Great White Tests Kayak Anglers' Nerves - Jukin Media Verified (Original)

Great White Shark circles and bumps kayak anglers while fishing off Hartenbos. Estimated at around 4m long, the shark seemed way too curious and made it his mission to do a thorough the cost of the anglers' comfort. For licensing / permission to use: Contact -

Great White Tests Kayak Anglers' Nerves - Jukin Media Verified (Original) sentiment_very_dissatisfied 250

Kayak 8 years ago 936,064 views

Great White Shark circles and bumps kayak anglers while fishing off Hartenbos. Estimated at around 4m long, the shark seemed way too curious and made it his mission to do a thorough the cost of the anglers' comfort. For licensing / permission to use: Contact -

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Most popular comments
for Great White Tests Kayak Anglers' Nerves - Jukin Media Verified (Original)

Can Sezer
Can Sezer - 6 years ago
we are gonna need a bigger kayak, right ? we need a bigger kayak. we are gonna go back and get a bigger kayak.
DAMC3808 - 6 years ago
How the heck are they so calm lmfao I’d be freaking out and damn sure would be paddling for the shore. That shark was freaking HUGE and way way way way too close for comfort. I’d have to paddle in regardless just to change my board shorts hahahahaha LMFAO
mpage2654 - 6 years ago
Those bare feet would have been tucked under my ass !
kuriu - 6 years ago
He wants a petting
Will Willy
Will Willy - 6 years ago
a jug of killer whale pee sends them running.
Laurie Eno
Laurie Eno - 6 years ago
Holy shitballs!
artemisjackson1 - 6 years ago
goregod orthodox
goregod orthodox - 6 years ago
freakin' shark adventure. nice film without any sound.
Benjamin Leboeuf
Benjamin Leboeuf - 6 years ago
And I thought having gators stalk us down here in louisiana was crazy while we kayak fish wow!

10. comment for Great White Tests Kayak Anglers' Nerves - Jukin Media Verified (Original)

Verum - 6 years ago
He was probably waiting for someone to catch something, and then eat that something.
Na Zdrowie
Na Zdrowie - 6 years ago
how can they smile at this moment ? i would shit my pants so hard
gardehusar24 - 6 years ago
I'll fight Taliban any day of the week. Been there done that. But this shit. No way.
Damon Jacobs
Damon Jacobs - 6 years ago
Clever of the shark to push them away from the shore line and deeper into sea
Chris Clifton
Chris Clifton - 6 years ago
They deserve to be a hot lunch. Dumb enough 2 fish around Great white sharks out of a kayak is just plain stupid
Motoroil - 6 years ago
Stupid white people doing things they shouldn't. I love when I head of people getting killed doing stuff they shldnt be.
Cesar penaroyo
Cesar penaroyo - 6 years ago
Catch that shark and give it to me i made shark special soup haha..
Bob Down
Bob Down - 6 years ago
colincgc - 6 years ago
That would be thrilling if maybe a bit scary to start with. Beautiful creature
ZaC kWinz
ZaC kWinz - 6 years ago
Yes.. More immediate problems to deal with... But you need something to get back onto if you manage to avoid becoming shark-chow

20. comment for Great White Tests Kayak Anglers' Nerves - Jukin Media Verified (Original)

dmatthieu2 - 6 years ago
Smh. I dont get the logic of open water kayak fishing at all. Its just seems stupid to put oneself in such a potentially fatal possibility. The only thing separates you from death is a 8 inch board. A bigger shark would have tipped them wanting the fish. Sky diving is safer than this crap. Just stupid.
shotgunaaron - 6 years ago
Um... no thanks!
Biksie666 - 6 years ago
My boot sal sink van al kak...
puckerdUpp fishing
puckerdUpp fishing - 6 years ago
Hahahahaha the gaff cracks me up!
Guyinpajamapants - 6 years ago
A juvenile
Fvkin Amazed
Fvkin Amazed - 6 years ago
Let it slide maybe twice. But I'm a sick bitch. Third roll hear comes the boom
NA NA - 6 years ago
FACT: That shark was VERY patient! He was hoping you both would fall in! Almost 6 minutes of NERVE SHATTERING DRAMA!
Marin Daniel
Marin Daniel - 6 years ago
I think i heard a poop or two
Zeva Sophia
Zeva Sophia - 6 years ago
Wow, now that is scary stuff
little miss auspicious 888
little miss auspicious 888 - 6 years ago
The sharks fin could just knock that kayak and they'll be in the water tho not laughing...

30. comment for Great White Tests Kayak Anglers' Nerves - Jukin Media Verified (Original)

mongango - 6 years ago
Un solo golpe... y al agua!!!!
lord andante
lord andante - 6 years ago
I have an in built shark repellent. Its called shit me self. So i shit me self shark smells it shark fucks sorted carry on way fishing.
Serial Killers Documentaries
Serial Killers Documentaries - 6 years ago
Now you know how little people feel in supermarket when all the goods are on the top shelf :D
Barry Hemmy
Barry Hemmy - 6 years ago
If you are Kayaking in South Africa and other parts of the world(especially Australia) what you want to do is put a motor on the end of your kayak.
zen 101
zen 101 - 6 years ago
Don't be afraid to catch fi-ish.
JAIR ****
JAIR **** - 6 years ago
Notimg a 12 guage couldnt handle
TheCrazycaper - 6 years ago
I would have been so covered in my own shit he wouldn't have eaten me anyway.
Keith Lapere
Keith Lapere - 6 years ago
Predator from the deep. Nice shot. Way to keep your cool.Curious as they are it was surprising he didn't take a taste test of your kayaks. On the other hand it was observing and wasn't hungry I guess!
PHATTSTER - 6 years ago
I hear they can smell a drop of bloody from 3 miles away, it would sensory overload following the diarhea trail flowing out the back of my kayak :)
ray don
ray don - 6 years ago
if that was me, I would have shit in my pants. wait, the smell might bring more sharks.....
woodx454 - 6 years ago
Yea screw that!
loyal American
loyal American - 6 years ago
take a 44 magnum and kill that damn shark.
Foxy rollins
Foxy rollins - 6 years ago
if that shark wanted you for food, it would come from below and bight the dam kayak in half at full speed
okinoboo - 6 years ago
Peaceful Hooligan
Peaceful Hooligan - 6 years ago
I think we're gonna need a bigger boat.
Will Fisher
Will Fisher - 6 years ago
good job guys
Emil Wharton
Emil Wharton - 6 years ago
That gray shark is huge. lol.
duncan walker
duncan walker - 6 years ago
Hello boys my name is jaws and today I'm promoting the all new sea side washing powder. Just add a little extra than before to rid those tough stains from your pants
IWroteThis - 6 years ago
Next time invite tough guy, Joe Rogan out for a trip. Ha ha.
roflmows - 6 years ago
aww he just dropped by to say G'DAY MATE! ;)
Foxy rollins
Foxy rollins - 6 years ago
its just a tiddler
ROTO SCOPIC - 6 years ago
I would have shit right there on the Kayak’s deck.

50. comment for Great White Tests Kayak Anglers' Nerves - Jukin Media Verified (Original)

