Kayaker Caught in the Death Grip of a Sieve | Ultimate Rush

A kayaker's life is on the line as a sieve drags him under the rapids and his friends try desperately to save his life. Find all the best  adventure content right here on our YouTube channel or on our website and across all of our social media platforms: Website: http://www.outsidetv.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/outsidetelev... Twitter: https://twitter.com/Outside_TV Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/outsidetele... For more information on how you can get Outside TV in your home be sure to visit our website: http://www.outsidetv.com/find And download our free app: Outside TV Features - available everywhere: http://try.outsidetv.com/

Kayaker Caught in the Death Grip of a Sieve | Ultimate Rush sentiment_very_dissatisfied 415

Kayak 7 years ago 1,613,097 views

A kayaker's life is on the line as a sieve drags him under the rapids and his friends try desperately to save his life. Find all the best  adventure content right here on our YouTube channel or on our website and across all of our social media platforms: Website: http://www.outsidetv.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/outsidetelev... Twitter: https://twitter.com/Outside_TV Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/outsidetele... For more information on how you can get Outside TV in your home be sure to visit our website: http://www.outsidetv.com/find And download our free app: Outside TV Features - available everywhere: http://try.outsidetv.com/

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for Kayaker Caught in the Death Grip of a Sieve | Ultimate Rush

john terry
john terry - 3 years ago
dumb fucks the water is no joke
Peter Gerhardsen
Peter Gerhardsen - 3 years ago
Staged and ridiculously so. Red Bull, which is to attention whores what shit is to flies, stinks big time.
Grey - 3 years ago
Pause the video at 1:09, it looks like there’s a lion’s head made out of rock on the mountain, right side. Anyone else see that?
Hunter Davis
Hunter Davis - 3 years ago
I was almost killed last summer while canoeing in table rock lake it was a crazy experience i will never ever go canoeing again
Mr. Leiduowen
Mr. Leiduowen - 3 years ago
Scary shit, but still nothing like taking a wrong turn on the way to Aintry.
Sammy and Gray
Sammy and Gray - 3 years ago
Omg I heard they were in nz and I had a sudden smile on my face, I live in AUCKLAND nz
Anonymoth - 3 years ago
This is why I will stick to my racing kayak
Tracee Johnson
Tracee Johnson - 3 years ago
Anybody with half a brain would not try that, only if they have a death wish.
Patrick McCarthy
Patrick McCarthy - 3 years ago

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JWG Fishies
JWG Fishies - 3 years ago
1:51 that guy did a flip lol
El_George - 3 years ago
Yeah I survived to that too. When you are about to die, Your family is the only thing that matters "Sorry mom, sorry dad, I love you"
GiantxWarrior - 3 years ago
It’s not worth it. Ask their families. Selfish as hell.
Karan singh
Karan singh - 3 years ago
Its not fun playing wd nature its to use in ur limits not limitless dont try to become god if want to become mindfulness cmon
back2backtv - 3 years ago
Hi, I am writing from a television production company in the UK. We would potentially like to include some of your video footage in a television series and I wonder if you could please get in contact as soon as possible to discuss this further? My email is sophie.greenhill@back2back.tv Thank you, Sophie
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson - 3 years ago
clickbait, i wanted to see a limp body pop up down stream
MegF - 3 years ago
My Dad always told me that the most dangerous thing we do is just drive on the streets and highways. I think he is right, even after watching this video clip. We did some canoeing once with fast water and he had us exit and portage around. We sat on the rocks and watched canoe after canoe after canoe wreck and spilling people out. My Dad told me to never get between a rock and a canoe because you'd get trapped. We saw metal canoes bend around rocks, but thankfully no one was hurt and only property damage. I was very glad my Dad knew about where to get us out early and know our skill level. This video clip of the guy sucked under was so emotionally powerful... and so glad he was okay in the end. WOW!

Drive safe! That's where most of us are at risk day to day.
Jonathan Gillis
Jonathan Gillis - 3 years ago
Im sorry....but i dont feel bad for this guy at all. Even if one of those guys died... They know what they're getting into and they know the risks. Obviously the rush of going down these rivers is worth their life to them.
Don Johnson
Don Johnson - 4 years ago
Wow dude almost didn't make it
Exo Dus
Exo Dus - 4 years ago
What made it spit him back out,was it luck or is that the way the river works ? 0.o

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Paolo Flores
Paolo Flores - 4 years ago
Lucky son of a bitch. He probably tried it again the next day. I would likely do the same. How foolish we junkies are.
ariel santos
ariel santos - 4 years ago
Corn Dog
Corn Dog - 4 years ago
Andrew Czuba
Andrew Czuba - 4 years ago
Dario Wagner
Dario Wagner - 4 years ago
They react very good and professionel
Terry Knutson
Terry Knutson - 4 years ago
i did not even turn on the volume. i never been in a kayak. i know the strength of the River. It does not matter who you are. Your life had better be in order when you head down stream.
Jimmy Elsen
Jimmy Elsen - 4 years ago
My dad looked at that shit and said nope when he was there
Leandro Cardozo
Leandro Cardozo - 4 years ago
Qué dementes
Scott Gibson
Scott Gibson - 4 years ago
Risk vs reward, its that simple.
Shane Lisman
Shane Lisman - 4 years ago
It made me happy how swift action was taken by the other kayakers. One even jumping in when it was safe to pull him to safety. Glad he survived

30. comment for Kayaker Caught in the Death Grip of a Sieve | Ultimate Rush

FLORENT BAGHIONI - 4 years ago
that sounds like professional kayakers need more a camera, an helicopter than just a brain for safety !! that sucks !!! it's definitly insane to get so stupid ! but when you got enough experience and alife you know that !!
Dan Wally
Dan Wally - 4 years ago
Who cares
Gay sport
Lance Winslow
Lance Winslow - 4 years ago
Strong guy, he didn't give up and he made it. Some is luck, some is skill, I'd say most in this case was sheer will. Good work.
Truth is the new hate speech
Truth is the new hate speech - 4 years ago
jonah levi?
jonah levi? - 4 years ago
fucking idiots. its so fun to just die isnt it? why go in rivers? you morons this is litterally suicide...
Tom Green
Tom Green - 4 years ago
holy mother F ! that was intense! you guys are nuts!!
leurqster leurqster
leurqster leurqster - 4 years ago
Don’t go in that water dumb ass!!
TheMrmoc7 - 4 years ago
They should offer a sacrifice to the river for allowing their friend to live.
Minnesota Fatz
Minnesota Fatz - 4 years ago
I got a little too comfortable the other day and went out alone in rough waters with no life jacket. I got pinned in a spillway, then once i finally got my leg free and my head above water i shot out of the spillway and bounced off a lot of rocks.

Luckily I didn't get knocked out and made it to shore, but it was definitely a learning experience. I could've very easily been a nominee in this year's Darwin Awards.
rick poghll
rick poghll - 4 years ago
Pointless stupid shit
Bee Bumble
Bee Bumble - 4 years ago
And that is why I am a flat water kayaker
Elle Lipa
Elle Lipa - 4 years ago
Holy fuck that was intense.
David - 4 years ago
Why does it take so long to get out?
UrbanExplorer1000 - 4 years ago
excellent way to get a parasite
Knox Man
Knox Man - 4 years ago
“Somebody die” you douche bag
bolsonaro presidente
bolsonaro presidente - 4 years ago
Carai veio muito foda
Hol up
Hol up - 4 years ago
My god I thought they recorded a guys death for a minute
Hol up
Hol up - 4 years ago
Why spend so much on a helicopter when a drone would do the trick just as well
Steve Sinclair
Steve Sinclair - 4 years ago
That is one lucky man ! Terrifying! Glad he made it out. I'll stick to Catching giant Snakeheads out of my kayak on the Potomac River.
Stacy Smith
Stacy Smith - 4 years ago
Who else was yelling: PULL HIM THE OTHER WAY!

50. comment for Kayaker Caught in the Death Grip of a Sieve | Ultimate Rush

Rayn Gryphon
Rayn Gryphon - 4 years ago
BC Canada is one of the most treacherous places in the world. Take and Heed this advice from some of the most highly qualified SAR people on earth: "Beauty equals Death. Always stay Fresh."
Olivia Piehler
Olivia Piehler - 4 years ago
ha ha!
BEARDEDYAKER - 4 years ago
True friends there!
Mitch Mabee
Mitch Mabee - 4 years ago
LaViajerita 87
LaViajerita 87 - 4 years ago
Was he chewing gum throughout the whole ordeal?
DMC12Gauge - 4 years ago
1:51 LOL
vhollund - 4 years ago
Not my idea of fun
J K.
J K. - 4 years ago
He should of sucked up his pride and let go of the kayak and dove into the stream. Any professional swimmer knows this.
Tim Dunk
Tim Dunk - 4 years ago
Insane - literally.
Jeff Poleet
Jeff Poleet - 4 years ago
Jesus that was nuts. I'm a raft guide and kayaker and that is my biggest fear. Getting stuffed like that is no fun and it can change you forever.
tooNit2BET - 4 years ago
red guy 1:52 fail :P
AJ F - 4 years ago
im curious, would an olympic swimmer be able to swim against that current? Michael phelps?
Digital - 4 years ago
Thought this was a death grips meme ☹
Digital - 4 years ago
Glad he survived tho
ENTroPic Girl
ENTroPic Girl - 4 years ago
I had something like this happen on the Lower Yough in Pennsylvania I was in an old Perception Reflex and paddling in flood water conditions. Not my smartest move, obviously survived due to the quick thinking of my fellow river guides.
Richard Monroe
Richard Monroe - 4 years ago
I've known 4 kayakers who've died on rivers. I wasn't there when they died. We saved one guy who had an underwater pin.
Peter Gizmos
Peter Gizmos - 4 years ago
It was all part of the show. He could have pulled himself out but pretended to struggle.
DarkSagan - 4 years ago
We have drones for that shit now. No need to endanger pilots.
ChakRaLight - 4 years ago
Jeez, what a bloody useless rescue attempt. They actually increased his chances of dying.
Nearly dying just to sell some sugary drink. Also, they need to practice their rescue techniques. They would have been responsible for his death. What a bunch of retards.
Mike Randall
Mike Randall - 4 years ago
Idiots, doing idiot things because they're idiots.
hebrone30 - 4 years ago
Johan Uribe
Johan Uribe - 4 years ago
I am into mountaineering and I thought I could get into any outdoor activity. I tried kayaking on a river three times before I decided it was not for me. The risk of dying was waaay above my threshold, and there is no around it. But best of luck to the people who are into it. You are braver men than I.
m d
m d - 4 years ago
Man vs Mother Nature . The moon with her tides, storms, fire and ice, tornados and hurricaines, human stupidy as well as planned events gone wrong. If cancer doesn't get you," Mother Nature", should. Have fun so I can watch you here.
ophello - 4 years ago
I just want to know if they got the kayak back
TheQueenAriel - 4 years ago
I don't understand why people do this, it doesn't seem like fun and worth risking your life for
can you see ?
can you see ? - 4 years ago
It goes yuh
arttime timeart
arttime timeart - 4 years ago
You should not of been messing in that in the first place
Hannes B.
Hannes B. - 4 years ago
elevenart - 4 years ago
not worth the rush.
Kratos 999
Kratos 999 - 4 years ago
ha ha ha such a jerk. who has no respect for nature and life no longer belongs - fully idiot
Pooja chettri
Pooja chettri - 4 years ago
thumps up to all the divers
oregonxyz - 4 years ago
experience kayaker here: everybody says "don't kayak alone" - but kayaking an easy class 2 is a whole heck of a lot safer than trying to do that rapid with a team of experts

nuff said: I'll continue to boat solo, but pick my spots very carefully - after all - I can exit the boat (even if my roll fails) and I make sure that if I do swim, it is an easy safe swim

again - I do that by carefully selecting what sections of what rivers and at what levels to run

kayaking can be as safe as taking a bath or driving a car - or it can be as dangerous as playing with a bunch of crocks in a swamp - its all up to what you choose to run
RickyMillar - 4 years ago
It's really down to the paddler. Some people will make it down class 4-5 with less chance of screwing up than someone else on 2-3. But they are generally totally different standards, a "class 2 paddler" might instinctively lean away from undercuts and pins and kill themselves on a class 3 river, while people like those in this video are extremely experienced in class 5 boating, and with that generaly comes a lot of safety experience. Yes people die, but for these guys it is fairly rare. and i bet if you asked them they would agree its worth the lifestyle.

