Kayaker's visit from an otter

Shot by John Miner - https://jemgraphics.com

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Charlotte Issyvoo
Charlotte Issyvoo - 9 years ago
They were nearly hunted to extinction when whites first arrived on the northwest coast of N. America. Their coats were adored in Europe. Given how sweet and friendly they are, it must have been pathetically easy to hunt them. What a sad tale. But they're making a comeback now.
Chris - 9 years ago
Good stuff, I would have had a hard time not trying to pet it. Very cool though.
Raiderherm - 9 years ago
Very cool video....great job!
SWLinPHX - 10 years ago
It's so hairy! I'm not used to seeing something that hairy in the water. Most sea mammals (dolphins, whales, seals) don't have much hair. It looks like a dog that fell in and is drowning all waterlogged. That's how a lot of dogs look all wet.
SWLinPHX - 10 years ago
"I'm drowning, goddammit, help me!!". You really otter help him.
Niki Carson
Niki Carson - 10 years ago
Made my day
Chada Vanich
Chada Vanich - 10 years ago
I salute you for having the determination not to touch the otter. It's probably a good idea not to touch it or feed it. I'd be so tempted to do both. Lovely video. Thanks for sharing!
The Ugly Barnacle
The Ugly Barnacle - 10 years ago
The otter is just another member of the Coast Guard, making sure you aren't bringing any illegal stuff into his turf. =P
patio87 - 10 years ago
Is this food? Is this food? Is this food? Is this food? Is this food? Is this food? Is this food?

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Sonyag1 - 10 years ago
The otter has tags on it's rear legs. It's used to human contact....
hilary benoit
hilary benoit - 10 years ago
Sorry.. Not a sea otter pup. Sea otter pup's are usually brown with white fur. Or pure white. Also, this one is too big to be a pup. It is also a known fact that sea otters will befriend and play with kayakers, scuba divers, etc.. As they are very playful creatures. This otter was probably just checking you out and making sure you weren't a threat.
Jack Hussey
Jack Hussey - 10 years ago
I'd stick my hand out and pull him up on board.
Vanisia Covington
Vanisia Covington - 10 years ago
but ... but ... i wannntttsss himmmm =(
DRKN98 - 10 years ago
i think it was kayak jacking you lol nice video
Jared Gordon
Jared Gordon - 10 years ago
Should've convinced them that everyone else was throwing their car keys into the canyon...surely you could've pointed down for examples.
Spatiality - 10 years ago
I would have helped it and used my hand as a step so he could rest on my kayak.
The Ugly Barnacle
The Ugly Barnacle - 10 years ago
It would be brain-numbingly scary if this otter was actually trying to get away from sharks.
Shmuck60 - 10 years ago
"keeped ..." Please tell me that english is not your first language!
trent8002003 - 10 years ago
Not a pup. An adult.

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CJBolan - 10 years ago
OMG it's so cute :D!!!!!
WebdevShooters - 10 years ago
@jemgraphics screw that i would've taken him to my private salt lake in oregon and keeped him for a long time
I don't know
I don't know - 10 years ago
Lucky it was just a Sea otter!
Alexxx281 - 10 years ago
@Olli3RT Dude you are so fucking gay its sad.
saranoid - 10 years ago
@Masowai I agree. Otters are entirely at home in the water. They'll sleep on their back in the water; they're arguably more comfortable in water than on land.
saranoid - 10 years ago
they're so cute that a lot of people never suspect that, depending on the size of the otter, their bite can potentially be as bad or worse than a bite from a rottweiler. I know of a woman who had a few bones in her hand crushed from an otter bite. So think twice about touching. They can be a bit cantankerous about being petted, anyway, even domesticated ones.
Kirk Cameron's Greatest Fanpage
Kirk Cameron's Greatest Fanpage - 10 years ago
@MsChorong NO, don't help it! It doesn't need any "help". It doesn't need any rest or air, either! Please start thinking with you brain and not your heart.
