Close Encounter of the Otter Kind, Otter in Kayak

Our 'Close Encounter of the Otter Kind' happened (and fortunately was documented) on Monterey Bay, California in October 2017. Nature is so incredible how it shows up and connects in our lives. Simply kayaking in Monterey Bay above the kelp forest and seeing sea otters was a peak experience in my life. Then - we had a Sea Otter jump in our kayak with us, an extreme surprise that would have been a 'tall tale' prior to this completely unanticipated experience. It was 'otterly' unimaginable!

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Our 'Close Encounter of the Otter Kind' happened (and fortunately was documented) on Monterey Bay, California in October 2017. Nature is so incredible how it shows up and connects in our lives. Simply kayaking in Monterey Bay above the kelp forest and seeing sea otters was a peak experience in my life. Then - we had a Sea Otter jump in our kayak with us, an extreme surprise that would have been a 'tall tale' prior to this completely unanticipated experience. It was 'otterly' unimaginable!

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ebond4 - 2 years ago
Why do otters (and sometimes seals) do this, does anyone know? I've seen quite a few videos showing similar scenarios, which makes me curious about this behaviour. In videos where the people are fishing, or where the animal is being chased by predators, it is fairly obvious why they would jump into a boat with humans. In cases like that, the animals behaviour is clearly driven by survival instincts for food and safety, regardless of whether or not they have fear of humans. This otter however, seems to have no fear of humans at all, and I'm guessing the same would apply to the others in ("family"? "pack"? lol). The only things I can think of to potentially explain the scenario in this video (and others like it) is that perhaps one or more of the other groups of people were irresponsible enough to have been feeding the otters, and this one though these people would do the same? Or maybe the otter simply wanted a break from swimming and a chance to absorb some sun? But, then again, otters even sleep in the idk if it would even need a "break"...? Lol. I guess I know what I'm doing for the next while.... as off to Google I go to fill my brain with otter info., lol.

It's more than a little unnerving that some marine mammals have completely lost their fear of us, as it could easily lead to them and/or the people involved getting seriously hurt. Even more so if the poor animal encounters a human whose intention is to hunt them. Like other people who posted comments on this video, I too give these people a lot of credit for resisting the urge to pet this otter, and also for them specifically pointing out the dangers of potential encounters with wild otters at the end of this video. Props! :)
Cigar Dave
Cigar Dave - 2 years ago
Very wise to add that notice at the end of the video. That had to be a great experience.
Mikala Baker
Mikala Baker - 2 years ago
If the Otter didn't want to leave I would consider myself so honored and hung out in my kayak with lil otter until it was ready to leave. For a wild creature to be so trusting is an honor in my book.
Mikala Baker
Mikala Baker - 2 years ago
I would be giddy with pure joy if this happened to me!!! Beautiful animal! Comedian Otter!!
1lightdweller - 2 years ago
"... is it legal..." You're in California... everything is illegal...
Buz's Variety
Buz's Variety - 2 years ago
Some animals/mammals instinctfully know who is okay to approach.
IMBwildrd - 2 years ago
I give that otter a 10 out of 10 for his mount onto the boat. Six tuck rolls then a smooth entry onto the kayak....perfect.
John Deidiker
John Deidiker - 2 years ago
What a cool happening. Better yet to get video evidence.
Michelle - 2 years ago
Otterly amazing!!

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2phalanges - 2 years ago
looks like a baby seal
VulpisFoxfire - 2 years ago
A close....enc-otter.
Rebecca  Lucas
Rebecca Lucas - 2 years ago
If he/she didn't want to go back into the water just yet, don't make him/her leave, take him/her on a kiyac cruise, it came to you, you didn't force it on board. I'd be honored if it were me as long as it wasn't a shark. People pay as much as $300 a person to swim with otters in some places.
Quiet Storm
Quiet Storm - 2 years ago
That was a great video. Thanks for posting. You two rock!
Dirty Trucker
Dirty Trucker - 2 years ago
Human: hey look, an otter...otter: people say I have a "revolveing" I say, WAZzzzz Uppppp my h uh man friends!!!
John Kohlman
John Kohlman - 2 years ago
Otter seems very content
WildlifeObsessed - 2 years ago
Heed their WARNING. Extremely sharp teeth and powerful jaws, capable of piercing right through your head or forearm.