Until you have spent time involved in stuff like this its super easy to underestimate the amount of saftey that is already set by just having a reliable crew with you.
DT123 - 4 years ago
Jesus be with them
Alexander Munin
Alexander Munin - 4 years ago
Graeme Jackson
Graeme Jackson - 4 years ago
nice work jordy
NinetySevenTill - 4 years ago
He’s Very lucky to be alive just goes to shows you how vulnerable we are to the beauty of Mother Nature.
dp - 4 years ago
i shouldnt have watched this. glad he made it
George Palmer
George Palmer - 4 years ago
Been whitewater kayaking a few years now. There are times when its just not worth the risk...
rats arsed
rats arsed - 4 years ago
Rich kid gets wet. ... snore
trwent - 4 years ago
How much did that helicopter camera crew cost ?
Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton - 4 years ago
2:36 first guy to him tosses him a rope. But guy in kayak is already holding another rope in his left hand. This rope is strung from opposite side of River and appears to be secured to guy in kayak. Where did this come from? After he resurfaces he his pulled to far side of River by this rope still secured to him.
phoenixamaranth - 4 years ago
Arch Stanton if you listen to video, one guy already set up safety down river and had thrown him the rope you see him holding. What we see in video is second guy to throw rope.
Spectral - 4 years ago
How exactly can a helicopter give you a better angle than a drone can?
Redakz - 4 years ago
I thought it said he was caught in the grip of a steve.... Steve drags him under the rapids
Outside TV
Outside TV - 4 years ago
Ya never want to be caught in the death grip of a Steve.
Sting r
Sting r - 4 years ago
I love the slide the guy did on the rock 1:50- 1:53 look very cool
Tim Norton
Tim Norton - 4 years ago
i thought i was going to die! shit was intense
joynthis - 4 years ago
Yeah, drowning is such a rush.
Mojo - 4 years ago
dickheads die, so what??
Phillis Powers
Phillis Powers - 4 years ago
You never ask for PERMISSION to boat on HER! I guess ur not going to learn! Choices!!!! Be blessed!
HxC Fragman
HxC Fragman - 4 years ago
You should have been on the upper rock the whole time pulling on him.
Russell Moore
Russell Moore - 4 years ago
Wow, Red Bull hat fully sucks

100. comment for Kayaker Caught in the Death Grip of a Sieve | Ultimate Rush

Adam Jordan
Adam Jordan - 4 years ago
Did he start purging as soon as he got stuck? clever guy
Drew Cole
Drew Cole - 4 years ago
Hey hold up guys he's drowning. Let me get this on video with my drone so we can put it on the internet!
Lostboyscanmore - 4 years ago
well what else was the drone supposed to do in this situation?
subhash chaudhary
subhash chaudhary - 4 years ago
Ooh no
VancouverCanucksRock - 4 years ago
Humans are an unessary Creature
Christian Eidsmoe
Christian Eidsmoe - 4 years ago
Sean Smurfy
Sean Smurfy - 4 years ago
3:34 Don't smile too hard buddy while you're talking about the death of a friend, someone might think this is staged.
Colin Kraft
Colin Kraft - 3 years ago
Uncomfortable situations can cause people to laugh, doesn't mean it wasn't incredibly serious. On another note, they filmed that after he was rescued, so he was probably feeling a lot of relief and excitement when his friend came out okay.
Aaaa Moua
Aaaa Moua - 4 years ago
PuLsE_CLoWn - 4 years ago
1:52 do a barrel roll!
Rad Dog
Rad Dog - 4 years ago
My dad and his friends went rafting on one of the most dangerous rapids in America (atleast most dangerous for a place they take tourists and customers) and he said it was nothing but adrenaline pumping the whole way, scary as shit. And two hours prior to them going out, someone got thrown off and got their leg caught on a rock under a rapid and drowned. They didn’t find the body until AFTER my dad and his group went through.
PantsB4Squares - 4 years ago
Oh fuck
Beat 'em Back
Beat 'em Back - 4 years ago
could be constructed but still well done guys
Grady L.
Grady L. - 4 years ago
I thought the title said the death grip of Steve and now I see, there is no Steve and I can stop looking.
joe fussy
joe fussy - 4 years ago
Scary as fuk!
bblazeff1 - 4 years ago
I got caught in a sieve, I'm still there. Eating fish and raccoon meats
Moritz Nepomuck
Moritz Nepomuck - 4 years ago
It's ridiculous. Can invest in cameras, helicopter etc. but not develop life-saving tools other than a throw bag.
Mike Gass
Mike Gass - 4 years ago
you people are nuts!
Vikas Sharma
Vikas Sharma - 4 years ago
terrifying ....
Realist - 4 years ago
Anything to get the "shot", no rescue plan, no documented plan at all, lucky to have lived.
Lostboyscanmore - 4 years ago
Yes they planned out an exact rescue for this exact situation with this exact rock on the river. Beside its not like the helicopter could do anything other than film the situation.
Halcyon - 4 years ago
This is NZ macho style, too much risk. Stupid.
Skip Drake
Skip Drake - 4 years ago
Holy Shit! That's the nastiest pin I've ever seen. I'm glad he made it out. WOW!
DunkinGrad - 4 years ago
Guillotine !!! Yeh!!!
GOOBLE07 - 4 years ago
Lol this is staged.
Lostboyscanmore - 4 years ago
Same stage as the moon landing i bet.
Rhythmicons - 4 years ago
FUCK! I was on the edge of my seat on this one!
JS the Canuck
JS the Canuck - 4 years ago
"robert it go down"
"nah it don't go down"
"OH SH-"
Kate Pepperell
Kate Pepperell - 4 years ago
When they put NZ and good weather in the same context
Gaurav Misar
Gaurav Misar - 4 years ago
Don't mess with water
Bruce B
Bruce B - 4 years ago
"Beginning to think if it is worth it or not." NOPE not worth it.
pigskin1000 - 4 years ago
that is some big ass water. I used to whitewater kayak til I almost died on the Cribworks in Maine. That was it for me. Will stick to the smaller sections. too old for that shit. Glad he made it. could easily have died
B L - 4 years ago
Whoa that was fucking intense!!! Seeing him slowly go under I felt like I couldnt breathe too!
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - 4 years ago
I'd have just peed upstream and then walked out
strange one
strange one - 4 years ago
That's teiffying
510Redneck - 4 years ago
Ol dude sure could hold his breathe while struggling his ass off, I probably would of said "Whelp, it was a good run" . lol
Allen Parsons
Allen Parsons - 4 years ago
Don't you want/need to get out of the kayak? Then curl into a ball?
bigearedmouse17 - 4 years ago
Play stupid games win stupid prizes.
One and Only
One and Only - 4 years ago
Stupid you said you saw someone die then he pops out.
ben grey
ben grey - 4 years ago
thats my nightmare on where i never want to be
Xilva Skeng
Xilva Skeng - 4 years ago
THICC BOI we've all been there!
Mandy Olsen
Mandy Olsen - 4 years ago
Rocket Power
Rocket Power - 4 years ago
play stupid games win stupid prices.
Berenger Christy
Berenger Christy - 4 years ago
Kayaks are purpose built for drowning. It doesn't help that these people go to water that is purpose built for drowning people. imo there is something wrong with people who put themselves in mortal danger for kicks and giggles
Lostboyscanmore - 4 years ago
"obviously like spending time behind a computer screen." Bruh you're the one with the "liked videos playlist" being mostly gaming videos. You should do something with your life you nut. Or at-least stop spreading negativity on the youtube comment section.
Berenger Christy
Berenger Christy - 4 years ago
And you obviously like spending your time behind a computer screen replying to comments dripping with sarcasm as if they weren't because you are so far on the spectrum that you can't read any subtext. I'd rather ride my mountain bike and get impaled or eaten by a bear instead of drown. It isn't 2001. Halo isn't good anymore. You tried at least
Xilva Skeng
Xilva Skeng - 4 years ago
Berenger Christy and also they are not purpose built for drowning... that doesn't even make sense.
KevinProNOW - 4 years ago
Stupid sport if you even want to call it that. LOL!
Lostboyscanmore - 4 years ago
"stupid looking face" even if you want to call it that. LOL
Preferred Stock
Preferred Stock - 4 years ago
This is what happens when curiosity meets stupid.
Brook Melee
Brook Melee - 5 years ago
He didn't die!?!?! What a letdown. Stupid deadbeat kayakers.
Street Road
Street Road - 5 years ago
couldnt finish the video, too much of a reality tv vibe from it.
JustLetMeDrive - 5 years ago
its not worth it
Just A Fan
Just A Fan - 5 years ago
Damn I was so into the video that I actually stopped breathing when the guy went under the rock
Bryan Mcpherson
Bryan Mcpherson - 5 years ago
If you are dum enough to risk your life life that your dum enough to die . Then some of you fucking morons wanna talk about it . Stupid fucking morons .
Bryan Mcpherson
Bryan Mcpherson - 5 years ago
That's what he gets for doing tricks in rapids like that . Fucking moron
Casey Currie
Casey Currie - 5 years ago
Ginger Adventurez
Ginger Adventurez - 5 years ago
Oh I want to get into kayaking so bad! These guys are nuts.
iZi Z
iZi Z - 5 years ago
man i'm gasping for air watching this
Elizabeth de Campos
Elizabeth de Campos - 5 years ago
I almost died in the exact thing... different place. It was in the Kern River in California. 18 people died in the exact sieve I was getting sucked into and the Search and Rescue team told me that the sieve was 15 feet deep... I fought for my life and my cousins helped pull me out... The man that died three weeks before me had his family trying to pull him out, but the water was too much... His body came back up in bits weeks later.
Joshua Young
Joshua Young - 4 years ago
August of last year three people died while i was up there just below Fairview campgrounds. bodies are always washing up on the golf course around vacation holidays. One dude tied himself to an inner tube, flipped, drowned...
† In hoc † Signo † Vinces
† In hoc † Signo † Vinces - 4 years ago
Elizabeth de Campos

