Great White attacks kayaker at Monterey Ca

Great White attacks kayaker in Monterey Ca. 3/18/2017

Great White attacks kayaker at Monterey Ca sentiment_very_dissatisfied 722

Kayak 7 years ago 1,380,375 views

Great White attacks kayaker in Monterey Ca. 3/18/2017

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Most popular comments
for Great White attacks kayaker at Monterey Ca

Rayne - 5 years ago
Im sorry...I would have died trying to get to that man...How do you film something like that???
Stephen Bennett
Stephen Bennett - 5 years ago
What a horrifying event .

The lord was at your side to guide you to saftey .
Carnage C
Carnage C - 5 years ago
Complete idiots filming this
ashleelmb - 5 years ago
At least if you're life's about to end, you can die knowing that these days, someone will be filming it and posting it online in order to entertain millions of people.
daisy duke
daisy duke - 5 years ago
What a fucking dick like. Oh let me just get my camera and film this human being getting attacked by a shark instead of do any thing about it oh I no I'm get my Mrs to call someone after I filmed the guy for 3 mins fucking society today all too bothered about getting shit filmed instead of helping or doing something about it wankers
Darrell F
Darrell F - 5 years ago
I hope whoever filmed this gets eaten by a shark
ROLF HENDEL - 5 years ago
Blog Caiaque Aventura e Natureza.From Brazil.
kittyy conundrum
kittyy conundrum - 5 years ago
karen was stressing me tf out
David Stancic
David Stancic - 5 years ago
This fuckin idiot taping takea his time getting help what a fool

10. comment for Great White attacks kayaker at Monterey Ca

Rachel Lewis
Rachel Lewis - 5 years ago
Erm why didn't they call earlier instead of watching filming and saying holy shit
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey - 5 years ago
Cunt what’s wrong with people whose only thought is to video someone in danger
TheMaster5150 - 5 years ago
I don't know, call somebody hun. Derp! I'm going to keep filming to see if the shark eats him...maybe I'll take a selfie.
SGT . Renegade Reaper
SGT . Renegade Reaper - 5 years ago
What was the dumb fuck doing with a kayak in the ocean around sharks those for fresh water ???? These fucking morons well not eat meat or gluten and so scared BPA plastic but do this type of stupid shit ! CA think they well save the Earth by not using straws ! They have NO OFF Shore oiling drilling stickers on the cars ! The have safe the earth events and drive there and fly to the event ! CA is retarded !
Ron Hickey
Ron Hickey - 5 years ago
Why? Little plastic boat, sharks. Try a pool, you won't die.
Abragini84 - 5 years ago
Fuck that.... No more kayaking on open sea..... Lake sure... River, hey fun. Sea.... No thanks I'll pass.....
phillip james
phillip james - 5 years ago
I love it when peckerwoods get what they deserve!
Neil - 5 years ago
well done shark
Mark Marsh
Mark Marsh - 5 years ago
Kayaks in the ocean = DEAD MORONS.
David Haskins
David Haskins - 5 years ago
I would have helped. I would have screamed, "GET. OUTTA DA WATTA!"

20. comment for Great White attacks kayaker at Monterey Ca

David Haskins
David Haskins - 5 years ago
Is that the Lochness Monster looking on in the background?
Tauba Brown
Tauba Brown - 5 years ago
That was the most heartbreaking thing I ever watched..why in the hell wouldn't you have called 911 before you video..sure hope like hell you never need some one to help you in an emergency.maybe they will say..Oh yeah I'll call some one few minutes just let me get this on video..the frigging guy waved for help..did you just wave back? It is unimaginable that that you did nothing ...thank God Karen called
Xray Chan
Xray Chan - 5 years ago
Did the guy survive? That looks like 2 sharks attacking...
cosmiccharlie1984 - 5 years ago
Lesson: Don't buy a blood colored kayak
James Ladouceur
James Ladouceur - 5 years ago
Is it me or is this guys wife the dumbest person on the planet how many times do I have to tell it's a person on a kayak .
Michael Edge
Michael Edge - 5 years ago
I’m thinking the call should have been made much sooner.
Lucky the sailboat saw what had happened.
Frank Crocetti
Frank Crocetti - 5 years ago
Lol ill put it like this if hes goes out again and it happens again well then a fool is as a fool does !
D G - 5 years ago
i cant beleive how many idiots are on here calling the camera man , you want slapping across the face hard.

this is great footage - hes not superman .

but in these idiots world , sharks dont exist and superman does .

so go and get your superman clothes on - and fuck off to the seaside
Douglas Lang
Douglas Lang - 5 years ago
Don’t try to distract the shark or anything. Instead film it.
Tiny Dancer
Tiny Dancer - 5 years ago
To many people in the water these days.... sharks are starting to recognize the we're prey

30. comment for Great White attacks kayaker at Monterey Ca

koffie man
koffie man - 5 years ago
Amazing.A guy is fightling for his life and the first thing you do isn't calling 911?
Chuck Taylor
Chuck Taylor - 5 years ago
This guy videoing is a dip shit.
Tuicos follower in Jesus Crist
Tuicos follower in Jesus Crist - 5 years ago
(Jacob="negroes/blacks" not these posers/imposters, the heathens/Gentiles also called Jew-ish perpetrators) NOW...

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Tuicos follower in Jesus Crist
Tuicos follower in Jesus Crist - 5 years ago
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Fran Nicolo
Fran Nicolo - 5 years ago
Wait ,i think the guy in the water knows the shark see he's waving to the shark !
pheno finder
pheno finder - 5 years ago
Your fucking worthless dude. Fuck you
Island life
Island life - 5 years ago
Whoa! That was a close call to say the least! Hope you bought a lottery ticket afterwards mate and you are now on the water in something bigger.
Joseph Gaspar
Joseph Gaspar - 5 years ago
Are you fucking kidding me ! you sit there and film the fucking attack. AND, not get off your fucking FAT ass to call 911. NO, you have Karen call them as if your to busy fucking filming the poor bastard getting killed! You are a prime example on why humans are stupid and should be eliminated from this planet. Hey, to bad that guy died, but at least I got it on video. Said a smart man never. UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!!!
jeffrey robinson
jeffrey robinson - 5 years ago
Your a lucky man is all i can say did you buy a lottery ticket
The Truth
The Truth - 5 years ago
People are CRAZY as fuck, to Kayak in the OCEAN. It's only a matter of time you muthafuckas gonna be a shark's meal.
Donald Snyder
Donald Snyder - 5 years ago
Holly shit

That is terrifying just watching on YouTube

Was he ok?
Joe Weeks
Joe Weeks - 5 years ago
God was looking out
M.J. Leger
M.J. Leger - 5 years ago
I was an open-water diver in Monterey Bay some years ago. Mostly we stayed in the area where the kelp fields were because sharks didn't come into that area where there were a lot of sea lions and seals, and they knew it! Sharks don't like kelp forests. There is NO WAY you could get me out in a kayak in that area now. With the rise in ocean temps, sharks are chasing bait-fish in close to shore now, and that is Great White area! I saw a nurse shark resting on the bottom but that wasn't a threat.
Monterey Bay, California, is within the "Red Triangle," (due to shark bites) and bloody water!) an area stretching from Monterey Bay up past San Francisco to about Bodega Bay and out west to the Farallon Islands. We used to fish out there near the Farallons all the time in about 300' deep water for rock cod, salmon during a run, and we'd see a lot of pinnipeds (a favorite food of sharks) all the time. Once I thought I had a huge salmon on the line, it ran way out, I was trying to reel it in and it was heavy, then it stopped. I reeled in just the head of a salmon, and saw a sea lion surface out there, chewing, and saying "thank you!"
Cat Fish
Cat Fish - 5 years ago
After a minute.. See the shark! See the fins.... Holy Shit! ...Call Someone!. Caren...Geezzz
Woody Hayes
Woody Hayes - 5 years ago
I think were gonna need a bigger boat!
chess academy
chess academy - 5 years ago
Alhamdolilah god save his life from the sharks ooofff he was lucky
Niki M
Niki M - 5 years ago
The shark obviously wasn't interested to eat the man otherwise he had more than enough time to do so specially with that slow action to call 911.
James Sheridan
James Sheridan - 5 years ago
P. S. I'm originally from Dublin Ireland I grew up swimming
In Dublin Bay and also around howth head. We fished a lot and in the bottom of the tackle box was a goddamn m80 you pick him up at Halloween and you put one or two inside a surgical gloves tie a knot or two, then you put it in the bottom of your tackle box or your canoe or whatever else the flock you're going out on the water with in the event that you do have a second to ignite it w flame or rescue flare, could make the difference. once again the studies show that the shark is going to cruise you going to bump you, you usually know he/she is there and if you don't it will be an exploratory bite if you're lucky, the M80 , if you can do it will do two things it will get rid of the shark and it will alert anyone in the proximity to your needs. I do apologize for the grammar the lack of punctuation I haven't figured out how to do it on Google voice to text yet.
James Sheridan
James Sheridan - 5 years ago
This g.d. ideo begs the question like so many others what the flock was the camera person thinking just standing there monologuing the entire event I think he thought he was watching television program or sporting events there is so concerned there's no empathy there's nothing in his voice and he does nothing to raise the alarm so others would go and do what obviously is incapable of, I would be the first one to agree it's not a good idea to jump into the water with pissed off shark on the other hand there were other boater etc around who he could have raised the alarm too, it doesn't take much of a wave to obscure you from what's going on on the other side of a wave but from the camera men's viwe point, poor form good man.

50. comment for Great White attacks kayaker at Monterey Ca

Onenerdvs - 5 years ago
You don't know who to call? 911 would be a fantastic start! You live in a coastal city, I'm sure calls like this aren't unheard of.