Vandalize Break
Vandalize Break - 6 years ago
Screw that, I would have literally cried
Foxy rollins
Foxy rollins - 6 years ago
cried and defecated
Jane Doe
Jane Doe - 6 years ago
Cut the lines and go in
lenlu007 - 6 years ago
It's time to start "back-paddling" towards the shore.... I'm just sayin'
Coolnicknameguy - 6 years ago
should have been like, "hold my beer"  and jumped on its back and road it like a horsy, that's what real men do
Jerry Ross
Jerry Ross - 6 years ago
I would think poking at a big shark not a good idea I would get my ass back to shore
Jerry Ross
Jerry Ross - 6 years ago
I would think poking at a big shark not a good idea I would get my ass back to shore
Tracey Lynn c Falconer
Tracey Lynn c Falconer - 6 years ago
He's circling you lunch time lol he's saying what we have here now fresh meat
Diego P
Diego P - 6 years ago
Since all animals soon or late always learn sth. from a new stuation, when just a shark in the world will have got to know how to take what's in a kayak, other sharks follow up...
Joey - 6 years ago
How can ppl say this is fake?
BiFuRcAt3D DuPLiCaTuS - 6 years ago
Fuck that shit...
Christy Phillips
Christy Phillips - 6 years ago
Why would anyone go into an ocean with a kayak. Omg.
If you do though carry a gun... For goodness sake.
Marylou42 - 6 years ago
You were asking for trouble ..........Ohh , and another thing ....don't cry when things are going wrong ...
tstires1 - 6 years ago
As once stated by a great man.... you DEFINITELY need a bigger boat!
Rob James
Rob James - 6 years ago
shoulda put a minnow on the hook and hooked in to the big brute.......and yell "that taxidermy man, he's gonna have a heart attack when he see's what I brung him" !!
CastleMc - 6 years ago
Very aggressive shark, interesting to see this behavior
Foxy rollins
Foxy rollins - 6 years ago
Christopher Hutton
Christopher Hutton - 6 years ago
Would smacking him or sticking him with the gaf scare him off if he became aggressive? Is there a chance that he could get "mad" and retaliate? Sorry have not messed around with many Great Whites except for a few big girls I dated in college.
Anthony Spanjich
Anthony Spanjich - 6 years ago
I'd take hand grenades next time you boys go fishing....
Hal Heywood
Hal Heywood - 6 years ago
Holy moly
ROLF HENDEL - 6 years ago
Blog Caiaque Aventura e Natureza,it's power.Rolf from Brazil.
Howard Pearcey
Howard Pearcey - 6 years ago
That feeling you get when you realize you are not at the top of the food chain!
Troy Geer
Troy Geer - 6 years ago
How fast can you paddle? Not faster than shark can swim, but I only need paddle faster than you!!!
Frankie Pham
Frankie Pham - 6 years ago
next time bring a gun shoot his ass
Howard Pearcey
Howard Pearcey - 6 years ago
Ever see the mythbuster show were they fire bullets into water. More likely to piss it off than even seriously wound it. Waiting for it to break the surface when attacking you is a bit late in the game. Big game 454 Casull round in a pistol or not! A spear would fend it off better from a distance of 2-3 feet underwater.
Andrew Harrison
Andrew Harrison - 6 years ago
deerrr dum... deeerrr dum.... dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum
Fremen Warrior
Fremen Warrior - 6 years ago
Next time don't forget to wear your brown pants.
Charles Rablin
Charles Rablin - 6 years ago
Shark looking for any fingers or toes hanging over the edge
Tim Smith
Tim Smith - 6 years ago
Would have been an epic video with sound. Not sure how long all this took as the clips were edited together, so it seems like the shark was making runs at them constantly - but could have been significant breaks between them. No doubt though, that GW was very interested, and I reckon it was working itself up to a test bite on the kayak. I like how these guys kept their shit together and didn't smack the shark with the gaff until the end scene which, I presume, sent the shark away and that was the end of the encounter.
A Link In The Comments
A Link In The Comments - 6 years ago
Should have wrestled it...
Footlockmaster Leopard
Footlockmaster Leopard - 6 years ago
Jump on the fuckers back!
Marie Ruben
Marie Ruben - 6 years ago
Why not paddle right to land. Dam it's right there. I watch videos all the time. People normally paddle away from the shark. Not stay and watch.
Movie Fanatic
Movie Fanatic - 6 years ago
Freakin' scary tho...
Desmond s
Desmond s - 6 years ago
Why didn't they poke it with
Larsen Villaranda
Larsen Villaranda - 6 years ago
Bigger boat? Imma need a chopper quick!
Adam Kalman
Adam Kalman - 6 years ago
I would have rode that bitch like a bull
1969cmp - 6 years ago
Fishing in Kayaks. Not the smartest thing to do.
Kaël Blog
Kaël Blog - 6 years ago
I would defend myself if someone comes in my room without knocking the door
dAbSpUr 1882
dAbSpUr 1882 - 6 years ago
I wonder if that had been a 16fter instead of a juvenile if they wud hav sat there???
Danny Branderson
Danny Branderson - 6 years ago
Not even a shark, just a whale shark bro
Conor 'pls dont take my belt' McGregor
Conor 'pls dont take my belt' McGregor - 6 years ago
Great job on the audio!
AdiL oSaFi
AdiL oSaFi - 6 years ago
give him a shut you are pussy as fuck
Keith Mann
Keith Mann - 6 years ago
Shew, that was an encounter and a half. Well done to be able to keep on filming.
Mark Bennett
Mark Bennett - 6 years ago
By the way what exactly was you gonna do with the wee coat hanger on he end of your stick? It's fifteen feet of muscle with four hundred razor sharp teeth at the front end...
Mark Bennett
Mark Bennett - 6 years ago
That's a frisky female boys.......checking your junk for sure....❤️
Rich Evans
Rich Evans - 6 years ago
How are you able to sit in those kayaks with your balls being that big? It must be hard to sit
J. S.
J. S. - 6 years ago
Hate videos without audio.. I automatically add Spongebob music to it thanks to that asshole youtuber that started it. Fuck that guy.
TriHard - 6 years ago
Looks like a curious youngster.
benoit rolland
benoit rolland - 6 years ago
De toutes façons les sociétés secrètes restent des société secrètes, donc si nous parvenons à faire pencher le grand basculement à l'avantage du plus grand nombre, et cela en emprisonnant les grands criminels, il en restera toujours un nombre en liberté de sorte qu'au bout de plusieurs générations ils regagnent le pouvoir qu'ils ont acquis aujourd'hui.
C'est une lutte sans fin !
Neon White
Neon White - 6 years ago
Imagine having the balls to swim with a fish like that... I don't know how people do it.
DReaM ForeveR
DReaM ForeveR - 6 years ago
Cancel my dream to be kayakers
icewall flatearth
icewall flatearth - 6 years ago
in Florida you can open carry a firearm when hunting, fishing and camping going to and from. no permit or license required. better be safe than sorry. if its trying to bump the boat bust a cap in his ass. personal safety first.
Debbie Rodman
Debbie Rodman - 6 years ago
White is saying "jump in, the water is beautiful"

100. comment for Great White Tests Kayak Anglers' Nerves - Jukin Media Verified (Original)