:( rip to him. Thnk God u made it.
dronified - 5 years ago
Omg that is so scary. Thank God he is okay!
Mito Zbičajnik
Mito Zbičajnik - 5 years ago
They don't have drones?
the dude
the dude - 5 years ago
Holy shit i was having palpating and shortness of breath watching.
Adam Frederick
Adam Frederick - 5 years ago
You don't know until you know when it comes to the power of thousands of gallons of water forcing you against your will.
scott jones
scott jones - 4 years ago
I know. I made it but my brother in law did not. We were pulled into the tumble of a flood control dam. We had no chance, only reason I survived is a guy on the bank just happened to have a rope that I was able to grab before it sucked me down again. Water is no joke.
nfvy - 5 years ago
Boi I thought the helicopter was there to save them not film them
Kohde time traveler
Kohde time traveler - 5 years ago
Reasons why carabineers are so important for a kayaker... put in on your vest so you can clip it to the rope and be pulled out
Andy Wright
Andy Wright - 5 years ago
The other day, I was bass fishing on my feelfree lure kayak when a wave runner went by and threw an incredible wake. I almost dropped my beer. Scared the hell out of me.

Seriously, though, big props to these guys.
Mobile Lapu Lapu
Mobile Lapu Lapu - 5 years ago
that helicopter sounds op Imagine drone helicopter
Modest One
Modest One - 5 years ago
I've been rafting on class 2's and 3's for a while... I also do flat water kayaking. However, i'm about to take on a class 3 river with a kayak, behind the rafting groups... I'm only 14 and have no clue on what to do if I flip or get caught in a rapid/rocks while flipped.
Any tips from experienced kayakers?
Xilva Skeng
Xilva Skeng - 4 years ago
Modest One yeah the main tip is don't try to save your kayak. If you flip and need to release but your kayak is going to go if you do, ffs release and let t go. Seen so many people try to save their kayaks and almost drown in the process!
IVXY - 5 years ago
I was in my kayak I'm a guide for noc in North Carolina and we were going down a huge rapid I told everyone to go the amateur way the right but one kid in a ducky decided that wasn't fun he went left of course he flipped so I was in a etty waiting for him to swim down he didn't show up but since it was so strong I couldn't go forward it took 3 hours to retrieve his body he got pinned in a giant hole what I saw scared me his body was pure white and face purple and I feel so bad to this day thinking he died because of me
† In hoc † Signo † Vinces
† In hoc † Signo † Vinces - 4 years ago
Calbone Gamer455

Im so sorry. Truly.. Its not your fault just a horrible tragedy from his choice. (Hugs)
Pro Yeeter
Pro Yeeter - 5 years ago
What's next. Niagara Falls?lol
corneliasfudge - 4 years ago
homeless pizza
homeless pizza - 5 years ago
These dudes have some big balls... i wouldn't dare go anywhere near those rapids
Luqmann Hakim
Luqmann Hakim - 5 years ago
They gonna die if they taking a k1 boat
Dirty Math
Dirty Math - 5 years ago
Ummm.... No thank you. I'm happy to sit here in front of my computer and keep eating my cheetos. lol.
axis810 - 5 years ago
A drone gets much better footage BTW.
Ben Watts
Ben Watts - 5 years ago
I went down this river on a boogie board in 2007. It's not that scary, you just need to be able to hold your breath.
Lostboyscanmore - 4 years ago
ChubbyChub - 5 years ago
What a bunch of fucking idiots.
David Potter
David Potter - 5 years ago
why didn't he just release to begin with? I was honestly thinking it the entire time, espcially when I watched him gasping for air whilst holding the rope.. it makes me wonder how much video was clipped between the moments where he finally let go and then surfaced..
dont tread
dont tread - 5 years ago
Quinn Tolchin
Quinn Tolchin - 5 years ago
/r/Outside has a TV show now?
Hammett175 - 5 years ago
Reck Ssel
Reck Ssel - 5 years ago
Ice Surfer
Ice Surfer - 5 years ago
that's it? he just floated away?
Luvtoflyhelis - 5 years ago
What a bunch of idiots for even being on that river
Kadeeja Hilmy
Kadeeja Hilmy - 5 years ago



Danejah - 5 years ago
Jar of Smegma
Jar of Smegma - 5 years ago
3:04 Get that fool a straw.
Snow Brz
Snow Brz - 5 years ago
that was intense
hellgate1981 - 5 years ago
what a spud........all the little girl had to do was let go and go with the current..........stay in the pool next time
kalef1234 - 5 years ago
Helicopter? cough cough DJI
sean - 3 years ago
He is hinting a dji can do just as good if not a better job for much cheaper.
brett tran
brett tran - 4 years ago
kalef1234 at 1:26 and 1:38, you can see the helicopter. It's definitely not a DJI.
Daniel Keerer
Daniel Keerer - 5 years ago
Never underestimate nature. That´s the lesson learned here.
SHOOTR - 5 years ago
Rick O'shay
Rick O'shay - 5 years ago
fuckin funny
Veto Bandito
Veto Bandito - 5 years ago
Inferno - 5 years ago
And why the fuck you need the helicopter if you film it with a fucking drone ffs
LeonardoPenguinn n
LeonardoPenguinn n - 5 years ago
who elso was tencent
Brausefritz - 5 years ago
F-Stop Production
F-Stop Production - 5 years ago
Pretty sick video! :)
Hope to see you on our channel!
Ricky bobby It's all for you Entertainmert
Ricky bobby It's all for you Entertainmert - 5 years ago
Envirostones379926 - 5 years ago
not worth potentially losing your life.
Blake - 5 years ago
A helicopter? why not a drone?
Lowcountry Adventures
Lowcountry Adventures - 5 years ago
wait why didnt he let go there was calm water on the other side
Anonymoth - 3 years ago
Lowcountry Adventures because in a sieve the water is so pressured that it pins you against the rocks underneath and you drown sorry it so late
Irony Itch
Irony Itch - 5 years ago
My friend died like this. He was 21 years old.
rats arsed
rats arsed - 4 years ago
Pretty stupid eeh.
Detis Broham
Detis Broham - 5 years ago
Redbull should try the lochsa river in idaho.
Robbas - 5 years ago
Whoo... i need a cigarett! Got damnit guys, you cant do this to yourself and us ;) Great that he made it. :)
Shooting the Hooch
Shooting the Hooch - 5 years ago
I think every kayaker should watch this video. Makes me want to stick to my sea kayaks and calm waters.
The Exorcist
The Exorcist - 5 years ago
I thought his red shorts was blood coming from his waist O.O
petrokemikal - 5 years ago
If he would have been able to ditch the kayak the pressure pinning him to the rock would have been reduced.. Someone really needs to invent some sort of quick release for those things.. I dunno how it would be implemented but fuck man that's scary..
Angelo - 5 years ago
What about his kayak?
Mitsuki Hikari Koizumi
Mitsuki Hikari Koizumi - 5 years ago
this kind of video proves that people nowadays will just record a video while that man is struggling to survive for the sake of views. why not just help that man?
Bil - 5 years ago
hey guys, I'm selling my gopro with lots of accessories for a good price, pls have a look: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262899641676?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
Judson Clayto
Judson Clayto - 5 years ago
I didn't think that was gonna be cool if he really died and they were showing that much of it...
okazerk - 5 years ago
stupid people...
chalin P
chalin P - 5 years ago
fuck that shit I'm happy watching this on you tube
justclimb77 - 5 years ago
I'm sorry, but he valued his boat more than his life. Wet exit, be pulled to shore....

simple as that.
taxiuniversum - 5 years ago
Wow, this is scary shit!
How did he manage to get out?!?
veggiesoft googan
veggiesoft googan - 5 years ago
this gave me a heart attack
Marc Kreisel
Marc Kreisel - 5 years ago
We had also bad situations here in the european alpes. But I'm very glad. I've ve never been in such a horrible situation.
I knock 3 times on my table. For me AND FOR YOU in in the future.
Because WW-Paddling is the most fucking best sport in the world!
Jeff Hardin
Jeff Hardin - 5 years ago
And that's crazy when that happens, here I am reaching through my phone trying to grab the dude out. Super jazzed that he's okay.
Mr Mamadu Mane
Mr Mamadu Mane - 5 years ago
That's sad
Boingy420 - 5 years ago
Looks fake. Reminds me of that reality TV BS, like that Michael's Gift Shop Skit. "I'm going to buy something from the gift shop!"
Li Am
Li Am - 5 years ago
death grips XD
Pastel - 5 years ago
very lucky man, when it comes to rafting the rocks could trap your foot and the water could push you under and at that moment you could drown, he is very lucky. very lucky indeed.
JERA - 5 years ago
holy CRAP that was crazy! it was looking like a lot of fun, up until the local almost died. damn that is a crazy river...
JukinVideo xxasx
JukinVideo xxasx - 5 years ago
ha ha ha stupid fuck
icedbannanas - 5 years ago
It's just a prank bro
kyle glasco
kyle glasco - 5 years ago
In that siev he could of tucked and flipped right.
kyle glasco
kyle glasco - 5 years ago
And he had a line already set!This show is Bullshit!
RonaldMasters1 - 5 years ago
harrison rand
harrison rand - 5 years ago
when i went to a local camp to stay for 2 weeks i got to learn kayaking and rockclimbing and how to portage, camping stuff like that. I was only 9 or 10 probaly at the time and i saw people kayaking with skirts on and flipping over and pushing themselves back up. So i thought i could do it to (very dumb of me) so i went into a kayak a couple days later when we got to kayak again at camp and tried flipping over and never could flip myself back. So i just pulled off my skirt and swimmed out. I kept doing this until i flipped over and the skirt wouldnt come off, it was stuck and i couldnt get it off and people kept seeing me flip over so they didnt really suspect anything. I was stuck under until i completely ran out of breath I started to panic and kept trying to scream causing me take in alot of water,i was like this for what felt like forever and i was so close to drowning it gives me chills just thinking about, i luckly remembered that hitting on the top of the kayak acted as a distress signal, our teacher luckly was on the side that you could see my hand and jumped in. i was so close to dieing ill never forget it
Yes Sir!
Yes Sir! - 5 years ago
Lol! Idiots.
Fabio .Farina
Fabio .Farina - 5 years ago
looking for troubles..
ActionGirafe - 5 years ago
I'm so triggered right now. palms sweaty, moms spaghetti.
Barry Slaven
Barry Slaven - 3 years ago
right. that was probably the most tense video I've ever seen.