Props to the people in the sailboat
robert logiudice
robert logiudice - 5 years ago
Most of u morons would have done the same....not to mention the guy filming was stunned
Angel heaven
Angel heaven - 5 years ago
Help him you dick heads fucking hell
Angel heaven
Angel heaven - 5 years ago
Hes dead now
Angel heaven
Angel heaven - 5 years ago
Omg how about we watch him die like cock suckers better film it before we call 911 wtf is your problem if that was somone you knew you be geting out there helping him fuck.
PISSED OFF PATRIOT - 5 years ago
Standing their filming like an idiot instead of trying to help, disgusting
dabprod - 5 years ago
Only one of the guys in the sail boat try to pull the man aboard. No hurry I guess though......just a huge shark in the water hunting for the man that got away. Unbelievable.
shawn mcalister
shawn mcalister - 5 years ago
This is the dumbest people on earth to film while a person is in danger
Sim in the sky
Sim in the sky - 5 years ago
Fucking late with calling..!!!
Richard Myers
Richard Myers - 5 years ago
dude, looks like you need another line
Bucac - 5 years ago
Kayaks belong on lakes never in the ocean.
Tim Weaver
Tim Weaver - 5 years ago
Oh Karen's so empathetic loser.
ColdCanuck50 - 5 years ago
It would appear that bulls aren't the only creatures that like the color red.
Charm Zinzy
Charm Zinzy - 5 years ago
Why the hell he not trying to swim nack to shore at least geesh
Rick OBrien
Rick OBrien - 5 years ago
I bet that guy NEVER went into the Ocean again .
Carvin Lambert
Carvin Lambert - 5 years ago
I will, just waiting on a Shark, you're okay...i said I'd call somenody, but hold on Dammit, I've gotta see if a SHARK GETS YOUR ASS!!
Tom Lebeau
Tom Lebeau - 5 years ago
you need to try and keep the dang camera annoying trying to see an interesting video thats shaking all the time
Mike Villano
Mike Villano - 5 years ago
Good to be lucky.
Mike Villano
Mike Villano - 5 years ago
Saved by a bagger. Yay.
ECCHIGODFTW Litty89 - 5 years ago
Thats that Kayak Life lol
aaah tex
aaah tex - 5 years ago
Mrsushi1011 - 5 years ago
As soon as you go into the ocean you are in there home and your certainly not on top of the food chain anymore you are part of it instead.
Rudy Garcia
Rudy Garcia - 5 years ago
Thanks for filming my death I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Experience Precision
Experience Precision - 5 years ago
That guy owes you a beer
Leo & Dan Ryan
Leo & Dan Ryan - 5 years ago
I think he's waving because he wants you to HELP! You dumb bastard!
Alvaro Higuera
Alvaro Higuera - 5 years ago
You call first and leave the fucking camera. And keep calling assholes
Alvaro Higuera
Alvaro Higuera - 5 years ago
Hey asshole you see thatyou call the authorities and rescue to helpthat person or persons. Your total disregard for those people's life only your film was important.
Sierra Mcgrath
Sierra Mcgrath - 5 years ago
Did u call that in? That was fast he is lucky
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Sierra Mcgrath . We ended up being the only ones who called in. Reports showed. Brian (cayaker) thanked us later on.
ambivalent ambiguity
ambivalent ambiguity - 5 years ago
Are you suffering from Parkinson's?
Jimbo Johnson
Jimbo Johnson - 5 years ago
Guy films for a minute and a 1/2 before he decides to call somebody to help the guy
mikeandbarb - 5 years ago
"Call somebody, Karen!" My new catch phrase!! ;-)
Won Honglo
Won Honglo - 5 years ago
How about helping the guy you piece of shit. Too fucking stupid to drive the boat over and pick him up. Let's call someone and see if they will help.
Melinda Lara
Melinda Lara - 5 years ago
Its more important to make money off YouTube, modern society yuk
Jeff Sievert
Jeff Sievert - 5 years ago
I screamed watching this . Unbelievable watching someone's potential death . Clearly close enough to film but not race that way calling the CG . Holy crap we are surrounded by Zombies . Thank God this dude lived. There is no split second chance to help people or animals sometimes .
Fat Bastard
Fat Bastard - 5 years ago
douchebag filming
Rick G
Rick G - 5 years ago
Did I just read he went back with his new boat I felt bad for this guy until I read that I guess he wants to be eaten by a shark
Shaun Martin
Shaun Martin - 5 years ago
Omg. The shark wouldn't of seen me for the shit in the water.
Joshua Berner
Joshua Berner - 5 years ago
Frank Pierce
Frank Pierce - 5 years ago
Thumbs up to the comments below pointing out the lack of compassion by these people. Hopefully they will be in a similar situation one day.
JAMES MENTON - 5 years ago
the shark gave him back the boat ??
Fidel Gutierrez
Fidel Gutierrez - 5 years ago
A real dumb a$$! Why wouldn’t,”Call for help, Karen” been the first thing you said?
unhappy allthetime
unhappy allthetime - 5 years ago
Utter piece of shite watching the attack then only getting his wife to call someone when the shark is 2 meters away. I am glad they called someone but they only called when the attack seemed imminent, eg much too late for a successful intervention. Vile twat.
Ge Raf
Ge Raf - 5 years ago
do you have parkinsons? keep the camera steady next time goofball.
Jimmy world
Jimmy world - 5 years ago
See his kayak? See his kayak? Look at the kayak see the kayak see it? See the fin? See it? See the shark? See it? Sharon? See the shark pushin it? See it sharon? If sharon had any brains shed slap him up side the head with a cast-iron pan
Lachlan Scanlan
Lachlan Scanlan - 5 years ago
footage around .52 is good for determining a possible length on the GW
P&Wengineering - 5 years ago
Looked like the GW was bringing the Kayak over to the guy....
Cris LeRose
Cris LeRose - 5 years ago
Swim with sharks and take your chances. Parachute or wing suit and take your chances.
Muzzie0323 - 5 years ago
Why did it take so long getting the guy out of the water... WTF!!
robert murphy
robert murphy - 5 years ago
Get for real.. I'm a Florida boy forever... And I know the shark was just playing Marco Polo...they love that game with humans in the water....and by the way Florida has boats for all law enforcement or FWC or Coast guard... just call the police and they will dispatch...if not some local stoner on his Sea-Doo would probably try to help
germz tailz
germz tailz - 5 years ago
well if it doesn't sound like you're rich because if that was me I would have bought a mega million that day.

