Every Kayaker worst nightmare. Cant believe this is happening but gotta move and think fast.

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Every Kayaker worst nightmare. Cant believe this is happening but gotta move and think fast.

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Scooter taj206
Scooter taj206 - 3 years ago
CnEvry Ting
CnEvry Ting - 3 years ago
3:20 what a theme song
Dovey14 - 3 years ago
I was fishing a papio tournament, and another fisherman was in his kayak, and his son was in another kayak, I was heading back to shore when they yelled at me for help. The dad was sinking, and he wanted me to help his son. I towed them both to shore with my AI hobie. I didn't even know the guys
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson - 3 years ago
Freakin awesome dude!
Copperhead Fishing
Copperhead Fishing - 3 years ago
Great video! Important info!
Chris S.
Chris S. - 3 years ago
subscribed! nice work by both.
Larry Hardee
Larry Hardee - 3 years ago
vaseem s
vaseem s - 3 years ago
some thing wrong with those kayaks cause i seen its a second video of those style kayak sinking ,they should do some research on that particular shape ad dynamics before they manufacturer and sell
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson - 3 years ago
Need a VHF call PAN PAN, channel 16


John Dickenson
John Dickenson - 3 years ago
You did well bud that must have been painfull to keep that paddaling up that distance.good thing you were there
FUKKdaSYSTEM XD - 3 years ago
You luckiiii
DJ Cutz
DJ Cutz - 3 years ago
God Bless You!!!!!! your Friend was very lucky to have you with him
something1844 - 3 years ago
now that is a FRIEND!!!
Chou Lao
Chou Lao - 3 years ago
will maybe if you help him out earlier when he was slowly sinking it would be better but shit you wait till he was almost going down what a lously buddy.
Pescador Labrax
Pescador Labrax - 3 years ago
Like + subscription
Damnit Bobby
Damnit Bobby - 3 years ago
fill the inside with spray foam
atmm89 - 3 years ago
all the best to you guys, great partners
JR Munroe
JR Munroe - 3 years ago
nice man sir!!!
Cool Yang
Cool Yang - 3 years ago
Something similar happened to me. I’m a rookie kayaker and left the drain hole open. Water got inside and before you even notice it, you couldn’t even balance the kayak, causing it to flip.


0323mohammed - 3 years ago
5 miles, I could almost feel the burn , not sure I would have lasted 5 minutes,
LamaAdventurevlogs - 3 years ago
Paderick Monahan
Paderick Monahan - 3 years ago
Beer well deserved
MrBammbalamm - 3 years ago
I white water kayak and we don't go with empty space in the hull. get a float bag that'll fill the space then you cant sink...and what's up with the scuba flag. Shouldn't be flying that without a scuba diver under water.
mhysas Jewel
mhysas Jewel - 3 years ago
Awesome video! Hobies are expensive, but worth every penny when you have to rely on them.
indio Maya/ Azteca
indio Maya/ Azteca - 3 years ago
Why don't they built in a solar pump
ProjectHitman - 3 years ago
The music in the background at 3:41 is basically perfect for the situation
Michael Towler
Michael Towler - 3 years ago
i use a Home made pvc scupper holes Cart and have for a long time. Would it be worth fiberglassing around the scupper holes inside the Kayak to strengthen them and would it actually make tham stronger? Seeing as you are going a fair way offshore do you think you should fill up your unused Kayak Hull spaces with blocks of flotation material.
MIchael Brown
MIchael Brown - 3 years ago
How and why did he start sinking???
Reel-Lentless - 3 years ago
Ole boy was working his butt off but just too heavy and too far to go.   Why you should have someone close whenever possible and between the two of you saved all his gear!!


