Great White Shark encounter whilst Kayak Fishing, Urunga, NSW, Australia

Had an awesome encounter with a very large Great White Shark in the kayak this morning. The footage kicks in after it had circled me once already and I decided to move away...unfortunately she decided to give chase, she was very curious. Such an awesome experience, I've caught small Sharks in the past, had juvenile Bull Sharks cruise past the yak in local estuaries...but nothing like this Beast. The last part of the footage was taken by Dave Barwise after I moved over near him, he caught some awesome footage of the Shark checking me out. Please excuse the language, panicked breathing and shaky footage...but I'm sure considering what happend you can understand my excitement and fear. Side note - please no stupid comments about killing sharks, I don't condone or agree to the culling of any Sharks. These type of Apex Predators are to be admired and respected, its their backyard...I'm only visting. Enjoy, KG 👍🦈 PS - the fishing was this was an exciting way to cap off the morning.

Great White Shark encounter whilst Kayak Fishing, Urunga, NSW, Australia sentiment_very_dissatisfied 147

Kayak 5 years ago 225,778 views

Had an awesome encounter with a very large Great White Shark in the kayak this morning. The footage kicks in after it had circled me once already and I decided to move away...unfortunately she decided to give chase, she was very curious. Such an awesome experience, I've caught small Sharks in the past, had juvenile Bull Sharks cruise past the yak in local estuaries...but nothing like this Beast. The last part of the footage was taken by Dave Barwise after I moved over near him, he caught some awesome footage of the Shark checking me out. Please excuse the language, panicked breathing and shaky footage...but I'm sure considering what happend you can understand my excitement and fear. Side note - please no stupid comments about killing sharks, I don't condone or agree to the culling of any Sharks. These type of Apex Predators are to be admired and respected, its their backyard...I'm only visting. Enjoy, KG 👍🦈 PS - the fishing was this was an exciting way to cap off the morning.

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Most popular comments
for Great White Shark encounter whilst Kayak Fishing, Urunga, NSW, Australia

Lawrence L.
Lawrence L. - 5 years ago
A shark is just basically a fish variety. People get so scared and are so amazed by them.
I look at and analyze and observe all animals and pets objectively, neutrally. No one is better or higher or lower then another.
vash347 - 5 years ago
You're alright buddy, if you start to hear a cello, then freak the hell out!
neversaw - 5 years ago
She’s just having a looksie saying hi, she’s not looking for noms
witch kid
witch kid - 5 years ago
That is so fucking cool. If I saw that fin turn and follow me, my heart would drop to my ass. I would be so scared that he would get a little too close and bump the kayak. Just one bump can knock you into the water, and then your splashing might intrigue him a little more. He's just a curious dude, but I would still be terrified of a bump or 'test bite.' So glad you followed him and took some video underwater, that is incredible.
GRIM MCCASTON - 5 years ago
And yet your the dick not headed toward the shore still..
Idk maybe get out his yard
suky uppal
suky uppal - 5 years ago
Hes just waiting there. Thats creepy af
Darth Teabagger
Darth Teabagger - 5 years ago
Its only a baby shark you wuss
Paul Lanfear
Paul Lanfear - 5 years ago
What a beautiful sea creature (from the safety of my computer). Nice images - well done capturing them! I'm sure he was just curious, but anyone typing comments here would feel awe/fear i'm sure.
Cresh Bandage
Cresh Bandage - 5 years ago
Shark poop 5:14

10. comment for Great White Shark encounter whilst Kayak Fishing, Urunga, NSW, Australia

IrishLass 77
IrishLass 77 - 5 years ago
Shark wanna eat fat mate that can’t breathe
SISTIC1 - 5 years ago
Mad fuckers to be out at sea so far on those tiny things!
kayok07 - 5 years ago
Ah yes light surface splashing with a paddle draw him in more when you do a slap it needs to be loud and when he's close not little taps
Deshen Hwang
Deshen Hwang - 5 years ago
It's a big one. Watch out, mate.
Scott Junner
Scott Junner - 5 years ago
I can empathize with the panic. I think you handled that fairly well by grouping up. The water slapping perhaps not your greatest moment. One observation I have is that the shark looks like it's moving off once your friend is pursuing it for footage. Which is consistent with shark behavior I have seen both personally and in other footage across a number of (admittedly smaller)species. Is that how it actually happened is this just the end of the footage you are showing us?
Stan Watt
Stan Watt - 5 years ago
I can't begin to understand kayak fishing in waters that have fish that are bigger than the kayaks and 100% more teeth.
Jerry Cotton
Jerry Cotton - 5 years ago
Röh röh röh u fucking pig learn to breath properly.
Christopher Catalano
Christopher Catalano - 5 years ago
This is what i like to call millienial fishing.
david henry
david henry - 5 years ago
Needs the music from jaws
Henry Phillips
Henry Phillips - 5 years ago
What were you guys even thinking!? Is this considered "normal" in Australia? You just go into the ocean with a little kayak thing fishing? That is a silly idea all along. And then you get back on dry land and maybe get bit by a snake or spider or stand on an something that poisons you in some way. Basically: it sucks to be you Australia. I wouldn't trade sun all year long for that. No way! Give me cold and rain. Just no ridiculous animals that can kill you in an instant Or poison you so you die slowly. I heard about how bad your customs is aswell. So bad they made programme out of it. Don't worry Australia. I plan to never visit! You can keep your sunshine I don't even want it.

20. comment for Great White Shark encounter whilst Kayak Fishing, Urunga, NSW, Australia

ducebigalow - 5 years ago
I would have shat my pants
L. Whalen
L. Whalen - 5 years ago
This is beautiful. I'm happy everything worked out the way it did. Hopefully you can provide some more videos like this one!
Super Lazy
Super Lazy - 5 years ago
Dunno about you.... But my lil footsies would have been going ALOT faster on those pedals.....
Coen van den Merkenhof
Coen van den Merkenhof - 5 years ago
Man Ausies have the most annoying accent... And why first running and then going after the shark?
Clint Padman
Clint Padman - 5 years ago
Lacroix en fonte
Lacroix en fonte - 5 years ago
Nice one dude... it was a young female
FacheChanteDeux - 5 years ago
Why do people fish in kayaks? Especially in shark infested waters...just sayin!
M Busch
M Busch - 5 years ago
I’d like to return this kayak.
What’s wrong with it?
I shat in it.
Jolley Gaming
Jolley Gaming - 5 years ago
It sucks that the best thing to do in a situation like this is anything but get away
Twisted Frannie
Twisted Frannie - 5 years ago
He has probably been conditioned to approach fishermen, it's easier to steal a meal from your lines then to hunt it.

30. comment for Great White Shark encounter whilst Kayak Fishing, Urunga, NSW, Australia

Michael Fraze
Michael Fraze - 5 years ago
This guy needs to do some cardio...
manitobaman22 - 5 years ago
The title said ‘whilst’ so I watched it
manitobaman22 - 5 years ago
Crazy vid too just watched the whole thing. But ‘whilst’ damn what a title
Cory Van Bergeyk
Cory Van Bergeyk - 5 years ago
Remember its the one that you don't see... that's the one you need to worry about
HuSia Cat
HuSia Cat - 5 years ago
4 metres? Surely 5?
Crafty Crafter
Crafty Crafter - 5 years ago
What ya expect yer in the ocean!
John Schirm
John Schirm - 5 years ago
He just wanted a belly rub.
nathan butler
nathan butler - 5 years ago
Always carry a piece of bait drop it back to the shark set the hook when he take off to run cut the line let him go that way you go the other way lol
Obi Juan
Obi Juan - 5 years ago
Stefan S1984
Stefan S1984 - 5 years ago
Why didn't anyone think of jumping in so he could distract the shark?
Naomi Grech
Naomi Grech - 5 years ago
Wow! What an incredible experience!!
Erin Toal
Erin Toal - 5 years ago
And that's why I don't swim in the ocean. It's their play ground.
Chuck Norrisrat
Chuck Norrisrat - 5 years ago
People like, calm down he wasn't attacking you. As if you wouldn't shit yourself, that's a Great White FFS
Chuck Norrisrat
Chuck Norrisrat - 5 years ago
He's trying to get past you, he's running late to lunch
Brett Langlois
Brett Langlois - 5 years ago
Wow... what a trip! Did you have any fish on board that you had caught?
tedspang1945 - 5 years ago
You got lucky.
Mark Davis
Mark Davis - 5 years ago
It’s a twenty footer, twenty five ...
Travis Hughes
Travis Hughes - 5 years ago
you've gotten be kidding me. I would be shitting my pants. Absolute balls of steel well done
Yaros Yari
Yaros Yari - 5 years ago
just calm down, if it want take your washbowl down... get over it
Yaros Yari
Yaros Yari - 5 years ago
you Australians r so funny to fish in washbowls in your waters)
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor - 5 years ago
"We're gonna need a bigger boat..."

50. comment for Great White Shark encounter whilst Kayak Fishing, Urunga, NSW, Australia

gilliteen - 5 years ago
How's it feel to be hunted?
Brandon Hernandez
Brandon Hernandez - 5 years ago
inhale exhale inhale exhale "Dave that's a huge white shark!" inhale exhale inhale
defeatereater - 5 years ago
God I love these animals.
rob james
rob james - 5 years ago
That shark would have no problem ripping that kayak to bits or turning it over, very scary indeed.These guys are maneaters and not to be underestimated, you guys in the kayaks are crazy.
Rastayeti666 - 5 years ago
sharks that dont bark dont bite......or something like that
Lucas Browne
Lucas Browne - 5 years ago
I would have shit my pants.
MsEnlightened1 - 5 years ago
Great footage!!
Riddick tonn
Riddick tonn - 5 years ago
You almost became shark poop... I think you need a bigger boat and you’re an idiot.
Taylor Martin
Taylor Martin - 5 years ago
Yeah, your fishing in the ocean and your surprised when a shark comes to take a look? Very dumb move splashing your paddle tho.
Marta Diaz
Marta Diaz - 5 years ago
Was anyone else anticipating his breathing to go in full Jaws theme
PunkHippie - 5 years ago
Wtf stop splashing dude.
John McClane
John McClane - 5 years ago
This guy breathes like a horse.
Tyler Fulk
Tyler Fulk - 5 years ago
Too bad your idiot liberal government stole all your guns
Green Team BC
Green Team BC - 5 years ago
what would a bear banger do ? Or what if you had some waterproof fire works? Any difference?
mohoosier - 5 years ago
Spent two years in WA, I miss you Aussies!
apache0060 - 5 years ago
Sir , u need to up your cardio , if u intend on continuing fishing in that manner
King Possum
King Possum - 5 years ago
amazing footage! it felt like I could've reach out and touched the shark's rear fin.
best part about it is I don't believe it to be a staged shark sighting like all the shark week bullshit.
great video and the 129 thumbs down are morons.
Roger Balcer
Roger Balcer - 5 years ago
The word is while not whilst you moron !
stagesixx - 5 years ago
Why not jump in the water and try to pet him? Seems friendly enough...
Bry Waterloo
Bry Waterloo - 5 years ago
Yet another dumbass in shark waters in a panic because he’s being chased or checked out by a fish that does exactly what is natural. Your a moron, and I have zero sympathy for you if you got tagged or capsized...dumb dick.
Colossus Scarface
Colossus Scarface - 5 years ago
that shark feel ure tep freq
Ken Marshmallow
Ken Marshmallow - 5 years ago
Don't ever be afraid of sharks. If you ever run into a shark in the wild just flip it on its back and tonic immobility will make it go to sleep. Then you can safely swim away or invite some buddies over for some shark barbecue!
markclark5 - 5 years ago
I think the shark picked up that this guy sounds like he's about to drop dead and make an easy meal.
Lodore Brown
Lodore Brown - 5 years ago
Just trying to join the game. A little tense in such a teeny boat I'd imagine.
Adam Jones
Adam Jones - 5 years ago
You're going to need a bigger boat...
Jack Vai
Jack Vai - 5 years ago
been there, not the place, the need a bang-stick...
they can literally hunt you in a kayak.
KnotTheWood ?
KnotTheWood ? - 5 years ago
Dude, i would have been the fastest thing in that water and got the hell out of there. You have some guts hanging around. But then i live in Wales uk and panic when the dolphins get too close.
kreemkrackered - 5 years ago
I will never understand why people in these stupid little kayaks fish and then are shocked when a shark shows up - you deserve everything you get...
GokuYourself - 5 years ago
This Dave fella sounds like a top bloke
Gavin Moze
Gavin Moze - 5 years ago
You're gonna need a bigger Kayak!
RamZ - 5 years ago
WOW! Fishing in the ocean on a kayak the size of a Tiger Shark. Insane. Stupid is as stupid does.