100. comment for Great White attacks kayaker at Monterey Ca

Nathan Boyle
Nathan Boyle - 5 years ago
A lot of anti-shark prejudice here. Forget your bias and just watch what this shark actually did. He pushed the kayak toward the guy, he didn’t attack him - he was just tying to help!
M.J. Leger
M.J. Leger - 5 years ago
Monterey Bay, Calif. is part of the "Red Triangle" meaning a heavy shark-infested area. It extends from Bodega Bay in the north (Point Reyes area above San Francisco) to Monterey Bay in the south, to the Farallon Islands west of San Francisco. The reason is because of the pinnipeds all around the area (seals, sea lions, elephant seals). I dived in the area all the time but I stayed in the kelp fields, where sharks don't go, and I did dive out further, but always kept a look-out and never went alone. I saw a lot of nurse sharks but Great Whites USUALLY prefer deeper water, but they are opportunistic feeders and they will try anything! If they can't catch their usual faster prey, they will try something else. Up north, they dived for abalone, mussels and sea urchins years ago, before they became scarce close to shore. Those divers were often attacked. (When you pry a urchin or abalone off a rock, scent from it goes into the water and can attract predators.)
Sharks are coming into shore closer now, because the slight raise in ocean temps has caused bait-fish to move into shore closer and that's the seal's prey and seals are the shark's prey! Sharks need prey with heavy fat deposits, and they sometimes attack surfers because legs/feet hanging off a surf board or paddling motions look like their prey so they test-bite to see if they want to eat that object. Due to serrated teeth, jaw pressure and the side-jerk, tearing motion of their bite, it severs blood vessels. Then the shark will wait until the seal bleeds out, and won't fight back, and then they take it and eat it. Sharks are opportunistic feeders and will attack anything that looks good enough to eat. We don't know for sure, but they MAY be able to sense how fat an object is to see if they want to eat it. Kayaks also may resemble their prey! They're long and slender, move fast, and may resemble a sea lion in the water. Color doesn't matter to a shark so yellow kayaks may be lighter, but so are some sea lions!
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
M.J. Leger you are totally right. Not the first great white I’ve seen. This shark is just on film. Be safe out there.
Jim Glasson
Jim Glasson - 5 years ago
Should have got a bigger boat
Lanier - 5 years ago
In this type of situation you don't film somebody in major danger you call and help somebody this man simply just filming him, he told his wife to call someone she said who...
Katrina Barnfield
Katrina Barnfield - 5 years ago
We’re gonna need a bigger boat is that all people say it’s not funny the joke is old and it’s getting not funny it’s boring pathetic people get a grip
Hanoi Tripper
Hanoi Tripper - 5 years ago
Dumass should call immedietly
John Fullwood
John Fullwood - 5 years ago
If it was that easy for a great white to put you in the water with him without a fight, you should stay on land Brother. Wait until you get some fight in you before ever going back into water. . Glad you are ok.
JR - 5 years ago
This sucks
some random guy
some random guy - 5 years ago
Hey honey come watch this man get eaten by a shark!!!! Lol
Eric Scaillet
Eric Scaillet - 5 years ago
The guys in the sail boat seemed to be very slow in hauling that guy out the water,or is it how it is-well done to all,re: the guy filming ,well there was not much else he could have done barring calling 911 or unless he had a rig ready to lauch
Reg Munday
Reg Munday - 5 years ago
You probably saved the guy's life. But where were spotter planes or helicopter patrols? Negligent!
Brett Allen COVER UFO MAGAZINE - 5 years ago
and here we see why I stick to lakes...
Nylonic55 Yorkshire
Nylonic55 Yorkshire - 5 years ago
Amazing, human beings,, incredibly stupid , great viewing, more, please.
Paul obeyed the Torah Romans 2:13/3:31
Paul obeyed the Torah Romans 2:13/3:31 - 5 years ago
Going to need a bigger kayak !
CloseGuardFilms - 5 years ago
Hopefully Karen didn’t call ghost busters as they prolly wouldn’t be applicable in this situation.
Oscar Zamora
Oscar Zamora - 5 years ago
Kommiefornia brain dead.
Staarker99 - 5 years ago
Kayaks are just giant surface lures, you should hang a treble hook off the back.
M.J. Leger
M.J. Leger - 5 years ago
A mere kayak is NOT enough protection from a Great White Shark or any other kind of shark. The shape of it and just the fact that it's on the ocean surface moving and splashing with each paddle movement, makes it fair game for a shark. Sharks usually "test-bite_ something to see if it is edible, has the fat content they need, but the way they bite, a sawing motion with those serrated teeth, and the power pressure of their jaws, WILL cause a bite that will bleed, often fatally. (That's how they take their prey, bit it and wait for it to bleed out so it doesn't fight and then they eat it.) There isn't a good way to stop bleeding in the water, it can't clot, so you need to apply pressure to the bleeding spot as soon as possible and get them to help and a blood transfusion if necessary, in the hospital. (It is just abominable to think that a person would instantly, react by reaching for their cell-camera to shoot the scene rather than dial 911, but they do just that!)
Matthew Malone
Matthew Malone - 5 years ago
Hey Gene, instead of you taping the shit you should of fucking called the coast guard you dumbass
Tkhwca - 5 years ago
Praise God this man survived!
showgirls around the world a dancer family
showgirls around the world a dancer family - 5 years ago
Do you think you would have called if the water was full of blood? Or would you wait a while too?
M.J. Leger
M.J. Leger - 5 years ago
Stats have shown, sadly, that they FILM the scene FIRST.
showgirls around the world a dancer family
showgirls around the world a dancer family - 5 years ago
Why did you just watch it and not call 911 right away?
Sir Wulf
Sir Wulf - 5 years ago
Hope you didn't have a boat ...
Gazelle Sun
Gazelle Sun - 5 years ago
How long do you film at talk before you call for help? Seriously,!! So glad you were ok.
Big Jake
Big Jake - 5 years ago
You mean a person? Yes...dumbshit.
Richard Cole
Richard Cole - 5 years ago
This is why I don't Kayak fish in saltwater. I have personally seen sharks in the wild as long as a Kayak.
UNconventional Me
UNconventional Me - 5 years ago
I think this guy is a fuckin ass hole!!!
I hope your kid gets a taste of this and millions watch the clip taken by an onlooker that never cared to call. Sick self centered fuk
Paul obeyed the Torah Romans 2:13/3:31
Paul obeyed the Torah Romans 2:13/3:31 - 5 years ago
You need Jesus
Gonorrhea Breath
Gonorrhea Breath - 5 years ago
And it wasn't even eating a person, but a plastic kayak and it kept chewing on the damn thing... like it couldn't differentiate between a plastic boat and human meat? I thought sharks are this super predator able to feel the human heart beat or a drop of blood from miles away?!? Oh, and fuck the douche bag filming and his dumb-as-shit girlfriend asking the same question over and over... Yeah bitch! It's a fvcking shark attack! Are you stupid?!?
Jeff Patton
Jeff Patton - 5 years ago
Lol dude shit himself
Shaun mcinnis
Shaun mcinnis - 5 years ago
I Don't understand why you didn't' call for rescue immediately?
W. Tiefel
W. Tiefel - 5 years ago
call 911
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
To my 550 plus subscribers. When you do something that gets a lot of attention be prepared for jealousy. The world has a lot of bitter people out there who either failed in life or just didn’t take the right advise. I myself have actually saved a life before . It didn’t make the news but I was grateful I was there to save someone’s relative. My type of job allows me to not really have a pucker factor. That means my line of work sometimes has events that you would see go viral. First responders and military deal with this event daily . Pucker factor is when an extraordinary event happens raising your adrenaline at a very high level which can either slow or speed up your reaction all while your mind is going through all scenarios and outcomes of the event in milli seconds. You can hear it in my voice in the video Those who have no experience with this will freeze and do nothing. My line of work has allowed me to take care of my family and has allowed me to buy excellent binoculars not everyone can get or even know about. This video has gone viral and has let me talk to several news outlets . The video had also been used for great white shark studies . Brian C who was the guy has thanked Karen and I as well . We ended up being the only ones who called. The other observers froze. So when you get haters just keep your head up. Your doing just fine. You are the one making a difference not them. And you can always say google my name and see what comes up. That always gets them butt hurt. Next time you see a first responder or military person go thank them. They come from a rare human mold and you know they have seen some crazy shit and have the pucker factor mastered. Take care
Big Squeeze
Big Squeeze - 5 years ago
you can tell by the sound of guy's voice he is worthless. If you ever hear someone with that type of voice remember.
remi - 5 years ago
Wow, only a worthless human being would tape a shark attack instead of helping the guy.
Joyce Williams
Joyce Williams - 5 years ago
A red bottom boat. shark was trying to mate with it. but it would act right. too stiff.
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Val have you ever been involved in a horrific event ? We actually were the only ones who called . Brian thanked us and was told who called . He later thanked us . His name is Brian C in comments. Check it out.
Val Jones
Val Jones - 5 years ago
Why it take you so long to call for help
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
David Allison. I was teasing your mom. I had a snickers in my back pocket and she was chasing me around the room to get it. If she didn’t have her two wooden legs and one more arm she would of got it. Then she complained how her son was an idiot and how he wore make up and wore dresses and liked kissing goats. It kind of freaked us out.
David Allison
David Allison - 5 years ago
wtf? are you filming while running on tread mill
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson - 5 years ago
yes the guys in the water way over a min..and this guy calls no one what a guy you are the bigest creep glad we got that on tape you creep
mumbus 27
mumbus 27 - 5 years ago
He gos in the kayak...kayak gos in the water...the sharks in the water...our shark ....farewell ad a doooo to youuuu fare Spanish lady....farrreeeewelll adda do to you ladies of spain...for we have received orders to saillll back to never moreeeee we shall see you againnnnn
myviews - 5 years ago
Why the hell won't you help him you stupid ass
saturdaygames - 5 years ago
Wolf Pak
Wolf Pak - 5 years ago
Lucky very lucky
Jéferson Rossoni
Jéferson Rossoni - 5 years ago
wow... the kayaker was hurt?
Blowmeehard Trumptard
Blowmeehard Trumptard - 5 years ago
That bitch is REALLY stupid in the back ground. Hangs up with 911 and says, " Can't they hurry?" Americans are IDIOTS!!!
Gonorrhea Breath
Gonorrhea Breath - 5 years ago
It must have felt like a lifetime for that sail boat to get there!
PJBK - 5 years ago
I can't believe the people filming didn't immediately call someone. It took them a long time to even think of it!! What if it was someone they loved?
Make Canada Great Again
Make Canada Great Again - 5 years ago
And this is why I don't ocean...nope nope nope
Lee Trev
Lee Trev - 5 years ago
Oh shit Karen!
Michael Zimmerman
Michael Zimmerman - 5 years ago
youve got a real type of thing going down gettin down theres a whole lot of shakin goin down .... In this video
Nadine Sulit
Nadine Sulit - 5 years ago
Valdr Skeggjoar
Valdr Skeggjoar - 5 years ago
The 3rd time the person waved these morons final notice and no one even asks if they should call some one. Just stand there and watch. I hope you get the same response next time you are in dire need of help! Cowards!!
Condo Rilla
Condo Rilla - 5 years ago
Though the area was so popular of shark infestation still a lot of people coming.. idiot
WhiteRabbitTricks - 5 years ago
At first the shark looks like it got stuck to the Kayak...? You can see it trying to swim away and the boat is sort’ve being dragged along sideways. This is mad! Brain C are you the guy in the water??!
Thomas Clemens
Thomas Clemens - 5 years ago
one less California LIBERAL , YAAAAYYYYY!!!
mrf111stick - 5 years ago
Totally astounded that the video took precedence over human life.. the vocal tone and comment by the filmer shows me the total indifference to the value of human life in a truly dangerous situation.."Call someone Karen"!! jeeeeeez!!!
SVTsupercharged Hi
SVTsupercharged Hi - 5 years ago
I never understood why people kayak in the middle of the ocean...just stupid.
phil rakers
phil rakers - 5 years ago
Wow, took my dog with me in a kayak at monteray a few months ago. Never again.
Lone Duck
Lone Duck - 5 years ago
Sharks gotta eat too. What a dope
Gavigg75 - 5 years ago
Wtf who brings the kayak to a shark fight SMH
Mach One
Mach One - 5 years ago
Don’t know people keep getting in kayaks and going out into the ocean! They should watch this video!
outbackeddie - 5 years ago
This is why I do all my kayaking in lakes. Small lakes. Really small lakes.
And Another Thing, with Dave
And Another Thing, with Dave - 5 years ago
holly shit ...took long enought to think to call someone ....daaaamn
lynn moate
lynn moate - 5 years ago
M.J. Leger
M.J. Leger - 5 years ago
Monterey Bay is within the "Red Triangle" of California, from about Bodega Bay north of San Francisco, out to the Farallon Islands and down south to below Monterey Bay. That means it is a high shark-attack area! I used to dive often at Monterey Bay, but the kelp forest there kept the sharks out pretty well, although their prey, the seals and sea lions seemed to know that and they were often playing around in the kelp. They bite, so you had to kind of stay clear of them, especially if you saw any young. I don't dive anymore, partly because I don't live on the ocean anymore, but mostly because today, sharks are coming in much closer to shore due to the fact the ocean temps are a bit higher than they were and bait-fish come in closer and the sharks follow them. Especially where a river comes into the ocean, that river mouth carries in food and sharks and other fish will be there looking for food so you don't want to swim there. Sharks are opportunistic feeders and if they're hungry, they may "test-bite" to see if you're what they want to eat, and the sawing way they bite can sever blood vessels and that can be lethal.
George A.
George A. - 5 years ago
How long was this guy filming before he thought to call somebody?
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
brian c (kayak)
brian c 1 year ago (edited)
I was just shown this link today by the family who picked me up in the sail boat. Thank you for calling 911! The Coast Guard told me that your call was the first local report that they received. I was calling them using my marine radio while I was swimming, but I had reached the San Francisco CG base and they did not understand when I gave my location as being off the Plaza Hotel. I did not do any local interviews. Other than the article done by the NPS, all other local articles were done without my involvement. The writers took selected quotes from online reports I made to friends on the local scuba board. They did not have my permission to do that. The only article published that I participated in was published online by National Geographic: Another authorized article is being written by the kayak manufacturer - Johnson Outdoors/Necky Kayaks. There was no dog. You may have seen my paddle and other gear go flying when the shark hit my kayak. Based on my distance from my boat and what the shark was doing It looks like your video started 5-10 minutes after the shark hit my boat. I got away with no injuries other than major bruising on my feet from trying to get up into the sail boat. My kayak was a total loss. The rudder was bent, the hull bottom dented where the shark hit, and bite marks over all of its 14-ft length. The kayak manufacturer gave me a new bot as a gift. I took it our to the same spot two weeks ago. The old boat is now a trophy on my guest room wall.. From Brian C to Gene Mace
P Walsh
P Walsh - 5 years ago
Here's what would have happened if this guy were a decent human being: he would have said, "Karen, I think a kayaker is being attacked by a shark. Call 911. I'm going down there to see what I can do or if there's anyone down there who can help." Amazingly, his wife asked, "Who do we call?" And he answered, "I don't know." Neither of them knew who to call? There are 4 and 5 year olds who know to call 911 in an emergency. I know I sound judgemental, but this was pretty bad. It seems the wife did eventually figure out who to call and if the kayaker survived due to this, he was lucky the husband and wife witnessed it and took some kind of action. That being said, I still think this guy''s putting the recording an attack above trying to help this person is pretty shameful.
