Kayak Fishing near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

This is the first time I ever put my kayak in here. And I don't think it'll be the last. You can see more pics and stories and adventures on Facebook! www.facebook.com/lovekayak.fishing

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Kayak 7 years ago 169,227 views

This is the first time I ever put my kayak in here. And I don't think it'll be the last. You can see more pics and stories and adventures on Facebook! www.facebook.com/lovekayak.fishing

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for Kayak Fishing near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

CrazyLegs - 3 years ago
What wheels do you use! Lol
Mulk Hogan
Mulk Hogan - 4 years ago
Dude, excited to see you getting into your new business! Love your channel - watched for years. Just recently resubscribed with a new account. Glad to see you goin strong. Never quit. This channel is real, hands-on, and fresh! Keep at it!
Merrell Sellers
Merrell Sellers - 4 years ago
You have some of the best kayak videos on the net.
Paraxodic - 4 years ago
6:30 If i were you I would keep that gafftopsail.
Drew Shepard
Drew Shepard - 4 years ago
Your videos are great, and they calm me down at the end of the day. Thanks Marty!
Jimmy Celtic
Jimmy Celtic - 4 years ago
Really enjoy watching your channel i usually hit the thumbs up before i watch it. I wanna really get into kayak fishing but im a big guy 6ft 4 so i have been finding trouble getting a yak that would suit me. Hobie Outback is my dream kayak but to expensive for me but the Pelican catch 120 really looks nice pretty sure it's the 120 want to use it to catch stripers in saltwater amd i wanna use it for freshwater fishing to. I always look out for giveaways but these kayak makes nowadays are only hooking up big youtubers or pros lol guess that excludes me lol. Have a good day and stay safe Jimmy from North Attleboro Massachusetts was Massachusetts
Emmanuel Gaviero
Emmanuel Gaviero - 4 years ago
Hi there Marty, I watch over and over your videos. Never boring, always good advice and experience. Thanks for the dedication
Senad Katana
Senad Katana - 4 years ago
Great video,what you catching this time of the year ?
Bob Hicks
Bob Hicks - 4 years ago
Nice video, the trip there was maybe a bit long, but once you're in the water I dug it!

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Awesome Ness
Awesome Ness - 4 years ago
zoffinger i know this vid is old but i love these vyds
Phil Carr
Phil Carr - 5 years ago
Loved the bird picture and your video quality is awesome!
TinyAssKitchen - 5 years ago
i hate ladyfish, they are soo messy. bunch off scales and blood everywhere, puts up a good fight tho, i think thats all that matters.
TinyAssKitchen - 5 years ago
sad, it feels like all the fish are gone at skyway. like its completely fished out. its almost not worth the 10$ anymore. they should close it for a bit.
ronald Morrison
ronald Morrison - 5 years ago
Every time I watch one of your videos I really start to miss living in St. Petersburg and fishing all the flats
Michael Quale
Michael Quale - 5 years ago
The talking fish routine...classic man. Kudos neighbor, I'll be out in the same spot tomorrow in my blue camo yak.
Kweshinz - 5 years ago
how much is a decent fish finder?
Sam Estrada
Sam Estrada - 5 years ago
zoffinger I wanna buy the big tuna from jackson what do u think about this kayak? and I want to use a trolling minkkota would it be just a simple connection to the battery
jt bass gambler
jt bass gambler - 5 years ago
GREAT Video!!!!!!
Jason Brown
Jason Brown - 5 years ago
This near my house. have try this spot.

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bill kappes
bill kappes - 5 years ago
Marty, I love all your videos. Keep it up.
Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson - 5 years ago
I used to DESTROY mangrove snapper, Sheepshead and even Hogfish under the main supports of that bridge. It's surrounded in massive rocks that have large natural caves. And near one of those support is a very large found Boulder that holds all kind of fish. Not sure if the rules have changes as far as getting close to that area, but the main supports is insanely fishy. I have got 3+lb Snapper off it to the limit I can harvest.
Suck it.
Suck it. - 5 years ago
you come to our neck of the woods and kept the first trout you catch? if I ever see you out there I'm going to drill a hole in your yak..
Flatlander - 4 years ago
Yeap, and say hello to my best friend, Smith and Wesson.
Jt Hopkins
Jt Hopkins - 5 years ago
Suck it. stfu you won't do shit
Tampa Bay's Charity Fishing Team
Tampa Bay's Charity Fishing Team - 6 years ago
There is a small channel in width right near where you launched ( about 25 feet away and 60 feet out) that has drops from 3 feet deep to near 12 feet (ledge). You should see it on your finder easy. For what ever reason, I have been landing Lane Snapper here if you want to give it a go.
AU Zeke
AU Zeke - 6 years ago
I go to the same spot and get straight catfish!!! any tips?
yolanda hudson
yolanda hudson - 6 years ago
I trying to decide between the 12 or 14. Keep in mind, i'm 59 year old female with a bad back. But I sure wouldn't mind the extra room on the water. I can't wait to kayak on the water.
RoyalGamerAAA - 6 years ago
Have you ever fished off the north pier
Kyle W
Kyle W - 6 years ago
Wish the seagrass looked like that over here, I fish the Indian River Lagoon, still pretty great fishing, i have a 14' Whaler with a 40hp
Kyle W
Kyle W - 6 years ago
dont hold those lady fish over the kayak they always poop everywhere hahaha nice videos
Herb Coswell Is God
Herb Coswell Is God - 6 years ago
Marty for president

