Kayak Fishing Indian River Florida - Fishing Road Trip Chronicles 4

This was my 5th and final day of Fishing in Florida, footage is from Tuesday Feb. 23. Launched my Kayak in a random location in the Indian River I saw on Google Maps to fish some Mangrove Creeks, the goal today was to get out of the wind and also get on some fish, in total I landed some Speckled Trout, a tiny Jack, a Sail-Cat, Mangrove Snapper and a Barracuda. Primarily used zoom flukes on light jigheads and caught everything in less than 5' of water. Kayak: Hobie Revo 13 Rod: 6'6 St. Croix Avid Reel: Shimano Sustain 4000 FE with 30lb Power Pro.

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This was my 5th and final day of Fishing in Florida, footage is from Tuesday Feb. 23. Launched my Kayak in a random location in the Indian River I saw on Google Maps to fish some Mangrove Creeks, the goal today was to get out of the wind and also get on some fish, in total I landed some Speckled Trout, a tiny Jack, a Sail-Cat, Mangrove Snapper and a Barracuda. Primarily used zoom flukes on light jigheads and caught everything in less than 5' of water. Kayak: Hobie Revo 13 Rod: 6'6 St. Croix Avid Reel: Shimano Sustain 4000 FE with 30lb Power Pro.

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for Kayak Fishing Indian River Florida - Fishing Road Trip Chronicles 4

sonali desai
sonali desai - 3 years ago
Y is it called Indian river anyone????
cayogator - 3 years ago
in colder water, them 'cudas good eatin
EmmausRoad - 3 years ago
Speckles are notoriously hard to keep on a hook. They are master "spitters"!!
Snook04 - 4 years ago
that cat is called a sail cat
Vinfish 46
Vinfish 46 - 4 years ago
Kinda binge watching your videos really nice stuff I actually live in Orlando too bad you get the monster snook in Sebastian but it’s tough to fish
chase & fly
chase & fly - 4 years ago
Omg start making chase videos as well! Enjoying as always
Moorish American Patriot
Moorish American Patriot - 4 years ago
You handle fish just alittle bit too much! Try to cut down the time ,so your survival rate is higher to benefit mother nature
Jack Miller
Jack Miller - 4 years ago
Live shrimp and spoons work the best
Jack Miller
Jack Miller - 4 years ago
I live on the indian river is that the barge canal

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Eat My Bait
Eat My Bait - 5 years ago
what do you think about star rods?
pshodean - 5 years ago
Catfish, mmmm yummy
John Doee
John Doee - 5 years ago
Manatee cove
patrick b
patrick b - 5 years ago
I so wanna take a trip like this just to fish. But I just wanna fish saltwater
Luciano Velasquez
Luciano Velasquez - 5 years ago
great video, would also love to know which part of Indian river you started off at?
Will Macaluso
Will Macaluso - 5 years ago
Least it's not snowing, like it is here. All this next week is going to be in the teens to 30's
Chris Aschman
Chris Aschman - 5 years ago
Hey Man, been following your videos for a minute now.... This florida series was really cool. Props to just go solo and be one with fishing in some new places, thats inspiring. What do you think is the best fishing to be had right now within 30 minutes of Philly? getting sick of skuke channies but don't think the bass bite is on yet.
Marsh Rat Outdoors
Marsh Rat Outdoors - 5 years ago
Loved the diversity caught in this video. enjoyed this a lot keep it up man
Tim Timmer
Tim Timmer - 5 years ago
nice video's....
dale werner artworks
dale werner artworks - 5 years ago
Hey Thanks... I watched them all..gave me my fishin' fix for the day!

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Enter the Dragon
Enter the Dragon - 5 years ago
I've saw 15-17 ft Crocs on that River
Jo Fox
Jo Fox - 5 years ago
I thought that saltwater catfish was beautiful - what an amazing creature! (I know it wasn't what you were looking for, but it was great to see it).
Nicpus - 5 years ago
fish in norway ;)
fruity loops
fruity loops - 5 years ago
the people over at lake okeechobee were greedy dirtbags and sent all the water into the st lucie river and caused a blue green algae bloom
Mike C's Useless Fishing Channel
Mike C's Useless Fishing Channel - 5 years ago
That's a nice sized gafftopsail. Gotta watch those find though. At least on juvies. Them and the hardhead cats. Fished in Galvaston last summer and those darn hardeads kept spiking me. Hurts like hell for about 10 minutes. Not fun.
NBA - 5 years ago
I live in the keys and kayak fish a lot. John penny camp has keeper mangrove snapper. The sea trout Is nicknamed the weak fish
Eve Swickley
Eve Swickley - 5 years ago
A good lure for Reds, Jacks, Snook, etc. in Florida is either Gulp Shrimp or DOA Shrimp....Swimbaits also work well
Florida Girl Adventures
Florida Girl Adventures - 5 years ago
I was thinking - wow this looks like "my backyard' or where I kayak often then i read a little more close and it is!!! I was lead here by your thumbnail because it looks just like one of mine :-) I guess now i know why - same area! I like you videos and now that I've found you can't wait to check out some of your others!
Christopher Cooper
Christopher Cooper - 5 years ago
That was a sail catfish
Randy Kristi
Randy Kristi - 5 years ago
you were talking about fish with beak s parrot fish lol

