Kayak Launch Fail

* For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom Three gentlemen set off from Carmel River State Beach for a morning of fishing. Two make it off the beach with no issues. The third in the party runs into trouble.

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* For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom Three gentlemen set off from Carmel River State Beach for a morning of fishing. Two make it off the beach with no issues. The third in the party runs into trouble.

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for Kayak Launch Fail

Kris Kirk
Kris Kirk - 4 years ago
unencumbered by anything resembling a clue!
GuadalupeBeach Anglers
GuadalupeBeach Anglers - 4 years ago
The booze!!!
mike morales
mike morales - 4 years ago
Actually he was sober. It was 10:00 am and the group of three friends were pretty amped up to get to the fishing grounds.
Luna Joe
Luna Joe - 4 years ago
Mike Jung
Mike Jung - 4 years ago
There is no way anybody can be that stupid to stand behind akayak as it crashes to shore?
mike morales
mike morales - 4 years ago
He was not drunk, impaired or stupid. He got caught up against heavy water in a cove he should have worked away from.
Spencer Adventures
Spencer Adventures - 4 years ago
this was painful to watch... at what point do you grab your yak and pull it out of harms way? this must have been his first outing
Team Crooks
Team Crooks - 4 years ago
Don Rickles performing his famous "Ode to Kayaking" routine. Genius!
Alabama Woodsman
Alabama Woodsman - 4 years ago
Laughing at a buddy's misfortune.... strictly a man trait.
McKey953 - 4 years ago
It seems to me like a comic film with Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy. Better for him try to fish from the beach.

10. comment for Kayak Launch Fail

Max Zhao
Max Zhao - 4 years ago
A bit old
sensible68 - 4 years ago
Reminds me of the first time my dad tried to use a ski lift.

At least the eski floated well because it was empty.
Explorer Mike
Explorer Mike - 4 years ago
This illustrates perfectly why, in about ten or fifteen years, fishing kayaks will be in abundance at garage sales for $10.
911 Tech
911 Tech - 4 years ago
Should be titled "Man learns how surf works". I hope this was a joke. He only had one rod and an apparently empty cooler so possibly just a gag.
mike morales
mike morales - 4 years ago
Thanks 911Tech. An older guy watching, a retired surgeon from the local hospital was there with me. He kept saying this was heavy water. I had no idea what he was talking about because I had just moved to Carmel.
Now I know heavy water is a relentless swell. Had he waited 15 minutes more the sets did settle and he could have pushed off easily. Thanks for the comment.
911 Tech
911 Tech - 4 years ago
Nice catch then. Not saying I could launch better in that surf but I hope I would choose a better area or just stay home and watch youtube fishing vids ;) A man has to know his limitations. Nice video.
mike morales
mike morales - 4 years ago
I watched the three fishermen unload and drag their kayaks and gear down to the beach. Decided to film the launches. The first two got off fine but this guy couldn't get it together. Perfectly normal guys and not drunk or high or anything. If you note the last few seconds he did get out to his friends beyond the breakers
Jimbojet - 4 years ago
Lots of people laughing at him and none helping. Amazing how people would just rather take the piss out of the guy than give the help he needed.
mike morales
mike morales - 4 years ago
You failed to read any of the comments.
TK - 4 years ago
Your sir, are an asshole for not helping. Mike, are you afraid of getting wet?
mike morales
mike morales - 4 years ago
It's all good TK.
TK - 4 years ago
Well shit. My bad man! I should have questioned that before commenting! My respect to you!
mike morales
mike morales - 4 years ago
No, I am disabled.
Oliver Hilton
Oliver Hilton - 4 years ago
Lol! Charlie Chaplin could not have delivered a finer performance.
Moon Walker
Moon Walker - 5 years ago
this guy was really limitied
The Garlock
The Garlock - 5 years ago
They told me I would have a blast... so the fun should start any minute now.
Danejah H
Danejah H - 5 years ago
Why in the hell would you try to launch right there in that ruff ass water with nothing leashed down?

