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Dapple - 4 years ago
Brett Miller
Brett Miller - 4 years ago
Lol there’s a dirt path at the end of the bridge fuckin fuck
Derman Derman
Derman Derman - 4 years ago
Lean back
Crystal D'Anunzio
Crystal D'Anunzio - 4 years ago
Anyone bring their dog kayaking? Love this https://www.zazzle.com/z/o4j1b?rf=238658110008133683
Muhamad Rofiq
Muhamad Rofiq - 4 years ago
Wkwkwkkw... Koplak
phdfxwg Fischercat
phdfxwg Fischercat - 4 years ago
my that was stupid !
Štranger Thįngs
Štranger Thįngs - 4 years ago
Like that wasn't gonna happen...
Dexs59 - 4 years ago
Lean forward is correct, if do not want to land on you face.
saucex - 4 years ago
you never lean back

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Celeste en vivienne Teken girls
Celeste en vivienne Teken girls - 4 years ago
Wat een sukel
David Hajjar
David Hajjar - 5 years ago
In kayaking it's actually the complete opposite!! you should lean forward with the paddle in front of you so it can get you upright when the paddle slaps the water. Lean forward dude!
tubesockets120v - 5 years ago
And I was worried he'd hit his head on the bridge.
Dobermans don't cry
Dobermans don't cry - 5 years ago
cool vid!!
little cringey kid on the Internet
little cringey kid on the Internet - 5 years ago
titanic 2 confirmed
bailey flores
bailey flores - 5 years ago
is this at Texas state?
mrBDeye - 5 years ago
Next time launch from side of bridge.
Buckwild 65
Buckwild 65 - 5 years ago
That is a crazy mofo
Robert Cole
Robert Cole - 5 years ago
gautenks - 5 years ago
'lean back XD'

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BandB1111111 - 5 years ago
Actually not a bad attempt...
Cold River
Cold River - 5 years ago
I just lost my phone kayaking;(
Dis Kid
Dis Kid - 5 years ago
The biggest fail here is that he paddled a Jackson
DraX - 6 years ago
Michael Laughlin
Michael Laughlin - 6 years ago
nailed it!
Safety Group
Safety Group - 6 years ago
That was great! Thanks for the video! Please check this out when you get a chance! http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0001/0001_01.asp
Fishing Pleasures
Fishing Pleasures - 6 years ago
At 0:01 I knew this wasn't gonna end well. Lol.
Avelynn Combs
Avelynn Combs - 5 years ago
I knew at 0:00 when I pressed on "Kayak Fail" xD
Matthew Klein
Matthew Klein - 6 years ago
This was in my recommendations
Bill P
Bill P - 6 years ago
more reasons why I choose very carefully the type of friends I have...
iiVIP3R PLAYS - 6 years ago
Why are you laughing he might be hurt

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M Langford
M Langford - 6 years ago
looks like a Jo Goob Cheaty thing
Justice ForAll
Justice ForAll - 6 years ago
What a stupid sport
rainmechanic - 6 years ago
Trust me, thats no a fail.. A fail would have been landing on the keel.. This is the guys first kayak dive and he did it from what looks to be at least 15 feet.. Most people wont even jump into water from 15 feet.. He did everything about as correct as anyone is ever going to get on their first attempt.. The nose was just a few degrees past a perfect entry.
Earl Tash
Earl Tash - 6 years ago
Here's ur sign.....LOL
Luke Levins
Luke Levins - 6 years ago
if your that low a paddler than u should at least have a pfd and a certified instructor
Jort Brakel
Jort Brakel - 6 years ago
What a idiot he even can't roll
F HS - 6 years ago
Tyler Withers
Tyler Withers - 6 years ago
what a idiot
Old man Joe
Old man Joe - 5 years ago
+Ryan Nelson
I think the term 'idiot' was used in reference to his lack of common sense.
Dr Manhattan
Dr Manhattan - 6 years ago
Baba Bootay
Baba Bootay - 6 years ago
+Tyler Withers *an
Hallking78 - 6 years ago
Ummmm, that's nuttin like ridin a horse down a hill
CyclOps Games
CyclOps Games - 6 years ago
Un gros blerot
CyclOps Games
CyclOps Games - 6 years ago
Un gros blerot
simoneywymney - 6 years ago
fast foward to 1.05
Luis Enrique
Luis Enrique - 5 years ago
Latch N Load
Latch N Load - 6 years ago
to funny
Sayedul Huda Chowdhury
Sayedul Huda Chowdhury - 6 years ago
SkankHunt42 - 6 years ago
Reeled You Inn
Reeled You Inn - 6 years ago
My grandpappy would say "That boy went ass over tea kettle"
Edward Vera
Edward Vera - 6 years ago
The laws of physics will get you all the time. Lol
freekuwait1000 - 6 years ago
Stupid people doing stupid things.
