Hammerhead Shark Attacks Kayak Fisherman!!!

A large hammerhead shark took I liking to my friends kayak while we were offshore fishing. The huge shark even bit the back and side of his kayak and had to be beaten off, sadly I did not get this on camera. The shark eventually had enough of getting smacked with a paddle and took off. ENJOY!

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A large hammerhead shark took I liking to my friends kayak while we were offshore fishing. The huge shark even bit the back and side of his kayak and had to be beaten off, sadly I did not get this on camera. The shark eventually had enough of getting smacked with a paddle and took off. ENJOY!

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for Hammerhead Shark Attacks Kayak Fisherman!!!

Tim Murphy
Tim Murphy - 3 years ago
Shark thought the kayaks were something yummy. Imagine the disappointment..."ooh..there's a steak over there! I'm eating it....yuk, it's plastic!"
Marlo Rivera
Marlo Rivera - 3 years ago
Where was this at? What beach?
Devon Lachney
Devon Lachney - 3 years ago
Pompano Beach, Florida
outbackeddie - 3 years ago
And people wonder why I carry WWII era submarine depth charges on my fishing kayak.
electrasong - 3 years ago
This is the reason I do NOT go far out in the water- and make sure there's a line of other people on the seaward side at the beach and NEVER sail on the Pacific Ocean... sailed the Atlantic once in a 40ft Trimaran and was scarred for life. The Ocean is a real place and TERRIFYING. It's THEIR world and that's the way the world made it. Just let them be in it. IF that had been a great white... there would probably not be a lot of phone footage of the event.
Fvkin Amazed
Fvkin Amazed - 3 years ago
Have that hammerhead fleeing in like 30 seconds
Gonna kayak around you need to know your shit
Dee Devlin
Dee Devlin - 3 years ago
Liberals always putting themselves out there they deserve what they get a kayak in the ocean with a fucking joke
Night Shade
Night Shade - 3 years ago
The HH just wants a snack. I free dive with these guys all the time. Its the Bull Sharks that freak me out. Theres a very old one(Hammer) that will follow me around om my Kayak until I give him a fish. He used to try and steal my catch but once he figured out I was going to give it to him anyways , now he just cruises around patiently waiting. He even follows me when I spear fish. Hes a little over 12 feet but a gental giant. Never Aggressive only Curious. I will not however go into the water without gear around the Bulls though. Those sharks have a whole other type of feel to them. I cant help but feel like the first sign of weakness will be my last. I live in Pensacola FLA.
Cathy Baldry
Cathy Baldry - 3 years ago
More stupid humans kayaking in water way out of their depths
tsawyer5000 - 3 years ago
OMG! People really think you hurt that shark! Lol Scary Situation man! I never go that far with out a GAF!

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Alf Bittner
Alf Bittner - 3 years ago
Once they learn how to flip it's game on
jan mac
jan mac - 3 years ago
maybe you have chum hanging
Boris Shevchenko
Boris Shevchenko - 3 years ago
надо брать ствол на всякий.
sibertooth - 3 years ago
they have learnt that kayaks have fishes ...and kayaks can be fishes
Ilè Ifà Oturaniko
Ilè Ifà Oturaniko - 3 years ago
that's a baby had no intention of attack no one after hitting be defended but that animal not hurts anyone
Jess S
Jess S - 3 years ago
sharks like "get me my dinner bitch" LOL
WashingtonWebFoot - 3 years ago
Not the first video I've seen of a hammerhead harassing a kayak. Is there some sort of feeding behavior I'm not aware of? Do they typically look for prey near the surface? I know great whites will look for seals and such at the surface but I thought hammerheads were almost exclusively fish eaters? I would've thought this to be rare enough for even one video to be a lucky fluke, let alone two.
Yaqub Tareen
Yaqub Tareen - 3 years ago
How can you be so calm
Stephen Physick
Stephen Physick - 3 years ago
Me thinks they need a bigger boat !!!
flysubcompact - 4 years ago
Tackle box gun....an old fishing staple.

20. comment for Hammerhead Shark Attacks Kayak Fisherman!!!

Tucowept - 4 years ago
You go in the kayak, kayaks in the water, sharks in the water..............Farewell and ado my sweet spanish lady.
jl - 4 years ago
It would have been great if you could have gotten footage of your friend beating off the shark. See what I did there? Couldn't resist...
bapt mcz
bapt mcz - 4 years ago
Who si the attack ? This ficherman it's just stupied and this vidéo is bullshit
David Pattij
David Pattij - 4 years ago
You are crazy ! Don't do this at home!
Joseph B
Joseph B - 4 years ago
Kayak in the ocean LOL...come on shark weed out the dumb for us!
olga maria
olga maria - 4 years ago
Like in my worst nightmares, omgggggggg!!!
kaneda956 - 4 years ago
This is why i carry a harpoon on my dinghy
charles. stewart
charles. stewart - 4 years ago
Well dude it was curious , you are after all in it's " Domain " if you don't want to get Eaten get out of the Kitchen !
Amelia Reagan Wright
Amelia Reagan Wright - 4 years ago
That's a great reason for those in kayaks and small boats to be armed.
Paul Williams
Paul Williams - 4 years ago
We had an encounter with a Mako shark kayak fishing for Yellow Tail in La Jolla, CA a couple weeks ago, toothy SOB's!! Check out our video!! https://youtu.be/uL7Zdfx5hdE. Awesome video BTW!

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Nomad - 4 years ago
I often think sharks are attracted to fishing kayaks because we have blood traces around the boat ,and washing down through the scuppers, like chum ! If you top that out with a captured struggling fish then you have a shark restaurant !!!!
Omar Sanchez
Omar Sanchez - 4 years ago
"What's he doing"? What do you think a predator in his enviorment wants to do???
Ichigo Bankai
Ichigo Bankai - 4 years ago
Its so fucking funny how these dumb ass people are defending the Hammerhead shark. LOL
Ichigo Bankai
Ichigo Bankai - 4 years ago
If anyone attacks you , you have the right to self defense and attack back.
plutoplatters - 4 years ago
I'm sure ill catch flack for this.,....but.......... we really have to be stupid to fish in kayaks in oceans full of sharks ! ( I've done it I can talk)
bum bam
bum bam - 4 years ago
"Sharks rarely attack" . Oh piss off. Sure, If that man jumped in the water the shark would have just been "curious with its mouth" and bit his leg off, no big deal
Doug Mac
Doug Mac - 4 years ago
If attach by a shark take and use your home made shark stick. Use a 4 razor arrow attach to a 4 ft. Pole. Use only if your life is threaten.
Razor easly cuts thru shark skin. You will have to spear deep enough to hit an organ. Remember, this is a fish. Take him home and eat him. See youtube recipes. Don't let your food make you food.
David DiStefano
David DiStefano - 4 years ago
Simply SOLUTION: It's the state of Florida, so just carry/have on board your Kayaks a Firearm ! Like a .357 - .500, or 410 gauge Judge, Stainless Steel Revolver... Problem solved !!
Amir Hadzi
Amir Hadzi - 4 years ago
OK adventure , what if bull shark or bigger shark came...all nice and dandy .u die just another story told.
James Cunningham
James Cunningham - 4 years ago
Darwin Award runner ups
Debbie Joyner
Debbie Joyner - 4 years ago
not good
Debbie Joyner
Debbie Joyner - 4 years ago
not good
Debbie Joyner
Debbie Joyner - 4 years ago
not good
Debbie Joyner
Debbie Joyner - 4 years ago
not good
Randy H
Randy H - 4 years ago
Attacks fisherman? Give me a break. Sharks are naturally curious, especially when fishing is involved.
jeff - 4 years ago
You should have chucked a bag of nails in the water would have kept him busy for a while
Mr balloonpimp
Mr balloonpimp - 4 years ago
If you think fishing in a little kyack is a good idea and a shark attacks you... Sorry but you should have expected it... You need a bigger boat!
money520 - 4 years ago
That's why u bring your pistol along on your trip
Doug Mac
Doug Mac - 4 years ago
It's best to take a shark stick when kayak fishing off shore. A pole with a razor sharp 4 blade arrow zip tied to it. If attach is imminent, SPEAR HIM BEHIND THE GILLS and he will bleed out. Paddel away from that area. The blood may call others to feed on shark. He will probably die. Better the shark then you.
Patony Brooks
Patony Brooks - 4 years ago
Why didn't one of them just jump into the water and ask the shark to behave (nicely) of course?
Cam Kary
Cam Kary - 4 years ago
Hell yes! The Castaway handled that like a pro, I love mine even more now! ;)

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lisa martin
lisa martin - 4 years ago
Here's to swimmin' with bow legged women !!!! I think we are going to need a bigger boat !!!
Tam Banh
Tam Banh - 4 years ago
Where was this?
Tam Banh
Tam Banh - 4 years ago
TheYakattackfl great footage....I would've shit my pants
TheYakattackfl - 4 years ago
Tam Banh Pompano Beach, Florida
jan mac
jan mac - 4 years ago
Shark just saying hi, throw a stick of dynamite
NELSON X - 4 years ago
We need a bigger kayaks.
poogon GON
poogon GON - 4 years ago
i will bring a hammer when i do this..in case a hammerhead attacks..
PowerOf One
PowerOf One - 4 years ago
We're gunna need a bigger kayak.
BrandonTheMyth - 4 years ago
Get a real boat.
Poot poot Gaming
Poot poot Gaming - 4 years ago
if you didn't look like the corpse of a baby whale from underneath you probly wouldn't get attacked .
Bill Murray
Bill Murray - 4 years ago
What's he doing! What ever the hell he wants too!
fran lopez lopez
fran lopez lopez - 4 years ago
Si,es lo mas sensato golpear al tiburón...ojalá te hiciera volcar y te mordiera el culo,paleto
Live Life
Live Life - 4 years ago
think of it like this..when you sprinkle food onto the surface of a fish bowl the fish will immediately dash to the surface. now imagine the ocean is a big fish bowl and you sprinkled surfers and canoeists onto the surface, ultimately sharks will come for a nosey because it's their territory.
Char Shark
Char Shark - 4 years ago
"Its a hammered dude! Whats he doing?" TRYING TO KILL YOUR FRIEND MORON!
malecat76 - 4 years ago
Any moron who goes fishing in a low sitting water craft like a kayak, in the ocean where there is any possibility of Hammerhead sharks showing up, deserves to be killed by said sharks.
redsunn21 - 4 years ago
T St
T St - 4 years ago
Its thinks your kayak is a wounded porpoise meal time
3rd World Man
3rd World Man - 4 years ago
Anyone who goes FISHING in the ocean on a tiny plastic sled in shark territory isn't incredibly BRAVE but completely BRAINLESS :-0 "Hey Shirley! Don't you just LOVE those crunchy treats with the soft, chewy insides? Look! There's one now!"
79pejeperro - 4 years ago
The poor thing is trying to catch the little fish that shelter under the kayak. And you don't fucking let him
Jeff Keys
Jeff Keys - 4 years ago
If you were a real man you would have jumped In the water to fight It
Susie Arviso
Susie Arviso - 4 years ago
Now that is one tiny, unsafe Kayak, dude. hell no. You couldn't PAY me to do that.
I always wondered about what could happen to people in Kayaks in the ocean. Now I know. No thank you. Not interested in the ocean. I was a swimmer as a kid and when I was about 15, I swam out to the deep ocean and would just tread water endlessly, enjoying the serenity. But one day I felt something big bump my leg. I didn't know about sharks yet. And maybe that was a good thing, because I didn't panic. I became a lifeguard for a couple years, but it wasn't as fun as swimming. :-)
dd dd
dd dd - 4 years ago
how about carrying a shot gun just in case?
Fred Fable
Fred Fable - 4 years ago

Whats the plan after this?
Do you carry a gun now?
A shark repellent?
A shooting pole?
A harpoon?

tell us...any improvement on safety/defense area?
Riff Brancaleone
Riff Brancaleone - 4 years ago
where?? location please...
RC LIFT OFF! - 4 years ago
I don't feel sorry for these fools in the OCEAN, on a KAYAK FISHING, knowing there are sharks that are bigger than the KAYAK in the water. I mean god damn, get a bigger boat or Kayak in a lake.
Dayron Uzquiano
Dayron Uzquiano - 4 years ago
i always take small polespear on kayak with me just in case i gotta spear a friendly shark in the face
plumbpro2 - 4 years ago
Dude, bring your bang stick! If they get to aggressive, make sure you can go home!
You folks got some big one's!
Moo01100 - 4 years ago
There is another video of a guy on a yellow kyak being harrassed by a hammerheadshark. It's probably the same psychotic little bastard here. That fish has some serious issues.
Armin Chickadee
Armin Chickadee - 4 years ago
try always to keep catched fishes away from the Yak, or clean it form time to time with Jawelwater...the shark smells it and follows, in the meaning there is some food for him ;-)
Osvaldo Ramirez
Osvaldo Ramirez - 4 years ago
fishing on the smallest boat on open ocean .simply stupid.
Stephen Hazeldene
Stephen Hazeldene - 4 years ago
The sharks thinking I'm a gonna hammer you dudes
That one dude
That one dude - 4 years ago
Right on man I'm taking my tandem island shark fishing tomorrow... I have akas on both sides so I won't go swimming hopefully lol
wanderdworld - 4 years ago
Bang stick, bang bang bye bye
5oclockbanana - 5 years ago
This might be why I don't go in the ocean.
Edwin Mendija
Edwin Mendija - 5 years ago
Did he have a bleeding fish on board and leaking blood down the scuffer holes? Scary!
Gary Loger
Gary Loger - 5 years ago
Should'a got bit just for being stupid.
Reymundo Navarro
Reymundo Navarro - 5 years ago
misunderstood creatures my ass they just want to eat and fuck with shit
Reymundo Navarro
Reymundo Navarro - 5 years ago
why dont yall got a knife on a stivk for that shit
Netanel CAE
Netanel CAE - 5 years ago
Game Vids
Game Vids - 5 years ago
Your brave? going in deep sea in a small boat? To fish? ?!?
Sandra Evans
Sandra Evans - 5 years ago
could be fake we never the shatk attack
Peter57808 - 5 years ago
12 gauge power head would make fish food of it. It tries to eat me then all bets are off and I kill it.
Teddy Wawwrzyniak
Teddy Wawwrzyniak - 5 years ago
O. K. kayaking in the ocean. Yea looks fun. Fishing from kayak, duh. Sharks duh. Get a bigger boat!!
68 model pete
68 model pete - 5 years ago
kayak fisherman invades hammerhead sharks back yard. I'd bite ya too. This is why they build BOATS. You're lucky it wasn't something that meant business you morons.
i SkyWalKing
i SkyWalKing - 5 years ago
Thumbs down for your click-bait title. That thing was simply curious. We were "attacked". Give me a break...get the fuck over yourself.
Rickey Gray
Rickey Gray - 5 years ago
kayak dummies
Eddyjay Illich
Eddyjay Illich - 5 years ago
It's his territory, not yours
Joey Pinter
Joey Pinter - 5 years ago
looks like you're out about a mile, in the ocean, in a fucking kayak! morons
Really Happenings
Really Happenings - 5 years ago
Your presumptuous and uninformed alarmism, that's what.
Joey Pinter
Joey Pinter - 5 years ago
oh Joey what?
Really Happenings
Really Happenings - 5 years ago
Oh Joey.
Marko Prelevic
Marko Prelevic - 5 years ago
too hamed for zou get it XD
JOE FAQURSELF - 5 years ago
it's a hammerhead dooood, what's it doing?  my reply would be... Trying to eat me you dumb fck
Jeff Keys
Jeff Keys - 4 years ago
JOE FAQURSELF you relax and stop telling me what to do !!
JOE FAQURSELF - 5 years ago
+T Leaves I think he is supporting your comments.  Please relax
T Leaves
T Leaves - 5 years ago
I don't think you quite understand how this works, so I'll read the information off the site for you: Common name- Hammerhead. Non-fatal unprovoked attacks- 17. Fatal unprovoked attacks- 0. Total number of attacks- 17. The site clearly states 0 fatal encounters, but there were 17 attacks. According to the site, the only sharks to have any fatal encounters are the grey reef, bronze whaler, galapagos, bull, oceanic whitetip, dusky, requiem, lamniform, great white, tiger, shortfin mako, and blue sharks. No hammerheads!
Gilian - 5 years ago

These statistics show 17 documented cases of fatal encounters for people from hammerheads between 1580-present. That's not many attacks, but they are 100% fatal based on this source.
T Leaves
T Leaves - 5 years ago
heh, not here to start a war, just tryna be informative. Most people know very little about sharks, and that is why they are such misunderstood creatures.
JOE FAQURSELF - 5 years ago
you must be a blast at parties
T Leaves
T Leaves - 5 years ago
This is a funny comment because no human being in the history of mankind has ever been eaten by a hammerhead shark. Hammerheads are strictly fish-eaters and the reason it was following the kayak is because they were fishing.
SpiritBear12 - 5 years ago
More like he attacked the kayak, not the fisherman!
Thad Stevens
Thad Stevens - 5 years ago
Well what the fuck did you think was going to happen you dumb kayaking fuck.
Frosty ICE the original one
Frosty ICE the original one - 4 years ago
Thad Stevens what a legend you are

100. comment for Hammerhead Shark Attacks Kayak Fisherman!!!

