Kayaking with Killer Whales

We were kayaking at the San Juan Islands when these whales swam past our boats.

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We were kayaking at the San Juan Islands when these whales swam past our boats.

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Jim Zorn
Jim Zorn - 4 years ago
It's one of the greatest mysteries on the planet to me, why the world's most ferocious, blood thirsty killers typically just pass we humans by with nothing but the equivalent of a smile and a wink.
Christopher Sean Williams
Christopher Sean Williams - 7 years ago
these orcas are making me thirsty!
Elaine M
Elaine M - 7 years ago
Why do they only laugh about it and saw ''wow'' so casually? I'd be speechless. So beautiful.
phox202 - 8 years ago
Tiffy I didn't know polar bears kayaked near killer whales.
BellinghamsterTrail - 8 years ago
You guys were so lucky to get so close. Thats a kayaking trip to remember. 
John D
John D - 8 years ago
+Julien Gouweleeuw Actually the Orca is a WHALE that is part of the dolphin family. I can elaborate if you want...? What I want to know is WHAT is the big deal about people calling them whales??? I mean their nick-name is the killer WHALE. It is the dumbest thing to correct someone on given you're both right AND the popularity of it's nick-name. What is your deal?????
Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray - 8 years ago
hi where did u do your tour? i want to go in april
Marvcohen - 8 years ago
The Oprahs were in good form
John Rain McManus
John Rain McManus - 8 years ago
Sorry, but that experience seems to have been wasted on those people.

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DeadlyChinchilla - 8 years ago
Awwww, it was so cool!  We saw a whole pod of humans!!!

~The Orca
MrWbstr - 8 years ago
I'd be absolutely terrified, haha! 
BB13131313 - 8 years ago
they were all calm.. I'd be shitting my pants.. and i love orcas
Thomas Reynolds
Thomas Reynolds - 8 years ago
Actually dolphins are whales too.
SealAngel - 8 years ago
What an experience man! so jealous! nothing like seeing animals in the wild! Unreal!
cALM - 8 years ago
Veracious Viking
Veracious Viking - 8 years ago
Dolphin actually. :P
S White
S White - 9 years ago
You are so right, I should have done my research before commenting whether killer whales were dolphins or not. And as far as the black dolphins, I should have mentioned their underbellies are white.
hateseaworld - 9 years ago
Killer whales are indeed dolphins. They are the largest member of the dolphin family. There are plenty of small, black colored whales (melon headed whales, pygmy killer whales, pilot whales, false killer whales etc), but I'm not aware of any completely black dolphins. Just saying ;)
Kaylin Reinhart
Kaylin Reinhart - 9 years ago
Orcas are part of the dolphin family...do your research!

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S White
S White - 9 years ago
You're right, they are not dolphins but there ARE plenty of black colored dolphins in the ocean..just sayin'
Aviv Gannon
Aviv Gannon - 9 years ago
i'd feel safer swimming mear orcas with a belt of dead fish around my body than walking around te city any day. human is the only dangerous animal on earth.
meanwiddlekid - 9 years ago
There's no record of orcas ever attacking people. That doesn't mean it's never happened or there won't be a first time.
maritia - 9 years ago
Mako Mankanshoku
Mako Mankanshoku - 9 years ago
uh, I don't think Ive seen a dolphin that big.plus, dolphins are a lighter colors then those black fins sticking out of the water
bluwave79 - 9 years ago
it's amazing, where did you guys have been doing that? is it a place where you can rent kayaks ?
Ahmed Hosni
Ahmed Hosni - 9 years ago
so they never saw the video of the killer whale jumping on those japanese people on the boat , did they ..
Thomas Garman
Thomas Garman - 9 years ago
Yeah, those things occasionally eat people. Just so you know. And they are fast enough to keep up with speed boats. They are big enough to kill great white sharks, and have big, highly advanced brains. You are in the natural element of the worlds smartest and largest pack hunter.
Green Lane
Green Lane - 9 years ago
sometimes you don't realize how big something is until you see it in person. rather than just on TV or the internet
movingonandup773 - 9 years ago
Ok. Whatever you say "numbnutz." Fuck off.

30. comment for Kayaking with Killer Whales

DrIncognito - 9 years ago
"Fucking relax with the insults" - are you aware that you are insulting and swearing like a troglodyte, and accuse others of doing so? You really must have a lot of issues. Go see a healer. Have fun on my ignorelist.
movingonandup773 - 9 years ago
Fucking relax with the insults Jacques Cousteau. I couldn't give two shits about what fucking animal it is or what it can do or not do or if it's my fucking friend or if it will help me out when a mean shark comes around me never. It's not that deep jagoff so go eat a dick. Peace... :)
DrIncognito - 9 years ago
Quite the contrary: Having an Orca around you means being as safe as you can get in water.
DrIncognito - 9 years ago
Orcas wont kill you, numbnutz. Quite the opposite: If you ever happen to have sharks approach you when in water, an Orca is what you want to have close to yourself.
Melisa P
Melisa P - 9 years ago
Looks like K pod. K is part of the Southern Resident orca community and they only eat salmon, specifically Chinook and Chum salmon, no exceptions.
mathi mathig
mathi mathig - 9 years ago
It's a Dolphin dude!
Denver - 9 years ago
You all are Brave, You know what kills Great whites, Dolphins, and other whales? Orcas. I wouldn't feel safe at any point being around them.
irishhackz2k11 - 9 years ago
Then they begin to circle around us "that was cool 'n all but we're fucked"
Mike Scott
Mike Scott - 9 years ago
You're gonna need a bigger kayak.
512mysterygirl - 9 years ago
Orcas are more curious than agitated If you threaten them- well goodbye Otherwise they are just cruising' along
movingonandup773 - 9 years ago
Who gives a fuck what it is if it can kill you and you're that close. These people are morons to not be concerned.
superZAKTAN - 9 years ago
Well its actualy more related to the Dolphin
Said Garcia
Said Garcia - 9 years ago
You gotta have some tennis ball size balls to be kayaking in that area!!!
Calihea - 9 years ago
I don't know why, but this kind of videos have the best comments.
noxinixon1 - 9 years ago
Listen to Noxinixon's album called Kayak.
hillmer54321 - 9 years ago
false, it is a dolphin as it is a part of the delphindae superfamily, quite a common mistake due to popular connotations
ut000bs - 9 years ago
Most people don't think about how big some of them actually are until they see them up close. Imagine a big male bigger around than your 1-ton dually pickup truck.