30. comment for Kayak Fishing near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Kip Ali
Kip Ali - 6 years ago
dude that looks like a REALLY nice kayak! Sit in or on top? What kind of kayak is it?vI'm looking to get into the kayak fishing craze. I live here in st.pete fl so there are tons of places to use it for fishing....it looks fun and i love the fact that you can go places boats can't! Also, what kind of fish finder and other accessories do you recommend for kayak fishing? Does it have a place to keep the fish you catch? Rod holders? Place for a cooler or some sort? Please any information would help..looking to buy one locally within the next month or 2. Also do you know of any places around here (st pete/clearwater/tampa) to purchase one that is nice but not TOO pricy?
GirthPlays - 6 years ago
Hey man ! That shell gas station is right down the street from my house ! You should check out Bishop Harbor awesome fishing spot right down the road.
Kidperfect Trickshots
Kidperfect Trickshots - 6 years ago
Have you ever dropped a camera that you put under water off the stick
Stephen Skidmore
Stephen Skidmore - 6 years ago
im not sure if you have ever ate those sail cats but i caught a couple last year and they are pretty good to eat.
Stephen Skidmore
Stephen Skidmore - 6 years ago
those sail cats are pretty good to eat. im not sure if u have ever ate them but i caught a few last year and they are really good eating.
Stephen Skidmore
Stephen Skidmore - 6 years ago
those sail cats are pretty good to eat. im not sure if u have ever ate them but i caught a few last year and they are really good eating.
Brian Henderson
Brian Henderson - 6 years ago
Have you gotten back to this spot since this video? My brother and I sat in about 9 feet of water near the channel right after the 22 straight days of rain of July/August 2015 and slayed the mackerel.
zoffinger - 6 years ago
I haven't been back there yet. There's just too many spots to fish closer to where I live. Shame, though because there are some monster fish hanging around that bridge.
Douglas Green
Douglas Green - 6 years ago
Is that a 7' medium heavy ugly stick?  I am thinking of picking some up and want to be sure it's ok for the yak, but also for some surf fishing too.
JAVELIN amcamx
JAVELIN amcamx - 6 years ago
That corner ur at there is a skeleton of a barge not far from shore should be able to see the tips sticking out of the surface nice spot for trout and macrole
L Wapo
L Wapo - 6 years ago
Shawn Michaels lost some weight after he stopped using steroids.
Hank L
Hank L - 6 years ago
Great video
taprackbang88 - 6 years ago
Hey man, Those sail cats are actually pretty damn good to eat. Just blackened. Give it a try, you will be surprised. :)
Jt Hopkins
Jt Hopkins - 5 years ago
taprackbang88 I've always had bad taste outta hard heads and gaf top but trout,red,jacks,sheep all great food
Richard Slocum
Richard Slocum - 6 years ago
Nice music, sunny day, fishing what's not to like.
Eliseo Ortiz
Eliseo Ortiz - 6 years ago
Love it
pondhopper TV
pondhopper TV - 6 years ago
You are quick on the hook set wow!
Cody Hall
Cody Hall - 6 years ago
Add me on Facebook I live in Apollo beach and just purchased a kayak
Kannon Siemer
Kannon Siemer - 6 years ago
The sky way is a good spot but a lot of boat traffic
Kim L
Kim L - 6 years ago
Great video, though no big fishes:)) I love your videos! One of the great things about your videos is that you're teaching people everything about fishing and kayaking... . Like how to hook baits, where the spots certain fishes you will catch are...... . I have just bought a kayak and going to explore kayak fishing. I have already learnt a lot from watching your kayak fishing... . Besides, it's very relaxing videos...... . Thank you so much!!!
Kidperfect Trickshots
Kidperfect Trickshots - 6 years ago
+zoffinger have you ever had the camera that you put under water fall off?
zoffinger - 6 years ago
Thanks for the kind words :^)
Dhineshkumar Sundararajan
Dhineshkumar Sundararajan - 6 years ago
It was a nice video. What app you use to make the video.. Cheers!
Swamp Pappy77
Swamp Pappy77 - 6 years ago
sailcats eat pretty good...fillet the cat right on your boat and throw the entrails back...

50. comment for Kayak Fishing near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Cayleb Albury
Cayleb Albury - 6 years ago
what kind of kayak is that?
firdaus fadzli
firdaus fadzli - 6 years ago
i wanna buy kayak too..u are my idol
Noah Hastings
Noah Hastings - 6 years ago
For the first time EVER, i got a youtube kayak ad
For a predator with a minn kota electric motor
This is getting out of hand
And i love it
Daily Dump News
Daily Dump News - 6 years ago
i share your disgust when hooking a cat. blah!
Jordan Tanzyus
Jordan Tanzyus - 6 years ago
great video!
Robert Dujardin
Robert Dujardin - 6 years ago
would love to talk to u just moved down to FL and i do not know anywhere good to fish or this is for any one in FL if u all whaqnt to meet up and go out any time just say the word will if u got FB my name is MAD RAD
Andrew C.
Andrew C. - 6 years ago
There's a cool bridge like that in Maryland too. Lots of croaker hang around the pylons.
Gary  Tank
Gary Tank - 6 years ago
have you caught a grouper yet?
Newt Outdoors
Newt Outdoors - 6 years ago
Great place to fish, I fish there pretty much every weekend I can. Great video man! Gets a thumbs up from me.
JJ V. - 6 years ago
Another great video! Thanks for posting your videos.
Robert Weigandt
Robert Weigandt - 6 years ago
Great video and great narration.
Ram Hernandez
Ram Hernandez - 6 years ago
Good video Sir
Brendan Mann
Brendan Mann - 6 years ago
Where did you drive from?
MrCuervo22779 - 6 years ago
good day...
first name last name
first name last name - 6 years ago
I run my "yack"on Vancouver Island Canada...am trying to get some fishing done but is still too cold. ..
like your footage -good fun
first name last name
first name last name - 6 years ago
was that a real shrimp?
is that allowed in your area?
eli kieza
eli kieza - 6 years ago
how do you get your prawns? Thanks
BearWa11ace - 6 years ago
I really enjoy your vids..... they are fun, relaxing and informative. And the production value rocks... question.... where do you get the music you use?... you always make great choices... anyhow... keep up the good work!
Justin Tucker
Justin Tucker - 6 years ago
You should try catching sail catfish in the surf they taste really good
James DeFelice
James DeFelice - 6 years ago
whats your gopro setup?
Steven Herrmann
Steven Herrmann - 6 years ago
Gorgeous bridge!! What were the two little fish you threw back?
FloridaGeorgiaFishing - 6 years ago
The pin fish you catch is what I always catch and use for bait when I'm fishing for small shark
Chris Cruz
Chris Cruz - 6 years ago
Is this joe bay at the south end of the bridge?
Alex - 6 years ago
love that little grouper looks awesome
danny menjivar
danny menjivar - 6 years ago
Whats the name of the song at the end?
David Kayholm Jr.
David Kayholm Jr. - 6 years ago
very cool. I have thought of taking my kayak out there many times but was not sure there were any places to launch my kayak. Which side were you on? I would love to fish those flats.
K RIDER - 6 years ago
isnt the skyway bridge in central florida i live in daytona as well and have yet to see it
Muscle man
Muscle man - 6 years ago
+SecretMagoo I connects st pete to brandeton, the franklin and gandy bridges connect tampa to st pete and the campell tampa to clearwater
SecretMagoo - 6 years ago
+BLACK GUN HQ It connects St Pete and Tampa
John Van Ess
John Van Ess - 6 years ago
Beautiful day and beautiful place!
Jim Doyle
Jim Doyle - 6 years ago
I know I say this a lot, but another great video. Thx for sharing
zoffinger - 6 years ago
I think any cheap, used kayak will be ok. Then, if you decide you want to really get into the sport, you'll know from your paddling experiences what features are important to you if you decide to get a new yak.
Jeff Delossantos
Jeff Delossantos - 6 years ago
+zoffinger I just started watching your videos known I want a kayak what would be a good one to start out with to go fishing
zoffinger - 6 years ago
+Jim Doyle Thank you, Jim :^)
Weifeng Li
Weifeng Li - 6 years ago
very nice photo of your kayak and the bird.
LouB - 6 years ago
Where do you "normally" fish out on the flats?