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
P Walsh. Research this incident before making a total ass of yourself. It’s easy to comment what should of been done from a safe space . Let us know who called first. Three story motel and no boat . Then I will gladly accept your apology. And let the other readers and viewers know what a complete tool you really are.
P Walsh
P Walsh - 5 years ago
I'm assuming it's a husband and wife, bit I really don't know.
Ace Freely
Ace Freely - 5 years ago
Kind of the same as cops/coast guard, at this point!!!! Hurry Karen! Wtf
Ace Freely
Ace Freely - 5 years ago
Calling ghostbusters fir you!
David A.
David A. - 5 years ago
The second person in the sailboat wasn't very concerned either, why couldn't he/she try to help the kayaker into the boat at least with a little haste. Didn't they realize how desperate the man must have been to get out of the water? WTF is wrong with people??
bobo jepeny
bobo jepeny - 5 years ago
No sympathy for fools
icewall flatearth
icewall flatearth - 5 years ago
couldn't imagine the horror... I'm traumatized by just watching the video..
troll master
troll master - 5 years ago
It's only a matter of time
Nicole Mantip
Nicole Mantip - 5 years ago
People bullshitting all over the comments
burymedeep 2093
burymedeep 2093 - 5 years ago
California has homeless people pooping everywhere, high taxes, earthquakes, annoying celebrities, and shark attacks. Thats why I live in Arizona!
e3scaff longun
e3scaff longun - 5 years ago
Why was he out the kayak
Spivze Spivatron
Spivze Spivatron - 5 years ago
why would anybody go out there in a poxy tiny kayak??stupid cunt shuda bin eaten
Dean Allen
Dean Allen - 5 years ago
ya watch liveleak like a girl in brazil got hit by a train and was dying and people just stood around her filming
Bleed Green Nation
Bleed Green Nation - 5 years ago
Can you hurry up "Karen" I have a boner.
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
No tripod Full zoom. Holding digital binocs by hand
revus etc
revus etc - 5 years ago
Why so shaky
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Davi Azevedo Melo that shark killed two seals the day before. Karen and I witnessed that too. Be careful out there.
Roscoe Do little
Roscoe Do little - 5 years ago
"Karen,make me some popcorn,this is starting to get interesting "
Longinus - 5 years ago
It took you guys 1min and 20 seconds to call the emergency services but 0 seconds to whip out your phone and start recording. This is the sick fucked up world we live in.
helenagoblet - 5 years ago
Taking so long to even think of calling, then making his wife call, all while filming. Do I even need to say it?
S S - 5 years ago
You guys watching, too late for call somebody
Andrew Schaeffer
Andrew Schaeffer - 5 years ago
"can't they hurry"
Rodney Caupp
Rodney Caupp - 5 years ago
Killer Video, no pun intended, absolutely no pun intended. I served 3 years of Sea Duty and this is one scary video. That shark was so incompetent in your Yak, he couldn't even do an Eskimo roll.
Open Eyes
Open Eyes - 5 years ago
i don't know what you all think?
that Person goes in the livingplace from wild animals. Sharks live there.
so that Person have to know that bevor entering the sea.
90% of all people on earth are Stupid
Deacon Rogers
Deacon Rogers - 5 years ago
Yes thank you so much for calling 911. Dont worry about waiting so long. If you want I can come back and we can wait for the 15 foot great white to come back and I'll swim around so you can get it fuckin right this time you horses ass.
Jean Bordes
Jean Bordes - 5 years ago
Excellent video.
Larken Lech
Larken Lech - 5 years ago
damn it, Karen
Cyn X
Cyn X - 5 years ago
Yes jusy sit and discuss while people are dying. Losers!
Echo 9970
Echo 9970 - 5 years ago
I think the title should be. Asshole records the boat and the shark attack, but not bothered about the kayaker until his wife says a person? And I do not think for one min that he would have called if it was not for his wife saying call for help. You low life put your fucking phone down, and call for help. But no recoredds in do you see the boat do you? As the poor guy is swimming for his life.
Shannon Buchko
Shannon Buchko - 5 years ago
I guess I am just not one to watch b/c I was screaming at any and everybody involved in this video, it just seems as if no body give a crap and when the boat did come to pick him up nobody rushed to get him out of the water or really put any effort in at all, wtf? I do know if it would have been you, you would be hoping someone put a little more effort into it then what you put, pathetic. I hope it was just young kids just in shock of not knowing what to do that would make way more sense or that the video just doesn’t do or show justice to those who did safe his life. Thank you for getting the boat to him so he could get out of the water
Mark McCormick
Mark McCormick - 5 years ago
This video is just as bonkers today, as it was when i first saw it. Awesome filming!!! I live on cape cod and we are inundated. Couple girls got tossed out of their kayaks in Plymouth, a few years back. They were going to check out a shark attack on a seal, oddly enough. Sadly the first death (in like 80+ yrs) happened this summer. Bodyboarder, Arthur Medici (RIP) was attacked on Sept. 15, 2018.
Delmer johnson
Delmer johnson - 5 years ago
The people that just filmed the one where the man just got knocked out his canoe bye a shark did not try to go out there and try to help the man with a boat but just sit there and watch this thing man sitting this water with the shark in the water swimming around him wow I see other post when people post about this they go out there and try to help the person and don't think y'all did was just watch as the shark drags his canoe and this person is still in the water and the only smart thing y'all did was called somebody to come and help this man or woman but y'all could have did something like go get a boat and go get that get that man or woman out the water but y'all just stayed in your house in like oh my God oh my God like really watching that one pisses me off and see how people act when somebody is in need of help or Wagner arms up in the air for help that means help not high when they're in the in the water where danger is around them
Kimberly Petrossi
Kimberly Petrossi - 5 years ago
Whoever took this, needs a camera stand so your camera is still. Your all over the place!
JD - 5 years ago
"Karen "!! "Why'd you do that ,Karen"? "They would have never found it"?
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
If I was a democrat I would of been crying the whole time. With over 1 million views and good video wouldn’t be idiot like. Being s hating troll is being an idiot.
Liberty Rush Media
Liberty Rush Media - 5 years ago
10-1 this idiot votes Democrat, no doubt about it !!! Stupid is as stupid does dur dur dur, good video though, heck this make my idiot list for the month at number one !
Liberty Rush Media
Liberty Rush Media - 5 years ago
brian C , All I can say to you is, stupid is as stupid does, one would think a idiot to learn their lesson the first shark attack, but not you, you are that special kind of stupid which means you will keep on until a shark eats your idiot ass. You should count your lucky stars and never go out swimming with the big boys, the big boys being the sharks. Go get a real boat Stupid or stay out of the water. I will leave you with this note. When a person is to stupid to learn from the first idiot event, the last will garner no tears from me except a smile, not because you died or a person was eaten by a shark, but because it is idiots like you make my day knowing there is such stupid in the world that gives people like me, with a brain, entertainment. Look ma, Mr Stupid strikes again!
Sabrina Hernandez
Sabrina Hernandez - 5 years ago
Just glad you're Ok...dude that looked scary as fuck
Jeff Her
Jeff Her - 5 years ago
Omg. R they gonna help him. They better hurry bitch stfu help dumb fuck
tubethis777 - 5 years ago
That shark was in heat and it found his lady in red
Kay Wray
Kay Wray - 5 years ago
Well why the hell didn’t you go help fuckwit
louis humphrey
louis humphrey - 5 years ago
SHEILA Miller - 5 years ago
I cant imagine the fright ever sec he sat out there alone knowing u just are sitting watching. I woulda been screaming and rushing to get that person
SHEILA Miller - 5 years ago
Wow u stamd there and film it and dont rush to get him wtf
SHEILA Miller - 5 years ago
Sheryl Whauwhau
Sheryl Whauwhau - 5 years ago
Glad everything turned out all good. Good story, on how you ended up watching yourself on youtube, and telling us what, happen from start to finish, also good job on the people, who call 911, nice video.
mobilesolutionsfl - 5 years ago
This chick must be a complete dumb ass. She says, "Who do we call?" Ummmm, 911 you idiot!
James James
James James - 5 years ago
I would of had the BBC helicopter out to film this then called for help after a nice pot of tea of course
tom hecht
tom hecht - 5 years ago
Lots of room for sarcasm here.
Cape Fox
Cape Fox - 5 years ago
That sailboat performed the "man overboard recovery" technique very well. Glad everyone except the kayak made it out OK.
tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ
tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ - 5 years ago
If I was attacked by a shark Id be very worried he would bite of my cock. Take a leg but mercy me dont take my cock.
ho2cultcha - 5 years ago
took him long enough to say 'call someone, sharon'.
Kayla Skomro
Kayla Skomro - 5 years ago
He just wanted to play lol an the shark even brought him his kayak back lol
18CYN18 - 5 years ago
Brian, I'm relieved to know you're alright! Thank goodness!
18CYN18 - 5 years ago
You should be ashamed of yourself. The first thing YOU should have done is call someone for help. I'm sure you would agree if you were the one out there in the water. Am I right? Or am I right? Yeah, thought so!
Tom Jenkins
Tom Jenkins - 5 years ago
Just record him get eaten don't try to do a damn thing how weird
Sven Wonders
Sven Wonders - 5 years ago
Fuck fuck fuck
Nick Errichiello
Nick Errichiello - 5 years ago
This was too funny
Steven Kolata
Steven Kolata - 5 years ago
You saved a life, God bless you two
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Steven Kolata thank you. It’s reassuring there is still level minded people out there to see what happened . We were the only ones who called . The kayakers name is Brian. He thanked us . The video is now being used as a behavior video to study the great whites. God bless.
Faz Gaming
Faz Gaming - 5 years ago
I like how you are ok with doing nothing while another man is near getting mauled to death by a monster great white. even started filming it, all the while happily chatting to your un-interested wife before finally calling someone to help. Mankind is in trouble.
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Faz Gaming not a camera. High end digital binocs
Faz Gaming
Faz Gaming - 5 years ago
grab the camera buddy. i think someone is dying.
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Faz Gaming if you paid attention instead of crying in your pillow you would of seen A call was made . And by you exaggerating how he is getting mauled when he is not I can tell you are very sheltered and just a true moron on how the world really works. A truly unexpected stressful day . We ended up saving someone’s life to the best of our ability with the resources .we had at the time. Now moron trolls give their non thought out comments . It’s funny and sad at the same time. Not surprised. That’s why we call them moron trolls. Like yourself.
Darren Lynch
Darren Lynch - 5 years ago
Waa this guy jerking off while filming????
Austin Centolella
Austin Centolella - 5 years ago
Pinhead couple in California with zero sense
The Comet
The Comet - 5 years ago
That sure was a memorable day. I would of died of fear for sure. The only way i would be brave enough to chance the sea, is if i was being escorted by a pod of Orca,s, or Moses!
Christopher Wells
Christopher Wells - 5 years ago
Why didn't you help ass holes?
Christopher Wells
Christopher Wells - 5 years ago
Hey dumbass call someone to help! Idiot.
Uncle Heffe
Uncle Heffe - 5 years ago
Ok, the shark bumps into the guys kayak...big deal. The shark was obviously sorry and was clearly trying to right the kayak by itself. Neither the "victim" nor the
"hero" offered to be help flip the boat back over.
chivo107 - 5 years ago
Legend say she is still asking if it was a person in the kayak…!!!
Ужас*Ники - 5 years ago
Оператор как с перепоя,руки трясуться
Vincent - 5 years ago
Bof, on vois pas grand chose ...
Y a t'il u kayak, y a t'il un requin?
Laura Bonnell
Laura Bonnell - 5 years ago
You stand there record it instead helping. SMH if killer whales were around that shark be gone.
Chris Zealotes
Chris Zealotes - 5 years ago
Humans kill 70,000,000 sharks every year....who is the dangerous viscious animal?
Giray YALÇIN - 5 years ago
No, Karen, it's not a person, we're in 2017 goddamn it. It's Tesla's self-paddling kayak!
George Solano
George Solano - 5 years ago
Mess with the Bull and you get the horns.
George Solano
George Solano - 5 years ago
Must've been a Bull Shark. Stay off red kayaks my friends.
TLG7607 - 5 years ago
Shake much??
random family fun
random family fun - 5 years ago
Ppl think u got bit as much as ur shaking, cant see much....
Angelous 777
Angelous 777 - 5 years ago
Instead of filming I would of been running back and forth trying to help him!!
CornyBum - 5 years ago
too busy filming a shark attack to respond to an earthquake...priorities
xx_pCCR_xx - 5 years ago
Those 4+ minutes felt like hours to me. I don't wanna imagine how did the kayaker felt.
It is amazing too how the kayaker kept calm in that situation
Lester Nester
Lester Nester - 5 years ago
Catch 22. If the video was worth a shit, the people recording it wouldn’t be. This would be a worthless video if the people recording it weren’t.
shawn170204 - 5 years ago
You’re old enough to know to call 911 and go out and see if you can do anything to help this guy. But you choose to video tape him in distress? Wtf man!
Barry Barry
Barry Barry - 5 years ago
Sharks don't get enough recognition... i was blown away when the shark started pushing the kayak towards the guy so he wouldn't drown!
Lawrence House
Lawrence House - 5 years ago
Stop recording and call 911 and then try to help
Mark Dillow
Mark Dillow - 5 years ago
Yeah and I'm sure the shark mistook the kayak for a seal idiots
Robert McDougle
Robert McDougle - 5 years ago
You know, there are things in the water that can eat you. It's why I like the jungle. At least there you can see them better, when their eating you.
Willie Valentine
Willie Valentine - 5 years ago
Another dumbass playing and swimming in the sharks domain... Don't worry that dumbass will be doing the same dumbshit tomorrow... Keep it up press your luck you and all the others that like to swim in the oceans looking like a white My money is on the
Olga K
Olga K - 5 years ago
holy s*** what do you do in a position like that try to swim for shore and leave yourself exposed or use the kayak for protection
jordan9318 - 5 years ago
Take your time calling someone..... why not
Hassan Talib
Hassan Talib - 5 years ago
Im glad he made it out...
Quila Quilantan
Quila Quilantan - 5 years ago
Don't blame the guy we always say;we only humans. Karen
Lars Johansen
Lars Johansen - 5 years ago
Calling for help to the kayaker should have been the FIRST thing you do, NOT pick up your mobile/camera and start filming it, then ask someone else to call for help 1m20s in to the VIDEO. Disgraceful. Fortunately the kayaker was not injured.
trueblue - 5 years ago
Just a sec - I need to get this on my phone for utube - pathetic
Pete Kenny
Pete Kenny - 5 years ago
It’s the sharks domain ... if you are daft enough to go out there then it’s your fault !
D S - 5 years ago
Learn to take videos! Jeezzx
Chester Sykes
Chester Sykes - 5 years ago
"We're gonna need a bigger boat..."
rose quartz
rose quartz - 5 years ago
Looks like the shark is giving his kayak near him lol if that shark wanted to eat him it would take seconds
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Austin. 300 yards away . 3 rd story balcony. No kayak. How would you save them ? Called coast guard already. It’s easy when your just looking and not knowing shit. And by the way I’ve saved a person or two on the road. I’m outside not being a troll trying to talk shit and not know anything. Dumb fucks like you are pure entertainment for regular people . Thanks.
Austin Centolella
Austin Centolella - 5 years ago
Obviously the couple were uninterested in risking anything to save the kayaker

