shoulda got a hobie
The New Captain
The New Captain - 4 years ago
im drunk and stoned but i still don't know how you pulled that fishing rod out of that bag
Riverwood outdoors
Riverwood outdoors - 4 years ago
Is Gary still alive?
mahan outdoors
mahan outdoors - 4 years ago
pool noodle got offended and tried to go back
Northern Fishing
Northern Fishing - 4 years ago
Wow I just got back from the U.P. And I never looked for a jon b video so fast lol got some awesome content check for it in a few hours thanks fishing peeps thanks for sharing jon love the yak!
tommy togood
tommy togood - 4 years ago
I'm starting up a channel should I do like an introductory video or a video of me fishing
More Than Fishing TV
More Than Fishing TV - 4 years ago
Jon, I live in Dallas (Richardson specifically) and film off a kayak all the time. I can show you how to install a fish finder and which one to buy ect.
Trey Proper
Trey Proper - 4 years ago
I'd rather not watch you open groceries when you're a fishing channel...
Joseph T
Joseph T - 4 years ago
Some Yak advice: don't ratchet down your kayak too tight with ratchet straps which is easy to do. It can  deform any kayak depending how hard you ratchet it down. If you want to carry it up off of the roof of your car so it doesn't scratch the roof paint I use these carriers which is better for wider kayaks. Its much more secure and I used cinch straps which are better for the Yak.
IRC Fishing
IRC Fishing - 4 years ago
i have the same kayak u will like it
Dirty Trucker Fishing
Dirty Trucker Fishing - 4 years ago
Kayak fishing is a blast. You probably did better than I did with my first yak. I bought a vibe sea ghost. What a heaping pile of crap. The factory forgot to install half the screws, forgot the console lid, rudder exploded .....
Zach D.
Zach D. - 4 years ago
Did you get the Porsche?
Ben Cook
Ben Cook - 4 years ago
How about a video of you fishing Lake Fork now you are back home? Some monster bass have been caught there and weather is now gotten back to normal. Would be nice easy trip with possible PB on LFork.
Kayak Bass Fishing Fanatic
Kayak Bass Fishing Fanatic - 4 years ago
You finally got a kayak. Congrats on your new boat. Don't let anyone shit talk your new purchase. BPS did a great job with these kayaks. It's a great starter rig. Bass fishing from a kayak is tough to beat. You're going to love it!
Tyler loveland
Tyler loveland - 4 years ago
Go to recovery room sports grill. They have gardien meatless wings. My girl gets them alllll the time. Not bad
saltwaterking79 - 4 years ago
For the money you spend on a new Ascend you can buy a used Jackson or Native... From personal experience.
Nathan.M FISHIN - 4 years ago
Jon.b I have a 12ft lund boat with an anchor and a trolling motor
Ryan Myers
Ryan Myers - 4 years ago
#wristworkgame fishing513
#wristworkgame fishing513 - 4 years ago
Yu been real since 1000 subs!! Best youtube fisherman hands down
Grady Truitt
Grady Truitt - 4 years ago
Sooo.... Now you have 3 vehicles??
Patrick Connors
Patrick Connors - 4 years ago
Don't worry, you have plenty of time to figure out what to do with the yak; picking one up is on my bucket list and have watched a ton of videos and researched them for the last few months... it's going to happen and you are just getting started. Yep, it is opening to visit the third world. It reminds you of how lucky we are here in America.
SilverGray - 4 years ago
@Jon B. If you truly enjoy fishing out of that yak and find it useful for filming, you'll have a Hobie foot pedaling yak in a year.
Turner Thomas
Turner Thomas - 4 years ago
He cut a hole in the bottom of the bag for the rod
the_enthusiast - 4 years ago
Use a deeper as your fish finder. 1rod uses that setup all the time
Niagara Falls New York
Niagara Falls New York - 4 years ago
the_enthusiast he has and 1 rod is super annoying and pretty sure jon feels the same way haha
Robert Meder
Robert Meder - 4 years ago
Did you get a life jacket? You need to get a boat license before you get on the water.
The Kayak Kid
The Kayak Kid - 4 years ago
dude you should have bought a vibe kayak
RawJuiceFishing - 4 years ago
My Fiance buys the same of those healthy stuff, same brand! Try the meatballs, they are actually pretty good!
RawJuiceFishing - 4 years ago
Congrats on the Kayak, dont worry about what you bought, thats actually a great fishing kayak and would rock one of those in a heartbeat. Doing tournaments in a kayak is a blast as well!! Look forward to seeing some footage on the yak and good luck. Hit me up if you want to get out on Oneida Lake!
TheZeddy123 - 4 years ago
How long does the prime food take to get to your house
Ernesto Rodriguez
Ernesto Rodriguez - 4 years ago
lets go yak fishing
The Wilhites
The Wilhites - 4 years ago
Hey Jon, good purchase on the yak... if you end up discovering that you really like it you can always buy a more expensive, tricked out one in the future.... still waiting to hear about you and Rob coming fishing with me...
Kayak Chris
Kayak Chris - 4 years ago
Way to go Jon! Ever in Fl look me up

100. comment for Buying My FIRST Fishing Kayak!

Red Hat
Red Hat - 4 years ago
I bought a Lucky Sonar off amazon for $55CDN for my kayak,and you can mount it or it comes with a buoy, I also built a box up front for my tackle trays and other storage.
Nathan Young Outdoors
Nathan Young Outdoors - 4 years ago
You should call it the s.s bullet
dumb boy short vids
dumb boy short vids - 4 years ago
Just use a deeper for your yak
dumb boy short vids
dumb boy short vids - 4 years ago
You buy exactly what I buy
AUSTIN CAMPBELL - 4 years ago
Of course John B has the best videos on YouTube
Andross2587 - 4 years ago
I got an Ascend too bud! awesome choice!!!!
Bassin Class
Bassin Class - 4 years ago
Hey, great video, I really want a keep fishing never stop bracelet and cannot find it on the website.....? I NEED ONE.
Orlando Martinez
Orlando Martinez - 4 years ago
Good yak but get a 12 footer
Remstir - 4 years ago
unbox therapy did a prime unboxing
Daniel Adrien
Daniel Adrien - 4 years ago
Check out hook1 kayak fishing gear. Get some mighty mounts and some Ram rod tubes and you can take them on and off super easy and the mighty mounts wont interfere with the way you strap your yak to the bullet. I also recommend installing an anchor trolley or getting a stakeout pole because when wind can be a pain when youre trying to stay still.
ashlarsen - 4 years ago
fuck soweto bru
N. Aranda
N. Aranda - 4 years ago
Hey Jon, keep up man, you are very young, 21 is nothing, but the most mature and the one with the best attitude of all GS. Great Vlog!
rusty nielsen
rusty nielsen - 4 years ago
Good kayak choice. I own one of them and one of their 12ft versions. I, personally, like the 12ft version better because I have raised the seat. It is heavier and not as easy to maneuver though, I think the yak you bought will fit your needs nicely.

Maybe buy a scupper hole cart to drag that thing around, makes life much easier.
Catfish_ cody785
Catfish_ cody785 - 4 years ago
Heck yea buddy
Andrew S
Andrew S - 4 years ago
Hey, can anyone suggest a good affordable baitcaster, I have tried two already, the first one was weird and no matter what type of line would backlash, and the second one the spool tension doesn't work. Please help. Thank you.
John A*
John A* - 4 years ago
I use an Ascend FS128T, it's my first yak as well! Super stable, great casting deck. No, its not a Hobie, but you'll really like it!
Marcus McQ
Marcus McQ - 4 years ago
So I know this is probably a stupid question but could you go over some jig tactics for faster paces and still effective
jeremy wood
jeremy wood - 4 years ago
If u wanna hit some good kayak spots hit me up im in the dfw area
Garrison Adkins
Garrison Adkins - 4 years ago
Just bought the same exact kayak but in Green. I also bought a garmin striker 4cv for my fishfinder. Its transducer fits perfectly in the grooves of the hull underneath the yak. Its actually a pretty descent fish finder for the price, since it has the traditional fish finder, as well as their clear vu(down scan). I bought it at a bass pro with my yak so they should be in stock there as well. Hope the comment helps!