20. comment for Kayak Launch Fail

fbenton2 - 5 years ago
Al Friesen
Al Friesen - 5 years ago
So how drunk was this idiot?
Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada - 5 years ago
Guy looks high as heck
vivitar45 - 5 years ago
think some one help him hope he found his fishing rod and rest of his stuff
Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez - 5 years ago
I died at 2:19.
laruton21 - 5 years ago
guys wasted
HWS3 - 5 years ago
just leaves his shit behind
tubesockets120v - 5 years ago
The fish are farther out in the water mate!
David Webb
David Webb - 5 years ago
Drunk as fuck yak'in! Yeeeehaaaaw! ha ha ha. Don't try this at home kids. Do it on a beach like this retard, so passin' folks can get a few chuckles.
Peter Ferreira
Peter Ferreira - 5 years ago
What is even more sad is that no one cared to help this man! Very SAD.
mike morales
mike morales - 5 years ago
Not really. I watched them unload the three kayaks and they expertly dropped them down a cliff to the sand. I talked to them and they were excited to launch and catch some fish. It was before 10:00 in the morning.
Peter Ferreira
Peter Ferreira - 5 years ago
The man was either drunk, high or health condition... Or all of the above.
mike morales
mike morales - 5 years ago
His friends were just offshore. You can hear them yelling words of encouragement in the distance. I've thought for some time since filming this he was clowning a bit. He was never in danger of drowning.

30. comment for Kayak Launch Fail

Rational Logic
Rational Logic - 5 years ago
By 2:35 one has to conclude the ocean is telling him to stuff off!
blewzguitar - 5 years ago
This guy was over his skill level. Which for kayaking in surf it was zero. This cove was mild to what it could be in a few hours. He should have stayed on the beach and have a glass of wine.
bruce wayne
bruce wayne - 5 years ago
just stay home and watch tv m8
Andrew Lockwood
Andrew Lockwood - 5 years ago
Don't EVER stand in front of a kayak that is caught in a wave!!!
808supa43 - 5 years ago
Epic fail
Alisha - 5 years ago
question as to why the camera man isn't helping the guy out...? Your laughing at him and no one is helping him..wtf
mike morales
mike morales - 5 years ago
Why are you so worked up? No one died or suffered in any way. Can you not view a video and accept or reject it quietly? I don't advertise my physical limitations Ms. Alisha. It's no ones business but I thought it would be helpful in getting you over your fretting. It didn't work.
Alisha - 5 years ago
That's not the point.. He was struggling and all his gear was going everywhere at least someone could of helped. And there is no where stating in your description that you are disabled so how are we to know if you are or not. I do kayak fishing and if it was like that in Australia people would of helped.. I guess its just some countries don't give a fuck and they just watch on and laugh.. I feel sorry for the guy.
mike morales
mike morales - 5 years ago
