Kayaking the river in search for relics!

Abby and I went kayaking in the river to search for long forgotten relics with our AT Pros. It was one hardcore relic hunt, we dug for 12 hours , found a bunch of cool stuff, Abby is really becoming a great lil relic hunter, she's learning from the Nugget. Thanks For Watching Yall, Good Luck and Happy 4th of July!

Kayaking the river in search for relics! sentiment_very_dissatisfied 542

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Abby and I went kayaking in the river to search for long forgotten relics with our AT Pros. It was one hardcore relic hunt, we dug for 12 hours , found a bunch of cool stuff, Abby is really becoming a great lil relic hunter, she's learning from the Nugget. Thanks For Watching Yall, Good Luck and Happy 4th of July!

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Most popular comments
for Kayaking the river in search for relics!

Jay Mahoney
Jay Mahoney - 6 years ago
6:23 your going to see the prettiest sight....
Chris Parker
Chris Parker - 6 years ago
PIECE of roller for bed frame
jt simmons
jt simmons - 6 years ago
Do you think those "half horseshoes" could be ox shoes? They sure look like some of the examples I've seen. Nice vids.
RED RABBIT - 6 years ago
the little bug thing was a chigger
Jimmy Osorio
Jimmy Osorio - 6 years ago
Why do you have a knife!!!!!
Bill Gerlach
Bill Gerlach - 6 years ago
The little creature you saw is a hellgrammite. It is the larval form of the Dobson fly. They may be the best natural bait to use when fishing for trout and smallmouth bass. Their numbers are also an indicator as to how clean or polluted the stream/river is.
Nick 1989
Nick 1989 - 6 years ago
that's a hellgrammite best smallmouth bait there is! they turn into those big creepy dobsonflies
Charles J Owens
Charles J Owens - 6 years ago
You found a beauty in the water. She is a keeper.
Pidgie Freeland
Pidgie Freeland - 6 years ago
Could have been a farrier operation there at the riverside at one point, and they just threw the old shoes and nails into the river.

10. comment for Kayaking the river in search for relics!

Cody Church
Cody Church - 6 years ago
Hey brother, the bug is a helgermite really good fishing bate. I hope I spelled it right for you. Really enjoyed your video.
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson - 6 years ago
I live in Alabama right on the Tallapoosa River where they turned an Old Mill years ago into Civil War manufacturing Mill. The things I found what shock most people I found an old Pistol barrel cannonballs Civil War buttons and buckles from uniforms.one day I Hooked a big stripper stepped on what I thought was a rock it started moving ,looked down and it was a cannon i grab the wheel it broke off and now it's in my grandmother's living room.
lingbloodelf - 6 years ago
i proposed to my now wife in a river looking for relics and artifacts....such a fun hobby to have.
Pointpilot - 6 years ago
Looks like fun. Did you have a first-aid kit? Sure hope so.  Good luck.
th jame
th jame - 6 years ago
Man, Abby has a nice rack
Triune Blades
Triune Blades - 6 years ago
9:58 < It's a splitting wedge. 13:27 < Looks to be a wheel from an old chair. Just my opinion. :D
Rita Dempsey
Rita Dempsey - 6 years ago
Just stumbled on your site. My goodness you two are just the sweetest!! Praying you find a million dollar find!! God bless you both!!
dtytone40 - 6 years ago
You should get those appraised
Gene F
Gene F - 6 years ago
Could all those horse shoe halves be oxen shoes cause they are made as 2 halves
Joshua Adrian
Joshua Adrian - 6 years ago
That creature was a dragon fly in its larva\Nymph i beleive

20. comment for Kayaking the river in search for relics!

John Federice
John Federice - 6 years ago
You need to detect a ring on that girl's finger. She's sweeter'n Yoohoo.
Paul G
Paul G - 6 years ago
@13:32......that a caster wheel. Like to a desk chair.
TyphoidBryan - 6 years ago
What I like about the YouTube community for metal detecting/treasure hunting is that I can genuinely 'root for' folks to find great things and not feel any sort of jealousy towards their great discoveries. I would like to someday get into the hobby myself and I look at Nugget, Chigger and all the others who're uploading content as inspirations rather than "show-offs" just trying to get views.

Cool people, amazing hobby and even a history lesson tossed in here and there. THANK YOU!
Cadet Bone Spurs
Cadet Bone Spurs - 6 years ago
Nice tits.
Terra Zeelandia
Terra Zeelandia - 6 years ago
Abby is a real CUTIE PIE!
Lawrence - 6 years ago
Looked like a furniture wheel and a toilet flush valve at the end.
Ron Lee
Ron Lee - 6 years ago
Abby is the relic and you are gonna get her hurt
Scrap5000 - 6 years ago
Oooh she's got a button alright
Paul Lipps
Paul Lipps - 6 years ago
That bug is a helgramite. Good catfish and bass bait.
Nathan Stills
Nathan Stills - 6 years ago
14:40 looks like an old fire sprinkler.

30. comment for Kayaking the river in search for relics!

Nathan Stills
Nathan Stills - 6 years ago
I’m sure I was already pointed out. At 13:30 that was a sofa castor (rolling leg).
Xtatic777 - 6 years ago
if you like to bait fish the creeks and rivers, there's no better bait than a hellgrammite when they're in aquatic mode. For some reason once they get wings the fish wont touch them.
American Woodland Relics
American Woodland Relics - 6 years ago
At 13:34, that is a sprinkler head from a fire sprinkler. New it would had some type of glass piece in the section at the end to keep the spring loaded pin in place to keep water in. if a fire happened the glass would reach the right temp either melt away or shatter releaseing the pin,allowing water to flow. There should have been a defuser at the very end to defuse the water allowing more area to be covered.Great find Abby!
Steven Hamilton
Steven Hamilton - 6 years ago
I understand that's got to be fun just being out on the water and stuff, but what do you do with all that shit?
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia - 6 years ago
That bronze piece looks like an indoor fire extinguisher's spout.
Rob Roy
Rob Roy - 6 years ago
i hear a banjo and smell shine, you'll better keep your eyes on the bushes...
Craig Brooks-day
Craig Brooks-day - 6 years ago
That bug was dragonfly larvae
carolina beacher
carolina beacher - 6 years ago
these guys gotta be from north carolina, the accent and that nc charm make me think so anyway..
dart arkana
dart arkana - 6 years ago
Aawwww? pink girl gloves
Tom Clark
Tom Clark - 6 years ago
The wierd bug was a helgramite. They are incredibly fish bait
Stefan Korte
Stefan Korte - 6 years ago
that creature is a benthic (meaning bottom) invertebrate larvae called megaloptera
Joe McMurry
Joe McMurry - 6 years ago
The other thing is a roller off a chair.
Joe McMurry
Joe McMurry - 6 years ago
The insect is a grampas, great fish bait.
Kristin Aquino
Kristin Aquino - 6 years ago
You and Abby make an Awsome couple awwwwwwwwwww
David Roach
David Roach - 6 years ago
The bug is a helgramite their good bass bait
TheCalkid10101 - 6 years ago
hellgramite..awesome bait
Charles Mitchell
Charles Mitchell - 6 years ago
That sphere was a piano wheel, it's about 70-150 years old
Leland's Treasure Chest
Leland's Treasure Chest - 6 years ago
Nice video. Thanks for sharing.
Connor Edmondson
Connor Edmondson - 6 years ago
love the videos with Abby she is real fun to look at
Connor Edmondson
Connor Edmondson - 6 years ago
love the videos but your killing me hear you should seal the deal with Abby she is your best find

50. comment for Kayaking the river in search for relics!

