Kayak Fishing during Low Tide

You can catch more fish if you know what the bottom looks like. Recognize the terrain under the water by viewing it during winter time low tides. Knowing where the structure is that holds fish will pay off for you when the tide is low and later on when the tide is high as well. Deep holes in the treeline, barnacles and oyster beds, deep holes and channels can all be found during low tides. When others say, 'There's no water out there, I'm not fishing', you can go out there on your kayak and knock em dead! Thanks for all the subs! And don't forget to check out the new Facebook page. I post lots of pics and stories about fishing the salt flats here in Tampa, Florida. Click the link below to get there :) https://www.facebook.com/lovekayak.fishing Tight Lines Everybody!

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You can catch more fish if you know what the bottom looks like. Recognize the terrain under the water by viewing it during winter time low tides. Knowing where the structure is that holds fish will pay off for you when the tide is low and later on when the tide is high as well. Deep holes in the treeline, barnacles and oyster beds, deep holes and channels can all be found during low tides. When others say, 'There's no water out there, I'm not fishing', you can go out there on your kayak and knock em dead! Thanks for all the subs! And don't forget to check out the new Facebook page. I post lots of pics and stories about fishing the salt flats here in Tampa, Florida. Click the link below to get there :) https://www.facebook.com/lovekayak.fishing Tight Lines Everybody!

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Mike .R.
Mike .R. - 3 years ago
Wow...That 'rockfish' looks like a cross between a toad and godzilla!
Dean Azarnush
Dean Azarnush - 3 years ago
6 years later. the grandfather of kayak fishing.. for me anyway :D
Ancient_Mantis - 3 years ago
3:13 fish jumping... love your stuff Marty
reza rayanpour
reza rayanpour - 3 years ago
you are best
Hunter Allen
Hunter Allen - 3 years ago
I mullet fished there with my grandfather sense I was little
raymond bailey
raymond bailey - 4 years ago
it sure paid off for you.
Don Sherpa
Don Sherpa - 4 years ago
Marty! Huge fan... I was wondering what kind of video software you use to edit your videos? Ive been using go pro studios but it’s no longer a viable option. My editing is in a similar fashion to yours. Simple... cheers!
Josh Woodcock
Josh Woodcock - 4 years ago
the ugly fish is what i always been told a dog fish..has anyone else been told that..man i miss the salt water...hey man good video like always..
Jen Hanson-JenU1 Entertainment
Jen Hanson-JenU1 Entertainment - 4 years ago
looks fun.. please sub back

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Aquatic Therapy Fishing
Aquatic Therapy Fishing - 4 years ago
Oyster Toadfish.
Weekend Pirate
Weekend Pirate - 4 years ago
Its funny going back and watching Marty fishing on his poor mans kayak. I started watching his channel when he was building it. I thought it was awesome. He has done so much since but the new boating and company updates are looking good. I need my life to be like his. Lol

Check out our fishing and outdoors Vlog channel if you get a chance!
Ken Murphy
Ken Murphy - 4 years ago
I really enjoy your fishing videos... From the camera shots to the music..thanks
D Carter
D Carter - 4 years ago
Oyster toad fish
quercus - 5 years ago
Thank you for the many fine fishing trips I have been on with you. Music is great and in the background as it should be. Great job man keep on fishing. Missouri.
ryan botkin
ryan botkin - 5 years ago
if you look on Google Earth you can see the deep spots it's a no brainier if you your fishing environment you shouldn't have trouble finding the spots you seen on the map
Jonmark Flood
Jonmark Flood - 5 years ago
Your videos are the best on YouTube, you deserve more subscribers, love your vids, keep up the good work.
Mako 553
Mako 553 - 5 years ago
You Know I have watched a lot of your videos, I see the commitment you make in what you do. Keep it up my friend, to bad your not in Texas I would enjoy fishin with you. FISH ON
Nick Goubert
Nick Goubert - 5 years ago
hey Marty that last ugly fish u caught is called a oyster fish
David Harris
David Harris - 5 years ago
I think that was a toad fish

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Barteous722 X
Barteous722 X - 5 years ago
I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS and the music!
Anthony Iannuzzi
Anthony Iannuzzi - 5 years ago
It's a toad fish
Antonio Sannicandro
Antonio Sannicandro - 5 years ago
the rockfish is very venomous.
MidwestFishing - 5 years ago
The one you don't know much about is a mangrove snapper by the way
Victor Sandoval
Victor Sandoval - 5 years ago
Marty, oh my, what a life!
swimmer8585 - 5 years ago
Idk if its called a rock fish down there but in maryland rockfish are striped bass
asif hussain
asif hussain - 5 years ago
the rock fish aren't they poisonous ?
Eligh Fox
Eligh Fox - 5 years ago
He can cast sooo far 2:50-3:00
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez - 5 years ago
hello, I am new to saltwater fishing, I usually fish freshwater (bass). I live in the Orlando area and im wondering if you could suggest any flats I could launch my kayak off from for some good fishing? im not trying to steal anyone's secret spot, i am just asking for a good area. thank you!
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez - 5 years ago
Thank you for the info. I will check it out on my next trip to Tampa!
Stuart Kidder
Stuart Kidder - 5 years ago
In the Tampa area, most kayak launch spots are tiny access areas by the side of the road. This video was shot at Cockroach bay, which is a single ramp launch that gets very crowded. For yakers, at Cockroach you have numerous spots away from the ramp to put in.
Survive or die gaming
Survive or die gaming - 5 years ago
It was a mangrove snapper I catch them all the time they steal shrimp like you wouldn't believe it

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Unkle Fritz
Unkle Fritz - 5 years ago
so if your mission is dinner. ..and you catch nothing.....what does Zoffinger do?
Tejano Joe
Tejano Joe - 5 years ago
Have never watched anything more relaxing on YouTube....appreciate it.
Gonnaneed Abiggerboat
Gonnaneed Abiggerboat - 5 years ago
Great advice, Marty ... We're all learning with you.
Patrick Hook
Patrick Hook - 6 years ago
the one you thought was a black fish or whatever it's actually a toad fish believe it or not I caught one on a boat before. they are very poisonous
Glorywhole - 6 years ago
Isn't that "rockfish" a type of Sculpin?
Junior Angling
Junior Angling - 6 years ago
YOU HAVE 10 SECONDS TO DO THE FOLLOWING 1 like you catch a trophy fish tomorrow with a eternal life AND LUCK 1 sub you will have 100 extra years of life 1 NICE REPLY- you you will have luck IGNORE- you will lose
V.C_0004 - 6 years ago
I think it's called a monk fish the thing he called a rock fish. Search it up
Roach’s Reason
Roach’s Reason - 6 years ago
The fish you call a rock fish we call the oyster cracker fish or toad fish. Its funny how they get so many names.
SRT8 _HEMI - 6 years ago
mang snapp
Clash Paradise
Clash Paradise - 6 years ago
16:28 a shark jumped
schlaznger - 6 years ago
What is your favorite recipe for fish in general? Would you mind sharing please?
TheSaltyVet - 5 years ago
It's all about the blacken, get you a cast iron super super hot, throw a little butter in there, take some Paul Prudhommes Blackened Redfish Magic and liberally cover the fish fillets, throw 'em on, spoon butter on them occasionally, flip em as needed. Can't go wrong.

