Kayak trailer

This is a trailer I built for my kayak. Picked it up cheap and made some mods.

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This is a trailer I built for my kayak. Picked it up cheap and made some mods.

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DubFishin - 4 years ago
How did you screw in those nuts inside the Unistrut bar?
Show-Me Adventure
Show-Me Adventure - 4 years ago
Nice breakdown of your trailer. I was planning on using unistrut for mine and now I'm definitely sold!
MOfishyaker - 4 years ago
Thanks! It worked out very well. Check out my Pro Angler videos to see a bigger yak on it. It looks like you have a couple of Outbacks. Connect with me on Facebook. I'm a huge DIYer! Carl Kossuth
Billy Markwell
Billy Markwell - 4 years ago
nice video......some good info....thanks....
Steven Geyer
Steven Geyer - 4 years ago
you are missing the leaf spring rubber bushings it will probably ride nicer and quieter otherwise gr8 video
3waver - 5 years ago
What gauge uni strut did you use?
Alan Meijer
Alan Meijer - 5 years ago
So you rescued an old boat trailer or is this a NorthernTool/HarborFreight jobs that you modded?
Raxxy Yak Gear
Raxxy Yak Gear - 5 years ago
what lights did you use for trailer, they are waterproof yes?
Dave Tarr
Dave Tarr - 5 years ago
great ideas, and you just saved alot of folks alot of money! also you did a very good job with the video! thanks for posting
kim imgeneral
kim imgeneral - 5 years ago
Thank you for posting your great video.
Would you let me know the diameter of the pvc pipe ?

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Duane Fields
Duane Fields - 5 years ago
My MOfishyaker PVC designed trailer has been perfect all year. S. Georgia, N Florida. Uni-Strut is strong and a great product, it even works as a flat bed trailer for hauling plywood or furniture. I posted a video and referenced you. Thanks for your video here, sure helped keep the kayaks off the suv roof too.
Bruce Klein
Bruce Klein - 5 years ago
That hole in the top of the axle near the hub is to drain water.Turn the axle so those holes face down.Thanks for the great video.
dabprod - 6 years ago
Excellent video and great ideas. You've done a very nice clean job you can be proud of. Thanks for posting.
Mike Craig
Mike Craig - 6 years ago
Nice system, Thanks for the video. I'll have to convert my trailer.
I Vigio
I Vigio - 6 years ago
@6:01 is called a spring nut in case anyone wants to knwo.
Duane Fields
Duane Fields - 6 years ago
Yesterday, I finished my Kayak/bike trailer based on your design and posted a video. Mentioned your video too, so thanks for giving me this idea. Tight lines.
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor - 6 years ago
I never got an answer on where you got your stainless steel spring nuts and bolt heads and HOW that application went ?Maybe you could elaborate on this as I am attempting to do this project !!
I Vigio
I Vigio - 6 years ago
any electrical supply store.
Picard 80
Picard 80 - 6 years ago
Thanks! How do you ensure your canoe/kayak stay in position and does not tip over while driving?
Paul Chapman
Paul Chapman - 6 years ago
I am stealing your uni-strut idea. It's one of those ideas that makes me feel stupid because I didn't think of it myself :) Nice trailer, thanks for sharing.
Wayne Mullannix
Wayne Mullannix - 7 years ago
Thanks for the idea, My grandson just asked for and got a Nucanoe Frontier 12. He could not afford a trailer so I used you idea and built him one from an old lite boat trailer.

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keepithookin 21
keepithookin 21 - 7 years ago
Can you make. Video of you launching it
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor - 7 years ago
I didn't see clearly enough what type of galvanized screw or bolt that you use to go through the PVC into the "spring nut on the Unistrut . Did you use a screwdriver head screw or a bolt and ratchet it down..... And how long are they ??? Thanks for a great build which I'm going to attempt !!
Joel Kamenoff
Joel Kamenoff - 7 years ago
do you have any used kayaks or trailers to sell? i'm not good at building what you did.

