Incredible video show humpback whale breaching near kayakers

That's a whole lot of whale! A kayaker in British Columbia had a close encounter with a humpback whale when then whale breached very close to her.

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That's a whole lot of whale! A kayaker in British Columbia had a close encounter with a humpback whale when then whale breached very close to her.

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for Incredible video show humpback whale breaching near kayakers

:GAB :
:GAB : - 5 years ago
God damn.. its like a 2 combined bus! Wth
Vicky Lee
Vicky Lee - 5 years ago
Not meaning to be picky, but the word dove ! English word is dived. The mind boggles!
rochefort82 - 5 years ago
Euh... vous êtes juste en danger bande de blaireaux...
Nita Frank
Nita Frank - 5 years ago
That was amazing!!
PS - 5 years ago
Wow, that was amazing! I would love to see wales one day, close up...but a little further than the kayakers, lol
NewfieParamedic - 5 years ago
Magnificent Beasts - Jon Snow
Andy Saenz
Andy Saenz - 5 years ago
Whales: check me out! Look at the cool jumps I can do!
forestsoceansmusic - 5 years ago
Have they ever been known to crash down on or flip over a kayak, just by mistake?
mia1shooter - 5 years ago
There is no way in hell those whales don't know what they're doing

10. comment for Incredible video show humpback whale breaching near kayakers

Freedisch Wallin
Freedisch Wallin - 5 years ago
What if they jump and land on you?
flightjam - 5 years ago
Man if that landed on anyone, they'd be dead. Not so much to laugh about then.
ᄋᄋᄌ - 5 years ago
와 대박
احمد حميد الحاشدي
احمد حميد الحاشدي - 5 years ago
سبحان الله العظيم لااله الا الله
MAVERICK 42 - 5 years ago
0:58 look at the fucking size of that.
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez - 5 years ago
Its just an itchy whale move along
محسن فريد
محسن فريد - 5 years ago
سبحان الله و الحمد لله لا اله الا الله الله اكبر لا حول و لا قوه الا بالله اللهم صلي على محمد عليه الصلاه و السلام محمد رسول الله
The Humble Geometric Figure of Doom
The Humble Geometric Figure of Doom - 5 years ago
0:55 this whale is actually wounded.
Umfufu Adegoba
Umfufu Adegoba - 5 years ago
I like the wooooo guy
Dan Murillo
Dan Murillo - 5 years ago
I love fake videos. The first jump was real.

20. comment for Incredible video show humpback whale breaching near kayakers

MetallSwede - 5 years ago
I would've hightailed it out of there. What if someone would've ended up underneath?
Eknoor Dhaliwal
Eknoor Dhaliwal - 5 years ago
Dominant Seth
Dominant Seth - 5 years ago
God’s glory!
jazmine panganiban
jazmine panganiban - 5 years ago
Wow.ang ganda.
NC redbird
NC redbird - 5 years ago
Beautiful but scary!! My kayak would have liked like a speed boat with me paddling the heck outta there
Cosmic Barrilet
Cosmic Barrilet - 5 years ago
and July said: Hell no. i m a shit
Jabeur Herrab
Jabeur Herrab - 5 years ago
Why he do that ?
And how ?
Love Dog
Love Dog - 5 years ago
I screamed together with the lady XD
Norbert Telaar
Norbert Telaar - 5 years ago
these are incredible creatures and the human species is still slaughtering dolphins and whales in certain countries ... Japan, Iceland, Russia and the Faroe Islands are the main killers of dolphins and whale of all kinds of breeds and even pregnant dolphins and whales are not spared from being slaughtered, their unborn babies are being ripped out of their bellies ... the human species is the worst species on planet earth ... !!!
Joey Lang
Joey Lang - 5 years ago
I had this video on loud in my room and my Mum thought I was watching porn...

