Humpback Whale Breaches on Top of Kayakers

On our 08:00 am Sanctuary Cruises whale tour, just outside the harbor in Moss Landing, two kayakers on a tandam kayak were almost crushed to death by a massive, near full-size humpback whale. We stopped to see a large aggregation of humpbacks feeding and carrying on with random acts of hijinks. There were also a lot of kayakers right in the middle of it all. Humpbacks were coming up next to and in the middle of many kayakers. It was amusing. It's all fun and games until someone gets jumped on. The next thing we knew, this thing launched right on top of these two kayakers. That was heavy. The video was shot by Sanctuary Cruises passenger Larry Plants. To use this this video in a commercial player or in a broadcast, please email

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On our 08:00 am Sanctuary Cruises whale tour, just outside the harbor in Moss Landing, two kayakers on a tandam kayak were almost crushed to death by a massive, near full-size humpback whale. We stopped to see a large aggregation of humpbacks feeding and carrying on with random acts of hijinks. There were also a lot of kayakers right in the middle of it all. Humpbacks were coming up next to and in the middle of many kayakers. It was amusing. It's all fun and games until someone gets jumped on. The next thing we knew, this thing launched right on top of these two kayakers. That was heavy. The video was shot by Sanctuary Cruises passenger Larry Plants. To use this this video in a commercial player or in a broadcast, please email

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for Humpback Whale Breaches on Top of Kayakers

Marissa Lopes
Marissa Lopes - 3 years ago
They dead
Ivan Capitani
Ivan Capitani - 3 years ago
very very close but not right on top otherwise...
MR THIRTYODDSIX - 3 years ago
Not very smart..They could of gotten killed very easy!
October 2nd 2018
October 2nd 2018 - 3 years ago
U we're people I love jokes I do it at the wrong times too but damn....that's fucked up
Hater - 3 years ago
good thing they played it in slow motion... Because I totally missed it the first time
TOP-TOP studio
TOP-TOP studio - 3 years ago
kayakers won the lottery
Raze - 3 years ago
Sawy this on ifunny when the girl jumped on a stack
Welsh Warrior
Welsh Warrior - 3 years ago
Looks like they had a whale of a time! Not!
mr. sickeme
mr. sickeme - 3 years ago
Fuuuck that

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fkkkkkenig - 4 years ago
lighthunder - 4 years ago
Did they survive?
Valeah Neville-young
Valeah Neville-young - 4 years ago
I ....wouldve passed out before it got on my kayak..
GenesisnKaidence - 4 years ago
Brain dead.. these white people clapping lmfao
erynn reiss
erynn reiss - 4 years ago
I hate those guys, no where near as mindful as orca.
Danny Branderson
Danny Branderson - 4 years ago
They got luck he saw them and shifted in the air.
Nurotikk - 4 years ago
mapezaid - 4 years ago
"knocked it over"??? talk about an understatement
Dan McLaughlin
Dan McLaughlin - 4 years ago
The whale should've eaten the people in the water.
Robb Leahey
Robb Leahey - 4 years ago

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Felicity Ray Self
Felicity Ray Self - 4 years ago
All the dumb people clapping sounded like mentally unstable seals.
P L - 4 years ago
GracieAndLexie Slime
GracieAndLexie Slime - 4 years ago
This is why I wear a life jacket
Zyan Myst
Zyan Myst - 4 years ago
lovely video, thank you for sharing to us , if you love whale and rock music , you surely like this mix with whales animations and pictures:
Alexa Lee
Alexa Lee - 4 years ago
feel not fell
Alexa Lee
Alexa Lee - 4 years ago
i fell bad for them but i like humpback whals but thats is a stupid humpback whale
andrew amiet
andrew amiet - 4 years ago
Did you see the smiles on their faces!? They were loving it!! And I would too!
Xiangwei Zhu
Xiangwei Zhu - 4 years ago
I wish I was on that kayak...
van wray
van wray - 4 years ago
One heavy mammal.
Jake the dog
Jake the dog - 4 years ago
Would of been nice to have an underwater flamethrower to burn those whales

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Jonsin 1459
Jonsin 1459 - 4 years ago
Uhhh they died yes?
Zeleren - 4 years ago
Lol these fucking tourists
VicenzoV - 4 years ago
Those are dangerous creatures. Reckless, agressive and totally unpredictable. Luckily that humpback whale almost whacked two of 'em.
marvelous fishing
marvelous fishing - 4 years ago
the kayak the kayak why the f*** are you wearing about the kayak worry about the people
andrew macdonald
andrew macdonald - 4 years ago
The kayakers are stupid for exposing themselves to risk, the commentator is a fucking moron for being more interested in his pathetic video. And me, I must be a complete mug to be wasting precious seconds of my life on this shit. The only thing that can be without criticism in this sorry piece of 'entertainment' is the whale!
Colossus Scarface
Colossus Scarface - 4 years ago
but the kayakers r in danger soooo
Mike McHugh
Mike McHugh - 4 years ago
Ruined a great trip to the breach.
Mike McHugh
Mike McHugh - 4 years ago
Nek Minut... Whale
Ken MacMillan
Ken MacMillan - 5 years ago
People just died and they're all laughing and cheering.
YAGIRLTAY - 5 years ago
This whale probably was practicing to try out for never know....
masterbrice - 5 years ago
The Frog Splash
Amory Nora ahern
Amory Nora ahern - 5 years ago
Did the whole. Land directly on top of the kayak?
87Visor - 5 years ago
Are they dead?
Jeran Morris
Jeran Morris - 5 years ago
i wonder if this is real
abandonedbikeco - 5 years ago
fucking camera man has no concern for the wellbeing of the kayak. shit could be cracked and/or dented
Uselesstool - 5 years ago
this video is my school project....
Yaren Red
Yaren Red - 5 years ago
I hope these poor people survived!
Hamzi Mohammed
Hamzi Mohammed - 5 years ago
the slow motion sound is very funny lol !
william robin
william robin - 5 years ago
الله يرحمهم
Edgar A.
Edgar A. - 5 years ago
la ballena quiso matar a los de kayak porque estaban en sus dominios, pero falló.

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Robbie - 5 years ago
I thought the died and all I hear is claps and cheers...
admjg - 5 years ago
Robbie.i know they could have got hurt though!!!
ChArLiE BeAtZ - 5 years ago
George Louis me too
John Weis
John Weis - 5 years ago
Can someone please confirm whether or not the kayakers were orthodontists? Thanks a whale of a lot
John Weis
John Weis - 5 years ago
Ok, they're not
WhiteSwarm - 5 years ago
"YOU STUPID HUMANS! Get off my loan!!"
This comment will be usless anyway But here i go
This comment will be usless anyway But here i go - 5 years ago
Wow this is great, I'm going on a kayak trip in Hains Alaska and this will Probly happen to me
Jody Strickland
Jody Strickland - 5 years ago
just imagine what thoughts were running thru there mind lol
Khannea Sun Tzu
Khannea Sun Tzu - 5 years ago
. - 5 years ago
they had luck to survive
Daniel Frank
Daniel Frank - 5 years ago
no the whale just pushed them.even with luck nobody can survive 30 tons on your head
Legendary Wolf 40
Legendary Wolf 40 - 5 years ago
Weird they survived off a 10'000 pound WHALE!!
OrkyDorky - 5 years ago
Pokemon go gone to far....
Jillian Watt
Jillian Watt - 5 years ago
hold your breath!
Connor Cane
Connor Cane - 5 years ago
The whale in the video atualy sees them mid breach and dogged them good job whale :)
Alex Smith
Alex Smith - 5 years ago
Sweet fuckin' Christ. That would suuuuuuuuuuck.
Paganbloodlet985 Odin
Paganbloodlet985 Odin - 5 years ago
i would be so pissed. "oh look at the whales there so nice" then BOOM knocked unconscious by a fucking thousand pound animal ya no thanks sanctuary cruise
D3vilsheep 65
D3vilsheep 65 - 5 years ago
Thank god they are okay
Kayak NC
Kayak NC - 5 years ago
amazing !
Mikkel Sharwar
Mikkel Sharwar - 5 years ago
That was a real dick move, I guess it must've been a SPERM whale?
Matthew - 5 years ago
with them out there you here the water splashing if i was out there and that happened to me you would here: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Samuel Mejia
Samuel Mejia - 5 years ago
if only we had Japanese people there
Lee S
Lee S - 5 years ago
Joe Rogan brought me here
Cesar Huerta 1915
Cesar Huerta 1915 - 5 years ago
once in a life time. great story for the grandkids.
TheMusketITuckedIt - 5 years ago
Fuck yo kayak human nigga!
Steel Bar
Steel Bar - 5 years ago
Yeah they almost die but you and the other people where more amaze about it rather than be worried or show some concern and some are even clapping like it was the most amazing thing they ever saw.
chun wei Hsu
chun wei Hsu - 6 years ago
tube max mega
tube max mega - 6 years ago
Chad W
Chad W - 6 years ago
no mention of injuries by being completely moronic?
Jonjo Collins
Jonjo Collins - 6 years ago
someone clapped lol they could of died
lolutkhimtodabarl - 6 years ago
Jesus christ, if you're going to Kayak with whales at least learn deep water re-entry.
RobloRandy -
RobloRandy - - 6 years ago
. .
LemonGameshark - 6 years ago
TruckerPhilosophy - 6 years ago
Hippies have no respect for nature.
Peezy - 6 years ago
stupid ass bitch only worried about the video. didn't have any concern for the people in the kayak.
iChatot - 6 years ago
The Skeptical Carrot
The Skeptical Carrot - 6 years ago
whale knocks over kayak THUG LIFE
Brett Brooksbank
Brett Brooksbank - 6 years ago
its all fun and games until a whale lands on you...
Victoria Wollam
Victoria Wollam - 6 years ago
I hope the kayakers that got breached on are okay!
Preston McCloud
Preston McCloud - 6 years ago
"He knocked it over da kayak" (Minnesota accent)

