Kayaking trip gone wrong

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Despiser Despised
Despiser Despised - 3 years ago
Made for tv dramas got old in the 70s. I think that kid needs to stick to the safe spaces his teachers are teaching him about. Its 20" of water for gods sake...
scout 8148
scout 8148 - 3 years ago
lucky you kids are alive !
Vincent Venturella
Vincent Venturella - 4 years ago
in experience is the best teacher and quickest way to die.
Dan Dobar
Dan Dobar - 4 years ago
Big box stores are putting the public in $150 kayaks by the thousands. Each year I see more and more people with zero experience and even less common sense hit the water like it's a bicycle ride in the park. I'm surprised the father would post a video of how he almost got his son killed.
Despiser Despised
Despiser Despised - 3 years ago
Almost killed? Really, drama queen? Safe Spaces create giant pussies like you.
Marco Esquandolas
Marco Esquandolas - 4 years ago
It's amazing how unprepared some people will be when they set out. That current wasn't very fast or strong at all, yet this paddler still didn't have the awareness needed to recognize the strainer and avoid it. By not being able to avoid it, he placed someone else in danger to free his boat. At least the child who got stuck should have really had a helmet on if not the whole group. Their carabiner belongs on a key chain not a safety rope. Their rope technique could have been improved by watching 1 youtube video for 2 minutes. I'm certainly glad everyone was ultimately safe, but it was mostly dumb luck that allowed that to happen not being ready for the possible situations they may find themselves in.
notatechie - 4 years ago
Learned this same lesson the hard way. A gentle current is unstoppable.
notatechie - 4 years ago
Kids did great.
Mark Gutierrez
Mark Gutierrez - 4 years ago
Idiots freaking idiots
MyLife 2.0
MyLife 2.0 - 4 years ago
Glad all ended up well at the end. Don’t blame him for not wanting to kayak again. Hoping he eventually did. If not, totally okay.

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Charles Sanne
Charles Sanne - 4 years ago
as a whitewater kayaker i know how fast a strainer can ruin your day and kill you or others even if you are a flatwater padler i can realy recomend going to some basic courses both for sea and whitewater they realy help especialy in river navigation and rescue technique learning whitewater padling also makes it faster to get around strainers becouse you get used to how the water interacts with the edges on your kayakyou also learn specialist swimming techniques for getting around or trough strainers
Ozark Ed
Ozark Ed - 4 years ago
I had buddies in a canoe in a similar experience in high school, but it was in a much worse place. The water under the tree was too deep to touch and the current was swifter. It took 8 of us an hour to finally get the canoe under the tree. Good judgement comes from experience, most experience comes from bad judgement.
Issac Chase
Issac Chase - 4 years ago
Kayaks are dangerous and not worth the trouble.
Kayak Pirate
Kayak Pirate - 4 years ago
1998nic0lopez - 4 years ago
i see no alligators?
Máire Daly
Máire Daly - 4 years ago
Fair enough.  God knows, I've ended up in scrapes that I should have easily avoided.....   May he is without sin...
Lucky 2018
Lucky 2018 - 4 years ago
Máire Daly . But easily avoided in the first place .
Máire Daly
Máire Daly - 4 years ago
Well, the advice is to stay calm, panicking can cause problems. I'm impressed with how they handled it
AM - 4 years ago
What's this place called Shitz Creek?
Eric S
Eric S - 4 years ago
people think canoeing and kayaking are simple... you can die so fast
Lyrith - 4 years ago
ocsteved yes I completely agree. Those who just start out should stick to flat and calm lakes/rivers and only move to fast moving water when they have more experience and a group of paddlers to make sure you can get out of a sticky situation
ocsteved - 4 years ago
I think kayakers/canoeists who've done it over their whole lives are more prepared..ie can swim, avoid strainers & issue areas....the society is filled with uninformed/unskilled/wanna-be paddlers.
Lyrith - 4 years ago
Eric S it is simple. Paddling isn't hard.
C-Nile D-Mentia
C-Nile D-Mentia - 4 years ago
Big Dogs Cock
C-Nile D-Mentia
C-Nile D-Mentia - 4 years ago
For real bro
C-Nile D-Mentia
C-Nile D-Mentia - 4 years ago