OG Izyy
OG Izyy - 5 years ago
More like Fisherman attacks hammerhead shark.
Nordic Ger
Nordic Ger - 5 years ago
dindu but if you hit him he will bite you. he is like you.
hellomontauk - 5 years ago
Do you license this footage out?
C.R. Whitlock
C.R. Whitlock - 5 years ago
Looks like the guy threw the first blow.
Woizerd - 5 years ago
Poke it with a paddle wow... 10/10 thinking
Truck Load
Truck Load - 5 years ago
They'll give up if you can get some tobacco juice in one of their eyes. If you're a bad shot try to get it in their gills, at least.
FlyingShazbot - 5 years ago
This is why I always bring my Batman Shark Repellent whenever I go into the ocean.
KoolAidtheRED - 5 years ago
OMG I remember that old black and white bat flick where he used that.
bob jenkins
bob jenkins - 5 years ago
+FlyingShazbot shit actually exists
Sandra E. Perez
Sandra E. Perez - 5 years ago
I do not like sport or hobby of fishing. Killing many sharks, swordfish and all that are under water and then portray himself as abnormal with his prey. Man is the animal that kills more species on planet earth just for fun. So sometimes they turn out to be hunted by any animal.
Lord Muut
Lord Muut - 5 years ago
+Sandra E. Perez You do not like fishing so why are you here watching/commenting on a fishing video? Go preach your animal lover crap somewhere else. I am eating venison and walleye right now.
brigitte scherhag
brigitte scherhag - 5 years ago
Kotinaus - 5 years ago
WoW.... =()
dartfrogger - 5 years ago
I imagine it is an extremely difficult task to beat off a shark........
Srbistanik 01
Srbistanik 01 - 4 years ago
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez - 5 years ago
Oh my lord
JP JP - 5 years ago
next time he will find your leg
Yet Another Fucknugget with a Man Bun
Yet Another Fucknugget with a Man Bun - 5 years ago
Proper name for this vid:

Accountant in Teva sandals bravely fights for his life against a ruthless man-eating shark.
Rahul Kachru
Rahul Kachru - 5 years ago
I think its the other way round. The Kayak fisherman is attacking the hammerhead .
Markus Frohlich
Markus Frohlich - 5 years ago
I wouldn't wait for it to take the first bite either....would you?
Ardent Fan
Ardent Fan - 5 years ago
If it's a big great white, you guys are in deep shit.
alidaygo619 - 4 years ago
Ardent Fan Lol facts
sibbir ahmed
sibbir ahmed - 4 years ago
great hammerhead is aggressive as hell ! oh my god.
C.S. Hoff Productions
C.S. Hoff Productions - 5 years ago
Hey Yakattackfl! I sent you a direct youtube message about possibly using your video for a documentary. Just hoping this post might get your attention in case the message wasn't sent to your direct email. Fantastic footage!
FISH4KAYAK - 5 years ago
What a rods you rig! My god
Southern Kayak Anglers
Southern Kayak Anglers - 5 years ago
Lol haven't seen that before
kittiesrfluffy - 6 years ago
This shark was probably just agitated by the kyaks, hammerhead sharks are non-threatening sharks, and will give clear warning signs when agitated before attacking. Because they have smaller mouths than most sharks they don't exactly go for large prey. This just might be one of the rare occasions when one does attack, I'm assuming this was a great hammerhead because they are a little more likely to be confrontational with people and they said it was a large one. Sharks are not as big of a threat as people think. Unless it's a great white, bull shark, or tiger shark because they are more likely to mess you up. Be safe!
Trevor Buchert
Trevor Buchert - 6 years ago
Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies
Holly Boring
Holly Boring - 5 years ago
Alex Lambert
Alex Lambert - 5 years ago
I'll never put on a life jacket again.
The Expert
The Expert - 6 years ago
Why the fuck are they fishing from a Kayak ? They are in Great White infested waters..... 1 attack from a great white and its all over. All of them should be able to afford to rent a decent size boat
Flash - 5 years ago
I thought they live in Jamaica mon?
Peyton Jason will always live
Peyton Jason will always live - 5 years ago
Its Any Kind Of Shark No Proof Its A Hammerhead
The Expert
The Expert - 5 years ago
+Joe Knapp-Loomis People beg to be on the news
Joe Knapp-Loomis
Joe Knapp-Loomis - 5 years ago
+The Expert You know, like JAWS lol
Clint Brown
Clint Brown - 5 years ago
+The Expert You have never seen a real GW so stop talking shit.
Armando Guerra
Armando Guerra - 6 years ago
that's  exactly what i said, sharks live in the ocean.   
The Expert
The Expert - 6 years ago
+Armando Guerra They are rare and hard to find because of the lack of seal colony's on the east coast, and because their travel migration is so vast....but they are out there.
Armando Guerra
Armando Guerra - 6 years ago
i have been spearing and diving in florida, cuba and PR since i was 14 y old, now 40 y old. never seen one. i know there is shark in the ocean.
The Expert
The Expert - 6 years ago
+Armando Guerra I guess you never heard of the Atlantic Great Whites ? Oh yeah we got them on this side as well, and Atlantic Great Whites migrate from Cape Cod, down and around Florida, and eventually end up in the Gulf around Mexico.Only to do a roundtrip. Divers in Key West spot them all the time even tracked one just off South Beach in Miami. Just YouTube Atlantic Great White
Armando Guerra
Armando Guerra - 6 years ago
+The Expert it is florida, no california. no so manuy great white
lpilon91 - 6 years ago
What a bunch of morons.
Dallybear5k - 6 years ago
No one died or lost an appendage, not an attack
Nathan C
Nathan C - 6 years ago
i saw a man attack a shark ...not so much hammerhead attacks kayak...
kurt brayford
kurt brayford - 6 years ago
more evidence of sharks targeting humans.
Michael S
Michael S - 6 years ago
They turned the camera off and shot the $#!t out of that shark. lol huh, huh
Mike Dunn
Mike Dunn - 6 years ago
Was off Southern California?
greg roger
greg roger - 5 years ago
+TheYakattackfl seriously!!! never going back out with the kayak, fuck that!!!
TheYakattackfl - 6 years ago
no, south Florida
hellgate1981 - 6 years ago
i like how none of the dude's friends come over to help out.........they just stay away and yell "hammarhead !"
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill - 6 years ago
Question: If the shark was able to leap across and take down a friend, flipping their kayak, etc, would or could you film it? Note: the thrashing reveals only blood, a feeding frenzy, hopelessness, in a matter of seconds. Could you film it? Would you?
Michael Angelikis
Michael Angelikis - 6 years ago
That shark was just wondering what the hell was going on, came to check it out and got beat with a paddle lol the shark wasn't attacking anyone lol
Darth Teabagger
Darth Teabagger - 6 years ago
it was a baby hammerhead you pussy
Alex Dias
Alex Dias - 6 years ago
yea. lets go fishing in a kayak way offshore with no shark repellant, have bait in the water, then wonder wtf a shark is doing there......brilliant........can you say Duhhhhh!!
Catching the Craze
Catching the Craze - 6 years ago
Did u guys have fish juice/ blood dripping out of your scupper holes?
TSpider Keeper
TSpider Keeper - 6 years ago
If you stop hitting them they will go away.They attack people cause they are frustrated or provoked.If you kept hitting me and i was a shark.I would want to attack you too
Darth NoPants
Darth NoPants - 6 years ago
Seriously guys? It was just a baby. There are massive hammerheads in that area ,but that wasn't one of them. It was most likely interested in the bait you had and wasn't attacking you. I've fished those same waters countless times. I've seen sharks, caught sharks, they've circled, and even bumped my kayak, but none ever attacked. The only attacking taking place was you hitting it with your paddle. I also find it very convenient that you didn't get video of it bitting your kayak. I'm calling b.s.
SasquatchBobby - 6 years ago
Who ever said that Kayakers are Knuckleheads? Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!
chanheurng - 6 years ago
Retarted idiot
l pd
l pd - 6 years ago
breaking news..there's sharks in the water!
Dweliq - 6 years ago
this is how the shark repays us for not wiping out his species yet? what an ungrateful bastard
Mick D
Mick D - 6 years ago
Holy smokes!
Luiz Sebastiao
Luiz Sebastiao - 6 years ago
Não sei por que americano gosta de brincar de isca para tubarão ???
ArJuna22 - 6 years ago
"Attacks"??   Not what I see.  That shark was just checking you out.  Also, I have marks in all my kayaks like those, but they are not from shark bites.  I call BS on the attack part.
peter schiller
peter schiller - 6 years ago
You need a bigger boat.
ros1tony - 6 years ago
I am reminded of the scene in the movie Porky's.   [S] he is coming for you...

youtube the scene... wait for it, wait for it.
Steven Weaver
Steven Weaver - 6 years ago
The hammer head clearly has had run ins before with kyakers.This shark knew exactly what its done before....food opportunistic from fisherman's kyak period.This bad boy was hungry.
dapster - 6 years ago
If you caught any fish that's the reason he was investigating your boat. Probably smelled it and wanted to know where it came from.
Jacob Becomes Israel
Jacob Becomes Israel - 6 years ago
"Obviously confused him with a Seal because sharks are too stupid to know what their food is." - Dullard Scientist
Randy Miller
Randy Miller - 6 years ago
Don't go in the water
Reeled You Inn
Reeled You Inn - 6 years ago
I was going to buy a Kayak to do some fishing, I'm not so sure I want to now.
dan hood
dan hood - 6 years ago
Right on
Reeled You Inn
Reeled You Inn - 6 years ago
+dan hood I did it! I bought TWO kayaks. One for me to fish from and another for my wife to follow behind with the stringer attached.
dan hood
dan hood - 6 years ago
+Reeled You Inn You should! I can tell by your username/picture that it's in your blood ( just remember that your own mind is your worst enemy and will always build-up everything / anything worse then it could possibly ever be) Get out there, bleed your catch and "let them follow you". You will have memories to last a lifetime (check out our hammerhead video they aired on KTLA yesterday)
Rich L
Rich L - 6 years ago
Sharks are cool.
Braden Browning
Braden Browning - 6 years ago
Shark attacks on humans really aren't that normal. I'm sure the shark was just hammered.
Greg Wunder
Greg Wunder - 6 years ago
In some countries "beating off" an animal is illegal
Shango Wines
Shango Wines - 6 years ago
lol, i got bigger marks on my yak from oyster beds
Joseph Burgess
Joseph Burgess - 6 years ago
Lies. Once again they were most certainly not attacked. They have been here a long long long time. The shark was simply seeing if they were a meal or not. You'll know when you've been attacked.
James Wright
James Wright - 6 years ago
just checking you out you were fishing  probably with cut bait.
Trevor F. Phillips
Trevor F. Phillips - 6 years ago
Beating off a shark, now that I would pay to see. The lady & the donkey have nothing on that action. Yes, my mind is always in the gutter & I'm a sick *uck. But you know you laughed so you're sick too. It's okay, I won't tell.
Terminate Tor
Terminate Tor - 6 years ago
hammerheads are one of those friendly shark spicies out there... this video is fake
Bonnelly Media
Bonnelly Media - 6 years ago
with all due respect, all i saw there was a shark trying to investigate whats going down in his turf, when he is all of a sudden attacked by a human. We need to remember the ocean is not ours.
gehlen52 - 6 years ago
He's young and learning, eventually he'll learn to approach at a 90 degree angle amidships on a power stroke.
Gonnaneed Abiggerboat
Gonnaneed Abiggerboat - 6 years ago
Very cool ... These Hammerheads are pretty fearless which make them dangerous especially when they're pretty large.
SharkBytes App
SharkBytes App - 6 years ago
Maybe a little scary to them, but I think the shark was more curious than anything.
outbackeddie - 3 years ago
Maybe so but who is willing to test that theory out by letting it tip you over? Not me.
Iron Feliks
Iron Feliks - 6 years ago
You should have poisoned it
bluecanoe17 - 6 years ago
Actually, this paddler did the best thing possible from all perspectives.
Shark Brain = Is this food? Answer = NO (and he answered without injuring shark)

Shark only understands YES or NO. AND is ONLY looking for food at ALL TIMES. Sharks are never curious or playful like dolphins. They EAT and that is ALL they do.
Jack Canard
Jack Canard - 6 years ago
+bluecanoe17 You said it blue, it's all about energy conservation and survival for them. If y'all need a little more proof, take a look at the size of a sharks brain compared to a dolphin brain. When that shark bit the boat, he was doing what all curious sharks do when they don't know what something is. Why are they curious? Because they want to know if it's edible, that's IT. The shark could tell that something was alive in regards to the boat, it was even hitting him in the head with light, relatively painless blows...maybe if that's all this big brown creature has for defenses, it would be a great thing to eat! You can love animals all you like, but don't go anthropomorphizing human morals, musings and ethical considerations into them...such things would be a complete evolutionary disadvantage for a shark anyhow...imagine it..."oh,here's a wonded tarpon...but it doesn't look too bad...maybe if i swim undderneath him and support his weight for a while, he'll regain his strength! Ahaha, there he goes, it worked! ....fuck I'm hungry...am i the only one with a sense of right and wrong in this ocean? where the fuck is a food bank when you need one..."
Jostrand - 6 years ago
2 Reason its not true
1. Hammerheads cant attack human's there mouths are too small to fit in
2. it was not attacking it was observing you
Dawn Sallee
Dawn Sallee - 6 years ago
MsTigerseye77 - 6 years ago
Holy crap!  You weren't even scared.  I would have been too afraid to hold the camera!
Jesus Rubalcava
Jesus Rubalcava - 6 years ago
no life jacket , really ? you must be aquaman :)
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson - 6 years ago
If u didn't pop him with that paddle he would have used it as a tooth pick ha ha
verydirtyflow - 6 years ago
see this is why i always kayak with plenty of napalm
Tracy Miller
Tracy Miller - 6 years ago
Parrot Bill
Parrot Bill - 6 years ago
A 10ft Hammerhead has a mouth about 6 inches wide. I caught one off the back of a 80ft Shrimp Boat that's mouth was big enough to slip over your body without touching a tooth. How do I know this? Because after I dried his Jaw out, I slipped it over my body and didn't touch a tooth. We had his head up to deck level and his dorsal was still in the water, he had to be 20 feet or longer. Moral of this story, "Don't go fishing where the fish are bigger than your boat!
Parrot Bill
Parrot Bill - 6 years ago
+Of Legend I Am Born
Who cares what you think? You're just a troll looking for trouble. I am muting you out buddy!
Of Legend I Am Born
Of Legend I Am Born - 6 years ago
+Parrot Bill
If you bothered to read I said science says they get 20' but no, you were too eager to jump the gun and defend your big fish story to comprehend that weren't you? That being said, I still don't believe you hauled in one and just chucked the 20+ foot body into the water without any proof other than they jaws. Something mighty fishy about that story alright, and it's not the shark. Anyhow, considering you a sad troll--and a liar--at this point and moving on.
Parrot Bill
Parrot Bill - 6 years ago
+Of Legend I Am Born
First of all, record holders have to bring the shark to the dock to have it documented, I was on a commercial fishing boat and we didn't have the time or space on the boat to do that. If you read about Hammerhead Sharks in the link I gave you would know that these sharks get bigger than your record holder brought in for documentation.
    I love these trolls who never did nothing in their lives but sit in front of a computer calling others liars because our lives were more interesting than yours. I made a living having adventures and I don't need to prove myself to someone so pathetic as you. Get away from your computer and go out and do something with your life.
Of Legend I Am Born
Of Legend I Am Born - 6 years ago
+Parrot Bill
Mhmm sure you did. My point is it's interesting you mysteriously only kept the jaws of this great beast that was SIX FEET longer than the record holder. Science may say they get 20', but...yeah...you would have kept it. No one tosses back an obvious record fish, you tow it back if anything.
Parrot Bill
Parrot Bill - 6 years ago
+Of Legend I Am Born
By the way Dip Weed, that shark did not get away. It was too big to bring on deck, but I cut out it's jaw, cleaned the meat off of it and bleached it in Peroxide, mounted to a a piece of driftwood, then sold it to The Shell Warehouse in Key West for $50.00 in 1975. It measured 19 inches across after it was dried open, I could step through it and slid it over my body without touching a tooth. Although we never measured the fish, I did measure the jaw of a 10 ft Hammerhead years after and it was only 9 inches wide, so you do the math, I think my Hammerhead was over 20 ft long!
Parrot Bill
Parrot Bill - 6 years ago
+Of Legend I Am Born
 You should do your research before you open your mouth and look like a fool! My shark's mouth was even with the deck and his dorsal was still in the water and the deck was 6 ft above the water.  Read it and weep sucker!
The unknown species range from 0.9 to 6 m (3.0 to 19.7 ft) in length and weigh from 3 to 580 kg (6.6 to 1,278.7 lb)
Of Legend I Am Born
Of Legend I Am Born - 6 years ago
+Parrot Bill LOLOLOL like all good fishermen, "it was THIS big". The largest hammerhead ever caught was 14 feet long. You're claiming you caught one 6 feet or more longer than that. Right. Next you'll tell me "Jaws" was a documentary...
Krzysztof Pacior
Krzysztof Pacior - 6 years ago
Pewnie gacie miał bym pełne. No nie chciał bym dostać takim "młotem"...he..he
Big Duke6
Big Duke6 - 6 years ago
That's old Hitler the hammerhead shark
Zeus Canine
Zeus Canine - 6 years ago
Role reversal.
I'm hungry as fcuk, and there's a wanker sitting outside my house frying bacon. I go to investigate and then c*nt hits me with something.
Manny Song
Manny Song - 3 years ago
Zeus Canine you know your life is a fucking void when you have to criticize a fishermen.
austmar - 6 years ago
+scrfce123 hahahaha!
Zeus Canine
Zeus Canine - 6 years ago
Ya sound real scary using the 'lol'
TheYakattackfl - 6 years ago
try and take my bacon, see what happens, lol.
Jeremy Swanson
Jeremy Swanson - 6 years ago
+Zeus Aviary AUstralian or British. How can I tell? Very few North Americans use the term "C.nt"
Sideways200 - 6 years ago
+Zeus Channel Nope, not from the states.  Peace.
Zeus Canine
Zeus Canine - 6 years ago
+scrfce123 haha a sense of humour. Defo not from the states then eh
Sideways200 - 6 years ago
+Zeus Channel LDS? No friends? Says the fucker who leaves himself 5 thumbs up. I'm no troll. I'm a fucking realist. I'll readily profess that my dick isn't the biggest - but it hasn't let me down yet. Why are you so interested in my dick anyway?
Zeus Canine
Zeus Canine - 6 years ago
+scrfce123 Are you really that bored? trying to leave everyone a comment for a bit of attention. Get some real friends pal. Classic example of a troll.. no pic..no vids. Possibly suffering from LDS too.
Sideways200 - 6 years ago
+Zeus Channel If you were a reputed cannibal, hellbent on devouring said 'wanker' then the guy would have every right to smack the shit out of you.  

