KAYAK KILLER: Is Angelika Graswald Guilty or Not?!

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KAYAK KILLER: Is Angelika Graswald Guilty or Not?! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 82

Kayak 4 years ago 183,406 views

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for KAYAK KILLER: Is Angelika Graswald Guilty or Not?!

Yasmine Belhimer
Yasmine Belhimer - 4 years ago
I honestly don’t think that she did it
And has anyone ever through of suicide because Vince possibly knew that the ring or the drain thingy was open so why wouldn’t he close it
at the end of the day I just think this was all an accident and I actually feel sorry for Angelika because she had to have a criminal history and years in prison and I think she didn’t deserve that
Raegan Lee
Raegan Lee - 4 years ago
You should do a video on the girl who thinks she might be the missing McCann girl. Don't know if I spelled that correctly haha. She looks just like her
Mariah W
Mariah W - 4 years ago
I don’t think she killed him but let him die and does not deserve his money
Nana - 4 years ago
I didn't have enough evidence to convict her she shouldn't have been put in jail
Meredith Norris
Meredith Norris - 4 years ago
they’ll label this as a homicide yet label my sisters death a suicide even though someone had her car, credit card and house keys.... smh
elizabeth - 4 years ago
You should talk about the fldc polygamy thing that went to court
ilikecats - 4 years ago
saw this case on dateline! definitely don't think she killed him, another case of interrogation abuse
Justine Duquette
Justine Duquette - 4 years ago
You have amazing eyebrows! Also, you should do a video on Amanda Knox!
march_to _the_sea
march_to _the_sea - 4 years ago
everyone reacts completely different when they experience traumatic or grief, so it's not really fair to make assumptions based on how they react to it. personally I'd be emotionally stunted for awhile and unable to process it if something like that happened to me. so yeah we shouldn't think that everyone needs to react a certain way otherwise they're weird.

10. comment for KAYAK KILLER: Is Angelika Graswald Guilty or Not?!

Sierra Hildreth
Sierra Hildreth - 4 years ago
i 100% believe she’s innocent. just because she didn’t try to save him doesn’t mean she tried to kill him
Jo-Anne Semrani
Jo-Anne Semrani - 4 years ago
I feel like if she was American, this wouldn't have had happened
KittKatt - 4 years ago
That tape of her in the room... it is rife with crap that is them coercing her into a statement. Especially when she said, fine, I'll give you your f-ing statement. After trying to say she didn't kill him and them saying what is the truth, what is the truth, that is coercing.
Gemma Giacobetti
Gemma Giacobetti - 4 years ago
innocent until proved guilty, simple as that
Timothy .S
Timothy .S - 4 years ago
She's innocent
We Are Here
We Are Here - 4 years ago
I feel bad for her...she did nothing and lost years for nothing
Amber Holt
Amber Holt - 4 years ago
I don't think she did it... but I can't believe his family think she did it, like he was abusive to her
MissMikarlie Syczylo
MissMikarlie Syczylo - 4 years ago
It’s not like she actually did nothing! She called 911. If she really “wanted him dead” that bad, she would have let him drown and not call 911. Sure, she felt free when she realized he was dying, but that’s a lot different than killing him!
MissMikarlie Syczylo
MissMikarlie Syczylo - 4 years ago
People are apparently so caught up in her “letting him drown and doing nothing” but I mean, she did try doing something which was calling 911.
Linda Lovehate
Linda Lovehate - 4 years ago
She's Guilty of course!!!!
misatchi - 4 years ago
Yeah he obviously didn't have any bullet wounds or signs of trauma and if the drain theory was debunked then I wanna know what people who think she's guilty of murder think happened. If he was forced to drown there would be signs of trauma from trying to stay above the water. I think it was bad planning to go on this day and they probably should have slept overnight at the island instead of heading back during the storm. If she was abused her behavior makes sense. It would be a sense of relief to be like "oh I don't have to be scared of trying to leave this marriage anymore".

And of course his family would think he's a great guy. They aren't involved with his romantic relationship side and abusers almost always put on a good show for their friends and family so they never suspect the abuse or believe it.

20. comment for KAYAK KILLER: Is Angelika Graswald Guilty or Not?!

Caitlin D
Caitlin D - 4 years ago
she shouldn’t get his life insurance for sure, but i don’t think she did anything wrong. she didn’t kill him, she just didn’t try to help him.
Ivane Sanchez
Ivane Sanchez - 4 years ago
I hope she gets all the insurance $$$$
Madelyn Lendy
Madelyn Lendy - 4 years ago
I agree with you on this one 100%
Shelby Bubba
Shelby Bubba - 4 years ago
Simply put, I think she is innocent. There isn’t enough evidence to prove she “murdered” him. Just didn’t want to risk her life in hoping in to the water and possibly dying herself. If the abusing was actually happening, it only makes it more clear on why she didn’t do anything. I mean, would you save a person that has hurt you so badly? Fucking patriarchy man.
Angelica Tijerino
Angelica Tijerino - 4 years ago
Her confusion in the police interrogation could be because she’s not from the US. She seems to speak English very well, but that sort of stress could have confused her enough to make it harder for her to thoroughly express herself in her non-native language. I’m glad she’s free because there’s not enough evidence to prove she had intent to kill.
Karla Herrera
Karla Herrera - 4 years ago
I literally love watching your videos. I feel like you are so genuine when explaining all these cases, even with the conspiracys.
Jennifer Hadaway
Jennifer Hadaway - 4 years ago
That’s some Jodi arias shit in the interrogation room. Wtf. Doesn’t make her guilty tho.
Trena Fleming
Trena Fleming - 4 years ago
I think she’s innocent. But is relieved because of the abuse. But that doesn’t mean she killed him.
Hailey V
Hailey V - 4 years ago
Poor woman... her life is crippled by the media and the boyfriend’s parents for a crime she didn’t commit but was there at the wrong place at the wrong times. And when she thinks she’s finally free from that abusive rat, they make her out as the monster and put her in jail.
Yvett Elias
Yvett Elias - 4 years ago
Love your videos! Please make a video on the Muder of Hae Min Lee, who is thought to be killed by her Ex boyfriend and was just granted a new trial.

30. comment for KAYAK KILLER: Is Angelika Graswald Guilty or Not?!

anon hater
anon hater - 4 years ago
She didn’t do anything, honestly it seems like this only happened to her because she’s a foreigner. I could be wrong but generally America doesn’t like foreigners.
Oreosundae101 - 4 years ago
I agree with the idea that she was simply just relieved to be out of an abusive relationship. She seems to be a small woman and if she had jumped in the water to try to save him, he could’ve possibly pulled her down with him and drowned her as well. When people panic they don’t think and she definitely doesn’t look strong enough to hold him up and get them both out of the water. All while being in the ice cold water, it just would put her life in danger as well. I don’t think there was enough evidence to convict her of murder and throw her in jail. This case is so confusing and I really don’t know what could be true!
Kristina Leau
Kristina Leau - 4 years ago
You didn't really explain the "confession" very well. So a detective went with her to take the flowers and claims she addmited to that she took the plug out of his kayak but didn't record it.
Ramona S
Ramona S - 4 years ago
Nah I don’t think she did. But even if she actually killed him, there’s no proof beyond a reasonable doubt. I hate how they just tried to find someone to pin it to with no concrete evidence. Now she has to live with a negligence murder charge on her record. Just not right.
courtney b
courtney b - 4 years ago
Crazy you’re covering something from my area.
autumn boyer
autumn boyer - 4 years ago
LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! Please more crime videos :)
Tessa Martin
Tessa Martin - 4 years ago
I feel that this was an accident. I don’t think she intentionally did anything. That’s just my thoughts on it.
morgan mills
morgan mills - 4 years ago
I don’t think she did it and I think she just knew that no matter what she said she was going to be found guilty so she saw the best option and took it.
neeveve - 4 years ago
This doesnt seem in any way like a murder
Michaela Seavey
Michaela Seavey - 4 years ago
In my opinion she isn’t guilty at all
sarahrubymetcalfe - 4 years ago
She got fucked by the police.....
Marina castillo
Marina castillo - 4 years ago
Being in a interrogation room for 11 hours after just a couple days since the incident, that does something to a person. I don't think her odd behavior and personality really should've been question at all but I do understand why they did though. It makes you think. She could've just been really apprehensive and desperate to just leave at that time truly. I think she's innocent for sure! and her saying she was in an abusive relationship that takes a toll on a person also, so of course there is going to be a small part where she felt relived or "free" in that sense. Mind' you there was a storm that day, so it could've just been a simple accident and just felt where as her life wasn't worth risking for someone like him, especially coming from a relationship like theirs. I'm positive she was manipulated during that process, to make her feel guilty. These people are sneaky sons of bitches, im glad she's out though
Ledeneze Msp
Ledeneze Msp - 4 years ago
She definitely didn't kill him. If the relationship was abusive and she wanted out of it, shes not that wrong for not being traumatized by the death. It's kind of fucked that she got jail time for nothing though.
Avery Revett
Avery Revett - 4 years ago
She’s innocent omg this is so sad , she did nothing.This is so messed up
Mya Musicality
Mya Musicality - 4 years ago
Did anyone else catch the typo on the weather report that said "incresing" instead of "increasing"??
Donnie Zoller
Donnie Zoller - 4 years ago
This is what happens when you don't lawyer up.

Also, not doing enough to save someone is a crime? What more did they expect her to do?
Chloe rathmann
Chloe rathmann - 4 years ago
faithless - 4 years ago
I think she is innocent, even if she is guilty there is definitely not enough evidence to convict her of murder especially since it was a stormy day and the waves are uncontrollable at the point where anything could have happened
ft0 al8arni0
ft0 al8arni0 - 4 years ago
and what if they both planned on killing themselves since he actually knew that the drain plug pulled, but at the last minute she couldn't do it.
ft0 al8arni0
ft0 al8arni0 - 4 years ago
I hate that you were biased to Angelica the whole video on the unproven statement like abuse, he is the one who lost his life not her.

50. comment for KAYAK KILLER: Is Angelika Graswald Guilty or Not?!

Rose Noire
Rose Noire - 4 years ago
That's the key: A detective joined her to the island? He was being pushy pushy perhaps and bam! You got yourself a story.
Lariah Washington
Lariah Washington - 4 years ago
I absolutely do not think she did it none of it made sense. They had no evidence that she did it so I don’t she should have even did the 2 years and 7 months.
Halle Lazz
Halle Lazz - 4 years ago
removing the drain form a kayak definetly wouldn't sink it, its happened to me kayaking several times, all that happens is that a little water leaks in , but not enough to ever sink a kayak. Plus on my kayak it can be very difficult to actually remove the plug and it takes a while.
ft0 al8arni0
ft0 al8arni0 - 4 years ago
If she was scared of him ending the marriage then why would she be so relieved about seeing him dying? unless if she pushed him away or did something to get his money, yall need to not be stupidly giving a fucking excuse for something is not proven like abuse, she could easily lie to get the betty, and if she was this scared of him she could easily escape or just divorced him.
nicholas dongo
nicholas dongo - 4 years ago
I don't believe she did it. the 911 call is very convincing that she was frantic and the test of the kayak was also another piece of evidence that its impossible for her to have pulled the drain plug and how this guy wanted very very very disturbing sexual favors from Angelica which is horrible and down right abusive. HOWEVER, what doesn't make sense is how she broke and confessed I know she was interrogated for 11 hours but still I would HAVE NEVER broken or said that if I loved someone and was gonna get married to them and the weather that day was very bad I don't know why they would be on the Hudson that day but it could've just been a big accident.
Sydney Knipp
Sydney Knipp - 4 years ago
I think she did it it makes no sense and is weird.
J A - 4 years ago
It’s crazy and sad that detectives can feed what they believe happened to people being interrogated and after hours of it people get tired of not being believed that they go along with it..
The Scott Show
The Scott Show - 4 years ago
Kamille L Trujillo
Kamille L Trujillo - 4 years ago
Her "confession" in that video she was totally just giving in! I think they had nothing to pin this on her, and just said, ok we will take that "confession and run with it!
Sara Anne
Sara Anne - 4 years ago
I think she's innocent.
There's no crime in wanting someone dead. Only a crime once you do something about it.
Gracie Kukulka
Gracie Kukulka - 4 years ago
I believe neither of them where innocent
COOL DUDE - 4 years ago
Why the double upload Kendall
Charizard Rules
Charizard Rules - 4 years ago
i mean she admitted to the crime twice
Summer Brooks
Summer Brooks - 4 years ago
I think she was telling the truth, she didn’t kill him on purpose, but she did feel relief when he was gone
I think she felt confused and pressured (she’s in a complete different country) so she was being weird, it could’ve been the first time she had lost someone and didn’t know how to cope with it
A lot of people try to use happiness to deal with grief
Kim CU
Kim CU - 4 years ago
One more the we need another Talk Tuesday Shirt. I missed ordering the old one
Uliana Kitar
Uliana Kitar - 4 years ago
Kendall, girl, you look poppin!!! You're eyes look so so pretty with that color shirt. (Also she seems innocent)
Alex McDonald
Alex McDonald - 4 years ago
I agree with you, there isn't enough evidence to convict her,and I don't really believe she killed him. I just feel that she didn't do it. I'm not sure about whether or not she was abused, but I don't think she killed him
MrFinnboy69 - 4 years ago
I do think she is innocent, however, what was that thing with the detective all about?? Did she confess or no, if she did, why, and if she didn`t, why did the detective say she did. Weird.
Tiffany Hwang
Tiffany Hwang - 4 years ago
I think she is innocent. She could not do anything to save him and if she did try she was risking her life as well. In my opinion she did not deserve to since 2 years in prison if a murder that she did not commit. And they did not have enough evidence to accuse her of commiting this murder.
boo bunga
boo bunga - 4 years ago
Oh come on -_- i think she is innocent. MAYBE she was happy he was gone cuz he was abusive but that doesnt mean she DID it.
Nancy Murray
Nancy Murray - 4 years ago
This is insane, just cause she couldn't fucking save him doesn't make her a killer.