Brent Weaver
Brent Weaver - 5 years ago
Terrifying. No way
velveetaslingshot - 5 years ago
"Have you ever had one do this?"
Mountain Man
Mountain Man - 5 years ago
somebody has a breathing problem and its not the shark
Appleblade - 5 years ago
Runs from shark by pumping the 'fins' on the bottom of the kayak ... then slaps at the water like an injured seal. How did this guy not get eaten?
PORTAL AL INFINITO - 5 years ago
Going out to australian deep waters with a kayak..what would you expect? Jesus walking over water towards you?
4180stephen - 5 years ago
smile you son of a bitch
Jason Crabb
Jason Crabb - 5 years ago
To me in a kayak in the ocean is just asking for it, like playing Russian roulette it's 50/50 if that shark wanted you in the water he could easily make you be in the water, the possibility is there, it will either act on it or not. I would never give a shark the chance, andputmyself at the hands of something else. rivers and lakes for this yak'r
D Bryant
D Bryant - 5 years ago
Kayak for sale, used once...slightly soiled.
Paul S
Paul S - 5 years ago
Que the Jaws theme song.
Ana Lytical
Ana Lytical - 5 years ago
MYinfinitig35 - 5 years ago
Oh hell no!!
Reinulus Aurelius
Reinulus Aurelius - 5 years ago
He was lonely - wanted some companionship.
Reinulus Aurelius
Reinulus Aurelius - 5 years ago
You should have dragged your foot in the water and let him have a bite.
halfcab81 - 5 years ago
I hate the sound of a go pro being dipped under water.
vzdorr b
vzdorr b - 5 years ago
4:18 you can see shark poop
the shark shit himself at the sight of humans
vzdorr b
vzdorr b - 5 years ago
or could be seaweed
Tripp Miller
Tripp Miller - 5 years ago
Time for a fucking beer after that shit!!!!
dan payne
dan payne - 5 years ago
it was a curious, female, great white shark.
Model- Man
Model- Man - 5 years ago
Fishing in that thing?! Either your very brave or just plain stupid!!
AannW Rootbeer
AannW Rootbeer - 5 years ago
You are fishing in waters know for their Great Whites, in a boat that, to them, looks like a seal, and you are loud and screaming which travels through water extremely well. The shark was just trying to figure out what you were about. His/ her fins aren't even pointing down so he/she is not even being aggressive.

100. comment for Great White Shark encounter whilst Kayak Fishing, Urunga, NSW, Australia

Youtjube420 - 5 years ago
After watching Jurassic World this aint shit to me
Kathy Hosking
Kathy Hosking - 5 years ago
that was one beautiful shark,but I'd have pooped myself no doubt about it!
Jem Hamilton
Jem Hamilton - 5 years ago
Please... its ignorant people like you that perpetuate the killer myth... and you decided to stay out in the water instead of heading to land... I think you played it up for the camera... the white isn't the only fishy thing in this video...
Richard Weed
Richard Weed - 5 years ago
funkin hell mon!
Tapper Gas-out faster than a heavyweight McRunner
Tapper Gas-out faster than a heavyweight McRunner - 5 years ago
great white sharks are harmless yet people are so afraid of them
c00t999 - 5 years ago the end he was chasing this shark!
ap4709pk - 5 years ago
Why the hell would you kayak in Great White waters? You people are from the shallow end of the gene pool.
Rick Sanchez C137
Rick Sanchez C137 - 5 years ago
“Sharks are like dogs, they only bite if you touch their private parts.” —Ula (Rob Sneider)
Tobias Flynn
Tobias Flynn - 5 years ago
such a gorgeous girl
xenomorph42 - 5 years ago
Why white people always take things to the extreme edge, the ocean is not your friend, the ocean will kill you. Fuck roulette!
Nikhil Prabhu
Nikhil Prabhu - 5 years ago
10% material 90% crap, .... The shark is just minding it's life in its world
Martin Smith
Martin Smith - 5 years ago
I bet your asshole was pouting lol
Jen C
Jen C - 5 years ago
You need a bigger kayak!
craig tomlinson
craig tomlinson - 5 years ago
Is it just me who's wondering why you didn't get to land ASAP once you saw the shark??
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott - 5 years ago
Keep kicking those penguin flippers. They use paddles only N.W. Coast California just for that reason. Nothing more exhilarating than being in a 14ft Kayak in front of a 16ft Great White. Fisherman's life...
Susan Young
Susan Young - 5 years ago
Listen to your breathing... super scared.
sugino - 5 years ago
Go deep in waters like that in a silly little Kayak and you put yourself in danger.
Rhiannon Relaxation
Rhiannon Relaxation - 5 years ago
Do you have to make that noise while you brethe?
johnieting - 5 years ago
Raising heart rate and splashing water? Haha u gotta stay calm so u dont show him ur food or panicking
Kristen Duffy
Kristen Duffy - 5 years ago
I think your going to need a bigger boat lol
Casual Gamer95
Casual Gamer95 - 5 years ago
Why the fuck do people even kayak in a piss ant boat in the middle of the ocean? Like you deserve the deaths
Paul - 5 years ago
Hardrock below says *Calm down mate,,,if he really wanted you,,,blah blah BLAH*, God protected those men that day. That is how that went down,,But why did they stop/slow down to keep fishing?? Weird. Also way wayyy too far out. I hoped you learned your lesson, do not go far from shore and paddle calmly when you see the GW again. If you tempt God, next time you will be GW's lunch snack.
Will Flann
Will Flann - 5 years ago
You are in Australia mate...home of the great
o0OcarinaO0o - 5 years ago
After seeing the xth video like this i have to ask why kayakers etc dont have a stick with a very large knife with them so when a shark bumps them they can stab it...?
Philip Chan
Philip Chan - 5 years ago
What retard how about heading back to shore?
Jim Corrigan
Jim Corrigan - 5 years ago
Its time to start bringing makeshift depth charges in case of emergencies when kayaking.
Dave Gray
Dave Gray - 5 years ago
Only fucking Australians are retarded enough to go out in a kayak far away from the safety of the shore if anything were to happen to you say for instance a fucking white shark was trying to get a piggyback off your kayak!!!! See there's a shark that's interested in you so naturally splash your paddle to attract attention as it's almost along side you!!! Your a country of thick bastards
Sosna and the Family
Sosna and the Family - 5 years ago
A nice footage of the great white. Finally something original!
Sean McCallum
Sean McCallum - 5 years ago
YAKLYFE210 - 5 years ago
Beautiful animal
Missmollymoox - 5 years ago
That’s a big boii ... he wants some free food aka your bait
cid v
cid v - 5 years ago
well nothing that a new pair of underwear and any large bottle of alcohol can't fix, once you're back on land. great video
jack Daniel
jack Daniel - 5 years ago
Calm down mate, Shark looked lonely and he just wanted to play! Anyways, respect ✊
Rally Point
Rally Point - 5 years ago
Your not his first kayak dude. His just chilling and waiting for your fish.
manboobs - 5 years ago
FUCK ME! I can hear him thumping away behind me!!! Are you sure you can take a shark that big? Respect man.
bradspicks - 5 years ago
Get out da water 'mate'
jacob heckart
jacob heckart - 5 years ago
Hearing him breathing was so annoying.
TXH8BRD 106 - 5 years ago
You're scared of the shark thinking it's coming for your dumb ass chases after ate a lot of paint chips as a kid didn't you
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell - 5 years ago
Gee, you sound a little nervous, mate!
nivekse7en - 5 years ago
You need a spear gun & a long pole with a sharp end just in case.
Heather Thomson
Heather Thomson - 5 years ago
His mate just laughs lol.. Aussies r hardcore. Ya when I got attacked on my board never seen her coming bradduh lol
F men in the grey suit..
Chee Hoo!
RBI - 5 years ago
As a kayak fisherman in San Diego this is always a possibility. Does seem that he is only curious however at the end, his pec fins seem to drop. An indication of pre attack or anger. Good stuff.
Mitchell Willey
Mitchell Willey - 5 years ago
there was actually a 2nd shark at 1:28 behind the main one if you look.
Jinnysworld - 5 years ago
Mitchell Willey - That's not a 2nd Shark, that's it's tail fine :)
webdev341 - 5 years ago
Ozzys so much brave about sharks, its shocking:))
Deb Dub
Deb Dub - 5 years ago
Vinny T
Vinny T - 5 years ago
He's gonna need a new pair of shorts
Vainglory clips
Vainglory clips - 5 years ago
Snorting like a pig
Rikardo .A Kabrera
Rikardo .A Kabrera - 5 years ago
He's chasing me, he's chasing me!!
For a moment I thought he was going to call the police.
Dude! He was barely following you......
This is typical fat white man behaviour!
RebornRockerVids - 5 years ago
There's a difference between chase and follow.
You were followed, not chased.
Having said that, I would've had a frickin heart attack if that had happened to me!!
Mike E
Mike E - 5 years ago
That was no joke the fin on that thing was huge
David Meredith
David Meredith - 5 years ago
I'd fucking tell him.
I know Ronnie Pickering so piss off or else
David Meredith
David Meredith - 5 years ago
Well I would of been shitting myself
German Shepard
German Shepard - 5 years ago
Man that shark B fake!!!
Susanne Lynette
Susanne Lynette - 5 years ago
WOW! The beauty and grace of this amazing creature -- I'd love to capture some of its confidence in pill form! Absolutely brilliant and awe-inspiring -- but also heart-thumpingly scary!
Luna Cally
Luna Cally - 5 years ago
The last thing he should be doing is splashing with his paddle . That’s how you get attacked .
A Pair of Lungs
A Pair of Lungs - 5 years ago
T Slap
T Slap - 5 years ago
This is why I stay off and out of the ocean...
Lone Surviver
Lone Surviver - 5 years ago
If he wanted to eat you he would have come from under you like a torpedo
fug dis
fug dis - 5 years ago
Big boy :^)
Xiled One
Xiled One - 5 years ago
See....... this is why white people get eaten by sharks.
Brian Collings
Brian Collings - 5 years ago
We need a bigger boat
Fernando Salas
Fernando Salas - 5 years ago
Actually kayaks aren't meant for deep sea only river. I rather have a 10 foot aluminum boat and a motor.
Sebastian Cruise
Sebastian Cruise - 5 years ago
Fernando Salas, you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. This kayak is actually made for the ocean. Do your research
peter neagle
peter neagle - 5 years ago
I would have linked arms with the other kayak and both headed into shore very quickly. That way present a bigger outline and secondly hope to not be tipped over by a simple probe bite.
Philippe Virgili
Philippe Virgili - 5 years ago
Chad Miller
Chad Miller - 5 years ago
I know you always run the risk of an encounter with sharks when going into the ocean, as you’re in their world; but, I’d still carry a shotgun with slugs in case it came to that point. If it’s me or the shark, I’m going to be the one surviving.
804Benz0 - 5 years ago
Just curious, if the shark wanted to make their presence known for real you would have been hit before you realized it.
I put the hot in psychotic
I put the hot in psychotic - 5 years ago
That's what happens when you invade their habitat.
Alvin Mah
Alvin Mah - 5 years ago
If the kayak flips..
Donna Ballance
Donna Ballance - 5 years ago
1st off..I love to deep sea fish but there is absolutely no way I am gonna be on the ocean in a kayak or canoe.. give me a BIG boat and Im good. love great whites but not planning to be shark
aprtuned75 - 5 years ago
You like like lunch lol
aprtuned75 - 5 years ago
That's it make noise also the water like a wounded fish lol
Bruce Kyle
Bruce Kyle - 5 years ago
It's actually....very chill but not in a scary sentence. I mean,they're just chilling and so relaxed,and they're actually smaller than I thought.
Jesse Lyons
Jesse Lyons - 5 years ago
here's a fucking idea, maybe don't go out into the ocean on a tiny ass boat if you're terrified of sharks. fucking moron
boogieblackstock - 5 years ago
So many comments on why he did this or that, whilst clearly the bloke is hyperventilating with adrenaline... He's being followed by a very large apex predator whilst in a small kayak for Christ's sake. Very few people would have remained chill throughout this.
VYPED UP - 5 years ago
Stop panicking and doing stupid shit, I would've thought someone who spends time in waters like that would know a little more about the creatures in that environment but, then again you thought it was a good idea to sit on a peddle boat and splash around.
Kendal Cruz
Kendal Cruz - 5 years ago
Shark: Did you know you can save 50% on car insurance?
Bradimus1981 - 5 years ago
lol Crazy!
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones - 5 years ago
I was seriously looking to buy a kayak, after viewing this I think I'll just get a boat instead
Kent Michalick
Kent Michalick - 5 years ago
Awesome encounter dude. 10 out of 10 for calming the heart and getting the footage. An experience like that is better than catching any fish.
Bonnie Ra
Bonnie Ra - 5 years ago
I'd be crapping in my boat holy crap lol
Ripvanwinklesdream - 5 years ago
All we learnt from this is Dave is awesome.
thel vadamee
thel vadamee - 5 years ago
Australians a entire nation of walking face palm and Darwin awards.
FELIX THE CAT - 5 years ago
Wait, I thought when Great Whites come around the soundtrack from Jaws kicks in. Dum, Dum, Dum, Dum, Dum, Dum...
WonderBreaddprod - 5 years ago
Love the Hobie kayaks. I've always wanted one!
emperorofpluto - 5 years ago
Holy fark that musta been scary!
Especially if s/he’d already been circling.