Bromethius88 - 3 years ago
So basically a HOBIE is the reason he’s still alive and back to shore. Listen up girls and boys. Save your money and get a hobie. Quit the foreplay and go by one. It’s the real deal. Proven to be safe especially in the ocean. I bet that guy will upgrade and a get a PA14 after this incident so far from shore.
Ivan Konstantinov
Ivan Konstantinov - 3 years ago
Trash this kayak, if you find any crack, just don't repair it, and stay away from drifter kayaks in the first place, they seem like a brittle material made of... It pays to pay few hundred more but buy a beast of a kayak in reliability, and quality material. Generally a really good kayak runs into one grand. A good idea is to have a bilge pump just one from Walmart, if it could handle salt water, or I guess any is better than none, and get a lightweight battery, like optima may be. A pump surely would have kept this man afloat easily, and the power of a good optima battery would be more than enough for just five miles to cover to get out. If you go into ocean alone on a kayak, having no bilge pump is insanity... Learn, and fix once lesson learned, you never know what piece of debris you could run into, in the ocean, and get your vessel damaged, and leaking...
Ivan Konstantinov
Ivan Konstantinov - 3 years ago
That tells if you get a new kayak, to start looking for some kind of spray coating or some that rolls on with a brush, something rubberized, or else that could work, preferably lightweight, and that puts on thick coat, strong, and flexible. Get all the kayak done from inside, this situation is no kidding, could turn out the worst nigthmare, kayak lost, equipment lost, and a person themselves 5 miles away from the shore in the ocean... Sharks like some meat starting about 4pm... Glad you made it!!! Good job saving a buddy!
Cameron ツ
Cameron ツ - 3 years ago
Only if he had some flex tape.
Edinaldofeliz Oliveira
Edinaldofeliz Oliveira - 3 years ago
ai sim amigo de verdade
Rick Atkins
Rick Atkins - 3 years ago
Good save, keeping your cool and hard ass work got you in. Get that pump
Glenn Cunningham
Glenn Cunningham - 3 years ago
I take my Plastic Bilge pump with me on every trip I t stays in the Hobie Pro 14 at all times.
Dale Mr. D Simmons
Dale Mr. D Simmons - 3 years ago
You are a good friend sir. Great video.
Moose Knuckle
Moose Knuckle - 3 years ago
Crazy experience fella. You should be thankful to have a friend like him.
Monster - 3 years ago
How the heck did it sink?
Miguel Ortiz
Miguel Ortiz - 4 years ago
I will use a metal sleeve like the one she use in the sink twist them together with the rubber grommet after you fixed it
SC EM - 4 years ago
This is a prime example of why a properly equipped sit inside kayak is much more safe, and practical on open water. Once that water gets inside that SOT you have no options even with a pump. It’s also why practicing rescue, and reentry techniques are crucial before going that far from shore. Knowing your own limitations, and those of your boat are not only wise, but responsible. Hope for the best, but definitely plan, plan, plan for the worst through every scenario.
Aroldo Rodriguez
Aroldo Rodriguez - 4 years ago
Great video. I have a prowler ocean kayak and I cap sized on a big river swirl scary stuff . Those kayaks are pretty waterproof but if the hatch opens by accident ( which happened to me ) it's scary was so hard to navigate with the hull filled up. Great companionship there btw big hug from a fellow angler from Venezuela.
Quarlow 12
Quarlow 12 - 4 years ago
Maybe invest in some buoyancy bags. Even if it leaks you won't sink. Nice recovery guys.
kfontenot91 - 4 years ago
And this people is why i always but always keep FLEXSEAL in my kayak at all times lmao
K Vue
K Vue - 4 years ago
Got good taste music
toonses thecat
toonses thecat - 4 years ago
Air bladder would have been useful there... even if you just stuffed a spare lifejacket or two in the cavity....
Burr Anderson
Burr Anderson - 4 years ago
Quite possibly the most boring video on YouTube.
hawaii custom fishing rod builder
hawaii custom fishing rod builder - 4 years ago
good job brada.
Island Hooking
Island Hooking - 4 years ago
thank you
Abunai One
Abunai One - 4 years ago
When I had my first kayak, other than a leak, I had to time the afternoon winds! Once while at Newport Beach, CA, the afternoon winds were so strong I couldn't paddle in a straight line.

Could it be that pulling the kayak with the cart in the scupper holes with it fully loaded caused some strain on the plastic?

My boat took on some water once at Long Beach, CA but the bilge pump kept up so was able to make it back to the launch ramp.


vivitar45 - 4 years ago
that yellow kayak looks like in bad condition just get rid of it and get a more dependable boat doesn't have duck tape all over it blocking other leaks and issues
Ice Montu
Ice Montu - 4 years ago
Should of used Flex Tape
Patrik - 4 years ago
Awesome saving....=) Take care..!
Aidan Wheele
Aidan Wheele - 4 years ago
Why does he have a dive flag on he shouldn’t unless he is diving
Pale Jonskin
Pale Jonskin - 4 years ago
Wasted so much time man. I'd be pissed if I were that guy and you were just pedaling around me for a good camera angle.
FSU_V_Pad - 4 years ago
only one way to repair a kayak....
David M
David M - 4 years ago
Omg could not believe it... Good thing you came along or he would not have made it on his own...
crazy Stupid
crazy Stupid - 4 years ago
Amazing save but it started to annoy me when he said whoo a lot
P Mag
P Mag - 4 years ago
AAA kayak services...lol
Ian Sailing
Ian Sailing - 4 years ago
Yep a bilge pump would have made a difference, I got the manual one from Hobie when I bought my new T.I just in case.
Kyosanym - 4 years ago
Hell yeah! Nice save and good workout. Nice workout music too.
fishmut - 4 years ago
I’m now thinking of filling my Hull with styrofoam pieces to keep it afloat from sinking . This is a real lesson for all kayakers,glad you guys made it back , it also only takes a shark bite and guess what you got a punctured boat something else to consider while fishing or a sharp bit of reef anything can happen this video proves it.
Blake Hunt
Blake Hunt - 4 years ago
Yo, that looks like Maui were ur fishing
lLucky l
lLucky l - 4 years ago
mad that'd fucking suck. especially with all the poles and tackle.
Ryan Ramsey
Ryan Ramsey - 4 years ago
You Hawaiian af uncle
Kevin Kimball
Kevin Kimball - 4 years ago
I have diy spray foam in the bow and stern of mine it might flood but won't sink.
Johnathon Castro
Johnathon Castro - 4 years ago
This has happend to me before here in florida. The kayak started getting heavier and heavier luckily i was near a sanbar and a few islands but it got scary.
James Michael
James Michael - 4 years ago