30. comment for Incredible video show humpback whale breaching near kayakers

Mylee Metz
Mylee Metz - 5 years ago
Whale 1: ive never heard a human baby cry before... Whale 2: here, hold my beer
Gorillawilla - 5 years ago
0;47 made me jump
Jeff Vader
Jeff Vader - 5 years ago
that whale is telegraphing 'get the fuck away from my child' and if i was in a kayak I would
Pete Mitchell
Pete Mitchell - 5 years ago
Did your kayakers like that, how does humpback whales were breaching out of the water very close to y'all?
A P Developments
A P Developments - 5 years ago
It also takes a lot of energy for the wife to get out of the bath so she has a similar effect around water.
manithan valkai
manithan valkai - 5 years ago
See how nice you all eating animal and your god ask to eat them very sad.
Cufor - 5 years ago
Hari Kishan
Hari Kishan - 5 years ago
Beautiful Awesome
Keval Shah
Keval Shah - 5 years ago
I seriously thought this was a clickbait
ILI CarrieDoll
ILI CarrieDoll - 5 years ago
Another legit n thumbnail not a clickbait video. Wow! Scared the shit out of me. Amazon creature!
Autumn ASMR
Autumn ASMR - 5 years ago
Would of Passed out
korolainen moona
korolainen moona - 5 years ago
princess merida
princess merida - 5 years ago
O my god
ikady x
ikady x - 5 years ago
These people put themselves endanger for taking good pictures . Life is not cheap .
NamelessFool - 5 years ago
Maram Mansour
Maram Mansour - 5 years ago
kaviraj singh
kaviraj singh - 5 years ago
"Great, now let's go buy some new undies"
reijikun7 - 5 years ago
A1sausie - 5 years ago
Seems like everyone’s having a whale of a time.
Norman Chang
Norman Chang - 5 years ago
Dump humans too noisy

50. comment for Incredible video show humpback whale breaching near kayakers

SS Standartenfuhrer
SS Standartenfuhrer - 5 years ago
Why do Yankee women do all this manic screaming ??
Kevin King
Kevin King - 5 years ago
Almost like the whales were paid to entertain
IncendioNox - 5 years ago
Amazing :)
The KiDD
The KiDD - 5 years ago
Wish I was there, looks incredible people spend there entire life waiting to see that
Ankan Halder
Ankan Halder - 5 years ago
I want such experience
Luann Rouff
Luann Rouff - 5 years ago
Brett Perry
Brett Perry - 5 years ago
I hope a few tickets were handed out. It's illegal as hell to crowd them like that, and for good reason.
mauriboy - 5 years ago
Fuck*ng humans !!!
Roachy Roach
Roachy Roach - 5 years ago
Good thing they replayed it in slow motion 5 time because I missed it the forth time
Sher Lizz
Sher Lizz - 5 years ago
Eeewk...Close call...
Mary - 5 years ago
I don't get how these people are so calm about this Id be nervous as hell
Lost&Found - 5 years ago
And Iceland is killing these beautiful animals to sell the meat to Japan. Fuck you Iceland, I’ll never visit your country.
Sara Cornish
Sara Cornish - 5 years ago
On kayaks could have just died
Russel Walker
Russel Walker - 5 years ago
Bonnie McCormack
Bonnie McCormack - 5 years ago
lol look what I ca do!
Sunny Wakefield
Sunny Wakefield - 5 years ago
Getting too close to her calf !
Alessandro Castagnaro
Alessandro Castagnaro - 5 years ago
Gustav och vänner
Gustav och vänner - 5 years ago
Owl the Commentator
Owl the Commentator - 5 years ago
Yah just out the camera down. Make sure we can only get like 2 seconds of the whale.
Joseph Brunoro-Beilman
Joseph Brunoro-Beilman - 5 years ago
Imagine how frighting that would be
Mortal Clown
Mortal Clown - 5 years ago
D Frank What's amazing is how seldom folks get harmed in these scenarios. For enormous animals, whales seem discerning and even careful when it comes to coming close to people.
Sds Ghsms
Sds Ghsms - 5 years ago
Bintang Alqarni
Bintang Alqarni - 5 years ago
Gregory Sagram
Gregory Sagram - 5 years ago
I really need to move out of the southeastern United States. Need to go further north and see some amazing stuff like this.
Morgan Last
Morgan Last - 5 years ago
These were displays as too how big they were. They were saying "give us space".
Emg Geriak
Emg Geriak - 5 years ago
I'd be concerned......and those people "were" far too close to that last whale.....insanity...exhilarating I'm sure, but still....insanity.
daniel ribeiro
daniel ribeiro - 5 years ago
Jeffrey Barkdull
Jeffrey Barkdull - 5 years ago
Did you film this!?
maria be
maria be - 5 years ago
Que lindo
Alexander Szekely
Alexander Szekely - 5 years ago
TheXx1nfinityxX - 5 years ago
0:44 oh shit
Frosty Wings
Frosty Wings - 5 years ago
And to think that blue whales are more than two times the size of humpbacks..
The Male Gardevoir
The Male Gardevoir - 5 years ago
+Thunder Wolf it would be crazy although I don't think blue whales breach like that, as far as I'm concerned that's a humpback behavior
Dark Days to Green Heaven
Dark Days to Green Heaven - 5 years ago
+Thunder Wolf
Then the lady wouldn't have said "Are you getting it Jo..", instead "Get me Jo.." !
Thunder Wolf
Thunder Wolf - 5 years ago
Frosty Wings imagine if it was a blue whale breaching
Defcon One
Defcon One - 5 years ago
Really sad that these wonderful mammals will soon be extinct from over fishing and plastic pollution in our oceans.
Tinilif Abinin
Tinilif Abinin - 5 years ago
Nobody knows exactly why they breach like, I chose to believe that they're showing off for us punier species.
Sheepreme - 5 years ago
too close for comfort
Dark Kasai809
Dark Kasai809 - 5 years ago
Sheepreme I’d say too far
Gappie Al Kebabi
Gappie Al Kebabi - 5 years ago
I'll be close with you for comfort <3
แนะนํา เกมมันแอปดีๆ
แนะนํา เกมมันแอปดีๆ - 5 years ago
แนะนํา เกมมันแอปดีๆ
แนะนํา เกมมันแอปดีๆ - 5 years ago
Woowwoowwowow ๐_๐
VDiabloV1 - 5 years ago
0:47 : "You died"
Audrey McMace
Audrey McMace - 5 years ago
they just wanted to plaaay