No joke.
Anniefanny Charles
Anniefanny Charles - 2 years ago
Not afraid whatsoever.❤
Mike Gee
Mike Gee - 2 years ago
be careful! Otters are NOT cute! they can be aggressive little shits and carry rabies!!the otter that jumped on your kayak is way to familiar with humans as he/ she doesnt see you as a threat but a convenience( food or comfort )...
Ulle Bishope
Ulle Bishope - 2 years ago
Thank you!

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Roger Broström
Roger Broström - 2 years ago
Much unlike a beaver?
dwf tgg
dwf tgg - 2 years ago
Is this legal

Only in california
Flashahol - 2 years ago
Just like a dog: chasing his tail, licking his balls and shaking himself dry on you, then not wanting to get out of the car...
M Julian
M Julian - 2 years ago
Great video and very good warning at the end. I love animals but the bite of otters is very serious. Glad you were both okay. Thanks for posting.
no no
no no - 2 years ago
That's so cool
snipingshadow - 2 years ago
Only in “The land of the FREE (yeah right gag)” would anyone ever have to ask if that was legal. Serious injury? Over dramatic Bs.
Wendy Morrison
Wendy Morrison - 2 years ago
The spinning was the otter trying to groom a skin irritation. You were a peaceful and familiar sight and it felt safe enough there. Fabulous but frightening too, as weirdos could take advantage of this trust.
LOLO94 - 2 years ago
Will Roberts
Will Roberts - 2 years ago
giant rodents
John Sparta
John Sparta - 2 years ago
He had an itch on his balls!

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SPIRIT DOT - 2 years ago
He jump in because of the giant great white right underneath your little kayak
Oscar Maximo
Oscar Maximo - 2 years ago
Cool guy.
Darren Kastl
Darren Kastl - 2 years ago
He wants too be paid for petes sakes! Give him some fish dammit! Lol
TheDoug2103 - 2 years ago
they seem to have nothing but love.
Amy GÜRKAN - 2 years ago
he wants treats! aawww
Shri Shri Entertainment Guru JI delhi wale
Shri Shri Entertainment Guru JI delhi wale - 2 years ago
The ending warning made me sad
James Laidler
James Laidler - 2 years ago
You certainly handled it well, by not handling it. Though cute and cuddly, they are still wild animals, with teeth. Darn thing remind me of a cat I used to have. He would bite when being extracted from a lap.
Seth Winters
Seth Winters - 2 years ago
Awwww such a little cutie. If only it was legal to have a pet otter, a lot of people might get one.
SFV Native
SFV Native - 2 years ago
See Otter Bingo on U-Tube. He's a river otter though. Sea otters are too wild to be pets.
4 fakiyuu
4 fakiyuu - 2 years ago
clever animals
Awareness with Nature, LLC
Awareness with Nature, LLC - 2 years ago
Happy World Otter Day - celebrating all of the otters in this world!!!
Daniel Hoffmann
Daniel Hoffmann - 2 years ago
Maybe other people kayaking there fed the otters. Therefore the otters lost fear of humans and behave this way. It must have been a great experience and I like otters very much. But as you mentioned otters can also be dangerous for humans. They might not be able to kill you but can harm you seriously. They look so cute but we should remember that they are very smart and strong predators. I think you did it right by staying calm and ,most important, not trying to pet him (or her).
Andrew k Adams
Andrew k Adams - 2 years ago
Shark snack...
Hanne Catton
Hanne Catton - 2 years ago
Well done for adding the ´caveat´ at the end . Very cute post but it is a wild animal .
green 21
green 21 - 2 years ago
What kind of legal she is talking about
John Doe
John Doe - 2 years ago
The Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 and the Endangered Species Act of 1973.
V Lightning
V Lightning - 2 years ago
That was awesome! What a great encounter!
-OK Internet-
-OK Internet- - 2 years ago
River On A Nightmare Band. 1977
Robin Nilsson
Robin Nilsson - 2 years ago
Lucky you!! Handy dry spot to do some vital grooming, didn't want to be interrupted though ;)
C J - 2 years ago
It is a time filled with large damn dams.
Otters, fighting man made inertia and water control, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire,..