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Jace Purdy
Jace Purdy - 5 years ago
man in the grand canyon we would wear light skirts over our legs to keep the sun away didnt wear sunscreen once and didnt get burnt
Surf Fisherman
Surf Fisherman - 5 years ago
Did you drive from Philly to the keys? I am making that same trip myself come June. Big fan!
Willis Pautz
Willis Pautz - 5 years ago
The beaked puffers are called porgies by the locals in Indian River, they use to fry them in nuggets but were recently banned due to fatalities related to Ciguatera
HookedUpKayakFishing - 5 years ago
dude i live there haha
Michael - 5 years ago
Not sure if you figured this out since then, trout have very soft mouths. If you set the hook too hard, youll pull it right out of their mouths.
ClassicXBL - 5 years ago
Why didn't u help the sea turtle ur an idiot and should be put in jail for not helping it
MyOutdoorAdventures - 5 years ago
Joseph Dear It's illegal to handle the sea turtles, at least here in Florida, and by the time the FWC got there it probably wouldn't be there.
Bailey vlog's And more
Bailey vlog's And more - 5 years ago
why didn't u save even more money and eat fish.
Trey Brady
Trey Brady - 6 years ago
did you launch out of Oslo Boat ramp?
R 3
R 3 - 6 years ago
mangrove on Atlantic is 10"
Vinny Massey
Vinny Massey - 6 years ago
What kind of line you use?
Stephen Stalter
Stephen Stalter - 6 years ago
Thanks for posting your journey. I had a great time watching it and even took my kayak out in Ohio last week from your inspiration(pretty sore as a result(too old) and over 100 chigger bites from the ponds). I have subsequently watched all of your videos. Keep up the great fishing. I REALLY enjoy watching you fish (at least when I am not fishing). You are an excellent fisherman Chris. Thanks Again! BTW, you were right about the algae...
frankywebon - 6 years ago
Thanks for posting these fishing road trip videos.  I almost feel like I'm there fishing myself.  Great videos!
Drew Wheeler
Drew Wheeler - 6 years ago
7:36 it could be a snapping turtle
Ca Pa
Ca Pa - 6 years ago
Snapping turtles are freshwater turtles, he was fishing saltwater
Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More
Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More - 6 years ago
Burnt legs are the worst feeling in the world...keep the blanket on lol
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 5 years ago
One time my whole body was burnt I couldn't move it hurt
V_A_N _C_E
V_A_N _C_E - 6 years ago
what kind of catfish was that
Nick Hubert
Nick Hubert - 6 years ago
I always mistake my catfish for redfish. They fight the exact same and I'm always disappointed when I see a catfish :(
James Haywood
James Haywood - 6 years ago
Beautiful cat, I mostly fish for bass, trout and catfish.
Kyan Adams
Kyan Adams - 6 years ago
I'm pretty sure mangroves are 10" to keep
Kyan Adams
Kyan Adams - 6 years ago
It's a puffer they get us all the time
Sam Collier
Sam Collier - 6 years ago
if you ever come back use a neon green jig head with red flashy eyes and a green jerk bait for speckled trout