a cousin of my mother died kayaking, in the north of Ireland way before I was born, because she had flipped over and hit her head in a rock under the water which rendered her unconscious and she drowned shortly after.
kayaking scares the bejesus out of me, and this video just reinforces why.
steven Vitali
steven Vitali - 4 years ago
ActionGirafe your like a snail ,you got to formulate a plot, or end up in jail or shot
ActionGirafe - 5 years ago
+Django Scott
Lol calm down, how about YOU read before you type; does "grow up" mean buy a plastic tube and go to the most dangerous river and risk your life and risk your parent's heart break in order to have some fun with the bros. How about you grow the fuck up, or not, maybe just follow the leader and die in a river.
ActionGirafe - 5 years ago
+Django Scott
Untrue, my palms were def sweaty. And where are your brilliant comments that help the YT community? All I see is you hating on my comment.
Django Scott
Django Scott - 5 years ago
ActionGirafe I'm mad because you are the reason that the YouTube comments are fucking awful. No real feedback on the video, not even related to it really. Just a reference to something that was popular years ago.
ActionGirafe - 5 years ago
+Django Scott
Lol don't get mad, you don't have to put people down. It's not like I said; 'this guy is a fucking idiot for floating down a river in a plastic tube, and if you think it's inspirational than maybe you're as dumb as he is'.
Django Scott
Django Scott - 5 years ago
ActionGirafe honestly dude it's just depressing that you would comment a stale unfunny meme on a serious inspiring video like this. Either grow the fuck up or end your pitiful existence.
Selseus - 5 years ago
Hey can you take your autism over there? Thanks
Harry Nixon
Harry Nixon - 5 years ago
FUCK me that's the most intense thing I've seen this year
SONGER3 - 5 years ago
Red bull always uses helicopters, drones are old news
Django Scott
Django Scott - 5 years ago
SONGER3 or rather they are recent news, which is why Red Bull has only just started using them. Commercial drones are a very recent addition to the cameraman arsenal.
Daniel Barnhill
Daniel Barnhill - 5 years ago
D4RKBRU73 - 5 years ago
Dino Mike
Dino Mike - 5 years ago
blowing up or concreting sieves would take away the thrill i guess. white people shit
Tvpath - 5 years ago
I think it wasnt wise to make him go to the left side. Right side was more often for him to be released, wasn it?
The Truth
The Truth - 5 years ago
lol "how many more rivers until you loose a friend." How many more rivers until you lose yourself? God damn.
SneakyP - 5 years ago
Holy shit thats scary thank god hes okay and made it out.
albatored - 5 years ago
Quelle ho-rreur !!!

Eh les gars, c'est bon, faut arrêter les conneries là..!
albatored - 5 years ago
Quelle ho-rreur !!!

Eh les gars, c'est bon, faut arrêter les conneries là..!
Voxboy876 - 5 years ago
Oh shit. My fucking toes were squished into the carpet. Fuck scary.
rustler2222 - 5 years ago
Brewed - 5 years ago
Fuck that was intense.
Your Lordship
Your Lordship - 5 years ago
Part of me wanted him to die, and the scary part is, you felt it too.
LaViajerita 87
LaViajerita 87 - 4 years ago
Your Lordship not really
NeonZombiellama - 5 years ago
What have you been reading/watching? It sounds like you're trying to quote something you've heard somewhere else, and haven't realised it doesn't work in the real world.
quasiphatpaul - 5 years ago
Yeah actually most of us didn't feel that actually. Sorry dude, I think this means you should talk to someone.
rodger so
rodger so - 5 years ago
i think youre a sadist but youre not sdmitting it because you dont wanna stand out from society and be ostricized.
Norsk Overlegenhet
Norsk Overlegenhet - 5 years ago
I can't say I really did tbh.
Your Lordship
Your Lordship - 5 years ago
But you did
rodger so
rodger so - 5 years ago
Your Lordship tbh no i didnt i dont ahve a reason to desire his death
Kuldar Leement
Kuldar Leement - 5 years ago
60fps death footage
jeremiah johnson
jeremiah johnson - 5 years ago
Knock that shit off...not worth it.
Tom Mangu
Tom Mangu - 5 years ago
That was bloody lucky
Andy Jucutan
Andy Jucutan - 5 years ago
I'll bring my quadcopter out and film for you!
Krondelo - 5 years ago
Damn, it's not worth it.
forever666forever - 5 years ago
Did the "adrenalists" ever recover the poor plastic boat, or do the just abandon the
it in the wilderness, the same way you see them abandon bodies and sports garbage on Mt. Everest., etc.?
Tom Robinson
Tom Robinson - 3 years ago
Probably recovered, at the latest when the water levels went down and it would have inevitably been spat out. How often do you see old kayaks just littered about in rivers?
Linda Hernandez Bury
Linda Hernandez Bury - 4 years ago
Yea if that was me and any other avid kayaker they would say fuck the kayak. In that moment you don't even care.
M W - 5 years ago
What a stupid liberal thing to say
flack youe
flack youe - 5 years ago
typical liberal no value in human life. That boat could be stuck up a deers ass and id still be happier he lived.
SteepVisions - 5 years ago
That's around a $2000 boat. Either they save it or, lose the boat & walk the rest of the river. They definitely tried, maybe they were successful.
asd asd
asd asd - 5 years ago
They'd look for it, just more important to end on the note of how he survived and the impact it left rather than, "meanwhile 2 hours later the team locates his missing kayak".
These are pros, so you can assume it's expensive gear
Random Dude
Random Dude - 5 years ago
lol that anti trump ad was bullshit hillary needs to die already bill share the AIDS with her
Noah Atwood vlogs
Noah Atwood vlogs - 5 years ago
Quasar Productions
Quasar Productions - 5 years ago
I was thinking the same thing. Just not sure how far the operator will be able to take it without having to regroup. Perhaps if they could run it off a mobile network and have good service that could work.
GeorgeS - 5 years ago
+Django Scott thank you
Django Scott
Django Scott - 5 years ago
YeEpicTroll I like your 2005 meme channel name and profile pic. It's 2016 you tosser.
GeorgeS - 5 years ago
i like your very real and not at all fake channel
ja ok
ja ok - 5 years ago
Noah Atwood vlogs ahi noah
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
s h a d ø w b a n n e d - 5 years ago
Rarely does a dramatic clip like this actually warrant suspense/concern. That was scary.
Eugene Chao
Eugene Chao - 5 years ago
yeah, ill stick to my kayak fishing on calm waters..
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith - 4 years ago
@Wannabe Hick Get a wading staff it's your best friend when wading in a river. they're cheap and lets you feel where you can't see before taking a step.
Nogger Fogger logger 69
Nogger Fogger logger 69 - 4 years ago
can i have it please?
Chris Eliason
Chris Eliason - 4 years ago
what a rush tho, could be compared to downhill vs cross country skiing.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha - 4 years ago
Jon Davis you’re retarded
Mystery Science Gaming 3000
Mystery Science Gaming 3000 - 4 years ago
bet you won't do that again wannabe hick. Being in deep water with clothes and boots on is a terrible feeling.
Mystery Science Gaming 3000
Mystery Science Gaming 3000 - 4 years ago
@Eugene Chao Lake Placid... yea right...
Alexander Lee
Alexander Lee - 4 years ago
until a crock gets ya
Jason Cappuccino
Jason Cappuccino - 4 years ago
Well that escaladed quickly
Rad Dog
Rad Dog - 4 years ago
Eugene Chao any day of the week
jonn g
jonn g - 4 years ago
ItzLit! Kayaking is for drinking, fishing and fuckin on
drgiorhodes - 4 years ago
Kayaking is for the thrill not fish
Wannabe Hick
Wannabe Hick - 4 years ago
Eugene Chao I almost died today while fishing for river smallmouth I was crossing the river and it was only up to my ankles keep in mind I'm 13 only 5 foot 5 and pretty skinny and I had a big sweatshirt and pants on so I was in ankle depth then it dropped to knee depth then I took on more step and I was in 6ft deep Rapids so water over my head with full clothing and a heavy back pack I got shot down the river about 40 or 50 feet getting hit by rocks and logs then finally I hit shallow water that I could get up in and back to shore I lost a iPod with countless photos of my fish and I lost 60$ shoes but at least I'm alive right I also scared my friend half to death.
Jon Davis
Jon Davis - 5 years ago
RETRAC Videos stfu
RedRattlers Airsoft
RedRattlers Airsoft - 5 years ago
Jacob Yonbo no sharks
Jon Davis
Jon Davis - 5 years ago
Jacob Yonbo
Jacob Yonbo - 5 years ago
Jon Davis
Jon Davis - 5 years ago
Eugene I hope a great white shark mauls u bitch ass piece of shit
Jo Fox
Jo Fox - 5 years ago
Eugene Chao I'm with you - fishing in a kayak on calm water is the only kayaking I want to do too!
Adrian Urbina vlogs
Adrian Urbina vlogs - 5 years ago
Jack o \
Adrian Urbina vlogs
Adrian Urbina vlogs - 5 years ago
Jack o \
EraseMeWhole - 5 years ago
Jack o Yep!
Jack o
Jack o - 5 years ago
we hit the occasional creek here and there, little moderate rapids, case of beer, fishin rods, that's a good time.
EraseMeWhole - 5 years ago
Eugene Chao I thought the exact same thing. It can be just as much of a thrill lol
Arduinerd - 5 years ago
That stressed me out, and I wasn't even there! Lucky man to be alive!
Doug H. in VA
Doug H. in VA - 5 years ago
So if he had drowned, the video would not be posted. They only post when it's a big relief at the end when the stupid fellow who overshot his capabilities survived. A river does not care how confident or smart or experienced you are. 'complete;y different scenario' is business-meeting BS talk to impress you and deny the truth.
Ranger75 - 5 years ago
GAH looks for prozac and whiskey after watching that One of the two ways I don't want to die is my drowning/suffocation.
Yavuz Yavuzer
Yavuz Yavuzer - 5 years ago
fuck. no.
Bryan A.Cal
Bryan A.Cal - 5 years ago
i'm just wondering why a small self held supplied Air respirator has not been invented((or maybe it has, and i haven't heard or seen one idk)) for these situations/kayakers. something that can stand heavy water flow, "easy to put on" in such a panic state and if so on a backpack or upper arm.
Dawson Reynier
Dawson Reynier - 5 years ago
There has been one designed actually. It was used for the movie "The Grand Inga Project" about paddling a river in the Congo. Unfortunately it took a lot of tinkering and was more designed for when paddlers got sucked down in whirlpools. The issue with the sieve is often there is not enough room where the boater is trapped to move an arm up to find the tube and catch a breath :/
Bryan A.Cal
Bryan A.Cal - 5 years ago
+valzerna yhea thx.. if they can put us in space and have such similar or will design apparatuses for astronauts or something like that why not for this.
valzerna - 5 years ago
i was thinking about that too..
Wanaka 4WD Excursions
Wanaka 4WD Excursions - 5 years ago
Looks terrifying but where the kayaker gets trapped is not in the Nevis River. The flow is smaller, the rocks and the bush are different. It's always amusing when these shows mix and match different footage from a country you know, add some dramatic music and voice over.
Andy Weaks
Andy Weaks - 5 years ago
Yea, two different rivers. Or at least two completely different flows.
The big yellow giraffe
The big yellow giraffe - 5 years ago
Sub to the big yellow giraffe please
MrRideutah - 5 years ago
Glad there's not really any on the Colorado
sfflyer123 - 5 years ago
Looks like he crawled out of his boat
Mike Tate
Mike Tate - 5 years ago
Thank god.. Holy shit
Stringer Media
Stringer Media - 5 years ago
I give credit to the hele cameraman. If it wasn't for him this great footage would not be available and no doubt he was first eyes on the scene and might have been the one to radio the crew.
Tmoose - 5 years ago
Man that was hard to watch on a screen I'm sure that was hard to do.
Alberto Brizio
Alberto Brizio - 5 years ago
you have only one life man, only one life.
Garrett Young
Garrett Young - 5 years ago
Devon Wayne
Devon Wayne - 5 years ago
It's hilarious that we can see a helicopter and think, "Well, that's way over budget." How about a 7km drone? Or even two 7km drones, one at mid point and one at end. Full coverage and not ridiculously huge behemoth twirling above you.
ncsquirll - 4 years ago
just have a second drone deliver a new battery
caseywalker100 - 4 years ago
It's New Zealand bro. Helicopters are required to access most remote class v
Dan McLaughlin
Dan McLaughlin - 4 years ago
Devon Wayne maybe for safety reasons? But I don't think it would help much in this situation except for rushing the Kayaker to hospital dead or alive.
merlinthegray - 5 years ago
Helicopter rentals aren't really that expensive. For all the use you can get out of them.
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
s h a d ø w b a n n e d - 5 years ago
Devon Wayne Drones might not have enough battery power... like 30m? Not enough.
Advice Puppy
Advice Puppy - 5 years ago
It might of also been a mode of transport for them but not completely sure. But if its just for camera shots and angles then yeah I agree that its a little unnecessary.
EuphoricBliss - 5 years ago
"It was too late, its hard to put into words what its like to see someone die." I couldn't believe it, my jaw dropped I did not expect anyone to die. But then he pops up fine seconds later. Don't get me wrong that was scary, but his friend worded that terribly...
ThePeoplesChamp - 4 years ago
Yeah, he smiled right after he said "die", that felt weird.
beanz26 - 4 years ago
at that moment he definitely thought he just saw his friend die. It was worded perfectly, capturing that moment
Zane Cosgrove
Zane Cosgrove - 4 years ago
No that's not the case... the audio said exactly what the guy said without editing.
Rhythmicons - 4 years ago
He had a smile on his face though.
jimmyfly - 4 years ago
Berenger Christy - he was retelling the story in the timeframe that it happened. He retold it correctly.
Berenger Christy
Berenger Christy - 4 years ago
he still worded it terribly. he should have said "I thought I saw my friend die" instead of "I saw my friend die" when he obviously didn't
jimmyfly - 5 years ago
"his friend worded that terribly"