Tastes amazing on shrimp too.
Unkle Fritz
Unkle Fritz - 5 years ago
super soak in lemon sauce and bake.....yea. man...tis yummy
schlaznger - 6 years ago
+zoffinger Sounds really good thanks for the advise.
zoffinger - 6 years ago
Dipping a fillet in egg, then breadcrumbs and then pan frying is my go-to recipe. I add a little Mrs. Dash to the egg, sprinkle some powdered garlic to the fillets as they cook, and drizzle fresh lemon on em when they're done.
William Knicely
William Knicely - 6 years ago
The fish at 14:05 was a gulf toadfish!
Francis Ramp
Francis Ramp - 6 years ago
Your first fish was a mangrove (gray) snapper. As good of table fare as they get. Has to be 10"....5 per day limit. Be wary wary wary careful.....they will bite you....Hence the name SNAPPER.
AnthonyFIP - 6 years ago
I am a huge fan of all your videos, Marty! I have to ask (I'm sure you've been asked several times) what is the soundtrack in many of your videos? The music and your attitude are what I love about your vids... I do love kayak fishing too!!
zoffinger - 6 years ago
It's just music that comes with the editing software I use.
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott - 6 years ago
Hard to unlearn bad casting
Sam - 6 years ago
Nice video! Really chill atmosphere, and useful advice. I don't go saltwater fishing often; I fish freshwater more often, but I was wondering: What gear do u use when u go saltwater fishing? Any tips or advice on that? Anything is appreciated!
Mario Peralta
Mario Peralta - 6 years ago
Great videos really enjoy watching them
Patrick Cronin
Patrick Cronin - 6 years ago
I got stuck by a rock fish one time and my hand swore up and itched like crazy
MrBlurberries - 5 years ago
Its a gulf toadfish. Rockfish have venomous spines. Gulf toads have toxic slime on their scales that cause irritation.
Patrick Cronin
Patrick Cronin - 6 years ago
I also really enjoy watching you fish and all your tips and tricks are awsome so thank you
Jimbo - 6 years ago
I didnt know watching someone fishing can be this fun lol
A_Homles_Dorito - 6 years ago
did you launch out of cockroach boat launch?
leland alameida
leland alameida - 6 years ago
what type of kayak is that?

50. comment for Kayak Fishing during Low Tide

Travis Schraeder
Travis Schraeder - 6 years ago
that rock fish is called a toed fish
roadkillalchemizt - 6 years ago
I started watching your videos today. they pretty cool and yes... I will subscribe. Just one advise: Try to remember to make sure the sun is behind the camera and facing you when you show the fish to the camera, that will improve your videos alot. KEEP'EM COMMING!!
T/D T/S - 6 years ago
the fish you caught at 9:27 looked kinda like a mississippi river bream. BTW great vids love them keep them lines tight!
The ParodiaN
The ParodiaN - 6 years ago
That's not a Rockfish, that's a Lingcod.
Jr Juarez
Jr Juarez - 6 years ago
Lingcod are a west coast fish bro we catch them here invalid during rockfish season
Brian Kirk
Brian Kirk - 6 years ago
where is a good spot to launch a kayak out in Tampa bay
Yo Daddy
Yo Daddy - 6 years ago
I appreciate your videos man thanks for for taking the time and making them
Yo Daddy
Yo Daddy - 6 years ago
Little mangrove snapper or mango
deadlox911 - 6 years ago
+zoffinger it is a mangrove snapper
Captain G
Captain G - 6 years ago
Another great video, thanks for sharing, I'm subbing you to keep an eye on you lol.
AzMonion - Catalog
AzMonion - Catalog - 6 years ago
The fish you don't know what sure they can be there sea bass
Reece Niblett
Reece Niblett - 6 years ago
hey i didnt notice but do you have a fish finder on the yak? looked like an awesome day of relaxing fishing to man
Lane Kearney
Lane Kearney - 6 years ago
The rockfish is an oyster toad fish and the snapper is a mangrove snapper and can be ten inches to keep
Squirel Hunt
Squirel Hunt - 6 years ago
I really do enjoy your videos I don't live in fla but fish there a lot trying to find me a kayak look fun great tips in your videos thanks man happy fishing
Jack Jarchow
Jack Jarchow - 6 years ago
Rock fish are the most venomous fish in the world
Jared Studstill
Jared Studstill - 6 years ago
I fished both of these spots at cockroach bay yesterday :) love the videos!
NOT GEO - 6 years ago
so nice, you have a lot of fishing spots and a lot of different species of fish to catch, also love the setup of your kayak,next time try to showcase how you cook those fish :-) that would be more exciting too, perhaps...
PaT Boy
PaT Boy - 6 years ago
What soundtrack is used at 8:50?
Ed Zachary
Ed Zachary - 6 years ago
Besides the great videos, you also have the best background music. Could you list the music you use?
jimp9565 - 6 years ago
Great day! Thanks for the cool vid!
Eric Biera
Eric Biera - 6 years ago
i love your set up
FloridaGeorgiaFishing - 6 years ago
I go down to Florida I the spring and summer because I live in Georgia. We go fishing on kayaks and boats around the the clear water area and in dunedin
alex laprova
alex laprova - 6 years ago
great video
The Sciarra Effect
The Sciarra Effect - 6 years ago
I have learned more about fishing in Florida from your videos as I may have learned my entire life here as a native Floridian. I really appreciate your videos ! Even these older videos I am just now watching. Thanks! If I ever bump into you, drinks are on me bro! I'm in Palm Beach County so feel free to look me up if your around.
zoffinger - 6 years ago
You are very kind, Jeff. Thank you :^)
James IsAwesome
James IsAwesome - 6 years ago
First fish is a mangrove snapper
Bonju Reyes
Bonju Reyes - 6 years ago
Mangrove snapper :) Can live in fresh, salt and brackish water. Loves shrimp!
Carson Bombenger
Carson Bombenger - 6 years ago
hey zoffinger thst fish is called a toadfish
saltwaterfishing 600
saltwaterfishing 600 - 6 years ago
I ate sheepshead for lunch today
Jazmin UMT
Jazmin UMT - 6 years ago
Tanner Pierson
Tanner Pierson - 6 years ago
That first fish was a Grey(Mangrove) Snapper and good thing you played it safe with the Toadfish they do have venom on their spines on top of their head, I am from the big bend area of Florida and fish all the time, I am so grateful to live in a area with such a diverse ecosystem, one place I fish you can start at the mouth of the river catching large mouth bass and red drum at the exact same spot. There's nothing better than hooking up on a bull red(Red Drum) or a gator trout(Spotted Sea Trout). Keep up the great videos.
Tito Ortiz
Tito Ortiz - 6 years ago
you caught a triple tail fish
Amjith PS
Amjith PS - 6 years ago
Buddy, Its not the angling I like the most in your videos, but the preparations and Kayaking. Enjoying your videos. Keep posting. :)
fishman10988 - 6 years ago
that ugly fish is mr oyster toad, trash fish, or well, most say so, I hear from most who dare clean them that the meat is surprisingly sweet
Dan Aloise
Dan Aloise - 6 years ago
Hey Zoff, pinfish are actually called Sailors Choice, they like to hang out with sheepshead and snapper. Personally Ive caught them up to 15", good eating when theyre bigger. Tight lines!
Mike Evans is better than obj
Mike Evans is better than obj - 4 years ago
Dan Aloise nope those are two different fish
siegfred from surigao city 1894
siegfred from surigao city 1894 - 6 years ago
jsut want to ask that type or kind of baut is the best ill post the picture or video tomorrow
James Sutcliffe
James Sutcliffe - 6 years ago
have you ever fished in new zealand? kingfish kahawai and snapper are always a fun catch
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez - 6 years ago
You should try vudu shrimp for baits its at Walmart its works good
Turtles and Arsoft
Turtles and Arsoft - 6 years ago
You should fish for some small grouper some time. I caught a gag grouper just about 100 yards from shore in Alabama.
Mark 'NCW' Graham
Mark 'NCW' Graham - 6 years ago
can I get your email address so I can send you some size options to choose from? cheers Mark
UncleBlueBerries - 6 years ago
where is this at ?
hunter nathan
hunter nathan - 6 years ago
that first fish looks exactly like a sunfish, (freshwater fish)
Mcnasty Hockeyfan
Mcnasty Hockeyfan - 6 years ago
hey! just moved out to Ruskin and bought me a field and stream yak... I'm trying to find a pole for me that I can get snapped reds snook trout looking to stay around cockroach and e.g Simmons any suggestions on a budget setup?
Mark 'NCW' Graham
Mark 'NCW' Graham - 6 years ago
Great videos man - really chilled vibe - love watching them with my kids here on the Southwest coast of England...it's encouraging us to get out in our kayak and learn to fish !! thanks Zoffinger
Mark 'NCW' Graham
Mark 'NCW' Graham - 6 years ago
+zoffinger can I get your email address so I can send you some size options to choose from? cheers Mark
zoffinger - 6 years ago
+Mark Graham I always have my camera stuff in a dry bag as you'll see in my upcoming Pelican video. I'd be honored to use one of yours someday. My po box is 943 Gibsonton, Fl. 33534 Tight lines to you and your family, Mark :^)
Mark 'NCW' Graham
Mark 'NCW' Graham - 6 years ago
+zoffinger ...really enjoying your channel....do you ever use dry bags ? we'd love to send you one as a thanks for ll the entertainment and sharing of your knowledge....we have a great range of shapes and sizes (in our business)... it would stoke my kids to see one of our bags in one of your youtube vids :-) drop us a mail..Mark @ North Coast Wetsuits (Cornwall)
zoffinger - 6 years ago
+Mark Graham ...Cheers, Mark
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez - 6 years ago
Hi bud, you ever see any salt water crocks out there?
zoffinger - 6 years ago
+Juan Sanchez ...never, thank goodness. A couple water snakes, though :^/
Tony Mdrno
Tony Mdrno - 6 years ago
Awesome video!
Bradley Depippo
Bradley Depippo - 6 years ago
Y don't u keep snapper
jwrappuhn71 - 6 years ago
mangrove snapper, little bastards.
Ward Sontag
Ward Sontag - 6 years ago
that was a toadfish. poisonous spines
paddlefisher - 6 years ago
awesome video mate, great stuff.
Alec Rosenthal
Alec Rosenthal - 6 years ago
That fish was a brean
Tavian Johnson
Tavian Johnson - 6 years ago
I didn't know sheepshead eat shrimp

