Kayak fishing equipment

Fishing the Ocean State: Bob Oberg shows us the equipment you'll need to kayak fish Narragansett Bay

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Fishing the Ocean State: Bob Oberg shows us the equipment you'll need to kayak fish Narragansett Bay

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Seven Cabbage Fishing
Seven Cabbage Fishing - 8 years ago
god damn do you have enough shit in your kayak? that thing must weigh 500lbs
Midwest Fishing Show
Midwest Fishing Show - 9 years ago
Just found your channel and subscribed I do alot of fishing from my kayak. If you like fishing especially freshwater come check out my channel. I'm new to youtube but not fishing. I have a few vids up and plenty more to come. Can't wait to reveal some of my strategies to those who are open to new ideas, THANKS AND PLEASE COMMENT AND SUB!
Chris Lotton
Chris Lotton - 9 years ago
10 bucks says that Kayak has never been wet.
Paula Sanza
Paula Sanza - 9 years ago
Are you going fishing to the deserted island?
jdsuperawesome - 9 years ago
great video! just got a great new idea
Nick Schissel
Nick Schissel - 9 years ago
that guy is weird
dozdeshabb - 9 years ago
very nice and informative video. happy fishing.
TheQuite1walksalone - 9 years ago
Good Video, especially about the safety features and the "Poke Pipe"!!!
Peter Ratz
Peter Ratz - 9 years ago
Would like to see more...I love kayaking too....

10. comment for Kayak fishing equipment

Peter Ratz
Peter Ratz - 9 years ago
Good video...thanks for sharing...
rita salloum
rita salloum - 9 years ago
the pump duhhhhh,
MrRedskins0021 - 9 years ago
Yes I did
Hobby Machinist
Hobby Machinist - 9 years ago
Very clever, loser, I guess you told me...
MrRedskins0021 - 9 years ago
suck my big balls
Hobby Machinist
Hobby Machinist - 9 years ago
try making one yourself
nicholas skoal
nicholas skoal - 9 years ago
no im not. even if i was poor it still doesnt matter many people i know that are very wealthy enjoy kayak fishing, its just a thing that people enjoy over boating
brycen lechner
brycen lechner - 9 years ago
Maybe your poor as shit
Jason Kuy
Jason Kuy - 10 years ago
Pretty kool survival kit
DisplayName01 - 10 years ago
He did, that's what a kayak is.

20. comment for Kayak fishing equipment

LUREPRODUCTIONS - 10 years ago
is it just me or does he sound like stans brother off south park
TannerWhite - 10 years ago
@mrredskins0021 they're so expensive from what they're Made of but if you look some of them will come with stuff like paddles or life jackets sometimes storage boxes for the compartments
MrRedskins0021 - 10 years ago
Why are kayaks so expensive?
Jon Focker
Jon Focker - 10 years ago
great prepping. hopefully you are prepped for the future economic collapse as well. maybe you could survive just by fishing? first mission for me: get a cheap kayak for $200 to get used to kayak fishing 2nd: get a sit on top Hobie. they seem to be ideal.
Jon Focker
Jon Focker - 10 years ago
is that a Members Only fishing shirt?
Jonny Pearce
Jonny Pearce - 10 years ago
thanks for that - good idea for keeping live bait I could adapt that one for local sand eels
Brandon Biles
Brandon Biles - 10 years ago
@theflipper777 would you recommend a sit on or sit in for fishing??
Manboyno5 - 10 years ago
probably to prevent the valve from corroding
Tommy - 10 years ago
You got a lot of extra stuff in there....extra set of clothes? Come on..haha
TexasAngler1 - 10 years ago
I dont know how people do this , Seems like it would be so cramped in a kayak ... I would much rather be in a boat.. such as Jon Boat.. But great kayak

30. comment for Kayak fishing equipment

Dennis Barnes
Dennis Barnes - 10 years ago
Great setup Going to share your video with some friends, thanks!
Louie IV
Louie IV - 10 years ago
man this guys cool! cant wait to get my yak!
Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness - 10 years ago
No toilet paper?
nicholas skoal
nicholas skoal - 10 years ago
@10072018 some people (like myself) enjoy kayaking more then driving some big fancy boat that you need to use gas money for that can add up to hundreds of dollars.
rusty keller
rusty keller - 10 years ago
You might want a handheld VHF radio to contact Coast Guard, or nearby boat in an emergency. Rather than a fish stringer, think about getting one of the metal bait baskets that have a spring closed door on top and bottom. A wheel barrow tire tube fits nicely around the top part, then can be attached to the boat by a line. It will float nearby, or trail along when paddling, but holds a lot of fish. If a shark takes it, it's not as close as a stringer would be. The shark is the tax man. Pay him.
ballsofrock - 10 years ago
@10072018 Go fight a nice thrasher from a yak brother, then get back to me. Okay I admit I am too chicken shit to fight a shark on a paddle board but this is still pimping :D
bilderbergresistance - 10 years ago
Do you ever puff reefer on your kayak?
Peterson Performance
Peterson Performance - 10 years ago
to much safety no fun
KevinFish556 - 10 years ago
Have sharks ever bugged you since you strap them to the side of your boat?
lilrara11804 - 10 years ago
holy cow... i think you're more prepared than most people with big motor boats. awesome setup.
Nick Molinaro
Nick Molinaro - 10 years ago
Wow. Great job.
rhey simon
rhey simon - 10 years ago
Thanks for sharing I Luke how you cover safety
Helmer and Rawlins
Helmer and Rawlins - 10 years ago
Two is one and one is none. I am OCD and I like your gear and logic behind what is carried. Thank you.
jorge arevalo
jorge arevalo - 11 years ago
dude you put my kayak setup to shame
blake nelson
blake nelson - 11 years ago
Wow talk about unprepared ha jk nice vid man. gotta love yak fishin
Dan Reilly
Dan Reilly - 11 years ago
very cool..take me with you
palmer3977 - 11 years ago
fantastic video mate, im considering kayak fishing & i have just learned a lot thank you very much, more vids please
Lonnie Briscoe
Lonnie Briscoe - 12 years ago
Great post.......

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