From the underwater footage it looks like s/he was probably curious rather than aggressive as your silhouettes would’ve looked different to seals or other standard white pointer prey so maybe just trying to suss out what you were - just lucky s/he wasn’t curious enough to take a bump or a test bite ....
Dustin Brewer
Dustin Brewer - 5 years ago
Its called a boat get one.
AskThemNs - 5 years ago
Your fat ass breathing made this so annoying to watch, great footage tho.
skiingrocks00001 - 5 years ago
When did Rick Ross start speaking Australian ?
OneWithStache - 5 years ago
You need to work on your cardio man
Ac W
Ac W - 5 years ago
“You gonna need a bigger boat”
The Mayers
The Mayers - 5 years ago
h23h3g923d32kd9023u - 5 years ago
how loud can someone breathe
Bill Patterson
Bill Patterson - 5 years ago
Did you see her on your fish finder? Lessee, minnow, tuna, mackeral...... Holy Sh@!#t !
Bill Patterson
Bill Patterson - 5 years ago
In the words of Captain Quin from Jaws.... Time to get a bigger boat!
alexlovesjapan - 5 years ago
Great vid! You got balls to get closer and get that underwater awesome view. Has it put you off going back on the kayak?
Aus Fishin
Aus Fishin - 5 years ago
Everyone and everything just love HOBIE change to PREDATOR LOL.
Daryl H
Daryl H - 5 years ago
This guy has some serious breathing problems!
Trosclair434 genus
Trosclair434 genus - 5 years ago
Yeah Fuck that
BELZAZAR SALAZAR - 5 years ago
Predator vs predator
Jackson Wells
Jackson Wells - 5 years ago
Yeah that’s why you don’t put a kayak in the fucking ocean you autistic wank
Styx62 Ga
Styx62 Ga - 5 years ago
The hell with that respect crap if I felt threatened I would be emptying a shotgun in it if I had one
Jim Stephens
Jim Stephens - 5 years ago
We're gonna need a bigger kayak...
Grace Gonzales
Grace Gonzales - 5 years ago
So get out of his territory
Michael Benavidez
Michael Benavidez - 5 years ago
And if you or your friend turned into shark food I wouldn't have any sympathy for either of you. You're in their territory their house and whatever happens to you, you deserve......
Pinoy Spice
Pinoy Spice - 5 years ago
that was scary but what an experience! one for the books!
Joe Hall
Joe Hall - 5 years ago
Wacko Jacko
Wacko Jacko - 5 years ago
The sea is a scary place. I'm guessing the GW shark was curious not in predatory mode.
Mandy Wilson
Mandy Wilson - 5 years ago
Smacking the water only attracts the shark more! You're not very shark behavior educated- I suggest you do some homework before you get eaten. Kayaks attract sharks, slapping the water indicates you are a prey item. You're an idiot...
Green Goblin
Green Goblin - 5 years ago
This guy breathes like he’s 500 pounds
1492tomato - 5 years ago
By the end of the video, it became clear this big girl was just curious. Had I been in the kayak, though, I would probably have gone on home to Jesus before I figured that out.
ted spoltore
ted spoltore - 5 years ago
ThatsWhatSheSaid - 5 years ago
That underwater shot really made me really uncomfortable. Don't know how they managed to stay so calm.
ASotes - 5 years ago
The shark was obviously feeling lonely and wanted to fish with some friends
Jessica Hawkins
Jessica Hawkins - 5 years ago
Yup, its chasing you!
Lord help us!
Give it the fish. Throw your rod out there and get to shore!
Chaostrophy - 5 years ago
Damn, dude sounds like he needs to slow down on the fast food.
Spence937 - 5 years ago
Cast your line and catch him.
Black Hat
Black Hat - 5 years ago
A lot of PhD shark experts in the comment section. You don't know shit about shark behaviour. There are people that have qualifications in this area and spend their life studying these animals, and still to this day shark behaviour is a very hypothetical case. There is very little evidence on these animals lifestyles. It was only a couple decades ago that the rogue shark was debunked, yet everyone believed that.

These animals are unpredictable. Yet somehow some self-proclaimed shark experts on the internet know exactly how this shark was behaving after a couple google searches and some couch time watching Shark Week on National Geographic.
Sean Hatch
Sean Hatch - 5 years ago
Where's Orca when you need em
Justin Pollonais
Justin Pollonais - 5 years ago
When you get caught outside the safe zone
Mark Bozz
Mark Bozz - 5 years ago
Pass the 12 gauge bang stick, please!
illuminated one
illuminated one - 5 years ago
my hats off to you brother anyone in their right mind would be shaking after dealing with this .it took some great control to hold yourself together!! hats of to you cheers mate!! if that shark wanted to knock that kayak over that would have been a huge problem.just thinking about it is damn scaary
SirRunk - 5 years ago
"Do you a minute to talk about our lord and saviour Poseidon?"
Danklus Jeffrey
Danklus Jeffrey - 5 years ago
Dun nun
michael moran
michael moran - 5 years ago
very scary
Goreburger - 5 years ago
This is the best shark encounter that I've found on youtube. Thanks for shareing this crazy experience!
Arka47o92 - 5 years ago
Awesome accent mate. ;)

Was surely an experience ! Great you could have film it and post it. ;)
ADEBISI ADEBISI - 5 years ago
You handled that like a bitch
josh - 5 years ago
It’s not an Australian YT video unless someone is called ‘Dave’
Chris Vandy
Chris Vandy - 5 years ago
It doesn’t look it was being Aggressive at all. Looks like he was just cruising and across him and was just checking him out.
дневник горинглиша
дневник горинглиша - 5 years ago
Don’t push your luck mate
LittleBirdsings1 - 5 years ago
Little mate just wanted some breakfast. Times are tough.
Anthony Carson
Anthony Carson - 5 years ago
I think you're going to need a bigger boat.
Amy J. Delevingne
Amy J. Delevingne - 5 years ago
+Anthony Carson "Not like going down the pond chasin' bluegills and tommycods", Lol
Amy Skinner
Amy Skinner - 5 years ago
top water jig hahahah!
tchouzebra - 5 years ago
Of course it’s interested in you, sharks are very sensitive about how you react to them, and as it approaches you tried to escape, it sense the fear and the frantic movements on the pedals, that’s a way for you to say to him come eat me i’m a prey.
Zey - Kon
Zey - Kon - 5 years ago
And I would be carrying my 22. Cal pistol with suppressor. Pop his ass a few times. I don't care if I was fined or not. Better than being shark food
C L - 5 years ago
Old mate needs some new jocks!
Merrilee Rothan
Merrilee Rothan - 5 years ago
Maybe female
hopscotch30 - 5 years ago
That shark jus' be chillin'. Nothing to get upset about.
hopscotch30 - 5 years ago
Yeah, the whites are being chased from South Africa by the blacks, like Malema. Australia is one of the places they go to...
Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish
Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish - 5 years ago
Yup swim away like prey next drag your fish in the water from a rope
Joe Schiffenhaus
Joe Schiffenhaus - 5 years ago
The wake and the dorsal fin!!! Straight Jaws, man!
TheHotcrumbs - 5 years ago
bartofilms - 5 years ago
That shark was longer than your kayaks!. If he had come in for a love tap you'd be capsized and swimming with it. If I were you I'd sell those things and get a proper boat to fish from. Jesus.
Tallinu - 5 years ago
Panic more, breathe harder, smack that paddle on the water. Paddle faster tasty snack.
Chris montgomery
Chris montgomery - 5 years ago
ive been out surfing with a 6 meter sucks
Chris montgomery
Chris montgomery - 5 years ago
Davenport landing.
White Wolf
White Wolf - 5 years ago
Fuck me, i would spoiled my shorts with brown sauce
John Donohue
John Donohue - 5 years ago
In need of bigger boat
110011 Montiel
110011 Montiel - 5 years ago
he was going to invite you for dinner, how rude are you Sir?
AK 4o
AK 4o - 5 years ago
That's what you get
drew bee
drew bee - 5 years ago
Jump in & make sure it is a shark .
me just me. me just me.
me just me. me just me. - 5 years ago
if you had not have panicked you would be fine idiot. sharks are smarter remember you can into their territory.
John D
John D - 5 years ago
It takes a genius to go into waters known to be inhabited by white sharks. What an idiot. He could have easily capsized that kayak and eat your ass...
Tomas Hangurhead
Tomas Hangurhead - 5 years ago
As far as I'm concerned a kayak has no business in the ocean there are sharks smaller than the great white that can easily with one hit turn the kayak over it just makes no sense I don't get it
Infandous Ktenology
Infandous Ktenology - 5 years ago
There is a trick that works fantastic with sharks of most species. They make small firecrackers called “water bombs”. They are NOT seal bombs. These are tiny little things. They will not hurt a shark. Light one and give it a toss near the shark. The sharks don’t like the percussion and will haul ass the other direction. The “water bombs” was a brand name. But they are single small firecrackers with green visco and they have a small weight added inside the non fused end. They can be found under many names... such as “wonder boys” and things like that. If you cannot buy them in your area... make some. They are VERY simple to make. Keep four or five on your craft at all times. Trust me... if you ever do need them... it’s worth having them on hand. I started looking for answers nearly 10 years ago when a tiger shark began attacking my boat. It was after the scent of my days catch... but I was powerless. I will never forget that feeling if when a large shark sinks it’s teeth into your craft and starts a shake. It nearly had me flying overboard. I got the advice from an old timer at the docks I frequent. I have had only one opportunity to try it the crackers out. Trust me... they worked like a charm! Only took one pop and both sharks that were harassing me turned tail and headed away.