the kayakers leave and they like

Audrey McMace
Audrey McMace - 5 years ago
Lou Sensei saaaame :D
Lou Sensei
Lou Sensei - 5 years ago
Audrey McMace Just watching some videos about the creatures of the ocean, what about you?
Lou Sensei
Lou Sensei - 5 years ago
Audrey McMace hiya
Lou Sensei
Lou Sensei - 5 years ago
Audrey McMace Really ?
Audrey McMace
Audrey McMace - 5 years ago
Lou Sensei really?
Lou Sensei
Lou Sensei - 5 years ago
Audrey McMace Really. .?
7MonarC - 5 years ago
Girl: Please tell me you got that Julie.
Julie: I didn't, my kayak was rocking too much and...
Humpback Whale: Say no more!
Juan - 5 years ago
Woman: please tell me you got that July!
Nurotikk - 5 years ago
I could so care less about how close the whales are. Jesus, alot of text about how close they are, and we're at a safe distance.. ok?
Robert Cornelius
Robert Cornelius - 5 years ago
Unfortunately, Russian subs have been known to torpedo and kill thousands of these gentle giants.
Lou Sensei
Lou Sensei - 5 years ago
Robert Cornelius dat propaganda
phapnui - 5 years ago
They could get hurted by those big fish.
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark - 5 years ago
"Please tell me you got that, Julie"?
Me: "I got THAT"!
That was phenominal!!
tahu Tahu
tahu Tahu - 5 years ago
Geoff Longford
Geoff Longford - 5 years ago
Did a whale pigeon 100 ft in front of you.
"Please tell me you got that Julie--AAAAAAAAHHHH!"
Jea Suarez
Jea Suarez - 5 years ago
My favorite animal is humpback whale
Kelly Desbiens
Kelly Desbiens - 5 years ago
whale see's kayak's , ok anybody wanna show.
Rafael Gapud
Rafael Gapud - 5 years ago
That Big Blue Whale

