Kayak Fishing: Hammerhead Shark Stalks Kayakers - Pushin' Water Kayak Charters

Huge Hammerhead shark follows us for 2 miles off the coast of South Florida continuously bumping our kayaks. Follow Brian on social media: http://www.facebook.com/PushinWaterKa... http://www.instagram.com/PushinWaterK... (@PushinWaterKayakCharters) Check out our website for information on fishing charters. http://www.tckayakfishing.com * For licensing/usage please contact: licensing@viralhog.com

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Huge Hammerhead shark follows us for 2 miles off the coast of South Florida continuously bumping our kayaks. Follow Brian on social media: http://www.facebook.com/PushinWaterKa... http://www.instagram.com/PushinWaterK... (@PushinWaterKayakCharters) Check out our website for information on fishing charters. http://www.tckayakfishing.com * For licensing/usage please contact: licensing@viralhog.com

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for Kayak Fishing: Hammerhead Shark Stalks Kayakers - Pushin' Water Kayak Charters

Rickys kayak
Rickys kayak - 4 years ago
That happened to me to but with a way bigger hammerhead and yes I was bleeding tunas, this shark was calm the one that came at me was going crazyyyyy ...cool vid!
DeLaCruz Cruz
DeLaCruz Cruz - 5 years ago
hes patient. i would have put a bullet in his a$$ ...to close for comfort
defpickles98 - 5 years ago
i hope drew pickles rapes that beast
Next Level Fishing - Kayak Fishing TV
Next Level Fishing - Kayak Fishing TV - 6 years ago
Just curious where you storing bleeding fish? I've seen this before but there is always a reason for it. Usually has to do with not properly storing fish.
Next Level Fishing - Kayak Fishing TV
Next Level Fishing - Kayak Fishing TV - 6 years ago
+Pushin' Water Kayak Charters curious I guess :) I've heard of them hitting mirage drives before :p
Pushin' Water Kayak Charters
Pushin' Water Kayak Charters - 6 years ago
+Next Level Fishing - Kayak Fishing TV One kayak had a fish bag of Mahi other did not. Nothing was used bring in shark.
RLeigh - 7 years ago
That lil fish swimming around that shark must be suicidal.
Dennis Schmidt
Dennis Schmidt - 7 years ago
The shark was just curious its probably never saw or heard a kayak before same thing happens with all fish, in fact i use baits fish have never seen before, because they will bite out of curiosity even if they aren't hungry.  
Sincerely Paige
Sincerely Paige - 7 years ago
Fish at 1:21 is just like "hell no bye"
honx schmitt
honx schmitt - 7 years ago
Nerver going swiming ever again : /

10. comment for Kayak Fishing: Hammerhead Shark Stalks Kayakers - Pushin' Water Kayak Charters

Nejc - 7 years ago
papapapenis - 7 years ago
That's nightmare inducing right there
B Lenny
B Lenny - 7 years ago
here! fishy fishy fishy!!......
SandySummerof69 - 7 years ago
Excellent camera work, and editing.  Better than the pros.  Nice video thank you for sharing it.
John Plant
John Plant - 7 years ago
Curiousity =/= stalking, these are not horny/weird humans you know.
ヤンギレGaWd - 7 years ago
That's a shame, it was almost liveleak material.
frankiegong13 - 7 years ago
This is why I'll never kayak in the open ocean
nick richetelle
nick richetelle - 7 years ago
Where does the shark go at 0:46  
sr633 - 7 years ago
Carry a dozen cherry bombs in a water proof container with two cheap lighters also.
The Adventures of Life
The Adventures of Life - 7 years ago
What an amazing animal.