Tactical Warrior Viking
Tactical Warrior Viking - 6 years ago
The thing you found at 13:25 definitely looks like a wheel and caster from an old desk/office chair.
Fabian Long
Fabian Long - 6 years ago
That weird bug is a helgamite
Red Ranger
Red Ranger - 6 years ago
Good find....with the girl
Tommy Jones
Tommy Jones - 6 years ago
Awesome Abby!! Marry her as soon as you can real cool girl!
Larry - 6 years ago
Love seeing you two out doing something instead of being stuck in the house playing on the phone. Good job you guys!
AlucarD DraculA
AlucarD DraculA - 6 years ago
When you're relaxed you sound amazing and drawing full with charm. You're welcome.
AlucarD DraculA
AlucarD DraculA - 6 years ago
Unfortunately we know why y ou're cocky and your voice is too sharp and over played but I like metal detecting and you bring it
Devin Miller
Devin Miller - 6 years ago
That bugs a hellgrammite awesome for fishing
Andy Pianoman
Andy Pianoman - 6 years ago
Edward Church
Edward Church - 6 years ago
what do you do with all those horse shoes??
Edward Church
Edward Church - 6 years ago
510 thumbs down but I like it far this goes better than facebook all day being on that. where this location ur in?
Highlife Charters and Transportation Llc
Highlife Charters and Transportation Llc - 6 years ago
The bug looked like a stone fly
papaslick83 - 6 years ago
that critter was a helgramite
Wes Harris
Wes Harris - 6 years ago
Nugget, you and Little Feet give me, a cynical old pi**ed off former Infantryman, hope for the future. This is a good thing. All the best from Pittsburgh, PA!
Upstate Relics and Escapades
Upstate Relics and Escapades - 6 years ago
Mule shoes have less rounded shoes that horses.The mule shoes are far less common than the horse shoe. You and Abby are great folks. We appreciate seeing young folks who are nailed to the Earth like you two.
Upstate Relics and Escapades
Upstate Relics and Escapades - 6 years ago
Dragonfly Larvvae
Harbinger Rod Company
Harbinger Rod Company - 6 years ago
The "weird creature" you found at minute 5:16 is a Hellgramite. Watch the jaws, they do bite and bite hard. Fish love them, especially smallmouth bass and trout.
KMW - 6 years ago
13:35 office chair wheel
Vincent Golden
Vincent Golden - 6 years ago
That creature is called a heldramite they are great catfish bait.
Buck Hunter
Buck Hunter - 6 years ago
5:25 that's a hellgramite. Great bait for bass fishing!
John Davidson
John Davidson - 6 years ago
Its a Carrion Crawler!
Tim Mcgra
Tim Mcgra - 6 years ago
abby is such a nice slut to add to the team, love looking at that little bitch dig
JnJ Outdoors
JnJ Outdoors - 6 years ago
I thought you was from the south!!???? You don't know what a hellgramite is!!??? That is the BEST BASS bait in the world!!!
Shelley Blunder
Shelley Blunder - 6 years ago
Hi there, the 'wheel' thing is a castor. They are the old version of todays office chair wheels. Abby, all honor to you for not bending to peer steriotypes. You go girl!!!
stanley Lennie
stanley Lennie - 6 years ago
13:35 I think that's a wheel for a old desk of chair
My Me
My Me - 6 years ago
Man im no expert but im pretty sure abby thought you would be filling holes not digging them lol
Aj Miller
Aj Miller - 6 years ago
did yall gold prospect there at all? cracks in that exposed bedrock might be lucrative. . great vid bruh..
Jungle Jay Adventures
Jungle Jay Adventures - 6 years ago
@14:35 is a fire sprinkler head
Trust Me
Trust Me - 6 years ago
It's hard watching Abby with one hand I gotta tell you
pankaj kumar
pankaj kumar - 6 years ago
What you guys do in spare time??? Alone in woods.
Edward D
Edward D - 6 years ago
That bug was a Hellgrammite , a Dobson fly larvae.
Ahmet Bayirli
Ahmet Bayirli - 6 years ago
He dates everything to 1800 :p
Cris Lerose
Cris Lerose - 6 years ago
Dude you don't have to look for treasure today....it's right beside you.
Dinah vs World
Dinah vs World - 6 years ago
Round ball with stem at 13:35 wheel from a rolling desk chair
lisiinos - 6 years ago
Один шмурдяк!
The Bipolar Bear
The Bipolar Bear - 6 years ago
I'm just going to say what EVERYONE is THINKING......."DID YOU FUCK ABBY"???
Exploring New England
Exploring New England - 6 years ago
love this video man!
jimmy hoffman
jimmy hoffman - 6 years ago
If they say AWESOME one more time im gonma puke!! Lol..just joking..
Steve Baek
Steve Baek - 6 years ago
hahahaha. thank you for your funny videos. hahaha
Richard Foster
Richard Foster - 6 years ago
What's the difference between a broken horseshoe and "trash"?
Mack,Cars and CB Radios
Mack,Cars and CB Radios - 6 years ago
that thing at 13:36 like a chair wheel
George Munn
George Munn - 6 years ago
James Tweedell
James Tweedell - 6 years ago
The brass was from an old commode tank flush valve ... The ball with stem was an old rolling caster
the RZR go broom broom
the RZR go broom broom - 6 years ago
dude hes got his girl with him and he pulled out that box and said hes got his "wallet in there and other personal items"
James Doyle
James Doyle - 6 years ago
you need to watch more aquachigger
TIMOTHY HORNE - 6 years ago
5:16 that’s a Hellgramite. It’s the larval stage of the Dobsonfly.
yapbird - 6 years ago
Caddis fly
timothy lafreniere
timothy lafreniere - 6 years ago
the bug turns in to a dragon fly
Mr. Monocle gaming
Mr. Monocle gaming - 6 years ago
That creature was a helgamite

100. comment for Kayaking the river in search for relics!