100. comment for Incredible video show humpback whale breaching near kayakers

omar rangel
omar rangel - 5 years ago
CenterHoops-Report - 5 years ago
“Wow wohooo woooow waooweyyy wohooo woooow wow please tell me u got that wohooo wow” how this dumbasses be
blv phn
blv phn - 5 years ago
if this happens in japan, they will think this is attention sushi
kof ola
kof ola - 5 years ago
@Lou Sensei Please, do not go anywhere near guns.
Mortal Clown
Mortal Clown - 5 years ago
Lou Sensei yes and no. They kill whales there. And in Norway if one wants to be racially fair about it.
Lou Sensei
Lou Sensei - 5 years ago
blv phn Adorable racist comment. Read more books. Watch less videos.
Talents Of America
Talents Of America - 5 years ago
did the whale hurt them ?
Vu Nguyen
Vu Nguyen - 5 years ago
The whales were waiting for tip.
marcus Pimenta
marcus Pimenta - 6 years ago
Bem Loko kk
caveman Versace
caveman Versace - 6 years ago
While amazed and impressed, I couldn't stop thinking of this:
jokubas vaitkevicius
jokubas vaitkevicius - 6 years ago
It look's like they re jumping in lake ._.
bigmega58 - 6 years ago
Bitch keep the camera steady!!!
Jessica Naranjo MAZA
Jessica Naranjo MAZA - 6 years ago
Oooohhh woow woowww wooowwww!!!!!!! Damn!!!! This is so beautiful!!!!!!!
DOMINUS X - 6 years ago
Humpbacks are so beautiful!! God's amazing creations!!
Seema Belieber
Seema Belieber - 6 years ago
Agung Purnomo
Agung Purnomo - 6 years ago
A day of whale watching then she sings like a whale.
Alex Yearsfunc
Alex Yearsfunc - 6 years ago
This is why i'm getting the heck to Canada next year! Would be so lucky to see this!
Frontrunner on the road
Frontrunner on the road - 6 years ago
Looks so unreal
moaz khan
moaz khan - 6 years ago
Fuck you human this is my ocean
Kgw100 - 6 years ago
whale is like "imma splash you" worst camera skills ever
Mortal Clown
Mortal Clown - 5 years ago
Kgw100 I'm imagining the thrill/fear of the moment might upend many of our photographic skills. Just a thought.
Kawaii Jewel
Kawaii Jewel - 6 years ago
The whale is dancing
Justin L. Shults
Justin L. Shults - 5 years ago
Jewelex .14
Instead of at 0:44 seconds when that girl said " I hope you got that Julie?" I Would have said it at 0:56.
7MonarC - 6 years ago
for something that weighs that much to lift itself out of the water, it's a shame most of us find it hard to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning.
Lou Sensei
Lou Sensei - 5 years ago
7MonarC I'm glad you said "most" :)
LYRIC RAIN - 6 years ago
It took 1 whole week to get the poop out of that Kayak...!!
bhavin nagda
bhavin nagda - 6 years ago
Where was this captured?
Stallone Santiago
Stallone Santiago - 6 years ago
or are the kayakers breaching near the humpback whales ?
Joe Rodriguez
Joe Rodriguez - 6 years ago
If only they ate White people.
Lou Sensei
Lou Sensei - 5 years ago
Joe Rodriguez Play nice.
kelleydavis100 - 6 years ago
Incredible video!!!
MR. KOMODODRAGON - 6 years ago
And I thought kayaking was safe
Nora Steel
Nora Steel - 6 years ago
Carolina Cisneros
Carolina Cisneros - 6 years ago
Mini heart attack but AMAZING!
Matheus Cruz
Matheus Cruz - 6 years ago
Woman: Please tell me you've got that...
Whale: Bitch, get THIS.
Pydros Music
Pydros Music - 6 years ago
Many people don't realize how strong and powerful these animals are. It takes a LOT of power to make a 10 ton animal jump over twenty feet out of the water!
Benny Hill
Benny Hill - 5 years ago
Ultimate, these people are dumb they are so close to death and they are laughing.
garzais - 5 years ago
Simple and easy. They're all muscle. And when you have a simple body shape that's also aerodynamic it's no big thing
MARYAM - 5 years ago
But isn’t it natural for whales to weigh that much just like how its natural for us to weigh a couple of kilograms ? I mean from our point of view they seem massive huge and powerful but its just like how an ant would perceive us humans ...
Big Moose
Big Moose - 5 years ago
ah i see
Evil Bastard
Evil Bastard - 5 years ago
I know. I was agreeing with you :)
Big Moose
Big Moose - 5 years ago
And that is why i said a small house...they come in all shapes and sizes.
Evil Bastard
Evil Bastard - 5 years ago
a house weighs 80 tons or so
Big Moose
Big Moose - 5 years ago
They actually weigh 40-60 tons 0___0 so its like a small building jumping out the water
Evil Bastard
Evil Bastard - 5 years ago
Feminists do it all the time.
Ultimate - 6 years ago
Even if its not on mind of a whale to kill a Human. I find it distubring that those people dont stay safe..
Fido McVico
Fido McVico - 6 years ago
Now I can see The Whales , Looming out Of the dark.
Marc Pucurull
Marc Pucurull - 6 years ago
Lucky you guys!
Thelilantjr - 6 years ago
yall trippin
RPDBY - 6 years ago
wonder what beasts were in the ocean 100 millions year ago