That guy, me the camera operator, is disabled. You have to appreciate he was in no danger. His friends had already launched and were cheering on his efforts. It was funny to a point. There was never a chance he was going to drown.
BurninatorTheTrogdor - 5 years ago
Either very overwhelmed or slightly drunk or both.
Liam Hannam
Liam Hannam - 5 years ago
How can you be so terrible at something though like why was he so fucking slow at everything!?
Danfuerth Gillis
Danfuerth Gillis - 5 years ago
Clearly he needed help. This is not someone I would take out with only 2 feet of Waves. Out there you will have to keep and eye on him so not good. Geez 5 foot waves is easily done on any Inflatable Kayak so this guy clearly should not be out there as he does not have the mind set for looking out for Wave patterns, tide changes etc. 500 years ago this guy would not be allowed on any Ship Vessel.
joynthis - 5 years ago
If you can't handle foot-high surf without being injured and having a yard sale on the beach, sell the boat and go to Red Lobster.
nbrod3n - 5 years ago
Is this guy drunk? Everyone messes up a surf launch sometimes but this... It's like watching Clark Griswold going kayaking for the first time.
edit: I just got to 4:00 what the fuck dude. Go get your box and go home. Come back tomorrow, sober, and ask someone to teach you.
Mark Quinton
Mark Quinton - 5 years ago
Pretty funny to watch. Guy is perfectly save. Just some thoughts though, Always tie down your ice chest. 2nd, always paddle into the waves, it will prevent from flipping over which happened to him repeatedly.
Really Happenings
Really Happenings - 5 years ago
This is kinda sad to watch... he doesn't have the physical fitness for it.  Can barely stand up out of the surf.  Also seems to not have the proper aggressive mindset for a challenging surf launch.  "Soup sandwich."
carlos scarafia
carlos scarafia - 5 years ago
esta borrachoo!!! no le veo otra explicacion jajajaja (much beer)
chetyoder - 5 years ago
bout pissed my pants at the 240 mark
Richard J. Guest
Richard J. Guest - 5 years ago
Man this guys was struggling like it was 2016
Love Outdoors NZ
Love Outdoors NZ - 5 years ago
Good footage but you should have helped him - i would have ! Poor bugger got a story to tell now though haha
Love Outdoors NZ
Love Outdoors NZ - 5 years ago
go naked then haha
Westin Moon
Westin Moon - 5 years ago
Oh wow lolol
D Kat
D Kat - 5 years ago
This is exactly why you cant watch a youtube video and think you have learned how to kayak. He just needed instructions on what and what not to do. He ain't hurt maybe sore but you can bet he will remember this next time and if he doesn't learn he will be a statistic. Oh and this is calm water too wait till its a little rough.
Miles - 5 years ago
I haven't laughed as much in years.
he looked like hed have trouble getting on and off a bus.
perhaps the old folks home should revise their excursions.
or was he trying to escape the wife coming down the hill with his tena pad?