Tinkle - 9 years ago
who cares ._. they're called killer whales / orca whales so people call them WHALES
Shellocker - 9 years ago
whales - " wanna try some desert ? naahhh, I am going to the dentist later " ....
tasteegold7772 - 9 years ago
NOT killer" whales man cmon ORCAS..if they wanted to fucking kill" you this vid wouldnt have existed and neither would you! they're just there to reming you who REALLY runs the oceans!

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Shelby Sieg
Shelby Sieg - 9 years ago
I've never ever seen a black man kayak, thats amazing!
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez - 9 years ago
Wrong. Killer whales are dolphins. Google that shit.
MrToygoata - 9 years ago
Thats funny. Ive never seen a kayaking polar bear.
Black Widow
Black Widow - 9 years ago
They are doing what they do in the wild they will knock them off the boats and eat them they do this to polar bears in the wild
leebo130 - 9 years ago
Bitch you crazy
Abracadabra - 9 years ago
You are soooo lucky! :)
Eric Kent
Eric Kent - 9 years ago
Aye you are totally correct they belong to the family Cetacea which actually does encompass dolphins and whales they are both mammals. Dolphins and whales are in the same family they are not FISH. Not disagreeing with you but please look up cetaceans then you will understand that they are both whales and dolphins at the same time OK?
morgansbabygirl - 9 years ago
thats just incredible!
TheKinnamizzle - 9 years ago
How did that comment get top votes? OH wait I know how: people are dumb. They're huge yes, but not whales. Killer Whales are dolphins.
MultiDarkGoddess - 9 years ago
Lol, yeah i suppose so.
JJordan1012 - 9 years ago
Thats what I was going to say.
HaveApascalSwirl - 9 years ago
are you out of your god damn minds
MultiDarkGoddess - 9 years ago
Great video, i agree
MultiDarkGoddess - 9 years ago
What if the whale flipped their kayak? Would'nt be so awesome then. Still, great video!!!
JMEEWHO - 9 years ago
ive never seen a whale in the wild, so this is the best video yet ^_^ up & close
robert Last
robert Last - 10 years ago
I totally agree I would have frozed. I love killer whales. That kid in free willy must have been pretty messed up to in the water with that whale.
AndreinneLawrence - 10 years ago
You sound like Hagrid. lol
BB13131313 - 10 years ago
I love how everyone is so calm and nonchalant about it. I'd definitely be shitting my pants and freaking out. I love orcas too..
Lawrbear - 10 years ago
Little do they know that they can fuck your shit up.
Kenny C
Kenny C - 10 years ago
"They're huge." It's a whale, dude.
THEHUNK8 - 10 years ago
Anything goes in the Food chain. We can't say it has never happened or will not happen.
Justin Kantner
Justin Kantner - 10 years ago
That is wrong, a killer whale in the wild has never attacked a human if we behave and respect them the way we should. They are missunderstood creatures.
THEHUNK8 - 10 years ago
Those things are toooo damn smart.. He was lucky he was not lunch that day.
Parris Chestnut
Parris Chestnut - 10 years ago
U guys r fucking stupid
KageKC - 10 years ago
Joke? Or are you stupid?
swordwhale1 - 10 years ago
NICE! Looks like the kayak pod was observing "swordwhale" etiquette: being still and not getting in the way. Would have been cool to have a camera you could have dipped over the side to catch underwater shots.
Gisel - 10 years ago
NWSoundgal - 10 years ago
I continue to be AWESTRUCK each time that we're lucky enough to be graced with a close encounter...Just one more reason we love where we live!! -- Underwater Music Festival Volunteer
Paul Vang
Paul Vang - 10 years ago
Holy shit...I would have freaked out.
Wes Thompson
Wes Thompson - 10 years ago
@ath5264 hi
LukeCageforhire - 10 years ago
forget eating you, what if they just get curious and want to get a closer look at you?
Emma Nguyen
Emma Nguyen - 10 years ago
That is amazing! I wish I could see one up that close.
Martin Spinelli
Martin Spinelli - 10 years ago
oh my good
UltraMagnusLovur - 10 years ago
The big dude is ruffles lol rip This is amazing I would love to get close to one
Tsuki - 10 years ago
Wow!! You are so lucky!!
chko tezcatlipoca
chko tezcatlipoca - 10 years ago
En verdad sintieron ñañaras ......la verdad no tenían nada que hacer, mas que sonreír de nervios. Esos kayacs aguantaron mucha mierda.
golfmaniac007 - 10 years ago
i would have shit my pants being that close
swordwhale1 - 10 years ago
Awesome! I think the marine mammal protection thing regards you chasing marine mammals, not them suddenly appearing beside you. You seem to have stayed politely out of their way. As someone else observed, the inland orcas are fish hunters. Orca is actually the largest of the oceanic dolphins, and probably the most intelligent, possibly smarter than us (though in a very different, alien,way).
Todd Willis
Todd Willis - 10 years ago
I would not dare go near those animals simply on kayak! No effin way! You guys have balls made out of metal! Lol
Ann Cathrin Sandberg
Ann Cathrin Sandberg - 10 years ago
Aah, you're lucky! <3
John Mann
John Mann - 10 years ago
Under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, what would be considered harassment? Personally, I'd love to do this, but I won't if it's illegal. So could someone explain to this midwestern boy, the rules regarding kayak's, boats etc. around, whales and dolphins?
skangmox - 10 years ago
@jiminy82 ya ...wrrong
samorasquid - 10 years ago
@jiminy82 Do they get in some sort of trouble if they do? Like a fine or gaol time? Do the laws differ, state to state?
mahony trenta
mahony trenta - 10 years ago
where found this is place?
Britta Schönhuber
Britta Schönhuber - 10 years ago
Voll cool! So nah an diesen wunderbaren Gottesgeschöpfe! Ich liebe Orcas soooooooo sehr! Danke für dieses Video! :o)
tiopirata2 - 10 years ago
@kmkfiction2 We seem mostly in agreement. I have no doubt also that sharks know very well what we are. My contention with this thread however was with Orca captivity, obviously I would like to see the practice fade to distant memory. I also agree with the necessity to "dispassionately question the prevailing dogma" Carry on then
OzKelsey - 10 years ago
what time of year was this? summer? I would love to do that if I there are killer whales around!