His parents are making it out as if she stabbed him or some shit.
I honestly can't understand how idiotic some people are.
Nancy Murray
Nancy Murray - 4 years ago
By the sound of things she was falsey accused, I don't think she purposely set out to kill him. I think the whole "confession" to the detective is absolute bulshit. Why on earth would anyone turn around to a random person they don't know (especially a detective) and start detailing on how they killed they're fiance even if they did. I wouldn't be surprised if the detective said that just cause she was foreign, I've seen similar cases where people point the finger at someone simply because they're a minority in a country.
Chelsea Lovee
Chelsea Lovee - 4 years ago
I feel like she's innocent but that's stupid how they kinda made her to plead but it's like she couldn't do anything about it? If she tried to help she could of fell in the water as well and both would of died!!!!
Hannah Starke
Hannah Starke - 4 years ago
I think she’s innocent. I’m sad for her actually, she was in a likely abusive relationship but still suffered a loss and then had to go to jail for it
Life of Diana
Life of Diana - 4 years ago
I’m originally from Latvia too but never heard of this case. I think she’s innocent just bad accident.
Roger Rabbit
Roger Rabbit - 4 years ago
Innocent, 100%
S A - 4 years ago
The way American police interrogate seems kinda bad. I can see why sometimes innocent people "confess"
Jackie Broderick
Jackie Broderick - 4 years ago
I think she didn’t do this. She doesn’t seem capable. She seems weird but not murdery. I’m confused about the whole “involuntary homicide” thing. Like you get in trouble by just being there?? That’s weird. Idk I just don’t think she did it but she was glad it happened. btw your eyes look really pretty in this.
Jennifer Longingstone
Jennifer Longingstone - 4 years ago
I think she's innocent, there was nothing she could do unless she out herself in danger which could possibly have ultimately ended her own life had things gone really wrong. Yes she was a bit strange, I think her Yoga in the interrogation room was simply her trying to de-stress and her trying to move her muscles around as she'd been sitting down for several hours. I feel like the Police needed someone to convict (most likely so Vincent's family stop pounding on them) and used her.
Agneta Felicia
Agneta Felicia - 4 years ago
She's not weird, she's Eastern European. Now I know how it sounds but hear me out: chicks from this part of Europe can have this 'vibe' in general. Not talking about cartwheels. Whole case is fishy af. Either she's guilty and is milking the situation while Vinnie's family is rightfully enraged, or she's innocent and took the plea foolishly.
Angela _smiles707
Angela _smiles707 - 4 years ago
I think she is innocent in that she was obviously in a abusive relationship so she had mixed feelings, and with that she probably felt guilty and and reveals her true feelings. The interrogation was obviously abuse with someone that already has been abused and they wanted to take out their frustrations and make her the escape goat to blame her for the death. And now she has to live with the stigma and lose those years of her life because she was happy to be free from the abuse.
She would have never called nine-one-one if she killed him . Being she called for help and if someone would have been there on time to save him would he really say she tried to kill me? I'm sure that she's not that smart to put everything together, to murder him in that way. How would she know that he wouldn't be able to swim on the water would be so cold that his body would go into shock unless you did research she would have known that she's not that smart. Because if she was smart she would have never told her feelings or even take that sentence. Smh
Ebbed Mind
Ebbed Mind - 4 years ago
She does not seem evil in any way, I think that yeah she was in abusive relationship.
Mila Cruz
Mila Cruz - 4 years ago
His mom is weird
emma novy
emma novy - 4 years ago
Kendall: there’s this case about this actress named Frances Farmer that no one has really ever talked about but I think that you should. She was an actress back in old Hollywood (1920s or 1940s I think?) but anyway she was really outgoing and “off” for women to be during that time and people thought she was crazy and something was wrong with her mentally. A lot of shady shit happened and she got thrown in a mental hospital and she got a lobotomy and shit and sooooo much happened to her and she was raped repeatedly until she eventually died and NO ONE REMEMBERS HER OR EVEN TALKS ABOUT HER AT ALL. Her story is so interesting and I need someone to talk about it. Look into it, I think you’d find it interesting.
Marie Oksa
Marie Oksa - 4 years ago
They removed all the plugs to replicate what she supposedly had done...and it didn't sink...she was clearly railroaded
sabriye b
sabriye b - 4 years ago
maybe he committed suicide
SimplyJenny15 - 4 years ago
I’m with you Kendall I don’t think she is guilty I feel like they just wanted her to confess so this case can be over with.
Krissy King
Krissy King - 4 years ago
I don't think she killed him. There's not even any proof, besides her weird behavior. the poor girl was abused by this man, who she believed the loved. there was a sense of peace there when he died, that doesn't mean she killed him. they're just trying to pin it on her, which is disgusting
Reagan Britt
Reagan Britt - 4 years ago
I think she’s innocent. I can’t see why she would kill him or how she would even be able to
Maisha Samiha
Maisha Samiha - 4 years ago
Kendall, you should talk about the Adnan Syed case, the one that the popular podcast Serial focused on. He is getting a new trial I believe and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!
- auvreathem -
- auvreathem - - 4 years ago
you look sick.... are you alright?
pamela - 4 years ago
I don't think she killed him. Yes her behavior was odd but I think what she said was an afterthought. I don't think someone who premeditated murdering someone would confess those feelings like that.
Alaisha Tineo
Alaisha Tineo - 4 years ago
Can your next one be about Kristen Costas she was murdered by a jealous classmate
Pizza. !!!!!
Pizza. !!!!! - 4 years ago
Kendall your hair would look beautiful short.
Rainfalls Bouchard’s
Rainfalls Bouchard’s - 4 years ago
In my guts it doesn’t look like she did it they also don’t have a lot of proof and why would she confess to a detective
Alaisha Tineo
Alaisha Tineo - 4 years ago
Can your next video be about Kristen Costas
abslol1 - 4 years ago
I don't think she killed him, but I think she was relieved when he died, and I don't think she should get any life insurance money
Some Guy
Some Guy - 4 years ago
Can you do the green people of wood pit plz!
Chloe Blalock
Chloe Blalock - 4 years ago
I think she is innocent!
Purple Banana
Purple Banana - 4 years ago
I beleive she is completly innocent. The police definetly didnt handle her case right. Just because someone acts different doesnt mean they comitted murder. Its just not right.

100. comment for KAYAK KILLER: Is Angelika Graswald Guilty or Not?!

Emily & William
Emily & William - 4 years ago
Maybe its just me but it seems so obvious that she is innocent.
ilikepiratesroar - 4 years ago
dyslexic Toad
dyslexic Toad - 4 years ago
Innocent or not I hope she didn't kill that poor man he's really nice :)
Julia Tschantz
Julia Tschantz - 4 years ago
This chick grew up eat dog eat dog communist Russia, just saying.
U M - 4 years ago
Did anyone else think of Jodi Arias when that woman was doing yoga in that clip?
Hannah Traveller
Hannah Traveller - 4 years ago
I don’t think she killed him, but I do think she let it happen and didn’t try to save him.
Lauren Swafford
Lauren Swafford - 4 years ago
My gut is usually spot on! True crime lover and Taurus!! I don’t think she did it. I think it was an accident and the media turned it into a circus plus the investigators didn’t help
avaritia0 - 4 years ago
I think shes innocent but saying she was relieved he was gone and that she feels euphoric is what really damned her in the case. Probably should of kept that to herself...
Julia Dunne
Julia Dunne - 4 years ago
I honestly believe this girl is innocent. She is foreign, which might be a factor in her strange behavior, just because we have totally different mannerisms and ways of speaking in the US compared to Europe. (As for yoga... i freaking love yoga and stretching and after all that stress, i’d be doing yoga too!!) She seems to me like a girl in a bad relationship that witnessed an accident that she might have been able to help with (but probably not) and because of the risks of her own safety and the fact that her fiancé was abusive, she chose to call 911 and “let” him drown. I say “let” because she might not have even been able to help if she wanted to. I think this girl is innocent. I hope one day she can be free of this and live a long and happy life.
Dee Arias
Dee Arias - 4 years ago
So i don’t understand why they even pushed this whole case as murder/homicide/ what ever. Because if his body CLEARLY showed that he drowned and she insisted that she did not kill him + pictures of him with the drain plug pulled + replicating waves and still the kayak did not flood??? How did they still push/ force the case as a murder/homicide?

Is there something I’m missing here? Besides the cop claiming she admitted to killing him.
Someone help me! Lol i just am trying to piece this all together i don’t understand.
gracie j
gracie j - 4 years ago
I feel like Angelika is telling the truth. The fact that she was willing to admit that she was “euphoric” about him being dead but had the will to stick with the fact that she did not murder him makes my gut stick with her. I just have a feeling that she was innocent.
tomgirl games
tomgirl games - 4 years ago
what if he committed suicide because he thought ok after i told her to do all these things she's going to tell on me or she may have threatened to tell on him
Djuki - 4 years ago
I dont think she murdered him but i generally dont trust eastern european immigrants that go to US and get married to the "love of their life" in a span of months. (im an eastern european woman so calm your tits)
Glam By Natanya
Glam By Natanya - 4 years ago
ALWAYS ask for a lawyer if the cops want to talk to you. So many people would have avoided getting their lives ruined had they just ask for a lawyer.
kallum padgett
kallum padgett - 4 years ago
So a girl in an abusive relationship who is relieved when her fiancee dies because she finally has freedom goes to jail for 2 years but here in Britain a pedophile ring in Rotheram goes completely out of the news and all involved get no punishment???? Right forgot how fucked the justice system is >:( How can we let confirmed peodo's get away with raping CHILDREN but we don't let an innocent women get away with feeling relived that she's finally out of abuse like WTF is this??????
kallum padgett
kallum padgett - 4 years ago
Sorry for the language but I live near Rotherham and I just can't believe that this happened
Rachel Sweeten
Rachel Sweeten - 4 years ago
Innocent, she should not have ever been convicted.
Molly Emma
Molly Emma - 4 years ago
I truly don’t think she did it, I just don’t see how she possibly did, it just seems like a tragic accident!
brody lyons
brody lyons - 4 years ago
Hard one but probably innocent! She hasn’t given me any reason to think otherwise. Just her vibe. Anyone know the outro song?
Kayla B
Kayla B - 4 years ago
I think she’s innocent.
Fletcher - 4 years ago
i believe she is innocent. something just tells me she is, and definitely not enough evidence for her being guilty. innocent in my opinion
hailey. - 4 years ago
another great video from a great youtuber ♥️

