Can You Paddle a Boat with Bullets?!?

How much will recoil from bullets move a kayak? To the Demolition Ranch laboratory to find out!!! Get a free 30 day trial with Audible and it helps support what we do here! The most awesome Demolition Ranch shirts and hats here! Watch me vlog. IF you love animals "Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from Outro music by MDK,

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How much will recoil from bullets move a kayak? To the Demolition Ranch laboratory to find out!!! Get a free 30 day trial with Audible and it helps support what we do here! The most awesome Demolition Ranch shirts and hats here! Watch me vlog. IF you love animals "Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from Outro music by MDK,

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Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones - 2 years ago
I’d like to see all different types of handgun roundds
gecko games
gecko games - 2 years ago
Fishing ranch next?
dethkiller070 - 2 years ago
7:17 top ten secret weapons the government doesn’t want you to know
krispy Examplz
krispy Examplz - 2 years ago
Run over your lake and little range thingy with a metal detector
Daniel Vera
Daniel Vera - 2 years ago
whos here 2018 lol currently sep 22 11:17 pm
Joe Yang
Joe Yang - 2 years ago
Yo mr pat
One fine line One awful dime
One fine line One awful dime - 2 years ago
9:22 to 9:28 when a bunch of teenagers ruin your stuff and break your paddle board so you take out your ak to move and to scare them away at the same time. Intelligent 100
LORD OF THE RiMS - 2 years ago
Get an m249
indominus4321 - 2 years ago
newtons third law of moition

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Put this on .25 play back speed u can see the bullet
alej897 - 2 years ago
This guy is contaminating the water with the jacket of the bullets they fall in the water and they have residues of gun powder
Meme addict
Meme addict - 2 years ago
Shut the fuck up
Damien McCue
Damien McCue - 2 years ago
the sponsors are smart because even when they stop sponsoring a channel their promo is still embedded in the video
Damien McCue
Damien McCue - 2 years ago
Learned more from the first 2 minutes of this video than my entire physics class last year.
bigmac82 - 2 years ago
Please find some way or another to be able to make a video of you with a full auto shotgun like fps Russia
bigmac82 - 2 years ago
Definitely should've said "kids don't try this one at home" lol
I love Good will
I love Good will - 2 years ago
50 cal
Mr. Danger Noodle
Mr. Danger Noodle - 2 years ago
Just saying if I was on a kiack/ however u spell it lol. With nothing but a gun if it was one of those big guns I would use it as a paddle lol but if I had a pistol I would probably shoot my hole mag and if I have any more bullets then one mag then I would shoot them too but I probably wouldn’t get that far so I would start to use it as a paddle lol ;-;
Call your memes Airsoft
Call your memes Airsoft - 2 years ago
What if the real man can’t afford a 50 bmg
GdEEs 1OpLate
GdEEs 1OpLate - 2 years ago
Why not paddle with the gun?

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Bullet Gaming
Bullet Gaming - 2 years ago
Man imagine grabbing an LMG in full auto and going 25km a hour on a kayak
Alexander Böge
Alexander Böge - 2 years ago
50 cal or bmg vs UE Megaboom speaker
Christopher S
Christopher S - 2 years ago
blah blah song song Let it go P O W Ya ded son
Chandler M
Chandler M - 2 years ago
Man, that .50 is an expensive paddle....
piyush Seth
piyush Seth - 2 years ago
The most scientifically coolest yet
Phillip Serna
Phillip Serna - 2 years ago
Should of shot the five hundred mangnum
veerchasm1 - 2 years ago
Isn’t that what the rifle stock is for??
GamersofHelaman - 2 years ago
i think its actouly the recoial pushing agenst your sholder that makes it back up
Mad Squad
Mad Squad - 2 years ago
How the song is called and your videos are pretty good
ARNEL CABRERA - 2 years ago
a mini gun would do the trick...

30. comment for Can You Paddle a Boat with Bullets?!?

Von Paulo
Von Paulo - 2 years ago
Is this gmod sandbox?
Reshikrom 813
Reshikrom 813 - 2 years ago
Cooter is the best at that challenge
Dark! Asriel Dreemurr
Dark! Asriel Dreemurr - 2 years ago
You can paddle a boat with a punt gun bullet
kartikey sinha
kartikey sinha - 2 years ago
U should have removed the muzzle brake
totes not a furry
totes not a furry - 2 years ago
soooo you murdered cooter?
RyRy Parry
RyRy Parry - 2 years ago
Should try this with full autos I’m thinking the SAW for science reasons
RyRy Parry
RyRy Parry - 2 years ago
Shows how many videos I watch a day in the wrong order, I watched one where you annihilated that truck yesterday
BG_Neon4o - 2 years ago
Intro songs name
Troplix - 2 years ago
What was the intro song?
the sky
the sky - 2 years ago
7:34 you almost hit the camra
Wanchor - 2 years ago
in survival situations you would do anything to save up on ammo this would just be wasting it
sent4dc - 2 years ago
yeah sure, you're in the wilderness and all you have left is a kayak and a 50 cal rifle. Yep, survival story.
Elite Pro
Elite Pro - 2 years ago
Every time he pulls out the 45-70 government he says people hunt elephants with this gun
Adrian Puga
Adrian Puga - 2 years ago
What do you do with the bullet caseings because I need some
200 subs with no vids
200 subs with no vids - 2 years ago
The fireball on the 44 magnum tho
Daniel Vos
Daniel Vos - 2 years ago
What I started thinking what if u had a bigger gun and has a faster fire rate....something like gun/gatling gun perhaps
Daniel Vos
Daniel Vos - 2 years ago
If possible that is
huntsman710 - 2 years ago
Holy moly he created a combustion engine
Justin Leonardi
Justin Leonardi - 2 years ago
He should try a grenade
Tommy Glass
Tommy Glass - 2 years ago
U cant do a vid like this and not use a shotgun
Eldeen Roseman
Eldeen Roseman - 2 years ago
shoot a bmg 50 2000 yards

50. comment for Can You Paddle a Boat with Bullets?!?

Mr Sasquatch
Mr Sasquatch - 2 years ago
FTX BA-OY - 2 years ago
It work
Guns Cars Motorcycles Gaming America
Guns Cars Motorcycles Gaming America - 2 years ago
Lmao the intro tho
RollerCobster - 2 years ago
My school chose this as the video to reference for my 8th grade end of year essay that i was required to pass
Thomas Schrank
Thomas Schrank - 2 years ago
Now this is some fuckin content
Brantley C_ 34
Brantley C_ 34 - 2 years ago
Luger torture test please do
Everything Digital
Everything Digital - 2 years ago
You run vetranch
David Kinney
David Kinney - 2 years ago
Should of used a 12 gauge with 3 inch magnums
Austin Hayes
Austin Hayes - 2 years ago
I would be curious to see 12 gauge in this video
David Mendoza
David Mendoza - 2 years ago
This is comical af, but hey, we all learned something today
Фильмы HD
Фильмы HD - 2 years ago
Здраво пидорки
Jonathan Shi
Jonathan Shi - 2 years ago
One day archaeologists are gonna dig up all those shells and wonder what kind of war happened in Texas to merit that much spent ammo.

