Kayak fisherman fights off aggresive hammerhead shark!!! (full video)

So my day started out like every other weekend. Out on the water, searching for halibut, and possibly a WSB still hanging around the area. Never found any. Did see a school of bonito so I was trolling for them at the time when all of this madness began. At 1:03 in the video I felt a bump to the back of my kayak and you notice I turn to see what it was. Saw nothing so I looked right. Nothing. Then felt the bump again and turned back to the left to see this hammerhead who looked like he meant business. He hits my kayak 1 more time, which you can clearly see, and thats when I decided I needed to do something about the situation. I knew that the only way I was gonna be in real danger was if I was in the water. And I also knew as long as the shark didn't hit my kayak anymore, there's no way I would be in the water. So I chose to use my paddle to keep him away from my kayak. I had other options. There was a 3" knife in the compartment right next to me. And a rather oversized gaff with a 3 foot handle right behind me. Both of which I considered during the event but I preferred to not seriously hurt the shark if I didn't have to. Theres a lot of people going around saying pretty awful things about this, and I know thats what half of the people online use the internet for anyways, but please save your words for someone who deserves them. Or don't say them at all. Theres more than enough hate in this world already. I was close to a mile from any help and by myself with no boats in the area. If I had been knocked in the water and was splashing around, theres a great chance the shark would have come up and bit me to see if I was food. One good bite from those teeth, that far away from any help, I almost surely would have bled out. So I did what I felt necessary to defend myself. Please don't come on here and tell me how I shouldn't have been in their natural environment. This planet belongs to every living thing on it and we all have the right to go wherever we want. Except maybe not North Korea. I wouldn't recommend that. If we aren't allowed in a predators natural environment then we better all pack up and move into outer space. Because every square inch of this planet is a predators natural environment. Don't tell me hammerheads are mellow and it wouldn't hurt me. Every animal, just like every human, is different. This is a shark that has NEVER, in the 30 years I've lived in this area, been seen here. So who knows what is going through its head. And I didn't wanna find out. I'm just glad that both myself and the shark got out of this with no permanent damage. And yes, I'll probably be back out there fishing in the near future. The ocean is a wild place where wild things can happen. Its a risk you need to accept before you enter the waters. But more importantly, be prepared for. Never assume things are gonna go the way you expect out there because your plans can be changed at any minute. We must respect the ocean and share the ocean. Its not ours. Its not theirs. Its all of ours and we all depend on its health for our survival. To use this video in a commercial player or broadcast, please email licensing@storyful.com.

Kayak fisherman fights off aggresive hammerhead shark!!! (full video) sentiment_very_dissatisfied 436

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So my day started out like every other weekend. Out on the water, searching for halibut, and possibly a WSB still hanging around the area. Never found any. Did see a school of bonito so I was trolling for them at the time when all of this madness began. At 1:03 in the video I felt a bump to the back of my kayak and you notice I turn to see what it was. Saw nothing so I looked right. Nothing. Then felt the bump again and turned back to the left to see this hammerhead who looked like he meant business. He hits my kayak 1 more time, which you can clearly see, and thats when I decided I needed to do something about the situation. I knew that the only way I was gonna be in real danger was if I was in the water. And I also knew as long as the shark didn't hit my kayak anymore, there's no way I would be in the water. So I chose to use my paddle to keep him away from my kayak. I had other options. There was a 3" knife in the compartment right next to me. And a rather oversized gaff with a 3 foot handle right behind me. Both of which I considered during the event but I preferred to not seriously hurt the shark if I didn't have to. Theres a lot of people going around saying pretty awful things about this, and I know thats what half of the people online use the internet for anyways, but please save your words for someone who deserves them. Or don't say them at all. Theres more than enough hate in this world already. I was close to a mile from any help and by myself with no boats in the area. If I had been knocked in the water and was splashing around, theres a great chance the shark would have come up and bit me to see if I was food. One good bite from those teeth, that far away from any help, I almost surely would have bled out. So I did what I felt necessary to defend myself. Please don't come on here and tell me how I shouldn't have been in their natural environment. This planet belongs to every living thing on it and we all have the right to go wherever we want. Except maybe not North Korea. I wouldn't recommend that. If we aren't allowed in a predators natural environment then we better all pack up and move into outer space. Because every square inch of this planet is a predators natural environment. Don't tell me hammerheads are mellow and it wouldn't hurt me. Every animal, just like every human, is different. This is a shark that has NEVER, in the 30 years I've lived in this area, been seen here. So who knows what is going through its head. And I didn't wanna find out. I'm just glad that both myself and the shark got out of this with no permanent damage. And yes, I'll probably be back out there fishing in the near future. The ocean is a wild place where wild things can happen. Its a risk you need to accept before you enter the waters. But more importantly, be prepared for. Never assume things are gonna go the way you expect out there because your plans can be changed at any minute. We must respect the ocean and share the ocean. Its not ours. Its not theirs. Its all of ours and we all depend on its health for our survival. To use this video in a commercial player or broadcast, please email licensing@storyful.com.

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for Kayak fisherman fights off aggresive hammerhead shark!!! (full video)

Dennis Newton
Dennis Newton - 4 years ago
Where are you kayaking at off what Coast?
Endy Eater of Donuts Wolf
Endy Eater of Donuts Wolf - 4 years ago
That shark was so f--king persistent
Jenn L
Jenn L - 4 years ago
This video needs the Jaws sound track ;)
Dan Dan
Dan Dan - 4 years ago
I fail to see aggressive but I'm not spending my time watching a 15 minute video so could happen, think the word here is you was scared and didn't want to get bit, I would never be in anything other than a boat with 2 decks in water deeper than 5 metres wouldn't want to look foolish lol
janet arango
janet arango - 4 years ago
beautiful beach
Rachael Thompson
Rachael Thompson - 4 years ago
I would have used the gaff (hard and alot) your a better person then me :)
Sigmund Q Freud
Sigmund Q Freud - 4 years ago
Next time just scoop him and eat him.
Sigmund Q Freud
Sigmund Q Freud - 4 years ago
Sigmund Q Freud
Sigmund Q Freud - 4 years ago

10. comment for Kayak fisherman fights off aggresive hammerhead shark!!! (full video)

Sigmund Q Freud
Sigmund Q Freud - 4 years ago
Pipe bombs and implosions, YOU ARE NOT PREPARED.
Sueann Woods
Sueann Woods - 4 years ago
That little shit wouldn’t leave you alone
Carolyn H.
Carolyn H. - 4 years ago
Pretty aggressive!
ki stephen
ki stephen - 4 years ago
That description was the best thing I've seen in awhile
DungTrumpet - 4 years ago
You lucky son, lucky that wasn't a 20ft white
David Tremblay
David Tremblay - 4 years ago
Not going to tell you that you shouldn't do what you did but I am going to tell you that when you post videos you should indicate where you were located. Jesus.
twes619 - 4 years ago
Where was this? San Diego?
twes619 - 4 years ago
Mr. Markus Wow, glad you're safe. I would've done the same. Anybody who complains would act completely different if they experienced that situation.That is truly a fight for your life, kill or be killed moment, stay safe out there.
Mr. Markus
Mr. Markus - 4 years ago
twes619 Half hour north of Santa Barbara. Gaviota state beach.
Lara Ginniff
Lara Ginniff - 4 years ago
Yo why the fuck are you hitting it first that is shark abuse and second your just gonna make it angry
Philip J Fry
Philip J Fry - 4 years ago
Lara Ginniff If you were in the situation would you just let the shark tip over the boat, which it was trying to do?
Jodie Stempel
Jodie Stempel - 4 years ago
Can someone tell me where this happened?
Mr. Markus
Mr. Markus - 4 years ago
Jodie Stempel Gaviota state beach. Like a half hour north of Santa Barbara, Ca.
nope - 4 years ago
GO sharky GO

20. comment for Kayak fisherman fights off aggresive hammerhead shark!!! (full video)

Tim Murphy
Tim Murphy - 4 years ago
Weird. That was unusual behavior. I seriously wonder if that shark had some sort of brain disease or chemical imbalance. One tough little shark, though. He took a major beating and kept coming.
Optimum Services
Optimum Services - 4 years ago
I know this is a couple years old but just wanted to ask. I don't know that much about sharks but I thought hammerheads are generally docile if memory serves me right? That was far from docile!
Brandon Bellino
Brandon Bellino - 4 years ago
Wonder what his plan was if he had dropped the paddle or the shark bit it and ripped it away lol. Talk about being up shit creek without a paddle! Either get eaten by a shark or drift out to sea without a paddle.
Terrestrial_Bullitt_5373N - 4 years ago
Ninja vs street sweeper
Diana Herron
Diana Herron - 4 years ago
Come get me now buddy!!! Lol. That shark was a real asshole
Diana Herron
Diana Herron - 4 years ago
I think I would have peed a little bit
Slugger_12 - 4 years ago
The shark whisperer!!!! Dang that looked intense!
Slim King
Slim King - 4 years ago
The shark didn’t get the memo
Luis Alfredo
Luis Alfredo - 4 years ago
I bet the shark uploaded a video too "Hammerhead fights off aggressive jerk in Kayak. Full video"
NA NA - 4 years ago
FACT: Buy a HIGH PERICING noise machine! Excessive noise usually does the trick! OR 2 drops of shark pheromone repellent! (that scares ALL sharks within 3 miles of you! You will literally see it flailing about faster than a speeding bullet to get the heck out of there!