also, i think Angelika is innocent. idk but it’s just a feeling..
Alyvia Younker
Alyvia Younker - 4 years ago
i think she’s innocent
Kurt Hummel
Kurt Hummel - 4 years ago
at the beginning of the video something about her gave me an odd feeling; her voice seemed too smooth, her face too neutral. but, after hearing the 911 call, you can tell she’s innocent. there’s nothing suspicious about it, all the signs of a terrified and fragile person are there.
Min Yoongi Trash
Min Yoongi Trash - 4 years ago
ier rose
ier rose - 4 years ago
This actually pisses me off so much. "You didn't risk your life to save him so you get a felony". If she thew her life jacket in, she might have drown herself. Is she jumped in, he nay have pushed her under like a typical person drowning in order to save himself. It's like they wanted her to admit she should have died instead. It's awful. And screw his mum. "He was a good kid, everyone loved him". You know who else everyone loved? My grandfather who physically abused my mum and aunts for years. Just because people like him doesn't mean he's a good person. And it's your kid so you're blind to their faults anyway
Nicole Villafuerte
Nicole Villafuerte - 4 years ago
Can let me know the same of the song in the end?
C&D Journey
C&D Journey - 4 years ago
I think she’s innocent. She seems innocent to me.
Ashley Cortez
Ashley Cortez - 4 years ago
Kendall, what's your take on the Adnad Syed case? I'd like to know.
Madison Butusov
Madison Butusov - 4 years ago
My gut said he killed himself because he told her to were a life jacket but he didn't we're one idk just a therey edit: I know that there are lots of spelling erroers sorry
Cynthia Molloy
Cynthia Molloy - 4 years ago
idkkk this a difficult one, I don't think she planned to kill him but if their relationship was abusive....idk! I don't think she did it, not enough evidence
Amber Garsia
Amber Garsia - 4 years ago
I personally feel like she’s innocent. The guy really doesn’t look like the nicest guy. To me he seems like a guy with secrets and possibly abuse was that secret. She didn’t kill him. Maybe she didn’t try to save him but she didn’t kill him.
Emily The Weird Water
Emily The Weird Water - 4 years ago
When you said 48 degrees I was so confused I was like 'that's really hot though?' Then remembered... y'all use Fahrenheit
Marta Vanaga
Marta Vanaga - 4 years ago
wooow, I am from Latvia but I didn't even know this and Latvia is a very small county .
Lil Mermaid
Lil Mermaid - 4 years ago
Can u make a super long video I love these
Piper Sullivan
Piper Sullivan - 4 years ago
Where is the moon string behind you from?
Alana Jade Cox
Alana Jade Cox - 4 years ago
Kendall a case worth fallowing right now cause I know you like to do that is the Utah Eureka couple, it’s pretty sad and I hope these two get the justice they deserve.
SYDNIE LICAUSI - 4 years ago
I def don't think she did it
L Takara
L Takara - 4 years ago
I don't think she did it. I think she just was relieved he died, and with good reason, given how he was treating her.
Samantha Kue
Samantha Kue - 4 years ago
I think she could have at least TRIED to reach out to him with her paddle... or paddle to him. She didn't really love him and yeah I get she had to call 911 but I would have done that before I have him on board. Idk.. I don't think she's innocent...... imo
parafornorm - 4 years ago
That mom is really full of s...
Kara - 4 years ago
Guilty. Even if he were abusive, why be sad that he’d call the wedding off but not that he died?
elissa johnson
elissa johnson - 4 years ago
Yeah I think she's innocent people drown alot just cause she was there doesn't mean anything I think it would be much more suspicious if she didn't call 911 and went home but she called 911 and seemed distressed.
Moonchild - 4 years ago
I really think that she’s innocent
Michelle Lange
Michelle Lange - 4 years ago
I think she's innocent. She was being sketchy but let's not forget that she is a foreigner. We don't know how great her understanding of English is, so the interrogation was more unethical than ever. She may have said one thing but meant another. Also, everyone expresses grief differently, so her behavior right after his death shouldn't be evidence of anything.
1314Lermanlover - 4 years ago
I don't think she did it
Aisha Diatta
Aisha Diatta - 4 years ago
This is frustrating.
Mariah - 4 years ago
Grief is so different for everyone. When my grandmother died, it took me a few weeks to feel the sadness and finally cry about it.
Amber Metoxen
Amber Metoxen - 4 years ago
Watching her in the interrogation room like WHERE IS YOUR LAWYER
Gretchen - 4 years ago
My gut says she's innocent. Not sure why, but I just get that vibe.
Ruby Steger
Ruby Steger - 4 years ago
Same, everyone always accused immigrants...
jiljilec ‘
jiljilec ‘ - 4 years ago
Gretchen same, that was my first thought when she started talking
Heidi Azcuy
Heidi Azcuy - 4 years ago
what eye shadow do you use?? i'm obsessed!!!!
caitlin anderson
caitlin anderson - 4 years ago
This is kinda random but I'm going to be attending school close to/in poughkeepsie and it overlooks the hudson river. They manipulated her. I think most people would say they did it after being interrogated for so long. She was innocent
Alison .exe
Alison .exe - 4 years ago
I don't think she's guilty. Not completely innocent, but not guilty. Did they do an autopsy of the remains they found?
Zondra Yates
Zondra Yates - 4 years ago
I think she is innocent and this was just a freak thing that happened and karma bit the guy in a large way. I think it was just the storm since they did go on a day when they weren't supposed to. She probably was in a way grieving but was also happy she didn't have to deal with his behavior anymore.
Esmeralda Acevedo
Esmeralda Acevedo - 4 years ago
Zondra Yates A
Anne-Marie Myrbråten
Anne-Marie Myrbråten - 4 years ago
I think she is innocent and she couldn’t saved him since that would be a danger for her life as well. Everyone has someone they would be relived that died but that doesn’t means that everyone is a killer. And he didn’t deserve to drown, the same way she didn’t deserve wasting 2 years of her life in jail. Hope one day she is seen as truly innocent and can get apologies from the one who said she done it, the family and everyone involved.
Anne-Marie Myrbråten
Anne-Marie Myrbråten - 4 years ago
And on top of that it is not a crime to be a little bit weird or not acting after what society expects you to act after a tragedy. Some people just want to move on
Tea koala
Tea koala - 4 years ago
Even if she tampered with the kayak it's not murder, she didn't cause his death the storm and lack of safety precautions did. Can't believe she was imprisoned for this.
Nixon Mitchell
Nixon Mitchell - 4 years ago
Can you do an astrology video about the planet line up in 2020? Ps: I love your videos and podcast so much❤️
Maria Arriola
Maria Arriola - 4 years ago
I don’t think she is guilty at all I have seen this case and her interviews and she seems to be telling the truth. She was in an abusive relationship but I don’t think she is a killer because of it. It was a tragic accident that happened and not a murder.
Brook Riley
Brook Riley - 4 years ago
It sounds like a creative suicide.
mila aloha
mila aloha - 4 years ago
hi kendall, there’s a rape trial thats been proved non guilty against 4 rugby players in northern ireland, i’m so interested in what you would think about it, love if you could look into it xx
Pan's Nymph
Pan's Nymph - 4 years ago
Such a cliché story... Eastern European woman comes to the USA to 'nanny' finds a man and within 5 months is named under his life insurance payout. Then he suddenly dies by kayak :') haha
Claudia Maria
Claudia Maria - 4 years ago
I think she is innocent
_Rita_ - 4 years ago
I hate knowing I literally live next to those places
Falco lombardi
Falco lombardi - 4 years ago
She probably said he was abusive just incase they convicted her but is it because she did it or not?
Barbie Pena
Barbie Pena - 4 years ago
She didn't kill him. I actually think it was wrong to make her do time in prison when (I believe she was innocent). I think she was upset and frantic when he drowned, but then maybe had a feeling of acceptance. Like "this is horrible, this is awful,.... But wait... Maybe I'm free. This is going to happen, I can be free again". Pretty much the only thing questionable are her thoughts. Since when do you prosecute someone because of their thoughts? She didn't do anything wrong. She DID call 911. What more does anyone want from her?
Aria Jones
Aria Jones - 4 years ago
Hi, Poughkeepsie resident here. First off, I would like to congratulate you on your pronunciation of Poughkeepsie because no one gets it right. everyone here knows the river is rough to kayak in, it is rough, But the general consensus of us locals is that she is guilty, especially for those who know the family. He was a very experienced swimmer and kayaker, and she removed the plugs from his kayak before they entered the river. Not only that, but she took Viafore's paddles from him before calling 911. Everyone who knows him knows he was a happy loving person and not the abusive man she claimed him to be. She is currently fighting to get his life insurance money, and shows no remorse whatsoever.
Joseph Cook
Joseph Cook - 4 years ago
She seems like she was wronged and fucked over by the system.
Linn1031 - 4 years ago
Saw this on 20/20. I think police manipulated her. I believe she loved Vince but she probably was relieved that he died. She is innocent for sure!
Simmerscy - 4 years ago
natalazzurnala - 4 years ago
Loved the video!!!! Please tell me what lipstick you are wearing?!
Monica Pickard
Monica Pickard - 4 years ago
i definitely don’t believe she murdered him. he was abusive to her, and when the kayak tipped, she knew there was nothing she could do and let it happen.
Brianna Gordy
Brianna Gordy - 4 years ago
Guilty as fuck. And people who say differently are just.. Wow! How can you be that damn naive?
Olivia Gill
Olivia Gill - 4 years ago
Innocent until PROVEN guilty people....
Olivia Gill
Olivia Gill - 4 years ago
Maybe she wanted to rush the marriage because by marrying him, she is less likely to get deported. Just sayin
Astrid Guilamo
Astrid Guilamo - 4 years ago
I love how its always “but everyone loved him!” but no one but those two are present in their relationship so only they would know the truth. I don’t think she did it. I honestly can’t see it.
musicgal421 - 4 years ago
Usually I can go back and forth and think both sides but she’s not guilty. From the sound of things she was in an abusive relationship most likely truly loved him. He most likely knew the risks going out there. If my husband didn’t yell call 911 I most likely would try to do something first(most likely not successfully) you can clearly hear her distress in the call. I’m sure she was relieved and yes happy her problem was gone but if she loved him she felt torn. Parents always thinking their kids are perfect I’m sure the mom doesn’t believe her son would ever want a threesome or watched porn! Not her son! I’m not saying that makes him or anyone bad people but I’m saying she doesn’t think he would do that so she wouldn’t expect him to force someone to have sex. She was in an abusive relationship and she most likely never wanted to see him dead but since that came up she felt what’s the big deal I’m free. Most definitely believe she’s innocent
Justanothersadgirl - 4 years ago
I think her time spent in prison is a fair enough punishment for what happened. Sure she could have helped a little more, but in the end, if it was a bad relationship or a good one, I really don’t think there was anything she could have done to save him. I’m sure she did feel relieved, I think that’s why her behavior is so strange. Also, I understand why the family is pissed, because they don’t know their sons sexual life. So of course they think she murdered him, but if you look at the evidence, I think it’s pretty straight forward that this was an accident. I think maybe they just need someone to blame to make themselves feel better. I don’t agree with why they are so upset, but I understand. What an interesting case!
Lola Cate
Lola Cate - 4 years ago
her “weirdness” reminds me of amanda knox.

edit: watching someone die and intentionally not doing anything to stop it is still homicide, regardless of your relationship with them
Alex - 4 years ago
she didn't do nothing, she called 911 which was realistically the most she could have done
Hannah Fielding
Hannah Fielding - 4 years ago
I’ve been watching The Confession Tapes on Netflix and would love for you to look into the Sebastian and Atif case. I’d be interested to hear your views on it!
Bea Vas
Bea Vas - 4 years ago
I don’t think she is innocent I think she did it, she is playing innocent now but she reacted and acted differently in the beginning. How do we know she was in the abusive relationship we are only hearing it from her..I just don’t believe her
Paige Fitzpatrick-Boyd
Paige Fitzpatrick-Boyd - 4 years ago
Bruh I went into this not liking her and leaning towards her being guilty but as soon as i saw the interrogation video I knew she was innocent. She's your classic hippie back packer type that i live with in Cairns and I think what she meant was "what will be will be". These faux hippies always seem disingenuous and is easily marketed as guilty. Annoying yes; guilty no
Mayra R
Mayra R - 4 years ago
He was abusive. Look up abusive people. They're charismatic and funny. Great manipulators and great with people. Red flags to look for. 1) they're super romantic and the best thing to ever happen to you at beginning of the relationship. They do this to keep you. 2) relationship moves fast. Meaning in a short period of time they're already in love and he can spend the rest of his life with her. This is a clear sign of abusive person because of control and false hope.