100. comment for Kayak Fishing during Low Tide

Dương Quy Huỳnh
Dương Quy Huỳnh - 6 years ago
You taugh me "catch and release" in another video, now you teach me that lesson again. Thank you! :)
I live in Vietnam, some people around my area live by catching fish, they catch whatever its big or small. I know its bad, but they're poor and they need it to feed their family.
I watched alots of your vids and by your GoPro, I saw alots of fish swiming below the boat everytime it goes down. Then, when I go to the riverside and fishing, there only small fishes left... I caught, then I release as your move.
May be I have badluck, or wrong way of fishin. But I think, for now, the only way for me to see the big fishes like yours is... dreaming and watching your videos :)
Thanks again !
Quin Prosser
Quin Prosser - 6 years ago
The rock fish You caught is also called a toad fish and I heard that they can kill you if you get stung by them!
Brandon Manning
Brandon Manning - 6 years ago
That weird lookin fish was a oyster toad
Luke Roca
Luke Roca - 6 years ago
That ugly fish is called a goby
MrDeathplague - 6 years ago
i fish in Florida as well {gulf coast} and was wondering if you have seen a drop in trout catches. only seen one here and wasn't legal so he went back. just curious . keep up the good work
Steady Bettie
Steady Bettie - 6 years ago
I love low tides in Florida. everything amazing lurks especially around mangroves
John Wasula
John Wasula - 6 years ago
I stumbled upon your shark from a kayak video and subscribed immediately afterwards. Your videos are calming, sometimes intense but always full of good things! Thanks for what you do and keep the videos coming! ~john
Joseph Tokarz
Joseph Tokarz - 6 years ago
Yes! Your Videos are Med's for me! Your Special and Thanks for being there!!!!!!!
Tyler Harrison
Tyler Harrison - 6 years ago
you get some excellent audio from your gopro, are you using the skeleton housing?
3rdtymeround - 6 years ago
the 'rockfish' is an oster toad
Frank LoGrande
Frank LoGrande - 6 years ago
As usual my hum drum day at the office is made a little better by looking at your vid. during my lunch.
melonbarmonster - 6 years ago
Oh man I'm in my late 30s and busy paying off school loans saving for future family and trying to make money that I have no time to go fishing. Hate my life these days
Frank LoGrande
Frank LoGrande - 6 years ago
+melonbarmonster Dude. We all got to do what we have to do, just keep in mind a shitty day doesn't last forever. Marty's videos kinda take you away from all that even if its for a few minutes. Try to stay tuff...enjoy the ups and try to ignore the downs. Life is too short. Lecture over. Have a good one.
Chris Norman
Chris Norman - 6 years ago
That ugly fish that you caught is called a toadfish and they are horrible to get off the hook.
Jordan Voglsinger
Jordan Voglsinger - 6 years ago
I love watching your vids mate, I live in Australia were we get a fish called "bream" they grow o around 4kg. There shape is exactly like sheepshead but silver. They taste nice but not amazing. If your not busy look these fish up, "sand whiting" they are 5/5 eating quality.
Dusky flathead, there also 5/5.
Yellowfin bream, there about a 3/5 for eating quality.
Anyway, I hope you carry on with the channel, it's really great and if you do I'll know I have someone to watch for years to come
David Steer
David Steer - 6 years ago
I was thinking the same how sheepshead's look just like our bream. Even their diet of crabs, shellfish and other crustaceans are similar. And yeah, I agree about the eating qualities. Well made production. I too love the freedom my yak gives me not to mention the stealth factor.
zoffinger - 6 years ago
+Jordan Voglsinger Thanks, m'friend. I love my aussie fans :)
Oscar Romero
Oscar Romero - 7 years ago
Amazing video, I enjoyed it .Thanks gay .I could sell my boat and buy a fishing kayak.Congrats.
Elijah Yates
Elijah Yates - 7 years ago
Mangrove snapper or a black snapper
griffin3922 - 7 years ago
they break open oysters and suck the meat out..
griffin3922 - 7 years ago
hey, it is called an oyster fish. never ever get your hands near its mouth
Steve Pineda
Steve Pineda - 7 years ago
Love the vids man keep up the good work :) <3
TheCoastalGunner - 7 years ago
i really enjoy ALL your videos....you seem like a guy just like me...who just loves to be out there weather its 1 fish or 100....keep making these...you have a knack for it...tight lines from the north east
Donald Watson
Donald Watson - 7 years ago
For a real challenge you should try offshore kayak fishing
Joshua Hawkins
Joshua Hawkins - 7 years ago
Great video, i love watching your videos lol. They are so chill! xD
todd Spoto
todd Spoto - 7 years ago
Your vids are well made. They have inspired another po' man like me to yak up. Thanks dude !
Western New York Angler
Western New York Angler - 7 years ago
The horrible fish would be an oyster toadfish i believe my friend
Roger Castro
Roger Castro - 7 years ago
It's a lane snapper in the Keys...
BruhIts Yourlord
BruhIts Yourlord - 7 years ago
Sheepshead jaws always creeped me out
Hamburger Head
Hamburger Head - 7 years ago
I'm not a fisherman....but this feel good vid had me thinkin' maybe I should be :)
BruhIts Yourlord
BruhIts Yourlord - 7 years ago
+Hamburger Head its real fun dude
Tyler Hall70
Tyler Hall70 - 7 years ago
What is the thing you used to hold the fish when u take the hook out
Homie Sun Quan
Homie Sun Quan - 7 years ago
i want to do what you do, but aren't you scared of something biting you or stepping on something poisonous?
Rob F
Rob F - 7 years ago
I would like to fish some of the areas your in. The scenery is awesome. Can you send coordinates to the landing?
Robert Farabee
Robert Farabee - 6 years ago
+Frank LoGrande I've been fishing Florida all my life and the only thing that ruins fishing is unethical fishermen. Everytime a charter goes out they show people where the fish are. I like the solitude and beauty of the area where Marty is fishing. I know where it is now.
Frank LoGrande
Frank LoGrande - 6 years ago
+Gungy EFFE That funny...if it were me...I would keep it to myself...love you all..but too many people in one spot screws that up.
xtremebassin 01
xtremebassin 01 - 7 years ago
I just wanted to say that you really inspire me to start fishing I'm working on getting a fishing rod so that I can fish from the docks until I can get a boat to fish out in lakes in stuff but anyways keep the videos going thanks
Isaiah P.
Isaiah P. - 7 years ago
he rock fish was a sea robin
Western New York Angler
Western New York Angler - 7 years ago
+Duane Gaskins yea oyster toad fish theyre cool
Duane Gaskins
Duane Gaskins - 7 years ago
+Da Derpy CatFish Nah man that's an Oyster toad. Sea robin have a narrower head and mouth also more spiky bits.
Ahmad Mena
Ahmad Mena - 7 years ago
What reel?
Live Bait Boat Miami Beach
Live Bait Boat Miami Beach - 6 years ago
+zoffinger we repeat watching your videos many times, you are the best of youtube
zoffinger - 7 years ago
+Ahmad Mena This was a very low end reel not worth mentioning. Try an Okuma Avenger or Trio 30 for an inexpensive, quality reel. They don't sponsor me, I just like their reels.
caelan doyle
caelan doyle - 7 years ago
Kiyaking is the way to go fishing anywhere
Mehp - 7 years ago
its called a stone fish i think
Edward Tate
Edward Tate - 7 years ago
Hey mate, love your videos. That fish you weren't sure on at the 9 minute mark was what most people call a red snapper - in Australia we call them Mangrove Jack's, absolute prize fish. Meant to be one of the best table fish, they are very sporting, especially after the 40cm mark, once they hit a certain size they head out to sea. Usually the first 2-3 seconds of a Mangrove Jack fight determines if you've caught or lost the fish.