jennifer garcia
jennifer garcia - 6 years ago
Great footage, but next time play the audio. This could have been an even better video with sound. It makes it more suspenseful. Thanks for the footage. He was sizing you up. I would have a huge sickel to poke that fucker in the eye. Sorry for my verbiage,
Amelia Reagan Wright
Amelia Reagan Wright - 6 years ago
Vid needs audio!
John Elliott
John Elliott - 6 years ago
Be Careful !!!!! Great White Shark CAN JUMP over you. CHOMP !!! You will kill. IF Shark still thinking about kill.
MrStensnask - 6 years ago
You're a little stupid for going out there to fish but good on you for staying calm. Try and look at its pectoral fins: they're out to the side, NOT pointing down. That means that the animal is calm. It was simply curious. It might look ferocious but it can be quite gentle and calm.
Andy Doufreisn
Andy Doufreisn - 6 years ago
Shark was offering you a free ride and a spiritual experience and you scared it off...I think you fucked up bro
At least paint the post white and black like a sea snake or something geez cattle prod wouldn't hurt
Kayaking is for lakes and rivers white water not big water natural selection should take them all
A DigitalFreak Video Byte
A DigitalFreak Video Byte - 6 years ago
Geez, whats my ex girlfriend in a bikini doing swimming around off the coast of S. Africa.
Cat G
Cat G - 6 years ago
Wow Cant believe you are laughing.
that random nerd
that random nerd - 6 years ago
I’d shit my pants out of fear scream push the other guy out of the way as a distraction swim to score at a speed that physically can’t exist
John Lynch
John Lynch - 6 years ago
My sit in kayak would be safe to have a in counter with a shark but a sit on is a lot less safe
Евгения Безфамилии
Евгения Безфамилии - 6 years ago
Да у них яйца из стали сто ли?
True Smoker
True Smoker - 6 years ago
Awwww what a cute little sharkey I’d jump in and give him a big hug
OpticalEarth - 6 years ago
Stupid place to fish off a kayak. You're bound to encounter them there and all you gonna catch in that area are sand and pyjama sharks.
Zenn's Life
Zenn's Life - 6 years ago
It's only about 6 feet long; still a juvenile. So it was looking for an easy meal stealing their fish. They don't 'graduate' to preying on marine mammals (seals, etc) and attacking prey at the surface until adulthood. More like 10 feet long.
Walt Coyle
Walt Coyle - 6 years ago
My paddle would have looked like an outboard motor as I headed toward the beach.
Bella Patel
Bella Patel - 6 years ago
Is that essential to go fishing by kayak?, No grocery store around. Well..., that's their territory. so be careful. What else...
Mark Fuller
Mark Fuller - 6 years ago
This is the dumbest shit any human with any brain cells remaining would ever attempt. This would be equivalent to walking down the freeway during rush hour.....
Infinite A.i.isdeath
Infinite A.i.isdeath - 6 years ago
That's why you carry a cattle prod.
Wutangkilla1 - 6 years ago
the hunters became the hunted, the fishermen became the bait
Jason Baker
Jason Baker - 6 years ago
Just really cool! Would have been scared to death! but just really cool
azrael reloaded
azrael reloaded - 6 years ago
Please keep hands and feet inside the ride at all times. . . .
E. Raven
E. Raven - 6 years ago
At like .50 seconds the rope goes on his top fin like the shark was like “I will mess with them by acting like I am dragging there kayak”.
Greg Reed
Greg Reed - 6 years ago
Well you are fishermen , and have been fishing and have fishy bait all over you and the kyacks so welcome to the real world
1998megaman v
1998megaman v - 6 years ago
That's a small GW
KEJ Photoworks
KEJ Photoworks - 6 years ago
Botha...Not for me I remember the spirit which pervades this family.
Black Redneck
Black Redneck - 6 years ago
I would have push the other guy In the water.. #someone gotta live to tell the story
Kraw1989 - 6 years ago
I wouldn’t go out without a big ass knife just in case
MsEnlightened1 - 6 years ago
he circled your kayaks for over 5min?
MsEnlightened1 - 6 years ago
I would of had a heart attack!!
garry gordon
garry gordon - 6 years ago
Ma nerves are getting tested watching it man
BOCfan - 6 years ago
People can be so stupid! Your lucky she didn’t decide to test that floating object. South Africa known great white hunting grounds, why not just bring a bigger boat?
Nicholas Stanko
Nicholas Stanko - 6 years ago
Yo that is crazy fuck that
T. C. Broekhuis
T. C. Broekhuis - 6 years ago
that's why you bring a 50. BMG
Sikisan - 6 years ago
Shark "What the fuck is this shit ?"
juan jansen van Rensburg
juan jansen van Rensburg - 6 years ago
O fok o fok o fok o fok!
Jari Viitanen
Jari Viitanen - 6 years ago
Just a juvenile one.
SUB TO ME 4 I post no vids _
SUB TO ME 4 I post no vids _ - 6 years ago
I have brought my self to tell you I am a expert and that is indeed a shark
JJ Villy
JJ Villy - 6 years ago
That was only Bruce looking for Nemo
Chris Boosalis
Chris Boosalis - 6 years ago
Gonna need a bigger boat
combatjj forlife
combatjj forlife - 6 years ago
I understand why they left the sound off
combatjj forlife
combatjj forlife - 6 years ago
That shark has been watching to much jaws hes like im gonna make some people shit theirselves today
Matthew's Challenge
Matthew's Challenge - 6 years ago
No sound, they're probably atheists yelling for Jesus.
Tbh, I'm not going tbh with you
Tbh, I'm not going tbh with you - 6 years ago
Club penguin looks more real than this shit
Kyle R
Kyle R - 6 years ago
Whole lotta nope on that fishing trip!!!
Scott Fortier
Scott Fortier - 6 years ago
Wow that shark was very close to shore
MegaTriumph1 - 6 years ago
Joe and Bill gave up fishing, and decided to collect rocks as a new hobby.
AD L200
AD L200 - 6 years ago
good job it's a shark and not an orca,it would of tipped them.
The Great Restoration
The Great Restoration - 6 years ago
Two words......Fuck That!!
Pasu suel
Pasu suel - 6 years ago
next holiday they are planning to jogg thru lion infested deserts.
and if they live thru that, they will take on the sleeping-in-a-tent-in-bear-infested-woods challenge.
iq lower then 60 required.
Johan sigurdson
Johan sigurdson - 6 years ago
You should of been hitting the water and striking at it more, with these predators you wanna get big and mean to make them think twice about you being prey
Evan Tee
Evan Tee - 6 years ago
4 metres? More like 2.5 metres. These guys are lucky it was only a pup.
Erick Schaffer
Erick Schaffer - 6 years ago
See these guys are smart they just push the ark away other people would hit that shit with a fucking baseball bat and get it pissed then say the shark just started attacking
elvis manhattan
elvis manhattan - 6 years ago
thats why i carry my AK47 in kayak.... my wife is scared of Orcas so she carries bazzukka!
Lito - 6 years ago
Mary Jane Abarquez
Mary Jane Abarquez - 6 years ago
they're lucky it's not a big one, these guys need some serious reality check
Dustin Morrison
Dustin Morrison - 6 years ago
I love sailing, but it scares the shit out of me of what’s swimming beneath the surface with teeth. LOL.
Terry Stearns
Terry Stearns - 6 years ago
You guys need to buy a Boat. One day you will end up a meal for a white...
Chip Pee
Chip Pee - 6 years ago
We should kill sharks
Brett OBerry
Brett OBerry - 6 years ago
I peed just a little bit from watching the video. I'd never go near the ocean again if I was on one of those Kayaks.
jonysevn - 6 years ago
Could have hooked it surely, just got to tire it out. Possibly need a third man to bring it in however.
kingofnone - 6 years ago
that looks like a job for smith and wesson revolver..
Charlie Gun
Charlie Gun - 6 years ago
Sure, let's go kayak fishing where great whites rule. South Africa
Jason Hill
Jason Hill - 6 years ago
-me on that kayak
Johnnyseig heil Dernberger
Johnnyseig heil Dernberger - 6 years ago
Yup fuck you
Casey Mathews
Casey Mathews - 6 years ago
Fuck the ocean
Jahblo - 6 years ago
that was awesome!
D Fisher
D Fisher - 6 years ago
My grandpa would jave me wack em with a paddle when I was 5 fishing with him.

These panty waist liberals today are embarrassing.
Troy Addict
Troy Addict - 6 years ago
Oh hell naw!! See This is a reason why I don't fuck with the sea and definitely!! No in no small ass boat like that!! ONLY SHIT WHITE PEOPLE WILL GET IN and fish in
Mulloway Man
Mulloway Man - 6 years ago
That Shark was looking for a meal, I would have got out of there straight away!
Robert DelRosso
Robert DelRosso - 6 years ago
Talk about shitting your pants this fifteen or slightly larger shark could have had an easy meal if it wanted to .lol he was just scoping you out .
Kahele Koki
Kahele Koki - 6 years ago
Shark hungry
Eric Ostrea
Eric Ostrea - 6 years ago
What's the hook for
Leopard Boas
Leopard Boas - 6 years ago
You're gonna need a bigger boat.
Nathan Hill
Nathan Hill - 6 years ago
Fishing can cost an arm and a leg these days didn't mean that literally though,
Robert Reaves
Robert Reaves - 6 years ago
So now wouldn't be the time for an inflatable kayak? Pop! lunch time?
Mel Makavali
Mel Makavali - 6 years ago
Kill sharks
John Mason
John Mason - 6 years ago
I hear sharks aren't a threat to people, you should have gotten in and given it a hug. That's why it was circling you so much... it was waiting for its hug.
CJ - 6 years ago
Pucker factor 9.9
Bog Trotter
Bog Trotter - 6 years ago
It just wanted a bit of company and a hug
Cou nou
Cou nou - 6 years ago
The SHARK is lonely and looking for LOVE!!!
Gina Gabriella MUA
Gina Gabriella MUA - 6 years ago
Who the fuck kayaks in south africa????? Smh
Les Lori
Les Lori - 6 years ago
I'd be shitting my wetsuit
Leon Tryitall
Leon Tryitall - 6 years ago
Find it interesting that people who has never fished of a Fishingski/kayak in South African waters or even set foot on SA soil has so much to comment. What Theuns Botha & his fishing buddy did is the correct way of doing it. I fished the North coast of KZN off my fishing ski for a few years. On a day trip to fish for gamefish & sailfish, a fellow paddler 50 m away from me was attacked by a resident 3.5m Tiger shark. The Tiger was chomping on his fishing ski and the guy started to beat on the shark to let go, when it let go, the Tiger turned its attention to my fishingski. I had to constantly paddle forward or backwards to avoid being T-boned or bumped by the shark and this lasted about 5 min until he lost interest in me. it is believed that that is the same shark that that bit and caused the death of a spear fishing friend of mine about a year later in the same spot.
Sara Armas
Sara Armas - 6 years ago
Gerry Hernadez
Gerry Hernadez - 6 years ago
Only a senseless person go fishing in to an open ocean with a kayak.
Foxy rollins
Foxy rollins - 6 years ago
hmm, i think sharks are pretty smart, we have resident white pointers in W.Aus that eat snapper... and steal fish off lines. I think they know were not prey...
Jason Kloos
Jason Kloos - 6 years ago
You are much more likely to be killed in a car accident.
Foxy rollins
Foxy rollins - 6 years ago
..and crosses road in city
Robert Janko
Robert Janko - 6 years ago
If captain hook comes into your backyard and gets on your nerves, how would you react? ;o)
Janice Van Horn
Janice Van Horn - 6 years ago
Is there no sound on this video, or is my iPad screwed?
Dave OG Miles
Dave OG Miles - 6 years ago
I can hear the jaws theme track do do doo
Alf Pedersen
Alf Pedersen - 6 years ago
That has to be the biggest Minnow I've ever seen!
Pig Slayer
Pig Slayer - 6 years ago
That fish ( great white ) is just looking for free food ( fish ) from fisherman
PhantomZO9 - 6 years ago
please keep hand and feet inside the kayak at all times.
C - 6 years ago
a true trolling
David Dawson
David Dawson - 6 years ago
Good thing it didn't get too inquisitive. Really cool though.
Nomad - 6 years ago
I often think its the boats leaking bait and blood smells that attracts the sharks .I Kayak fish and landing fish on board and messing about with bait does seem to attract fish to my boat !
Jesse Judah
Jesse Judah - 6 years ago
I'd shit myself
XenoCookie - 6 years ago
it was huge
Benjamin Chung
Benjamin Chung - 6 years ago
There is a beautiful young lady in Hawaii who swims with these potential man eating sharks. A woman swimming with 20 feet great white sharks with nothing but fins on her feet and a snorkel mask. My masculine side said to myself...heck next time a great white shark approaches my kayak instead of shitting my pants, I'll scare it away with my paddle; if she can swim with them, I can fight them by gouging their eyes should I be thrown off the yak.
canackcanack - 6 years ago
That's not a white shark.
jchevy42 - 6 years ago
Ur gonna need a bigger hook
Jones - 6 years ago
I've had that happen, while sitting on a short board. It's unnerving, to say the least. Having to figure out which body part you're most willing to loose, in order to keep the majority of your body out of the water is not an easy decision to make.