I think it was an accident but she was definitely happy that he died
Natalie Sanchez
Natalie Sanchez - 4 years ago
I think she didn’t kill him. I think she was in a relationship where she felt like she had no control in and felt trapped. So once he fell into the water she knew that she couldn’t save him and was possibly accepting that him being gone could mean that she could be free. That she didn’t have to feel trapped and excepted to do things that she wasn’t comfortable doing.
Britty Brad
Britty Brad - 4 years ago
The fact that she was even in jail at all with no evidence is bullshit
Dakotahs World
Dakotahs World - 4 years ago
It doesnt seem like she did it
Carson Crouch
Carson Crouch - 4 years ago
Maybe she’s “odd” because she’s European. I had a European stepdad from a similar country to her and of course they aren’t gonna completely adapt to American societal norms. Maybe the girl was relieved!!! If he was psycho then fuck good for her tbh. If she didn’t purposefully murder him or take his ring or plug then why are they shaming this girl for feeling better that her abusive bf can never abuse her again.
Cathryn Dianne
Cathryn Dianne - 4 years ago
They were clearly manipulating her. The questions they were asking her were worded almost to convince her that she was guilty
Gregorian - 4 years ago
Yeah, but the investigator claimed that she confessed to killing her, which I doubt he made up. So I can see why they wanted to press her on it.
Cathryn Dianne
Cathryn Dianne - 4 years ago
Danie Seifert wait whose comment were you responding to?
Lola Cate
Lola Cate - 4 years ago
Danie Seifert well damn i’m sorry but a mental health class isn’t going to tell people that very specific information. you can educate others without being so insulting. with everything you mentioned i can definitely understand why you would feel like that after. we don’t know of anything like that in this case though but it’s possible.
Osh E
Osh E - 4 years ago
A language barrier or her wording of her initial reaction definitely had a huge part in this case. The law can come down very heavy on people who's language is unlike theirs. So glad she got a short sentence~I got the same vibes as everyone else she seems innocent just got dealt crazy cards in life.
Danie Seifert
Danie Seifert - 4 years ago
Have you ever found a loved one suddenly dead and experienced Mania afterword? No? Then shut the hell up about mental health reactions to trauma without research on the topic first, Love the mentally ill rape survivor with odd reactions to everything in the back.... I had a best friend die while I was literally in a different state at 13, she was my best friend, She locked me alone in a room with her ex boyfriend and forced me to blow him I felt unbelievable euphoria after she and my rapist died. My rapist killed himself after being caught raping my ten year old body as a 40 year old man, he killed himself and I felt utter joy and I was demonized by children who called me a whore a blamed me for my rape after. THIS IS WHY WE NEED MENTAL HEALTH TO BE A MANDATORY CLASS IN SCHOOL PEOPLE.
Lola Cate
Lola Cate - 4 years ago
Cathryn Dianne i agree to an extent but she gave them the very strong word “euphoric” herself
Ferrous black
Ferrous black - 4 years ago
Any New Yorker knows to stay the hell out of the Hudson River.
Snow Child
Snow Child - 4 years ago
what an interesting one
Justicar11 - 4 years ago
I honestly can’t believe the way they treated her in that interrogation room. But I think I heard one time you can leave whenever you want, but like the “you have to wait 25 hours to do a missing person report” it seems there is a lot of misinformation about just how much power cops and detectives have.
Hailey Rivas
Hailey Rivas - 4 years ago
I don’t think she is guilty things happen wether we like it or not and I think if she was in an abusive relationship and didn’t really love him then yeah she isn’t going to risk her life for someone that abused her
Katrina Denny
Katrina Denny - 4 years ago
Duuuuude I live in the town next to Poughkeepsie and I remember hearing about this when they got calls to a mans body in the water my father was a firefighter that took the call and went. This was one of the biggest things going on in my town during this i was in elementary school and they had police and firefighters come and talk to us about the dangers of this....
Alexis Sapien
Alexis Sapien - 4 years ago
I think he died accidentally and she accepted it.
Love Always Annie
Love Always Annie - 4 years ago
Not guilty!
Jacki McNally
Jacki McNally - 4 years ago
I’m from this town and I’ve heard a lot about this case but I don’t think she’s guilty. It really trips me out to hear Poughkeepsie, NY on your videos lol
ALI BUZZELLI - 4 years ago
I do think it was an accident -- I really don't trust interrogations. The way they drill you, I would probably say things that weren't the whole truth just to be done with it not thinking about what that would mean for me
julia smith
julia smith - 4 years ago
Okay let’s me just say a few things and no body is aloud to flip there shit on me because I actually know her LMAO I as a person who has met her and while my sister was in jail they became friends but she probably killed him but that says noting about her family or friends because her parents are really sweet and nice
Bored Forever
Bored Forever - 4 years ago
I live in Poughkeepsie and you pronounce it po keep see
LifeAsASnowFox - 4 years ago
I thinks she is innocent. Being a bit relieved someone is dead is not murder! it sounds like she was in a tough relationship so of course she would be relived to get out of it.
Mariah Lyon
Mariah Lyon - 4 years ago
I don’t think she did it
paloma diaz
paloma diaz - 4 years ago
I think she was in a weird abusive relationship, the storm tipped him out of his kayak and she just let it be as she didn’t want to risk her life to save someone that was abusive I mean she probably loved him but many women feel trapped in those relationships and it was her ticket to freedom.
Claudia Maria
Claudia Maria - 4 years ago
This is what I was thinking
Philippa - 4 years ago
agreed. being relieved that an abusive partner is dead is NOT murder
paloma diaz
paloma diaz - 4 years ago
I also think his mum doesn’t know shit about him, she wasn’t the one in a relationship with him and nor were his friends so they don’t know what he’s like behind closed doors.
Joshua Kuhl
Joshua Kuhl - 4 years ago
Thank God she didn't put a personal plug for her Podcast in this.
PlusSizedintheCity Taylor
PlusSizedintheCity Taylor - 4 years ago
I️ mean I️ understand a mother’s trama after losing a child but I️ think that the mother has misplaced anger, I️ think it’s clear there is nothing she could have done even if she did want him alive, some mothers are so caught up in defending and “babying” their sons they can’t even except there could be a possibility that they did something wrong... he was abusing that woman that’s why she was relieved
Elena Seigel
Elena Seigel - 4 years ago
He just drowned and she didn't save him (which she honestly couldn't have).. she didn't kill him or do anything illegal, imo
TierraAlexis - 4 years ago
I don’t think she murdered him. I think she was just relieved if he was abusive . There’s definitely not enough evidence for a murder conviction.
Jessyca Green
Jessyca Green - 4 years ago
I definitely don’t think she killed him, I think what happened is what she said happened . She couldn’t do anything to save him and she was free from an abusive relationship.
Mia Shaleah
Mia Shaleah - 4 years ago
As far as her going out having fun right after his death... that can be kind of normal. When my uncle passed my family and I tried to do as much fun as possible to get our minds off of It. It feels better to have fun than to sit around thinking about it
Des Williams
Des Williams - 4 years ago
i agree i don’t think there was nearly enough evidence to convict her. i don’t know if i think she’s innocent or guilty, but i’m not sure as to how she would have drowned him?
InternetHobo - 4 years ago
I definitely think she's innocent... Vince's death just seems like a horrible accident.
Brittany Markiewicz
Brittany Markiewicz - 4 years ago
I worked for a company she visited a few days after he died....it was WEIRD
Lisa Davis
Lisa Davis - 4 years ago
Even if she didn’t want him to drown, there’s NO way she could save him so how could she be guilty of negligent homicide? She called 911 which was the absolute best she could do in that situation.
LAdwv7495 - 4 years ago
Yeah, I don’t think she killed him.
I_ Wonder
I_ Wonder - 4 years ago
I don’t think she’s guilty, when he was drowning, she must have been in shock. Thoughts rushing in and out of her head, good and bad, like the waves of the river. If their relationship was truly abusive, then she was struggling with the situation and maybe did offer less help than she could’ve. But I don’t believe she murdered him.
queen m
queen m - 4 years ago
Bella Styles
Bella Styles - 4 years ago
Loved the video as always! Super interesting and well explained! Btw have you thought about cutting your hair short like a long bob or something? lol I think you would look amazing!
Kashmere - 4 years ago
WOW.....Lawyer up immediately if you are ever interrogated, do not let it go on this long...do not say a word except "I want my attorney ". That is all you say do not answer one question.
Bella Sharard
Bella Sharard - 4 years ago
It doesn't make ANY sense to me, that police are able to convict people for crimes they can't possibly know they committed or not. There is NO valid evidence to support her arrest. I believe she's innocent, and should never have been convicted in the first place. It seems the police only arrested her for convenience. Yes she acted strangely, but who wouldn't after the death of your abusive fiancé? There would be so many mixed emotions and reactions! I also believe that she received harsher judgment because she was a woman. If this was a man, I feel it would be a completely different story.
I know come across as harsh and dramatic, but this really made me angry!
Claudia Harris
Claudia Harris - 4 years ago
This case is so crazy wow but this video was awesome thank you for giving us the facts!
Rose Emilia
Rose Emilia - 4 years ago
I think she’s innocent and like you said, she couldn’t do anything and was sorta reliefed that he was dead.
Guava Juice
Guava Juice - 4 years ago
I live near Poughkeepsie!
Josephine Morris
Josephine Morris - 4 years ago
I'm with the majority here. She was very honest, I don't think she should have ever had to go to jail, he didn't make the best of choices, If she tried to save him she would've had the same fate.
However I couldn't watch somebody in trouble and not try to do more, even if he isn't a good person, rather get a divorce. The easy way out isn't always so easy.
She didn't kill him, but maybe thought if he dies I get out of his abuse (if there was ever any) and also keep the money.
Lindsay Marie
Lindsay Marie - 4 years ago
It’s crazy how screwed you are when the detectives on the case think you’re guilty! Without any evidence they already were starting to get her to confess to something... that is so wrong. You could tell they weren’t going anywhere until she said something they wanted to hear.
xX johnny is my GoD Xx
xX johnny is my GoD Xx - 4 years ago
She’s definitely innocent and everyone needs to get off her back. She just didn’t feel he was worth going into the water and possible drowning, I also really hate his mom.
Amélie Houle
Amélie Houle - 4 years ago
Your shirt matches your eyes so well! Gorgeous!
Kari Vei
Kari Vei - 4 years ago
Maybe it is because i am a fellow latvian, but she seems completely not guilty. I think that even her not being sad is normal because in a moment of shock and sadness your mind just makes you think of the good parts. That you are free. The posts could also be her trying to cope with the stress or sadness. But yoga helps dealing with stress and calms you down. Like wtf. Where do you find enough evidence that she killed him?!
Edit: But she is also russian and they are weirder than normal latvians so i don't know
Nell Shea
Nell Shea - 4 years ago
I think she said that because the interrogation was getting to her and she meant that he wasn't worth risking her life for. Not nearly enough evidence here to convict someone of homicide
Shay Hogan
Shay Hogan - 4 years ago
I just started the video, but I have to say the color of your shirt is GORGEOUS on you ❤❤
Caitlin Otos
Caitlin Otos - 4 years ago
Maybe she pushed or tipped him off and he wasn't able to get back into the kayak with all the storm waves. I definitely think she had has bad intentions and caused his death.
soccerchick9841 - 4 years ago
Yeah, I agree with everyone else. I don’t think she killed him. I think it was just the turn of events.
If she would have killed him, why would she call 911? You don’t kill 911 after just killing someone.
1DFrEaK101 - 4 years ago
Yeah she definitely didn’t kill him. Poor girl
Ashley Cillo
Ashley Cillo - 4 years ago
I really don't think she did anything "wrong". Yea, maybe she could have tried to help him more but even if she got to him, what could she have REALLY done?? I think the family is being a little much. There's really no evidence proving she did anything
Melanie Lee
Melanie Lee - 4 years ago
I hate to say it but I think if he was abusing her, in her eyes, this may have all just been a happy accident.
jessica gray
jessica gray - 4 years ago
Seems like it was just an accident but she should have acted more sad so she didn't go to jail. That seems like all they really had against her.
TheStoryEverAfter - 4 years ago
nah she didn't kill him, she just didn't care that he was dying in front of her. She didn't take his life, the river did. Remember she is also from a foreign country, so she was probably easily manipulated by the American police and probably really naive.
psyko 96
psyko 96 - 4 years ago
Could you do one about the Steven Avery and Brendan dassey case? I think there's more To the story than what we know
Tyler Edgerton
Tyler Edgerton - 4 years ago
She should have gotten a lawyer immediately.
Haley Ruiz
Haley Ruiz - 4 years ago
Kendall, I am 16 and I live in New Jersey and you have recently inspired me to do something about missing children. I am currently working on a project for national missing children day with my school principal. I want to thank you for inspiring me and putting the thought into my head, I am hoping this will lead to more awareness. You are doing something amazing to young people like me by educating us. I was wondering if you would want to maybe be apart of it??? I know its asking a lot. I just want to thank you
roter13 - 4 years ago
I wonder if people in the comments section would be so forgiving and claim innocence if it was a man with a dead wife. Society tends to think that women are not capable of killing their husbands. Have you all not see the show "Snapped."
Sarah Robidoux Ertel
Sarah Robidoux Ertel - 4 years ago
Sounds like she was punished for being happy about his death. Awful punishment. She’s innocent 100%.
shamilah - 4 years ago
I think she's innocent. It was just an accident.
Adelita merino
Adelita merino - 4 years ago
I don’t think she did it. It’s really sad for the guy and his parents. There’s just not enough evidence to send her to Jail for ever it’s crazy how this story happened.
xxx yyy
xxx yyy - 4 years ago
I don't think she's guilty. If she was, she probably wouldn't admit she felt relieved after he died.
esajkf fhihe
esajkf fhihe - 4 years ago
she is definitely innocent lmao. she didn't kill him BUT she didn't do anything to save him bc SHE COULDNT or else she could've died too
mara dyer
mara dyer - 4 years ago
She’s fucking innocent wtf but I don’t think she deserves the insurance money tho bc she was ‘involuntarily’ watched him die
Pollly :/
Pollly :/ - 4 years ago
I think Angelika is innocent, but what seems weird to me is Vincent set the whole thing up like a suicide. Like the drain plug if his kayak was open, he handed over his life insurance to her quickly, purposely didn’t wear a life jacket etc. But then that doesn’t tie in with how he was abusive and why he wanted to end his life, so idk. I just kinda noticed that and it seemed odd.
Hichanell Frand
Hichanell Frand - 4 years ago
innocent until proven guilty, and like you said they fail to have proof she killed him.
Samm Vinesett
Samm Vinesett - 4 years ago
What’s interesting to me is how quickly In some cases (like kenneka Jenkins) they do anything to prove it’s accidental but here they did anything to prove it’s a murder..
Scarlet Purple
Scarlet Purple - 4 years ago
From this video alone i dont think she did it
21st Century Assistant Pet Services Beckie Simmons
21st Century Assistant Pet Services Beckie Simmons - 4 years ago
I agree with you
Alejandra Oropeza
Alejandra Oropeza - 4 years ago
I would’ve been freaking out as soon as I see the love of my life disappeared, she was way too calm in my opinion... why would she be upset about him putting off the wedding if he was “abusive” doesn’t make sense to me... she felt euphoria knowing her husband would be dead, she’s definitely responsible for something... Her evil side my ass
Rene Nuñez
Rene Nuñez - 4 years ago
w. her talking about her “demon & good side” i think they heard her say “demon side” & ran w. it. i think she meant since she’s not sad & is a little relieved he’s dead is her demon side.
Amber Groves
Amber Groves - 4 years ago
She didn't do it.
Paris - 4 years ago
I believe everything she said, if I was in an abusive relationship and the person died out of no fault of my own id be relieved too.
paranormal lazivity
paranormal lazivity - 4 years ago
Latvia's language is russian ?
Sara Guslov
Sara Guslov - 4 years ago
She totally didn’t kill that man
Aya Gontier
Aya Gontier - 4 years ago
Really don’t think she killed him
Rene Nuñez
Rene Nuñez - 4 years ago
can your next video be about Albert Fish?
Ggb fvdddvvecece For vrevcgfddfevev
Ggb fvdddvvecece For vrevcgfddfevev - 4 years ago
Hi Kendall, I absolutely love your videos! Please will you do a video on the disappearance of Claudia Lawrence? Shes from the UK so I’m unsure whether you will have heard of the case. She’s been missing around 9 years but no body has been found ( she is presumed to have been murdered), and no arrests have been made. I’ve always found this case interesting. so Also, have you ever heard of the case of Shannon Matthews? You should do a true crime video on that case as it’s truly shocking, I remember this happening, I was so scared because she lived about 10 mins away from me and was around the same age ( I didn’t know her though) so I was terrified that there was an abductor on the loose! X
DennisTV - 4 years ago
lmao fucking cops... "Its like angels and demons." WHATS THE DEMON SIDE SAYING?
N. W.
N. W. - 4 years ago
A lot of Angelina's behavior to me just seems like she's trying to react to a heap load of anxiety and she was anxious during this period. While posting cartwheel videos is odd, I don't think that behavior is eccentric enough to be labeled guilty. And frankly, if I was held in a room like that, yeah, I'd be fidgeting too, I would be pacing or standing up. I just don't think those quirks mean that she's guilty. And she could have accused her lover of being into weird kinks to get out of there or because she was so overwhelmed. We don't know what was going through her head and I'm sure she was well aware of being deported if everything went sour.

It seems like a tragic accident and I agree she shouldn't have served time and the police wanted to paint a picture so bad.
rutal - 4 years ago
Oh great. The only time you hear about a Baltic States country is when crime is involved. Yes I’m a salty Lithuanian.
G_InTheBigWorld - 4 years ago
She definitely didn’t murder him. Like you said she didn’t commit murder but she was kind of relieved that she didn’t have to deal with him because she seemed to be in a abusive relationship
cuddlebeans - 4 years ago
I remember reading about this case when it happened! Thank you for covering it! Another awesome video, Kendall! ❤
Holly Maylin
Holly Maylin - 4 years ago
I actually think she is innocent.. the way his mother describes him as the life of the party yet angelika says he was abusive to her behind closed doors screams sociopath to me.. not to mention being into thrill seeking sports and strange sexual interests. I don’t think she tried to kill him but I can understand if she didn’t go out of her way to save him, knowing if she did he would continue to abuse her.
hbkmadeline - 4 years ago
i feel so bad for her :( i know she’s innocent and it was just an accident . ive been in abusive relationships and although i wouldn’t want them dead, i understand why she felt that way
David Galvan
David Galvan - 4 years ago
i love you so much kendall YOU ARE MY FAVORITE ❤️
Savey Duns
Savey Duns - 4 years ago
Im so confused! If he drowned why wasnt that a closed case? If someone else dies from an accident and didnt have their safety gear and rode on incorrect kayaks they put their own life in danger and its a miracle the woman survived. How is there any questioning or investigating an accidental death the person seems to have caused on their own? Is it impossible that he drowned by his own fault and account? Its so odd they jus had to pin a murderer to the case very very strange to me. What sparked them to question her for anything? Looked like enough evidence to say both werent prepared and one didnt survive...geeeez that's frustrating.