They are clearly no different than if it was a car accident and wanted to film it like a YouTube video instead of call 911 as soon as possible

That is a typical fact

Cold blooded can't be bothered

Imagine if you were in the situation

Imagine waving at these two filming you through the window in view as you are eaten alive

dhunks17 - 5 years ago
What ever it is, that fish tried to bring that kayak back to the owner.
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Rocky First of all you have a squirrel name so no one cares what you think . Second this video went viral and now has even idiots like you a chance to see what a great white can really do. Stick to having nuts in your mouth. I bet your real good at it. Loser troll
rocky dubois
rocky dubois - 5 years ago
What an idiot 5 min in “idk call somebody Karen
John Smith
John Smith - 5 years ago
Fuck getting in the water
applejacks971 - 5 years ago
That would just ...suck :( Glad the guy is ok, that was a bad deal with a happily ending
Ethereality - 5 years ago
Is he even swimming to shore? Fucking Darwin award goes to?
Darth Yoder
Darth Yoder - 5 years ago
Probably shouldn't ride a kayak that looks like a floating piece of carcass
Scott P
Scott P - 5 years ago
fucking hell, does this camerman has parkinsons disease or what..
OH NO - 5 years ago
A cool and calm mind could be the line between life and can see the shark wrestling the kayak and a head slowly drifting away from the arena....Slow and steady. He just kept calm and survived, let that be a lesson for us all. 2 thumbs up for Brian C.
Bob Quattrini
Bob Quattrini - 5 years ago
I wonder if she takes it in the ass.......
Roxxi C
Roxxi C - 5 years ago
Gee now you call someone after the fact!.....really some thing doing nothing just watch and videoing. I would of got down to waters edge and made alot of noise at least try to do something instead of nothing!...a piece of work you are!.
Mary - 5 years ago
I'm not so sure about having faith in humanity theses days, for god sakes if you see another human being getting attacked by a shark or by anything, don't start filming the persons demise, wouldn't you want someone to call 911 for you ?
rolosuperfreak - 5 years ago
im the 1,000th comment
hello hello
hello hello - 5 years ago
Yes shark,, you can keep the kyack. LOL stupid people in Fl who take these plastic kiddie boats out ,, this is what haplens when ur in their home!!!
Jasper Jackson
Jasper Jackson - 5 years ago
It took you long enough to get help. ):
susan brown
susan brown - 5 years ago
Why go out in thoses silly little kayak things,when sharks frequent the area.
carol yvette
carol yvette - 5 years ago
What a lucky guy
Shaggy Rogers
Shaggy Rogers - 5 years ago
Holy shit is right
Eric Houck
Eric Houck - 5 years ago
Might wanna call for help and stop filming just a thought
Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation - 5 years ago
That is too horrible to watch. I am surprised it didn't end much worse. This is why I won't kayak in saltwater.
jason slayton
jason slayton - 5 years ago
I was more concerned about the dude filming having an epileptic seizure....
James Cunningham
James Cunningham - 5 years ago
Karen from Accounting don't have time for your shit
GazSChad - 5 years ago
To me, it looked like the shark had knocked the guy out of his kayak. Then after realising his mistake returned the kayak as best as it could to the kayaker, then went on his way:)
Mike M
Mike M - 5 years ago
There’s more than one shark on the water .
Jasmin Flower
Jasmin Flower - 5 years ago
The man filming this would have felt so helpless not being able to rescue the man being attacked out at sea by the shark. He did a good job staying calm while filming and getting his wife to call for help.
whataboutredlorry - 5 years ago
See the shark honey? See the fin? he's pushing around the kayak. he tipped him out. Watch he'll break the surface.