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't know someone else already said this. I'll save it for anither video.
Pig Power
Pig Power - 2 years ago
Jonathan Shi there are a thousand of those comments
THE_GAMING_GUY14 - 2 years ago
Why you don't buy a minigun or like a pretty badass AA-12
dapackad - 2 years ago
Couldn't you just use the rifle as a paddle?
Jae Wolf
Jae Wolf - 2 years ago
You should try it with the jdj950
Jae Wolf
Jae Wolf - 2 years ago
But you dont have alot of bullets to paddle do you
Unknown - 2 years ago
yippie kayak
(ik it's not that)
Fckn Sebscrib
Fckn Sebscrib - 2 years ago
Video starts at 0:00. You’re welcome
Brian Reeves
Brian Reeves - 2 years ago
jake thegunsnake
jake thegunsnake - 2 years ago
Has he got/should've used. .408 cheytac
JAY9519 - 2 years ago
As I was watching this a kayak ad was on tv
Freddie Covill
Freddie Covill - 2 years ago
Hey Matt. I am a big fan of you and I was wondering if you could show us a gun firing underwater
Lars Clerbout
Lars Clerbout - 2 years ago
you know kooter is great at the mannequin challenge
Vass TT
Vass TT - 2 years ago
What happened to hands?
Dark Gamer
Dark Gamer - 2 years ago
My Pawpaw dog got ran over
Shane Dillon
Shane Dillon - 2 years ago
You can swim to shore.
JB Time
JB Time - 2 years ago
I love your videos plz sub to mine
CJ Hall
CJ Hall - 2 years ago
Lol i was just listening to that song
vikas kumar
vikas kumar - 2 years ago
Just found a new sport...
Plywoodcar Johnson
Plywoodcar Johnson - 2 years ago
Now rob the bank with a paddle....
Sir Potoo
Sir Potoo - 2 years ago
9:21 Pleased with himself
loofaland drgiera
loofaland drgiera - 2 years ago
Try 950 jdj handheld sniper cannon it would just sink your boat just by holding it
Golden Bear
Golden Bear - 2 years ago
If u do that you would run out of bullets
Project A10H25Y
Project A10H25Y - 2 years ago
Best way to scape some thugs
Arash Ghavasi
Arash Ghavasi - 2 years ago
Hay intro song name
Tyler Macomber
Tyler Macomber - 2 years ago
How to get away from a gun fight in style
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor - 2 years ago
Didn't you guy he purposely skipped the 50 magnum lol
unkiledsoldier -_-
unkiledsoldier -_- - 2 years ago
How come when u aim a sniper it goes straight but when you not it goes everywhere
Rick Flores
Rick Flores - 2 years ago
You'll probably never see this comment as I'm sure it's a really old video. But, I think you could do a lot of valuable teaching as well as have a lot of fun in these videos. The concept that you were trying to present is known as conservation of energy. The energy that comes out of the gun is of two forms. The first is the kinetic energy of the bullet which is given by one half MV squared. Meredith can tell you about it. The second and very minor form of energy is the energy from the powder that was not transferred to the bullet and is typically in the form of the Air Blast that comes out the end of the rifle. There is a third and even more minor form which is the heat generated. Since the most important form is the kinetic energy of the bullet, you had a different response with the Lapua then you expected. It would have been nice if you could have explained this in a very un-nerdy way. I had my kids learn this concept using a really old computer program called gizmos and gadgets. It's really terrific. I am an old retired research engineer and fellow gun nut. I really enjoy your videos but wish that you had a little more technical competency as it would add greatly to your videos. I made a comment on one of your off the ranch videos about the drainage system and the lack of your understanding of Bernoulli's equation. Again I hope that Mere can explain that to you as well
Californian Ranger
Californian Ranger - 2 years ago
One day archaeologists are gona excavate this pkace abd think there was a battle
The Bucket Chat
The Bucket Chat - 2 years ago
Who also flinched during the intro lmao
Fishing hunting Lifting weights
Fishing hunting Lifting weights - 2 years ago
Try the Ithaca
Gaming NinjaEX
Gaming NinjaEX - 2 years ago
Did you guys see around 7:36 he almost shot the camera
Murderman987 Gaming
Murderman987 Gaming - 2 years ago
Please make a liger video but dedicate it to the Army Veterans plz
Alex Damitz
Alex Damitz - 2 years ago
juraj anđal
juraj anđal - 2 years ago
Little girls play with .50 cal. Just buy 30x173 mm
CALE KIEFER - 2 years ago
Real men play with 1919s
CALE KIEFER - 2 years ago
Luger price please I've been wanting one for years
Skrub Lord
Skrub Lord - 2 years ago
I understand automatics aren't available to you legally, but it would be realy cool to watch you fire them.
Brandon Kiefert
Brandon Kiefert - 2 years ago
see if you can shot it thro a tree

100. comment for Can You Paddle a Boat with Bullets?!?

Freelancer Bravo
Freelancer Bravo - 2 years ago
Why not get out amd swim with the kayak
Colton Jacob
Colton Jacob - 2 years ago
I have the same 33
DogeCraft - 2 years ago
Bfg 50 I think
Qwe Rty
Qwe Rty - 2 years ago
I know it’s an idea why don’t you use the butt of the gun as as a paddle
Apollo 4036
Apollo 4036 - 2 years ago
I thought he meant with bullets holes in the boat
Nathan Ebbinghaus
Nathan Ebbinghaus - 2 years ago
Dang I wanted to see the 500 magnum
Angelo Thompson
Angelo Thompson - 2 years ago
Do top ten guns
Andrew J Wagler
Andrew J Wagler - 2 years ago
Could just use your hands
Abominable Skiman
Abominable Skiman - 2 years ago
That was a cool video
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf - 2 years ago
Should of mounted the rifles to the kayak using that green rifle rest from your past videos and some MacGyver ingenuity and then fired them .. Semiautomatic rifle's loose recoil because of the bolt is cycled from the back pressure of the fired round, that coupled with your shoulder and upper body absorbing an additional percentage of recoil means you're unable to capitalize on a sufficient amount of thrust and reverse acceleration... Time for a round too on your concept...
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf - 2 years ago
Sorry, I'm a hillbilly from Maine with a doctorate in redneck ingenuity... Friends call me the 'Post Apocalyptic MacGyver '
SternClub 2223
SternClub 2223 - 2 years ago
10 shots of 50bmg= $50 poorer
Zac van Buuren
Zac van Buuren - 2 years ago
Quenton Taylor
Quenton Taylor - 2 years ago
You should have done the 1994
Quinn Carr
Quinn Carr - 2 years ago
You forgot 500 magnum
sqWEezY cHeEzsE bAlLs 4K
sqWEezY cHeEzsE bAlLs 4K - 2 years ago
Horse power pppsshhh I'm America we use gun power
gineepiggo107 Jonathon Bednar
gineepiggo107 Jonathon Bednar - 2 years ago
Should’ve used a 4 gauge. Would’ve got you halfway across with one shot.
stricko !!
stricko !! - 2 years ago
Can someone tell me the song from the start (sorry forgot the name of it)
Ethan Fritz
Ethan Fritz - 2 years ago
How to mow down zambies going across a river
Killer Ghost407
Killer Ghost407 - 2 years ago
You know its an old vid when you see the blue chevy truck
Tilliam Wennett
Tilliam Wennett - 2 years ago
Can you get a minigun
jez lawrence
jez lawrence - 2 years ago
I saw the title and i thought: this is clearly an important scientific question. I owe it humanity to watch it.
conscience - 2 years ago
If u shoot at Luger at a nazi a black hole opens up
K1NG 0F R4ND0M - 2 years ago
When Demolition ranch is out of ideas
Charlie DeSpain
Charlie DeSpain - 2 years ago
Chevy for life
JD PLAYS-GAMES - 2 years ago
I thought You blew up the GMC truck with a tank