Fuck all happened to the shark. Guy's kayak is probably fucked. I'd say the shark got the better end of the deal. It doesn't have to sit thru a shitty job for a week to afford a new one.
Sideways200 - 6 years ago
+Internet Tough Guy Nah dude, you just sit there and let the fucker capsize your craft and then devour you when you invariably fall in. Seems legit. The sea isn't solely the shark's home. It shares it with billions of other animals, so it is hardly fucking sovereign to it, is it? Do you think that sharks have a UN?

Nice shit talking, by the way.
tlanoi i
tlanoi i - 6 years ago
darkwizard225 m
darkwizard225 m - 6 years ago
+Internet Tough Guy he was doing what he should have being doing in case the shark became aggressive and really do you really think the shark gave a damn about the flimsy kayak paddle
Internet Tough Guy
Internet Tough Guy - 6 years ago
+Lone Manga ...yawn.
Lone Manga
Lone Manga - 6 years ago
+Internet Tough Guy Well dipshit, next time you're in open waters make sure you risk yourself to death because you were too Tough guy to ward off a fucking 1 ton shark with a simple smack to the head.
Gabebro1 - 6 years ago
+Internet Tough Guy "taking their food"? Since when are we not allowed to eat fish?
Spirit Of Alaska
Spirit Of Alaska - 6 years ago
+Zeus Channel h ha ha ha ha lol dude your comment is priceless
Kristin K
Kristin K - 6 years ago
+Internet Tough Guy

Couldn't have said it better myself! !!!!
Internet Tough Guy
Internet Tough Guy - 6 years ago
+TheYakattackfl You're paddling in their home trying to take their food (fishing)...then they come to investigate and you smack them in the head with a paddle. Everywhere you fucking people go you think you own the fucking place. Self entitled little bitches.
Zeus Canine
Zeus Canine - 6 years ago
+TheYakattackfl Just what the shark is doing then eh.
You dont like it.. and neither does the shark. Thank you for proving my point ya dumb cunt.
TheYakattackfl - 6 years ago
+Zeus Channel If I'm the guy outside frying bacon on my tailgate, and you come outside and start chewing on my truck, I am going to do more than hit you with something.
tskfrcdgr - 6 years ago
Why I carry a pistol on my kayak.  I've been violently bumped (almost knocked me out of the kayak) twice in a 10 second succession.  I've seen sharks within 50 yards as well.  They come close enough to the surface to hit with a bullet.
Eff Yoo
Eff Yoo - 6 years ago
Yeah you're right, catching it on a hook, dragging it into a boat, gaffing, skinning, cooking and eating it isn't sick, but shooting it cause it's going to try to kill me is. What the fuck are you smoking?
SkyBreaker xX
SkyBreaker xX - 6 years ago
Woah woah woah, you shouldn't attack the shark if it just comes up to the surface. That's sick. It probably didn't even want to eat you. You should hurt it when it's actually trying and biting you.
Eff Yoo
Eff Yoo - 6 years ago
Fuck off and die troll faggot. If we all took your twisted perspective, you assholes dumping oil and gasoline all over our waterways and stinkin up the docks with your two stroke oil burning 50year old evinrudes, would be lined up and shot like nazi war criminals. You're probably one of those fat beer drinking old shitheads that beats his wife so much you're too tired to paddle. Lazy piece of human shit. Hope you get lost at sea.
John Doe
John Doe - 6 years ago
+tskfrcdgr i agree with you especially those spiky kayaker that is always in my path when I'm riding my boat. I really need a rifle to sort those fucker off out off my path.
tskfrcdgr - 6 years ago
+Eff Yoo ball ammo is enough to penetrate when a shark surfaces.  Aim for the base of the fin or just shoot the fin.  I've seen bite marks on kayaks, whoooo fuck that.  Keep your gun oiled up and in a dry box and clean and oil it when you get back.  The salt in the air is what does it.  I have to keep my harley washed off after each ride because I'm close to the ocean, and keep it covered in the garage.  I wonder if these shark lovers would say, no don't rescue me you might hurt it, while they're being eaten alive.
Eff Yoo
Eff Yoo - 6 years ago
Fuck yea, I've been wondering whether it would be smart to take one of my small pistols in a dry box, not sure what the salt would do to it. Screw it. I'm bringing one next time, maybe my cheap little hi point nine. So if it goes overboard, it won't be to much lost. What do you think? A foot, two feet penetration into the water?
Jabb Throne
Jabb Throne - 6 years ago
Nice one it's true Sharks pretty much Rome every where and it's safe to have a pistol on yo kayak.
tskfrcdgr - 6 years ago
+Aphex Wabo Sorry.  I block stupid people who don't have logical arguments.
tskfrcdgr - 6 years ago
+Aphex Wabo You're a complete and utter moron.  Typical PETA idiot.  You assume something while knowing nothing.  I was 25 yards from shore on an inland river about 30 yards from the dock.  Right next to a neighborhood.  And it still happened.  You can travel the inter coastal waterway for miles and never be more than 100 yards from shore in water no more than 50 feet deep and still get attacked by sharks.  The Timacuan indians used to travel this area in wood canoes.  They would carry protection from predators.  But you and your liberal buddies won't say anything if a brown-skinned person does it will you????  Fucking bigot.
Aphex Wabo
Aphex Wabo - 6 years ago
+tskfrcdgr how about not going out that far again in your stupid little kayak?i really like having a walk through the serengeti but there are lions so next time i'll take a bazooka with me to blow up their whole fucking pride.a humans hobby is more worth than their life and it's always fun to feel superior to these dumb animals isn't it?
Jimban13 - 6 years ago
i would have drowned 3 of them if they keep on hitting me on the head dikheads
John Malone
John Malone - 6 years ago
Wow you got some holier than thou comments in here lol! You did nothing wrong in repelling the shark, it would have been attracted by the group of you and the splashing of the paddles, plus the scent of any fish you had on board. If you had not hit it, its curiosity would have increased with dangerous potential. The surfers who have commented in here should remember that their thrashing around in the surf attracts sharks too. I have seem them tracking surfers in the middle of waves, so don't go criticising these guys just because you don't like them fishing!
electrasong - 3 years ago
What are they supposed to do... you're serving up a ready-made meal and shouting COME AND GET IT!!!
kvly8 - 6 years ago
You're gonna need a bigger boat.
Deb Brown
Deb Brown - 6 years ago
Just let the shark be!  He was swimming and not attacking (your description) until you started poking him with your paddle.  If you cannot exist together without freaking out then do not go offshore fishing in a small boat!
John Malone
John Malone - 6 years ago
Dolphins repel sharks because sharks are only motivated by potential food, the kayakers were potential food until they made it aware they did not agree. They made it home in one piece, so their actions were justified. Sharks are covered in dermal denticle's, a poke with a paddle would not harm it or break its very tough skin, but it clearly did get the message. Sea covers 3/4 of the earths surface, if someone wants to go fishing in a yak or a boat that's their decision and their right. They do far less harm than trawlers decimating the oceans and put a meal on the table without by catch, such as sharks!
Not a gay username
Not a gay username - 6 years ago
lmao love to see any of these fools being calm and loving the shark if they were there
Michael Webster
Michael Webster - 6 years ago
stay on land.
TheJuggalotus0420 - 6 years ago
should be titled "fishermen stab at hammerhead with a paddle" i didnt see a shark attack in the video, just swim around.
Judy Lynn
Judy Lynn - 6 years ago
That's not a Hammerhead!
megasif - 6 years ago
If I do this, I will carry with me a pistol or shotgun for safe measures...
RayneOfHavok - 6 years ago
Hey, no one's ever been attacked by a shark on land.
RayneOfHavok - 6 years ago
Then the fisherman can't believe that he was bitten, like every one legged surfer. Can't take any pity either way.
the fruit hunter
the fruit hunter - 6 years ago
Lol, yes they have. Example: person catches shark drags it on land. But in the process of removing the hook. The shark attacks and bites off his hand.
Mal Mcauliffe
Mal Mcauliffe - 6 years ago
Hammerheads have very small mouths and are what we used to call gummy sharks. they could bite you if you stuck you hand in its mouth. of course, they could head but you but they arent interested in humans. nothing to worry about unless your a complete girl
John Wadsworth
John Wadsworth - 6 years ago
Barkeroni - 6 years ago
you almost got nailed
CK_32 - 6 years ago
Hook it! 

And enjoy the fight!
208miuwu - 6 years ago
You live in South  Florida, looks like
aarondavid826 - 6 years ago
this is so racist
samuel wright
samuel wright - 6 years ago
only ones attackin were the people
Bimzi - 6 years ago
Gmaybe if your dumbass friend didnt hit it with a padal ignorant people making sharks look vicious & getting killed
Josh Childs
Josh Childs - 6 years ago
looks like the guy was picking on a curios shark. im sure they had been catching fish and that attracts sharks also. i will be glad when they ban fishing from the beaches . nothing like hitting the surf next to some clown slinging bait for the sharks .
RikkiTikkiTavi - 6 years ago
Nothing like going fishing and getting annoying pricks going surfing complaining that there are sharks in the ocean.
HydraYak Outdoors
HydraYak Outdoors - 6 years ago
Never seen one that interested in a kayaker. Were you guys cutting bait? Usually a shark acts like any other fish and stays away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJaJwDtmr2E
domboduk - 6 years ago
LUIS FE Rojas - 6 years ago
misleading title. never saw any attack. if anything, the kayaker disturbed the shark with the paddle.
Mi1eHigh - 6 years ago
That person trying to hit the Shark was so pathetic and obnoxious 
Erica Bell
Erica Bell - 6 years ago
G Fresh Beat Band
1973Saved - 6 years ago
I noticed that after you gave it a couple of pokes it went to another kayak.  Why didn't you hit it for real instead of just giving it love taps.

I'd like to know at what point it bit the back of your 'yak.
Devon Lachney
Devon Lachney - 6 years ago
The angler wasn't trying to hurt the shark, just give it some motivation to leave. The most dramatic and obvious bite was the first, and the one that initiated me starting the camera. After the camera started there was just some bumping and playful nibbles. The first bite however the sharks head was partially out of the water with several inches of the kayak in its mouth.
Solo Lesta
Solo Lesta - 6 years ago
This should be titled "Kayak fisherman attacks curious hammerhead shark"
JBXyooj - 6 years ago
+Les Dempsey (Solo Lesta) Well you know if someone was curiously stalking and snooping around my car I get aggressive too.
Yashar M. Aval
Yashar M. Aval - 6 years ago
+Michael Shannon Yes. He is right. Not a threat. Scuba divers know better than anyone that sharks are in general not as aggressive as hollywood likes to show.
I also agree with Les. The shark did nothing. The kayakers attacked the shark. Check out the number of shark attacks on earth per year, while millions of people scuba dive every year.
Michael S
Michael S - 6 years ago
+Michael Angelikis Not a threat? Really?
Michael Angelikis
Michael Angelikis - 6 years ago
That shark isn't a threat to you. There have been like 40 something reported cases of a hammerhead shark attacking a human and only like 15 of those were reported as being unprovoked. Hammerheads don't give a fuck about humans until you act aggressive towards them first and poke at them with paddles and shit or if you happen upon a very large shark that is starving to death. While they should be respected if encountered, and I probably wouldn't jump in and try to swim with them, i wouldn't call them a threat.
2222222222 222
2222222222 222 - 6 years ago
+Les Dempsey Yeah well i'd attack something that was a threat to my life too
AshFZ //
AshFZ // - 6 years ago
j. esper
j. esper - 6 years ago
So what you're saying is you beat off a hammerhead shark?  
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson - 6 years ago
I just started kayak fishing. I've commented this video before. It's really cool. If this ever happens again try tossing some bait in the water and that should send the shark off. Pretty intimidating. I fished Dania last week. I love it.
Lord of The Ping
Lord of The Ping - 6 years ago
Saltwater kajakin sucks
TheFunkhouser - 6 years ago
Attacking my arse. It was checking you out.
Jacob Becomes Israel
Jacob Becomes Israel - 6 years ago
Clearly mistook you for a Seal. Especially after hanging around for a couple of minutes and checking you out. They're such bad hunters they have no idea what their prey looks like.

And that clear blue open ocean just makes it impossible to see you.
pediatrapaola - 7 years ago
are you in florida?
D-man - 7 years ago
Oh look it's a shark, Imma poke it with a stick.
Kathleen SmithK
Kathleen SmithK - 7 years ago
Cool!!! Didn't see no attack!!! But cool!!
LowerTheBoom - 7 years ago
DId you get bite.
chrismechanic B
chrismechanic B - 7 years ago
wrong title, it should read fisherman attacks hammerhead shark
the shark was probably hungry..
Aaron codling
Aaron codling - 7 years ago
the thing about sharks is when they go into attack mode you don't see them till they strike
breanna7411 - 7 years ago
If that happened to me I would cry my eyes out
Tara Berardi
Tara Berardi - 7 years ago
Hi!  great video!  Reaching out to see if you'd allow ABC News/Good Morning America to show part of the video with an onscreen credit.  Let me know.  Thanks!!
htein linaung
htein linaung - 7 years ago
TheYakattackfl - 7 years ago
Yeah, not a problem. 
CaptainCrikey - 7 years ago
Just another video that falsely uses the word "ATTACKS".
Harry Hall
Harry Hall - 7 years ago
need to get a boat haha
Cuzzin David
Cuzzin David - 7 years ago
Why would your dumb ass get in a watercraft so small?  then when something happens your dumb butt is like "Dude what does he want?" dumb dumb
David George
David George - 7 years ago
Video should be retitled: Guy on Kayak Jabs Shark with Paddle and a Still Shot of Scratches on a Kayak.
Kevin T
Kevin T - 7 years ago
did you just say you had to beat off a shark? You're right, it is sad you didnt get that on camera
scriptorsilentum - 7 years ago
hammerheads have teeth like needles, spikes... They aren't the spearhead shape of real chompers like a bull or a white. Nevertheless, hammerheads will often take a chew on a human and try to tear off a piece. It's blood-loss induced shock that normally kills human victims not so much the injury (there are exceptions...). This looks to me like sharks' natural curiousity more than anything. 
Sol Bambi
Sol Bambi - 7 years ago
It wasn't attacking you its was observing you. It only bit your kayak because you were attacking it.
Reeled You Inn
Reeled You Inn - 6 years ago
+Pasu suel You win!
Jabb Throne
Jabb Throne - 6 years ago
Now if you were attacking the shark it obviously wouldn't come for you, that's call intimidation. But they will Rome next to you or it will just swim away.
Jabb Throne
Jabb Throne - 6 years ago
Wow Breadstick you so mad. The shark was observing it by attacking it dumb. All sharks do this he wanted to see if it was food, And apparently it wasn't.
Sol Bambi
Sol Bambi - 6 years ago
+Ian Ko k
Ian Ko
Ian Ko - 6 years ago
I said it would be sad if you were a grown ass man, I'm still leaning towards just young though.
Sol Bambi
Sol Bambi - 6 years ago
+Ian Ko So im either a kid or a grow as man. 
Ian Ko
Ian Ko - 6 years ago
lol its even worse if your a grown ass man addressing people the way you do. But i guess the internet is the internet, so you do you go make your momma proud
Sol Bambi
Sol Bambi - 6 years ago
+Ian Ko sure, im definitely a kid. aren't I. 
Ian Ko
Ian Ko - 6 years ago
+Breadstick™ lol fking loser, some kids need to grow up before being allowed online. all this little baby back bitch can do is cuss from what ive seen.
Pasu suel
Pasu suel - 6 years ago
countless years of negotiating with my mother in law ;)
Bonnelly Media
Bonnelly Media - 6 years ago
+Pasu suel NO WAY? where did you learn to speak shark?????
Sol Bambi
Sol Bambi - 6 years ago
+Pasu suel you want a juicy piece if meat
Pasu suel
Pasu suel - 6 years ago
you , sir, are an idiot.
that shark definitely wanted a juicy piece of meat.
charlie boy
charlie boy - 6 years ago
+Breadstick™ lulz
Sol Bambi
Sol Bambi - 6 years ago
+charlie boy Obviously 
charlie boy
charlie boy - 6 years ago
stfu you don't know shyt
Captain Cocoa Puffs
Captain Cocoa Puffs - 6 years ago
+Breadstick™ It didn't bite his kayak because it was attacking, sharks don't have hands to feel and observe things with. So they sue their mouths to get a sense of what an item was, the shark bit the kayak, found out it wasn't a food source and let go and swam off. 
Sol Bambi
Sol Bambi - 7 years ago
+Jit Diong  I had something to say? You insulted me first anyway so just piss off and stop commenting.
Nico Hulkenberg
Nico Hulkenberg - 7 years ago
+Jit Diong Very funny mate.
Sol Bambi
Sol Bambi - 7 years ago
Oy Jit you little slit eyed prick, I know a humans natural reaction is to defend themselves I'm not a nobhead unlike you making you fucking wank insults. I only commented why it was attacking his kayak and what it was doing, I didn't say anything about how he attacked the shark mate. So fuck off you mop head nerd. 
Sol Bambi
Sol Bambi - 7 years ago
+Jit Diong Knowledge dipshit 
Daddy Fab
Daddy Fab - 7 years ago
It's so cute
Harry Wilkins
Harry Wilkins - 7 years ago
I don't Blame the shark because they were jabbing it with an ore
GreenestGanja2 - 7 years ago
lol a big enough shark could just knock or jump you off that kayak is a second.
Mogwyre Pendelhurst
Mogwyre Pendelhurst - 7 years ago
I don't know whats more frightening, that shark or taking a Pelican kayak offshore.
testodude - 7 years ago
Anybody actually see the shark  bite the kayak in the video?   I must have missed that part.