No big deal. Don't bother calling the coast guard or trying to alert anyone with a boat nearby who can try and rescue a guy who is in imminent danger...
Mary Chaplin
Mary Chaplin - 5 years ago
Sick how so many people film people dying instead of trying to save them fists.. do you get off or something watching somebody die?!
Ryuseiken Kyokushin
Ryuseiken Kyokushin - 5 years ago
The truth is the shark was pushing the kayak to the drowning person. Sharkie just saved a human life!! Amazing! Notice how that person waved goodbye to the shark?
Ocean Breeze
Ocean Breeze - 5 years ago
A man was attacked by a shark in the water...oh crap!!!
Anony Mouse
Anony Mouse - 5 years ago
Shark party
Zody Kelley
Zody Kelley - 5 years ago
Thank God that guy is ok. And I hope people know that the shark was attacking the kayak not the guy. If it was going to attack him it would have. I think the shark didn’t know what the kayak was.
Jennifer Mercer
Jennifer Mercer - 5 years ago
Thought you were a seal, sharks have poor eye sight and the shape to them looks like a seal, if the shark wanted to attack you it would have
degrande707 - 5 years ago
Sold his kayak the following day
Mgtow-Nator Self love.
Mgtow-Nator Self love. - 5 years ago
Reduce shark populations
Rich Gouette
Rich Gouette - 5 years ago
wow, are attacks so commonplace there that you wait & see if he REALLY gets hurt be4 calling for help?
there must be something I don;t understand about this , surely..
Allen Page
Allen Page - 5 years ago
kayaker gets away unscathed while poster takes a beating
in the comment section. and speaking of beatings, that guys
heart must have been giving off quite the electromagnetic
distress waves - you're a lucky man to be alive!
Vicki Michel
Vicki Michel - 5 years ago
Guess it’s a good thing Karen was there cause he’s obviously too busy to Put Down The Camera !! And call for for help. Dumb ass ! Try not to go down & help or anything. WTH
Elizabit Acosta
Elizabit Acosta - 5 years ago
Just saw the sailboat
Elizabit Acosta
Elizabit Acosta - 5 years ago
Why was no one called to help?
Richard James
Richard James - 5 years ago
Shark belived kayak was big pink lure and he got pissed off.. build blue or green kayak...i mean would you walk into field with raging bull wearing bright red and yellow outfit hmmm?
volk volk
volk volk - 5 years ago
От видио чуть не обосрался!@!
Fanny Chapa Espino
Fanny Chapa Espino - 5 years ago
I kayak at the Monterey Bay maybe once a month. I am so lucky to have never experienced this. Most I have are the seals getting curious and that is it.
jimjam 3267
jimjam 3267 - 5 years ago
He's waving
Squadcopter - 5 years ago
How about helping the person instead of filming it. Really what is wrong with some ppl
Nicole Tate
Nicole Tate - 5 years ago
stay the hell outta the water unless your in a bigger boat. this is why I don't go into ocean waters....
Nicole Tate
Nicole Tate - 5 years ago
this is chilling watching how aggressively he was attacking...
Deanna Taylor
Deanna Taylor - 5 years ago
After filming for 5 minutes then you say call someone honey..
Joe Bonanno
Joe Bonanno - 5 years ago
I have never a met a cop that gets wet or goes in the woods an night.
NoMoStatic - 5 years ago
:55 He was just trying to bring u back your kayak..... ;)
Daniella - 5 years ago
You deserved it
Mrs. Enys
Mrs. Enys - 5 years ago
Worst camera work ever
makeuploveculture - 5 years ago
Why is this guy just standing there video taping this instead of getting this poor person some help?!?!
King Possum
King Possum - 5 years ago
Thomas Cox
Thomas Cox - 5 years ago
Stop recording and call the police asshole
Bonnie Hunt
Bonnie Hunt - 5 years ago
I have been watching shark and kayak encounters and I hate to sound harsh but anyone on the ocean in anything smaller than the largest marine life is an idiot living on borrowed time. You deserve everything you get. I am glad this guy didn't deserve death by thrashing teeth.
REDLINE P.R.A - 5 years ago
Why in the hell didnt he swim to shore fuck the kayak
Jenny Garcia
Jenny Garcia - 5 years ago
love debate
love debate - 5 years ago
How caring and thoughtful shark that is. Hero. Saved mans life while people busy filming
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Ditzy 944. 200 plus yards fully zoomed out digital binocs no tripod free hand on third story balcony . Not easy . Taking pictures of boring koi fish won’t go viral . That’s my answer .Sorry troll.
dazza944 - 5 years ago
Why does the footage look like it’s being done by someone on a trampoline? You’ve filmed this and put it on YouTube so no matter how selfish I sound it’s your duty to provide a steady camera motion. You had one job. And you failed.
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez - 5 years ago
Took a while for the person recording to call for help

What most likely saved the guy in the water is that he didn’t panic and started splashing the water
He stayed still and made sure the shark didn’t see him as a wounded prey IMHO
Pablo Mendozzi
Pablo Mendozzi - 5 years ago
Stop filming idiot help that person
5winder - 5 years ago
Thank God Karen called 'somebody'.
-Pipo- - 5 years ago
Why was the swimmer just hanging out with the shark instead of swimming away?
fjfjfjf fjfjfjjf
fjfjfjf fjfjfjjf - 5 years ago
ever since I saw jaws in the seventies at a drive in theatre I've been shit scared of the ocean,stuff that
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
I’ve seen some camo wetsuits. They must work. You might have a good idea
Al Ken
Al Ken - 5 years ago
Most great white attacks happen to kayakers... They should paint the bottom of their kayaks with shark camo
Tom Cullen
Tom Cullen - 5 years ago
It's just so peaceful out here !
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Armando do you have a brain or you just a weak snowflake turd. That shot is 400 yards away on a third story balcony taken with digital binocs freehand. If you ever stayed in a high end waterfront hotel you would know the coast guard number isn’t posted. You seem like a stupid fucking dumb fuck so I’m going to say motel 6 for you. We did call. The only ones who called . Brian thanked us. The video was sent to oceanographers around the area to study. The video went viral for everyone to see. Even for stupid losers like you to see too. So just get your cry towel and go back in your safe space where you can be safe from all this bad stuff life holds. Get a life too crybaby troll . What have you done to help science or save someone’s life lately ?
Armando Olivares
Armando Olivares - 5 years ago
Help him u fuckin fagget WTF is this how could you keep recording this shot and not do anything to try and help,people like you r human waist you piece of shit you better pray to god nothing like this ever happeneds to u one day. I can't stand watching u recording it makes me sick to know that there r people like u in this world
Jota Oliver
Jota Oliver - 5 years ago
The stupidity of people has no limits.
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
No vibrator. But we did have tater tots in our pockets. It’s really hard to film pushing away your 400 lbs mom from my pockets with one hand while filming with the other. You might want to buy her more tater tots so she’ll stop bothering people.
Samuel Clemons
Samuel Clemons - 5 years ago
were you sitting on a vibrator ?
Виктория Евгеннна
Виктория Евгеннна - 5 years ago
Нехер лезть в эту воду где акулы !!!!
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Yes. He is ok. There has been a lot of great whites over there lately. Be safe
T.W. M.
T.W. M. - 5 years ago
What? that was not a shark attack. the dude is still alive
Maruis Meiring
Maruis Meiring - 5 years ago
Please just take something for your parkinsons
Simone Vichi
Simone Vichi - 5 years ago
Non attacca una sega è semplicemente stato pescato e rimasto attaccato alla canna ed il pescatore è stato talmente tonto da farai ribaltare
lee lunk
lee lunk - 5 years ago
SaltwaterRook - 5 years ago
People like you should be slapped repeatedly.
TOM A.o. HAWK UNKNOWN - 5 years ago
nothing like trying to sail outta the harbor but fn kayakers maydays stop you 50 fn times ... everytime
M. job
M. job - 5 years ago
Did this happen near moss landing? I asked that because there alot more kayakers there. And plus the abundance of seals too, but i have also read about some attacks near Monterey. Crazy either way.
W C Emmons
W C Emmons - 5 years ago
Fish food
jane moselfrau1
jane moselfrau1 - 5 years ago
californien coast hat viele Haie ist doch bekannt
James - 5 years ago
Honestly surprised this doesn't happen more often. Surfboards and kyaks are just big top water fishing lures. But Happy the guy was ok getting chomped by a shark would be a crappy way to go out.
Julia Eckhard
Julia Eckhard - 5 years ago
Wouldn’t you go and help him ?
Romina Gutierrez
Romina Gutierrez - 5 years ago
Porque mueve mucho la camara? No se puede ver bien cn ese paykinson
Billy Bob
Billy Bob - 5 years ago
Stop filming and call for help immediately for fuck sake. The fuck is wrong with people?
Gooba Jungle Boy
Gooba Jungle Boy - 5 years ago
I was in the ocean swimming 25 years ago. A school of jellyfish came up to the surface all around me. That was the last time i would ever go into the ocean.
Kory Looper
Kory Looper - 5 years ago
Were there dolphins in the water to? I thought I saw a few swimming around..
Victoria Knizewski
Victoria Knizewski - 5 years ago
film it for a minute then decide to call for help...... umm call 911 they will figure out who to dispatch!!
Guy Brooks
Guy Brooks - 5 years ago
I'm glad you made it ok , but, I do think your saviours should have been faster , they should BOTH have snatched you out of the water , just my opinion
SophieSophs - 5 years ago
Seriously it took him to 1:19 to say to Karen call somebody ????
Cat G
Cat G - 5 years ago
Big Dummy! Kayaks are not made for ocean.
Cat G
Cat G - 5 years ago
Why aren't these people hauling ass to help that man?! Oh, they're too busy taking video
Ferrislilly - 5 years ago
This is why I only swim in pools.
Axeman - 5 years ago
Jeez that must have been terrifying for the kayak rider. Braver than me.
PyroRomancer - 5 years ago
thats terrifying a shark continuously probing a human object without any bait in the water, its strange for a surprise/impact hunter like a great white.
Powder Hungry
Powder Hungry - 5 years ago
that looks mortifying, he wasn't even wearing a helmet.
jquest43 - 5 years ago
Red color=stupid
Nick Peronace
Nick Peronace - 5 years ago
Go call somebody Karen, I’m not putting my phone down
Lynda Carr
Lynda Carr - 5 years ago
Instead of doing something about this you're filming it???? "Call somebody Karen" is all you can do? You're rather calm about all this... not convinced this is real.
Willwind1Utube - 5 years ago
People never learn
Blake - 5 years ago
"We're going to need a bigger kayak."
fried spaghetti
fried spaghetti - 5 years ago
@Brian, I am happy that you are safe and sound. What triggered that shark?
Viper's Venom
Viper's Venom - 5 years ago
will never understand y people think its safe to kayak on the ocean? stupid imo
Laura Tedder
Laura Tedder - 5 years ago
I'm so happy someone came to help. God bless all of you!
Ash Williams
Ash Williams - 5 years ago
How do you take that long to call?
Mentaltoe - 5 years ago
A shark wouldn’t continually attack a plastic vessel, most likely this kayaker was fishing and had some fish attached and that’s what the shark was attacking.. not the person
DD Yodaman
DD Yodaman - 5 years ago
Stabilization helps or tripod zooming intensifies movement
Paul Miller
Paul Miller - 5 years ago
Must be a Republican shark hahah
aprtuned75 - 5 years ago
Looks like a small tiger shark they will attack anything it's not a white shark tail is to curved tigers love kayaks
aprtuned75 - 5 years ago
Bad news it wasn't a great white you can tell by his tail fin
revjingles - 5 years ago
How about you call someone Gene, you fucking moron!
Nobodeh DontNeedToKnow
Nobodeh DontNeedToKnow - 5 years ago
“Call somebody Karen while I record this viral video”
Hardworking American
Hardworking American - 5 years ago
Maybe I won't ride and fish in the ocean off my waverunner that I want to buy .
TheCrazycaper - 5 years ago
It was just trying to return his kayak after realizing its mistake.
Rob Flynn
Rob Flynn - 5 years ago
Hey babe, this guy is going to die. Crazy right ? Anyway, maybe we should call someone.... ya no shit dude. Call someone immediately if you see someone about to die.... holy shit.
Sandi Braymer
Sandi Braymer - 5 years ago
Holy HELL!!!!
Michael Coleman
Michael Coleman - 5 years ago
1:20 seconds in.. "Call someone." Good idea. Should have been your first I think. Moron.
Robyn Johnson
Robyn Johnson - 5 years ago
I saw at least three large sharks
gimmiepig - 5 years ago
Good that you called for help. At some point you need to realize you’re the fucking help. Some people just like to film though I guess.
Reed Benedict
Reed Benedict - 5 years ago
I feel like the shark was like “oh sh*t, sorry human! Let me get your kayak back to you, ok sorry again have a nice day! That was Awkward”
Joshua Penn
Joshua Penn - 5 years ago
That guy needs a new pair of underwear.
Kalea Dean
Kalea Dean - 5 years ago
What is up with the term SCUM BAG on this thread?