What about your rig?

Rod length,
DrAnalytical - 6 years ago
I always hate leaving, but reason always prevails! Great video...nice dinner fish!
Max Cobo
Max Cobo - 6 years ago
Love your vids zoffinger! Your viedos are just astonishing, great job! Keep up!
Steven Woodward
Steven Woodward - 6 years ago
I found one of your vids a few months back.I really enjoyed it.I live on Treasure Island so I fish almost every day.Im in the market for a kayak.I wade fish but watching your vids has got me itchin to kayak fish.Keep up the good work.I feel that a lot of people enjoy your posts.Thanks brother.
Stubbs Kayak Fishing
Stubbs Kayak Fishing - 6 years ago
Good Video.
Scooter Rider
Scooter Rider - 6 years ago
what rod
Pappa Jones
Pappa Jones - 6 years ago
Catfish? In salt water?
Zachary Boknevitz
Zachary Boknevitz - 6 years ago
OK so me and my family like to go to the Fort Desoto Campground. And I recently bought a kayak and i was wondering where some good fishing spots are near the campground. Thanks
Glen Chase
Glen Chase - 6 years ago
I really like your video's. I always learn something- more line will hold an anchor better? who knew!
Michael Spurgeon
Michael Spurgeon - 6 years ago
you make me wanna record me trout fishing in the mountains of north Georgia. love the vids keep it up
Joshua Nickless
Joshua Nickless - 6 years ago
I love your videos zoffinger keep up the good work!!!! And have you ever tried going deep sea fishing for grouper and big stuff on the boat I love the boat videos it would be a great video!!!
ey mum
ey mum - 6 years ago
Finally, someone who shares my appeal of catfish.
Jake Seymour
Jake Seymour - 6 years ago
What state is this bridge in?
Joshua Nickless
Joshua Nickless - 6 years ago
Ricky Kline
Ricky Kline - 6 years ago
Hate catfish??? They taste so damn good.
Patrick Bridges
Patrick Bridges - 6 years ago
+Ricky Kline Salt water cat are horrible. And they are annoying. I've heard of people eating salt water sail cats but i think they're all disgusting.
Ratdog 305
Ratdog 305 - 6 years ago
Nice video. You know you have been on  the water too long when you start using the fish as puppets! LOL
Frank LoGrande
Frank LoGrande - 7 years ago
Do you plan on putting pontoons for stability on your "movin on up man's"  Kayak. Probably could have gotten you closer to the bridge.
alola - 7 years ago
+zoffinger I am thinking about getting the Feelfree Lure 11.5 and it has 36 inch width, probably the same width as your Hobie and was curious if anything that wide would need them. I think you just answered my question. Thanks Marty. Stay safe out there buddy.
zoffinger - 7 years ago
+Frank LoGrande The Hobie is so stable, I never thought of adding them. Around the bridge, I'm more concerned with the motorboat traffic.
Logan Miller
Logan Miller - 7 years ago
Hey I am new to your Chanel but I really like it I like when you go flats fishing for redfish and I just wanted to know if you could take your boat with the kaiak on it and go offshore fishing for Mahe Mahe or sails thanks.
crazieflboy - 7 years ago
Anytime I miss fishing those spots you go to . I watch your video and in a way it feels like im right there with you. Keep those videos coming yo ! Where can I get a Reel Local shirt my brother.
Elvisr29 - 7 years ago
What's you fb page name??
Scott Gregg
Scott Gregg - 6 years ago
+zoffinger People really don't read do they? It amazes me how many questions I get about info that is said out loud in a video, in the description AND in the notes on screen all on the same video!. Haha. I get it all the time.
zoffinger - 7 years ago
Clay Odiorne
Clay Odiorne - 7 years ago
I hope you will see this comment you are now my favorite YouTuber and the only YouTuber that if I see that you have posted a new video because of a notifications that I will stop what I am doing and go watch your video! Also I wanted to let you know that I live in Tampa Florida very close to were most of your videos that are in Coach roach bay I fish with my dad all the time! Keep up the great work and good luck fishing!
Sincerely Clay O 12 years old
zoffinger - 6 years ago
Andy Elkins
Andy Elkins - 6 years ago
+zoffinger what type of fish was that at 7:59??
zoffinger - 7 years ago
+Clay Odiorne Thanks, Clay :^)

100. comment for Kayak Fishing near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Casey Bahl
Casey Bahl - 7 years ago
How do you stay away from the pinfish I have been fishing around ft desoto picnic island and the skyway all I have caught is cat fish pinfish and 2 trout
zoffinger - 7 years ago
+Casey Bahl If the pinfish are chewing up my livebait, I'll switch to artificials for a while
achill 3
achill 3 - 7 years ago
Looks incredible. How much for that rig set up
Daniel Coronel
Daniel Coronel - 7 years ago
Hey Zoff good videos Keep on making videos and should I start with a cheap kayak or a new kayak so I could fish on
sierra mk
sierra mk - 7 years ago
What kind of kayak is that.?
Mathew Egan
Mathew Egan - 7 years ago
ahhhh, i didnt know those launch spots were there.....ive put in by the parking area/rock wall as soon as you get to the southside rest stop.....its a nice lil paddle to Miguel Bay
Ann Chadwell
Ann Chadwell - 7 years ago
are those yaks pricey?   seems like the perfect getaway present for life
Frank LoGrande
Frank LoGrande - 6 years ago
+Ann Chadwell some very kind person helped pay for part of his kayak...there are good people in this world including Marty for doing what he is doing
Ann Chadwell
Ann Chadwell - 6 years ago
3100...DAMN . U can get a boat for that...we have a big old canoe and thinking about adding a little trolling motor to it
Frank LoGrande
Frank LoGrande - 7 years ago
+Ann Chadwell It's the "movin on up kayak", red "the poor mans kayak" is less. Right Marty?  ha ha :)
the fruit hunter
the fruit hunter - 7 years ago
$3,100 plus tax
Lawrence Stark
Lawrence Stark - 7 years ago
cool video, ive never done kayaking looks like fun,looks like im gonna look into it. thank you
KRMA - 7 years ago
mate i love your videos
Anthony Yang
Anthony Yang - 7 years ago
The grouper looks like a San Diego bay bass
Working Class Woodsman
Working Class Woodsman - 7 years ago
Hey man, nice video. I've been watching your videos since the early days with the craigslist kayak. I'm from the north but I do a-lot of kayak fishing myself and really enjoy it. Thanks for all the effort.
zoffinger - 7 years ago
+workingclasswoodsman I appreciate that. Thanks for the comment.
nomadhawg - 7 years ago
i spent 10 years in florida but for some reason moved back to arkansas. the upside there are plenty of nice lakes and a few rivers that a yak would be perfect on. i talked to a close friend in tampa and he convinceds me to save for a hobie over the feelfree 13.5. he also told me to check out your videos. after seeing some of them i'm now in even more distress, i cant decide which to get. but your poor mans kayak rigging vids had some really good stuff that i can use regardless of which one i get. thanks for the videos. tight lines
jamesstanton65 - 7 years ago
Have you ever thought about doing some offshore fishing??
zoffinger - 7 years ago
+jamesstanton65 The thought has crossed my mind, but there are so many big fish, right here inshore, without the perils or efforts of paddling way out there.
Jennifer McAllister
Jennifer McAllister - 7 years ago
what kind of kayak is that
jSUN - 7 years ago
Love your vids.  No stupid loud music or distractions.
Kayak Fisherman
Kayak Fisherman - 7 years ago
Nice I wish I had 1
Tan Chin Hong
Tan Chin Hong - 7 years ago
may i know the brand of your kayak?
Tan Chin Hong
Tan Chin Hong - 7 years ago
its ok i saw the comments below.
Alf Pedersen
Alf Pedersen - 7 years ago
I don't see a lot of fishing kayaks were I live that being said how hard is it to find a used Hobie kayak in Florida????