Edited: Right Matt?
10,000 subs without videos mate
10,000 subs without videos mate - 2 years ago
Jaxon Dowdie uou look linsr you sivnn gsixjj gaping aovshlzgo40 725 669996
Magnus Likes Tanks
Magnus Likes Tanks - 2 years ago
How tf did he get into the boat???
Alien Network
Alien Network - 2 years ago
vance hart
vance hart - 2 years ago
Use the stock of the gun as a padle
10,000 subs without videos mate
10,000 subs without videos mate - 2 years ago
vance hart AKA wvbear2263 Ben
tjewellm - 2 years ago
No 12ga ?
Harjeet Singh
Harjeet Singh - 2 years ago
this has to be the most fuckin dumb thing ever I have seen ...oh my lord
TG COOL - 2 years ago
Me: so what's on your kayak
DemolitionRanch said: I have a 50 caliber BMG
BEADROCKBREAKER 9000 - 2 years ago
Pizza People
Pizza People - 2 years ago
Sexiest this is for little girls to play with this is for real men
Vgbc Gfx
Vgbc Gfx - 2 years ago
dudas12100 - 2 years ago
Should have shot the 50 without muzzle brake
Jacob Puls
Jacob Puls - 2 years ago
u done did put that back in my mind
Vidyansh Gaur
Vidyansh Gaur - 2 years ago
we also have know
Nathan Schwartz
Nathan Schwartz - 2 years ago
Just a little future prediction here: You will shoot that truck with a tank and blow it up with your sunglasses still in it
TrumpTheTitan Bernbernie
TrumpTheTitan Bernbernie - 2 years ago
I love u guys
Zackory Horwell
Zackory Horwell - 2 years ago
I thought you blow that up
syed shan
syed shan - 2 years ago
syed shan
syed shan - 2 years ago
Branson 27
Branson 27 - 2 years ago
Should have used a flamethrower
kristoffer jagd
kristoffer jagd - 2 years ago
Ever watched Shooter? Wahlberg does it :p
Vincent Padilla
Vincent Padilla - 2 years ago
ok now this one was off the hook!!!! You really sailed through this one!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha...................ahhhhh
neutral meme
neutral meme - 2 years ago
Let's just use our hands
Joshua Dotson
Joshua Dotson - 2 years ago
You should put a 9mm with extended mags in each hand and shoot into the water like ors.
TonicTRAMP - 2 years ago
you should try it with n shotgun
Enrico jv Rensburg
Enrico jv Rensburg - 2 years ago
Dont you have hands to paddle?
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez - 2 years ago
The most usa way to paddle a boat
John Hollett
John Hollett - 2 years ago
What about shotguns
Nicolas Gomez
Nicolas Gomez - 2 years ago
try an RPG
Sir Potoo
Sir Potoo - 2 years ago
RPGs don't have recoil.
Jack Mei hoff
Jack Mei hoff - 2 years ago
That's legit! Good episode Matt.
Retales - 2 years ago
Up shit creek without a paddle but with a gun
dandin3perez - 2 years ago
if i was stuck with that big ass gun . wasent be easy if i just paddel with it? idk man
Eric Barron
Eric Barron - 2 years ago
Is that a natural waterfall?
BestTalk Gaming
BestTalk Gaming - 2 years ago
watch dude perfect shotgun trick shot they did the same thing
Briley Bridgeman
Briley Bridgeman - 2 years ago
What is the song
Osama bin laden
Osama bin laden - 2 years ago
10. june.2018 ??? everyone here
XxXzintoesXxX - 2 years ago
you could use your hands
Abigail ry
Abigail ry - 2 years ago
where is the 500magnum
Josh Hensley
Josh Hensley - 2 years ago
Master Chief
Master Chief - 2 years ago
Jackson Allen
Jackson Allen - 2 years ago
Y no 500 lol
XXX XXX - 2 years ago
Mannequin challenge with an actual mannequin
Andrew Divizio
Andrew Divizio - 2 years ago
Wow thats awesome
Muhammad Ibrahim
Muhammad Ibrahim - 2 years ago
Please try machine gun on boat
Grey Crimson
Grey Crimson - 2 years ago
I imagine shotguns would've done a good job but that's just my imagination
Whats It To You
Whats It To You - 2 years ago
But he didn’t use a shotgun...
Harley Wilson
Harley Wilson - 2 years ago
Didn't use any shotguns
Joe Cooper
Joe Cooper - 2 years ago
Christopher Rossberg
Christopher Rossberg - 2 years ago
Hmm paddle breaks you say? Well, then you either have 2 paddles, or a smaller one. I also heard somewhere about this thing called swimming. Everything aside, your vids are great :)
Hyrulean's Hero
Hyrulean's Hero - 2 years ago
Can someone explain to me the science on how a muzzle brake reduces the recoil for single shot guns or on single fire cuz all i know is that they reduce recoil but how? And same thing for the compensator?
Caden Cobb
Caden Cobb - 2 years ago
What if you done another pushing your kayak with your competition shotgun
Zucan - 2 years ago
he should have used the can gun..I have that attachment and its got a lot of recoil when theres a can in it
BpGamer5257 - 2 years ago
It would move more if it was straped to the boat
Xx APolishGuy xX
Xx APolishGuy xX - 2 years ago
Y u no use the gun’s stock as a paddle?
Wr3ckg0d X
Wr3ckg0d X - 2 years ago
Who is watching in 2018?
Greenwolf Playz
Greenwolf Playz - 2 years ago
Sergio Eduardo
Sergio Eduardo - 2 years ago
You should use a bumpstock for this experiment
P_GT3 - 2 years ago
Or you could just paddle with your hands...
Graham Freeman
Graham Freeman - 2 years ago
Where the fifty cal
DaRealAsclepius - 2 years ago
So the moral is, make sure you bring your ak47 with you when you go kayaking, in case you lose your paddle
ben mitkus
ben mitkus - 2 years ago
Where is the rpg?
mr anderson
mr anderson - 2 years ago
Black Beatles
Wondrrboy - 2 years ago
For the ak, why not use a 60rd drum?
allthatflash - 2 years ago
You are doing it wrong... need to put barrel in water and fire... you will get better energy transfer
Cameron Lee
Cameron Lee - 2 years ago
The gun on the A-10 Warthog has so much recoil that if the plane could carry more than the 20 seconds of ammo it does and fire it continually, it could bring the plane to a full stop in the air with the engines running on full thrust.
Wormy 727
Wormy 727 - 2 years ago
Realistically the gun itself could be used as a paddle
TheAmericanDrwf Life
TheAmericanDrwf Life - 2 years ago
Let me buy your old truck.
PandaFps - 2 years ago
Kitty RocketGamer
Kitty RocketGamer - 2 years ago
7:17 babababababababababababababababababababababababababa
Michal Bina
Michal Bina - 2 years ago
But can you fly using bullets?
Is that the one that you hit with a tank???
Demboyz 12
Demboyz 12 - 2 years ago
10:49 bye matt
SUARNEDUJ - 2 years ago
Tactical retreat
jumoses jumoses
jumoses jumoses - 2 years ago
You did not kill cutr
AzerothKings YT / GT
AzerothKings YT / GT - 2 years ago
if your moving the boats with bullets it means your not paddling it.
jeremy grimm
jeremy grimm - 2 years ago
Any one watching from 2 years later? May 9 2018
Tyler Piton
Tyler Piton - 2 years ago
SimplyJon_ - 2 years ago
Sept 16 2018
Mad Squad
Mad Squad - 2 years ago
I am watchin in 11.11.2018
chi sei?
chi sei? - 2 years ago
But... the 500 magnum?
Chris Gates
Chris Gates - 2 years ago
Should have taken the muzzle break off of the .50. For science.
garbage school videos
garbage school videos - 2 years ago
This video is pretty much I wanna shoot guns on a boat
MaryLou Hershberger
MaryLou Hershberger - 2 years ago
You should see how many tractor tiers with the 50
Jonathan Jimenez
Jonathan Jimenez - 2 years ago
is that an as50.?
Aiden Struk
Aiden Struk - 2 years ago
I have seen one t he movie shooter
Dumaflatchi - 2 years ago
You could buy some replica WW1 era helmets from the different factions(Britain, US, France, Germany) and see what kind of bullets those can take including the Luger.
Hayden Williams
Hayden Williams - 2 years ago
Do a Luger it my favorite pistols
Ijul Dzulfadli
Ijul Dzulfadli - 2 years ago
With recoil you meant?
Ryan Leclerc
Ryan Leclerc - 2 years ago
A punt gun would do the job
gavin .c duk
gavin .c duk - 2 years ago
500 magnum 700 grain ???
Tom Allender
Tom Allender - 2 years ago
Poor fish
PyroDoktorHD - 2 years ago
heart attack at Video Beginning
TAN TECK SEN GLENSON - 2 years ago
Demolition ranch did u count the weight different weight if the gun can actually be a problem
31st Centrey
31st Centrey - 2 years ago
What is your favorite gun
Carter Deriso
Carter Deriso - 2 years ago
Velocity - 2 years ago
Paddle with the gun itself
Braxton Andersen
Braxton Andersen - 2 years ago
I hope he picked up the bullet shells
Asus Jackson
Asus Jackson - 2 years ago
Anybody watching in 2019?
私はパンが好きです。 - 2 years ago
Since you like WWI you should buy a möuser
Beastlypelican45 - 2 years ago
Anyone here in 2018
Iggy Vlog
Iggy Vlog - 2 years ago
Hi honey just bought some bullets for demoranch.. And we dont have foods for the kids for a week hahaha
King Pokeminer
King Pokeminer - 2 years ago
Wouldn't firing at the water also help because of the ripple caused in the water?
Brad Mall
Brad Mall - 2 years ago
If I got trapped on a my kyak with a gun I would use the back
CConnerGD - 2 years ago
Who is here watching after 2 years 4/20/18 2018
random retarded Engineer
random retarded Engineer - 2 years ago
This should be a sport
Llama Liam
Llama Liam - 2 years ago
Prolly would move more if the weapon was affixed somehow to the watercraft... less force dampening from the flex of all the .... muscles and bones and human body stuff..
Dragonstrike 3579
Dragonstrike 3579 - 2 years ago
Conservation of momentum
seth peoples
seth peoples - 2 years ago
This would be the best action movie escape
Blue Wizz
Blue Wizz - 2 years ago
You should have shoot the water!!!
Eee Zee
Eee Zee - 2 years ago
Some of the momentum would be absorbed by your body, which would reduce the "push", the boat actually gets. It is important, to ensure the same "stiffness" in your arm/shoulder, if you are to retain an accurate, scientific approach to the test.
Eee Zee
Eee Zee - 2 years ago
NEVER lose your inquisitive nature, @DemolitionRanch :)
Arxgon - 2 years ago
360 trick shots
F.M.F 69
F.M.F 69 - 2 years ago
what about 2 MG-42s?
Alex Van Horssen
Alex Van Horssen - 2 years ago
That recoil compensator kinda fucked things up
GuNNing - 2 years ago
Anyone else look for fish everyone he pointed the camera towards the water
James Bromley
James Bromley - 2 years ago
Screw shoreline grass YEAH I hate that stuff..mow it down!
Bros Gaming 2009