It’s worth trying. It won’t hurt anything. If you can’t buy them in your area... they are super simple to make. Just potassium perchlorate and dark aluminum dust. Be safe out there! When you’re in small craft... Never trust a shark. Even if they seem docile.
Harry Stevens
Harry Stevens - 5 years ago
Sharks thinking when are these fellows going to catch a fish so I can pinch it...
Blind7snow - 5 years ago
No kayaker can paddle faster than a shark can swim. I'd have a panic attack.
cyboINC - 5 years ago
he just wants you to catch something already .. so he can steal it from you .. easy meal :D
Diana Murray
Diana Murray - 5 years ago were “fishing” weren’t you????
Heather G
Heather G - 5 years ago
I LOVE THESE KINDS OF VIDEOS! Sharks are amazing! I'm glad the both of you remained safe. Thank you for sharing this incredible experience with the world! 1❤
Andrew ///
Andrew /// - 5 years ago
You sound fat
Tamara Bossler
Tamara Bossler - 5 years ago
Scary but also in awe of this shark
Dylan Redmond
Dylan Redmond - 5 years ago
He was just checking you out
Marcel G.
Marcel G. - 5 years ago
Great underwater footage towards the end. Beautiful animal just having a nosey.
Conspiracy Nut
Conspiracy Nut - 5 years ago
It's a nurse shark.
hvactechism - 5 years ago
Catch your breath lad
Los G
Los G - 5 years ago
This is awesome
scott warwick
scott warwick - 5 years ago
Did the shark have its dick out or something hanging ?
Alicia Wiseman
Alicia Wiseman - 5 years ago
That is an awesome interaction with a GWS!  Thank you for sharing you experience.  It gives a whole new perspective to an animal that is thought of as a killing machine.  BEAUTIFUL!
Ethan Tremblay
Ethan Tremblay - 5 years ago
What a beautiful encounter!
David Smith
David Smith - 5 years ago
Hi there, my name is David. I work for a television show and would love to speak to you about sharing your video on our television show. please email me at
horrorfan24 - 5 years ago
You're gonna need a bigger Kayak! I have very little sympathy for silly people who go out in those Kayaks in countries where Great Whites are known to live. Get yourself on a big boat. Much safer.
Bolgernow - 5 years ago
"It's chaaaazin mi!". Yes, you are one fucking big snack, Jack
lol_itsgonenow - 5 years ago
at the end the sharkwas probably thinking, come on just go for a quick swim! ah nvm im leaving
Matthew Baca
Matthew Baca - 5 years ago
Maybe the flapping of the mirage drive attracted her.
android 1995xx
android 1995xx - 5 years ago
It probably thinks Ur a seal and u splashing around like a dumbass isn't helping you only simulating a seal more
Erik Stark
Erik Stark - 5 years ago
FUCK that
vela890713 - 5 years ago
These are the moments when we need to talk to God.
Omahundro - 5 years ago
Amazing encounter!
Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook - 5 years ago
Lots of fucking the shark. Reasons they are fishing, can see fishing rod at back of kayak. A bad choice to use kayak for fishing in shark territory. Need a proper fishing boat.
Deandre Wells
Deandre Wells - 5 years ago
I’ll bet your ass will never go into a kayak again .... why the fuck would you splash the water that’s the last thing you’d want to do. Do you know anything about sharks except the names?? You’re heckin crazy!!
Fish guy Frye
Fish guy Frye - 5 years ago
This guys breath is gross
Peter Harris
Peter Harris - 5 years ago
I think you should have a bigger boat mate or you only get what you deserve, shark food lol.
Julia Eckhard
Julia Eckhard - 5 years ago
Get the hell out of his home now !!! I would be shitting bricks, but hey you wanna be in there playground cop it sweet
Adventure Outdoors
Adventure Outdoors - 5 years ago
Sh*t in your pants terror right there.
Scott Porter
Scott Porter - 5 years ago
"Hey mate. There is a shark chasing me!" - Fuck that! I'm off!
R Metal
R Metal - 5 years ago
That why you should bring a gun when kayaking, esp if youre in Australia.
Billy The Kid
Billy The Kid - 5 years ago
Can it just leap out of the water and snatch you?
Recreator Band
Recreator Band - 5 years ago
No thanks!
Brad's Verbal Vomit
Brad's Verbal Vomit - 5 years ago
Whilst? LOL Who says whilst anymore?
Comicbookstoreguy177 - 5 years ago
Hey a giant predator is chasing me...let’s hang out and film
Nadeem Naqvi
Nadeem Naqvi - 5 years ago
Definitely need a bigger boat!
Gooner Of Titan
Gooner Of Titan - 5 years ago
I would be shitting bricks!!!
CM Jon
CM Jon - 5 years ago
Looks like you’ll need a bigger boat, mate.
Tina Marie Farmer
Tina Marie Farmer - 5 years ago
wow! glad you're all right!!
b1rdkeeper S
b1rdkeeper S - 5 years ago
He just wants to say hi.
Daniel R
Daniel R - 5 years ago
This is why it's risky kayak fishing.. this White was just curious. If this great white wanted you, you would have been dead meat! Anyway it's not the great white you see that's the problem, it's the other ones you don't see! Watch the new Megalodon movie then go do this. ha ha!
Mount Franklin
Mount Franklin - 5 years ago
Man, that was ore-inspiring.. get it? Ore inspir- nevermind.

Would have been a great privelage to share the water with a magnificent beast like a White Pointer.

Would be both brown water worthy as well as stop and stare.
James Moore
James Moore - 5 years ago
Balls of steel but I think he was just saying hi :)
matthew lee
matthew lee - 5 years ago
I would have been throwing my bait in your direction then padling the duck away from you bro dam lol
steel talon
steel talon - 5 years ago
Sir, respectfully, I don't understand your behavior. Either throw him a fish and get out of the area, use a 45 or 357 caliber to his head as he approaches without the YouTube video as evidence. Either way, you live to fish another day. But, having this conversation with a friend from a fragile kayak on the ocean with the shark circling you seems like you are needlessly rolling the dice on your life.
Juan Carlos Ottavianelli jr
Juan Carlos Ottavianelli jr - 5 years ago
well ur def not going to catch anything with GW in the water
Greg Bickel
Greg Bickel - 5 years ago
When you snore when you’re awake you have a problem
Carlos Viera
Carlos Viera - 5 years ago
Someone give this man an oxygen tank
SirDuck - 5 years ago
His breathing is so fucking annoying
geobenne - 5 years ago
Better row.
Row hard.
Done fishing today mate.
Stewart Hensley
Stewart Hensley - 5 years ago
Fuck that lol
Tom Alderman
Tom Alderman - 5 years ago
He wasn’t chasing you for sure. Could have tipped you over easily if he wanted. He was just curious what y’all were doing. You should have petted him to put him at ease. Lmao
HardRockMiner - 5 years ago
Dude you need to calm down. If that shark wanted you you wouldn't be seeing him until the last second. He is just a curious George that's all. He wasn't "chasing" you, he was simply following. Maybe you're his first kayaker. They are curious lil monsters.
R. M
R. M - 5 years ago
Haha Easier said than done for someone sitting behind their computer screen and not skimming along the surface of the water with a huge great white lurking somewhere underneath you very close by. Get a fucking life.
Nathan Beach
Nathan Beach - 5 years ago
Seriously just shut up
Girl in the Striped Sweater
Girl in the Striped Sweater - 5 years ago
But ya know, those "curious lil monsters" have been known to satiate their curiosity by biting into boats or tipping them over because that's how they investigate. Even if he's not being hunted, that motherfucker can still fuck shit up if it gets curious enough. I'd say his reaction is more calm and collected than how any normal person would react.
April Tortorici
April Tortorici - 5 years ago
I agree. This is exactly why people demonize sharks
Pablo Ferrera
Pablo Ferrera - 5 years ago
HardRockMiner Calm down in the shore
Runfromyourwife - 5 years ago
Jim Corrigan they sometimes ask where you’re from and what are you doing in the area.
Xx xX
Xx xX - 5 years ago
HardRockMiner - you don't know that. These are wild and unpredictable animals. That sharks could decide at any moment to strike. He has every right to be terrified. Not being terrified would mean he doesn't respect the danger involved. Not respecting a threatening predator would be a bigger mistake.
CakedFace - 5 years ago
Larrypint exactly.
Jim Corrigan
Jim Corrigan - 5 years ago
HardRockMiner That's a confused shark. You know how confused sharks determine what is prey and whats just debris? Their hands. They use their hands.
Jim Corrigan
Jim Corrigan - 5 years ago
Thats not how sharks work, bro.
Gudakesh Jha
Gudakesh Jha - 5 years ago
HardRockMiner I was lying in bed breathing heavily just watching this video trying to spot the shark & when the shark passed by my heart stopped !! I can't !!
Jayd Morawski
Jayd Morawski - 5 years ago
Calm down? Easier said than done I reckon. And for what it’s worth he’s a hell of a lot calmer than I would have been.
Valechaos - 5 years ago
HardRock, youre a fuckin idiot mate, bet all your friends love ya.
TheJuice One
TheJuice One - 5 years ago
Yeah calm down, it’s not like there’s a fucken Great White Shark tailing you.
Jack - 5 years ago
Check this absolute hero out
darren pilkington
darren pilkington - 5 years ago
calm down?!?!,..r u fucking serious?...
HardRockMiner - 5 years ago
Absolutely Pro - LMAO!! Shut your pie hole, little lady.
Absolutely Pro
Absolutely Pro - 5 years ago
This actually is somewhat true. What if it was low on energy from not feeding for months.. If he was in the water he’d be food, it’s not just curious ..point is you don’t know wtf the shark was doin mate. Take your big boy pants off
Larrypint - 5 years ago
HardRockMiner "calm down" sittin on a couch watching it on youtube...
Pixelz - 5 years ago
HardRockMiner U can understand why he’d be freaked out tho like dam if I saw that shark I’d be scared shitless n panic
Austin Kelly
Austin Kelly - 5 years ago
Holy shit that's ken gurke the legend
rod powers
rod powers - 5 years ago
Hey dude,is it chasing you,chasing you,or just kinda chasing you?
Leveck Family
Leveck Family - 5 years ago
Take him to your buddy. You don't have to beat the shark, you just have to beat him home.....
Leveck Family
Leveck Family - 5 years ago
Play dead/rub it's belly!
Certified Dice King
Certified Dice King - 5 years ago
Lol he chasing me come here
Hell no get away from me dude
Carson Mckurtis
Carson Mckurtis - 5 years ago
Wow i bet u carry some sort of self defense weapon now? Spear gun? Seal bomb? Pistol?
Raymond Pacheco
Raymond Pacheco - 5 years ago
Fackin bloody hell mate
xevious2501 - 5 years ago
I dont understand the mentality of kayakers, its simple people.. fishing attracts sharks, the more kayakers fish, the more sharks learn food is where kayaks are found, thats where the injured struggling fish are, (aka your catch). fishing in open waters attracts larger shark, fishing in a tiny kayak places yourself in harms way of obviously hungry sharks, and you better believe their senses can detect a large animal ,aka YOU, just inches from them. if the shark bites the kayak your done. hungry shark withe you in the water ,forget it. And one think for certain. If your out in a kayak, bring shark repellent, yes the can of dead shark bits. In every test ive seen, the stuff actually works.
RC - 5 years ago
He should have been a man and jumped in to knife the shark.
Jessica Lake
Jessica Lake - 5 years ago
Downvoted for the nonsensical liberalism in the description.
Kaiser B
Kaiser B - 5 years ago
What a beautiful animal! I terrified of great whites lol but they are incredible creatures
CHOP SLOP SURFER - 5 years ago
I'm surprised you didn't sink ur kayak on account of ur massive balls mate! Hats off to u sir, great vid
cliff4ever - 5 years ago
I’m sorry, but you live in Australia, you’re an idiot if you go ocean kayaking. I live in Massachusetts USA near the coast and wouldn’t go out kayaking here either. We get beaches shut down for white shark spotting all the time.
VyrixC - 5 years ago
I'm scared of the ocean.. God knows whats under the ocean
CheetahBoy01 - 5 years ago
How has this not blown up. Incredible footage!
runningkirk walk
runningkirk walk - 5 years ago
This video is fake. Fake. Fake
chef chef
chef chef - 5 years ago
he wanted to eat u
chef chef
chef chef - 5 years ago
chef chef
chef chef - 5 years ago
he's only board . if you had brought your harpoon it would be great
Alt Right Knight
Alt Right Knight - 5 years ago
It's definitely a big female
firm1z - 5 years ago
People that do dumb shit like this in kayak deserve to get eaten by sharks.
Ramjet164 - 5 years ago
Fuck that. I’d seriously rather try and out run a bullet and would even give the bullet a head start.
Zenith - 5 years ago
Everyone saying it was just curious I bet it was at least a bit hungry. He was probably not intending to attack but shark that size needs alot of energy and sharks have been more aggressive lately due to over fishing. He doesn't need to full on attack he just needs to decide he's curious what your boat tastes like and you are fucked.
warverine2013 - 5 years ago
Its could sense your heart beat through your bum.. Had to be freaken scary.
john doe
john doe - 5 years ago
Pants pooped.
Mr. The Mac
Mr. The Mac - 5 years ago
Nope.. nope nope I’d of shat myself ☹️
DieHard Jarzyna
DieHard Jarzyna - 5 years ago
While I was watching this video all I could think of is the JAWS theme song hahahaha
tundahking - 5 years ago
Kayakers are friends not food bruce.
Chucky Bananaz
Chucky Bananaz - 5 years ago
That thing would have hit you like a car crash that you never saw coming if it was gonna do anything but look at you. I would just chill in that situation and take it in. Nothing you can anyway but piss it off.
zombiediarhea - 5 years ago
Why are you breathing so hard? Apparently nobody was listening when chief Brody said "we're gonna need a bigger boat"!! Kayaking in the ocean is pretty stupid.
Merlin Man
Merlin Man - 5 years ago
Fishing from a kayak is like an open sandwich to a shark.
Mack Mate . Com
Mack Mate . Com - 5 years ago
I would have paddled past the other guy in the kayak and said follow me to the shore
GentlemanXCreed - 5 years ago
This is just one of the reasons why I'm such a pussy when it comes to even touching the ocean. I won't put a finger in there unless there is a protective barrier.
bblazeff1 - 5 years ago
Dumbest reaction to a shark ever
Potent Potables
Potent Potables - 5 years ago
Yeah, don't fucking fish in kayaks.
skank hunt101
skank hunt101 - 5 years ago
The water sounds are like nails on a chalkboard to me, had to mute the video
johnnymcblaze - 5 years ago
The sad thing is that old seadog just wanted a good headscratch.
J bear
J bear - 5 years ago
Exactly why my old town PDL stays in fresh water lol. I would love to take it out in the bay or offshore for fluke and cod but it's not worth risking my life. Especially when I see videos like this or the one with the 2 girls in Cape Cod who had a Great white attack her kayak and nice bite into it. They had to be rescued
Munkylaw - 5 years ago
Damn Australia you scary. Maybe YoU NeEd SoMe GuNS?????
Animations Reel
Animations Reel - 5 years ago
Bro where’s your inhaler?!!
c dawg
c dawg - 5 years ago
The aussie great whites say they have a new taste for Chinese arms and feet. They have been seen extracting the the arms and feet then discarding the remainder of the body back on land....A delicacy now for them...Im sure that shark , saw you were aussies and wasnt interested..
Clyde Sprinkle
Clyde Sprinkle - 5 years ago
You were huffing and puffing scared to death and then you started following him . Way to turn the tables on that shark... your balls grew fast mate ...I wouldn't have stopped paddling till I got to dry land. Stay safe
Jane Russell
Jane Russell - 5 years ago
I would of passed out .. they didn’t seem to interested to get to land fast ..
Richard Morley
Richard Morley - 5 years ago
If it wonted you give it 10 seconds
MaximilianMus - 5 years ago
You are supposed to bleed in its eye to warn it..
sV3Z1 - 5 years ago
Great footage!
Victor Ledezma
Victor Ledezma - 5 years ago
Two words: Fuck. That.
Zerone - 5 years ago
We are gonna need a bigger boat
thetouch315 - 5 years ago
So you go to Australia and act luke an idiot when you see a great white in the ocean. They do live there. And you basically follow it. Your a bright one.
will Brown
will Brown - 5 years ago
I have a strict (if it can bite me in half I'm not going there) policy.
Christopher Bailor
Christopher Bailor - 5 years ago
My best guess, that shark might make habit of lurking about kayakers and other smaller fishing boats to steal catches. He’s a big boy, beefy for its length, like Bruce from Finding Nemo. I’m from Pennsylvania, landlocked, and not sure how rich the ecosystem is, but to me it looked fine, and maybe he was a bit curious.