magikalfatman - 6 years ago
That lager Brass piece was part of a sprinkler system for a Fire Alarm.
Jessica Cordy
Jessica Cordy - 6 years ago
Dang he’s just yanking stuff from her hands lol
Wortem14 - 6 years ago
That button is off of a British military jacked from the 1820's, maybe a British forging spot from the war of 1812
Jason Dufresne
Jason Dufresne - 6 years ago
Abby is such a sweetheart ❤️
john casey-tancock
john casey-tancock - 6 years ago
you got a sexy girl like her and you gone fishing ... i think you need to think again pall
43rd Shamrock
43rd Shamrock - 6 years ago
13:33 is a ball caster for you office chair . ... gee, never been to Home Depot ??
jerret kolesar
jerret kolesar - 6 years ago
Abby is the best finder to.☺
Joshua Irvin
Joshua Irvin - 6 years ago
It's a hellgramite
JimboHoon - 6 years ago
Bug looked like a dragonfly larvae
Kenneth Hancock
Kenneth Hancock - 6 years ago
The system of imperial units or the imperial system is the system of units first defined in the British Weights and Measures Act of 1824,
Robert Moore
Robert Moore - 6 years ago
What a pleasure to watch you two treasure hunting together. Lots of love and respect to each other. Have fun always.
professorweeto - 6 years ago
it's a dragonfly nymph
MrTeslonian - 6 years ago
Check out this cool new mining invention, it's a foot powered classifier screen -- https://youtu.be/6TzONtfLoW0
Black Creek News NewJersey
Black Creek News NewJersey - 6 years ago
Those titties
Jack of the Realm Demigod
Jack of the Realm Demigod - 6 years ago
Think that's a Dobson fly larvae
Guy before me thinks shes cute lol
RippinChips - 6 years ago
Hellgramite it'll get wings there great for bass fishing
Phyl Mi
Phyl Mi - 6 years ago
I enjoyed how excited you were in finding each thing. I didn't catch which river you were searching. Sad how people dispose of cans and propane tanks but expect to have nature to enjoy. Please excuse the crass comments from the Neanderthals that have nothing better in their minds but dirt. How they expect to be attractive to anything but trash is beyond me.
Jennifer Jorgensen
Jennifer Jorgensen - 6 years ago
it is a wheel caster for kitchen chairs
Jay Man
Jay Man - 6 years ago
Where is Abby at in the newer videos? Thumbs up on the video.
Energzied - 6 years ago
Dudes so rich defies the point of metal detecting!? If you already own a dredging machine and the ability to transport it to the middle of nowhere...who the hell does that lol
mysoulwaits - 6 years ago
Dragon fly larva I believe...
Sarah Hauser
Sarah Hauser - 6 years ago
Cuod I have a horse shoe
Randall Kelley
Randall Kelley - 6 years ago
That creature is a volton from the planet Electra...Watch out for the bite, chomp, chomp! PS, lovely young lady!
Buscadores de Tesoros
Buscadores de Tesoros - 6 years ago
buen video colega exelente lugar saludos desde corrientes argentina , suerte
now what?
now what? - 6 years ago
those look like ox shoes
Sofa King
Sofa King - 6 years ago
With that horseshoe, maybe you will get lucky
Dragonbait - 6 years ago
The round thing was a ball coaster from a chair Like these:
Bad company UK
Bad company UK - 6 years ago
Is Abbey Single ?
Chris Crissey
Chris Crissey - 6 years ago
her brass find looks like a sprinkler head, like the kind in an over head fire system.... ? your brass almost looks like a spool off a fishing rod except the threads? and that is definately a wheel off a chair. You ever consider making a forge and maybe smiting some of this metal? Get into knife making or something? or if they are woth more as an old item, how do you clean these up? so you?
Wm Cottrell
Wm Cottrell - 6 years ago
I'm about 99% positive those keys went to an old Chrysler, Dodge product. 60' to early 70's era. I had an old 1972 Plymouth Fury that had keys like that.
Wm Cottrell
Wm Cottrell - 6 years ago
Loved it wen Abby made it thru the "rapids".
eldergroan - 6 years ago
that round thing looks like the type of casters on my bedframe.
rockbay79 - 6 years ago
This sure looks fun!
Drac Williams
Drac Williams - 6 years ago
The odd thing your were close it's a wheel of a piece of furniture like a hostess trolley.
J B - 6 years ago
I came here for the good-looking gal on the video preview picture and stayed for the cool video. Thanks guys for sharing your hobby have a good one
John Jesus
John Jesus - 6 years ago
I wanna touch her
Hammer Time2
Hammer Time2 - 6 years ago
JAMES Rivis - 6 years ago
Bug is a hellgrammite (Corydalus cornutus) or Dobsonfly. Trout go nuts for them.
Bryan Henley
Bryan Henley - 6 years ago
That's a helgamite, good for fishing
Jim Rushing
Jim Rushing - 6 years ago
Good video. Some are horse shoe, and some are oxen shoes.
Steve L
Steve L - 6 years ago
The big brass piece Abby found - if you turn it round side up and look at it from the bottom I think it looks like the old fire sprinklers that maybe used to have a piece of glass tube. I think the thing was if whatever fluid was in the tube would heat up and break if it got hot enough. Then that would set off the system and the sprinklers would go of in the whole building.
Sarah Delong
Sarah Delong - 6 years ago
It's called a helgramite. It's an insect larvae.
Jack Jacke
Jack Jacke - 6 years ago
wheel to an office chair
Richard Donovan
Richard Donovan - 6 years ago
iron wedge not hatchet head
Samantha Schempp
Samantha Schempp - 6 years ago
Cray fish maybe
steva30 - 6 years ago
Damien Lusk
Damien Lusk - 6 years ago
That bug is a helgramite, it's in its larvae stage. It turns into an even uglier bug with wings. Their killer bass bait when their in their larvae stage.
Sam Miller
Sam Miller - 6 years ago
Pretty sure that was a Dragonfly Nymph
brandonsthaman - 6 years ago
14:40 looks like a fire sprinkler for an old building...
03 FXDWG - 6 years ago
You two are doing a great job of cleaning the river bottom
Chris Wang
Chris Wang - 6 years ago
Wonder what they call her. ..
Fun Guy
Fun Guy - 6 years ago
these vids are lit. Abby's beautiful
TheBeast 553
TheBeast 553 - 6 years ago
13.29 cigar
elijah Wood
elijah Wood - 6 years ago
Hunger mite
Tax Evader
Tax Evader - 6 years ago
Very entertaining clips good luck folks
RicTic66 - 6 years ago
Bloody hell! Cant folk just watch and appreciate two young people enjoying themselves and each others company without having to make lurid, tasteless and inappropriate comments? It makes me wonder if some of the weirdos who inhabit YouTube have ever actually had a meaningful relationship with anyone as their comments suggest a desperation that I guess should be pitied. If you are that frustrated go and watch porn, there's plenty out there and leave normal folk to watch and enjoy these adventure videos without having to worry that our kids may read the distasteful comments you post.
Coby Underground
Coby Underground - 6 years ago
The critter is called a hellgamite.
bugoobiga - 6 years ago
12:47 looks like a car hood down there.
bugoobiga - 6 years ago
Bill Buehner
Bill Buehner - 6 years ago
the item Abby found looks like a sprinkler head and the item you found looks like a caster of some kind
Natalie Sanchez
Natalie Sanchez - 6 years ago
That ball thing was a whistle
mrlpn2 - 6 years ago
I came here for abby that is all
HarmonicaMikesStuff - 6 years ago
The round thing you found near the end of the video is a caster to a chair, not old. Use a ping pong paddle to fan the sand away much faster. Don't forget to keep digging your hole after you find something most of the time there is more, deeper.
Casual Claire
Casual Claire - 6 years ago
Is he like dating her
Sondorism - 6 years ago
Don't worry kid, i'd be beatin' the rocks off to.
the n64 man
the n64 man - 7 years ago
Imperial stranded is a company that made British revolutionary war soldier uniforms
TREASURE HUNT - 7 years ago
Great channel!Very interesting findings!Thanks for the positive!)))Like!)))
mike womack
mike womack - 7 years ago
Nice   ....   ;~D>>   ....   Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Walter Palmer
Walter Palmer - 7 years ago
Abby is gorgeous.
Yeezy Channel
Yeezy Channel - 7 years ago
That's a crawdad
marvel and dc
marvel and dc - 7 years ago
that thing was a doorknob and that bug was a helgermit
shad carroll
shad carroll - 7 years ago
What brand of kayak do you have?
Joash Church
Joash Church - 7 years ago
13:30, that is a light duty swivel wheel like what would be on an office chair.
Landrey Dickson
Landrey Dickson - 7 years ago
Guys I REALLY don`t like it when you use language like that! Nugget, nice video. You can`t find very many Christian Youtubers on here anymore!
Selanne93 - 6 years ago
Landrey Dickson Or ones who know the truth about Jews and "Israel."
fam love tay
fam love tay - 7 years ago
the bug is a hellgrammite great for bass
apple pie
apple pie - 7 years ago
y'all guys are so awesome love y'all,s videos take care guys stay sate out there..
Gilbert Nichols
Gilbert Nichols - 7 years ago
It appears that Abbie is the best treasure you could find this side of Heaven.
Todd Radel
Todd Radel - 7 years ago
it saddens me sometimes when you pull stuff out that I know exactly what it is and you don't know what it is. makes me feel really old. :) Happy Hunting you two. :)
CJ Ferrell
CJ Ferrell - 7 years ago
That weird bug is a helgramite, bass love em!!!
Treasure Geo
Treasure Geo - 7 years ago
That insect looked like a Hellgrammite and they have a painfull pinch.
steve hagen
steve hagen - 7 years ago
Very enjoyable videos!Thanks to you and Abby.
Gregg hatfield
Gregg hatfield - 7 years ago
that bug is a huggermite ,,dragonfly larva,,,,good bass bait but cut one of the pitchers and pull the 4 backend grab leggs
Mephiston - 7 years ago
that 90 signal thing you couldnt identify looked like a castor for some kind of tray or piece of furniture. helps move it around.
josh tucker
josh tucker - 7 years ago
Man there are a lot of pigs on here. Micheal I am sorry you have to deal with people like this.
james bennett
james bennett - 7 years ago
what is abbies last name
Bryan Howard
Bryan Howard - 7 years ago
That weird creature that looked like a centipede on steroids is called a Helgrimite. Its the larva stage of some dragonfly-type insect.
Allen Jack
Allen Jack - 7 years ago
that bug is called a hellgrammite it is darn good fish bate
mauro minetti
mauro minetti - 7 years ago
kiss at this beautiful girl....
Odette Uhaldeborde
Odette Uhaldeborde - 7 years ago
all you guys with your small boners are all stupid! let the girl dig!!! why are guys like that !
Tyler Thompson
Tyler Thompson - 7 years ago
That black creature was a grampus. Good bass bait.
lolEpicgamers - 7 years ago
4:10 found a fossilised turd
Lizzy Savage
Lizzy Savage - 7 years ago
AnneRiddleS116 - 7 years ago
That wheel at 15:30 belongs to some sort of furniture. I have owned a chair and a desk with the same wheels.
skunkt4 - 7 years ago
That's a hellgrammite! Its the larval stage of a Dobson fly and is about the best fish bait you could ever use!
Yackety Yak
Yackety Yak - 7 years ago
her shoulders are burnt!
Christian McNally
Christian McNally - 7 years ago
Abby is adorable. Way to go Nugget. Hahaha, insert treasure hunting joke her
Pete Maxwell
Pete Maxwell - 6 years ago
Christian McNally I
Daren B
Daren B - 7 years ago

Also, how often do you go out and find nothing of value other than a good time spent outdoors?
Toxteth O'Grady
Toxteth O'Grady - 7 years ago
Nice to see young people going out doing stuff instead of being buried in their cell phones and video games. Fresh air, exercise, sun, and diggin' in the dirt.  Awesome!!
S Erick
S Erick - 7 years ago
That object that you're not sure of looks like a fire sprinkler head.
ross white
ross white - 7 years ago
goddamit shes a poster girl for metal detecting'
Jeff Riedel
Jeff Riedel - 7 years ago
horse shoe halves look a
lot like oxen shoes two shoes per
Fudge GetAboutit
Fudge GetAboutit - 7 years ago
Do you think god knows?
Kelli Moore
Kelli Moore - 7 years ago
Abby rocks! Good job girl.
David Pattemore
David Pattemore - 7 years ago
she,s a woman he,s a man wow ,,,they would make a good couple ,some people are jerks in the comments
David Pattemore
David Pattemore - 7 years ago
wow comments
David Pattemore
David Pattemore - 7 years ago
its a castor off a piece of furniture
David Pattemore
David Pattemore - 7 years ago
devils henchman/coachman or dragonfly larvae
SouthKlad / Юг Клад
SouthKlad / Юг Клад - 7 years ago
jack jarvis
jack jarvis - 7 years ago
Allan Johansen
Allan Johansen - 7 years ago
I give glory to God , you can tell by their character that they both are christian , Abbey is different from other young women these days , her heart is something else , way better , ofcourse , thats because of Jesus !
And probably good parents !
Atheist Dingo
Atheist Dingo - 6 years ago
be a religious retard is pretty sad these days, ya know with like science and stuff. Id give Abbey a pearl necklace
Paramore Is Life
Paramore Is Life - 7 years ago
Hi Abby :) NICE video .. Horse Shoe Day .... ! ;)
Baldoxxx4000 - 7 years ago
shes pretty average, shoudnt make videos of gf's, they can be just a bad sad memory...
nebu7777 - 7 years ago
Only problem is it's $1,000 of extra stuff for that date. not even counting the kayak.
Kim Burcaw
Kim Burcaw - 7 years ago
you are my role model
Randy Luisaga
Randy Luisaga - 7 years ago
Abby is a cool girl
Alan Whittinghill
Alan Whittinghill - 7 years ago
14:40 is a sprinkler head. Look up next time you're in a store and you will see them
Alan Whittinghill
Alan Whittinghill - 7 years ago
13:31 is a wheel off of a desk chair. This style was popular in the 80's