he believed his friend just died.
Michael Guarente
Michael Guarente - 5 years ago
I'd go back & watch where the video cuts. It's totally possible the editor took that out of context to heighten the drama. The original interview could have said something like "...it's hard to put into words what it's like when you see somebody almost die". Video cuts to the interview on the word "die" and we can't be sure how the rest of it was sliced and diced.
ElTagno - 5 years ago
He was describing what it was like in the moment. He thought he was watching his friend die.
Eric Miles
Eric Miles - 5 years ago
flack youe
flack youe - 5 years ago
Go smoke another bowl bitch ass. "All men die, few men live"
Collinbeastmode - 5 years ago
the camre man taping he need to help
Riki_ Tiki99
Riki_ Tiki99 - 5 years ago
+taxiuniversum kys
taxiuniversum - 5 years ago
+The Disappointment
Fuck you.
Riki_ Tiki99
Riki_ Tiki99 - 5 years ago
Guy Doug
Guy Doug - 5 years ago
That is so scary.. Omg
luggisluggi - 5 years ago
If you want to skip all the bullshit...the scenario starts at about 2:11 . You're welcome!
JoeCubicle - 5 years ago
I did not enjoy that. I'm glad the guy survived. If that were my son I would be upset for a long time to come.
Kraw1989 - 4 years ago
JoeCubicle Agreed
Reel Chaos Charters
Reel Chaos Charters - 5 years ago
Thought he died..
BitTune - 5 years ago
That was scarier that any horror movie I've seen.
jutubaeh - 5 years ago
great stuff looks like the water pressure was multiple times the force he could have made on the rock pushing himszellf back..?
jutubaeh - 5 years ago
try a clothed circuit like mountan pros -.^

just relatinG man - tool - animal$ ^ ^
vincente soltero
vincente soltero - 5 years ago
I was caught in something like that at leavenworth Inner-tubing but not nearly as bad. 2 hug rocks side to side and i was in the rapids and my tube got stuck in the middle with both rapids pushing me against it. I yelled help to my dad but he thought i was just playing around. Lucky i was able to use my legs and push against 1 rock and pushed myself to the side, then flowed out. He still thinks i was joking.
flack youe
flack youe - 5 years ago
nothing like the let down of a family member thinking you're joking around when the shit hit the fan... ive seen it too.
ez life
ez life - 5 years ago
your dads a fuckin retard
toasterRULEZ - 5 years ago
Fucking hell that was hetic! You saved his life helping him get thoses breaths no doubt
Hadrian Fry
Hadrian Fry - 5 years ago
OK serious question...why don't these guy carry a little aqualung? I mean ffs you KNOW what you are doing but you also KNOW that you could stuff it up. It might only give you a few minutes of oxygen but how much adrenaline are you willing to sacrifice to know that you won't die?
BitTune - 5 years ago
cause in a torrent like that, using an aqualung would be the least of your concerns. not getting trapped under the rocks and breaking free would be primary concern.
DcapNslapaho - 5 years ago
been there..its actually scripted..the crevasse is actually pretty big u can swim through it..3:37 they only show half of the entry then the back at 3:57 was pretty big and u can see the front actually have a big entry..
Lostboyscanmore - 4 years ago
And the earth is flat too.
FFEMTB08 - 5 years ago
Shut the fuck up.
Kris L
Kris L - 5 years ago
4:12, good on you man, that is an amazing thing to realize, life is worth more.
Lehmann Peters
Lehmann Peters - 5 years ago
Abu Hajaar
Abu Hajaar - 5 years ago
for once these videos were actually intense i began to think he was gonna die
AZ0960440 - 3 years ago
+rats arsed I thought that was a glitch on my screen when I saw that. He had a rope before they threw him a rope. Wtf.
Cambaudio - 4 years ago
Yeah but they definitely wouldn't have a death video on here. You know he'll be fine.
The BlackJack
The BlackJack - 4 years ago
Abu Hajaar what are you doing here abu hajaar!!!
rats arsed
rats arsed - 4 years ago
Amazing what they can do with editing. Thought this was real for a minute. Check out the rope hanging from the skyhook.
johnny utah
johnny utah - 5 years ago
is there any way these guys can mount a small oxygen tank inside the kayak, or some other emergency oxygen supply?
Barry Slaven
Barry Slaven - 3 years ago
+Steve Winter cool reply.
Steve Winter
Steve Winter - 4 years ago
Yea it's called your mouth. CPR
BitTune - 5 years ago
Unwarranted. Don't say that.
eric sorich
eric sorich - 5 years ago
why not use a drone?
asd asd
asd asd - 5 years ago
What's the range on a drone. Maybe that's another issue
sammy Shepherd
sammy Shepherd - 5 years ago
and it wont have been a big helicopter
sammy Shepherd
sammy Shepherd - 5 years ago
There are winds that go above water like this, you need a good drone and it would eventually get taken out by the wind. Not worth it
DavidisDawei - 5 years ago
At least the death is on your terms
flack youe
flack youe - 5 years ago
"all men die, few men live" I agree wholeheartedly. people who comment "dumbass" are control freaks. They are the type that would like to ban auto racing, skydiving,  motocross ect, because they need safe spaces and cry in's. shame on them
Sahadi420 - 5 years ago
Yes, he wanted that water to do that...........
I B33
I B33 - 5 years ago
.....errrr... more in the direction of being on your terms... but still not quite there...
Jack Watson
Jack Watson - 5 years ago
i held my breath to see if i could survive that situation
Connor Van Orden
Connor Van Orden - 5 years ago
Probably didn't take into account you're heart rate is more than double that while sitting at your computer. You're also tense, adrenaline is pumping and you begin to panic as you're straining for the surface; using up even more oxygen. A 2 minute breath hold while resting can easily be transferred to 15 seconds when in a situation like this.
Robert MacLennan
Robert MacLennan - 5 years ago
Adam T253
Adam T253 - 5 years ago
Momma always said stupid is stupid does.
Lostboyscanmore - 4 years ago
Momma also said "ugly is u"
Carson King
Carson King - 5 years ago
30 years ago, now days, nah, not likely.
MonsterChuck - 5 years ago
Holy shit....
DanDann07 - 5 years ago
A guy almost died and you are asking for subscribers...
Michael Sclafani
Michael Sclafani - 5 years ago
That was intense
ckaz007 - 5 years ago
Adrenaline junkies, like these extreme kayakers, enjoy the thrill and rush of the rapids. They are doing what they love to do, any passionate person is only living, even when in the face of death.
miked765 - 5 years ago
crazy. something similar but not as serious or life threatening happened to me in a class IV rapid on the middle fork American River once when our raft got caught literally between a rock and a hard place. We were tipped sideways-trapped for about 10 minutes and had to be roped upright & out of harms way by half a dozen people. Scared the daylights out of everyone in the raft, including our guide. The after-run beers never tasted so good. Be careful out there.
Riley Chifley
Riley Chifley - 5 years ago
I don't want to be popular i don't want to rule or to be cool, all i want is for everyone to be friends everyone to have some friends everyone to feel safe! I want everyone to stop building walls to stop people getting in and start building bridges to let anyone in !
The world is poisoned with people that put others down and people that discriminate and reject people for who they are! The world is not about judging people on how many followers they have on instagram ir how big their snapchat score is, the world is about accepting people for who they are black or white it doesn't matter everyone is equal. I'm tired of waking up in the morning and hearing about terrorist attacks and people killing themselves because of bullying i. Sick and tired of it!
I wrote this my self is it good?
Xilva Skeng
Xilva Skeng - 4 years ago
Shut the fuck up
Riley Chifley
Riley Chifley - 5 years ago
NIN1024 cheers my teacher gave me a b fir the assignment
Arthur - 5 years ago
j'en ai des frissons , #LUKIESTMANINZEWORLD
Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith - 5 years ago
Im happy your friend got out!!! Watching this video I was just shocked
Looked like he was lost.
I've just started kayaking and LOVE IT
I hope your friend doesn't let this stop him from the paddle.
God bless
Samuel Weatherford
Samuel Weatherford - 5 years ago
I've lost two friends, both very experienced.
Travis Sennett
Travis Sennett - 4 years ago
I just read that "About Paul Horner"... whew, talk about inspirational. He sounds like my kind of guy, though I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to keep up with him in any respect except for maybe his music tastes lol. Glad you're with us +Samuel Weatherford
NorthWest NW
NorthWest NW - 5 years ago
Ive paddled the cheat and valley falls
Samuel Weatherford
Samuel Weatherford - 5 years ago
Indeed; I'm sorry for your loss. Its a dangerous but addictive sport, that's why we do it. Stay safe brother.