She was in an abusive relationship so they ran with that story but if it were murder does it make sense she plotted a trip to go kayaking and endanger both lives? Omg..i canr even twist rhis to be a murder bt they did so quickly
Catta Bonata
Catta Bonata - 4 years ago
kendall back at it again with another great video!
Claudia Jandey
Claudia Jandey - 4 years ago
You should do a video on the Teresa mcbee case. I just watched an episode of real detective on Netflix (season 2, lambs to the slaughter) and then googled a bunch of information on it and kept coming up with contradictory information or things that were omitted from the episode. I like how unbiased you are and it would be interesting to see your take on it
Jessica Huynh
Jessica Huynh - 4 years ago
Every mother thinks their son is a saint when in reality they're an abusive piece of shit. It's not murder watching someone die in a freak accident.
Em Radford
Em Radford - 4 years ago
Yaaas - true crime again! ❤️
Eve Moore
Eve Moore - 4 years ago
I think shes completely innocent
Miljana Bogdanovic
Miljana Bogdanovic - 4 years ago
I don't think she did it. This is not justice
peerydestiny - 4 years ago
It seems like the family is just looking for someone to blame. It’s sad that she had to serve time over an accident
May Bee
May Bee - 4 years ago
idk maybe i am gullible but i kinda believe her and that she's innocent.. and if he in fact was abusive then i can totally understand why she felt the way she did (relieved) when he died..
anyway i feel like her life is ruined now one way or another cause a lot of people will always look at her as a manslayer so yea..
Stephanie Maugeri
Stephanie Maugeri - 4 years ago
I totally don’t believe she’s a murderer. His family is just looking to place the blame somewhere because of the loss they suffered. Which I understand but they were in 48 degree water!! And even on the call she’s clearly upset being a part of this awful situation. But It’s not murder to not be able to save him. And it’s not murder to have a sense of relief to have him pass. I really don’t think she could’ve saved him and probably would’ve died trying. Especially since she went into the water too. It’s not a crime to have a sense of relief to have someone abusive pass away. I really believe it was an accident. I don’t think she confessed to this detective. I think he set her up or took what she said out of context and heard what he wanted and wanted to point the blame somewhere. I hate to say it but this is why people always say NOT to say a word to the police. They can flip what you say into whatever they want it to reflect. True or not. And she probably thought it was a kind gesture to have him go with her. Then if she mentioned anything about having a sense of relief to have him gone. This detective took this as a confession. Or if she said “he never put the plug into the drain hole” he took that as she pulled it out. It is really a shame. I’m glad she is free. I don’t think she’s a murderer on the loose. And her interview room behavior was probably just a result of being stuck in this room for 11 hours being berated with questions and when they walked out. She just needed to move. 11 hours is a LONG time. And it’s so mentally straining. Really just an unfortunate situation all around.
Madison - 4 years ago
He wasn’t wearing a life jacket, they weren’t using the correct kayaks, he seemingly knew that his drain plug was off. With the evidence that we know it appears that he is responsible for the majority of his own death. Did she just let him drown out of spite? It’s possible. Did she let him drown because she knew she couldn’t save him? Also possible. She called 911 and the only thing I can conclude with all of the facts is that she didn’t actively try to pull him out of the water. I think with the evidence they had, she shouldn’t have been convicted because there wasn’t enough concrete evidence. She definitely didn’t plan it and I think the worst that she did was she just let him drown.
laura martino
laura martino - 4 years ago
have you heard of the case about adnan syed? listen to the podcast serial (and undisclosed after if you like it) I even bought the book about it. I'd love for you to make a video on this!! its a major case about a guy who was convicted for a crime when he was 17yo
Loving Myself
Loving Myself - 4 years ago
Cases like this make me realize how fucked up the world is...it wasn't enough evidence and she never admitted to doing it and the man was trying to get her to admit to something which happens a lot which is why the wrong people are put into to jail a lot of the time
rose anna
rose anna - 4 years ago
I think it was silly of them but she's didn't murder him
Jenifer Penwell
Jenifer Penwell - 4 years ago
No way would I be able to convict her of any charge in this case!!! I truly believe that it was an unfortunate accident that took his life!!
Brittany McDonald
Brittany McDonald - 4 years ago
I don’t think she’s guilty. First of all, people often forget to take culture into account when they call someone’a behavior strange. I feel like that’s just who she is, and her culture may play a big role in that. Another thing is I feel as if she would’ve gone to greater lengths to make it seem like it was an accident. She could’ve very easily left her phone in the car if she was planning it, that way she would have a reason not to call 911. I do think the life jacket thing might make her look a little suspicious, but I could totally see a husband telling his wife to wear a jacket over himself. It seems like either a woman who was in an abusive situation and feels somewhat relieved, or she could have just been convinced that she could have done more and didn’t, so she’s justified it in her own head. I feel like a lot of people seem to forget that she also went out on the water. If she planned to do it on this stormy night, there was also a risk of her dying in the process. Overall, I just don’t think there’s any proof to prove her guilty.
Isatu Kanu
Isatu Kanu - 4 years ago
I hope that she just returns to Latvia, cuz that’s the only place she’ll feel comfortable and not like everyone hates her. I’m not sure that she did it either. She’s just weird.
Ary - 4 years ago
Barbara Cole
Barbara Cole - 4 years ago
I also don’t think she is guilty and even if she is, there definitely isn’t enough evidence to convict her. There is no one way that people act after experiencing a trauma like that. Unless you have been through it, you don’t know how you will act.
Maria E C
Maria E C - 4 years ago
I think Angelika is guilty.......................... of being innocent!
Blank Blank
Blank Blank - 4 years ago
please please do a video on the case of the Belfast rape trial,4 ulster rugby players allegedly raped a 19 y/o girl but we’re found not guilty despite a lot of evidence.
Kerry Boag
Kerry Boag - 4 years ago
i think yeah she wanted him dead as she said he was abusive..but i dont think she killed him in my opinion..
Gina Dicker
Gina Dicker - 4 years ago
Just because you wanted someone to die doesn’t mean you killed them. Jesus, the American “justice” system is fucked up.
Tori Prettyman
Tori Prettyman - 4 years ago
i feel for this poor girl. i just feel like she’s innocent and i couldn’t imagine being innocent and having everyone hate me for something i didn’t do, on top of surviving an abusive relationship and being incarcerated.
Jenny cheeks
Jenny cheeks - 4 years ago
It depends on who u hear tell the story. When Kendall tells the story then she's innocent ad. When others explain the story, She's guilty af
Michele Velasquez
Michele Velasquez - 4 years ago
I think she's not guilty. I know what its like to be in that room. You can't think straight, the way talk to you. You just want it all over. I've seen this case before. It makes me sad, they twisted evidence like that.
Rayowag - 4 years ago
I also think she is innocent and that accident just was very convinient. She couldn't have saved him in that water anyways.
Amal M
Amal M - 4 years ago
It’s weird but I think she has a romantic type of beauty
Yasmin Almahdy
Yasmin Almahdy - 4 years ago
I dont believe that shes guilty, to be honest I just feel that shes weird thats why shes in prison
Ronni Danielle
Ronni Danielle - 4 years ago
I don't think she's guilty. I think it was a freak accident and she was living in the moment like she does with everything so when it happened she just let it happen and then felt relieved when he was gone because of the abuse. I think the whole carwheels and yoga and stuff after the accident was her way of coping and moving on with everything. I don't think there was anything wierd about her behavior at all.
kailee lenae
kailee lenae - 4 years ago
Weird. Hm
MissAimeePond - 4 years ago
I dont think she's guilty
Stacie Banks
Stacie Banks - 4 years ago
I don't think she killed him. I'm weird. I'm not a killer.
Niamh Hutchings
Niamh Hutchings - 4 years ago
Even if she did do it there's so little evidence to support it. The theory they had was proved wrong so she should receive some kind of compensation
pwincesshXxXtanz - 4 years ago
Love the video. Could you pleeeeeAaaaaasssseeee cover Magadelna Zuk story. Thankyou
MyHighlight SlaysYourExistence
MyHighlight SlaysYourExistence - 4 years ago
She is 100% innocent
Elizabeth Scott
Elizabeth Scott - 4 years ago
I never understand why people don't just ask for an attorney in those circumstances. They understand the system and can support people in that position
Dan Morris
Dan Morris - 4 years ago
Latvian people are pretty weird in general, they're not too emotional (in my experience because I live there) they might be seen as not having enough empathy. We're not too touchy feely, so we don't hug much or do cheek kisses. Her being weird doesn't surprise me, because there's lot of people here who are definitely weird as hell. There's many people who walk around with serious mental illness because mental illnesses are not taken too seriously here.

I really don't think she did it, but who knows.
Lady Stog
Lady Stog - 4 years ago
People also seem to forget that English is her second language. People from other countries express themselves diffently in certain situations and it can come across weird or rude. I know what I'm talking about, I'm German, my second language is English, my inlaws are British and the communication between us isn't always the easiest.
Ashleigh Vincent
Ashleigh Vincent - 4 years ago
Ahhhhhh I love your channel SO much Kendall ❤️ thank you for always providing such good content!!! Going to listen the MH370 podcast tomorrow on my long drive home :)
W Y - 4 years ago
Dan Morris
Dan Morris - 4 years ago
I got a heart attack when you said Latvia oh my god