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
I think it is a sad commentary on the state of marine biology, if not Science itself, when people use their purported expertise to orchestrate some sort of public relations charade for sharks. I mean, I understand the premise: if people are conditioned to see sharks as "misunderstood" predators, they may be more apt to support conservation. But at what point does a scientist or naturalist have to see things as they are- and dispassionately question prevailing dogma? The truth works and is.
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
Why is this relevant here? I have had several purported shark "experts" attempt to bolster their unscientific theories (e.g., sharks are not man-eaters) on account of their academic and/or "research" experience. I'm left thinking: if human remains have ALWAYS been found inside sharks- and the data of human migration patterns proves H. erectus/sapiens have been utilizing the marine ecosystem for over 2mm years...how can anyone credibly contend sharks don't know what we are? Puzzling.
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
Conspicuously, the premise of "mistaken identity" defies not only the undisputed data that sharks have a wide array of perceptive faculties that could easily differentiate prey- but it defies basic precepts of natural selection as well: to posit that a pelagic shark could not differentiate between a fat-rich pinniped and a seafaring primate would be an injurious trait. White sharks, for example, do not even attack human prey in the same ambush style they attack agile pinnipeds. That's the data.

100. comment for Kayaking with Killer Whales

kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
@tiopirata2 My expertise in sharks, not Orcas, although I know a fair amount about Orcas compared to most. Let me provide an example. 90% or more of all "top marine biologist" allege that sharks attack people on account of "mistaken identity". This assertion, however, is contradicted by nearly all the available scientific evidence and, conspicuously, is not even subject to the scientific method. If anything, pelagic sharks predictably arrive at maritime disasters to feed on human prey.
K0K4NE - 10 years ago
not being racist, but that's the first black person i have seen anywhere near the water. Ever seen a black swimmer ?
tiopirata2 - 10 years ago
@kmkfiction2 And now we are in a pissing match, I am at a loss to understand your anger. Given your academic record then, why not source this data which you also point out is available. "Any educated person can make their own theories" as you say, but these require data, and in this instance data provided by those scientists who "spend quality time" with their subjects. I point out that my achievements are equal to and similar to your own, no need to battle here, rather to debate.
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
@tiopirata2 As an aside, I find it absolutely laughable how the people that spend their lives, say, physically "tagging" sharks or taking photos of Orca dorsal fins to document individuals take such great airs for their efforts, as if, in the end, "spending quality time" among these creatures somehow yields this unassailable insight into sociobiological dynamics. What nonsense. The data is available to all. Any educated person can make their own theories. Get over yourself.
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
@kmkfiction2 For the record, you haven't pointed out anything novel or particularly noteworthy on this thread, so stop stroking yourself and seeking some form of stilted applause. As for your 50 years at sea, maybe you need to spend some time on land and learn some people skills. Imagine that, coming from litigator.
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
@tiopirata2 Further study on what, evolution? Unlike you, evolution and population genetics was the primary thesis of my undergraduate work at the #2 school in the US for Anthropology. I've been an attorney for about a decade and own a separate company in a $6 billion industry. Stop talking down to people that intimidate you.
tiopirata2 - 10 years ago
@kmkfiction2 All predators are master killers, or extinct. You are not making much sense here and you are plainly not bothering to undertake any further study, rather preferring to bombard with opinion. The facts really are out there, and as I suggested earlier you should do as I have. I also pointed out my 50 years at sea, direct observation and interaction with delphinids so this is not just academic. Go forth and learn before your next posting. Hear from you in a few years.
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
@tiopirata2 Perhaps the violent propensities and refined mastery of the art of killing that Orcas' wield is a "dark cupboard" to you and others in academia, i.e., with such a heightened and glorified sense of self-perceived knowledge. Stated differently, your knowledge of these apex predators- whose species-specific adaptations are analogous to mankind's ruthless dominion over his own ecosystem- is derived merely from books. Ah, me. "To know and to act are one and the same." - Takuan
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
@tiopirata2 For all your condescending banter, you only add credence to my argument: to free Orcas in captivity is to give them a death sentence. But thanks for the heads up that Orcas are pack hunters. People like yourself think you are so smart, but most of your drivel ("sharks attack people on account of mistaken identity!") is a pretext to condition the public to acquiesce to groupthink that is, in the end, utterly divorced from actual Science. I see that as sad.
tiopirata2 - 10 years ago
@tiopirata2 It should also be noted that a pool for a delphinid is like a dark cupboard for us. Years in such would reduce our eyesight and the finite concrete pool environment has a similar effect on Delphinid echolocation. Further, every Orca currently in captivity shows evidence of muscular atrophy. We can see that for various reasons their odds of survival on release are nowhere near as good as their odds had they never been captured. I recommend you study before your next post.
tiopirata2 - 10 years ago
@tiopirata2 If you were to capture a young human, lock it away in a very small space for decades then release it into the wild while in relatively poor physical condition, as has been the case with every released Orca, the likely outcome is certain death. Slavery is an analogy only but does describe a lifetime of captivity and servitude without care for the intelligence of such a creature as this. I have no issue with killing, particularly if survival justifies it.
tiopirata2 - 10 years ago
@kmkfiction2 I note that humans, chimps etc re released into the wild also fail to thrive, generally with worse outcomes then Orca. Delphinids are pack hunters in a very competitive environment. Releasing an Orca is not the same as putting it back into its natural environment which had once included its pod, ie its family. Delphinids spend their lives among their close relatives in their natural state yet not one of the very few orca released has been reunited with their kin. More..
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
@tiopirata2 For all your purported knowledge, it cannot undo the fact that Orcas re-released back to the wild starve. As for you characterizing captive Orcas as "slaves"- taken to illogical conclusion, every single creature in any form of captivity is therefore a slave. By analogy, if a human kills a creature to eat, does that make him or her a "murderer"? Do tell.
tiopirata2 - 10 years ago
Further to my comments earlier, I have spent considerable time among Orca, have sponsored 20+ year studies of them, have lectured at universities on their behaviour and psychology and sailed the oceans for more then 50 years.Captivity for Orca has much in common with human slavery. Their own echolocation becomes painful to them inside pools which resemble what a 6 x 4 room may be to us.It is not a beauty but a cruel sadness driven by commercialism and sadness.
tiopirata2 - 10 years ago
@kmkfiction2 True, they can adapt to captivity, much as a human adapts to slavery. On release frequently either would display dysfunctionality. I recommend all read the appropriate studies, particularly those such as Dr Ingrid Visser's still ongoing 26 year study or read Frank Hodgeson's book "Pictures in the Dolphin Mind" to discover who these creatures are and how they think. Imagine the rest of your life in a 6 x 4 cell, that's a pool to an orca. Fantasy speak = ignorance.
tiopirata2 - 10 years ago
@kmkfiction2 There is a huge body of study confirming this, as well as decades of observation, particularly of odontoceti strandings and behaviour. Not delusion, fact. I was a lecturer at Massey University on the psychology of these creatures, I have studiedand recommend all of you do the same. The great naturalists, Dr Ingrid Visser, Frank Hodgeson et al, studied them in the wild as well as captivity and learned more from wild populations.