13:47 is the part that connects the toilet tank to the toilet bowl (the part you set on)
clarence clark
clarence clark - 7 years ago
there must be a horse shoe black smith near by  hard to believe all those horse shoes   love your vids
Détection Du Québec
Détection Du Québec - 7 years ago
This look like fun nice place, good partner ,nice day everything is there . Thank,s to share.You have a good equipment.
Kayleighrose 1998
Kayleighrose 1998 - 7 years ago
I would love to invite you over to England, I live in a little town called York & it's so historic amazing for metal detecting, you need to come visit one time
Peter Pickles
Peter Pickles - 7 years ago
Are these two fucking yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Samuel Wyatt
Samuel Wyatt - 7 years ago
That is a sprinkler head
paulus hatullly
paulus hatullly - 7 years ago
Thank you dsc 2300
Kyke Dudley
Kyke Dudley - 7 years ago
He's so....... fake.
I think it isn't his fault, I just believe he doesn't know any better. A man who grows up thinking a statue is a god is the same sickness that plagues this poor feller.
Basil In the Forest
Basil In the Forest - 7 years ago
I want a metal detector as a geologist,I swear it would be a nice double suprise to find fun scraps and treasures
Shawna Howard
Shawna Howard - 7 years ago
Do you ever get any leeches on you! lol eeek!
Godren Storm
Godren Storm - 7 years ago
14:38 is a foot value from a old well..
Robert Wismer
Robert Wismer - 7 years ago
That insect is an helgrimite
Anna Benjamin
Anna Benjamin - 7 years ago
I love your videos! You two are adorable, not to mention sweet and nice. I watch other metal detecting videos, but non of them compare to yours. Such an interesting hobby...I would certainly do it!
Pay no attention to some of the comments...they are just rude, disgusting, leches who have nothing better to do with their miserable life!!! Shame on you all!
Olunja Gitter
Olunja Gitter - 7 years ago
It´s better for seek the Water a Neodym-Magnet!
Richard Scarlett
Richard Scarlett - 7 years ago
@13:50 that is a brass flush valve for a porcelin commode tank
Richard Scarlett
Richard Scarlett - 7 years ago
@13:35 that is a swivel roller caster wheel ball for furniture...mosy likely an office chair
Larry Ou
Larry Ou - 7 years ago
Too much time on your hand to find bullshit
SCWillz - 7 years ago
Can you imagine getting a girl as hot as Abby along with you, then being friendzoned? Fuck man that sucks. I'd be smashing her back doors in behind a tree in about 10 seconds if it was me. What a waste.
David Fleming
David Fleming - 7 years ago
I just got an email from Kellyco so I clicked the link and it took me to the Garret AT Pro with thumbnails of you two detecting on the info page ... which just also happened to be the Youtube video I was watching .. Cheers
Hillbilly Assassins Outdoors
Hillbilly Assassins Outdoors - 7 years ago
not weird bug is a hellgrammite
J.B.P - 7 years ago
13min 30sec into the video that looks like a canister wheel from off of a bottom of a desk chair!
Brian Faircloth
Brian Faircloth - 7 years ago
What state are you in?
Dolphinfox Aj
Dolphinfox Aj - 7 years ago
U found a lot of horse shoes!
s5gpc - 7 years ago
I love your videoes I bin whacking for 2 months
Kaleah Crego
Kaleah Crego - 7 years ago
The circle thing you found is a old (obviously) pipe
Huffster - 7 years ago
Round item at 13:26 looks like a caster from a furniture leg.
Star Fish
Star Fish - 7 years ago
Most definitely was.
BC5391 - 7 years ago
great job
Sheroz Stefan
Sheroz Stefan - 7 years ago
Hello there, interesting video. where i can find that metal detector or witch model is that? Thanks already.
DAVID WATSON II - 7 years ago
Josh Christian
Josh Christian - 7 years ago
wow what a cool group of people
Dale Smith
Dale Smith - 7 years ago
"lets go find some more", love it !!
Ann Bezuidenhout
Ann Bezuidenhout - 7 years ago
Abby's cool tell her that plz
CANDY MAN. GQ. - 7 years ago
Good job, y'all.
Simon Parfitt
Simon Parfitt - 7 years ago
Get Abby in some more videos for 2017. She's cute.
Theo Nez
Theo Nez - 7 years ago
i wish i had a beautiful lady like yours to put up with me as we treasure hunt i hart Abby
doreena jeffreys
doreena jeffreys - 7 years ago
What state is this, anybody know?
Matthew Barnhart
Matthew Barnhart - 7 years ago
Castor wheel
iH8uA11 - 7 years ago
nuggetnoggin I wish my girl wasn't such a princess poop head and more down for playing in the muck instead of shopping, although she did surprise me with a Makro Racer 2 kit, my first detector was pretty cheap and fried in water... Kayaking and detecting, I haven't done that yet, actually never thought about it until seeing this vid, thanks for the idea.. I'm about 15 minutes from the shallow Brandywine River  and battle field, sounds like a good time to try the new one.. P.S. that Abby is a keeper for sure, keep having fun bro and thanks again for sharing, keep the adventures coming!!!
laith kafagy
laith kafagy - 7 years ago
Is the iron is not useful melt. It down then cool it off it will look bran new
Falcon Trek
Falcon Trek - 7 years ago
not sure if you and Abby have any connections for more than friends, but she's awesome to see and hear. good Christian friends are worth more than a romantic relationship that isn't what God wants for you. still enjoyed your video as always and hope to hear more about Abby and you. God bless you nugget
James Cohn
James Cohn - 7 years ago
hey nuggetnoggin can you just put the caps on the at pro to waterhunt
Stephen Gagnon
Stephen Gagnon - 7 years ago
Old horse shoes make good forge for something
Brooke Huber
Brooke Huber - 7 years ago
I saw the fish
Robby guy
Robby guy - 7 years ago
Yer piece of Brass pipe is from inside a toilet.
Good Vid Thumbs up.
J.L. Roberts
J.L. Roberts - 7 years ago
That bullet may be a Whitworth type of rifle bullet. If it is hexagonal, it may have been used by a Confederate sharpshooter.
ColorBlind Vegan
ColorBlind Vegan - 7 years ago
You want a bigger relic than Abby? She is one of the beautiful girls in the world.
Lloyd Hardwick
Lloyd Hardwick - 7 years ago
That was a helgamite thats good for smallmouth bass, they turn into a dobson fly later in theyre life.
MrX XxX - 7 years ago
Happy Bunny
Happy Bunny - 7 years ago
The weird ball looking thing is part of a tobacco pipe
RS7JR - 7 years ago
alchemy philosopher's stone
alchemy philosopher's stone - 7 years ago
Michael Jarrell
Michael Jarrell - 7 years ago
wonderful vid and your lady did great. you guys will love having all these great memories on video. thanks for letting us watch. Abby also seems like every guys dream girl. you did good bubba.
Crazy Eights
Crazy Eights - 7 years ago
I'd be smashing her instead of playin in river beds. Did that shit when I was a kid. Guy must be in friend zone cuz no way he's hitter that !
Crazy Eights
Crazy Eights - 7 years ago
2:23 missed 2 coins I believe
CallardAndBowser - 7 years ago
I think that bug was a Helgramite. It can draw blood if it bites you with its strong pinchers.
Jeffery Young
Jeffery Young - 7 years ago
Could they be Ox shoes?
Avvertenzelive - 7 years ago
does abby suck dick
Valentine Dupont
Valentine Dupont - 7 years ago
Procedure cold happen complaint valley one answer environmental regulate.
Glen Riffe
Glen Riffe - 7 years ago
5:20 is a helga-mite best bass bait when fishing in spring early summer. Find them under drift wood and rocks, sandy area around May and June. Catch them behind the head and hook them in the tail area #6 hook bait holder, not a plain shank they will come off. Great looking river to fish.
robert stirling
robert stirling - 7 years ago
The hexagonal bullet is probably from a Civil War 451 Whitworth rifle a favourite sniper rifle of the day.
Rick Taylor
Rick Taylor - 7 years ago
+nuggetnoggin That creature you caught is called a hellgrammite, their good fish bait, bass love em. You're luck to have your gal, who likes to explore nature.
MythicMasteriWish - 7 years ago
every cool vids but you have an anoing voice
Carl Dennis
Carl Dennis - 7 years ago
Abbey is hot i wouldnt have time for metal detecting if she was with me.
Charles Wilder
Charles Wilder - 7 years ago
You got furniture wheel, that ball-like thing.
Frosty Weir
Frosty Weir - 7 years ago
great as always
Deathheads69 - 7 years ago
13:24 is a wheel from those old laundry carts you'd see at the public laundry mats from 60's to early 90's.
Deathheads69 - 7 years ago
Cool channel, just found it. This is the type of shit i'd like to get into.
k dawn
k dawn - 7 years ago
the bug is a hellgrammite
king brute
king brute - 7 years ago
please sub to my channel
paul h
paul h - 7 years ago
very good
Carlos Pip pip
Carlos Pip pip - 7 years ago
I love these types of videos and when I came across your channel I was ecstatic, definitely my favorite channel
Nate Valdez
Nate Valdez - 7 years ago
clip a gopro to the head of your metal detector, that would be a cool shot
Diggers Ed
Diggers Ed - 7 years ago
is the pro pointer waterproof, or just the carrot?
MyIceman12345 - 7 years ago
I think your best find is Abby!!!!! you had better metal detect her a wedding ring and get hitched Sonny!!!!!!
Kevin Oneill
Kevin Oneill - 6 years ago
I agree. She’s a keeper.
Todd Radel
Todd Radel - 7 years ago
why ruin a good thing?
WhiteBoyWithAnIpod - 7 years ago
MyIceman12345 hahahahaha
Aubs &kk
Aubs &kk - 7 years ago
Are those water proof metal decters
TINYBOB GAMES - 7 years ago
Puppy101 Puppy101 yeah they are called garret at pros
stratcat2758 - 7 years ago
A little grabby there Nug.
Edgar Escobar
Edgar Escobar - 7 years ago
she's you girlfriend?? she's is so cute....
Bethanne Baer
Bethanne Baer - 7 years ago
You found a girl that is beautiful and you both share the same interests...good golly marry that girl!
Tim OHeron
Tim OHeron - 7 years ago
At 13:26. It's a caster wheel; a roller for bottom of a table or other piece of furniture.
Wes Brown
Wes Brown - 7 years ago
Keep being a light my friend, I pray that you two get married and God uses you in his ministry
Sam Smith
Sam Smith - 7 years ago
Why am I getting stiff?
Jims account
Jims account - 7 years ago
Get out of here this is a channel for normal people not a porn channel
Grant Peace
Grant Peace - 7 years ago
Because you're a pathetic pervert
John Ward
John Ward - 7 years ago
Dredge it
Rob Dameron
Rob Dameron - 7 years ago
that bug is called a perrywinkle!!! good fishing bait
Klaus Adomeit
Klaus Adomeit - 7 years ago
abbys odd pc's is a foot valve from a pump line..
Klaus Adomeit
Klaus Adomeit - 7 years ago
the bug was a helgramit. larval dobson fly..
Steve McOmber
Steve McOmber - 7 years ago
Romanatwoodfan - 7 years ago
I don't know if you sent this yet is Abby a friend girlfriend or sister
Eduardo Almeida
Eduardo Almeida - 7 years ago
U should make ur videos smaller
ciupa911 - 7 years ago
hey Nug, have you asked out Abby yet?? :P
Daphne Allyn
Daphne Allyn - 7 years ago
I agree that where you were finding the horse shoes was a Ford site because if it was a Dodge or Chevy site they wouldn't have needed the horses to pull them out. LOL
Leonidas Spartan
Leonidas Spartan - 7 years ago
that bug was a dragonfly nymph mean lil fish killers at that stage of life
laughing at u
laughing at u - 7 years ago
hey man the creature u seen is a hellgramite
TIMOTHY HORNE - 6 years ago
They are the larval stage of the Dobsonfly. I’ve seen small ones. Luckily have not been pinched by one.
Chris Michael
Chris Michael - 7 years ago
yeah was thinking grab it w/for them poles. got away though. I recon he put it up on there? They usually in the water.
laughing at u
laughing at u - 7 years ago
BigHunter 20 yeah man some of the best. will pinch the piss out of u though
BigHunter 20
BigHunter 20 - 7 years ago
laughing at u great fishing bait
kendall spivey
kendall spivey - 7 years ago
I believe the bug is a dragon fly larve
Madi & Jadah
Madi & Jadah - 7 years ago
I have one a it was 120$
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson - 7 years ago
What state is this in???
tyler kirby
tyler kirby - 7 years ago
is nugget dating abby
The MID8ROAD - 7 years ago
the bug was a dobson fly!
sjrzbum - 7 years ago
abbys brass find is a sprinkler head you would find in the ceilings at say a school that would go off if there were a fire. keep up the great videos
mike plitnick
mike plitnick - 7 years ago
Wouldnt the large wide shoes be Oxen shoes?
thefixer - 7 years ago
What state is this?
Doug Gregory
Doug Gregory - 7 years ago
You should put that toy down and dig in them guts..she's out there doing that shit with you cause she wants your dick..beer and titties on the river is the best..
Myth-ter Moth
Myth-ter Moth - 7 years ago
o and the round thing is a furniture caster, yes its a wheel off of a chair.
Myth-ter Moth
Myth-ter Moth - 7 years ago
i think that creature is a dragonfly larvae
Donald Hetrick
Donald Hetrick - 7 years ago
Dobsonfly larva
Walter Palmer
Walter Palmer - 7 years ago
Like your adventuresome spirit.
Walter Palmer
Walter Palmer - 7 years ago
So many horse shoes lost and nails. Weird. Could it have been a cavalry unit crossing ?Kinda doubt it.
Fucknuts - 7 years ago
@13:27 - It's a chair ball roller/caster/wheel.
Edward Martin
Edward Martin - 7 years ago
Another great video, Nugget and Abby !!! It looked like you had enough equipment in those kayaks to go away for a weekend. Loved the applause and cheers for Abby making it through her first rapids.
ElektroFishing SKAT-2000WT Рыбалка
ElektroFishing SKAT-2000WT Рыбалка - 7 years ago
Пендосы американские
Jeremy Youtube
Jeremy Youtube - 7 years ago
13:32 is probably the wheel to a chair or piece of furniture.
Colby2Cheese - 7 years ago
How long have you and Abby been metal detecting together Nuggetnoggin?
FurryAminal - 7 years ago
"We've go some weird creatures down here in the river"