jersey joel

ft myers florida
Anderson Potter
Anderson Potter - 7 years ago
Sea-doo trailers work great
No Yaks
No Yaks - 8 years ago
I'm going to do the same with a Malone trailer for my PA and would like a couple of dimensions.
What is the optimum distance between the front and rear Unistrut to give the Schedule 40 3" conduit the proper flex?
What is the width between the conduit? I've heard 10 inches on center and 121/2 inches on center.
Like what you've done on this trailer project and the 2012 PA 14 modifications as well (different video).
wolfscout1 - 8 years ago
I like your trailer ideas.   I'll have to incorporate a few of them on a kayak/canoe trailer I  plan to modify shortly.   Thanks for sharing.
MOfishyaker - 8 years ago
I'd leave it the way it is. It will pull better and back better. Also if you shorten it, you will have to back further down launch ramps to get the yak launched.
Troy D
Troy D - 8 years ago
One question: How much longer is the trailer than your kayak? I have a 12' yak, and trailer is 16', and thinking of cutting it down a bit, maybe 13' or 14'. Any words of wisdom on length? Thx, Troy
MOfishyaker - 8 years ago
Thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoyed it.
Troy D
Troy D - 8 years ago
Some really great tips here! The wire clamps for mounting the guide rods is ingenious! FWIW, I use driveway markers, which come in reflective colors. I think they are about 3/8 diameter. Work perfect. I especially liked the uni-strut idea combined with the PVC pipe. Your idea saved me a ton of time and money! Thanks for posting!!

30. comment for Kayak trailer

James Cole
James Cole - 9 years ago
I built my 2013 PA14 trailer based on this design, it is the best idea on the internet IMHO
RAC Jr - 9 years ago
Nice! Can I borrow your garage? :)
MOfishyaker - 9 years ago
3" PVC was just my personal preference. I generally hauled quite a bit of gear in the PA during transport. I just liked the extra support the 3" provided. I kept the PA on this trailer all the time. No issues.
Frank Coppola
Frank Coppola - 9 years ago
Great trailer. Some of the other post I have read indicate using 2" PVC. Any reason you are using 3" ? Also do you store the PA year round on this setup?
MOfishyaker - 9 years ago
Thank You!
NappingPup - 9 years ago
Good work. Thanks for sharing. Feel real bad I sold my old 14 foot trailer and jon boat a couple years ago. Got the bug for a kayak and homing in on a Prowler. In any case, your videos are interesting and your ideas are resourceful.
MOfishyaker - 9 years ago
The wheels are 13". Not sure of the tire size.
Gregory Coffey
Gregory Coffey - 9 years ago
love the idea! Beats the Yakima Rack & Roll trailer for $2000! But, my friend, and I yak the same creek, at the same time. I would not be looking to narrow mine, but build it for TWO kayaks. I live in Illinois, and don't see the volume of used trailers that you speak of. I would love to get one, if you have any, available, near you. BTW, what diameter are the tires?
MOfishyaker - 9 years ago
Yes. Then round over the cut end with a sander so it does'nt try to gouge your kayak when loading.
James Cole
James Cole - 9 years ago
Mo, I'm building your conduit system for a PA 14, My conduit has a flared end for coupling did you cut yours off?
MOfishyaker - 9 years ago
No. It does great.
Tim Garry
Tim Garry - 9 years ago
Looks like the rubber bushings in the leaf springs are missing. Does it rattle when you go over bumps?
MOfishyaker - 9 years ago
Yes I narrowed the trailer pieces too. I cut the fronts of the left and right side pieces where they meet the center piece (the part the hitch is attatched to). I held a square on the center piece and marked the left and right sides at a 7" intersect. This made 14" which is the amount I removed from the axle.
Steven Adler
Steven Adler - 9 years ago
You narrowed the axle, but did you narrow the frame also? I have the same yak and want to make a trailer for it.
MOfishyaker - 9 years ago
Thanks Jerry!
jorge arevalo
jorge arevalo - 9 years ago
MOfishyaker - 9 years ago
I now have a PA 14 on this trailer and it performs great!
Todd Barnes
Todd Barnes - 9 years ago
Good job. Im looking to do the same thing for a PA12 I have..

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