Kurayami111 - 10 years ago
Cho Rong
Cho Rong - 10 years ago
hey why won't you help it up? it needs some rest and air!
Jay Igaboo
Jay Igaboo - 10 years ago
@ThatxStaphyy I beg to differ- -we humans in the West waste a lot of food--n othing in my house goes to waste, it feeds one of God's other creatures. I live in Glasgow, Scotland. In the city we now have a large population of foxes, all much tamer than their country cousins. They scavence our waste, adn also prey upon rats, so all good. Likewise some bird specie that were in decline in the country because of man are thriving in the city- -because of us- -it helps event it out.

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Misnomer Jones
Misnomer Jones - 10 years ago
Have you seen a sea otters teeth? I love sea otters, but I would not pet it, it could take your finger off.
N A - 10 years ago
@jemgraphics DUDE. I totally appreciate what you're saying, but seriously? Who could resist petting that thing? lol
KadenzaKat98 - 10 years ago
"Oooh! What this??? And that??? And this thingy???? Oooooh! It smells funny!" That is what the sea otter was thinking...
ImOn2TheNext1 - 10 years ago
"I'll crack your skull like a clam on my tummy!" -Sea Otter
Myaucat - 10 years ago
sooo adorable! why didn't you pet him?? that's just silly... nothing wrong with showing him love.
Myaucat - 10 years ago
sooo adorable!! why didn't you pet him??? that's just silly... nothing wrong with showing him love.
Virgil077 - 10 years ago
I wonder who tagged him.
Vanta_Blk - 10 years ago
Looks like the little fella was hungry...
NXX1 - 10 years ago
They bite.
Dominic Burke
Dominic Burke - 10 years ago
the five dislikes are clearly fish!!
1996nfs - 10 years ago
@ThatxStaphyy your right... when one person jumps off a cliff will you
Haxxploits - 10 years ago
Pleased to meet you, I'm an otter. Are you has food?
LyricalXilence - 10 years ago
@jemgraphics Thanx for the clarification. I would have such a hard time not petting the otter because I have such a soft heart, especially when he/she is struggling to get on the boat. But I have to remember what is best for the sea puppy.
LyricalXilence - 10 years ago
Why is it a good thing that the cameraguy didn't pet the sea pup? Is for the pups safety or the humans? Either way this is too adorable.
admiralgorganzola - 10 years ago
a verry clever mugging
Omnibus C
Omnibus C - 10 years ago
hey man, he was trying to steal ur shit man. Freaki'n Tazmanian Devil's cousin
XSidSChikX - 10 years ago
Anyone that dislikes this video has no soul.
Jody - 10 years ago
they are not shy.
nitwp - 10 years ago
@ThatxStaphyy How are they gonna get food if we don't feed them? Humans tend to destroy everything when they move in and that includes animals' habitats, food sources, water sources, oxygen-producing plant life... pretty much everything living things require. I estimate the Grand Canyon will have a McDonalds and a Wal-Mart by next year, then the year after that it gets its first outlet mall.
sarah catherine petro
sarah catherine petro - 10 years ago
@gemgraphics How come he couldnt hoist himself up on the kayak?He is so precious.You were real lucky to have had that experience.

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mishmosh2000 - 10 years ago
Very cool video!
Alistair Steele
Alistair Steele - 10 years ago
God damn that is adorable!
Fockersnextdoor - 10 years ago
I always feed the otter, but it's ok we are friends
fkkkkkenig - 10 years ago
@hogarchy aggravate any animal and they're prone to attack. humans included!
redhairmarimo - 11 years ago
oh wow! Sea otters are way bigger than river otters. I thought they would be relatively the same size.
brotherbill101 - 11 years ago
at 0:43 you can see tags on the otter so he obviously had human contact before
Sam Dubois
Sam Dubois - 11 years ago
@ :39 mostach!