And the music, work it....
lake lizard
lake lizard - 4 years ago
a very optimistic and positive guy
Markus Rodriguez
Markus Rodriguez - 4 years ago
These songs are eerie and fit well to the time
That radio station is good
Good save man
Norcal Living
Norcal Living - 4 years ago
you kept up a pretty good speed man, shouldve had a line in the water and done a little trolling
VULSx3 - 4 years ago
Why does he have a dive flag
Bill T
Bill T - 4 years ago
You're the same guy who rescued the iguana?
ThrolyHD - 4 years ago
that was key west kayaking
SaysClanHD - 4 years ago
Bill T no
Anthony Poole
Anthony Poole - 4 years ago
Hot pipe weld that up.. not a problem
LAD Emailme
LAD Emailme - 4 years ago
Good lesson. I didn’t even know about side-kicks
Nytron - 4 years ago
That's why I bought a CTUG. Even with kayaks that have reinforced scuppers, I still wouldn't use carts that put stress on scuppers.
Jp86 - 4 years ago
Bilge pump would have came in handy
love2grow - 4 years ago
kayak water pumps are not that expansive and save you a trip back to land (that is if you don't have a hole in your kayak).
Mac Smitty
Mac Smitty - 4 years ago
Outriggers saved him
JackOfAllTrades - 4 years ago
Mac Smitty Along with a buddy.
dan theman
dan theman - 4 years ago
Good job dude!! I keep about 10 pool noodles in my prowler just for this reason
1phone1gamer - 4 years ago
Time to try some Flex Seal/Tape. Lol
Pulsejet Lover
Pulsejet Lover - 4 years ago
Got my sub too brother. Glad you made it in. I thought 17 Miles on land one way was bad that is sick with two kayak.
Timothy Blackburn
Timothy Blackburn - 4 years ago
You Rock Brother!!! Great job, you saved your buddy's life for sure!!
Be safe out there.
God Bless.
Z71Ranger - 4 years ago
LOL... Craigslist Ad...Great Kayak For Sale... Used only one time... CHEAP...
John Sims
John Sims - 4 years ago
You need THIS! (4 vids) https://youtu.be/Sa5tpbBl9FU
Muata Morris-omowale
Muata Morris-omowale - 4 years ago
Great job! A good friend is always appreciated! Great teamwork! Hoorah!
Tim Brown
Tim Brown - 4 years ago
sfcmmacro - 4 years ago
Pool noodles stuffed under your deck are a kayakers best friend. You can also find heavy duty vinyl air bladders that are designed for kayakers. They were originally developed for whitewater kayaking. If it can keep a yak filled with water afloat in class IV or V rapids you will be fine on flat water.
Shaun Sim
Shaun Sim - 4 years ago
Start saving H,D,P,E plastic from milk tops and containers cut up, Put in a tray and melt at 140 C for 15-20 min then you have plastic that can be put into your mold or cut up into strips so you can light one end and drip the plastic into the kayak hole, Job done! Don't buy the expensive welding strips when you can make your own for a emergency hull breach kit that weighs and cost nothing ;)
Styx62 Ga
Styx62 Ga - 4 years ago
Glad no sharks were following glad you made it back
offroad king
offroad king - 4 years ago
Woo-woooo almost der almost der
offroad king
offroad king - 4 years ago
Love you vids tho bro keep it up
Jim Cornwall
Jim Cornwall - 4 years ago
Good thing you were out with him. Would have been a good day for a call for help on the VHF radio... That far out from shore in Tupperware, you should have it along every trip!
Andrew Lines
Andrew Lines - 4 years ago
HERO ! ! !
Luke Rock
Luke Rock - 4 years ago
...lived this nightmare last week while into a school of sharks. A reminder to always fish the buddy system offshore......
Maxima - 4 years ago
Nice vid and save. Imo, due to all the equipment and weight, its time to get a bigger boat.....
Solo Pesca USA
Solo Pesca USA - 4 years ago
Great job buddy
Michael Scherling
Michael Scherling - 4 years ago
Hazards of the sit on tops.. one option is to fill the void with some expanding foam.
thavorn khun
thavorn khun - 4 years ago
Good thing you not alone out there
Benjamin sandström
Benjamin sandström - 4 years ago
all i can say is. Huuuuh!
WesJaxRozdabBanG - 4 years ago
Glad to c it worked out. Your pedal drive and your preparation saved the day. Ty for the heads up on checking the scupper holes! Great tip! Stay safe!

100. comment for KAYAK SINKING! NOT ON MY WATCH!

