Kayak Fisherman hit by Boat

Check out Michael Rischer from KayakFishingOregon.com as he was nearly run over by a fishing boat while kayak fishing for Sturgeon near Portland Oregon. Scary as hell! Bright orange flag on a Visipole and 14" orange buoy still aren't even close to enough to be seen by everyone. I took his picture after because I wasn't sure if he was going to stop. He did return after.

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Check out Michael Rischer from KayakFishingOregon.com as he was nearly run over by a fishing boat while kayak fishing for Sturgeon near Portland Oregon. Scary as hell! Bright orange flag on a Visipole and 14" orange buoy still aren't even close to enough to be seen by everyone. I took his picture after because I wasn't sure if he was going to stop. He did return after.

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hector madrid
hector madrid - 4 years ago
when he open the vest, I thought he was gone to get the gun out. I would.
Sky Max
Sky Max - 4 years ago
Clickbait fake incident, why would you be making a video of yourself sitting in you're Kayak doin' nothing?
Seth Winters
Seth Winters - 4 years ago
The man was either drunk, or getting a blowjob from his sister.
waveali P
waveali P - 4 years ago
How the fugg? Was he drunk or something? All that open water and he still managed to hit you. You did great keeping your cool with this tool.
Edward Myers
Edward Myers - 4 years ago
Idiot should retrieve the selfie's stick and redord the boat that hit him
Stan Lee
Stan Lee - 4 years ago
Kayakers are like bicyclist of the water ,love watching them get hit
mike johnson
mike johnson - 4 years ago
How can they not see with that orange flag in the back? All electro/gas motor vassals should required operation license!
Captain Freddy
Captain Freddy - 4 years ago
No excuse for violence and hitting another boat is certainly a form of violence, so while not condoning violence of any form whatsoever I do ask what else happened in this story because I am sure there is more here than we are being told/shown. The kayaker showed no surprise, this is surely an ongoing situation...
kyle warmerdam
kyle warmerdam - 4 years ago
Good job on keeping your calm. I would have been hotter than a half screwed fox in a Forrest fire

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Bobby Deren
Bobby Deren - 4 years ago
Hit from astern.  Photo evidence.
Mr Robb
Mr Robb - 4 years ago
Big boats rule baby
Andrew k Adams
Andrew k Adams - 4 years ago
Damn, was the motard drunk or what?
Russ Mealman
Russ Mealman - 4 years ago
Always call the sheriff, this needs to be reported and prosecuted.
Matthew Bernard
Matthew Bernard - 4 years ago
I cannot believe they just bailed. I would've sank their fuckin boat after leaving them face down in the water
MrCR500AF - 4 years ago
no excuse but accidents do happen,extremely unlikely he hit him on purpose.Good possibility the passenger sitting in front of the the jon boat blocked the view of the kayaker from the guy at the helm ? I am constantly concerned of obstructed view with passengers in my boat.sometimes ask them to sit next to me or behind when trying to keep an eye on channel markers,other boats etc.
FatBack Fishing
FatBack Fishing - 4 years ago
Fatback fishing says you should have been paying more attention.Were you asleep or something?
ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ - 4 years ago
WOW! Then fires up the kicker and putts away? One foot more portside and it would have been tragic. Hopefully they suffered the consequences of their failure to control their rig. I was night fishing at Ray Roberts 10 years ago, my rig was lit fore to aft (it was my bowfishing rig) while crappie fishing and got nailed. I woke up in the hospital and his drunk ass and buddies fled. Thank God others were out as well that witnessed it and saved my life and my wife's. She was bruised up pretty good me a lot more than bruises. Parks and Wildlife found them stalled out in the middle of the lake taking on water, everyone of them was put through the wringer twice then my insurance company got a hold of them, for every dollar they earn 35 cents is garnished started after 2 got out of prison. They will die never to see a full dollar earned, not to mention what the game wardens seized. Your video made me whince a little, glad your ok!
schouvler15 - 4 years ago
Wow way to take it like a champ i would of lost it
zalmaflash - 4 years ago
I do not believe this was real. 100% set up.

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Mic Baca
Mic Baca - 4 years ago
all of the guys who do this are the same age and look. Baseball hat. lower 60's. Grump old assholes who don't care.
Stephen Lavoie
Stephen Lavoie - 4 years ago
probably had a Hillary sticker on the side of the kayak we couldn't see so he got hit on purpose
MrTonymusic - 4 years ago
I don't know what that look to you, but to me that was intentional.
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas - 4 years ago
Maybe you should get a real boat. Those look like hardcore vietnam vets and they should beat you up for being out there in your dingy....
Michel Pierre
Michel Pierre - 4 years ago
quels abrutis ces 2 vieux encore des ivrognes
tom reta
tom reta - 4 years ago
Those kayaks are a menace, especially in saltwater. No flags, green color and on the open water. They're the new jet ski problem.
Frankie Door
Frankie Door - 4 years ago
I’m wondering if they ever got these idiots on that boat
twigglykevin - 4 years ago
guy must be one hell of a fisherman with patience like that. fuck i woulda been in the water right now before they got back underway with any rope or fishing line i could grab, trying to foul their prop so they couldnt fuck off like they did
samdon815 - 4 years ago
Yackers on the water are like bicyclers on the road. Impediments.
Roostersnake Shackleford
Roostersnake Shackleford - 4 years ago
stupid old fucks. get off the water if you are too old to drive.

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Tim Adkins
Tim Adkins - 4 years ago
I would have called 911
Swashbuckling Adventures
Swashbuckling Adventures - 4 years ago
They RETURNED after??? What happened then??
Swashbuckling Adventures
Swashbuckling Adventures - 4 years ago
THAT WAS FLAT OUT INTENTIONAL!! I would've lost it. Two guys in the drink and me in a boat home. As they're going away you can CLEARLY see BOTH are standing up looking up!! WTF???
Daniel Barnes
Daniel Barnes - 4 years ago
All that fucking space, what a retarded fuck !!!
Fisherman Barry
Fisherman Barry - 4 years ago
I did not get hit while out kayaking but it sure was close. Check out the 30 second mark in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x21OipGjDhA I was bass fishing in the California delta and about 30 of these speed boats came by me out of nowhere Gotta keep an eye out at all times.
Harry Rainey, Jr.
Harry Rainey, Jr. - 4 years ago
That's one reason, i fish Ozello in Florida. It's so full of oyster and sand bars, jackasses like this don't venture in there.
Brandin Ellis
Brandin Ellis - 4 years ago
Tgat is so fucking annoying lol omg
T Mura
T Mura - 4 years ago
Nice of them to grab your paddle for you... : /
Sir Archibald VonTaternuts The 69th Esq.
Sir Archibald VonTaternuts The 69th Esq. - 4 years ago
Damn, he only came back cuz you took a picture. He would have dipped for sure if he didn't see you whip out your camera.
mattdidit84 - 4 years ago
DeadBondage Livin Outdoors
DeadBondage Livin Outdoors - 4 years ago
He had the whole fucking lake and ran into the kayaker..SMFH
jeremyviromek - 4 years ago
I want to why someone films themselves doing the most boring sport know to man
Cory - 4 years ago
im not gana pull the tough guy act but i would of ended up in the back of a police car good on you for keeping ya cool
Haier 57
Haier 57 - 4 years ago
So wears the boat no words exchanged,???
Joey Fletcher
Joey Fletcher - 4 years ago
I often feel like boaters don’t like sharing the water with kayakers. To many time I have had close call with boats.
2jz Fox
2jz Fox - 4 years ago
Dumb drunk boaters. Have no business on the water
Nomad - 4 years ago
WTF !!!! It was as wide as an airfield ...How the hell did they do that ???? That bloke was so calm ...I'm afraid I would have found another use for my fishing weights : (
Darren Turner
Darren Turner - 4 years ago
The next hit would have been me hitting him!
bob miller
bob miller - 4 years ago
I would have taken a much different attitude towards the assholes in the boat....they would have heard quite a few choice words.
kell m
kell m - 4 years ago

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jason hunt
jason hunt - 4 years ago
this is the reason you always wear a pfd while on a kayak. You never know what window licking waste of working organs will come along and run you over. It could mean the difference between life and death.
Vue Lee
Vue Lee - 4 years ago
they loook like europeans, or russans whom seems to have no clue how to speak english.... Man, i can understand if you bump into them or they bumped into you, but they clearly 'not hit you; but instead, they tried to kill you... no one on the face of this country wants to go to the hospital with obama doesnt care. people like that have no right to be on any water ways. theyll kill someone next time.
Staged. Click baiter
sean lavis
sean lavis - 4 years ago
This guy is an idiot
BNT Fishing
BNT Fishing - 4 years ago
Rip to your paddle
Buck Shot
Buck Shot - 4 years ago
ROBIN HOOD - 4 years ago
Went thru this slow and on the big screen, Boat was up in the front pushing high out of water and the person on the bow was facing the operator in the line of sight and not helping seeing things like logs and I don't know KAYAKS maybe. WOW what idiots I am so happy you were not hurt, I give you points to taking this so well. I don't do well in those situations I am wound way to tight.
timwins31 - 4 years ago
There's no way in hell that was an accident in a boat that small with 100% visibility like that. Just no way.
Robert Devino
Robert Devino - 4 years ago
He might have only returned because you took the picture!
Dan Bolton
Dan Bolton - 4 years ago
Fuck those two old turdeaters. That’s a reason to call law enforcement!
Gman6755 - 4 years ago
You forgot to turn off your magic cloak of invisibility, that's why they did not see you! NIce of them to show such concern for you...
Chris Farr
Chris Farr - 4 years ago
Dude has no balls!!! Fuck them old farts!!
Billy Mack
Billy Mack - 4 years ago
Main thing and most important is your ok bro . Thats to close . Keep fishing on .
Tony From Syracuse
Tony From Syracuse - 4 years ago
Now theres a cool guy who has a good head on his shoulders. he didnt get hotheaded and start swearing at the dude, he just rolled with it.
TilDeath1776 US
TilDeath1776 US - 4 years ago
No they did it on purpose. He probably was fishing there dock and got mad. That wanted to tip him over and keep moving. Karma got em. Entire river and the hit him? If they hadn't got hung up , they never would've stopped. More to the story! Bunch ass clowns. He should've called sherriff
Giveaway G0D
Giveaway G0D - 4 years ago
lol americans, once again trying to be canadian lololol
mario condello
mario condello - 4 years ago
Old cunts shouldn't be driving or boating
C. Kinchman
C. Kinchman - 4 years ago
Keep in mind the boaters kept their cool.
no satisfaction
no satisfaction - 4 years ago
They new what they were doing....
Colorado Gix
Colorado Gix - 4 years ago
Lmao at the 200 horse motor on that piece of shit little boat.
Patrick hutson
Patrick hutson - 4 years ago
What a bunch of ass wipes
Mossy horn Hunter
Mossy horn Hunter - 4 years ago
Probably a drunk.
lashk - 4 years ago
its scary knowing that there are people that careless driving boats!!!
Footlockmaster Leopard
Footlockmaster Leopard - 4 years ago
Bro im glad your ok!! You handled that better than anyone I know. Much respect!!!
Shane Y
Shane Y - 4 years ago
YOU......Cool calm and collected. ......ME......Not so much.
Cool Yang
Cool Yang - 4 years ago
This never happen to me before but in case it does what should I do? What are the step if a boat hit a kayaker? Is it similar to car accidents? kayaks don’t require insurance and I don’t own a boat, so not sure if insurance is required for boat too, and if they do will their boat insurance cover for the kayak damage?
jdogg661420 - 4 years ago
that was fucked up but you handled it like a pro and for a boating accident thats the kind that i know it sux but its really the kind you want to happen if you do have a boat accident... no ones hurt except maybe some material things and that guys driving skills. now you know why soon you will need a boat license. though i fully disagree with another license its prob good to just get refreshed on the shit you should know but at least it wasnt some 15-21 year old kid driving super fast when fully unsafe.. which is pretty common at the lake im on. lifeguards chase around boats all day telling em to slow down or the basics of actually knowing which way to go around the lake.... yes here you can only drive counter clockwise near the shorelines since the lake has a lot of boats even on weekdays..
Andrew Geier
Andrew Geier - 4 years ago
That guy needs to have his boating rights revoked and get a nice fat ticket
HookinBassOH28 - 4 years ago
And I read the other comments there is no way as a CCW holder would I have pulled my weapon these guys had what’s called a Accident they apologized they could of atleast fetched your paddle tho if you would have pulled your gun and shot one of these guys you would have been put in jail they didn’t pull a weapon on you or run you down intentionally sounds like they grabbed anchor line and drug you into them I’m sure they felt stupid enough
HookinBassOH28 - 4 years ago
Wow and they left you without a paddle ?
Dammit Boy
Dammit Boy - 4 years ago
Time to check to make sure Old Codgers can still see well enough to be able to operate a boat or car safely.
Darin Kaiser
Darin Kaiser - 4 years ago
Fucking idiots!
Dick Lee
Dick Lee - 4 years ago
They didn't even recover your oar!
Matt C
Matt C - 4 years ago
Handled the situation quite calmly.
Rad Dog
Rad Dog - 4 years ago
Bet the guy was hammered
Scott Lowman.
Scott Lowman. - 4 years ago
Time to Upgrade!
Shelby Seelbach
Shelby Seelbach - 4 years ago
Seems kind of like the guys riding bikes on the freeway feeder. You put yourself in a very dangerous situation, where you are minimally visible, in an area where much faster and heavier vehicles operate. Know what I'm saying?
Mr C
Mr C - 4 years ago
Anyone who spends the equivalent of a small African countries GDP on kit to catch an itsy bitsy fish needs hitting with something!
Jonathan Julbe
Jonathan Julbe - 4 years ago
hey bro , im so sorry man. great u are ok . these pople we have to deal whit. damm
therealAK ALASKA
therealAK ALASKA - 4 years ago
DAMN he took that well.. i would of went Rambo on his ass
Ramon Gonzalez
Ramon Gonzalez - 4 years ago
ive probably wouldve launch a rescue flair at them old basterds
Dylan Peterson
Dylan Peterson - 4 years ago
My old Folbot would've been on the bottom of the lake :(
Eric M
Eric M - 4 years ago
You have self control I would’ve beat those old shots asses
RealHotBox - 4 years ago
his face at 0:31 "this mother fucker..."
Sharafat Khan
Sharafat Khan - 4 years ago
Gavin Fay
Gavin Fay - 4 years ago
I big was into kayak fishing pretty big for a while but stopped because of assholes on the lake and pollution killing the oxygen count and killing fish.
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson - 4 years ago
red neck tossers
luke b
luke b - 4 years ago
I really feel for you mate. Those two guys were SO inconsiderate. I'd even venture as far as to say that was done deliberately by the way they acted afterwards. Makes one wonder what goes on in some peoples minds. Nasty nasty people. My question is WHY??. One day for sure we will all answer for it if we are doing stuff like this to others. Be nice. It makes you feel better!!!!
Wylee elPuppo
Wylee elPuppo - 4 years ago
And people like to tease me when I wear my bike helmet paddling across big channels. It's amazing how little attention people in boats pay to their surroundings. Add alcohol, old age and young guys trying to impress girls and you are in serious danger.
GuyWithFox - 4 years ago
Well there is only one thing to do to for next time.... proximity mines.