SteepVisions - 5 years ago
That's unfortunate. Of the recent deaths, I knew Juanito De Ugarte. https://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/Accident/detail/accidentid/3937/
Samuel Weatherford
Samuel Weatherford - 5 years ago
Samuel Weatherford
Samuel Weatherford - 5 years ago
I'm a little older, I learned to paddle in the late 1980's as a river guide in WV on the New, Cheat and Gauly as well as the Blackwater with the Ocoee and Chatooga thrown in for good measure. Moved to the coast and surf kayaked until 2005 when degenerative disk disease blew my back out. I miss it!

The brothers that I've lost were Will Hagood; he died from a pin on the Lower Toulumne in 1999 and Paul Horner; he was pinned on the Oyacachi River in Ecuador in 2002.




Cheers SteepVisions.
SteepVisions - 5 years ago
I've heard of all the experienced kayakers that died in the past 5 years. Just wondering if this guy actually knew them. If so he's very unlucky or a good kayaker himself.
stashster - 5 years ago
Samuel Weatherford You just watched a video about kayaking, what the fuck are you confused about?
SteepVisions - 5 years ago
experienced in what?
TheSarcasticOne - 5 years ago
sorry four your loss.
bjaminbjamin - 5 years ago
wow.incredible footage. heart wrenching as ex swift water sar tech to watch, unbelievable outcome.
Trey Patterson
Trey Patterson - 5 years ago
Under there
Trey Patterson
Trey Patterson - 5 years ago
Gosh he was u see there for a pretty long time
bowskiblog - 6 years ago
can only imagine the feeling of elation you all felt when he popped up and made it to safety, I bet there was a good few good hugs flying around that evening
Blake Pilkenton
Blake Pilkenton - 6 years ago
saw this happen to a guide on little uwharrie he didn't make it though
Ashy - 6 years ago
cant drones do that unique angle?
Ashy - 6 years ago
+DeadNight Lewi yes I know. camera drones have been around atleast 5 years (non consumer)
bowskiblog - 6 years ago
drones are exactly one year old, happy birthday drones
Robbie L
Robbie L - 6 years ago
This vid is a year old
svenmega10022 - 6 years ago
No thanks!
Holly Louise
Holly Louise - 6 years ago
And you SHOULD question how worth it it is.
Apocalyptic FTW
Apocalyptic FTW - 6 years ago
duck tape a garden hose or a tube to that rope. just an idea :)
Itso Ez
Itso Ez - 4 years ago
I thought duct was something air passes through
Peaceful Hooligan
Peaceful Hooligan - 4 years ago
Emmett Volkmann Duck tape is the most well known name brand of duct tape, first off.
SDsurfer09 - 4 years ago
FrekeOne, I thought the same thing. I've always wondered why that's not more common with water sports. (Big wave surfing, river sports, etc) Though I've never used one myself so I don't know the limitations.
FrekeOne - 4 years ago
You can also buy small air containers that allow You to breathe for minutes fx. Minidive or Scorkl donno if it will work though.
Nicholas - 5 years ago
Why is this comment so far down lmao it's genius
ciaranamhain - 5 years ago
Duck Tape is a brand of duct tape
Apocalyptic FTW
Apocalyptic FTW - 5 years ago
+Emmett Volkmann be prepared for anything mother nature is a cruel bitch
Emmett Volkmann
Emmett Volkmann - 5 years ago
its duct tape first off. Also I don't think they bring a spare hose around with them.
Marienbad - 6 years ago
That is so fucking scary
Happy that the guy made it
Freedom Cobra
Freedom Cobra - 6 years ago
I had a hard time breathing watching this.
NegativeJayK LootyNive
NegativeJayK LootyNive - 6 years ago
Kay Zee
Kay Zee - 6 years ago
Okay, I'm a complete newb but aren't a sieve and an undercut different things? Wouldn't SOMEONE at Outside know the difference? I mean just for credibility?
cs pants
cs pants - 6 years ago
No worries, I'm not bothered by your asking. I assume you spend time on rivers and want to know all that you can, and that's a good thing. Your understanding of a sieve sounds correct to me--it can be formed of a number of types of materials. However, a sieve can also be formed with an undercut on the side of the river as is the case in the video above. The big difference from a safety standpoint is that a pure undercut would mostly flush you out if you got swept under, while a sieve would have material that could easily trap you. In a boulder jumble like what we see above, it's safe to assume that there are multiple smaller boulders and porous passages below the large rock that the kayaker is being pulled under. We can tell by the topography of the surrounding rock. If it was a pure undercut we would probably just see a large rock wall on that side of the river, but instead we see a multitude of large boulders piled atop one another, therefore, we can assume it's a sieve. Personally, since I can't know for sure, I would rather treat the obstacle as if it were a sieve out of an abundance of caution.
Kay Zee
Kay Zee - 6 years ago
I get that they're different; that's why I asked. My understanding is that a sieve is a group of obstructions like brush, logs or a group of rock that catches traps you as in a net. What I see is a classic undercut since there's no pillow of foam in front of the boulder. I also see the kayak being pulled under the boulder instead of the water piling up over it like a classic sieve. No contention or confrontation intended but can you explain why it's a sieve and not an undercut?
cs pants
cs pants - 6 years ago
They are different things...but that was a sieve--and a terrifying monster of a sieve at that.
halfpipefreak - 6 years ago
that was a bad bad spot. holy shit that was scary even to watch.
Keziah Yates
Keziah Yates - 6 years ago
Omgg glad ur all ok this is one reason I flat water kayak yes I love the adrenaline and do other sports but that's too much for me. Sooooo glad ur all ok. ✌✌✌✌
logophile - 6 years ago
Tray Cardwell
Tray Cardwell - 6 years ago
Chasing the North
Chasing the North - 6 years ago
Holy shit ('scuse my French). That was seriously hairy. I'm glad he got out okay, I wasn't sure for a minute there. Goes to show that, even in hairy situations, professionals know what they're doing and know how to deal. A lesser kayaker may well have died then!
sharkiesha's Dad goku
sharkiesha's Dad goku - 6 years ago
+Hanna Marie exactly what im saying there plan didnt work out they where trying to pull him but it just sucked him in deeper. they basically crossed there fingers nd pray to there god he came out the bottom
Hanna Marie
Hanna Marie - 6 years ago
Sivs have no respect for person. It doesn't matter how good of a kayaker you are. Surviving a siv is not something paddlers can train for. A siv will suck people under large rocks and flush people back out at its own discretion. If a log or anything large is stuck in a siv it will obstruct the current flow and the chance a person will smoothly flush through is much lower. This guy got lucky.
Qonita BadegesTM
Qonita BadegesTM - 6 years ago
Bad time to say "die". Golden rule when trying to save a life is dont freakin SAY DIE sheesh! Glad kayaker came out ok
merogula - 6 years ago
Fuck and i was thinking about kayaking soon
Gerhard Reinig
Gerhard Reinig - 6 years ago
Don't worry dude. Now you have the respect. That's very good, because this respect make Kayaking safer.
LemmingRush - 6 years ago
The music is retarded, I want to listen to whats going on not the autistic music to add suspense
Bryan A.Cal
Bryan A.Cal - 7 years ago
why dont they have portable oxygen/pump thing, something like a EMT MED has on hand or ambluance or maybe nothing like has been invented yet for this thing, just glad he is ok, drowing is one of worst fears next re-marrying one day.
Brett Mansfield
Brett Mansfield - 7 years ago
I truly can't comprehend how someone could just stand there filming and not try to help someone so close to death!
classicjag76 - 6 years ago
Helicopter...not standing there.
sqwid - 7 years ago
So I take it that after he got sucked under he managed to pull his spray skirt and wet exit and swim out of the cave?  Amazing that he did this I'd love to hear his rendition...
oopalonga - 7 years ago
seirously. . .how the fuc did he survive that?
aboutface102 - 7 years ago
That right there is why I gave up extreme kayaking. Scary as shit!
NegativeJayK LootyNive
NegativeJayK LootyNive - 6 years ago
Jindy2 - 7 years ago
Holy crap - this was scarey. Thankk God those guys made it - plenty don't. Dodged a bullet this time. Next time???
10khillred - 7 years ago
should've set up safety first
jmr1068204 - 7 years ago
Why did it take the others SO long to get over there to the rope?
Richard Repper
Richard Repper - 6 years ago
+jmr1068204 Because you have to get out of your boat, get your boat and paddle safe on the bank (unless you fancy swimming the rest of the gorge) and then scramble over 30 yards of massive boulders to get there.
David Mosier
David Mosier - 7 years ago
This is as scary as it gets....
Holly Louise
Holly Louise - 6 years ago
+David Mosier No. It gets scarier . . . . just before you perish as my grandson did kayaking over a benign looking lowhead dam in Ft. Wayne Indiana 10 months ago. No mere thrill is worth the loss of life and the permanent pain to loved ones.
steve robertson
steve robertson - 7 years ago
Simon Ellis
Simon Ellis - 7 years ago