Leo Tapp
Leo Tapp - 6 years ago
I don't think wearing a spray deck would make that much difference if you are falling off a bridge into water. :D
Leo Tapp
Leo Tapp - 6 years ago
+Moonster Well not too much!
Moonster - 6 years ago
....yes it will. If you hold the paddle correctly for this small of a drop and don't land correctly you can just roll back over, so you do need the skirt
Kayak Málaga
Kayak Málaga - 7 years ago
que payaso el tonto ese ..... que se creia ????? que le saldría bien ????? ......

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Pascal Perez
Pascal Perez - 7 years ago
lol il arrive pas a esquimauter hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhaha
not jeremy
not jeremy - 7 years ago
gunlover120 - 7 years ago
why are people so stupid
kayakchrispy - 7 years ago
No helmet .. No life jacket.. No help in the water... Almost died
theballer04 - 6 years ago
+kayakchrispy No he didn't
South Alabama Outdoorsman
South Alabama Outdoorsman - 7 years ago
You gotta be an idiot to do that...
Marksman2oo7 - 7 years ago
what happens when he leans back, makes it, and slams the back of his head on the kayak when he hits the water? lol
Marksman2oo7 - 7 years ago
+beefcake3131 i've found that last statement out the hard way.
beefcake3131 - 7 years ago
+jhon skinman Yup, I knew a dude who was jumping off a river bank where other people were doing the same. He jumped just a little farther one direction and hit a submerged tree and it killed him. Shit can go wrong in a hurry on rivers.
Marksman2oo7 - 7 years ago
Darwinism at its best.
jhon skinman
jhon skinman - 7 years ago
Iol but for real everyday these kind of things turn tragic 
Marksman2oo7 - 7 years ago
+jhon skinman dang dude, you turned my joke into a 'final destination' movie.
jhon skinman
jhon skinman - 7 years ago
+Marksman2oo7 he would be out cold no life vest,no life ring to throw in then his friends wearing street clothes jump in hit a log and 2 people die
paighton klose
paighton klose - 7 years ago
Jeff - 7 years ago
feathered paddles are for idiots
tst.jpeg - 7 years ago
not bad at all for his first try
scott c
scott c - 7 years ago
his first time and last!!
pigskin1000 - 7 years ago
the only fail is that he didn't roll.  everything else was fine for the most part.
John Nelson
John Nelson - 7 years ago
Can you say, IDIOT?
Gerhard Reinig
Gerhard Reinig - 7 years ago
Was clear, what will happen.
Lisa Magni
Lisa Magni - 7 years ago
what an idiot he didn't think about the weight of his yak obviously lmao
AWildBard - 7 years ago
No one in this video knows what they are doing.
AWildBard - 7 years ago
He could have landed on the pavement as well.
AWildBard - 7 years ago
A strong push would have helped, and then the person in the boat can slightly control the angle of entry by leaning forward or back... but if you land flat, you could hurt your back.  His landing wasn't good, but at least he wasn't injured.
ConcordClark - 7 years ago
I thought Ace was going to lean back and fall off the railing. Epic fail all the way around. It did look kind of fun though.    ;)
Alexander Simmo
Alexander Simmo - 7 years ago
Sebastian Vreeburg
Sebastian Vreeburg - 7 years ago
Lol that hurts!
Fletcher DeMaine
Fletcher DeMaine - 7 years ago
What fail? That was awesome for a first try.
Juliette J
Juliette J - 5 years ago
yeah true
Alex McGruer
Alex McGruer - 6 years ago
+William Kennison Three more . Helmet, life-vest. Just because.
William Kennison
William Kennison - 7 years ago
2 words... Eskimo roll
AWildBard - 7 years ago
+Nick Dunca none of the people he was talking to knew what they were talking about anymore than the guy in the boat
Nick Dunca
Nick Dunca - 7 years ago
I really don't know what they expected with no training whatsoever and just a basic description of what to do.
PlanTedinOregon - 7 years ago
So, larapios  ...what did that feel like?  
Alkurt Silvestre
Alkurt Silvestre - 7 years ago
Zoe Bowman
Zoe Bowman - 7 years ago
Gomee a kayak, kayak, kayak, instead of a real car, look at me mr im a starrrrrrrrr!
Machine Gun Nest
Machine Gun Nest - 7 years ago
actually that was the best thing that could of happened because if he would have landed like he was sitting on the bridge he could have been paralyzed - collapsed his spine... paralyzed people would pay anything to walk again....THINK
Phteven Chevas
Phteven Chevas - 7 years ago
pull back and shove very fast.....try again
Rieksfier - 8 years ago
Funniest shit ever...
MPRdrummer - 8 years ago
"Don't higher the paddle" simple country boys with no education...
Tony Croucher
Tony Croucher - 8 years ago
Was he drunk!?
ReelGuyTv - 8 years ago
Someone needs to tell that dump mother fucker that at the end of bridge you can just walk down into the water with the kayak. 