Those are the kind of words you get as the last recording on cam corders in a horror movie :-D
Yabba441 - 7 years ago
Abby certainly praise the lord, the othernight she was screaming "Oh my God" I was pissed of as she had forgotten my name.
chevywheels56 - 7 years ago
Looks like a hellgrammite to me...
Flastic Gaming
Flastic Gaming - 7 years ago
"I got killer signal here."
Jr parody
Jr parody - 7 years ago
that was a wistle
Garrett Jon Salter
Garrett Jon Salter - 7 years ago
Did you marry Action Abby? Young love. What a precious thing. I hope you did. It's hard to find a girl that will work with you these days.
Barfing Coyote
Barfing Coyote - 6 years ago
No especially if you look like that last commenters pic , jeez .
WhiteBoyWithAnIpod - 7 years ago
garrett salter especially one so gorgeous
Garrett Jon Salter
Garrett Jon Salter - 7 years ago
That might be to an old record player needle holder type thing. It also looks like a leg wheel for something. lol.
Johny Paranormal
Johny Paranormal - 7 years ago
Love your videos mate ! I grew up on a rivers like this in Australia and just a magic place to spend a childhood :)
katana_92 - 7 years ago
If you came here for the thumbnail..... 6:58
Wake N Bake
Wake N Bake - 7 years ago
Abby got her geaaar at pro strapped in darrrrr
Michael J Montenegro
Michael J Montenegro - 7 years ago
you got a hot girlfriend she put her in the film more often
Daniele Filipson
Daniele Filipson - 7 years ago
Abby it really nice girl congratulaton man...
James Wilson
James Wilson - 7 years ago
abbys hot
Jim Garrison
Jim Garrison - 7 years ago
Abby looks nice from all angles. She really is a beauty.
Larry Ciarrocchi
Larry Ciarrocchi - 7 years ago
that bug is a Helgramite.  Dobson fly larva.  Beau explains them in his videos.
RocKiteman _ 2001
RocKiteman _ 2001 - 7 years ago
FWLIW: At 14:34, that 'object' Abby found - I could SWEAR that I have seen one of those before, but I CANNOT REMEMBER when, where, or what it is....
Bearskinrug - 7 years ago
5:18 It's a Dobsonfly larvae.
Harol Kaemerer
Harol Kaemerer - 7 years ago
looked like in front of the second horse shoe was a coin..
Jeff the killer
Jeff the killer - 7 years ago
happy 4th of july
Cool Guy
Cool Guy - 7 years ago
it's not fourth of July today
VIRGINIA MORGAN - 7 years ago
Harry Stanley-Jones
Harry Stanley-Jones - 7 years ago
little feet!! so cute!!
Retnuh1974 - 7 years ago
13:29 is a wheel to an office chair or some kind of furniture.
jeremy hindy
jeremy hindy - 7 years ago
am slow clapping for you sir .... pulled down a healthy! looking companion ...
Jon Ware
Jon Ware - 7 years ago
you got a hot gf man
BaerShooter4563 - 7 years ago
that solid brass piece you found looks like a sprinkler head
Luke Strovzkki
Luke Strovzkki - 7 years ago
You look like my turds.
Luke Strovzkki
Luke Strovzkki - 7 years ago
No idea why Abby is on that dick
william rice
william rice - 7 years ago
that was a millapede , I believe those are deadly
Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez - 7 years ago
Centipede are the deadly ones. Millipedes aren't really harmful
Pond6 Gaming
Pond6 Gaming - 7 years ago
this is much better than watching golf on a sunday morning
Pond6 Gaming
Pond6 Gaming - 7 years ago
sOn flower
sOn flower - 7 years ago
Mr Goldfish this made me chuckle
VGERUNIT - 7 years ago
think the bug was a dragonfly nymph?
Todd Berg
Todd Berg - 7 years ago
The brass object at 14:35 is a foot valve - a check valve at the inlet of a water pipe, usually has a strainer around the cone. Probably from someone's river pump.
totallyjonesin - 7 years ago
No Todd is right, the toilet flush valve is @ 15:46
Frank Daniels
Frank Daniels - 7 years ago
Todd Berg Hi Todd, the brass item is actually part of the flush mechanism from the inside of a toilet tank. The large hole is for the flush and the smaller hole is where the overflow pipe is plugged into. Also the item that looked like a round ball that had a point on it was a coaster from either a chair or a couch.
Myth-ter Moth
Myth-ter Moth - 7 years ago
Ahhh thank you, that was the one thing whose identification eluded me completely.
destroyer dylan
destroyer dylan - 7 years ago
your girl has nice tits
Serpentaria - 7 years ago
These videos inspire me to buy a metal detector and start hunting for treasure :D
Toby Wigley
Toby Wigley - 7 years ago
I bought excellent handbook from woodprix woodworking plans. Just google woodprix and start your journey to the better life
Nathaniel Dunlap
Nathaniel Dunlap - 7 years ago
Hellgermite is what that bug was
Rickard Hedlund
Rickard Hedlund - 7 years ago
I think you missed a coin or something when you found the rest of the horseshoe at 2:20 looks like a coin on the top right.
Phae Is Bae
Phae Is Bae - 7 years ago
I like what you did with the thumbnail for this video lol.
Clickbait for perverts.