Love your work mate.
Your videos are like psycho therapy....... I'm wishing relaxing fishing trips to all.
s2perman - 7 years ago
You're in the water, alligators in the water, possibly bull sharks.
Start singing that song from JAWS- Quint was singing, you know the one. Fair well my fair maiden and so on. Liked the video though. From Florida myself, fished from a 16 foot bass tracker. We had wished we could shallow fish like you, catch more for sure. Just be careful. Sea trout, snook. Good eating. Nice job. Best part,like you said,boat won't get stuck in the shallows waiting for the tide to rise like the other boaters.
Shango Wines
Shango Wines - 7 years ago
Awesome video!
Very well shot, and the whole very pleasing and peacefull. Thanks for sharing
tifosiman68 - 7 years ago
I love fishing from a kayak. I'm enjoying your videos, very relaxing. Thank you Sir.
steeleman1114 - 7 years ago
To clear up a little confusion about the fish you call a rockfish. A lingcod is a sharp snouted fish from the Pacific Ocean while the oyster toadfish is the blunt snouted strong jawed fish you caught here. This is the frustrating thing about common names and why scientists use scientific names so that no matter where they're from or what language they speak, they all have the same name. As always great and enjoyable video, Marty! Your videos are what made me decide to get a kayak for my fishing expeditions.
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez - 7 years ago
Really Enjoyed watching your video!!
Mike Papa
Mike Papa - 7 years ago
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman - 7 years ago
That looks really peaceful out there, I would love to get away from the city to that place, must be the Keys, right?
Taylor Elder
Taylor Elder - 7 years ago
Nope just regular ole tampa bay
fsuguimitzu - 7 years ago
fsuguimitzu - 7 years ago
DH J - 7 years ago
I was going to watch a movie on Netflix with my son but found myself here because I was looking for a kayak for fishing. My son and I spent a couple of hours watching your videos. You make the sport come alive and you treat your audience with respect. Well done on a fantastic job!
nick blazer
nick blazer - 7 years ago
Should of smoked that joint u found in the water at 13:42
Paul Crosby
Paul Crosby - 4 years ago
Tbh this channel would be the first thing I watch if I smoke one
Steady Bettie
Steady Bettie - 6 years ago
I was really hoping you weren't but than again its YouTube/Google+. I've read things that I couldn't believe people were not only being serious about but arguing over. Don't know you so I have absolutely zero idea if you meant it or not. I've seen much much dumber
nick blazer
nick blazer - 6 years ago
Wow lmao u must be smart if you thought i was actually being serious smh
Steady Bettie
Steady Bettie - 6 years ago
+nick blazer ah ha then maybe you shouldn't smoke one hr before watching these videos. that was sincerely the most highest comment I've seen
nick blazer
nick blazer - 7 years ago
damn i didnt know
Ronnie Ayala
Ronnie Ayala - 7 years ago
that's a shell
Ammar Aa
Ammar Aa - 7 years ago
can you catch fishes and save them in your house and have a fish collection please and show us ?
townshend budd
townshend budd - 7 years ago
its a bream
bad karma
bad karma - 7 years ago
that rockfish that you showed they do not have venom but they are pretty slimy we have there smaller version over where i live and they are like parasites eating all your bait,
Brennan Dwyer
Brennan Dwyer - 7 years ago
That is a dog fish
1amuro123 - 7 years ago
we call them oyster toadfish. they all just teeth. 
Metz Boys
Metz Boys - 7 years ago
And can u do more of the hat cam or like necklace whatever u do I like to see the bite
Metz Boys
Metz Boys - 7 years ago
The first fish u cuaght was mangrove snapper really good to eat
Stephen Jandrell
Stephen Jandrell - 7 years ago
Do you normally have problems with other fishermen were you go?
Pieter - 7 years ago
Nice video
juan perez
juan perez - 7 years ago
this is mosquito lagoon right? around bissic bay? I've gone there and canoed fish, but i had no luck at all, didn't even see any type of fish. I went prob on a bad day. Any tips when to go and what to do and bait?
woodypope14 - 7 years ago
love your videos man!! They are serene and relaxing
tolpacourt - 7 years ago
Winter has especially low tides? Huh?
Carlos Dominguez
Carlos Dominguez - 7 years ago
That rockfish is actually a lincod. I think that's how you spell it. Those get huge. But yes it's a species of rockfish
Fishing With Joseph
Fishing With Joseph - 7 years ago
There called oyster toads
Jason Fulcher
Jason Fulcher - 7 years ago
+Brett Yon dont you just love catching em when your flounder fishin?
Brett Yon
Brett Yon - 7 years ago
we call them toadfish in south carolina and georgia.  Nasty little buggers
Jason Fulcher
Jason Fulcher - 7 years ago
+Carlos Dominguez he is right that is an oyster toad, i catch those while flounder fishing here in the chesapeake bay
Carlos Dominguez
Carlos Dominguez - 7 years ago
No i catch them in 80 degree water in mexico
The Clueless Geologist
The Clueless Geologist - 7 years ago
+Ben Taylor tho they may be related distantly
The Clueless Geologist
The Clueless Geologist - 7 years ago
there's no lincod in South florida, what he has is an Oysterfish, lincod are cold water species
Carlos Dominguez
Carlos Dominguez - 7 years ago
I live in California in San Diego right next to the border to Mexico. Great fishing. Last summer we had tuna. We were catching them off shore. They were huge. 3 to 4 feet long. Also king mackerel. I'm only 13 but I love fishing I go down to Mexico every weekend to go fishing. In cabo San Lucas I coaght a 10 foot blue marlin. An hour and a half long fight. I suggest go down the peninsula of Mexico. I drove from San Diego all the way to the end of the peninsula. Good fun.
Alessandro Contreras
Alessandro Contreras - 7 years ago
I really enjoyed your fishing video.... I must admit I have seen many videos but your's allowed me to really enjoy the beautiful outdoors and great taste in music I also enjoyed the captions in there place. Made me wanna go fishing. 
Great Job. hope to see more fishing videos.
jasonwhij1 - 7 years ago
that rock fish is called an oyster toad in NC!  Don't get your fingers to close or you might lose one.
WasDannyHere305 - 7 years ago
I've caught a 18" snapper in the gulf side
Bradley Turner
Bradley Turner - 7 years ago
But I'm not totally sure about the venom, so be safe!
Bradley Turner
Bradley Turner - 7 years ago
Great video, I believe what you caught was an oyster toad, no venom as far as I know but they have really sharp teeth. Not good for much.
Mike C
Mike C - 7 years ago
Great vids! Really enjoy your style
MeloafTheDk - 7 years ago
hey marty im just really wondering did you have inspiration for your youtube name? its not in relation to your real name at all (unless its your last name which i have no knowledge of) please answer
Carlos Dominguez
Carlos Dominguez - 7 years ago
Hey Carlos is my name home boy don't use that last name bro, lol
MeloafTheDk - 7 years ago
+zoffinger lol that is a pimp name thank you for fixing my confusion 
zoffinger - 7 years ago
When I first signed up for YouTube, if I'd known this channel would get so big, I would've chosen a fake name like, Carlos Spiceyweener or something cool like that.
oon2u - 7 years ago
Mangrove Snapper - keeper size is 10"
Rick Jarvis
Rick Jarvis - 7 years ago
great video, thanks for sharing the trip
jose lopez
jose lopez - 7 years ago
Nice spot,went there yesterday and tore the snook up while tide was low.
Moses Flint
Moses Flint - 7 years ago
Love your videos, they get me through the cold northeast winters! Where do you get the music for your vids?
RRBacklund - 7 years ago
I like at the end when you were talking to those people.
I've had days that I've spent more time letting people look at my kayak and answering questions (about why do I fish out of a kayak...and how...and where does everything go...and you're actually going out THERE??  IN THE OCEAN??) than I did fishing.  
One guy even asked if he could sit in it...
Sure! Why not!  

