Kayak Fishing Basics: Kayak Stability

Jeff Little explains how to become accustomed to the stability of your kayak so that you can learn how to stay upright in your kayak while fishing. This video series is sponsored by Wilderness Systems Kayaks.

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Jeff Little explains how to become accustomed to the stability of your kayak so that you can learn how to stay upright in your kayak while fishing. This video series is sponsored by Wilderness Systems Kayaks.

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jim k
jim k - 4 years ago
When learning how to land a bass go out and catch some bass. Then when you bring the bass toward your boat grab the bass by the lower jaw like everyone else and don't lift it loosely by its belly in your hand. Then release the bass and don't look like a tool.
fmlstewart - 4 years ago
Flipping a kayak is nothing to fear. Just expect it will happen and rig your yak accordingly. Lash it, or lose it.
MEGA HOUSE FISHING - 4 years ago
Great tip dude
Zaporozhye city
Zaporozhye city - 4 years ago
James McManus
James McManus - 4 years ago
Around 7:05 with those trees and fog and the noose, it looks like a poster for a horror movie.
Sae Kim
Sae Kim - 4 years ago
That kayak looks really unstable...
Tomaaasxddd TFM
Tomaaasxddd TFM - 5 years ago
turtle at 6:17
Josh Wolfe
Josh Wolfe - 5 years ago
At the end, I noticed that you guys are from Blue Ridge Mountain Kayaking. I'm also from North GA and was wondering if you guys teach lessons up at your place. You seem like someone I could learn a thing or two from! I checked your website but didn't see anything on kayak lessons.
EnVision - 5 years ago
Should you face wakes off other boats or is it ok to ride parrellel to the wake? Im not afraid of ti]ing over but sure would be embarassing lol

10. comment for Kayak Fishing Basics: Kayak Stability

Mike Hilario
Mike Hilario - 5 years ago
Great vid! thank you for posting! Helped me decide on which one I want.
Edward st.antoine
Edward st.antoine - 5 years ago
great video thank u sirs
Big Killa aka Bloody Assassin
Big Killa aka Bloody Assassin - 5 years ago
I just bought a Future Beach Explorer 10.4 Sit-In Kayak it's my first Kayak never been in one before always been scared of them tipping over not a very good swimmer either I only got it to fish in so I'll be looking at a lot of your videos.
Marc Zwygart
Marc Zwygart - 5 years ago
Thanks for sharing your kayak tips. I have a Twitter Moments page here https://twitter.com/i/moments/831580874479173632 . Would you mind if I add your video?
joynthis - 5 years ago
Watch some non-fishing videos on how to brace, Joe Bob. If you have a good paddle brace and still end up swimming, you've over-beered.
Zip Zenac
Zip Zenac - 5 years ago
Why bit rig a simple outrigger at the back to sit either side of the Kayak? Surely this will really increase the stability?
Iva Petr
Iva Petr - 5 years ago
Хуй тут развернешся! Лотка хорошая, но не для спиниджя!!
oliver ballard
oliver ballard - 5 years ago
Anyone else see the croc ?
Jason - 5 years ago
i feel that falling probably more likely happens from people feeling the boat start to tip one way and they freak out and over-compensate causing their actual body to lose balance and fall over and out
holdup gotlag
holdup gotlag - 5 years ago
Jason that happened to a "friend" of mine
AleaderWaterShoes - 5 years ago
Great video really helpful

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YakBassFishin74 - 5 years ago
Love this video.
Ryan Abalos
Ryan Abalos - 6 years ago
Cool video! and Jeff is badass!
Wade Patton
Wade Patton - 6 years ago
I haven't been able to tip my Ride 135 (older version). I stood on it and walked stem to stern the first day I had it, but I was In flat water. I've only been close once in rivers and streams (trying to paddle up through fast water and rocks-not recommended in a "stand up" boat).