This is why I'm here. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
c4snipar - 7 years ago
Most people here cuz Abby! She is hot!
talaga campaka Campaka
talaga campaka Campaka - 7 years ago
memek ka keem jadi aratel
GTAmissions - 7 years ago
how in the fuck did u find a chick as cool as abby? you sir, have been mothafuckin' blessed. amazing live, amazing channel, amazing partner in your hobby. i hope you realize how lucky you are! great vids! peace!
Fivefingerdp - 6 years ago
Why not?
Dan Strong
Dan Strong - 6 years ago
Why use that type of language?
Louis Boehringer
Louis Boehringer - 6 years ago
GTAmissions if you find a woman that will dig up fucking horseshoes with you and love it is the one! Keep her!
MrTeslonian - 6 years ago
Check out this cool new mining invention, it's a foot powered classifier screen -- https://youtu.be/6TzONtfLoW0
Jim Rushing
Jim Rushing - 6 years ago
Not only guys enjoy these videos, but women & children. If you care, please watch your language.
Panda Boy
Panda Boy - 6 years ago
GTAmissions j
1OFGODSOWN - 6 years ago
Where did you learn that vulgar language? Did you also learn some that your mother would be proud of or maybe a daughter if you had any?
Sam Miller
Sam Miller - 6 years ago
McDonalds Farmer is the biggest BITCH on Youtube lol. Can dish it out but can't take it. FEG
sOn flower
sOn flower - 7 years ago
Hey man that's how Christians do it lol
Chris C
Chris C - 7 years ago
Do you have any proof?
Lieber Strassberg
Lieber Strassberg - 7 years ago
I read a comment a while back saying she was going to college. Every college/univserity in the states turns good women into animals. I still thought she was better than turning our friend into a cuck. Only prayer can solve a problem like that, oy vey
Z71Ranger - 7 years ago
+Lieber Strassberg No I'm Not Kidding... It's Very TRUE... Hell if it was not true I'm sure Nugget would come on here and say it not True... It's TRUE... She left him for a Black Dude... Right Nugget...
Lieber Strassberg
Lieber Strassberg - 7 years ago
You're kidding right?
Kevin K
Kevin K - 7 years ago
No problem dude, just didn't understand why you said that to me.
Kevin K
Kevin K - 7 years ago
+topassasin 113 are you mentally stable? Did I say anything to you? Good job Assassin, way to prove your worth to this world.
topassasin 113
topassasin 113 - 7 years ago
+McDonald's Farmer fuck off
Kevin K
Kevin K - 7 years ago
Why? There are so many better ways to say what you just said.
Mason Parkin
Mason Parkin - 7 years ago
what do u do with all this
Trap Dodo
Trap Dodo - 7 years ago
Have you ever owned a bounty hunter 505?
Mike Frasher
Mike Frasher - 7 years ago
the round brass object looks like it could be a gun powder holder to load muskets
Kove Graff
Kove Graff - 7 years ago
yes !
Kayak Uprising
Kayak Uprising - 7 years ago
Stone fly nymph
Haydon C money
Haydon C money - 7 years ago
What age did you get your first metal detector
myusermaneisthis - 7 years ago
I'm pretty sure that bug is a dragonfly larva. we have a lot of those in our rivers here.
Antny913 - 7 years ago
That bug is a hellgrammite, small mouth candy.
They turn into dragon flys.
kutip1027 - 7 years ago
12:26 RIP ears
Gabriel Gutierrez
Gabriel Gutierrez - 7 years ago
she is good lookin
Jeffrey Lin
Jeffrey Lin - 7 years ago
whos abby
Hmql 3
Hmql 3 - 7 years ago
The girl
david fox
david fox - 7 years ago
I have a crush on Abby.
DEanimesDE - 7 years ago
damn why are there so many horse shoes?
Alysha W
Alysha W - 7 years ago
Are all metal detectors water proof?
MishkaFilmOfficial - 7 years ago
whats a flat Button ?
Tiki Turtle
Tiki Turtle - 7 years ago
Instead of buttons like now they are an older type of buttons.... I think
Marc Dominguez
Marc Dominguez - 7 years ago
hey bro awesome video bro. I just got a new metal detector yesterday. it's a Garret 250 ace. it's pretty bad ass lol. I wish it was water proof like yours though haha. looks like fun I need to get some kayaks for me and my wife. that's a great idea. thanks and happy hunting
csknives2140 - 7 years ago
alone in the woods with a girl and you didnt even rape or kill her? wtf dude
Chad T
Chad T - 7 years ago
it's a wheel and a brass toilet flush valve it still had the rubber foam on it lol
Christina Ruel
Christina Ruel - 7 years ago
It's a really old smoker
zero pawn
zero pawn - 7 years ago
haha brought a lady caught nothing good
THX 1138
THX 1138 - 7 years ago
That bug is called a Helgermite
rich can
rich can - 7 years ago
I know i'm a little late to the game but i'm pretty sure that was a "toe biter" larvae
Fletcher White
Fletcher White - 7 years ago
Some of those bulletin casings were blanks why would you use them on a river
Bjørn atle Skulstad
Bjørn atle Skulstad - 7 years ago
4th of july party maybe?
The vegan46
The vegan46 - 7 years ago
iv just stumbled on your vids and subbed love these vids
bill moreo
bill moreo - 7 years ago
that bug is called a dobbie, has other names but her in new York that's what we call them, good for bass, pike, walleye, my buddy always gets them for bass fishin
RetiredGuy Adventures
RetiredGuy Adventures - 7 years ago
The bug is called bait...
Pain Twain
Pain Twain - 7 years ago
looks like a gunpowder holding device
MrTinner66 - 7 years ago
Relics?!? Where?...are not relics
MrTinner66 - 7 years ago
Obviously you do not know what you can find, just imagine what you consider relics ... In Europe what you look (even if you're lucky) are more or less "scrap" ... In some countries (like the one in which I live, for example) is so full of relics, you can not even build a subway without destroying a historical relic ... Just take a hoe and find something ... and the kind of research that you do, here are very limited and regulated, is so easy to commit a crime of embezzlement, even if you're on a "free state land"
That's right: "people these days" do not know what to say!
Jason Beard
Jason Beard - 7 years ago
obviously you dont know how to read. It says "Searching For Relics" man. People these days.
Daniel Felos
Daniel Felos - 7 years ago
very nice adventure.
Deana Marsella
Deana Marsella - 7 years ago
I love your videos ❤️
James Anderson
James Anderson - 7 years ago
I miss the days when women weren't just seen as cleavage or body parts. reading a lot of comments on this vid and, yes, Abby is a very pretty girl to be sure, but that's not the point of the video at all. it's a shame that folks can't see a good looking person and just move on with the day. thought you two found some awesome treasures. look forward to seeing more adventures on the river. God bless
Richard Daulton
Richard Daulton - 6 years ago
Yes! very well said.
Atheist Dingo
Atheist Dingo - 6 years ago
what a faggot
jeremy mead
jeremy mead - 6 years ago
I bet she's really nice
Jean baptichon
Jean baptichon - 6 years ago
+James Brown reply
Terry Schake
Terry Schake - 6 years ago
Shut up. You are one of those guys that puts other guys down to make your self look better. You are fucking ridiculous! Stfu with your stupid ass comments.
James Brown
James Brown - 6 years ago
James Anderson on
Charles walter
Charles walter - 6 years ago
+james Anderson In what time period were women not appreciated for cleavage & body parts? Surely not in recorded history.
Jim Rushing
Jim Rushing - 6 years ago
TINYBOB GAMES - 7 years ago
James Anderson well said.
AnryLlama - 7 years ago
that thing you though was a wheel is a wheel, you get them on old furniture like small tables and things c:
Mightymousy - 7 years ago
at 13:01 you missed a gold ring on the right side of the screen. Half buried.
JBuzz84 - 7 years ago
The bug is called a hellgrammite, they are the larval form of a Dobson fly
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson - 7 years ago
I saw 2 rings in this video which you did not pick up.
Donte Mac
Donte Mac - 7 years ago
we only believe you if you point out the times when u seen them...? o.O
SethDavis YT
SethDavis YT - 7 years ago
15:35 is is a wheel of a chair I have a chair with those kind off wheels
creeper_killer5 - 7 years ago
I e mailed you, you haven't responded
It's me
It's me - 7 years ago
really nice to see a young guy and girl who are really down to earth people with a Christian faith and out in the wild away from pokemons and smart phones and xbox etc and out in the sunshine living life. Enjoy watching the videos because your so genuine and sort of innocent for this day and age? Keep up the good work.
Professor Oak
Professor Oak - 6 years ago
Pokemon is fine. Cellphones, not so much. I grew up exploring too, played Pokemon but it never stopped me from exploring. (played it mostly at night time)
Fiskie - 6 years ago
Christian faith! Only you can save us from our own sexual freedom .. wait ..
Cadet Bone Spurs
Cadet Bone Spurs - 6 years ago
It's me
Christian faith it's code word for racist bigoted xenophobic American.
Fiskie - 6 years ago
You already answered yourself.
Texan Pride
Texan Pride - 6 years ago
Fiskie Ahh so waiting till your married is 'depriving' them huh.
Fiskie - 6 years ago
You obviously don't understand the complexity of this topic. Religion is oppressing sexuality. It deprives many people of their freedom and to a young couple it must be especially bad.
Texan Pride
Texan Pride - 6 years ago
Fiskie Why would they?
Fiskie - 6 years ago
I was being sarcastic. Someone that praises 'Christian faith' has to be retarded or brainwashed.
Texan Pride
Texan Pride - 6 years ago
Fiskie Are you mentally ill?
Fiskie - 6 years ago
Oh yes! Christian faith = They never have sex, you know? They are totally just together for their hobby. You retarded religious fuck.
Texan Pride
Texan Pride - 6 years ago
Shuggaloaf Actually they are Christian...Nugget puts tons of Bible verses on his videos as well.
Jim Rushing
Jim Rushing - 6 years ago
Good comment.
Nyanko - 7 years ago
It's me "away from pokemons" thats not really an addiction
J.B.P - 7 years ago
Yeah its refreshing thats for sure!....I do have to confess though....Wayyyy back when i was that age and if i had my girlfriend at that time.....I Wouldnt of made it to the creek let alone metal detecting....LOL
sOn flower
sOn flower - 7 years ago
Shuggaloaf of course there are good people everywhere and every religion, I don't think they meant it offensive tho , but good and decent people don't mean they're going to heaven sadly
Smooth Triston
Smooth Triston - 7 years ago
How's the view from up there on your high horse?
Shuggaloaf - 7 years ago
You specifically said "Christian faith" not "church background" or even "religious". All I'm saying is that there are plenty of good and kind people who enjoy and respect nature, have manners and are down to earth folks who are of any number of faiths. Those that are agnostic or atheistic as well. You shouldn't "be surprised" if someone is a decent person if they're not specifically Christian or any other faith for that matter. I'm not trying to bust your chops, I'm sure you meant well, just want you to know some of us non-Christians are good people too.
It's me
It's me - 7 years ago
no that comes from years of life experience where you can spot someone from a church background. I would be very suprised if they were not.
Shuggaloaf - 7 years ago
Did I miss the part where they said they "had a christian faith"? Or is that an assumption because they're down to earth people not caught up in technology?
Smooth Triston
Smooth Triston - 7 years ago
I bet she is an absolute freak sexually.
WELLBRAN - 7 years ago
+It's me I'm watching a very wet female kneeling in a river and the attractive part is.. her accent ..yes its refreshing as you say
It's me
It's me - 7 years ago
Its a bit like watching the brady bunch after watching most tv or movies today, your waiting for an expletive or reference to sex or partial nudity but it don't come its just good ole fashioned sweetness and niceness..... quite refreshing I say!
WELLBRAN - 7 years ago
maybe the innocent part is what makes it alluring for all of us...and maybe we all miss that in life these days..makes here like Abby as she seems innocent and the female viewers like Nugget as he comes across as a real polite gent....
Clay Sias
Clay Sias - 7 years ago
that bug is a helgamitte. awesome bass bait
Charles bai
Charles bai - 7 years ago
we call the grampus in ky, good to fish with
maseratiquattroport - 7 years ago