Honestly, what scared me the most was the slapping of the paddle on the water. For some reason, my instinct told me I’ve heard slapping the water is similar to a wounded animal. For all I know, and if put in the same moment I might have easily done the same thing.
Tide16nc - 5 years ago
Chances are probably slim, but the main reason I don’t Kayak in the ocean. I know I’m small on the sharks food chain. 1 test blow and your helpless. Look at the kayaker on YouTube who had it happen. Luckily for him the shark stayed focused on the kayak and he was helped.
Fredrik Svärd
Fredrik Svärd - 5 years ago
Maybe dont go kayak fishing
anti zionist
anti zionist - 5 years ago
4:37 is the best
MartyMonster - 5 years ago
Well when you go into the water that far out, you risk being part of the food chain. You realize if he was hungry enough he would've just rammed your kayak from underneath, knocking you off and had a bite? That happened to some Japanese surfer of the central coast a couple years ago. The Great White knocked him into the air, then bit his legs off. The man didn't make it.
Geo New
Geo New - 5 years ago
White folks be tryin to get ate. Ain’t no blacks gonna be on no fuckin kayak in shark infested waters.
Dustin Pulley
Dustin Pulley - 5 years ago
Awesome footage !!!! Thanks
THOTH - 5 years ago
shark conversation
"Oi Gary, theres sum fuckin humans up here!
"get fucked, your pullin' me leg cunt. Never seen a real human"
"bloody oath mate! two of 'em, come an have a look."
Keithos Muhfukah
Keithos Muhfukah - 5 years ago
Exactly why I stick to rivers and lakes in my yak.
x Luna x
x Luna x - 5 years ago
If the white wanted to eat you you wouldn't know until you were flying in the air after impact. Running away from it and slapping the water are the exact wrong things to do. If you were attacked it would have been natural selection at its finest.
Rutger Olsen
Rutger Olsen - 5 years ago
Great whites are very intelligent and cerious Sharks, generally freindly. This ones looks too be a juvenile that was probably searching for the larger fish the fishers attracted. Splashing the paddels and keeping the electronic navigations on will only make it want to come closer. They see the electromagnetic spectrum.
Lucy Hutchon
Lucy Hutchon - 5 years ago
Hey Ken, this is crazy!! I'm a researcher for Newsflare a viral video company, we'd love the chance to work with you and this clip, please email me at thanks!
Dan Greco
Dan Greco - 5 years ago
Gee maybe they associate fishing and humans and boat like apparatuses to a free meal??? At anytime he COULD flip you and eat but miraculously your still hear
Michele Pohl
Michele Pohl - 5 years ago
He was just escorting you back to shore.
Jack 1059
Jack 1059 - 5 years ago
Going fishing in shark infested waters in an incredibly small tippy kayak. Sounds like a smart plan.
EI8HT 8IT - 5 years ago
Amazing footage, thanks for sharing
Damon Hargrave
Damon Hargrave - 5 years ago
xNBK- YOTIEx - 5 years ago
You guys are freaking nuts!
Tommy McCarthy
Tommy McCarthy - 5 years ago
My dumb ass would of tried to pet this beautiful female
TIMS PRB102 - 5 years ago
Such a great encounter. Scary as hell bet what a beautiful thing to see. And only half as big as they get!! Great underwater shots.!
Cheers Tim
Joseph - 5 years ago
Stupid fucking humans. Out there in fucking stupid little boats . As soon as you enter the water you are in their domain so stop your complaining.. this shark is doing nothing wrong.
Tight Lines In Texas
Tight Lines In Texas - 5 years ago
Why the HELL do these guys not have a spear gaff on the boat? I have a spear gaff made out of an old shovel handle and a 3/8" steel rod ground to a fine point. Don't leave the shore without it if you're in saltwater.
sherman4970 - 5 years ago
1. Don’t go out in a silly little kayak!’
2 . Stick together!
3. Don’t bang water!
Jim Hubbard
Jim Hubbard - 5 years ago
I'd carry some M-80's for this kind of thing. (What is an M-80? See ) I'd think the explosion (which carries well underwater) might scare them off.
cosmic fire
cosmic fire - 5 years ago
A great white in the ocean? Well fuck me sideways! It's whale migration season, your kayak looks like a sick or dead baby whale and the sounds you make got it curious. Nature being natural.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 5 years ago
You're gunna need a smaller boat...
Pronder k
Pronder k - 5 years ago
I would have shit my pants and had a heart attack
Amr Olwan
Amr Olwan - 5 years ago
Thats why I stoped swimming in sea on 2003.
I was almost attacked by shark too.
Fuck I hate sharks of all kinds.
R FlorezD
R FlorezD - 5 years ago
They say don't panic when you see one. Yeah, right.Until you see one right next to you in real life. I would be freaking out as well.Different story.
caveman Versace
caveman Versace - 5 years ago
First off you DON'T stop until you are at least 200 metres from shore and even then you keep alert. When your legs tire you switch to arms and then alternate. She was inspecting you. Mate I don't get you fellas who kayak fish in the ocean. Everything we fish for is generally bigger than the kayak itself.
Dave-Jill Nelson
Dave-Jill Nelson - 5 years ago
Sounds like u were having a root
Felipe Behrens
Felipe Behrens - 5 years ago
Wow! I think you might need a small spear or something to poke at it so it knows that lunch will cost him...
T’s Life
T’s Life - 5 years ago
Faaaark that
Nick Callen
Nick Callen - 5 years ago
funny as. you kayak fishos go out on reefs in the middle of nowhere and get shocked when ya see a shark. hahahahaha. what did you expect.
gundam116 - 5 years ago
Dumb cunt being in a kayak out there. Should of gotten eaten.
My Email
My Email - 5 years ago
That's because your boat looks like a seal asshole. Wish he rushed up from the deep and bit your head off
The Professor
The Professor - 5 years ago
Sharky takes a little nap at the end
Gonna need a bigger boat
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 5 years ago
No way, you saw the movie Jaws? I didn't think anybody had seen that movie.
Vereinten Patriotischen Allianz
Vereinten Patriotischen Allianz - 5 years ago
Those gay pedals deserve to be eaten
Don Pepe Ho
Don Pepe Ho - 5 years ago
More like the shark is following you. There wouldnt be much of a chase if it was after you lol. Still thats a big fucking fish that can easily kill you, i would be just as worried
NightWaves - 5 years ago
Time for a new hobby unless you have bang sticks and grenades.
Taj Lewis
Taj Lewis - 5 years ago
That’s a big female she was just trying to see what you where probably her first encounter with a kayak
Bob Saget
Bob Saget - 5 years ago
Taj Lewis or it wasn’t her first encounter and was hoping to get a free meal from a catch
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 5 years ago
Taj Lewis whatever you say Dr. Youtube I think that's enough shark expertise for one day.
fullgratz53 - 5 years ago
You heard the shark swimming behind you? you didn't. You're not going to hear a fish swimming under water.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 5 years ago
fullgratz53 Chill out genius, I think that's enough brilliant thoughts for one day. I'm no expert on the matter but I'm convinced he was referring to the enormous fucking shark fin pushing its way through the surface of the water a couple meters behind him. Pretty sure that's going to make a little bit of noise audible to the human ear.
jonathan linkey
jonathan linkey - 5 years ago
This guy runs from it and then chases it ??!!
Hail to The_Rooster
Hail to The_Rooster - 5 years ago