Are all the commentators in 3rd grade?
michael bugni
michael bugni - 5 years ago
Kayak fisherman! Hooked a big shark and made a huge mistake by not cutting the line. Then he tried landing the fish. Well I guess he won’t try that again.
Catfish Hunter
Catfish Hunter - 5 years ago
What is that swimming in the background? Seal?
Larry Hardy
Larry Hardy - 5 years ago
who would in their right mind go in ocean in a stick of wood....really
Nux Matty
Nux Matty - 5 years ago
next time he’s gonna need a bigger boat
Sheik Frank Ice Chibu
Sheik Frank Ice Chibu - 5 years ago
for christs sake call someone KAREN!!!!!!
maleka58 - 5 years ago
You did sound rather excited rather than alarmed. Glad they are safe but if the great white had wanted to eat it would havehim
kamionkami1 - 5 years ago
You mean a person? No I meant an igloo
Johan Geist
Johan Geist - 5 years ago
I thought for sure the shark was going to bite his ass getting on the sail boat.
Matthew Stewart
Matthew Stewart - 5 years ago
The guy needs help so you start filming it lol , how would you have felt if you were filming him being eatin, ?
Marion Meyer
Marion Meyer - 5 years ago
Dankeschön an die Helfer
Glück gehabt
aud loves life
aud loves life - 5 years ago
It seemed AGES to get this poor guy into the boat!!! So glad he's ok. Xxx
david henry
david henry - 5 years ago
So you are filming this watching it for however long and you only decide to get your bird to call someone when the shark is right up on the guy? You clearly just watch it knock him off and watch the shark going towards him. Only call when it's on him. Shocker
Dee Devlin
Dee Devlin - 5 years ago
Good for the stupid mother fuckers
pewpewetc - 5 years ago
Lucky the shark was retarded and decided to try and eat the plastic boat.
Luntau Sintan
Luntau Sintan - 5 years ago
You never make a move go and give help the kayaker?
CannaMan - 5 years ago
Record first call later...Great person you are.
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Thanks apathetic. I appreciate that. Your are totally right. Take care
Apathetic Savior001
Apathetic Savior001 - 5 years ago
You did good calling somebody. May have saved their life that day my friend. Respect.
GPMB Gray Parson's
GPMB Gray Parson's - 5 years ago
Listen to all you wanna be heroes " stop filming and help" yeah right, like you all woudnt have done exactly the same thing, that's why you're on the dark side of you tube watching it.
Rebecca Stout
Rebecca Stout - 5 years ago
Holy shit that was terrifying
Michael Zimmermann
Michael Zimmermann - 5 years ago
Shark gotta eat.
South Beach Miami Art
South Beach Miami Art - 5 years ago
This is called a "sweep". It's only during the birth process of Great White sharks. It eliminates any possible threat within one square mile. Their main endeavor is to kill everything within the vicinity.
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Lourdes. Thank you. It’s good to know there are still smart good people out there. Some people are real idiots. It’s hard not to say anything back especially when you know what happened . We all know the kind of people who make those comments. Thank you. Take care.
The Great Gazoo
The Great Gazoo - 5 years ago
Sometimes sharks will really get their Dick On!
Richard M
Richard M - 5 years ago
Who the hell could what that shaky video.
RSR423 - 5 years ago
Just a matter of time, before one of these ass hole kayakers gets killed by a shark. The thing is, they will probably blame the shark.
M. S. L.
M. S. L. - 5 years ago
Dudes very lucky!!!
spectrumlocalb191 - 5 years ago
backpackcrpt - 5 years ago
watch out for that parkinson
Juhad Kuri
Juhad Kuri - 5 years ago
That was really intense! I’m glad he’s ok.
You should try stabilizing the video !
88' MikeTyson
88' MikeTyson - 5 years ago
Wtf is that thing in the water above the kayak?!
88' MikeTyson
88' MikeTyson - 5 years ago
FUK That’s the most terrifying feeling ever!
Dan Rice
Dan Rice - 5 years ago
18 feet!!?????? Holy moly!!!
MrQueerLeader - 5 years ago
I got a headache watching this. Shaky as shit.
Wendy Reid
Wendy Reid - 5 years ago
God is good.....
Matt Mattius
Matt Mattius - 5 years ago
Do you mean a person? Yeah, but do you mean a person though? Is it a person?? Did you mean a person? Do you mean a person? Yeah but do you mean a person?? Is it a person? Do you really mean a person though? Do you MEAN a person? Do ya mean a person????? Fucking hell if she'd said that one more time, it'd be a punch to the face.
420 Style Tomatoes
420 Style Tomatoes - 5 years ago
More concerned about filming it rather then phoning for help. I'm pretty sure if the woman didn't say anything you would of just filmed and not called any one. By all means film once you have done all you can to help that person, minutes even seconds are crucial in a situation like this.
Jeffrey Thompson
Jeffrey Thompson - 5 years ago
Call someone!
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Dick58601 . Shark attacks are very stressful situations. Especially when you are 200 yards away and on a third story balcony knowing there is nothing you can do. At the hotels and motels along the beach coast guard numbers are not readily available. Add that to a shark attack. Knowing your from North Dakota means you will never have to deal with shark attacks. All your predators are on land . So if this happened with a wolf attack or a bison attack it would be totally different. Because you know when you are in predator areas and would probably carry a rifle or some kind of weapon. But in a hotel we don’t carry weapons just what we have packed in our bags. And as for the call we were the only ones who called. The victim thanked us for saving his life.
Dickinson58601 Living In Dickinson North Dakota
Dickinson58601 Living In Dickinson North Dakota - 5 years ago
Gene, I don't understand why you didn't telephone 911 right away, then try to call the Coast Guard yourself, try to call the local marina to put out a call over the radio for boaters nearby to try to help.
Ridogg81 - 5 years ago
Why did the guy filming not just call 911 immediately??!!! Then he says to his wife, hey look at this!!! At least she had enough sense to call. This guy is an idiot and deserves the same treatment.
Gary Contner
Gary Contner - 5 years ago
Thresher shark.
Lea S.
Lea S. - 5 years ago
Omg...just saw this video! So happy this man is ok!
Looks Up
Looks Up - 5 years ago
Why do people insist on fucking around in water known to be populated with great whites and other killer sharks? I'm not going in that water to begin with.
Don Johnson
Don Johnson - 5 years ago
Realistically speaking, when you go out there on your kayak you're taking a big risk.
Turdcurd - 5 years ago
Fucking tards and their kayak's in the ocean. Then they are "surprised" when they get attacked. Stupid fucks.
Hanpurple Hermit
Hanpurple Hermit - 5 years ago
Samantha Sweets
Samantha Sweets - 5 years ago
Omg you guys are awesome people u probably saved that mans life
Brent Bunnell
Brent Bunnell - 5 years ago
It's there world when you enter it shit happens sometimes people just get what they ask for
HOT IRON FISTS - 5 years ago
It was easily a 29footer....I put my tape measure against my phone screen.
Tyler Reames
Tyler Reames - 5 years ago
Bro you got arthritis in your hands, damn man
Wonderful Mom
Wonderful Mom - 5 years ago
Man what luck! Bad and good! Scarey!
Fairy Lady
Fairy Lady - 5 years ago
He's gonna need a bigger boat.
ChagasJuan - 5 years ago
He was stucked
Annabelle T Naidoo
Annabelle T Naidoo - 5 years ago
I would have been swimming away not bobbing in the same spot. Jesus. Fuck that kayak.
RichardAllen - 5 years ago
Looked like the shark tried to help & pushed the kayak back to the guy!
Hannah Miranda
Hannah Miranda - 5 years ago
Why you didn’t try to help right away wtf
McLarenBMW - 5 years ago
Don't see a point in calling the cops, it would take them 20 minutes to scramble a police boat to go rescue that guy. Imbeciles in the comments lol
James Michael
James Michael - 5 years ago
That women , geez. If you want to help , just make blueberry muffins.