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fiveheed - 6 years ago
I stumbled upon your florida video series, really liked it, it was refreshing seeing you learn things and not know or understand our waters, and you still did okay. The only problem I saw is that it seemed you just paddled around everywhere without a plan, you didn't hit points, you didn't understand the tidal phases and how it affects where fish are at, if you are going to come down again, I have an ebook to send you that will help, you should have hit chokolosskee or flamingo with the yak, it would have been much more productive. Either way, I enjoyed your videos and subscribed, keep up the good work.
You-Tube Junkie
You-Tube Junkie - 6 years ago
Did you bring the kyack into the motel room ?
Kyacks tend to grow legs at night and walk away.
JimmyJak - 6 years ago
That chunk missing is a puffery, you called it.
taprackbang88 - 6 years ago
Do you happen to remember where this spot was on the indian river? i fish it all the time and im constanlt ylooking for new spots.
Andrew F
Andrew F - 6 years ago
I hate puffer fish
BBQ Cigars
BBQ Cigars - 6 years ago
You got to let the trout chew it before setting the hook
F2DQT - 6 years ago
14:27 that yellow shit that pops up in the bottom middle of the screen
Nick Hubert
Nick Hubert - 6 years ago
Just camera glare I think.
Jackson rosario
Jackson rosario - 6 years ago
Pick the fricken turtle up and see what happened to it!!!
Donovan DeCoster
Donovan DeCoster - 6 years ago
Keep in mind if you go fishing in Florida and you hear thunder you NEED to get out of the water or get away because positive charge lightning is very dangerous and it happens a lot in Florida. Positive charge lighting is 40 times more powerful than normal cloud to ground
hardstepps - 6 years ago
15:00 is not a jack. That is a Pompano.
MyOutdoorAdventures - 5 years ago
hardstepps yeah that is definitely a Jack Crevalle. Mouth in the front not down like a permit or a pompano and no yellow pompano-like pattern along the ventral side of the fish.
Jason Yots
Jason Yots - 6 years ago
No that is for sure a crevalle. Also pompano are a species of jack
Off Limits Fishing
Off Limits Fishing - 6 years ago
it was a pufferfish that bit that weird chunk
Michael Keef
Michael Keef - 6 years ago
You HAVE to go to the Crystal River man, pristine water, went kayaking there and had bull reds schooling past me, went for a swim and found bass and a grouper, to my surprise. Just an amazing place, I wish I brought my rod with me haha
AssemblyBandit - 6 years ago
Interesting video. Fishing + Storm chasing, that's an adventure.
zachary parks
zachary parks - 6 years ago
why does he throw every fish he catches he could easily just set it down in the water
zachary parks
zachary parks - 6 years ago
so true i forget there is barracuda everywhere in that river
ratcrash - 6 years ago
+zachary parks predators might be one reason just drew a lot of attention dragging a fish in dont want something to snatch it + your hand when releasing
taprackbang88 - 6 years ago
What kind of knot is that?? I've never seen it tied like that.
RatchetHondaracing 22
RatchetHondaracing 22 - 5 years ago
Best all around knot
Palamar knot
radek chromik
radek chromik - 6 years ago
nice series man keep it up
David Mccoy
David Mccoy - 6 years ago
where you at thousands islands in cocoa beach fl, great fishing there and great for bull red and black drum too
mart2mart - 6 years ago
Many thanks for sharing such a great adventure. I only wish I had fishing like it in England!
Jarvis Kornegay
Jarvis Kornegay - 6 years ago
keep doing your thing.
ApexOTR X - 6 years ago
thats florida weather for you lol
ray hicks
ray hicks - 6 years ago
i want to be you...i loved this!
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez - 6 years ago
Great Videos! Dig those snakes chasing you !!! I really liked your videos, and the way you narrate, nice catches!, I think the biggest fish in this Florida Trip was the salt water catfish! I look forward to seeing more of you vids in the future!!!
Clashing Withtyler
Clashing Withtyler - 6 years ago
I live their
General Lee
General Lee - 6 years ago
What type of kayak is this?
z Trubble
z Trubble - 6 years ago
+General Lee Hobie
Wilson Miranda
Wilson Miranda - 6 years ago
Don't you like duolock snap? Much easier to chance the baits.
I was there, in Florida, for 6 months. My experience was good with plastic warms for bass, surface at night and... Small lakes with lots of plants were goos spots for bass. That's it. I was in Pompano Beach. Nice video. Just like my kinf of fishing.
SFC SFC - 6 years ago
great video fishing video!
HotRodJax - 6 years ago
your in Florida, Mangrove Snapper got to be 10"
SpideyCents - 6 years ago
The Indian River has no tides. It makes fishing her so nice
GR Florida
GR Florida - 6 years ago
my hometown stomping grounds haha shoulda hit the mosquito control areas
Pippies Kent
Pippies Kent - 6 years ago
Re: UV protection - Get yourself some tights man. Like manly camo tights. Wear under ur shorts. You're welcome.
Love your vids!
Jonathan Björkqvist
Jonathan Björkqvist - 6 years ago
nice video dude ;)
John Kraemer
John Kraemer - 6 years ago
I enjoy watching you FL Fishing Adventure. Very nice! You should think about coming down to Texas. I'll take you around the state of Texas for a week for some awesome bass fishing in North, East, and Central Texas and will also hit the coast and do some off shore fishing! It would be a blast! Just let me know!
Orlos The Druid
Orlos The Druid - 6 years ago
13:16 gafftop cat. Unlike hardhead cats, those are not only edible, but rather good. I will say, the amount of work to clean one makes the flesh not desirable.
Captain Cocoa Puffs
Captain Cocoa Puffs - 6 years ago
Water quality was brown because of the algae bloom occurring in the lagoon at the time.
GDGUCB - 6 years ago
forgot to click like before I leave and I came back to click the like for you. good video please make more i like your adventure video!
Jeremy Ottum
Jeremy Ottum - 6 years ago
where on the Indian River were you. I fish the Indian when I go to Florida each year
mihajlo525 - 6 years ago
I don't see why you don't keep any eating fish? Those specs are great (aka weakfish). Nearly every restaurant in the Keys has a "catch of the day" policy. Where you bring your own fish, pay a fee, then they prepare it for you.
mihajlo525 - 6 years ago
@AssemblyBandit Yup. Last time I to the keys I went on a charter and caught some yellow tails, snappers, and a grouper and I just went to a restaurant and they just breaded it and fried it. Best fish I've had in my life.
AssemblyBandit - 6 years ago
+mihajlo525 That's awesome, never heard about that.
Muntasir Manji
Muntasir Manji - 6 years ago
dude i really enjoyed your Florida trip videos...you just got yourself a sub!!!
tight lines!!!
GinoPlays - 6 years ago
1:27 Fish Own
Cayleb Albury
Cayleb Albury - 6 years ago
in February most snook are in the rivers closer to central florida
Angler Insight
Angler Insight - 6 years ago
be careful handling sail cats
pinkllamas - 6 years ago
u didn't fucking save the poor turtle
Dalton v
Dalton v - 5 years ago
pinkllamas save it for what? the grill?
Rogue Video Productions
Rogue Video Productions - 6 years ago
+pinkllamas i mean he could've taken it somewhere but it probably wouldnt made it had no back fins
jcorish90 - 6 years ago
What radar/weather app do you use??
D.C. Boy
D.C. Boy - 6 years ago
+Sea-Money Fishing how would you feel if you were that turtle I would of helped you if I were their and I'm a kayak fisher I seen turtle who are hurt and I help or take it to help
CoolsMcghee - 6 years ago
+Sea-Money Fishing are you gonna do another fishing trip??? :D
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+jcorish90 myradar in the app store. essential.
TheGaming Agar.10
TheGaming Agar.10 - 4 years ago
Patch Smith its illegal to in florida
Angus Poidevin
Angus Poidevin - 6 years ago
Also why don't u get an anchor for your kayak
Angus Poidevin
Angus Poidevin - 6 years ago
If ur ever wondering if a fishing spot is good or not, download fishbrain onto your iPhone, it's a fishing social media app were u can locate good fishing spots near you. and you can even take a picture of your catch and post it on ur profile, nice channel btw I've watched most of your vids
Ryan McGarry
Ryan McGarry - 6 years ago
that is a huge sail cat fish. biggest ive ever seen
CrustyPattie14 - 6 years ago
Oh look a turtle, let's let it drown and die.
jonathan doak
jonathan doak - 6 years ago
can eat that kind of fish?
Cameron Clark
Cameron Clark - 6 years ago
Why don't U eat any of your fish
WALDO - 5 years ago
Why does he have to? I never eat my fish. They get a 2nd Chance at life

100. comment for Kayak Fishing Indian River Florida - Fishing Road Trip Chronicles 4