natalie monana
natalie monana - 5 years ago
A megladon a mosasaurus a dunkleostes a leedsithychs
Sachin T
Sachin T - 5 years ago
Aloha732 Blue Whale is still bigger than the largest dinosaurs. Gravity do allow Land animals to grow big while Water Buoyancy help whale defy gravity and grow bigger
Lou Sensei
Lou Sensei - 5 years ago
None. My sky daddy created the universe a few thousand years ago. No such thing as a creature that old on Earth.
Aloha732 - 5 years ago
Have you ever seen Jurassic World. Just a lot more of those. Not as big mind you.
Gabriela Guzman
Gabriela Guzman - 6 years ago
Rogelio classic....
CRISCO - 6 years ago
RPDBY your mom
Sergio - 6 years ago
RPDBY nonee where biggee than a blue whale.. the blue whale ia the largest animal to ever lived on this planet
DrQuiza - 6 years ago
Now those kayakers know how do pidgeons feel in the city.
Ge MIIO - 6 years ago
Why do they jump? Is it just to play or smth else? I like to see that.
Kathleen Tyson
Kathleen Tyson - 6 years ago
What a show off omg what an incredible experience thanks for sharing
bugsyX Swati
bugsyX Swati - 6 years ago
fucking american pig stop screaming
Thomas Paine
Thomas Paine - 6 years ago
Breaching- they are knocking off parasites from their skin ?
A.A.A - 6 years ago
whales will get confused hahahhah some human loves them and want to save them and the other wants to hunt them or kill them ..... They have a big heart when they give some human the chance to be near them, cuz if i was a whale hhahaha i will definitely break every boat and kayakers i see. So, they are kinder than us.
New Girl
New Girl - 6 years ago
the sound of the breaching is like music to my ear .beautiful creatures .RESPECT
Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen - 6 years ago
Guys! I've found a guy who doesn't record on a potato!!!
estrella4o8 - 6 years ago
Log off
Sue Mead
Sue Mead - 6 years ago
+Van Nguyen
That only applies to videos of paranormal entities such as UAP's/UFO's, Sasquatch, Ghosts etc.,. Real creatures are often filmed in high definition. I know, it's the oddest thing. It's as if something else was at play when it comes to Bigfoot. Perhaps they effect the camera, the person holding it or, and I'm just putting it out there, that they do it on purpose.
Still, that doesn't really explain why ™Nasa's Mars images from the Curiosity Rover look like they were taken using a toaster.
PrettyTiaF - 6 years ago
vjrei - 6 years ago
Then is when you realize we are all just sharing this planet.
Evil Bastard
Evil Bastard - 5 years ago
Yea. We're the new owners. This is my property. Get off my lawn.
Vladimir Ilitch Lénine
Vladimir Ilitch Lénine - 6 years ago
no we own this dirt ball
Aaron LeGresley
Aaron LeGresley - 6 years ago
And when you realize we are the dumbest ones on it
J Levesque
J Levesque - 6 years ago
Then is when you realize you peed in your pants as well.
lovingorca - 6 years ago
WOW! That was awesome
Jason Innes
Jason Innes - 6 years ago
I can't imagine the strength it requires for that massive beast to leap out of the water like that. Could murder you with an accident wag of it's tail.
rjizzal4444 - 5 years ago
As strong as it takes for me to beat my meat
estrella4o8 - 6 years ago
Juju Smith-Schuster L
Time for illumination
Time for illumination - 6 years ago
Jason Innes it came from a cow
Tay- k
Tay- k - 6 years ago
i am terrified i would paddle away
Ant Nerd Gaming
Ant Nerd Gaming - 6 years ago
Story Of The Ninja
Story Of The Ninja - 6 years ago
Jamwrap123 Sammy yeah iy was scary as hell
cb w ak
cb w ak - 6 years ago
I want to see the other guy's video!
Andrya Andrya
Andrya Andrya - 7 years ago
In slow mo her screams sound like a whales.
ERIXUP - 5 years ago
Speech 100
natalie monana
natalie monana - 5 years ago
No it doesent
Evil Bastard
Evil Bastard - 5 years ago
How come every intense video is ruined by a screaming bitch in the background, who's helping exactly nothing by her shrieking?
Da na
Da na - 5 years ago
paul esguerra
paul esguerra - 7 years ago
Andrya Andrya z
Hilde Klop
Hilde Klop - 7 years ago
dat heb ik gezien in de film
Hilde Klop
Hilde Klop - 7 years ago
je moet zwaai naar ze meschinzwaai trueg
124bel875ive - 7 years ago
"You were in the black zone" Classic!
evilsWa - beyond pandora films
evilsWa - beyond pandora films - 7 years ago
splash zone...
Esperanza Guadalupe
Esperanza Guadalupe - 7 years ago
I want to thank all you kayakers who were fortunately able to experience this magnificent spectacular display of this awesome humpback whales, so close to you all; thank you for taking these great photos and a huge thank you to all of you for sharing these awesome photographs with the public in "youtube". I have not yet seen, a video like this. Great video and great Job!!!