TheEllenShow - 8 years ago
He should have tried the dare on 13Horror com instead!!!
14nnariman - 8 years ago
how did he get there?
shizukagozen777 - 4 years ago
No, "he", the dude in the kayak.
TheHornet79 - 7 years ago
Related videos. 
Orange Kayak
Orange Kayak - 8 years ago
kayaks and rednecks don't mix
Jack Hubler
Jack Hubler - 8 years ago
wut a bich :)
emailapps14 - 8 years ago
Seems like a bad idea to get into a kayak that's on the edge of a bridge- you could get seriously hurt
rovers141 - 8 years ago
Lol! Lean back doesn't mean lean forward until the boat is falling ya dummy! It's a bit too late to lean back when you're already in a nose dive
Michal P
Michal P - 8 years ago
Mein Gott, was für eine Nase! :)
Adam Paulin
Adam Paulin - 8 years ago
Leaning back is the right thing to do, but not in the way he did it, as you lean back you should try to pull your legs to your chest, thus keeping the nose up, just leaning your body back doesn't make much difference on it's own.
theoriginalON - 7 years ago
no this is flat water if he boofed it it would fuck up his back, he should have had a helmet on and tucked his head to the cockpit and had his paddle lined up straight on either side just like you would a for a bigger drop. Anyways leaning back on a boof is a terrible idea its all about your boof stroke and knees/core, by the time you hit the water your boat should be flat and you should be leaning far forward with your paddle in front of you.
SubieLift Oz
SubieLift Oz - 8 years ago
At least he could have rolled. No helmet indicating previous head trauma resulting in brain damage
Ben H
Ben H - 4 years ago
Dont need to protect if you dont have anything to protect!
IM DEPLORABLE - 4 years ago
you mean dain barman lol
RedAxe98 - 8 years ago
youre supposed to lean forward 
SteepVisions - 7 years ago
+RedAxe98 He would've fucked that up, as leaning forward will make the boat go over-vert. The guy have him simpler instructions.
carol meiners
carol meiners - 8 years ago
Oh boy
carol meiners
carol meiners - 8 years ago
Don't know what to say really no comment lol like I said dumbass
Krombopulos Michael
Krombopulos Michael - 8 years ago
Lol. Well the whole "Lean Back" part didn't help at all. He was leaning as far back as he could, his back was flat to the kayak.
Withme Whostoned
Withme Whostoned - 8 years ago
About the best time to try to figure out how to do it.
erik wahl
erik wahl - 8 years ago
What did he espect?
NalmsMC - 8 years ago
Butler Family
Butler Family - 8 years ago
he couldnt lean any further back than that. thank you for the entertainment. keep it up
george easton
george easton - 8 years ago
lean back?? Bad advisse
Liuatutube - 8 years ago
the only fail is he didn't roll
Serendip - 8 years ago
"Almost" - Darwin.
LeafItToM3 - 8 years ago
classic Brandon
Patriot Calvin Kirby 111% 4 life!
Patriot Calvin Kirby 111% 4 life! - 9 years ago
A+ for style on face first lol

100. comment for Kayak Fail

rwaterman00 - 9 years ago
Hahaha awsome. Shoulda thrown a brown claw
Mike Martino
Mike Martino - 9 years ago
More balls than some posers on here.
Chris Warner
Chris Warner - 9 years ago
Whole time im like "how...did he think... that this.... was a... GOOD idea???"
morecrows gta
morecrows gta - 9 years ago
how did he even get up there in the first place?
SquidGunman - 9 years ago
HAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Stupid White Trash.....
kam2057 - 9 years ago
ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!! Lotta fun!! Bahahahaha!!
Mike Jordan
Mike Jordan - 9 years ago
In his defense that was a really far drop
arnold salvador
arnold salvador - 9 years ago
Lol idiot wathha fuck
Miroo Fehrman
Miroo Fehrman - 9 years ago
Ou fail :)
thesnodude5150 - 9 years ago
At least he tried it
boris petrovic
boris petrovic - 9 years ago
What a bunch of morons
Kristofer Sigmarsson
Kristofer Sigmarsson - 9 years ago
hi =)
William Wester
William Wester - 9 years ago
No, don't. With things like this it's all about the anticipation.
UNLIMITED POWER - 9 years ago
the FAIL is the length of the video !!!
Eric W
Eric W - 9 years ago
ok, no experience what so ever and try's a fall with pfd.....idiot. You could of seriously hurt yourself,dude.
HBCult - 9 years ago
no bueno.
Travis Mathis
Travis Mathis - 9 years ago
Lean back....... damit
fatsweeps - 9 years ago
amazing video :) please check out my channel fatsweeps if you have a spare couple minutes theres a great selection of vid's for everybody, let me know what you think thank you :)
jonh doe
jonh doe - 9 years ago
willi1127 - 9 years ago
Vid starts at 1:05 ur welcome
koen vr
koen vr - 9 years ago
OWN FAULT!!!!!!!