Black Warrior Lures
Black Warrior Lures - 4 years ago
Oh, wow! That's scary.
Nomad - 4 years ago
I changed to ctug-type wheels after seeing some of this happening with other people . To be honest these type of flatbed wheels can be a pain at first ,that's until I got rid of the strap that comes with it and put on a nice ratchet type strap . I put this so it lays forward of a couple of fittings on the deck and tighten it (don't go terminator on it ) ! and it hasn't slipped once and I don't worry about the scupper holes. Also you don't have to lift the boat any height to get it on the wheels ! I'm really glad you guys got back O.K. That was a Massive way back .Proves how strong that propulsion system is doesn't it ! I had to laugh as it brought back memories of an old saying that my ex-seaman dad said to me once ,when we were out sailing together ,he said that 'There is no better pump than a bucket and two frightened men ' : ) I hope you got back out and caught some fish soon after this .
Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish
Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish - 4 years ago
Scupper holes .... one cracked, yup called it, they always crack
wickii snow
wickii snow - 4 years ago
Plan B should have been playing a man
Mani Baudilio
Mani Baudilio - 4 years ago
Love the tunes !
Laser Games
Laser Games - 4 years ago
lucky lucky . well done
Joey 206
Joey 206 - 4 years ago
What is the black strip under his kayak?
mrairborneranger87 - 4 years ago
Thank God you guys are OKay
raymond bailey
raymond bailey - 4 years ago
Good job life saved and lesson learned stay safe lads.
dabkiller 420
dabkiller 420 - 4 years ago
hey brotha what island are you on i just went to maui
Hartlepool Kayak & Coastal Fishing
Hartlepool Kayak & Coastal Fishing - 4 years ago
scupper trolley? man everyone who uses a scupper trolley, throw that shit away. buy a trolley that the kayak sits on top of, rather than the ones that have bars that go into the scuppers.

C-tug trollies are good but expensive, but there are cheaper options. !!! THROW ALL YOUR SCUPPER TROLLEYS AWAY !!!

Its not worth risking your very expensive kayak, and your priceless life, for a cheap as fuck trolley. throw them away peeps. not worth your life.
Andrew G
Andrew G - 4 years ago
My God get your gear and straps and shit together lol
Cheech - 4 years ago
bruddah do you kno de wae
WCS Paddlesports
WCS Paddlesports - 4 years ago
With a crack that big in the scupper, that boat will never be seaworthy again, especially if he wants to be able to use a cart with it (as a plastic welded crack would just re-open with all of that weight he's got in the back of his boat bouncing up and down on a cart). That's a pretty old Ocean Kayak and at this point probably is wearing thin in a few places. The best bet to make the boat functional again would be to seal off the scupper entirely, at which point you'd be cutting half of your boats ability to self bail off, and most likely yielding it unable to bail fast enough to make it through the surf. The scupper is the hardest part of a boat to weld, and also one of the most structurally important, so even with a lot of skill and a good weld job, the odds of it lasting are pretty slim. That time or money would be much more well spent looking for a used boat on craigslist that has a tight hull.
Glad to hear you're going to pick up a bilge pump, always a must have when you're headed beyond the breakers. Make sure your buddy gets one, too!
Comfort in Discomfort
Comfort in Discomfort - 4 years ago
Great job. Manual pumps are a good backup. But for big water each of my kayaks had a 12v bilge pump. Saved my a$$ on big water many times.
Hassan Ingram
Hassan Ingram - 4 years ago
right! im off to buy a pump! fuck that! lol good job on getting back safe! that was knarly!
KvartekMedia - 4 years ago
Sketchy bro !
Da Aina
Da Aina - 4 years ago
Nice to know you guys made it back safe! Love the vids brotha! Keep up the awesome work and mahalo for sharing your experiences!
Adilson Spina Junior
Adilson Spina Junior - 4 years ago
Hello from Brazil. This was just friends!
These things happen, so it is always a good partner and being with safety equipment. Good fishing! Abraço!!
Visit the canal, (Fabio Fregona - Baca)
. Kayak fishing in the Amazon region. Fantastic diversity.
More To Living
More To Living - 4 years ago
How does one find enough gratitude to properly thank a comrade for towing for miles and miles?! This is a happy ending story but a terrifying one
tundahking - 4 years ago
Always go out with a buddy
Jared Edwards
Jared Edwards - 4 years ago
I would’ve threw that piece of shit in the trash as soon as my feet hit land
Outside TV
Outside TV - 4 years ago
That’s a great video Island Hooking! Way to think on your feet and help out your friend! We want you to share it on Campfire so you can have a chance to win a kayak, cooler, and some free publicity in our video of the month contest! Upload it here! http://campfire.outsidetv.com/home
Rafting alive c
Rafting alive c - 4 years ago
Can’t used cheap kayaks no good for open waters
fishmut - 4 years ago
Adam Crane if your gear is looked after buddy they will last, kayaks with brand names dont mean shit, there all plastic at the end of the day. Some are thicker tho than others but still can crack or puncture , I have a hobbie ocean kayak but it still plastic ,don’t get fooled by brand names and don’t promote them just because unless you got hard evidence that proves they are so great and won’t sink.
Adam Crane
Adam Crane - 4 years ago
That was an ocean kayak not a cheap chinese yak, chinese yak would of broke years ago.
Francisco Javier
Francisco Javier - 4 years ago
That was intense! Glad y’all made back safety
Muddyh2o2 Init
Muddyh2o2 Init - 4 years ago
I believe in going out with a partner. What a save and good on you for pushing through. Could’ve happened to anyone and could’ve had a different outcome. Thankfully it’s a story over a cold beer!
Studio Light & Sound
Studio Light & Sound - 4 years ago
Probably all the unnecessary weight and junk you guys have on the backs of it stressing it out
Adventure Outdoors
Adventure Outdoors - 4 years ago
Saved by you & your Hobie! No way he would have made it in without you. Great job! Perfect example of never going in the ocean without a partner also.
Scooter taj206
Scooter taj206 - 3 years ago
ACOCA Fishing
ACOCA Fishing - 4 years ago
I chosed pelican kayak
fishmut - 4 years ago
Fishingkings MD brand names don’t mean a lot I’m afraid but that’s my opinion , all these kayaks these days are plastic with a name on them and they all can sink .
Fishingkings MD
Fishingkings MD - 4 years ago
I Am Sekou it’s a company that makes very good fishing kayaks
I Am Sekou
I Am Sekou - 4 years ago
Adventure Outdoors Hobie?
Mark S
Mark S - 4 years ago
That's one reason i like using my tandem oasis too
David65702 - 4 years ago
Team work, glad everything worked out,get the pump.
DABEAST Moua - 4 years ago
foxfai1 - 4 years ago
What was the reason for the rear sinking like this in the middle of the ocean?
Ringo Star
Ringo Star - 4 years ago
Now that's a great friend
Juan jotabe
Juan jotabe - 4 years ago
that's why you should never go alone in a Kayak.