Yea pick up the God damn phone.

Or maybe open a bag of popcorn and watch him get eatin.

Should I do something, im not sure . Maybe if we have some pancakes everything will be fine. After he has been eatin by a FKN shark . It won't matter and we can go for a walk.

Why don't sail boats go fast like coast guard cutters . Or ski boats. Don't they know im going to have to fix pancakes .

Has he been eatin yet .
Darling would you like some syrup?
LeicaBob - 5 years ago
Glad he made it. So much for the kayak fishing idea... I will stick to the beach and piers.
kdsom - 5 years ago
I think you guys misunderstood the shark, obviously the shark is trying to help the man by pushing the kayak to his owner.
Poor shark they think you re evil...
American Nobody
American Nobody - 5 years ago
It took long enough for them to say something about getting help! They were more concerned with filming it! It literally took him till the 1:15-1:16 mark to say something about calling for help, but repeatedly said something about how he's filming it! Sad! It takes almost a min & a half of someone caught in a life threatening situation for someone to get them help, in the meantime everybody's using a goddamn PHONE to film it! They don't deserve the kudos they've received, because it shouldn't take you over a min of watching another human being in an emergency before trying to get them some assistance because you didn't want to have to stop filming it, because God knows that that would make a really awesome YT video!
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
That’s a good one bildahome . Karen and I have seen a lot more than this. I just had my digital binocs ready this time. A lot of killer whales around 17 mile. Always be on the lookout out in the water. Take care.
bildahome - 5 years ago
Sure, let’s go Kayak in White Shark Bay with my big ass in a tiny boat tomorrow again and make more good memories!! Love You
William Potts
William Potts - 5 years ago
takes 5 mins too call ? look karen .lets watch karen .wtf
William Potts
William Potts - 5 years ago
so just watch ass holes..☝
ActionMovieFreak - 5 years ago
OMG Get out of the water
CLARK WAHLBERG - 5 years ago
The shark was trying to bring his kayak back to him... how sweet.
Mark Varbero
Mark Varbero - 5 years ago
How about the lady in the back round. Twice . "YOU MEAN A PERSON ' ' You mean a person "? Yes a person! !!!! The guy is not talking about a dog ! For God sakes woman! !!!!!!
Happy Dude 420
Happy Dude 420 - 5 years ago
Alan Ferris
Alan Ferris - 5 years ago
Oh thank god for those people in the dinghy my heart was in my mouth for that poor person Kajaking Personally I would not go deeper than ankle deep but that's just me. So glad he/she was saved
RP752000 - 5 years ago
I don't know how anyone would kayak in the ocean, haven't you guys seen JAWS ?
The Stimpy
The Stimpy - 5 years ago
Oh I bet that was an exciting swim.
Paulie 247
Paulie 247 - 5 years ago
Go and buy a lottery ticket mate :)
Azure. Wrath
Azure. Wrath - 5 years ago
Kayaking in shark, alligator, anaconda, pirhana, etc. Infested waters is not smart.
larry smith
larry smith - 5 years ago
Dude your a mega scum bag douche
Liquid bend
Liquid bend - 5 years ago
Omg I’m glad you’re safe ... I’ve surfed all my life and been in so many shark situations that I’m done with it.
craigpesch - 5 years ago
Similar story to Hoopers in Jaws about a Thresher shark having fun eating his boat. U must have needed a new change of underwear after that Sir.
craigpesch - 5 years ago
Atti Ylänen - Go watch Jaws again I suggest.
Ttime RealiDown
Ttime RealiDown - 5 years ago
dude got lucky
Dane Ta Tua Tonka
Dane Ta Tua Tonka - 5 years ago
Shark looks tangled in something if that was an18ft great white it would’ve made chicklets outta that kayak
Cormac Son of Carthach
Cormac Son of Carthach - 5 years ago
I feel like i just watched someone being eaten. Guess not??
playinragz - 5 years ago
Don’t call for help you FUCKING ASSHOLES
playinragz - 5 years ago
gene mace would almost make sense if the 2 people filming weren’t ASSHOLES.
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
playinragz go cry in your safe cry closet you clueless troll.
Human Bean
Human Bean - 5 years ago
Poor shark. Hes probably hungry.
Tha_Monsta88 - 5 years ago
Why i dont go to the gulf or beaches anymore
CK_32 - 5 years ago
Probably after what ever he caught. My friends fight off sharks every time they get a big catch.

This is why I refuse to offshore fish with them. And why I opted to spend more on a my boat than kayak fish with them.

Glad to see this guy was safe. Last few years were really bad with GW spottings.
Robin Bowman
Robin Bowman - 5 years ago
I'm not sure if you saw, he said he Definitely was NOT fishing ♡
Leslie Ware
Leslie Ware - 5 years ago
I hope it was a liberal or Democrate
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Leslie Ware a liberal or democrat would never go in the water . It’s not a safe space. The guy in the video name is Brian. He is a good guy . It was a crazy day. He personally thanked Karen and I for calling. We were the only ones who called. Take care.
Heather Robertson
Heather Robertson - 5 years ago
The amount of white sharks attacks in California is always covered up and downplayed and reported number is fraction of real number thanks to a dual headed conspiracy by animal rights groups and their millions n millions n millions of dollars, and, the fact if the real number 2s made known every year billions would be lost from beach areas towns city's and county's in lost tourism. Noone would go to beach in areas like Sonoma Marin Humboldt del norte (etc) county's if they knew, literally billions in lost revenue.
Jiu Jitsu Master Caique
Jiu Jitsu Master Caique - 5 years ago
Wow the guy survive
gene mace
gene mace - 5 years ago
Jiu Jitsu Master Caique yes he did. I trained under Master Wally Jay years ago. Great times
iM HaZY - 5 years ago
You're gonna need a bigger boat
Eddy Petch
Eddy Petch - 5 years ago
Assuming you do not get snagged, a couple large hooks off the side of your Kayak might keep the shark busy a bit longer.
Marlissia Prince
Marlissia Prince - 5 years ago
Story is amazing
NELSON X - 5 years ago
Don't go in the water.
tedspang1945 - 5 years ago
We're gonna need a bigger boat...
Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber - 5 years ago
Jesus ain't the only one that would have walked on water.
unknown 56
unknown 56 - 5 years ago
Incredible fake.
Don B
Don B - 5 years ago
Of course the video is way cooler than getting a boat out to help the guy. And besides, that could be dangerous to me.
Mike Ocksbig
Mike Ocksbig - 5 years ago
You in the wrong hood buddy......
DZ Malekvali
DZ Malekvali - 5 years ago
Kill sharks
DZ Malekvali
DZ Malekvali - 5 years ago
Get to it you fuckers....grab fucking dingy or some thing...stupip assholes
Zoophilia Consultant
Zoophilia Consultant - 5 years ago
Honey just get the video Cam and my YouTube account ready
DEVINECLUB - 5 years ago
Mojito G.
Mojito G. - 5 years ago
Who comes up with these titles? You forget we are in their house. Humans don't live in the water.
EarlyMist - 5 years ago
I thought when those guys pulled you onto the sail boat that only half of you was going to come up.
Kevin Swanson
Kevin Swanson - 5 years ago
you guys should have acted on that shit
krizpal1083 - 5 years ago
So dont buy a pink kayak, got it...
Heartbeat Storm
Heartbeat Storm - 6 years ago
Talk about a lucky duck..
Don Carbon
Don Carbon - 6 years ago
thank goodness the sailboat came along. The kayaker must have been so frozen in fear, omg
tubesockets120v - 6 years ago
Shark attacks kayak.
Ian Ritchie Stewart
Ian Ritchie Stewart - 6 years ago
What? He has a GUEST ROOM? That's AMAZING!!!!!
PeterC3400 - 6 years ago
Wow. This video typifies exactly what's wrong with us as a country. Voyeurs more interesting in capturing another person's misery for YouTube than in DOING something to help.

The fact that filming STRONGLY trumped helping for quite some time demonstrates our future direction as an online, plugged-in, jaded, less-compassionate society.

We've become numb to the plight of others, which is why we fail to act when Trump trumps compassion with misery (separating kids from parents). We were slow to act on THAT, too.

We're now numb to the plight of those our government drone bombs. We're so numb that fighting sports like MMA are on the rise. We're so numb that school shootings barely move us anymore.

This guy filming finally came somewhat back to his senses, although he still couldn't put down the misery-capturing machine. He was HOLDING a cell phone, but couldn't find enough compassion to USE it to summon help because the grotesque voyeuristic training we get as Americans overpowered it.

We are alone on this small planet in a vast sea of nothingness. EVERYONE is our brother or sister. EVERYONE. We need to try to embrace that before we fade into extinction as a failed species.
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams - 6 years ago
You should have been called somebody bruh!! Just sitting there looking at the shit!!!
gene mace
gene mace - 6 years ago
Kenneth Williams do you have any viral videos right now ? If you had half a brain or stopped getting high or drunk you would of heard the emergency call. Haters going to hate .
Lewis Cleveland
Lewis Cleveland - 6 years ago
When a polar bear drags a camper kicking a screaming out of their tent it's food when it's a great white well all kinds of excuses are given. The ocean does what it does unapologetically.

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