GermanAf - 9 years ago
Nope he cant he can Roll or get out of the kayak this is so easy every baby can do that ^^
TonyHerstal - 9 years ago
Matthew Stone
Matthew Stone - 9 years ago
hes okay though but its funny
Don Key
Don Key - 9 years ago
who held his beer?
hooih iäonoino
hooih iäonoino - 9 years ago
1:04 for fail
Dylan Redman
Dylan Redman - 9 years ago
JennyCatt - 9 years ago
Oh, so this hilarious moment (that happened to be caught on camera) wasn't meant to happen...
makus hayat
makus hayat - 9 years ago
he dint let guy push him,idiot:)))
Jim Liljendal
Jim Liljendal - 9 years ago
KILLRomez B - 9 years ago
lean back! *leans back* ...fails lmao
Devin Feucht
Devin Feucht - 9 years ago
That had to hurt and why do this in the first place
brandon boland
brandon boland - 9 years ago
is the guy in the kayak named ed?
raymond bonilla
raymond bonilla - 9 years ago
@johnrambo871 LOL
noxinixon1 - 9 years ago
Noxinixon's album Kayak is not a fail.
Jared Simpson
Jared Simpson - 9 years ago
this is his first time and he is launching from that height
JEAN-BAPTISTE Varnier - 9 years ago
c'est con
johnrambo871 - 9 years ago
wtf did he think was gonna happen!! i fear for the human race...
Hajger A.
Hajger A. - 9 years ago
im still at 0:12 and i already see what is going to happen-.-
flakkes stones
flakkes stones - 9 years ago
Syn Gates
Syn Gates - 9 years ago
Lean back they said, It will be fun they said.
Josue Cepeda
Josue Cepeda - 9 years ago
go to 1:04 for action
brownj0811 - 9 years ago
2 words Dick head
tom435111 - 9 years ago
we're going to hell :p
Weedster - 9 years ago
looks like hes blowing out a bong hit with the reflection at 0:38 lol
MaToF666 - 9 years ago
skip to ----> 1:03
jo3tag - 9 years ago
A dress huh??? You may wear a dress, but real men wear skirts. Its a spray skirt.
Drew Senior
Drew Senior - 9 years ago
what the fuck did he think was gunna happen
qreenskiesblueqrass - 9 years ago
did you hear someone yell lean back as he was falling?
Connor Coultas
Connor Coultas - 9 years ago
It is really funny because they told him to lean back which is the opposite of what you want to do. lol
DatDueliWon Xcel'd
DatDueliWon Xcel'd - 9 years ago
wtf? he wouldn't do it if he couldn't swim to the top...
Nate - 9 years ago
maybe if you don't know how to get out of a kayak upside down. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't do it without know how
John Howard
John Howard - 9 years ago
Dumb ass
TOXIC EDITZ - 9 years ago
Foinnse - 9 years ago
They were giving him totally wrong advice! Dummies. Oh well, he popped his deck okay anyway!
Jacob Fredrik Østhassel
Jacob Fredrik Østhassel - 9 years ago
1:00 you're welcome...
Josh Guzek
Josh Guzek - 9 years ago
favorite video on youtube. nuff said
janellarie - 9 years ago
Lmao what a fucking dumbass
carson willett.
carson willett. - 9 years ago
No hes not locked in thats called a dress and he can pull a tab and it comes off easily
Samuel Stuhlinger
Samuel Stuhlinger - 9 years ago
but he got out?
fridderscapepkz - 9 years ago
he could drown he is locked in....
Wordpress Tutorials
Wordpress Tutorials - 9 years ago
"Soon" ....
doublix .dope
doublix .dope - 9 years ago
Vault Boy
Vault Boy - 9 years ago
Johnny Riffs
Johnny Riffs - 9 years ago
shoenice brought me here
tAnKblackops - 9 years ago
shoenice :D
Esh340 - 9 years ago
"Lean Back"
IronFist - 9 years ago
playing with death
anon ymous
anon ymous - 9 years ago
1:05 thank me later
Robbie Moody
Robbie Moody - 9 years ago
fuck sake
3093Andrew - 9 years ago
XularusXIII - 9 years ago
That's why it's funny :P
asmb100 - 9 years ago
Don't try this at home, there's probably not a bridge spanning a river in your house.
Orteiga100 - 9 years ago
1:04 You're welcome.
Jhon Wayne
Jhon Wayne - 9 years ago
hhahhahaahhaha dobre w chuj :D
Blue Atlas
Blue Atlas - 9 years ago
only watched to 28 secs and already detecting pain in the near future
Matt 50680
Matt 50680 - 9 years ago
Jelloz104 - 9 years ago
Cause we own this world and are now bored.
nocamo33 - 9 years ago
Why do humans do such stooopid things. Meep. Meep.