A couple of things:
1) those kayaks seem so over filled with stuffs. when i use mine, i only carry 2 fishing rod and a small fishing box as fishing gear. the rest of the gear is the anchor equip, my lifejacket and survival/emergency gear like a bottle of water a whistle, a compass and other stuffs with my phone fully charged in a waterproof bag. I do not need side stabilizers that are horrible if the wheater ever changes to very bad.
2) When i bought my first kayak, it was damaged in the same spot this one was damaged. I went for the manufacturer and ask for a repair since that spot in particular it is a tricky one. Manufacturer gave me one kayak brand new (2nd selection) and kept mine since the repair was going to take a while. There, the plastic it is thinner than the rest of the kayak and there you have less space to work. So it is harder to make a repair in that spot
Bass Nazi
Bass Nazi - 4 years ago
I agree. I totally understand fishing from kayaks, the only problem is now you have people trying to use them as an actual full size fishing boat. Kayaks are great for getting to area regular motor boats can't but if you want to carry tons of gear you really need a boat.
tony pham
tony pham - 4 years ago
NICE SAVE. Good to know to have extra rope and a foot pedal
WAEofFishing - 4 years ago
Vid should have gone viral bro!!!
luis contreras
luis contreras - 4 years ago
Wtf I’m not getting one
Mico Tse
Mico Tse - 4 years ago
NIce that you both got back to shore safely. I have a friend who had tow others and he said it's a lot of pressure on the hand holding the rope. Can you just show me your setup for towing? Cheers
angel rivera
angel rivera - 4 years ago
good job
Alex Carey
Alex Carey - 4 years ago
So lucky, but the scupper holes can't be repaired it will always crack and leek again. I never paddle anywhere without my high flow pump. If I forget the pump I don't go out. That is the most important piece of safety gear along with the PFD. I keep my pump straped on the deck where I can grab it fast and easily.
Chuck Earls
Chuck Earls - 3 years ago
Electric bilge pump
fishmut - 4 years ago
Zebgoraja Holyhell lol now that’s funny but very true at the same time , a horrified person can achieve anything when he/she has to. Roglmao
Alex Carey
Alex Carey - 4 years ago
good idea, I paddle a scupper pro with a large front hatch but with my fish bag in the hull there is no way to get bucket in there with out removing the bag. The hand pump can just jam in there and start pumping.
John Sims
John Sims - 4 years ago
Problem is getting a bucket in the hatch hole! I made this: https://youtu.be/Sa5tpbBl9FU
Alex Carey
Alex Carey - 4 years ago
I would not want to try that, the pump is the only way.
Zebgoraja Holyhell
Zebgoraja Holyhell - 4 years ago
MrBaconaneggs that would depend on how fast water is coming in
MrBaconaneggs - 4 years ago
How does one paddle back to shore... and bail water at the same time thinking face
Zebgoraja Holyhell
Zebgoraja Holyhell - 4 years ago
Alex Carey why not use an old fashioned bailer as an old salt once told me "no pump can move water faster than a horrified sailor and his bucket"