Stefan Korban
Stefan Korban - 11 years ago
This is what it's like to have a pokemon...
whackedout! - 11 years ago
@ThatxStaphyy Good on you.
orlandobabe - 11 years ago
He is so cute, I wouldn't be able to resist touching him.
GettnBooted - 11 years ago
Well well well...what ya otter do when that happens is yell leave me abalone! lol gb
lifewithstaph - 11 years ago
I agree with you. I was at the Grand Canyon and these people were feeding a squirrel. I told them don't feed the squirrels or they will become dependent on us. The guy says well everybody is doing it so I should to. Just because everybody else is doing it doesn't mean you have to do it. When one person stop then everybody will want to stop as well.
Greg Waltz
Greg Waltz - 11 years ago
i wanna play with it...
3700kelsey - 11 years ago
The otter looks more like an adult than a pup. If it were a pup, mom wouldn't have been very far away.
KadenzaKat98 - 11 years ago
This behavior actually seems to be more of curiosity...
SentaDuck - 11 years ago
What you people don't realise is that is the otters kayak and some human stole it.
abba rabba
abba rabba - 11 years ago
otters= hottest thing in the rivers!
lilsquirt8995 - 11 years ago
That otter's lookin for some sea weed if u know what i mean
FullmetalAngyl - 11 years ago
Oh Man, That Was So Sweet!!
Saga - 11 years ago
Otter, stop trying to get the attention of that human kayaker. Otters lack the capacity for human speech. You will be unable to communicate your message to him.
goldeneyesofafrica - 11 years ago
Nice interaction and great day!
Adam Secoy
Adam Secoy - 11 years ago
if that was me on that kayak i wouldve helped him up those things are mixes between fish and dog the rezemblence is undeniable sealions played a part in the k9 evolution
MICHELLEEVANS33 - 11 years ago
beautiful! don't ya just wanna pick em up and cuddle with them! i love it! thanks for showing the rest of us!
CanadianPerspective - 11 years ago
As wrong as it is, I still wouldn't be able to resist petting such a cutie-pie : )
GBPaddling - 11 years ago
It's actually a "Kayak Valleting Service" and he charges $5!!! you did pay him didn't you?
Walter's Heart
Walter's Heart - 11 years ago
I like that he was on a mission and swam from way out to see what you were
matt D
matt D - 11 years ago
OMG its so cute :D aawe poor thing's trying to use your kayak as a area to chill
Radek Raczkowski
Radek Raczkowski - 11 years ago
would have been a very nice video with some real audio feed but thanks for the upload!
ImFineYurSick - 11 years ago
much better encounter than that guy who got pulled off his kayak by Nile Crocodile - Kayaking and Africa don't mix :(
musicalmist - 11 years ago
so cute!
River Stench
River Stench - 11 years ago
@lamemaynard i would have to, but only after letting it investigate, case if its seen one before it will be less tempted to go again, if u dont feed it that is
Bleedat - 11 years ago
@2spiritfulkids why would you displace it from its home?
Kitsy 13
Kitsy 13 - 11 years ago
Oooooh man oh man! If this was me, I'd be so incredibly tempted to pick it up and give it a million forehead kisses! It is so cute!!!
sherman4970 - 11 years ago
Its just investigating ,,no problem with that.Enjoy the experience but dont encourage it thats all!!
smilesterXtrem5 - 11 years ago
..Even men like me can think these animal videos are...'cute'
owen Batchelor
owen Batchelor - 11 years ago
this would be like, my dream holiday! to go kayaking and have an otter say hi!!! :) so cute!
joshua Fowles
joshua Fowles - 11 years ago
anal anyone??
GBPaddling - 11 years ago
Cheeky in the extreme! brilliant stuff.