I mean the human navy,..
Fruitarian - 2 years ago
You shouldve take them home
Connie Levenhagen Niemi
Connie Levenhagen Niemi - 2 years ago
It is a law in California that you must stay away from sea otters. The moment you see one pop up near you, paddle away. If the otter gets close enough to get in to your kayak, you use your paddle to push it away. These are wild animals not cute, cuddley pets. And if this couple rented that kayak, they were supposed to watch a video instructing them how to stay away from wildlife. Totally negligent people.
snipingshadow - 2 years ago
Only morons care about stupid laws. All pets were wild animals at one time. Lots of people own cats that were only domesticated after birth with nothing but food and catching them. Morons are scared of everything these days.
Gary York
Gary York - 2 years ago
you can also shoot up in public but go to jail for using a straw.
Rick Cruz
Rick Cruz - 2 years ago
Thank you ! I had a similar comment and someone deleted it

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ApplePie 2017
ApplePie 2017 - 2 years ago
They seem very affectionatte and playful.
Doggone Dean
Doggone Dean - 2 years ago
Very cute, very funny and very dangerous. Enjoyable video although I think the otter had a problem with its' private parts.
A Tem
A Tem - 2 years ago
may the force be with you
Empress of Dyna Purple
Empress of Dyna Purple - 2 years ago
otter dad to otter mum: babe, today I tried uber boat. service has to be improved. they don’t accept pebbles yet as paying method, but they offer free back warming during grooming. hmmmm! I will catch you one for mothers day, my love...
Doc T
Doc T - 2 years ago
You know... I think if I swam up to some stranger's boat, jumped in, placed myself on their lab and started licking myself.... I think they'd give me a very different type of reception...
Bigsid320 - 2 years ago
What a cute little guy.
Ross Lambert
Ross Lambert - 2 years ago
Should ask her what its like having a beaver between hers.......just sayin.....
Paul Langford
Paul Langford - 2 years ago
Don't you mean "Close Encounters of the Furred Kind?"
All Will Be Well
All Will Be Well - 2 years ago
My heart melted. Until I read the warning at the end!!!
freedom freedom
freedom freedom - 2 years ago
Nice video.I wish to rescue a baby otter they are such a beautiful
Paul Pflaum
Paul Pflaum - 2 years ago
He - she - it was re-oiling its fur for "water-proofing" from glands provided to do that. The boat was just a good spot to do it from..................
Anna K
Anna K - 2 years ago
Cute! I would kidnap him :)
Jessica Jarczyk
Jessica Jarczyk - 2 years ago
I don't know if anyone mentioned it, but sea otters are constantly grooming (so whoever said sea otters are like cats is more correct than they know lol). Sea otters don't have layers of fat like seals or whales and they rely on a layer of air trapped in their fur to help insulate them from the cold water. In order to maintain that layer of air, they have to groom and "fluff" their fur regularly throughout the day. The otter probably saw your boat as an opportunity to put some real effort into a grooming and fluffing session.
Bernie Poncik
Bernie Poncik - 2 years ago
That's exactly what I was thinking! Thank you for being so eloquent.
Todd Smith
Todd Smith - 2 years ago
cute till a killerwhale flips your Kayak for a snack
NeoRipshaft - 2 years ago
lol that had to be one amazing experience - I feel for the poor otter though, little guy or gal wanted to chill but humans have a weird need to go places and do other stuff =p
nino L
nino L - 2 years ago
Thats the big fat one i see whenever i go there.
Garland5 - 2 years ago
Wow!!!!! That's amazing.
Jrytsray jerry
Jrytsray jerry - 2 years ago
Your should be arrested ;-) hahhahahhahah
Angela Phipps
Angela Phipps - 2 years ago
What a sweet sea otter
Alex Black
Alex Black - 2 years ago
Jim Brady
Jim Brady - 2 years ago
That's pretty freakin cool.
rreidnauer - 2 years ago
Is that an otter between your legs, or are you just happy to see me?
jeff wackenthal
jeff wackenthal - 2 years ago
Good warning thks!
Leebruce - 2 years ago
I don't think animals would attack human for no reasons, sea otter is more like the sea dog, they are just curious and friendly specie. Keep it in mind, always follow the nature law. They might be cute but you still don't wanna mess with them.
Vert Xavier
Vert Xavier - 2 years ago
The title is so cute!!!
Vadim Rokhlenko
Vadim Rokhlenko - 2 years ago
So we reach the stage when we ask the question "is this legal"???? Who broke the law? The freaking otter does whatever it wants - in this case it is a trespassing, you already make an inhumane effort to avoid touching it which you obviously want to do because it is simply cool and that is what comes to mind - a potential illegality? What a sad situation... And I love otters, I dove with them in the Chilivack lake in Canada - what an unforgettable experience that was.
John Doe
John Doe - 2 years ago
The Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 and the Endangered Species Act of 1973. They didn't break the law because the otter initiated the contact, they did not feed it, and they did not harass it. However, she was right to question the legality of the contact because steep fines and even prison time can be levied for violations of those acts.