BR Fishing
BR Fishing - 4 years ago
Looking forward to some killer yak vids along with some sweet B-Roll footage from the yak.
Mike West
Mike West - 4 years ago
That is a cute kayak, do another video when you get a real one.
Dylan Khan
Dylan Khan - 4 years ago
Number one rule about kayak brand's- doesn't matter what you get as long as you enjoy it! Sweet yak dude, get yourself a good lock for that bad boy, people will take that thing right off the top of your yota. Other than that they make rod holders that you can take on and off as you please, but if you already have rod holders more power to ya. I actually don't use anchors, I float with the current or paddle against it and let myself cruise, kind of like trolling, I feel like I cover more water that way but to each his own
Roger Stowe
Roger Stowe - 4 years ago
Dylan Khan I
MannyGz Glz
MannyGz Glz - 4 years ago
Hey B. My best advice is keep it as light as possible. Some people pack em like a 21' bass boat! Tight lines bro!!
Devon nikkila-keiner
Devon nikkila-keiner - 4 years ago
Should have gotten a hobbie Jon
LineZu - 4 years ago
Stay tune for the next adventure of the pool noodle
Charsept - 4 years ago
Exciting stuff
Bass Matters
Bass Matters - 4 years ago
Yo....youre cheap lol! Thats a good thing.
Nick - 4 years ago
I don't know how tf I got unsubbed from you
Colby Amos
Colby Amos - 4 years ago
Jon B would you ever get a boat like perics?
Michael Wells
Michael Wells - 4 years ago
Next time you're in Michigan come up to bass pro I'll hook you up with some dope gear I work in fishing
Max Marshall
Max Marshall - 4 years ago
He should have got a peddle kayake
Apache Angler!
Apache Angler! - 4 years ago
Ready to catch some big ass, on your new kayak?
David Dickey
David Dickey - 4 years ago
What about that Porsche Panamera in the back ground
gottemgood 101
gottemgood 101 - 4 years ago
‘in all seriousness’
Libo's Workshop
Libo's Workshop - 4 years ago
Hahaha nice!
James Crookshank
James Crookshank - 4 years ago
Who's Porsche is that in the back ground
vq2011 - 4 years ago
Can you do a review of that kayak?
DaBizzNezz916 - 4 years ago
Omg I want a kayak soooo bad!! I'm kinda of jealous.
Tyler Martinez
Tyler Martinez - 4 years ago
I have an Ascend FS12T as well Jon. They're not the best, but for the price they are freaking awesome! Balanced enough to stand on, and wide enough to hold a lot of gear. As far as attachments go, I put an anchor trolley on mine, as well as lights and gear tabs in the inserts on the kayak. Don't have a depth finder, but have seen them mounted. There are a few YouTube videos of people customizing their Ascend's. It's also kind of slow, but I don't think you need to get anywhere in a hurry when kayak fishing.
JD Outdoors
JD Outdoors - 4 years ago
John Get a Garmin Striker 4 for $400 it’s a self contained fish finder unit in a bag with a suction cup transducer, super portable. I fish form kayak for fresh water and salt
Burns Reviews
Burns Reviews - 4 years ago
Jon you had me going until 1:52
Central Florida Fishing
Central Florida Fishing - 4 years ago
Jon copped the red porsche
Busse John
Busse John - 4 years ago
You should do one of two things with that yak...First: Devils River float trip, can you say gorgeous views, rapids, and smallmouth in damn near mexico. Second: Take that joker to the coast, and do a spot and stalk redfish video. I know you have caught reds before, but hunting them down in a foot of water is killer. Now that you live in TX too, that is what I would do.
Christopher ortega
Christopher ortega - 4 years ago
Good kayak Jon I loved the ascends they're great in the salt water for the reds and trouts
Vsai OutdoorX
Vsai OutdoorX - 4 years ago
I don't know if They fix the leaking problem on the ascend. that's the only problem with it cause the hatch is poorly sealed. Other than that. It's a good kayak to start with.
Sam Jenkins
Sam Jenkins - 4 years ago
Thx caught a smallie a perch and a ton of yellow bullheads thanks to your luck
imjuz - 4 years ago
What happened with shimano
Cola Boi
Cola Boi - 4 years ago
I have a lifetime tamarack angler kayak it has served me well!
Kyle - 4 years ago
Kyle - 4 years ago
Mid-TN Fishing
Mid-TN Fishing - 4 years ago
Get the iPhone X
teamflanneloutdoors - 4 years ago
Yeah put a bunch of Dongles on there so it weighs 166lbs., that will make it easier to cartop on the Thaiyota! If not, buy a new trailer and pull it with your PORCHE. You'll need power poles, gotta have a $120 crate!, down/side scan/lake mapper/chart plotting fish finder, LED lighting for the "night bite". Better get it wrapped with all your logo's, don't forget the jersey, the more you can emulate that 21' fiberglass boat-the better.
Elcurtano - 4 years ago
Fish finder and an anchor trolley set up and your ready to rock. It's a different thrill from a yak man. Good luck.
John Schmidt
John Schmidt - 4 years ago
I have the ascend and it's awesome and I know several people I fish with that have the same kayak as me and we all love it
Noah Rosetta
Noah Rosetta - 4 years ago
someone please link me to the same kayak
Zac S.
Zac S. - 4 years ago
Depends on how much cash you wanna drop...since you have that YouTube $$$, I'd go with a Hobie or Jackson Big rig
klunke.e - 4 years ago
Bro get a trolling motor as a motor I have it and it's worth it!!!
Hinnie - 4 years ago
Are you vegan
05kas05 - 4 years ago
hey man check out the products at yakattack they have a lot of different mounting solutions for cameras and other stuff that are low profile and don't add a bunch of bulk to your kayak, also their blackpak is a great removable storage option if you decide a regular milk crate does not work out for you. their customer service is top notch if its ever needed also.
Ben Cook
Ben Cook - 4 years ago
Maybe Amazon will start sending kayaks to our doors with the food from Whole Foods
Backlash Bros
Backlash Bros - 4 years ago
Look at Greg Blanchard you tube. I love watching. He just made a video on how he rigs his kayak for fishing. He films just kayak vids
predator showdown
predator showdown - 4 years ago
Where's Gary???
NerdsFuckhns - 4 years ago
Catch a giant catfish from the kayak
Ratdog 305
Ratdog 305 - 4 years ago
Yakin Jon B. let the adventures begin!
Ger Thao
Ger Thao - 4 years ago
What happened to Gary the large mouth pet
J Wilson
J Wilson - 4 years ago
took mine out today!
Thicc boys Only
Thicc boys Only - 4 years ago
Name it Oreo like so Jon can see it
Kootenay Ryan
Kootenay Ryan - 4 years ago
Wrap a pool noodle chunk around your rod and zip tie it down , rod life jacket
João Pacheco
João Pacheco - 4 years ago
Yes also get logos and spay painted
João Pacheco
João Pacheco - 4 years ago
Get a fish finder and a small trolling motor
Matthew Pahls
Matthew Pahls - 4 years ago
I have the FS128 as my second kayak... If you need help setting it up let me know.
Rome Branson
Rome Branson - 4 years ago
You need to flame it out (spray paint flames on it!!)
ATM outdoors
ATM outdoors - 4 years ago
Why dident didn't you buy a kayak with pedals a lot nicer then the one you bought, but the one you bought is very nice to
Max Soistmann
Max Soistmann - 4 years ago
Hey Jon invest in some towers with round bars that raise the kayak up a little bit off the car, then put foam covers the full length of the bars. Always switch from ratchets to sinching straps. These tips will prevent you from destroying the hull if the kayak.