Most people are just curious, and many that I've spoken with really appreciate the ingenuity of making your own stuff...wether it be a cart, the milk crate...or any other add ons...
I'm glad to see that you're not only sharing your enthusiasm with like minded folks here in YouTuber land, but also just plain folks out enjoying the sun!  A friendly smile and a little conversation go a long way to giving kayak fishermen a better name.  

Keep paddlin', and tight lines!
BlackTheImpaler TM
BlackTheImpaler TM - 7 years ago
these people do not know what theyre talking about marty  the first unknown fish is a mangrove snapper and the second is a oyster toad fish trust me u can google it if u like.     P.S. i love your vids with the new pa12 and all your others 
Fishin Funk
Fishin Funk - 7 years ago
I truly enjoy watching your videos. They inspire me to get more creative with my fishing videos. I fish the Rocky Point to West Cypress area on my paddle board. I film with my go pro, but get terrible audio with the waterproof housing.
Michael Guzzello
Michael Guzzello - 7 years ago
Dude love your vids. You give a lot of inspiration to people with them.
ZAHUA XIONG - 7 years ago
great video, very inspirational! i live right down the street from that place on Moccasin wallow. nice to see a local place on youtube. you went out there with what you had and just showed what a perfect day of fishing is. my hat off to you!
wishy giver!!!!
wishy giver!!!! - 7 years ago
+zoffinger dude i have court a 1 m snapper down there.
zoffinger - 7 years ago
Thanks, Z. You're close to some awesome spots down there!
TRUTH NO LIES - 7 years ago
i loved the scenery. its beautiful
ironicz123 - 7 years ago
That rock fish is a snake head
Two Face
Two Face - 7 years ago
Stone Kershaw
Stone Kershaw - 7 years ago
this is why I love Florida!
Terry Zellers
Terry Zellers - 7 years ago
You should start a kayak fishing tour service. I would move there and work for you in a heartbeat. Great job. Just got back from Surf City, NC where my wife and I kayaked through a small part of the inter-coastal waterway.
Ticker858 - 7 years ago
You're a down to earth kinda guy.
Venom Andrew
Venom Andrew - 7 years ago
Venom Andrew
Venom Andrew - 7 years ago
also i just wanted to say you remind me soo much of my father and i can tell you are a great guyand i love your videos and ive seen at least half in one night
Venom Andrew
Venom Andrew - 7 years ago
where do you typically go fishing for reds during mid September- early October?
My Adventures
My Adventures - 7 years ago
great show mate :)
Rafi Ghazarian
Rafi Ghazarian - 7 years ago
They have as spickey top and look kinda like a red snapper
Rafi Ghazarian
Rafi Ghazarian - 7 years ago
The only kind of venom rockfish are skullpin
Valerifon1 - 7 years ago
Hello zoffinger - thanks for posting your awesome videos! I just discovered your videos a few days ago. You pay meticulous attention to detail and setting up your shots. It really makes your videos interesting and the explanations are clear and easy to understand. The music is excellent... What you did with that boat is genius! I'm planning on a spitfire 8 now myself thanks to you and your videos - thank you so much for sharing! I'm on the muddy side of the gulf near Galveston up in Spring, Texas... All the best to you!
jj dee
jj dee - 8 years ago
subbed ur channel.. great vids.. i like the simplicity compared to those commercial fishing channels. keep the beer up ^_^ 
Carlos Dominguez
Carlos Dominguez - 7 years ago
Snake heads live in fresh water not salt
FuZZionScopez - 8 years ago
The first one is a mangrove snapper you don't get to much meat of them but very good eating in my opinion have to be 10 inches to keep
Jose Cantu
Jose Cantu - 8 years ago
Mangrove snapper, toad fish and piggy perch. I was amazed at this video. Nice job bud
Baltic Fisher
Baltic Fisher - 8 years ago
Hey Marty, i really enjoyed your video! Saw your chan first time. What a pretty nice day you had and the music fits so perfectly...
The nature around you is so beautifull...Where do you live ? Australia ? USA ? New Zeeland ?
Looking forward your next footage.
Regards from northern Germany
Baltic Fisher
Baltic Fisher - 8 years ago
+zoffinger Great spot over there :-)
If you like to have some impressions of Cod and seatrout fishing on the Baltic sea, just click www.baltic-fishing.net/videos/
zoffinger - 8 years ago
Greetings from Tampa, Florida! Thanks for watching and taking the time to write.
Mauricio Ramirez
Mauricio Ramirez - 8 years ago
Little mangrove snapper
planowonder - 8 years ago
you do a wonderful job. you teach and entertain, thank you .
kaleb davis
kaleb davis - 8 years ago
That isn't called a rockfish it's called a toad fish
The Shadow`Moto
The Shadow`Moto - 8 years ago
that one fish you cought was an perch
Berk •
Berk • - 8 years ago
Is there a specific age to fish on a kayak?
zoffinger - 8 years ago
Folks young and old fish from kayaks. I've seen parents towing really young kids behind them on their own tiny kayaks!
Rebel1280 - 8 years ago
Love your videos man! Just got me a pair of kayaks for brother and I and am really excited to try a lot of the same rigging you got :) You're an awesome inspiration, also as you were fishing was wondering a few questions then you answered them like 1 min later....can you read minds?!
rhonnejhay capalac
rhonnejhay capalac - 8 years ago
nice fishing videos!!!
Jimmy Erazo
Jimmy Erazo - 8 years ago
Like to see your videos, because you are one of few fishermen who eat what you catch,,,
jimmy ridinger
jimmy ridinger - 8 years ago
We're do you put the fish that you keep?
bigblast1990 - 8 years ago
what is the weight of your line 5,6,15 Lb?
bigblast1990 - 8 years ago
ah awesome thanks for the reply
zoffinger - 8 years ago
I like 15lb test braided line the best.
chlela01 - 8 years ago
Is that cockroach bay?
zoffinger - 8 years ago
yes it is.
Chris Warren
Chris Warren - 8 years ago
Brenner - 7 years ago
He was in saltwater
सिवा परअसाद
सिवा परअसाद - 8 years ago
It was a perch
QZHEARTY - 8 years ago
I caught a toad fish in a crab net once
Rick Ross
Rick Ross - 8 years ago
How much was you pr rod and what is it
I Vigeo
I Vigeo - 8 years ago
you have a peacefulness about you. The zen fisherman. Great vids!
SergeantSerious - 8 years ago
Stone Fish and they have both spines and venom, try not to stand on them and stingrays, always shuffle your fit in sand to scare the ray  away.
ssrc2013 - 8 years ago
I get my first taste of saltwater fishing at the end of the month your channel helps a bunch thanks Craig
ssrc2013 - 8 years ago
Marty how many miles do you cover on one your normal outings ? Thanks again
zoffinger - 8 years ago
I paddle about 5 miles on an average trip.
Jaron Thomas
Jaron Thomas - 8 years ago
Brackish water bream
Director/Davo Paul