I did tip it eventually, in Gulf of Mexico breakers (surfed in too shallow, hung the nose). It's my first kayak. I want something faster now, like Tarpon or home built, faster but not "roll ready" like the WW and ST boats. Eventually I'm going sea touring. Started in canoes many years ago.

I do like WS boats for production boats. Just wish I'd started with a Tarpon because I like to paddle upstream and drift back to the put in. I don't stand a lot, preferring to exit the boat for fishing when convenient (I'm 400 miles inshore). Do some test rides if you get a chance. Also note that a loaded boat (cast nets, and water in the bait bucket are heavy).
Emily Summers
Emily Summers - 6 years ago
Evan Dickson
Evan Dickson - 5 years ago
Ikr looks like snake
King Koopa
King Koopa - 6 years ago
what type of water resistant clothing you got there?
tranquility - 4 years ago
King Koopa he has on a dry suit
Jake thequadrunnersnake
Jake thequadrunnersnake - 6 years ago
Great vid I live in Ohio and I manly fish in lakes and reservoirs I got my first kayak 2 weeks ago I went with a more stable boat for beginning and I like it better I think because I can do more things and feel safer on it I'm not afrade to flip because of me I just didn't want to loose my gear
Brian Michael
Brian Michael - 6 years ago
Im thinking of getting a kayak, have only rented before.. this is a great exercise to get use to your boat

I am looking at the Pamlico 145T
Dimes On His Eyes
Dimes On His Eyes - 6 years ago
my boat will fill with water before it tips.
Moustafa Fakih
Moustafa Fakih - 6 years ago
can anyone tell us the price of each kayak ???
Jack Lowe
Jack Lowe - 6 years ago
Ride 135 - "The Best of both Worlds!"

30. comment for Kayak Fishing Basics: Kayak Stability

BACKSTABBER692 - 6 years ago
Wtf is at 6:05?! so strange.
john james
john james - 5 years ago
someone condom 6.05 lol
Tim Duquette
Tim Duquette - 6 years ago
hah for real. what was that
Jonathan Riezman
Jonathan Riezman - 6 years ago
great video, but it would be better if the music was at the same level as the people speaking so i didn't have to turn the volume control up and down. tell your sound engineer to google "compressor" and prepare to be amazed.
Robin HD Hanna HD Vlogs 1
Robin HD Hanna HD Vlogs 1 - 6 years ago
2 match money for plastic
Will Anderson
Will Anderson - 5 years ago
Robin HD Hanna HD Vlogs 1 You're right, how about spending money on English books?
Holland Hollywood
Holland Hollywood - 6 years ago
great vid
6koko3 - 6 years ago
What a nice seat on the wider kayak. where did you get it?
Ernest Monroe
Ernest Monroe - 6 years ago
Hey guys great video i am new to the kayak sport. I have both types i bought a used king fish great for the off shore fishing, and an ascend FS12T for the stability. i have not been out in the ascend yet as i just got it, but i intend on trying out some of your drills and put them into practice. do you have a video for how to do the same for sit in kayaks? a buddy of mine just bought one.