....for some reason I then imagine the guy taking a bite of a donut after that.
James Law
James Law - 6 years ago
moronic commentary.
Dregas6Volar - 6 years ago
Save the whales? Fuck the whales.
Rodrigo Prado
Rodrigo Prado - 6 years ago
+Dregas6Volar fuck you ! We invaded the space of them !!!
fenix lily
fenix lily - 6 years ago
@ Buzz Hammond how is observing this gigantic majestic creature on a kayak "harassing" you do know they can swim away right?
MegaTriumph1 - 6 years ago
+fenix lily Well its not a good idea to paddle out to where they are at. I was salmon fishing and I could hear an Orca pod coming and I was right in its path. I was a long way away still I should of moved. Even thou the pod was a long way away. Then suddenly a big giant male Orca swam close to my boat and scared me out of my mind it was huge and stared right at me like get the f*** out of the way. The dorsal fin was at least ten feet high and it was massive and its giant eye staring at me. I will never bother those animals ever again and move out of the way long before they arrive. I was taught a valuable lesson by an Orca whale I will never forget.
My TV is Turned Off
My TV is Turned Off - 6 years ago
slow motion audio sounds like demons sucking up someone's soul
Wookie Montague
Wookie Montague - 6 years ago
Ianater dragon master
Ianater dragon master - 6 years ago
okay okay the whale is kewl but even it needs some space as well and if you judge this comment at least have 1 good reason
1202 Program Alarm
1202 Program Alarm - 6 years ago
The only casualties were a broken pair of sunglasses and two shit-filled wet suits.
realhumanbean - 6 years ago
wwaaat? how did that not kill the people?
Cumstein Mitch
Cumstein Mitch - 6 years ago
John: "Hey, did you hear about Bob?" Jack: "Aw, what happened now?" John: "Yeah, he's dead-funeral's this week". Jack: "I'm so sorry to hear that. He lived a hard life...took his leg in Iraq, lost his job from the pills". John: "His wife just filed for divorce, what a shame eh?" Jack: "My heart really goes out to his family; the drinking must've finally did him in huh?" John: "Um no...a whale landed on him."
twas brillig
twas brillig - 6 years ago
Jarno Datema
Jarno Datema - 6 years ago
they dead?
Dylan McKinney
Dylan McKinney - 6 years ago
Lmao imagine being in that kayak.
Fresnel Fringe
Fresnel Fringe - 6 years ago
"Mother" nature.
TraumaER - 6 years ago
Too bad the whale didn't crush them both. Stupidity lives on...

100. comment for Humpback Whale Breaches on Top of Kayakers

Super Stiviboy
Super Stiviboy - 6 years ago
Shy Raven
Shy Raven - 6 years ago
The Kaaaaayyaaakk theee kaaayyyaaaaaaaak
AssholusSupremis - 6 years ago
God damn lame fucks. "Mother nature, it's so beautiful, so harmonious." WHALE BODY SLAM.

Wish came and crushed every one of those kayakers, including the one with the camera.
MrMedotaku - 6 years ago
Corey Pesceone
Corey Pesceone - 6 years ago
I heard someone clapping wtf for reals
Xavier Hoskie
Xavier Hoskie - 6 years ago
omg a humpback that big lands on a kayak you will die
Mutlaq Alqahtani
Mutlaq Alqahtani - 6 years ago
moby dick is coming
Tammy Lane
Tammy Lane - 6 years ago
I guess if you're gonna get crushed to death, a giant humpback whale is a unique way to go
misschef62 - 6 years ago
ouh la la!!
Wendy Solo
Wendy Solo - 6 years ago
The whale probably just thought it was playing with toys. lol
Joe Froehle
Joe Froehle - 6 years ago
I got eem on video
dmitriy40 - 6 years ago
Trying to kill people? Is that whale Muslim?
troika101 - 6 years ago
Slam dunk
B Babamzel
B Babamzel - 6 years ago
Rob Beck
Rob Beck - 6 years ago
They were in the whales playground, see what happens when you play with "kids" that are bigger than you?
Your guy Adam
Your guy Adam - 6 years ago
O boy.. I hope the Kayak wasn't hurt!
Castiel - 6 years ago
Jesus Christ the sounds in this video were horrifying
SneakerGame4Real _
SneakerGame4Real _ - 6 years ago
Who was the fucker clapping after they got crushed?
let88it88be - 6 years ago
If the survived, it obviously didn't land on them. Humpback whales way somewhere in the neighborhood of 80,000 pounds.
Jixaw15 - 6 years ago
2eelShmeal - 6 years ago
I love the slow motion 'daaaa kaaaayyyyaaak, daaa kaaayyyyaaaakkk' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! The whale was like 'what kayak?!'
FOAD RIGHTNOW - 6 years ago
"I got him on video..." would have been my SECOND response, right after "Oh shit, I hope they're O.K." being my first! And I certainly wouldn't have had a jovial tone in my voice, at least not until I had an idea of how the kayakers were. Shallow, callow people indeed.
wastedyom - 6 years ago
Penn Wood!!!
LuchoGFly - 6 years ago
i've hunted and killed many Humpback whales!
FewFew - 6 years ago
The author of this video doesn't know the difference between "next to" and "on top of".
Tokyo San
Tokyo San - 6 years ago
lmao. this is the mentality of tree huggers. they are literally cheering, laughing and clapping while a whale nearly kills a couple people. "oh its so beautiful"
game over
game over - 6 years ago
look at those smiles, so happy they almost died.
Georgia S
Georgia S - 6 years ago
I was whale watching out there when this happened
Constructive Critique
Constructive Critique - 6 years ago
Now, I'm not in anyway being racist (ain't it a shame to even have to mention that shit?), but, listen to the voices in the background. The "whitest" people on earth is what I'm hearin'. Now, imagine the dialog from black people during the same ordeal. Imagine hard. Really hard. Because blacks ain't stupid enough to be around a GIANT wild animal. But, still. I'd love to hear the dialog between blacks in this situation...... Or, my imagination is just being overactive because I've indulged a little much of my 'evening herbs." Lol.
Fear Box
Fear Box - 6 years ago
IIIIIIIIIII gggoooootttt hhhhhhhiiiiimmmm, IIIIIIIII ggggooootttt hhhhiiiiimmmm ooooonnnnn vvvvviiiiiiidddddeeeeeeeoooooooo.
Transcendence Studios
Transcendence Studios - 6 years ago
Nail Meet Hammer
trashTM - 6 years ago
i went to australia one day, to see humpback whales. but all they did was wiggle thier tails
CAnasagal1 - 6 years ago
they were a good landing target
Lillian - 6 years ago
"I got it on camera!" was the first thing he said haha
Anna-Louise Potts
Anna-Louise Potts - 6 years ago
Y the fuck are people kayaking near whales ??
Willa Gertler
Willa Gertler - 6 years ago
the best part is it in slow motion
drkmgic - 6 years ago
uhh.. can someone educate me on whale good. aren't they omnivores. so we are potential food?
Sepinla - 6 years ago
The whale was like "Trust fall lol"
gerald the_science_guy
gerald the_science_guy - 6 years ago
lol that humpback is a dick to kayaking!!
RDX ricky
RDX ricky - 6 years ago
Like si estas aqui por patrick de el smosh :v
California Dreamin
California Dreamin - 6 years ago
I know, this is unbelievably but the same thing happend to me yesterday (Oktober 6th) at the same place in Monterey bay. We saw a larger group from far away. No whales have been in our surroundings.Then, without any early warning, a full-size humpback whale jumped nearly compleate out of the water and landed right beside my boat. It was as close as here in this video. I also knocked off my kayak. The splash of 40t pushed me and my kayak under the water. How can this happen again after 4 weeks?
Obvitius Tornes
Obvitius Tornes - 6 years ago
LIKE SI VINISTES AQUI POR PATRICK.....................................................
LadMts - 6 years ago
Estan violando a tu hermana !
El de video : Lo tengo en video.
Irene Legault
Irene Legault - 6 years ago
Please watch Remi Gaillard's the Human World on You Tube :) You'll love it!
Tinker Bot
Tinker Bot - 6 years ago
i love how the humans are cheering
seth panders
seth panders - 6 years ago
Sarah help me, my kayak is sinking.
Makey Ju
Makey Ju - 6 years ago