That's what? 12-14 feet? There's a reason why I stay out of the water
Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch - 5 years ago
Dave should cracked you with that ore!
Heavenly Air
Heavenly Air - 5 years ago
to bad the government confiscated ure guns or you could of fed it a tide pod and washed its belly
muddybear 3
muddybear 3 - 5 years ago
Definately would have been shit in that vessel, me draws, and probably lost socks in the process.
Arachnophilia - 5 years ago
No frigging way I'd go out fishing in one of those things. Call me a traditional but I heard of a thing called a boat...
MyTerryw - 5 years ago
Yea, and a beach!
Neil Uk
Neil Uk - 5 years ago
The words "you're gonna need a bigger boat" spring to mind!
Jay Walker
Jay Walker - 5 years ago
Well your fat ass sound like a fookin hog seting on a plate by the way you sorted AIR up ..fookin pig
Teo P
Teo P - 5 years ago
You're both on Hobie PA's, those things are heavy as hell, and thick
Still, that's a big one, enough to cause serious problems.
Invest in an electric motor, either Torqueedo or Bigsby (cheaper)
It can get you out of trouble quicker.
Paul mccarten
Paul mccarten - 5 years ago
As for an electric motor,
Better to have one & not need it rather than need one & not have it.
Dustin Montgomery
Dustin Montgomery - 5 years ago
smacks paddle on the water....HES REAL INTERESTED IN ME.... i wonder why
Sinjin Hawk
Sinjin Hawk - 5 years ago
I’m watching this video whilst I take a shit.
gregg jose
gregg jose - 5 years ago
Dave, I wanna show you something!
Adam Chase
Adam Chase - 5 years ago
:33 Yea right... come here please? are you fucking serious there is a great white on your ass and you want your "friend" to come here please?
AJ Rod
AJ Rod - 5 years ago
VIC HISLOP would have dealt with that shark with extreme prejudice!
WeALWAYS MakeADifference
WeALWAYS MakeADifference - 5 years ago
Why arent they getting tf outta there?!!
Sold Not Told P
Sold Not Told P - 5 years ago
From its behavior in guessin shes taken a fish or two from yakkers ..
GSD fan
GSD fan - 5 years ago
Shark "Wait sir, you dropped your wallet"
MegaBspark - 5 years ago
wait sir, you've dropped your bowels
Kathy Hosking
Kathy Hosking - 5 years ago
James Stewart
James Stewart - 5 years ago
It’s austrslia.. the shark would say “aye mate,...”
Mitrusa - 5 years ago
Hahaha. That's why I love reading the comments
Ashtynn Reth
Ashtynn Reth - 5 years ago
BAHAHAHA I love the internet
Arnmazing - 5 years ago
Screams "You can have it, Happy shark week!"
Dre Sted
Dre Sted - 5 years ago
Precisely why I will never kayak fish the ocean.
John S
John S - 5 years ago
Funny but not funny, I am watching shark week on Discovery Channel right now about some kayakers in California that got munched on by some 17 footers. I’d definitely shit my britches.
Gcal1956 - 5 years ago
Everyone wants to be a YouTube star these days. Just tell that shark jaws has been played out. He will leave u alone.
John Bevilacqua
John Bevilacqua - 5 years ago
I see quite a few videos similar to this one floating around youtube... I would not feel sorry for someone who was killed for taking a little boat like this into the ocean, where there are hungry sharks bigger than your boat...
Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry - 5 years ago
Thought he might tip Dave over then haul ass to shore!
Darren L
Darren L - 5 years ago
You’ve been lucky there, could have ended up like Pippet or the Kitner boy
Carlyle Wilde
Carlyle Wilde - 5 years ago
Yeah, I'll just get into the smallest boat known to man and go in the ocean and not expect some crazy shit to happen.
larry towns
larry towns - 5 years ago
If they know sharks can flip that mf over like a slice of paper why do they go in the water?These people deserve to get they ass beat when they come back to shore.
Chris Curtis
Chris Curtis - 5 years ago
larry towns you're an idiot.... your life must be boring
larry towns
larry towns - 5 years ago
Damon Hargrave suppose is something more of who r u to even worry about how I feel about the situation."supposed" is more like _____________Well I'm comfortable saying "suppose" When a MF randomly invades my space
larry towns
larry towns - 5 years ago
Damon Hargrave I have no clue why you so upset
Damon Hargrave
Damon Hargrave - 5 years ago
larry towns firstly...supposed* ...secondly, slice of paper? Lmao. And thirdly, if they shouldn't be able to go on the water because "a shark can flip their kayak" then you shouldn't be allowed to comment because you can't speak English properly.
larry towns
larry towns - 5 years ago
First Name Last Name And who you suppose to be
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 5 years ago
larry towns Zzzzzzz.....yeah, what ever you say tough guy.
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton - 5 years ago
Everything that you shouldn't have done you did.
Theta Knight
Theta Knight - 5 years ago
Bill Clinton

What the fuck do you know asshole YouTube expert
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton - 5 years ago
missmy420friends are your feeling hurt?
missmy420friends - 5 years ago
Bill Clinton Yeah ok so first off, no claspers can be seen. So unless the angle just avoids them or it's a lot smaller than it seems. There for, female. Secondly, shark wasn't making any agressive movements or acting agressively towards the kayak. There was no circling, nudging or bumping. There was no breaching or eye contact. It's really not that hard to tell when an animal is acting agressively or not. And Animal Planet? Seriously?
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton - 5 years ago
missmy420friends so you were there and you know that the shark was a female and you I guess are able to talk to the shark and know what it was thinking and yeah I guess you work for Animal Planet
missmy420friends - 5 years ago
Shark wasn't acting agressive at all. Wasn't tightly circling or right up on the kayak.
missmy420friends - 5 years ago
Right?! Stop that. She's all interested because he kepts doing interesting things. She wasnt chasing. He ran and she followed. Curious. As soon as he stopped she did too. It was indeed an encounter. One species just checking the other out. Scary for sure but pretty damn awesome.
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton - 5 years ago
Dr. Reuven M Rosenberg you're just mad that I get all the lady's.
Dr. Reuven M Rosenberg
Dr. Reuven M Rosenberg - 5 years ago
Curious assertion coming from Bill Clinton...
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton - 5 years ago
seb wright what could possibly go wrong.
Mark Solarz
Mark Solarz - 5 years ago
Kayaking in the ocean? Your an idiot! Total lack of respect for an unforgiving sea,........................really dumb!! Your a long way from help,....or a hospital. Would you chase a bear with your camera? Frank Mundas said “Just when you think you know them,.............they will make a liar out of you! Remember the shark “Expert” who got his calf bit off! Wild animals are just that,....WILD!!!
KINGREXBABI - 5 years ago
Great footage
frank livingston
frank livingston - 5 years ago
"By crocky Daive.....thats a bloody huge whiite, mate......Fuckin hell"... "Whattaya reckon, Daive?'......I've NEVA seen one that big befora"
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson - 5 years ago
I thought dave was in a ship at first. Poor dave.
Mike Bockey
Mike Bockey - 5 years ago
know why i’m not the least bit afraid of this happening to me?

because not for all the tea in china am i ever going to be out in the shark infested ocean pedaling around in a goddam bait bucket

i’m glad no one was hurt, but please leave me out of your darwin game
Christian Buczko
Christian Buczko - 5 years ago
The shark was following the trail of shit you were leaving in the water as you frantically tried to run away from it. If he was hungry, the first you'd know is as it hits, i think he was curious about what you were. With curious sharks, i think the best option is to remain calm and not try to flee.
Christian Buczko
Christian Buczko - 5 years ago
To be clear, i didn't say he was in danger or going to be attacked. I said it looks curious, so remaining calm is best idea. Frantic paddling could attract it more as can splashing around, or fish bait ect. As you said, they don't target kayaks, but can bite, where as something sounding like its panicking can make any hunter think prey and attack. its his perception of the situation which produced his fear reaction though.
Christian Buczko
Christian Buczko - 5 years ago
Again you misread my comment wrong. Or are you too stupid to notice he's paddling like fuck to get away from the shark and basically scared shitless as any NORMAL person would be in that situation????
Damon Hargrave
Damon Hargrave - 5 years ago
Christian Buczko firstly, how is that what we are implying. We are saying you don't know what you are talking about. That makes absolutely no sense what so ever. Secondly, yes I'd keep my shit together.
Carson Mckurtis
Carson Mckurtis - 5 years ago
Damon Hargrave yassss he does... its easier to be tough on the couch
Christian Buczko
Christian Buczko - 5 years ago
It's funny seeing your comments about my joke. You seem to imply that you wouldn't be afraid with a great white following you in the same situation, or anybody that is is inferior to you perhaps??
Damon Hargrave
Damon Hargrave - 5 years ago
Carson Mckurtis he has couch and shark week experience
Carson Mckurtis
Carson Mckurtis - 5 years ago
Christian Buczko yra because u hv some experience in his situation???
Damon Hargrave
Damon Hargrave - 5 years ago
Christian Buczko thanks captain shark week. But no you wouldnt only know after it hits, he's in a Kayak. Sharks don't hunt kayaks like they'd hunt a fucking seal, plus this is Australia and they don't hunt that way anyway. People have had curious whites follow them around and then eventually bite kayaks before. People have had whites hang around and eventually attack in the water. Yes they prefer to ambush hunt their usual prey. When they see a slow retarded thing that they are unsure of, they know they can have a closer look.