100. comment for Kayak Fisherman hit by Boat

Thomas - 4 years ago
Die scheiß Opas runter vom Wasser. Wie beim Autofahren die Opas immer mit dem hammer gekämmt. Nochmal Bootsschein Ihr Idioten!
adsastheone - 4 years ago
Damn man! I know it was a while back, but that's still pretty rubbish! I had a similar close call recently, and while I wasn't hit, it could have been nasty at the speed they were going! Hard to stay cool when internally you're pretty irritated, so kudos for that!

Toy Bus Productions
Toy Bus Productions - 4 years ago
I would have took my pole and smack them in the face with it, twice.
Jim Nasticks
Jim Nasticks - 4 years ago
me thinks the only reason he did return afterwards was because you did take his picture
619StangCali - 4 years ago
Thank god your OK! And better person then me! I would have sunk them with the yak and took the boat!
salamango81 - 4 years ago
Has a high vis life jacket has a flag these cunts must be drunk
Song Fong
Song Fong - 4 years ago
Damn I hate when boaters come too close my kayak even when I moved out off way. Sometime you got one of those who don't know the rules on water. Glad too see you're okay. Close call for sure.
Sir William
Sir William - 4 years ago
I would be pissed!
5252dan - 4 years ago
0:34 looks kind of pissed
Joseph - 4 years ago
Change title to kayak fisherman gets bumped by boat
Dachdog - 4 years ago
He's wearing a bright orange/yellow PFD. Good night how stupid and rude was that??
Randy H
Randy H - 4 years ago
What a douche
Justin Crumpton
Justin Crumpton - 4 years ago
I would have been beating that guy in his head with my fishing pole bellowing like a f**** bear
Gordon Gibbons
Gordon Gibbons - 4 years ago
Nice job staying cool! I would have thrown a few F bombs their way, you're a better man than I!
TheRyadrian - 4 years ago
go get his fukn paddle
George - 4 years ago
ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKS WERE GIVEN, you know they were fucking drunk, that´s why they got out of there QUIIIICK!!!
1:53 come on mother fucker start!!! FUUUCK.... START YOU BITCH!!!
Slowly drives away...
Nickhead87 - 4 years ago
Let me guess -- it was the kayaker's fault. Damn him for minding his own business and being in everyone's way, right?
William Burton
William Burton - 4 years ago
that was no accident. those guys are fuckin tards
Phckng Goofy69
Phckng Goofy69 - 4 years ago
You seem very calm afterwards. I would have been extremely vocal & swear words would most likely have been used!!!!
conspiracy theorists don't really exist
conspiracy theorists don't really exist - 4 years ago
He thought he was being attacked or arrested and put his hands in the air.
Drunk bastard!
Chris - 4 years ago
Kayaks always in the way geeeze.
DIRTYYETTI - 4 years ago
Legend has it he's still out there distraught and without a paddle...
Hopeless MetsFan
Hopeless MetsFan - 4 years ago
This is why old people shouldn't have licenses of any kind
skiie - 4 years ago
Not even a sorry? look at all that water... what the fuck is wrong with them
Alex Saltlife
Alex Saltlife - 4 years ago
Idiots. And they roll out of there like nothing happened
Paul Flores
Paul Flores - 4 years ago
Don't know if I'd stay that calm.
sjtom57 - 4 years ago
Seemed rather staged.
Michael Rischer
Michael Rischer - 4 years ago
sjtom57 Staged? You really think someone would stage this for views? You really are a stupid fuck!
jeff schnablegger
jeff schnablegger - 4 years ago
I'd of been so Pissed off I probably would have Flipped over my Kayak
stalnaker576 - 4 years ago
I'd turn there fucking asses in or take it out on there faces. Fuckers.
John Rambo
John Rambo - 4 years ago
Damn. You had a flag. Werent in the middle and bastard hit you still. Was he drunk? Glad you didnt get hurt
Warsrogue - 4 years ago
how dare you fish in his path.............................
morning coffee
morning coffee - 4 years ago
Buy a boat then
Thomas Mack
Thomas Mack - 4 years ago
that wasn't an accident, that was stupidity
Mark Lampley
Mark Lampley - 4 years ago
It is pretty crazy that other boats do not give a shit about us kayakers I've had alot of close calls myself.
Bobby - 4 years ago
Fucking idiots, I would have cursed those morons the fuck out and called that shit in. Scratched my shit? You're paying for it, moron fuck.
vincent7520 - 4 years ago
Assholes ! …
wacka2 - 4 years ago
not even a fuckin apology ....assholes
FreakyScaryChannel - 4 years ago
Kayak Trash... Keep Kayaks off our public waters...!
Eric Hollen
Eric Hollen - 4 years ago
Dumb ass old man
Tommy Petraglia
Tommy Petraglia - 4 years ago
How the eff they miss seeing that guy... alcohol impaired?

They were alongside trying to restart without saying a word to him... we hear the hydraulics raising/lowering their engine.

Taking their picture was perhaps the only reason they came back.

Seeing this makes me think maybe the kayak is just too small a vessel to be going out in ares with other boats in the area. I mean the margin of error it's just so small if there's a failure of some type.

Perfect for shallows and small inlets, the kayak though it's just too small to be seen by bigger boats, case and point when this incident. The yahoos who hit this guy in what looked like a 23-foot bass boat with plenty of visibility around.

Boating awareness has seemed to suffer with boats available to anybody in the market putting conscientious and prepared Watermen at risk no matter how they prepare, as was this kayaker.