(someone should make a reaction gif out of that)
Rouhan Ghulam
Rouhan Ghulam - 6 years ago
give me views . just do it
Dilbot 227
Dilbot 227 - 6 years ago
They are marine biologists I'm pretty sure they could get a little closer to the whale
DrunK MarShaLL
DrunK MarShaLL - 6 years ago
watch out ! watch ouut ! watch ouuuuut !!!
manstie - 6 years ago
What a dick
Rebecca - 6 years ago
Everybody was fucking laughing and a 10 tonne water cow just flattened the kayakers? Seriously? I'd be fucking screaming for help! Morons.
TheEtherny - 6 years ago
Oh my, those kayakers are living my nightmare, imagine something as huge as a whale popping out of nowhere and knocking you down leaving you just floating there not knowing what's beneath you.
M Dee
M Dee - 5 years ago
My thoughts exactly...
¿Do Geese See God?
¿Do Geese See God? - 6 years ago
+TheEtherny Uh, well, you do know what's beneath you. That being water, sand, and possibly a whale.
Recruiter - Funny Hearthstone moments
Recruiter - Funny Hearthstone moments - 6 years ago
aaaaand fuck you in particular
2Cool2BTrueCrew - 6 years ago
R.K.O Out of nowhere
Ed 316
Ed 316 - 6 years ago
"I got it, I got it on video" Smh
bvigil1888 - 6 years ago
Looks like the whale was trying do a "trust fall" !!
MANA - 6 years ago
Lol trust fall
Morgan M
Morgan M - 6 years ago
trust fall
Lauren L
Lauren L - 6 years ago
0:16 "Where'd the microphone go?"
MeJoho - 6 years ago
Mother nature.
abdi ali
abdi ali - 6 years ago
dumb asses. why the fuck would u go kayaking in a place with wild sea life.

and you're the one's that cry after ur friend was eating by a shark.

ur sooooo dumb. u need help. common sense. go kayaking at safe places.
VenganceAngel19 - 6 years ago
i dont know which is more stupid, how the kayaks once they saw the whale dont immediately get away from it or how the bystanders are just stupidly saying i got this on vid and laughing when the kayaks could have potentially drowned
Tender - 6 years ago
atleast the whales ok.
JJC - 6 years ago
I would have lost my shit if I saw that. Like "FUCK THE WHALES ARE THEY DEAD!?!?!?!"
leo - 6 years ago
Kayakers get fucked. "i got it on video".