Ernest Monroe
hempthegreen - 6 years ago
question: Is the santee 116 decent for a beginner on a river? Or is it a horrible kayak for white water? Thanks.
BassHooker689 _
BassHooker689 _ - 6 years ago
Thanks Chris and Jeff for this instructional video. I am getting ready to purchase a Kayak and appreciate your info!
hong liak
hong liak - 6 years ago
nice guy.
Alan kermit
Alan kermit - 6 years ago
I'm about to purchase my first kayak and I feel this is a super video.  I plan on keeping it for some years and I know that as soon as I am confident  in the kayak and my ability with it, my enjoyment will be enhanced ten fold.
Jefferson pesca de caiaque
Jefferson pesca de caiaque - 6 years ago
Operator 9
Operator 9 - 6 years ago
I just tested my kayak out this morning and flipped it about 20 times. As I flipped it, the kayak began taking on water into the storage compartment through the hatch. Since it was upside-down and the hatch isn't "water tight," I'm not sure there's much I could do here. Besides not flipping it over consistently, any suggestions?
Anthony Abelardo
Anthony Abelardo - 6 years ago
just install outriggers
Lonewolfoutdoors14 - 6 years ago
Excellent video. I have been going back and forth about the length of the boat I want. one that is suitable for lake as well as ocean. I have yet to nail that one down but as far as stability I am certainly going to speed as I have NO intention of standing up in the boat.
Rod Jennings
Rod Jennings - 6 years ago
Thanks! Great information!
The Crazy Fisherman
The Crazy Fisherman - 6 years ago
i have a inflatable kayak, which needs better tracking. I bought two adhering mini fins to accompany the skeg but I dont know where to put them.. front of boat sounded logical but long board surf boards have them in the rear.. thought it kinda the same idea
swrexhunter - 6 years ago
Put them in the rear.
Rafael Cruz
Rafael Cruz - 6 years ago
pa que luego digan que no sabe caerse, pa los dos lados,
Joe M
Joe M - 7 years ago
Is that a PA launch permit on your kayaks?  I'm in Pittsburgh.  I had no clue you guys were in PA ... unless I'm wrong on that permit tag.
Joseph A.W. Folk
Joseph A.W. Folk - 7 years ago
+Joe MLooks like one...I have one for my kayak an looks similar.
Gwyllym - 7 years ago
what is the blue upside down t shaped object on the front of the kayak
Gwyllym - 7 years ago
+charles wait Thank you!
charles wait
charles wait - 7 years ago
+Gwyllym Tilbrook a mushroom anchor.
Joseph Saeteurn
Joseph Saeteurn - 7 years ago
I have a question.. stability vs speed. I do a lot of ocean fishing that requires getting through some nasty surf. shouldn't I opt for more stability knowing these waves can easily overturn me?
leo renner
leo renner - 6 years ago
+Joseph Saeteurn hobie pro angler all the way