What's funny, give me some dive gear, and I'm as calm as a clam. I suppose the whole "dinner comes from above" is the image you want to avoid. That, and smelling like a bucket of fish...
oliver bosch
oliver bosch - 6 years ago
Shot it with a gun he obviously gets close to see if your prey
Aaron Tabak
Aaron Tabak - 6 years ago
Pretty close to sure
Aaron Tabak
Aaron Tabak - 6 years ago
Don't know how lucky you are to see one in the wild people pay a shit load of money for this ,,,,, or maybe you do we wouldn't know would we there's no fucking sound
Powder Hungry
Powder Hungry - 6 years ago
notice how it got pissed when you started to try and paddle away, that is it saying you ain't going nowhere. and it is showing you how strong and fast it is in comparison.
Ben Sims
Ben Sims - 6 years ago
Dustin Morrison ha ha
Sándor Gombai
Sándor Gombai - 6 years ago
"Just tire out the fish while I'm bringing a bigger scale! We'll share the trophy when we're done."
Hugo von braunschweig
Hugo von braunschweig - 6 years ago
That would be cruel, imo.
Michael Freeze
Michael Freeze - 6 years ago
You dont have to out paddle the great white you only have to out paddle your fishin buddy!!!
Brett OBerry
Brett OBerry - 6 years ago
I'm NEVER going fishing with you... LOL
NalaG RZ
NalaG RZ - 6 years ago
Dustin Morrison hahahaha
Dumb Freddy
Dumb Freddy - 6 years ago
Dumb Freddy
Dumb Freddy - 6 years ago
NonStop Fails
NonStop Fails - 6 years ago
Fuck Jukin Media
narkfestmojo - 6 years ago
It doesn't look that scary in a video but I think you'd be messing your pants if you were there
muzvh1 - 6 years ago
Dip your toe in the water, just to see what it does - go on, I dare you.
Zé da Silva
Zé da Silva - 6 years ago
And idiotic crazy woman smiling...
Rizzle Dizzle
Rizzle Dizzle - 6 years ago
Zé da Silva where? There's no woman there
Richard the great
Richard the great - 6 years ago
Great white? sounds like a Trump supporter.
deadlypalms - 6 years ago
Holy crap. So tension throughout, then the finale where you decide 'enough is enough' and then prod the bastard and make him go nuts (looks like he might cause enough ripples to affect your little rafts) and then it immediately ends? Is this a found footage vid? :P
Douglas Nightingale
Douglas Nightingale - 6 years ago
Why not paddle back to shore? I know sounds stupid.
Amir Hadzi
Amir Hadzi - 6 years ago
Why ppl do stupid shit go on kayak, and hammer head attacks them. Be prepared so u can blast it
Jess S
Jess S - 6 years ago
Talk about scarey
Lenny Huff
Lenny Huff - 6 years ago
Hind sight... the white kayak might consider keeping his craft's deck port hole sealed and waterproof... imagine getting swamped as when killer whales and sharks lunge for seals at shore lines or off of ice floats.
DarkbyDesign - 6 years ago
FUCK THAT < I saw an 18 meter whale shark under a boat and that was bad enough.

Great white...... I'm off!!
Artys_boxfile - 6 years ago
18m, you sure?
ViralTuber - 6 years ago
I'll assume you refused to jab him sharply on the nose because you were hoping he'd attack and you didn't want to risk scaring him away.
jeff love
jeff love - 6 years ago
Fuck that
Papscal - 6 years ago
This is why its best to always carry a firearm.
Randy Ayo
Randy Ayo - 6 years ago
Keep hanging that foot over dumbass
Theo P
Theo P - 6 years ago
That's great white shark water you can tell by looking at how still and harrowing it looks. Something dense lies beneath
Alex - 6 years ago
Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller - 6 years ago
This is the only problem stopping me from buying a kayak I'm Into but just a puss at the moment lol
Chris Petersen
Chris Petersen - 6 years ago
All these tards and kayaking on the open ocean shakes head.....
Foxy rollins
Foxy rollins - 6 years ago
Thats what i think when i wake up to go kayaking and its still dark
Tech 83 Studio
Tech 83 Studio - 6 years ago
Hey ..I'm gonna eat y'all..I'm gonna eat that hairy leg! I'm gonna eat that one too.. oh I can see right up them shorts here I come danna danna danna...
Joel - 6 years ago
cameraman is stoked, the white kayaker is wishing he slept through his alarm
Lauren Gibson
Lauren Gibson - 6 years ago
Hell to the no
K It
K It - 6 years ago
Hmm just stay right there with the shore nearby just to see if it attacks you with jumping out of the water or knocking you into the water. Yeah, that's what I'd do. Be a sitting duck.
Mike Hygj
Mike Hygj - 6 years ago
Looks like a rainbow trout on lance armstrong steroids! Where's your fly fishing gear
lordraven456 - 6 years ago
and they dont move they just stay there i hope the shark jumps out the water on top of the kayak and bite there legs off ...who the fuck kayaks in the deep ocean where there are sharks swimming around only white people
Mick H
Mick H - 6 years ago
These 2 must have shite them self
HupfDole87 - 6 years ago
the problem isnt the shark you see.. but the ones that you dont see..
Foxy rollins
Foxy rollins - 6 years ago
if that shark was hunting, theyd be flying in the air
Brandon Saglin
Brandon Saglin - 6 years ago
Perfect video don't say shit. Let the video speak for itself.
Zelfgenezing by Marijn
Zelfgenezing by Marijn - 6 years ago
The longer you watch the scarier it gets....
The Morgan
The Morgan - 6 years ago
If that shark jumped out the water theyd get knocked out n be brown bread
Belicose777 - 6 years ago
Seemed like a juvenile white shark. Didn't look that big. Maybe 10-12 feet. Maybe that cam distorts actual size. Just a curious guy. I don't think great white sharks are that aggressive are they? It's just that when they decide to bite they bite big.
Jamie Bell
Jamie Bell - 6 years ago
Sociopaths R Us
Sociopaths R Us - 6 years ago
That's exactly why I carry a very long icepick.I give those sharks the what for and they bug out very quickly!
iam Negan
iam Negan - 6 years ago
You couldnt pay me 1 million dollars to get on a kayak in shark infested waters
HigherPlanes - 6 years ago
ummm no..
Pamela Pizza
Pamela Pizza - 6 years ago
After seeing so many videos of great white sharks circling around kayakers, especially ones who are fishing. I mean they can smell a drop of blood for a mile or so. Or a struggling or wounded fish also. I mean there are so many safer ways to fish. No fish is worth my life.
Zach - 6 years ago
You expect me to sit in silence for 5 minutes? You know how dangerous that is? Someone could get cancer!
Bethanne Baer
Bethanne Baer - 6 years ago
Nothing like crapping your drawers together to make a relationship last.....Hope you both brought spare underwear!
Foxy rollins
Foxy rollins - 6 years ago
I know one day i will see a shark, i just hope i dont shit myself and fall in on its head, my luck in its mouth while its having a yawn
Brooksie Lives
Brooksie Lives - 6 years ago
If this were me, the missing audio would be:

Armor King
Armor King - 6 years ago
Hell n o
crownethorne - 6 years ago
No sound !!??
uldruch - 6 years ago
Fuck that for a giggle, I'd rather be fishing......
erik dee
erik dee - 6 years ago
Excuse me, but isn't there a time to sl-o-o-o-o-wly paddle the fuck out of there?
erik dee
erik dee - 6 years ago
Slo-o-owly, Ca-aa-a-almly, paddle the F outta there?
Stanger In the wild
Stanger In the wild - 6 years ago
erik dee I believe the shark was trying to identify them, most likely he would have gone for a test bite of the kayak itself then would leave.