Xorgoph - 9 years ago
inkedkid13 - 9 years ago
Lmao!!!! What a stupid bitch!!! HAHAHAHAHA
TNT123 - 9 years ago
darwin from amazing world of gumball???
TAC - 9 years ago
MrPowerCube is the best
themanwiththeplan o ya
themanwiththeplan o ya - 9 years ago
omg did he get a concussion
KrystynaJ C
KrystynaJ C - 9 years ago
i love your intellectual banter
drifta - 9 years ago
YOLO is the perfect excuse to be a complete idiot.
oliver smith
oliver smith - 9 years ago
Joseph Fuchs
Joseph Fuchs - 9 years ago
Jason L
Jason L - 9 years ago
Yolo is not an excuse to be a complete idiot.
chipmunksoldiers - 9 years ago
bunch of red necks
Joseph Fuchs
Joseph Fuchs - 9 years ago
DANGELOOR - 9 years ago
thank you :D
Mela Bekisz
Mela Bekisz - 9 years ago
ciekawe co by zrobili jakby się utopił :.. Śmiesznie by było co nie ? :0 .
RSBSTEADICAM - 9 years ago
Yea hold that paddle above your head so that way you'll break both arms. The moral: You're stupid and your friend's advice is even more so! Now you know why all but you wear helmets and flotation devices! Go take a class somewhere will ya!!!
hawksdawgs - 9 years ago
Wasnt it also Darwin who said we came from a retard mutant fish-frog that had buttsex with a monkey?
Guambomb_Pompy_671 - 9 years ago
That looks like Indian river in Theresa, NY back road
logitechstanton - 9 years ago
this video has THE PERFECT amount of suspense! don't skip to the end.
JayDee - 9 years ago
Hi, my name is Later. Thanks.
monsproduction - 9 years ago
learn how to roll a kayak!
kayakerguy - 9 years ago
Nice PFD and helmet. There should be a consolation Darwin award for you.
Evan Reineman
Evan Reineman - 9 years ago
pretty sure you would want to take stroke off of the bridge and lean FORWARD...just a little tip from us kayakers
Raynier Occ
Raynier Occ - 9 years ago
hahaha, stupid
ahoy394 - 9 years ago
its funny cuz he DID lean back and it still didnt work
jason ozzy
jason ozzy - 9 years ago
Everyone's thanking the top comment :) lol
jason ozzy
jason ozzy - 9 years ago
Thanks bro
Carl Lindewall
Carl Lindewall - 9 years ago
f a i l w h a l e
Tim Keenan
Tim Keenan - 9 years ago
y u gotta be such a nigga, nigga
stevie west
stevie west - 9 years ago
Thanks babe
Freddie Duggan
Freddie Duggan - 9 years ago
Brandon Foley
Brandon Foley - 9 years ago
how the hell did he get up there?
God of Doilys
God of Doilys - 9 years ago
I saw that coming
Ivan Georgiev
Ivan Georgiev - 9 years ago
its very simple
NeedForWeed - 9 years ago
he did get a bite
Borgman - 9 years ago
Thank you!
razorgxp - 9 years ago
Ryan Fager
Ryan Fager - 9 years ago
seal launch they said, it'll be fun they said
Cebx - 9 years ago
No good is coming from this.
syny ster
syny ster - 9 years ago
holly crap was that Stephan Feck in a kayak?
Slightly Amused Black Kid from the Suburbs
Slightly Amused Black Kid from the Suburbs - 9 years ago
wtf did he expect to happen?
NAPREDATOR - 9 years ago
well done, you're not funny
srryidonthaveaname - 9 years ago
'try to keep your nose up' loll, he obv. didnt listen tothat 1
Professor Booty
Professor Booty - 9 years ago
ODST drop.
Forever_Fan - 9 years ago
how the hell did he get up there is what i want to know
Mayanatai - 9 years ago
you're a stupid cunt backwards is tnuc diputs a er uoy
Mayanatai - 9 years ago
fuck you backwards is uoy kcuf
Mayanatai - 9 years ago
you're a stupid cunt backwards is tnuc diputs a er uoy
Khoi Nguyen
Khoi Nguyen - 9 years ago
lol backwards is lol
Hannah Roberts
Hannah Roberts - 9 years ago
1:06 lol
wwwtotalitaerde - 9 years ago
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Anton Khuu
Anton Khuu - 9 years ago
kinda saw it coming , as hes asking for instructions lol .
Nathaniel Ng
Nathaniel Ng - 9 years ago
Madam I'm Adam is backwards Madam I'm Adam
Deuce73 - 10 years ago
how the FUCK was that ever going to work out? fools
TheWerwelpe - 10 years ago
the jump is not interesting or even funny (in my opinion, it gave me even not a small smile)... and next time please show us also how he got into the boat before the jump.