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
A wrath unspeakable in them and us too
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
If Orcas weren't in captivity, serving as a living statue of illimitable beauty, an entire generation of naturalists might not find their path, or people seek to preserve wild places and the Orca's wrath, unbound off the shores of Patagonia, like a murderer taking what pinnipeds time will allow- so please- let's not talk in fantasy speak- these dominate apex predators can adapt and once in captivity, would starve and die if let free. That is the end of the analysis and story. Bless them all & u
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
@tiopirata2 "Preferring death to separation", lol, listen to you testify for the Orca- almost as ridiculous as the underlying sentiment, as if, in the end, your delusion works and is
tiopirata2 - 10 years ago
Delphinids, including Orca, form the strongest familiar bonds known, occasionally preferring death to separation. Orca have an intellect probably equal to our own, no surprise that they turn on their captors occasionally. They are harmless to humans if undisturbed in the wild. Their "trainers" dont do it for love, they get paid like any other warden.
BloodyPaperclip - 10 years ago
@SpartanForgeWorld300 They are called KILLER whales for a reason, they are aquatic MURDERERS. They kill their own trainers who put love and time into training them, they kill everything. They have no remorse at all and these people are idiots for getting so close to these BEASTS in kayaks...
nikalik - 10 years ago
You guys just lived my dream... damn... I dislike you... buuut will LIKE this video because it's EPIC!! :)
katieofishsticks - 10 years ago
@SqueakerJenks Depends what type of killer whales they are. resident killer whales eat mainly salmon so are harmless but offshore and transient killer whales eat other whales, seals and penguins, so i would watch out for those. killer whales in captivity have been known to attack trainers although that is most likely provoked.
jbrun009 - 10 years ago
shit I get out of the water when the dolphins start getting too close!
YogDodoth - 10 years ago
so suicidal... so stupid... so lucky...
J0KERB0I - 10 years ago
they would have breached right under my kayak
Craig Welch
Craig Welch - 10 years ago
@TheWigglyduff Orcas don't eat people.....
Joseppe Rodrigues
Joseppe Rodrigues - 10 years ago
muito bom !!!! que emoção!!!
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
@baldycoup whatever you say, dollface.
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
Listen, Killer Whales have such unbridled power, their wrath is at their discretion, as seal pups hiccup fluke to air hard to share the sight or plight of such maddening wrath. I don't doubt Telly will kill again. Waiting, waiting...to complete what time will allow. As shadows fall, the cut seal forgives the plow.
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
Sociobiology is understanding that each creature has species-specific adaptations to fully realize its inclusive fitness via dispassionate discharge of its ecological niche. Everyone accepts that Koala bears are highly specialized feeders, whereas many struggle to acknowledge Tiger/White/Bull/Oceanic Whitetip sharks have adapted to eat arguably the widest array of actual prey, including terrestial species that wash out to sea, or men that walked a plank, crooked and cursed the sharks attack thee
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
@stevos14a A sham? As in, abra cadapbra (sic.)? It's all true, swear on my life, I'd even swear on you. Conspicuously, your inferences underscore the same kind of unfounded speculation my analysis on shark attacks disproves (e.g., "mistaken identity" hypothesis). See? irony isn't just a literary device. It works and is, like the freedom to be several things at once.
stevos14a - 10 years ago
@kmkfiction2 - You obviously like to use big words. But I know it is a sham. If you were as smart as you are trying to sound you wouldn't bother having an argument on this topic in, this kind or forum with that person.
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
@Pvjinflight Your inability to even formulate an intelligent response simply proves your utter ignorance on the subject of sociobiology and just proves your arrogance stems from cultural insecurity. Maybe you should see the world first- before you comment on the dynamics that sustain it, silly video game geek.
zytigon - 10 years ago
According to the standard phylogenetic tree, whales are known to be the descendants of terrestrial mammals that had hindlimbs. There are many cases where whales have been found with rudimentary atavistic hindlimbs in the wild. Notably Kyoquot station, Vancouver island 1919 case . For super books about nature & science try, ' The greatest show on earth ' & ' Unweaving the rainbow ' by scientist Richard Dawkins
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
@Pvjinflight For someone so pompous, your analysis is puny and trivial, if not completely non sequitur.
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
@Pvjinflight Why do you talk about sharks "making a mistake" by attacking a human? No scientific evidence supports such an inference, given their finely-tuned perceptive faculties. Moreover, such an injurious trait would contravene Natural Selection. By definition, GENERALIST feeders do not "make mistakes" when feeding on available resources, e.g., after a maritime disaster. The fact it is statistically infrequent hardly supports the inference an "abnormal" or "sick" shark was responsible. Duh.
kmkfiction2 - 10 years ago
@Pvjinflight Ah me, another Euro-goober investing intelligence into ignorance and dispensing judgmental gibberish regarding sharks. That's right, genius. They are documented man-eaters. You have not slightest clue what ecological niche a pelagic shark even occupies, much less fully comprehend what a generalist feeder even means. You are like a helpless Haitian in the FL straits losing what little strength you have, like a swimmer, and I can feed on your folly at my caprice and my leisure.
WALKINGonaSPIRAL - 10 years ago
@brickwall911 Sharks aren't machines. Sharks evolved to eat things that are not people, since people typically stay on land anyway. Doioioioi.
brickwall911 - 10 years ago
Sharks are not man eating machines?! i would like to see you prove that theory.