Hey buddy you going to need a bigger boat
Firebourn94 - 4 years ago
Didn't even have the God Damn curtosy to apologize or even retrieve the paddle Also I think boating accidents are to be filed just like car accidents
Saxon - 4 years ago
Why were you sitting still in the fast lane? Get your ass moving!
Brett Parker
Brett Parker - 4 years ago
bye bye paddle, concentrate!
ZombiteXD - 4 years ago
Such wide lake but they hit the smallest target on it lol
Sidney Beach
Sidney Beach - 4 years ago
Where's ya paddle homie???
metalfox1911a1 - 4 years ago
the propylene plastic is Tuff Stuff
Chance Peepee
Chance Peepee - 4 years ago
Juan Chiles
Juan Chiles - 4 years ago
i believe thats considered a Hit and Run.
namess.areggay - 4 years ago
1:45 i think he said "yea im alright, you guys are assholes" lol
Paul Maxin
Paul Maxin - 4 years ago
A couple of ass clowns in that black boat. Intentional hit,
Jabo ti bog
Jabo ti bog - 4 years ago
boy you showed them. did you take that picture to the FBI or the CIA? did you take the picture for workmen's comp case because now you're handicap from them rattling your cage? I realize they're tard monkeys but for fuck sakes stand up for yourself.
Mick Carson
Mick Carson - 4 years ago
They must be bloody blind not to see a kayak ahead. WTF are they boating for when they don't take responsibility and watch what's ahead on the water? I mean, I have a Salem speedboat myself and know that at all times i must not remove my eyesight ahead because I would never know what there could be on the water. Being wary of this, i avoided hitting large 1 gallon tin half filled with paint floating in the middle of the lake and 2 inches above the water. I avoided large submerged timber logs, a dead sheep and swimmers who stray too far away from the shore. And this guy driving a boat whacks into a stationary kayak? Definitely stone blind, and the day wasn't even sunset where the low sun light shines on water and cause difficulty in seeing ahead. Looks like early afternoon. What happened to the kayak, any damage?
heidi Holiday
heidi Holiday - 4 years ago
HOW do MOFO's this dumb live past 12 years??????????
RandomTask2008 - 4 years ago
That's how it is being a motorcycle rider, "I didn't see him" because they aren't paying attention
E Philly
E Philly - 4 years ago
Dan McLaughlin
Dan McLaughlin - 4 years ago
I think they should ban kayaks for their own safety
Upaginit 101
Upaginit 101 - 4 years ago
That's exactly why I yak rivers fishing, get to where the idiots can't, or too lazy to. Oh and dude keep your lures away from cam pole lol enjoyed the vid
Dsm4g631Evo - 4 years ago
I hope that retard drowns with his family. Did they even say sorry or offer to help get your paddles? That crap pisses me off!
We the People
We the People - 4 years ago
They aren't stupid, they're trying to get away to avoid legal action if you know them remind them
CRISPYCHEVYCHRIS cp - 4 years ago
now ask your self this kayak guy pulls out gun and does the world a favor by deleting two drunken​ buffoons ?
Admiraldna - 4 years ago
The whole lake to drive by and you have to hit a kayak. What a smuck!!
David Kelly
David Kelly - 4 years ago
that fucker wouldn't even go pick up your paddle what a dick hahaha
Trigga Bou
Trigga Bou - 4 years ago
Grrr that guy pisses me the fuck off, disrespectful old bastard gunna ride off like he owns the water same rules apply on water as land mf! U cant plow into someone n ride off without wven acting like u sorry smfh!
480shenanigans - 4 years ago
What's with the 200 HP motor on the back of that boat?
isctony - 4 years ago
what? that was unreal - they didn't even fetch your paddle? Arseh*les!
thechosendude - 4 years ago
So did you call the authorities? It should be law in all 50 states every boating and vehicle accident automatically results in a breathalyzer. Bet these guys were hammered off their ass.
Pretty chill dude for almost dying
Mike West
Mike West - 4 years ago
Hate to say it but the guy in the kayak doesn't have a leg to stand on. He failed to report the boating accident immediately which is required in most states.
Annette Trevino
Annette Trevino - 4 years ago
O my gosh !!!! That was scary. I'm glad u didn't get hurt. That's what am scared about when ever I go out kaykaing. I'm hitting the subscribe button now!!!
Antonios T
Antonios T - 4 years ago
Not saying it's your fault at all but I would suggest wearing bright shirts and maybe even a flag next time. Your kayak is grey and almost camouflaged on the water. Hard to see. For your safety because there are so many dumbasses out there try brighter colors. Fish on!
Max Power
Max Power - 4 years ago
Wow. You were way calm
phily jr
phily jr - 4 years ago
you know damn well those two old farts woke up this morning took four pills that said don't operate anything with an engine.
Edward Dergosits
Edward Dergosits - 4 years ago
Hard to believe what these assholes did after they hit him. I did not hear any apology. No effort made to retrieve the paddle. He conveniently looked away as he started his engine and fled the scene of the accident. Seems he was more concerned about his outboard engine than anything else. Why were they trying to pass between the shore and the kayak?
Corbin Matasovsky
Corbin Matasovsky - 4 years ago
Albert - 4 years ago
what a bunch of douche bags
Mr. L
Mr. L - 4 years ago
Drunk fishing, the cornerstone of American life.
Brent Sparks
Brent Sparks - 4 years ago
I would've lost my mind. The Zen is strong with you. Yak on brother.
Sam Roberts
Sam Roberts - 4 years ago
You know you could have said something you pussy. But instead You let those fuckers walk all over you like a used prostitute then you stood there and tried to be the "bigger man" by "keeping your composure" whatever the fuck that means. Whatever happened to respect? And whatever happened to standing up for yourself in times of duress? Seems like everyone wants to be a nice guy these days then you wonder why shit like this happens. Because these types people know that your simply gonna bend your ass over and take it. You deserved to have been hit because your the type of man to take it and not dish it out. Even if you did report them that means fuck all. All it means is that you ran to your daddy and begged him to take care of your bully. Next time be a man and square up.
J P - 4 years ago
Miss leading title. Go fuck yourself you sissy
devestv - 4 years ago
Wow them idiots took off right after huh. What happened after???
Ground Pounders Place
Ground Pounders Place - 4 years ago
hopefully you reported them
Shawn Mccullough
Shawn Mccullough - 4 years ago
Guy in kayak with fishing poles = real fisherman. People with 150 and up hp outboard motors= people who just got a new boat seeing how big of a rooster tail they can make. Probly shouldn't b on the water either.
Shawn Mccullough
Shawn Mccullough - 4 years ago
Also fisherman with big motors most disrespectful people on the water in my experience.
Don Tran
Don Tran - 4 years ago
You should beat the hell out of that stupid bump brother, I love to help you out if I'm there with you
Bo James
Bo James - 4 years ago
People are crazy so glad you were ok
PRO HEN - 4 years ago
It's not like there was just one guy on that boat, both them guys didn't see the kayaker. Drunk pieces of shit!
JoeGrow 2016
JoeGrow 2016 - 4 years ago
Fuck you handled that like a man fucken pussys these days...
You hit me and every word that comes out your mouth isn't I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm so sorry I'm probably going to jail that night that why I aways have one year cushion money saved for the wife and kids....
Kgw100 - 4 years ago
looks like a kayak hate crime
Countryboy Ray
Countryboy Ray - 4 years ago
There would be hell to pay. These mf need their asses kicked! You can't fix stupid!!!
103CiHD - 4 years ago
How does that even happen? I've been boating for 40 years and have never seen anything like that.
Jacob Miller
Jacob Miller - 4 years ago
That would not go that well in texas
Nick Takacs
Nick Takacs - 4 years ago
There would have been a third person in the boat(me), then i would proceed to beat the shit out of anything on two legs. Then call cops. Fuck that.
Topwater_Dan - 4 years ago
This was 100% staged. Reaction says it all.
Robert Clopton
Robert Clopton - 4 years ago
who taught asshole how to operate a boat and ignore a red flag.
Liljoker - 4 years ago
Wtf men crazzzy stuff u alright
wavygr - 4 years ago
I still say his brakes might of failed.
Rachel Nimakokaaz
Rachel Nimakokaaz - 4 years ago
just thinking about all the times I've grumbled over dipshit power boaters roaring right past me and spooking all the fish while I clearly had a line out. don't think it ever occurred to me that they literally didn't see me there.

glad you weren't injured!
whatta wasteoftime
whatta wasteoftime - 4 years ago
How the hell do you not see a kayak!!!!!
Itor Lamop
Itor Lamop - 4 years ago
For fuck sake tye river's not big enough???? Wtf really??? I always wondered how two oil tanker can collide in the middle of the oceans when you have hundred of miles on each side....now i know
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson - 4 years ago
How in the F do you NOT WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING and not see THE ORANGE FLAG!!!!
Chris s
Chris s - 4 years ago
Can you say dui .
Lickn Toads
Lickn Toads - 4 years ago
Two royal assholes right there whole fuckin lake nobody else in camera sight and has to cruise up on dude fishing then hit his kayak ppl wonder why assults happen
Jamminj42 Fenderman
Jamminj42 Fenderman - 4 years ago
Here on South Tx. Coast Fishing guides with their sky scraper towers on their boats hate yaker's. Reason is because they're Peanut butter and Jealous that we get in spots they can't and we catch way more keeper fish than they do. While the majority of the boater guides and their customers go home empty handed. Ha!Ha!Ha!.
Boats n hoes
Boats n hoes - 4 years ago
Hope it's vagina wasn't bruised
Joey Layman
Joey Layman - 5 years ago
if fucking report them. you got the video. assholes.
SW(is)M - 5 years ago
What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?
goshaman 2202
goshaman 2202 - 5 years ago
I would've shot the old shitter in the fucking head
Jason Young
Jason Young - 5 years ago
And now the same tits will use the cell phone while driving.

You can smell the stupid through YouTube. ' gonna get me sum' inbred penis abusers!
Bryan smith
Bryan smith - 5 years ago
Can you carry firearms with you ?
Bob Kerbs
Bob Kerbs - 5 years ago
The look on his face? Priceless.
kell m
kell m - 5 years ago
Dumb asses are everywhere!..I had my brand new jet ski out and stopped at the marina to get gas and i hear a woman saying "sir sir watch out "..and bamb run right into the back of mine !..Crazy dumb ass people!!
scott moore
scott moore - 5 years ago
Was he hit? Or did they drag his anchor line causing him to be pulled into them?
kids place on channel 9
kids place on channel 9 - 5 years ago
Typical minnesodal men.
Rick Hargett
Rick Hargett - 5 years ago
It's called hit and run. 9!!!! Count'em 9!!!! NINE!!!! Nine letters.......HIT=3 AND=6 RUN=9.......HIT AND RUN!!!!
Europa H2O Alien
Europa H2O Alien - 5 years ago
Had a guy do that to me while fishing a nearby harbor. I was fishing near the bait barge and a guy purposely sideswiped my kayak breaking my rod holder and bruising my arm. The look on that asshole's face when I immediately pulled out my VHF handheld marine radio and called the harbor patrol on 16 was priceless. They harbor patrol was there within 5 minutes! The guy was arrested for BUI and his boat towed and impounded. Always carry a VHF handheld people as it's getting epidemic with asshole boaters these days. I also wear a GoPro now for that very reason. It's seems like people are going insane anymore.
Digging with RodCo / Krazy Signals
Digging with RodCo / Krazy Signals - 5 years ago
Tennessee now allows you to carry your firearms
OOFMYNIGGA OOF - 5 years ago
Kyle Scott
Kyle Scott - 5 years ago
Fuck!!!!!! Grow a pair!!!!!!!!! How do u say nothing. Almost killed, and u take a pic and shake your head. Fuck off... Fish from bank for now on.
giantmidget08 - 5 years ago
How many beers did gramps drink before he "didn't see you" and crashed into you? Small lake, zero waves, zero traffic, daylight and you had a flag, fishing poles, net and a white kayak and yellow vest. No excuse for what this idiot did.
brussell639 - 5 years ago
Was that electric trim on the kayak or the boat?
Les Paul
Les Paul - 5 years ago
Some people should t be allowed to operate a boat.. Next time bring bear bangers to get some dickwad like that back...
Derrick Haze
Derrick Haze - 5 years ago
Maybe you shouldn't just sit there in the way, just like cyclists on the road...
Dean Sheets
Dean Sheets - 5 years ago
Nope... You're getting punched, kicked, punched some more...then most likely spit on.
2019freddie - 5 years ago
why weren't you shouting WTF!!!!!
c9j9RT - 5 years ago
I would have given them an f'ing earful!! Man you should 'a let loose.
Joe Brown
Joe Brown - 5 years ago
Here I thought that was just a New Jersey thing that boaters had no respect for the people around them
wavygr - 5 years ago
What reason did they give?
Doug H. in VA
Doug H. in VA - 5 years ago
call the game and fish patrol to report it and have the boaters charged
swammper solo
swammper solo - 5 years ago
The on a heavy lure start casting at them I've done just that in my gheenoe had a guy run wide open within five feet of me almost fliped. Seen him coming back later that day and taged his ass well his boat
ironblud - 5 years ago
They didn't stick around long. Seem like assholes.
heidi Holiday
heidi Holiday - 5 years ago
There are some Dumb people in the world.
Roach - 5 years ago
I mean you should have heard the boat coming..but those dudes on the boat are dumbshits
Wolfbyte World
Wolfbyte World - 5 years ago
I believe Kayak fishing, fresh or salt, is ridiculous. Every guy I see doing this looks like a fool. Everything appears crowded and awkward... not to mention dangerous. John boats with small motors are cheap dude.
mike savage
mike savage - 5 years ago
You should have kicked their asses, or at least have told them off. Something!
Jon S
Jon S - 5 years ago
wow! what dickheads i wud not have let them off that easy.
Steven Hitchcock
Steven Hitchcock - 5 years ago
And they left.. just like that.. hope you got all the info you needed, they were probably a bit buzzed. I kayak and boat.. only thing I can't stand is the idiots on jetskis
Matt Lewis
Matt Lewis - 5 years ago
Fuck this!!!!
Come to Lake Lanier, where yuppy kids target kayakers!
Flare guns with scopes...all I'm saying.
John Wayne
John Wayne - 5 years ago
Accident my ass!!
Bob A Booey
Bob A Booey - 5 years ago
"Sorry man, I guess I was drunker than I thought."
Zt Outdoors
Zt Outdoors - 5 years ago
They are both assswipes
RANBO A - 5 years ago
What a pussy I would've been kicking some old ass
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham - 5 years ago
Blind bastard
ND - 5 years ago
How did the dude in the kayak stay so calm?
Heinrich Himmler
Heinrich Himmler - 5 years ago
And thats why u need a big magnum cuz of fucktards in boats
Lee Nix
Lee Nix - 5 years ago
Fisherman on fisherman boat rage
Sunshine_water - 5 years ago
That old man was lucky, he could have easily went to jail for a long time if that event would have went the other way
Sunshine_water - 5 years ago
What an asshole
TheOneTheOnly W
TheOneTheOnly W - 5 years ago
I would've beat that dude's fucking ass and when he awoke he'd be in a kayak with a slow leak with no paddle in the middle of a lake
enemy4 2day
enemy4 2day - 5 years ago
I see all these comments about this MAN keeping his composure.. all i have to say is you're not a real man if you cant keep control of your emotions.. time to get your act together and start acting like MEN, not like woman and children..