Hunter M
Hunter M - 6 years ago
hey man, i live in jersey and in goin to florida in late may, how to i fish while in florida?
Hunter M
Hunter M - 6 years ago
@Anon Amous ok cool, thanks for the info! but how do i actually get a licence for it?
Anon Amous
Anon Amous - 6 years ago
+Hunter430 if you go freshwater for some big bass those storm swimming shad always work well for me. Also giant paddle tail worms, i'm talkin 12" worms and use weedless rigs because we have heavy vegetation. For saltwater you will either have to fish the inland canals or go a decent distance offshore for some ocean fishing. I've caught tarpon on top water plugs in canals 13+ miles west (inland) from the indian river. If you have the chance go to one of the inlets, lots of species big and small to catch there. Live bait works best, shrimp, mullet, croaker can't miss with those.
Hunter M
Hunter M - 6 years ago
@Anon Amous hopefully both fresh and salt water and many species
Anon Amous
Anon Amous - 6 years ago
+Hunter430 There are many ways. Depending on salt or fresh, inshore or offshore, live bait or lures. You looking to target a specific species? I live in the Space Coast area so I do a little of everything.
Marcos Trujillo
Marcos Trujillo - 6 years ago
Thats crazy, I know exactly where thats at at 19:00
Daniel Zarnoch
Daniel Zarnoch - 6 years ago
Love ur vids
Isaac Sanchez
Isaac Sanchez - 6 years ago
Your doing everything right with the specs, just try a bit of a larger hook. A 1/8 or 1/4 is good just get some with a strong hook
Cole Miller
Cole Miller - 6 years ago
I make soft plastics any kind just wondering if anyone wants to buy some
Ryan McGarry
Ryan McGarry - 6 years ago
just realized you did this a week ago. it was probably a couple days before the die off started
Ryan McGarry
Ryan McGarry - 6 years ago
Love the Indian River. it sucks that they are having that algea bloom and its killing thousands of fish
Dudes In Action
Dudes In Action - 6 years ago
omg that pufferfish lookd funny as hell
Cunuck - 6 years ago
The trout have a really soft mouth. If you set the hook too hard it will rip a hole in the mouth. You kind of just give it a slow tug to set it with them. The second one you caught was perfect as far as technique. It was a nice one too.
J C - 6 years ago
bad weather or not. I'd rather be out there like the old man and the sea than be cooped up in a house. nice video man!
Maor Mesilati
Maor Mesilati - 6 years ago
Great Video Man....i Wish there Were Rivers In israel :)
Blitz Gaming
Blitz Gaming - 6 years ago
chris hagan
chris hagan - 6 years ago
Fished Indian river March 15 and the water was nasty. You couldn't see shrimp in the live well the water was so messed up. Sight fishing is impossible. They say it takes cold weather to shock it clean so who knows how long that'll take.
Optime Gaming
Optime Gaming - 6 years ago
The slime on that type of catfish is slightly venomous. It's not toxic, so you would have been fine if you somehow ingested some, but if you had a cut and he slime got in it, it would act like a wasp sing. It causes swelling, strong throbbing, immediate bruising, and continuous bleeding (it's an anticoagulant). Be happy that you didn't get barbed by the fish or stick yourself with a hook previously.
DemonWarrior666 - 6 years ago
That my friend is why I don't fuck with catfish
Optime Gaming
Optime Gaming - 6 years ago
+Cooper Qualls the slime
I love the Indian river, been going there since I was a kid. Now I know what I'm doing next time I go down there.
Johan Cespedes
Johan Cespedes - 6 years ago
Great video, i watched them all
PyroWolf outdoors
PyroWolf outdoors - 6 years ago
parrot fishing
Fishing With Cacob
Fishing With Cacob - 6 years ago
Ive caught those catfish before in cape coral
Fat Matt Outdoors
Fat Matt Outdoors - 6 years ago
Okay you see a dieing turtle and you jump to the whole polluted river narrative..... the river is healthy, there is no shortage of fish and I'm disappointed that you jump to that conclusion with clear evidence the river is healthy!
EmmausRoad - 3 years ago
Most turtles die from ingesting plastic. If you had taken a moment to catch him and call wildlife rescue, he might have made it. That was a fairly young turtle... if you really love the wild world, when you see an animal in distress, take a moment and see if you can help it, don't just write it off as a "floater" or a "goner". Really insensitive.
cmaynex - 6 years ago
You sound like a idiot. A name? Really, grow the f up? You sound like you are a few short
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson - 6 years ago
+JimmyJak you are absolutely correct. this guy must work for Big Sugar.
Kyan Adams
Kyan Adams - 6 years ago
+Fat Matt Outdoors chill it's true the white foam and all the dead fish from the opening of the lake water
JimmyJak - 6 years ago
The river is not healthy. You're way wrong.
Fat Matt Outdoors
Fat Matt Outdoors - 6 years ago
+Anon Amous I stand by my original statement, you have lumped multiple things together the discharge from Lake Okeechobee does not contain sewage, the smell of sewage is most likely a result of urban sprawl and seepage that has been a hot topic for years.... you say hundreds of thousands of dead fish no one else quantifies that number, they say thousands. it is an issue that has been speculated on the cause of for decades and there is documented deaths of manatee and fish kills for as long as I have been in Florida. .. and every year I go right back to the same places and fish and hunt with reasonable success. sometimes even greater success. my issue is if you don't fall lock stock and barrel in line with the exageraters of hundreds of thousands of fish and everything's dying you are some how labeled inept yet none of the documentation supports the extremes that folks like you anonymously I might ad continue to regurgitate, on top of that it is anecdotal in nature. here is an article from 2013 that has documents the same thing that is supposedly happening now and there is information from as far back as 1998 alleging the same thing . http://www.tcpalm.com/news/indian-river-lagoon/health/332711501.html?d=mobile