Seems like a great guy.
James C
James C - 6 years ago
Fuck a you whale!!
Kayter Tot
Kayter Tot - 6 years ago
I'd die happy :)
Warlock - 6 years ago
Troll whale!! xD xD xD
Same The Great
Same The Great - 6 years ago
They died by the way.....
Nostrum84 - 6 years ago
PrVx - 6 years ago
You see that 5m views kaja? Thats a viral video not those 100 views vids Smh
TexieThunder - 6 years ago
That whale's name is John Cena!
Sean Cheng
Sean Cheng - 6 years ago
Wailord! Use Giga Impact!
Jacob Rice
Jacob Rice - 6 years ago
People be like, Was the whale ok?
Caracal - 6 years ago
Ludicrous Sp33d
Ludicrous Sp33d - 6 years ago
These people could have died and the people are like " look the whale turned the kayak" fucking dumb asses
Joseph Rotello
Joseph Rotello - 6 years ago
Almost certainly, the kayakers were in the WHALE'S territory, NOT the other way around. Good riddance, as if the whale was an angry creature, they would have been crushed. As it is clearly seen, the whale likely ignored the small fries in the little hard object and breached accordingly.
plica06 - 6 years ago
I wonder did the whale mean to land right beside them or was he pissed that he didn't manage to land on top of them. I wouldn't feel safe so close to creatures that size.
Dmitry DLV
Dmitry DLV - 6 years ago
Кусок дебила, на людей не знаю сколько тонн этой акулы приземлилось, а он радуется: Снял на видео снял на видео!
drakkar fov
drakkar fov - 6 years ago
1DAR26 - 6 years ago
Whale: Damn I missed...Well there's always time right? :^D
flamedramon - 6 years ago
Whale wanna hug
Madita Oeming
Madita Oeming - 6 years ago
LOVE IT! even after the 12th time I've watched this now. what an amazing encounter! hope everybody is fine
Popofat Bum
Popofat Bum - 6 years ago
That date on the begging was my birthday 9-12
bilal solitar
bilal solitar - 6 years ago
L G - 6 years ago
Free willie ... Said fuck yo boat
Rob Davlin
Rob Davlin - 6 years ago
slo mo: i got it on video
cannakilla - 6 years ago
The guy filming is a retard or a psycho
Jeffory Newkirk
Jeffory Newkirk - 6 years ago
THey were all way too close to the wales!. They are fortunate to be alive.
Давид Мощик
Давид Мощик - 6 years ago
Владислав Журавель
Владислав Журавель - 6 years ago
-Дорогой ты куда?
-Да так, попрыгаю на гребцов и вернуть обратно...
ANDROID 19 - 6 years ago
Whales been watching free willie to much
Артур Алтынбаев
Артур Алтынбаев - 6 years ago
Кто от Стаса - лайк
Galih Nagari
Galih Nagari - 6 years ago
"take this hooman!"
BTG - 6 years ago
So I just started watching this show called Zoo and it's about how animals start becoming aware and get pissed off at humans and start attacking us.......
ScarabHunter - 6 years ago
Same, it's pretty cool. Especially the newest one with the bears in Paris.
Alexander Craig
Alexander Craig - 6 years ago
Well that was up close and personal. I bet the Kayakers probably enjoyed it, too. I'll never understand some people.
Александр ТВ
Александр ТВ - 6 years ago
Feuerhamster - 6 years ago
NickWarnerMedia - 6 years ago
a bit of a stretch on the title.. clearly did not land "on top" of them. great video tho thanks for sharing
Руслан Горький
Руслан Горький - 6 years ago
Кто от Стаса Лайк!
Alaor Vilela Junior
Alaor Vilela Junior - 6 years ago
Clearly we see how fucked up the world is, first thing that pops up on his mind is "i got it on my camera"
fuck off dude, first thing a normal person should think would be " oh my god, are they okay?"
he doesnt't know that they are okay..
ok? only after sometime.
John Murphy
John Murphy - 6 years ago
That whale is a d*ckhead!
Magali Veit
Magali Veit - 6 years ago
I am appalled that Sanctuary Cruises did not get on their bull horns and demand the kayakers leave the area!!! Where is the respect/protection for wild life in nature??
Cɑӏҽíցհ Տհվɑղҽღ
Cɑӏҽíցհ Տհվɑղҽღ - 6 years ago
Car Too
Car Too - 6 years ago
That's my biggest fear
geyck - 6 years ago
Bitches got their money's worth.
Aaron Cortez
Aaron Cortez - 6 years ago
does anyone else agree that this is very unusual animal behavior. maybe due to climate change and rising sea level temperature's, which could mean that animals are going slightly crazy.
Tony Abreu
Tony Abreu - 6 years ago
cropsy2008 - 6 years ago
Saw this happen once on market street in Manchester England.
roydamanna - 6 years ago
i wish whales were carnivors! at least they could fight back to chinese/japanese fuckers that eat them!
Feidhelm Ó Foghladha
Feidhelm Ó Foghladha - 6 years ago
Nobody seemed to be worried about the Kayakers at all.
Mackenzie Carlos
Mackenzie Carlos - 6 years ago
talesin- god of the internet
talesin- god of the internet - 6 years ago
thank gods the whale does not swallow seamen
At Bz
At Bz - 6 years ago
TooSurreal NZ
TooSurreal NZ - 6 years ago
i gooot iiitt, i gooooottt iitt oonn viddeeooooo. LOL
Chowman689 - 6 years ago
Chowman689 - 6 years ago
tranStrands - 6 years ago
Last thing said.. "you guys okay out there?"   Oh yeah, except for a minor broken neck, it's all good.
KNO - 6 years ago
I gaaaateeem, I gaateem on video
Sir Egg
Sir Egg - 6 years ago
I could relate that whale to your mother
Julian Campbell
Julian Campbell - 6 years ago
Why did they all sound so happy about those people nearly dying?
Brandon Pee
Brandon Pee - 6 years ago
For some reason I heard the whale say "This for all my niggaz locked up in sea world!! Free my niggaz! Fuck sea worlds"
flemglob - 6 years ago
friggin stupid azz whale prolly gonna fuck with the wrong kayakers next time, prolly gonna get harpooned
Penguinexpress - 6 years ago
If you were in that kayak you wouldn't be laughing like these dufuses.
are dead
sunshineyon - 6 years ago
Your mom is getting good at this swimming thing. Maybe she'll lose some weight.
Earth Potato
Earth Potato - 6 years ago
The whale was just having a little fun . Like when you splash your friends in the swimming pool .
RabaDabaDoba - 6 years ago
Bo eh's whale or MELLAKKA! SMOrc
L K - 6 years ago
if you ever get the chance, go whale watching. a whale in its natural habitat is the most amazing thing you'll ever see.
flamedramon - 6 years ago
This is the only intelligent comment
Geo T
Geo T - 6 years ago
"On top of" is misleading. Telephoto foreshortening makes it seem almost so, but clearly distance saved them. Also, I'm expecting some right-wing douche to state that whales can be dangerous, therefore let's not save them.
phhicks1 - 6 years ago
Jesus YouTube categorize your videos right. I found this in the "Daily Aww"
The other
The other "No" dude - 6 years ago
Why in the hell is this on the daily "aww"?
Vessna WS
Vessna WS - 6 years ago
What about Pinokio?
Mix Fix
Mix Fix - 6 years ago
randomjuice - 6 years ago
watch from 40 at half speed
randomjuice - 6 years ago
+randomjuice You can hear the whale's call
Happy Little Panda
Happy Little Panda - 6 years ago
"I got it him on vidoe omg lel rofl"
"where's the kayak?"
"Who the fuck cares I got him on video rolf lel"
KING HVGO - 6 years ago
sounds so Canadian
oldedude51 - 6 years ago
I don't know precisely what the situation out there was, but for those screaming about harassing the whales, it might be useful to note that whales do have some say in the matter.  Once, when I was in the Navy, I was OOD on an 860' long vessel (that's only 20' shorter than the "Titianic") and we were cruising north, up the US West Coast, maintaining position in the established sea lanes.  Further inshore (several nautical miles from us) there was a large pod of Humpbacks, also migrating north.  Suddenly, a big bull detached himself from the herd and charged the ship, determined to ram us.  He kept gaining speed and there wasn't much we could do to dissuade or avoid him and, sure enough, he slammed into the side of the ship, actually shaking the ship and causing an absolutely incredible "BANG" when he hit (so much so that it awakened the Captain who came running half-dressed to the bridge).  The whale knocked itself silly (we were, after all, over 24X his size), but the point is that it was the whale, not us, who chose to have the contact.  I've been out fishing in the Sea of Cortez and had Blue Whales bob up right beside us, and I have had numerous experiences with curious Orcas, who have chosen to attach themselves to you or your vessel.  I've also had similar experiences with sea turtles off Hawaii,  where they will come up to investigate you (sometimes even to solicit "chin chucks") and if doesn't matter how much the game warden/ranger on the shore is yelling at you to stay away from the turtles, you can't.  I had one female near Kona who used to come to greet me whenever I was in the water and she didn't really care what the sign said, she wanted my attention and, if I denied her it, she'd chase me.   I've had similar experiences with dolphins (and with sting rays, too).  So, don't automatically assume that the kayakers were at fault.
Hayden Fuller
Hayden Fuller - 6 years ago
strange how the people watching sound like whales when the clip was slowed down
Steven Barkley
Steven Barkley - 6 years ago
Yeah Breaches~~~!!!!
Jordanian Arabian PRINCE
Jordanian Arabian PRINCE - 6 years ago
i respect you for holding your phone right but why the fuck are you so exited that you got it on videos
Kaizer Hazard
Kaizer Hazard - 6 years ago
Damn that must have been scary as fuck lol
FexyKid - 6 years ago
Are you a whale..? Cause we can hump back at my place! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
tehkidkazi - 6 years ago
waiting for someone to make a randy orton RKO edition
Grimy765 - 6 years ago
"The daily aww" tab just showed the death of two random kayakers
Grimy765 - 6 years ago
Correction almost death
Marcus Wass
Marcus Wass - 6 years ago
Crushed by a whale? Reminds me of
sex with my ex girlfriend
Marcus Wass
Marcus Wass - 6 years ago
Crushed by a whale? Reminds me of sex with my ex girlfriend
Claire Savage
Claire Savage - 6 years ago
Instagram- meeweexxclaure
Ethan Walker
Ethan Walker - 6 years ago
Holy Humpback batman! Hope they were okay.
John Safin
John Safin - 6 years ago
I couldn't believe how many people were applauding and bragging they got it on video with few worried about the kayakers almost crushed.
shredderlinic - 6 years ago
did you people come to watch a video about kayakers getting crushed by whales, or were you just looking to for a soap boxes to vent your PETAsexual frustrations. The people got crushed by the whales; what more do you want?
Robbie Kohls
Robbie Kohls - 6 years ago
+shredderlinic Don't you know? This is where people who don't really care come and act like they really do! Not like a bunch of people observing them is doing as much harm as say poachers. Ah who am I kidding? Kayaks are much worse then a harpoon.
ElMaestr0Xavier0 - 6 years ago
lol in slow motion it sounds like Dori trying to speak whale.
Katya Vasina
Katya Vasina - 6 years ago
Кто от ЖЮ?
Hooter23 - 6 years ago
They nearly got crushed to death and all that barney voiced american can say is "he knocked it over the kayak" lol stupid americans
Lcdo.Antonio José Hernández Cabeza
Lcdo.Antonio José Hernández Cabeza - 6 years ago
Dmitriy L
Dmitriy L - 6 years ago
людей чуть не размазало, а они ржут. Дауны.
Jemma165 - 6 years ago
Why are they all laughing and clapping when a fucking whale just slammed on top of two people
Stevie B
Stevie B - 6 years ago
1000 hilarious ways to die. This = #1
Angryconsumernerd - 6 years ago
I wish that whale killed those idiots ...I would have LOL'd so hard
Joshua 08
Joshua 08 - 6 years ago
Go seek mental health you psycho!! I can't. Believe there are people like you in the world
That One Guy
That One Guy - 6 years ago
you need attention don't you?
sminno - 6 years ago
Okay, part of me was scared for the kayakers but part of me also laughed cause it reminded me of Haddock when he threw the whale back to the sea and the whale landed on a boat.
JAHLIL 'THE OAK' OKAFOR - 6 years ago
did they died?
Dixie normus
Dixie normus - 6 years ago
Research!!! Whale research ✌️
emmie943 - 6 years ago
Whale shit
Cat Corleone
Cat Corleone - 6 years ago
I am hoping nobody got fined, as the fine can be $11,000.00 or higher. You're supposed to stay 100 yards away from whales. Of course, if they come up to you, who can stop them? But when dozens of kayakers bob around in an obvious feeding area, I am guessing they want some up close and personal action out there. Count me out! Don't want to tangle with anything that weighs 30 to 50 tons!
Miss CuteTea
Miss CuteTea - 6 years ago
The people in slow-mo sound like whales 0 - 0
ponto - 6 years ago
Judith Gervase
Judith Gervase - 6 years ago
Obviously, this whale just had enough with the people bouncing around all over his water.
Spencer Glass
Spencer Glass - 6 years ago
stupid ass tourist she be worried for the kayakers that could have killed them
Gens Fan05
Gens Fan05 - 6 years ago
Solo Lesta
Solo Lesta - 6 years ago
lol, in the slow motion replay, the people sound like the whales.
FormlessGeometry - 6 years ago
Lot of idiots.
shane worley
shane worley - 6 years ago
Would I be the only one that would be scared as fuck and probably shit my pants if that happened to me
nabil kamil
nabil kamil - 6 years ago
Thank good
Mr Blue
Mr Blue - 6 years ago
Good for the whale
Bhamski Bam
Bhamski Bam - 6 years ago