This made my pulse race a bit!  I kayaked on lots of great rives around the world for over 20 years - Costa Rica, Canada, European Alps, Norway, America and Nepal.  Awesome fun but you have to pay lots of respect to the river Gods!  Worst personal experience - trapped behind a rock after a really bad swim on the Marsyandi in Nepal.  Worst accident to watch was a multiple swim of kayakers and flipped gear raft in gorge section lower Karnali, Nepal in high water levels.  All big water epics but the one that scared me the most was rescuing two German kids trapped under a fallen tree on a shitty little grade 2 river in Bavaria.  Ironically big fast water is safer as it tends to flush you out and down.   Fallen trees, foot entrapment, pinned kayaks, weirs and sieves are the killers.
ACTIVE AZUR - 7 years ago
Terrifying..!   #kayaking  
Christophe  poinsteau
Christophe poinsteau - 7 years ago
un vrai travail d" équipe pour  une récupération à risque ( la 1er règle en kayak ne jamais sortir seul en rivière comme en mer ) encore bravo         
Carrefour Méditerranéen
Carrefour Méditerranéen - 7 years ago
colorado judiciary
colorado judiciary - 7 years ago
Kayak safety tip:  Attach a snorkel mouthpiece to a 3ft piece of tygon tube.  Insert the tube under your spray skirt and have mouthpiece dangling near your mouth.  You can breathe out of your boat when you are upside down, or lift it into the air if you get pinned against a rock.
Peters Right but,
Peters Right but, - 4 years ago
colorado judiciary how bout you just stay home.
Sam Louderback
Sam Louderback - 5 years ago
one of those emergency scuba tanks slipped in your vest may work in an emergency. but maybe instead of a snorkel an actual larger tank of air could be slipped in the stern. same principle but removes the vacuum issue. Also leaves a few more options in an emergency.
cs pants
cs pants - 6 years ago
This is interesting, and may be useful for a quick breath or two if you didn't get a breath before getting trapped, but you have to pop your spray skirt to get out of the boat and then the boat instantly fills up with water. This guy was trying to get out of his boat the whole time...he was pinned by the pressure of the water though. I would guess that his spray skirt had already imploded, at least partially, and that the boat was probably filled with water in the first few seconds. He was getting plenty of air, but he was getting pulled down and needed to get out. I don't think a snorkel would have helped him in the least bit. He was losing the fight and he had to go under to get out. It's a very scary decision to make, but he made the right one. If you fight too long the river takes all your strength, then you can't get out and you die. You must realize when fighting the river is futile. Sometimes your only chance is to be calm to save oxygen in your blood, and then go under and try to get out. You have to hope the river lets you go and you can find an escape route; this uncertainty is why it's such a hard decision to make--both have to happen or you don't make it.
colorado judiciary
colorado judiciary - 6 years ago
since you also exhale into the hull 'each successive pump' is irrelevant.  in any event I encourage interested kayakers to try this in a pool session.  from my experience the flexibility of the spray skirt allows for at least one lung fill and exhale, repeat...
Romany1111 - 6 years ago
+gardogg65 Right. Any sea kayaker with an internal pump knows this. As that deck sucks in with each successive pump, the vacuum gets stronger; way beyond the reach of a pair of lungs.
colorado judiciary
colorado judiciary - 6 years ago
It is better than nothing in a pin/broach situation, and you also have the option of simply holding the open end up in the air.
sqwid - 6 years ago
I talked to a guy last weekend who told me you take tiny short breaths when using the tube down skirt method and the rise and fall of the spray skirt defines the amount of air you can breath in and out and you just keep breathing in and out in little tiny bursts.  You never empty or fill your lungs fully but rather you breath in and out say 30-50% of your total lung capacity... I'm gonna try it again now that I know it isn't about full breaths but rather little in and out bursts!  I feel it will work now but just will not be very satisfying oxygen-wise...
colorado judiciary
colorado judiciary - 6 years ago
I was at a failed rescue for a broached kayaker, he had one of those tubes and the rescuers told him to toss it away.  A few minutes later his head slipped about 6 inches under the water.  With one of these clipped to a rescue line at least the boater has an option.
delbert delaroney
delbert delaroney - 7 years ago
+colorado judiciary i almost drowned snorkeling once, when bad weather moved in quickly in ocean, and when youre really fighting and gasping for air u have to remove the snorkel from your mouth just to get enough air quickly enough. snorkel might work when youre chillin but not when fighting for life in white water
Patrick Weaver
Patrick Weaver - 7 years ago
+Nick Jaini Boyle's law says otherwise.
Nicholas Jaini
Nicholas Jaini - 7 years ago
no matter how diffrent the volume of air is, the air sucked out will have to be replaced or the space left from where the air was will need to be replaced . the spraydeck wpuld just implode until you exhale the air you sucked out of the kayak back into the kayak
Nicholas Jaini
Nicholas Jaini - 7 years ago
some people are so stupid smh
Patrick Weaver
Patrick Weaver - 7 years ago
+gardogg65 Bad science. When you compare the volume of air in your lungs to the volume of air in your kayak you can certainly draw a  lung full of air without significantly reducing the pressure in the kayak. Why it didn't work for you must have to do with the equipment you used not the scientific principle.
Nicholas Jaini
Nicholas Jaini - 7 years ago
im pretty sure gardog is right he's explained it clearly
Gummie Bear
Gummie Bear - 7 years ago
Kayak safety tip: don't get stuck in a rock
sqwid - 7 years ago
+colorado judiciary
The style of the spray skirt is 100% irrelevant.  Another example since you aren't understanding is this: stick a glass bottle in your mouth and suck - NO air will come out since no air can go in to displace the air leaving the bottle.  If you were able to suck hard enough to remove air, the glass bottle would implode and shatter.  The same principle applies to an inverted kayak.  No air can be sucked out of it period.  This is science.  FACT, not opinion.  I literally tested it out and end of debate...
colorado judiciary
colorado judiciary - 7 years ago
+gardogg65 My spay skirt is the spongy kind.  For anyone interested; make snorkel apparatus as described.  Go to pool for roll practice.  Post results.
sqwid - 7 years ago
+colorado judiciary I used a rubber 3/8" plumbing tube. I attached it to a snorkel mouthpiece. I tucked it down the waistband of my sprayskirt. I flipped upside down in a lake. I tried to breath in and just felt my
sprayskirt imploding with the force of my inhalation. The problem is
the vacuum effect of a solid hulled boat. There is no air intake so you
cannot breathe air OUT of the boat. Just like if you put a 2 liter of
pop in your mouth and suck, the 2-liter plastic jug will implode. The
vacuum pulls in on the walls since there is no way for air to displace
the volume of air you are sucking out. If you poke a hole in the
2-liter and suck, you are good. Same applies to kayak. If you suck in
while under water, the kayak would have to implode for you to get any
air out of it because you cannot suck all the air out of it without
creating a vacuum which would crush the boat. Therefore, the only way
it would work is if you had an air intake via a hole in the bottom of
the kayak.
colorado judiciary
colorado judiciary - 7 years ago
+gardogg65 Curious result.  I tested it with the scientist who invented the high altitude bag; and he was breathing out of his hull for 2 minutes before he decided to flip back up.  I don't know what you mean by the tube collapses.  We used tygon tube...it didn't collapse.  I don't know how to reply to the 'hole in the boat' idea.
sqwid - 7 years ago
+colorado judiciary you actually cannot breath out of your boat when it is upside down because it forms a vacuum so your boat would have to crush in order to allow air to exit the boat and enter your lunges. I tried it. What WILL happen is you will feel your spray skirt suck into the boat a bit and touch your quadriceps. You get about 1/16th of a single breath of air before the tube collapses and no more air will be sucked through. If you had a hole in the bottom of your boat this would work. But then the boat would not float. Lifting it into the air when pinned I did not test though... that could be useful.
4thLineGoalScorer - 7 years ago
Wow that was scary. Glad he's ok.
elbowstrike - 7 years ago
I never understood the appeal of going above class 3.
HeartlandRanchTV - 4 years ago
Chasing adrenaline is a drug addiction like any other.
Sun Search
Sun Search - 6 years ago
For me, the "point of no return" was always fear vs. fun. If the fear outweighed the fun I portaged. Trouble is, chasing adrenaline is almost always "never enough."
Comments111 - 7 years ago
I've seen someone nearly drown in a class 1-2. There was a fallen tree that you couldn't have seen. They got trapped in and couldn't get out of the kayak. Yet I've seen people flip out in a grade 5 waterfall and were all laughing after. It's all danger and if it's the wrong situation in a river, it could be your last no matter the grade. In my opinion anyway.
Douglas Gautraud
Douglas Gautraud - 7 years ago
Totally thought he was dead...
Drew C
Drew C - 7 years ago
inb4 liberals want to ban rivers.
Phobo Phobia
Phobo Phobia - 4 years ago
made no sense ?
Max Arsenault
Max Arsenault - 4 years ago
Rustin Stardust.