the okeechobee water way was completed in 1937 water has been dumped from okeechobee for almost 80 years.... the firtilizer and pesticides that all you waterfront property owners are using is probably creating more damage than an 80 year old waterway..... that has arguably had significantly higher waterlevels than it is seeing today.... so raining anonymous is your right but it doesn't add to your credibility or the accuracy of the infomation you are Internet cowboying. it will recover just as it has for nearly the half century I have been alive.... but in the mean time stop using pesticides and fertilizer on your lawn.... and ask your neighbors to do the same. hug a manatee before they are all gone.
Anon Amous
Anon Amous - 6 years ago
I'm not sure how my username changes the facts here. Also yes dead manatee, one of which was found in Turkey Creek on Wednesday March 23 at about 5 a.m. I was there with three other regulars that like to fish before work. None of cast, not even once. Between the smell of sewage water, hundreds of thousands of dead fish and seeing the manatee it was kind of depressing. There was an FWC officer there who looked just as upset as we were. That man's job is hell right now...
cat in dryer
cat in dryer - 6 years ago
have you not seen the news? everything is dying in the lagoon right now. I mean thousands of fish are washing up dead because of the brown algae bloom
Fat Matt Outdoors
Fat Matt Outdoors - 6 years ago
Coming from anon amous right.... dead manatee? ..... should say "chicken little" and the sky is falling!
Anon Amous
Anon Amous - 6 years ago
+Sea-Money Fishing +Fat Matt Outdoors Millions of gallons of waste was just dumped into this area, I've been fishing the Indian River almost daily for 15 years now. I have never seen this much pollution here. Literally millions of dead fish are floating in the river (at this moment) and local commercial fisherman say it's spreading all over. From Indian River Lagoon to Sebastian Inlet. I personally live 300ft or so from the river and can tell a HUGE difference this year compared to any other. Had your trip been a week later you'd have been disappointed. Kindly disregard Fat Matt "outdoors" defensive and seemingly uneducated point of view... "Been dumpin fer decades Bob, ain't caused a problem yet" as if the possibility of prolonged dumping of industrial waste compounded with a growing number of people adding both residential chemicals and actual human waste won't cause any problems just because it hasn't yet... OH WAIT, MILLIONS OF FISH ARE FLOATING DEAD THROUGHOUT THE RIVER! (manatees too). Looks like the outlook of Fat Mat here has been shared by many for a long enough time to allow the garbage to do long term damage. I really enjoyed your videos Sea-Money, hopefully the fishing here will pick back up in the next decade or so if we can get out of the "there's nothing wrong, it's fine, we've been doing this for years" state of mind FatMattImTalkinToYou
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
I admit Im pretty uneducated on this situation, I live a thousand miles away and only first heard about this the month before I left, you seem to understand it pretty well. I was under the impression that this had started happening in 2012 or around then when there was another heavy rain and runoff problem. I see it better now though, that once the floodwaters recede life will return as per usual relatively quickly. thanks
Fat Matt Outdoors
Fat Matt Outdoors - 6 years ago
It may be a likely assumption but every couple of years this creeps up in the public square. ... and is only perpetuated by a small minority of folks that usually talk out their backside. There are ramifications to every action ever taken but this water has been dumped for decades, more decades than you have been alive..... the alternative at this point is a pipe dream so a few folks try to make it seem grave and ominous. ... while the water discharge is real there are as many people or more on the otherside of the stance you took that disagree with the long term effects if any on the ecosystem..... discretion is always the best approach when it comes to these things.... the knee jerk reaction is exactly what got us in the diversion of water situation anyway.... still enjoy your videos....
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+Fat Matt Outdoors I mean, the flooding in the st lucie river which is connected to the water I fished is a real thing, to me it seemed pretty likely that turtle had swam from the ocean into the backwaters, which would put it right through the contaminated okeechobee floodwaters, turtles die of natural causes all the time and I have no idea if it was actually affected by the floods but it seemed like a good time to raise awareness for the natural disaster area that was just 50 miles to my south. The cuda I caught too was decrepit and unhealthy looking, making me think it may have also swam from the ocean through the dead zone..
Eddie Herman
Eddie Herman - 6 years ago
What jig head and soft plastic ??
Eddie Herman
Eddie Herman - 6 years ago
+Coldfingers_ thanks
Eddie Herman
Eddie Herman - 6 years ago
+Sea-Money Fishing ok thanks
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+Eddie Herman yep, coldfingers just about got it right, they're 5" zoom flukes on 1/4oz and 3/8th jigheads, the brand jigheads Im unsure of but I like all kinds of jigheads, as long as they have a sharp black nickel hook
Koa3k - 6 years ago
4inch fluke sorry
Koa3k - 6 years ago
Zoom fluke 6 inch and a 3/1 jighead I believe
suferwill808 - 6 years ago
After Mahi and Yellowfin, specks are my favorite saltwater fish
Don Dominey
Don Dominey - 6 years ago
Agree with those on the chunks out of fluke are puffer fish and hook sets on those trout should be lighter not heavier because they have very soft mouths so harder hook sets = pulled hooks more often than not. Good video on my favorite fishing spot here in East Central Florida. funny, I fish this area a half dozen times a year or so and have never caught any barracuda in that area.
bob jr
bob jr - 6 years ago
love your videos! ever fish saltwater?
Exodus II
Exodus II - 6 years ago
i love this series so much. do more series
W.C.T Outdoors
W.C.T Outdoors - 6 years ago
From my experience with big speckled trout the big ones will hit it from behind and run at you. From what it looks like that's what happened. Just reel up your lie as much as you can and set the hook!
W.C.T Outdoors
W.C.T Outdoors - 6 years ago
Also some of your fish were just hitting the tails which would indicate that they were small fish. I would love to go and fish Florida some time. I loved the video!
yak fisher
yak fisher - 6 years ago
try using a smaller plastic or a stinger hook
TIAMATj - 6 years ago
catfish=master shifu fish version
93 Media
93 Media - 6 years ago
I binge watched this little series... its really good man sad to see that it ended here. but its also cool to see how a northerner sees the place that I grew up fishing.
Google- - 6 years ago
unfortunately you've visited the indian river at the wrong time. The river quality is dying quickly, this time last year water was clear you could see grass beds and sight fish for anything. Now water looks like chocolate milk.
Leland Creecy
Leland Creecy - 6 years ago
Thanks for uploading your Florida Chronicle videos! The Indian River is close to me and I saw a few spots I'd like to fish.
kulkitty5014 - 6 years ago
Keep making videos I love em
saltlife316 - 6 years ago
the zoom chucks missing are from puffer fish, the bane of the Indian river
Jackson Gregory
Jackson Gregory - 6 years ago
I agree these are amazing videos and the way you present them is the best
juan duran
juan duran - 6 years ago
where is your next destination for fishing like this? btw these vids r awesome
juan duran
juan duran - 6 years ago
sounds awesome :D
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+juan duran thanks man! May/june Im going to try to kayak for cobia in VA but thats the next trip I have planned. for now though I'll have some good vids from around Philly. stripers and stuff.
Ben Adams
Ben Adams - 6 years ago
When fish hit light, reel STEADY instead of setting the hook.
Im Dirty Dan
Im Dirty Dan - 6 years ago
you know what fish is worse than touching catfish? sheepheads...
harold neumann
harold neumann - 6 years ago
you have the best taste in music bro lmao
dick downs
dick downs - 6 years ago
I'm an IT dude, i'd be glad to help you troubleshoot your computer. I,m also a fellow fisherman too so let me know! Great videos!!
Mitchell Barrios
Mitchell Barrios - 6 years ago
Keep up the good work. Feb is a slow month for us here in Florida, hope you come back for happy bait season.
jonathan snyder
jonathan snyder - 6 years ago
This Florida series has been awesome to watch. Hopefully I'll see you out on the water sometime.
Sai Domemech Lopez
Sai Domemech Lopez - 6 years ago
what jig heads do you use are they strike kings
Ok Shin
Ok Shin - 6 years ago
Been following your videos for a while Chris, great work! Looking forward to watching more of your videos this season! Maybe if you have subs to fish with you let me know, I would love to take a drive down to Jersey shores!
Blake Hix
Blake Hix - 6 years ago
maybe you can come and fish on Lake hartwell it's a good place to fish
Blake Hix
Blake Hix - 6 years ago
I love your vids so far I've only watched the Florida ones but there awesome I live in hartwell georgia I've been to Florida all the way to Daytona keep up the good work your great
Trey Young
Trey Young - 6 years ago
I'm enjoying your videos, makes me wanna haul my Gheenoe around to some saltwater. You would be right at home fishing out of a Gheenoe NMZ if you get bored of paddling.
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+Trey Young thanks man, I havent heard of the Gheenoe I gotta check that out
Bobby S._Fishing
Bobby S._Fishing - 6 years ago
..and congrats on the 10k subs bud. :)
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+Robert Stair thanks man!
Bobby S._Fishing
Bobby S._Fishing - 6 years ago