I've seen a lot of breaching humpback whales. They usually just breach to breath. When they completely breach like that, it usually means "gtfo of here". Those people are very lucky to be alive.
JeremyShaferOrigami - 6 years ago
Woah! Those kayakers almost got humpbacked! All chill and then wambamcazam!
Nadav Guy
Nadav Guy - 6 years ago
Lowkey wanting to die this way
Buen Benerayan
Buen Benerayan - 6 years ago
I GOTEEM on video.
Gagasus - 6 years ago
Ugly fuck is more concerned about getting it on video than trying to help them...
Razors Edge
Razors Edge - 6 years ago
In later news, Humpback Whale kills tourist. Humans are angry and hunt down killer humpback whale to bring justice to this horrific crime. Humans were simply "just minding their own business".
Daniel Tuuga
Daniel Tuuga - 6 years ago
They deserve to get kicked by the whale. Take that bitches
TEZ - 6 years ago
They both looked like they had a WHALE of a time ...sorry, had to be said.
Messi Cunha
Messi Cunha - 6 years ago
Aaron Wasielewski
Aaron Wasielewski - 6 years ago
How does this show up on 'The Daily Aww' on YouTube? Someone almost died.
Wildlife and Nature Channel
Wildlife and Nature Channel - 6 years ago
That's going to leave a mark.
BegoneThot - 6 years ago
I tough it was a feminist :v
Dylan Luna
Dylan Luna - 6 years ago
-I got eeem.
-You got what?
-Deez nuts! HA!
-jk got em on video
Mo Davies
Mo Davies - 6 years ago
Moral - never mix it with humpback whales. They win all the time!
Aris gama
Aris gama - 6 years ago
Kill all Human
Daniel Kays
Daniel Kays - 6 years ago
The oceans are like the wild west. they are the last vast frontier In the world. If you choose the water as a place to work or play you had better have a frontier spirit. it's not a zoo with safety fences between you and danger.
Tina Maddison
Tina Maddison - 6 years ago
At least they enjoyed it.
Tom Smith
Tom Smith - 6 years ago
they should've sued the whale for harrasment
Queenie Weenie
Queenie Weenie - 6 years ago
Daily aww?
Tarcisio Riguad
Tarcisio Riguad - 6 years ago
jerimiahcork - 6 years ago
How tf is this on "The Daily Awww"?
White Fam
White Fam - 6 years ago
Nooooooo Sara NOOOOOOOOO!
Elmer Blu
Elmer Blu - 6 years ago
i belive they were all in the whales play ground hopefully the whale is fine
TheMi789 - 6 years ago
Quantas pessoas podem dizer que foram atropeladas por uma baleia?? #baleiatroladora
Walter dos santos
Walter dos santos - 6 years ago
Silvia Vasques
Silvia Vasques - 6 years ago
Surpreendente !!!!
maxcohen13 - 6 years ago
Stupid Humans: It's so nice to see nature up close like this. Surely I'll be a better person than others because I came out here to get close to whales!!
DeadlyDanDaMan - 6 years ago
Fucking people are clapping and giggling when that whale could have FUCKING CRUSHED BOTH OF THOSE PEOPLE!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH THEM!!!
Rhakeem Thomas
Rhakeem Thomas - 6 years ago
Hmmm....and I thought I was the only one who could speak whale...
Rodney Hooks Jr
Rodney Hooks Jr - 6 years ago
Maybe I'm missing something. It sounds like everybody was in awe (Except that one lady)... I'd be freaking out. Someone just got slammed on by a whale o.O. Unless everyone knew that the kayakers were okay before they resurfaced :/
Truth666 - 6 years ago
Now series extended to whales.
Human cattle is supposed to work not to waste time travelling to whale watching locations.
Note the additional illuminati joke of having a Monterey whale watching company present the hoaxed video:
Fake shark attacks series: surf pro Mick Fanning, South Africa and waters previously uncharted by sharks (from North Carolina to Tasmania)
surf pro Mick Fanning attacled by shark:
Same as the "two Malaysia Arilines Boeings", Staged numerologically embedded in 777's "order out of chaos", this time hidden in plain sight.
Same as 9/11, another supposedly "live on TV" hoax.
end-of-show.blogspot. /2015/07/
Geoff Kuhn
Geoff Kuhn - 6 years ago
That whale was probably laughing his ass off, messing with those kayakers.
zerpBot - 6 years ago
Sees somebody die in front of him... "Ooh I got it on video [laughs], He knocked it over!"... sounding very pleased.
KJ Dee
KJ Dee - 5 years ago
Agree, but the group of kayakers is equally stupid for staying there. Likely they went into the middle of it on purpose. They would probably try to take a selfie with a wild bear and her cubs too.
mike ryan
mike ryan - 6 years ago
+zerpBot yeah really!
zerpBot - 6 years ago
Yeah, the other comment made it very clear "But he didn't know...".
ALAKTORN - 6 years ago
+zerpBot Did you know? You don’t use past tense after “did”.
Alex Milosevic
Alex Milosevic - 6 years ago
+KYRboom stanley Damnit man, don't be a grammar nazi
zerpBot - 6 years ago
Sorry bad english, knew is the past tense of know, I thought, still have no clue :/
TWM22 - 6 years ago
+zerpBot *know -_-
zerpBot - 6 years ago
But he didn't knew...
Akhil Sookraj
Akhil Sookraj - 6 years ago
I bet they had a whale of a time
Mikedeela - 6 years ago
Leave the whales alone, and you won't get your boat squashed. A pretty simple concept. There is plenty of ocean out there, there is no need to be all up in their...flukes.
Mikhail gayduchok
Mikhail gayduchok - 6 years ago
Johnnnnn cennnnaaaa
jasminhook96 - 6 years ago
It's like that scene in Lif of pi
Cesar Carlos
Cesar Carlos - 6 years ago
The sound in slowmotion was scary.... ;-;
hmartinspliff - 6 years ago
Aye, it was the whale that leapt onto my kayak and left me peg-legged, this dead stump I now stand on. The whale tasks me. It tasks me and I shall have him. I'll chase that whale around the Horn, and around the Norway maelstrom, and around perdition's flames before I give him up.
Anthony D
Anthony D - 6 years ago
I have no sympathy for stupid people like this
Anthony Vang
Anthony Vang - 6 years ago
When we think that whale are peaceful(THEY ARE PLANNING OUR DESTRUCTION)
Reginaldo Jose
Reginaldo Jose - 6 years ago
surpresa pesada!!!!!
李李朝阳 - 6 years ago
michael kerley
michael kerley - 6 years ago
humpback mo fo's
James O'Carroll
James O'Carroll - 6 years ago
Did he dieded?
Marcelo Miguel
Marcelo Miguel - 6 years ago
Anthony Schlitt
Anthony Schlitt - 6 years ago
I love how these people think it's funny they almost died. On top of that, Sanctuary Cruises has no chill when it comes to advertising.
Eder Batista
Eder Batista - 6 years ago
Muito Bom!
Sarah Murabito
Sarah Murabito - 6 years ago
They're gonna need a bigger boat.
Bryan W
Bryan W - 6 years ago
wow they almost got killed by a whale of all things
alahatim - 6 years ago
You said you wanted a whale encounter?? You got one!
gigi black
gigi black - 6 years ago
Why were people clapping when the whale crushed those kayakers? Humans are cruel.
gigi black
gigi black - 6 years ago
Lol the guys first reaction to the whale almost killing the kayakers. "I've got it! I've got it on video!" Priceless.
Rich T
Rich T - 6 years ago
Caution:  You are seated in the spash zone!
gigi black
gigi black - 6 years ago
I've always wanted to see this. This video made my life.
Taveren17 - 6 years ago
dumbass hippies
Ima Nalien
Ima Nalien - 6 years ago
So how was your day kayaking? Did you have a good time?
Ima Nalien
Ima Nalien - 6 years ago
No, a mail order bride is not. At least not for me. I see you know some Latin! Good for you pho! Keep pushing and be a sponge of knowledge and a spouter of wit, insight, and imagination.
Ima Nalien
Ima Nalien - 6 years ago
I'm looking out my front window and don't see any pretty women lined up yet. I do see the Federal Express lady. Maybe she'll cum to my door for a delivery.
Ima Nalien
Ima Nalien - 6 years ago
Lol. A pack of security guards. I would imagine that could become quite expensive. It sure would be great to have a cigar holder though. Right now the only cigar holder I have is me but I heard I can pay for one somewhere on Main Street. I don't think it's in my budget though.
Ima Nalien
Ima Nalien - 6 years ago
Hmmm. I love girls that can really puff. You should see my cigar.
Ima Nalien
Ima Nalien - 6 years ago
Oh my! Sounds like the big ol' dildo caught you at just the right time. I hope it didn't hurt.
Jay Weed
Jay Weed - 6 years ago
Only thing people care about now, "I got that on video". No worry for the people at all. Crazy
George Foster
George Foster - 5 years ago
Liz C
christian hanson
christian hanson - 5 years ago
You're so right
Liz C
Liz C - 6 years ago
+Zachary Henshaw they may have not been able to physically help but saying 'i caught that on camera' shouldnt be the first thing you say when u see something like that :(
Zachary Henshaw
Zachary Henshaw - 6 years ago
+Jay Weed What could they have done though?
God - 6 years ago
+Jay Weed I like your last name if dat shit is real.
Jay Weed
Jay Weed - 6 years ago
+Lynne the Trendy Tetraodontiforme all I hear is him saying, with a chuckle in his voice, "he knocked it over." I do hear one lady hollering about kayaks but one only lonely lady well after the fact said "you guys all right out there." and that was also my point, people are so consumed with their phones they don't even register real people.
¿Do Geese See God?
¿Do Geese See God? - 6 years ago
+Jay Weed Are you deaf or something? Did you not hear the people yelling, "The kayak, it landed on the kayak, do you think they're okay?!"
The reason the one guy said "I got that on video" was because he was filming and focusing on the whales, he probably didn't even register the kayak until after he processed what happened.
Mystic Mac
Mystic Mac - 6 years ago
+Jay Weed And what he can do !?
God - 6 years ago
I could always make more.
Twenty Øne Chalupas
Twenty Øne Chalupas - 6 years ago
They saw that the people were okay. That's why they started cheering.
Jay Weed
Jay Weed - 6 years ago
+QJay inform the captain and drive over there, call a coast guard, idk at least yell out to them to find out if they're alright
Jay Weed
Jay Weed - 6 years ago
+QJay normally I'd take the animals side because normally humans are harming them but here that wasn't the case.
hpk - 6 years ago
+Jay Weed how the fuck were they supposed to help them?
Jay Weed
Jay Weed - 6 years ago
+QJay so sentence them to death and not help them?
hpk - 6 years ago
+Jay Weed those kayakers we're too close to the whale, it was their fault they got fucked by the whale.
holdlov41 - 6 years ago
I was thinking the same.what a crazy world...
Kenney Jolliff
Kenney Jolliff - 6 years ago
+Jordan Link este cf
Jay Weed
Jay Weed - 6 years ago
+Jordan Link yup, all I could think was they're going to need help do something. Minimum they're capsized in the ocean, worst case they could be paralyzed face down or dead omg. Luckily they seemed safe and smiling there in the end photos.
Jordan Link
Jordan Link - 6 years ago
+Jay Weed yeah my first thought was "did they die??"
Ricard Crivillers
Ricard Crivillers - 6 years ago
+Jay Weed It's fucking crazy the levels that society have reached nowadays
DSB Barbosa
DSB Barbosa - 6 years ago
Deram muita sorte esse pessoal!!!!!
Bryan Foster
Bryan Foster - 6 years ago
"The Daily Aww"
Humpback whale kills cute.
Patrick Lovel
Patrick Lovel - 6 years ago
At 0:30 they start speaking whale xD
Auzileno Mateus
Auzileno Mateus - 6 years ago
Asas Segurança e Serviços Gerais
Asas Segurança e Serviços Gerais - 6 years ago
Mailon Mota
Mailon Mota - 6 years ago
Incrível! Simplesmente Incrível!
Rennie - 6 years ago
Why is this in the "daily aww" section??? people were almost crushed! xD
Jim Martin
Jim Martin - 6 years ago
You think the whale was sending a very clear message? = /
Jrubens Jose
Jrubens Jose - 6 years ago
Tu é doido!!!!!!!!!!
No2TheNWO - 6 years ago
Look honey, I think he's comming towards us. Lets see if we can touch it. LOL! Stupid dumb ass kayakers.
herb burnley
herb burnley - 6 years ago
what a Moby dick...
abel bispo dos santos
abel bispo dos santos - 6 years ago
Gordon - 6 years ago
so how many times retarder Americans will show us how they are not normal people. every other persone will be worried about those people in kayak. and they just laugh and like who cares. you are retarded nation americans. if you ask me i will never let you to come in europe you are just a disease like a bacteria. what a morons what a mistake of nature....
Barry Thacker
Barry Thacker - 6 years ago
Is the kayak OK
Sekual Tyranosaur
Sekual Tyranosaur - 6 years ago
two lucky suns of guns
Nait ·
Nait · - 6 years ago
yay people cheering someone got crushed by a whale
Ben Ji
Ben Ji - 6 years ago
Guess there really is a "hump day" after all..
The Whale Fund
The Whale Fund - 6 years ago
This is exactly why people need to be educated properly and early. Help us make that happen.... Check out
agnadeen - 6 years ago
Can't wait to see this video on =3
TheEmeraldOre - 6 years ago
It was at this time, the kayakers knew they had messed with Whale-JOHN CENAA
Nikola Bvrunozski
Nikola Bvrunozski - 6 years ago
"The Return Of Moby Dick". Coming soon.
хороший сайт педик
хороший сайт педик - 6 years ago
LookAmongTheHeavens - 6 years ago
amazing how it amuses people
JoeTyler85 - 6 years ago
I'm positive I would survive that
muscleslam - 6 years ago
....the Ocean is their Kingdom and not our's ....
Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader - 6 years ago
Panagiotes and Nicole Papadakos
Panagiotes and Nicole Papadakos - 6 years ago
cjm2005 - 6 years ago

