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Rob Casey
Rob Casey - 5 years ago
Good video, but interesting that the spray skirt which he's wearingisn't discussed, especially i there's a capsize :)
Johnny Rushman
Johnny Rushman - 6 years ago
big help! I capsized today on the willamette, I think I had too much weight on one side, and my paddling was too far away from my kayak. Thanks guys..
Lexxi Atkinson
Lexxi Atkinson - 7 years ago
Is that like a country indian guy?
Maria Miranda
Maria Miranda - 9 years ago
Thank you for posting this. I tried it once in Hawaii and could not figure out how to go straight.
yuckyoo - 9 years ago
Thanks for the very helpful video!
Kayak NewsUSA
Kayak NewsUSA - 9 years ago
bad13luck13 - 10 years ago
Is this video meant to take the place of professional instruction?
PuckDaddy12 - 10 years ago
2:50... when he paddles he looks robotic
Muzzy12 - 10 years ago
hey! that man has been confined to the kayak for health reasons since a very young age! Be more sensitive!

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Jeff Greathouse
Jeff Greathouse - 10 years ago
The reverse stroke is just like tge forward stroke in reverse....WOW! I learn something new everyday
simplyhike - 10 years ago
I like the red kayak!! and this video has been put together really well! :-) Just to let you know we sell kayaks and loads more travelling products so please check out our channel if you get the chance. Thanks! :-)
James Douglas
James Douglas - 10 years ago
so im thinking about getting my first kayak. i was just wondering if the heron 9 would be a good first kayak. im 6 ft tall and 195 pounds. if anyone owns one or knows anything better than please comment back :))
Morten - 11 years ago
This is great info. I youtubed this after planning my trip from Taiwan to the United States with google maps. Go to google maps and try typing from Taiwan to United States, then read 124.
Rob C
Rob C - 11 years ago
@golddang The blade enters the water at the hips, onside arm slightly bent and the torso rotated. The body then unwinds towards the offside pushing forward with the back side of the paddle. The blade then comes out at the toes. If you have rotated your torso properly, your offside arm should be reading to be dropped straight down to become the onside and the process repeats itself. Like swimming every 2-4 strokes turn your head on the setup and look where you are going.
Rob C
Rob C - 11 years ago
@liguowei70 It's not bad form for the offside hand to cross the center line of the boat. In fact it's required for any draw, the stern steer, sweep and reverse stroke, also in waves or wind, you need to keep the paddle as close to the boat as possible to allow you to maximize energy from the stroke and plant your blade deeply in the cresting wave. The critical point is to NOT have the offside hand pass the center of the torso - maintain your box! Otherwise you risk shoulder injury.
DmanLT21 - 11 years ago
I think the guy at the end there has no legs so they propped him up in a kayak.
James Isaak
James Isaak - 12 years ago
@bozher hit replay
Andy o
Andy o - 13 years ago
Thanks for the tips dude. Could you explain the reverse stroke again?
richard sykes
richard sykes - 13 years ago
well described - thank you.

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Joshua Hendrickson
Joshua Hendrickson - 13 years ago
great introduction video, thanks!

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