Kayak Whale

A video that I found. Watch. Also my first uploaded video, yay! Obviously uploaded many times before, but I felt like uploading something.

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A video that I found. Watch. Also my first uploaded video, yay! Obviously uploaded many times before, but I felt like uploading something.

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info145 - 11 years ago
Is he speaking japanese?
Christopher Panetta
Christopher Panetta - 11 years ago
that guy must have been panicking super hard lol
Troy Spencer
Troy Spencer - 13 years ago
It is a fake. made for a korean powerade commercial.
Taryn Betz
Taryn Betz - 13 years ago
ouch xD
startvideonow - 13 years ago
Nada Noordino
Nada Noordino - 13 years ago
i hate u dave duperman
Dman Crusader
Dman Crusader - 14 years ago
You could survive this, but the heart attack, I don't know.
Grommo - 14 years ago
But of the more than 100 million people who the seen the clip, only a fraction of a percentage know it's fake. So most viewers assume Orcas are dangerous creatures that attack kayaks and humans for no reason. Orcas have been shot at and this clip has been used in defence. "but they attack people in kayaks so we're getting some payback etc"
Ezequiel Cabrera
Ezequiel Cabrera - 14 years ago
The video of the killer whale jumping over the kayak is fake. Its part of a Korean commercial for Powerade. The producer of the commercial took fotage from the documentary "Lolita: slave to enterteinment" and digitally added the kayaks...

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Norsk - 15 years ago
Well, Free Willy/Keiko just wanted to play with humans again ;-)
dpcnull - 15 years ago
Lmao what's the guy saying after the whales hits?? Sounded like this: Ahhaa! Ahhaaahaaa! HAHAHA!
Johnson Rice
Johnson Rice - 15 years ago
Yes, yes it's fake and from a commercial...

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