30. comment for Kayak fisherman fights off aggresive hammerhead shark!!! (full video)

NA NA - 4 years ago
FACT: That hammerhead LOVES a challenge and enjoys food that is stubborn! He followed you ass for 13 solid minutes! You are very lucky that he did not take a bit of your canoe! He could have easily sliced it in half or dragged it under water! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that had been a Great White, they attack from underneath and head straight up for a huge bite!
Mike P
Mike P - 4 years ago
Shit gob of hammerhead sharks in shore and offshore that season.
Bob Cogswell
Bob Cogswell - 4 years ago
Another reason to carry hand grenades when kayaking.
Kaito Kid
Kaito Kid - 4 years ago
The showdown starts at 1:07
Bethany Beebe
Bethany Beebe - 4 years ago
You should change the color of your kayak because sharks like that color!
Bethany Beebe
Bethany Beebe - 4 years ago
NA NA i wouldn't put poison on it
NA NA - 4 years ago
Get a black and white zipper pattern underside canoe! NEW research shows that sharks might not find it to be tasty! Coat a Sticky poison on the underside before you head out to sea!
michaelwni - 4 years ago
... and, this is why in don't kayak in the open ocean
Cathy Baldry
Cathy Baldry - 4 years ago
Who the F goes that far out in the ocean on a kayak and like seriously? Are you missing a few logical brain cells safety first
Nizar Labidi
Nizar Labidi - 4 years ago
That was a good workout! love it.
BOOGERMAN Haro - 4 years ago
The shark probably thought the kayak was a retarded duck
Jonni Morgan
Jonni Morgan - 4 years ago
Well said. Perfectly put words. Enjoyed the video. Glad everyone (you and shark) are okay.
Thomas Nolder
Thomas Nolder - 4 years ago
The real reason that shark was attacking is because it is starving... The ecosystem is altered, read, dead,,,, Dead from all of the radioactive pollution from the clean power of Fukashima... Yes, I said clean power... Is that not the way that load of crap was sold to all of us on this planet.... Clean!!! Too cheap to meter... Environmentally responsible... Renewable... Yes that shark is starving... Same as the attacks from sea lions, for they too are starving.... The Great Pacific Ocean is dead... The salmon are in total collapse... There are barely any star fish found... Sea urchins sick and dying... The tide pools are empty of life... Yes, that shark was hungry... So much so it was attacking anything it could see....
bmw295 - 4 years ago
Jesus, where's flipper when you need him?
jeebiss jeebiss
jeebiss jeebiss - 4 years ago
the kayak, he hates the kayak. get away from the kayak!
ADEBISI ADEBISI - 4 years ago
That shark could just smell the bitch in dude.
ADEBISI ADEBISI - 4 years ago
My favorite part of the vid was 10 minutes of paddling to shore..... dislike.
fornicateu2 - 4 years ago
"We're gonna need a bigger boat" is what R.Dreyfuss said, it remains true to this day if you're going to put to sea, those plastic skiffs are for running parallel to shore no more than thirty foot out.
Hal Heywood
Hal Heywood - 4 years ago
Hal Heywood
Hal Heywood - 4 years ago
Glad u r done . Wise choice
Hugo Campos
Hugo Campos - 4 years ago
Bueno donde estoy no hay mar y por lo tanto menos tiburones pero dese que vi este video y cuando valla al mar me llevo petardos grandes creería que lo tiene que espantar al reventar en el agua .
J Day
J Day - 4 years ago
Persitant sucker!!DON'T LOSE THE PADDLE!!
davow8 - 4 years ago
Thanks for this post. I regularly ocean kayak and people often ask me about shark encounters. I have not had an experience like yours and don't really want to, although yours is a good outcome. One has to wonder why the shark was so aggressive. Did you use a fish attractant or have fish on-board which may have attracted it?
Some people say sharks have good memories and hold a grudge. Maybe it had been treated badly by another yellow kayaker!

50. comment for Kayak fisherman fights off aggresive hammerhead shark!!! (full video)

Charles Rablin
Charles Rablin - 4 years ago
Amazing stuff. Is that what hammer head sharks do, go around bumping things
Getthefuckoffmylawn - 4 years ago
That must have felt good getting your feet on the sand.
Lebheart - 4 years ago
04:41 He does not like me at all, Oh he does a lot (yummy meal). Glad you made it though.
Bert Sonder
Bert Sonder - 4 years ago
Is it legal to kill threatening shark?
NA NA - 4 years ago
IF you feel in danger, you can protect yourself by any means! Gouge out an eye or damage the gill and the shark should back off! OR bring bloody fish , stab it and then toss it far from canoe, so he goes after that instead!
Bill Murray
Bill Murray - 4 years ago
From the movie JAWS-You ever have one do this before...No!
Ehh, What's up Doc?
Ehh, What's up Doc? - 4 years ago
That was a loan shark, coming after his money.
Stanger In the wild
Stanger In the wild - 4 years ago
Shark “looks like some land food”
Operation Bugs
Operation Bugs - 4 years ago
Puts their speed into perspective. Every documentary shows sharks just casually swimming. Almost floating. But god damn I honestly didn’t know they were even half that fast!
TheKawasakikid1 - 4 years ago
Lucky it was a small one.
James Pollock
James Pollock - 4 years ago
Practically a minnow, all of 4 feet long.
Spuddy290 - 4 years ago
I heard that if ur in the water qith a shark and its attacking u, u need to pull its gills and punch it in the nose
kphfun1 - 4 years ago
Only way that happens is if it's already latched on to you, come on..
Spuddy290 - 4 years ago
U can beat a shark to death probably
Jerry Metz
Jerry Metz - 4 years ago
land!I love land!
Aqw aq
Aqw aq - 4 years ago
Perhaps the guy was on his period
lukey tavares
lukey tavares - 4 years ago
Micol Zanettin
Micol Zanettin - 4 years ago
Where were you?
Sean Seaman
Sean Seaman - 4 years ago
Amazing movie my man, and description, thank you for sharing both, don't ever think for a second you need to defend a single thing you did, or didn't do in that entire video, 99% of the shit talkers woulda had the knife in 1 hand gaff in the other, frantically swinging both arms in every direction the othet 1% would a instantly shit themselves, tipping the kayak and died of fear before the shark even got to em.. Amazing stuff bro, I was blown away at how stubbornly he just kept comin back.. id have thought the first good oar thwack would have snapped him out of his interest, whether it was curiosity driven, or starvation, or just a asshole shark,, but it seemed tp intrigue him more!!!! Fascinating stuff, glad you ended up whole man.. he deffinetly meant business. Wow
Sean Seaman
Sean Seaman - 4 years ago
If It was I, comment section would look vastly different: "Hey, 2 things, #1- you seem to be alone, then where is the teenage girl heard screeming @ 01:03 And not letting up or breathing thru around the 15:57 mark? she ok?"
#2- is that Shit we see filling your kayak starting around the 01:03 mark,, overflowing around the same time Shark finally gave up and dipped, but appearing to continue cascading into the blue sea right up until, looks like the 15:57 time"?
There's more mysteries to unlock in this video than in the Zapruder Film!!!! I mean, it had it all...
A Mystery Young Girl who stays out of the shot, who apparently can survive without oxygen for at least 15 minutes, I hate to speculate, but anyone else thinking Young Mermaid?. Maybe came to offer her aid by attempting to exploding the Sharks head with that un-humanly high decibel scream using some kinda mermaid sorcery!?!?!
Or maybe we misread her entire reason for being there..., maybe she's on Team Hammerhead!? And her audible attack was directed at the guy! Like its some kinda Mermaid Brown Note to humans, which lead to his bowels unloading everything in him except for his bones!!..
That would explain the Fascinating Fecal Event Witnessed!!!!!!
But I'm just throwing darts in the dark here..
We eagerly await your response sir!!!!
Come on mermaid bowel attack!!!!!!
adam vesely
adam vesely - 4 years ago
I think it was trying to play with you, but - then you started hitting it and stuff....
thei thei
thei thei - 4 years ago
im so happy your okay.... great video
Chester Finecat
Chester Finecat - 4 years ago
Rooting for the shark. Really hoped he'd breach and chomp chomp chomp a thigh meat dainty.
Autumn Berlin
Autumn Berlin - 4 years ago
I'm not trying to be rude. This is an honest question! WHY do people deep sea fish in a kayak?????
Jiu Jitsu Dweeb
Jiu Jitsu Dweeb - 4 years ago
Wooden paddles would come in handy
Wutangkilla1 - 4 years ago
If you can swim in a foot of water so can they
Wutangkilla1 - 4 years ago
Suppose that y they call them hammerheads?
Wutangkilla1 - 4 years ago
I’d of panicked fell in got in the foetal position and been eaten on POV
Wutangkilla1 - 4 years ago
If he was swimming he’d be dead and never found
hansi98 - 4 years ago
does he not learn from getting punched in the head?
Potent Onslaught
Potent Onslaught - 4 years ago
These people aren't smart
carakara - 4 years ago
"He's not leaving, he's still here." Good example of humans not knowing their place in nature.
Ted Kyzenski
Ted Kyzenski - 4 years ago
That fucking hammerhead was on meth.
Dick Sherman
Dick Sherman - 4 years ago
Super cool to watch (and probably to look back on) but musta been real scary. I love sharks but no reason to put up with their shit. Awesome video
Build The Wall With Liberals
Build The Wall With Liberals - 4 years ago
drudown____tv - 4 years ago
I find it humorous that comments largely seek to exculpate the shark ("it was attracted to the color of the boat") or otherwise "explain away the behavior." Here, the shark was trying to "get at the edible items on the boat," e.g., any fish caught, baitfish or (gulp.) the fisherman.