Another great vid man. Awesome editing.
TD Fishing
TD Fishing - 6 years ago
Damn your sub count has gone up like crazy recently but its well deserved! Keep up the awesome content man
raWr Fishing
raWr Fishing - 6 years ago
Great adventure chris! I'll be in florida in 2 weeks so hopefully i'll produce some wonderful videos like yours!
Tj Bassin
Tj Bassin - 6 years ago
Not at Indian River anymore there all dead
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+raWr Fishing nice man yea kill it down there!
Tourette syndrome
Tourette syndrome - 6 years ago
probley puffer fish we have alot of them in Florida there a trash fish here
Racerx NY
Racerx NY - 6 years ago
Great video, makes me want to go on vacation!
Patrick Rothlisberger
Patrick Rothlisberger - 6 years ago
That cat fish was unreal, half shark/half cat fish
love your work
John Echterhoff
John Echterhoff - 6 years ago
We can agree on quality rods. St Croix are the best.
Nig Ops
Nig Ops - 5 years ago
John Echterhoff they snap too easy and they have trash guides
Neil Drummond
Neil Drummond - 6 years ago
Icloud sucks not even Apple knows how it works
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+Neil Drummond haha yea Im figuring this out now..
danny menjivar
danny menjivar - 6 years ago
You ever catch and eat?
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+danny menjivar yea I do, I regret not keeping a couple snapper and trying them out, I didn't have the resources to be cleaning and cooking my catch on this trip haha
csralumni - 6 years ago
Awesome trip Chris, thanks for sharing with us!
cody Cowan
cody Cowan - 6 years ago
sheeps head will take chunks out of lures seen it myself
cody Cowan
cody Cowan - 6 years ago
went yesterday caught 24 trout only 8 were keepers and caught 6 black drum 1 was to small but did good just using live shrimp and popping cork
Keith Dougherty
Keith Dougherty - 6 years ago
Awesome videos! The Smack It Jr. Is one of my favorite lures. I fish for Stripers a lot in the Lower Susquehanna river below Conowingo Dam down to the Flats.
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+Keith Dougherty yea stillwater nailed it with the smack-it, that lure is tops for any bass.. SM, LM Striper
Rick Fasciglione
Rick Fasciglione - 6 years ago
Your videos are the best! Please keep posting them.
HandsomeHolland MotorV
HandsomeHolland MotorV - 6 years ago
Forget the fishing channel.... You are way more entertaining to watch !
Billy Wohl
Billy Wohl - 6 years ago
Also thank you for sharing these videos! I used to take yearly FL trips to visit a bestie out there and we would just devastate fish everyday. Your videos are very reminiscent of those trips, and it's been four years since I've had an FL fix so this tickles my ocean itch!
Billy Wohl
Billy Wohl - 6 years ago
Just discovered your videos... if this wasn't your last day on FL I'd say you should have camped in 10,000 islands on one of the uninhabited mangrove islands. Great spot for reds, trout, flounder, and snook not to mention there's a chance of witnessing bioluminescent algae which is an awesome sight. By the way, on your drive back up through Florida if you have another day once passing O-town, launch into Masons Creek in Homosassa, definitely a good estuary and some good sea grass beds just a little ways into the open Gulf.
Hamandpeasoap - 6 years ago
10,000 sub good job mate and I predict by the end of the year 100,000 sub keep up the good work
cityfisherman89 - 6 years ago
well now that u are done down there the bass are here and i heard the blues to so u are right on time
Retz - 6 years ago
I'm loving this series man! Keep it up :D
Iason Onisiphorou
Iason Onisiphorou - 6 years ago
specs have a soft mouth so you need to get a good hook set and always keep pressure on them.
killerninjao1o - 6 years ago
I bet an inline spinner would have worked pretty well down there.
Anthony Chiavelli
Anthony Chiavelli - 6 years ago
That's a paroon shark it was probably released in there because there in like Asia or somewhere over there
The Suburban Fisherman
The Suburban Fisherman - 6 years ago
Wa wa wa wa wait.... The tornado kill 3 people ??!!! Did they arrest him ?!!!
Ocean State Kayak Fishing
Ocean State Kayak Fishing - 6 years ago
I am really enjoying these videos in Florida. Stripers should be back soon.
The Suburban Fisherman
The Suburban Fisherman - 6 years ago
I was about to say maybe there are puffer fish biting chunks out of the lures but then you said it
Caleb Coulson
Caleb Coulson - 6 years ago
Were they just the regular 4 inch zoom fluke?
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+Caleb Coulson 5" zoom flukes yep.
uClash Gaming
uClash Gaming - 6 years ago
ahh man i been waitin' on this one :) You are now my fav youtuber. I love your kayak. I'm trying to talk my wife into letting me get one now hah :)
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+uClash Gaming Thanks dude hope you get the yak!
Alec Rosenthal
Alec Rosenthal - 6 years ago
8:40 was that a gravestone?
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+Alec Rosenthal It was some sort of monument I have no idea.. it might have been a gravestone haha
Evocksss - 6 years ago
When do you think of heading back down to Florida I love the vids from Florida alot
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+Evocksss Hopefully soon but more realistically next winter... no idea though haha
james Hurley
james Hurley - 6 years ago
Amazing video dude always :) can't wait to see some more videos
Bert Harris
Bert Harris - 6 years ago
Hey i just got the hobie mirage, do you think the turbo fins are worth upgrading too.
Long Island Fishing
Long Island Fishing - 6 years ago
I wish this wasn't the last video, you should do more like this maybe around different states or new areas?
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+Long Island Fishing We'll see Ill be fishing some more new waters this year for sure! thanks for watching
storm01231 - 6 years ago
you should have stopped by jacksonville, fl. fishing has been great in the atlantic plus the creeks in the st. johns river. tons of redfish and trout
Nicholas Harrington
Nicholas Harrington - 6 years ago
you should go after winter flounder
wiggins - 6 years ago
Reminds me of my times fishing Tampa Bay. Thanks for letting us fish vicariously with you!
Fiji_ 200
Fiji_ 200 - 6 years ago
What pound test were you useing
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+ramiro carrion 30lb power pro
Joseph B
Joseph B - 6 years ago
Your videos are great. Nothing flashy, but they show the lures used and the technique. And your florida trip has taken about 80 minutes to watch, but i enjoyed it. I picked up some pointers for next month when this northeastern kid takes on Florida.
Ethan Roach
Ethan Roach - 6 years ago
try setting the hook down river
Alexander Bronsky
Alexander Bronsky - 6 years ago
Hey man awesome video! I didn't know you had an interest for weather! Im actually going to study meteorology in college and also become a part time storm chaser myself along with the fishing hobby! I was watching these storms all day as they moved east. One of the worst FEB tornado outbreaks for the Carolinas/VA!
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+Alexander Bronsky Yea it was insane there was a solid 5 hours of tornado warnings that pretty much followed my up along 95 so I got a good look at those supercells, Just missed the one tornado.. I love that stuff haha
Chris Finch
Chris Finch - 6 years ago
speck lure mirrolure mirro dine
Martin Walker
Martin Walker - 6 years ago
It's easier to catch them with a shrimp and bobber bc my pops uses those lures and they do the same thing
Chris Finch
Chris Finch - 6 years ago
lol mosquito lagoon is better gold spoon my home town
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+Chris Finch I will try there next time haha
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+Supercross Num10 thanks man!
OP Veziok
OP Veziok - 6 years ago
Luv ur vids
Scott Pitts
Scott Pitts - 6 years ago
Great series. looking forward to future uploads.
OP Veziok
OP Veziok - 6 years ago
Ur the best man
OP Veziok
OP Veziok - 6 years ago
Hi my name is Matthew I'm a 13 year old fisherman and I just wanna say u inspire me to fish I have won 1 tournament but placed below many times and some day I wish to meet u at a tournament and fish side by side thank you so much and keep up the great work
Zane Reifers
Zane Reifers - 6 years ago
You got me scared for a second there! Watch out for the catfishes spines, Ive seen them go through peoples arms and shoes.
Kai Joswig
Kai Joswig - 6 years ago
That was a black snapper not mangrove snapper mangroves are silver
it1345 - 6 years ago
+Kai Joswig No such thing as a black snapper in Florida. Those were little mangrooves.
Pauleys777 - 6 years ago
Hey Sea-Money....Thanks for the vids! It's nice to see you keep trying regardless of the conditions. I spent some time fishing in Florida as well. It was too damn funny watching you get aggravated by the Speck bites! I totally had the same aggravation. They would keep nipping the tail off of my power bait grub.....Kuddos....you did better than I. Also, I gotta thank you for motivating me to get out fishing with my son. Since I'm in Delaware, the videos relate a bit better than others. Thanks Again!
Peter Scharf
Peter Scharf - 6 years ago
that catfish looks like a skuke channel with wings
Jason Griggs
Jason Griggs - 6 years ago
Great stuff bro need to come to alabama and let me take you out for some of the good dam fishing here..actually just about to start my own channel myself...email is jasongriggs383@gmail.com if your ever down this way.
Cranked Fishing
Cranked Fishing - 6 years ago
Love your videos! Congrats on 10k
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+Texas Bassin thanks man!
O K - 6 years ago
Monroe county "keys" has some different fishing regulations. Keep an eye on that next time. Also, if you ever take a trip down here again.. I recommend using a mirrodine lure. I always have the best luck with them.