Robert Redford
Robert Redford - 4 years ago
"Didn't buy my parents a car just to say that I did".

But you did. :)
Taylor Houston outdoors
Taylor Houston outdoors - 4 years ago
Gary update????
Ron Kilpatrick
Ron Kilpatrick - 4 years ago
Jon, I have an Ascend FS12T. You want to know what you will need, I can help you. 1st thing, get yourself an anchor trolly. I have 2 zooka tubes on mine, so I can troll while I paddle. I have a yakattac black pak for storing my gear and the most important thing a Good PFD...because I always have jet skis and boats flying by me.
Yakin with Jack
Yakin with Jack - 4 years ago
My first kayak was a sun dolphin 10 ft kayak (not made for fishing ). But as soon a I caught my first fish I was hooked for life now I started my own YouTube channel to share my journey with everybody. If you ever come down to Pensacola Florida around the fall I am out you on some big bull reds forks the kayak guaranteed
STEVE - 4 years ago
Get a nonslip mat for the roof and then just hook the ratchet straps directly to the rails. Avoid running the straps through the doors because it'll mess up the gaskets. Otherwise, make sure you use tethers for your gear (I use paracord), esp get a dry bag for your phone in case you take a spill. The NRS Chinook is an awesome fishing PFD, pricey but well built and worth it to have the organization.
hunter skeen
hunter skeen - 4 years ago
Will you make a video about the stuff you bought besides the yak?? Thanks keep up the sweet vids
Brandon Bynum
Brandon Bynum - 4 years ago
You should of got the 12t. 10t is not stable one bit
Tanner Taylor
Tanner Taylor - 4 years ago
Vegan... really...
South East Fishing
South East Fishing - 4 years ago
At 100 subscribers, we are doing a Mystery Tackle Box of the species of your choice. Subscribe to enter the Giveway!
Jordan Potts
Jordan Potts - 4 years ago
Who's Porsche and if it's your why don't you ever drive it
Evan Moffis
Evan Moffis - 4 years ago
I've been looking at a fishing kayak recently, saw this video and thought, oh boy Jon B will have some awesome input on what to look for in a kayak
Jon B: "I like the black and white one"
Catching with Carto
Catching with Carto - 4 years ago
Jon YOUR vids are soooo much better than "Jake Paul" you should have 10mil subs and he should only have 100k. Like who the heck would want to watch some dude who just Vlogs about himself and how rich he is, when you could watch someone that has DOPE beats SICK edits and travels to the coolest places and catches the COOLEST and biggest FISH!!!
Shane McManis
Shane McManis - 4 years ago
Btw you should return that yak and go to mariner sails and check out what they have
Shane McManis
Shane McManis - 4 years ago
Yooo Jon b add dfw kayak fishing on fb it's a great group of kayak fishermen.
Kirk Clugston
Kirk Clugston - 4 years ago
I have had an Ascend fs12t for over a year and I love it. People will dog ascend because of the price tag and they want to feel better about their expensive yak but feel good about the rig you got. I would look into an anchor trolley, anchor, milk crate, and fish finder.
NickDeer - 4 years ago
Where's gary
Bennett - 4 years ago
This is be first time I've ever commented on YouTube, but I love these types of videos haha fishing is fun but I like to see the everyday stuff too haha
Zdawg Falcon
Zdawg Falcon - 4 years ago
But pedals on it
ProBro Outdoors
ProBro Outdoors - 4 years ago
haha i got the same exact yak from the same bass pro and i love it and have had it for a year
James Davis
James Davis - 4 years ago
I love my ascend kayak.. yeah they aint the most expensive but they are great for the money
Luca Sumberac
Luca Sumberac - 4 years ago
definitely want to get some foam blocks or cross bars so you don't damage your roof.
DubSZN - 4 years ago
Do a vid about your Porsche
RomansWorld101 - 4 years ago
You should go to the ocean and go in deep side of the water and flip your self over and don't come
Gage Walker
Gage Walker - 4 years ago
Acend is a amzing kyak i got a 128T 98lbs and 3 dry storages
Brock White
Brock White - 4 years ago
Jon B your my favorite if you like this comment I will go crazy me and my dad watch you all the time
Mitchell Camper
Mitchell Camper - 4 years ago
Jon you should hit me up for some sick kayak ideas. @Campermitchell on isnta.
Mark Mock
Mark Mock - 4 years ago
I really miss the little "extras" after your never stop ending.
Michael Perez
Michael Perez - 4 years ago
Dude, that is a pretty nice kayak! You will not regret that purchase what so ever!! Get yourself a milk crate for your tackle. You are gonna love getting into the spots those with boats will never be able to get into. Awesome purchase and I'm looking forward to the yak vids!
Ralianth - 4 years ago
Look in to ram mounts. I just put the transducer arm and display mount on my ascend fs12t. Put a rail system on it if it doesnt come with one.
Jonah Ericson
Jonah Ericson - 4 years ago
I got a jon b ad in the middle of a jon b video
Fpvsparks - 4 years ago
I own a Ascend Kayak and love it!
Basspro fishing&building
Basspro fishing&building - 4 years ago
get a hobie pa
Jaxon Hill
Jaxon Hill - 4 years ago
Hey man I've been trying to paint mine and it's a pain to get it to stick but my uncle has told me a method. Go buy some TSP and wash the yak real good with it then hit it with some sand paper to rough up the surface followed by another TSP wash. Then spray it with a plastic adhering primer and then your paint. If you just start spraying it'll just flake off.
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown - 4 years ago
Maxwell Majinska
Maxwell Majinska - 4 years ago
Go fly fishing for grayling!
Hey bud crazy that light came up on a vehicle at work just recently. Most problems on the Toyota is that gas cap. Just double check that make sure it's tight. If you go any more questions let me know.
tskwared667 - 4 years ago
Try saying 6' 6" Sick stick
cole whitehead
cole whitehead - 4 years ago
Had you bought a 12 or 12.8 footer it would be a good kayak. The 10 footer is horrible
R D - 4 years ago
Why is that maroon Porsche always at the MTB crib?
ConnorMooreOutdoors 1
ConnorMooreOutdoors 1 - 4 years ago
Where Gary the bass
Matthew Lazenby
Matthew Lazenby - 4 years ago
W.E.T - Water Entertainment Television
W.E.T - Water Entertainment Television - 4 years ago
Come on down to South Texas and fish the upper Guadalupe River.
Hook Reel Repeat
Hook Reel Repeat - 4 years ago
I think it's dope that you got a yak. I have a couple and a little buster boat. Tons of fun to catch biggens on. I actually love the white and black ascend. Good stuff chief
Blake Rogers
Blake Rogers - 4 years ago
How light are those rods
Daniel Adcock
Daniel Adcock - 4 years ago
You should definitely take the kayak and do some marsh fishing in Galveston or Corpus Christi for redfish. Or take it in the canals at night and hit dock lights. It would make a sick video. By the way you should have bought a hobie, just saying.
Jadan Vang
Jadan Vang - 4 years ago
Though Jon was going to pull out Peric
Jordan Spencer
Jordan Spencer - 4 years ago
Watching a Job B. video, gets a Jon B. ad. Alright youtube, I won't skip this one.
TeamBeaver23 - 4 years ago
+ Jon B. cut the pool noodle in sections and put it around handles of rods when out on Kayak will help save rod if you knock it off
Ty C
Ty C - 4 years ago
Kayaks are great! You'll love fishing with that
Colton Madden
Colton Madden - 4 years ago
Gogan squad free for all yak challenge
Corey Barnes
Corey Barnes - 4 years ago
"Are you joking me" - Jon B (2:02)
Jack Bellnier
Jack Bellnier - 4 years ago
Didnt you own a jon boat before?