The sad situation is the history of otters and other sea mammals being hunted to near-extinction, thus necessitating a law be passed to protect them. Now we live with the consequence of that history and the more recent desire to protect these endangered species; namely, being circumspect when coming into contact with them.
MrAbletospeak - 2 years ago
A odder?
Jedi Master Kevin
Jedi Master Kevin - 2 years ago
if Seals and Sea Lions are the dogs of the sea, then otters are the cats of the sea
Mama Llama
Mama Llama - 2 years ago
Jedi Master Kevin , no.
Ferretocious - 2 years ago
Jedi Master Kevin No they're the FERRETS of the sea. Both are mysteries and extremely playful and intelligent.
james pisano
james pisano - 2 years ago
What an amazing and memorable experience.
bear1568 - 2 years ago
That's about as good as it gets in this life.
Frank - 2 years ago
Cool !!!!!!
Melissa Ivy
Melissa Ivy - 2 years ago
Wow this is just amazingly awesome!!!! I'm glad no one got bit seriously!!!!
Kawy Thowy
Kawy Thowy - 2 years ago
Pretty darn cool.
Lazurkri - 2 years ago
otter greeting humans... mind if I catch a breather?
Zoes Dada
Zoes Dada - 2 years ago
He has no fear of them at all. Are they all like that? Why's she asking if this is legal? I hope she's joking. Is California or Oregon or Washington state so tyrannical you can't go near a damn otter without worrying about being arrested?
Felicity Ray Self
Felicity Ray Self - 2 years ago
YES! They are THAT tyrannical.
SA S - 2 years ago
A Giant Cub 8 it Yeah, well calling it "tyranny" in reference to governmental attitudes is appropriate.

The reasoning behind the laws, is the well being of the animals. The ENFORCEMENT of those laws are often about the government being able to FORCE the citizens into following the dictates of the government.

At that point it's not about right and wrong treatment of the animals. Its about what the government SAYS is the right or wrong treatment of the animals. It's about the government's ability to FORCE people to do what they say. That's where the government's real concern lays - making people do what they say.