20. comment for Kayak Fishing: Hammerhead Shark Stalks Kayakers - Pushin' Water Kayak Charters

Anders H
Anders H - 7 years ago
Yeah they sure seem terrified filming underwater and all...
Gates Edwards
Gates Edwards - 7 years ago
Nopenopenopenope fuck that shit
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass - 7 years ago
I guess you could say the title of this video really, HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD right?
calthmlikiseethm - 7 years ago
He just curious
Jordan Jenkins
Jordan Jenkins - 7 years ago
I wish I had the balls to do this
Grape Juice III
Grape Juice III - 7 years ago
Doughbodyboy - 7 years ago
um... drop a line and catch the fucker!! i thought you were fishing?
PIlotrcm - 7 years ago
Shark was just curious, like humans we are curious. When we see something 2 things come to mind, is it human? Can I have sex with it? If not, can I eat it? Otherwise it's just like looking at animals at the zoo. Sharks like, "hey look at that human! wonder what they're doing? Eating? Perhaps I'll get left overs!" It worked for dogs.
tanktexas - 7 years ago
Somebody was on their period lol
Harry Hathaway
Harry Hathaway - 7 years ago
I don't think they were in danger,the sharks were curious.Think of this,if that was all you did all the time,swimming,fucking,and eating,I'd be bored too and want to check out something I may find interesting.I could be wrong.Only shark experts would know.

30. comment for Kayak Fishing: Hammerhead Shark Stalks Kayakers - Pushin' Water Kayak Charters

blondedbythelight703 - 7 years ago
That's why they call them predators.
Vincent Purple Guy
Vincent Purple Guy - 7 years ago
The poor baby shark was courteous about what it was
Vincent Purple Guy
Vincent Purple Guy - 7 years ago
0-0 what I'm not crazy man
I love sharks and I have shark teeth I never take them off
never ever
ShakurFlex - 7 years ago
Kcd16 - 7 years ago
very awesome. However, that's why I don't swim in the ocean.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - 7 years ago
horseygurl143 - 7 years ago
Such a magnificent creature!
Вероника Зволяк
Вероника Зволяк - 7 years ago
А в чом пркол?(
james burke
james burke - 7 years ago
you need to censor that sharks face because you definitely did not ask it to be in the video that shark is gonna sue your ass 
Jack Edson
Jack Edson - 7 years ago
neanderthor66 - 7 years ago
Pucker Factor: 10
Albert Lin
Albert Lin - 7 years ago
Holy shit! 
Joshua Douglas
Joshua Douglas - 7 years ago
Just imagine if the kayak flipped.
Ice Rox Pie
Ice Rox Pie - 7 years ago
That hammerhead was obviously just being friendly, keeping those kayaker's company and then he was obviously like "oi terry mate! Come meet my new mates!" And that little fish came swimming over to meet them. Sharks are so misunderstood.
Grape Juice III
Grape Juice III - 7 years ago
jolllyroger1 - 7 years ago
This shark knows that your going fishing and is looking for a free meal b4 you can land it
So what do you do .... f it catch the shark then if you release it maybe it will never follow again
If you eat it it most definately will never follow again
K den
K den - 7 years ago
If i were there i would probably freak out and beat the shit out of those sharks with a katana.
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams - 7 years ago
If I enter the water and put myself in a situation like this, I'd be certain to have at least a 10" blade at my hip, bangstick, probably some sort of small depth charge/TNT and revolving wrist mounted harpoon like something out of assassins creed and straight up murder any shark, seal, dolphin, sea manatee, whale that gets within 10M of me.
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams - 7 years ago
+Chris Antonio 
I have good reason to fearful of the sea.

When I was 12 , one of my uncles took me and my family (mum, dad, and lil bro) out for a day on the sea in his boats for some deep sea fishing down in Cornwall.

Whilst out in the water, he put out 2 rubber donuts and my dad an I got in one each, and he towed us along for a ride. Whilst going along the water, the cable to mine broke, and I was left in the open water until they noticed and came back to get me.
Its probably worth noting at this point that I wasnt a strong swimmer, I could doggy paddle at best and the sea was pretty amn choppy.

Anyway, whilst bobbing on the water, stranded, I felt something rough brush underneath my ass that was sitting in the bottom of the donut, and my donut was pushed upwards from an unexplained rush of water and no word of a lie, I physically shit myself out of pure fear. I was then frantically looking all around me to see what it was, but couldnt see anything around me. It  wasnt until we got back in the boat that I realised that I had actually shit myself, probably on account of the motion of the sea and the rush of adrenaline. 