I'll admit that if I saw an 8ft (give or take) shark circling the 12 ft plastic kayak I was sitting in a half mile from shore, I might poop a little.  I might have pushed at it with my paddle, too, if it came that close.  

Cool video.
Walfredo - 7 years ago
he lives there jackass, you don't. beat yourself in the head with a paddle for taking a kayak into open water
Mark Maria
Mark Maria - 7 years ago
Interesting because hammerhead are just curious sharks. They tend to just circle the boat when I'm out there. This is one shark I'm never worried about. Why poke it? He was just curious.
balzonurchin - 7 years ago
Looks like you were fishing with some pretty heavy gear. It might not be a great idea to fish for animals that can potentially outweigh you & your boat.
mrbooyeah - 7 years ago
Heading should say ...kayak fisherman attack shark
its me
its me - 7 years ago
BTW: Did you notice the very large grey spot in the water at around 1:18? Freaky great white?
Kris Dodge
Kris Dodge - 7 years ago
The weeds are actually a floating type. They have no attachment with the bottom. Fish love them as they hold large amounts of bait fish. The larger the weed line the more likely you are to find good fishing. We never fail to troll along a weed line while running south out of Destin to most of our fishing locations. They nearly always produce something good. Dolphin, Sailfish, Cobia, Kingfish and Wahoo are always nearby if you see the baitfish in the weeds. I douobt the water these kayakers are fishing in is very deep since Hammerheads like the warmer waters near shore. I think the theory of a leaking baitcan was the reason the shark was tasting the boat. Swimming with a non feeding Hammerhead isn't much of an issue. A Bull Shark is another matter as they are very territorial and mean. My kayak fisher friends always bring thier spear guns and Poke bothersome shark and Barracuda. I would say that you are more likely be bit by a cuda than a shark in the same water. Cuda have a habit of striking at movement.
its me
its me - 7 years ago
Thanks for the explanation...I'm assuming that water is fairly deep, those weeds get pretty tall...we get fairly tall (up to 12') algae here in Lake Erie, likes to wrap itself around boat props..very annoying, but good fishing.
Kris Dodge
Kris Dodge - 7 years ago
It's Sargassum weeds. Not another shark.  Offshore fisherman seek out these weed lines and patches to find gamefish such as Dolphin, Kingfish, Cobia.  It is most likely the reason they happened upon this Hammerhead to begin with as they are primarily fish feeders.
its me
its me - 7 years ago
Man, hats off, you guys are freakin' nuts. How the heck do you keep from falling in once you hook something? Yall crazy folk. Were you able to get a good swing with the paddle on that thing? If so, why didn't you take it?
samantha gracie
samantha gracie - 7 years ago
It looked kinda like a lemon shark from under water but it's prob'll y a hammer head :)
Donna James
Donna James - 7 years ago
the shark was probably curious not trying to eat him or anything, and he shouldn't have been hitting him with a paddle. Of course the shark was pissed after that. If someone hit me with a boat paddle I would be pissed too. 
Marc E
Marc E - 7 years ago
Hammerhead observing, humans attacking
mr. TC
mr. TC - 7 years ago
'dude..whats he doin???' hahaha what u think bud?! hes tryin to EAT u muhfukke!!! n yea sure...go poke the bastard...he likes that! now hes hungry AND pissed
aattitude - 7 years ago
I think you aggravated it by hitting it. I don't think it would've bit the kayak if you didn't attack it the first place. I could be wrong ofc.
tom jackson
tom jackson - 7 years ago
Put in the bait, fish come.  This time, big fish!
TheAgentAssassin - 7 years ago
cannonball that bitch

oh shit I'm dead
502waf - 7 years ago
Time to get a bigger boat!! just sighting a shark has to be really scary when you are sitting so low in the water and tipping over is a real possibility when trying to fend off an attack or by the actions of the shark biting the boat..
thecatbin - 7 years ago
Get ready to boo me and give me a thumbs down.  First, you are in the OCEAN.  Second, you're in a freaking KAYAK! in the OCEAN.  Third, I only see two other idiots with you in a KAYAK in the OCEAN.  Fourth, there are many, many, MANY things in the OCEAN that are BIGGER than you and your kayak.  Fifth, dude, you went into the shark's home. So stop beating it with the paddle.  Sixth, if you were my son, I'd hit you in the head with that paddle the same as you did the shark.  I don't care how old you are.  Mom would open up a can of wup ass on you and I'd make you take or re-take marine biology!  And you would have received coal in your stocking that year.
DavidSixSixFive - 7 years ago
I think you're going to need a bigger boat.
Wacker - 4 years ago
WheepingWillow2 - 7 years ago
ok, did you ever think that it came to check out the COLOR of you kayak? The color is that of a SEAL.  Since you only show the gray kayak that has bite marks on it I think I'd be changing colors, and or take something to change the under belly with possibly wide tape to change it's appearance, stripes polka dots, whatever, but I'd change it. Good luck.
Jordan E
Jordan E - 3 years ago
Sharks are colored blind. They are also not the most intelligent of animals. I never understood why people try to make them into humans or that they have human like feelings. They do not have the intelligence to do that. Food and mating are about all they care about. Even when they bump something with there nose they are investigating if they want to eat it.
Twisty the Clown
Twisty the Clown - 4 years ago
According to new research, sharks, unlike their close relatives chimaeras and rays, cannot distinguish colors.

Read more: http://marinesciencetoday.com/2011/01/22/do-sharks-have-color-vision/#ixzz4wcbbcJ00
79pejeperro - 4 years ago
Hammers don't eat seals
Nice Guy Eddie
Nice Guy Eddie - 6 years ago
+xXs3renityXx The question still stands; has there ever been an instance of a hammer head tipping over a kayak and attacking a person? A lot of people kayak with others who would be witnesses; also there's a possibility that the person would have survived the attack. 
Jagr Melo
Jagr Melo - 6 years ago
Lets just settle this at the ocean is scary and fish are creepy
xXs3renityXx - 6 years ago
+E.W.E. Hughes Jr well who would be left to report it...
Nice Guy Eddie
Nice Guy Eddie - 6 years ago
+Don Jon I don't think there's one instance of a hammer head shark tipping over a kayak and then attacking and consuming the person who was on the kayak.
Don Jon
Don Jon - 6 years ago
I would have shot him. Sharks are scary as hell!! One little bump of curiosity can quickly escalate into tipped over kayak and then dinner for shark. Sure, we aren't a food item for them, but still can kill you out of curiosity.
CK_32 - 6 years ago
Well they also probably had bait or hooked fish linked on the side of the kayak attracting him too. Or chumming the water. We aren't the only ones on this planet. When we enter their world, don't be shocked when you run into a few of them.
Jagr Melo
Jagr Melo - 6 years ago
sherks gon byte shit kay
Nice Guy Eddie
Nice Guy Eddie - 6 years ago
Hammerheads aren't known to attack and eat seals. There are no seals in Pompano Beach, FL 
Steven Hendrickx
Steven Hendrickx - 6 years ago
man your a retard among other people commenting. Hammer heads are not known to attack seals first off. Number 2 it was just currious, they are fishing and paddling and yes they have small floats in other words kayaks that attract these fish, specially hammerheads. End of story
Adam Dunham
Adam Dunham - 6 years ago
Please show me on a doll where the Internet hurt you
WheepingWillow2 - 6 years ago
+Adam Dunham f/u
 and I don't think you're my f mother to tell me to do squat, brat!
Adam Dunham
Adam Dunham - 6 years ago
Smarting? Right. Well, next time get facts before posting info about videos that you only watched on discovery channel. Thank you from the Internet
WheepingWillow2 - 6 years ago
+Adam Dunham I live in KY, am not around water, nor sharks, but I had seen a LOT on TV when I had it. No I wasn't versed on them, and maybe possibly had you read the other comments on this video, before SMARTING off to me, you WOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT. byeeee byeee
Adam Dunham
Adam Dunham - 6 years ago
You do realize only great whites eat seals, and this is a hammerhead..... Color has nothing to do with it. Hammerheads are man eaters. Spend some time on the water. Sharks will bite and eat ANYTHING. Go on a offshore fishing trip and you will see.
WheepingWillow2 - 6 years ago
+Zachary Chatham and what has that to do with my comment?
Zachary Chatham
Zachary Chatham - 6 years ago
+WheepingWillow2 humans are mammals. 
WheepingWillow2 - 7 years ago
+Jagr Melo yeppers that's essentially it I guess is what it boils down to lol
Jagr Melo
Jagr Melo - 7 years ago
+WheepingWillow2 and not every shark even knows or cares about the difference between human and shark food i mean the water is there world fish eat and live or get ate and die lol
WheepingWillow2 - 7 years ago
+Emily Rachel Tolliver that sounds very plausible, thanks for the insight. I didn't know anything about where they were or if seals were even in their vicinity it was just what came to mind from watching nature programs many years ago. again thanks
Emily Mathis
Emily Mathis - 7 years ago
+WheepingWillow2  Seals are not on the Hammerhead's grocery list.  They have rarely attacked a human. Perhaps the kayak had some bait or fish dripping fluids from the stern looks as if the kayaker had a bait bucket on the stern that may have been in the water.  This is perhaps the reason for the bite.  
WheepingWillow2 - 7 years ago
wow, really, I didn't know that, well I wonder then why they singled out that one particular kayak. thanks
Charvin Kessler
Charvin Kessler - 7 years ago
sharks are colorblind 
WheepingWillow2 - 7 years ago
lol lol ok thanks
Dave Stuart
Dave Stuart - 7 years ago
Lol..glad ya liked it... I'll try to find 'em and warn others about their fukery.
My bed calls..but it'll be a bit for the pillow gets me...
Sorry ya had to deal w/jackels w/out back-ip tho...I like chewing on 'em too..,lmaoo!
Keep up the good work lady...we need more like ya! Sleep well, ;-)
WheepingWillow2 - 7 years ago
+Dave Stuart hiya Dave, yeppers, I've dealt with a couple of bad seeds tonight, one was I think FreeJusticeOf America or something like that, LOL LOL I couldn't find their butt on yt, but I did on google AFTER I responded and blocked them. It's just some dofus bully, either someone I think with my work comp ins or JPMorgan chase, who knows, or some damn gov ars pissed off at me for tell'n em the truth about themselves LOL LOL leeches you know. another one said I was getting government money, the fuck I am. I don't get shit from the gov, my income of work comp is when I paid for it, and I damn sure don't get food stamps even though I do qualify for them, fck that I'm NOT depending on gov for ANYTHING. Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate them. Hope you're having a good morning. By the way I like that ending analogy LOL LOL LOL
Dave Stuart
Dave Stuart - 7 years ago
Did I miss some fukhead puke say anything bad to you... That would make me mad... I think you are a very sharp individual... Who gave you any shit... I will block and mute them!
You are too cool to have to deal with twerpy dikliks!
WheepingWillow2 - 7 years ago
ignorance is NOT the same as naïve, dimwit, just because I am not versed on the mammals of the ocean DO NOT MISTAKE THAT I AM IGORANT, my fucking toe most likely has more brains and brawn than you've displayed here, have you been a bully and asshole ALL YOUR LIFE, or is that a family TRAIT that just comes natural/inertly? No need to respond, it's not required. LOL LOL
WheepingWillow2 - 7 years ago
+tarantulady well if you have the  need, let er rip! 
tarantulady - 7 years ago
Some people just need to cry about everything.
WheepingWillow2 - 7 years ago
Dave Stuart
Dave Stuart - 7 years ago
Somehow we humans have forgotten to respect, not only each other, but the only thing that sustains us... the world around us. SMH
WheepingWillow2 - 7 years ago
yeppers, so sad people can't respect them in their world eh?
Dave Stuart
Dave Stuart - 7 years ago
Lmaoo... Soo true! ;-)
WheepingWillow2 - 7 years ago
+Dave Stuart exactly, that is the mammals world lol
Dave Stuart
Dave Stuart - 7 years ago
Lmaoo... Going to sea in anything should be a 'thoughtful' process.. You are going into a place that you are not the king of all you see. RIWLMAOO. Things might not want you, but they won't know that until after they have tasted you! LMFAOOO
Konig1985 - 7 years ago
it just wants to play with humans like seals and dolphins... relax man
PlugMartian - 7 years ago
I saw nothing in this video that even remotely resembles an attack. What I do see is Sphyrna Lewini doing exactly what any oceanic predator does. Investigating something floating on the surface. Being an ocean fisherman you should know one of the best ways to catch Billfish, Sharks, Tuna, Ling, and Dorado is to troll or chunk around large floating objects. Because the predators know that the object either IS food, or is hiding it. As others here have mentioned one of the ways sharks "test for food" is to bite something. This shark bumped, rubbed and bit your kayaks, decided they were not food and left. You treated the shark exactly as you should have by poking and hitting it with your paddles. Not only were you not food but you could potentially injure it. Not worth it for the shark and so it left. Not an attack, just normal shark behavior.
Sirr Grantite
Sirr Grantite - 7 years ago
man i would have just rafted up with the other two kayaks, at least then it wouldn't be able to knock you over if it did bump too hard
84doll - 7 years ago
CARRY A GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cockergrabber - 7 years ago
have you wanked over those shark bite marks?
Yuki Halvorsen
Yuki Halvorsen - 7 years ago
Hammerheads are easily scared they said. Nothing will happen they said.
slangston1968 - 7 years ago
I just want to say a little something to those who post comments about wanting to see the fisherman attacked and eaten.  That is my son and the last thing I would want to see is my son eaten or attacked by a shark.  How callus of you to make such comments.  I, personally, am glad he poked at the shark with his paddle.  By God if it was me I would have whacked the crap out of it.  You never know what you are going to do in a situation like that and survival instinct takes over.  I am just thankful that he was not harmed and I doubt the shark has been to therapy over the abuse it suffered from being poked by a plastic paddle.
olekike - 7 years ago
not an attack!, investigational teeth marks.
Falcon Plays
Falcon Plays - 7 years ago
But... You are Americans... Where was your explosive chainsaw?
Perri Basile
Perri Basile - 7 years ago
"it's a hammerhead dude, whats he doin?"
Sawyer Jacobs
Sawyer Jacobs - 7 years ago
I don't think he had any reason to hit it. It probably was just getting a closer look and had no intention of harming him.
StJohns River66
StJohns River66 - 7 years ago
Noway do I go out into situations where I do not have upper hand ..you can waterproof bullets, coat a revolver with silicone etc use your heads..need something you can pop the bastard with and release as little of blood as possible ..the loud bang also lays in your favor.
StJohns River66
StJohns River66 - 7 years ago
Now I know why ocean kayakers seem to have such great balance..their huge balls serves as a counter weight!
allan J
allan J - 7 years ago
Should retitle this to man on kayak attacks hammerhead
LUIS FE Rojas - 6 years ago
Chris M
Chris M - 7 years ago
@GlobalTubeTruth hammerheads are curious sharks,and most of the time swim near the surface, so these guys just by chance had an interaction
Autumn Brown
Autumn Brown - 7 years ago
this is stupid. the shark didnt attack anything it was trying to get the fish since you so intelligently decided to fish in the middle of the ocean in a kayak... 
Mihael M
Mihael M - 7 years ago
i think he just want to greet you a good day guys. in that way
Paul Hendrick
Paul Hendrick - 7 years ago
Boooo! I would have grabbed his fuckn fin and pulled him in my kayak..... Kenny Powers
wilsocn - 7 years ago
"You're gonna need a bigger boat."
John Arizona
John Arizona - 7 years ago
WOW what a trip! Those kayaks could use some outrigger pontoons.
Joe Marchese
Joe Marchese - 7 years ago
Must be incredible to see a shark first hand.. But also terrifying
Steve-OOO O
Steve-OOO O - 7 years ago
Even if it was a attack it was his fault he was hitting the shark
Skodz Gaming
Skodz Gaming - 7 years ago
nice video but I would personally not go on the ocean in a kayak.
Chantality - 7 years ago
NICE boat lol. next it'll b a great white shark tipping over your kayak
Misty River
Misty River - 7 years ago
Jva te tuer mon tabarnak
henrique santiago
henrique santiago - 7 years ago
where was it? australia?
Mat ROUSSEAU - 7 years ago
1:15 look to the right..another shark?
Mike Whiteley
Mike Whiteley - 7 years ago
let see man in little boat and one big fish real smart
kctyphoon - 7 years ago
i think youre gonna need a bigger boat...
GoMiGman - 7 years ago
A lot of this kinda thing happening in the past few years from this relatively new sport/hobby of deep sea kayak fishing.  These guys are getting closer and closer to these fish and with the advent of all this new, water proof and tremendous camera technology coupled with the internet, you get almost a live feed of this stuff happening a lot more frequently.  Now you don't have to wait every year for Shark Week to come on Discovery and witness some of these videos.  Just get on to YouTube and you have a new one almost weekly.  Times have changed and as a result of all this exposure, it seems these fish don't appear to be as hunted and scarce as they've been eluding to.
Corey King
Corey King - 7 years ago
"Whats he doing" Well hes fucking swimming
C G - 7 years ago
He thinks the boat is food
T S - 7 years ago
Thats a pretty awesome thing to have on a small raft like that. Shark bites. Kudos!
Rensin Paolo Pepania
Rensin Paolo Pepania - 7 years ago
really attack?
Charles Ayala
Charles Ayala - 7 years ago
the difference between a shark being "curious" and "attacking" is how many fingers you have left after the incident. You people go out there in a shallow kayak and be circled by a hammerhead. You'd shit your pants. Don't hit him with the paddle? I'd stab that mother with an olive fork if I had one. he didn't wack him hard, just a few "get away from me" jabs. I'm sure the shark wouldn't have extended the same courtesy.
wolfyhound - 7 years ago
Just snorted tea up my nose at the "olive fork". Thanks.
@wizardbills - 7 years ago
the worst thing you could have possibly done was to stab him with the paddle
Chad Wellington
Chad Wellington - 7 years ago
it would have been a better video if he really attacked a kayak fisherman like the title said!!!!
MotorcrossRacer1 - 7 years ago
i think you kakkers are out of your mind going out in those little rafts in the deep ocean. the ocean is a gigantic fish tank! with SHARKS AND OTHER STUFF!
mlasko74 - 7 years ago
Morons don't even have their paddle attached to a line out in the open, shark infested ocean, and the guy is hitting the shark with it. Brilliant shit...
eric Zane
eric Zane - 7 years ago
"The huge shark even bit the back and side of his kayak and had to be beaten off" Even sharks will leave you alone after they get off
James Melton
James Melton - 7 years ago
Yea I would hit him with a paddle too
MAStudio64 - 7 years ago
that was the best "Hammerhead Shark Attacks Kayak Fisherman!!!"
I have ever seen on youtube!
Rekstarr Pro
Rekstarr Pro - 7 years ago
that's a lot of yaking , I go out of boca inlet, and can only imagin the work out that is, u guys look 2 miles out,
Josh Burkill
Josh Burkill - 7 years ago
I was really hoping those kayakers would get eaten, you don't hit a shark with a fucking paddle..
Slick Rick
Slick Rick - 7 years ago
666 comments didnt feel right so i had to 
Primal - 7 years ago
Are people really stupid enough to go fishing in shark infested waters with the smallest boats imaginable. Why are they so surprised that a shark is circling them?