Until then staying calm and together (to look bigger) is a wiser option I believe
erik dee
erik dee - 6 years ago
Know when to walk away, know when to run!
Miguel Nogales
Miguel Nogales - 6 years ago
It's coming right for us!!!! SWIM AWAY!!!!
samiamisme - 6 years ago
Wow he really was testing you. Good job keeping your cool. I'm impressed you were able to film it so well. How long did this last?
MrAlwaysright1980 - 6 years ago
Pah! It's just three or four clips synced continuously.
Anthony Marrone
Anthony Marrone - 6 years ago
i shit myself just watching this.and i live in florida 5 min from the gulf we have this stuff happen all the time..
Luna Cally
Luna Cally - 6 years ago
Sharks are my number one fear dude I think I would faint if this happened to me .
J G - 6 years ago
That was quick thinking to pull both of your kayaks together. That must have been scary as shit!!
Dane Hales
Dane Hales - 6 years ago
lol "tests there nerves" he was sizing you guys up deciding if he could eat you. very smart to stay close together like that otherwise this could have been a very different videos
Frank Caingcoy
Frank Caingcoy - 6 years ago
Men fishing...then later, Sharks manning!
Laurent Cambon
Laurent Cambon - 6 years ago
They are in South Africa. They know there are white sharks and they don't bring a gun or a bazooka.
Bubba D
Bubba D - 6 years ago
You guys should totally jump in and get a selfie..
jsun blue
jsun blue - 6 years ago
You fucking moron don't realize that thing is trying to figure out how to eat you??!! Listen when you go out on a kayak on open water t
You bring a 12 gauge With a slug to put these monsters down. By letting them live just invites encounters that eventually kill people.
abe frohman
abe frohman - 6 years ago
Kayakers make great shark bait.
Chance1957 - 6 years ago
Pretty funny, they post all these credits after the video, like it is a professional video.... Where is the GD audio!?!
Joe O
Joe O - 6 years ago
Helll nawww
tomthefunky - 6 years ago
I prefer no sound. It would have been very quiet out there. Adds to the drama. no?
GUMMYBEAYUH - 6 years ago
You should've left. When a predator is sizing you up, you leave. Great Whites are especially territorial, and they maintain a strict pecking order of others in their presence.
Derunzz - 6 years ago
Surprised that guys boat stayed in balance with the weight of those balls.
DReis 7
DReis 7 - 6 years ago
No sound? I bet they were screaming like little girl's
Gino Corbrietti
Gino Corbrietti - 6 years ago
Proof, great whites are like dogs???? No Malice there.
ashleelmb - 6 years ago
This reminds me of a scene from Jaws 2 when them teenagers are on them them little boats and the shark is circling around them. This shark even has the symbolic dorsal fin sticking out of the water.
Gavin Cook
Gavin Cook - 6 years ago
it's only a baby
Adam Turner
Adam Turner - 6 years ago
Ok my asshole would be giving me a standing ovation right now I'd be that scared and I really like great whites.
Lincoln Meredith
Lincoln Meredith - 6 years ago
Who's fishing for "who"...
Barnes466 - 6 years ago
it definitely knew you were there, he saw you moving every time when he came up close to the surface, wow! lucky, I have been in the water with them surfing and it is not a fun experience trying to get out of their way
reverendkrv - 6 years ago
What's the problem? You went looking for fish, You found one ;)
Adriaan N
Adriaan N - 6 years ago
reverendkrv Lol
Remskii - 6 years ago
Fake news! Jk
Hal Heywood
Hal Heywood - 6 years ago
Chris Robbins
Chris Robbins - 6 years ago
How does those kayak hold all that weight from those big balls they got?
who me
who me - 6 years ago
Dangle a foot over the side. That way, you could change your name to Hop-a-long. Win, win.
Apple Bag
Apple Bag - 6 years ago
i dont think i would like that
Richie Mann
Richie Mann - 6 years ago
All he's doing is trying to rub the parasites off his skin- they do that all the time on boats
JOEYHIPHOP2008 - 6 years ago
I've seen a great white shark in the ocean jump up and grab a giant size wooden pallet that was floating on top of the water the shark grabbed it tightly with his Jaws shook it around like a ragdoll and took it down under the water then I never seen it again the amazing thing is is that that big wooden pallet was very buoyant it should have stayed afloat with somebody just hang on to it but the shark just took it his teeth and shook it and took it deep underwater with no problem
Rich B
Rich B - 6 years ago
He really didn't want to eat you.

Great whites can jump more than 10 feet in the air so jumping up a couple of feet to bite you and pull you into the water wouldn't have even been an effort. LOL
alex gibbs
alex gibbs - 6 years ago
No morons were hurt in the making of this film. Unfortunately. You do know that 15 foot animal can jump 5 feet out of the water right ? Yes, I know the chances of being bit or killed by a shark are along the lines of getting struck by lightning but this just seems foolish. I'm not making a crack about Jaws, that shark could've easily killed you both lol
Sgt. X
Sgt. X - 6 years ago
I would piss my self
Anon69 - 6 years ago
Fake News
Kevin Golden
Kevin Golden - 6 years ago
My buddy was attacked by a 23footer out here in Southern Ca.
He had a 14 foot kayak and the shark just missed his backside.
He was very lucky that a passing boat saw him swinging his paddle.
His kayak was under the surface of the water and sinking from the damage
Heather G
Heather G - 6 years ago
WOW! Thank you for sharing this with the world! Great White Sharks are incredible. I've loved them since I was a kid. Thank you for showing it the respect it deserves. Afterall, you are in their domain. 1♡
Frank Hatton
Frank Hatton - 6 years ago
is it only me who thought the sinker was a sharks fin I the distance! !!
John Doe
John Doe - 6 years ago
Kayaking off the coast of South both deserve to die.
Wildy Pantoja
Wildy Pantoja - 6 years ago
That is freaking insane! props to u guys
mathew767 - 6 years ago
I'm glad I watched this. Great whites are really rare on the upper new England coast, but now every time I see a huge rock just under the surface I'll immediately think of this video and shit in my pants.
natural 9
natural 9 - 6 years ago
nick mcarr
nick mcarr - 6 years ago
.22 pistol.
TheBjiii - 6 years ago
Fuuuuck that
Moriarty 667
Moriarty 667 - 6 years ago
Kayaks on sale....
Doug Mac
Doug Mac - 6 years ago
In salt water always take a shark stick. That is a razor sharp, 4 blade arrow. Zip tie to pole or paddle. If he tries to attack, stick him behind the gills 6 inch deep. More than once if need. He will bleed out. Paddel away from him , his blood could draw more. You can be far away before they get there. Shark may die, better him than you. Don't stick him unless he attacks. Most times they will swim away. Safe yakking to you.
kharnifex - 6 years ago
I would have been paralysed with fear
mikerafone music
mikerafone music - 6 years ago
is that gif?
smacky lee
smacky lee - 6 years ago
you're out of your element sons
Sean Reed
Sean Reed - 6 years ago
Square Bear
Square Bear - 6 years ago
marty lopez
marty lopez - 6 years ago
And the smell of shit was enjoyed by all that day.........
TopSecretVid - 6 years ago
No audio..
Tim Bo
Tim Bo - 6 years ago
Why are these guys not padding to the shoreline?
Mr lewis
Mr lewis - 6 years ago
these guys sure do have a set of nuts on em for doing this,hell if would have been me n on of those things I would have that thing Poppin a wheelie thru tha water to get back to shore.
Chris Prichard
Chris Prichard - 6 years ago
You can't fix stupid!!!
Intelkek - 6 years ago
so how much did ya pay that shark to be in your video
Adam T253
Adam T253 - 6 years ago
Chris Gruno
Chris Gruno - 6 years ago
The silhouette of a yak must be similar to something that's on a white sharks menu, cause shes really interested in figuring out if you are food. Something to be aware of but not necessarily fear. I'm sure the odds of being killed this way vs. being killed in a car wreck on your way fishing make the trip to the launch far far riskier.
Pinoy Anglers Club
Pinoy Anglers Club - 6 years ago
That is some encounter....Haha...Good thing you guys have that sharp poking stick just in case it tries to do some serious harassing...
michael rogers
michael rogers - 6 years ago
Have you tryed a 12volt battery with an inverter just drop the leds in the water and when they make a pass hit the button on the inverter. That should send em packing.
SS FLACDOG - 6 years ago
Desert Eagle time!!!!
Jerry P
Jerry P - 6 years ago
Alrite, now I know if I go in the ocean in a kayak always bring m1000s. Problem solved.
NFiltr8Red - 6 years ago
Use your gaff and prick him in the back or rear tail, it won't come back!
001GenLee - 6 years ago
A magnificent creature indeed.
phillip james
phillip james - 6 years ago
these idiots were lucky I've seen white sharks ram boat hulls
Ironix1 - 6 years ago
That's real fine gear you got there Botha, but I don't know what that bastard shark's gonna do with it....Might eat it I suppose.....Seen one eat a rocking chair one time.
Ahmad Demerdash
Ahmad Demerdash - 6 years ago
Run ..ruuuuuuuuuuuuun
Phrosda1 Z
Phrosda1 Z - 6 years ago
I'd be thinking, this is how I die
DarkSagan - 6 years ago
A couple of pokes on the nose and he would have left you alone..hes just curious.
Chekasout 1
Chekasout 1 - 6 years ago
damn!! whack him with the gaff!!
bert radmacher
bert radmacher - 6 years ago
think yuor tough now jump in
непонятно, кто там на кого "рыбачит"
Badd Mann
Badd Mann - 6 years ago
u Def don't wanna gaff that one...
larry garland
larry garland - 6 years ago
im shitting myself just watching this video.i feel so alive right now
Blooming Accents Blooming Accents
Blooming Accents Blooming Accents - 6 years ago
so stupid
Tina Huston
Tina Huston - 6 years ago
The shark wasn't really testing their nerves. He was testing their laundry detergent to see if it could get the skid marks out of their shorts.
s lee
s lee - 6 years ago
get a real boat guys.
MikGarda Scout
MikGarda Scout - 6 years ago
That was a really cool video, thanks for sharing.  Where I live, the fish only get as big as a bottle of wine and turn to swim away scared of me.  Can't imagine what it would be like kayaking next to something that might actually like to try me out for dinner.  Smart move sticking together and having the pole in hand just in case, I would have panicked and fallen off probably.  LOL
Mikha'el - 6 years ago
A great white can easily bite a huge hole on that kayak and sink it as 2 women kayaker's found out as they called 911 for help.
Big T
Big T - 6 years ago
how many feet Is 4 meters?
rx7dude2006 - 6 years ago
Must have been recorded before they had sound?;)
Katherine Avery
Katherine Avery - 6 years ago
on a serious note, most likely it's waiting for them to catch fish for an easy meal.
mathhhias42 - 6 years ago
damn no...
utubesux dixx
utubesux dixx - 6 years ago
dumb fuks shoulda wacked it on nose with gaff handle.. now u made it even more curious for next kayak visit fucking idiots
Wingnut 429
Wingnut 429 - 6 years ago
Are we sure that this isn't just a commercial for Fosters? This is why I do not play in places where I am not at the top of the food chain.
Sail Oria complete refit
Sail Oria complete refit - 6 years ago
cool video, but even better comments... hilarious... bravo!!!
Tyler Honstein
Tyler Honstein - 6 years ago
"I think we are going to need a bigger boat"