50. comment for Kayak Launch Fail

Caleb Harvey
Caleb Harvey - 5 years ago
someone get him a coors light
803brando - 5 years ago
old out of shape man shouldnt be attempting this. shouldnt he be on a 30ft boat?
Mike Weber
Mike Weber - 5 years ago
After the kayak hit him in the head, it isn't funny anymore.
Mike Magnum
Mike Magnum - 5 years ago
And not one SOB even so much as offered to give the poor guy a hand. Not cool.
Neil Pirelli
Neil Pirelli - 5 years ago
at 2:38 if things went just slightly differently he could easily have been concussed by the kayak hitting him in the head
Jim Ross
Jim Ross - 5 years ago
Mike Magnum
Mike Magnum - 5 years ago
I didn't think that was very good spot either. I reckon its mostly common sense but, we all know how rare that has become!;)
Jim Ross
Jim Ross - 5 years ago
he shouldn't have been launching off there in those conditions...
mike morales
mike morales - 5 years ago
Which would include his two friends just offshore. He was not in danger of drowning.
Jim Ross
Jim Ross - 5 years ago
rip all his gear
spyro1967 - 5 years ago
haha what a muppet..
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson - 5 years ago
Mate ,tell that guy to sell everything,before he drowns in six inches of water.He should not be anywhere near a kayak or water craft,FOR HIS OWN SAFETY...
Nathan T.
Nathan T. - 5 years ago
sell your shit and find a new hobby.
phon inta
phon inta - 5 years ago
what is wrong with that guy lol
Boris Cotapos
Boris Cotapos - 6 years ago
Is he drunk or what..?
Boris Cotapos
Boris Cotapos - 5 years ago
o well lucky he made it!!!!
mike morales
mike morales - 6 years ago
No, early morning, heavy water.
Charlie L
Charlie L - 6 years ago
Launching from the surf is definitely not for the novice yakker. He should have not had any gear on his yak for his first time in the surf and one of his friends should have walked him through it.
Jim Browski
Jim Browski - 6 years ago
No kidding, I couldn't believe he stood in front of the boat coming at him in the surf! Wrong boats for launching from there like that.
Jenny Chamberlain
Jenny Chamberlain - 6 years ago
You didn't think to give him a hand...?
mike morales
mike morales - 6 years ago
You didn't think to read previous comments about that?
deerhunter - 6 years ago
ur sick as fuck help him u bitch
mike morales
mike morales - 6 years ago
Ordinarily I would ignore or even delete such a comment. Not only because your grammar indicates you are of limited intellect but you are rude as well. However, I will help you out here. If you would have bothered to read the threads below you would have found out I am disabled and cannot get down to the beach at that access point. If you really did watch the video you would have heard his friends just offshore yelling support to him. He was in no real danger but to you it might have looked like he was.
Robert Purdon
Robert Purdon - 6 years ago
All wrong. Wow. Guys like that get seriously hurt or worse.
Kevin Browning
Kevin Browning - 6 years ago
LMAO!!! I have launched this site many times. Never had a problem as it is one of the easiest places to launch. But one must NEVER get overconfident, and always stow your gear gear as if you WILL get flipped by a wave. It happens to everyone. But this was hilarious! I would have been rolling on the ground peeing myself had I been there.
pugmug77 - 6 years ago
Fuck me you got to laugh
BQ Outdoors
BQ Outdoors - 6 years ago
Sorry for assuming you were not disabled my apologies and you are right his two friends suck as well
mike morales
mike morales - 6 years ago
We're good Bentley. The waves were heavy and inexperience combined with the waves at that spot worked against him.
Aqua Boy
Aqua Boy - 6 years ago
the worst place on the beach to launch. He appears to have limited experience and lacks fitness. He is a danger to himself and will use valuable rescue resources to aid in his incompetence if he ever got to sea.
Learn to fish from the beach mate. Its safer.
Sergio Lafayete Cerutti
Sergio Lafayete Cerutti - 4 years ago
Aquaboy so useless than aquaman... Bullshit.

let the guy learn, the sea is hard in the beggining, but is amazing when you learn.