Bros Gaming 2009 - 2 years ago
I bet the old truck doesn't work anymore #stop blowing up stuff seriously though I love your vids I was just saying that to be funny
Hayden Boles
Hayden Boles - 2 years ago
Hay Matt you know you will go better if you shoot the water
the duderino
the duderino - 2 years ago
shotgun would be badass
Remi van Dongen AKA Jimmy Walter, CIA
Remi van Dongen AKA Jimmy Walter, CIA - 2 years ago
.50 ? This guy is nuts! But I like him!
Savage Beast
Savage Beast - 2 years ago
Cooter is evil
David Lyman
David Lyman - 2 years ago
Oh no... He went full semi automatic
Patrick Taylor
Patrick Taylor - 2 years ago
Liso Campos
Liso Campos - 2 years ago
That was actually an informative video.
eetu pelaa
eetu pelaa - 2 years ago
It would be smarter to use the gun as padle..... wasting bullets
Pyry Leinonen
Pyry Leinonen - 2 years ago
I was like. Uhh 5.56 drum mag? But it was 60 7.62's
Christina Shank
Christina Shank - 2 years ago
Your a fucking idiot
Holly Moran
Holly Moran - 2 years ago
Use a cannon
Holly Moran
Holly Moran - 2 years ago
Use rapid fire guns
Holly Moran
Holly Moran - 2 years ago
Didn't u blow the truck up with a tank
Carbon Arc
Carbon Arc - 2 years ago
you shoulda done dual 9s .
Carbon Arc
Carbon Arc - 2 years ago
where's the shotty!
Griffin Lukins
Griffin Lukins - 2 years ago
Shoot a bail or car full of tanerite and use the 9mm Luger
Lois Vaupel
Lois Vaupel - 2 years ago
You should have done a 500 sithinweston
Amrit Sookhan
Amrit Sookhan - 2 years ago
Use a bushmaster
GlitterJuice - 2 years ago
Andrew Liang
Andrew Liang - 2 years ago
Ever heard of swimming?
denhen - 2 years ago
buy an lmg and try it again
melogam m
melogam m - 2 years ago
7:33 lol poor man's navy
spencer wells
spencer wells - 2 years ago
You should try out for swcc.
TateTheSpongebob - 2 years ago
The audio literally get canceled out by the ak47
Master Kush
Master Kush - 2 years ago
the hunter
the hunter - 2 years ago
He should try using a 20mm
Dragonslayer239 1
Dragonslayer239 1 - 2 years ago
His shoulder is killing after that.
Nils Wistrom
Nils Wistrom - 2 years ago
You should try it with an Uzi or some shit
Avihoo Ilan
Avihoo Ilan - 2 years ago
don't they teach a little physics in veterinary school?
Truck Stuff & More
Truck Stuff & More - 2 years ago
Haha my close friend and range bud listens to that song and some more like it and i dont understand what he likes about it. Now we are both in central Mississippi where its all country and thats all i listen to is hank waylon jhonny and a few others. Safe to say when we ride in my f150 the radio is off. He is a good friend though we swap firearms and ammo alot.
Bland_boi YT
Bland_boi YT - 2 years ago
I love you man
RaxoSC - 2 years ago
Hmmmm what am i gunna do today... I know! gunna row a boat with a .50 cal! and thats why this guy is amazing XD
Toxic Wave1
Toxic Wave1 - 2 years ago
can you try 500 magnum please? "a subscriber from philippines?
kevin dominguez
kevin dominguez - 2 years ago
You do so many fun things in the name of science
John Doe
John Doe - 2 years ago
Crap my paddle broke...Thank God I have 5,000 rounds of ammo in my pocket for propulsion.
MultiMattdaboss - 2 years ago
Matt, use the Luger to destroy as many propane tanks as you can!
Or, go to the creek and see what a 50 BMG can do to the creek!
Sarah Rigdon
Sarah Rigdon - 2 years ago
First of all they are doing the mannequin challenge and second of all all Cooter stole Matt's Henry gun , third of all Matt gets it back by shooting Cooter in the face during
mannequin challenge with the same gun that is using first too paddle the kayak
J.P. Larson
J.P. Larson - 2 years ago
i started laughing at 07:31 lol
Joel Yancey
Joel Yancey - 2 years ago
5:46 Every action has an equal and opposite reaction... Newton's Third
Julian Hernandez
Julian Hernandez - 2 years ago
float by shooting is a thing?!
Cheesy Dude
Cheesy Dude - 2 years ago
1:02 my new kayak
Der Meister
Der Meister - 2 years ago
Why not to use the stock as a paddle, lol?
The Eliteturtle
The Eliteturtle - 2 years ago
Nice vid
William mcCall
William mcCall - 2 years ago
44. Mag that fireball tho
Stan Apartma
Stan Apartma - 2 years ago
Exelent episode
madmax1984 - 2 years ago
Mythbusters time
Elizabeth Day
Elizabeth Day - 2 years ago
do you have a 20 magnum
ThatRandom Squirrel
ThatRandom Squirrel - 2 years ago
I thought AK-47s were unavailable to civilians?
Callsign Toxxik
Callsign Toxxik - 2 years ago
Damn the SEALs budget cant even buy them boats..
chilli booboo
chilli booboo - 2 years ago
R.I.P. kooter
Steve Pomeroy
Steve Pomeroy - 2 years ago
Can u make a video of a SA80 and a lsw
Whata Burger
Whata Burger - 2 years ago
wait on the intro did you shoot a blank so it wouldnt go in the creepy cooter
TransBiologist, the transest of biologists
TransBiologist, the transest of biologists - 2 years ago
You could.. just.. paddle with the gun.. And not fire any bullets..
jon boy
jon boy - 2 years ago
TransBiologist what fun would that be...
NA - 2 years ago
6:17 the good part
Jonnysal - 2 years ago
the best 639
the best 639 - 2 years ago
Not cooter
Jurre Boxem
Jurre Boxem - 2 years ago
Wherry do you store the guns? Can you show it in a video?
OZYMANDIAS - 2 years ago
If you had a ma Duce it would be like. Speed boat.
Jackitgaming _
Jackitgaming _ - 2 years ago
I finally found another hillbilly to chill with when i turn 18
Jackitgaming _
Jackitgaming _ - 2 years ago
Because im a hillbilly
Buck0618 - 2 years ago
Muzzle brakes stop the gas coming out of the barrel, but it’s mostly the gas being pushed out of the cartridge and moving THROUGH the barrel away from the cartridge that pushes the cartridge back, which in turn pushes you, the gun, and the kayak backward.
Eli Adams
Eli Adams - 2 years ago
You should get a crossbow.
Craw the crawfish 3
Craw the crawfish 3 - 2 years ago
Put all of ur biggest guns on it like the golf ball cannon
The Revolution
The Revolution - 2 years ago
Wow this video resurfaced in 2018
JonDoe110 - 2 years ago
Rowing down the creek, 'Murca style.
InterceptorLPYT - 2 years ago
Why you Dont paddle with the gun you dum ass :D total Murcia
Mikhail Kokhanevich
Mikhail Kokhanevich - 2 years ago
Does he sell cooter shirts?
Thebest Ever
Thebest Ever - 2 years ago
I thought he would drop a gun
Matteo Whelon
Matteo Whelon - 2 years ago
U should have brought a browning
Naser Ramadan
Naser Ramadan - 2 years ago
Legokid311 Gameplays
Legokid311 Gameplays - 2 years ago
.500 .500 .500 .500 .500
Azrareran frudzad
Azrareran frudzad - 2 years ago
Dude I love the intro everytime i watch this video
bornforchef - 2 years ago
6:50 funniest joke of the month ha ha
SpoodermanGo - 2 years ago
-bk- snake
-bk- snake - 2 years ago
u can do this in gta
Joshua Weidner
Joshua Weidner - 2 years ago
You should buy a beretta m9
Riffed Wood
Riffed Wood - 2 years ago
Asking the important questions here
Paul McDonagh
Paul McDonagh - 2 years ago
Jump off a building and save yourself with two p90s. You know it makes sense :)
Joseph Przybilla
Joseph Przybilla - 2 years ago
I love hunting
Jeisson Herrera
Jeisson Herrera - 2 years ago
Jeisson Herrera
Jeisson Herrera - 2 years ago
NintendoFanJosh7000 - 2 years ago
don't kill me but you need to do this again with a 500 MAGNUM
Trolix YT.
Trolix YT. - 2 years ago
Nice creek!
Superunicor - 2 years ago
I'm watching this two years later, and I'm just now noticing that Matt almost shot his camera when he was shooting the 50. BMG XD
b33sma11 - 2 years ago
7:20 $7,$7,$7,$7,$7,$7,$7,$7,$7,$7
Deacon Schemper
Deacon Schemper - 2 years ago
.50 cal is so much bigger the 338! Wow
Drew White
Drew White - 2 years ago
you can fit a muzzle break on lever actions to....that might help with that 45.70 beast....just a thought...a video on that would be very interesting?????
Drew White
Drew White - 2 years ago
45.70....beautiful gun to.....
Drew White
Drew White - 2 years ago
love your beautiful 30.30....lever action just has me abit nostalgic....great guns....
Robert Olver
Robert Olver - 2 years ago
Is it lighter than 300pounds it will work
Mathieu Dent
Mathieu Dent - 2 years ago
You almost shot the Go Pro
crazyaze__ _gamer
crazyaze__ _gamer - 2 years ago
Do a automatic gun on a kayak
FIFA goat
FIFA goat - 2 years ago
Sucky poopy
Kevin Bosley
Kevin Bosley - 2 years ago
Lol 2/5/18
lukeum jones
lukeum jones - 2 years ago
for a ruger test put a german helmet on lt dan
psyraxx88 - 2 years ago
Wasn't there a theory about the gun of an A10 warthog? Where if it had infinite ammo, and fired continually while in flight, it would end up pushing the jet backwards? Even at full throttle!
Logan Proctor
Logan Proctor - 2 years ago
500 magnum
ETHAN Martin
ETHAN Martin - 2 years ago
The intros get worse and worse
LordReef - 2 years ago
Best intro yet lmao!
Zijing Lin
Zijing Lin - 2 years ago
Nicholas Pease
Nicholas Pease - 2 years ago
Aw man that is a butiful spring
Matthew V.
Matthew V. - 2 years ago
Aww man you should have done a dual aa12 shotgun lol
Jeb Moore
Jeb Moore - 2 years ago
Should’ve done a shotgun
living the outdoors
living the outdoors - 2 years ago
There's sticks in the woods
uknome540 - 2 years ago
Wonder what a shotgun would have done?
Fabian Thomas
Fabian Thomas - 2 years ago
Dude love the program next can you do a mini gun on cooter
ΩΜΞΦΑ - 2 years ago
With a big fucking muzzle brake hell naw!
Anime Fan
Anime Fan - 2 years ago
4:48 - "338 Lapua Magnu-STAND UP!'s for a show", lol
SotBmx F
SotBmx F - 2 years ago
How about you go into fully automatic shutdown
Josh Luedtke
Josh Luedtke - 2 years ago
Don't worry guys cooter did not die Matt's a doctor......................ish
James Haver
James Haver - 2 years ago
No 500 magnum
Garrett Agnew
Garrett Agnew - 2 years ago
buy a 41 magnum
High Quality Cement
High Quality Cement - 2 years ago
If you had infinite ammo, and an automatic trigger and the gun would never heat up. Wouldn't you travel at bullet speed backwards if you had infinite water to travel on? If you shot and shot and shot and shot forever.
DaRealAsclepius - 2 years ago