zoffinger - 7 years ago
+Alf Pedersen You should be able to find some on Craigslist.
earlbroussardjr - 7 years ago
Hey Marty, is it easy to get your kayak in your truck? How tie it down?
James Farrar
James Farrar - 7 years ago
Interesting, my son and I were fishing near the bridge three weeks ago.  And made the drive over the bridge as you did.  Fished there one morning while we were there from Houston. Texas,  Our nearby bay water color is not as clear as yours but hold about the same fish.
Apk Darter
Apk Darter - 7 years ago
Excellent video! I accidentally found your channel but I'm glad that I did. I have a Hobie Pro Angler but haven't launched it because none of the other yakkers that I kayak with have peddle kayaks. But now I don't care I'm going to launch her and fish the waters around Florida. Maybe they will upgrade!
william graf
william graf - 7 years ago
Just started watching your videos, they're awesome! I kayak up here onLong Island for Striped Bass, Bluefish & Fluke, there's nothing like catching fish on a yak! The water's getting warmer up here in a few weeks I'll be wetting a line!
Keep the videos coming!!!!
zoffinger - 7 years ago
+william graf Thanks. William. I wish I had owned a kayak back when I lived in Brooklyn. Tight lines, buddy
Thagirion9 - 7 years ago
Nice. I love the Skyway. Great photo. That great blue heron was hoping to find and steal some fish in your boat.
Rick's Corner
Rick's Corner - 7 years ago
So I'm working at the firehouse today and started watching more of your videos. Can't wait to get down there. 4 more years then hello Florida . Getting ready to buy my first and hopefully last hobie kayak outback and live the dream. Keep it coming. You always have great videos.
zoffinger - 7 years ago
+Rick George Thank you, Rick. Good luck with the kayak!
tstine90 - 7 years ago
Hey Marty,