Thyalwaysseek - 6 years ago
Stay the fuck away from the whales serves yourselves right I hope the whale wasn't hurt.
Gra Piken
Gra Piken - 6 years ago
Stupid kayakers. That whale did that on purpose. Revenge for all the whaling
southchum101 - 6 years ago
fuck whales...we should eat them all in accordance to nature. whales are delicious, bacon of sea.
Franck Yan
Franck Yan - 6 years ago
The whale must be like "Use casting clay you bums it'll last longer but please stop following me & taking pictures - Im not Chaz Bono or a regular American cityzen - I'm just an ordinary fat whale" :) :) :)
Skelet3n - 6 years ago
Time to make whale stew.
EmperorJosh - 6 years ago
No one believes that I am truly extremely terrified of whales. This video gave me the heeby geebies. 9/10 spooky.
NTRSANDMAN - 6 years ago
What a deuce
tantan tan
tantan tan - 6 years ago
Whale whale whale..
MereLee - 6 years ago
+Laura Novobilsky no, mammal
Laura Novobilsky
Laura Novobilsky - 6 years ago
+tantan tan fish?
Angy Loves You
Angy Loves You - 6 years ago
Vantave - 6 years ago
Gary Gary
Gary Gary - 6 years ago
did they died?
Oscar Sanchez
Oscar Sanchez - 6 years ago
Get outta my country and my ocean whale. Killer whales crossing into our oceans and committing crimes like these. Enuff is enuff. Or we will build a wall to keep you out. All they send is is their killer whales. What's next ? Raping whales.. Gay and lesbian whales. I say stop it now!
Johnny Jungle
Johnny Jungle - 6 years ago
"Right lads Operation Kill Annoying Kayakers is go. Me first."
Magnus McCloud
Magnus McCloud - 6 years ago
they have now grown a taste for human blood... well we're fucked.
Khalid Alsharabi
Khalid Alsharabi - 6 years ago
Am sure they have an injured neck with that weight that fell on top of them lol
javiro o
javiro o - 6 years ago
hell ya...thats how u take someone out.
Zabcia Zabcia
Zabcia Zabcia - 6 years ago
In slow motion they all sound like whales
olygirly22 - 6 years ago
thats why you dont get that close to whales-idiots! isnt there a law against being that close to marine life? i know there is in wash. state
Giray YALÇIN - 5 years ago
+olygirly22 white bubbles before the whale comes :) that's funny
mariosonickirby1 - 6 years ago
+olygirly22 stop talking before you embarrass yourself even more
Gwil Humphreys
Gwil Humphreys - 6 years ago
+Johnathan Redmond exactly, if you read the article you would know that the whale breached out of no where + the woman is a former student at my school and she didn't get any charges !
Johnathan Redmond
Johnathan Redmond - 6 years ago
Actually it's pretty unpredictable where whales are going to breech. There is no white circles, nor anything that would indicate where or when a whale is going to breech.
olygirly22 - 6 years ago
+Johnathan Redmond
its obvious a whale is going to surface  if you see a white circle in the water and its spinning it means something is going to surface. duh! anyone growing up on water or who paid attention during marine animal study in school would know this
redlfc17 - 6 years ago
+olygirly22 it's called the bro-code
Johnathan Redmond
Johnathan Redmond - 6 years ago
There is laws to protect marine mammals and it states you cannot alter a animals or change the animals natural behavior. You cannot predict where an animal is at underneath you. The bay is really active with marine life. They where obeying all laws so you statement is smug and invalid.
Scion Toyota
Scion Toyota - 6 years ago
You just got humped
Grazia Wyman
Grazia Wyman - 6 years ago
Thank you for sharing this event! We took your tour a few months ago.....fortunately this didn't happen when I was in your tour!
Sly - 6 years ago
The kayak, the kayak
Tyler Kegger
Tyler Kegger - 6 years ago
Whale said "fuck yo couch!"
time2siu - 6 years ago
사람이 죽었을지도 모르는 상황인데 비디오로 찍었다고 좋아하네..
D D - 6 years ago
Idiot kayakers, and idiot commenters. The Monterey Bay is classified as a marine sanctuary. So yes they can be breaking a federal law. And yes, they can and do enforce that law. Why do people insist on spewing their BS when they dont actually know what they're talking about?
matt richter
matt richter - 6 years ago
odee - 6 years ago
sanctuary cruises: come see your last moments as a whale almost crushes you. sanctuary if that's not good advertising I don't know what is.
shepaderp dingo
shepaderp dingo - 6 years ago
Of course the whale was black. "He's a good boy, he dindu nuffin. He was on his way to church". PLEASE!
Hector Oliva
Hector Oliva - 6 years ago
"Whandy swimming...." WATCH OUT
3rdworldtraveler - 6 years ago
Absolutely hilarious
Paul Frech
Paul Frech - 6 years ago
That wasn't really that cute
not your daddy
not your daddy - 6 years ago
Squidy - 6 years ago
Breaches be wet for dat whale D. :3
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby - 6 years ago
0:00-0:05 That's my mating call.
Brendan Dolim
Brendan Dolim - 6 years ago
It's moby dick!
Big Papa Pussi Puff the Magic Daddy
Big Papa Pussi Puff the Magic Daddy - 6 years ago
Whale banter.
devourerofwatermelon - 6 years ago
2ppl get injured by whale
girl says wow at their passing
rly ?
jake ellis
jake ellis - 6 years ago
Wow, they look like they are having a whale of a time. Shame they couldn't sea what was coming.
Viktor Koss
Viktor Koss - 6 years ago
Putin is over there!
OxyElite - 6 years ago
@ 0:10 JOHN CENAAAAA *theme music plays
Raymond Li
Raymond Li - 6 years ago
Oh my gosh that whale is such a show off. Just stop it.
cainster - 6 years ago
The slow speed makes it sound like a demon applauding the action.
YTB7743 - 6 years ago
just accept and enjoy it.
thats the one they love and try to protect from the race who hunts whales.
MrBluntDestroyer - 6 years ago
They're dead
futebolcapixabatv - 6 years ago
omg did they diededed?
CollegeBreakdown - 6 years ago
Did they die?
LISA ROGERS - 6 years ago
holy shit did they die
pop popp
pop popp - 6 years ago
I got him.. I got him on video
MatawanBullShark - 6 years ago
Wow.............When Sanctuary Cruises promises 'Up close encounters with wild life' they sure deliver, I'll tell you that.
Aaron Haskins
Aaron Haskins - 6 years ago
Humpback was snickering.....
Riley Rose
Riley Rose - 6 years ago
If that happened to me I'd be like GET ME THE FUCK OUTTA THE WATER
bakerXderek - 6 years ago
Fuuuuuuuuuuck that
Victor Deathridaz
Victor Deathridaz - 4 years ago
bakerXderek lol random as fuck... CHEAAA
quixoteee - 6 years ago
It's baker CHEAH!!!!!!gootyhole
CockatooDude - 6 years ago
Didn't expect you here of all people.
Cameron Odell
Cameron Odell - 6 years ago
Le Gingy
Le Gingy - 6 years ago
+bakerXderek love me big boi
Jared Greene
Jared Greene - 6 years ago
Nah dude he's best! +justin g​ +bakerXderek​
Ben Kelly
Ben Kelly - 6 years ago
justin - 6 years ago
+Jared Greene i dont even know the guy but i also know hes a dickheaded motorcyclist. +1 point for you.
karmoose - 6 years ago
He just wanted a high five.
justme - 6 years ago
If you look closely the whale just misses the kayak. They would most likely be dead if it had landed directly on top.
Nicholas Bachman
Nicholas Bachman - 6 years ago
The gene pool always surprises me, stupid people vs 39 ton whale. Mr. Whale next time sink the kayak for dramatic affect because you know some dummy will have there camera rolling...
Lemove - 6 years ago
This was was kinda of, Overwhaleming. :D
My name's stephen and i love blowing 3-1 leads
My name's stephen and i love blowing 3-1 leads - 6 years ago
This was in the Daily Aww section...
Josh Rozeboom
Josh Rozeboom - 6 years ago
In the slo mo they sound like they are trying to communicate with it
Turtle Tom
Turtle Tom - 6 years ago
stupid slow-mo
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder - 6 years ago
Happened to me once, in bed, at 3:AM, ...Tequila!
Lilith Levana
Lilith Levana - 6 years ago
Did they died
Ivanna Casas
Ivanna Casas - 6 years ago
How are those people not worried that they could be dead or something??
Rob Brad
Rob Brad - 6 years ago
Ok, can we stop this shit? I saw it the first time. No need to keep showing it again, and again, slower each time. Just Show it once. If I want to see it again, I will click repeat. - Annoyed.
Synapsenkitzler - 6 years ago
0:35 OH MY GOD!!!11 An Alien-Devil is talking :-O
If u rewind this, he/it says "So long and thanks for all the fish!" :-O
Xeva - 6 years ago
A Netizen
A Netizen - 6 years ago
A story for life...captured for eternity.
Be safe(r) out there.
Diana Krystofiak
Diana Krystofiak - 6 years ago
Sad the guy taking the video has no care for the people in the boat. What about the state of compassion in this world of ours?
Fred Blair
Fred Blair - 6 years ago
they almost died and the guys on the ship are just saying "wow! hehehe the whale landed on the kayak"
mobspeak - 6 years ago
"I got him, I got him on video.." HURR DURR "he knocked it over, the kayak, look at that.." DERP DERP DERP
RealzFoSho - 6 years ago
Waiting for the RKO version.
Did the sea die - 6 years ago
This is just the world we live in. There is no respect for wildlife and we HAVE to be where they are and we HAVE to grab that video to post on social media or that selfie so that everyone can comment on and forget days later. Rules need to be implemented so that incidents like these don't happen again because until now, it cute and exhilarating. But when someones father or mother is paralyzed or maimed for life from a whale breaches like this, THEN and only then will attention be brought to this subject matter. Sightseeing tours are fine because they are there to entertain passengers from a distance but these kayakers who row and park where these whales are congregating is just insane and inappropriate. I'm not buying the "whales just pop up" argument because unless they are bubble netting, they surface for air every 5-10 minutes. With that said, there's no way that a kayaker could not see nor hear the spout of a pod of whales nearby?? Come on. Sitting around waiting for them to leave makes no sense since you cannot predict when a breach is coming or not. The correct course of action would to change your course of direction in the opposite direction AWAY from them.
action jackson
action jackson - 3 years ago
shut up dork...rules need to be implemented....another law should be made...if only we had more rules then we could take their money....fucking losers in american....somehow thats the only way they know of to change the opinions of their fellow people....ill sue that shit out of you or make a rule or law or send them to jail. Such judgmental christain hippo crate about we take something you do in life and judge it and throw you in jail cuz its dangerous and something COULD happen.....make more rules, SHIT. Here's one more rule for you shut your mouth and worry about yourself. pussy
Jo 08
Jo 08 - 6 years ago
0:16 got eeem
Valentina Piliutkevich
Valentina Piliutkevich - 6 years ago
Tom Treibel
Tom Treibel - 6 years ago
a little to close to the action......glad it all played out in the end.
Juan de Fuca U
Juan de Fuca U - 6 years ago
this vid reminds me of the time I pooped on a bug floating in the toilet.
MacDougalPuppy - 6 years ago
I got him. I got him on VIDEO. It's our party we can do what we want. We can feed where we want. We can breach where we want.
Gravitating - 6 years ago
That Whale, knew exactly what He/She was doing.. If it wanted to kill them, it would have.. It was a protest song.. Thanks for hunting us to extinction, but we forgive you...
Wooden Mirror Pictures
Wooden Mirror Pictures - 6 years ago
trust fall!
dbarshimon - 6 years ago
Where's the Department of Homeland Security while these humpbacked terrorists go killing our citizens!!! #unitedwekayak
bluewhale18 - 6 years ago
May they rest in peace
May their memory always be blessed
What a sad loss
Bennett Pford
Bennett Pford - 6 years ago
I heard those people on the kayak exploded because a fucking whale fell on them!!
Michael Goldcamp
Michael Goldcamp - 6 years ago
They should hunt and kill that dangerous mankiller
Scott Allen
Scott Allen - 6 years ago
People forget that oceans and Forrest are not playgrounds.
aznxboy23 - 6 years ago
lol the guy in the video though o_o... The girl:"the kayak" the guy: he knocked it over, he knocked it over look at that"... wouldn't it be a more logical to wonder if the passengers are ok? I do understand the excitement though :P...
Technical Digital
Technical Digital - 6 years ago
Tony Droid
Tony Droid - 6 years ago
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, La La La La
praveen bhati
praveen bhati - 6 years ago
It was just like chilling on the tracks and seeing the train coming...........
praveen bhati
praveen bhati - 6 years ago
Is the ocean okay.............
BLueSun - 6 years ago
Bunch off idiots all happy to see the whale jump, don't even care about the people.
Arin Kulshi
Arin Kulshi - 6 years ago
How stupid can you be. I hope the company gets sued.
the ruff
the ruff - 6 years ago
I bet deep fried whale is delicious
Audemosha - 6 years ago
I bet that caused a whale of a headache!
Kieran M
Kieran M - 6 years ago
@David Wood you're one fucked up individual.
AIIUserNamesInvalid - 6 years ago
lucky to survive, a humpback whale weighs 36,000kg / 80,000lbs on average..
DodgerDog - 6 years ago
+Nicholas Bachman You're that guy who says random facts nobody cares about. Stop being that guy.
Nicholas Bachman
Nicholas Bachman - 6 years ago
+AIIUserNamesInvalid Hey look at you, you can use Google....not that you knew that statistic or anything....
Quasar - 6 years ago
+AIIUserNamesInvalid 40 tons
David Wood
David Wood - 6 years ago
Shame it did not land right on top of them. Two less idiotic kayakers would be a blessing.
Samin Siddiquee
Samin Siddiquee - 6 years ago
What's amazing is the fact that after the huge whale 'landed' on those two poor souls, the people watching were laughing and clapping and i think i even heard a 'wow'....they just treated it like some joke instead of realizing that two people could be seriously hurt or even dead...the whale must have weighed in at a minimum of a few tonnes
Lower Echelon
Lower Echelon - 6 years ago
Sooner or later somebody will make an RKO vine of this
Frank S
Frank S - 6 years ago
That's a WHALE of a problem!....ZING
Honey Badger
Honey Badger - 6 years ago
If I was a whale, I should do this all the time.