Sandor Clegane
Sandor Clegane - 4 years ago
My lord how much money does Jon make?! I can hardly afford a decent townhome and his house is just massive
pkoerner6 - 4 years ago
KOBE! 9:23
YakVentures - 4 years ago
Join Ascend Kayak Owners on facebook. A lot of modifications can be done to the ascends. a lot of people rig them up with pvc pipe and a trolling motor.
Tony Noon
Tony Noon - 4 years ago
Don't stand on that kayak: Seriously. Make sure you leash everything that you don't want to lose to the kayak. It's not a matter of if, with a kayak, it is a matter of when. you will roll. Practice self-resue. Climbing onto the yak in an emergency is much easier if you do it before it is actually an emergency. ALWAYS wear a life jacket. Get a fishing one designed for a yak, and you will find it actually will make fishing easier. I hate not having it when I am bank fishing. look at yak gear for rails and the cell block to have a remove-able fish finder and transducer arm for that boat. the nice thing about that is you can take it with you when you expand to a new boat, or add a rail to the little bass boat you have and use it on that as well. Put gorilla tape on the keel of that kayak. the plastic is very thin there and can wear through quickly dragging it over dirt, sand, and concrete.
pkoerner6 - 4 years ago
welcome to the club Jon B! Join the facebook group Kayak DIY Projects and Tutorials. They also have a youtube channel KayakDIY
CEO Fishing
CEO Fishing - 4 years ago
Find a small little gem of a lake/pond that's in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by woods, has no houses, is only accessible by a small creek/river off of some dirt road, drag your kayak through some thick weeds to get to the creek, travel to the lake/pond and make a video out of it.
feanorfeuergeist - 4 years ago
Buying a boat after youre back from your africa trip and bought those cars after you bought those groceries.
thekiller octipus
thekiller octipus - 4 years ago
thats a nice black rod you got there
Sean Parrish
Sean Parrish - 4 years ago
Kayak fishing is where it's at man. Even just recreational kayaking. You can get to so many places even canoes can't get to. Hope you enjoy it man!
cape codder
cape codder - 4 years ago
whose porche
Adam Taco
Adam Taco - 4 years ago
Vsc is vehicle stability control that could be anything on the car from the transmission to the computer
Fishing The South East
Fishing The South East - 4 years ago
I have an ascend kayak and I love it
ThomasHardenFishing - 4 years ago
Well if you ever come back to the Potomac River you can fish from my 18 foot fiberglass money trap and we can catch bass & snakeheads. I have a Jon Boat and kayak for when the money trap brakes! I was waiting for that shopping cart to hit a bump and pummel that car, that would have been a great video. =)
Roy Graham
Roy Graham - 4 years ago
no matter what kind of boat you buy it's still a hole in the water your throwing money into lol
Miguel Guiomar
Miguel Guiomar - 4 years ago
Hrod Fishing is one portuguese youtuber that makes fishing videos and he has a kayak with a fish finder(probably wrong written)...check it out if you want!
The Fishin' Dad
The Fishin' Dad - 4 years ago
GT kayak fishing! Doooo it! Haha!
Justin M.
Justin M. - 4 years ago
I really hope that the kayak you bought is a stand up yak. I made the mistake of buying a kayak that I couldn't stand up in. Again great video boss
RazerKiLLer1 - 4 years ago
As a European angler, I'm a swede, I love your vids Jon! Been watching them for a while now. I'd like to buy a RIGGED shirt but I don't know if I can...? If you can send them to Europe? Would love to know! And as always, Keep Fishing, Never Stop.
WanderingFromKansas - 4 years ago
I run with the same warning lights on in my Highlander, as well!
Bill Costa
Bill Costa - 4 years ago
Well played on the Sick Stick unbagging. Well played.
ZEGOutdoors - 4 years ago
Will you ever buy a big boat in the future
Michael Gunawan
Michael Gunawan - 4 years ago
Nice kayak. Show us how you're going to rig it !!!
Bruty - 4 years ago
Ethan Bishop
Ethan Bishop - 4 years ago
Jon replace your water pump
cody ormond
cody ormond - 4 years ago
Where's Garry?
Ethan Bishop
Ethan Bishop - 4 years ago
lol I just had a ad for MTB and it was Jon saying go get on and use code JonBRoll
Traceten Halley
Traceten Halley - 4 years ago
Jon the Ascend 10T is a great yak! Bed fished standing up in 15-25mph winds last spring in SD and it handled it just fine! Hope you enjoy it man
Garrett Tracy
Garrett Tracy - 4 years ago
BassGeek - 4 years ago
Finally a boat.
InKa4484 - 4 years ago
Fuck local grocery stores and the people they employ!
Daryn C
Daryn C - 4 years ago
Andy D
Andy D - 4 years ago
lol first thing you should do with the ascend is return it haha, but no for real flip the kayak and practice deep water re entry, and put an anchor trolley on it
ICE BEAR - 4 years ago
that is so funny he got it from his side on the right the rod
Andy D
Andy D - 4 years ago
not gonna lie I cringed when you said bass pro shop ascend kayaks are no bueno
Jacob Musso
Jacob Musso - 4 years ago
Check out zoffinger on YouTube. He has a really slick setup for yaks
hArRiSoN ç
hArRiSoN ç - 4 years ago
You paid like $500 for a reel. You can get a decent fishing kayak for $350-400
jose torres
jose torres - 4 years ago
Sundolphin are 200 and they come with paddles
jose torres
jose torres - 4 years ago
Wish i could own a good fishing pole for $ 15.00 at walmart
Daniel White
Daniel White - 4 years ago
Go fishing with grant again
Chad Rapper
Chad Rapper - 4 years ago
Gardein FTW!!!!!
jose torres
jose torres - 4 years ago
What happened to your pet bass
jose torres
jose torres - 4 years ago
jose torres
jose torres - 4 years ago
What happened to ur pet basd
JD 240sx
JD 240sx - 4 years ago
How much?
Cole Alsup
Cole Alsup - 4 years ago
Jeremy Litchfield
Jeremy Litchfield - 4 years ago
Check out ascend kayak owners on Facebook. Tons of good info on how to pump it out.
Ladybass - 4 years ago
Yak tour!
PNCH FLIP N PITCH !! - 4 years ago
I've been fishing from a kayak now for around 6 years and hands down it's the best way to fish !! You can get places boats can't it's a lot quieter then a boat and I still have down imaging and side scan and a micro anchor so yea and I own the old town predator 13 and love it
The J Johnson Experience
The J Johnson Experience - 4 years ago
Major Kudos for speaking towards the living conditions in Africa and recognizing that although their situation was pretty bad they still kept a positive attitude about it. Unfortunately life isn't kind to all in regards to wealth but learning to appreciate the small things is when true wealth is acquired. That chick'n is the truth. Give the fake ground beef a try as well in some tacos, a burrito or spaghetti. Awesome video as always and congrats on your kayak purchase. i got one myself on Father's Day.
Fishing Unleashed
Fishing Unleashed - 4 years ago
You lost the noodles
Steve S
Steve S - 4 years ago
$150 shipped for the sick stick is no deal at all.
Wook Monster
Wook Monster - 4 years ago
Hey Jon B. Could you make a video of you and the other Googans Black sea bass fishing with normal bass baits?
Just a random thought
ReelSaltytv - 4 years ago
That's actually a good kayak very stable only thing is a tank lol really heavy to paddle but than again I fish salt and you fish fresh
amorton94 - 4 years ago
iPhone?! Where's the Xperia??
anxiety103flies - 4 years ago
You must be in a lot of debt
Eric De La Cruz
Eric De La Cruz - 4 years ago
Porsche Panamera !!