Keep believing the global warming myth you useful idiot. Why don't you go look at IPCC's own predications over the last 10 years and tell which one came true?
Rustin Stardust
Rustin Stardust - 4 years ago
Considering Trump withdrew us from the Paris Agreement, it would seem that it's actually conservatives who wish to ban rivers.
Dj 1/2 oz Bowflex
Dj 1/2 oz Bowflex - 4 years ago
And vans in light of recent events
R Barrett
R Barrett - 5 years ago
LMFAO! Very true!!! Funny shit.
ben burton
ben burton - 7 years ago
Foggy fresh?
TheoBrixtonTheKid - 7 years ago
What a gnarly bombing gone wrong bruhs.
JYC422 - 7 years ago
hey who put that rock there
Max W
Max W - 4 years ago
jared n
jared n - 5 years ago
A really really really really really really really really long name that no one cares about
A really really really really really really really really long name that no one cares about - 6 years ago
El wray
El wray - 6 years ago
El wray
El wray - 6 years ago
+kyle tat you'r/
W0RSH1P - 7 years ago
Ur mom
jj ww
jj ww - 7 years ago
tldr dont do stupid unnecessary shit and you wont almost get killed
nismops - 7 years ago
Shit that was intense!
xpez - 7 years ago
They are pulling him against the flow. Anyone can see its the wrong way. The other cable would pull him out with the flow of water...No wonder he almost died.
Dawson Reynier
Dawson Reynier - 5 years ago
Pulling him with the flow of the water would force him directly under the rock actually. What they are doing is stabilizing his head. If he can get a few more breaths in, he will have a better chance of surviving. If they pulled him the other way, he would have gone under with no breaths at all!
EDD - 5 years ago
dixie dragon
dixie dragon - 7 years ago
Even after that the kid narrating doesn't "get" it - he said how many more rivers, how many more drops, how many more ............. before you lose a FRIEND ??????? no no no - how many more before  your parents lose a child, your siblings lose a brother they love, your grandparents lose the grandbaby they once spoiled, you hundreds of friends gather to MOURN THE LOSS OF  YOU .... it's just SELFISH to take these kinds of risks and FOR WHAT??? You are not changing the world, making it a better place, improving life for you, your family, friends, even total strangers, not even making a name for  yourself except among a handful of kayakers - sorry, a handful of EXTREME kayakers - I kayak and I have no clue who you are - and seeing the risks you take that can rob the world of any good you might one day do - I don't WANT to know who you are - why would I WANT to know someone who is suicidal? why would anyone risk loving you waste their precious time getting to know you, knowing the senseless risks you take?
Richard Repper
Richard Repper - 6 years ago
+deborah wood Rush Sturges is one of the most famous paddlers in the world. Besides, everything you have said is tripe. These people do not paddle for notoriety, nor do they have a duty to avoid personal risk in order to spare their relatives grief. Mortality rates at the top end of paddling are actually quite low, certainly lower than skiing and mountaineering. In well over 20 years of paddling I've only known three people who have died doing it. You say that you kayak, yet you cannot distinguish between a skilled activity with attendant risks and a 'suicidal' act? I would suggest that you aren't that keen and should probably quit for your own emotional wellbeing. In case you are unaware, 100% of non-paddlers die.
Olle - 6 years ago
+deborah wood For some people, the idea of living goes beyond staying alive, fitting in and eliminating self induced risks for the purpose of postponing your family members' grief in case of your death. For these people life is about dreaming big, appreciating being here - right now, experiencing the rush of trusting your instincts as you balance the line of contrast between life and death.
I believe these people many times end up saving their own lives by pursuing these dreams, rather than becoming suicidal from the dull life that society has intended to mold us into.
classicjag76 - 6 years ago
Because they are living life...the risks they are taking are calculated, and they are as prepared as they can be. Better to die under that rock than in your bed with cancer, or leukemia, or some other God-forsaken disease; getting run down by a soccer mom on a cell phone or the lady putting her makeup on this morning in the left lane; I'd live my life every day on that river over the ways that 90% of the worlds population lives theirs.
kudzu49 - 6 years ago
+deborah wood.... I understand the desire for extreme sports but I don't , for a minute, believe that those who deliberately risk their lives for " fun" deserve the same kind of mourning as an accidental death in which the individual had no hand....  Go ahead and do what might well kill you...we'll miss you...but mourning your passing as a "tragedy".....nope....
Zach Thorn
Zach Thorn - 7 years ago
Im glad he's ok, A few years ago I was a raft guide on a class 1 to 5 river here in WV for an outfitter company. I was guiding about 14 people in duckies that day along with 4 rafts that were in the group. We got down to a set of wave train class 2-3 rapids that were about 75 yards long by about 40 or so yards wide. I grew up on this river an its taken many lives through out the years.. I will never forget that day..I paddled ahead in my kayak to set safety on this big boulder river left that sloped down into the river. I was out in front of the rock helping some folks go through this 10 foot wide gap between 2 rocks and I heard a scream and turned around, this girl flipped out of here duckie and got sucked uder that big rock, I tried to get a line to her but it was to late even though I was 20 feet from the other side where she went under the rock. One of our senior guides and a few other hooked a rope on the guide, he jumpep in and got sucked under to, about 10 seconds go by and he tugged on the rope, we yanked him ou with the girl in his arms..She had drown, she was purple in the face and the whole works. Luckily we were all trained well cuz so we started CPR ,after about a minutes she started coughing up water and was alive. It scared me to death, but we reacted properly ans saved her life..now ive been paddling this river for 14 years but that's no match for the forces of nature
johny guitar
johny guitar - 3 years ago
well how about stop risking your lives an others in such dangerous waters
Elmo Blatch
Elmo Blatch - 4 years ago
adam bamf
adam bamf - 4 years ago
Did the guy that went in intentianaly go in after her or was it just chance he grabbed her?
kckcmctcrc - 4 years ago
I witnessed something sort of similar when my oldest Daughter got caught in a current.  (not Kayaking but swimming).  I tried to get to her but was caught as well...she was pulled to safety by this big guy who was nearby and I was pulled halfway over the falls.  Luckily I was able to grab and hold onto a rock (I suspect you can still see the indentations I put into that rock while holding on) until I could be pulled up as well.  Keep in mind this was NOTHING like the video...I would've survived the falls unless I took a good blow to the head.  I'll never underestimate the power of water.
mark demelo
mark demelo - 4 years ago
I bet that plays over & over on you're mind like a f#cking horror movie. I seen some horrible shit growing up & it all constantly plays like a movie reel over & over & at the weirdest times. Something like that will make you lose lots and lots of sleep brother.
jeremyviromek - 4 years ago
Wow man, that's amazing you guys brought her back
Tom Power
Tom Power - 4 years ago
agreed so now we all know what a sieve is! to be avoided if you can help it.
Korie shannon
Korie shannon - 4 years ago
Wow what a scary story
wyatts savage
wyatts savage - 4 years ago
I'm sorry you had to go through that
Peter Roscoe
Peter Roscoe - 4 years ago
I see that you're incident happened on a class 2-3. A couple of months ago I was on a class 2-3 on the Mokelumne river in California. We'd been running a 5 mile stretch over and over all day and I've been running rivers all my life. I let myself get cocky. Foolishly I decided to take off my shirt, meaning I had to remove my PFD. In that moment of distraction over I went and the next thing I knew I was wrapped around a tree trunk or thick branch underwater with the current pulling my legs around the bottom and my upper body around the top. I knew I was about to drown. The situation was exactly what I always tell people is one of the worst case scenarios. I heard my paddle shatter underwater. After 3-4 seconds, for some reason, the current shifted for a moment and slid me off the end of the branch and I managed to surface. Even when I reached the shore in 18" of water, the strength of the current took most of my strength to deal with.
The main point is that both these incidents happened in class 2-3, a relatively easy rapid to navigate and not to scary looking. It only takes a moment for things to get out of hand. When on the river, always be vigilant, always know your surroundings and limitations, never remove your PFD and never, ever underestimate the forces of nature.
Raging Rapids
Raging Rapids - 5 years ago
Was it on the Cheat?
funkyflights - 5 years ago
Zach Thorn .... Wow, so glad you guys were able to save him.... It's scary for sure.... I knew a guy that drowned in what appeared to be a very safe easy set of rapids, wasn't rough at all, but he got stuck in a strainer, some logs underneath the water that he didn't see.... No one could get him free, it took a diving team about 2 hours to recover his body, he was only 18 years old, just graduated from high school, really sad ....
SHOOTR - 5 years ago
West Rig
West Rig - 5 years ago
Relentless Training, staying cool and keeping the faith .
LeonardoPenguinn n
LeonardoPenguinn n - 5 years ago
Zach Thorn what a champ, that dude jumped in to save her.. risked his own life.. Respect.
Lite - 5 years ago
ive kayaked the missouri river. its a relatively calm river even though its big. I dont think you could get sucked under in a kayak or canoe as they are too bouyant
taxiuniversum - 5 years ago
God bless.
Hi! How are You?
Hi! How are You? - 5 years ago
Zach Thorn salute
dontDoxmebro - 5 years ago
holy shit.
beefcake3131 - 5 years ago
+radan v
I agree completely. I've never done any white water stuff, but I fish the Missouri river regularly and have been out there in floods, and to be perfectly honest it scares the shit out of me. I've seen a very buoyant tree that was probably 80 feet long with roots sticking 6 feet above the water floating along, and then out of nowhere get sucked under. It reappeared a few minutes later a couple hundred yards down stream. Water is no joke. 
radan v
radan v - 5 years ago
imho, until you spend some time on fast water or experience a flood or so, you dont really appreciate the 'respect' water commands.
Caesar Ong
Caesar Ong - 5 years ago
Which rapid on the Cheat?
Kathi T
Kathi T - 5 years ago
Wow, you are a hero. kudos to you and everyone who helped save that girl
Zach Thorn
Zach Thorn - 6 years ago
No it was on Cheat River up in Preston County.Yea Pillow Rock is pretty scetchy somtimes lol..and yes it is very strenuous sometimes.ecspecially in class 5 at certain levels lol..
greekatso - 6 years ago
+Zach Thorn Was it the Gauley River in WV? My first time ever rafting was on the Upper Gauley 4 years ago. Our raft flipped over on Pillow Rock. I can't imagine you guys who do that on a regular basis for a living, it's very strenuous.
nakedmongoose123 - 7 years ago
fuckin respect to that guide for tying himself up and hopping under as well. god damn that would be such a scary situation
beefcake3131 - 7 years ago
+Zach Thorn Crazy story man. Good for you guys for doing the right things to save her.
Joseph Saeteurn
Joseph Saeteurn - 7 years ago
+Zach Thorn I hope that girl realized she was given a second chance. go do something with lower risk factor. Not many people get 2nd chances.
Zach Thorn
Zach Thorn - 7 years ago
+Travis Black Lol yeah he is a pretty badass dude. It was a crazy experience bro thats for sure
Zach Thorn
Zach Thorn - 7 years ago
+nakedmongoose123  Thanks man I appreciate that, really wish I had my gopro on that day!
Zach Thorn
Zach Thorn - 7 years ago
TRAVIS BLACK, Lol yeah he is a pretty badass dude. It was a crazy experience bro thats for sure
Zach Thorn
Zach Thorn - 7 years ago
Yeah me too, everytime I paddle past that boulder on Wind rapid on The Cheat River I think about  that horrible experience. That rapid section is about 120 yards or so long and the boulder is on river left.
Outside TV
Outside TV - 7 years ago
+Zach Thorn Oh my that's terrible. Glad she survived!
Travis Black
Travis Black - 7 years ago
+Zach Thorn That guide sounds like a top tier badass.
nakedmongoose123 - 7 years ago
+Zach Thorn thats heavy as fuck. good job handling that
vivitar45 - 7 years ago
did you ever get the kayak and paddle back
Vladgorod7 - 7 years ago
fuso explorer
fuso explorer - 7 years ago
How the hell did he survive that?
Nytron - 4 years ago
Luck... that the water had eroded the underside of the rock to be smooth enough to spit him out.
Dj 1/2 oz Bowflex
Dj 1/2 oz Bowflex - 4 years ago
WonkaaVision Is it raining is it snowing....
WonkaaVision - 4 years ago
It was all staged for dramatic effect. Did you really think they would spend all that money on a helicopter to get some boring video that has been done over and over. In the next episode they go to Scotland and one of them gets eaten by the Lockness monster. All staged of course!!
rats arsed
rats arsed - 4 years ago
Friends had nuttin to do with helping him. Actually they reduced his chances by encouraging him to exhaust himself struggling to hold that piece a chit plastic against the current. He finally wized up and let the frickin plastic go.
Zane Cosgrove
Zane Cosgrove - 4 years ago
You can't do that with zero visibility and under severe stress... the water pressure did spit him out
Tristan Sturm
Tristan Sturm - 5 years ago
ActionGirafe. water pressure didnt just spit him out. under that rock was the snallest oppening that was pretty wide but super super short. he phisicly had to pull himself inch by inch under that tight ass rock. its a lucjy and amazing story
ActionGirafe - 5 years ago
Yeah he went under that rock, his friends couldn't do shit. He was really lucky that the water pressure spit him out of underneath the rock.
HWHIC - 5 years ago
and whole lot of luck
Outside TV
Outside TV - 6 years ago
+fuso explorer Quick action and very good friends!
Kayaking in Alaska
Kayaking in Alaska - 7 years ago
That was so awesome 
this is a great group of paddlers 
they are all my favorite kayakers
and they all go together ( priceless )
great video ,sketchy pin ,great outcome 

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