001gvare - 10 years ago
I wonder how much poo poo those kayaks can hold?
reisy46 - 10 years ago
I only can say "woooowww"
Kayla Garone
Kayla Garone - 10 years ago
@MrAPEMothership08 Its nice to know that SOMEONE knows this fact besides me! No one ever believes they are part of the dolphin family! Finally someone of intelligence! Thank you. That made my day
Michael Barnett
Michael Barnett - 10 years ago
Seeing this in real life is absolutely amazing - I kayak around Auckland in New Zealand, and we run into a pod if were super lucky at the right time of year, its one of the most amazing feelings having one of those swim under your kayak.
golfmaniac007 - 10 years ago
this video would be so much more exciting if the whales tip the kayakers over for fun
haveumetmark - 10 years ago
@OreoKat133 i would beat you to it..i was crapping my pants watching this.
James S
James S - 10 years ago
Doing what you did in this video is my dream. One day I'm going to kayak with Orcas.
Aurora - 10 years ago
Beautiful creatures! But weren't you scared? The are so big! And they can flip you around like a ragdoll! But still they are beautiful!
prime zee
prime zee - 10 years ago
omg i want to do that!!
Alistair Steele
Alistair Steele - 10 years ago
Orca are actually dolphins, for what it's worth. Cool video though!
hotlikefireee - 10 years ago
TheLostplanet2 - 10 years ago
i love every kind of shark or whale is also wanna see them so close like you O-O I just don´t understand how many people can kill them for somethin so unimportant like money -.- it´s just sad that lot of people just don´t understand that they we are only destroying our wonderful planet for money but if our planet is destroyed we willbe dead and they´ll not need their money anymore
fkkkkkenig - 10 years ago
@hateseaworld interesting.
hateseaworld - 10 years ago
@fkkkkkenig oh and a captive born whale called Keto killed his trainer at Loro Parque in spain a couple of years ago (the whale was bred by and belongs too seaworld).
hateseaworld - 10 years ago
@fkkkkkenig (just to clarify) Are you talking about statistics for captive born orca attacks on trainers?. If so then the most aggressive orca in captivity at the moment is captive born (orkid). There are several captive born orcas who are only allowed to be handled by the most senior trainers because of aggression) If you want the actual statistics look them up on orcahome(dot)de
Britta Schönhuber
Britta Schönhuber - 10 years ago
ICH WILL AUCH!!!!!! Boa, Ihr habt diese wunderschönen Orcas so nah erleben dürfen! Mein größter Traum! :o)
Tyler Eustice
Tyler Eustice - 10 years ago
Mike is cute. I would be terrified.
Marvel 88
Marvel 88 - 10 years ago
@xThrashMonkeyx i do agree with you. Man I have been watching shark week such I can remember. Yeah man is just stupid. What man fears, man kills.
Kittehbellz - 10 years ago
So lucky to be so close. Something I could only dream of.
fkkkkkenig - 10 years ago
@hateseaworld i'd like to see the statistics for orcas that were born into captivity.
CelestialMare - 11 years ago
Lol watch out they don't like it wen you get near their herd.
UberBro Buscus
UberBro Buscus - 11 years ago
next thing they know there are under a 40 ton whale...
dypodo - 11 years ago
Scary staff but you're so lucky!
Nicholas Klynsmith
Nicholas Klynsmith - 11 years ago
that scared the shit out of me watching this at the start! haha
misaki kun
misaki kun - 11 years ago
I would be shitting in my pants
Jenny Trout
Jenny Trout - 11 years ago
So, you're the bravest kayakers ever. I would have been like, "That's awesome! I totally shat myself!"
Hannah Reese
Hannah Reese - 11 years ago
I would either be crying or speechless. That would be so amazing to see them that close~
Avril L
Avril L - 11 years ago
You won't believe how jealous i am right now!
spamstoper3 - 11 years ago
hateseaworld - 11 years ago
@chozn11 A human has never been killed by a wild orca and researchers and film crews swim with them in the wild all the time. In captivity an orca attacks a trainer on average once a month and 4 trainers have been killed. What does that tell you.
locsphere - 11 years ago
@wannabedesi Seriously... I was being facetious, I don't care what they are because I already know what they are and being PC about it and avoiding the term "killer Whale" because its not entirely accurate really isn't necessary. I also feel I don't need a school lesson every time I come on youtube. Plus everyone hate the people who are constantly correcting everyone. Just enjoy the show was my point and case. But hey, I digress...
AlyfromtheWoods - 11 years ago
I envy you.
miscellaniac - 11 years ago
@locsphere How is referring to the natural family tree of cetaceans political? They ARE related to dolphins...nothing political. It's pure biological fact.
ihateuutube - 11 years ago
I always swim with a pack of killer whales. They keep the sharks away.
chozn11 - 11 years ago
@Hoopermazing And you apparently had that whale in a psychiatric session and it told you that right.. If you are stupid enough to Kayak with them, when they flip out and attack you , you deserve it. Bottom line No 1 can determine when or why some wild animal attacked you. Its all speculation why someone gets killed because not one animal told anyone anything.
Hoopermazing - 11 years ago
@chozn11 That orca was driven insane by being held captive in a fucking swimming pool. Let's put you in a footlocker for a few years and see of a few of your screws don't come loose.
Justin Kantner
Justin Kantner - 11 years ago
Wonderful! I'm going to Vancouver Island or any other island around Canada, when I'm a little bit older and have money, ( I'm 22 today ) But do you think it's.. " safe " to have a system camera with you ? or maybe I should stick to my digital camera,? haha
dreamynxghtmare - 11 years ago
It's not like they'll attack you. I'd still be afraid though, and yet totally amazed. They only attack when they feel threatened or if they they have some kind of illness or are just starving to death.
jangiie - 11 years ago
F**k that! i would have had a heart attack!!
locsphere - 11 years ago
Seriously awesome... Oh and it would also be nice to look at a video without some stupid ass vegan talkin about how they should not be in captivity. Or how they are not killer whales but orcas or how they are part of the dolphin family... Seriously sick of everyone making something political that doesn't need to be. They are in kayaks in the ocean and they saw whales up close= awesomeness. Wish I could experience it.
chilenotildeath - 11 years ago
i would of shit a brick
thybuilder - 11 years ago
@chozn11 Orcas souldn't be in captivity in first place. And if you still believe these are vicious animals google it. They don't kill something if it's not in their diet plans. however they'll kill you if felt threatened or mistake you for a meal.
chozn11 - 11 years ago
@thybuilder I wonder if that trainer at Sea World who was killed by 1 would agree with you?