Nick V
Nick V - 4 years ago
Yeah I've found the fish finder gets in the way. I'd recommend getting a stake out pole
Alex  Eskin
Alex Eskin - 4 years ago
so you should see if you gas cap is fully on like make sure that bitch click
DevinDFishing - 4 years ago
Great video man
Adam Vansant
Adam Vansant - 4 years ago
to start with rig up a anchor trolley and get a folding anchor, for my fish finder ive used a gramin striker 4 its small inexpensive and has gps. its a great fishfinder for your first rig, for tackle storage you can either buy nice system of use a milk create and put a lid on it either works as long as you have a lid. remember to get paddle leash and if you want rod leashes or floats, take the hold rig to flip thing seriously you wont regret it. (you could aslo ask kayakbassintv or Robert Field they would be happy to help.)
Mack Swanson
Mack Swanson - 4 years ago
Is Gary still alive
Mike Biundo
Mike Biundo - 4 years ago
Use a deeper instead of a like a hummingbird
Northern Mike
Northern Mike - 4 years ago
Got myself a small yak to film fishing vids.
housjunkee - 4 years ago
Get the cellblok from yakattack for the fishfinder mount, hides the battery and wires, and if you get a lowrance fishfinder you can get a scupper transducer mount. I have the same exact yak and LOVE IT.
david hayman.
david hayman. - 4 years ago
Whose mini bass boat was that you used to fish off on lake x
joe po
joe po - 4 years ago
You can add a trolling motor to it man
joe po
joe po - 4 years ago
Should have got a Hobie!
Fabian Guerreros
Fabian Guerreros - 4 years ago
Who's Porsche was that in the background of you outside???
Christian Spangler
Christian Spangler - 4 years ago
Buddy I work at dicks sporting goods why didn't u let me help a brotha out
Ruben Olmos
Ruben Olmos - 4 years ago
you should go sturgeon fishing in Idaho!
suntree nole
suntree nole - 4 years ago
You should be a legit boat, There not money traps if you use them a lot and take care of them
Quarterback TRex
Quarterback TRex - 4 years ago
How is Gary the bass
MakingMark - 4 years ago
I have the exact same yak. Its sweet
detroit hiker
detroit hiker - 4 years ago
Quick advice to JON, be sure you to use an efficient paddle stroke, this will save arm strength.
Your power is in the push not the pull, in other words push the end of the paddle that is out of the water and rotate your waist, and do not death grip the paddle shaft, I hope this helps you some, your videos have helped me and I would love to return the favor.
I teach a kayaking 101 class at REI so I am giving you real advice that will make your new yak a better experience, hope this helps.
P.S. please do another crazy fishing challenge, my friends and I love this vids
don cooper
don cooper - 4 years ago
Facebook Kayak DIY has lots of videos and ways to upgrade your yak
Cheesemanx - 4 years ago
My first Kayak is supposed to be delivered next week, the Googan's should all do some Kayaking so we/I can learn what and what not to do.
don cooper
don cooper - 4 years ago
bass pro shop not the best place to buy but your excited there are lots of options that for same price give you more bang, check out vibe, jackson
HECHO EN TEXAS - 4 years ago
That kayak is slick. I got the Perception Pescador Pro 10, but I wish I would have gotten that one. I think you'll like the maneuverability of the 10 ft. It has accessory rails already and adequate storage. I'm not big on dry storage as i can always use a dry bag. DEVILS RIVER... The reason you got a Yak... I'm outfitting my new kayak for that very trip. Have fun dude! Check out Robert Fields if you haven't already.
David Marvets
David Marvets - 4 years ago
Welcome to the plastic navy!
Shane Wright
Shane Wright - 4 years ago
With your new Yak, time for some Texas Smallmouth!
The Reel Gills
The Reel Gills - 4 years ago
So sick to see you got a kayak man! We have some great yak spots in the DFW area so hit us up!
Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz - 4 years ago
Is there any good places to go fishing for bass around Dallas, Mckinney, Plano, Allen?
Solo Young
Solo Young - 4 years ago
Thats the one i want to get soon, good pick bro
Loubobjoe6 Fishing
Loubobjoe6 Fishing - 4 years ago
Please sub to me
Dillon Reynolds
Dillon Reynolds - 4 years ago
You should go ocean fishing
Hey Heyeye
Hey Heyeye - 4 years ago
Get a truck, feg
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson - 4 years ago
I have the 12T. Love the kayak. Lowrance sells a fish finder that runs off of a battery pack that runs on D Batteries that I use. Love it.
Dominic Martin
Dominic Martin - 4 years ago
Fish off the yak
Dominic Martin
Dominic Martin - 4 years ago
Fish of the yak
Tj Cassaday
Tj Cassaday - 4 years ago
Build a built in livewell!
Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson - 4 years ago
Jon.B i have an ascend brand kayak also and i love it they're good brands i think personally!!!! you'll love it
Steve Dingman
Steve Dingman - 4 years ago
I love this video ! Shows your maturity level! Your no longer that spoiled only child with money and parents who loved you bunches ! As far as these poor people why not do a fund raiser? Not just give them cash ! And food y not give them things they need ? Like generators Home Depot and many stores like that have super cheap long lasting small generators fund raise enuff to buy 20 of them and ship them to your friend and gave her pass them around ? The old saying give a man a fish you'll feed him and his family a day teach that same man to fish and you feed him and his family a lifetime!!! Really fits in here ! Do a fishing tourney or a meet and greet!
Erik H
Erik H - 4 years ago
the porsche?
Ben Daniels Outdoors
Ben Daniels Outdoors - 4 years ago
that's exactly what i did! haha
Bobb Guy
Bobb Guy - 4 years ago
Hey Jon, if you're thinking about looking for a new vehicle check out the Toyota 4runners. Awesome vehicle and definitely do-able for fishing
ATL Fisherman
ATL Fisherman - 4 years ago
Started to buy the Ascend. May do so in the future as my second yak.
Kyle Paul
Kyle Paul - 4 years ago
why have you not just bought a boat of your own? not just a kayak
Spencer Geer
Spencer Geer - 4 years ago
Grab some connectors for the paddle and rods incase your yak tips or something falls in!
rdunkel32 - 4 years ago
The Sick Stick favorite rods are on sale right now!! 2 for $200. The spinning rods are $119 and the casting rods are $129. DO IT!!
Lee Clanton
Lee Clanton - 4 years ago
The best way to mount accessories is using the track system on the sides of the kayak. The YakAttack Cellblock allows you to mount the fish finder and the battery in the track system. This way everything is removable for transport.
scott - 4 years ago
That's a great kayak! Exactly what I had before I bought the Old Town Predator PDL. Enjoy!
Jeb Zirkle
Jeb Zirkle - 4 years ago
Tight creek fishing
Cody Morgan
Cody Morgan - 4 years ago
Get the garmin striker 4 it has gps and sonar
DWS yak Outdoor's
DWS yak Outdoor's - 4 years ago
Hay Jon love your stuff! I kayak fish and I found out Ram mounts, and humminbird helix work very well! Hope that helps!!
Menton mountan
Menton mountan - 4 years ago
Jon B vlogs better then jake paul by a couple thousand miles
Jaden Boyd
Jaden Boyd - 4 years ago
Get some wheels and some scotty mounts
SavageBass - 4 years ago
Touches cactus, "owe didn't expect that"
Sam Hill
Sam Hill - 4 years ago
I got the same kayak man, it is extremely buoyant and I love it so much. You can stand on it and it is fairly light and has a lot more room than you'd think. Only thing is if you leave it out in the rain the water leaks through the black foot rests on the side and through some of the cracks to the bottom of the kayak and you have to open the back hole and drain it out, but if you keep the kayak upside down with the plugs out you'll be good ! Great kayak IMO
John john Ohanasian
John john Ohanasian - 4 years ago
Hey cactus u look prickly I think I'll poke you (gets cactus barb in finger) wow I wasn't expecting that.....bruh.....really? Lol jk I would've done the exact same thing
Jason M
Jason M - 4 years ago
Nice yak...too bad it's known to suck
Maine Trout Whisperer
Maine Trout Whisperer - 4 years ago
Jon I have a few vids on how I rig my yack up. I recommend getting a milk crate to mount rod holders too and put tackle in. That way you can take it off and slide it into the back of the yota.