If you want snook, I'd say go to Stuart/Jensen Beach to fish for them. I live there and they are always plentiful in the summer. Fish sea walls. If you want reds, go further up to Sebastian. Also, I think you should try mosquito lagoon next time. I've only been there once, in terrible conditions, and we saw a ton of redfish. Even saw a bunch of tailing redfish that we weren't able to get to thanks to a front that moved through at that very moment. For tarpon, I always have the best luck in the summer catching those. You should look in to heading down during the mullet run on the beaches. Might need to boost up your tackle a bit before catching one of them.
James Casatelli
James Casatelli - 6 years ago
What is that app you're using with the weather radar on it?
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+James Casatelli its called myradar, free and very useful I highly recommend
Buckeye - 6 years ago
These have been a great series of videos! Thanks for posting.
RikkiTikkiTavi - 6 years ago
Pufferfish bites for sure on those missing chunks
RAW Outdoors
RAW Outdoors - 6 years ago
that was a puffer/ bait destroyer. find that pretty often when you live here
RAW Outdoors
RAW Outdoors - 6 years ago
you can keep mangroves at 10
RAW Outdoors
RAW Outdoors - 6 years ago
the species you caught was a dog fish puffer o think
john paul ayala
john paul ayala - 6 years ago
Humans fucking up marine life makes me mad. :/
Good video tho!
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+john paul ayala thanks man it pisses me off too!
Snugglebear - 6 years ago
I caught the world record gafftopsail catfish. It was 12.43lbs
xxby - 6 years ago
i caught a 15 pounder and that isnt even near the record.
B. Winz
B. Winz - 6 years ago
you've made some of my favorite fishing vids on youtube. keep up the good shit
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
+bdubs keezle thanks man will do!
sickness21oo - 6 years ago
the thing about specks is as soon as you feel the bite you have to set the hook.
Fishing with Eric Smithson
Fishing with Eric Smithson - 6 years ago
the weird chunks are from puffer fish when i go up there they are everywhere
Fishing with Eric Smithson
Fishing with Eric Smithson - 6 years ago
were u near titusville or merritt island or neither?
Simone Nelson
Simone Nelson - 6 years ago
Watch out those catfish have poison find
Blah Blah Blah
Blah Blah Blah - 6 years ago
I've always wanted to start kayak fishing. But biggest fear is it will flip with all my tackle and phone on me. Does that often happen or is there someway to prevent that.
rememberHAZARD - 6 years ago
I live right on the St Lucie river and it's incredibly sad to see the state of the whole thing. Algae grows where it shouldn't and there's so few oysters now. There's a warning by a pier near me advising not to come in contact with the water because of high bacteria. It can cause skin irritation and even burns and blisters.