Maybe if you were kayaking in outer space
Georg Grech
Georg Grech - 2 years ago
Probably not due to external forces such as air and water resistance
Future Gundam Pilot
Future Gundam Pilot - 2 years ago
I want you to try a gutling gun..
Bradyn Martin
Bradyn Martin - 2 years ago
you should show us all of your guns
Drew Byron Meadows
Drew Byron Meadows - 2 years ago
Those 338 cases hitting the creek make me cringe..., those things are gold pooped form unicorns. great video though
Meow kow
Meow kow - 2 years ago
But can you not just use the gun itself as a paddle?
Don Binkley
Don Binkley - 2 years ago
Maybe sell some of those sweet semis and get you a full auto???
Aaron Seward
Aaron Seward - 2 years ago
He almost shot the camera
Rav3N - 2 years ago
In soviet russia kayak Paddels you
Baptiste '
Baptiste ' - 2 years ago
Does someone has an idea how much these ammos cost, depending on their size ?
Steven Reason
Steven Reason - 3 years ago
The mannequin challenge was two years ago holy shit
Courtland Shadow
Courtland Shadow - 3 years ago
So close to GoPro
Jeffery Johnson
Jeffery Johnson - 3 years ago
The 9 is like boi I'm really small
Ilvars Ilvars
Ilvars Ilvars - 3 years ago
Umm.... if you had a rifle , just use it like a paddle .
Gurekwaak Singh Sidhu
Gurekwaak Singh Sidhu - 3 years ago
Which is yr absolutely fav gun?
zaryab ali ahmed
zaryab ali ahmed - 3 years ago
I would not want to be the cameraman in the intro
Tyler Piton
Tyler Piton - 2 years ago
zaryab ali ahmed he was the camera man you fucking dumb cunt
Hudson Sims
Hudson Sims - 3 years ago
I love your guns
A_k_1704 - 3 years ago
What are the neighbors gonna think
A_k_1704 - 3 years ago
Baller Gameplay
Baller Gameplay - 3 years ago
Make a video on what happens when you shoot a bullet with another bullet
Josee 108
Josee 108 - 3 years ago
the best engin in the world!)
funny vlog
funny vlog - 3 years ago
shoot cooter with the can canon
Luke Swanson
Luke Swanson - 3 years ago
When he cocks back the 50 bmg it sounds so bad ass
muddybear 3
muddybear 3 - 3 years ago
50 cal evinrude.
High Block303
High Block303 - 3 years ago
How about a minigun
VSGotNM - 3 years ago
if it was mounted to the kayak itself it would of converted the energy better :D
Christian Farmer
Christian Farmer - 3 years ago
Bruh... cooter was just trying to sing a song and you killed him again?!?!?!?
Colin Cunningham
Colin Cunningham - 3 years ago
"All you have is a gun" you have hands too
Someone Kill Me
Someone Kill Me - 3 years ago
9:13 when ya gotta run but the bad guys are headed your way
Someone Kill Me
Someone Kill Me - 3 years ago
Oh shit, my paddle broke, better pull out my handy-dandy SNIPER RIFLE
TheMp44drophyd - 3 years ago
This is the best example of the conservation of momentum I think I've ever seen.
Jackson Crego
Jackson Crego - 3 years ago
Still dont understand how its still legal to shoot a 15 bmg in texas
Lynx HD
Lynx HD - 3 years ago
can you shoot a bullet from a gun into another guns barrel
MGE Dawn
MGE Dawn - 3 years ago
What's really sad is that I was halfway expecting 7.62 NATO in there somewhere... somewhere other than after the .50 BMG, that is
Brock Eichorn
Brock Eichorn - 3 years ago
You need to get a B.A.R
Spooky_Lil_Ghost - 3 years ago
I’m from the future and ur ganna get 4mill subs...
Frederic Egger
Frederic Egger - 3 years ago
you should try the .50bmg without the muzllebreak...
gaara kazekage
gaara kazekage - 3 years ago
Whats the biggest round ever
Giordan R
Giordan R - 3 years ago
Use your hands?
austin berrones
austin berrones - 3 years ago
you shoulda used a shotgun
Mary Sue Boland
Mary Sue Boland - 3 years ago
Just think how many bullets are all over Matt's property
Jasonsv55 - 3 years ago
If he shot .500 Magnum:
Local Texan youtuber found in Russia under a kayak with a .500 Magnum.
Beck Hudelson
Beck Hudelson - 3 years ago
I've been n watching for a year and I think this is pretty awesome
Austin Hammel
Austin Hammel - 3 years ago
Shoot a 50 BMG!
Kale Mary
Kale Mary - 3 years ago
Kale Mary
Kale Mary - 3 years ago
500 magnem
Brian Duty
Brian Duty - 3 years ago
That was pretty damn cool, I didn't expect it to take off like that from the 9mm!
BMX24 8710
BMX24 8710 - 3 years ago
hay matt you just about to hit us. dang that was close. rewatch vid
Joel Ramos
Joel Ramos - 3 years ago
You should have the stock against the kayak so your body is not the middle man to the force
LoLBro XD - 3 years ago
Try to reload the gun like the guy from the kingsman 2 did it!!
Michael Schut
Michael Schut - 3 years ago
America people
Michael Schut
Michael Schut - 3 years ago
The automatic spelling on the phone is killing me
Michael Schut
Michael Schut - 3 years ago
Sorry not copter. Cooter
Kolega Cooby
Kolega Cooby - 2 years ago
Michael Schut edit your old comment instead of making a new one.
Michael Schut
Michael Schut - 3 years ago
Copter is funny
michael Haroldson
michael Haroldson - 3 years ago
He has no friends
Bluu - 3 years ago
Couldn’t you just use the stock as a paddle
C4i3ooze - 3 years ago
A better intro would be if Matt was in the boat trying to paddle with a 50. cal bullet.
JeBl Bl King
JeBl Bl King - 3 years ago
but according to ur logic that is based out of that every action has a equal reaction, the muscle break should not do anything. because the ammount of energy released in one direction does not go down because of the muscle break, it just makes it less relative to u
Stanley Johnson II
Stanley Johnson II - 3 years ago
Okay that’s a cool idea!
500 subs no videos challenge pleeeaase help
500 subs no videos challenge pleeeaase help - 3 years ago
You could paddle with your hands.