the place is not the worst for the launch. and you are a great arrogant idiot! ;)
boo bye
boo bye - 6 years ago
In less than 5 minutes he lost his entire collection of man points.
BQ Outdoors
BQ Outdoors - 6 years ago
You the camera man Your a fuckin looser for not helping that old man
mike morales
mike morales - 6 years ago
I am disabled so helping was not an option. However if you really looked again at the video you will note he had two mates with him and neither thought he needed help.
Roberto Freeman
Roberto Freeman - 6 years ago
Looks like he's never seen a wave. From Iowa me thinks.
Mike Tanti
Mike Tanti - 6 years ago
lmao I just had a great laugh at that
Vicsky - 6 years ago
This guy is a moron
魚顔メンズ - 6 years ago
Augusto Canabrava
Augusto Canabrava - 6 years ago
Is he drunk?
mike morales
mike morales - 6 years ago
+Augusto Canabrava, no.
BloodSweatnBass - 6 years ago
Glad they made it safely
BloodSweatnBass - 6 years ago
This was funny as hell all the way thru
Ben Tj
Ben Tj - 6 years ago
An exhausted old man. Big ups for trying.
Rodneydncn - 6 years ago
I think of this video every time I launch from the surf. Agonizing yet fun to watch lol it's as if he doesn't realize the ocean moves.
MoonEyeTrail - 6 years ago
it was still funny!
Cohen Lewis
Cohen Lewis - 6 years ago
Not sure they are his "mates" because they aint helping him
Nick - 6 years ago
This guy is a kayak master! lmaooo
HeMan trf
HeMan trf - 6 years ago
That never stopped being funny
James Fisher
James Fisher - 6 years ago
Why would you launch so close to the rocks where the water gets flung in all directions? That was truly really funny!
James Fisher
James Fisher - 6 years ago
LMAO i think he got sand in his vagina
StephN E
StephN E - 6 years ago
mdr !!
Sayedul Huda Chowdhury
Sayedul Huda Chowdhury - 6 years ago
What an idiot
mundo de toy mundo de jugetes
mundo de toy mundo de jugetes - 6 years ago
Me dio mucha risa jajajjajajajajajajajaja
Sedric Scown
Sedric Scown - 6 years ago
What a silly old man.
cycling with kiwi
cycling with kiwi - 6 years ago
i was going too a kayak one day not now
SOLO - 7 years ago
Poor fella.. just has no idea.
Tony Hienz
Tony Hienz - 5 years ago
Yes. Much safer for him to remain on shore.
He clearly has no idea what he's doing.
mitch mclean
mitch mclean - 7 years ago
I saw this video sped up with a Benny hill song playing, it was much funnier that way
mike morales
mike morales - 7 years ago
+mitch mclean Yes Mitch, Jukin Media licensed the video from me and chopped it down for their format. I like what they did too.
taterhead30 - 7 years ago
Mr McGoo goes fishing  ! :P
Cosmic Brah
Cosmic Brah - 7 years ago
Thanks for helping him.. Oh wait you didn't.
Cosmic Brah
Cosmic Brah - 7 years ago
Well he has dick friends, And I never new you were disabled so sorry about that.
mike morales
mike morales - 7 years ago
+Cosmic Brah I know you can write but can you read? If you had bothered to read further down you would know that I am disabled and cannot get down the steps to that position. Also as I stated before, and is obvious if you looked at the video, his friends offshore didn't bother to come to his aid. He was fine.
Cosmic Brah
Cosmic Brah - 7 years ago
I never said he was in danger, all I said was you could at least help him get his gear together and help him launch. But your to ignorant to admit your a idiot.
mike morales
mike morales - 7 years ago
+Cosmic Brah I suggest you would have been pushed around by the surf as he was. The gentleman was never in danger.
Cosmic Brah
Cosmic Brah - 7 years ago
Instead of filming help him steady his Kayak and gather all his gear, Then I would keep his Kayak pointing forward and let him paddle out.
mike morales
mike morales - 7 years ago
+Cosmic Brah Neither did his two buddies that launched before he did. Please explain how you would have helped him. I await your comment.
mike morales
mike morales - 7 years ago
+Cosmic Brah Insightful commentary. Thanks for looking.
Nathan Crisp
Nathan Crisp - 7 years ago
It's very apparent this guy was in no condition to be on the water, to begin with.
He couldn't even make up his mind what to do/save first! Or even a safe place , away from the surf
He should've waited till they were done fishing before he smoked that joint! Hahaha.
Glade he didn't get injured in his little fiasco though
mike morales
mike morales - 5 years ago
Was not drunk and is not demented at all. He was with two other friends and frankly got caught up in a couple of sets that were heavier than the ones his friends launched through. I think he was embarrassed and didn't want to give in to defeat. He did eventually launch.
hekot hekotovsky
hekot hekotovsky - 5 years ago
"Drink responsibly"
Mando O
Mando O - 7 years ago
If this guy can't launch in these perfect conditions, than he shouldn't be out there period. He's putting himself in danger. What a dumb ass...
giginmusica - 7 years ago
istruttivo: cosa NON fare (ma anche molto divertente... per chi guarda)
SignedSign - 7 years ago
what an idiot.. why not get everything back on land.. secure the box properly on the kayak and do a fresh start..
Jeffrey Godshall
Jeffrey Godshall - 7 years ago
I find the fat, pink, helpless population hilarious. Don't let yourself become an overgrown baby and learn how to fend for yourself. Relying on himself he would clearly die.
عراقي وافتخر
عراقي وافتخر - 7 years ago
Best idiots