Usually the laws and what the government says is right, actually IS right. Regardless of whether the laws are right or wrong, the government's main concern is ENFORCEMENT of the laws. (That's where the tyranny comes in).
A Giant Cub 8 it
A Giant Cub 8 it - 2 years ago
Dont think tyrannical is the right word, given how they were nearly hunted to extinction because of their thick fur coats.
CoastiePirate - 2 years ago
Marine Mammal protection act. Although clearly this encounter was of the Otter's making. The act provides rules concerning harassment, feeding, etc... And distances you can approach large mammals. Such as 500yds for North Atlantic Right Whales.
brianorca - 2 years ago
There are federal rules about feeding or harassing marine mammals, though clearly that was not the case here. But intentionally doing something to attract them into your boat would be.
grytlappar - 2 years ago
Like a boss.
caveman Versace
caveman Versace - 2 years ago
Why do Americans not know to shut it? You'd be enjoying a nice sunrise or sunset and then there's some guttural shriek from the bellows of an American woman. Or going whale watching only to have some loud bitch narrate it all the way through.
ヘイローキャラ - 2 years ago
caveman Versace Your name says it all. You're a caveman, a Neanderthal. I'm done trying to argue with a brick wall hypocrite who can't see how he's worse than the people he's trying to offend. Get off the internet, go back to your "life" if that's what you want to call it, and stop acting like some kind of genius. I know you're not, you know you're not, everyone else knows you're not. Get back to throwing more shrimps on the barbie you hypocritical bogan piece of trash. I hope more of your vacations are ruined. Maybe if people keep being jerks to you, you'll realize that being jerks to them won't do anything but make it worse. I started off trying to be relatively calm and nice, but you just don't understand when yo shut up, swallow your pride, and realize exactly how much of a hypocrite you are. Good day.
caveman Versace
caveman Versace - 2 years ago
Nice. Its called shit stirring and that's what the internet is for. Also I was actually asking a genuine question. You see I have been to the states and the people were nothing like the tourists I experienced. Its your overly emotional triggered ass that got all bent out of shape. I like that I was able to get such an emotional response from you. Shows just what level of mental maturity you are at. Yes, I can generalise because I was referring to my overall experiences and not just one circumstance. The fact you can't understand this shows you can't read. I mean you are taking this shit literally so that shows you don't understand context or how to communicate properly. Clearly if you are 20 you aren't prepubescent. Your personality is. Now that I had to explain that to you do I also need to explain how life works as well? Or are you too busy study sociology or some other nonsense major like lesbian dance theory? Why should you deserve my manners? What have you done to earn my respect? Respect is earned not given moron. When you lot learn that then you might be taken seriously instead of looked at as immature emotionally stunted children. Just look at the way your acting to a simple comment. You even tried to accuse me of something I don't even understand the point of. Why would I like my own comments? What is even the point of liking a comment online? What does it do? NOTHING. No different to social media. When Facebook started up I knew I would never join that site and you can see why. So you are studying. Clearly life experience is what you need.

I know about your educational system quite well. I tried it out back in 2004. It set me back 6 months because it wasn't on par with my University at the time. Not to mention the average student was about as intelligent as a door knob. You know a country is fucked when its tradesmen are more intelligent than the students. I had a conversation about the gulag archipelago with a Ukrainian electrician that was more intellectual than any of the professors. Given the fact that the electrician knew what the fuck they were talking about.

Also dude or whatever you lot call yourselves nowadays, exactly what idiot thinks that a comment referring to TOURISTS and not the population is a reference to the population? Are you really this thick?
ヘイローキャラ - 2 years ago
William Chamberlain Thanks, I'll try and figure out a better word to use.
ヘイローキャラ - 2 years ago
caveman Versace One: I'm a guy. Don't particularly care that you thought otherwise, but I guess it's online so it can be hard to tell.

Two: If you didn't care, wouldn't you just ignore what I'm saying anyway?

Three: If you have a life, get back to it rather than being a jerk on the internet for no apparent reason.

Four: Some people's lives suck, so the internet is where they go to get away from all the stress. That's why I'm here, and you're ruining that by being an offensive, prejudiced jerk for no apparent reason other than because you can.

Five: You didn't say all, no, you just said "Americans" which implies all.

Six: Prepubescent means before puberty. By definition, it's incorrect. I've probably experienced more of the world in the last 5 years than you have in your entire life. The darker side of it, at least.

Seven: That's not politely asking, that's threatening. I'd say you're one of the worst people I've ever had the displeasure of interacting with, but that'd be so far from the truth that it's not even funny.

Eight: I was using a hypothetical example. Imagine you lived in a big city, or somewhere far away from the coast, or whatever, and had never seen a whale except in pictures and videos and TV. Are you telling me that finally seeing one in person for the first time wouldn't be an amazing experience?

Nine: Objectively untrue, if you had manners you wouldn't be on here talking the way you do. Sit back and breathe in your hypocrisy, you ignorant, xenophobic, selfish brat.

Ten: I wasn't there, no, I never claimed to be.