After hearing this I looked at the gph of most bilge pumps on the market and did some math with a friend as the example sailor and the old salt was correct it is not difficult for the sailor over double the output of a pump using a bucket
James Ireland
James Ireland - 4 years ago
You get a subscriber just for that you're a beast 5 miles towing him in . Nice job have a good day and stay safe Jimmy from Massachusetts
Tom Ames
Tom Ames - 4 years ago
James Ireland nice job jimmy won my subscription.
Redline Rider
Redline Rider - 4 years ago
Daniel Lopez in cape cod ( massachuesettes ) we are full of hobbyist, kayak more than 1 mile out is unheard of, most people don't even bring their boats out more than 4 miles unless they are going out for the whole day to fish or to reach Nantucket
Joseph Everhart
Joseph Everhart - 4 years ago
Daniel Lopez it ain't far but having to tow someone like that is very very tiring.
bowhunter2439 - 4 years ago
its far enough for a subscriber , make that 2 LMAO
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez - 4 years ago
James Ireland 5 miles isn’t far
Abdul Rahman Almutairi
Abdul Rahman Almutairi - 4 years ago
I greet you for the spirit of cooperation
LSC - 4 years ago
Well done guys I bet you guys were tired after steaming back to shore! Subbed
nj649 - 4 years ago
lol tape everywhere and you going 5 miles out? Get the fuk out.
LSC - 4 years ago
Bilge pumps are cheap small enough for a kayak and fast flowing.
v13470924 - 4 years ago
You guys handled that event very good. Kept your calm all the way. The kayak seems repairable. Tight lines!
Just Eat It!
Just Eat It! - 4 years ago
You probably saved a life. Well done!
KayakFishing Novice
KayakFishing Novice - 4 years ago
WOW!! That was very close. My first kayak had a crack and it flipped me out of the yak when it rolled as it took on water very scary. Thankfully I was in skinny water 2-3 feet.
PlayHard PlaySafe
PlayHard PlaySafe - 4 years ago
true friend you are and a good person. Thank you for this video. I hope to see you grow huge with the videos and views man. Keep up the teaching and the fishing :)
Steffen Samlal
Steffen Samlal - 4 years ago
Great job, and great song in the background, Whitney Houston dance with somebody
redcon1gear - 4 years ago
Андрей Краснопевцев
Андрей Краснопевцев - 4 years ago
А ведь так и утонуть можно.
PG GhostRiderz
PG GhostRiderz - 3 years ago
Андрей Краснопевцев Ağīļ ti tight
Ikaika Victor
Ikaika Victor - 4 years ago
Was fishing with my partner and he started taking on water. Swell was coming over his kayak and filling up thru the hatch. To much water, the kayak ended up sinking. Couldn't save it, so ended up two of us on my hobie revo 13 pedaling in about mile and a half. After that I installed an electric bilge pump. Works like a champ. Crazy cause my partners name is Derrick too. Glad everyone is safe.
mokestah - 4 years ago
Ho crap!!! Good plan b bradduh, musta been trppiy lol
ItsBeerMe - 4 years ago
You get a trolling motor with those sidekicks and be jamming
Jaelyn Bloom
Jaelyn Bloom - 4 years ago
Note to self: Don’t ever sink alone.
Dylan Kelley
Dylan Kelley - 4 years ago
Good man subbed
Rodney Johnston
Rodney Johnston - 4 years ago
Kayak for people that can't afford a real boat
Aroldo Rodriguez
Aroldo Rodriguez - 4 years ago
JackOfAllTrades haha true.
JackOfAllTrades - 4 years ago
Aroldo Rodriguez Right. One could argue that "a real boat" is for lazy fucks that are too lazy to paddle a kayak or too fat to fit into a kayak.
Aroldo Rodriguez
Aroldo Rodriguez - 4 years ago
What an obnoxious comment dude. Just a new money guy or a poor one would say something like that.
JackOfAllTrades - 4 years ago
I've got a bass boat and just bought a fishing kayak. I use the kayak for streams and small lakes as well as lakes that don't allow for gas engines.
Jason Crabb
Jason Crabb - 4 years ago
i go fishing with people in their boats we do 3/4 less fishing than when im in my kayak. people with motors like to use them (lets go check this out, lets go check that out) i just want to catch fish. I don't go fishing to go motoring around sightseeing...
Jared Hughett
Jared Hughett - 4 years ago
Glad for you guys. Glad he wasn’t solo. Gotta have a pump.
Tacti- Coolkid
Tacti- Coolkid - 4 years ago
Lol perfect song for the situation, glad everything worked out and y’all are both safe
Mathew Davis - Adventures and DIY
Mathew Davis - Adventures and DIY - 4 years ago
That location will be a challenge to fix, but I'm sure you can do it.  Personal experience, don't use a heat gun.  softens to large of an area.  I've had the absolute best repairs using a wood burning tool and I'd use the plastic from a yellow 5 gallon bucket for that kayak.  shave off small pieces of the yellow bucket plastic.  create a V in the plastic kayak where the holes are, then simply fill it all back in with the new plastic.  Good luck on it.