(Psst I'm latvian)
Alicia Redepenning
Alicia Redepenning - 4 years ago
I was half way thru watching when it stopped An said something is wrong... what the hell!? Let me guess copyright issues for Kendal to use those tapes?? Fuck so stupid! Her videos sheds light onto REAL cases an YouTube is jus a joke!! They sensor the wrong people!!
carly oldham
carly oldham - 4 years ago
I believe she is innocent, you can see that fucking cop telling her she murdered him and she even calls him out going 'you're telling me that' just shows how corrupt they are and just want an easy case. I mean I get she how you could feel a sence of releaf if you're in an abusive relationship, I think she was wrongly accused and locked up. she served 2 years for ringing 911 and not putting herself in danger? it's fucked up
Ishan Ali
Ishan Ali - 4 years ago
This is such an interesting story
Phaedra Venus
Phaedra Venus - 4 years ago
I believe she is innocent and tbh if I were in an abusive relationship and watched my partner dying I wouldn't do much about it either. I'd be like yay i'm free.
sassysarahx7 !
sassysarahx7 ! - 4 years ago
People seem to forget that they are innocent until proven guilty but when they brought her in she was treated as a guilty person
sassysarahx7 !
sassysarahx7 ! - 4 years ago
Not guilty
ashley b
ashley b - 4 years ago
this is right near where i live.. um scary
Anny's World
Anny's World - 4 years ago
How old is she again ?
Dead Inside
Dead Inside - 4 years ago
I think she's innocent. As someone who is from northern europe, our culture is fairly different to America, especially back in the mid 2000s. And why would they listen to a random detective without any evidence to back it up? smh.
Heather Jo Burns
Heather Jo Burns - 4 years ago
I'm from this area of Dutchess County & most people think she's guilty...I didn't know Vince but I know people that did, & he was a well liked guy. Such a terrible situation.
I'm Jungshook
I'm Jungshook - 4 years ago
I believe she is innocent. I dont think that she did something to make him drown, it just happened bc of how bad the storm was. And in that moment she did try to get help by calling 911 but a part of her thought that if he died, it would be okay to her. If he was abusive than she probably thought that she would be safer if he was dead but didn't purposely kill him. And when she was being accused, thats a pretty scary and stressful thing, so she probably did yoga in order to calm herself. Her weird behavior could be just her trying to calm herself during the 11 hours of interrogation. I believe that they pressured her into confessing bc she just wanted to get out of there. I believe that she didnt kill him but was okay if he died. It doesnt sound horrible to me bc if you're in an abusive relation, usually you want that person gone, whether it be dead or alive
Livy Woodward
Livy Woodward - 4 years ago
I really don't think she's guilty. I think people underestimate the water. You just always ALWAYS wear a life jacket/vest/belt, if it's a motor boat you must always wear a kill chord, you must always know the water, tides, currents and weather. The water is so dangerous but so amazing so you have to enjoy it but respect it
Balsam le-shamalamadingdong
Balsam le-shamalamadingdong - 4 years ago
Whos the detective that said that? might have wanted attention or recognition.
DonaBologna - 4 years ago
I've kayaked in the ocean, she's innocent. Poor girl! I feel he should be charged in his own death for not having proper equipment and gear. I can't believe the family blames her for that. This reminds me of the foxy knoxy story!!
Gigi Sheahan
Gigi Sheahan - 4 years ago
What is the song at the end of the video? ❤️
Emily King
Emily King - 4 years ago
I think she's innocent, and it honestly kind of pisses me off that his family is like "4 years for taking someone's life?" She NEVER was convicted of murder, so they shouldn't just assume that. Plus, her "confession" was totally given out of exhaustion, she even said right before "vine, I'll give you what you want to hear", so I see absolutely no conclusive evidence that she purposely tried to kill him. Plus, on the not saving him part, in so many dangerous situations, people are told to help themselves first and ensure their own safety, like with oxygen masks on an airplane. If I was in that situation, I wouldn't have tried too hard to help him either because I know I would not be of much use in the situation, as I'm not a strong swimmer and the water is obviously numbingly cold, so why is she being scrutinized for not risking her own life to save her finance, regardless of if she was abused or not, which clearly would make sense, why would she go into the water if she knew she would probably die as well. Why would you have two die if you could only have one?
littlemissfromlatvia - 4 years ago
I've been watching your videos for a while and as a Latvian am so happy to see you talking about this case
Adi Tuineau
Adi Tuineau - 4 years ago
Yes another video!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
AJ_Landon - 4 years ago
I think she didn't do it and his mother is really harsh on her. How could she know what happened? And yes parents would always say that their son was a good man but because Angelika was talking about these sexual things how could the mom know that? I think a partner can say more about a person than a parent because you don't really talk about these things with your parents and they wouldn't know if they are abusive.
Lisarose Bonesteel
Lisarose Bonesteel - 4 years ago
Omg i watched this on some show I forgot what it was but I remember it and I don't think she is guilty I think she was relieved he was gone I have had that feeling too and he always left that cap off all the time and he wasn't wearing the stuff he needed too
CandyBalloon - 4 years ago
I personally think she isn't guilty, she may have been in an abusive relationship with Vince and that's why she was somewhat relieved, but that doesn't make her a murderer. Whether you think she killed vince or not, there wasn't enough evidence to convict her of homicide and lock her in jail for 2 years.
Kelsey Harvey
Kelsey Harvey - 4 years ago
She’s innocent. It’s possible she could have done more to save him but I have personally been in a situation where I jumped in rushing rapids to save my dog, I stayed in as long as I could, going over multiple waterfalls onto boulders, breaking all of my ribs on my left side, my tailbone, getting a concussion, I finally decided enough was enough and I clung to the mountain wall, turns out the next waterfall was 80 ft and surely would have killed me. My dog died. I blamed myself for his death for years, thinking I could have done more. But if I did more, I would have died. If she did more, she could have died. There comes a point when you have to choose between one person dying or two. She may have not been totally upset about his death, but that doesn’t mean she murdered him. The time she served and the permanent conviction of homicide that will affect her for the rest of her life is more than enough punishment. I feel for her. And him. And both of their families. It’s just a horrible situation period.
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas - 4 years ago
What the f**k kind of lawyers did Angelika have? They kept her in prison for over 2 years with no evidence?!?!? Kendall, please post the names of her hack lawyers so people know not to hire them.
Clara Svendsen
Clara Svendsen - 4 years ago
She was judged so hard because she is from a foreign European country and seeking a new life in America....
Aiga Kalneja
Aiga Kalneja - 4 years ago
Never knew she was from my city and my country. I read few articles in latvian and they all say that she is guilty and the country doesnt even want to let her back in.
Cynthia Molina
Cynthia Molina - 4 years ago
Tbh I don’t she’s guilty
Mariana Ballan
Mariana Ballan - 4 years ago
Just because you're relieved someone is dead doesn't mean you killed them. I'm sure there was nothing she could've done to save him.
Nora Galvan
Nora Galvan - 4 years ago
I don't think she is guilty. I mean they were using the wrong kayak which is a bad idea that could have costed both of their lives. why did they not get two life vests or the proper equipment. just not having the right equipment is dangerous as is and they were actually in a storm so it's a miracle that she even survived. another thing is that wouldn't it be a good idea to check the weather to see if a storm is on its way. they were not professionals and the lack of equipment they had really set everything up in motion. I do feel bad for the family and I hope this lady gets the help she needs cause she was also displaying odd behavior. I get she was happy her husband was gone but I don't think what she was doing was healthy.
Cwita - 4 years ago
As we do not know if she is guilty or not cause there is NOT so much evidence to say so, I this that his family is dealing bad with his death and trying to find a person who is guilty rather just think that maybe there is nobody guilty beside two of them going in the sea in the storm without equipment?!
rebecca W
rebecca W - 4 years ago
Leanne M
Leanne M - 4 years ago
Please do a video on Tina and David Watson!!!!!!
Marrailoo - 4 years ago
This is so off topic but Kendall your eyessss .
Becky Mcdaniel
Becky Mcdaniel - 4 years ago
you also have to remember she's from another country and their emotions, actions etc. Are different then ours.
Alitza Vazquez
Alitza Vazquez - 4 years ago
I think she's innocent. I do think there may have been some abuse going on in the relationship. And seeing her struggling to talk and explain herself, I believe it's due to a language barrier. When she speaks, you can clearly tell that English is not her first language. And from personal experience, speaking in a language that is not your own can feel frusteraiting simply because you are trying to find the right words to speak without sounding foolish.
Sohani Yadav
Sohani Yadav - 4 years ago
I don’t think she did it. She just had trouble explaining herself. I’m glad she’s out now.
Mia Wilson
Mia Wilson - 4 years ago
I think she is innocent. She shouldn’t have served time for something they dont have evidence that she did
Gergana Mihova
Gergana Mihova - 4 years ago
Hey Kendall just wondering if you have heard of Lars Mittank's case and your thoughts on it?
林みら - 4 years ago
reminds me of the new greys anatomy episodes
Shivi Crowley
Shivi Crowley - 4 years ago
I definitely think she’s innoccent , I feel so sorry for her to have been abused likely in her relationship and to now be known as a criminal and have wasted her life in jail.
Kitter - 4 years ago
I think the American justice system picks and chooses who is guilty and who is innocent. I think this woman is innocent, in an abusive relationship and was somewhat relieved he was gone. The 911 call seemed really legit
Leighana Penland
Leighana Penland - 4 years ago
I just think it was manslaughter. He fell off his kayak, and she didn't help and he died. She was most likely to panicked to do anything but contact 911.
Iya Ibeji
Iya Ibeji - 4 years ago
Innocent. Why are people so ready to crucify her?!
GreenTeaBee 98
GreenTeaBee 98 - 4 years ago
I think she was in an abusive relationship with a wealthy man, who accidentally drowned and she realised “holy shit. Okay... I’m just gonna... leave it” and so he’s dead and maybe she didn’t do enough to save him but I don’t think she killed him, his mother is clearly uninformed “4 years for taking someone’s life” well she didn’t take his life did she? I think she should totally get half of his insurance
Anna Thorsteinsdottir
Anna Thorsteinsdottir - 4 years ago
If you want a case that shows how police can change people testimony look at a case from Icelandic there is a documentary called „Out of Thin Air“ it’s so good
Mariet desar
Mariet desar - 4 years ago
Its really sad how the police handled this situation. I feel like they didn’t have any other suspect so they just wanted her to be the murderer and did everything make her seem guilty. I believe this woman is innocent, and its so sad how she spent such a long time in jail when there wasn’t even any evidence. These true crime videos are so interesting and you told this so well! Love from Europe
jelisa - 4 years ago
i definitely think she was innocent. there was not enough evidence that she killed him and honestly it angers me so much that she even had to serve jail time! poor woman, goodness gracious.
Simran A
Simran A - 4 years ago
Alaina Loves
Alaina Loves - 4 years ago
Just because she’s eccentric, does not make her guilty.
I believe she’s an innocent woman and should not have been found guilty
Celeste Grierson
Celeste Grierson - 4 years ago
I totally agree with you Kendall, she may be guilty but there was nowhere near enough evidence, seemed like a freak accident really.............................
Amy Kemp
Amy Kemp - 4 years ago
I know it's an important part of telling the story but I always HATE listening to 911 calls and recordings from events, I don't know what it is but it gives me the willies
TakeMyHandAndShowMeTheStars - 4 years ago
It all sounds very circumstantial... there’s no physical evidence tying her to this and there were no witnesses, how the hell were they able to arrest her in the first place??
Coko Whit
Coko Whit - 4 years ago
She should have said LAWYER from day 1. That 11 hr interrogation is sketchy.
claire 82
claire 82 - 4 years ago
i live in this area and had no idea lol
whisperinsilence - 4 years ago
I too really don't think that she killed him, I believe that they probably didn't have the best of relationships. Maybe he was taking advantage of her and maybe she was a little relived that he was dead and I am even willing to say that there is a chance that she somehow did something to contribute to him dying (which again, I think is unlikely) but one thing I can say for sure is that the police really screwed up. There wasn't nearly enough evidence to detain her, let alone imprison her for two years. Absolutely unfair!
Laura McCartney
Laura McCartney - 4 years ago
I’m really not sure about this either. On one side, she did go kayaking on the Hudson River on a stormy day and claimed that she was in an abusive relationship. However, there isn’t a lot of evidence at all and you can’t jail someone based on speculation. Also I feel like she would murder him in a more private place like their house rather than the Hudson River.
BTS army문현 기
BTS army문현 기 - 4 years ago
I just- furious. The operator was just, not coaching her, first off. AND THEN LIKE EVIDENCE- where? ACTUALLY, like, uhg, r u d e "justice". Then, on top, the abuse! How could she be sorry? I AM UHHG BEInG LULLED TO SLEEP BY ME ANGERR