They are fishing and fish attract sharks. 
Goat In Water
Goat In Water - 7 years ago
dat typo in the description tho
smug buster
smug buster - 7 years ago
its just curious
Jason Tamplin
Jason Tamplin - 7 years ago
Attack? That's a bit sensationalist fellas. The shark definitely did not attack your mate or the boat, it was just checking the situation out. Did you have baited lines in the water, was there any blood from the fish you had caught leaking from the boat etc..? You are not on the sharks menu but the fish you were catching are. Bit of logic and common sense would be nice.
SOTHICK RICK - 7 years ago
Hammerhead,,,,, BIG DEAL
Supertekkel - 7 years ago
I expected chewed up fisherman...
Q8 Fly
Q8 Fly - 7 years ago
Where was that at?
D.R. Thompson
D.R. Thompson - 7 years ago
That shark isn't attacking them. He is just checking them out and may have followed the scent of fish to their area. The shark may have also detected the vibrations of a struggling fish. 
Guareje a
Guareje a - 7 years ago
Where is it? 
metano marsica
metano marsica - 7 years ago
I would go there fishing only on a destroyer!!!
Gao Li
Gao Li - 7 years ago
Are you sure this is a shark attack? It looks like curiousity to me. Sharks don't have hands, so instead of touching something with their hands, they use their mouths to get to know something.
Dan Dan
Dan Dan - 3 years ago
for real doesn't seem like an attack at all took a bite because obviously it's hungry probably eaten fish from fisherman before, if you have to beat off the shark not attacking maybe you need a bigger boat
VLAD THE IMPALER - 4 years ago
Oh fuck me. I was under the impression that sharks had hands........thanks for the revelation.
KKaybe - 4 years ago
Sharks dont have hands? Stop it.
502waf - 6 years ago
+GaolisVideoLog It may not start out as an attack, but if you get tipped over in the excitement all bets are off. Personally I would not be fishing, an activity that is likely to attract sharks, in such a small vessel, just seems an unnecessarily hazardous activity to me that could result in either a shark and/or human having a bad day - but each to their own.
John Malone
John Malone - 6 years ago
Hahaha aye right! Lol
pediatrapaola - 7 years ago
me too am not an hunter /fisher for fun and less that ever on that little dangerous (in certain waters) little boat 
lendoggtheking - 7 years ago

 I profoundly disagree with hunting for fun. There is a certain arrogance in the opinion that anyone is allowed to inflict pain on an animal for their enjoyment without risk to themselves. There is a certain justice that the hunters feared that they had become the hunted!
To be clear, hunting for food can be OK in certain circumstances but never for fun.
Mitchdogg1235 - 7 years ago
+GaolisVideoLog you are so right actually. This is a stupid example but think about godzilla (more recent not 1954) most of the time his main goal was NOT to destroy cities but since he was so big it just happened as he walks through. He isn't going there to break shit usually to get somewhere else. Most sharks don't really come at you to attack, if you aggregate them yes, but if they want you dead that bad you would probably not survive a shark 'attack'
pediatrapaola - 7 years ago
+Martin B anyway not so funny having it around being on such a little boat and so far from beach.
John Arizona
John Arizona - 7 years ago
Gao Li
Gao Li - 7 years ago
+Onehit Combo *crappy (you need an adjective there, son) *example (your article, "a", highlighted that you were referring to one example, not two.

Aside from that, no, it wasn't a bad example. It was not an attack, full stop. Just because someone was harmed in the process does not make it an attack, sharks don't have hands, so instead of touching things, like humans do, they use their mouths to figure out what something is. If it were an attack it would've looked very different from what you have in the video.
Onehit Combo
Onehit Combo - 7 years ago
 what a crap examples +GaolisVideoLog 
SamFreedom - 7 years ago
+GaolisVideoLog lol you crack me up, man.  Ok, call it whatever you want.  If it results in a missing leg, I'm sure the person who lost their leg isn't going to be too interested in your semantics.  And I'm sure the person who's wondering whether or not to go surfing at a particular area is not concerned with how many legs went missing that year were either "accidents" or "attacks".  He wants to know the total of "Legs Gone Missing."

And for you to compare a shark who basically has like 1 or 2 things to do out there in the ocean with an insured human losing control of a car is such a profound misunderstanding of REALITY.  You're talking about games people play in a modern, civilized and complex society with a modern civilized, complex brain.

Sharks eat... sharks mate. 
Gao Li
Gao Li - 7 years ago
+SamFreedom It's still not an attack; If you're walking down the street and another person loses control over their vehicle and the vehicle hits you, are you, the insurance, the police, or anyone going to call it an attack or an accident?

Just because something may or may not have a negative outcome for you or anyone else does not change the nature of the occurence. It also does not mean that, whatever it was, was done with malicious intentions in mind. Saying that it was an attack when it wasn't does not help to learn to understand sharks better, and does not help prevent these instances from happening in the future.