looks like the wheel part of the desk chair you build it yourself buying it at ikea.
Vini Esco
Vini Esco - 7 years ago
at 14:35 that brass find is a sprinkler head
JdPaulBlart - 7 years ago
That one part looks like the housing for an oil filter on a car
Price Pranks
Price Pranks - 7 years ago
That circle thing was a grenade
Guldlok dank
Guldlok dank - 7 years ago
dat accent
p kerit
p kerit - 7 years ago
how can this kid afford all this expensive gear and that nice truck?
iamtheheavystone - 7 years ago
With how often he says "AT Pro", and millions of views, you can bet he's sponsored. I hope so. Cool kid.
Grant Peace
Grant Peace - 7 years ago
It's called working hard for what you want, and pursuing his passion. It pays to be a respectable hard working person, something this country has lost for the most part.
WELLBRAN - 7 years ago
he has good well paid job?
GlacialWolf_ - 7 years ago
i don't think he's a kid anymore
scogg - 7 years ago
Maybe someone mentioned already but I think that thing at 13:26 is the caster off a piece of furniture or something like that. That's what it looks like.
R Lo
R Lo - 7 years ago
one of the bullet casings looked like a military blank used for training, were you two near some old or former military installation or training area?
Jim Papay
Jim Papay - 7 years ago
I think that bug is a young dragon fly before it develops into one?
dirtTdude - 7 years ago
Abby is fun to look at
MythicMasteriWish - 7 years ago
because he's an adult
alex knutson
alex knutson - 7 years ago
why oh why is he hunting when they are alone by themselves
Eduardo Almeida
Eduardo Almeida - 7 years ago
dirtTdude wtf
FurryAminal - 7 years ago
Isn't she just!
Kevin K
Kevin K - 7 years ago
fun...or nice?
EATING Your momma
EATING Your momma - 7 years ago
KCOBAINZ67 - 7 years ago
thats a roller off a desk chair
Olav van Gerven
Olav van Gerven - 7 years ago
What is the use of a horseshoe without a horse?
Justin Kraft
Justin Kraft - 7 years ago
That bug thing is called a helgrimite
Nathaniel S
Nathaniel S - 7 years ago
The piece at 13:48 was/is an old toilet tank flush valve.
koreyg1000 - 7 years ago
Was wondering what model kayaks those are, really like them.
XcerptShow - 7 years ago
He sounds like the noob on "BattleField Friends", lol "PROMOTED!!!"
trezurratt - 7 years ago
Nugget? Where did you get your hermit pick ax? Also, did you customize that kayak yourself with the camo? Thanks, good luck, and God bless you both!!
Charles Wood
Charles Wood - 7 years ago
thats a hellgrimite
darklord 3466
darklord 3466 - 7 years ago
I know you probably won't see this but that bug is a hellgrammite
Snacky Dog
Snacky Dog - 7 years ago
+darklord 3466 oh ok thanks :)
darklord 3466
darklord 3466 - 7 years ago
+Snacky Dog I'm pretty sure a hellgrammite is a larva of some insect
Snacky Dog
Snacky Dog - 7 years ago
What is a hellgramite
Michael Nantz
Michael Nantz - 7 years ago
You need to marry that girl cause if she likes to do all that she's a keeper.
siberian daddy
siberian daddy - 8 years ago
the wiggly bug you found with the pincers is a hellgermite (sp) , the fish love them.
Anthony Esparza
Anthony Esparza - 8 years ago
mae I have a bullet
Bo007 Duke
Bo007 Duke - 8 years ago
Hey there, nice video, its pretty cool. Also by the way, that round object you found that you thought was a 'whill' off of a chair, it is actually not that much of a relic, it is just a plain old wheel off of a trolley, its not anything worthy of keeping, just letting you know. :)
OzarkWanderer - 8 years ago
that odd brass piece you found is an old school toilet part. it goes between the tank and bowl
Brennan Jones - Bushcraft and Survival
Brennan Jones - Bushcraft and Survival - 8 years ago
Nice hunt! I just got my new ACE 300 in the mail yesterday and I'm eager to take it out! Just curious on what you do with your finds? I'm sure the ones you really want to keep you do, but with all the stuff that you don't want do you just sell it or scrap it? I'm learning a lot from watching your videos! Take care!
Donna Leon
Donna Leon - 8 years ago
i enjoyed that water is always refreshing and u guys worked hard at it all day
well done maties
william coleman
william coleman - 8 years ago
well let's see where shall I start, Abby the item you couldn't figure out was a fire suppression housing, and the item you probably figured out later on was a castor for a rolling office chair or table.
Heylisson Rodrigues
Heylisson Rodrigues - 8 years ago
tudo a prova d'água, que isso
craig reed
craig reed - 8 years ago
i love you guys
Kimber Bearly
Kimber Bearly - 8 years ago
13:30 that is a sofa castor or wheel
Zach Hamrick
Zach Hamrick - 8 years ago
That weird creature you found in a helgermite
David - 8 years ago
Abby is hung ho and a good sport!
Lenard Lieu
Lenard Lieu - 8 years ago
where did all those thing go?
notenoughprepping - 8 years ago
Abby is a sweetheart
Calgold49 - 8 years ago
u guys r funny
Noah Kurtz
Noah Kurtz - 8 years ago
Rankin 11
Rankin 11 - 8 years ago
i think I like white girls again lol
Поиск в Тавриде
Поиск в Тавриде - 8 years ago
Во чувиха даёт. :)
Stream Highlights
Stream Highlights - 8 years ago
i love how when he's filming hes not filming what she's finding, just her tits.
J.R. - 8 years ago
That object that was ball shaped and had a tipped piece is a black powder flask. That particular one is from the 17 th to 18th century
not jeremy
not jeremy - 8 years ago
nice date guys...
mydOBLIVION - 8 years ago
dude were do you live
Digital Encom
Digital Encom - 8 years ago
13:33 is a roller that goes under old dressers.
RocKiteman _ 2001
RocKiteman _ 2001 - 7 years ago
I agree - it looks like a castering wheel for some kind of furniture.