100. comment for Kayak Launch Fail

erikev - 7 years ago
Asshole cameraman offers no help
McKey953 - 4 years ago
No offers to help for what? For send him to dead drowned? No, better  leave him on the beach, for his safety.
taterhead30 - 7 years ago
+steve bligg ** you're
All Cartoon Classics
All Cartoon Classics - 7 years ago
+Jonathan Lee Dawkins who really gives a shit. why watch this shit if your a brown nose?
mike morales
mike morales - 7 years ago
+Jonathan Lee Dawkins I am disabled Jonathan. Cannot get down to the beach. Had you read the full text of other comments you might not have made that comment. Or maybe you would have anyway. Can't make everyone happy.
Jonathan Lee Dawkins
Jonathan Lee Dawkins - 7 years ago
+erikev Right! Everyone thinks its someone else responsibility to help...so no one does. They decide to film 5mins of this poor guys embarrassment. Dicks, shame on all of the on lookers.
mike morales
mike morales - 7 years ago
Neither did the kayaker's two companions that were waiting for him just offshore. You can hear them yelling towards him if you paid attention during the video. You might be interested to know also there were others watching above the beach and a couple on the sand. He didn't need any help, asked for none and there was little anyone could have done.
jj jj
jj jj - 7 years ago
3.25 did he just tell the kayak to stay there lmaoo spongebob on a kayak
GimmieTheGaff - 7 years ago
Well, he didn't give up, I guess he gets points for that. Dumb as a sack of hammers though for trying to launch in that spot with no skill. I hope he got himself some kayak safety lessons!
iamevildoing - 7 years ago
I don't understand. There's literally an entire nice sandy beach to launch away from, but these guys chose to launch right next to rocks?
Sergio Lafayete Cerutti
Sergio Lafayete Cerutti - 4 years ago
Sometime next the the rocks you can find a channel to enter in the sea with less waves breaking, but you have to know what you are doing. the sea can be very mean to the beginners
Captain Bowman
Captain Bowman - 7 years ago
Its a joke you silly people. A man is not that stupid and dumb.
very well done I say almost had me fooled, ha ha.
mike morales
mike morales - 7 years ago
It was all real Cap. He had no idea he was being filmed at all. He's just a determined soul, obviously.
romakayak - 7 years ago
Does he have dementia? Because he should never have been allowed to be in control or a Kayak there.
mike morales
mike morales - 7 years ago
No, he was just determined to launch. 
gmonkman - 7 years ago
Don't care whether someone is in danger or not - you see someone struggle, you go and help. To not do so is unacceptable in a civilised society. Don't film the f*cking thing for your own amusement.

As to saying it wasnt a dangerous situation - a 25 kg kayak with another 10 kg of gear, thrown around by hundreds of kilograms of water next to rocks has a hell of a lot of potential for danger. One trip and its serious head injury.

It plainly isnt true that he couldn't be helped. His rod and paddle while he beached the yak and retrieved the coolbox, or really I think just a bit of help with orientation.