Instead, by choosing to mislabel this event, you are creating a picture of a vicious animal out in the ocean that has nothing better to do than to wait for days and weeks on end just to come after poor surfing humans.
SamFreedom - 7 years ago
Let's see what happens when one wants to "get to know" your leg with it's mouth.  Then what would you call it?
John Arizona
John Arizona - 7 years ago
Is that like whaling ships use a harpoon to get to know whales? lol
Dorian P.
Dorian P. - 7 years ago
its so funny seeing people get so surprised seeing a shark in the damn OCEAN..wtf do u expect..beating the shark over the head when you're not even supposed to be there, wish a great white would show up and take care of business. 
Joe Bäumler
Joe Bäumler - 7 years ago
Selber schuld, wer haie schlägt !!
Mykill Metal Gaming
Mykill Metal Gaming - 7 years ago
Fishing in a kayak near sharks....sounds smart...   Was renting a boat too expensive?
Jim 1234678910
Jim 1234678910 - 7 years ago
What's that red stuff on the grass
Proxo20 - 7 years ago
am sorry but can some dumb fucking fisherman tell me what on worl makes u think mmm am gonna go to the ocean in tiny little boat and am gonna do some fishing,,holy shit i really dont understand it,,i would shit mine pants if this happened :D:D
Impie Nelson
Impie Nelson - 7 years ago
you even say in the video "I'm doing all the things they tell you NOT to do"....like you're proud of it. i was root'n for the shark.
Al Kaholic
Al Kaholic - 7 years ago
It wasn't attacking it was just curious.  If it was attacking you'd be dead!
Donald - 7 years ago
This isn't a shark attack, but your lucky it didn't turn into one after poking it with the paddle like that.  
Cloie Harris
Cloie Harris - 7 years ago
Really its a hammerhead shark we can see that so wtf
grads5565 - 7 years ago
When I was kayaking with my dad a tiger shark started circling us. After we gave it a couple smacks with are paddles it went away.
Daniel Young
Daniel Young - 7 years ago
I still would have watched the video had it been titled "Hammer Head Shark from a Kayak"  Lets be honest when we label things.  If we were completely honest we could have labeled it " Guy smacks Hammer Head Shark with Kayak paddle!!!!"
Dmitry Trashchenko
Dmitry Trashchenko - 7 years ago
You are very lucky to see a hammerhead! They are extremely shy usually.
And it was not attacking anybody for sure. It's mouth is too small for such a prey like a human being or kayak.
redskinjim - 7 years ago
don't tip the fucker over
Thisisnotmyrealname8 - 7 years ago
the title is all wrong. it should read: "kayak fisherman attacks hammerhead shark"
John Ullman
John Ullman - 7 years ago
Sharks have no thinking process!  They don't get angry!  They swim, move because they have to breathe, flow oxygen over their gills. They have to eat!.  That's all they do!  Down below a sharks view of a kyak of above looks like a floating seal.  And the splash of the paddle attracts them.  Everything they do is "survival mode", their eating machines!.  Swim, eat, and poop!  Tapping them with your paddle is good a idea!  It means you will defend yourself! Stay away!, and your not injured! not easy to be eaten.  Off Sana Monica, CA, close to Catalina Island.  Kyaker's have been missing with signs of shark attack on their boats..When a white shark attacks after a seal, it swims from  below rising vertically, fast!. Without warning!  Can knock ya in the water!, crack your plastic, fiberglass boat!  Mistake ya for a seal.  So don't act like a seal!  Tap their nose with the frikin! paddle!  Not a time to be politically correct, or polite!  We've got survival instincts that go way back to the caveman days!  Hitting them with your paddle is one of those instincts!  Get the fk! out of the water!  And we need a bigger boat!. Or the idea? "I should of stayed on land!"  Is also one of them.
John Ullman
John Ullman - 7 years ago
+David Brainerd A learned response?, conditioned response, instinct? I believe dogs, cats dream? Think. I've seen my dog run in it's sleep, cry, bark cause of a dream confrontation or nightmare dream?.  All animals think?  Only warm blooded mammals do. Not cold blooded fish? Dolphins are warm blooded believe. They think, just as smart as a chimp. Killer whales think and group together to kill white sharks, other prey.  Do occtupus, squid think? Iv'e heard their intelligent...squid communicate by flashes of color skin tone,...I.some what agree..some animals "think" but not a soul, moral consciousness.  Only conditioned eating, survival mode responses, instinct. 
David Brainerd
David Brainerd - 7 years ago
All animals think.
John Ullman
John Ullman - 7 years ago
Agreed.  Getting back to the video of the of the guy tapping the shark on the nose with his paddle, when near his kayak.  I totally approve of that!  Personality traits or different strategies or not?  Vicinity around my Kayak, miles out at sea.  Are mine!  The right to survive, protect, defend one's life.  Is OK with me.  On t.v. sometimes you see documentaries showing divers swimming amongst sharks...some are wearing wire mesh shark protection suits, some divers in shark cages are just wearing wet suits.  They are prepared and are in an ideal environment for what equipment they have.  And have a another vessel to retreat to in case of something going wrong.    This kyaker  is alone miles out at sea.  He has to do what he must to survive.  If he has to "respect" the sharks territory?  He shouldn't have been there in the first place? He's now part of the food chain!  And man is not really apart of that environment with or without his gear.
Yuki Halvorsen
Yuki Halvorsen - 7 years ago
''Sharks have no thinking process''. Certain sharks uses strategies to get their food. Sharks has each their own personalities. Some sharks prefers sun-bathing rather than hunting. Some sharks are curious, others not.
John Ullman
John Ullman - 7 years ago
Sharks territory? Show them respect that they deserve?  Looking for a free meal?  They don't want to cause you harm?  Unless you annoy them?
  I was in the United States Navy, a commercial diver, commercial fisherman.  I've been in aquariums feeding sharks, cleaning the observation windows with a wiper.  I am a human being!  If I'm in a kayak, miles off shore?  That kayak is the means to my survival!.  The immediate vicinity is mine!  The reason a shark comes up to you..it's not because they are looking for a free meal.  Their not a cute little duck, or geese looking for bread crums.  They are up close because they think you are a meal !.  They don't get annoyed!  They have no thinking process!!!  They are eating machines!  They swim because they have to, unless a current of water is going through their gills. A tap on the nose means your not injured and you will defend yourself!!! They bump your kayak to check it out, will soon take bite to further check it out.  They don't get mad, or annoyed only eating process behaviors of survival.  Prehistoric behaviors thousands of years old.  That's what they do!  Eat!. Swim! poop! Bite before they eat!  The guy on the kayak did the correct thing!  And you can bet!  He had decades of years experience solo on the sea.  Talk to the veterans of the Indianapolis?  See what they have to say about it?  Or an experienced Commercial Diver on the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico!  Albolone divers, sea urchin divers off the California coast.  They will do the same thing!  Swat that shark on the nose if coming to close!
David Ayton
David Ayton - 7 years ago
You are kayaking in the sharks territory and you should give them the respect that they deserve they are only looking for a free meal a kayak to them looks like a floating seal and they don't want to cause you harm unless you annoy them!
My name
My name - 7 years ago
Just wondering, why would you fish in a kayak in the ocean? Seems too risky and unsafe. The kayak can easily tip over and you have no space to take in a fish well thats just what I think but then again I've never done it so idk.
Round - 7 years ago
It's the color of your kayak, the color of a fish.
Carmelo Jimenez
Carmelo Jimenez - 7 years ago
you guys should have a spear with you at all times
Honda Dude
Honda Dude - 7 years ago
attacks kayak? ... lawl
mybluebelly - 7 years ago
They are not a big threat to humans. Infact they have very small mouths. And they do not kill and eat alot of people like some other well known sharks tends to do.  
TR5T - 7 years ago
The oceans and seas are the shark's, I love them I leave them alone.
Greg Murp
Greg Murp - 7 years ago
hey im a new fishing channel just starting off only got a couple videos right now but soon to be more i would appreciate it if you would stop by the channell thx
JJAnimationsTV - 7 years ago
hitten with a Row, its gunna make him mad..
Jonathan Campbell
Jonathan Campbell - 7 years ago
That'd freak me out.  Need to bring a speargun with ya. 
Tansengco Carmelo
Tansengco Carmelo - 7 years ago
There's an episode of River Monsters where bull sharks have learned to associate fishing boats with an easy meal. I believe that's what happened here. When a fish gets hooked, the shark just rushes in and grabs it off the line. 
Jennifer - 7 years ago
No life vest? Wow.
EyeAmTheBeast - 7 years ago
Why don't you try to reason with it? Ask it why it's targeting you and what you ever did to it... Most are very cordial!
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper - 7 years ago
How hard is it to launch that castaway in the surf.. I got one just didn't know if it was capable
TheYakattackfl - 7 years ago
It really depends on your weight, the Pelican is very weight sensitive. With a total load (angler and gear) of 190 lbs or less and it does great in the surf. The angler in the Pelican in the video weighs about 145 lb with 25 or 30 lbs in gear.
Tim Baumann
Tim Baumann - 7 years ago
weres your gun when u need it
Ferrari Scuderia
Ferrari Scuderia - 7 years ago
Fishing in a kayak offshore is like hunting on a unicycle in the jungle.
alidaygo619 - 4 years ago
Ferrari Scuderia Lol
P A - 4 years ago
takes one good puncture. lol
Darren Green
Darren Green - 4 years ago
fuckin brilliant - and cage diving is like paying to be a POW in the java 'pig basket atrocities'
Matthew Dagnan
Matthew Dagnan - 4 years ago
Ferrari Scuderia bravo
megasif - 6 years ago
a jungle that you float in....
B O N N I E - 6 years ago
I love you for this comment. 
aattitude - 6 years ago
Not really. Sharks rarely attack kayaks. Sharks are not as aggressive as you think.
rickcard1 - 7 years ago
or it could be like a circus bear on a unicycle going after some circus clowns in your Cole-de-sack......
Jacob Zondag
Jacob Zondag - 7 years ago
That's why you don't fish offshore on a unicycle. And fishing in a kayak in the jungle is no fun either.
JustinLRyan - 7 years ago
sounds like a new sport on the rising !
Chilly Bandino
Chilly Bandino - 7 years ago
HAhahaha Too funny man. Best analogy I ever heard Ferrari. LOL
VIIStar - 7 years ago
au, i would have given her a pat ^^  let her take a look and move on.
TheRchelicopter - 7 years ago
Do you all carry a plb? or epirb? I do. I carry a ACR PLB.
Matt Bahr
Matt Bahr - 7 years ago
Aint no way i would go in the ocean on a kayak for 1 and 2 think its a good idea to start fishing from it
MOTO-079 - 7 years ago
sorry to say but it looks more like a realy small one 
MrSirGio308 - 7 years ago
most likely the shark is smelling the fish on board the kayak...
7srivera7 - 7 years ago
Hammerhead in Destin, Florida
WTF BBQ - 7 years ago
Screw the paddle, it will only piss him off.  You should really use a tazer.
Arzos - 7 years ago
u cant read sarcasm and specially a stranger wont understand it fool
MOTO-079 - 7 years ago
its the way he says  it 
I'm Eby
I'm Eby - 7 years ago
+STGvHaaren1 Why would you take being dutch as an insult, too be completely honest i love your accents.
MOTO-079 - 7 years ago
and what's that supposed to mean -.-  its not even sarcasm its a stupid joke thats not even fun ps you are dutch too .... so you are insulting your self too
Jesse boschy
Jesse boschy - 7 years ago
+gconol hes a dutch man mate ''nufsaid''
WTF BBQ - 7 years ago
+STGvHaaren1 lol, funny that you ask what my IQ level is cuz you obviously do not understand sarcasm.
MOTO-079 - 7 years ago
whats your IQ tazer de are on water FUCKING SMART IDEE
Legit Wayz
Legit Wayz - 7 years ago
it was just looking at the boat and then you fucking pissed it off at 0.12 by hitting it with a paddle. they only attack when they feel threatened.
vanizorc - 7 years ago
I think hitting it with a paddle was a good idea. It's to send the message to the shark that it'd better reconsider attacking the kayaker because they're not an easy target and will fight back. If the hammerhead had been left alone to swim menacingly around the kayakers, it would probably see it as an open invitation to attack them. 
msstcoastie - 7 years ago
Grow a set Nancy.  Instead of whining about animal cruelty, have some adventures of your own on your off-day from Starbucks.
Legit Wayz
Legit Wayz - 7 years ago
+Robert Donaldson How? they started poking it with a paddle which angers them. And most of the times you swim at a beach that is connected to the ocean. Most likely at one point there is a shark checking you out to see if your dangerous.
Rob Brxvo
Rob Brxvo - 7 years ago
It attacked their boats.....
MaxAnimal - 7 years ago
Cool video! For a more extreme shark attack video you should check out my newest video of a Great White attacking our inflatable boat! You guys were lucky.
Amber Maxwell
Amber Maxwell - 7 years ago
What some people don't understand is when you get in the water your going into the sharks territory so the sharks have a right to inspect you and when you hit then with you paddle you just provoke the sharks and that might make the shark leave or it could make it angry.
Haggy58 - 7 years ago
Looks like you're going to need a bigger boat...!
Ron LeBlanc
Ron LeBlanc - 7 years ago
Going into that deep of water with a 8 foot forty pound boat is going to put all of your live's in danger. An 8 foot shark could probably tip those boats over. Kayaks are designed to sacrifice stability for maneuverability, which is why they are so narrow. If you take those boats into an area with bull sharks you might not come home.
Taura Helms
Taura Helms - 7 years ago
I have respect for people who can remain as calm as possible when being followed by a shark. I would have panicked.
gerloczyek - 7 years ago
"we need a bigger boat..."
cody mazza
cody mazza - 7 years ago
the shark was like..."fucking parasites"
soycracker - 7 years ago
offshore fishing in a kayak seems like a great idea!
Monkey Boy
Monkey Boy - 7 years ago
i agree, i think a glock would have fixed that problem. or at least a Pipe gun, with a .410 shotgun shell
dravig00 - 7 years ago
It's just you hitting a fish with your paddles you dumb fuck.
And remove this video from Sports Category. 
There should be a category for dumb cunts hitting fish.
Foxy La Volpe
Foxy La Volpe - 7 years ago
i tought hammerhead don'thurts!!
TheWhytnyte - 7 years ago
Ummmm I must be missing something here. I never saw a shark attack the Kayak. I saw a shark swimming around a kayak, but no attacks took place that I saw. I had a turtle swim past my Kayak last summer. I guess I should have videoed it and made the title Yellow Eared Slider attacks Kayak`` and put here on youtube
TTundragrizzly - 7 years ago
You call this an attack?  Its simply circling your kayaks out of curiosity.  If you saw a shark walking down your street wouldn't you be curious too?  AND QUIT HITTING IT WITH YOUR OAR STUPID!
Santiago Rivera
Santiago Rivera - 7 years ago
When Im on the ocean my mini spear gun comes with me besides my Glock.
Knightess - 7 years ago
What a beautiful animal!
alTreezy! アル トリージー!!
alTreezy! アル トリージー!! - 7 years ago
Bill Perkins
Bill Perkins - 7 years ago
..."had to be beaten off"
Soviatus - 7 years ago
Yeah.. fuck that.
QBPhantom - 7 years ago
Shark: what ya playing on my turf punks?
Joe Messer
Joe Messer - 7 years ago
KaedinKane - 7 years ago
thats bizarre, hammerheads are normally kind of pussies, as far as sharks go.
jagrcantakeyou - 7 years ago
There would be nothing manly about my reactions to this had I been there. 
outbackeddie - 3 years ago
Don't feel bad. Me neither. Nor would I feel bad about soiling my shorts.
MrWolfsack - 7 years ago
You beat off a shark? That is sick, get a girlfriend
Patrick Palmer
Patrick Palmer - 7 years ago
Sharks are smart survivors. They will figure out how to tip over those very tippy, small kayaks. Then you're lunch.
CessnaPilot99 - 7 years ago
Fake bite marks, not from a shark obviously
Hal Otacon
Hal Otacon - 7 years ago
Just a curious shark. Don't see any shark attack here. Just a kayak attacking a shark.
DukeLaCrosse20 - 7 years ago
mmmm that's good kayak.
Heracles Alcaeus
Heracles Alcaeus - 7 years ago
Going to need a bigger boat ; ]
James Adams
James Adams - 7 years ago
Good thing you guys fish as a team
YO3A007 - 7 years ago
Hit the head or eyes--they will leave you alone..
Hobbes0331 - 7 years ago
Shark be like,"Who does this asshole think he is beatin' on me?" 
jimmyjaycarr - 7 years ago
people are always blowin crap out of proportion! sharks are not land animals and do not get more pissed off if you hit them; it will force them away! these guys probably had some fish blood or bits of bait seeping out of there scupper holes and the shark was attracted to the scent! the mistake they made was not throwing a baited hook in the water and letting the shark eat it because it would of, in a minute ,and stickin him! fight and land him or pound the drag and go for a sleigh ride and break him off ! he will surely not return! amateurs obviously, but lesson learned! if your gonna fish in the ocean or florida period you must know this cause gators will chase a fish to the boat as well ! let him have the fish ,stick him and he'll be gone!
Commercial Art Services Art Work
Commercial Art Services Art Work - 7 years ago
Bad ass poking it like that with the paddle - nice job. That thing was looking for a snack.  I'm having second thoughts about his whole Kayak idea.
Connor K
Connor K - 7 years ago
 Voting for the Shark.
Pat rick
Pat rick - 7 years ago
Get him shark! Get him!
BellinghamsterTrail - 7 years ago
That is a freaky video. But I guess if you go out swimming or kayaking with sharks you take your chances.  
30milesOut - 7 years ago
never had this happen here in texas... if it did I would be a tad freaked out! lol
Roly Juarez
Roly Juarez - 7 years ago
No way bro....you were out there in a pelican????
lord boon
lord boon - 7 years ago
did they survive?
SAVAGE308SNIPER - 7 years ago
Man this is bullshit. I would have just dick slapped that dumb shark and show him a real head.
WEIMY BIMMER - 7 years ago
I bet he will do it again..
IcanFartLOUD 1
IcanFartLOUD 1 - 7 years ago
fishing in the ocean on a kayak is about as smart as being on your menstrual cycle while skinny dipping in a shark tank.
telena helotova
telena helotova - 7 years ago
Vasily mat
Vasily mat - 7 years ago
well it didnt rely attack him. and hamerheads dont harm humans
ThatClassyCombine - 7 years ago
I think this title should be the other way around
Backwater Kayak Fishing
Backwater Kayak Fishing - 7 years ago
Sharks can smell cheap plastic...
Guiding Mike
Guiding Mike - 7 years ago
Did you see the other big grey mass at about 1:18?  Just a little above and to the right of the shark. Is that another bigger shark?
MrRetroville - 7 years ago
Hit him harder and he's gone. Baby taps don't work with a shark.
Betty Bautista
Betty Bautista - 7 years ago
Ethelwulf - 7 years ago
What if the shark would have swam down and came up full speed, the guy would have done 3 backflips.
Andys Bar Booking
Andys Bar Booking - 7 years ago
no. no he wouldn't
Ray Brann
Ray Brann - 7 years ago
Note to self : The bigger the boat the better !
Babak Shamshirsaz
Babak Shamshirsaz - 7 years ago
Do not beat the shark. Get out of there. It is you bothering him not him bothering you. You are at his home, not him in your home. 
DGWantsVaca - 7 years ago
I wonder if sharks realize they have fins...Shark pry thought it was being really sneaky
MegaTriumph1 - 7 years ago
To much fluoride in the water.
Lazer 19
Lazer 19 - 7 years ago
Don't antagonize it with that paddle, man!
T Q - 7 years ago
Actually hit it on the nose with a paddle
Jason Donnelly
Jason Donnelly - 7 years ago
He beat-off a shark.
Lima Bean
Lima Bean - 7 years ago
If that was a school it would have fucking ripped your heads off and ate out your face
dholiday232 - 7 years ago
you yakers ever heard of a 44 mag---wins a shark fight Every time.
pghdave420 - 7 years ago
 i want a fishing kayak. lol but no way id go in ocean with one
Jacob Zondag
Jacob Zondag - 7 years ago
+kenevan hargrave That's nothing compared to the functionaries and politicians we have over here. They snack you each time... guaranteed.
Artuitus - 7 years ago
more dangerous sharks swim up rivers and in bays/inlets/bayous (bull sharks up rivers, tiger sharks up bays and inlets etc.)  This hammerhead looks like he was just checking out something 'new' on the water.
kenevan hargrave
kenevan hargrave - 7 years ago
+Timothy Quintana
not a fan of there kayaks but there cattys are amazing
T Q - 7 years ago
+gaae2000 or hobie PA14 =)
kenevan hargrave
kenevan hargrave - 7 years ago
 try Florida, crocs gators AND sharks!  OH MY
pghdave420 - 7 years ago
+whydoucarebro lol i live in pennsylvania/pittsburgh.no crocs or gators here 
whydoucarebro - 7 years ago
+pghdave420 whatch out for the crocodiles bro...
whydoucarebro - 7 years ago
+kenevan hargrave arent u scared of a shark even not so deep popping out next to you? also dolphins out of nowhere they get super close to shore. even a octopus or a seal jusst flipping u over?
pghdave420 - 7 years ago
+kenevan hargrave lol yea ive seen few vids of guys realing in catch with kayak and shark attacking the caught fish.no thanks ill stick to lakes and rivers lol
kenevan hargrave
kenevan hargrave - 7 years ago
i got a fishing kayak and go in the ocean with it all the time, but i dont fish out there just because of this!
gaae2000 - 7 years ago
Unless u have a Old Town "Predator 13"!
TFlorida1 - 7 years ago
This video should be titled "Hammerhead shark swims around kayaks".
Tar heels 215
Tar heels 215 - 7 years ago
They are lucky that wasn't an Great white or an bull shark.....them little kayat's wouldnt stand a chance
fer fer
fer fer - 7 years ago
you are in her habitat so is not an attack
Gerry Gold
Gerry Gold - 7 years ago
"What did you get up to today?", "Not much. just beating off sharks."
You sick bastards.
Kyle Bohley
Kyle Bohley - 7 years ago
Was that laser pointer a gun?
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith - 7 years ago
hit any shark at tip of nose or in eyes they go
Michael Rhodes
Michael Rhodes - 7 years ago
did you beat off the shark?
OkiPuhno - 7 years ago
I give white people props only they'd be dumb enough to go on the middle of the ocean with that tiny ass raft. Then if  the shark bit you or killed you everybody would be sobbing when in fact you put your own self in harms way. But again props to you cuz I'm not stupid enough to do that
kev theplumber
kev theplumber - 7 years ago
that's racist, that's racist,that's racist.lmao.who gives a fuck.this is america and you can say and feel how you want to.get over it mofos
John Ullman
John Ullman - 7 years ago
+ParleLeVu Your an example of "Reverse Racist"  And if I was a Captain of a vessel 
ParleLeVu - 7 years ago
When I see a group of people fishing from kayaks in the open sea, I actually feel the urge to speed up natural selection, and attach a 40 kilogram dumbbell to their head and flip over the kayak. Not that I would do it, I'm just saying, such stupidity is provocative.

Such activities have nothing to do with skin color, but rather culture and the general environment a person lives in.
Autumn Brown
Autumn Brown - 7 years ago
people put themselves in harms way to protect your damn freedom and they have people mourning over them so maybe you should reword your comment genius! 
Kelin - 7 years ago
Hey I'm a white/Cuban female and I LMSO with your comment.  So true. 
kev theplumber
kev theplumber - 7 years ago
thank you for your service Mr.turner.....Well said.
GamingMoments - 7 years ago
i am not white or black or whatever im just a human!! like u and everybody else!! komm klar damit du rasisst!
kev theplumber
kev theplumber - 7 years ago
my cat's breath smells like cat food.....
Matt W
Matt W - 7 years ago
+harlemkiid149  You're just a racist asshole
John Ullman
John Ullman - 7 years ago
That's a "racist"! remark.
Jared Matranga
Jared Matranga - 7 years ago
+Timothy Quintana LOL!!!
MARK HARRISON - 7 years ago
+bowtie3 Maybe you're right but I don't think you have to be a redneck to want to enjoy what's left of the natural world. Just annoys me when people want to cull sharks after attacks happen. 
bowtie3 - 7 years ago
+MARK HARRISON I don't know but I'm white and usually it's dumb white trash redneck doing stupid shit in the oceans. 
bowtie3 - 7 years ago
+kev theplumber I'm white shit for brains and I agree with him to a extent.
bowtie3 - 7 years ago
+David Charles I'm white and people like you are a embarrassment.
bowtie3 - 7 years ago
+Dawnswebdesigns I agree to a certain extent, but I've seen enough rednecks do stupid shit in the ocean to agree with harlem.
T Q - 7 years ago
lol bro dont hate cause you cant swim
kev theplumber
kev theplumber - 7 years ago
kev theplumber
kev theplumber - 7 years ago
of course we need the insecure black guy to play the race card when watching a clip about kayaks in the ocean.
8BitZ0mbie - 7 years ago
hahaha thats funny. i probably wouldnt be caught there either
Joshua Shaffer
Joshua Shaffer - 7 years ago
+harlemkiid149  Im in the Coast Guard. Not only white people travel the open oceans in "Rafts". I have seen MANY Cubans and Haitians trolling out there. Only difference is they are trying to get to America, where as these folks are just doing it for sport. Btw this is off a beach.
OkiPuhno - 7 years ago
Not much all people of all nationalities have their stupid moments,for white people it's getting too close or comfortable with animals that are instinctively born killers. Dickhead?? Really? Only white people use that word but again I guess skin color has nothing to do with it. Guess your still in denial.O Well 
MARK HARRISON - 7 years ago
What's skin colour got to do with it dickhead?
TheZTChannel - 7 years ago
+harlemkiid149 what a derogatory comment. 
OkiPuhno - 7 years ago
True but I was speaking more about the masses
Dawnswebdesigns - 7 years ago
I just read a story where a black surfer was attacked by a shark.  I read another story where someone, not sure what color, was attacked & killed by a shark in South Africa.  In fact this particular part of South Africa is notorious for shark attacks.  They have signs posted.  They have lifeguards going around telling people someone's just been attacked & died.  Yet ppl are still in the water.  So it seems to me the entire rainbow can be ignorant from time to time.