Sharks are dangerous, opportunistic predators; they are GENERALIST feeders. They don't attack people "because of mistaken identity" because we've (literally) shared the oceans with them since before Homo erectus "kayaked" all the way to Java over 2,000,000 years ago. There's ZERO scientific evidence for "mistaken identity" theory which is, by definition, speculative conjecture- not provable science. This video is just EVIDENCE of "what sharks really are" vs. sanitized public image by "experts" trying to "save them" by imputing innocent intentions when they engage in human predation. I see that as unnecessary as dispassionately understanding them and conservation aren't mutually exclusive.

 Great vid.
alidaygo619 - 4 years ago
If that was a great white this video would have never been seen lol
Mike McLaren
Mike McLaren - 4 years ago
Probably just another sign our seas are being over fished.....thew shark was hungry
LKNANML - 4 years ago
I think you were wrong. He REALLY liked you.
Man that guy was all about going toe to ahh fin? with you. Both of you ended up with a good story. One time this hammer head...... and One time this giant yellow something and I..........
the slickmau5
the slickmau5 - 4 years ago
Do not watch if you're stoned
blab bike
blab bike - 4 years ago
Parecías masoca. En vez de seguir remando hacia la orilla , te parabas a provocarle ..
Evan Thomas
Evan Thomas - 4 years ago
man you are brave to be out there fishing. that stretch of coast is Great White territory. Where do you launch the kayak from? Gaviota pier?
Mr. Markus
Mr. Markus - 4 years ago
Evan Thomas it does get a little creepy sometimes. I’m sure you get that feeling occasionally when you’re surfing. Where it just feels even sharkier than usual. And I don’t go fish alone anymore after this. Craziest part to me was that it was a hammerhead. I’ve lived on the central coast my entire life and never heard of one of them in the area. I’m always looking for white sharks and then this little bastard showed up.
Evan Thomas
Evan Thomas - 4 years ago
I agree with you. I'm a surfer and surf naples all the time. But something about being that far from shore, alone in a kayak freaks me out!
Mr. Markus
Mr. Markus - 4 years ago
Evan Thomas Yeah Gaviota. It’s definitely sharky out there but sharks aren’t really out there hunting humans. I just look at it like we put ourselves in much more dangerous situations daily(like driving a car) so I’m willing to accept the chance of some sketchy situations happening, to fish the area. Maybe I’m an idiot. Haha. But it can be an incredible fishery.
gary blais
gary blais - 4 years ago
Of course the Sharks still there. Your in HIS territory and you deserve what you got. Don't blame the shark blame yourself for even being there. And be glad it wasn't a Great White. Because this film footage wouldn't even be here!
Harun The wisest
Harun The wisest - 4 years ago
If I'm going kayaking I'll make sure I have my spear with me
Gabriel Moscatel
Gabriel Moscatel - 4 years ago
Should be starving... Even with these hits, the shark does not go away... Wow! Good for you, great fight!
Scott Junner
Scott Junner - 4 years ago
Priceless "Ner Ner Ni Ner Ner, You can't get me" moment when he gets to the beach. I'm a tough guy on land too.
maximusdarkultima - 4 years ago
yandere shark: itai! itai! yamete! kayaker sama! i-it's not like I wanted to eat you or anything! B-baka!
garystilwelltv - 4 years ago
HI, there. With your permission, we would like to feature your video with a credit on weather.com. Please let me know if that would be OK. Gary Stilwell | Assignment Editor
Paul Suarez
Paul Suarez - 4 years ago
I think he just wants to play.
Karen Radetich
Karen Radetich - 4 years ago
Maybe yellow to this shark is like red to a bull. I took scuba lessons & when we got to sharks, barracuda (I met one face to face) & decompression I dropped the class. I did dive once though the water was so murky I couldn't see my hands. I found out I'm claustrophobic too.
Grayson M.
Grayson M. - 4 years ago
Dude that's hardcore
Kim JongUn
Kim JongUn - 4 years ago
And that's why you carry a gun :P

100. comment for Kayak fisherman fights off aggresive hammerhead shark!!! (full video)

Daniel Castaneda
Daniel Castaneda - 4 years ago
Shark: OMFG it's the guy from YouTube!!! Hey man I'm your biggest fan I watch all your videos and stuff

Amelia Reagan Wright
Amelia Reagan Wright - 4 years ago
Only idiots fish at dusk and dawn. This idiot was fishing at dusk.
JOHN PUBLIC - 4 years ago
Wow, that Shark was Fast! Was there just one or two sharks? Was there anyone, shore patrol, police, that you could have reported this Agressive Shark to, so other Beach Splash Bathers that might come along, would not be bitten, harmed or killed? Glad you survived and Thanks for Sharing! (still would not have been too worried about the sharks health, even with a 3" knife in the boat!)
MrBungle222 - 4 years ago
You got no vest man?
dfsdfsdf sdfsdfsd
dfsdfsdf sdfsdfsd - 4 years ago
you must take a 3m iron spear
Evniki Alezandria
Evniki Alezandria - 4 years ago
McCracken? More like the Cracken (Been watching POTC trilogy, do excuse me).
dogfish ale
dogfish ale - 4 years ago
life or death baby.....god bless bro
Isaac Sanchez
Isaac Sanchez - 4 years ago
Handled very well
jean billy
jean billy - 4 years ago
U r awesome
VintageSteelo - 4 years ago
Where did this happen?
Andy Web
Andy Web - 4 years ago
where were you ?
Andy Web
Andy Web - 4 years ago
Flat earthers talk some shite! You can clearly see the curve of the earth in this video !
Pelag Icide
Pelag Icide - 4 years ago
The shark equivalent of road rage, lol!
Inao Masaki
Inao Masaki - 4 years ago
you're so brave omg!
tamakikawaii - 4 years ago
The shark was so persistent, it wanted to eat you so bad. Nice description and don't listen to haters, you had to do what you had to do.
Jerry VanNuys
Jerry VanNuys - 4 years ago
Time to cut bait and fucking row!
tagryn - 4 years ago
Mark - intense video. So, did you have to walk/drag the kayak along the shore to wherever you parked, or did you wait a bit and get back in to the water?
Adam Smith
Adam Smith - 4 years ago
Y man, y? ;-;
Adam Smith
Adam Smith - 4 years ago
Y u hurt sharky
MrFredSed - 4 years ago
If he got eat, the newspaper headline would be "McCracken fights the Kraken!!!"

I'll get my coat... :-)
MrFredSed - 4 years ago
You're gonna need a bigger oar! :-)
Neddskorg - 4 years ago
Pretty aggressive hammerhead your lucky it wasn't a bronze whaler Ive seen those breach over 7 feet.
GpD79 - 4 years ago
Can anyone explain the behavior of the hammerhead?
tohtoriTurvotus - 4 years ago
You're gonna need a bigger boat.
Dingus - 4 years ago
yeaaa......fuuuuuuuuck that!
Anon 3303
Anon 3303 - 4 years ago
Let's bait some people with a weakass bait.

The people who defend the shark are weak and dumb. Please don't breed we don't need weakass genes in our species gene pool. Survival of fittest and you lots are at the bottom.

I wonder if anyone would seriously take this bait comment. Left a little for Grammar Nazis too.
Shay Vidas
Shay Vidas - 4 years ago
that was a bonnetheads hammerhead, it was harmless to you,
you violatly attacked it,
the only animal here is you.

the only hammerhead you should be scared of is the great hammerhead, 3 times the size, and he wouldn't let you hit him like that....
xavi montasell
xavi montasell - 4 years ago
M8 that was a hammerhead it woukdnt do anything to you
KorianBossMonster - 4 years ago
Someone took your video dude and it's trending
Samuel Witt
Samuel Witt - 4 years ago
Mark, did you give permission to some youtube channel called Iboiv001 to upload a cut version of your video? Just asking.
robby tm
robby tm - 4 years ago
Hey mark lboiv001 also posted this video, with 2.1 million hits on it. He your buddy?
Per Normann
Per Normann - 4 years ago
Id never dare running the risk of losing/busting my paddle like this dude is.
CrystalDeath by generalfire
CrystalDeath by generalfire - 4 years ago
Not sure if you know that but hammerhead sharks don't attack humans, or anything nearly bigger then their selfes. You could have easily kept on fishing but would probably have got no reward due to the shark getting your fish first. They don't attack you, they wanna play xD or he took acid
SgtMichalek - 4 years ago
Someone stole ur vid
LUNATEK CC - 4 years ago
Aww man, if only you had a hammer with you. Missed opportunity for some proper Irony
wilsonchubacca - 4 years ago
Toss a couple of m80 fire crackers in the water, it'll go away. FAST.
Ronace - 4 years ago
I should have watched this instead of The Shallows Movie :3
FritzJR - 4 years ago
Finn pops up Cue Jaws music
pro builder
pro builder - 4 years ago
If I ever got a kayak I would make it sky color. Just out of hopes I couldn't be seen so easy.
Not You
Not You - 4 years ago
The shark was worshipping you. Your last name is McCracken
Sar Axles
Sar Axles - 5 years ago
Dude, you stayed calm the entire time, fuck me. I think I would have shat myself. Twice.
Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez - 5 years ago
Where is it?
CharleeCharlie - 5 years ago
this guy is in the smallest planet ever, look at the curvature on that horizon!
Ct Tv
Ct Tv - 5 years ago
That was still a baby hammerhead it was about 5 feet long it just wanted one of those fishes you catched. It's retarded to hit it, a grown hammerhead is about 17 ft I bet you wouldn't have hit one of that size you moron! K am pretty sure you only hit to get views on youtube!
OcRefrigeration,Hvac & Electrical.
OcRefrigeration,Hvac & Electrical. - 5 years ago
He definately had it in for you. You must have stole his lunch. Or was leaking blood into the water from fish bucket. Where was this ? , so i dont go kayak fishing there. Hammerheads , i thought they were passive. I guess not ! Confirmed here !
Javier Correa
Javier Correa - 5 years ago
Someone reposted your video.
Jeff - 5 years ago
Some guy stole your vid BTW should probably claim it
NickTheKnight - 5 years ago
windex - 5 years ago
It wanted to be your friend
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer - 5 years ago
Dude... never again?
Omar Soto
Omar Soto - 5 years ago
the most interesting man in the world
clivedamagedgoods - 5 years ago
Water pupper just wants to be best bitey buddies.
TeacherTeacher - 5 years ago
Fishing in the ocean in a kayak, really? Why don't they just use a metal garbage can lid? Bunch of idiots.
Chris Evil
Chris Evil - 5 years ago
Someone hand this guy a spear.
The Cake Glutton
The Cake Glutton - 5 years ago
Most impressive thing for me is your composure, I would be sweating at the animal non stop :D hats off for making it through
Josh Green
Josh Green - 5 years ago
Mark you lived???
Baker W.
Baker W. - 5 years ago
Jeff Schulte
Jeff Schulte - 5 years ago
Quite a conversation starter.. "yeah I fought off a shark from a kayak using only my paddle, and I have a video to prove it"
tan da
tan da - 5 years ago
Iboiv001 stole the clip of you hitting the shark and now he has 2 million views on it. He even monetizess it because i saw an ad. Pls DMCA report him as he is clearly stealing your livelyhood.
TYGR115 - 5 years ago
Nerves of steel...
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson - 5 years ago
Dude just fought 2 sharks in a kayak with nothing but a paddle!?

