Kayak Trolling Motor

How to install an electric trolling motor on a Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game.

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How to install an electric trolling motor on a Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game.

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Darren Turner
Darren Turner - 4 years ago
Dude, if you're going to release the fish, please don't put your fingers in their gills, they won't survive!
lost55551 - 4 years ago
that was hellavabut fish
Jacek Slodkiewicz
Jacek Slodkiewicz - 5 years ago
I m working on my kayak too , the trolling engine is 30lb , how is the top speed on yours , did you check by GPS or so ?
Tito r
Tito r - 5 years ago
The electric box to turn the motor on were did you get it ? And Do you have a video how to replace to switching controller ?
Linda Everett
Linda Everett - 6 years ago
where do you get the aluminum plate for the motor mount? Where do you get the foot control rudder clips? not many people know how to mount trolling motors on kayaks. too bad there is not a motor mount made for them. I can't find one anyway.
Lowegy - 5 years ago
I purchased the plates from metal scrap yard and custom built it. The ruddier clips, which allows for length adjustments, was purchased from Walmart.
Chris Murray
Chris Murray - 6 years ago
crab creek! nice
Victor Melendez
Victor Melendez - 6 years ago
ey friend have a question to put a motor trolling to a kayak do not need some kind of lincense
Dan Roy
Dan Roy - 6 years ago
Great Vid , thnx!
ramirobga - 6 years ago
thanks for the video, and thanks for sharing... Can you tell me abouth the lb power motor, and your battery system?, and how many time it can be used... thanks again...

10. comment for Kayak Trolling Motor

Omar R
Omar R - 6 years ago
Nice setup you have
kayla peabody
kayla peabody - 6 years ago
Charlie - 6 years ago
How do you raise and lower your TM in shallow water?
Lowegy - 6 years ago
+Charlie B it's done manually. In shallow waters, step out and adjust.
Skysurfer - 6 years ago
Range? Thanks for sharing.
Lowegy - 6 years ago
+Skysurfer It depends on battery Amp Hour rating, size of motor, and run speed. The larger the motor and faster the speed, the more amps it uses. Typically, under "normal" usage, I get about 10-12 mi range and the runtime is about 7-8 hours, however, this is using a very large 120 Ahr battery.
Wayn Jul
Wayn Jul - 6 years ago
Thanks lowegy. Because of you and countless other YouTube
yakers I decided to trick out my kayak for hands free fishing
with a 30lb thrust Minn Kota trolling motor and start a channel. Yak up and go fishing!
cool kayak
cool kayak - 6 years ago
Hey do you have to register your kayak because of having trolling motor? I'm thinking about putting one on mine too. I'm in California.
robert dellinger
robert dellinger - 6 years ago
nice job I really like the way you did the steering
MrCrazyT513 - 6 years ago
How fast do u go
Lowegy - 6 years ago
+MrCrazyT513 about 5-6mph at full throttle.
Anderson Valente
Anderson Valente - 6 years ago
R Lee
R Lee - 7 years ago
thank you.  my Prowler is about to get 'pimped'
Usain gali
Usain gali - 7 years ago
U got any motors for sale???

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Oscar M
Oscar M - 7 years ago
show me ur rig 
Roger Oz
Roger Oz - 7 years ago
how fast could you go with this motor?
Zakary Smith
Zakary Smith - 7 years ago
Proably around 2-7 mph depending on conditions, have one similar to this.
ArtAsh44 - 7 years ago
San Luis Pass?
1911HeadBanger - 7 years ago
Nice job.  Looks like it pushes you along very well.
Ross Leahy
Ross Leahy - 7 years ago
Great home engineering!
Mike Craig
Mike Craig - 8 years ago
Good Job, Thanks!
I'm wanting to relocate my variable speed control from my Minn Kota motor to the front of my kayak. Would you know of a variable control box, I can purchase?
30milesOut - 8 years ago
starting to see lots of motors now... saw 2 dudes with 2hp outboards on hobie pa's last summer...  great rigging... 
Robert Medina
Robert Medina - 8 years ago
How long does the trolling motor last on a full charge?
Hamburgers007 - 8 years ago
Great work. Love the foot controls.
cem yatman
cem yatman - 8 years ago
very good job..catch and relase.is very good..thank you for share with us.