Also, there are giant bull sharks and dolphins up in there, and those gafftopsails get to nearly 20 pounds.
Chargelot - 6 years ago

Man, you should do these "journey" series more often, or any video that creates a narrative.

That's something that is lacking in the YouTube fishing community. Robert Field is someone that is trying to make this "narrative driven videos" work if I'm correct.

Other thing that you got right is the focus on the location and nature, things that fisherman more than anyone pay a lot of attention to it. A lot of fishing videos can't convey this aspect very well. They even use those terrible, rock soundtrack that don't fit well with the fishing experience.
Peter Scharf
Peter Scharf - 6 years ago
awesome video
Generic Clones
Generic Clones - 6 years ago
Which knot do you use for tying your Jig to your line? Rapala knot?
Generic Clones
Generic Clones - 6 years ago
+Sea-Money Fishing why don't you use a regular swivel with carabine? Visibility? Cause its much easier to switch the lure then...
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
Palomar knot
Roberto Ruiz
Roberto Ruiz - 6 years ago
3rd :3 what line are u using ?
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
20-30lb braid for this kind of fishing, power pro and better yet suffix 832, I had 30lb power pro this day
mario irvin
mario irvin - 6 years ago
is there a reason this one is poor video quality? i know your other vids been good quality. anyways good stuff man keep up the awesome videos
Sea-Money Fishing
Sea-Money Fishing - 6 years ago
Yea it'll be 1080 in an hour or so it takes YouTube a little while to process it
Hayden Duncan
Hayden Duncan - 6 years ago
You need TROKARS
sawzall666 - 6 years ago
I did the same trip last year threw the kayak in the back and headed down to the Gulf for a week. I caught a mess of red fish and trout it was great.
Logan Locklear
Logan Locklear - 6 years ago
Nice fishing
Generic Clones
Generic Clones - 6 years ago
Nice. Lovin your vids, keep up the good work!!

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