However yes, if he didn't panic and try to rush away and then splash water with a paddle to "scare" might not have hung around as long
Cheng Xiong
Cheng Xiong - 5 years ago
You lucky he didn't smack at you like a bass on a lure because they do that... u took off like your some bait.... they are like any other fish that like to chasing bait fish... u were attracting him by taking off and hitting the water like giant bait fish on top water action... he only stop because of clear water that he see your not food like a bass chase and stop on your lure... your buddy almost saw some top water action
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 5 years ago
Cheng Xiong is that so?
R - 5 years ago
Sharks like, hehehe you can't see me, I'm gonna get you. Fisherman is like, there it is, I see it's fin.
Quantum Aquatic
Quantum Aquatic - 5 years ago
just imagining nemos dad screaming while paddling back to shore
islrubsca - 5 years ago
HOLY SHIT! The way he was tracking you behind the Kayak was like straight out of f a Jaws movie. Fuck me indeed! What an experience. Seemed like he was just curious... lucky for you!
Trav bohmer
Trav bohmer - 5 years ago
Lol I almost shit my pants just watching this..
Nigel Thornberry
Nigel Thornberry - 5 years ago
Trav bohmer same bro. I'd have shark sugar'd the water for sure.
CycoSven69 - 5 years ago
Same here.
GreySH101 - 5 years ago
You should keep a pod of Orcas on the back of your kayak for moments like these.
john shannon
john shannon - 5 years ago
Holy shit when it was following with the dorsal fin out just like jaws!! I would have crapped my pants!
Nick Adams
Nick Adams - 5 years ago
Had the duckboard smashed into the transom while was trying to land a snpapper on a 38 foot cruiser on Moreton Bay about a year ago.
EST. Eight ft. Bull shark.
Was just about to step on it to retrieve my fish.
40 years fishing the Bay and it scared me how ferocious it was.... your MAD !!!!!
--cLAsic-- - 5 years ago
Wait till you have one shoot up from underneath you, and slam into the bottom of your Kayak sending you up in the
air ,(almost like a bus hit you) then coming down ( confused not understanding what happened ) and having one of your feet
land on the coarse skin of the shark, with your kayak now10 yards away and the monster swimming below , You better hope you had a leash
on your paddle in case you make it to the kayak . If your lucky, like I was , there will be a Thick Kelp Bed close by so you can
asses the damage to your body and to your kayak. When you decide to make a B line to the shore, you will feel alive.
And in my case frightened adding to that feeling . Making it to shore you might say " thats it, this is the second time i have
been knocked off my kayak By a Great White , I selling the Kayak " (After you repair it) Then in a short time the adrenaline will wear off and
you will realize that pain in your back is so bad you cant stand up .
Now I have seen several dozen juvenile great whites smaller than 8 feet , even had several 8' - 9' G.W.'sfollow me and circle . You ask how do
i know their length because my kayak was 12 feet long . The one that slammed into me was as big if not bigger than my kayak .
All I can say is there are more Great Whites now then they wanna admit, especially here in California. Your chances of
being attacked are good, if they habit your area. You know this. I was down 3- weeks because of my back .
I reported my attack to the Life guard then to sheriff department , they wouldn't take the report because no county official
seen the attack even though my kayak was on top of my Rover with bite marks into it. It makes me think just how many
attacks aren't being reported. If I had a go pro I could've went to the media and they would have to accept that
Be careful , think about a boat.
A Best
A Best - 5 years ago
That's insane, you landed on the shark after it hit your kayak???
--cLAsic-- - 5 years ago
Jmlee84 - there are so many Kayaks attacked on the coast of California and
the public isnt aware or informed . Even with the sharks bite marks on my
kayak they wouldn't make a report because no city official seen it or injury ,
I was thinking maybe if I had a go pro and it somehow stayed on after the
impact , I could've shown the video to the press of even to the sheriff or
life guard. Im not sure if it being a cloudy day had anything to do with it
and the fact the water clarity is has gotten so horrible in the last 9-10 years,
I was thinking the shark was looking up and thought I was a seal or something
I dont know . It was like a bus hit me , and I will not Fish from a Kayak in the
ocean again ..
jmlee84 - 5 years ago
ive never heard of whites breaching on kayakers. thats crazy!
Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman - 5 years ago
Stephen Lane
Stephen Lane - 5 years ago
Shark (at 4:23): Holy shit its chasing me !!
Ethan Vogel
Ethan Vogel - 5 years ago
Fuck that... No chance you get me in a kayak near a shark that big.
Trinidad Sanchez
Trinidad Sanchez - 5 years ago
Your Asthma is like a beacon ! that’s why he’s chasing you
David - 5 years ago
Trinidad Sanchez lol
Sam Iam
Sam Iam - 5 years ago
small one
FULL TIME PUNTER - 5 years ago
You need couple of bungers mate
howlingwolf125y - 5 years ago
That shark was harmless.. He was just checking you out. No reason to panic .. He looked friendly..
John Nicholas
John Nicholas - 5 years ago
You both should have put your Kayaks together side by side to appear bigger to the Shark. Also I know at the time it seemed like the right thing to but smacking your paddle on the water is like ringing the dinner bell for Whites. It looks like distress to them. Glad you got home safe.
zack p
zack p - 5 years ago
ya, that was my first reaction, they should pontoon. Not only do you appear bigger, two boats pontooned are far more stable if he starts bumping.
AgentZero580 - 5 years ago
Here’s an idea....HEAD TO THE FUCKING SHORE!!!!!!!!!
They are ambush hunters....if he thought of you as dinner he wouldve charged up from the depths and hit your kayak that hard you wouldve been thrown 6ft in the air......i wouldve loved to have seen my 6 metre trihull guys respected a beautiful beast....and will remember that day for the rest of your life.....awesome
Riddick tonn
Riddick tonn - 5 years ago
MOON LANDINGS DENIER SPACE IS FAKE if they keep fucking around like lures on the waters surface it will happen.
Dark Waters
Dark Waters - 5 years ago
The answer is, shark is inquisitive, wants to know if the kayak is a dead whale. Nothing more to it.
April Tortorici
April Tortorici - 5 years ago
Damon Hargrave um yeah they do ambush when they hunt. Haven't you ever seen them hunt and eat seals??
Jennifer Chavarria
Jennifer Chavarria - 5 years ago
Great whites hunt differently in different waters. Different strategies for different prey
hamadera - 5 years ago
Serena Smith
Serena Smith - 5 years ago
I think he's just deciding whether to attack or not, at first it thought there was one kayak but when it found out there were two it had second thoughts, if the other kayak wasn't there then this video might have had a different ending.
Absolutely Pro
Absolutely Pro - 5 years ago
This actually is somewhat true. What if it was low on energy from not feeding for months.. If he was in the water he’d be food, it’s not just curious ..
emperorofpluto - 5 years ago
Damon Hargrave You are right about the regional variations - the ambush hunting technique (where they strike from below with incredible force) was first observed as a distinctive feature of the White Pointer population off the coast of South Africa, like the one that attacked Mick Fanning.
Researchers believe that they developed this technique as a way of overwhelming the seals and penguins they prey on which are often so fast and manoeuvrable they can elude capture using standard attack strategies - this discovery of regional variations in hunting technique also caused a reassessment of how we assess shark intelligence, since it proves they’re a lot smarter than had been assumed, are capable of learning and adapting their strategies to different prey.
Never encountered a white pointer in the wild but used to live in French Polynesia and Hawaii and have swum with bull sharks, lemon sharks and even tiger sharks (in ocean passes WHILE they were being fed by locals) which was the most amazingly spiritual experience of my entire life - those sharks all have very distinctive body language when they’re about to attack, not sure about white pointers tho.
UNconventional Me
UNconventional Me - 5 years ago
No evidence of them biting boats???
Dude! You are way off.
They chew on dingings n have no problem knockin over a yaker to get a bite. But hey, I guess I’m not a shark week expert like yourself. (No space huh? Wow, you’re full of insight, aren’t ya. Lol)
ThorsMjollnir0341 - 5 years ago
MOON LANDINGS DENIER SPACE IS FAKE there’s also videos of them biting boats when swimming next to them. Just because they are ambush hunters doesn’t mean they won’t take a bite out of your kayak.
Getz Boost
Getz Boost - 5 years ago
Damon Hargrave, yea like a shark knows what a kayak is.
johnnymcblaze - 5 years ago
MOON LANDINGS DENIER SPACE IS FAKE Your goona need a bigger boat...
Damon Hargrave m8 i am an aussie.....and i dont watch shark i have seen many shark docos.......heaps of white attacks usually smashes the victim with one hit then they wait for them to bleed out and weaken then finish them off....which is why theres more survivors....cause they get a chance to get the fark outta there......anyway.....cheers bro
Damon Hargrave
Damon Hargrave - 5 years ago
MOON LANDINGS DENIER SPACE IS FAKE it's not going to "ambush hunt" a kayak. You've watched too much shark week. This is Australia they don't hunt the same way everywhere in the world. Whites have approached slowly stayed in vision and attacked many people before. They have also bumped kayaks and attacked them after hanging around. Just because you watched shark week a few times doesn't make you an expert. P

However I do think you're correct and it didn't seem anything more than curious, but correct for the wrong reasons.
theguywithin - 5 years ago
Dude, you need to work on your cardio!
Make Nitro Great Again
Make Nitro Great Again - 5 years ago
theguywithin ever heard of an adrenaline dump? Or adrenaline rush?
S MacC
S MacC - 5 years ago
bodybalancer you need an iron set of cahones to dive with great whites. Not in my lifetime
Gudakesh Jha
Gudakesh Jha - 5 years ago
Jack Puffer My exact thought about the splashing.
bodybalancer - 5 years ago
Indeed! Anyone I’ve observed who free dives with Great whites is trained to slow their breathing and heart rate and to not act like prey, ie. Try to retreat away or splash around
Jimmy Juarez
Jimmy Juarez - 5 years ago
I thought the same thing....
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - 5 years ago
Yeah I wouldn't think splashing the oar is a great idea, jabbing him would be.
Toby Lama
Toby Lama - 5 years ago
Yeah first of all that is fucking bad leaving your bud like that but second of all if you build up one big obstacle it will more likely benefits you.
Techni Myoko
Techni Myoko - 5 years ago
You don't need to outrun the shark, you just need to outrun your friend
Grey Goose 4x4
Grey Goose 4x4 - 5 years ago
There's a shark behind me .... "don't come near me than dick ! " lol
SAMSQUATCH Moss - 5 years ago
Make Nitro Great Again lol
Make Nitro Great Again
Make Nitro Great Again - 5 years ago
James Leonard 100%! I would've thrown everything on my kayak at my friend to stay the fuck away from me while paddling away from him. Lol. I'm a terrible friend. My rule of thumb when going into the ocean is to make sure I'm not the slowest in the group
North Wales Shore Hugger
North Wales Shore Hugger - 5 years ago
It just wanted to check you out by the looks of it, I don't think you'd have a video to post had it thought you were dinner.
Had the opportunity to stroke a reasonably timid white there, still I'll bet that was a pretty exciting encounter because it's not uncommon to get a few in the same areas and when it takes a good while to gauge its intentions you can't help feeling like you've just been added to the menu.
Great video.
Theta Knight
Theta Knight - 5 years ago

Sort of seems like your a fucking asshole?
R C - 5 years ago
That’s the sound of a man breathing out of his arse
Robin Paydon
Robin Paydon - 5 years ago
D M D ikr. Dave's like wtf you want me to do?
Paul mccarten
Paul mccarten - 5 years ago
The shark was just checking out that FLAT HORIZON.
SAMSQUATCH Moss - 5 years ago
Paul mccarten Even sharks ain't that stupid..
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts - 5 years ago
Ya know you might want to invest in a small motor for the kayak
Shawn Crowe
Shawn Crowe - 5 years ago
You guys kayak fishing are freaking nuts especially since you grew up there. You have no protection in those things
juan jansen van Rensburg
juan jansen van Rensburg - 5 years ago
I'm honestly not suggesting hurting the animal but what would happen if you drop off a cherry bomb off side of the kayak. Just for interest sake would a Great White be deterred?
Papa Lazarou
Papa Lazarou - 5 years ago
You ever seen a great whites brain ?
It's about the size of a man's little finger !!
All it knows is eating and shagging ..
I wonder which one he had in mind for you ?
chancieacres - 5 years ago
The shark expert getting his calf torn off by the big female bull shark is one of the clearest attacks captured! Had he not lifted and twisted his leg up as she bit, she would have dragged him out and he would've been a goner. They are curious and highly aggressive, so it wasn't the smartest thing to stand among them to begin with.