Let alone she was most likely tortured into confessing. I hate my justice system ;---;
Zoë Moore
Zoë Moore - 4 years ago
This is so crazy, this happened about an hour south down the river from me and I’ve never heard of this case. So interesting, thanks for the vid and the accidental early upload lol
Amanda Lo
Amanda Lo - 4 years ago
I honestly believe she’s innocent. I don’t think she intentionally killed him.
Bianca - 4 years ago
I don’t know how forceful the water is or anything but even with a life jacket, why would she put herself in that danger
Jasmine Powell
Jasmine Powell - 4 years ago
I don’t think she’s guilty tbh not only that but they wasted her time you can’t get that back
Lps Girly122
Lps Girly122 - 4 years ago
Strange behavior doesn’t indicate a murderer. I think she was just relieved that he was gone but she didn’t do it. She called 911 like she was supposed to and she wasn’t being shady when she was trying to save him. Their abusive relationship might’ve made her feel trapped and when he died she felt free and loose for the first time. She thought she loved him and he thought he loved her, it was a confusing relationship and case overall but he only drowned without a life jacket. Plus, it’s obvious they wanted her to be guilty.
A Heilman
A Heilman - 4 years ago
She seems kind of slow... I think the detective lied about her. I don’t think she did anything to him.
TheBlueocean89 - 4 years ago
I knew about this case before, great video, finally an unbiased one! I've always felt conflicted when it came to this case. In the end, I think it was definitely blown out of proportion. There is no evidence she murdered him, she made a 911 call, but she admitted to feeling relieved which is not a crime and that threw people and especially his family off, who seem to think it was straight out murder and she pushed him off the Kayak. I think she is innocent but the awful interrogation made her break in. The same happened with Amanda Knox in Italy, she grew so tired of the constant interrogation that she signed a false testimony. When she was released, the Italian police was greatly criticized for their interrogation methods but it seems that law enforcement here quite often uses the same unethical technique. I'm glad she is out of jail. Maybe I'm biased but I thought it was ridiculous to built a murder case around this. I don't want to know how many innocent people are in prison right now because of those awful interrogation techniques and jumping to conclusions.
Shayna Dorsey
Shayna Dorsey - 4 years ago
To me there isn’t any evidence to incriminate her really. If I were in that situation, and I was with a grown man, me being the tiny thing that I am, wouldn’t be able to pull him out of the water without getting myself in trouble, all you can do is call 911. Maybe she did kill him and maybe she didn’t. We’ll never know, only her and Vince know what happened. But death is inevitable, it’s sad and unfortunate but I think this was just a freak accident that happened because it was his time to go. It’s sad and unfortunate but that’s what happens in life.
Drowning is scary as heck, my cousin and I got caught in deep water and couldn’t get out of it and it was the scariest experience ever. That’s a horrible way to go.
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez - 4 years ago
I think she is innocent and that she was in a abusive relationship and I mean we'll never know what really happened because only she knows and yeah the mom says her kid wasn't violent or anything like that but I mean that's what every parent thinks of their child.
Kelly Moretti
Kelly Moretti - 4 years ago
I personally think she’s innocent. Can you do a video on zodiac killer
Belladona Bella
Belladona Bella - 4 years ago
i kinda hate it when parents say that they know their adult kid and that their kid isn't like that.For this case Vinny's mom said that he was a good man,but do you know your kid enough to know what turns them on sexually?Like you can't know if he's abusive to hs girlfriends,you have never been one.
Zoe Senpaiuwu
Zoe Senpaiuwu - 4 years ago
I think she's just a bit of an eccentric. An airhead kinda. And I think he overestimated himself, adventurous ppl like him always do, and big noted himself and went kayaking without what he needed to which led to his death. I don't think she is guilty. She's just probably ok with her abusive bf dying. She might have subconsciously not helped him as much as she should but she did so the right thing by calling 911 so she really hasn't done anything at all to be charged with? Makes me a little angry at all te ppl who have gone free who are CLEARLY guilty and she got charged with hardly anything on her st all
Evita Veikerte
Evita Veikerte - 4 years ago
Oh no im from Latvia :D
Tats Fuentes
Tats Fuentes - 4 years ago
I believe she innocent and this was just an accident and that maybe since she is a foreigner and possibly her English isnt that great that the police used that against her ,for whatever reason just something I was thinking while watching this I don't know but I do believe she's innocent but doesn't really know how to express emotion well besides being herself and thinking positively and acting positively
Kalesha Bastion
Kalesha Bastion - 4 years ago
I feel if he was with anyone else, a family member or a friend thwy wpuld of been like "they were stupid for going out in a storm that caused this accident" but because the family didn't care for her, she was not from America and their romance was fast, doesn't matter it was a accident, she somehow caused it.
Kara Chalmers
Kara Chalmers - 4 years ago
your makeup is so nice !!
Caitlin mariaah
Caitlin mariaah - 4 years ago
I don't think she seems guilty at all. It's like when a parent dies that treated you horribly or neglected you your whole life, you have the right not to be upset about it. And from someone who has been interrogated, her behavior isn't that strange tbh. It is excruciating being drilled with questions for hours. Btw, Kendall you look amazing in this video!
D Bre
D Bre - 4 years ago
Not guilty
Robyn Harvey
Robyn Harvey - 4 years ago
In my opinion, she is innocent. The whole siutation does not make sense. The girl totally thought to herself "I'm going to take Vinnie over there kayaking in the stormy weather, endanger myself in the freezing cold, just to watch him drown. Then to cover it up, ill call 911 frantly but 10 days later ill spill my guts to the detective, he's won't tell. Hehehe it's Brilliant" Forreal?! I personally think this was an unfortunate ending to an adventurous day and the family and media is looking for someone to blame.
Matilda Bishop
Matilda Bishop - 4 years ago
Please can you do a video on the Bermuda Triangle xxx
Sophie Elder
Sophie Elder - 4 years ago
Please do a video covering the Susan Powell case out of utah, so frustrating.
VintageSims - 4 years ago
I was in a holding cell for 3 hours and I did yoga and sang the entire time, it’s boring as fuck. My biggest fear is being arrested for something I didn’t do.
Neena Singh
Neena Singh - 4 years ago
BEFORE people decide if she deserved her sentence, don’t forget that she was charged with involuntary manslaughter: homcide caused without intent to kill but instead a result of criminal negligence. Criminal negligence (sometimes referred to as "gross" negligence) takes place when an individual behaves in a way that is an extreme departure from the way that a "reasonable" person would act. Criminal negligence is basically analogous to an "I don't care what happens" type of attitude.”Also don’t forget that she took a plea deal and wasn’t found guilty, but she probably took it bc her lawyer believed her trial wouldn’t go well.
Sophie Morgan
Sophie Morgan - 4 years ago
What a poor woman
Maria Rose
Maria Rose - 4 years ago
Interrogated 11 hours - major red flag that this was interrogation abuse. Why did she stay there for 11 hours, without a lawyer present and without being charged with a crime??? It makes me so angry when innocent people make this mistake! Justice system is flawed and just because you are innocent does not mean you should not get a lawyer and deny being interviewed by police.
madamepalmtree - 4 years ago
If you see someone choking and don’t know how to do cpr and that person dies , are you responsible ? Lmao . I’ve seen lots of info on this case and I don’t think she murdered him . He made the choice to go kayaking in a storm without a vest . . I hope this chick gets his life insurance money.. also , the 911 dispatch lady told her to paddle to shore , not “ jump in to save him “. And yet , she ended up in the water anyway some how .. so she could have almost died too . Based on all that info , there’s no evidence beyond reasonable doubt to convict her .
Addy Ray Adkins
Addy Ray Adkins - 4 years ago
Hey Kendall. I'm currently binge watching your videos from England and love how well researched your videos are. You present facts not opinions and it is so interesting.
Doubt you guys heard about it in the states, but we had a really messed up missing child case a few years back that you would like.
A young girl called Shannon Matthews went missing after school one day, and the country went nuts trying to find her. She was from a poor council estate (social housing) and was clearly from a neglecteful family. I will let you do your own research but the case did have a weird if not happy ending. She was found a few miles down the road, being held by a family friend. To this day we don't know what her weird and clearly mentally stunted mother was thinking by having her eldest abducted. Some say she wanted attention, some say she was planning on leaving her even weirder partner... I don't know. It all seems so messed up. But the mum is out of prison now and all the information is out there. Thought you might enjoy a FOUND story from across the pond. X
- IcedWoods-
- IcedWoods- - 4 years ago
There was just not enough evidence to convict her of anything in the first place. What really sucks though is that this sort of thing could happen to anybody.
Edan Corner-Evans
Edan Corner-Evans - 4 years ago
I think shes innocent
Nat - 4 years ago
The issue is people want to feel they have someone to put their negative emotions and saddness on...when sometimes things just happen and no one is to blame. However, the family can't go hurt a lake so she is the best option
Naomi M
Naomi M - 4 years ago
Kipling I think 30°c is like around 90°f? But yeah hopefully cools down soon! Very humid around the coast
Maria E C
Maria E C - 4 years ago
America ain’t celebrating for another 3 days! Your so lucky!!!
Kalder 16
Kalder 16 - 4 years ago
Kalder 16
Kalder 16 - 4 years ago
Jennifer Cross
Jennifer Cross - 4 years ago
I don't think she killed him, I think she's happy he's dead bc of the abusive life he made her live but that's far from killing someone
fiona - 4 years ago
I may have a controversial opinion about this case but I think that Angelika is totally innocent and should never have been convicted of murder or served any time. I agree with the theory that Vince was abusive and she was just happy that he died. Like you said, his death was oddly convenient for her. That's not murder though! There wasn't anything she could do to save him, she did all she could by calling 911. I think she's just an eccentric person and had trouble explaining the situation. I probably would have done the same thing in her situation. I honestly feel bad for her and I'm happy she's out of prison and enjoying life.
Sara Goldstein
Sara Goldstein - 4 years ago
Her ‘weird behavior’ looks a lot to me like she has a mild compulsion to exercise as a way to deal with stress; it’s common in women and highly socially validated in most settings, but gets misinterpreted by cops (see: Amanda Knox).
Stephanie Maugeri
Stephanie Maugeri - 4 years ago
I totally agree with you. It’s not murder to not be able to save him. And it’s not murder to have a sense of relief to have him pass. I really don’t think she could’ve saved him and probably would’ve died trying. Especially since she went into the water too. It’s not a crime to have a sense of relief to have someone abusive pass away. I really believe it was an accident. I don’t think she confessed to this detective. I think he set her up or took what she said out of context and heard what he wanted and wanted to point the blame somewhere.
Kailey M
Kailey M - 4 years ago
I agree! It’s amazing how many people in this country forget that people are INNOCENT until proven guilty. If there’s no proof, there’s no case. As everything was presented - this girl was innocent.
Multiple PURSEonalities
Multiple PURSEonalities - 4 years ago
fiona I agree totally
Jill Aurelia
Jill Aurelia - 4 years ago
alyssa clark
alyssa clark - 4 years ago
fiona exact same idea i had
Sasa G
Sasa G - 4 years ago
Agree 100%
Breanne Dixon
Breanne Dixon - 4 years ago
C REED - 4 years ago
Ryalou Ros
Ryalou Ros - 4 years ago
I agree 100%
Ralion - 4 years ago
I agree too!
Anaeli Palomares
Anaeli Palomares - 4 years ago
Totally agree. Most people would be happy that someone who tormented them is gone, that doesn’t make them murderers, she deserves to be out and if anything she should’ve received compensation for being imprisoned wrongly.
Max Richard
Max Richard - 4 years ago
I agree
Nikki Pasher
Nikki Pasher - 4 years ago
I don’t think she’s guilty...I think she was in an abusive relationship and felt relieved he was gone...I definitely think she was manipulated into saying all of the things she said in the interrogation room....
Nat - 4 years ago
INTRO MUSIC TOO LOUD . love your vids though
Nicole Hubbard
Nicole Hubbard - 4 years ago
I think she is innocent. Because 1.) She could not have saved him if she tried, because she would have met the same fate as her boyfriend. 2.) She does not look like a person who would have the intention of hurting another person. People in abusive relationships cannot fight back because they are full of fear. And they do their best to stay alive. Because they don't know if the person there with will kill them or not.
b - 4 years ago
I don’t think she murdered him, his body was found with no evidence of anything besides him drowning, she is so much smaller then him there is no way she could’ve drowned him herself his family says he’s a good man and this and that but they don’t really goes onbehind closed doors. Using shes weird as a way to accuse her isn’t right she’s from a different country she’s not going to be normal to us they do things differently in Italy I just don’t feel like she’s the type she could’ve just left him if she was unhappy but like I just said you never know what goes on so maybe she did I just don’t see it
Amy Elise
Amy Elise - 4 years ago
I really think she's innocent, cops can really do damage while interrogating people. it's actually sick how far they go. not okay to keep her in a room for 11 hours and hit her with question after question.
Aria Washburn
Aria Washburn - 4 years ago
I definitely think she did not kill him and that she deserves to be free.
rl steen
rl steen - 4 years ago
Love you Kendall
jackie Fuller
jackie Fuller - 4 years ago
Kendall what are you wearing on your lips! I’m obsessed!!
Sir Pissnuggets
Sir Pissnuggets - 4 years ago
I think shes innocent but seems guilty because shes relieved to be out of an abusive relationship, but who wouldn't be relieved
Savage Unicorn Animations
Savage Unicorn Animations - 4 years ago
I think what Kendall said is true, there isn’t really enough evidence to put her in jail
Emine Ates
Emine Ates - 4 years ago
I don't think she should have done ANY time. And it's super unfortunate and crippling that she is now a convicted felon even though she's innocent. If I was her I probably would have taken it to trial. With a decently open minded jury she could have been acquitted because there's literally no fucking evidence.
Lisa Marie Davis
Lisa Marie Davis - 4 years ago
I don't think she killed him. Even if you set aside the nature of their relationship 1) It makes no sense whatsoever, that she would just casually confess to some detective, that she killed him. 2) From what I gather he wasn't a novice at Kayaking, so he should have known to check  weather forecast before going out and known they both needed a lifejacket. 3) If she killed him, a lot of factors had to magically line up in her favor, from the storm, to the missing plug her knew about, and as you pointed out, if this was her plot to kill him, she placed herself in a great deal of danger, being on the water, in those conditions. No way. I can't buy into her guilt.
Neviah Mendez
Neviah Mendez - 4 years ago
I think when she was put for questioning they confused her and she didn’t understand what was going on because she is from a different country the cops told her it was a therapy there’s a 20/20 episode on this
Lexy Wolfhard
Lexy Wolfhard - 4 years ago
She is just happy because she is free from him and i don't think she killed him
Travelling Vegan Christian
Travelling Vegan Christian - 4 years ago
I do not believe she murdered him but she should have left him for being a controlling bully.
Hurricane Rosey
Hurricane Rosey - 4 years ago
She's definitely innocent. The parents are stupid for thinking that she was a murderer.
Jade Slaitini
Jade Slaitini - 4 years ago
i think she is innocent because if this was a murder chance and luck would had to have been on her side for it to happen, because she was also in the same conditions as he was but i dont think she should have been locked up at all because there was nothing to prove that she murdered him or that she could have done anything to help him without maybe killing herself
G Canz
G Canz - 4 years ago
This was an interesting story but it’s so hard to concentrate on it because you’re just so damn gorgeous
Morgan Lauren
Morgan Lauren - 4 years ago
everyone is innocent until proven guilty
Ghevon Sebastian
Ghevon Sebastian - 4 years ago
Honestly, this video is the only thing I have heard, but I dont think she was guilty. I think the family pushed for her to be blamed for an accident. And I also think she should get at least 50% of the life insurance money. She needs money to start a new life, and she was there for him- it was 6 months since he put her on there- not 6 days- so clearly he knew what he was doing and how he felt. I really think it was an accident.
princess7539 - 4 years ago
Your channel is amazing I like it before watching
DariaanMichelle - 4 years ago
I don't think she's guilty. Like you said, she wouldn't have been able to save him anyway, so she shouldn't be held responsible for not attempting an action she couldn't succeed in doing, especially when:
1. She could've died herself in the process of trying to save him.
2. The 911 operator legitimately TOLD HER to not try to save him and to just get out of the water.
3. He was potentially abusive to her and this was a way out, indefinitely.
sara Zawada
sara Zawada - 4 years ago
I’m just thinking maybe he killed himself. He did tell her to wear a life jacket, maybe he knew about the weather and was just planning this?? Idk
Mark Sorace
Mark Sorace - 4 years ago
It was weird to hear you say he was from Poughkeepsie because I live not too far away! But I agree with you, she doesn’t seem guilty and I believe that if anyone were in an abusive relationship and we’re put in the same situation where they actually couldn’t do anything to save the person, they’d just accept it and let it happen. Knowing that and going back to the 911 call makes it so much clearer too because you can hear her voice as she said “I can’t see him anymore” just calm down as the call progresses. Very interesting video and I can’t wait for the next!
Victoria Stachowski
Victoria Stachowski - 4 years ago
I think that a lot of it has to do with his family too. They just wanted sooo badly to blame someone and because she wasn’t originally from here and there’s somewhat of a language barrier the cops took advantage of that. I live an hour from where this happened at its a shame that they painted her to be such a monster.
yolandi pieterse
yolandi pieterse - 4 years ago
You’re the best youtuber ❤️ love love you and your videos
Priscilla - 4 years ago
People don't get that there's a difference between letting someone die and killing them... I was talking about this in philosophy the other day like the trolley problem.
KITTY CHAN - 4 years ago
I think she innocent.
Kalee Bentley
Kalee Bentley - 4 years ago
There absolutely is not enough evidence that she contributed to his death. That kind of accident happens so much. Of course she was relieved he was dead! I can't see anyone risking their own life to jump into freezing water to save him. She called 911. She did that much. It is unreasonable to expect her to have done anything else in that situation.
Maegan Wheeler
Maegan Wheeler - 4 years ago
I think she’s innocent but then again she didn’t seem to be upset or crying over his death while being interrogated so idk...
Tamron Brown
Tamron Brown - 4 years ago
I LIVE for your videos Kendall.
Hannah Garritt
Hannah Garritt - 4 years ago
Not enough evidence.. tragic event i think she’s innocent and it’s a shame that she has to face consequences of something clearly an accident
andrew east
andrew east - 4 years ago
I don't believe she did it. Its a factor mentioning he may have been abusive but due to their life style I don't think that was a motive to kill. They lived life on the edge he's the type of cat that he would see that situation coming. He went out not properly suited for an accident the weather got bad it happened. As far as her doin cart wheels yoga etc. she's just that type of person u can see it how she speaks carries herself just a weird personality person but don't believe she did it.
Nicole Paige
Nicole Paige - 4 years ago
once again w have a case of the justice system failing women
michelle barbosa
michelle barbosa - 4 years ago
Jesus. What a mess. The 911 call seemed genuine to me, even if she was feeling “relieved”. I think she’s just kind of a weirdo, and it was easy for everyone to blame her because of her odd behaviors. Its hard for families to accept death, they focused their energy on blaming her to distract themselves from the pain of losing a loved one.