1guy fishing
1guy fishing - 4 years ago
Yooooo vegan products! Hell yeah!
Are you vegan?
I have been vegan for a year and LOVE THOSE FOOD PRODUCTS!!!! KEEP FISHING
last pass waterfowl
last pass waterfowl - 4 years ago
Put a helix 10 on it a
Corey Bough
Corey Bough - 4 years ago
10000000000 likes for kayak fishing !!!!!!!!!!!!
Edward English
Edward English - 4 years ago
Congrats on the Yak bro.  Looks like a nice one.  We complain about so many things when there are people in the world who would love the trash we throw out.  Thanks for sharing your experiences.
TEAM RACKIT - 4 years ago
They have a fish finder magnetic mount for the kayaks.
RED MAN 503 503
RED MAN 503 503 - 4 years ago
when you gonna do the kayak review if you are.?
Jacob Boulton
Jacob Boulton - 4 years ago
Nice marry poppins gag
Flamethrower !!!!
Flamethrower !!!! - 4 years ago
Check up on gary
Siliang Yin
Siliang Yin - 4 years ago
you guys need to visit Victoria lake on your next trip, biggest fresh water lake in the world.
Mark Meskill
Mark Meskill - 4 years ago
How is Gary doing?
Wheatgrass vs Wild fishing
Wheatgrass vs Wild fishing - 4 years ago
not a bad yak brother but I would of suggest the fs12t ascend I have the fs128t it is a bathtub to paddle
andy pincince
andy pincince - 4 years ago
You have a serious addiction...stuck on yourself....should of went to fit right in with those shallow actors...what the hell do you do for a living? Ever work one day in your life?
Dominic Martinez
Dominic Martinez - 4 years ago
Check engine light is from a gas cap code but always check oil and major engine parts
andy pincince
andy pincince - 4 years ago
Please do a video of you taking a do vids of everything else...might as well do on of that as well....thought this was a fishing channel..??
andy pincince
andy pincince - 4 years ago
Nice rented house..
erbn frmrdbld
erbn frmrdbld - 4 years ago
jealous much?
JERZYROB - 4 years ago
Slummen - 4 years ago much was it?
Choi Pil-Jan
Choi Pil-Jan - 4 years ago
jon 21 ??? tf!! i thought u somewhere 27 rofl
Gi Za
Gi Za - 4 years ago
Ok what's the name of the Boat??? USS Jon Rigged
Fish'N With Big'N
Fish'N With Big'N - 4 years ago
Get a Deeper Pro+
Andrius Gerasimas
Andrius Gerasimas - 4 years ago
dude You are eating crap, prepare something Yourself
Wicked Fishing
Wicked Fishing - 4 years ago
Oh, and if you really wanna be cool, get a mini power pole for kayaks. Either that, or a 10 lb anchor, and a 50 ft rope.
Wicked Fishing
Wicked Fishing - 4 years ago
Make sure to get wheels, extra scupper plugs, mounts, and a rope tie.
Wicked Fishing
Wicked Fishing - 4 years ago
I have an Ascend kayak, it's the best ever!
jong kang
jong kang - 4 years ago
That check engine light came on probably because of a O2 sensor
e30Birdy - 4 years ago
I am looking to get a Hobie 13 foot pro angler. its quite pricy but its a one time buy
Bailey Tanner
Bailey Tanner - 4 years ago
I own a ascend canoe never gave me problems.
Central Coast Bass
Central Coast Bass - 4 years ago
Nice video. - Scott.
J Ham
J Ham - 4 years ago
Should have looked into native watercraft. Love mine way better then the Ascend kayaks and way worth the price difference.
Cristian Painter
Cristian Painter - 4 years ago
I've fished out of a kayak for the last 4 years and here's some key things I learned. Wear a life jacket and wear a tackle vest over the life jacket (might make you somewhat bulky, but it works). Put everything you need to fish within the tackle vest and you'll have everything you need very close and convenient-like. Put in rod holders if it doesn't have them. Rod holders for storing on the back and fishing rod holders on the front. Of course a fish finder would be nice (don't have one on mine, but I'd love to have that capability). Other than that have fun with your new craft. I can't wait to see the content you'll be pumping out from motivation of having your own water mobility.

Also please don't forget to register your new boat with your state (mostly overlooked by most kayakers until they meet the game warden).
GB Fishing
GB Fishing - 4 years ago
I cant wait just to get a go pro to improve my videos!
Devin Moran
Devin Moran - 4 years ago
How are you gonna buy a kayak and not fish off it immediately
Dokk - 4 years ago
Did anyone else notice the Porsche in the back ground??
Jude Birch
Jude Birch - 4 years ago
What ever happened to the jon boat you had and did the videos on a long time ago?
skypieper - 4 years ago
I'm sure some other ppl have already said this but yea, ur gonna want some pedal power in the future. It's hard to paddle and cast at the same time. You'll still slay em, but making things easier is always nice.
skypieper - 4 years ago
POOL Noodle is good. Put it on ur rod, in case you flip or drop it, your rod will float.
Treshon Johnson
Treshon Johnson - 4 years ago
I bet a helix 5 would be perfect for that
Scubasteve1111 - 4 years ago
How many dicks? Six. Six dicks.
Colin Hill
Colin Hill - 4 years ago
I learned how unfortunate people are when i went to iraq, its a crazy world but people stay happy in the worst conditions because they have to
Colin Hill
Colin Hill - 4 years ago
Whats up with that cel jon b? Its ok bro my ranger has the engine light on haha
Samuel Castro
Samuel Castro - 4 years ago
hobie's are dope as fuck.
gary oak
gary oak - 4 years ago
Dude did you edit the apple iphone 8 video lol watch this...... Jk ;)
Daniel Trevino
Daniel Trevino - 4 years ago
It all floats just saw it movie awesome!
Les mordus de la truite
Les mordus de la truite - 4 years ago
Nice purchase ! You won't be disapointed ;) !
Maine Man Bassing
Maine Man Bassing - 4 years ago
bruhhhh. ugh. get something with a motor next time.  geesh.  all that work paddling and standing up.
Tim Kerr
Tim Kerr - 4 years ago
I just got into Kayak fishing recently too! It's awesome so far. Can't wait to see your Kayak fishing videos!
Anthony Sleeth aka Show Me Scratchers
Anthony Sleeth aka Show Me Scratchers - 4 years ago
Who orders ice cream and pizzas from Amazon??? Wouldn't it be ruined by the time it got there?
bonecollectorpro - 4 years ago
Hey if you're ever in the Minneapolis Minnesota area with the kayak hmu, know some great spots for bass, northern and panfish. Love the vids man keep em' up
Tywithay - 4 years ago
I definitely prefer fishing out of foot paddle yaks, because of ease, but that white/black is a dope boat.
mitchell sobotta
mitchell sobotta - 4 years ago
Does jon have a hickey on his neck?????
Andale Axl
Andale Axl - 4 years ago
Go to the river with DALLMYD and do a fishing video with him
Left Lane Outdoors
Left Lane Outdoors - 4 years ago
Hope you do a lot of reviews on the yak. looking at getting one myself.
Brandon Horn
Brandon Horn - 4 years ago
Do whatever You want bro whatever fits you if it gets the job done all that matters
Brandon Horn
Brandon Horn - 4 years ago
To me monster Mike an catch em all fishing ruin fishing its just dumb like they are doing everything but being real fisherman especially catch em all like its kinda immature I learn nothin I kinda get annoyed an it just takes away from the reason for fishing or the reason I do I like to go out enjoy an try to figure them out an differnt ways to catch them not out there acting dumb saying dumb shit trying to catch fish In ways that ain't true I enjoy the challenge an the little things like that plastic worm bite or a nice top water blow up they just do every thing but real fishing an act stupid the entire time
Brandon Horn
Brandon Horn - 4 years ago
Serious question does anyone really stay at the googan house anymore your gone every where flair pretty much stays in Nebraska peric who knows I mean that's a pretty big house between house payment an all the utilities that's a good bit of cash on a place for it hardly to get lived in but hey I guess if it got it do your thing lol
Cade Whitmore
Cade Whitmore - 4 years ago
How is the ol' Gary doing
Angel'd Wisdom
Angel'd Wisdom - 4 years ago
There's nothing wrong with ascend I have an ascend fs12t and love it. Yeah there's better ones out there but like you said you can't beat it for the price.