Damn snowflakes!
Manch0vy - 5 years ago
Wow! I couldn't hear anything. Did they apologize or explain what happened to the kayaker?
Riddick tonn
Riddick tonn - 5 years ago
Coming back doesn’t change the fact he left the scene of an accident. That’s a felony.
Marc Fournier
Marc Fournier - 5 years ago
fucking geezers, dangerous on the road, dangerous on water.....
Burt Gummer
Burt Gummer - 5 years ago
I have to say that I am really impressed by the stability of this kayak. I'll be your 1000th sub.
Ancient Stone
Ancient Stone - 5 years ago
Talking about some serious bullshitt, damm!
23v0lv32 - 5 years ago
wow. you kept your cool so well. I would of freaked the fuck out
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 5 years ago
Hahaha who ever the guy in the boat was you're my hero. Trendy Kayaker should have gotten out of the way.
Remskii - 5 years ago
Was that on purpose? Turf protection?
Jason Sweet
Jason Sweet - 5 years ago
The old bastard probably learned how to do that when he started out on a galley
F Brind
F Brind - 5 years ago
how the f*** did that happen when you're even flying a flag
Viper's Venom
Viper's Venom - 5 years ago
that was purposely done, no way they didn't see you!!!
Chris Prichard
Chris Prichard - 5 years ago
Fuck those guys, that is bullshit
J Bolo
J Bolo - 5 years ago
I thought he was gonna pull out a snubnosed .38... i mean, I would've
Damian Trotter
Damian Trotter - 5 years ago
It's weird how no one said anything. in texas I'm sure you'd have a fight on your hands
Jar of Smegma
Jar of Smegma - 5 years ago
When he returns, call the cops and maybe he'll get a nice "under the influence" charge on that record. No exceptions.
Louisiana Blackwater Fly Fishing
Louisiana Blackwater Fly Fishing - 5 years ago
here in louisiana that would of led to a fight! your wayyy to nice sir..
totaldla - 5 years ago
Tiny-brained red neck trying to scare a kayaker.
Darktide 67
Darktide 67 - 5 years ago
It's hard to see obstacles in front of you when you've got your eyes buried in your phone texting.
James Brennan
James Brennan - 5 years ago
Bastard kayak assholes in everyone's way
Fishing In The City
Fishing In The City - 5 years ago
To be honest he probably did it on purpose!!! Theres some evil people out there!!
defmud80 - 5 years ago
That's why I yak fish with my 870
Happilyretiredmark - 5 years ago
Two dumbass old men driving around in an aluminum boat wishing they were on Swamp People....People on Swamp People are much smarter!
Noel Rivera
Noel Rivera - 5 years ago
Special kind of stupid to hit a guy on a small ass kayak on a lake smh fucking idiot!!!!!
Mitch Bookey
Mitch Bookey - 5 years ago
Well that just sucks.wtf
Cheng Xiong
Cheng Xiong - 5 years ago
How the fuck that guy don't see you dude like he was going slow that's y that little hit didn't tip you over... like man I'll be mad... i'll bitch the shit out of them... and I'll take a close up picture of there dum face and post it up as dum boat fisherman
Frank A
Frank A - 5 years ago
Listen to all that junk banging around. Lol
Dalton - 5 years ago
dude had a orange flag and everything lol old mf cant see
david foote
david foote - 5 years ago
You have a lot of patience my friend! Handled that situation far better than most people for sure.
Lori Latta
Lori Latta - 5 years ago
The guy driving the boat was drunk I bet and I would have called the cops.
Nolan Pahmahmie
Nolan Pahmahmie - 5 years ago
You handled that well ha
E vazkee
E vazkee - 5 years ago
I'd find him and I'd fuk him up
Signcarver Mike
Signcarver Mike - 5 years ago
Why did the stupid idiots just drive away? Why didn't you take a closeup picture of both mens faces and boat registration number. Just incase there was damage to back of kayak
Mick Berry
Mick Berry - 5 years ago
Another Dumb Ass Person that had his brain disengaged from normal thinking
QMC Ret.
QMC Ret. - 5 years ago
He took that better than I would have. I fish in a float tube and have nearly been hit several times.
Rod Belding
Rod Belding - 5 years ago
Boaters have no respect half the time, I got flipped on my kayak by one and lost hundreds of dollars worth of fishing gear, as well as my phone.
TheReal Burquebassman
TheReal Burquebassman - 5 years ago
Kayaks should have flags like atvs in the sand dunes for better visibility
Raymond jones
Raymond jones - 5 years ago
Your a better man than me I would beat the hell out of them
One True God
One True God - 4 years ago
I highly doubt that most kayak wife's leave there husbands cause there husbands turn gay with other kayaker men
Nickhead87 - 4 years ago
PNW OutdoorChannel Lol. Good observation about all the open water, though. Makes you wonder about people.
647lapua - 5 years ago
On riverways kayaks and canoes should all be made to fly a florescent orange flag six ft above the craft on a fiberglass whip,should be law.
Donald Rash
Donald Rash - 5 years ago
Sean Quinn
Sean Quinn - 5 years ago
Went way too easy on these clowns. Should have let then have it.
Pronder k
Pronder k - 5 years ago
I would of lost it
Brandon Ardoin
Brandon Ardoin - 5 years ago
Damn, that could have gone so much worse. I hope your kayak is okay and glad you didn't get hurt!
El Arr
El Arr - 5 years ago
I think what gets everybody's goat was that they looked like they had too much poise in an unexpected ugly situation. Freak a little. Ask him over and over if he's ok. Don't look across the water while starting your engine like you're wondering if UPS will deliver your Orvis order tomorrow.
APex - 5 years ago
What the hell was the problem with these 1st class idiots?
Please tell me there was an apology in here, I just missed hearing it, right? Or the video cut out too soon? Or they whispered it? Or they wrote "We're So Sorry? " on a sign board because they were mute and couldn't talk? Something like that, right?
For no self-respecting boater would cause that accident, and merely wait for you to untangle you both & then off he goes. No Way. I refuse to accept the fact that ppl are generally this awful.

But... They are, aren't they?
Scott Cozart
Scott Cozart - 5 years ago
Thats when I'd pull my weapon and dare their ass to leave and call 911. Fucking ass holes
sayeed mcburnie
sayeed mcburnie - 5 years ago
I would be so pissed at that ass hole omg that fucker
tom bob
tom bob - 5 years ago
im a kayack fisherman and i hate boater like thiz i hope carma get him
Frank Hernandez
Frank Hernandez - 5 years ago
thats fucked up
4_sons_fishing - 5 years ago
Glad you're ok!
EsoxCT - 5 years ago
Jesus Christ.
dabprod - 5 years ago
I never heard them say, "sorry". Assholes
windowclean100 - 5 years ago
Where is the douche bag think he's going
Next time grab your back
fergoesdayton - 5 years ago
Jeff Carter
Jeff Carter - 5 years ago
What happened? Is there a video clip of you folks chatting that was cut out? Did you get their contact info? I would have beat them to a pulp.
ewok and kb
ewok and kb - 5 years ago
this is how grown men act. no need to fight or talk shit.
michaelaiman1 - 5 years ago
That's why there's a BAC limit for boating too. What a j@cka$$!!
waveali - 5 years ago
That's just reckless as fuck. Probably drunk.
Chase Dang
Chase Dang - 5 years ago
I would have jumped off my kayak and got in his boat and beat the shit out of them
Dionicio Ysassi
Dionicio Ysassi - 5 years ago
im not going to lie like these other keyboard warriors. If you had hit my boat with your kayak i would have boarded your yak and crane kicked the hell out of the whole thing. still, id hand you your paddle
Ty Michael
Ty Michael - 5 years ago
rule #1 when fishing . Always carry a gun
forrest forrest
forrest forrest - 5 years ago
"He did return after" only because he figured a hit and run was serious trouble.
Tu Ho
Tu Ho - 5 years ago
In my car I have a dash cam. When on the water, I have a Yak cam. Who woulda thought it would be necessary?!
forrest stump
forrest stump - 5 years ago
what a douchebag. didnt even check on you or offer an apology.
james ranger
james ranger - 5 years ago
How the fuck do you manage to run into someone on the water? You would have to be a total piece of shit moron.
FushigiMigi - 5 years ago
I was thinking about getting a visibility flag, but I guess I would be wasting my time. I see this yaker had one, but it didn't do him any good.
Jimmy Masri
Jimmy Masri - 5 years ago
Fkn assholes
Ben Hamrick
Ben Hamrick - 5 years ago
If I was kayaking and this happened to me I would be angry not because they hit me and broke my paddle but because they offered no help and just drove off.
Jon Landau
Jon Landau - 5 years ago
How stoned we you? no reaction at all. Back when I smoked a lot of grass, I was like that when stuff happened unexpectedly, that wacky tobacky makes you brain dead. Smoke on Cheech
bass accoutant
bass accoutant - 5 years ago
man u set there just set there
I promise u it wouldn't have went so peacefully no I don't need a gun or a fishing rod wtf really I'd stopped him boarded his boat and we'll let's just say they both would have had plenty of marks for the proper authorities guns lol I have a go pro see u fucktards in court well worth any charge I accept
watch my video I'd shoot them while I beat his ass
thanks go pro
Jadiel 254
Jadiel 254 - 5 years ago
M16 unload my magazine
Jeff Burns
Jeff Burns - 5 years ago
wtf he is just sitting right smack in the middle of the channel. those two def. have some balls for hitting him though. they probably should have just waked him lol
Jay Money
Jay Money - 5 years ago
Wow fuckin pieces of shit
The Rc Master6042
The Rc Master6042 - 5 years ago
all that fuckin water and the dumbass boater drives next to the fucking kyack
Mike McDonald
Mike McDonald - 5 years ago
So the fuckin asshole just leaves? What a dickhead. I hope he got reported.
Robert Bragg
Robert Bragg - 5 years ago
should call fish and game and have them arrested. I didn't even hear an apology. old bastards. glad you're ok. Hopefully they didn't tear up any of your gear.
canamcrazyman - 5 years ago
Hope the fucker paid for the damage
Perchjerker - 5 years ago
How did you get in? You failed to notice they destroyed your paddle. Did they even ask if you needed help? Did you file a report at least? I saw you have a raised orange flag. Musta been blind.
nathan greer
nathan greer - 5 years ago
What an incompetent looser
Big Scooter
Big Scooter - 5 years ago
Wow!! I'm glad that you weren't injured. I know it makes your blood boil but it could've been so much worse.
Nolan Little
Nolan Little - 5 years ago
LMFAO.... sounded like he was hit by Sanford and Son...
jonathan boyd
jonathan boyd - 5 years ago
better man than I. "I wasn't paying attention" would have been a few inches over it would be a much different story.
Moto Gordo
Moto Gordo - 5 years ago
What a bunch of assholes. They wouldn't even retrieve his oars for him.
V3MD - 5 years ago
Why the hell would they. need a 200 mercury on that little aluminum boat?
ineedmondayoff - 5 years ago
How fucking stupid do you have to be, what a fucking asshole. I would have sunk that fuckers boat!
Anton Bouchette
Anton Bouchette - 5 years ago
Flip Flop
Flip Flop - 5 years ago
Hey what kind of yak is that
Robert Casagrande
Robert Casagrande - 5 years ago
Should have gotten his registration number and reported his OLD ass. They drive their boats just like they drive their cars, horribly.
John C
John C - 5 years ago
so what did you do man, update
BlackAnvil47 - 5 years ago
Either that fool was drunk or that hit was intentional
SuperBullies1 - 5 years ago
Good reason to carry a little firearm while being out in a kayak.
damkayaker - 5 years ago
Dwayne - 5 years ago
what a bonehead boater.
Antifoul Awl
Antifoul Awl - 5 years ago
Problem is; if you lose your cool and yell or abuse the fucktards on the boat, there is no guarantee they won't pull a gun on you...
David David
David David - 5 years ago
a lot of beer bottles banging around
pete sampson
pete sampson - 5 years ago
I can't believe your composure. If some jackass hit me while on the water he would, if he's extremely lucky and a very strong swimmer, be swimming to shore with his outboard inserted in his southern orifice.