But we live in america
Jonathan Garcie
Jonathan Garcie - 3 years ago
Shoot underwater rounds
Rob Treend
Rob Treend - 3 years ago
100 bucks for 5 feet
Mariano Akers
Mariano Akers - 3 years ago
U should get a 44-40
goodie bmx
goodie bmx - 3 years ago
well duh the gun will push it
Secret Person
Secret Person - 3 years ago
new generation of bill nye the science guy with guns
John Zetkulic
John Zetkulic - 3 years ago
I think he is married to his 50 bmg
Cheese - 3 years ago
Id rather using hands
Tristan Mizell
Tristan Mizell - 3 years ago
I love his videos there so cool
Javier Trevino
Javier Trevino - 3 years ago
Why not the .500 s&w
fortnite battle royale and other games
fortnite battle royale and other games - 3 years ago
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes - 3 years ago
I want to I want to see you blow a center block up with that gun that you just talk at you talk about with the kayak when you're shooting on them guns
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes - 3 years ago
hey don't mind that comment okay
James Allen
James Allen - 3 years ago
How'd you not try a shot gun???
Gabe Cartmill
Gabe Cartmill - 3 years ago
my favorite intro
Marc - 3 years ago
No physics expert but try putting the end of the gun right on the kayak so you don't absorb most of the force
Gabe Cartmill
Gabe Cartmill - 3 years ago
canik in the intro?
Tony Hughes
Tony Hughes - 3 years ago
Ha, love the gun paddle !. Coming from Liverpool UK I can only dream about the selection of guns you have and fire. Once visited Vegas and had the opportunity to fire a AK47, Smith and Wesson 50 cal and a 9mm berretta. Enquired re the Barret 50 cal but the range did not have one. Once owned a Colt King Cobra, .38 special/.357 Magnum that I used at a local gun club but after a short period of time all handguns were banned here in the UK, what a bummer !. Ah well, will keep watching the vid's (Demo Ranch) as I find some of your exploits very interesting & funny, keep it up, regards.
Garland Bryant
Garland Bryant - 3 years ago
I die a little bit inside every time I see you leave all that brass behind. Which the amount that you shoot, you should learn to reload.
rsv4revit - 3 years ago
Why no auto?
AAC VLOGZ - 3 years ago
mr homie
mr homie - 3 years ago
#mat try a bazooka
filip strojek
filip strojek - 3 years ago
Sick video can you check if you can pedal kayak usig frag granades pls ;-)
Arsa Mizan
Arsa Mizan - 3 years ago
do kayak duck hunting with gun
Mr Green
Mr Green - 3 years ago
Minigun would turn it into a speedboat
Calland Jackson
Calland Jackson - 3 years ago
Can you soak a bullet in gas and then shoot it I knew Matt
youngling slayer66
youngling slayer66 - 3 years ago
Im no gun expert but based on comments below does the 500mag kicks harder than the 50bmg?
SalientTier1 - 2 years ago
youngling slayer66 the 500magnum is like a 12.7x50, the .50bmg is a 12.7x99mm. The .50 bmg has a more recoil. But it’s semi auto, and weighs like 20lbs. If they weighed the same, let’s say in an AR platform around 5-8lbs, the .50bmg would kick more.
Brock Edwards
Brock Edwards - 2 years ago
The guns are both .50 cal but the 500 has less powder and kick because it is a pistol
Alec R
Alec R - 2 years ago
It might just feel like it because with the S&W 500 you're just holding a hunk of metal but the 50 has recoil dampening most likely and a stock so it probably absorbs more of the force.
Julian Morales
Julian Morales - 3 years ago
Next time use a rocket launcher man
GAME Group
GAME Group - 3 years ago
You should get at 243
Ashton - 3 years ago
Why because MURICA
aaah tex
aaah tex - 3 years ago
aaah tex
aaah tex - 3 years ago
Recommendation 4 da gun safe entry:
aaah tex
aaah tex - 3 years ago
k, recommendation here:
Body Slam an Unsuspecting BAD Nazi Guy, Take his Lugar & DRILL HIS BUTT WITH IT!
aaah tex
aaah tex - 3 years ago
Headed DOWN-STRAM = FINALLY w/da Big Boys!
aaah tex
aaah tex - 3 years ago
k, what caliber will jump up over da dam?
aaah tex
aaah tex - 3 years ago
1 of these days, U GOTTA SHOOT DA CAMERA = DEAD!
aaah tex
aaah tex - 3 years ago
Roll Over N & Backstroke 2 shore 4 those who Can!
aaah tex
aaah tex - 3 years ago
Nic Hall
Nic Hall - 3 years ago
Do a how many bottle caps it takes to stop a bullet
Jana Schmella
Jana Schmella - 3 years ago
Take the muzzle break off
Anime Tiddies
Anime Tiddies - 3 years ago
You should remove the muzzle break.
Andre Valdez
Andre Valdez - 3 years ago
Isn't the Luger used in the book of mice and men?
sodium sodium
sodium sodium - 3 years ago
This reminds me of the Simpsons
Robert McKinney
Robert McKinney - 3 years ago
Something tells me he is going to shoot at that truck with a tank some day...................
Bart Blom
Bart Blom - 3 years ago
Now i realise.... try without a muscle break
Turbo 1324
Turbo 1324 - 3 years ago
my jam!! lol
nick de ridder
nick de ridder - 3 years ago
what about a ar15
Patchez 483
Patchez 483 - 3 years ago
Do you have a 243
Agang Gasemotho
Agang Gasemotho - 3 years ago
I suscribed to your channels
James Roper
James Roper - 3 years ago
Matt you need to get a 20mm rifle. 20mm makes 50 BMG look small.
jon boy
jon boy - 2 years ago
James Roper completely impractical though
JCTowns32 - 3 years ago
This reminds me of the Simpsons preppy’s/ apocalypse planners episode where the lady preparer is using a gun to move an office chair
ArrowDynamic - 3 years ago
I swear if you swam in that pond you would find bullets after bullets after bullets
Deane Taylor
Deane Taylor - 3 years ago
"Real men play with 50 BMG" No no... rich people play with those
bigmac82 - 2 years ago
Fool said real men ain't broke man gtfoh I know folks who have nice houses and make a cool $3200 a month who can't buy a fucking $7000 gun....
Jimmy Grant
Jimmy Grant - 2 years ago
Deane Taylor the Barrett 50 bolt action is only $4k plus most snipers in the military carry the bolt action due to the weight of the semi.
Anonymousfoxy - 2 years ago
Yeah the gun its self we mean
Santo Abboud
Santo Abboud - 2 years ago
+Haxxelspaxxel Jagdschein
Tommy Ellis
Tommy Ellis - 2 years ago
jon doe AP 50 BMGs are black.
SalientTier1 - 2 years ago
Deane Taylor you can get a RN50 for like £500, shoot cheap 50bmg, like $3 a round, if you can find it cheap like I can
XXX XXX - 2 years ago
Shlingy ding dong Test to be fair it’s a very powerful round
angrydragonslayer - 2 years ago
sweden is mad when it comes to ammo prices