30. comment for Kayak Trolling Motor

ronbronb - 8 years ago
phartattack - 8 years ago
make sure to check state regulations, if you have a motorized boat it has to be registered. that usually includes trolling motors
Salty Sheppard
Salty Sheppard - 8 years ago
Texas is one of them.
Brian Allen
Brian Allen - 9 years ago
Where is this at
TimeKeeper - 9 years ago
Nice job! Very slick. Nice to know that a small motor is quite ample. How much does your motor weigh? I'm powering a boat I've designed but weight is critical.
kingfisher71 - 9 years ago
Very nice! I've got the stuff to rig my kayak. Gave steering a lot of thought. Decided to hard mount the motor and use the paddle to steer with. May rething useing your system. Thanks for a great video. BTW....I think that old fat dude thought you were going to pot-lick him!
gnonymouse - 9 years ago
2004acurarsx - 9 years ago
lynnhaven inlet?
Nehat Krasniqi
Nehat Krasniqi - 9 years ago
Amazing set up awesome work and a piece of art
silkcitykid1 - 9 years ago
Hey great work. Are you fishing in salt water? Wouldn't that ruin your motor
Lowegy - 9 years ago
@Chris, I built it from scape aluminum I purchased from a metal recycling yard.
Chris Marshall
Chris Marshall - 9 years ago
not canoe kayak. Im a boy scout sorry
Chris Marshall
Chris Marshall - 9 years ago
Lowegy, Where did you get the plate you need to mount onto the canoe so you can mount the motor?
Lowegy - 9 years ago
Ronen, I purchased the knob from Radio Shack. I took the speed controller to the store to make sure it will fit properly. I think it's pretty standard knob so it should fit yours. Go to the their website and search for 274-407 Hexagonal Control Knob.
jmblakeney1 - 9 years ago
Awesome video! Did you redo any of the wiring or just extend the existing wiring?
Louie IV
Louie IV - 9 years ago
i have a prowler 11. think i could pimp it out so to speak with a motor / if so how much u think it would run me? any info would be much appreciated :)
warren james hirsch
warren james hirsch - 9 years ago
Well done on your mountink. I has give mean ID how to mount one on my kayak. best of luck with your fishing.
Lowegy - 9 years ago
@deputy 1040, thanks and good luck with your setup.
Doug Jeffries
Doug Jeffries - 9 years ago
Thanks for posting! I have a jackson coosa that I am considering motorizing. Would you do anything differently if you had it to do over? Thanks!
junk8punk - 9 years ago
Congrats on your pimp-up kayak. Very nicely done with the foot steering control.
BOSS MAN - 10 years ago
great set up, I cant wait to set up my kayak, I just bought the motor the other day.

50. comment for Kayak Trolling Motor

Lowegy - 10 years ago
Good to hear from you Rudy. I enjoy your videos too. Next time I'm in San Fran, I will look you up.
noezzi - 10 years ago
Do you get problems from the marine sherriffs or coast guard? Do they still consider it a "powerless" vessel?. Great vid BTW
Dan Bridgers
Dan Bridgers - 10 years ago
Hello, What did you use for the controlling of forward reverse speed? Didnt see that on the parts list. Thanks, Dan
Joe Tactical
Joe Tactical - 10 years ago
I'm looking to do a small lake kayak with a motor like this. How long with the power last? I will be using a heavy duty marine power source. I know it is hard to say but I have never used these motors before and I can only guess. I would like to be able to use it for 3-6 hours at a time. I only want it to go as fast as a person paddling goes. If need be I can hook up a solor panel to help charge as I go. Thanks for sharing this video.
Lex Lidisky
Lex Lidisky - 10 years ago
What battery are you using?
RUDYAKAHALIBU77 - 10 years ago
GGGGGGGreat job buddy I want to put one on mine , I hope I get a good (( TAX RETURN )) this year : ) Thanks for that nice video see you on the water.
Bill Rogers
Bill Rogers - 10 years ago
ROFL... great setup... I like the beer can with the "safety" koozie at about 4:45... but EXCELLENT setup!
Rondell Patrick
Rondell Patrick - 10 years ago
Very Nice! How long did it take to complete the process? I may attempt to modify my trolling motor after watching your video. Big Thanks!
Tina Andersen
Tina Andersen - 10 years ago
Have you considered making a kit available to the public? If you are interested, I am interested in marketing it. We have the resources needed. Please contact Mark at Been There Caught That in Santa Maria, California
G Smith kayak angling
G Smith kayak angling - 10 years ago
nice bit of work ,looks well . have fun.
Ron Belote
Ron Belote - 10 years ago
Nice setup .Thanks for sharing !
aljotock - 10 years ago
What a guy! Thinking outside of the box, very neat!
Lowegy - 10 years ago
@Kevinthekiller82, with 120amp hr battery, runtime is about 5-8 hrs depending on speed and use.
KevinFish556 - 10 years ago
Great work. What is the run time?
Gary Carter
Gary Carter - 11 years ago
Nice setup, rear mount is the only way togo, you look like you get good speed. One day I have to post my setup on youtube, I just made it look very clean.
Lowegy - 11 years ago
@cragcrawler, yes I pulled the throttle off the head, extended the cables and installed the electronics into a small waterproof pelican case. I also shorted the shaft, capped the top, and sealed the top with plastic heat shrink tube.
Marcus Burt
Marcus Burt - 11 years ago
Did you just pull the head and handle off and wire to a control box?

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