20. comment for Kayaking trip gone wrong

Denis Boivin
Denis Boivin - 4 years ago
Good video!
Terminal Frost
Terminal Frost - 4 years ago
I'm always cheering for a fellow Tough Mudder! I'm glad everyone was safe and I'm glad y'all have some memories together. Be safe!
Michael Kim
Michael Kim - 4 years ago
Awesome. This adventure has been with family since childhood.
Nomad - 4 years ago
It wasn't a great idea to send the other lad through the strainer ! He should have gone down stream to a better landing place .I'm glad no one got drowned here but it was a close thing !
Joette's Casual Day *Joette Vance
Joette's Casual Day *Joette Vance - 4 years ago
guess you all made it home ok, as you posted a vid about your experience, Sadly, I have to go out alone, glad you all made it ok. scary stuff!
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy - 4 years ago
Lucky 2018
Lucky 2018 - 4 years ago
Patrick Murphy . Yes
David Ramirez
David Ramirez - 4 years ago
A kid that age should not be left alone ahead of the adults. Proper river navigation is a must. Obviously he had none. Some parental common sense might just save kids lives.Very lucky not to have been pinned down.
Michigan Hiker
Michigan Hiker - 4 years ago
David Ramirez that is the first thing that I thought of, why wasn't there an experienced individual like a parent giving direction. Too many people have been trapped under strainers and lost their lives to let something like this happen.
Ray G
Ray G - 4 years ago
good info, maybe you could make a kayaking/water safety video.
james ellis
james ellis - 4 years ago
rivers should be scouted,even if you know river ,trees do fall.Shit happens like drownings.Always assume the worst will happen and be prepared.No one should get in a kayak/canoe unless they are aware of strainers and their danger.
Swashbuckling Adventures
Swashbuckling Adventures - 4 years ago
Adventures With A Cherokee
Shit happens? Really? I wonder if your kid drowned because of something like this, if you'd have that mentality. Gosh officer, yep that's my kid floating in that brush but, ya know, shit happens.
Brad Darb
Brad Darb - 4 years ago
I would say that the whole group was blissfully unaware of what a strainer is and the hazards associated with them. Yes "shit happens", this could have turned into a fatality without too many changes. No one should be on moving water without some basic level of knowledge.
David Ramirez
David Ramirez - 4 years ago
Adventures With A Cherokee When on the water constant cradling is th only way to watch your kids. Switch to canoes if they aren't skilld enough for kayaks. Even adults are at great risk on the water
Adventures With A Cherokee
Adventures With A Cherokee - 4 years ago
kids make mistakes, however constant cradling isn't helpful either. the kayaks are going to be much faster than the canoe. shit happens.
Dave Martin
Dave Martin - 5 years ago
You guys were really lucky. Now you know to stay clear of downed trees, fences, or anything in moving water ... no matter how slow the watef is. This is called a "strainer", because it strains objects and people. Glad no one was stuck in the boat there. They'd have been bent backward, with water all over them. The strength to get out of that would be immense, likely impossible to overcome. A drowning avoided, and smarter paddlers are alive to go again.
GGTBod Backwoods Bushcraft
GGTBod Backwoods Bushcraft - 4 years ago
I seen a friend get hung up by the straps of his pfd by an over-leaning tree branch, as he got hooked up the water pushed him and his boat forwards and the tree limb got pulled down onto him and pushed him under tipping the canoe which filled with water and took everything down and forwards so fast, so bloody scary and just sheer luck my other buddy was close enough to cut away the hooked up strap enabling my buddy to swim free, always always wear a PFD but holy crap that was a close one.

Very sound advice Dave Martin

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