Anyway, donuting was officially off the cards, so we tried some deep sea fishing, but for some unexplained reasons, the radar on my uncles boat couldnt pick up any little fishies even though it was a pretty hefty piece of equipment, and all we were getting was an occasional and unexplained larger than average blob on the radar. We had cast our rods out, but it wasn't long till the boat was hit by something 'BIG', from under the water, which made a loud thud when it hit us and caused the boat to list to one side. At this point, my uncle said fuck, I must have hit something, but we couldnt understand because as far as we were aware the boat was stationary.

It was at this point that he tried moving the boat to a few new spots, and there would be a few sholes on the radar, but by the time we managed to set out rods up and cast them out, the fish had gone, and pretty soon there was that blob, from out of nowhere, coming and going.

It was at this point that I went to get change in the bottom compartment of the boat, but as I laid on the matress, it felt wet and damp, and I noticed the pools of water on my hands as I tried to push myself off the matress. As I got up, my parents called me up and told me to look at the ships, going by, and to my shock there was a big ol oil tanker passing us, HUUUUGE, completely dwarfing our boat. It was at this point that I said to my mum that the matress was wet and my uncle stopped, turned to me and asked "What do you mean wet?", My dad an him poked their heads down and at this point saw that there was a considerable pool of water on the matresses now.

Now I was only young at the time and didnt quite grasp the serious of the situation, but recollecting on it now, I can see that the quiteness that overcame my parents and uncle wasnt one of, someones done something wrong, or, well now my uncles going to have to buy a new bed, but "FUCKING HELL, THE BOATS ACTUALLY SINKING!!".

It was at this point that my uncle quickly reeled in his rods, dismantled them an threw them into his bedding area, now with a considerable amount of water, and my dad told my mum to hold onto me and my brother, and told my uncle to take us back to the harbour NOW!

I cant tell you how uncomfortable the ride was back to the harbour, mostly becuase of how fast my uncle was going and how choppy the sea was getting. He'd taken us all the way out into the shipping lanes, Waaaay further than he had planned to, and there was now a crack in the hull of the boat and we were taking on water.

It was a fair old time till we reached the safety of the harbour, my uncle with going flat out trying to get us back, with me and my brother bouncing up and down on the plastic seats, me, still unawares that I had shit myself, my ass bouncing up and down, flattening the shit in my beach shorts to little more than a brown puree.

By the time we reached the harbour, my uncle was visibly distressed and panicking and my mother and farther were more than a little pissed at him for putting us in that situation, but all their anger seemed to disipate the moment my uncle started had loaded his boat onto his trailer and was bringing it up the slip ramp. Passers by looked on in disbelief as he pulled the boat up the ramp, as the gaping hole in the bottom side of the hole was revealed, a hole so big I could have easilly climbed through it, it had to be at least 2ft wide in diameter. 

My uncle was visibly upset and frustrated, but also in complete disbelief that we had made it back. It was then that my parents realised that us getting back to safety was some miracle, as even my uncle agreed that with the size of the hole and it being below the waterline, and us being way out in the shipping lanes, that there was no conceivable way that the boat shouldn't' have sunk in a matter of minutes, if not starting immediately after the mystery 'impact' we had earlier in the afternoon. 

What was even scarier was that my uncle didnt have a radio or life jackets onboard, and nobody knew where we were, as we were so far out that there were no other boats visibly around us. They all agreed that we would have sank and drowned that day, and it was an experience none of us should have survived. But we did, but it wasn't until I attended one of my the church sermons my father was giving one afternoon that I realised that he too understood that what happened that day was a miracle, because he told everyone of the experience, the size of the hole, the lack of life jackets and me and my brothers poor swimming skills, and said on that very day, god must have had his hand on my family becuase we all should have an would have died that day.