I just wanted to let you know that this video was the final nail in the coffin for my decision to buy my first kayak. I picked up one last night after work and am taking it out fishing and camping this weekend. Keep up the good videos man.
Justin Felix
Justin Felix - 7 years ago
Hey Marty, may I ask what kind of kayak that is. I've been looking to buy a pedal kayak but I'm not sure which one to get yet. Any suggestions?
Justin Felix
Justin Felix - 7 years ago
Thanks, I'll definitely look into both and see which one fits me the best
zoffinger - 7 years ago
+Justin Felix This is the Hobie Pro Angler 12. I really had my eyes on a Native Propel Slayer 10 also, but the retailer I went to said that Hobie outsold Native 100 to 1. He also said the fins were better in very shallow water vs. the propeller type propulsion.I figured I'd listen to the expert. So, far I really love the Hobie. But, I never did try out that sweet Native yak, so take my advice with a grain of salt.
Tbone T
Tbone T - 7 years ago
wow you made my blood pressure go down 20 points.  I cant believe how relaxing fishing can be. Been trying to move out to clearwater for the last 10 years but could not find an IT job that pays good enough in the area.  ahh one day..
Odji - 7 years ago
Love the videos man. What kind of kayak is that?? it looks very high dollar. Anyways good job on dinner (:.
zoffinger - 7 years ago
+Trout 7F That's a Hobie Pro Angler 12, a gift from an amazing subscriber.
WasDannyHere305 - 7 years ago
little pin fish are great to catch mackerels
Z A - 7 years ago
I noticed you are using a ugly stick rod with small guides usually used for baitcaster reels but you have a spinning reel mounted on it. Is there a reason for that? Normally rods meant for spinning reels have larger diameter guides close to the reel but then get smaller as you approach the tip of the rod.
zoffinger - 7 years ago
+Zeke A I'm just a dope who didn't know the difference when I bought the rod. I even cut off the little trigger that kept getting in my way with my grinder. haha, I aint kidding. I buy spinning rods exclusively now.
Greg Mann
Greg Mann - 7 years ago
Nice day on the water...we learned that it might be smart to hide from the wind ;o) I enjoyed your story and the details in your videography.
outdoor adventures
outdoor adventures - 7 years ago
Love your videos. I fish all of the time I started when I was 1. I have seen every one of your videos twice. If you would like to see some of my fishing videos my channel is Outdoors adventures. If you can't find it you can just look up DayofFirsts no spaces. Hope you have the chance to check them out. :)
Pine Float
Pine Float - 7 years ago
Thank you for the advice on the kite. I never thought of that before, huh. You gave me something to really think about. I think I just might try it.
Steph Chavez
Steph Chavez - 7 years ago
i have been watching ur videos for a long time and i hope u make more please
Steph Chavez
Steph Chavez - 7 years ago
hey zoffinger im a guy thats just my sister
Blake Young
Blake Young - 7 years ago
Hey Marty. next time you go to the Skyway try going on the right side of the first little bridge after you get off just a little farther from where you were this time. there are some grass flats that hold monster trout and if you're lucky some mackerel and red fish. what area do you go to in cockroach Bay by the way
nick solone
nick solone - 7 years ago
I just started watching your videos and am already hooked. Am from pinellas park and i go to the skyway fishing pier alot so i really liked this video and all the other videos you. Keep making all these
 cool fishing videos cause i love them
zoffinger - 7 years ago
Thank you, Nick :)
gogiants1227 - 7 years ago
During mackerel season on a good day if you go off the skyway peir with a gotcha and silver spoon you can catch close to 100 Spanish mackerel a day that's if the water is a good temperature and if it is clear
iWLMRT - 7 years ago
I love your videos. I find them so relaxing, I also like in the st Pete area and love fishing. The kayak looks fun! You're an awesome youtuber maybe I'll see ya sometime!
akurbanfisher - 7 years ago
What is the brand and model of that kayak?
MOB GOD - 7 years ago
Thanx for the video. Its cold, and raining here in Atlanta Feb 25, 2015. Watching your video made me long for spring, as well as quenched my fishing jones in a visceral way!
Oh, good video quality and excellent taste in your musical selection! 
truebluetopkat - 7 years ago
This is my first time to comment on your videos although I have been watching them for some time.  I really enjoy your fishing videos and the fish cooking video was not bad either.  Yummmm.    Keep up the good work, although fishing should not be considered work, and I will continue to enjoy your presentations.
zoffinger - 7 years ago
I appreciate you taking the time to write. And thanks for watching!
Stephen Jandrell
Stephen Jandrell - 7 years ago
Cat fish are very tasty if you smoke them
Supreme Snake
Supreme Snake - 7 years ago
that's cool where do you keep the fish after you catch them
Supreme Snake
Supreme Snake - 7 years ago
that's cool where do you keep the fish after you catch them
Ed Forbes
Ed Forbes - 7 years ago
Great vid!
Andrew Ongais
Andrew Ongais - 7 years ago
Nice videos.
Well produced, not crazy, and highly informative
sharkbait 941
sharkbait 941 - 7 years ago
When tarpon run through their they stay in the shallows so if you trolled with a mullet, or anchor up by them you could get your sliver king that got away last time.
Thien Dang
Thien Dang - 7 years ago
Hey Marty! Subscribe to my channel! I fish out of St. Pete and Tampa too. Just got a GoPro and posted a couple videos up. Maybe I'll see you out there some time!
Thomas D Harrell
Thomas D Harrell - 7 years ago
Cool Vid dude.  Very  Professional.  I use the wind rule even with my Hewes 19.  Motor stops no problem, lift the anchor and the wind will take you home or near anyway.
Shark24 - 7 years ago
The rock piles by the bridge hold a bunch of small and a few keeper mangroves and the occasional behemoth grouper, but usually you have to fight for a spot out there on weekends. Fishing around the Skyway is never a bad day.
McAdams Fisherman
McAdams Fisherman - 7 years ago
These are great videos, are you just using GoPros or are you using other ones as well?
Karen Duchane
Karen Duchane - 7 years ago
I enjoyed watching. I've been wanting to take my hobie down there for awhile. Looks like you found a great spot to put in. Your catches that day are a lot like mine most of the time: pinfish, catfish, ladyfish. All you needed to round out the garbage slam was a lizard fish! At least you went home with a nice trout! Thanks for sharing your experience!! Looking forward to seeing more.
Charsept - 7 years ago
Me and my buddy go to pensacola every November to fish.
Last time I caught a barely slot red (great fight) and he caught a couple specks.
We ate them that night and I was surprised to learn that I like specks more than redfish!
Charsept - 7 years ago
Haha, everyone dislikes Catfish.
I wonder if saltwater Catfish taste better ...
DoughboyJonesmk2 - 7 years ago
