Emotion Kayaks Sit On Top vs Sit Inside

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Bluebell River
Bluebell River - 4 years ago
If you want to use a sit-in and/or improve your skills, join a club for a year. Sit-in's are the best option generally. They are v dry if you know what to do.
Rick D
Rick D - 4 years ago
Thanks. Good info as I look for my 1st kayak to carry in a motor home.
Fredrickson - 5 years ago
I'd prefer sit inside but I'd be scared incase I capsize.
HumbleCarMods - 5 years ago
Do sit on top kayaks still move pretty good? I like all the other aspects of the sit on top kayaks, but I still would at least like to go a little fast.
Gary, Va
Gary, Va - 5 years ago
If you spill out of a SIK, you do not have to drag it to shore. You should have taken a course in survival prior to venturing out. Although quite a bit more difficult that getting back in a SOT, if can be done in about a minute.
AleaderWaterShoes - 5 years ago
very interesting! I always wondered why it turned into the wind... very cool, thanks!
Steven Eischen
Steven Eischen - 6 years ago
This answered exactly the question I had. Recently stationed in Hawai'i. Sit on top is definitely what I want! Thanks!
Merick Turner
Merick Turner - 6 years ago
are sit on kayaks good and safe for like recreational and Rapids kayaking??
Minh Ly
Minh Ly - 5 years ago
Lifetime Products
Lifetime Products
Lifetime Products - 6 years ago
Hi Merick,
These kayaks are great for recreational use as for rapids they aren't made for that.
Cole McDaniel
Cole McDaniel - 6 years ago
This is stupid it's like 50 dollar kyack a from Walmart

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Rodney - 6 years ago
Thank you answered all of my questions I had. Excellent video.
Margie Arens
Margie Arens - 6 years ago
Thank you. I've been looking for the basic differences for these two types, and you definitely helped with that.
Faith The Golden
Faith The Golden - 7 years ago
We LOVE the Emotion Wasatch Canoe!! https://youtu.be/vcZJz-CXNxs
Keith James Lapere
Keith James Lapere - 7 years ago
wrong,you do not have to bring a sink back to shore to drain it.Before you give this information out i suggest you take a self rescue course they will show you how to empty it of water on the water.Explain this ding bat if your 5 to 6 miles out from shore with the wind going against you,you going to tell me you're going to drag that back full of water to empty it on shore??!! if it is cold you will die of hypothermia before that will ever happen. 
tranquility - 4 years ago
Keith James Lapere that's why you wear a snug spray skirt DINGBAT. Rude ass mysogynist.
VerdugoAdventures - 7 years ago
great video, very helpful info 
FightNGear Holsters
FightNGear Holsters - 8 years ago
Thanks.  As a complete novice, you answered one critical question.  I knew which one was driest, but it never occurred to me which one would be coldest on an early spring float.  Since I also want to fish summer evenings I am going to have to think long and hard about getting two completely different kayaks.  I don't want to be hot in July or cold in March.  This info probably seems so basic to an experienced user, but is all new to a guy who have never floated in a kayak or canoe. 
Atreiu79 - 9 years ago
Great kayak break-down.

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