Connor Pennings Outdoors
Connor Pennings Outdoors - 4 years ago
My dads 4 runner has over 300,000 miles on it
Ceasar Lewis
Ceasar Lewis - 4 years ago
Yo Jon quick question who's red Porsche is that in the background?!?!
Nick Arnett
Nick Arnett - 4 years ago
Wheres gary
ALGW OUTDOORS - 4 years ago
You can always use the pool noodle as packing when you ship rods.
Ian Darby
Ian Darby - 4 years ago
Take your battery out next time ,store it in your garage on a piece of wood,it wont run down.
Jaco Oosthuizen
Jaco Oosthuizen - 4 years ago
Keep it up Jon. B awsome videos , all the way from South Africa !!!
Brandon Ardoin
Brandon Ardoin - 4 years ago
I love my Ascend 10T! Enjoy it, bud!
Poonie B
Poonie B - 4 years ago
Can't go wrong with a Yota!
Cam Kary
Cam Kary - 4 years ago
Awesome video there Jon! I recently just purchased a fishing kayak from Pelican and I have had it for about 3-4 months. So far it has been a total game changer for me! It allows you to get into places you would never think about getting into on an aluminum or fiber glass! On top of that, it saves me quite a bit of cash! I noticed you were curious on what kind of gear you could possibly add to your yak. I would recommend a few ram mounts, maybe a pole holder somewhere in front of you? I also bought an awesome crate that has pole holders and a area for storage!...
All my gear is able to detach from my kayak which makes it a breeze when it comes to transportation! So far kayak fishing has been and awesome experience for me, and I hope it is the same for you! Once again, nice vid man and keep kicking that ass!!
Nathan Matherly
Nathan Matherly - 4 years ago
Put a trolling motor on it
Squatch88 - 4 years ago
You should built a kayak crate. That's what I use and it holds all my tackle. I mounted rod holders on the back so I can carry up to five rods if I want to. I just strap it down and when loading my kayak back in my truck I just unstrap it and put it in the cab.
Larry Horne
Larry Horne - 4 years ago
Got get a crate rod holders fish finder anchor with a float dry box for keys wallet and phone and your golden. Welcome to kayak fishing world you are going to love it.
CaptainV campa
CaptainV campa - 4 years ago
Check out Thresherfishing in Corpus Christi, TX. He yaks too.
rjmcdade - 4 years ago
Ascend is an awesome kayak man , good choice :)
That Dude
That Dude - 4 years ago
Your videos make me wanna go fishing more every time I watch them, it's awesome thank you for sharing
Jace - 4 years ago
First thing you need that I didn't see in your cart, PFD. A comfortable one that you'll wear all day kayak fishing. Also for a youtuber, you should look into camera mounting options.. Chest mounts will do fine if you dont plan to do alot of kayaking vids, but 1 or 2 spots for camera would be great. Also that is a decent kayak, the seat is good and it looks wide enough for you to stand in for bass fishing.. just that wide kayaks takes more effort to paddle.. enjoy it!
Larry Horne
Larry Horne - 4 years ago
Your about to go kayak crazy
Wa Cha Xiong
Wa Cha Xiong - 4 years ago
Bro, im a Yak fisher, and what u should get is a fish finder, crate to carry gear and a type of anchor, cuz wind is your worst enemy. you can get the mini power pole or the anchor wizard. the anchor wizard is cheap but hecka does the job, its like 150 bucks compared to the mini power pole which is in the higher hundreds
Lj tupas
Lj tupas - 4 years ago
Is gary dead?
Ryan Johnston
Ryan Johnston - 4 years ago
Rigged stickers? Who wants
Bassin Florida
Bassin Florida - 4 years ago
I'm not gonna lie I have not been fishing for that long but I think I know a decent amount because of Jon I live on a small lake and I have for awhile and my step dad has always tried to get me into fishing I looked up videos and found urban creek fishing video the one of Jon b and now i love fishing and I watch the goongan squad everyday (bro) jk but thank you Jon hopefully I can meet you even tho I live in south Florida but you really are a influence to me. Keep fishing never stop
Robert Biddle
Robert Biddle - 4 years ago
2 months ago I went to Bass Pro Shop and bought the Ascend 128T in that same black/white color. Love it! Nice purchase Jon.
Its Revy
Its Revy - 4 years ago
Cringe vid, lol
Elite Vintage
Elite Vintage - 4 years ago
Hey Jon, I'm 15 and me and my buddy fish off our kayaks almost ever day and go on some insane trips with them. Was wondering if you maybe wanted to set up a trip and we could go fish for giant bowfin and big bass off the kayaks.
Bassin Florida
Bassin Florida - 4 years ago
Hey guys if you could Subscribe to my channel and show some love I make pretty lit vids hopefully I can be like Jon b one day
trevor sinclair
trevor sinclair - 4 years ago
gets weird healthy chicken...buys a crap ton of ice cream XD
HighTechRedNeck82 - 4 years ago
Why does this guy always look like he just got done crying?
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly - 4 years ago
Watch the channel zoffinger for ideas. He is a kayak fishing youtuber in florida and does home made DIY's on his kayaks
cummins24v - 4 years ago
Healthy chicken is an oxymoron
Isaac Velasco
Isaac Velasco - 4 years ago
The struggle has to be real when you start unintentionally buying pool noodles
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez - 4 years ago
You should have gotten a float tube check them out
Fisher Beast
Fisher Beast - 4 years ago
how is gary
Tim Pack
Tim Pack - 4 years ago
Who's Porsche Panamera was in the back ground
FerrariPista 12
FerrariPista 12 - 4 years ago
3:27 behind john b is ferrari
Tig Mov
Tig Mov - 4 years ago
hay Jon B. can start with this

Kayak Track Rail Mount Base

Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 Bbuilt-in GPS Fish Finder

Premier Kayak Gripper Paddle Leash.

Safety Fitting Canoe Kayak D Ring Outfitting Fishing Rigging
1255 Fishing
1255 Fishing - 4 years ago
Hey Jon if you want dm me on insta i kayak fish all the time and I can help you on what you will need
Preston Mills
Preston Mills - 4 years ago
Jon you need to come up to the black hill and do some fishing ... come up and ill show you my private stock dams
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera - 4 years ago
Durinf irma i was watching ur vids
19pauly83 - 4 years ago
Jon, you're 21?! Dude, I thought you were at least 25/26.
Devan Palumbo
Devan Palumbo - 4 years ago
Hey Jon, your license plate is shown in the video. You might wanna blur that out. You may get some crazy subs to show up at your house lol.
Philip Coulson
Philip Coulson - 4 years ago
What happened to the small sun dolphin boat you had?
averagejoe - 4 years ago
If you remember the deeper fish finder review you did, it works good for kayaks as well.
SkinnyWaterBoyz TV
SkinnyWaterBoyz TV - 4 years ago
Use gear tracs for mounting multiple things like a transducer arm and fishfinder by Ram mounts. The tracs are the best
Jacob Baughman
Jacob Baughman - 4 years ago
The googan squad needs to find a used tracker for <10k to keep at the house
Harrison Bell
Harrison Bell - 4 years ago
That Amazon plug tho
Edgar Oso
Edgar Oso - 4 years ago
Trevor West
Trevor West - 4 years ago
You should get it wrapped in a Rigged theme or Googan theme
GARRETT Grooms - 4 years ago
Serpentine belt buddy. Don't get the conditioner cause it doesn't work. You're going to be somewhere ate you're going to pop a the belt
Levi J
Levi J - 4 years ago
Please please please tell me you will have rigged kayak gear now
East Texas Fishin
East Texas Fishin - 4 years ago
Check out Robert Feid of kayakbassin they are the goats of yak fishing
Jake Winkler
Jake Winkler - 4 years ago
is that your red porche in the driveway ???