Side note; a long bob would look sooo cute on you! Where your first layer starts (your bangs) that would be the perfect length! If youre ever feeling bored of your hair, I’d totally give it a try!!
Kaytlinn Lamme
Kaytlinn Lamme - 4 years ago
Although I do understand that all police are different, I know that 98% of them out of the United States are ethical. I'm not at all bashing your video because I also know that there are police and investigators like this; I've watched the Confession Tapes on Netflix and it's common sense that there are people like this in the world. But, I hope everyone watching this understands that the majority of police are very ethical and do what they think is right and a lot of police need to think not only of your safety, but theirs too. My criminology class exposed me to the life of police and investigators and we all need to be understanding that sometimes in the moment we make mistakes, and so do police. I don't believe that Angelika is guilty, and the police can be partly to blame but the whole situation is traumatizing. Thank you if you're reading this.
Kayla Saul
Kayla Saul - 4 years ago
She didn't do it
jake evans
jake evans - 4 years ago
I think its totally reasonable to be okay with an abusive persons death.
Rebekah Laing
Rebekah Laing - 4 years ago
As someone that’s been in an abusive relationship, I can say that I definitely wanted him gone but I never would’ve let him die. Having the kayak just “disappear”, like that doesn’t happen? I don’t think they ever went kayaking together, she went alone and staged that he’d drowned when something completely different happened.
Lauren Kaminski
Lauren Kaminski - 4 years ago
I think that she is guilty!
CuteLittleEmily Love
CuteLittleEmily Love - 4 years ago
Im literally from Cornwall omgggg
Adriana Gonzalez
Adriana Gonzalez - 4 years ago
I think she's innocent. it isn't a crime to be happy someone's dead...
Oliver Gilbert
Oliver Gilbert - 4 years ago
you said 48 degrees and I was like WHAT? how is the water that warm....then I realised you meant fareinheit......
E B - 4 years ago
So she's a weird pretty girl from latvia that charming american man seduces and then forces to do sexual things? Thats not uncommon. I want my abusers dead to. It doesnt mean I would kill them but I would feel a sense of relief if they died. She was being very honest about that. And when shes talking about angels and demons I think americans take that waaaaay too literal. She probably just meant she feels guilty for feeling good that he's gone, but americans think "OH she is possessed by the devil and wants to kill people". And the mother.... "my son was a good man" well you haven't been in a relationship with him or had sex with him so??? A lot of abusers are one thing on the outside and one thing to their wife/girlfriend.
Bunny - 4 years ago
Wow! I remember see this on tv. There was something off about her that gave me the creeps. The whole timeline of their little boat trip is strange. Off topic but your shirt matches your eyes perfectly!!!!
Countrydiva524 - 4 years ago
To me the biggest guilt thing was being irresponsible and ill prepared. You should always wear a life jacket
Ellie TheBrit
Ellie TheBrit - 4 years ago
I don't think she did it... I think he accidentally drowned and the way she was acting post-death was just because she was abused and was relieved to have escaped.
Larissa Martins
Larissa Martins - 4 years ago
I sometimes get really torn on crime cases, but just from the beginning of the video, I felt like she was an innocent person. I feel bad she even had to spend time behind bars for an accident while others commit blatant murders and get to live free lives
Daisy - 4 years ago
Here’s the takeaway for Angelika, though....I’m not saying she was a gold-digger......but some women are, and it’s at least possible that she was. IF she was, she should know that sometimes when you take the gold-digger path, you wind up with men who expect crazy sexual things or who are otherwise abusive. I still have sympathy for her, but that’s just a life lesson.
Jessica C
Jessica C - 4 years ago
It seems more like a bunch of coincidences than her actually being guilty of murder. She's innocent to me. Being rid of an abuser is a scary thing anyway it happens. I don't think she deserves to be in prison for that.
SorrowCeltic123 - 4 years ago
I think that this was all convince. I think that all she was saying was true and she just let it happen
Reagan Spinelli
Reagan Spinelli - 4 years ago
I really admire your effort for authenticity. She was behind bars for 2 years?? Like oh my god is that ethical? When should our justice system align with morality? I’m consistently confused and it appears that cops seem to fuck up a lot of things in investigations.
Jordyn H
Jordyn H - 4 years ago
I feel bad for this girl. I believe she is innocent. And if I were in a small room with nothing to do, I would be moving around and being weird too! I cannot just sit still. It drives me crazy.
Daisy - 4 years ago
I’ve seen this story several times, and the husband has the creepiest vibe. I believe that he pushed her into sexual things that she didn’t want to do. Maybe she took the kayak plug out, maybe she didn’t. At any rate, I don’t find her responsible for his death, and she certainly shouldn’t be charged with murder. I think investigators had a bias toward the husband. I’m not saying that it was right if she DID take the kayak plug out, but........man, she’s just so sympathetic compared to the husband. This is a really tough case. Bottom line, I don’t think she should be locked up.

Edit: after watching the drain plug experiments in the video, now I REALLY think she shouldn’t be blamed. Even if she DID remove the drain plug, that couldn’t have caused him to drown. He really should have been wearing a life jacket. It’s messed up that they kept her in jail!!!
Nabi Sonyeo
Nabi Sonyeo - 4 years ago
I think she made those dumb statements because she didn't know how intense american interrogation is. she seems like a naive free spirit who probably thought they would be understanding of what she was saying. when they're interrogating you, they aren't really looking for the truth, they're just looking for a culprit.
Nabi Sonyeo
Nabi Sonyeo - 4 years ago
Kseniya Semyonova- garcia maybe but psychologically, the interrogation process in this country is intense.
Kseniya Semyonova- garcia
Kseniya Semyonova- garcia - 4 years ago
Nabi Sonyeo Were she is from, police is probably even harder
Mishael Johnson
Mishael Johnson - 4 years ago
i personally think she’s not guilty
Breana Hunter
Breana Hunter - 4 years ago
I personally dont believe she is guilty. I believe she was trying to make a troubled or possibly abusive relationship work with someone she believed she loved. I believe after he revoked his proposal she probably didnt care to make it work as much. I think in the moments he was drowning from the sounds of the 911 phone call she did her best to save him and sounded upset. I think maybe in retrospect in the days following his death she realized that in a weird way this might be a good thing for her as she was out of a relationship she obviously no longer wanted to be in. Yes she may come off as odd. But i dont believe there were any grounds to convict her and i dont believe she should have served any jail time. As for his life insurance since they werent yet marrried i think that his family should probably get it. But i dont think they should be blaming her either. It was a tragic accident that was no ones fault.
Selina Gallagher
Selina Gallagher - 4 years ago
This was actually a story on a soap
Opera that I watch general hospital and now I know the real story and where they got it from .

I’m really not sure what to think whether or not she is guilty or if it was just an accident .
Blue Rse
Blue Rse - 4 years ago
I think Americans also need to remember different cultures and religions have different methods of coping with loss. We cry and moron. Some cultures women scream, pull their hair out, jump on burning pyres. Some cultures it’s about staying calm and not uttering a word...

As someone who lost their older brother, I shut down. I barely cry about it. But I also can’t talk about him, it hurts too much. I doubt most people would know the pain I am in because I don’t show it.
Alyssa Williams
Alyssa Williams - 4 years ago
I think people forget that the jury isn’t always there to determine guilt or innocence, but there to determine how convicting the evidence is either way. That’s the point and there was not substantial evidence in this case. I think she was innocent and she should not have been in prison.
Kelsay Schoenberger
Kelsay Schoenberger - 4 years ago
Totally agree with you! Even if she did it, they didn’t have a case against her!
MissGlamBAM - 4 years ago
To me, it doesn't sound like she killed him at all. There wasn't much evidence against her until you started to get into how the media painted her...I didn't think her behavior was that odd? Maybe just the karaoke thing but maybe she just posted that to show her friends that she was okay and dealing with the grief in her own way, doesn't make her guilty. How sad would it be if she just witnessed her fiance die in front of her and everyone thought she somehow killed him but she was innocent?! Crazy case, sounds like the legal system screwed her by influencing her to take the guilty plea.
Mary Diaz
Mary Diaz - 4 years ago
I feel like this is towing a line. I don't think she contributed to his death in an active way, but I think once she saw him drowning she did little to help. Which is guilty morally but idt legally. Have been in an abusive relationship her feelings of apathy towards his death resonated big time. I wish they could've parted ways before it ended so sadly.
Angela Perez
Angela Perez - 4 years ago
I think this was just a freak accident
Chelsea A
Chelsea A - 4 years ago
Such a strange case. IMO there wasn’t enough evidence to convict her in the first place. I understand she was acting odd, but that’s definitely not conclusive enough to lead to imprisonment. Anyways, I’d love to see you make a video on Jodi Arias, Susan Wright, or Larissa Schuster & hear your thoughts!
brokeberlin - 4 years ago
If she didn’t do it i feel sorry for her because imagine loosing your fiancé like the love of your life and everyone thinks your the killer? btw kendall, you inspired me to do my first conspiracy video! would love some feedback x
Jordyn H
Jordyn H - 4 years ago
Why hasn't Josh uploaded??
Madison Pistone
Madison Pistone - 4 years ago
I don’t see how someone could say she did it. There’s just no evidence that connects her to a murder. I think she’s innocent and I’m sorry she had to waste two years of her life in prison.
potatoyee juice
potatoyee juice - 4 years ago
Why would she call the police if she was guilty?
Isabella Messina
Isabella Messina - 4 years ago
So crazy that you covered a case that happened in the county that I grew up in!
The Girl With The Camera
The Girl With The Camera - 4 years ago
Magic Virus
Magic Virus - 4 years ago
The time on the phone was same as mine but mine was PM
Josh Reynolds
Josh Reynolds - 4 years ago
i live in poughkeepsie?beacon ive been to that island many times shes such a liar
Zoe Mack
Zoe Mack - 4 years ago
The drain plug is on the back of the kayak not the front ^^
swest362 - 4 years ago
Kendall POSTED :) xoxo
Josh Reynolds
Josh Reynolds - 4 years ago
Virgo 11
Virgo 11 - 4 years ago
“My son was a good man, and everybody loved him.”
C’mon mom... your son wasn’t perfect, and this girl didn’t murder him!
Angelika Ver
Angelika Ver - 4 years ago
I love you Kendall❗️❤️ btw my name is angelika too haha
Nicole_Allisonn - 4 years ago
I’m so torn on what I think. I think it seems convenient that he happened to just drown, but at the same time, if she was going to kill him, why would she potentially put herself at risk? Either this was a tragic accident or the perfect crime.
Twigggy M.
Twigggy M. - 4 years ago
I don't think she did it
55 - 4 years ago
I don't really see how they could interpret this as murder to begin with, that seems like such a stretch. Seems pretty cut and dry. The worst thing you could possibly charge her with is seeing a person in distress and doing nothing, but she still called 911 though.
Nicole_Allisonn - 4 years ago
Excellent video ♥️
Jess Cosplays
Jess Cosplays - 4 years ago
This is by far the most confusing, as much I want to say innocent or guilty there just isn’t enough evidence. It’s just one of those cases where you have to pick a side and accept the criticism.
Michelle Alarcon
Michelle Alarcon - 4 years ago
Omg I was actually watching this crime on 20/20 like last night
Shaelynn Baird
Shaelynn Baird - 4 years ago
I don't think she guilty
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift - 4 years ago
I love this.
Keli Sadler
Keli Sadler - 4 years ago
How have I never heard of this case? I grew up and still live 30 minutes from Poughkeepsie, NY. Like still in Orange County. That's crazy.
Eliza Lawrimore
Eliza Lawrimore - 4 years ago
I’m OBSESSED with your videos. I discovered you a couple of weeks ago and I can’t watch anything else now.
Anna C
Anna C - 4 years ago
If in this situation with the man that abused me and he fell in I would wave bye. No way I'm risking my life for an impossible chance to save a monsters life!!!
Allie Tibbs
Allie Tibbs - 4 years ago
people die on the river more often than you think. i don't think she did on purpose
Alyxus Romo
Alyxus Romo - 4 years ago
People tend to forget it isn’t “are they innocent or guilty” it’s about is there enough evidence to prove without a doubt that they are innocent or guilty
L Takara
L Takara - 4 years ago
You don't need evidence to prove you're innocent. You're innocent until proven guilty.
Neena Singh
Neena Singh - 4 years ago
The law doesn’t require her to be innocent without a doubt, only guilty without a doubt. There was doubt.
CAITequestrian - 4 years ago
It's about proving without a doubt that they are guilty, you don't need to prove innocence in a court case to be passed as innocent. Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise and a lot of people tend to forget that. Also people tend to forgot that for them to be guilty it needs to be without a doubt, meaning 100% no other way it could have logically happened and to prove that you need very significant evidence, not just confessions etc.
Lauren Kaminski
Lauren Kaminski - 4 years ago
Corrin Gromley that doesn't prove it either. More then one person could've touched it. Like someone can get a kitchen kife out of my house to murder someone & it would have my dna on it because I have used the knife before.
Corrin Gromley
Corrin Gromley - 4 years ago
Lauren Kaminski oh they have scientific evidence such as dna or finger print on the proven murder weapon.
Lauren Kaminski
Lauren Kaminski - 4 years ago
Alyxus Romo Then how is anyone ever found guilty? The only way that it is 100% is if it is caught on camera.
Biba-biba - 4 years ago
Alyxus Romo that’s true. But she seems very could.
halucasan - 4 years ago
It’s very unfair what happened to her, she should walk free, they both was putting their life in danger on this irresponsible trip.
Richkitty - 4 years ago
In MY opinion, I think she didn’t kill him but when he died she tried to help an just let it happen, she should not have been accused of anything because it’s like if your in a abusive relationship and your SO died at the store, you can’t do anything about it, can’t save them but your happy they died.
Brayden Hodges
Brayden Hodges - 4 years ago
I agree with you Kendall! I think her odd personality and could have something to do with cultural differences. I don’t think she did it, although I do think the events are a little unclear. Thanks for all you do! I love your content!
hannah huffstetler
hannah huffstetler - 4 years ago
Im ify on it most of it points to her not doing it, but can always count on the unexpected turnouts
The Beauty Files
The Beauty Files - 4 years ago
I started diving into her podcasts yesterday!! Thanks guys, you’re awesome!!
paula pozzobon
paula pozzobon - 4 years ago
The Beauty Files I’m the exact same here
KyaputenAura - 4 years ago
Girl you gotta get in on her podcast then!
Sonia Z
Sonia Z - 4 years ago
The Beauty Files SAME!!
Snapdragon 3
Snapdragon 3 - 4 years ago
Wasn't she inform she can have an attorney? That one can be appointed for her? Does she understand what was read to her? It's call Miranda Rights. The way she was talking for hours it appears 1. It wasn't read to her. 2. She didn't understand.
Victoria Zusin
Victoria Zusin - 4 years ago
you should do some videos of cases awaiting trial so we can choose whether or not the defendant is guilty before the jury does
hailliah - 4 years ago
Hey es ar!

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