Director/Davo Paul - 8 years ago
Dude, I've the better part of two rainy days watching these and they just take me away dude. I'm a music video director/editor and you have "just the right amount" of "homemade" in these edits to make it so nice to watch. Love these sooo much! I'm gonna be in Indian Shores in June-July with family and will have my cams and hexacopter on me, love to film you , like a quickie "day of fishing highlight reel"..?
Creek Side
Creek Side - 8 years ago
Did you get some aerial footage yet? Can't wait!
Director/Davo Paul
Director/Davo Paul - 8 years ago
I will. Definitely!! 
zoffinger - 8 years ago
Thanks, man. Hit me up when you're in town.
A Diaz
A Diaz - 8 years ago
Your video is flat out amazing! Narration was perfect, excellent shots. Freaking awesome.
MolarAttorney50 - 8 years ago
the supposed rock fish was a toad fish
Koda - 8 years ago
Awesome vid man. What State are you in? looks similar to some Oregon beaches but without rain and greyness 
Tim Smith
Tim Smith - 8 years ago
I live way over in Thailand but it's videos like these that make me miss home a bit.
andrew ambrose
andrew ambrose - 8 years ago
I am a young fisherman and I learned a couple of new things in this vid so I need to use that today but thanks for this awesome vid
andrew ambrose
andrew ambrose - 8 years ago
The first fish is called a mangrove snapper and the rock fish is really called a dog fish.
PA_Sportsman - 8 years ago
That fish that u called a rockfish it is actually called a sea Robbin or a garbage fish in some parts
david Clemen
david Clemen - 8 years ago
Great video. Thanks for the tips, just got my first fishing kayak for the intercoastal here in NC....thanks.
KingKyle - 8 years ago
Up here in the North, we don't even bother fishing low tide. The fish just wont hit.
kdec101 - 8 years ago
This was the first video of yours i stumbled across while searching for kayak fishing. I too live in Tampa Bay area and have started to get into fishing. I agree with the other comments about how well this one was made, music and everything. Really makes me want to get out and rent a kayak and get my feet wet (ha! Pun intended)
Its Lums
Its Lums - 8 years ago
THIS IS AMAZING! I need to get my life down in Florida. Awesome video man.
deepseamasterdm - 8 years ago
omg! that's cockroachbay! I used to fish there all the time when I lived in plantcity.!!
deepseamasterdm - 8 years ago
you should hit up @30milesout and do a video together
Addison Roberts
Addison Roberts - 8 years ago
Here in the indian river we have power plants (two one for titusville area and one for I believe cocoa and what not) that we fish. Its great to get your kayak up close to the turbines where other boats may not be able to get. We throw some cut mullet and bring up reds, trout, etc. Its a great place to fish when its cold out.
overcomeevilwithgood - 8 years ago
you have the same kayak as I do. cool.
fltcrew21 - 8 years ago
What a good video. You have the perfect laid back personality to make your own videos. Can't say the same for a lot of people on YouTube!
LaTaco - 8 years ago
I really love the respect that you have for fish, you handle them well and give them a good chance to live to fight another day, I been watching other vids where they have no clue.. makes me frustrated -_-
George Nicholis
George Nicholis - 8 years ago
14:14 oyster toad fish
zoffinger - 8 years ago
I've also heard it called a mother-in-law fish..haha
bensuss105 - 8 years ago
it is a mangrove snapper
Simon Foster
Simon Foster - 8 years ago
Most professional videos are half the quality of this. Great work fella!!
nakternal - 8 years ago
Nice sheep dude!
Jrhnhemp - 8 years ago
Another goodun!.... I'm a subscriber!
zoffinger - 8 years ago
Thanks for joining! And for the very nice comments :)
Ethenthegreat123 - 8 years ago
That first one is a sunfish
MsQssniper - 8 years ago
Nice Fishing!:)
kd2man - 8 years ago
Best fishing video ever!! good job Mr. Zoffinger!
chris1234391 - 8 years ago
the fish at 9:17 was a mangrove snapper
Bradluke173 - 8 years ago
Great video mate. Im 16 i love to kayak i want to start to make videos like this. Was that footage on go pro.
lonngy30 - 8 years ago
I have to say..I have not enjoyed a video as much as I enjoyed this one in a very long time. I click on kayak-fishing videos three times a week at least, and I can't believe I never ran into one of yours. Thank you for posting !!
Aaron Monahan
Aaron Monahan - 8 years ago
Cockroach Bay. Great spot!
Eric Berrios
Eric Berrios - 8 years ago
hi i'm new here in tampa and  looking to go fishing here in tampa with a kayak and i was watching your videos and can you please put me on the correct track and let me know were i could take my kayak and go fishing thanks.
Jason Hornady
Jason Hornady - 8 years ago
That was a really cool video. Awesome editing and nice music. Makes me want to get out!
Daniel Duongasaur
Daniel Duongasaur - 8 years ago
Are you ever scared of your red Kayak being an attractive colour to sharks? You probrably don't go out that far though. I recently bought an inflatable, Sevylor Colorado. But I'm too scared to go out to sea. I live in Brisbane, hopefully experience will lead me to some shark free havens.
zoffinger - 8 years ago
The fish I keep on a stringer are WAY more attractive to the little grey devils. And I had an eight foot shark in two feet of water right next to my yak... You don't have to go far to see them :^/
JohnMarchant22 - 8 years ago
Enjoyed this video. I just purchased a 12 ft malibu kayak and I cant wait to get it out on the water. This video only adds fuel to the fire.
joe tee
joe tee - 8 years ago
very productive area ,
RPete100 - 8 years ago
Looked like an amazing day. Great video
Broke Yakin
Broke Yakin - 8 years ago
Cool lookin vid, I like it. 
Danie Ross
Danie Ross - 8 years ago
Mate loves the vid keep them coming I buying a kayak
Larryproudfoot - 8 years ago
Thanks for the soft music on the video.   Nice video !!
Dante Huang
Dante Huang - 8 years ago
nice, but why you don't fish on your boat?
Seaver Lilly
Seaver Lilly - 8 years ago
Amazing video Marty always watch yours for fishing. Ill also keep those tips in mind. Ilive in the TB area too and love to go fishing at Ft Desoto
Jason Haza
Jason Haza - 8 years ago
beautiful spot your fishing where in Fl are you fishing.  I'm in Marco Island FL loving yak fishing over here a lot of reds and Spanish
NaveganteBOG - 8 years ago
Very nice video and great editting, just like a pro. What a nice day you had. Congrats.
zoffinger - 8 years ago
It really was a great day. Thanks for writing.
Camper Hollow - Torah Observant
Camper Hollow - Torah Observant - 8 years ago
That little one you caught around 9:10 looks like a sun fish. Might not be though but  looks similiar to one.
Ryan J
Ryan J - 5 years ago