Lucky for me; the closest I have come to that situation was an idiot who trolled past my boat and snagged my anchor line twice. The second time he asked me to pull up my anchor to retrieve his lure I told him to "GFY". I got a very nice Shad-Rap out of the deal!
trump it
trump it - 5 years ago
some time you can't fix stupid i hope you reported that son of a bitch their can be no excuse for that he need's a ticket if nothing easel
Hard Yakker
Hard Yakker - 5 years ago
lucky the 250 wasn't pushing it along.
Mirageman0373 - 5 years ago
that a boy take a picture surprize uh
onefodderunit - 5 years ago
You are way too nice. That idiot deserved to go for a swim.
Derek K
Derek K - 5 years ago
That guy said fuck you.
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts - 5 years ago
one time I was fishing from shore in a local River and had a run in with a drunken jet skier. he came more than 500ft directly across the river from his boat, looked right at us, and started doing donuts throwing water and wake at us laughing and pointing. I wanted to launch a rock his way but I didn't. instead I stood and watched as his lady friends screamed across the river and egged him on. must have made him feel tough.

He shot back across the river and picked up one of the drunk women off of their boat. he proceeded to turn and get a head of steam that an F-15 would have been proud of. that thing was screaming and just as he started to yip and holler that drunken girl fell off the back. I've never seen someone skip across the water until that day. she looked like a lucky stone. I was laughing so hard that I was afraid I might piss my pants. I stood up and cheered and started clapping. the person with me got mad at me because someone may have been hurt but I figured what goes around comes around. the next thing I heard was the drunken babbling and bawling of one disoriented idiot. lol I still laugh at that. it was one of the best instances of instant karma I've ever seen!
Shocked Fishing
Shocked Fishing - 5 years ago
How can you not see a kayak in a small ass Jon boat in both of the boats I have I have never be distracted enough to hit something or some one that's really just Careless boating really no excuse in that small of a boat
President Donald J Trump
President Donald J Trump - 5 years ago
get that gay ass kayak out of there!
Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish
Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish - 5 years ago
That a hole dropped yr paddle too!!! Cast at their face!!!!

Cant see and orange flag and orange life jacket.
L Lance
L Lance - 5 years ago
Older guys too, they should know better.
Doug Mac
Doug Mac - 5 years ago
I'm going to buy one of those hobies. can take getting hit by a couple of nuts and keep on going. you did a good job on keeping your composer.
john holmes
john holmes - 5 years ago
that's some bullshit right there. hit and run.
DADDYTUBE FAMILY - 5 years ago
looks fake to me
jaxattackfishing !
jaxattackfishing ! - 5 years ago
Your calm composure through that whole thing I would of been pissed and probably cursing like a sailor but mad respect no those guys are idiots for that maybe they shouldn't have a drivers license. Some accidents take life's smart move taking a pic of them and the boat they were in I would of done the same
Christina bina
Christina bina - 5 years ago
nope, I'd be calling fish and game! thats bullshit.
Brody - 5 years ago
And they just took off and didnt go get your paddle????
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue - 5 years ago
Wow! Crazy. Glad you were not injured. Good job keeping your cool.
dan imbriaco
dan imbriaco - 5 years ago
I would teel them pull your boat to shore so I can kick your ass
clark hall
clark hall - 5 years ago
I had some dumb asshole slam his tube he was pulling into my boat at a high speed. Luckily his kids were much smarter than him and jumped off before the tube struck the side of my hull. I pretty much reacted the exact opposite of what you did. Looking back I wish I would have called the police. I have the lake patrols number stored on my phone now.
That Guy 1000
That Guy 1000 - 5 years ago
drunk fuckers. you got lucky on that hobie the sre not that stable as everyone thinks. people get over confident on there stability and lose it
Surfandsand - 5 years ago
Can't really say anything that's not been said already, I'm an RNLI helm here in the U.K. And it still amazes me that you need a license to operate a motor vehicle but they will let any dip shit lose in a boat, your very lucky you weren't injured, I hope you showed this video to the proper authorities and the those two idiots were dealt with accordingly.
Stay safe.
Jay’s Big Bass Adventures
Jay’s Big Bass Adventures - 4 years ago
Surfandsand I feel you. Where I'm at you either have to have a motor vehicle operators license or take an approved boater safety course to legally operate a boat. (Indiana, US)
DKN MInister
DKN MInister - 5 years ago
Assholes. I would take them to court for damages!!!
L S - 5 years ago
How did you keep your cool? Haymaker city here with those fucktards in the boat.
Raymond Suckow
Raymond Suckow - 5 years ago
And they just left , you think they would of got your paddle for you. Hopefully they were ticketed and bought you a new yak. CATCH.PHOTO.RELEASE
Andrew Worland
Andrew Worland - 5 years ago
bloody dick heads....
Agent0range67 - 5 years ago
Did the you press charges?
Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson - 5 years ago
That's what you get for being a douchebag fishing in a kayak. Do you also have a pussy ?
Deviance - 5 years ago
"Do you also have a pussy?"
Like, does he have a grasp of your mom's pussy?
blastard - 5 years ago
WTF, there was so much open water why the hell did they hit this guy?! Just started out with my kayak on small lakes where motor boats are prohibited, and i wanted to go to a regular lake but now im worried!
J Calhoun
J Calhoun - 4 years ago
Don't forget the flare gun. With a little luck you can hit their gas tank with it. :^)
Response Loading, Please Hold.
Response Loading, Please Hold. - 4 years ago
Rollo Larson like this guy? Orange vest and a flag and he still got hit. You can't prevent stupid.
Rollo Lawson
Rollo Lawson - 4 years ago
Wear orange safety gear and use a flag.
1_ Fishin'_ Magician
1_ Fishin'_ Magician - 5 years ago
bad day of fishin' is still better then a good day at work..!!!....glad you weren't hurt also
I can't believe how calm you stayed.....I would have prolly BLOWN A FIFTY AMP FUSE.....!!!
PlanetFish - 5 years ago
MR. GREEN JEANS - 5 years ago
did they even say sorry or anything wtf
Les King
Les King - 5 years ago
My bait caster (slingshot) with some good sized ball sinkers would have put a few holes in that pricks boat.
Brandon Shaw
Brandon Shaw - 5 years ago
This is why I'm always constantly scanning my surroundings both when running a motorboat and paddling a kayak
Herminio Bonilla
Herminio Bonilla - 5 years ago
So much space, and they steal manage to hit the kayak dome ass.
james dean
james dean - 4 years ago
I was about 25 miles out of San Diego with a buddy in his boat and we almost got hit by a Marlin Fisher on auto pilot and no one at the helm !!! The guy didn't even know until we went after him and got his attention - just wanting to make sure someone was actually in the boat !!!
Baitin Place
Baitin Place - 5 years ago
in broad daylight oh my God I guess it's believable with drunks on the water he could have killed you this video blew me away
Comet Jockey Dave
Comet Jockey Dave - 5 years ago
With that much open space there's no excuse for this. Power boaters often make the mistake of thinking that because they're not on a street they don't have to pay attention to their surroundings.
Brian trucking Landers
Brian trucking Landers - 5 years ago
Comet Jockey Dave : That must be tough to go through life like those two boaters, with their head up there ass×2
JeepCollector91 - 5 years ago
Time to start wearing bright color safety shirts or maybe change the color of that kayak? I am sure it was the other boaters fault but I would be afraid of getting killed by another boater not paying attention so I would do everything I could to be seen...
Roc Noir
Roc Noir - 5 years ago
It's not up to us as kayakers to go overboard with 'safety' gear. Some people are just idiots and all you can do is try avoid them. I have a huge problem with neanderthal jet ski users who buzz me all the time. The solution is a nice big lead and a long cast.
человек Божий
человек Божий - 5 years ago
Охренеть! Я думал только русские так по пьяни чудят, а в Америке, как видно, своих мудаков идиотов хватает: глухих, слепых и с контузией на всю башку.
Charles Cain
Charles Cain - 5 years ago
Only returned because you took picture, probably has a problem with kayaks and canoes. Yes, I see this was a few years ago.
Never 2 Prepared
Never 2 Prepared - 5 years ago
You should of at least got their details in case you discovered any damage to your property....also you probably should have reported the accident to the authorities....and gave them their details had you had got it....if it ever happens again, get their details ;)
vizioneer11 - 5 years ago
Drunk old bastards
wavygr - 5 years ago
They weren't drunk they said the brakes failed.
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis - 5 years ago
love all keyboard tough guys saying what they would have done. Nice job keeping your cool brother.
vic olo
vic olo - 4 years ago
Oh gosh gee mr OGXDream, you make me so wet with that durty talk why don't you put your little .44 inch cock in my ass? So cool can't fucking handle it ooooommyyygaaaaawwdddd!
Joan Bishop
Joan Bishop - 4 years ago
Kyle Davis you sound like a pus*y a*s bit*h lol
twigglykevin - 4 years ago
ill be one of those internet tough guys cause i would have tried to foul their prop if they werent hanging around. that and im also a fisherman who deals with this shit anytime im on a lake or river that has more than a few boats
OGXDream - 4 years ago
Doc Bailey You would get hit with .44 to the chest.
Rollo Lawson
Rollo Lawson - 4 years ago
sheet fox
Hi school? I dropped outs in 6ths grades.
sheet fox
sheet fox - 5 years ago
it's like high school all over again lol. glad someone else noticed that.
Dionicio Ysassi
Dionicio Ysassi - 5 years ago
Doc Bailey LOL
Doc Bailey
Doc Bailey - 5 years ago
@Kyle Davis First I would have jumped into their boat. I would deal with one of them by delivering a paralyzing shot to the chode. The other would receive a roundhouse kick to the head. I would then fillet them, extract their livers and slice them up to little piece and feed them to the fishes. I'll get back with you about how I would dispose of the rest of the bodies.
Jamie Brierly
Jamie Brierly - 5 years ago
U my friend are a lot calmer than I am! Way to keep ur cool!!
Lawrence 96367
Lawrence 96367 - 5 years ago
You took that way better the I would. Those fucking idiots!!
Phony Iommi
Phony Iommi - 5 years ago
I hate those people
Strategy - 6 years ago
hey dumb ass there go's your paddle
NeverStopFishingNever - 5 years ago
+MrOutback28 Exactly haha
skankhunt42 - 5 years ago
Strategy wtf? you make sense no... "go's" is short for saying "go is". it is funny how many "dumbass's" there are in the world.
NeverStopFishingNever - 5 years ago
+Svenshine Lmao, this guy is a fucking idiot. He said "Go's" Hahaha
Svenshine - 5 years ago
hey dumbass, it's goes.
Pete Larson
Pete Larson - 6 years ago
Goes to show how stable and sturdy those Hobie Kayaks are!
The Rocket Brother PNW
The Rocket Brother PNW - 4 years ago
Yeah cause a Sea kayak would have flipped 180 degrees
Garret Olds
Garret Olds - 4 years ago
Anson Niesman err yeah z in that sense is not used in English outside the United states... (Maybe Canada also) It's S in all those words like civilisation etc. Somewhere along the line the US decided to use Z instead.
Rachel Nimakokaaz
Rachel Nimakokaaz - 4 years ago
Anson Niesman, not everyone is from the states, and outside the US we still spell it "realised," "surprised," and "hospitalised." not a mistake, just a regional difference. :)
Anson Niesman
Anson Niesman - 5 years ago
You want to correct somebody's grammar, yet you cant spell. You are the moron. It's REALIZED not RealiSed. Moron.
david hendry
david hendry - 5 years ago
That Guy 1000 That Guy 1000 Realised you're wrong did you? I thought so. Had to edit your comment to spell they're correctly? As the guy above replied to you "You don't know what you are talking about"
david hendry
david hendry - 5 years ago
That Guy 1000 I'm not sure how I spelt it wrong.. please tell me.
That Guy 1000
That Guy 1000 - 5 years ago
david hendry the moron who cant spell his own name right
david hendry
david hendry - 5 years ago
That Guy 1000 *That Gay Guy 1000
That Guy 1000
That Guy 1000 - 5 years ago
david hendry *henry
david hendry
david hendry - 5 years ago
That Guy 1000 *they're
Matt Goetz
Matt Goetz - 5 years ago
Pretty much the only kayak more stable than an Outback, is it's bigger brother the Pro Angler. You don't know what you are talking about.
That Guy 1000
That Guy 1000 - 5 years ago
Pete Larson he got lucky dude they're not that stable
Jayden Gaffey
Jayden Gaffey - 5 years ago
Well worth the money
President Donald J Trump
President Donald J Trump - 6 years ago
get that piece of shit out of the water!
President Donald J Trump
President Donald J Trump - 6 years ago
hahah just joking guys i myself enjoyed kayaking
Greg Popik
Greg Popik - 6 years ago
window licking, short bus, 'mom didn't take enough prenatal vitamins" retarded...
Greg Popik
Greg Popik - 6 years ago
you are fucking retarded
termite122 - 6 years ago
ur bigger man than me..i would have beat the shit outta those 2 old fucking cocksuckers..hope both there bodies wash up sumwhere drowned! have a good nite..
Kayak Fishing
Kayak Fishing - 6 years ago
Good on staying calm. Been reading the comments, about carrying a gun. Well I don't carry on kayak, cause these idiots piss me off enough to shoot at least there boat. And it would still be attempted murder! So some of y'all might ought to consider that. What I do carry is a go pro, to film them, and a radio to call in the marine police. It works:)
I've had a few jet skiers try and flip me before. It's nicer seeing them hauled away for that shit, then me or anyone else hauled off for shooting.
philippe dubuc
philippe dubuc - 6 years ago
that's why I always carry my rocket launcher with me
hector madrid
hector madrid - 4 years ago
Who gives a shit of what state or laws! Just carry anywhere for safety. The assholes are everywhere.
vic olo
vic olo - 4 years ago
Man Rick, you Americans and your stupid guns.. "Look at me i havea gun i'am so fucking cool, got to able to defend myself if someone pulls a boat on me."
Brian Cramer
Brian Cramer - 4 years ago
Jeff J-Pimpin ours isn't under the game laws but the state definitions of a concealed weapon. I would look there.
Jeff J-Pimpin
Jeff J-Pimpin - 4 years ago
Rick Fountain, Jr. Thank you. I wasn't going to go off the word of a random youtuber and mistakenly commit a felony. I just never knew about that law before on the fishing end of things.
Rick Fountain, Jr.
Rick Fountain, Jr. - 4 years ago
Jeff, check your local game laws or ask a county deputy....
Rick Fountain, Jr.
Rick Fountain, Jr. - 4 years ago
Brian...a law is not a loop hole...its a law...get it?
Rick Fountain, Jr.
Rick Fountain, Jr. - 4 years ago
Pickle...where did ya go?
Brian Cramer
Brian Cramer - 4 years ago
Jeff J-Pimpin not my side of the world, sorry. This loop hole was shown to us by the county Sheriff during our class class here in Oregon.
Jeff J-Pimpin
Jeff J-Pimpin - 4 years ago
Brian Cramer that is interesting Brian. Do you know if that law applies to PA as well? And the law states either open or concealed carry? My concealed carry permit just expired this is why I ask..
Rick Fountain, Jr.
Rick Fountain, Jr. - 4 years ago
Same as in Florida....not a loop hole...if you are in the wilderness fishing a wolf, snake, lion, tiger or bear oh my....might sneak up on ya and bite that ass...
Brian Cramer
Brian Cramer - 4 years ago
Rick Fountain, Jr. in Oregon, where this is filmed, not only can he open carry, but the law specifically states he can carry concealed if he is going to or from hunting or fishing with a valid state fishing or hunting license. God bless loop holes.
Rick Fountain, Jr.
Rick Fountain, Jr. - 4 years ago
Pickle...wake up..its illegal to even possess a hand gun in new york city....tell them about the constituion....besides it died with jfk....many places you cant open carry anymore....
Pickle V
Pickle V - 4 years ago
Rick Fountain, Jr. it's a constitutional right which is above state laws, Those few areas that open carry would not be permitted would be like the police station, city hall, banks.
Rick Fountain, Jr.
Rick Fountain, Jr. - 4 years ago
Pickle...it depends upon the state and city....
Pickle V
Pickle V - 4 years ago
Rick Fountain, Jr. u can open carry all the time with few areas being exceptions.
skankhunt42 - 4 years ago
Rick Fountain wow u sound so hardcore!
Rick Fountain, Jr.
Rick Fountain, Jr. - 4 years ago
Thats why in florida you can open carry when going to and from or involved with hunting or fishing...boom booM Motherfucker
Azdrtdog - 5 years ago
philippe dubuc kayaks with torpedoes, I already see a market
jason jackson
jason jackson - 5 years ago
Make sure you get the heat seeking model
Platii - 5 years ago
I'm just a nigga wit a rocket launcher
Final Boss
Final Boss - 5 years ago
philippe dubuc lmao
Jayden Gaffey
Jayden Gaffey - 5 years ago
I'm 13 yet I carry a potato fun
Nicole Wilkes
Nicole Wilkes - 6 years ago
you did good staying calm
Nicole Wilkes
Nicole Wilkes - 5 years ago
Yeah man i agree haha
Rich C
Rich C - 5 years ago
Nicole Wilkes Most arent. This deserves a ass whooping imo.
Nicole Wilkes
Nicole Wilkes - 5 years ago
Some people are on parole and need to stay calm or get another felony
Rich C
Rich C - 5 years ago
Nicole Wilkes Whats the good in staying calm, some ppl will only remember a broken jaw.
Larry Talbot
Larry Talbot - 6 years ago
The water is supposed to be for all to share, but boaters seem to think they own the water. They have absolutely no respect for kayaks. I got tossed by a big, big boat (I couldn't tell you one boat from another, I only know kayaks) and lost 2 good fishing poles. I quickly learned to tie everything down after that.