Oh, and as for that mystery blob on the radar and the thing I felt brush along my ass that caused me to shit myself, well a week after our day on the sea, a local newspaper reported on a family who had a GREAT WHITE SHARK follow them all the way from the open sea back into the very harbour that we set out from and returned too. I shit you not, because I've shit myself, A GREAT FUCKING WHITE!!!
Sean Quinn
Sean Quinn - 7 years ago
+Shawheen Abdi hahahahaha that's hilarious
Maxim Lekov
Maxim Lekov - 7 years ago
+jolllyroger1 do you research dikhead. have you seen how they harvest shark fins? another ignorant moron
Shawheen - 7 years ago
explains the name ashley
Chatterbox_5 - 7 years ago
A tiny fish touches him and he freaks out
Zachary Pridemore
Zachary Pridemore - 7 years ago
Wow Ashely depth charges. lol 
Patrick- Jason
Patrick- Jason - 7 years ago
But if you kill the dolphin it increases the chance of the shark coming. It is said that if you see a dolphin there is usually no shark nearby since the dolphin and shark are against each other
VenomX_J - 7 years ago
But Shrek isn't real. It's a Movie
anonymous s
anonymous s - 7 years ago
+over9000713 are you guys retarded? The man is trying to explain how he would survive...Why would you let a shark get near you...life or death situation....
COMMIE BRAH - 7 years ago
Actually shark attacks rarely result in death... Most people live on
Ward Huyskes
Ward Huyskes - 7 years ago
+jolllyroger1 you're an idiot. Though the "test bites" usually kill, everything he said was true.
mad1984 - 7 years ago
+over9000713 c,ppk
jolllyroger1 - 7 years ago
+over9000713 your full of sheet .... f'ing animal rights freaking liars telling bs tales that are not true......
over9000713 - 7 years ago
sharks actually don't like to eat humans. Usually it's test bites (Like we use touch to see what something is... they don't have hands) or confused identity. You are more likely to drown than be killed by a shark.
While every 3s we strip sharks of their fins and dump their still alive body into the ocean to suffocate slowly on the sea floor, just for soup.
BIG NECK - 7 years ago
Awwwwww hammerhead just wanted a hug.
Rosa Holguin
Rosa Holguin - 7 years ago
Lol I was like if u want a hug, tip the thingy over.
Ethan - 7 years ago
A very bloody, human-tasted hug
SA TAN hee
SA TAN hee - 7 years ago
yzride - 7 years ago
Lazy ass shark was looking for a free fish!!
Money Man
Money Man - 7 years ago
Grant Coristine
Grant Coristine - 7 years ago
Do hammerhead sharks even attack people?
Mad Sexy
Mad Sexy - 7 years ago
+Maria Chevez
i never said you did or didn't .
Mafe :3
Mafe :3 - 7 years ago
+madsexymanofthenight did i say they got bit or i did?
Mad Sexy
Mad Sexy - 7 years ago
+Maria Chevez my relatives swim here and they didn't get bit .
Noah Hudson
Noah Hudson - 7 years ago
Almost never, the reason they were around this time was because the kayakers were into shark territory where they feed, the sharks were simply curious, there are about no more than 10 shark attacks per year, and hammerhead sharks are usually not as aggressive. Usually its a bull shark that causes an accident due to inability to realize you're not food.
Ulfrz - 7 years ago
+Maria Chevez I didn't judge you at all, I said too many anti-shark flicks are around - and it is true. Being scared of them doesn't necessarily mean someone hates them, but unless someone has had a bad experience with sharks (which is unlikely) then their fear is irrational. The human brain tends to be more scared of things it can't control (like shark attacks and asteroids etc) than things it can control (driving, swimming and crossing the road etc).
Mafe :3
Mafe :3 - 7 years ago
i live in the carribean and im definintly not an anti shark just because im scared doesnt mean i hate them. Dont judge people befor knowing them ive seen plenty sharks but im scared of hammerheads and bull sharks but that doesnt mean i hate them i preety sure ive seen more sharks in the wild then you have
COMMIE BRAH - 7 years ago
Ulfrz is right. Also if you have ever been to australia or anywere there is a lit of sharks the chance is that when you are swimming the ocean you will come within 10m of some shark without even knowing it was there, might be scary but really it just shows that sharks usually dont care about us.
Ulfrz - 7 years ago
+WHITEREX Look at how aggressive you are, thanks for proving my point.
" If you go near a shark you will very likely be attacked." Oh look, your point is 100% certifiable bullshit.
The truth is that you are thousands of times more likely to die drowning than by shark attack. I'm not even sure you can say sharks have anger or "rage". But I am sure that they don't target humans, they can't even eat us properly because of our high bone to muscle/fat ratio. In fact I bet the majority of shark attacks are totally accidental on the sharks behalf, it doesn't really know what animal it's eating until it tastes, but their taste receptors are far back in the mouth.Clothing/jewelry shimmering in the water can easily be mistaken for fish, for example.
Since you called me an animal freak I feel okay calling you an ignorant dumbass.
Truth is, you just have an irrational fear of sharks and no way to justify it - other than the few shark flicks you've seen.
WHITEREX - 7 years ago