zoffinger mangrove snapper is absolutely delicious! Pan fry, then use the same pan You cooked them in and throw in a little garlic, lemon juice, honey a little butter and lots of parsley. Drizzle over the top and it is awesome. My favorite inshore fish to eat other than flounder. Great videos sir!
Nolan Minor
Nolan Minor - 8 years ago
+Camper Hollow Yup, farmed tilapia don't seem too attractive after you learn what they eat
Camper Hollow - Torah Observant
Camper Hollow - Torah Observant - 8 years ago
+zoffinger Catching them out of the water is always better than buying fish at the store. Even though I like Tilapia I won't buy them from the store since I learned how they are raised and what they are fed in the farms.
zoffinger - 8 years ago
I would recognize a Mangrove Snapper in a heartbeat nowadays thanks to my viewers :) And I have caught a bigger one since this video and got to try one for dinner. It was awesome. 
Camper Hollow - Torah Observant
Camper Hollow - Torah Observant - 8 years ago
+chris1234391 As a kid at 7 years old it was fun catching sun fish because they were so easy to catch. Many times as soon as my hook hit the water I had one on the line. I've always enjoyed fishing. I've done some hunting but for some reason fishing has always been my enjoyment.
chris1234391 - 8 years ago
sorry lol well there is no saltwater sunfish in florida . i do catch them in fresh water tho. 
Camper Hollow - Torah Observant
Camper Hollow - Torah Observant - 8 years ago
+chris1234391 Read closely what I wrote. I choose my words intentionally. I said it looks like a sunfish. I did not say it is a sunfish. But I used to catch sunfish at Silver Lake, NY when I was a kid. Look them up sometime, there are several species. Just as Tilapia can be both a fresh water and salt water fish, so are other kinds.
chris1234391 - 8 years ago
lol sunfish dont live in freshwater that was a mangrove snapper
Manboyno5 - 8 years ago
Don't think I've ever watched one of your videos just halfway through, and this one's excellent.  Your sheepshead look like our black bream (over in South Australia) with stripes on.  Same habitat and grinding teeth too.
zoffinger - 8 years ago
And the same rules apply to catching those bream, I bet! Thanks for watching (all the way through) man :)
saltines25 - 8 years ago
great video buddy im hoping to get into kayak fishing myself i live in daphne alabama where are you fishing at ?
zoffinger - 8 years ago
I fish Tampa Bay, Florida
Deanon Darter
Deanon Darter - 8 years ago
what is the back round music in this video if you don't mind telling?
Emily Moore
Emily Moore - 8 years ago
that red fish u say it is called a puppy drum not a red fish
Matthew Lauda
Matthew Lauda - 8 years ago
what pound line do you have??????????
Matthew Lauda
Matthew Lauda - 8 years ago
i have 8 pound line
zoffinger - 8 years ago
Usually 15lb braid with 20lb flurocarbon leader
Matthew Lauda
Matthew Lauda - 8 years ago
i knew there was fish when its low tide because all you have to do is know where they hide and use the right bait thanks for this video
Ryan Elsik
Ryan Elsik - 8 years ago
this is awesome who would put a thumbs down
Mikey Rocks
Mikey Rocks - 8 years ago
subscribed by the way :)
Mikey Rocks
Mikey Rocks - 8 years ago
very cool vid 
Chris Monserrate
Chris Monserrate - 8 years ago
Outstanding video these are always my favorite inshore fishing. Keep up the great work thumbs up!
Robert Evanson
Robert Evanson - 8 years ago
Awesome video one the best I've seen on YouTube.
damen aleman
damen aleman - 8 years ago
a mangrove snapper
Mako Mike
Mako Mike - 8 years ago
Great videos enjoyable to watch! Makes you want to get out there. Oh well stuck in the cold northeast.
silver birch outdoors
silver birch outdoors - 8 years ago
great video! that is going in my favorites to watch again
Ronlowsea - 8 years ago
that pin fish!! man you should seen the ones ive caught here in sc twice that size and bigger but they are trapped in some in let lagoons. if i had a dollar for every time ive been poked by one.
Greg Hodge
Greg Hodge - 8 years ago
Thanks for the videos Marty,
I live in Sun City and my son in law and I went out today, Christmas, and caught about 60 reds and about a dozen sheep head from 2:00 to 5:00.Went out from the mangrove crab bridge on 41  the flats were mud to about 6 inches so we looked for a hole and found one at 27degrees 52 min 47.24 north 82 degrees 24' 0.44 W.  Used shrimp, artificial, but mostly mangrove crabs. of course with that kind of bite anything worked.  Only one was over 18 and that one got away!  all the sheep head were under 12.  used circle hooks and a dehooker  so we were able to release without harm.  Most not even touched.  Have a great year.
Matt R C
Matt R C - 8 years ago
Very professional video. Well done, Mate.
AllWaterLife - 8 years ago
toadfish! ive caught em down here in tx before. they are so friggin ugly. 
wolfscout1 - 8 years ago
Great video.
christain molina
christain molina - 8 years ago
Reeel guy there great vid
SLFishingTeam - 8 years ago
definetly snapper i catch those in my backyard
John Doe
John Doe - 8 years ago
And great video by the way. It must be nice to live down there in Florida. I live and fish here in Charleston SC and its COLD today. Down in the 30's this morning. Not good for yak fishing....
John Doe
John Doe - 8 years ago
Do you use the official boga grip or a knock off brand? I want to get one but there a little pricey
John Doe
John Doe - 8 years ago
Yea i really cant see myself spending 90-100$ on a fish grip. Just got mustad, ill see how she does
zoffinger - 8 years ago
The Mustad bogas are ok. And they are only about $18
Ace Burns
Ace Burns - 8 years ago
You make my day when I see that you've posted another video.
Jox in a Box
Jox in a Box - 8 years ago
Fun video! I was stuck on low tide this past sunday out of Aripeka. I found some isolated pools that had tons of bait (minnows) but no solid fish in there. I'll learn a cast net soon to get 'em!
CaptainSolo - 8 years ago
Good catches especially the sheepshead! It's the opposite on the east coast we get really high tides and not so low tides. But in the everglades gulf side the tide is just like this really low tides.
Troy Stewart
Troy Stewart - 8 years ago
this is an amazing video, like always. you are my favorite guy to watch on youtube. but one thing, i noticed you were starting to quit when the tide came in. i personally have found that when the tide is rising, all of the fish anxiously come in with the water looking for crabs and other critters that went onto the once-dry land. i cought my largest amount of fish fishing a rishing tide, (16 redfish, 24 trout, 4 flounder and 9 ladyfish all within 4-5 hours on plastics and spooks). but i do take into consideration that you had 3 shrimp left. and those were working at the time. thanks for making such amazing vids!!!!!