Another time time water skiing idiots came within inches of me and the waves hit so fast, it dumped everything overboard and almost me with it. I didn't have time to adjust, all I could do was hang on! Now if I even hear a boat in the distance, I look!

Personally I think they should have police patrolling and give wreckless people like that tickets! On land, they will give you a ticket for any little thing, why not on the water too?!
Southern Fishing TV
Southern Fishing TV - 6 years ago
I would have been raging mad
mark griggs
mark griggs - 6 years ago
He is calmer than I would have been.
Method Man
Method Man - 6 years ago
And this is why you always look behind you while driving backwards.
The Traveler
The Traveler - 6 years ago
and he says nothing to the guy
johnny popper
johnny popper - 6 years ago
So is that considered a hit and run?
riner9 - 6 years ago
I would have been unbelievably PISSED. Call the cops on that jackass.
Grandma J
Grandma J - 6 years ago
You handled yourself well, I wonder if you weren't there if they would have hit the bank if your kayak didn't wake them up, either that, or they where intentionally trying to get you not to come back. Either way, I hope you reported them.
Mallory Smith
Mallory Smith - 6 years ago
Unbelievable, I feel like this had to be done on purpose there is plenty of room
Europa H2O Alien
Europa H2O Alien - 4 years ago
Without a doubt. Had a guy do that to me at a harbor entrance. Luckily, I had my marine handheld and immediately called Harbor Patrol. Guy was arrested for felony hit and run not to mention a BUI. It's getting epidemic with these out of control boaters anymore. Always carry a marine radio.
Sean McNierney
Sean McNierney - 6 years ago
Holy sh#$, did they even apologize? You handled yourself well, I probably would have gone off! Tell me the boat operator wasn't on his cell phone? Hope the yak is ok, this is my worst fear
Byron Langley
Byron Langley - 6 years ago
Looks like they wanted that fishing spot real bad, the problem is these people who spend 50k on a bass boat feel like they have more right to be there than you because you only spent 1500 on your kayak.
Howabouthetruth - 5 years ago
Britannya G H
Britannya G H - 6 years ago
Did the asswhole pay you or I hope you shot him. Ass wipe he drove off like. As long as my boat is good. He was prop drunk and stone I hope u reported him of I'll be mad at u.
HAN - 6 years ago
What the hell???
Trey73 - 6 years ago
Nope, that is where I call the Coast Guard or Fish & Game or whatever the agency is in that State. In Texas all accidents are supposed to be reported. There is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for that bullshit. Anyone that cannot avoid another vessel has zero business operating a boat. This video made my blood boil. I have a hard time believing they couldn't see you with a flagpole in broad daylight. It is bad enough with the idiots purposely trying to dump kayakers with their wake, hitting my craft and keeping moving isn't going to fly with me. They have to come back in the same direction to land their craft. A whole lot of mischief can take place in that time. I wonder how they would fare on the boat ramp with greased tires and brake pads...
Andrew k Adams
Andrew k Adams - 4 years ago
Trey73 yup, I agree...no excuse.
cats400 - 4 years ago
Yup. I boat in Texas. I always watch out for kayakers.
vic olo
vic olo - 4 years ago
ohhhhmyyygooooood ROLLO you so fucking amazing, how did you become this amazing though guy?
Let me havea guess, you dropped out, bought a gun work at a convenient store and have to feel big in someway so you flaunt your gun around. I'm sure you would kill some random dude because an accident or not caused you a minor injury.
vic olo
vic olo - 4 years ago
HOly shit man you own a gun ? you most be liek some super cool dude that got everythnig going for him wow wow.. If only i had a gun may be i would be able to solve my mathproblems, cause guns solve everything right ? Man you make me so wet talking about guns and fiering loads! How can i become as cooooool as you man ? Is getting a gun and talking about shooting people all i need to do to be as awesome as you are ?
The Rocket Brother PNW
The Rocket Brother PNW - 4 years ago
There was a Bud Light commercial before i saw this video
Outdoorguy 360
Outdoorguy 360 - 4 years ago
Trey73 grease their brake pads, slash their tires, key f*ck you into the side, and then pass in their gas tank
Vue Lee
Vue Lee - 4 years ago
@ rollo, kayaking can be a very dangerous sport. because i been on boats and now i use a kayak. the guy on the kayak looks to be out only 10 yards from the bank. and theres plenty of room to go around. this video looks like attemp murder. and things like this has to be reported so that no can be killed by these two or people like these two.
Nekson smith
Nekson smith - 4 years ago
Hell55 Drak you're fucking moron
Shelby Seelbach
Shelby Seelbach - 4 years ago
Joseph Parrish sure he would.
Joseph Parrish
Joseph Parrish - 4 years ago
Hell55 Drake agreed man. Anyone who hits me in a boat and immediately begins trying to start their motor up as he did. Is getting a bullet hole in their motors. Provided I have the footage as he did.
Shelby Seelbach
Shelby Seelbach - 4 years ago
Trey73 long live the you tube tough guys! LMFAO! Y'all wouldn't have done shit!
cracker xxx
cracker xxx - 4 years ago
yes it does snowflake, fill thier boat full of holes and sink their asses. hit and run is a felony anywhere
Tommy Petraglia
Tommy Petraglia - 4 years ago
Rollo Larson
That's right start shooting... I don't even know what to make of that.... hold on, let draw my .45 instead of my camera.... guess you could if you're within your rights but does that mean you should?
Rollo Lawson
Rollo Lawson - 4 years ago
Jerry Thomas
In some states you can use deadly force to stop a fleeing felon if there's no other way to do it or you're unable catch up to them later. Sadly, running over a kayaker w/o injury, drunk boating, and hit and run are all likely misdemeanors. But if you're injured, that just might be a felony in your state.
hotwheel - 5 years ago
Trey73 same in michigan
rusty nailz
rusty nailz - 5 years ago
+Mat Lag I believe in gwod "jack black" lol
Mat Lag
Mat Lag - 5 years ago
ElectronicsTechnician123 so you believe in God
Mat Lag
Mat Lag - 5 years ago
Trey73 so you want justice. ? So your saying you believe in God?
Jerry Thomas
Jerry Thomas - 5 years ago
Hell55 Drake of course tough guy
Ben Hamrick
Ben Hamrick - 5 years ago
Trey73 I like the last part about the grease lol.
Hell55 Drake
Hell55 Drake - 5 years ago
I agree, probably drunk, this is why I carry a side arm with me, they won't stop I make them stop, where I live the gators would have a feast and I would have another boat
53Peterbilt - 5 years ago
yeah...plus there were 2 of them in the boat, and NEITHER of them saw the kayak??? WTF???
and then they were thinking of taking off, and would have if he hadn't snapped a photo of them??? They belong in jail! FukNuts!
ElectronicsTechnician123 - 5 years ago
I no longer go out in my kayak and paddle boat for that reason. I got tired of worrying about whose going to hit me and who isn't. Sold both of mine and bought a bass boat. And don't worry, I always watch out for other people unlike these fucking idiots. Not all bass boaters are dumb asses.
John Arnold
John Arnold - 6 years ago
Do you reply or respond to anyone??
BBBYpsi - 6 years ago
I hope you made a police report & tracked them down to pay for any damage & had the police ticket them. I once in a 16 foot boat on the detroit river was anchored for a few hours in 6 foot of water perch fishing near sugar Island, when a two tiered 30 foot boat came within a foot of me tearing everything up. He destroyed my anchor rope & fishing line plus scared all the fish away. He was gonna take off I toke a picture of his boat & boat number & then he proceeded to due doughnuts to impress a young boy on his boat. This rich bastard pissed me off so bad he kept doing this for a good 5 minutes. He just would flip me off when I said can you see I am here fishing? So I picked up a frozen water bottle I had & threw it at him hitting him in the face. He called the police but I had taken video of some of the things he had done. Police toke the prick to jail he was drunk. He had to pay for losing my anchor & rope. My two poles he damaged that were in rod holders that is how close he came.
Trey73 - 6 years ago
+BBBYpsi What an example to set for a kid right? I'm glad you weren't injured.
3XR5 - 6 years ago
That is why I carry a gun when I kayak fish. Oh, and by the way, it is legal where I live to carry.
Rollo Lawson
Rollo Lawson - 4 years ago
Josef Roesler
That's why you have to pay attention and shoot them as they're trying to mow you down, like a cop shooting a car coming at him. But a fancy boy like you would probably be recording it to Facebook live.
Quest - 4 years ago
SW(is)M - 5 years ago
Fucking idiots like you are the reason anti gun activists exist
Cuivre - 5 years ago
Easy- I would just plead the "Joe Biden Defense"! You know the speech when he told people with a double barrel shotgun to fire two shots up in the air when they were threatened.... (leaving their gun empty at that point...)
Josef - 6 years ago
Mmm, internet bravado...So in the split second you realized this guy was running you over, you'd whip out your heater and blow him away (it was still an accident), or would you wait til after you realized he ran you over to shoot at him, once you were no longer in any danger?
Josh makowski
Josh makowski - 6 years ago
I would "fear for my life" at the point where the dumb fuck was ramping my yak........
Josef - 6 years ago
+3XR5 it's illegal to shoot somebody because they were involved in an accident. It is illegal to shoot their boat because they were involved in an accident. It is also illegal to fire warning shots. Do you not understand what the purpose of carrying a weapon is for? At what point in any of those scenarios do you feel like your life was in immediate danger?
JerseyGreek - 6 years ago
+3XR5 god bless america and the 2nd amendment
Noob Zero
Noob Zero - 6 years ago
+3XR5 lol
3XR5 - 6 years ago
Sometimes a warning shot keeps idiot boaters away.
Noob Zero
Noob Zero - 6 years ago
+3XR5 Soo u would shoot them?? lol
Suzanne Cadgene
Suzanne Cadgene - 6 years ago
Some motor boaters scare the Hell out of me. They don't pay attention. I was rowing on the Hudson and three adult guys had 2 kids in a tow tub and it flipped. The speedboat was 3/4 of a mile away by the time the idiots noticed their kids weren't there. When they came back, the kids were clinging to my rowing shell. Lucky another motorboat didn't run into one of the kids in the meantime--a ten-year-old's head is hard to see at 40 MPH, especially over a beer can.
Green Iron and Black Guns
Green Iron and Black Guns - 5 years ago
RO3 beer googles?
RO3 - 5 years ago
Suzanne Cadgene Milf
Reeled You Inn
Reeled You Inn - 6 years ago
Should have started kicking some wholesale ass!
Emil Utberg
Emil Utberg - 6 years ago
so what happend after?
John Kraemer
John Kraemer - 6 years ago
Wow! That's crazy! WTF!
Thebadseed77 - 6 years ago
Damn your better man then me , I would gone to boat ramp to wait for the goon  to have a " talk " about safety .  A few feet the other direction and you might of been to unlucky to post this vid !
Gary McFarland
Gary McFarland - 6 years ago
"Holy shit! Sorry, man. I wasn't paying attention. Are you ok? Anything broke? Let me circle and get your paddle for you. Are you sure you're ok?" ...said neither one of these asswipes.
SkankHunt 42
SkankHunt 42 - 4 years ago
wavygr, I have zero problem with women serving in the militrary. If you are serving then thank you for your service. However I hate to tell you that's the only nice thing I have to say to you right now because of your stupid ass comment. Prepare for your ass to be handed to you, and I'll start by copying and pasting your comment here and use it to roast your dumb ass!!