The great white footage from the 1990s with the young woman's leg being taken off, she was taken onto the cruise ship that was nearby and emergency first aid by a medical staff onboard is what saved her life! She went into cardiac arrest a few times and they brought her back, such massive blood loss. She truly is lucky to have gotten to a hospital still alive and to be alive in general, so many fatalities that have occurred are from above knee bites/amputations/groin area when the femoral artery is severed (takes only a couple minutes).
X - 5 years ago
The Journey
The Journey - 5 years ago
Yea I finally looked because I was curious. I cannot find the footage I saw that day. I was living in Papua New Guinea at the time I saw that on the news, which is why I associated it with Australia. but the footage i see online is not as good as the footage i remember. Because i remember seeing her get pulled into the boat, and I don't see that footage online anywhere. Just her swimming and and getting attacked. But I believe there was more footage that day. But as the internet wasn't what it is now, I would not be surprised if that footage never found it's way onto the web.
For anyone who thinks sharks will not attack... apologize for the narrator who does a terrible job of it, but good examples of bull sharks attacking)
The very first one is a shark expert getting attacked by a bull shark after he had swam with them many times and thought he was safe because of that...
The Journey
The Journey - 5 years ago
K MAO sorry you are likely correct. I am scared to watch that footage again, so didn't want to confirm, but admit my memory is foggy since I saw that footage last at least 10 years ago. So yea, sounds correct. I just remember them grabbing her, and her leg popping off... I don't really want to see it again. So thanks for the correction...
I also just remember seeing the shark glide towards her, the shark was moving so little yet easily caught her. It made me realize just how useless we are in the water.
I felt that again a 1 year after that when snorkeling off the great barrier reef. And had a parrot fish that was keen on taking off my nose, and defending myself from a parrotfish made me realize this is definitely not our home, as much as it feels right and beautiful in many ways, it is there home, and they can move much easier through it.
I have dived with reef sharks and learned a thing or two about what it is like when you cannot see what is below the surface of the water unless you put your head down in the direction you are worried about. Lots of reasons why I would not be at all interested in swimming with anything bigger than a 5-6 reef shark...
Bolgernow - 5 years ago
Both. Eating....then he was really fucked
K MAO - 5 years ago
The Journey Just off the top of my head, i believe they were off the coast of Chile, it was an educational trip, and group of people jumped into the water. That one woman was far from the group and everyone yelled for them to get back to the boat. But she was far off and the White shark took a leg off. She did manage to swim to a smaller boat that came to her. 1994.... I watched the news the day it happened.
The Journey
The Journey - 5 years ago
Yes, they are curious, they even have a playful side people have brought out in them. But that doesn't mean this momma will not clamp down on a nice tasty limb.
If you want to see stuff of horrors that backs this up. Search on the internet for the great white attack from many years ago that happened in australia with a bunch of snorklers, a great white came into a bunch of boats where tourists where swimming around, exactly like this, slow, and not in any hurry. One woman swam for the boat, it trailed behind her, and as she reached the boat it clamped down on her leg, which came right off as the people on the boat tried to help her into the boat. I believe she survived, minus a leg, and she was lucky to survive at all. I can't imagine how they stopped the bleeding but they must have had first aid aboard. But yea, they will attack humans, they are curious, and they are hungry, that is how they survive, they eat, all the time... Nothing wrong with that, they are amazing beautiful creatures, but she would attack if she saw an easy opportunity...
Porsche Collector
Porsche Collector - 5 years ago
Seeing that it is a juvenile female, definitely shagging!
tray mctrayful
tray mctrayful - 5 years ago
Demorilyze Life
Demorilyze Life - 5 years ago
Papa Lazarou But he is not doing nothing. Obviously they aren't mindless beasts like you make them out to be.
Papa Lazarou
Papa Lazarou - 5 years ago
Demorilyze Life ...
Not necessarily .. if they are not eating or having sex then they are just doing nothing like this old chap ...
Case closed .
Demorilyze Life
Demorilyze Life - 5 years ago
Papa Lazarou Well you just disproved yourself when you said all they do is eat and fuck. If that was the case he would have got eaten or fucked and neither happened.
Sinjin Hawk
Sinjin Hawk - 5 years ago
I think I’m part white shark.
BMW threethreefive
BMW threethreefive - 5 years ago
It might be small but they are incredible predators when they need to be. Plus have you seen some of the tricks people have taught gold fish. Can't imagine the size of a gold fish brain but they can actually appear as very intelligent. I'd be pooping my pants about getting knocked off that yak and gums having a taste of my arms and legs.
Make Nitro Great Again
Make Nitro Great Again - 5 years ago
Sinfinate lol
Sinfinate - 5 years ago
Must’ve been keen for a shag I’d reckon
Nasty business.
Nasty business. - 5 years ago
I'd be like piss off and paddle in the away from me!
Robin Raphael
Robin Raphael - 5 years ago
If it's a real big one it's a she my friend
anuma nuva
anuma nuva - 5 years ago
only cello playing ones are dangerous...
LANDSHARK7130 K - 5 years ago
Dopey Lyn
Dopey Lyn - 5 years ago
This made me laugh so hard lol
The Stimpy
The Stimpy - 5 years ago
He just wanted to be friends and join the pack. Thought you knew where the fish are.
ross vandenberg
ross vandenberg - 5 years ago
He's going to need a bigger boat
ross vandenberg
ross vandenberg - 5 years ago
Obviously i'm in the middle of a nervous breakdown
Yannick van den hoof
Yannick van den hoof - 5 years ago
ross vandenberg why are you so triggered
ross vandenberg
ross vandenberg - 5 years ago
LMAO, get a fucking life
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 5 years ago
Yeah, so we heard. It was only funny the first million times.
Moto Shark
Moto Shark - 5 years ago
Sara James
The photo of the lemon shark, is that by Jim Abernethy?
pat lad84
pat lad84 - 5 years ago
3.5 metres max. Still wouldn't want to be out there on a kayak though. Saw one about this size off Trigg beach in Perth WA while out surfing. Once you see one you never forget. Never felt more alive. Lucky the one i saw was busy chasing bait fish up the coast and didn't take any interest in us surfers even though we were no more than 4-5m away.
lee reynolds
lee reynolds - 5 years ago
this is fucking scary shit, thats a big fucking white shark
Obsesi Mancing
Obsesi Mancing - 5 years ago
subbiee done pls suppurt back
Gavinda jya jya
Gavinda jya jya - 5 years ago
Moto Shark You'd be shitting your scuba gear if it started mashing up the cage though. I feel like we shouldn't be doing stuff like this just because we can, but it seems you're alive and well, so I'll wish you good luck, I'll check your videos out.
Moto Shark
Moto Shark - 5 years ago
Gavinda jya jya
You can always try shark diving. I go each year and I always see people who are nervous/scared. 10 mins later they're having fun. I have a few videos from my shark diving trips. This past March I was surrounded by 6-7 Bull sharks. Check it out.
Gavinda jya jya
Gavinda jya jya - 5 years ago
Moto Shark I'm not sure there's much that could help me now, but thank you.
Moto Shark
Moto Shark - 5 years ago
Gavinda jya jya
Jaws is the reason why sharks have a bad rep. The media has brainwashed lots of people into believing that sharks are these man eating machines when in reality they don't even like the taste of us. Our blood doesn't attract them as well, it's all a myth.
Damon Hargrave
Damon Hargrave - 5 years ago
Joseph Saeteurn like I said. People getting suddenly hit, are most likely people who just didn't see the shark. We all know how seal dummies get hit, that study showed when the white initially charged at it and suddenly stopped. The shields would work if that was the case. Those people getting "suddenly hit" are most likely just having the shark hang around and they never notice it until it hits.
Joseph Saeteurn
Joseph Saeteurn - 5 years ago
@Damon I have heard a lot of stories about kayakers all of a sudden just get thrown 6 feet up in the air landing back down on kayak. the ones you don't see are the ones you should be worry about. nothing will work 100% all the time and there will be the exception of a rogue shark. i heard of divers who use the shields so i don't know if it works or not but i guess if you do have one, it kinda ease your mind and focus more on fishing so i don't know if that's a good or bad thing.
Damon Hargrave
Damon Hargrave - 5 years ago
Joseph Saeteurn I think when you're in a kayak, You're not going to really get hit hard suddenly and surprise attacked. its gonna be curious about the kayak and hang around it at first. Sure the shield will prevent a sudden attack. But I don't see that likely on a kayak. Even people who have been "suddenly hit" on kayaks, id bet the shark would have been hanging around for a while, it would just be a surprise because they didn't see it. If that's the case, the shield wouldn't stop anything. I don't think a white is going to hunt a kayak like it would a seal.....even with seals they often follow below for a while before coming in hard. So yeah I'd agree it prevents sudden charging attacks. But I don't see sudden attacks on a kayak very likely to begin with. And it doesn't prevent the more likely thing to happen, which is being followed for a little while before the "adjustment" then whatever it decides comes next.
Joseph Saeteurn
Joseph Saeteurn - 5 years ago
@Damon link your source of info that says shark can adjust to it? maybe they can but why would you not have it on, on the water? having it on may deter the surprise attack versus to not having it on.there are kayakers that sworn of not going out without one.
Damon Hargrave
Damon Hargrave - 5 years ago
Make Nitro Great Again a shark shield is a slightly gimmicky things that puts out a electric field made to hurt the Sharks electroreceptors....the human equivalent would be if I shined a torch in your eyes. Your eyes sense light, if you overload them with a lot of light it hurts. It's basically the same thing. Except sharks adjust to it. Similar to how if you walk outside and it's so bright you have to squint, then after a few minutes you eyes adjust and you're fine. Sharks adjust and get used to it. So best thing to do is turn them on after you see the shark.

Although somewhat useful and good in theory. They're kinda gimmicky and just for peace of mind. I've tried spearfishing with one and sharks honestly don't give the slightest fuck about it if you leave it on. You can see it bother them if you turn it on suddenly around it's useful to have off and be ready to turn on, but at the end up of the day most of the time if you're gonna get attacked, you're not gonna see it coming. So it's useless
Make Nitro Great Again
Make Nitro Great Again - 5 years ago
What is a shark shield? And don't we produce them naturally in these specific circumstances?
Joseph Saeteurn
Joseph Saeteurn - 5 years ago
@Vladimir what kind do you have?
Trailer Yacht
Trailer Yacht - 5 years ago
That's what I thought - two new customers !
dirty dave the brave
dirty dave the brave - 5 years ago
It's not what you want to see while you're in a kayak
BIG T - 5 years ago
That's a 20 footer. 25, 3 tons of him.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 5 years ago
God of Light sorry but the only thing that's real is the world trying to figure out why Australians are so retarded. Real units? I wish you could see how fucking stupid you look saying that.
BIG T - 5 years ago
Really God of Light, really?!? another one taking a funny piece and adding an irrelevant attempt at counter humor.
God of Light
God of Light - 5 years ago
sorry but we only use real units (aka Metric) here in australia
Theatre Mad
Theatre Mad - 5 years ago
Lucky he did not have a go at the kayak. He's a big bugger that's for sure. I would have been shitting myself too mate as its easy to loose your nerve in a situation like that just not knowing what he is going to do next. It worked out fine in the end THIS TIME.
TheDcrocks1 - 5 years ago
Theatre Mad THIS TIME.....
Jessica Melton
Jessica Melton - 5 years ago
This is like a lifelong dream of mine! I would have been thrilled, but im sure nervous too. I've seen a vast majority of great white footage that's available to the public and IMO, that shark is simply wanting to say "hey who are you. What's up buddy?" lol. I think you guy's reaction was normal and i applaud you for respecting this beautiful animal and acknowledging that you are a guest in his home! I bet this was an awesome experience!
Ericochico - 5 years ago
take a trip to south africa and take a kayak in the water with some bloody meat....and achieve your dream
Nicky Bell
Nicky Bell - 5 years ago
Jessica Melton your life long dream is to be in a kayak, followed by a shark??
Billy Smith
Billy Smith - 5 years ago
Juvenile Great White merely curious. Splashing paddle was not wise as it invites more attention. They are drawn to any electromagnetic energy produced.
Finn burke
Finn burke - 5 years ago
TheDcrocks1 yeah nice one billy shut the fuck up
chrismac2345 - 5 years ago
he was so afraid when it chased him then he fallows it... smh
Damon Hargrave
Damon Hargrave - 5 years ago
Billy Smith good work mr shark week. You've done it again.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 5 years ago
Billy Smith I think that's enough shark expertise for one day Dr. Youtube.
Billy Smith
Billy Smith - 5 years ago
TheDcrocks1 They are ambush hunters who attack from below thinking your their preferred prey a seal. First bite is exploratory but a damaging bite in which it’s victim will bleed out and the Great White can dine later at its leisure.
TheDcrocks1 - 5 years ago
Billy Smith Thank you!! The splashing water idea was Not needed.
Millers Landing
Millers Landing - 5 years ago
CastleMc - 5 years ago
yeah thats not what you want to see in the rear view!
Kwikflikz Yak ADVENTURES
Kwikflikz Yak ADVENTURES - 5 years ago
I wouldn't call that a chase, PA slowest kayak on the water, Shark was thinking "I'll just wait for this whale to die" lol, great footage but. Got a like and a sub.
Colossus Scarface
Colossus Scarface - 5 years ago
u surprised? me✌️ not

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