Lippstak20 - 10 years ago
I thought Bob was spelt with two o's.
kerpele - 10 years ago
aussieosbourne - 10 years ago
eating dessert before dinner is backwards
Kevin Susman
Kevin Susman - 10 years ago
thnx dude XD
Dan Evans
Dan Evans - 10 years ago
Haha that made my day :)
Broke Yakin
Broke Yakin - 10 years ago
That went exactly as planned.
Ioan Cristian
Ioan Cristian - 10 years ago
what the fuck
Constantinos Vakakis
Constantinos Vakakis - 10 years ago
Why u are so idiot? Why?
b1ee2 - 10 years ago
ur friends are retarded. stay away from them . they are trying to kill you if you haven’t noticed.
Eli A
Eli A - 10 years ago
dog is backwards god... i just burst everyone's bubble didn't I
Spectrum - 10 years ago
It like that scene in Disney's pocahontas lol
Staff - 10 years ago
I always like the way every epic video involves a laughing audience, cheering people on into doing something stupid and then finally getting their best laugh.
itchmynipple - 10 years ago
hahaha the guy who said lean back is a dick, it didnt matter what he did, that kayak was going straight. also theres momentum when kayaking, this guy is just a straight up fuckin idiot.
Adrian M.
Adrian M. - 10 years ago
boobs backwards is ... well not boobs
frank backwards is knarf
mentalmario - 10 years ago
it is my responsibility(playes epic music)TO BREAK THE CHAIN
liam johnson
liam johnson - 10 years ago
hes a profentional
Connor Coultas
Connor Coultas - 10 years ago
leaning back caused that!!
themanwiththeplan o ya
themanwiththeplan o ya - 10 years ago
fuck kayaking
themanwiththeplan o ya
themanwiththeplan o ya - 10 years ago
omg that is such a good idea thanks :(
jamesmp5k - 10 years ago
Nikolajaren - 10 years ago
joshhaynes350 - 10 years ago
Saggin ... Read it backwards
JonathanRealWorldNews - 10 years ago
a Backwards is a. That the best I got.
getyaboogieon - 10 years ago
You dropped the ball on this one Darwin
Phill15 - 10 years ago
Leaning back was clearly shit advice
Angela Gutierrez
Angela Gutierrez - 10 years ago
CustardCream33 - 10 years ago
Racecar backwards is.. O.0
Alec Bishop
Alec Bishop - 10 years ago
mackattack7309 - 10 years ago
rats live on no evil stars
Frog Zee
Frog Zee - 10 years ago
Lean back bitch.
Jack Warren
Jack Warren - 10 years ago
i knew something bad was going to happen just by looking at the thumbnail
PirateOnLand lolzz
PirateOnLand lolzz - 10 years ago
how the fu ck did he come up there!?
mysteryman826 - 10 years ago
a button not tuba backwards is a button not tuba
bmx28kenilworth - 10 years ago
Dildo backwards is odlid
NAPREDATOR - 10 years ago
its gay to be not cool, its not cool to be gay
mirasvoboda - 10 years ago
No helmet, no life jacket, no Eskimo roll, bad angle when fall into water - it's hazarding with life...
VancouverCanucksRock - 10 years ago
Nope, but to die from doing this, you'd have to be a large vagine
iHasMiND - 10 years ago
bob is backwards bob....
TheBassking15 - 10 years ago
does saying that make you feel big or feel like you have power?
NAPREDATOR - 10 years ago
step on no pets backwards is step on no pets
iHasMiND - 10 years ago
racecar backwards is racecar
dacatmaster83 - 10 years ago
Fake and Gay
jjcmark1 - 10 years ago
Brandon did not lean back
Anime4 Mii
Anime4 Mii - 10 years ago
i wanted to see him float like a dead body xD
Josh Lemon
Josh Lemon - 10 years ago
"Hold it over your head?" Yeah, if you want dislocated shoulders. IDIOT. I have seal launched off several bridges, and have been hurt and seen friends hurt doing it. Blown eardrums, internal bleeding, etc. At least lean back, dumbass. And yeah, I still do it.
VancouverCanucksRock - 10 years ago
What a pussy
mrBorkD - 10 years ago
What did they think was going to happen?
أ.س البدور
أ.س البدور - 10 years ago
ههههههههههههه الله ياخذ عقله
austin kenerly
austin kenerly - 10 years ago
1:05 if you REALLY cant wait
ZENKOT KOTZEN - 10 years ago
Murillo Aikau
Murillo Aikau - 10 years ago
kkkkk q doidooo
betteldottel - 10 years ago
mh,.....why did i know this already when i startet the clip?
Byron ARMSTRONG - 10 years ago
too bad its upside down
mike c
mike c - 10 years ago
he did better than i thought, lol
calvin kran
calvin kran - 10 years ago
1:05 omg
DJ Shelter 305
DJ Shelter 305 - 10 years ago
There aren't any empty beer cans laying around there, are there?
mrmilk51 - 10 years ago
A drowning banana
Allan Ballan
Allan Ballan - 10 years ago
fuckin' smart
Blackhawk97x - 10 years ago
If i had a dollar for each pixel, i would have 50 cents
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump - 10 years ago
you idiots why would you tell him to do that and this was filmed by a vacuum.