Ace Burns
Ace Burns - 8 years ago
Your absolutely right. I've heard the same thing
Robb's Homemade Life
Robb's Homemade Life - 8 years ago
Holy Crap Marty! When I grow up, I want to learn to make videos at least one half as good as yours. This was the best one yet. The music was perfect, it blended in and you never noticed it getting in the way and the composition on your shots was great, around 6:30 you are in the background framed by the two small islands and behind you is the horizon and you go into shadow so are a silhouette against the sky, it was such a cool shot. and the Sheepheads looked like a good dinner too.that is one of my favorite fish to eat.
hey check out Google earth and see if you can't use some video of your fishing grounds from up in the sky. there is a guy in the UK that does great work using Google earth in his videos, his channel is Keep Turning Left.
 Thanks for sharing Marty and keep em coming. I think one day maybe you will have your own fishing show.
zoffinger - 8 years ago
Don't ever grow up, Robb ;) That's my secret
Thanks for the nice comments, as always.
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh - 8 years ago
Shawn Barham
Shawn Barham - 8 years ago
Are you still using a gopro? And if so how are you getting such good audio?
zoffinger - 8 years ago
I am still using the GoPro. I have the non-waterproof backdoor on the housing most of the time and get good sound that way. I just covered the area over the rear of the housing with fur to keep the wind noise down.
Mouse Toes
Mouse Toes - 8 years ago
I look  forward to your videos and have learned a lot. I am actually catching bigger fish here in the SC marshes thanks to your videos!
zoffinger - 8 years ago
That's pretty cool, Mouse Toes! Glad I could help. Thanks for the nice comment!
Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor - 8 years ago
Grey snapper and dogfish. Good video.
ErgoCogita - 3 years ago
Mangrove snapper. Greys aren't striped.
spiros manessis
spiros manessis - 8 years ago
what about salt water burt
More To Living
More To Living - 8 years ago
Ohh man I did not know that water level gets that low. I have been out there with tide coming in and tide coming out but never when it was at super low tide. Cockroach bay is a place of many wonders. Every time I go there and take a new trail and usually get lost in the pockets of water... it is so peaceful and in the flats water is super calm. I should go out there some time this winder. Now that Alafia has dropped to its low level I will be paddling that but I may see you out in the mangroves sometime again. Keep up the good work. Also a thing to keep in mind. Focal point of gopro is about 1ft distance so that is why your corkscrew shell came out slightly blurry. Happy fishing!
zoffinger - 8 years ago
Thanks for the tip on the focal length.  I was sad not to get a clear look at the 'rockfish'.  
Tom Gahan
Tom Gahan - 8 years ago
Great video, love the back trax, too. Extremely well done. You are exactly right, Marty.  Survey the surf at low tide. In fact I've caught some of my biggest fish at dead low tide (the pro's round here scoff at me - say it ain't possible) . When the water level drops the baitfish have to retreat to deep water and the game fish will stay in those holes waiting for the incoming. 
zoffinger - 8 years ago
I always have better luck during low tide, Tom. I think it's because the big fish can't hide deep in the trees and are forced to roam the exposed areas on the flats. And then, there are only a limited number of areas they can fit inside.
Austin Truong
Austin Truong - 8 years ago
the fish at 9:26 is called a mangrove snapper...their good eating..I'm not sure of the size limit in Florida though..they fight pretty good when they get bigger
zoffinger - 8 years ago
Thanks, Austin. I have learned quite a lot from folks who leave comments. It's appreciated :)
KAYAK FRANK - 8 years ago
Why watch television, when you can watch "MartyVision" instead! Another great video clip. Tight LInes 2U.
zoffinger - 8 years ago
Good one, frank. Tight Lines 2U2
muhammed kajee
muhammed kajee - 8 years ago
Awesome vid man! If you are ever on the east coast we should go fishing!
zoffinger - 8 years ago
Thanks, bro. It would be cool to meet up with folks I meet here from time to time.
Walt G
Walt G - 8 years ago
Really great Marty, thanks so much for the new vid, was wondering when you were gona do another. I noticed that you had different reels from your Okumas, did you get new ones? Did you start having trouble with the Okumas? Just got an Avenger 40BF for abit larger stuff, and going to order a Trio 30BF to replace an older reel that the gears are going....
zoffinger - 8 years ago
I just bought a new light/medium action rod and put an old reel on it to check it out (sounded like sandpaper when I cranked it) I like the new rod. Fun for small fish. I might get another Okuma 30BF for it.
blubaugh colton
blubaugh colton - 8 years ago
that is mangrove snapper. has to be 10 inches to keep but very good eating.
Nigel Norton
Nigel Norton - 8 years ago
Good one as usual....you say its winter but it looks like summer !! You would not be in shorts in the Blackwater estuary here in Esssex UK. Wish i was in your area !!
zoffinger - 8 years ago
My fingertips were numb, Nigel! Haha. It was 60° F in the morning. If it's not 85 or higher, it feels like it's freezing ;)
caster513 - 8 years ago
Great day on the water! Were those little guys mangrove snapper,  I caught a bunch of them last time I was down in florida fishing the chassahowitzka.  Thanks for another awesome video man!
zoffinger - 8 years ago
Thanks for the info, caster :)
Ge Raf
Ge Raf - 8 years ago
awesome fishing, thanks for sharing
arthur8557 - 8 years ago
Good tips as usual. I watched several boats get towed by SeaTow after getting stuck. Kayak is definitely the way to fish .
zoffinger - 8 years ago
Yakin' Fish Werx
Yakin' Fish Werx - 8 years ago
Another great offering man! Thanks for sharing. Great tunes by the way.
Aaron Scherbarth
Aaron Scherbarth - 8 years ago
I'm basing my yak after watching your vids. Thank you, I learned a lot!
Aaron Scherbarth
Aaron Scherbarth - 8 years ago
I was thinking about putting a small bar and pulley for crabbing. Not sure if I should put the base off on the side or in the middle. The bar would swing out and over with a small pulley at the end. Do you think that would work?
Thanks again. Your Vids are awesome.
zoffinger - 8 years ago
Thank you, Aaron. Yak fishing is hard to beat. I visited a friend when I got off the water today. He's got two boats but spends most of his time fishing from a kayak! 
khanhtuannguyen - 8 years ago

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