And if you don't believe me...google Shark Attack Monitor.
MitchellReeg - 7 years ago
Whats funny is I caught a hammerhead this morning on the exact same kayak that kay has...
chris holt
chris holt - 7 years ago
and no life jacket nuts !!!
Baroque Bastard
Baroque Bastard - 7 years ago
is it just me or does fishing in a small kayak out in the middle of the ocean seem like a bad idea 
Jacob Zondag
Jacob Zondag - 7 years ago
Well it looks smarter than trying it with a horse and a lasso, doesn't it?
Dauserofdasite - 7 years ago
+Baroque Bastard  No it is fine, I heard that the trick to it is to tie a couple of steaks to the side of the boat and have plenty of chum so you can occasionally spill some out into the water while you take a break from paddling. You should try it some time :D
T Q - 7 years ago
Do it at least 4-5 times a week. Never encountered a shark doing this. Ive caught plenty of them but I always release. The kayaks are anywhere from 10-15ft. Never had a problem, scarier when you flip your kayak in rough water than swimming with sharks (which I have)
Prankstersism - 7 years ago
i wouldnt
María Mary Miriam
María Mary Miriam - 7 years ago
sharks are learning how to relate kayaks with a free meal.... keep it up guys and soon you will not be able to enjoy fishing because you will turn into the bait.
jimmyjaycarr - 7 years ago
sharks are dolphins@!Q don't be a fool they do not have food memory they smell blood! boats have been chumming for centuries!
Scarlett Fox
Scarlett Fox - 7 years ago
the smallest hammerhead shark is the bonneshark
Scarlett Fox
Scarlett Fox - 7 years ago
Justin Mahon
Justin Mahon - 7 years ago
Scarlett Fox
Scarlett Fox - 7 years ago
i love hammerhead sharks
Onlycommentonjerks - 7 years ago
WTF I've seen goldfish bigger than that!
Voltron512 - 7 years ago
I always cringe when I see kayakers dangle their feet in water in other vids.
KlioSeth - 7 years ago
I grab some popcorn, think about natural selection and enjoy the show.
Elias Pinheiro
Elias Pinheiro - 7 years ago
Tem que levar uma marreta pra pescar pra dar na cabeça desses FDPs!!!
Elias Pinheiro
Elias Pinheiro - 7 years ago
FDP com tanto peixe pra ele comer, vai perturbar logo um caiaqueiro!
Miranda Mosely
Miranda Mosely - 7 years ago
Stabbing the shark with the paddle won't make it go away. If anything it'll make it more mad and start to attack you.. Not a very good idea.
Comicbookstoreguy177 - 7 years ago
Its moments like these where one has to wonder why anyone in an any walk of life would want to go deep sea fishing in a tiny kayak???
anti finning
anti finning - 7 years ago
iam pretty sure he wont bite you in half
joolsa6710 - 7 years ago
:) hey guys, am I the only one that can see more than one hammerhead here? Wouldn't be unusual would it, considering they tend to go about in groups?
peter8488 - 7 years ago
The "experts" say sharks don't see man as a food source, they say sharks are not attacking us randomly, or a threat, oh no mi caption, this and many other videos, including stories and documented attacks say otherwise, I say f the experts.
BlindCatProductions - 7 years ago
You should never hit a shark, if you're unlucky it'll get angry and attack, and trust me, in a kayak you wouldn't beat one. It was probably waiting for a stray fish that one of you guys might drop. Its sad that such an impressive beast now knows that it can just take food from fishermen instead of do it themselves
Reg Fife
Reg Fife - 7 years ago
Au contraire, experts have said (and I've seen this practiced effectively), that the best way to discourage an overly-interested shark is to physically discourage it. These guys were doing it just right; by prodding it with the paddle it learned that these strange new creatures are not worth trying to taste. When a shark actually bites the best thing to do is strike it on the nose, as it is the most sensitive part of its body.
hubie1canubie - 7 years ago
idk......i no balls for that. but then again I no balls standing in front of Mike Tyson n call him bad things. I'd hate to think as I was being eatin the thought that Hmmm I could've avoided this?
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson - 8 years ago
Why didn't you guys go swimming with him? LOL. Looks choppy out there. I have to get me a kayak and head out.
RagnarokDel - 8 years ago
that's definately not a large hammerhead lol
crushboy443 - 8 years ago
no, Wladiwostok, russia
GlobalTubeTruth - 8 years ago
What the shark is doing is fishing. It has no interest in the guy on the kayak, unless of course he ended up in the water. The shark is just waiting to pick off a hooked fish that is unable to escape. It's simply looking for an easy meal, which in a technical sense, makes it semi-domesticated. They are not hunting naturally as they have done for millions of years. They are using people fishing on boats as a tool for an easy meal.    Imagine if he was in an inflatable kayak. He would have been lunch!!  This is a scary video to watch.
Ryan Angeline
Ryan Angeline - 4 years ago
GlobalTubeTruth lmao, wow, you managed to bring race in this discussion, way too generalize an entire race, nice going.
marc fitzhenry
marc fitzhenry - 7 years ago
+mattyboy4074 Don't forget he could be both matty. 
Matt W
Matt W - 7 years ago
+GlobalTubeTruth You're a racist idiot.
datsun510wanted - 7 years ago
Hes both
mattyboy4074 - 7 years ago
+GlobalTubeTruth Not sure if you are a troll or mentally challenged.
Elyakim .Goldbergstein
Elyakim .Goldbergstein - 7 years ago
Big surprise, the tree hugger turns out to be a degenerate as well. 
Legit Wayz
Legit Wayz - 7 years ago
+natedoggrevolution I like sharks because they are smart creatures and do no harm to humans unless they feel threatened or are hungry. I've swam with a shark before and it didn't care that I was there.
natedoggrevolution - 7 years ago
They're just big, dumb fish. Stupid shark fucker, you'll never be considered normal for your lusting of prehistoric sea creatures! We all know that this is the true reason for your knee-jerk, insult-laden replies! You should be retitled, "GlobalTubeTruth - king of shark fuckers on youtube".Good luck getting into heaven with that resume!
marc fitzhenry
marc fitzhenry - 7 years ago
Great documentary Hanratty! Great Whites have shown intellect that was previously theorized to be impossible. Thus once again we discover that there is MORE going on rather than only instincts.
datsun510wanted - 7 years ago
+GlobalTubeTruth "You must be a white man, because only people with European descent have such little respect for the intellect of the animal kingdom." That sounds rascist to me . Have a great day all mighty self proclaimed king of youtube.......lol
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
+GlobalTubeTruth another 19 lines must have no life,pfffft what am i kidding? your goal in life is to be the king of youtube XD
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
 You were trying to attack my name, the time and date I posted a comment. Oh, looks like someone's got themselves an obsessive attraction. You couldn't ignore me if you tried. That too is what makes me the absolute KING of you tube. It's obvious that you have taking a loving to GlobalTubeTruth, and now you need my attention every so often to keep your mind of your loneliness.
     For you, there's pretty big leap between 74 and 76. I'm being dead serious with you, because I honestly think you're an ignorant little fucking bastard with no real value in life, and you'd be better off in a ditch, feeding flies. But, with that said, if you can tell me what number comes after 74, and before 76, I'd pretty damned impressed, and I'd actually give you credit for answering. IF you get it correct.
        Just that you'd even use the word "mommy" tells me your mental maturity, and station in life. You need to grow up son.
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
+GlobalTubeTruth na man i was including the time and date and your youtube name, thats 76 and it doesnt make sense that i could know how to count to 76 but not 74 XD. You just can't come up with a good insult. Also  Mr. King of youtube needs to have his mommy check up on his dirty language.
marc fitzhenry
marc fitzhenry - 7 years ago
Global, while my mum was licking shit off my cock she looked into my eyes deeply and while mostly gargling and slurping she said to me "that GlobalTubeTruth has the most foolish Theory's"
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+marc fitzhenry
 Marc Fitzhenry's mother was a shit eating whore!!!  Isn't that right Marc?? Go feed the bitch some more shit. She's hungry!!!
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+marc fitzhenry
 Marc, you sound angry. What's the matter?? I guess poking your nose in where it doesn't belong didn't work out too good for you. One has to wonder why you'd even bother in the first place?? What did you achieve by poking your nose into a situation that didn't involve you.
        I know damned well what was said, and by whom, but you came into the argument defending them, and saying I got my ass kicked, when clearly that wasn't the truth.
       Assholes like you, and the other idiot trolls that destroyed this thread are just a bunch of jealous assholes. You only wish you had the intellect, and foresight I have.
     Don't try to act like you're above me in any way. You especially, are nothing but a silly little punk. You've added nothing of value to the discussion here. You, and your gay troll friends have done nothing but exemplify your own insecurities, and ignorance.
      You're damned right I pointed out the fact that you're a motherfucker. It's true. Isn't it? You admitted that yourself. So take your lame ass, and your fucking weak excuses, and get lost troll boy.
     I kicked your fucking ass all over the place, and your fucking gay friends too.
   Go fuck your mother again Marc. Slide your cock into your mothers asshole, then make her lick the shit off your dick. Your mother would be really good at that I'm sure. Perhaps, try actually taking a full shit into the worthless bitches mouth, so she can swallow it, and enjoy it like the old days.
marc fitzhenry
marc fitzhenry - 7 years ago
Twisting your words? I think your wrong about that. Let me tell you why.  First, I never attacked your family once and still have not. So talk about being CONFUSED and twisting this confusion into a aggressive chaos in the wrong direction. You began to attack my family because someone attacked you. That's TWISTED is it not? Thus I have in all my posts said NOTHING about your family while you have told me to fuck my mum in the ass etc etc correct? Second of all, I NEVER stated you said your THEORY was GROUND BREAKING. My point was your THEORY was not GROUND BREAKING. So again your confused as my point was your THEORY is INTERESTING but not ground breaking while you then "TWISTED" this into me claiming that you were stating your theory was "GROUND-BREAKING" when that's the point I was clearly making. Not you. I am left with one overall conclusion. You are in denial about how MIXED up you are and aggressively defensive about this. Thus I shall leave you alone and stop TWISTING your CONFUSION back into reality as it obviously has no effect upon you other than confusing you even more.
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+marc fitzhenry  LOL!! Whoa, get a grip there mighty mouse. You're getting all aggressive.   First of all, I challenged you to post YOUR theory, not rewrite mine, you fucking brain dead piece of shit. In your little faggot diatribe, you left out the fact that my family and I were insulted needlessly, and without provocation. You forgot about that you dumb jerk. Ho does it feel to be needlessly attacked? Fun, isn't it? I didn't start that shit. Is that what you're accusing me of Marc?
     I don' really give a shit what you think about me, my theory, or my comments. I didn't ask you to but your dumb ass into the conversation anyway, which didn't even involve you.
    So once again, do us all a big favor, and go fuck your mother in the ass, and stop trolling this thread you ignorant loser. I never said my theory was ground breaking, I just said it was interesting, and valid. Go back and read my comment, point out where I said it was ground breaking. Nice attempt at twisting my words. Dick head.
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+datsun510wanted  What comment was racist?? I don't even know what you're talking about. You're agreeing with my theory, which makes my point, and my argument even stronger.
    I am having a great day, as usual. Thank you. BTW, my content on this channel is, or will be all news footage, documentaries, and historical videos of whatever kind that I've collected over the past 25 years or so.
      FYI, I'm a photographer, and videographer. I've shot literally hundreds of hours of my own footage, and tens of thousands of photographs. The quality of my videos kicks the shit out of the nonsense you post. Not only in HD quality, but in subject content.
     Hey asshole, this channel isn't intended to be anything but TV shit. I have no interest in posting my personal work on this channel, but I do on my other cannels.
     I probably have more YT channels operating simultaneously than just about anyone. I've had as many as 17 going at one time, and each one of them completely different. That's what makes me the king of YouTube douchebag. You're not even close to being in my league.
datsun510wanted - 7 years ago
+GlobalTubeTruth  My theory is your comment was racist and that make you look less credible as the self proclaimed king of youtube. Either way sharks behavior is directly affected by human interaction . End off story. They adapt or they die, its actually really simple. they had to adapt to losing 95% of their prey. humans caused this behavior . have a great day all high and mighty king of youtube. btw your content is all someone elses  hard work. you just post it up, maybe make your own videos for a change. one where you do more than just upload old television broadcasts.
marc fitzhenry
marc fitzhenry - 7 years ago
Your theory is that SHARKs/FISH show semi-domestic behaviour? First this is not ground breaking thinking i hate to tell you. By the way, I agreed that is part of what is taking place in my first post. I never disagreed with you about that. I claimed there was simply more complexity to it than ONLY what you were focused upon and you then did not realize this point and claimed I was disagreeing with your ground breaking theory?  Your so confused with foolishness and in denial about it. I would never attempt to debate with you using balance, clarity, order and focus of intentions towards a good debate. Why? Look at your comments? They are limited with theory, full of confusion and aggressively in denial towards how limited your theory is. Its comical. Let me tell you how this ends. You reply to me with lame ass comments to make sure you get the last reply and i don't bother to reply back. Why will it end like this? Because there is no way you will be able to back down from replying to this post simply because your aware i just made mince meat out of you and your THEORY while never disagreeing with it.
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+Shkibblness Wrong again jerk off, it's 74 lines. Far too many for you to read. Go ask your mommy to read it to you. You're such a pathetic little ass kisser. LOL!!!
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+marc fitzhenry Yeah, ok. You really educated me Marc. Even though you're completely wrong. Why don't you go ahead and post your theory as an individual comment, and see how many people agree with it. I'm challenging you to do that Marc.
    Let's see you put your money where your mouth is, and we'll see who's theory is more popular. You don't stand a chance, and you know it.
     If you think you're such an educator, and correct, let's see you back it up. Other wise, get lost. You're just trolling. 
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
its ok marc it happens to the best of us, just turn that frown upside down :D
marc fitzhenry
marc fitzhenry - 7 years ago
I see your  fighting yourself and  taking the excess and confusion out on others. That's ok, i've done it too. You are simply in greater need than others currently. I accept the fact I could be wrong, as well I have patted myself on the back for teaching you something you had not considered. It wasn't your fault you were ignorant. It's part of getting your ass kicked on the Internet.
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
damn 76 lines...u mad? XD
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+marc fitzhenry
 It's too bad you couldn't offer that theory to begin with. It's plausible, but incorrect in this case. I think what you're saying is true in general about how sharks, and other marine animals behave in the wild, however, what we're witnessing here is what I'm calling "semi-domestication", in the sense that these sharks wouldn't, and couldn't possibly be behaving like this without human presence. Do you disagree with that??
         Personally, and this is what debates, free speech, and personal conviction is all about, I believe my theory is more accurate, and applicable in this particular case. I know you disagree, and you feel the need to drive the point home, even to the extent of attacking me on a personal level, which makes me want to attack you back.
          My original comment was, and is scientific in it's intent, and I believe I'm 100% correct. You fuckers want to get nasty and start hurling insults, and as I clearly demonstrated, I will attack you back. I don't take that kind of shit from anyone, and believe me, if we were face to face, and you, or anyone else insulted my family to my face, we'd have in interesting situation brother. You can take my word on that.
        Besides all that, I do actually think I have an interesting theory about this behavior, and even though you, and people like you drag the comment section down to a low level by trolling, and not really participating in offering a theory of your own until now, I think it's interesting because nobody else that I've ever heard of has offered the same, or even a similar theory. So give some credit where credit is due, unless you're just not decent enough to do that, which is entirely likely.
        So before you go patting yourself on the back for teaching me something, just accept the fact that you may be wrong. Can you accept that?? Why should I have to accept your theory,  when it took you over a week to come up with one?? C'mon Marc, you're a fuckin' idiot and all, but you can do better than that. Even your sleazy scum cunt of a wife/mother can do better than that... I hope.
      I think it's time you move on Marc, once and for all. Take your bullshit down the road bro. , seriously. Just be happy that you are in the safety of your home, and hiding behind your computer, because I don't think you and I would get along very well in person, and as you might expect, I can definitely be confrontational. To say the least.
        One last thing Marc. When I posted my comment, it wasn't directed towards anyone, and it wasn't intended to challenge, or provoke anyone. It's your own insecurities, and need to dominate and control any, and all situations that you're involved in, that causes the kind of reaction you got from me.
         I can just tell you're that type because you could have just posted the same exact theory you just wrote to me in a separate comment of your own, and people could have objectively rated each, and we could have seen who more people actually agree with, but you're a typical American shit head, and you don't think of that before you start fights, I guess.
       Whatever, it's too bad because I grow weary from lack of intellectual challenge. You had an opportunity kid, and you blew it. Now blow your stupid ass out of here, and stop trolling this thread.
marc fitzhenry
marc fitzhenry - 7 years ago
My theory? Instinct or learnt behaviour? Its both as they work INTERACTIVELY rather than SEPERATELY as assumed by many experts. You just got the shit kicked out of you right on the internet. By a guy that has a family of shit with a wife that's also his mum. How bad is that? Don't let this get to you. Big deal, so you learnt more than you bargained for when making your comments one day. That's life. Lets move on. Its not like you got beaten up for real, its only the internet. Don't get defensive.
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
marc fitzhenry
marc fitzhenry - 7 years ago
Not just a family of shit, my friends are shit too.
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
+GlobalTubeTruth pfft someone ran out of insults
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+marc fitzhenry
 Nice comeback asshole. Obviously, you come from a family of shit.
marc fitzhenry
marc fitzhenry - 7 years ago
Henry is not just my wife. She's my mum.
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
+GlobalTubeTruth hahaha i get it you live on the internet so you "kick their ass" with words XD. Oh look everybody, the king of youtube has 550 subscribers...thats means like 1/100000000000000 people have seen this guys channel....DAAAAAAMMMMNNN!!!!! MAKE WAY FOR THE KING
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+marc fitzhenry
 Hey Marc, I'm the king of YouTube asshole. Little pieces of shit like you should feel privileged just to have me shit on you, like the worthless scum you fuckers actually are.
    Besides that, you have a gay name. Marc Fits his cock into Herny's asshole. It's amazing how much you can learn about a person just by looking at their name. Henry must be your wife.
     See, now it appears I'm kicking your stupid fucking ass on the internet. Isn't this fun??
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+marc fitzhenry
 Oh really?? How so?? He certainly didn't challenge my theory, which is really the only important issue here. Isn't it interesting how people try to change the subject from a shark attacking a guy on a kayak, to me, and how I interact when being attacked, and insulted.
     I don't hear you coming up with any theories, or even challenging mine. So please Marc, do us all a favor, go join your little group of beer drinking flunkies, and get off my fuckin' back already.
     You people are like little ignorant gnats that keep buzzing in my face with no purpose. I usually just squash insignificant low forms of life between my fingers.
marc fitzhenry
marc fitzhenry - 7 years ago
from the few comments I've read it does appear he kicked your ass on the internet.
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
ok do it hahahahaha oh wait.... you cant, cause were on the internet XD
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+Shkibblness And I might add, I'm 100% correct in my original comment and theory which is what makes you little cry baby pussies want to attack me and my family, and start little grammar school arguments, which is fine with me. I'll kick all yer ass' either way.
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+Shkibblness The word is "too", genius. No to, as in gong TO the library, and not two, as in TWO idiots. The word is too, as in he's stupid TOO. Get it?? That was your little school lesson for the day. Tomorrow I'll teach you your ABC's so you don't go around embarrassing yourself trying to convince people you actually have an education.
      Here's one little piece of advice for both of you idiots. Don't go around insulting people's family, and you won't have problems.
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
+ron bennett see ron, you can't insult someone who is to stupid to realize how stupid they are. arguing with him is pointless. 
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+ron bennett  Don't be stupid Ron. If you oppose my theories or opinions, that's fine. If you attack me, I'll attack you back. If you try to debate me, that's fine too, but I don't lose easily because I'm much more experienced, and much more intelligent than the average YouTube shit head. So when I take a wise ass, and turn them inside out, just punching keys on a keyboard, that is the cyber version of kicking the shit out of someone. Ok, Mr. Tough Guy, Mr. "Try to kick my ass in person".
   Welcome to the 21st century Ron.

GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+Shkibblness  I don't wan't anything, and I'm not bitching about anything. Everything I said about the video, and you, is true. You can say whatever you want about me and my family, you certainly can't challenge my theory intellectually, so you're the one who's bitching and crying.
          Like I said before asswipe, make a point about the video, or go troll somewhere else.
marc fitzhenry
marc fitzhenry - 7 years ago
Shkibbiness, was it not you that came into this comment section calling him a cunt from a family of trash? lmao
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
+GlobalTubeTruth you've called me a douche bag, asswipe, punk, baby, loser, pussy and you've used cunt about 5 times now.... after making the point that you don't come from a family of trash. I didn't even prove you wrong, you did. So go ahead and take the last comment if you want it cause we all know you'll just keep bitching until you get what you want. :)
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
 Give it up cunt. How does that juice taste??
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
so now your saying you kicked the shit out of a girl...Everything you say just fires back on you. You're terrible at arguments, get some creative comebacks and for christ sake you just tried to insult my reading level HAHAHAHA. Get some creative comebacks. BUT BE CAREFUL!!! WHAT YOU SAY CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU. XD
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
 I already did douche bag. I know a paragraph seems like a book to you, and I'm sure it was challenging to read it, but I think you need to go fuck with the kiddies. You're out of your league here. Now go put your fingers back up your cunt ya little wimp.
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
wow you wrote a whole book just for me, how thoughtful lol. you said you would try to kick the shit out of me??? in case you havent noticed we are on the internet... and i guess you're getting mouthed off to and burned by a baby XD. You.Cant.Win.
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+Shkibblness  I also called you an asswipe, which is much more accurate. What's your fuckin' problem anyway?? You disagree with my comment?? Well, look like you're the minority little man. Seems like lots and lots of people agree with my statement, and nobody agrees with you. So like the ignorant, childish little cunt you are, you throw a little temper tantrum to get some attention. AWWWWWW, POOR BABY!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  Go cry to your mommy little cunt boy. Don't make me kick the shit out of you, and embarrass the shit out of you, like I do to every other punk that tries to mouth off, and challenge me.
         I'm the king of YouTube motherfucker. Get used to it.
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
you just called yourself a cunt. nice comeback XD
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+Shkibblness  I guess that's because I'm a stubborn cunt. Right?? Asswipe. Make a point about the video, or shut your stupid mouth, and go troll somewhere else. Fuckin' loser pussy.
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
you just repeated what i said lol
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
 Thank you for supporting mine.
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
ty for supporting my statement :)
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
+Shkibblness  I think your comment is more indicative of who comes from a family of trash. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if your mother and father were brother and sister.
Shkibblness - 7 years ago
+GlobalTubeTruth dude you're such a stubborn cunt. You can just tell you come from a family of trash.
Nicholas Patrick Photography
Nicholas Patrick Photography - 7 years ago
+marc fitzhenry Actually...the real use of the word theory means that those ideas are pretty solid and are grounded for the most part by data and observation...the general public misuses the word 'theory' all the time. 
marc fitzhenry
marc fitzhenry - 7 years ago
+KlioSeth Klio, you have a simpleton view of biology that is ever evolving and learning. Yes the octopi is brillent, however, there is new shark research that has shown not all shark species are as apparently thoughtless as once thought. Try not to forget that biology does not fully understand thought in the first place. Parts of it yes, however, there are still more mysterious than understandings. Thus NEVER place a absolute blind faith into THEORY that you have done in this comment section. You state, "research has shown that they only rely on action-reaction hunting techniques", you speak as if there is no room for error, that mostly always a error somewhere down the line. 
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
You must be part shark.
KlioSeth - 7 years ago
+GlobalTubeTruth no need for personnal attacks, i was offering biological facts. I have alot of respect towards living creatures, including sharks. The way they evolved toward perfect killing machines relying  on action-reaction hunting techniques is impressive but you will never see a shark doing anything else than that. They barely have thoughts as that part of their brain has been atrophied.
 It is one thing to admire an animal for what he is and quite another to assume that because he does one thing well, he is good at everything. Keep in mind sharks are extremely primitive animals. If you want to admire an animal that truly UNDERSTAND what is going on around them, i suggest you check out the octopi.
GlobalTubeTruth - 7 years ago
 Interesting theory, but I disagree 100%. Sharks are not dumb creatures at all. You must be a white man, because only people with European descent have such little respect for the intellect of the animal kingdom.
      What we're seeing in these videos is not an instinctual response. It's a learned behavior, which became part of their hunting technique. They know how to identify the fishing boats because of all the bait in the water. The bait is too small for the sharks interest, but the fish that come to take the bait fall right into the sharks trap, and if the fish get hooked, it just makes it that much easier for the shark to capture they prey because the prey can't escape.
      Get it?? it's time to start using your brain a little more, rather than assuming everything in the world around you is stupid, and acting on instinct. In fact, check yourself. Perhaps you were responding instinctually, and have no ability to understand the dynamics of the world around you.
         Something tells me that is a much more likely scenario.
KlioSeth - 7 years ago
Doubtful, sharks are extremely dumb creatures that rely almost exclusively on instincts to hunt. They have next to no ability to understand the dynamics of the world around them. It's why they never went extinct; they are instinctive killer machine. Action-reaction is the only thing they are good at. My bet is that like most sharks, he was detecting movement at the surface and they identify that behaviour as a sign of weakness (injured fishes or requiring to breath).

Source: Shark brain dissections and animal behaviour classes
Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor - 8 years ago
That will make your butt hole pucker up lol. They are naturally curious.
peter8488 - 8 years ago
This is why you carry a gun and blast that sucker in half.
peter8488 - 8 years ago
See this is why I think those people who say oh you're not out to get you bullshit, it's too bad you didn't have a speargun or some other type of gun blast that sucker in half.
theghostly7 - 8 years ago
very cool!
Michael Childs
Michael Childs - 8 years ago
Everyday life is full of danger. It's much more fun to face it than run from it.
jo3tag - 8 years ago
Just a 10' long zara spook out there in the ocean. Love my topwater action baits. Fish have no fear and frequently eat baits nearly as large as they are. Bigger fish, bigger bait. Might be prudent to keep a bang stick with you if you go that far out.
Lehmann Peters
Lehmann Peters - 8 years ago
Hey, this is in my backyard! Why is everyone calling these guys idiots? You always whack a shark when it gets close to your kayak. 
Red Reef Media
Red Reef Media - 7 years ago
+kane lindsay No, I actually live my life. It's the pathetic teenagers and their lame ass parents that watch a steady diet of the Kardasians that are the idiots- like you.

ps- maybe you should learn the difference between "your" and "you're" before calling someone else an idiot.
kane lindsay
kane lindsay - 7 years ago
+RedReefMedia your a fucking idiot tween
Red Reef Media
Red Reef Media - 8 years ago
Because they have never been in the ocean and think playing video games in their parent's basement qualifies as a "life"
patchreefs - 8 years ago
odd video I do not know what to think  Back in the late 60s  I was water skiing on a home made pair water ski's  I got tired of skiing are let go of the rope and about a second or two  later something touched  my leg  never went water skiing again  This was in biscayne bay miami   fl
jojojojo5353 - 8 years ago
both of em had to hose their kayaks out good hahaahah, morons 
Tim Mclovin
Tim Mclovin - 8 years ago
Thats a little shark, 
solars heuer
solars heuer - 8 years ago
you must feel like a nail- getting nailed by a hammershark !  when you want  to take life by fishes you must risk your own - this happened to a lifeguard here in mexico this year , but he was in the water to check a net  for fishing so he was wordly bitten into his ass and leg-  and he died in hospital from bleeding - dont fuck with poseidon !
higherkite - 8 years ago
I would poop my pants...
bassdoc - 8 years ago
That would sure as hell get my attention! lol!
Aye Bro
Aye Bro - 8 years ago
Where is this? San Diego?
MrCyborg1973 - 8 years ago
ive had one stalk me while surfing before...took the next big wave in...seen another surfer get his ankle bitten and shark let go..he needed a lot of stitches..
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson - 8 years ago
I am thinking about getting a kayak, but after seeing that video I'd freak if I was out there alone. Thanks for the information.
h2omanz - 8 years ago
Bedpost notches are cool, but on your kayak, win!
Tejay66 - 8 years ago
betico golsur
betico golsur - 8 years ago
No tengo que pedirte permiso para opinar pedazo de excremento, me refiero a que no te va a matar un tiburon martillo, no se han registrado ataques mortales de esa especie a personas, no es un blanco, ni un tigre, ni un toro ni siquiera un requiem...
Daniel Duran
Daniel Duran - 8 years ago
el hammerhead es uno de los tiburones mas agresivos,usted no opine si no sabe lo que dice!
betico golsur
betico golsur - 8 years ago
Eso era un tiburón cabeza de martillo, no ataca a las personas, aun así tiene que impactar bastante...
Moo - 8 years ago
Did you have fish you caught hanging on your kayak?
paco lozada
paco lozada - 8 years ago
hey, it´s a hammerhead dude!, (thanks), what is he doing? (why don´t you f´´cking ask him!!!,
Mr671yigo - 8 years ago
look at 1:18 looks like 4 or 5 more most likely cause they do cruise in schools.
porrsmurfen - 8 years ago
For fucks sake, this is not an "attack" in any sense of the word. The shark is investigating the boats by nibbling at them which is the only way for it to explore foreign objects/potential prey. This is also the reason why when sharks attack humans they almost always retreat after the first bite. Now please settle down with the hysterical nonsense.
kurt brayford
kurt brayford - 8 years ago
yer sharks are harmless and dont attack humans and im a flying hamster!
SkynSand - 8 years ago
700? I swam with a 1000 of those Pacific Rim Kaichoos and I was well respected!
wieslawl59 - 8 years ago
He should have jumped into the water instead.
Down Under Fishing
Down Under Fishing - 8 years ago
wantsome480 - 8 years ago
This isn't the first I've heard of a shark attacking a kayak. If i were fishing in the ocean I'd bring a 357 with me.
urbigghomie760 - 8 years ago
Stabbing the shark would draw blood, thus luring more sharks in smart guy.
Mr fisherman
Mr fisherman - 8 years ago
no those are hummer head sharks...
Mr fisherman
Mr fisherman - 8 years ago
So who's helping you type your messages now?
VIIStar - 8 years ago
Someone said they were fishing. The bait lured the shark in and then he whacked it with the paddle, then the shark bit the boat.
nooki1102 - 8 years ago
easy solution,,POWERHEAD, hahah bang solved
Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller - 8 years ago
86 kayakers dont like this
Jaruco03 - 8 years ago
Kayaks are good for fishing inside mangrove channels and areas where other boats cant access like lakes that the only access to them is a very shallow streams. I have never understand why people fish 3 miles offshore in kayaks. I do open water in my sea kayak as a sport but fishing is just asking for trouble.
Anton B
Anton B - 8 years ago
I must have missed the part where it attacks.
Keenan Jobb
Keenan Jobb - 8 years ago
Nigguh nigguh nigguh nigguh nigguh
j sancho
j sancho - 8 years ago
actually, the title should be "man attacks hammerhead" Hammerheads never attack. Mouths are too small and go for smaller prey.
Everyone stay calm
Everyone stay calm - 8 years ago
You know what offshore kayak fishermen are referred to as in Florida? Bobbers. Whats ignorant is thinking an angled bottom makes a difference when youre being harassed by an animal the size of or bigger than your vessel. The stink coming from the bait and the fact that from a sharks perspective 50-100 feet below sea level a kayak looks like a dying animal flopping around on the surface make for a risky hobby. If you run into real trouble at sea, good luck swimming back to shore...
tribe1964 - 8 years ago
The shark must have been really hungry I'm glad you guys are all right. I only have the guts to go on a cruise ship or a trolley LOL
onlyonewaytogetthere - 8 years ago
the shark was beaten off.... ;)
Rustys Raiders
Rustys Raiders - 8 years ago
Youre going to need a bigger boat...
fradaja - 8 years ago
you stoopid father jack
fstylezkrNNN - 8 years ago
he could just be curious of the 3 large floating objects they circle to give better understandings of what they are looking at sharks stalk where you cant see when they attack he probs didnt like being hit with a paddle. as to why he arched back
bigscale1 - 8 years ago
he was tryin to get that shoemaker fishin rod and reel you use.
3Λ Official Sport Fishing Channel
3Λ Official Sport Fishing Channel - 8 years ago
which is wrong..
CantHandletheTruthh - 8 years ago
in the middle of 1 million flying hammerheads once, yah they didnt even look at me either idk what this guys deal is
jehst' - 8 years ago
"Group of kayakers provoke shark. Shark is attacked by a kayaker."
David McKinley
David McKinley - 8 years ago
Looks like the guy attacked the shark first in this video. . .I've been in the middle of roughly 700 hammerheads, completely alone while diving, they didn't think twice about me.
numerrita - 8 years ago
"Where is it at?" Right it up your ass really soon, barney,
NoiseCollector - 8 years ago
TJ would have gotten out and wrassled it.
Darkpassenger 1
Darkpassenger 1 - 8 years ago
And what did we learn from this video....." We need a bigger boat" Sheriff Brody JAWS
OnlyOneEarth8 - 8 years ago
"Angular", or "Angler"?
11245ful - 8 years ago
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my minds eye
my minds eye - 8 years ago
fire a shotgun in a small craft l;ike that will only add you to the water
Antipodean33 - 8 years ago
What do you mean by "angular versions"? BTW i agree with your comment to the goober who can't understand why ppl fish off of yaks. He's probably never left his bedroom and computer
DeathOn ThePrairie
DeathOn ThePrairie - 8 years ago
yeah, fuck all that fishing from a 2x4 they call a boat. NOPE!
BayAreaRednecks3 - 8 years ago
carry a shotgun with you and your shark problems disappear
Skul Dagger
Skul Dagger - 8 years ago
OMG skark battle scractes. +-+
Bro vs. Sis
Bro vs. Sis - 8 years ago
its amazing that neither the shark or the kayakers are butt-hurt because of this incident, however the ignorant like Matt are crying fowl-play
bcmalreadythere - 8 years ago
You all obviously caught a few that day!
Sandeep Reddy
Sandeep Reddy - 8 years ago
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John Balnis
John Balnis - 8 years ago
"And then the kayak flipped on its side..."
NoVaKane - 8 years ago
pathetic isnt it
NoVaKane - 8 years ago
yeah. this isnt an attack. syas it attacked but no footage........ just a picture with scratches... besides even if he did "attack it wouldnt be so. they dont have hands so they use thier mouth instead teeth are sharp so they leve a mark. just investigating.
Marcus d
Marcus d - 8 years ago
should have caught it and used it to pull them along! retards
Rex Mundi
Rex Mundi - 8 years ago
Nice of em to stick out a fin so we know they're there.
Kahraman Caner
Kahraman Caner - 8 years ago
it more looks like the guys are attacking the hammerhead,just saying..
Pollo Frito
Pollo Frito - 8 years ago
Interesting use of the word "attacks" in the video title. Wow.
Shade Slash15
Shade Slash15 - 8 years ago
It's a hammerhead fishingmon
lovemeifyoucan26 - 8 years ago
Not to be rude, but I must ask where you found any logic with the idea of a kayak, in the ocean?? Tempting fate?
bonbondesel - 8 years ago
Territoriality ! Very agressive one ! Hopefully, it was not a tiger shark or a bull shark !!! It would have cut this little boat in two !!! In Reunion Island, bull sharks often charge & attack the fisher's boat. Last year, a big tiger shark cut a kayak like this in two pieces. Shark are unpredictible most of the time. A lot of precaution must be taken when approaching the big ones or the dangerous ones. By the way ! Do not feed sharks !!
arun u
arun u - 8 years ago
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Andrew Tualevao
Andrew Tualevao - 8 years ago
Why r yu guys swimming with small boats?
Aubrey Job
Aubrey Job - 8 years ago
Where is this
starface2211 - 8 years ago
if you were in the water with one you would shit

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