anything except .22 and 9mm is so expensive that both self-importing and loading is cheaper than buying locally

and then you look at .22 and 9mm..... 5000/$75 and 1000/$75 respectively. Sure, it might be bulk ammo but even bulk ammo elsewhere is twice (or more) as expensive
Luca - 2 years ago
Haxxelspaxxel mit einer Erwerbsberechtigung schon (Jagdschein)
Luca - 2 years ago
Haxxelspaxxel .308 Win. / hab gerade nochmal geschaut. Nicht 1.50$ sondern 1.20$ und von
Haxxelspaxxel - 2 years ago
Luca Kunde wo kriegst du bitte legal ne .308 her
Luca - 2 years ago
In Germany we pay like 1.50$ for a single .308
Haxxelspaxxel - 2 years ago
Haha true
jon doe
jon doe - 2 years ago
From where I live you can get one shell for 1.50 which is better then 4 cause I shoot mine all the time. I always for the green tips.
Victor - 2 years ago
Yea, I was thinking in kroner and writing dollars. 50DKK is like 8USD, which is still a bit away, but more realistic than 50 damn dollars
Shlingy ding dong Test
Shlingy ding dong Test - 2 years ago
+Jesus Christ no its like $4 which still isnt cheap jjst for one round
Victor - 2 years ago
I'm from Europe, so I don't really know, but isn't a single 50 BMG bullet like $50? I think I heard someone say that but I don't know how accurate that is.
Shemar Matthews
Shemar Matthews - 3 years ago
he could have just use the gun to paddle and use the bullets for killing stuffs
GetRekt Иванович
GetRekt Иванович - 3 years ago
Из России с любовью!
sam riggs
sam riggs - 3 years ago
Were you aiming to the side intentionally, to steer the kayak ?