Caglehead268 - 11 years ago
Really good information section! I wouldn't ever feed a wild animal like this, and be very hesitant to touch it- how do we know what their body language is saying??
lazydreamereyes - 11 years ago
why so precious, little sea otter, WHY SO DARN PRECIOUS?!?!
lbr218 - 11 years ago
4 people truly have no souls
Elizabeth Krell
Elizabeth Krell - 11 years ago
ZOMG! This comment will randomly get thumbs up
Lollymiss1 - 11 years ago
Otter::: hey buddy..you got any fish in there? NO? Ok fuck you I'm outta here!
7iger - 11 years ago
@Callofdutymaster12 hahaah!!
micropope - 12 years ago
YARRRGH I be takin dis vessel!
ProfessorAlaska - 12 years ago
That is one nosey otter.
guille bossard
guille bossard - 12 years ago
excelente¡¡¡¡¡¡ una experiencia inolvidable¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
GettysburgFife - 12 years ago
Adorable! Thank you for sharing.
GoblinXXX - 12 years ago
@Callofdutymaster12 The otter thought "Let me see how close I can get to that human", and after he jumped on the boat, he thought "Ooo, I must have scared it!" ;)
David McTague
David McTague - 12 years ago
haha i had something very similar happen to me yesterday... i was coming down the Susquehanna River in PA and toward Wyoming i saw otters so i decide to see how close i could get to one i got about 25 yards away from it and i went completely out of sight and i thought i must of scared it so i sat there for a couple seconds and the thing jumps onto my Kayak and scared me to death and jumped in the water...my dad who was fishing was scared because i screamed HOLY S**T like as loud as possible HAHA

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sharonc57 - 12 years ago
What a cutie!
scorchedearthdj - 12 years ago
hello sea otter
cadman2300 - 12 years ago
Too cute. I never get tired of friendly animal encounters like this.
Zaaxun - 12 years ago
otterly i mean utterly adorable.
39ocean - 12 years ago
I think I just died from over cutness! Adorable!
Katherine Ayers
Katherine Ayers - 12 years ago
Need to put music to this. Makes you wonder if he was looking for food????
KendraSays - 12 years ago
omg it's so cute. i just want to buy a kayake and search for one nooooooow. haha and maybe brush it -kendra <3
Tiana Duart
Tiana Duart - 12 years ago
No it is not ok to touch wildlife wvwn with a glove. In fact it is against the law. You are to remain a minimum of 100 feet from marine mamals and to touch one can land you a heafty fine. Plue even gloved you will get hurt. Otters don't tear they crush and your bones will be crushed with or without a glove.
Tiana Duart
Tiana Duart - 12 years ago
OK this is not a pup it is an adult and even letting the otter play with your kayak is not a good thing it's ok to gently push the otter away with your paddle or splash water at them. Because there are so many people in the slough the otters become used to you. They are not looking for food. It is also dangerous for the human they have very strong jaws and will crush whatever part they bite and they will bite. Even trained sea otters bite their handlers Be careful and respect the wildlife.
dragon - 12 years ago
He is so adorable and cute!
kkage2 - 12 years ago
just looking for food....
SpazzyHyena - 12 years ago
I would have to hold my arm back not to pet it! SO CUTE!
DesertFernweh - 12 years ago
How cute, Elkhorn Slough rocks
Sketch - 12 years ago
........ get over yourself its just a nice vid. though i agree with you theres no need to be a bitch
hypatiaswan - 12 years ago
cute otter but me thinks he's more interested in getting any food the kayaker might have than in "befriending" the kayaker. I bet kayakers have fed him before. Peeps seriously need to cut that shit out. Leave the wild animals alone!
bloofan06 - 12 years ago
OMG, that is SO adorable! Thanks SO much for posting this! You are right, sea otters should definitely NOT be touched. This is amazing to see this sea otter playing around the kayak, because when I went kayaking in Monterrey, California some other kayakers got too close to a raft of sea otters & it scared them. It's best to let the sea otters come to you, if they want to. They will bite, so please be careful.