Chief Brody
NightWaves - 6 years ago
Practicing paddling to shore in unison would be a good idea. Those fish take down much bigger than a little boat so you are lucky he wasn't hungry. Only way to find out if the shark is hungry is when he nails the boat so make a way to shore as soon as possible is the sane thing to do.
Ryukin1303 - 6 years ago
Nah, the shark was just curious and fooling around. I saw a white shark jump around 2 meters above the water surface... If the shark was really hungry... you wouldn't have seen it coming. They attack/ jump from down under the water surface. :-)
APES2L8 - 6 years ago
I would have been traveling toward shore. They could wreck a kayak.
Srbistanik 01
Srbistanik 01 - 6 years ago
Don't be a cunt, grab her by the pussy ;-)
onur u.
onur u. - 6 years ago
How you kill your pray by a heart attack...
mahalodst6 - 6 years ago
what the why did it seem so friendly just now? the shark was acting like a puppy.
Gnarkill - 6 years ago
I've heard sharks can smell a drop of blood in the water from a mile away. How far away can they detect when you completely shit your bowels?
Jordan Bestte
Jordan Bestte - 6 years ago
Gnarkill 1 mile
kevin thomas
kevin thomas - 6 years ago
I was nervous sitting in my office watching this.  after I thought to my self....their hunting and so was he. Brother mark your prey.
Dag Eide
Dag Eide - 6 years ago
A big fish is circling your kayaks. You are out fishing and you are not event trying to catch the fish..
You guys are a disgrace to the sports fishermen community !
Victor Da Silva
Victor Da Silva - 6 years ago
.22 lr in your backpack and your good. Never go on my 37 footer without one....can't be too safe.
gypsykatcher30 - 6 years ago
Thats fucked up.
Darren Green
Darren Green - 6 years ago
not another great white ??? governmant will be taxing em soon
QC Productions
QC Productions - 6 years ago
If that shark was pissed they would be fucked lol
Sincere One
Sincere One - 6 years ago
This is the fakest shit I ever seen...people don't go kayaking where there're sharks!
John Mason
John Mason - 6 years ago
You big babies! Jump in with a knife and handle it like a man..those are good eating.
Foxy rollins
Foxy rollins - 6 years ago
better than carp
nay lee
nay lee - 6 years ago
I think sharks r amazing but seriously fuck that!!
Karl Calito
Karl Calito - 6 years ago
A good opportunity passed these guys by! Should of jumped on its back, grabbed hold of it's dorsal finn, and gone for a ride! Instant YouTube sensation!!! People would of been talking about it for decades to come!
MannyCAM - 6 years ago
There are easier and less painful ways to commit suicide guys. Fuckin insane. Let's spread blood from the fish we catch all around our little boats and see what happens. If one of those sharks gets tangled in one of your lines, or is hungry enough to capsize your boat-wanna-bes. "adios muchachos".
Bob Kerbs
Bob Kerbs - 6 years ago
To the Great White, them kayaks look like females in heat.
Drexel Spivey
Drexel Spivey - 6 years ago
The smell of shite!
Jason Pearman
Jason Pearman - 6 years ago
Just shoot the fucking thing
Matt Clark
Matt Clark - 6 years ago
I'd slap that shark in its face if it did that shit to me.
Powder Hungry
Powder Hungry - 6 years ago
From what I read about great whites, their best vision is looking upward, so it is probably eyeballing both of them and thinking of ways to pull them into the water...
Angelina Bennett
Angelina Bennett - 6 years ago
From what I've learned from watching Michael Rutzen is this is most likely a "player" shark. Which means u could touch and if ur a professional prolly swim with it. The ones u can't do that with do a taste bite almost immediately when the see you. And if u notice the shark didn't get mad until he poked it.
Parker Cinelli
Parker Cinelli - 6 years ago
No f*cking thank you
d money
d money - 6 years ago
Lord have mercy on these idiotic people, thrill seekers whatever, people listen whenever you step in any animals domain your extremely at risk of losing your life, these two idiots are in the ocean with equipment a shark can snap into, what since does that make , however it's everyone's choice how the value life
SandySummerof69 - 6 years ago
You're gonna need a bigger hook. O.O
Mikeyy12 C.Lennz
Mikeyy12 C.Lennz - 6 years ago
Oh boyss. look who's come back for there afternoon lunch
Alex Fu
Alex Fu - 6 years ago
Pending on where you are, but places like South Africa, Australia and California are just too dodgy for kayak fishing and surfing. Don't do it if you value your life. Only the surfers would rather risk their lives.
Brenda Sullivan
Brenda Sullivan - 6 years ago
guess that's what happens when you come to their home uninvited
Jimmy J
Jimmy J - 6 years ago
there's No Sound so we Can't hear the high pitched Screams and Whimpering like the cute blonde in the boat in JAWS 2 screaming SHARK!
Christoph Sarcher
Christoph Sarcher - 6 years ago
shitting my pants just by watching this. why in the name of god would somebody go out there with such a small kayak when theres huge sharks around? :O
horrorfan24 - 6 years ago
If that was me, I'd be like the bloody road runner paddling for land, especially when it's so close....Oh and leaving the shark a nice taste of the crap that would be coming out of my shorts. To me, personally, doing stuff like that in small kayaks in areas like SA or Aus where there are Great Whites is just asking for trouble. I wouldn't be anywhere near the water on something so small if I lived there. A big boat every time or not at all..
keelieak - 6 years ago
I just can't believe how long it circled!! Was it lured in by fish being caught, and waiting to snag some for itself, or was it interested in the kayak/people on them? WHAT was it doing??
StudSupreme - 6 years ago
Let me be as gentle and sympathetic as I can:
Fishing from a KAYAK, in the OCEAN, where there are BIG SHARKS, is unsound. Mother Nature is a nasty evil bitch; learning that the hard way is NOT the way you want to learn. Trust me on this.
allenrobin6900 - 6 years ago
There would have been so much shit in that boat !
Sound Logic
Sound Logic - 6 years ago
I'll never understand kayaking in the ocean.
Glow Worm
Glow Worm - 7 years ago
uhm, yup it very fun until the shark want to know how does kayak taste?
Hirpus - 7 years ago
What the hell? Southafricans seriously go kayaking and surfing in that sea?
Kathy Hosking
Kathy Hosking - 7 years ago
its like it wants attention, or is curious... then it goes nuts lol. I think I would have given it a good jab with that hook much sooner before it got so aggressive. make it go away. after I pooped myself anyhow lol
steve G
steve G - 7 years ago
I would of shit myself that's a frigging big shark.
Terry McCann
Terry McCann - 7 years ago
Often.... Curious fish - sometimes with more attitude,too. Unbelievable how quickly they can turn and how slow time passes for the kayaker. At least they still have'nt figured out that there is a juicy centre to fibreglass toothpicks. Sterkte
Kevin - 7 years ago
Holy fuk that is insane dude
Billy The-Kid
Billy The-Kid - 7 years ago
It's fin is up and near, opportune moment to slice it off for some Shark fin's soup…
Dougie Montana
Dougie Montana - 7 years ago
The impressive "flat calm" is the highlight of this Clip.
Steven Williams
Steven Williams - 7 years ago
he's like where's the cream filling
Mike Rotch
Mike Rotch - 7 years ago
Missed opportunity for Jaws theme...
Mike Rotch
Mike Rotch - 7 years ago
Fuuuuuuck that.
Robert H
Robert H - 7 years ago
GWS's Please eat them !! Save me from their smug faces !!
Gary Murphy
Gary Murphy - 7 years ago
You boys should really invest in a good quality handgun capable of doing damage, or at least getting rid of the shark. Fuck the wankers who care more about a fish that human beings. I'm all for live and let live, but I don't take chances with my own welfare