You all were great also!!! God bless you all, including all the animals in the world.
Damian B
Damian B - 7 years ago
what's the location? I must see them live before I die.
flightjam - 5 years ago
It's right in the vid.
krishtian Sev
krishtian Sev - 5 years ago
If you visit the location, you will probably die b4 You live
Jess Tilley
Jess Tilley - 5 years ago
This video was taken on the west coast of Canada, but on the east coast of Canada, particularly the island of Newfoundland, whale watching with humpbacks is HUGE between the months of May through September. There are lots of commercial boat tours and kayaking you can do, but they can be seen just watching from the coast. They're the most magical creatures.
meriem mimi
meriem mimi - 6 years ago
Damian B I was thinking the same thing ...Norway is the best place u can see humpbacks and orcas live ,u can even dive with them.
Gustavo Suenaga
Gustavo Suenaga - 6 years ago
British Columbia
GoBlue576966 - 6 years ago
Pacific ocean
sonia aroa montesinos gonzalez
sonia aroa montesinos gonzalez - 7 years ago
increible le daria besitos a las ballenas
chanctonbury63 - 7 years ago
Mariokenworth w900
Mariokenworth w900 - 7 years ago
this shit really made me mad how that lady put down the camera before the whale came down..
Sher Lizz
Sher Lizz - 5 years ago
B T - 5 years ago
Judy had one job
Ira Gershwin
Ira Gershwin - 5 years ago
РУСЛАН ЛЕСНЯК - 5 years ago
Mariokenworth w900 х
syz·y·gy - 5 years ago
Be thankful that this was captured at all.
Evil Bastard
Evil Bastard - 5 years ago
Mariokenworth w900 - don't lie. You'd have screamed like a little bitch and threw your barbie phone in the water.
V - 5 years ago
you woulda probably threw the phone into the water...don;t lie
FISHMAS  (fish keeping)
FISHMAS (fish keeping) - 5 years ago
I know right
estrella4o8 - 6 years ago
Mario kenworth post your close up video.

Until then, log off hdp
Hawk Who Knows All
Hawk Who Knows All - 6 years ago
Because it is not a MOVIE it is REALITY.
raphmaster23 - 6 years ago
She's not a nature photographer, and is probably in awe and was focused on seeing it in front of her eyes instead of through a lense
sanjay shaheen
sanjay shaheen - 6 years ago
And when you realize we are copying eachothet
Oswald Thatendswald
Oswald Thatendswald - 6 years ago
you have a 60 thousand lb animal do a belly flop less than 100 yards away and youll understand why she flinched. you probably would have shit your pants and dropped the camera in the water
Rushing Riptide
Rushing Riptide - 6 years ago
Mario kenworthw900 lol
Mariokenworth w900
Mariokenworth w900 - 6 years ago
Mr.Pancake 101 I don't give a flight fuck she still could of record the whole thing
Rushing Riptide
Rushing Riptide - 6 years ago
she had to its not like her camera is waterproof
CHIZZO P - 7 years ago
Ikr - DUDE - WTF - lol
GamingRadar - 7 years ago
i know right.
BlackCeshire AJ
BlackCeshire AJ - 7 years ago
Ian Newton
Ian Newton - 7 years ago
Hi there! I'm asking Canadians what their views are on Free Speech, Feminism and Gender. Are you will to help me out by completing this 7 question Survey?
paul esguerra
paul esguerra - 7 years ago
Ian Newton gvbmky to th

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