The real question is how do you walk around without tripping over your dick?
Keelan S
Keelan S - 5 years ago
well shit
Opia - 5 years ago
Shark then leaves saying "ITS JUST A PRANK BRO CHILL!"
Invigorate - 5 years ago
Hey dude, some asshole stole your vid and is now getting money from your effort!
notyur bizns
notyur bizns - 5 years ago
That's like straight out of a horror film. He's literally being stalked all the way to shore by this huge shark.
bekindrewind - 5 years ago
I'd be scared as fuck if that thing leapt out of the water and lunged at me. Fuck, can you imagine?
Xergio Antonio
Xergio Antonio - 5 years ago
Please someone add jaws theme song to this
Gareth White
Gareth White - 5 years ago
Someone is getting millions of views from your stolen video.
Jay K
Jay K - 5 years ago
Isn't this that movie with blake lively
Pig Miami
Pig Miami - 5 years ago
What country is this in?
Mauricio Marioni
Mauricio Marioni - 5 years ago
What a beautiful place
Johnny Bickle
Johnny Bickle - 5 years ago
Damn man stop hitting the Hammerhead , he's just checking you out , he cannot get you.
Thenaturalstyles - 5 years ago
I guess some people expect you to. Play the role of a baby seal and just get eaten.

I say each species gets to use the tools they are given.

Humans were given a brain that learned to build mini-guns.

You should have used a mini-gun on this shark.
Adam Rakers
Adam Rakers - 5 years ago
Whenever I hear people with that 'sharks are just misunderstood bullshit.' I show them this video.
Josephtfc - 5 years ago
Is because of the bright yellow
KiIowatt - 5 years ago
There's plenty of animals out there bigger than that kayak. Not the smartest move competing for fish with them.
laura - 5 years ago
this gave me so much anxiety rn imagine he would have lost his paddle omg
supaH - 5 years ago
then he drops the camera
don't 'let your Dreams be dreams
don't 'let your Dreams be dreams - 5 years ago
the graphic looks so realistic i wanna know the title of this survival game..
Cultureless - 5 years ago
Lol no is funny
Xavier McKnight
Xavier McKnight - 5 years ago
The description ...."Except maybe not north Korea" lol
runway heading
runway heading - 5 years ago
You did the right thing. Don't listen to the simple, brain dead jags whose future is written! That shark was no worse for the wear. Good call and way to stay calm!
Maulana Winata
Maulana Winata - 5 years ago
This is why you need to watch more Spongebob
Vick Vinegar
Vick Vinegar - 5 years ago
I'm pretty sure that shark thinks he slept with his girlfriend.
Derek Smith
Derek Smith - 5 years ago
do that to a great white
PuzzleGuy - 5 years ago
[MARK] There's a shark in the water!!
[People] Lol it's not funny anymore
[MARK] No srsly there IS a shark in the water...
Akshar Joshi
Akshar Joshi - 5 years ago
I wish my ex-girlfriend was as passionate to have me.
Akshar Joshi
Akshar Joshi - 5 years ago
I'm going with some canon balls if I ever were to go out into a situation like this.
H3AD - 5 years ago
Time for me to kayak at my park mini pond then..
Phineas K. Douchenstein
Phineas K. Douchenstein - 5 years ago
>pursued by aggressive hammerhead

>c'mon bro!

Yeah, quick question. How did the sheer weight of your balls not sink your kayak?
Vintage Wood Workshop
Vintage Wood Workshop - 5 years ago
He was trying to tell you your paddle was upside down.
Video Games Devolution
Video Games Devolution - 5 years ago
14:29 that distance is fair enough for swimming
EM Sol
EM Sol - 5 years ago
No need to apologise for shaky hands! What an amazing video! You kept your cool - and got some super intense video. Thanks for sharing that close encounter. :-)
SAStampInk - 5 years ago
I saw part of your video posted on another channel and had to come here check out the rest and say Holy crap, glad you're ok. That was crazy!
iwbtssothy - 5 years ago
The shark may have had some personal issues, he looked pissed for some reason
Merry Melon
Merry Melon - 5 years ago
The guys like "FFS 5th one this week"
Austin and Jean
Austin and Jean - 5 years ago
Go ahead admit it, you crapped your pants just a little bit.
Smokin Bill Williams
Smokin Bill Williams - 5 years ago
Does anyone know where this happened
K It
K It - 5 years ago
You did the right thing. An oar is just a surprising tap to them. Good job. They have no emotion, no care. The mistake was being all alone so far out. That's too adventurous & risky.
samiamisme - 5 years ago
It's so fast!!! I mean you see them on shark week speeding along under water but at the surface it's insane! Way to keep your calm and not jabbering up a storm. Although, I'm sure I'd be squealing a bunch. And crying even more. Hope you had a bunch of beer after that.
Julian Steele
Julian Steele - 5 years ago
Even animals know how to troll now.
Ash W
Ash W - 5 years ago
Minecraft in Full HD
Steve fights shark while on acid
ypesquera - 5 years ago
not hating! ...but paddles break, and that would suck a mile offshore with a curious shark around. i think ur other options where better.
John Boley Jr.
John Boley Jr. - 5 years ago
So that was probably one hell of an adrenaline rush to come down from.
BluCat - 5 years ago
Favorited for the description alone.