BonesTheCat - 10 years ago
I'm assuming this wasn't planned at University. Even if he DID land flat ... which was never gonna happen without forward momentum ... he'd end up with a back injury from spinal jarring and probably facial injuries from face butting the kayak...
jose lopers pons
jose lopers pons - 10 years ago
jjajajaja te lo mereces por tonto
Hadie Islam
Hadie Islam - 10 years ago
lol, it was a joke, im American :P
Ufuckinwot - 10 years ago
Get over yourself man. You kind of people are why we can't ever get along.
Hadie Islam
Hadie Islam - 10 years ago
etcrobb - 10 years ago
Seems the bank would have been easy or maybe jump then push the rest of the gear over to him.
MrTwinn75212 - 10 years ago
how come he just didnt walk down the bank
7anonimo1 - 10 years ago
Love the accent! LMAO
eXQUiZiTMiMe - 10 years ago
what if he wasnt able to come out of it???? he could have drowned
KamikazeKoscki - 10 years ago
Brave Soul, great job
BoldlyPoliPranks - 10 years ago
omg thats crazy.. lol.. how is he suppose to lean back when he gota lean forward to take off??? lmao they set him up
Noam Binyamin
Noam Binyamin - 10 years ago
mrmilk51 - 10 years ago
When he fell he looked like a banana
Callum McMahon
Callum McMahon - 10 years ago
i would of told him to tuck and keep foward
j3nnw1th2ns - 10 years ago
So funny. Check your messages - I PM'd you the other day.
Shazarul Abd Razi
Shazarul Abd Razi - 10 years ago
1:05 Nigga ohohohohooho
Shazarul Abd Razi
Shazarul Abd Razi - 10 years ago
1:05 here we go
Adam Eccles
Adam Eccles - 10 years ago
1:00 to see him fail xD
donnellymma - 10 years ago
lol seeing the picture to this .. i knew the end result hahahahah
nick moore
nick moore - 10 years ago
damn, i thought he was going to fall back onto the road
ElecDIY - 10 years ago
He didn't do it as bad as i thought...
jayratch - 10 years ago
Seems like it could be fun. I've jumped off bridges like that, never thought to try it in my yak. If he'd known how to roll, he would have been fine.
runningwithsizzors21 - 10 years ago
ya if you get good at doing that (the right way) you can drop in by having you kayak parallel to the bridge and barrel rolling down in.
eileen jewell
eileen jewell - 10 years ago
Katherine Hull
Katherine Hull - 10 years ago
jmr1068204 - 10 years ago
Brandon needs some new friends or family...whoever those people are. Get in by the shore like a normal person. Though Brandon apparently isn't too bright or he would realize that any boat gets in by the shore.
PuckDaddy12 - 10 years ago
I'm gonna be that guy... you're supposed to kiss the kayak and set your paddle parallel to the kayak... :)
uwmil13 - 10 years ago
Like if i saved you guys a gay Min. 1:03
CaseyColleen93 - 10 years ago
skip to 1:04
coasterkiller05 - 10 years ago
I was Hoping that a Huge Truck would pass by and hit the kayak in the back but that would have been to good to be true
Matias Diaz Duran
Matias Diaz Duran - 10 years ago
Skip it to 1:00 If u cant wait
eKunGaming - 10 years ago
lol. Fail. thats what i was trying to get across.
Jakenator1296 - 10 years ago
ahhh, rednecks at their peak
Samuel Sandor
Samuel Sandor - 10 years ago
sometimes im happy we have retards to entertain us
blackopsisbeastify - 10 years ago
when you see someone in a kayak on a bridge going into water you know its not going to work
NAPREDATOR - 10 years ago
kayak backwards is kayak
MrLikaBaws - 10 years ago
thats actualy what you do you are supose to land like that
griffin campbell
griffin campbell - 10 years ago
speedracer394 - 10 years ago
MaxGo - 10 years ago
1:06 it's the best! :D
your wifes boyfriend
your wifes boyfriend - 10 years ago
RcLlamadude - 10 years ago
you pull up with your legs, which tilts the kayak back. leaning back actually tilts it forwards.
Lissy Baby
Lissy Baby - 10 years ago
mother fucker!!!! stupid MEN ,,,, .|.
Gecko Theory
Gecko Theory - 10 years ago
hahahaha funny as!
motoman616 - 10 years ago
that was epic...i only clciked cuz i thought someone was gonna get hurt
rhianna powell
rhianna powell - 10 years ago
he could've died
punyo4u - 10 years ago
Its easy to land. He just shouldnt have leaned back like he did.
punyo4u - 10 years ago
Ok, so he was given some bad advice and shouldnt be makeing a launch of that height if he dosent know what hes doing. But still! At least he had the balls to do it! Not sure if thats a good thing or not
Ted Chaffman
Ted Chaffman - 10 years ago
serious Q, what was supposed to happen?!?!?!!!???