So funny for a whale...
gerbodis - 6 years ago
Shes hot
Kevin - 6 years ago
People should NOT be allowed to kayake near whales. What are they thinking? If that whale landed on them they would definitely not be laughing and smiling.
emosh73 - 4 years ago
Yeah and when those dumb ass humans die from a whale then bitches like you will call for the death of the disgust me!!
Shmit - 4 years ago
people should be aloud to do what the fuck they wanna do and suffer the consequences of doing so
Jeff - 4 years ago
whales can move much faster than kayaks. so instead lets make it a law that whales are not allowed to swim near kayaks.
Howard Farran
Howard Farran - 6 years ago
Labian - 6 years ago
уничтожим чуму козломордую. смерть кацапам. Слава Украине !
Joseph Mora
Joseph Mora - 6 years ago
Whale - "Bitches out of my way!"
MaskHero Zo
MaskHero Zo - 6 years ago
From the view of the video it would seem like the kayakers got crush by the whale, but slow down and just the slpash that knock the kayak over. Lucky indeed.
TheTerryE - 6 years ago
The real morons are the ones saying "look I got that on video." No concern at all for what happened to the people in the kayak? Assholes.
Despiser Despised
Despiser Despised - 6 years ago
Getting tipped over in a Kayak isnt dangerous unless youre completely ignorant in which case you shouldnt be out in any Kayak...
kwambam1 - 6 years ago
Looks premeditated: perhaps the whales are getting wise to who is killing the oceans.
tambb57 - 6 years ago
+kwambam1 yes kayaks are killing the planet
Russell Joiner
Russell Joiner - 6 years ago
+kwambam1 Im pissed off about what humans are doing to our environment "oceans" and I don't even live in the oceans. I cant imagine how pissed off they are!
Nikhchan's Gaming
Nikhchan's Gaming - 6 years ago
The camera man is such a selfissh prick! The first thing that came to his mind, after seeing this huge whale jump over the Kayakars is that he got it on video!!
IggY Rs
IggY Rs - 6 years ago
And that joy in guys voice cause he 'got it on the video'..Who cares if they are injured or dead, the guy HAS THAT ON VIDEO! 'Murica..
Марио Гашпаровић
Марио Гашпаровић - 6 years ago
Jbm vas tupave, što se smejete i tapšete, a ljudi za malo da poginu, palačinka smrt... bez krema xD
Eric Jaakkola
Eric Jaakkola - 6 years ago
Way to rush out and see if thier injured.
ElvenMan - 6 years ago
Slow mo: dogs speaking
ADIRINK - 6 years ago
megatomsk - 6 years ago
Stupid tourists
Larry Chatanuggs
Larry Chatanuggs - 6 years ago
God loved us so much, that he gave his Son Jesus Christ , NOW, whoever believes on Jesus will not perish, but have eternal life. ╰★╮╰★╮╰★╮╰★╮╰★╮
Thang Phan
Thang Phan - 6 years ago
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areli nevan
areli nevan - 6 years ago
Not a very empathetic response there. These days most idiots are looking to viral. Fucking imbecile.
Smurf Freeman
Smurf Freeman - 6 years ago
Well they wanted a closer look.
Travel Show
Travel Show - 6 years ago
Stupid comments behind the camera ruined this video....
Tomasz Trzcinski
Tomasz Trzcinski - 6 years ago
Extremely phenomenon! They had a lot of luck!
Les Amis de la cuisine provençale
Les Amis de la cuisine provençale - 6 years ago
The whale wanted a selfie with them !
Vape Escape
Vape Escape - 6 years ago
This is it, folks. The start of the whale rebellion against humans. We have given them everything they need and they have intercepted all of our information.