Bob Gardner
Bob Gardner - 6 years ago
Gary Murphy another sissy and its gun LOL
Ivo Radev
Ivo Radev - 6 years ago
Sound Logic It's not "their" home, it's home of 90% of the biosphere. While massive killings are not ok indeed (20-30 million sharks per year are indeed huge number), keeping our lives safe is completely another thing.
If humans didn't dare to do stuff and enter dangerous territory where would you be now? Do you think once there weren't much more land predators? Sharks have much better options actually, since oceans are 70%+ of the Earth.
I really can't understand all the bitching about people who have the balls to enter areas with lots of sharks. If it wasn't for the daring people you would have to go out and kill your meal even today.
Gary Murphy
Gary Murphy - 6 years ago
Life is too boring if you never take risks. Better to have the gun and not need it than lose your life if you were stuck in the situation. Although the chances of needing it are slim the point stands. Fuck it, its just a fish
Sound Logic
Sound Logic - 6 years ago
If you don't take chances with your welfare just stay out of the ocean. Then you don't need to needlessly blow a sharks head off after you've invaded their home.
LifelessDeaD75 - 7 years ago
Hell no!!!! that could've gone bad real quick!!!! I'll stick to the Lake
Bryan Bree
Bryan Bree - 7 years ago
Holy shit Batman !!!!
Caress The Breast
Caress The Breast - 7 years ago
Jesus fuck! No thank you. I'll stay out of the ocean. I value my legs!
kenwes69 - 7 years ago
u guys are wussys, all he wanted was to play, you can see he was not aggersive, next time jump in and say hi
duncan walker
duncan walker - 7 years ago
as there are so many of you calling those out there that don't want dance with jaws " pussy " I'd like to say to you all, very I'm a pussy, a very big one and I ain't dancing with no fucken fish that's wants to fucken eat me . I'm a pussy. yes sir. a very live one with all his fingers and toes and arms and legs and am planning to keep it that way
Hoi Hoi
Hoi Hoi - 7 years ago
Meanwhile everybody's asking why we see so many of this shit on youtube currently? THEY'RE PLANNING AN ATTACK?
Graeme Cunningham
Graeme Cunningham - 7 years ago
More like 3m than 4m
Richard Weed
Richard Weed - 7 years ago
No worry's. Those are Goatfish, not Great Whites. Rest assured, I know. You can ride them. They like it. Good times.
I am the Yeti
I am the Yeti - 7 years ago
gauloiscalifornien - 7 years ago
those 2 stupid fucks are looking for troubles.
Sunnchilde - 7 years ago
You see how he was cautious at first and then started coming in closer and closer? He was losing his fear of you. Eventually he would have worked himself up to smacking your boat with his powerful tail. Then you both would have been in deep trouble. Did you see that eye that he angled UP at You?! He was looking at you. He was thinking. You're lucky this wasn't the end of you.
clayton boyd
clayton boyd - 7 years ago
they are at that animal's mercy.
Brandon Rogers
Brandon Rogers - 7 years ago
spent the rest of that day cleaning shit out of those yaks I bet.
2centavos - 7 years ago
Since the mantra is "they don't hunt humans" you should have jumped in and swam with them.
brussell639 - 7 years ago
shit, I got nervous just watching
Luiz C. ma
Luiz C. ma - 7 years ago
muita coragem, ficar ali num barquinho pequeno, brasil ok.
V-TWIN - 7 years ago
why? just why?
J. A. Harbour
J. A. Harbour - 7 years ago
Amos Paslay
Amos Paslay - 7 years ago
It be fun to swing one good sword stroke!
justsomeguy - 7 years ago
Yeah I would have dropped some mud there.
RHYYNO - 7 years ago
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - 7 years ago
touch it pussy!! =}
sndnmytrnks - 7 years ago
Seal bomb.....
shaina gilbert
shaina gilbert - 7 years ago
what where they doing with the hook
duncan walker
duncan walker - 7 years ago
if the same shark was a meter bigger those boys were gonna be lunch
Lee Yarbrough
Lee Yarbrough - 7 years ago
You euros have nerves , on the beaches we go to down south we do not have great whites maybe hammerheads , heck I would never go in the water if I knew what was lurking there. Hats off to you 2.
Robert Mac
Robert Mac - 7 years ago
I've never understood the appeal of kayak fishing on the Ocean. A river, yeah. But on the open Ocean, get a bigger boat.
Paul Bryson
Paul Bryson - 7 years ago
You know if South Africa and one or 2 other places where the Sharks breach the water and legit get 10 feet+ in the air? I know it's all about water temp and the ocean floor in SA...but I wouldn't want to risk being the first dummy to get eaten by a jumping shark outside of South Africa
Laurie LLSK
Laurie LLSK - 7 years ago
EnVision - 7 years ago
Hell no.
cg - 7 years ago
WTF didn't you guys leave
Karl Presler
Karl Presler - 7 years ago
Check your shorts ladies.
Bobby Spurlock
Bobby Spurlock - 7 years ago
Throw out a bait bro. I guess there's no audio because you didn't want anyone to hear you shit your pants. That's what I would've done anyway.
Francis Hughes
Francis Hughes - 7 years ago
I like the little holes the gaff with that white knuckle grip. What ya do with that Dundee? NOW THAT'S A SHATK
chulieho - 7 years ago
fck that shark shoot him in the eye bam!
xevious2501 - 7 years ago
Sharks senses are so keen they can detect seals perched on both rock and ice. Detecting prey sitting in a thin plastic kayak is no problem at all as they can sense both the heat from a person and their electrical field passing thru the kayaks plastic hull, not to mention a persons motions and vibration. these guys are lucky the shark did not test bite the kayak. i dont think kayakers really understand the danger their in when a large shark is around them. if theyre forced into the waters with a shark thats obviously looking for a quick meal. thats it. theyre done.
Bovine Lubbux
Bovine Lubbux - 7 years ago
HELL TO THE MF NAW! That mfer was testing the shit out of yall! Coming that fucking close and treading the waterline like it's a damn whale looking to breathe air? Hell to the nope! Lucky sons of a gun...
ScoutMaddox G
ScoutMaddox G - 7 years ago
were probably thinking, "I should have bought those damn outriggers"
harri hiltunen
harri hiltunen - 7 years ago
good video...
Rachael Barfield
Rachael Barfield - 7 years ago
Glad I don't live near the ocean. Although in '92, a bull shark swam up the Mississippi River & was spotted out here in one of the small towns by the river dock.
Badass Dan
Badass Dan - 7 years ago
This is why I do not enter the ocean, beautiful creatures and amazing wildlife, but fuck that shit...
NalaG RZ
NalaG RZ - 6 years ago
Tired 24/7 hoy what.?
Tired 24/7
Tired 24/7 - 6 years ago
NalaG RZ hoy
NalaG RZ
NalaG RZ - 6 years ago
Badass Dan why do hoy wear a yellow mask on your face?
A Voice In The Wilderness Angela van Es
A Voice In The Wilderness Angela van Es - 7 years ago
Gee wiz guys....It is massive. head for shore quick!
Live Life
Live Life - 7 years ago
the shark looks very relaxed and only inquisitive. in another situation and with a seal around that shark would've been jumping out the water head first and could've landed right on top of them!
Humungus Erectus
Humungus Erectus - 7 years ago
I kayak fish over in New Zealand,whilst we have sharks here,the chances of seeing a white are near on zero,South Africa on the would you be doing that????
KoТиК Channel
KoТиК Channel - 7 years ago
Я один русский? ставь лайк если тоже
Kpex2016 - 7 years ago
I'd be shitting in my shorts......
Doc Bailey
Doc Bailey - 7 years ago
Why do sharks always circle before they attack? Because people taste better when they've had the crap scared out of them first.