Scrolling through comments... seeing lots of idiots and lots of wise, friendly people... either way man, what you did is incredible. Kudos for staying alive. :) And bonus points for showing it who's boss without seriously hurting it!
matteastwood87 - 5 years ago
i would have jumped in a masturbated it
hiheeledsneakers1 - 5 years ago
WTH? Did you trash talk its mother?
Mudd Inyori
Mudd Inyori - 5 years ago
I was on the edge of my seat., 15 minute chase., your lucky he wasn't bigger., if he was... he would've taken you out in a heartbeat., hammerhead are known to be aggressive towards human., attack and kill., yes there out there., do your research., if he hit you just right., knocked the kayak over you would have been killed. I would take that as a warning sign., next time you might not be so lucky!!!
just get a spear
2112 Bangkok
2112 Bangkok - 5 years ago
he's still back there because you still look delicious
Basspro fishing&building
Basspro fishing&building - 5 years ago
did you have a skeg on
Alexander G
Alexander G - 5 years ago
Awesome video dude, you kicked ass.
GENJI No I Don't Need Healing
GENJI No I Don't Need Healing - 5 years ago
impressive how fast a shark is
TheDuroProject - 5 years ago
Like the rabbit hunting the hunter....
t mi
t mi - 5 years ago
I think the shark loves you
Kryptnyt - 5 years ago
Poor creature didn't know what he was dealing with, probably thought you were just a giant tasty fish.
laurawgarts - 5 years ago
Where were you when this happened? Was this in the U.S. or someplace else? Scary stuff - glad you made it safely out!!!
Chance1957 - 5 years ago
Where was this filmed?
Jay Bee
Jay Bee - 5 years ago
Can a hammerhead even do anything? Looked more like he was just curious.
Eric Odenheimer
Eric Odenheimer - 5 years ago
What percent of all those jabs do you think actually hit him?
Robert - 5 years ago
omg...just leave the fucking kayak an run man ,...run
Jetstormer - 5 years ago
Any other shark would have flipped the kayak over from underneath
chris welch
chris welch - 5 years ago
Holy smokes, where was this? Did you rub your kayak down with cod liver oil before you put in?
Jesse Jones
Jesse Jones - 5 years ago
Twist ending attacked by a bear
BoJack Horseman
BoJack Horseman - 5 years ago
thank god it was a hammerhead, a white shark would have been a different story
RDC Tarantula
RDC Tarantula - 5 years ago
Heeeeellllllll nooooooooo
FishingWithJ - 5 years ago
I would've just called Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
Aquatic Variation
Aquatic Variation - 4 years ago
FishingWithJ eeeeeeeevillllll!
jaclyn blumenthal
jaclyn blumenthal - 4 years ago
FishingWithJ aayyyeee lol
Willis Pautz
Willis Pautz - 5 years ago
I would of gaffed the fuck out of that bitch
tk-421 - 5 years ago
where did this happen
Chuy Vapes
Chuy Vapes - 5 years ago
That shark is Dangerous its crazy overly aggressive and needed to die. I would of gaffed him and let him suffer with that gaff in him. Teach that fucker a lesson
Carlos Camara
Carlos Camara - 5 years ago
Shark is clearly aggressive. Think all options should have been on the table as you mentioned.
James Andonian
James Andonian - 5 years ago
Looks like channel islands in Cali since you looking for halibut and white sea bass. Last time I went out I saw a 10-12 foot hammer head bike a 30 pound yellowtail in half like butter
Urusha Arif
Urusha Arif - 5 years ago
That Shark is a big fan of camera I must say
1221Ralph - 5 years ago
jagerjf01 - 5 years ago
Now you know what it feels like to be hunted. Better not touch his little brothers and sisters again.
Grinzeeva - 5 years ago
lol, retard.
Northwest Adventure
Northwest Adventure - 5 years ago
Where was this ?
sinistar426 - 5 years ago
Fisher price floatating and sharks dont mix
Ali Alrashidi
Ali Alrashidi - 5 years ago
the same exact thing happened to me, cept instead of a hammer head it was a yellow duck, and the incident occurred at my bath tub
eda - 5 years ago
around 11:18 - 11:19 it sounds like he spits at the shark. LOL
eda - 5 years ago
"what are you doing bro, get out of here". He is home, and you are on his territory, what do you think the shark is doing there? he is probably checking out what you are. Glad you got to shore quickly.
EUK007 - 5 years ago
If I were that bloke, the next time i will go for fishing in a kayak I'll definitely bring a 1911 and shoot the wanker shark in the head.
Foxy Arrow
Foxy Arrow - 5 years ago
just keep splashing....splish splash... what do you do? splish splash!
J Parks
J Parks - 5 years ago
If that was me, I would have jumped off the kayak and engaged that shark in hand to fin combat...and WON!
Yogesh Bhana
Yogesh Bhana - 5 years ago
Harden up bro sharks are ur friends
Sasafras - 5 years ago
some say the shark is still triggered to this day
Nick Romano
Nick Romano - 5 years ago
better get back out in the ocean. The sun is setting. You will be paddling back in the dark!
Yao buck
Yao buck - 5 years ago
ha ha so right why arent u yelling at it????
edwin larios
edwin larios - 5 years ago
I be laugh those 16 minute I go fishing whit water on my chest now I going thing about or used. Ballonet on padded to
Alicia K
Alicia K - 5 years ago
Loved you're video description. Well said! I am glad you made it back to the beach in one piece!
wm0104 - 5 years ago
Fucking shark should get sponsored by timex !
ShrubOfDeath - 5 years ago
Ok, that's it. No more baths for me... only showers.
TheDorianTube - 5 years ago
They come so close to the beach? I'll never set foot in the ocean ever again. You ruined summer for me lol
Eric Nuchols
Eric Nuchols - 5 years ago
EJ Terhune
EJ Terhune - 5 years ago
And that's the day he bought a pedal drive.
Curtisass curtisass
Curtisass curtisass - 5 years ago
well put your purse down and actually hit the sumbich !!!
ChickenHead Man
ChickenHead Man - 5 years ago
I was watching Shark Tank episodes and here I am.
Eljulitus - 5 years ago
Wow. I guess experiences like this makes you feel alive.
LIL MG - 5 years ago
Dang I would bring a gun next time
Jahanzeb Khan
Jahanzeb Khan - 5 years ago
was waitng for shark to come on beach too
mike cole
mike cole - 5 years ago
I think poking it makes matters worse
Zack T. Pugh
Zack T. Pugh - 5 years ago
I use that same paddle. They wouldn't tell me if I could use it to fend
off an aggressive shark when I bought it. Thanks for confirmation.
Frank Torres
Frank Torres - 5 years ago
no im pretty sure you GOT your ASS kicked by a hammerhead thats why you left the ocean and hes still in it hahaa nice video anyhow!!!!
UKoctane - 5 years ago
Say what you want, but this shark was provoked. It was simply swimming behind the kayak checking out what it was and then it got hit in the face with a paddle. Considering how sensitive a shark's face area is he basically kicked it in the balls. Of course the thing is going to be mega pissed after this.
Rebecca Pizzo
Rebecca Pizzo - 5 years ago
OMG Mark you are a trooper!! Great job getting out of that situation!!
carole aldred
carole aldred - 5 years ago
i would have shit myself and never go in the water again..dry land seemed so far away.x
ScottRidesHonda - 5 years ago
Note to self whenever kayaking in the ocean bring a spear....
noah burkhardt
noah burkhardt - 5 years ago
My man was throwing down some nice ass lax poke checks.
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith - 5 years ago
fuck that
Toree Williams
Toree Williams - 5 years ago
I will take my hat off to you!!! Kayak Warrior!!
amin amim
amin amim - 5 years ago
kayak for sale !!! fuck for sale !! FREE !!!
Slyfer - 5 years ago
What if that was a 15-foot great white. Z(O.oZ)
John Spagnuolo
John Spagnuolo - 5 years ago
14:14 is oddly satisfying
PorkFrog - 5 years ago
love at first sight..that shark had a real hard on for that boat
DR Dan
DR Dan - 5 years ago
I don't get the posters lame attitude toward an animal that wanted to kill and eat him.  People should go shark fishing in that area and kill every hammer heat of that size range caught.  It is obviously a problem animal and will only get more dangerous as it grows.  I would go into town and come back with a nasty spear or bang stick and teach that fish a painful lesson.
Christopher Yap
Christopher Yap - 5 years ago
Aggresive shark = .45 ACP FMJ ball ammo as that stalking was just too much! It doesn't take much to capsize a kayak especially if bumped hard enough from underneath... That was scary stuff my friend.
MrAdvantage1 - 5 years ago
At any point did you think "we are going to need a bigger boat"?
MrAdvantage1 - 5 years ago
What's with the line behind you? Were you trolling?
LaxAttax - 5 years ago
Imagine he dropped the paddle..
Shark Snack
Shark Snack - 5 years ago
aawww, he wants to be friends! ! he followed you thinking you guys would grab a beer!
David Cook
David Cook - 5 years ago
Beat up a hammerhead? Looked to me like you ran screaming for home,lol ... you need one of these ... https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/producers-pride-jolt-value-100?cm_vc=-10005 ... but don't forget to buy the shaft ;)
While Traveling
While Traveling - 5 years ago
I would've panicked and fell in the water! I guess that's what the shark wants!! :(
I give it up to you man, Good video & and self control!
Jack Mara
Jack Mara - 5 years ago
Form the first photo I thought it was Bear Grulls who had shaved his head.
Charissa Harder
Charissa Harder - 5 years ago
Great vid! You 100% have the right to defend yourself and this is a fucking shark we're talking about vs a plastic paddle. He'll be aight. You're a brave guy.
CYCO274 - 5 years ago
Way to far out in that kayak. And this is my worse nightmare.
Glen - 5 years ago
time to bring a weapon and a backup paddle
RoadKillzine - 5 years ago
was it aggressive or inquisitive? If you were in my back garden in a kayak i'd probably come up to see wtf you were doing, usually when you kick someones ass, your not the one that runs off.. just saying.
Jimmy Celtic
Jimmy Celtic - 5 years ago
Maybe the shark just wanted someone to pet him lol
Jimmy Celtic
Jimmy Celtic - 5 years ago
To the one's talking shit about him hitting the shark with his paddle. You would do the same thing and if you say you wouldn't you're full of especially if he is as aggressive as this one seemed . And i honestly don't think it was really hurting him because he kept coming right back
Deckrejuvenation.com - 5 years ago
well done mate - I think i would have done a jesus across the water back to shore.... scary shit
Jeffrey Ramsower
Jeffrey Ramsower - 5 years ago
It looks like it has the knack for stealing fish and other food items from the sides of boats. lol Its kinda like that asshole dog in the neighborhood getting into your trash....
Violet Divine
Violet Divine - 5 years ago
It wasn't being agrassive
Scotty Roxwell
Scotty Roxwell - 5 years ago
I wish it was mentioned where this happened.
Ashleigh - 5 years ago
Dude, why didn't you start paddling the second that thing started coming at you!! I would row as fast as i possibly could lol.. that is some scary shit! And it was so fast! and you were so far away from land!! That's a whole bunch of nope's for me!
Flyin High
Flyin High - 5 years ago
Accidently breaks paddle.. Then what??
Stephanie  Roseblade
Stephanie Roseblade - 5 years ago
I'm super impressed, I was pooping myself and he was chasing you lol
SAVAGE308SNIPER - 5 years ago
The shark wasn't even attacking,
rico The plug
rico The plug - 5 years ago
I would've stabbed that big bitch
Official Russian Empire
Official Russian Empire - 5 years ago