Stephion Alleyne
Stephion Alleyne - 11 years ago
I would be shitting my pants
lewis john andrews
lewis john andrews - 11 years ago
Orca's are actually part of the dolphin family! And are called 'killer whales' because they are one of the only animals that actually kill other whales ! They also have another name which is wolves of the sea ! As they work in a pack ! This video is amazing and I am going to British columbia this summer and plan on doing this it should be amazing !
thybuilder - 11 years ago
Why does everyone assume Orcas kill and eat humans ? Fact is they don't, first we are not on their menu and second they'd kill only if you meant threat to them.
MidWesti - 11 years ago
your lucky they werent hungry at the moment lol
AnytimeNigguh - 11 years ago
kmkfiction2 - 11 years ago
@xThrashMonkeyx I've done my research and came to the necessary and proper conclusions in due course, thank you.
xThrashMonkeyx - 11 years ago
@kmkfiction2 Well I think you should take your time and do some research. Regards.
kmkfiction2 - 11 years ago
@xThrashMonkeyx Oh please. You are describing mammalian traits and yet talking about sharks. They don't learn by "trial and error", they neither render or receive maternal care and have no documented kin selection. Sharks not only lack the cognitive capacity to have abstract curiosity, their ecological niche is utterly incompatable w/ empathy or remorse. The known man-eaters are generalist feeders that will eat anything. It is silly to talk about "mistaken identity"- there's zero evidence.
xThrashMonkeyx - 11 years ago
I am not trying to state than an Orca is more dangerous than a Shark or vice versa. I was just replying a comment that said that sharks "pretty much go for anything" or something like that. There are few reported Orca attaks on humans, as almost any carnivore could attack and also possibly kill a human being. But to answer your question, it just a matter of shared habitat and statistics. Humans are mostly attacked by reef Shaks, near towns and beaches.
14Lillypad - 11 years ago
@xThrashMonkeyx Orcas also eat seals so why havn't orcas ever attacked mistaken a human for a seal?
goaliedude32 - 11 years ago
key word killer. kayaks look like food from below
FloridaRaider - 11 years ago
what beautiful, intelligent animals
aleksoboom - 11 years ago
I we're like. Mama!! Come take me please.
HeyRona - 11 years ago
wow werent you guys scared?!?!!?!
PrincessMegan Elsa
PrincessMegan Elsa - 11 years ago
So Cool!!! :)
CyberGothWannabe - 11 years ago
@outofthepit: Yeah, that movie totally destroyed my childish image of a killer whale. I still love them and think they're beautiful, but I know they can eat you now, lol
CT2507 - 11 years ago
wow u guys were lucky they didnt consider u food!!
fAnGeDkOrNfAn - 11 years ago
oh !!! my fave sport mixed w/my fave animal !!! id be in heaven !!!
mikerossscuba - 11 years ago
This is a thousand times better than going to see some poor trapped animal at a commercial aquarium. Seeing animals in their habitat is what it's all about. It is telling indeed that these orcas posed no threat to the kayakers, and that the only times a human was attacked was when the animal was in captivity. Visiting an orca museum in Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands, WA, I examined an orca's brain on display. I was nearly the size of a basketball. What an animal!
xThrashMonkeyx - 11 years ago
@zam19862003 Untrue. most shark species possess problem-solving as well as social skills, and curiosity. They have keen senses along with electroreception and lateral line. Sharks attack men because our swimming resembles the one of a wounded seal, slow, loud and splashing. Many shark species have flat or non-functional theeth. Due to our ingnorance many shark species are endangered. Sharks are not man eating machines. Sharkwater is a great documentary film on the subject.
pjamesbda - 11 years ago
You know, I see these kind of posts; usually of a little girl pulling on an alligator's tail, or some kid poking a lion in the ass, and someone always writes..."oh, you know there has never been an attack by these animals, their reputation as a carnivor killer is unfounded." What a load. Nature deserves better than this!
ruffstyler - 11 years ago
noo its my dream!
Berta M
Berta M - 11 years ago
I would probably freak out. haha.
Blue - 11 years ago
@Photogalleryzero My dream also
popcornflakes - 11 years ago
Lucky that they were not hungry...this thing eats you in half a sec with your kayak
curlie21 - 11 years ago
i would freak out i think...but they look docile so it'd probably be cool... a friend said one orca tipped them over while rowing and she said it seemed territorial but the guides said they do that here and there! lol
RockAngel7878 - 11 years ago
this reminds me of playing nancy drew " danger on deception island " lol
RayShinx3 - 11 years ago
with a karnu (Y)
Alex. - 11 years ago
@Natetastic360 Lol I would love to be far in the ocean ^-^ and see WHALESS!! I am a water bug:D
Natetastic360 - 11 years ago
@XxAllyx3X I know there amazing. But there freaking HUGE!! Plus it's I am freaked out being far in the ocean!
Alex. - 11 years ago
@Natetastic360 why would you be scared ?? they are amazing creatures
Natetastic360 - 11 years ago
DUDE!! My stomach would combust out of my freaking EARS!!! I'd be freaknig SCARED AS FUCK!!!
Veracious Viking
Veracious Viking - 11 years ago
@Iivelaughlovelust whats there to be scared of?
randall incipido
randall incipido - 11 years ago
they think its cool enough in there" orcas are much intelligent than great whites" orcas is the real predator in the ocean dont fucked with them" lol"
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen - 11 years ago
@realisticHomeboy Lol. To be fair, shitting in them is also shitting on them, it's on the inside...
Philip L
Philip L - 11 years ago
I think you need bigger boats
dmacid - 11 years ago
@AntipodeanAl It is not false info. There are no documented orca attacks against humans in the wild. The only orca attacks on humans ever recorded were in captivity and those involved orcas drowning their trainers. Of course, if you are dumb enough to treat these wild animals as pets you probably deserve to get drowned by 1.
Putu Pradnya Upadhita
Putu Pradnya Upadhita - 11 years ago
wtf, if they're in the mood to play with them, they're f***ked
orlandobabe - 11 years ago
Was it really safe to be in such small boats with these guys? The whales I mean.