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Twelve: The education system here is garbage, yes, because it promotes doing as little work as possible to get by, and those who are actually intelligent get penalized for it.

Thirteen: I don't take sociology, I take software development. I'm not sure if you're aware, but there's a huge difference there.

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William Chamberlain
William Chamberlain - 2 years ago
ヘイローキャラ racism depends on a visible ethnicity, I think. Chauvinism would cover a person thinking that their nation was better than all others: might need a modifier to specify nation-specific chauvinism rather than e.g. male chauvinism, female chauvinism, etc, but I don't know what that would be. Not sure what the term is for a prejudice against one particular nation.
caveman Versace
caveman Versace - 2 years ago
Oh dear god girlie I don't give a shit about you or your position. Quit saying shit about comments. I type comments that's it. You see unlike you lot that lives online I have a life I enjoy outside of this bullshit world. I don't need vapid ego stroking of approval from some random cunt on the other side of the planet. If you do then you must be one truly insecure person. Another idiotic assertion you make is that I said all, no I didn't so stop putting words in my mouth. Prepubescent was the accurate term because you are only 20 years old and have yet to actually experience life. No other person was talking, at one point we told the guy to take his wife in or we'd throw them both overboard. I see whales all the time, I live in Australia. They're a common sight. What I don't like is travelling all the way to Argentina and having some yank bitch shouting and ruining my $7000 vacations prime moments. You also assume we never use manners, bitch EVERY other countries people have manners except the Americans and Chinese. So once again you are talking out of your arse. Also, you weren't there. So nice, more assumptions. I love how you are too stupid to acknowledge I never said all Americans. Must be that shitty educational system the left pushes about feelings. Go back to your bullshit sociology classes, you are literally proving you are the typical dumb cunt American stereotype.
ヘイローキャラ - 2 years ago
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And lastly: It's not our fault tourists are inherently outgoing. That's sort of what makes them tourists. But I also highly doubt that every tourist is as much of a jerk as you say. Please stop generalizing- If you say these kinds of things to people's faces, it's no wonder they're so rude to you.

A lot of the time when someone is out on vacation or whatever, they're with friends. Of course they'd want to talk with their friends about it. Alternatively, a lot of the people who go on vacations like that are likely from cities, where they don't get to see a lot of nature. They may very well be in shock and awe of what they see, so they feel the need to say something. Are you telling me that if you'd never seen a whale in your life, you wouldn't be amazed by seeing one?

Please try to understand rather than just assuming they're doing it to be jerks. They probably don't even realize it bothers anyone. The next time it happens, politely ask them if they can be a little quieter, you'd be surprised by how many will likely listen.
caveman Versace
caveman Versace - 2 years ago
Yeah, its not the swearing. No that's prejudice. I'm sure it'd piss you off to have some Yank bitch constantly chatting and shouting while you are trying to enjoy the serenity and beauty of whale watching. Also, NONE of what I've said means I was talking about all Americans. I was talking in a general context yes. The only non-annoying ones are actually IN America. You lot export your cunts for some reason. Also, please learn what Xenophobia is. You are not a muslim, and my comment has nothing to do with cults. Also, I don't know what liking my own comments does so just stop it with the immature prepubescent ramblings ok? What is it with you lot and your love for muslims? Muslims hate gays and women. Why the fuck would you advocate for such a barbaric cult? Also, what the fuck has my original comment got to do with them?
ヘイローキャラ - 2 years ago
caveman Versace I find it funny that an Aussie is complaining about Americans swearing, now that's hypocrisy. What's the equivalent of racism for nationalities? Is it still just racism? Please don't lump all Americans into one category, not all of us are terrible huamn beings. Just enjoy the otters and stop acting like a xenophobic child. And stop liking your own comments to make it seem like people agree with you. They don't. And if they do, they're just as xenophobic and hypocritical as you are.
caveman Versace
caveman Versace - 2 years ago
Here in Australia the UK tourists are fine. Its the Americans I've found in my travels that disrupt things.
William Chamberlain
William Chamberlain - 2 years ago
caveman Versace authoritarian culture / heavy dependence on social norms / heavy dependence on external validation. They do occur in every culture, it's just that the American ones go on the most widespread holidays: the UK ones tend to congregate more densely at relatively few restorts, for example.
caveman Versace
caveman Versace - 2 years ago
" I guess they don’t teach “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all” elsewhere in the world?"