I practically lived on saltwater catfish when I lived in FL (since that's what I always caught the most of). I don't know where the stigma comes from, I thought they were fine eating and without the mushy texture of freshwater cats.
Alan Fung
Alan Fung - 7 years ago
nice video man, I'm a kayak fisherman too but never get a big fish like you...haha, btw, I like your new kayak much!
Fishy man Billy
Fishy man Billy - 7 years ago
if you subscribe to me I'll do fishing vids and give credit to you
Charles Laird
Charles Laird - 7 years ago
Nice peaceful trip, real fishing and good narration.  You have a good voice and style that brings people along with you.  "We" didn't catch a lot but it was the real thing.  Let's try again.  Oh yeah, I was happy to hear you say "you have to know your limits".  When you got that kayak I was a little worried that you might go out farther than was wise since you had that mirage drive.  I saw a video of that exact kayak flip over in an instant.  The guy got caught in a fast moving squall during a nice day, caught a wave from behind and flipped.  Lost all his gear. 
Gordon Makimoto
Gordon Makimoto - 7 years ago
Great video!  nice pictures too!  Keep up the great vids.
Laura Tedder
Laura Tedder - 7 years ago
My husband and I love your video's and hope you keep them coming.  You give lots of great info for all of us to try.  This spring we are getting Kayak's and a small boat and plan on using some of your idea's on both.  Thanks so much for sharing =)
HydraYak Outdoors
HydraYak Outdoors - 7 years ago
Back when I lived in Tampa, i stuck to the flats in the bay. Was paddling a site inside Dagger at the time so getting back in the boat after a flip would have been a serious problem. We fished from the pier a lot though. The conditions got a little rough sometimes. Have you ever gone out to the skyway in the deeper water? I thought about yak fishing there a lot though... thanks for posting this vid! 
ErichSRQ - 7 years ago
Home. I've lived and fished on the gulf coast my whole life. To me, there is no better place. Great video, thanks.
Randall Whiteman
Randall Whiteman - 7 years ago
Looks like a great time. Counting the days until I an fish back in salt water.
Robb's Homemade Life
Robb's Homemade Life - 7 years ago
Marty, you should put your kayak photos on Pinterest, it might help grow your channel even more. The thumbnail photo with the bridge in the background with the crane next to the kayak is a money shot.
Luke thomson
Luke thomson - 7 years ago
Where is the sky bridge located?
Carlos C Rodgers
Carlos C Rodgers - 7 years ago
Another nice video, fun to watch.
quest 77051
quest 77051 - 7 years ago
ha ha..EPIC VIDEO...thanks for sharing.
ChernobylDisastr - 7 years ago
Loved the video I was just wondering though why do u keep your drag so loose
YAKA2E - 7 years ago
Enjoyed the vid!!
Philip Lewis
Philip Lewis - 7 years ago
Another awesome video. I grew up in Tampa and lived in many different areas. Now im in N. Palm and its really nice over here. I have to say Florida is the ultimate state to fish in. Hard as it is to believe though, I have never fished under the skyway. I noticed that u go after Reds a lot and i have never caught bigger Reds anywhere like off the Gandy. Thank u and keep on makin those great videos man!!!!
viper2788 - 7 years ago
nice kayak upgrade! is it light enough to move on your own?
zoffinger - 7 years ago
+viper2788 I imagine it would be difficult to get this yak on a roof, but not impossible. I think you'd have to empty all the equipment first. It's very heavy.
viper2788 - 7 years ago
or rather, could one man get it on a roof rack?
Ed Hill
Ed Hill - 7 years ago
Really nice video! I love the production value with the voice over, creative shots, and music. It all comes together really well. BTW, I liked and subscribed.
Outdoors360 - 7 years ago
Awesome footage! #outdoors360  
aidan mcknight
aidan mcknight - 7 years ago
I hooked something ridiculous down over the summer, on the bay side of the bridge, and lost it. It was strong enough to pull me around the boat, and then pull the 25ft boat hundreds of feet before the barrel swivel I was using popped. On live shrimp. I suspect it was a shark because it was all muscle and was peeling drag as fast as I could reel. Great video, the one that got away will always haunt me lol... 
aidan mcknight
aidan mcknight - 7 years ago
It was where you were, roughly, at 12:00! Your videos are awesome, please keep them up
Patrick Sorensen
Patrick Sorensen - 7 years ago
Hey marty! Where do you get your music from? 
zoffinger - 7 years ago
It came with the editing program.
bigboy bigboy
bigboy bigboy - 7 years ago
Does anyone else notice when he gets that ladyfish to the boat something white swan away?
Ryno - 7 years ago
why do you hate catfish? here in Indiana that about the best fish you can catch! But I see your point I would much rather have snapper! Happy Fishing!!
zoffinger - 7 years ago
I have always heard that they are tough to clean, they are certainly slimy, they have poisonous barbs and I've heard that they are not tasty like their freshwater cousins. BUT, I've never tried them. And enough people have said that they are ok. So, perhaps, it's time for me to give them a chance and invite one home for dinner.
pilottb9 - 7 years ago
Hey Marty,
   How do you like the Mirage Drive on your Hobie?  I'm just about to invest in a  Hobie Adventure Tandem.  Cheers!
pilottb9 - 7 years ago
zoffinger - 7 years ago
My legs are sore today, but, MAN! that thing flies when you push those peddles hard! I love it.
floatsup - 7 years ago
I bought a sailboat near there, called Fastchance. Lost her to Katrina. Really sweet bridge though. Going for a another sailboat if I can grab her. see if I can post a pic.
Ahkeem Spikes
Ahkeem Spikes - 7 years ago
love what your doing and your approach on fishing.... keep it up !!! #tightlines   #kayaklife  
Hello - 7 years ago
Dude.. I really like your videos and how you narrate, caption, and edit. I could tell you'll have 100k+ followers very soon. What video editor do you use! Like!
fun Masti
fun Masti - 7 years ago
bro. i love ur videos keep making such videos... stay blessed
Flatzout - 7 years ago
maximo park is a safer place to leave your vehicle.
zoffinger - 7 years ago
Maximo is one of the nicest boat ramps I've ever seen, too.
Zach Yula
Zach Yula - 7 years ago
Which bodies of water do you typically fish?
Mr SANDY PANTS - 7 years ago
beautiful video Marty!
Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens - 7 years ago
Hey Marty so do you even need the traditional kayak paddles anymore or is the foot peddles enough?
Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens - 7 years ago
Nick Stevens
Nick Stevens - 7 years ago
Awesome man thanks u love your videos keep it up
zoffinger - 7 years ago
I keep a paddle on board for when the depth is too low for the fins or if I want to turn from a standstill. The rudder only works once you've built up a bit of speed, which can take 20 feet or so. If you're stopped in front of a line of trees and want to turn around, a paddle comes in handy.
Fishing Channel
Fishing Channel - 7 years ago
nice movie and relaxing sound