A lot of people don't know this but bluetooth and wifi are run by a little tiny piece of a whale's brain. Studying the brains led to those inventions. Grab your microscope and a hammer, smash your device and start searching. I promise, you will find it. But anyways, now that we have all kinds of boats and subs that are all sending out signals, the whales have been amassing a devious plot.

There will also be many dolphins joining this battle. This is when humans will lose. The dolphins have huge stockpiles of super-advanced weaponry, including "The Mackerel", a 500MT nuclear fish bomb.

We are all screwed people!
Alan Griffiths
Alan Griffiths - 6 years ago
Small boat, large whale. I'd be using extreme caution around such a large animal. If you take the risk, you have to take the consequences. Maybe the kayakers will be be more cautious in future?
RaJhon - 6 years ago
You can say the whale.................humped their back............. I'm sorry. I will see myself out.
EARTH IS DYING - 6 years ago
Earth is overpopulated, overexploited and overpolluted. We have to decrease, consume better and reforest for a living planet.
Tv Loki
Tv Loki - 6 years ago
imam ga imam ga pa vidimo da ga imaš!
SCG Niagara
SCG Niagara - 6 years ago
Wow.This whale tour came with an added bonus. Explain please why you use something as small as a kayak instead of something bigger? In the end, I guess it really doesn't matter. Interesting vid.
Σπύρος Α
Σπύρος Α - 6 years ago
the moment when you want to play with humans but you are a whale and you kill them :/
Morty Smith
Morty Smith - 6 years ago
Chantal Rateau
Chantal Rateau - 6 years ago
ce bel animal avait surement "marre" de "se faire tartir" par des gens sans respect pour sa tranquillité légitime...
th3spy - 6 years ago
"I got him, I got him on video"
got em
deanslament - 6 years ago
they should sue the whale
LI AL - 6 years ago
Der Schwarm - Frank Scatzing
Lera Petrova
Lera Petrova - 6 years ago
вот это, мля, порыбачили?!
Влад .Знахарь
Влад .Знахарь - 6 years ago
Что за бред????? ОН прыгнул сбоку от них, слева! А не над ними.Это же ясно видно! Маразм.
chlillis - 6 years ago
I bet they had a WHALE of a time
xXxXxXDeCiBelXxXxXx - 6 years ago
0:44 I got him, I got him on videooo
MyDarkPassenger - 6 years ago
I just wanted to cuddle.
Egon - 6 years ago
I don't know why but I was expecting that at some point John Cena would show up in this video.
moiraine_damodred - 6 years ago
"what a lovely daaayyy---FUCK SHIT PEOPLE AH REROUTING"

-whale thoughts

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