Airforceproud95 - 11 years ago
Guennesful - 11 years ago
All of these comments are dumb
Kayla Lindsey
Kayla Lindsey - 11 years ago
you guys are living my dream!!! :(
Indoazz NorCal
Indoazz NorCal - 11 years ago
What a gr8 experience 4 those peeps...
dmacid - 11 years ago
@SwJoomlaDeveloper Luckily for them orcas dont eat humans and have never attempted to attack humans in the wild. Now if they only knew how many whales we kill I doubt they'd be that nice to us.
Dallas Tanner
Dallas Tanner - 11 years ago
Cryptozoology novel about two boys who find something strange on the internet one night see video book trailer
MrCodyfearing - 11 years ago
That one that went by all close did that on purpose!
Dicktp - 11 years ago
@Jawnie9 for sure me too
iluvtilly2 - 11 years ago
@Photogalleryzero samee! :)
mike johnson
mike johnson - 11 years ago
If you look closely you can some of the white on the side.
golfmaniac007 - 11 years ago
i wudoo hab killa whey pin soup
hanginwithmygirls - 11 years ago
Awesome - but I think I'd have had heart fair! Definite once in a lifetime event.... Congrats!!
Ludachris53 - 11 years ago
This is amazing, I would love to do this
Jamie Swann
Jamie Swann - 11 years ago
I would be shitting myself!
Natheyja - 11 years ago
It would be a dream come true to go swimming with orcas some day. Although I love them and think they're amazing, but still I think that being in the water with them there would be some fear rising up. And I don't mean this kind of fear with total panic but a fear of thinking about what they could do if they wanted to, I mean they're HUGE! But a respect a man should have for any wild animal, especially to a top predator, and sure they deserve all the respect from us <3 so wonderful they are.
maharley27 - 11 years ago
i would've been totally scared and fascinated at the same time if i was there :D
Daniel Grønvold
Daniel Grønvold - 11 years ago
Awesome!!!! I wish that i was there!! . :D
RyDon85 - 11 years ago
INCREDIBLE!! What tour were you on with the kayaks ... My wife and I may of been on the same one but had no luck with orcas all we had to settle for were seagulls and seaweed =S lol
Grumpy ol' Boot
Grumpy ol' Boot - 11 years ago
@TheTeenagedirt You aren't supposed to, no .. but the Orca's might have other plans. Don't forget that they are almost as curious about humans as we are about Orca's. Heck, any whale in the dolphin class species will tend to do what the orca's did here. Especially if your boat doesn't smell of oil, ie. a pure sail boat with no engine.
Grey Wolf Expeditions
Grey Wolf Expeditions - 11 years ago
Vancouver Island is home to the largest concentration of Orcas in the world and your opportunity to kayak with these majestic creatures. Check out Grey Wolf Expeditions.
Leah woo
Leah woo - 11 years ago
those 28 seconds are unforgettable! <3
TheTeenagedirt - 11 years ago
i don`t think you`r suppose to be that close...
Ashley B
Ashley B - 11 years ago
Dwayne Ng
Dwayne Ng - 11 years ago
killer whale: om nom nom nom nom nom..... me: shitting on my pants......
TheMrVASKOOO - 11 years ago
lol really DANGEROUS
cillie - 11 years ago
OMG, so jealous!!! How amazing!!! I have only seen (all 3 pods) from boat in the San Juans. The feeling of seeing these beautiful creatures and NOT in Captivity is certainly a WOW moment!!
Croboy731 - 11 years ago
i would have been like aaaa get me the fuk off this kayak
onyxr - 11 years ago
@GabyVolleyball21 san juan islands are just off of the coast of washington, on the north. they're just south of vancouver island but it is in the u.s
onyxr - 11 years ago
what I would give
C. Natureluver
C. Natureluver - 11 years ago
@raulmendezgarcia there has never been a recorded case of a wild orca attacking or eating a human. 2nd, these are resident orcas and they only eat fish. Even the transient orcas (who eat marine mammals) have never attacked a human. The cases of orcas attacking people only happen in captivity. People have swam with wild orcas before (although I dont think its reccomended to do on ur saturday afternoon lol)
raulmendezgarcia - 11 years ago
Can anyone answer this... Do these creatures eat people? They seem friendly and everything but I still wouldn't swim near one if I got paid a million dollars!
raulmendezgarcia - 11 years ago
Can anyone answer this... Do these creatures eat people? They seem friendly and everything but I still wouldnt swin near one if I got paid a million dollars!
dorsal08 - 11 years ago
Let me guess... If you're not talking about how awesome it is to be surrounded by killer whales then you're thinking "get me the hell outta here!!!"
REV0Kadavur - 11 years ago
good thing they didnt think you were seals
kmkfiction2 - 11 years ago
@PacificOrcas Be careful not to create unfounded distinctions between the different "kinds" of Orcas. All Orcas are opportunistic, generalist feeders. Resident Orcas also have occasion to prey upon pinnipeds and cetaceans.
PacificOrcas - 11 years ago
@djdasani Actually in the San Juans they only eat fish. They are resident orcas. Trainsient orcas are the ones who eat seals. They are found around the north and south poles and by Australia and South Africa
julietneko - 11 years ago
That would have been awesome and a little scary. Orcas are beautiful and all, but if one came to close it would have been into the drink with you. most people would never be close enough to touch a wild whale.
022guiltyspark - 11 years ago
@TheAceGaming2 Thanks . . . luv uuuuu.
022guiltyspark - 11 years ago
@jdavid044 YUP. O__o
Pescaenbarbate - 11 years ago
ke zustoooooo shikillooooo ¡¡
Arostyle380 - 11 years ago
''Holy crap'' You can say that again!
jdavid044 - 11 years ago
@022guiltyspark Dumbass!! and the worst part is that u think ur cool
jdavid044 - 11 years ago
Scary shit!!
022guiltyspark - 11 years ago
Dude perfect moment for some C4 or atleast a grenade!
PacificOrcas - 11 years ago
Awesome! Do you have any idea what pod this was? It looks a little like the J-Pod, but I can't tell unless I can see Ruffles (J-1)
Aard Appel
Aard Appel - 11 years ago
Wow. Bad luck I wasn't in that canoe...