LastCastTV - 4 years ago
Great job man! Smart thinking!
Mark Sigsbee
Mark Sigsbee - 4 years ago
I have a marine radio because I go solo a lot. My PFD is always on.
John308 Small
John308 Small - 4 years ago
Thanks for saving the day my friend, that was a blessing, it was good that you were able to help, that was a blessing to my soul.
JakeW Yakangler
JakeW Yakangler - 4 years ago
Close call. Glad you made it back safe.
Florida Keys Wooden Boat Fishing
Florida Keys Wooden Boat Fishing - 4 years ago
Scary. Even if you can repair that hole I wouldn't ever trust that boat far from shore again. Time for a new boat.
Joseph Saeteurn
Joseph Saeteurn - 4 years ago
what could of cause the crack? i mostly launch around rocky area and im going to look over my kayak.. i know i have many scratches and some deep scratches on the bottom..
Joseph Saeteurn
Joseph Saeteurn - 4 years ago
im really thinking seriously about getting a peddle drive over the paddle kayak.. just too tiresome paddling 2+ miles.. its almost a no brainer with the peddle kayaks.
Zebgoraja Holyhell
Zebgoraja Holyhell - 4 years ago
Why not a sailing kayak like a klepper I have never had a problem with my klepper and I got it at a garage sale
Joseph Saeteurn
Joseph Saeteurn - 4 years ago
i heard about the pelican coming out Jan 2019.. i will be taking a look and testing if i can.
Andrew Rollins
Andrew Rollins - 4 years ago
Joseph Saeteurn 2019 Pelican comming out with $1,500 13' hydrve (petal) kayak.
Kue Vang
Kue Vang - 4 years ago
Joseph Saeteurn I was looking around they have a Native Craft 12 foot for $1,999 with foot paddle
Anotherflores91 - 4 years ago
Bilge pump might have helped with while towing but with that much water who knows. Still never hurts to have with you. Glad your buddy made it out safe.
Ian MakThompson
Ian MakThompson - 4 years ago
take one old kayak cut small pieces place it over the cracks and heat a flat head screw diver you can do plastic weald with it. or put 5200 marine weld
Best Coast Fishing
Best Coast Fishing - 4 years ago
Never go out alone for this reason right here.
Yoon Saechao
Yoon Saechao - 4 years ago
Why it take u so long to hook up. I would’ve been towed him ..
Guadalupe Arredondo
Guadalupe Arredondo - 4 years ago
Good job guys...way to stay cool calm and collective!
Jim Goff
Jim Goff - 4 years ago
Should’ve notified the coast guard. Had them on the way in case it did get worse.
Chuck Earls
Chuck Earls - 3 years ago
Great advice!
Grizzled Old Dude
Grizzled Old Dude - 4 years ago
Absolutely! Should have got on the radio immediately and advised the CG of the situation. Was a great self rescue but it could have gone really bad.
isufan89 - 4 years ago
I was thinking the same thing. You can call them and tell them where you are and where youre heading, and to be prepared to respond if you call back
Husain Ahmad
Husain Ahmad - 4 years ago
Glad that both of u guys got safe, great planning and immediate response.. good example and lessons for everyone. Thanks for sharing ur experience and wish u safe trips always
sonny khan
sonny khan - 4 years ago
Just subscribed to ur channel....Bula from Fiji...you guys kept ur calm and cool that was the first thing to do..that was great. Worst thing ever to do out at sea get mad or get frustrated when things go wrong.
reptileluver011 - 4 years ago
Great lesson, glad u made it safely. Important to travel in pairs and have the right devices like rope etc.. great job!
Fishing with Cristina
Fishing with Cristina - 4 years ago
https://youtu.be/LeCLFjDEBtY this is the work I did on my kayak and you should always Carrie JB water weld with you in case it happens again
Fishing with Cristina
Fishing with Cristina - 4 years ago
you can use JB water weld put some fiberglass and epoxy with resident and it will be waterproof
TheGrubbShow by Gary
TheGrubbShow by Gary - 3 years ago
Don't even need all that. Just some good old plastic welding should do the trick.
Edwin Mendija 808
Edwin Mendija 808 - 4 years ago
Worse case scenario...good argument to install ama's!
C Herzog
C Herzog - 4 years ago
Awesome team work guys.
Thetruth99 - 4 years ago
Pretty sketch... Could've died if he didn't have a buddy. Always wear PFDs guys, be safe and tight lines
mazon1x - 4 years ago
you should be happy! i love helping people! and what you did is more than what i could ever do ! dope you saved that man and saved his gear
Dan The Man
Dan The Man - 4 years ago
Music is EPIC!
Elite Kayaker TX
Elite Kayaker TX - 4 years ago
On your kayak kart. Put a piece of pool noodle on the two rods that go into the scupper holes. Reduces the pressure on the scupper holes
Jason Harrell
Jason Harrell - 4 years ago