Why THAT should be IN THE RIVER is rather odd....
halicon74 - 8 years ago
its a satellite Ball caster
Luis Fernandez
Luis Fernandez - 8 years ago
What kind of fish are in that creek?
Idunow ?
Idunow ? - 8 years ago
Abby is to die for ,make a move.
lauren todd
lauren todd - 8 years ago
That bug was a leach
Cre8tvMG - 8 years ago
Round object at 1330 is a furniture wheel.
GODINN LIVES - 8 years ago
GODINN LIVES - 8 years ago
GODINN LIVES - 8 years ago
manleytl3 - 8 years ago
I think you were finding Oxen shoes & not broken horse shoes. Oxen have cloven feet & because of this their shoes are in 2 pieces. Horses & Mules have a solid hoof so their shoes are in one piece.
Nate Nan
Nate Nan - 7 years ago
That could be because how could a horse shoe break in the middle if it is touching the hoof. There is no way for it to warp and snap since the hoof is flat and the horse weighs so much.
Robert Cale
Robert Cale - 8 years ago
Fun huntin. That on piece you didn't know what it was is a rolling wheel from a chair or furniture. Some can be valuable.
Timothy Barr D.C.
Timothy Barr D.C. - 8 years ago
Richard Briggs
Richard Briggs - 8 years ago
that bug is a hellgramite! Great for fishing, Hook behind the shell. Whatch out for the pinchers!
Marc’s Fx
Marc’s Fx - 8 years ago
Your "weird" object is a chair castor, used upto 1960's or more.
Steve Bowles
Steve Bowles - 8 years ago
Hellgrammite, larva of a dobsonfly @ 5:13..
Paul Bialozor
Paul Bialozor - 8 years ago
That round ball like item you found was a wheel from an office chair. How old it is I would say maybe from the 60's or 70's; I'd be surprised if it's any older than that...
William Mills
William Mills - 7 years ago
Actually it looks like a caster from a 1930s brass bed.
Joshua Crammond
Joshua Crammond - 8 years ago
I hope she gets into porno
Joshua Crammond
Joshua Crammond - 8 years ago
I hope she gets into porn.
Joshua Crammond
Joshua Crammond - 8 years ago
I hope she gets into porn.
Rick Arnold
Rick Arnold - 8 years ago
I haven't seen you and Abby hunting together in a while, I hope all is well.
Oliver Clewes
Oliver Clewes - 8 years ago
micro bite
Steven Ryle
Steven Ryle - 8 years ago
You are both awesome, Abby is awesomer. Great video.
Hangs with Raccoons
Hangs with Raccoons - 8 years ago
Very cool just subbed!
Karen Welsh
Karen Welsh - 8 years ago
I it is a weel of a Cher
Karen Welsh
Karen Welsh - 8 years ago
I it is a weel of a Cher
flysubcompact - 8 years ago
The "weird" round thing is a caster ball off a chair or furniture.   BTW, just stumbled on your channel.  Looks like a fun pastime.
mini biker101
mini biker101 - 8 years ago
hey nugetin watch aquachigger and he will show how to find relicks :)
Sara Nox
Sara Nox - 8 years ago
You guys are awsome.
DAVOK MAY - 8 years ago
that chick is hot
Melissa Heymans
Melissa Heymans - 8 years ago
probably oxen shoes
xXfirespitXx - 8 years ago
The thing that was at 13:30 was a gunpowder holder
xXfirespitXx - 8 years ago
Ha ha did anyone see the donut?
Marcos Oritz
Marcos Oritz - 8 years ago
I can here his accent saying "but Abby is the greatest find I made" lmao ;) rooting for ya @nuggetnoggin
Beenthere Donethat
Beenthere Donethat - 8 years ago
What a sweetheart!
Abby is actually nuggets girlfriend i think they been dating for years now

I'm a psychic i know :P
FaZe Duck
FaZe Duck - 8 years ago
I saw a coin when they found half of a horshoe
michael webster
michael webster - 8 years ago
amazed you like horse shoes so much
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson - 8 years ago
So positive
cookie monster cookie monster
cookie monster cookie monster - 8 years ago
Curious bro, do you guys sell any of this stuff and profit? Or is this just to keep
Fishermanjuice22 - 8 years ago
Not sure if anyone told you yet in the thousands of comments, but the creature / aquatic insect was a megalopteran, common names are alder flies, Dobson flies, and fish flies. That's the larval form. They can pinch and usually live on the bottom side of large rocks. Easy to way to catch them is to use a D frame net, lift a big flat rock and quickly scrape the bottom with the net. They make good bait, hence the name fish flies. The "legs" on the majority of the body are actually gills.
Fishermanjuice22 - 8 years ago
Some people also call them hellgramites.
Douglas Carlson
Douglas Carlson - 8 years ago
how mangled do the cannon balls get after they have been shot?
A^2 - 8 years ago
Love these videos. Don't mind terrible people on the internet. It's what they do! listen to the other good people out there!
Wright Connection
Wright Connection - 8 years ago
That bug looks like a dragonfly larva.
xXMeecrobXx - 8 years ago
13:30 its a wheel of a serving wagon or something like this...
Bar Shakespeare
Bar Shakespeare - 8 years ago
nice thumbnail nugget! get it billy!!!
Harold Jennings
Harold Jennings - 8 years ago
Those horse shoe halves are actually made like that they are oxen shoes... they put 2 halves on each hoof... they used more oxen than horses to pull the wagons...
InsTa Rewind
InsTa Rewind - 8 years ago
Ahaha peasant!
Jake Mcardle
Jake Mcardle - 8 years ago
where was his left hand at 13:53??
Victor Romero
Victor Romero - 8 years ago
wow la pelicula las partes q pasaron me hicieron cagar las patas
Calcium Gaming
Calcium Gaming - 8 years ago
what metal detector do you have ?
fan of gaming
fan of gaming - 8 years ago
he missed a coin
levi hill
levi hill - 8 years ago
are you a redneck ?
Josjuar Lister
Josjuar Lister - 8 years ago
I just love your accent! dude!!!!!
Felix Rodriguez
Felix Rodriguez - 8 years ago
Ivan Popakabana
Ivan Popakabana - 8 years ago
Abby is Hot
John Tatum
John Tatum - 8 years ago
good work and stamina...how about a beach area?

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