50. comment for Kayak Fishing Basics: Kayak Stability

Z71Ranger - 7 years ago
Wow... I was going to buy a Wilderness Systems Kayak... I'm so glad I found this video... They just turn over to easy... I think I'm going with a Jackson Big Rig now...
Tom Le
Tom Le - 7 years ago
Freaking great video broski!
Jeff Malott
Jeff Malott - 7 years ago
Nice vid, I have used these tips to stability check each one of my kayaks
JUNK PHOTO - 7 years ago
cool video guys
watterson23 - 7 years ago
Am I the only one that was leaning in my chair when he was flipping the kayak?
62 Savage
62 Savage - 5 years ago
yes, you are
DEEZYTOLDYA - 7 years ago
That jacket tho
Esther Frasher
Esther Frasher - 7 years ago
great video..thanks..going to practice these techniques when I get my kayak this year. 
Mega Mang
Mega Mang - 7 years ago
That Tarzan moment AWESOMENESS 
c fedyszyn
c fedyszyn - 7 years ago
Good video and good teaching.  Nice job.
John Malone
John Malone - 7 years ago
I must comment that if you are demonstrating safety you should have paddle leashes. The other point is its not how far you lean before it goes, it how far the yak can go before you ditch. When you are way out at sea, it can chuck some steep waves at you, you aren't going to lean to fall into the sea, quite the opposite, you will lean against being ditched. You will avoid being beam onto waves unless you are mucking around in surf.
Joshua Reilly
Joshua Reilly - 7 years ago
that y i got viking kayak dont y plp r worried about falling out there kayak it just water it the damn dolphins more worried about sneaking up stealing your fish bloody mongols best to get a surf strap just in case your drifting and u fallout u dont wont ur kayak drifting away on ya
Alpatriod - 7 years ago
Those bloody mongrels t
Just steal me fish dnt thy
Raychristofer - 7 years ago
Brother you sure took one for the team in that cold murky water. Youre a teacher that doesnt ask something you wont do yourself. good job.
Matt Jackson
Matt Jackson - 7 years ago
I wonder what it would be like fishing for something big in my playboat
Sam Bernardes
Sam Bernardes - 7 years ago
Excellent video. I tried out on my kayak, 1st time today and it worked. Thanks. Greetings from Brazil.
dounuttheninja - 7 years ago
I stand up and fish on my tarpon 140 all the time. As long as the water isn't to rough. I don't get why he said you can't stand on one
Jeff Pohlman
Jeff Pohlman - 7 years ago
Good tips on keeping the kayak stable. very important. I have nearly rolled my kayak trying to cast a little too far in an awkward direction. Also if you get a musky or sturgeon on the line and are not ready to compensate for the pull it can roll you.
Leaf Vang
Leaf Vang - 8 years ago
Great video! This helps out a lot with my fear of kayaks. I love fishing, don't really want to invest thousands, and thousands on a boat that'll need tons of maintenance. Been there, done that. Now looking for a simplicity of life with a Kayak, and stability was my fear. This vid really helped out alot. Spring 2015, I'll be investing in a kayak. Thank you!
Kevin Nye
Kevin Nye - 8 years ago
What is below the bow at 10:00??
Ted Knab
Ted Knab - 8 years ago
Great video. Thanks. What gear do you have that lets you jump in frigid water without getting hypothermia ?
BrasherN - 8 years ago
Dry Suit. 
BFerry10 - 8 years ago
Excellent! My wife and I both have Hobie Pro Anglers and we have been to scared to stand up in them. I'll try these drills.
N H Myat
N H Myat - 8 years ago
mine is Ocean Kayak Ultra Prowler 4.1. Owned it for more than a year, a few times per month on ocean with sweal up to 1.5 m, big waves and I've yet to have a capsize for once. Highly recommended. It tracks in straight line too but not as fast as those more slender hull racing or touring kayaks but I've done multiple 20km trips in the sea and it handled well. I live in Sydney which is surrounded by ocean . I love my kayaking.
wanderingskeptic - 8 years ago
Um, you want to hold onto your paddle...and your boat. You should also practice getting back in. And have a spare paddle. Wind can take your boat quickly and leave you stuck in deep water. I see too many fishermen not wearing their PFD, not dressed for the swim, and having never practiced a self-rescue.
RanndomUndead - 7 years ago
+wanderingskeptic Self rescue=Tying Widehook jig with weight on, snagging, and pulling yourself to shore via snags...it works...lol
Alexander Underwood
Alexander Underwood - 8 years ago
Amazing information for a new to me activity. Tight lines!
ssrc2013 - 8 years ago
Very helpful thanks
Rob Kirk
Rob Kirk - 8 years ago
Me and my missus are about to do a course before buying our own kayaks. Me being a fat bastard, I reckon this exercise would be a definite confidence booster! Also, I'm quite intrigued by the seat on Chris's kayak - what is it and where can I get more info on it? I can see advantages to having an elevated seat as I would like to be able to get up and stand now and then, but then, I imagine an elevated seat would impact stability.
Mark Linder
Mark Linder - 8 years ago
It's the Air Pro elevated seat available for all Ride models. I have one and love it. I've always preferred more of a raised seat while fishing as well as making it a little easier to get in and out of. As well the new Air pro Max is now available which allows you to use it high or low or reclined:) As well it makes more room underneath the seat for tackle boxes or rod butts. As much as I like the current seat I'm planning on having an Air Pro Max for next season
bemrocs - 8 years ago
These are sit on top kayaks, as opposed to sit in kayaks. 
oespo oespo19
oespo oespo19 - 8 years ago
When your at your closet tipping point a quick snap of your head and hips will work, as soon as you feel your going go over snap your head the opposite way this will cause you hips to rotate the opposite way and regain control of yourself. Try it sitting in a chair lean like your going to flip and snap your head the opposite way you'll feel your hips follow by by directing your center back over your boat.

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