This is the very reason why I decided to not use scupper hole carts. Its to much pressure on the sidewalls with a loaded yak. The sand and dirt in the scupper rides up and down against the metal post and it grinds a pin hole in it. Worst part about it is that the leak is so small to start , by the time you notice a problem , you are already way out in the water and its to late to recover most of the time.
Beck Stein
Beck Stein - 4 years ago
Too much weight on the back. Basic physics.
TheActiontkr - 4 years ago
Oh snap, that's an emergency...Why you never go out alone!
후다닥 카약피싱.
후다닥 카약피싱. - 4 years ago
good job~
Random Raider
Random Raider - 4 years ago
I was just kayaking on Lake Michigan and mine flipped and sunk in 50 foot deep water
Ivan Konstantinov
Ivan Konstantinov - 3 years ago
best comment!!!
SC EM - 4 years ago
He forgot to say that it was a video game.
Gage Simms
Gage Simms - 4 years ago
Random Raider I think you’re lying. Kayaks don’t sink, they can flip. But they don’t sink. And on your channel it seems to be that you’re a twelve year old. What kind of parents let a twelve year old go on Lake Michigan and “get too far out” to let them flip a kayak? And if it sank how did you get on top of it and wait for another fisherman?
Hartlepool Kayak & Coastal Fishing
Hartlepool Kayak & Coastal Fishing - 4 years ago
a fishing kayak shoudlnt just sink from being flipped. we use sit on top kayaks, not sit inside. If you were on a sit on top, and didnt self rescue what has to be the easiest kayak to get back aboard then you need to get some practice done. doesnt sound like you even tried to self rescue at all, please stay off the water if that is the case untill you have done some research into kayak fishing.
redcon1gear - 4 years ago
Random Raider watch youtube on some techniques. But you definitely need to learn and wear a life jacket even if you can swim like me .
redcon1gear - 4 years ago
Random Raider you need to practice flipping one multiple times with no gear and then flipping it back over and getting back in . You have to practice . It shouldn't have sunk either .
Random Raider
Random Raider - 4 years ago
Womp Womp I went out way to far from the beach because the wind had picked up I looked behind me and saw I was to far out and tried to turn around but I dipped the paddle to deep and leaned to the same side and flipped I got on top and was saved by a passing fisherman boat
Womp Womp
Womp Womp - 4 years ago
Random Raider how did it sink ?
mrtoady2 - 4 years ago
Buddy system in effect. Glad it worked out ok. I noticed you have a Quantum Cabo there...is that new?
minh8080 - 4 years ago
For sale used Kayak CHEAP!!
Shane Butler
Shane Butler - 3 years ago
minh8080 smh
minh8080 - 3 years ago
Shane Butler Hobie's new model the Titanic.
Shane Butler
Shane Butler - 3 years ago
minh8080 what type?
pogocrazy111 - 3 years ago
The funniest part of this comment is I saw a fishing kayak that looked like this 1 for 300$ on fb with a bunch of attachments and shit on it.
Derk Hawkins
Derk Hawkins - 4 years ago
I need one of those pumps, too. Now, I go buy one. Aloha from Kona.
From Hawaii
From Hawaii - 4 years ago
Great job!
Budo Fishing
Budo Fishing - 4 years ago
Great thing you were out there together! Side kicks saved the day! Be safe out there!!
tapuchan200 - 4 years ago
Hawaiian Batman saves the day!
shotgunaaron - 4 years ago
I think your buddy needs a new kayak. Looks a little old...
808aqua808 - 4 years ago
Good thing everything ok
Jay Choi
Jay Choi - 4 years ago
Very good video! And the team work! Right on
TBD Fishing
TBD Fishing - 4 years ago
Crazy! Glad everyone safe! Great video to share for safety!
keale s
keale s - 4 years ago
Wow!! What a j rd lesson!! 99% of the time I fish alone, from shore, but alone...I need to start wearing my PFD, I HAVE IT, BUT DON'T WEAR IT.... THANKS Dan for sharing.
chetyoder - 4 years ago
Does he use a scupper hole cart? as a roto-tool designer I can say the scupper holes are possibly the weakest part of the hull and should not be used for even stake out poles, during the rotational process there is no reliable way to assure of material thickness in these areas, get a Ctug
Grumpy's Workshop
Grumpy's Workshop - 3 years ago
Just bought a fishing kayak and was planning on making my own scupper hole cart. Thanks for posting on this video because I thought those points would be structurally stronger. Now I'll build or buy an under-hull cart instead.
RMund Mambo
RMund Mambo - 3 years ago
chetyoder I've seen other videos highlighting this very issue with scupper hole / cart damage.
MEHERIO LIFE - 4 years ago
Mahalo for sharing... ! Need to check my board once in a while!
Rob Madrigal
Rob Madrigal - 4 years ago
Saved by the Side Kicks and a strong paddling partner! That was one close call. Thanks for sharing, a good lesson for all of us!

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