Anyone else and I'd take that advice but since its a yank its redundant and hypocritical. Americans swear and carry on. This makes most other tourists nervous and cancel bookings. How about you grow up and accept someone calling your fellow countryman out ok sweetie?
MacyLouWho - 2 years ago
caveman Versace then go find some non American videos to watch you old grouch, and shut the hell up yourself because you’re ruining this for everyone else. I guess they don’t teach “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all” elsewhere in the world?
CA Catr
CA Catr - 2 years ago
Interesting otter scene. Wise words of advice.
Jenny Lee
Jenny Lee - 2 years ago
Do you have an otter between your legs or are you just happy to see me?
Laura Matthews
Laura Matthews - 2 years ago
She was right there he is in the boat
littlefluffies Cloud
littlefluffies Cloud - 2 years ago
Looks like he had a problem near his tail ☹️
A Giant Cub 8 it
A Giant Cub 8 it - 2 years ago
They fluff their coats with air to keep warm..
much games
much games - 2 years ago
littlefluffies Cloud no he had an itch near his butt. He was rolling in the water to try and scratch it so he jumped on the kayak so he could scratch it easier.
Gabe Kis
Gabe Kis - 2 years ago
That was stupid, you should have jumped into the water and surrender you kayak to the otter.
Ninth - 2 years ago
Stan Lee is everywhere these days.
Kelly Gervais
Kelly Gervais - 2 years ago
Ninth lol, they put him in every movie..
scott moore
scott moore - 2 years ago
It’s like a dog chasing his tail!
purrrrson - 2 years ago
What an absolutely incredible and unforgettable experience. How lucky, for you two. Thanks for sharing!!
King C
King C - 2 years ago
Love the title. Hahahahaha.
Sean Hall
Sean Hall - 2 years ago
He jumped aboard to get that itch and was tierd of spinning in the water and making himself dizzy.
moebees - 2 years ago
Good catch. It was not grooming behavior except to the extent that you can call trying to remove what was bothering the otter, grooming. But definitely not normal grooming behavior. But of course the people in the kayak were completely clueless. The tumbling behavior when they first saw the animal should have been a clue something was wrong. But when the otter climbs in the kayak and bites continually at the same spot near it's tail you know something is after him or her. The otter didn't get in because it likes them. Get a brain woman.
A Giant Cub 8 it
A Giant Cub 8 it - 2 years ago
Nothing was bothering him, they groom to keep warm. Add air to their dense coats..
Mel Black
Mel Black - 2 years ago
Agreed, something was bothering him.
Daniel Mckay
Daniel Mckay - 2 years ago
Sean Hall I think your right he had something biting him or something going on
Edith Has a Risen King
Edith Has a Risen King - 2 years ago
Kewlio wonderful but scary.
ex tant
ex tant - 2 years ago
Is it my imagination or did the otter try to have a nap in the man's lap?
Rick Cruz
Rick Cruz - 2 years ago
My cat does it all the time and he weights 16+lbs he used to jump from on top of my book case 5 1/2 ft above and down to my lap or my belly and knock the wind out of me (while I would be asleep)(WHILE I WOULD BE ASLLLLEEEEEEP)so I got rid of the book case..........
I would have just taken a nap with the sea otter sitting there! What did these two expect to happen that's where they live and they parked their kayak right in the middle of their playground

at least the guy could have had a memorable scar but from an otter it wouldn't be a Macho scar to brag about!-_-
Robbin Staup
Robbin Staup - 2 years ago
ex tant Thats what it look like to me. I would of been scared .
Eduardo Monteiro
Eduardo Monteiro - 2 years ago
Huahuahua! Excellent title!