I agree with some of the other posters though, with the greatest respect to people who know the star - this person shouldnt be on the sea. Plus, no paddle leash ... seesh.
Keith James Lapere
Keith James Lapere - 7 years ago
since when has the human race ever been civilised?! 
Cr. Luciano Andrés González
Cr. Luciano Andrés González - 7 years ago
add music of benny hill credits and it will rocks!
Marcos Machado
Marcos Machado - 7 years ago
Tadinho do coroa...
Meghan Pinheiro
Meghan Pinheiro - 7 years ago
OMG! This is my husbands friend. My husband is the first kayaker in black that you recorded going out. When they came home they were laughing hysterically telling me about this incident. We have been laughing hysterically watching this. I'm so stoked someone recorded this. They have gopro footage from the other direction but it didn't turn out.
Kevin Haet
Kevin Haet - 4 years ago
Meghan Pinheiro
mike morales
mike morales - 7 years ago
I licensed it out. If I get anything from it I'll share some with the star of the video. I felt bad for him after the first couple of minutes but he really wasn't in danger and seemed determined to launch. Thanks for the comment.
Patrick Bridgford
Patrick Bridgford - 7 years ago
Clearly this person doesn't belong on the water. 
Sergio Lafayete Cerutti
Sergio Lafayete Cerutti - 4 years ago
nobody belong to the water, you learn to deal with the water. to the beginners is more hard, but everybody is beginners sometime
Conrad Wall
Conrad Wall - 7 years ago
Never get between your boat and the beach. The boat becomes a missile.  The last guy has it toughest, no one to steady him or give the push. Also, thigh straps help in surf, however this is not bad surf at all. I use to launch from the Jersey shore.
KURRICAN - 7 years ago
It was very unrespectful, the person watching this guy in a really problem must to run to help him and not to record for smile and upload to YouTube. It isn't funny.  It was a very dangerous situation. Also the partners of this guy, isn't a good friends.

The sea looks good but this part or the shore with a lot of rocks isn't the best place to go in the sea.
AQUAKARROT - 7 years ago
I hope if they get some instruction. There are a lot of safety concerns they should be made aware of and skills they should master.
Conrad Wall
Conrad Wall - 7 years ago
+Paco Ramos Calderón I don't think you know.  For one thing, there are no real waves. If he was not in good shape he would be sitting on the sand, I have fought stormy surf on the Jersey shore. Yes, not too skilled but most likely more so than you. Where do you launch into the surf? Belmar, Seaside and LBI in New Jersey for me.
Conrad Wall
Conrad Wall - 7 years ago
Did you miss the part where he was not in danger and it was not easy to get to him?  
AQUAKARROT - 7 years ago
I agree Paco! I question the judgement of his two friends. They should have had him launch second, so he can have assistance. He obviously doesn't know what he is doing and/or incapacitated. I don't think this is laughable at all. He really could have gotten hurt badly and if anyone thinks otherwise they don't have experience. He doesn't have his PFD even zipped and with no helmet he easily could have fallen and hit his head on the rock. Not very good.
KURRICAN - 7 years ago
He is not "very" capable as you can see in the images. He received heavy blowes from his kayak, he was very stunned after, and you can see he is not all right. He doesn´t know the correct technique to go out the sea with waves, and he doesn´t look phisically well for this sport. This images is most serious as you can see. And I know very well about I talk.
mike morales
mike morales - 7 years ago
+Paco Ramos Calderón I disagree. His two compatriots were watching all of this just offshore and within easy reach if he found serious trouble. I am disabled to the point I could be no help. He was never in danger of being swept out to sea. I spoke with this man before he portaged his kayak down to that spot. He is about 60 years old and very capable. Not drunk at 9:00 am here and as you can see after all he made it out to his friends........eventually.
Brendan Raymond
Brendan Raymond - 7 years ago
is he drunk or what
Salty Dog
Salty Dog - 7 years ago
Poor b@stard good to see he got out eventually
BoofHead65 - 7 years ago

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Worst ever kayak surf launch attempt

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Clansthal 2009 Fishing corner Kayak fshing competion, only 10 competitors attempted to launch. Jaco Franken tries...


Launching-Landing Sit-on-top Kayaks

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Tom Holtey of TopKayaker shows you how to launch and land a sit-on-top kayak. Find out more about all the things you...


Kayak - How to Launch

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To View the Next Video in this Series Please Click Here: http://www.monkeysee.com/play/461-kayak-how-to-turn


Launching a Kayak from a Dock

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Learn how using a rope attached to the mid-point of a kayak can make launching and unloading from a dock easier


Sea kayaking tips - Launching and Landing

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http://www.seakayakinginscotland.co.uk/ Sea kayaking tips was developed by the nice people at G2 Outdoor based in...

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