Cheers from Portugal
MLee424 - 7 years ago
Been watching your videos for a few months now. Gotta say you do a superb job! I like watching your videos because its similar fishing to what I like to do. I fish from Homosassa to Yankeetown north of your area.
Daniel Engle
Daniel Engle - 7 years ago
Love the simplicity of your videos Marty! I need to invest in one of those kayak holders you had on your trailer hitch, one of those things you wish you would've thought of!
Hunter Markey
Hunter Markey - 7 years ago
do you ever fish around the north florida area? such as keaton beach?
The Handmade Fisherman
The Handmade Fisherman - 7 years ago
Take two Zoffinger fishing videos before bed for a good night's sleep, thanks 
Howdy Yall
Howdy Yall - 7 years ago
Great video as always. I didn't know you were a puppeteer too. hah
sussex county boys
sussex county boys - 7 years ago
Great video brother, always love watching your stuff.  the heron on perched on the yak was awesome..  hey, give catfish a chance.. good eatin!
Mike L.
Mike L. - 7 years ago
Marty, have you taken the new hobie into any tight spots? I've thought about buying a yak and am torn between the pro angler and the Native Slayer. I like the slayer because the propeller can be made to go in reverse, as well as forward. I'm fishing the creeks around Charleston, SC and think that maneuverability is crucial here. As always, love your videos and keep em' coming!
zoffinger - 7 years ago
I really wanted that Slayer10! Though, I heard it doesn't coast as well when you stop peddling and that the propeller will pick up grass and weeds more than the fins do on the Hobie. Here's the tightest situation I've been in with the Pro Angler... http://youtu.be/4vclZlQeigk 
Nuno Miguel
Nuno Miguel - 7 years ago
Great Vid. its a pleasure to see your vids... the best from Portugal... 
Andromedan12U - 7 years ago
hook that pinfish on a big rod, for bait
Andromedan12U - 7 years ago
wonderful place, catfish shytty
Stuart Kidder
Stuart Kidder - 7 years ago
Marti, that is so cool. I love fishing the Kayak in the Kitchen area. I have always wanted to tackle the skyway, but never have. Your videos are always inspiring, and I alway try to guess where you are precisely. Keep up the awesome work!
bikeboy0012 - 7 years ago
U should make a few more videos of u cleaning and cooking the fish.
trollingbros1 - 7 years ago
Before the north pier there's a rest area right infront of that are lots of potholes i caught a 38 inch red, the redfish are crazy there
misfits NEWERA
misfits NEWERA - 7 years ago
Tips on how to catch bigger fish I'm hopping to be as good as u soon
akidsguideouside - 7 years ago
i hate to be a pain but when is the mini kayak video coming it looks VERY interesting!
zoffinger - 7 years ago
I'm still building it. Believe me, I'm anxious to release some videos about it myself.
Shawn Lemaster
Shawn Lemaster - 7 years ago
Bob Outdoorz
Bob Outdoorz - 7 years ago
Great videos as always... Thanks Marty..
Justin - Grouperking
Justin - Grouperking - 7 years ago
Hello, my name is justin I life in st.pete beach florida. I have watched pretty much all of your videos since you started your page. I also have a youtube page called grouperking, but I only have like 3 subs. I have also followed you on Instagram and Facebook. A lady named Dar on Instagram posted that she was on the eposeidon team, and I asked her if she new you and she said she did. I was also going to suggest for your next video that you fish off the beach in your kayak or of a jetty because the mackerel have been biting and I don't think you have posted any mackerel being caught. If you get this please comment back if possible. Thanks,Justin
zoffinger - 7 years ago
Hi, Justin. I appreciate you watching. Dar and I have fished together. It's a small world. Perhaps some day I'll fish off the beach and give you a shout out. Tight lines, my friend.
Frankscall - 7 years ago
Hey Marty, another super vid. The info you give is priceless. Someday (if I ever get away from Edgewater) I hope we can get together. I've got the first round.
MiamiFishN - 7 years ago
Nice video Marty!! Just alittle somethin different than Cockroach Bay... I liked the scenery... Might have to take road trip up there myself!!
Brent Smith
Brent Smith - 7 years ago
Another great video man!! Did you launch on the North or South side (Tampa or Bradenton), Was it from the West or East of 275? (Ft Desoto or Tampa Bay). There's a ship wreck that you can see at low tide on the West side by Ft Desoto. At high tide I've caught some nice grouper over there. Keep it up man!!
kareynolds45 - 7 years ago
I really dig your videos Zoffinger. I started watching them a few months ago when I started looking into kayaks for myself and now I've seen them all. I'm hoping to get my kayak in the next couple months so I can follow your lead and start fishing a lot more. Keep the faith.
MrTatts64 - 7 years ago
Another great video, thanks Marty.  Go back to around 12:19, look at the larger "hole" in the grass and tell me that's not a giant manatee, made of sand :)