Why is everyone freaking out thats a peanut hammerhead. That thing is like 5ft an actual hammerhead gets close to 20ft
pathetic - 5 years ago
"except maybe north korea" LMAO
Gary Lyons
Gary Lyons - 5 years ago
Gets on dry land then a lion comes out the wood work, oohhhh fuuccckkk.
Hugh Gerection
Hugh Gerection - 5 years ago
turn your sounder off when this happens, the clicking resembles the sound a distressed crayfish makes, and the noah's love a good injured cray
fahim black
fahim black - 5 years ago
it been proving that large magnets mess with there senses on the nose will keep them from getting close ....on my Lil boat &my old kayaks I always used them
R R DeRagon
R R DeRagon - 5 years ago
So tell me again, who kicked who's butt?
HillmanArt.com - 5 years ago
Kayak Color: Yum Yum Yellow
Miquel Netto
Miquel Netto - 5 years ago
acisdc007 - 5 years ago
you can't really blame the shark, he was feeling a little peckish and saw a giant twinkie.
Nicolas Park
Nicolas Park - 5 years ago
just watching this footage my balls got grown
Jake Bendle
Jake Bendle - 5 years ago
sharks hate yellow for some reason.
laronmaron98 - 5 years ago
I'm glad you're okay and that this encounter only frazzled a few nerves.
But you did report that there were hammerheads within sight of this beach when you finished shooting this video, right? You also made damned sure there were no bathers in the vicinity as the animal chased you closer to surf...right?
Zoya S.
Zoya S. - 5 years ago
richard phillips
richard phillips - 5 years ago
Get out of my pool! Awesome Vidio!
Zack Burke
Zack Burke - 5 years ago
although scary the shark didn't seem aggressive until you hit it obviously I wasn't there so I'm not 100% on what happened. but you are in there house taking there food they have the right to be mad at you also your in a bright colored kayak which most sharks react to bright colors and shiny objects he was probably investigating before you hit him then it just pissed him off.
Brad Farley
Brad Farley - 5 years ago
sitting on top of that yummy yellow. lol
HillbillyonaBeach - 5 years ago
Where are you?
The Expert
The Expert - 5 years ago
That Hammerhead is still a baby...if that would have been a full grown 13 foot Hammerhead......that boat would have flipped a long time ago. Also 2000 pound Great Whites are known to come up from the bottom and collide head on with kayaks at full speed.
Sharon Casey
Sharon Casey - 5 years ago
give you a lot of credit, I would have fought as I paddled back to shore
Hero brine team
Hero brine team - 5 years ago
Hot glue a knife to the paddle
Chris Clark
Chris Clark - 5 years ago
kick his ass seabass!
Yudi Herdiana WCS
Yudi Herdiana WCS - 5 years ago
Did you take a shower that morning before you go fishing... maybe you smell something which they like? :)
Real Florida
Real Florida - 5 years ago
Sorry, but I didn't care about the shark as much as the insult to my OCD!!!! The paddles man! The freaking paddles are upside down!!!!!! They work better right side up!!!!! Okay.... I got it off my chest!!!!
Mostly Zaye
Mostly Zaye - 5 years ago
that shark.is.into.some.S&M ish xD
Braian Jimenez
Braian Jimenez - 5 years ago
that's one hungry sardine
ጻድቅ ሰው
ጻድቅ ሰው - 5 years ago
Hammerhead: I'll get you next time McCraken, next time...
Going Coastal
Going Coastal - 5 years ago
Fucking Africanized hammerhead.
WallyTamales - 5 years ago
Don't paddle me bro
Phukk EU
Phukk EU - 5 years ago
What area was this?
music box
music box - 5 years ago
stop hitting him, you moron, he wants to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sometimes i wish they did eat people.
cody parker
cody parker - 5 years ago
what did you do, steal its baby!?
My 2Centz
My 2Centz - 5 years ago
it looks like a little hammer head cant be that dangerous
Gone Fishing
Gone Fishing - 5 years ago
Kayak + Ocean + Sharks = ... you become a floating lure!
Christian Flierl
Christian Flierl - 5 years ago
You get in the kayak, kayak goes in the water, shark's in the water.... (singing) Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu to you ladies of Spain....
Scott Walker
Scott Walker - 5 years ago
You should've thrown in a fish to divert its attention
xochitl gonzales
xochitl gonzales - 5 years ago
hey you gotta do what you gotta do
Prometheus - 5 years ago
"We're gonna need a bigger boat."
Scary! Even though the shark doesn't look all that big, you wouldn't want to be outside of the kayak in anything more than a couple of feet of water with that guy swimming around. One lucky hit might have turned the kayak over and plunged you into sharkbite city. Who knows whether the shark was just playing with a new and shiny toy, or whether he was famished and looking for a snack.
saloei - 5 years ago
He chased you off his property
MrZimma frame
MrZimma frame - 5 years ago
doesn't aggressive have two s's in it ?
Nic Penkert
Nic Penkert - 5 years ago
great video. Beautiful fish, just sorry you didn't catch any halibut while out there. I can almost guarantee that where there are large amounts of Bonita there are large amounts sharks not far behind. It is my feeling that there were more sharks under your yak, you just didn't see them. Than hammer was only a little curious, they all are. You made the right decision to not injure him. Who knows, it may have been a pregnant female. We need these predators in our oceans......we've lost too many at the hands of man. Great video and congratulations at beating up a hammerhead that was as long as your yak! What an experience.
xevious2501 - 5 years ago
With more and more people fishing from their kayaks, sharks thru their generations have become instinctively aware that such small boats are a source of food, be it the bait thrown in the water or the activity of smaller fish going into feeding frenzy, just the same as dolphins following fishing and tour boats for a quick easy meal. Its a real growing problem as more and more similar encounters are coming to light. Sharks are opportunist just as all fish. The very process of fishing attracts sharks, as fish caught on a line makes for an easy dinner, the question is, how big. And let it be know, sharks are everywhere, despite naive thinking. Little known fact is that waters near shore are teaming with sharks. big and small. the average size being 5 foot. Its now even know sharks do travel into fresh water rivers, the reasons yet unknown. Larger sharks are also territorial. some encounters very well may be of such defensive response to what they identify as a foreign entity (kayakers) encroaching on their feeding grounds. Kayakers should always be safe with proper gear, life vest and interesting enough, shark repellent, which has been proven to ward off sharks. a few bucks for something that could save your life is more than worth doubt and speculation. like driving across a desert of unknown length, wouldnt you at least feel better with an extra tank of gas. do yourselves a favor, dont doubt, be safe.
Aaron Kuffel
Aaron Kuffel - 5 years ago
It was just a little one, he could have left it alone
2ndEarth - 5 years ago
I was very surprised to see how close the Shark got to the beach. I swear I saw a Young (9 footer) Great White just over the rocks in Venice Beach surfing around sunrise. Another surfer confirmed the sighting.
Corinne McLeod
Corinne McLeod - 5 years ago
Aggressive little shit. I would have lost my mind, thought you handled it well.Obviously, your hitting him in the head didn't hurt him much. He kept on coming back.
LionsLife_ - 5 years ago
i so would've thrown a bait to that thing. Get a fun sleigh ride and teach that fish not to trail kayaks
Marc T
Marc T - 5 years ago
He just wants to play!
Noreen Laidlaw
Noreen Laidlaw - 5 years ago
Holy poop,!! That shark meant business ! Big balls or not that's was just a tad scary don't cha think.
bodybalancer - 5 years ago
Jeez! I wonder why he was SO stubbornly aggressive pursued you for so long! Took a beating and kept coming back for more! wow
loganherogaming - 5 years ago
what u hit him with the paddle what if he was just coming up to say hi or ask for some fish or a craker how mean u hit him
Robert Bolton
Robert Bolton - 5 years ago
Amazing video! Now u can pass not just a tremendous story down thru generations of ur fam but an actual video. You could have not handled that situation any better than u did. Great job!
Chalice Guard
Chalice Guard - 5 years ago
Hammerheads are extremely aggressive and tenacious. I knew a young man who was killed by a large hammerhead in Biscayne Bay (Miami) many years ago. I've also witnessed a HUGE 15-foot hammerhead wrestle a giant tarpon in Boca Grande Pass, FL -- what a tremendous show that was!! It occurred many years ago. The hammerhead surfaced about 30 feet away from our 21' fishing boat. We were excited to see the shark jump out of the water several times with the tarpon in its mouth -- a spectacle that lasted about 10-15 minutes. Will never forget that experience because I had just gotten out of the water (bathroom break) about 5 minutes before the hammerhead showed up!
Pi - 5 years ago
Frank Blangeard
Frank Blangeard - 5 years ago
Is there a particular reason that you paddle with the blade upside down?
marty vreede
marty vreede - 5 years ago
the thing i find the funniest is that he is paddling with his paddle upside down
Caver461 - 5 years ago
Great video, thanks, my hands would also be shaking.
Maurice Cardinal
Maurice Cardinal - 5 years ago
Nice fight. I would have hit the shore to. ;)
kellyr95 - 5 years ago
+Mark McCracken Where is this where you can find hammerheads and halibut?
Charlie - 5 years ago
we're gonna need a bigger boat
Mr Friedchen
Mr Friedchen - 5 years ago
Sharks like yellow and red. That is proved
Lee Bride
Lee Bride - 5 years ago
im thinking this shark has stolen fish from kayaks who were fishing and thought he could get an easy meal
A M - 5 years ago
maybe it was just a really friendly hammerhead that was raised by a pod of dolphins. i mean sharks are orphans from birth and weirder shit has happened in the animal kingdom
Ronni Buck
Ronni Buck - 5 years ago
I'd never fish from one of those. You look like a big banana split and who doesn't like banana splits? hehe But seriously, about 25 years ago we were fishing around the 20 mile buoy out of Canaveral and the biggest shark I've ever seen emerged from the depths and circled us for a good 10 minutes. We were in a 30 footer and that damn hammerhead was eyeing us like we were Scooby snacks. When it got along side of us, the head was up by the cabin area, past the pilot house, before it's tail came even with the offshore bracket mounted 200's. That would put it in the 16 to 17 foot range with the dorsal fin riding higher out of the water than the gunnels. In all my years of off-shore fishing, that was the only time I wished I was someplace else. If I was you, the kayak would have been listed on CL right after I changed my shorts. lol I'm glad your encounter was with a little guy and you made it back to shore safely. Thanks for sharing your video and hopefully you'll never have another encounter like this one.
J - 5 years ago
You're a coward for running away to shore. You should have stayed and fought to the death. All the shark wanted was a good death match
Yoda Dunbar
Yoda Dunbar - 5 years ago
Won't get me now buddy hahaha, duuh damned Loans Shark did
landon1086 - 5 years ago
Hit it in the gills not the head. That shark was way to persistent. Way to stay cool
Vicki Hill
Vicki Hill - 5 years ago
I was so scared for ya wow... I would freak out had it happen to me TY for sharing.
