Kayak Bass Fishing w/ Kayakjak

A day on the lake is therapy for the soul!

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A day on the lake is therapy for the soul!

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James gaming
James gaming - 5 years ago
Hey Marty love your vids
Harold Clendenen
Harold Clendenen - 7 years ago
Really good music.
BamaBass13 - 8 years ago
sweet video man, love some good yak bassin!
Linda Wheeler
Linda Wheeler - 8 years ago
Nice, what kind of lure was that?  Looks like a popper of some kind.
riley wood
riley wood - 8 years ago
David Tillison
David Tillison - 9 years ago
I have to agree with the two previous posters. Leave the music out! Geeeeez!
Franky B
Franky B - 9 years ago
yep music sucked hard i ended up muting..
Matt Joost
Matt Joost - 9 years ago
kool ass video. what top water lure were you using? a frog?
John Andrews
John Andrews - 9 years ago
yep turned it off posted this and left

10. comment for Kayak Bass Fishing w/ Kayakjak

FishinFanatics7 - 9 years ago
I do think its a GREAT video but it would be really cool without the music
frixtx - 9 years ago
I like the music and the video. Do what you feel. There's no rules. That's the beauty of this format. If you made a video called eating boogers it would get a million hits. So what.
Fishin' Ain't Easy
Fishin' Ain't Easy - 9 years ago
Nice job! Nothing like a topwater strike Check out some of my bass and other fishing adventures in the DC area and sub-back, please!
STK's Adventure Channel
STK's Adventure Channel - 9 years ago
Sweet video! I like the music...
bassnbows - 9 years ago
I agree with your description 101%!
fishin mid bama
fishin mid bama - 9 years ago
Nice fish man! Check out some of my recent kayak fishing sometime!
Broke Yakin
Broke Yakin - 10 years ago
Mute it and open your window.
YoloMcSwag - 10 years ago
That's awesome makes me want to go kayaking
YoloMcSwag - 10 years ago
That makes me want o go kayaking
SteeLersFaNaTiC1980 - 10 years ago
Nice video but next time try and show the Coosa off a little more for the fishing machine it is, STAND UP AND FISH!

20. comment for Kayak Bass Fishing w/ Kayakjak

sweetsilage - 10 years ago
liked the music,, totally fit the video ;-)
Jerry Gowins
Jerry Gowins - 10 years ago
I totally agree with the others. I like watching your vids, but PLEASE ditch the music.
COZMO D - 10 years ago
better with out music
COZMO D - 10 years ago
i titaly agree
Paul Warwick
Paul Warwick - 10 years ago
Makes me wanna go fishing.
drumr8 - 10 years ago
Music no... I keep my Kayak paddle stapped on the side (Main Motor) when I start fishing and us my Basspro retractable emergency paddle for my trolling motor - can paddle with one hand and play the fish with the other -- $14.00 bucks helps out a bunch -- Keith
James Soileau
James Soileau - 10 years ago
This "music" makes the video difficult to watch. Try a repost, with the sounds of reality, and nature. Happy weekend.
George Maskiell
George Maskiell - 10 years ago
fI agree about the music, if you're going to ad music, make it quite and part of the background only. This is the reason I do not watch the program "Fly Nation" on TV, the music is loud and awful. Fishing, especially in the wild is about fishing, not music.
Gewglesux - 10 years ago
i would drown in NY minute... love to fish, love to kayak. but i would not do them together.. aint no way aint no how... I admire the heck out of people who can though... i tried it in a canoe once with a horrible result. I applaud you though.. no 60k Bassboat, fancy screens to tell you where the fish at. keeping it simple.. welldone!
leadfeet31 - 10 years ago
I think it totally depends on the type of music being played, and even at this point I'm not being impartial, considering the diversity of musical tastes that there can be...I'm w/you on the nature sounds, they have to be incorporated, or, I should say, not excluded, they ARE the video in a lot of cases. I don't have music on my fishing videos, but some of my favorite videos on here features a nice mix of music incorporated w/the sounds of nature.

30. comment for Kayak Bass Fishing w/ Kayakjak

Greg Milewski
Greg Milewski - 10 years ago
I happen to like the choice of music. To each their own. For some types of videos, especially edited videos, it can be tough with talking in the video because it can become disjointed unless you do a voice over after the editing. For this type of video I personally enjoy the music. Just my opinion.
oknasob - 10 years ago
*Jeep Wave
Justin B.
Justin B. - 10 years ago
Good video, but a little advice for next time: Videos, especially fishing videos, are a LOT better without music. Especially the music you chose. I hate to be negative, but it's a little constructive criticism. Talk to the camera, let the viewer hear nature sounds and the sound of the water splashing during a strike. There is nothing better than a fishing video without music. Trust me.
whiteykauai - 10 years ago
you should try my stuff
shayne202 - 10 years ago
how goods the coosa ! just got one a month ago
Cameron Cholewa
Cameron Cholewa - 10 years ago
that northern was a little guy but slugged that popper with a vengeance. guy was on a mission
trentmcb97 - 10 years ago
that is a great spot try a koppers frog next time and work it realy slow but twich it alot!!!
TheVittleVlog - 10 years ago
Enjoyed the vid....great job!
Jack Hughes
Jack Hughes - 10 years ago
That's great, Marty. So peaceful. Great filming job by someone. CJ maybe? Guess I should have waited to the end before making a comment about who did the filming. Great job, Christian.
Jack Hughes
Jack Hughes - 10 years ago
That's great, Marty. So peaceful. Great filming job by someone. CJ maybe?
timexchen - 11 years ago
Kayakjak: wonderful fishing and music combo! I am jealous!

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