nicksfix8609 - 7 years ago
no sound
Anatoli Wolf
Anatoli Wolf - 7 years ago
You prepare dart and kill it.
Gabriel Mascitti
Gabriel Mascitti - 7 years ago
i would shit myself and throw him some poop so show him who's the man.
Maya kaz66
Maya kaz66 - 7 years ago
so how does it feel to be the hunted ??
Proxo20 - 7 years ago
holy shit,,when he eats u u retards than what?wow
Bill Murray
Bill Murray - 7 years ago
Time to paddle in dudes!
Freddy Aguirre
Freddy Aguirre - 7 years ago
Curious little fish.
Steve p
Steve p - 7 years ago
massive balls of steel
Joe Cool
Joe Cool - 7 years ago
After watching this video you might realise how ugly this could have been. Luckily there wasn't any blood in the water.
Oscar Vega
Oscar Vega - 7 years ago
excelente, saludos y la verdad se denota el miedo pero considero que es así no puede ser de otra manera, muy bien saludos
adam vesely
adam vesely - 7 years ago
Nerves my ass! 0 ring resolution
Wheel chair Mamma Prepper
Wheel chair Mamma Prepper - 7 years ago
I didn't hear any soud then again someone sh##in themselves would not take up to much audio
Mark 1
Mark 1 - 7 years ago
Fuck that
Eddie Hall
Eddie Hall - 7 years ago
that's close 2 the shore, you don't get that in Blackpool beach maybe the odd bin bag
sevenrats - 7 years ago
It's all fun and games until a big one mistakes the kayak for an elephant seal. Then you'll be swimming. In the water. The shark is in the water. You're in the water. Fairwell and adieu to my fair Spanish Ladies........
KevinProNOW - 7 years ago
Why doesn't the shark (not great white) knock those stupid people into the water?
VancouverCanucksRock - 7 years ago
This is a great Commercial for those Recycling Commercials. "Look, you Humans, taking from the Ocean all the time, and you leave us this in Return? I 'aint leaving, until you pick up that damn Bottle!!!"
Big Bamboo
Big Bamboo - 7 years ago
did he seriously think that little gaff would hold the shark without coming apart? But aside from that....COOL!!! :)
Stefan Vasilev
Stefan Vasilev - 7 years ago
Sharks circle because they are addicted to the smell and taste of shit.
Beto - 7 years ago
lol i get scared riding the Jaws Attraction in Universal (well when it was open it doesn't exist anymore) i imagine seeing a huge white shark like inches away from me xD
PLO 8 - 7 years ago
It's a Goldfish.
Acts 2:38
Acts 2:38 - 7 years ago
They should've dangled their legs off the side to draw it in closer, it wasn't close enough...
Jordan Berry
Jordan Berry - 7 years ago
These guys are fucking idiots, playing with fire is fun till you get burnt!
Bluewater Kayak Fishing
Bluewater Kayak Fishing - 7 years ago
garbonomics - 7 years ago
Who goes kayaking in waters known to hold great whites? Can anyone say future Darwin Award winner? To add stupidly to ignorance. He was also fishing!
Jon Jones
Jon Jones - 7 years ago
South Africa, Kayak, Ocean you can expect that.
Richard Wype
Richard Wype - 7 years ago
this is why you never go without a knife... shoulda stabbed its head when it was passing underneath you to teach it a lesson
GamePoly Studios
GamePoly Studios - 7 years ago
Theese guys have som serious balls!
fiddlestickz muzik
fiddlestickz muzik - 7 years ago
so as others have mentioned theres no sound , why havent you fixed that ?
Mountain Man3
Mountain Man3 - 7 years ago
the shark thinks he is a seal and wants the
Dwayne - 7 years ago
no salt water for me lol
RikkiTikkiTavi - 7 years ago
Sadly, the shark was unable to sync the audio when he uploaded this video. He didn't take TV production in school.
RikkiTikkiTavi - 7 years ago
More like an underwear test to see how much shite the seams can take before bursting.
Jeri - 7 years ago
Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman - 7 years ago
i would fill that kayak with poo if i was there tbh
Leelz247 - 7 years ago
I'm sure I would have panicked and gotten myself killed.
steven - 7 years ago
wanted to be petted.
psicofukapus - 7 years ago
The shark was trying to tell you something. You should've dipped your head in the water so you could listen.
reidfish3 - 7 years ago
did you have to swab the poop decks after this?
laura Baker
laura Baker - 7 years ago
very smart to put the two kayak together,it makes it look bigger,other wise the white shark will attack.They are a real problem among surfers and fisherman.I have made myself a weapon,so if they try to attack me,i will be ready for them.just watch out shark i'm on the look out for you,and i dont play game.
Xiao Hei
Xiao Hei - 7 years ago
Shark experts, what does this type of behavior suggest? Is it curiosity or is it a show of aggressiveness, and is waiting it out and leaving it to chance the best solution? It's a genuine question.
runway heading
runway heading - 7 years ago
What a great experience! Just a juvenile but still capable of flipping those SUP's! Would have been a different story had it been a 16 foot female! Great footage!
Peter Ferreira
Peter Ferreira - 7 years ago
And they're just standing there? I would be pedaling so fast back to shore as if I heard banjos playing on a Virginia river!
Andrew Wynd
Andrew Wynd - 7 years ago
Teenager small 8 to 10 feet long male. It was not hunting it seeing if they were prey or not.
it pods a few times to see whats on the surface so.
Whirlybird Unit
Whirlybird Unit - 7 years ago
Dumb ass kayakers! Sharkbait hoohaha!
Boss Rukus
Boss Rukus - 7 years ago
Oh He was def wanting to eat you guys!!!!
I know that cause thats how I circle Cheese Cake.
joop69 fainth
joop69 fainth - 6 years ago
RikkiTikkiTavi - 6 years ago
graham biggs
graham biggs - 6 years ago
That made me cry. Thanx. I needed that
DimmmIs Back
DimmmIs Back - 6 years ago
Andre Brown
Andre Brown - 6 years ago
Boss Rukus stop it lmao
Gerald Swain
Gerald Swain - 7 years ago
Why didn't you hook up and go for a sleigh ride !!.
General Zod
General Zod - 7 years ago
as soon as i see that dorsal fin, I'm heading for land. case closed!
Ferenc S. Harmat
Ferenc S. Harmat - 7 years ago
Honestly I would probably just freeze of terror and fall into the water and die
ohioononewheel 1
ohioononewheel 1 - 7 years ago
griff Hall
griff Hall - 7 years ago
i just sh*t a brick for you guys, #southafrica
Paulo Kayak Fishing
Paulo Kayak Fishing - 7 years ago
Alex Fu
Alex Fu - 7 years ago
Kayak fishing has always been a dodgy idea. You have to know your area, if you are in South Africa, Australia, California, etc type areas, it is up to you whether you want to risk it. Don't listen to people who call you pussy, they don't know what they are talking about. Is like the surfers, a lot of them don't care about shark attacks and every year a bunch of them get attacked or killed, you think that's smart? A lot of us have been fishing for years and we should know better.
J C - 7 years ago
poor thing just wants to be pet. you should've put your hand in the water and hand feed him with some bloody bait.
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
To me, this looks more like two anglers testing the nerves of a shark that would definitely tear them apart if it wasn't separated by a few inches of plastic. I'd rather take my chances climbing towers and bridges in Ukraine. It's safer. lol
Mehitabel - 7 years ago
Love the lack of sound. We can actually concentrate on the film, without the usuall brain-frying DANGADANGANDAGADANGA!! BOOOOOOOOBERRRRRMMMM!!! DANGADANGADANGA... SHREEEEEEEEKKK!!! etc etc etc Thankyou!!
The Guardian
The Guardian - 7 years ago
Both you bastards are so close to shore. What does it take for you to paddle there? Lol
xian1131 - 7 years ago
that's one hell of a story to tell your kids bro..nice one
Paradigm Apocalypse
Paradigm Apocalypse - 7 years ago
that shark was fucking with you on purpose

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