Highlighted reply
23 hours ago
SkantHunt how the hell did you get from a boat accident to an argument about government? I guess the me and women serving in the military don't want to work.

That dumb shit above is what you posted. Which would normally be fine especially if I WAS THE ONE who brought up government or politics in this thread. But I didn't!! ;-) But here is the commenter and his comment who did

John Doe
2 days ago
SkankHunt 42 Capitalism is a bitch ain't it? You probably call the millennials idiots for wanting socialism then complain about Walmart taking away business. LOL Congratulations. You played yourself.

I then responded in a negative way towards him but you can read that for yourself.

So you really don't care that politics or "government" were brought into this thread. You just don't like my politics and are trying to play the victim by making me look like the bad guy. You also made the stupid ASSumption that i have a problem with women in the military. I don't. However I do hope if your victim playing ass is in the military that you swiftly get a discharge on any kind beacuse there is no room for pussies who want to play victim in our military. You are way too sensitve. I didn't bring up politics. I just responded to an idiot who wanted to talk politics.... kind of like I just did with you. Have a nice day;-)
wavygr - 4 years ago
SkantHunt how the hell did you get from a boat accident to an argument about government? I guess the me and women serving in the military don't want to work.
SkankHunt 42
SkankHunt 42 - 4 years ago
John Doe, lol You really are dumb as those same millennials you love so much. Those retards are the perfect example why your socialist fairy tale dreamland will never work.....because they don't want to work!! How fucking stupid are you? Congradulations, you're an absolut jack ass who doesn't know the difference between capitalism, and crony capitalism. You play with your self. Wish your parents would have gone the same route instead of breeding;-)
Slippery Storm
Slippery Storm - 4 years ago
Septic Society see. He was right. You're a snowflake ❄️
John Doe
John Doe - 4 years ago
Septic Society It's not that I failed at making a point. It's that you're obviously too much of a fucking retard to understand the point being made. LOL thanks kid
John Doe
John Doe - 4 years ago
SkankHunt 42 Capitalism is a bitch ain't it? You probably call the millennials idiots for wanting socialism then complain about Walmart taking away business. LOL Congratulations. You played yourself.
SkankHunt 42
SkankHunt 42 - 4 years ago
John Doe shut the fuck up John Doe. Walmart does ruin local businesses, and fuck over entire towns. Lol your just as dumb as the guys driving the boat
John Doe
John Doe - 4 years ago
Septic Society The problem is somebody could've gotten really hurt. Luckily they didn't. If you negligently discharge a firearm in a crowded room and nobody gets hurt, you don't say "well nobody got hurt so move on." It's a serious thing. Save your "pussification of America" crap for a time when you're whining about something petty and realize you're part of the pussification of America. You're the same people who cry about Walmart taking away business from local shops. Lol
SJ N - 4 years ago
Septic Society.. wow you're an idiot
Delightful Douschebaggery
Delightful Douschebaggery - 4 years ago
That's right! They saw that he took a picture and didn't want the sheriff at their door...
John Doe
John Doe - 4 years ago
Gary McFarland ikr if I would've hit someone accidentally I would've been beside myself and apologizing profusely. Offering assistance or help in any way. Any sort of compensation for damage or lost items. I'd feel like shit. Those 2 guys just took off like it wasn't a big deal.
SJ N - 5 years ago
wavygr.. yeah they circled back because they seen he took a photo of them, they both probably realized they'd get in trouble if they didn't come back.
wavygr - 5 years ago
He stated they circled and came back.
El Arr
El Arr - 5 years ago
So those were some tight little assholes...
Myeloman - 5 years ago
james ellis it's like they got untangled as fast as possible so they could get the hell outta Dodge.
james ellis
james ellis - 5 years ago
I can believe the disregard they showed him,in over 50 years of canoeing and kayakingI have found one universal rule about powerboaters; the bigger and more expensive the boat,the bigger the a**hole.
Jaime Ramos
Jaime Ramos - 5 years ago
Gary McFarland I can't believe the disregard these two showed him. Unbelievable.
Edgardo Tripaldi
Edgardo Tripaldi - 6 years ago
I believed that my country had just idiots in command of a boat. so I see we are not unique.
Roy - 6 years ago
I bet 100% these idiots had high dose of alcohol in their system. otherwise they would offer their assistance.
thechosendude - 4 years ago
Roy - Came to post that. They probably had a cooler filled ber empty beer cans.
Trey73 - 6 years ago
+Roy Maybe. Maybe they are just assholes. I would have radioed authorities and reported them. "It looked like a liquor bottle they were swigging off of".
trays awesome gaming awesome 100
trays awesome gaming awesome 100 - 6 years ago
is that Robert field
OuchIAteMyself - 6 years ago
I am glad they circled back to you.
LouB - 6 years ago
So they said nothing, and just went on?

Did you find a way to get your paddle as it floated away.