mindovermatter2009 - 5 years ago
well im glad yo made it and i thougth that was INCREDIBLE humane of you. thanks for living to share it and thanks anyways.. :) respect and wow lol. from.. lisaaaaah ~ vancouver, b.c.
Mitz - 5 years ago
I've seen sprats bigger than that.
Mitz - 5 years ago
It's not aggressive. It just wants to play. You pretend to be dinner and I'll pretend to be hungry. Let's see how we get on!
Erodoeht - 5 years ago
aw poor shark! you meany!
redd manpower
redd manpower - 5 years ago
I would have got the hell out of there and back to shore. That boat is to small to be that far out and fishing.that's just my opinion.
Gigsand Busking
Gigsand Busking - 5 years ago
Mate you MUST take a spear type weapon out with you and knife strapped to you, stab it once might be enough to make it think twice! I have been knocked by seals in my kayak but a shark is a whole different ball game, great to see you made it out ok!!!
Soundafek - 5 years ago
That's a lot of water for such a small vessel, brave soul...
Joseph Walters
Joseph Walters - 5 years ago
holly shit mom get the camera there's a shark oh my gosh it killed my brother
Gary Ritter
Gary Ritter - 5 years ago
Kayak for sale .  haaaaa
Gary Ritter
Gary Ritter - 5 years ago
stupid again. holding bait in water. daa
private pile
private pile - 5 years ago
time to start fishing with a shotgun
Jay De La Cruz
Jay De La Cruz - 5 years ago
That would suck if a storm comes in and huge waves start to take you further in to the ocean! that'd be scary! Next time have an engine boat instead!don't risk too much !
merk alert tv
merk alert tv - 5 years ago
Beat that shark like a red headed step child lol. I wish I could find a shark that loves his head being kicked in.
Dandy dan
Dandy dan - 5 years ago
Bucket list fight of hammerhead shark in kayake
DolphinDog - 5 years ago
my guess he had a stringer of caught fish in. the water
NoneForYou - 5 years ago
I'm surprised that thing stuck around. It must have been REALLY curious/hungry because it took some pretty hard direct shots to the head and body. It defiinitely wanted to check you out up close and personal. Nice paddle strikes and good for you for staying calm and not going for blood.
Freedom ForAll
Freedom ForAll - 5 years ago
The ocean is fucking scary. I love it.
Paleo Motion
Paleo Motion - 5 years ago
Wow he fought off a man eating hammerhead. Even though hammerheads are not generally aggressive towards humans or large animals... this seems to be more of a territorial response. A hammerhead doesn't have a very strong bite or sturdy teeth. Even if it did hammerheads can't bite like a great white, their mouths are too low on their head so even if it did have the strong bite it wouldn't be able to use it effectively. They aren't too much of a threat to a kayak so getting out of there would probably be the best option.
Paleo Motion
Paleo Motion - 5 years ago
That said I'd be shitting bricks
Flow Show
Flow Show - 5 years ago
Kayaking in the ocean = Shark Bait
Aeryx - 5 years ago
999k views! Road to 1 million!
White Tiger
White Tiger - 5 years ago
thanks for that dude I'm not paddling without a bazooka any more
M S - 5 years ago
is this shark hungry or just curious?
Martin Nasser
Martin Nasser - 5 years ago
Does anyone know, where this has happened? Which coast?
DeathWish1974 - 5 years ago
I think you need a bigger paddle!
Diesel I n c
Diesel I n c - 5 years ago
this is why u dont fish in a kayak lol
Brian Dixon
Brian Dixon - 5 years ago
lucky he was a little guy. he just wanted to be friends.
Only The Truth
Only The Truth - 5 years ago
way to long.....
Serge Grondin
Serge Grondin - 5 years ago
Best fish THIEVES!! LOL! Hammer head sharks go after your fishing line w BAIT or FISH on it.. :) Not YOU
Gabriel Mascitti
Gabriel Mascitti - 5 years ago
Am i the only one here who defends the shark? the dude is in his territory.
medlyn 0104
medlyn 0104 - 5 years ago
if i do kayaking i do at my pool.
shrimpboy944 - 5 years ago
Smart shark though. It learns towards the end where it needs to be to stay out of the strike range
John-Paul C
John-Paul C - 5 years ago
Who knew Shark could get rabies.
Will Macaluso
Will Macaluso - 5 years ago
It's been scientifically proven that sharks are attracted by yellow, mostly.
_LaurenPlayz_ Fox Gurl
_LaurenPlayz_ Fox Gurl - 5 years ago
Why would you hurt a hammer head shark?!
Slow Turdle
Slow Turdle - 5 years ago
This reminds me of that one game, "raft".
N Peace
N Peace - 5 years ago
That shark would not give up! Damn that is scary! Makes me rethink taking my little ocean kayak out into the mangroves behind my house. I know I wouldn't be as chill as this guy!
isingjazz83 - 5 years ago
you deserve your cock sucked
Dree - 5 years ago
Good for you (that you fought back). Glad you're okay!
tubesockets120v - 5 years ago
You have a mean paddle jab.
Menoetius - 5 years ago
Instead of giving the shark brain damage, you could just paddle back to shore -_- Clearly the shark was hungry and he (or) she could smell the bait that the fisherman was using.
Christian Torres
Christian Torres - 5 years ago
Homeboy really didn't want you to fish...
KevinProNOW - 5 years ago
You mean baby hammerhead! Who would go out into the open ocean on that stupid little thing? Dumbass! LOL!
Alex Ringo
Alex Ringo - 5 years ago
he take this hits like a peace of metall
Charles O'Reilly
Charles O'Reilly - 5 years ago
The shark looks like a juvenile I don't think he's too mature and smart yet lol or else he probably would have left you alone.
epicxel - 5 years ago
good thing you werent on a surf board
AsLan's Girl
AsLan's Girl - 5 years ago
Hammerheads are one of the most dangerous sharks there are. That's terrifying!
Just gimme my $200
Just gimme my $200 - 5 years ago
Always knew those ones were the assholes... I mean just look at them.
Shani Wanny
Shani Wanny - 5 years ago
Poor thing only wanted to say hello! Hammerheads are harmless aren't they? Poor little thing
cassl14 - 5 years ago
On another note, what a gorgeous day lol. Anyone know where this was filmed?
joni matis
joni matis - 5 years ago
how big was it?
tom ondrus
tom ondrus - 5 years ago
shark should have bit his paddle in half stranding bald guy for late night snack
Jantzen Weathers
Jantzen Weathers - 5 years ago
Shark: zooms around boat "I'm fast as fuck boiii."
socaking1000 - 5 years ago
No reason to be out that far to fish
superjet2771 - 5 years ago
Amazing how much abuse these sharks will endure to get what they are after.
hommy holly
hommy holly - 5 years ago
"Come on bro" how are you so relaxed I would be whimpering like a girl
Preachin' OldSchool
Preachin' OldSchool - 5 years ago
Way to keep your cool.
roman holloway
roman holloway - 5 years ago
I'm glad all I have to worry about is other boaters and the occasional snake wanting to rest on my kayak.
roman holloway
roman holloway - 5 years ago
I think I would take some sheet metal and pop rivets and install a spear head on my paddle. Maybe make some cut bait out of him...
pronto1122 - 5 years ago
Чего он испугался? Эта акула слишком мелкая, чтобы навредить ему и его лодке)
James Hall
James Hall - 5 years ago
Don't fuck with me now Shark.. I am Ahab.
Darcy Hyde
Darcy Hyde - 5 years ago
FUUUUUUUCCCCKKK is the only thing i can say
Awesome Bent
Awesome Bent - 5 years ago
I know next to nothing about sharks, but is it possible it was playing? I mean, the kayak seems like way too large to be it's prey.
hahagotcha!!!! - 5 years ago
what the fuck is this fish's problem?! aggressive little fucker!! good thing it wasn't a big one.
Chris Thomson
Chris Thomson - 5 years ago
people who do this sport os really stupid and very dangerous
Crazy Fool
Crazy Fool - 5 years ago
Kayaker is the old Latin word for Cracker
30 kills
30 kills - 5 years ago
Gonna order that shark fin soup today, just doing my part in keeping the seas safe for swimmers
delusion brain
delusion brain - 5 years ago
This guy should of had a gun, that thing meant buisness. If he fell in I think he would of been dead.
Esperanza Honrado
Esperanza Honrado - 5 years ago
That's pretty intensed
Josh The Pyro
Josh The Pyro - 5 years ago
U know I'm pretty sure if anyone buying a kayak had to go on YouTube first and watch kayak videos there would be no sales ever again.
Aimee Curry
Aimee Curry - 5 years ago
Clover Clover
Clover Clover - 5 years ago
Wow. That was scary!
little misa
little misa - 5 years ago
Scary !
Stauffy Tyson
Stauffy Tyson - 5 years ago
shark lives matter
Little Feminine Boi
Little Feminine Boi - 5 years ago
that fucker was fast as shit
Matt Man
Matt Man - 5 years ago
a kayak is not a smart option for ocean or sea fishing they were prob attracted to the bright colors to
4c1dr3fl3x - 5 years ago
I keep a tiny Australian man tucked into my life vest next to the whistle for moments like this. He answers to the name of "Shark Puncha", and likes to be fed Foster's and Chuck Norris Beard shavings.
Roger baconidas
Roger baconidas - 5 years ago
hi, im bruce
mr. pollheim
mr. pollheim - 5 years ago
Another fake shark video with a guy swimming around in a shark suit.
34is1 - 5 years ago
that fucker was so fast I thought there were two of them
chetyoder - 5 years ago
when got close to the surface I would shot him in the head
veronica loza
veronica loza - 5 years ago
Awesome video, where was this?
Orale Fishing
Orale Fishing - 5 years ago
when a shark thinks it made a new friend... he even waited for you to return to him
fiddlestickz muzik
fiddlestickz muzik - 5 years ago
Not sure why this clown was hitting the shark, what did he think it was going to do..? it's a small hammerhead looking for a free feed of his bait or fish, it wasn't like it was trying to eat him ffs..some people I swear..
Mountain Man3
Mountain Man3 - 5 years ago
aresxol - 5 years ago
Beautiful water!
Yao buck
Yao buck - 5 years ago
Mike l
Mike l - 5 years ago
I used this same kayak to whale hunt , I found it a little unstable once I got a catch , it dragged me out to sea for miles
KaiTakApproach - 5 years ago
Thank you for whacking that thing. Sharks need to be taught to fear humans. As a surfer I am sick of all the shark coddling done by internet warriors who have never run into a shark in the wild.
ADEBISI ADEBISI - 4 years ago
aka 121 god be a fairy tail muh nigga
aka 121
aka 121 - 4 years ago
According to God. We were put on land and they were put in the ocean. You don’t see them coming up ON land and killing us
Nathan Payne
Nathan Payne - 4 years ago
aka 121 "The ocean is their territory" According to who?
ADEBISI ADEBISI - 4 years ago
Now we oppressing sharks? You people make me sick.
aka 121
aka 121 - 4 years ago
KaiTakApproach no they shouldn’t! The ocean is their territory they shouldn’t fear us we should leave them alone. I understand in this case but it’s ridiculous that you think they should fear us how ignorant!
But for the grace of God
But for the grace of God - 5 years ago
actually looks as though the shark is hooked up to his line
Chaotic Atmosphere
Chaotic Atmosphere - 5 years ago
You're a fucking dumbass. Even if you caught something worthy to take home, where would you put it??? Yeah yeah, Kayak....all I'll do is catch a trout on the ocean.
GARTH - 5 years ago
Brave man! Lol would be a scarey situation to be in!
Johnnie Smith
Johnnie Smith - 5 years ago
6:25 Come on bro! haha awesome. Glad you got out of there safe and sound.
Thomas Neal
Thomas Neal - 5 years ago
that's just a little guy. just curious; pesky bugger though. if it was a really big hammerhead, like a 14 footer, I would not have wanted to be you in that kayak.