Justus Brock
Justus Brock - 4 years ago
good luck man
stormrunners - 4 years ago
for those of you saying Gary died, how do you know?
John David
John David - 4 years ago
Google "Kayak milk crate". Best set up to carry gear and multiple rods on your kayak.
sajim rodriguez
sajim rodriguez - 4 years ago
Lol when you live in dfw and can tell Jon was already at BPS when he was asking himself why he hadn't gotten one yet
Promeric Solutions
Promeric Solutions - 4 years ago
Hey Jon I bought my first one this year as well make sure you have your plugs correct for bottom of you have them some do some don't! I would consider storage and some type of anchor system so you can stay in one spot also when I went it was frustrating on paddle placement after catching a fish so I bought clip mounts to go in front of me for that other wise enjoy man gets me into places real boats can't go and I love it!
pistol wip
pistol wip - 4 years ago
What did you shave with some dull ass razors???
Paul Steed
Paul Steed - 4 years ago
Get yourself a 14 ft aluminum boat, 20hp, all you'll ever need and it'll last forever
BIGMOJO 21 - 4 years ago
"Space hat?"
Aanjaneya C.
Aanjaneya C. - 4 years ago
for a lot of good kayak advice you should check out zoffinger on youtube, he has the bestest kayak fishing tips and content !!
Jacob Nguyen
Jacob Nguyen - 4 years ago
Please look at colins key he looks like you
Eric Freimuth
Eric Freimuth - 4 years ago
Was that a Porsche parked behind your car?!
Tristyn Cohs
Tristyn Cohs - 4 years ago
Can we talk about the Porsche in the driveway????
Badger Fishing
Badger Fishing - 4 years ago
Ben Lee
Ben Lee - 4 years ago
Jon b encouraged my dad to get me my first bait caster and also was the main reason I love fishing
Bro Chill
Bro Chill - 4 years ago
Is Gary alive?
Miguel Flores
Miguel Flores - 4 years ago
wats the price on it ?
Outdoor Waters
Outdoor Waters - 4 years ago
You want to go lake trout fishing next spring in Michigan?
Jacob Nguyen
Jacob Nguyen - 4 years ago
Colins key
elijah Creedon
elijah Creedon - 4 years ago
Mmmmmmmmmm, porkless bites, my fav
The Post-Millennial Millionaire
The Post-Millennial Millionaire - 4 years ago
Jon b., a VEGAN?!
53iBro - 4 years ago
Quite the bamboozle there with the Sick Stick.
William Johnson
William Johnson - 4 years ago
NO GARY ON YOUR FIRST DAY BACK.........................
B.HUNTS - 4 years ago
Should have got a Hobie Pro Angler, hahaha
Tim Holder
Tim Holder - 4 years ago
I was looking at an Ascend. Very nice but then I researched and fell in love with a FeelFree Lure 2. Jon, maybe get that for your next Yak
Eman Strathman
Eman Strathman - 4 years ago
Get an Excursion
Nick Bullard
Nick Bullard - 4 years ago
The ascends are pretty awesome yaks, I wouldn't spray paint it(won't stick well) but some decals will look sick. Watch some Robert Field and go to your Local ACK for kayak advice and accessories
zach garrett
zach garrett - 4 years ago
Definitely get a yak you can stand and fish in
VA Bass Fishing
VA Bass Fishing - 4 years ago
I can't find myself buying a Favorite Rod until y'all find a way to make them the same consistently.  Every video it feels like its "New and Improved".  I wan't a finished product not a prototype.  I feel like thats what they are still.  A new design once a year is one thing, but there seems to be a change monthly.  Just my 2 cents. Love the videos though.
Stanlie Octoman
Stanlie Octoman - 4 years ago
How's the pet bass?
Andrew Vasquez
Andrew Vasquez - 4 years ago
Love the grapevine Bass Pro. Hope to run into you guys fishing one day man. Keep up with the awesome videos
ryan whitaker
ryan whitaker - 4 years ago
Nice try
Red Bandit
Red Bandit - 4 years ago
i wanted one of those for so long.using a cheapo one right now.
Chandler Ellis
Chandler Ellis - 4 years ago
Jon that Mary Poppins bit with the pole was hilarious
Max Rechkemmer
Max Rechkemmer - 4 years ago
Don't worry about mounts and things, you can just load it right side up. Do it every time, never had a problem.
Nor Cal Outdoors
Nor Cal Outdoors - 4 years ago
do a vid on how to start fishing channel
Payton Sheppard
Payton Sheppard - 4 years ago
Ouch didn't expect that needle filled cactus to poke me
Justin k
Justin k - 4 years ago
The end of this video was so refreshing, started to think there was barely anyone out there that gave any sort of crap. Thanks for getting some of that awareness out there Jon B.! As always ,"keep up those Vids, never stop"
Trevor K. Fishing
Trevor K. Fishing - 4 years ago
Just bought an ascend myself (128) you need to load it up and come to grand lake! Good vid as always!
AJ Harmon Outdoors
AJ Harmon Outdoors - 4 years ago
For a depth finder just get a wireless one from Amazon like a deeper or something. For filming make a milk crate and put a mount on it!
HuntNfishSTX - 4 years ago
Jon's vegan?
Noah Bourgeois
Noah Bourgeois - 4 years ago
What about your little sundolphin jon boat?
Illinois Boyz
Illinois Boyz - 4 years ago
Anyone else wondering who's red car that is at 3:26
Starling Outdoors
Starling Outdoors - 4 years ago
Jon I kayak all the time, this is a good mid-level kayak. Great choice. Get a fish finder with a transducer, and you can make a cheap fish live well out of a cooler, just look of some videos
Anything Fishing
Anything Fishing - 4 years ago
I love how they all act like there was never a storm
OSTRICHMOO3 - 4 years ago
You bought that kayak like 5 days ago saw it on your car on sunday and now you post a vid??
dave parsons
dave parsons - 4 years ago
Ascend kayaks are the absolute best for the price. I recommend that you should buy the FS12T sit on top it is a literal bass boat. You can stand on the nose and fish. Extremely comfortable and the 12 foot yaks are so so so much more stable when standing then the 10ft's. still it's awesome you bought something you like rather than going for a 3500$ hobie like everyone else.
Robert Biddle
Robert Biddle - 4 years ago
dave parsons 100% agree! I have the 128T w/yak power and I love it! No need to buy a Hobie just so I can say I own a Hobie.
AJ Harmon Outdoors
AJ Harmon Outdoors - 4 years ago
Great Kayak for the money! Worst mistake I made when starting out kayaking was buying a low end kayak. You did not make that mistake!
Daniel Rangel
Daniel Rangel - 4 years ago
Where's Garyyy?
Robert Whittington
Robert Whittington - 4 years ago
What happen to gray
SpagFishing - 4 years ago
Kayak fishing yeeeees!!!!
floutdoors - 4 years ago
I don't even need a kayak but now I wanna buy one :)
Matt Schultz
Matt Schultz - 4 years ago
Return it and get a canoe. More comfortable, versatile, carries more gear, and is usually easier to portage.
lit aleks
lit aleks - 4 years ago
Sonny BoboTv
Sonny BoboTv - 4 years ago
Do a review on the Porsche
Luis Vasquez
Luis Vasquez - 4 years ago
It's actually a great yak for what it's worth! Pretty stable! And plenty of space!
MP Bass Tv
MP Bass Tv - 4 years ago
Should have bought a 12ft I think you would like that more

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