Stfu animal freak. If you go near a shark you will very likely be attacked. "Humans are more aggressive to humans" ok, and? Humans are controllable with their rage (usually), sharks are not. Fuckhead.
Ulfrz - 7 years ago
+Maria Chevez If you're so terrified of an imagined threat like sharks then I'm sure you're absolutely petrified when it comes to getting in a vehicle, no? Go swimming in the sea and you're more likely to die by drowning than be attacked by a shark. Too many anti-shark movies are around. Humans are more aggressive to humans than sharks are lmao.
Mafe :3
Mafe :3 - 7 years ago
They almost as aggresive as bull sharks,im terrifed of those little jaws (yes) 
Big_stackz100 - 7 years ago
Tina Ho
Tina Ho - 7 years ago
It's not like the shark will attack you anyway.
Amjad Abbas
Amjad Abbas - 7 years ago
Did it attack u at the end

50. comment for Kayak Fishing: Hammerhead Shark Stalks Kayakers - Pushin' Water Kayak Charters

Maxima - 7 years ago
'F' that. I would be dropping depth charges.
Andrew Simm_9N3
Andrew Simm_9N3 - 7 years ago
My like broken arrow
Josette Crookendale
Josette Crookendale - 7 years ago
L h
breanna7411 - 7 years ago
I would cry if that happened to me
BELIC68 - 7 years ago
Ed Junior
Ed Junior - 7 years ago
If it has an motor it can't be considered a kayak, can it?
Zrinka  Maricic
Zrinka Maricic - 7 years ago
+Peter Menningen

Zrinka  Maricic
Zrinka Maricic - 7 years ago
+Peter Menningen F
Peter Menningen
Peter Menningen - 7 years ago
A  Kayak is a hull style Not a type of boat.  Generally double pointed either open on top (sit on) or closed (sit in) some time the opening has a protective cover that keeps the spray water from entering the enclosed compartment. they are anywhere from 8 to 20 ft in length, normally hold either 1 or 2 persons. shallow draft and low center of gravity, normally powered by double ended paddles, but sails and electric motors do the job. the rudder if there is one is controlled by the feet. they are light but seaworthy in construction.
Emerald Coast Kayak Fishing
Emerald Coast Kayak Fishing - 7 years ago
Crazy !!!!!!
Emerald Coast Kayak Fishing
Emerald Coast Kayak Fishing - 7 years ago
58landman - 7 years ago
Sharks are fine and it's natural for them to act the way this one acted.   But, I wouldn't haul myself out into their environment in a kayak without taking a bang stick along with me.   
VictJay Fins
VictJay Fins - 7 years ago
I shat my pants
Lethanial - 7 years ago
There is fish swimming around it. And it still follows you. That cant be good
TD - 7 years ago
He wants your ganja!! #ReggaeShark  
logmannn - 7 years ago
anyone else got to pee now?
Grey Spears
Grey Spears - 7 years ago
Rooky mistake whie kayaking. All ways bring your katana.
Redditor join us on hammerheads r/sexyhammerheads
Luis Anselmo Morales Flores
Luis Anselmo Morales Flores - 7 years ago
+Abdallah Nassar
Abdallah  Nassar
Abdallah Nassar - 7 years ago
Jack Logan
Jack Logan - 7 years ago
Wow Great Video !   Hope others give you a Thumbs up on this and like it !  Seen your other videos Great job Keep up the good work!  

Troll Master J
TheForgoten100 - 7 years ago
"Could you spear me some fish?" aa? a? a? :)
KAYAK FRANK - 7 years ago
Probably a fish blood trail. Same thing happened to me about 6 months ago. I realized I was trailing tuna blood. Scary, scary. Great filming guys.

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