OTOH, I think the older sharks usually have better things to do, so likely would never bother with you.
coleen ramadan
coleen ramadan - 5 years ago
Was he hooked on the line?
South Paw
South Paw - 5 years ago
Its not a hammerhead, thats a dickhead shark.
Tori Geiger
Tori Geiger - 5 years ago
Shark Bait, oooooo HA HA HA!
MG12 News
MG12 News - 5 years ago
Jay Winters
Jay Winters - 5 years ago
Kayaks & oceans= bad idea
Nathan Fuller
Nathan Fuller - 5 years ago
Was your fish finder running the whole time? sharks are attracted to electrical impulses.
WïLL :-B
WïLL :-B - 5 years ago
kayak fishermen have it hard
psulse - 5 years ago
where did this take place? I suspect that shark has picked up a free meals​ in the past from kayaker's fishing and wanted his share again.
MegaTriumph1 - 5 years ago
I would of dove in with my pocket knife in my teeth for some fin soup.
Kathy Hosking
Kathy Hosking - 5 years ago
hi! can I ask where you were when this happened? you're beyond brave,I would freak out!
UK for brexit better out.
UK for brexit better out. - 5 years ago
check tht little fucker out..teach that shit a lesson lol
victorvang - 5 years ago
i dont wanna be an ass but i was laughing the entire time you were fighting with it.
LivingLife420 - 5 years ago
That's why I kayak with my 45
FORTHE HORDE - 5 years ago
That's amazing. and it kind of makes me want to buy a kayak and learn to fish from it. Not because I want to be attacked by hammer heads, but because kayaking in rivers would be cool, because there are no oceans around here, and no sharks in the lakes! lol!
erika teubner
erika teubner - 5 years ago
where is this?
Jessica J
Jessica J - 5 years ago
i feel sorry for the shark :(
Baz Bangarang
Baz Bangarang - 5 years ago
Maybe if you changed your tampon that tadpole wouldn't have been attracted to the smell of your blood.
Hop - 5 years ago
12:46 -- "I'm baaayaaaack."
blacknproudalways - 5 years ago
this shark means business.
Crazy Running Cruasder
Crazy Running Cruasder - 5 years ago
TIPS:Always have your sparta spear with you
Trent Wainwright
Trent Wainwright - 5 years ago
So , basically what I got from this video and accompanying description is that if it ever came down to it, I can beat kim Jong un away with a paddle.
Tim Smith
Tim Smith - 5 years ago
Newb. It's what you get when some retard goes out, buys a kayak and a fishin' pole at Walmart, and paddles out. And then types a novel about it in this description box. What a drama queen.
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez - 5 years ago
elmercorn - 5 years ago
An intense situation, but it appeared to be a juvenile hammerhead. Maybe around 5 or 6 ft at most. It was super aggressive though. I doubt it could have put you in the water, but I wouldn't want to be in the water with it.
RiZo - 5 years ago
Make more videos!
RiZo - 5 years ago
How did you do this!!? I would have been completely terrified!!!!
Joshua Ahn
Joshua Ahn - 5 years ago
You are fucking awesome. Especially your summary and attitudes about our world. Massive respect.
Dalton v
Dalton v - 5 years ago
yellow was the color of the day...
Sandra E. Perez
Sandra E. Perez - 5 years ago
Leave the shark alone!
Isaac Kim
Isaac Kim - 5 years ago
Nice you kept your cool in a crazy situation
AgentGordonCole - 5 years ago
Yeah it's really afraid of your paddle! Fucking moron. "Back up shark bro!"
Mr. Markus
Mr. Markus - 5 years ago
Your putting quotes around something that isn't even close to what I said. So you don't know what quotes are, yet I'm the moron.
blackdragon703 - 5 years ago
awww, poor little shark, just wanted to give him a hug...nom nom nom XD
Gatwa Tvb
Gatwa Tvb - 5 years ago
Your video is awesome man + I love the description!!!
Gatwa Tvb
Gatwa Tvb - 5 years ago
I freak out when bees don't let go of me but this dude faced off a persistent shark with a cold-blooded attitude.
Mr. Markus
Mr. Markus - 5 years ago
Survival instincts that I didn't realize I had kicked in. Ha.
deborah gacsy
deborah gacsy - 5 years ago
where is this??
Mr. Markus
Mr. Markus - 5 years ago
Gaviota State Beach. Near Santa Barbara, California.
Chris Colmenter
Chris Colmenter - 5 years ago
14:51 "Dry land :)" gets mauled by a land predator
Luis Silva
Luis Silva - 5 years ago
Mr. Markus
Mr. Markus - 5 years ago
The Serengeti does sound nice. I've heard its beautiful this time of year.
ZampaFire - 5 years ago
Wayne, I will not HESITATE TO FUCK YOU UP!
Herb Coswell The Second
Herb Coswell The Second - 5 years ago
Your lucky it was a baby.They can get huge.
Mr. Markus
Mr. Markus - 5 years ago
Yeah seriously. Any shark bigger than my kayak would probably make me soil myself.
Fred Fable
Fred Fable - 5 years ago
And what is the strategy on defense/safety from now on?
Mr. Markus
Mr. Markus - 5 years ago
Never fish alone.
Mark Curtiss
Mark Curtiss - 5 years ago
Holy crap. Is that real time? That critter is quick. Almost looks like the video was sped up.
Mark Curtiss
Mark Curtiss - 5 years ago
LOL!! Me too.
Mr. Markus
Mr. Markus - 5 years ago
Real time. Dude had that youthful energy I wish I still had.
always watching
always watching - 5 years ago
u splashed and looked like flailing prey
AvidDiving - 5 years ago
shark was just waiting for you to cast or simply checking you out. hitting him with the paddle is inconsequential. Ive seen ppl jab sharks with sharp spear gun tips and its the equivalent of u pocking a body builder with a pencil eraser. you where not a threat to the shark.
Scott Sutter
Scott Sutter - 5 years ago
Shark had to go for aspirin for his headache.

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