EDIT:   Ooops, where's my manners???
Many thanks for the shout out too mate :D
nick combs
nick combs - 7 years ago
Awesome vid bro very entertaining as all of them are and you them gafftop catfish or sailcats as some people call them they are actually pretty good eating you should try it and let me know what you think. Keep up the good work and as always Tight lines
Vic - 7 years ago
That gas station in the beginning is down the street from my home lol. I fish skyway alot, I prefer the south side for yakking. Great video...
Michael C
Michael C - 7 years ago
Nice picture shots with the Heron!
Mc Gyver
Mc Gyver - 7 years ago
hi can i ask what's the size of hook you're using? btw i enjoy every video you did, feels like i've been fishing the whole day also even if im at work lol :) god bless you man.
zoffinger - 7 years ago
I think that was a 2/0 hook in this video which was WAY too big for them little fishes.  A zero or number one circle hook would've been better. I was anticipating monsters. As usual.
FloridaAngler1198 - 7 years ago
Do you fish in Florida and your videos are amazing
lucas budd
lucas budd - 7 years ago
I like to fish on the skyway fishing pier. But it's always crowded.
Andrew Laveck
Andrew Laveck - 7 years ago
I love ur videos and they all ways put a smile on my face and what reel and rod to u prefer the most for kayak fishing
RhinoFishing TV
RhinoFishing TV - 7 years ago
Hey Marty, I have a FeelFree Moken 12.5 and haul it around in a short bed pickup. I use a bed extender just like you use and it's perfect for me.  It would be quite difficult to get a big yak up on the tall rack.  Enjoy all your videos, keep them coming!
Samson Glass
Samson Glass - 7 years ago
Learned how to correctly hook the shrimp on the horn, awesome! Another great Vid Z, peace buddy. Samson
Samson Glass
Samson Glass - 7 years ago
Thought it a great waybto show appreciation for your time. Love the channel.
zoffinger - 7 years ago
Samson! Did you change your channel name? You're gonna get a shout out soon, my friend. I really like those blown glass tikis you sent! Thanks again :^)
2342makaveli - 7 years ago
Tarpon springs
2342makaveli - 7 years ago
You should take a trip to tarpon!
HookedOnTheBay - 7 years ago
I spent a lot of time kayak fishing down by the skyway. I learned that there are a lot of lady fish cat fish blue fish and jacks. Only game that hang around are the trout. I don't go there anymore haha!
bob roy
bob roy - 7 years ago
Hi,marty ,as always,cant wait till you post your new adventures,I wasnt to far from that area just came back from vacation in bayshore area,catching a lot of jack ,and keeper flouder,yak fishing is great in the bays,truck d mine all the way from ohio,,yea ha!
Florida Fishing
Florida Fishing - 7 years ago
Hey Marty I don't know if you have felt these few cold days in Tampa, but I believe the Sheepsheads and Red's are out caught a couple of small Reds and Sheepsheads so you may want to get out to the bridges and try your luck.
Sue Marley
Sue Marley - 7 years ago
Hey Marty, always love your videos. Got up this morning and it's 43 degrees, so we'll only have a couple weeks left before the fish are gone from my bay up here. Your videos get me through the winter. Keep em coming!
Rick Murphy
Rick Murphy - 7 years ago
Hey marty, if your ever wondering why you havent seen me lately, sadly its because i've aparently picked up some kind of bacteria or parasite from our hwy 41 archie creek spot! When i went back, noticing all the chemical plants and how we fish in (basically) the gutters of them it ruined it for me. Ever noticed the chem trails(long lasting trails left by jets?
Matt B
Matt B - 7 years ago
I've been to that launch spot! So cool
chris reumont
chris reumont - 7 years ago
That bird didn't steal your fish did it?
zoffinger - 7 years ago
He was eyeballin it.
chris reumont
chris reumont - 7 years ago
I noticed a lot of the water you fish isn't very deep. Is that just the way it is in Tampa? I noticed you don't wear a flotation device very often . Have you ever tried trolling behind your kayak or is the water to shallow? Thanks for sharing.
zoffinger - 7 years ago
There are lots of 'flats' here in Tampa bay. There are also lots of deeper water spots. I just prefer the shallow areas because they offer more shelter from wind and boat traffic. I troll often but have limited success. Mainly because of the grass I pick up doing it, I suppose.
muhammed kajee
muhammed kajee - 7 years ago
Sick vid as always! When you coming to the east coast haha?
Larryproudfoot - 7 years ago
Hey Marty !  There`s this rumor around the fisher community that Universal Studios and / or WBros are preparing to make you super offer  . . . but please man say no . . . we all enjoy your videos . . . just say no thanks !  . . . remember : no.
Seaver Lilly
Seaver Lilly - 7 years ago
beautiful video marty, as always...
Joel Sweatman
Joel Sweatman - 7 years ago
I think this is your best video yet . Love them all tho thanks for sharing
Nigel Norton
Nigel Norton - 7 years ago
Thanks for the mention also.......i feel like i am famous now !!! Your the best and a lot  people feel the same !
Johnny - 7 years ago
Ur. Not a stunad I respect u target different species
Johnny - 7 years ago
Hey buddy I love ur videos !!!!! Wish u would go cobia fishing
hillbilly bob
hillbilly bob - 7 years ago
Wow Marty!!! What can I say? Your videos, your tips and tricks on your old yak, your inspiration to finally get a kayak. And especially your shout out. I'm just flabbergasted. :-)  I'm like several of the rest. I get home and see you've got a new video up, I gotta watch it!  Thanks Buddy!
Nigel Norton
Nigel Norton - 7 years ago
Oh yes he does it again !! Nice one my friend....love that bridge and love that bird. Has he got a homing device attached to your boat....? wherever you go,he goes !!! 
Mobile Fishing Videos
Mobile Fishing Videos - 7 years ago
Excellent content
Dawrongguy - 7 years ago
The coolest
Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez - 7 years ago
Next video do like a live pinfish or cut bait see how that would work :) love the channel tho . Nice and relaxing
Florida Fly Fishing
Florida Fly Fishing - 7 years ago
Great video as always. I was at work when I got the ping that said you posted and couldn't wait long enough to get home so I sat in the parking lot at work and watched it before I left. Keep them coming. My son and I will be in that same area in the morning going to be fishing Tarpon key from our kayaks hope to do well. Thanks again for introducing me to the world of youtube.
Iownaarowana53 - 7 years ago
More skyway footage . Im liking it
Tghjhcb Gugvfgb
Tghjhcb Gugvfgb - 7 years ago
Love these videos, they are inspiration to all anglers and works of art!
David Danforth
David Danforth - 7 years ago
Nice vid!
Derek Watson
Derek Watson - 7 years ago
I love your videos man! The time and quality you put into them show. Keep it up friend!
Mun Dane
Mun Dane - 7 years ago
How long have you had the Hobie? I just found your videos about 2 days ago so I'm trying to watch them all. You do a great job on these. 
[ Insert Name Here ]
[ Insert Name Here ] - 7 years ago
Marty, your videos are always entertaining. I just got back from 5 hours of fishing. Even though I loaded up your video might have brought an even bigger smile
TKTF - 7 years ago
awesome video man! 
Glenn Wilson
Glenn Wilson - 7 years ago
That looks like a fun place to fish!
Chase - 7 years ago
Looks fun I've gone 1 once for gag grouper on the sky way
MrRedskins0021 - 7 years ago
Aren't you afraid of getting grabbed by an Alligator or something?
zoffinger - 7 years ago
When I go freshwater fishing, yes. Out here, it's the sharks that worry me :)
Ben Milrot
Ben Milrot - 7 years ago
Hi zoffringer!!!! I am a begginer to saltwater fishing and i took your advice and bought a couple of heddon super spook jrs!!!! They are great but i was wondering what places to go kayaking in around south florida and or north florida. I havent even caught a snook or redfish yet and you make it look easy. I hope you can help! Thanks.
Ben Milrot
Ben Milrot - 7 years ago
Thanks alot!!! I love your channel And am sunscribed!!! I will take your advice and use it to my advantage! Tight lines!
zoffinger - 7 years ago
Those lures work best (not exclusively) during dawn and dusk hours. And if you throw them around the perimeter of mullet schools, and against the edges of tree lines (which is tricky, lest you hang it in a branch) you'll stand a good chance of getting a blow up eventually. It's really about recognizing structure and circumstances that are going to hold fish, more than knowing a good 'spot'. Spots change day to day, hour to hour. Don't fret, Ben. You'll get one. I still get skunked more often than I let on. Thank you, editing :^}
Greg Kerr
Greg Kerr - 7 years ago
Good one...watching your videos is like taking a vacation!
Robb's Homemade Life
Robb's Homemade Life - 7 years ago
hey Marty,
What a nice thing to do and mention some of your fans of your videos. I really appreciate it. I am a subscriber to most of the channels you mentioned, will have to go look at the ones I did not recognize.I also am always inspired by your videos to do a better job on mine, for instance, at the end of your video you had to get out and go set up the camera to film yourself walking the kayak in to shore. it was a great shot and made the video complete. A person that did not care about their viewers would never take the time to do that. A lot of people shoot videos, but you have been making great video stories from the beginning. There is a big difference.
 Hope you get back to the bridge soon and get some Sheepheads. That was a great photo at the end.
 I am working on a solar powered underwater green fishing light that you might like, I will work on it next week and post a video of it turns out OK. thanks for making and sharing.
zoffinger - 7 years ago
Funny, your recognition of the little extras I throw into my video productions has always prompted me to continue on. And to push it even further. Thank you, Robb. Not only for watching, but for seeing the small things too.
KAYAK FRANK - 7 years ago
Hey Marty. Thanks for the shout out brother. You and your viewers need to know that no matter what date and at what time you post a video, I will drop everything I am doing, to make some time to view your many ventures. Tight Lines, Much Health & Screaming Drags 2U my friend!
zoffinger - 7 years ago
You seem like a good guy, Frank. Worthy of the shout. Not just because you catch those monster fish! ;^) 
Carlos Camejo
Carlos Camejo - 7 years ago
Man I'd love to fish on the skyway!!
Ken James
Ken James - 7 years ago
Marty, Your videos are simply the best! Great videography, crisp clean audio, simply perfect. 
zoffinger - 7 years ago
Thanks, Ken
bikeboy0012 - 7 years ago
Hey man how r u liking your hobie? I'm looking at getting a more advanced kayak for fishin, but hobie kayaks are kinda insanely priced.
bikeboy0012 - 7 years ago
so when r you planning on going after that tarpon?? haha
zoffinger - 7 years ago
You aint kidding! But, the amazing thing about it is that you can go about 40% faster than paddling AND you can still cast and reel while you're going. It's seriously stable too, so when you inevitably venture out further because of your increased speed, you'll feel more secure in those bigger waves.- Man, it's a hard bullet to bite though for the money they get. At least it's not a rip off when you actually get one though. Feels like driving around in a Porsche. A 1975 AMC Pacer has four wheels and would get you around too, but some rides are just more fun ;) SOMETIMES, I should say. I had a blast on my old red kayak too!
Jesse Colson
Jesse Colson - 7 years ago
Great vid !
Bubba Fatt
Bubba Fatt - 7 years ago
Pinellas side?
Yakin' Fish Werx
Yakin' Fish Werx - 7 years ago
WOW! Thanks for the shout-out Marty! I feel like a rock star man. Too cool....
Definitely a cool video. I too have been trying some new areas and fishing techniques lately. Some with good results, some mediocre, and others, well, just glad I'm out on the water sometimes! Haha! Thanks again man. Can't wipe the grin off my ugly mug right now!
Yakin' Fish Werx
Yakin' Fish Werx - 7 years ago
Thanks man. We are pretty serious about our fun here! Haha! Any time you should find yourself up this way hit me up. Would love to hit the waterway with a guru such as yourself.
And thanks for always taking time out of your schedule to answer questions, give advice and generally just be a cool dude to those that look forward to your vids and adventures!
zoffinger - 7 years ago
What can I say? You seem like the type a guy I'd like to fish with. 
Sam Voreis
Sam Voreis - 7 years ago

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Kayak Fishing: Offshore Trip Gone Wrong - Part 3

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This was my first shark from the kayak, and after spending 5 minutes trying to remove the hook with pliers and being...


Adrenaline 26kg (57lbs) Corvina (Mulloway) -...

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My personnel record - 26kg (57lbs) and 146cm (4,8 ft) Corvina (Argyrosomus regius)- white seabass - Mulloway -...


Keys Kayak Fishing - That Escalated Quickly

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Finally got outside to the blue water. Put in some trolling hours with not much to show. The wrecks were kind of...



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Ultimate Inshore Fishing Kayak Rigging: Pelican...

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Visit http://www.pelicansport.com for more info! In this video I show you how I made some DIY modifications to my...

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