100. comment for Close Encounter of the Otter Kind, Otter in Kayak

eerohughes - 2 years ago
Too cute ;)
Andrew Skeith
Andrew Skeith - 2 years ago
Always pack kevlar gloves when you go kayaking in otter infested waters. You never know when you might pick up unexpected passengers!
Meister Kaos
Meister Kaos - 2 years ago
1. People are deliberately sticking their fingers into otter's mouths and hoping for the best.
2. Evidently, full time jobs are meaningless, and I have been living a lie for the past 10 years.
3. Mansplaining, like white privilege, can be used for both good and evil.

You heard it all here folks! Coming up next, does wearing gloves while kayaking with otters make you a fascist? The full story at 10.
Andrew Skeith
Andrew Skeith - 2 years ago
Wait, I've got it. Instead of buying gloves, just recite uncletigger's entire mansplanation to the otter, and it will get bored and just swim away.
Meister Kaos
Meister Kaos - 2 years ago
What if I buy a pair of metal gauntlets from an antique shop, and if an Otter tries to steal them, I just punch them in the face?
Andrew Skeith
Andrew Skeith - 2 years ago
most people with sense: I'm wearing my gloves, because protecting my hands from cuts and scrapes is just good sense.

Otter: Hmmmm, this does not look/smell/taste like food, so I better not bite down on it. It could be dangerous.

uncletigger: Gloves won't protect my hands from an otter biting down on my finger, so I'm not wearing gloves.

Otter: Hmmm, this [finger] sure looks/smells/tastes like food. Time to chow down.

Welp, folks. I tried give a good word of advice, but I guess some folks would rather attack it with their mansplanations. To each their own, right?
Meister Kaos
Meister Kaos - 2 years ago
I mean, you should always wear gloves while kayaking, regardless of otters.
uncletigger - 2 years ago
Otters are stylish, urbane creatures, if they are anything ; certainly wouldn't bite diamond gloves. Steal them? almost certainly.
Anna K
Anna K - 2 years ago
Even my diamond gloves that I bought in my imagination?.... :)
uncletigger - 2 years ago
What do you even mean? . . . oh wait, you are meaningless as a full time job, I should have seen that straight off.
Andrew Skeith
Andrew Skeith - 2 years ago
Here we have the mansplainer, in its natural habitat.
Meister Kaos
Meister Kaos - 2 years ago
Ok, calm down there nerd
uncletigger - 2 years ago
Well, they might not cut right though, but before you set out, put one on your hand and stick your finger into just the tip of the jaws of a pair of needle nosed pliers. Then, after you find out you have been able to easily crush and destroy the meat of your finger as if the glove were not even there, think what will happen if a ten kilo animal (with jaws capable of of effortlessly crushing shell ) hangs onto your finger and spins around like we just saw it do in the video.

Do you think you will just sit there, and say "Oh, it is just slipping off my magic gloves" or do you think you will be screaming in shock as it crushes through to the bone then wrenches the meat AND the glove off you?.
Meister Kaos
Meister Kaos - 2 years ago
Even my chainmail gloves that I bought for shark diving?
uncletigger - 2 years ago
It would bite straight through any gloves you were able to buy.
Roy Smith
Roy Smith - 2 years ago
Amazing video. I work at a video licensing agency called WooGlobe and I would like to contact you about this clip. Can you send me a quick email at - sell ( .at. ) wooglobe ( .dot. )com so I can explain what we do? Thank you
Dave Gardiner
Dave Gardiner - 2 years ago
Wow! Like a bird in the hand, you got an otter in the kayak. Awesome.
Carl Napp
Carl Napp - 3 years ago
A nice video, but that loud voice...
Brittany Becker
Brittany Becker - 3 years ago
"Hoomin, I haz domeztic naow, gimme fud plzkthnkz!"
highonimmi - 2 years ago
furless onez, me iz otterz. me pik dis flooterz fuhr nahps ahnd gruminks. U noh duh nuthinks sohz me canz beh heerz.
Sahaj Durnin
Sahaj Durnin - 3 years ago
Wow, that was amazing Mindy! That otter must have been attracted to your glowing aura's. :-) What a wonderful experience.
Harmony Worx
Harmony Worx - 3 years ago
WoWsERs! What an amazing experience! How KEWL :) ...glad you guys didn't get hurt and even more happy you caught it on tape to share. Thank you!

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