Also, I think you missed a great one...the can cannon. With as much weight as each can / projectile would have, I'd think that would have some pretty good kick.
WertyMartin - 3 years ago
Is this what we call Newtons law?
Saltwater Legends
Saltwater Legends - 3 years ago
on dude perfect one of their marksman videos has ty padlind a boat with guns ask what guns he was using
choudhary ahmad
choudhary ahmad - 3 years ago
What is the name of gun use in 3rd and 4rh in this video plz plz plz plz.plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
Going into 50 cal was just nice'n short but then ZOOP
Ron B
Ron B - 3 years ago
Anything with the Luger is ok with me
Christopher Guthrie
Christopher Guthrie - 3 years ago
You have 3 BMGs, where.





Allan Folmersen
Allan Folmersen - 3 years ago
You need a rudder on that kayak.
Connor McMahon
Connor McMahon - 3 years ago
I wanted to see a shotgun
RATBASTARED63 - 3 years ago
you should’ve test a 12 gauge shotgun
Naomi Delemos
Naomi Delemos - 3 years ago
Wut is Yor sarongs gun
Young Carter
Young Carter - 3 years ago
Probably Would've been even better if the guns were lower to the boat. A lot of the energy is dispelled in your back.. But awesome video nonetheless.
Will Dryoel
Will Dryoel - 3 years ago
Ps you would win
Will Dryoel
Will Dryoel - 3 years ago
You need to do an airsoft war with fans
Pieter Visser
Pieter Visser - 3 years ago
Auto sniper should work
Casey Nunez
Casey Nunez - 3 years ago
My dad has the exact same 4570
Keegan Bartlett (STUDENT)
Keegan Bartlett (STUDENT) - 3 years ago
Shoot soda cans
billy rko
billy rko - 3 years ago
Demolition ranch and the backyard scientist collaboration would be awesome
Joseph Morgan
Joseph Morgan - 3 years ago
Pls be my dad
leroy McClelland
leroy McClelland - 3 years ago
Um if you had a rifle can't you just use it to paddle
Cameron Kellogg
Cameron Kellogg - 2 years ago
It would ruin the gun
The Bronco7
The Bronco7 - 2 years ago
He filmed it himself
jon boy
jon boy - 2 years ago
Less fun though
Cayden Thompson
Cayden Thompson - 2 years ago
leroy McClelland you would have a high risk of getting it all wet then rusted
CLARK SYNDIKAT - 3 years ago
someone get this man a 20mm
Jaskamal Singh
Jaskamal Singh - 3 years ago
He really should wear ear pretection
Big Jumbo
Big Jumbo - 3 years ago
If u had a Gatling gun it would be a speed boat. Lol
123456 1367
123456 1367 - 2 years ago
WhT about TWOOO
TheLonelyTaco - 2 years ago
Big Jumbo wtf is this
LastTrainToHome - 2 years ago
Hendrik Mocke
Hendrik Mocke - 2 years ago
RZYao Hahaha Lol
RZYao - 2 years ago
Someone forgot to switch accounts
Big Jumbo
Big Jumbo - 3 years ago
Brilliant comment
Phylotoffer - 2 years ago
Joseph Pena
Joseph Pena - 2 years ago
TheMobileGamer - 2 years ago
Mathieu Legault
Mathieu Legault - 2 years ago
Wyatt Schwertlech
Wyatt Schwertlech - 2 years ago
Chris Van der poel who Is watching in 2018
empzuplays - 2 years ago
Chris Van der poel im watching july 2018
Alan Brown
Alan Brown - 2 years ago
2018 bby
Wyatt Wisdom
Wyatt Wisdom - 2 years ago
Chris Van der poel how about 2
Hyrulean's Hero
Hyrulean's Hero - 2 years ago
Chris Van der poel 2018 june
lama king
lama king - 2 years ago
Chris Van der poel I am watching 2 years later
Landon Smith
Landon Smith - 2 years ago
I’m from 2 years away
P_GT3 - 2 years ago
TheForgedWarrior - 2 years ago
safehouse 79
safehouse 79 - 2 years ago
2018 boii
Hello Mr. ness
Hello Mr. ness - 2 years ago
Not me
Laura Zander
Laura Zander - 2 years ago
Chris Van der poel 2years later
Dan Fiscus
Dan Fiscus - 2 years ago
AnimeIsSin - 2 years ago
Die autist

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