KAYAK's Brain Surgery

In keeping with KAYAK's "search one and done" campaign, this new 30 second spot will again remind viewers that there is never a good reason not to use KAYAK.com when searching for travel online.

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In keeping with KAYAK's "search one and done" campaign, this new 30 second spot will again remind viewers that there is never a good reason not to use KAYAK.com when searching for travel online.

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Cretinous Jester
Cretinous Jester - 4 years ago
I still lmao.
Pit Viper XP
Pit Viper XP - 4 years ago
Funny but gives me chills
Vet-Ty - 4 years ago
One of the best commercial ever
Simon Roman
Simon Roman - 7 years ago
The Doctor is The Master of Brains, and we are his puppets
Mitch S
Mitch S - 7 years ago
my two favorite commercials are this one and the will not surrender one (mentos gum)
Netlinimp - 5 years ago
not sure of the mentos. but this and Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah & Juan
Kurt Francom
Kurt Francom - 7 years ago
This one of the funniest commercials I have seen. I dare you to not laugh out loud. 

+Chad Francom +Colton Burton 
Colton Burton
Colton Burton - 7 years ago
Wow! that was good!
Chad Francom
Chad Francom - 7 years ago
Na M
Na M - 7 years ago
The thing that really makes this commercial so great is that Squish sound effect that is made every time the doctor sticks his probes in to the guy's brain.
RiriGriffith - 7 years ago
Oh snap!
Mex1CanJack - 7 years ago

10. comment for KAYAK's Brain Surgery

Elaina M
Elaina M - 7 years ago
Too fucking funny!!!! Lol ...
Colton Thompson
Colton Thompson - 8 years ago
Laughter is the very best medicine everyone :)
wakaphwap - 8 years ago
onegg04 - 8 years ago
makes me laugh every time I watch this.
Gabe Bokma
Gabe Bokma - 8 years ago
is it possible on what the Doc is doing? i've always want to know if u do something like this, the body does random movements. 
bksingle - 8 years ago
Denisse Haider
Denisse Haider - 8 years ago
Luv it!! For those who work in either field they get the commercial :)
Stevez61 - 7 years ago
Exactly!  Macabre humor, but it keeps health care workers sane.
Jeremy Maritz
Jeremy Maritz - 8 years ago
I was crying laughing at this last night...had to rewind it and watch it again...
Chandler Bogard
Chandler Bogard - 8 years ago
I'm glad people are offended by this commercial. It helps me know who to ignore.
Julien Jean
Julien Jean - 6 years ago
+Chandler Bogard It's not morally offensive to me, but it is somewhat gross. And very funny.
SDTURNERIII - 8 years ago
I have had brain surgery and I can tell you this commercial makes my stomach turn.  Uncomfortable, repulsive and there is no humor in this advertisement.  I will never use Kayak or it's parent company, Priceline.  This is coming from someone that has experienced brain surgery and has spent the past 7 years battling brain cancer.  Horrible commercial.
Leslie Cabrera
Leslie Cabrera - 5 years ago
it's a "commercial" of course it's not suppose to be taken seriously.

20. comment for KAYAK's Brain Surgery

Sam Pete
Sam Pete - 8 years ago
Sick, disgusting commercial!..every time this comes up, I rush to the remote to change channel or mute. such poor taste and judgement! 
DKhisa - 7 years ago
lmao your so disgusted with something you somehow get drawn back by it click the video just to comment lmao so did you pause the video before you made your comment as well? talk about Insane sensitivity
Drak FuckYouGoogle
Drak FuckYouGoogle - 8 years ago
+Sam Pete
Thing about humor, it's not universal.
Sam Pete
Sam Pete - 8 years ago
This is not humor, its just crude and sick 
M. Garrison
M. Garrison - 8 years ago
that's because your a big ole pussy with no sense of humor.
truthspeaks84 - 8 years ago
So you youtube the commercial just to make this comment?  Amazing.
bigtallguy97 - 8 years ago
easily the funniest commercial on TV today.
LolaGirl WA
LolaGirl WA - 8 years ago
Every time I see, or even hear, this commercial I cringe.  Having respect for brain injuries and those who suffer, this is just in poor taste. I know many find this funny, and that's okay. For this consumer, I would never use Kayak as I see they do not use good judgment.  A marketing exec should realize this will not attract the hundreds of thousands of folks who have, know someone who has, or has lost someone to brain injury.
DKhisa - 7 years ago
stfu and dont watch it. why come to a video you are disgusted with..idiots
Frau Krieg
Frau Krieg - 8 years ago
A little gross yet funny!
Christianvalx - 8 years ago
that guy looks sick and gross
Floymin - 9 years ago
If games and network TV can push the boundaries, why not commercials?
Craig Noneman
Craig Noneman - 9 years ago
LOL so great
1991poe - 10 years ago
too damn hilarious
TS theProducer
TS theProducer - 10 years ago
Sarah Conry
Sarah Conry - 10 years ago
bahahahahaha!! This is so supremely awesome :D And to @ClusterHeadSurvivor - you have got some guts of steel! I would worry a little about it after seeing this lest the brain surgeon gets some ideas ;) lol

30. comment for KAYAK's Brain Surgery

Pete Stack
Pete Stack - 10 years ago
Good one!! Hope your surgery goes well clusterheadsurvivor
ClusterHeadSurvivor - 10 years ago
I am literally having brain surgery Monday(2 days) and I about fell off my chair laughing so hard. Awesome commercial. The high 5 was the best. Ill have to show my neurosurgeon
kringles Paul
kringles Paul - 10 years ago
After watching those idiotic Etrade baby commercials, its refreshing to see brilliance for a change.

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