Hopefully your fish and game agency tracked them down and used this video!
baba ganoush
baba ganoush - 6 years ago
i love how there is 600ft of open water to your left and he chooses to pass on your right...
Desert Lake Striper
Desert Lake Striper - 6 years ago
wait! what about your paddle?! looks like it snapped in half? did they even try to ask if you needed help or wanted to exchange info? Insane man.
wiggle and me cb
wiggle and me cb - 6 years ago
I would have jumped on there boat and capsized it while screaming "save me daddy " . the dumb old fucks. sadly those same old fart drivers swarm to Florida and do the same to unsuspecting motorcyclists.
Jeff Faulkner
Jeff Faulkner - 6 years ago
I think you handle that perfectly.
Lonewolfoutdoors14 - 6 years ago
Nice job keeping your cool man. It did appear the other boat operator was a whole lot of who cares. Fish on man......
Thomas Gardner
Thomas Gardner - 7 years ago
This is a concern of mine since I have had boats almost hit me in my Skeeter FX21!  Idiots on the road are bad but idiots on the water are on a totally different level.  I am thinking about buying the yellow version of the Hobie Pro 14 just to be more visible.  I am glad nobody was hurt in this encounter though.  It could have been so much worse had a high-powered boat like mine hit him.
loadthebowl - 7 years ago
You could have least told them to to grab your paddle instead you sat there like a bitch not saying shit
Ross Braune
Ross Braune - 7 years ago
Oducks58 - 7 years ago
It would've been a little more understandable if it wasn't a fucking tiny ass John boat. Stupid dumbasses make me lose faith in humanity.
nathan greer
nathan greer - 5 years ago
Oducks58 if you run into that.. you'll hit a lot of logs, docks and fists..
Andrew Tran
Andrew Tran - 7 years ago
it was 100% the boat drivers fault for bieng a reckless piece of shit , but this could have been avoided if u had an orange or yellow kayak. the combination of overcast skies a gray kayak and a fucking retarded boat driver all came together at the the wrong time...
Emery Seyller
Emery Seyller - 7 years ago
+Andrew Tran he had a big orange flag flying just for that purpose. and a yellow life jacket. read the description
tribequest9 - 7 years ago
I was almost hit by boats out on Lake Lewisville and in both cases they were drinking and were yelling at me to get out of the water.....fortunately for me someone else saw this and called the police on the second time it happened....lakes are for all people not just power boats and jets skis
Ben Hamrick
Ben Hamrick - 4 years ago
Ayyy Lake Lewisville!!! I sail on that lake. Hobie cat 16.
Rollo Lawson
Rollo Lawson - 4 years ago
Well aside from DWI, remember in most states harassing fishermen is illegal. Next time call the game warden too.
Brendon - 7 years ago
Wow glad you are okay
Rocky Intertidal
Rocky Intertidal - 7 years ago
You had an orange float and orange flag out and were wearing a yellow vest.  What does it take to get idiots like this to notice you, a Day-Glo barrage balloon?  I have that exact same Stohlquist Fisherman PFD and love it.
James O'Brien
James O'Brien - 7 years ago
Thats one Idiot boat operator. I hope your yak didnt get damaged.
john schaub
john schaub - 6 years ago
i was almost run over by a jetski on a small lake with a 15hp limit. he didnt have an excuse lol
TaylorJ - 6 years ago
+john schaub I was kayak fishing at a lake in the Adirondacks a few weeks ago, when a 7-8 year old came within 10 feet of me on a jetski going 65-70 mph. Went to talk to the parents and they said that since they live on the lake laws about driving a jetski underage dont apply.... Dumb rednecks.
john schaub
john schaub - 7 years ago
+James O'Brien one of many
Don Gross
Don Gross - 7 years ago
I have been hit 2X by jet skis. Now i put a bicycle flag on all of my kayaks.
Norman Tucker
Norman Tucker - 7 years ago
I do believe I would have been mad as hell
Britt Pereira
Britt Pereira - 7 years ago
The guys in the boat are assholes. If your driving a power boat you need to watch where your going.
Raven's Kraft Super Camping
Raven's Kraft Super Camping - 7 years ago
they didnt even ask if you were ok. Wow...
Ryan Mcgaffick
Ryan Mcgaffick - 7 years ago
I would of dropped a bunch of F bombs..and brought out the Gaf!
OpenYourCoconut - 7 years ago
I think I would have jumped on there boat and did some things I'd regret.
Robert Malone
Robert Malone - 7 years ago
that is jacked up
Troy Reynolds
Troy Reynolds - 7 years ago
I was amazed at how cool you stayed. In broad daylight and at slow speeds what was their excuse for not seeing you?
chickenguru - 7 years ago
What morons. They couldn't even grab your paddle for you. Glad it wasn't worse
Dean Nunyabis
Dean Nunyabis - 7 years ago
This is why I opted for bright yellow when I bought my kayak. You can never have enough visibility. 
S.K Yap
S.K Yap - 7 years ago
you should have grabbed the paddle which floated right in front of you first.
Aaron Christiano
Aaron Christiano - 7 years ago
+S.K Yap His boat has a pedal drive, the paddle is secondary/when he gets in more shallow water. after he chilled, he probably just pedaled over to it and secured it again. This is also why I always keep a paddle leash connected to me or to my pfd. And an extra in the hull :). Glad it wasn't worse, inches another direction would have been a really bad day.
Raven's Kraft Super Camping
Raven's Kraft Super Camping - 7 years ago
+S.K Yap I think he was in a bit of shock.
LeefromSeattle - 7 years ago
That's insane. You have superhuman self control. 
MMO GAMING - 7 years ago
how the fk!
recall212 - 7 years ago
Lol that poor guy lol. Just trying to fish and this guy hits him lol
bayman50cal - 7 years ago
Think what would have happened if they were going full speed.
bayman50cal - 7 years ago
Should have reported them. They may have been drinking. What a couple of idiots. How the hell do you run into another boat? I would have went off on them too. They most likely thought you were at fault.
Jt Fishing
Jt Fishing - 7 years ago
I don't know how u kept your cool. Props to you
The Rocket Brother PNW
The Rocket Brother PNW - 4 years ago
Yeah man thats where you rip his engine off and sink it
josh stewart
josh stewart - 4 years ago
Yea. I would have dropped about 30 f bombs.
Scott Faddis
Scott Faddis - 4 years ago
J Abba lmao that comment really deserves more thumbs up!
J Abba
J Abba - 4 years ago
Jt Fishing no pun intended
Joe Hilton
Joe Hilton - 7 years ago
Old dude probably grandfathered in to a vessel lic. and probably never even looked at a boater safety manual. All operators should take a safety course, especially old dudes. Coulda killed ya or a kid. Didn't even know what to do after an accident!
seanfishingtexas - 7 years ago
did he run over your achor rope or what?
Tyler Mitchell
Tyler Mitchell - 7 years ago
You done the right thing!... If he would have knocked a hole in that hobie all hell would have broke loose. lol good job man!
Harold Estevez
Harold Estevez - 7 years ago
Did you recovered the paddle?
Isaac Merino
Isaac Merino - 7 years ago
what a idiot u got lucky he didnt ram the whole boat on top of u
Vincent Valentine
Vincent Valentine - 7 years ago
Wow, you just convinced me to go with a bright lime Green color or possibly a blaze orange,  That could have turned out so much worse than it did, I picture the cigaret boats we get around here that come around corners wide open...  Good job in keeping your cool man.
thechosendude - 4 years ago
Vincent Valentine - I bought flame orange and really bright blue yaks. Fuck all these camouflage yaks...it's stupid having one when you need to be seen for safety.
Sam Bizot
Sam Bizot - 7 years ago
Mr. Spectaculous
Mr. Spectaculous - 7 years ago
Kudos for keeping your cool. I would have come unglued. They did not seem very apologetic. Had I done that to you I would have given you my boat. 
Greg Harness
Greg Harness - 7 years ago
I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to stay this cool if someone smacked my predator 13 hehe.  Good job man.
Brenley Forrester
Brenley Forrester - 7 years ago
The only way he couldn't see him is the guy in front was blocking his view and didn't tell him to stop or go wide. It's also a good idea to not only have the pole and other items, but choose a kayak that is bright in color and a complementary colored paddle or flag to make it really stand out. (Bright Orange Yak and Blue Paddle, Bright Red Yak, Green Paddle) Stay away from bland colors and greens for your yak.  I don't mind if they fly by so long as they keep about 20 feet. Wake doesn't bother me as much as it used too. More and more people are fishing out of yaks and we really don't bother motor boaters so long as we stay out of their main routes of travel.
Drew Olmsted
Drew Olmsted - 7 years ago
That dude stayed amazingly calm. No way I would have been able to do that.
Ross Moore
Ross Moore - 7 years ago
TheBblindman - 7 years ago
outstanding composure indeed! great man on a very good yak which didn\t break! I would have beat the idiots lame! Again congrats!
kylerudy10 - 7 years ago
Your paddle floated away
sagredo8363 - 7 years ago
Wow - you were very calm.
KyungHyo Kim
KyungHyo Kim - 7 years ago
all the motorized boats have to watch and give way to non motorized ones.   is that so hard to say 'sorry' ?   I cannot hear any. amazing how this man is controling himself.
brad deruiter
brad deruiter - 7 years ago
I would have messed that dude up
Garrett Miller
Garrett Miller - 7 years ago
I would have shot him with a bow lol
iCurrupted - 7 years ago
typical hillbillys, they didnt even have any gear in their boat, looks like just being assholes and ran into him.
,of course neither one of them was wearing life jacket
Mike B
Mike B - 8 years ago
WTF? Were they asleep or just that stupid? I own a bass boat and kayaks so I understand both perspectives. I cannot even understand how someone could miss seeing you in that situation. Dumbasses don't need to be operating a boat! Good thing you weren't a swimmer!
Mike B
Mike B - 7 years ago
+w ching  This guy handled it nicer than I would have. There's nothing wrong with doing those things but not to the point of endangering someone else.There's no excuse for that bullshit!
w ching
w ching - 7 years ago
neither they were stoned on beer&pot most likely.  During the crab season here in Washington State I fish 2-3x a wk. and I see people smoking weed and  drinking booz on the water a lot.
Mr00destruct0 - 8 years ago
Didn't look like they were going to come back. Did they think better of it because you snapped there picture? They probably bitched at you about your behemoth vessel taking up 3/4 of the river.
Was alcohol a factor in this accident?
laferj317 - 8 years ago
Hats off to you it's not like they couldn't see you bright orang flag!! Stupid, they had the hole other side but they had to go around you instead .
highonimmi - 7 years ago
bright orange flag above the yak....light colored kayak...yellow pfd...john boat going way too fast. these morons make us responsible red necks look bad. sorry about those douches. there was no call for that....why haul ass y'all...it's fishing.....chill out time!  mad props to the yakker who kept his cool. nice gear btw:)
Samuel Poff
Samuel Poff - 8 years ago
So pissed..
TrueFloridian813 - 8 years ago
Wow. Its insane the lack of respect that the boaters have for kayak fisherman. In my area they will be running full throttle within like ten yards of my yak. I do believe you are a better man than me tho because if they hit me like that I probably would have gone to jail. Good job man
Clint Johnson
Clint Johnson - 8 years ago
Good job bud, people reap what they sow... karma will catch up with them...
Good job staying COOL!
Catfish James Duncan
Catfish James Duncan - 8 years ago
No way in hell I couldve kept my cool. Sooooo stupid. It couldve killed him. Wow!
cagelife - 8 years ago
Awesome job maintaining you attitude. Not me, I would have pulled their drainplug.
Dusty Brock
Dusty Brock - 8 years ago
Nice job keeping your cool man I was fishing a month ago and a guy on a speed boat and two of his buddies on jet skis ran right next to me and flipped my kayak and I had to pull it to the bank and empty all my stuff out and drain it
shawn babin
shawn babin - 8 years ago
looks like he broke the paddle
Kenny R
Kenny R - 8 years ago
i saw a paddle float away
1483samurai - 8 years ago
Wow! Your one lucky man. I'm glad he didn't knock you off and get cut up by his prop. Did he damage your Kayak?
Joshua Allpass
Joshua Allpass - 8 years ago
asshole boat driver
dhardman85 - 8 years ago
I would have shot both of them 
wildairsoft1 - 8 years ago
did you find your paddle and um how the hell didnt you cuss them out damn i would have wanted to kill them 
VIGILANTE PAY BACK - 8 years ago
how the fuck could they not see you . man id off gone off on one and the dum fucks 
benoni bento
benoni bento - 8 years ago
that happens often. some boat owners are not paying attention. and others do it with bad intentions.
James Melton
James Melton - 8 years ago
Scott in Texas
Scott in Texas - 8 years ago
The worst offense was they didn't even retrieve your paddle once they had hit you!  Losers - I hope you reported them.
Jon Mlinar
Jon Mlinar - 8 years ago
This is just crazy. When people see me kayak fishing the come right by me like there trying to tip me RIDICULOUS.
MrBiker5000 - 8 years ago
I'd still be yelling...note to self, water proof shotgun rack...
Voodoo one
Voodoo one - 4 years ago
They did that intentionally
Johnn Smyth
Johnn Smyth - 8 years ago
Time to let someone else Who Can See drive.
boashna - 8 years ago
are you wearing a wader .. if you are stop wearing it since it will pull you down when water gets in there .. your dead i think that is possible even if you are wearing pfd
m Cave
m Cave - 8 years ago
scary i fish Rockport a lot on my Kayak and anytime I hear an engine Im looking all over the place...peace man and thank G your alright
Laby 70
Laby 70 - 8 years ago
Thats gonna be Luces Bayou in Texas. Speed demons all in there.

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