Brausefritz - 10 years ago
what a looser... such an easy jump and you fuck it up. Hope your back doesn't hurt too much!
PhantomLord6666 - 10 years ago
... No helmet. No B.A. The fuck?
Chris Ichthys
Chris Ichthys - 10 years ago
Mark m
Mark m - 10 years ago
Skip to 1min 6 sec.
Fred - 10 years ago
The only fail were the dumbasses that were teaching the poor guy.
The Reason Why Guy
The Reason Why Guy - 10 years ago
physics... people need to learn it XD Equal and opposite force anyone? If you lean back, you apply an opposite rotation force, meaning that as you lean back, the nose tilts forward. Anyway, not trying to say you needed to know that, just posting it for the heck of it :)
k2chris1983 - 10 years ago
And no one at the bottom to do a "hand of god"
X8802 - 10 years ago
no sir. Noob, and Newb are two different things. What're you, 8?
eKunGaming - 10 years ago
noob means newbie which means someone who is new to something. you noob.
Jack L
Jack L - 10 years ago
happens to the best of us, kayakers.
Brad Razzi
Brad Razzi - 10 years ago
i new itt !!! lol lmfao EPIC FAIL !!! def worth the watch tho
leandro henrique
leandro henrique - 10 years ago
que ideia de porco quem concorda da joinha
orkcooper - 10 years ago
A boof fae that hieght could break your back.
YouSirAreNoob - 10 years ago
Thanos Papantonopoulos
Thanos Papantonopoulos - 10 years ago
this guy looks like one from the jackass films!!!!
Gunner3210 - 10 years ago
Weliton Rodrigues
Weliton Rodrigues - 10 years ago
Donkey.. .
scatcat1994 - 10 years ago
That couldn't really have went much worse :L
itsyaboi - 10 years ago
the first minute and 6 seconds are a waste of time
PowerToolFun - 10 years ago
1:07 he is weird
xpez - 10 years ago
matthew cervantes
matthew cervantes - 10 years ago
Strike| | \/
russman113 - 10 years ago
when you lean back you counteract your loss of balance with your feet which dips the bow. another show from physics.
Anna z
Anna z - 10 years ago
Rob Compton
Rob Compton - 10 years ago
"Like you're riding a horse down a hill" NO
FunDouchebaag - 10 years ago
AHAHAHAH the video should be longer because we don't know what happened to him!!!!!!!!
Crazyman1212 - 10 years ago
here is an idea, get in by the shore
pramme30 - 10 years ago
@369Hero ehm... I agree (i guess)
Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy - 10 years ago
Kenny Dwigans
Kenny Dwigans - 10 years ago
lol ... and now he's dead... lol, jk hope your alright lol lol !
Todd Polk
Todd Polk - 10 years ago
Poor guy fell into peer pressure. Just because everyone else jumps off a bridge doesn't mean you should. I wonder if the guys behind the camera can boof off the top beam of a bridge. Doubt it. Funny stuff!
Drayton Murphy
Drayton Murphy - 10 years ago
what an idiot
stfuliberal - 10 years ago
@nikofiore Hey douche bag. Americans, with a cap.
Nicola - 10 years ago
no helmet, no life jacket, reverse paddle... no brain ... only americans can...
Shadow Shadow
Shadow Shadow - 10 years ago
@jo3tag kayak expert right here
I'm Here to Say
I'm Here to Say - 10 years ago
@patj24 You clearly are a Class A fuckin' idiot for not realizing that this is for HUMOR. You = FAIL!
Thijs Hoevenaars
Thijs Hoevenaars - 10 years ago
1:04 is the title
fisherman tici
fisherman tici - 10 years ago
are you normal
42Unk - 10 years ago
Natural selection has it's eyes on you
Harlan Hughes
Harlan Hughes - 10 years ago
Don't do this!! And damn sure don't boof it!!! He would be in a wheel chair had he boofed it !!!
patj24 - 10 years ago
Worst advice ive ever heard, clearly inexperienced paddler trying to teach a non-paddler, and really use common sense, wheres your helmet and PFD sometimes i wonder where people get trained.
jo3tag - 10 years ago
Shame on you, having a noob do a launch of that height. Hell no you don't lean back, pull off with the paddle and lift your legs to raise the bow for a boof. Leaning back does......well, just what you see here, pushes the nose down.
alanator - 10 years ago
worst advice ever! you never lean back! he should have gotten a good push from his friend so that he boofed the landing. also, you never want to raise your paddle above your head; that's how you dislocate your shoulders. tuck it to the side or keep it braced against your deck and out of your face.
Varg Vikernes
Varg Vikernes - 10 years ago
1:00 to skip the shit

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