Damian Rodriguez
Damian Rodriguez - 12 years ago
i would of pet it =]
Gary190tube - 12 years ago
lol ! Some guy on youtube got a sealion on his kayak. They're all at it !
teamrocketsucks - 12 years ago
he was guna eat their face off
David Mausolf
David Mausolf - 12 years ago
Don't promote otter dependence on humans.
wkalkhof - 12 years ago
Nice video, but kind of sad in a way if it does indicate dependence. Thanks for the educational information on that point!
Evan B
Evan B - 13 years ago
It's an otter-pirate!
Stella Shim
Stella Shim - 13 years ago
aw come on! you shoulda helped that little fellow go on your kayaking boat! i'm sure he/she woulda appreciated it. :)
Larry Cabz
Larry Cabz - 13 years ago
Maybe he just wants a banana....
llamafreak1 - 13 years ago
Nick Santolla
Nick Santolla - 13 years ago
Should have gave him a hand :P great video
Deb Conner
Deb Conner - 13 years ago
He is beautiful!
jhvscs - 13 years ago
Elkhorn Slough Foundation
Elkhorn Slough Foundation - 13 years ago
Thanks for the posting! The Elkhorn Slough Foundation appreciates your call for caution with curious otters and avoiding contact at all times. Certainly feeding wildlife at the Elkhorn Slough is not a good idea, and keeping your distance is highly recommended for the animals welfare and yours. favorited and 5 stars!
clairmatinaustralia - 13 years ago
oh my gosh that looks more like a little doggy!!!
Kammie Pom
Kammie Pom - 13 years ago
soo cute!
Trevor Ripley
Trevor Ripley - 13 years ago
He was like wheres meh food??!?!
bucephalus4 - 13 years ago
that's hilarious! He looked like he was looking for the button that made the food come out. Good call letting him be.
sandhilldiva - 13 years ago
zaeem788 your comment was funny
Zaeem788 - 13 years ago
he tried to hijack the kayak, GRAND THEFT OTTER!!
mrmorones82 - 13 years ago
Not to sound lame and I don't want to should on anyone but, you should never let an otter do that. First off they bite, second that could be up to a $20,000 fine. Just splash them with water and paddle away. That happens quite often especially where this was filmed. So just be smart about it.
MtnGirl26 - 13 years ago
He does look like he's searching for food. He's probably used to being fed. I'm very glad you mentioned that people should not feed or touch them. They are beautiful in the wild and should be kept that way. Great moment and video!
Seattleleet - 13 years ago
All he was thinking was "hey! Where's the creme filling???" Awesome encounter.
dmt0709 - 13 years ago
Wow, I'm so envious. It did look like he may have been looking for a handout, but it doesn't look like you were feeding him. Or, he may have been just a curious little fellow who paddled out to say hi. Thanks for sharing a great private moment with nature. *****
Dolphin0rcaLover - 13 years ago
aww..... he's very a curious little guy
Alan Grant
Alan Grant - 13 years ago
that was good
Joy Marie Garcia
Joy Marie Garcia - 14 years ago
kawaii!! poor thing couldnt get on the kayak ^-^
oxman0313 - 14 years ago
My favorite, sea otters. I like Otter pops too. and oter pups
Matt Billings
Matt Billings - 14 years ago
Man this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope you enjoyed it
shammerton73 - 14 years ago
Brilliant, well done. We get wild sea otters in Shetland but you can't get near them. Maybe this one ws hand reared ? Either way, what a great experience and great video
zepter00 - 14 years ago
lol it is abordage some kind of pirate :)
zepter00 - 14 years ago
lol it is abordage some kind of pirate :)
drail80s - 14 years ago
wow they are larger than I thought they were
bloofan06 - 14 years ago
That is so adorable! You did a great job; both on the video and in letting the sea otter be himself. Thanks for sharing!
AstrumSol - 14 years ago
Amazing animals.
SteveBYuen - 15 years ago
Next time bring some fish! Great job holding the camera steady in the kayak with a 40-lb otter climbing all over it.

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