PacificOrcas - 11 years ago
Wow you are so lucky to be so close to those amazing creatures :)
Lode Jersiebe
Lode Jersiebe - 11 years ago
I think it's dangerous
robby russell
robby russell - 11 years ago
there going to die
84proof - 11 years ago
these whales are more intelligant then we think.
ku8igurl - 11 years ago
@PilotPilot2889 Keiko (Willy) died in 2003 :(
Josh Lentz
Josh Lentz - 11 years ago
thats insane they were within about 12 feet of our old aluminum 12ft off the cost of b.c. when i was about 5 or 6 and im pretty sure i remember crapping a little
Jodi Molinari
Jodi Molinari - 11 years ago
OMG I would be sooo freakin scared.
ibanezplayer16 - 11 years ago
@GlobalModders hahaha! im with you. fuck the ocean and the environment!
callum pinner
callum pinner - 11 years ago
holy carp sick i love killer whales i would of been shiting it xxx :)
Aless Ci
Aless Ci - 11 years ago
hey, San Juan Islands in Friday Harbor ??? id love to go there!! but were you sure you would have seen orcas or it was just luck?
MidnightRain373 - 11 years ago
"Holy crap, it's huge" LOL no really!?
MsSexyvampire - 11 years ago
:-) awesome!
arnór Freyr Sævarsson
arnór Freyr Sævarsson - 11 years ago
@mrarfarf XDXDXD
Kelly McCraw
Kelly McCraw - 11 years ago
I never want to do that. Y'all are crazy.
Alex McGruer
Alex McGruer - 11 years ago
I ended up amongs orca a couple of weeks ago. My guys had a different attitude: they were staulking ther hump back whales we were trying to paddle wiith. When the orca turned up we left. they killed and ate a minki and a harbour porpous that and tthe next day. The hump back were all mature and capable. My 60 Lbs. kayak and my 175 lbs of power and might would have made for a snack... A snack smaller than the porpous. NICE video. These are the resident whales we don't see on the east coast.
athreyum - 11 years ago
Claro ejemplo de la nobleza e inteligencia de estos animales.¿Qué si no sería de estos seres humanos?
Caglehead268 - 11 years ago
hoollllyyyy craapp!!!!! this is the most amazing footage ever, i would cry like a baby if i was part of this event out of amazement
poo poot
poo poot - 11 years ago
the tone in your "thats awesome"comment is pretty brutal.. listen you just had orcas swim right effn by you! show some effn EMOTION! jeeeeeeeebus! clearly these people do not truly appreciate the most incredible thing about life and thats mother nature! holy shitballs people wake up!
Winslet Fan
Winslet Fan - 11 years ago
I would've Cried!
Roger kun
Roger kun - 11 years ago
you guys are so lucky u didnt get hit!
Joe Fitzpatrick
Joe Fitzpatrick - 11 years ago
Illegal. Stay 100 yards away.
ryanpiuma - 11 years ago
I bet they had to hose out a couple of those kayaks after this.
Alex McGruer
Alex McGruer - 11 years ago
I accidently was paddling with orca in Newfoundland last week. They move faster and were very business like. Two were scoping out the pod of hump back we were paddling around. On leaving the beach I encountered a seal under the strangest of circomstances, I suspect he was aware of the orca and in hiding.
Dwayne Ng
Dwayne Ng - 11 years ago
WOH MY GOD!! i'm totally speechless omg... imagine it jumped up and ate one person together with the boat, that's so scary...
NellBeatz - 11 years ago
79274333 - 11 years ago
were gonna need a bigger boat
tan mars
tan mars - 11 years ago
lunch time! haha jk :}
AniuLonewolf - 11 years ago
that must have been so incredible such beautiful creatures i hope i can do something like that someday thanks for sharing!
Kflash3782 - 12 years ago
Nice!!!! Boats, whales or sharks - just wait your turn and let them go by....
FreeTheGhetto - 12 years ago
@drowsky21 I was kinda diggin your comment at the start, it was funny, then you say "white people want others to feel sorry for them"? That part kinda ruined it.
FreeTheGhetto - 12 years ago
@traxthvision That comment was actually slightly funny
James Thomson
James Thomson - 12 years ago
Brown Trousers Moment!
jessiep02 - 12 years ago
@xMellowDubx I saw one from the beach (a killler whale) and was like.... NO WAY I'm i going near the water. and it wasn't like, right at the beach or anything. I could have gone it. But nah uh.
jessiep02 - 12 years ago
@MatthijsDH ahhhh. but they are Killers. And besides, they dont know that's what they're called LOL I dont think they really care much.
FreedomForOrcas - 12 years ago
Wooooow amazing!
rayochapin - 12 years ago
@lacore1988 ; ) Sorry dude, I just had to, ahahahaha..I'm glad you didn't take it seriously, as I was lmao as I was typing it...ehehehehehe, haahahaha. SORRY. lol
rayochapin - 12 years ago
@lacore1988 TROLL
Jesus Ortega
Jesus Ortega - 12 years ago
Broodjekipkorn - 12 years ago
Aren't you scared of that? I think I would really crap my pants when they're showing up so damn close, haha.
TinaNirvana - 12 years ago
We were on the galapagos, the exact same thing happened to us, but every other sane person would get out of their way, since they are known to attack boats and people on the surface..
Pillo Kiddo
Pillo Kiddo - 12 years ago
si como no wow, hasta los huevos y ovarios se les subieronnn
DeathtoRaiden1 - 12 years ago
Sigh, it's like i say, some people have all the luck in the world... If this would have happened to me i would treasure it for the rest of my life. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us.
Cody Daum
Cody Daum - 12 years ago
iIf i was you I probably would of shit myself
joy visser
joy visser - 12 years ago
YunieSempai - 12 years ago
awwww awesome!
Bob Carr
Bob Carr - 12 years ago
Ryan Kirk
Ryan Kirk - 12 years ago
That is fucking gnarly.
PK - 12 years ago
@UpstairsMaid Still no good.
PK - 12 years ago
@nasreddinehariti It seems like they never killed a human being. I found it hard to believe.
nasredinho Hari
nasredinho Hari - 12 years ago
they can attack people mate
Jo lande
Jo lande - 12 years ago
very nice! but i would be scared haha :P
PK - 12 years ago
@DonDrummer My words. Big fish, no good!
IHaveBetterThingsToDo - 12 years ago
@MatthijsDH yes... please dont discriminate against them before they ever find out
Marcos Solorzano
Marcos Solorzano - 12 years ago
i would fucking shit my pants if i were there no kidding
Jody - 12 years ago
I would have shit my pants.
raptors12349 - 12 years ago
wow u guys have balls i would be so fucken scared, i would have died
FLbeachRN - 12 years ago
Spongey1985 - 12 years ago
@sweetypie000 Yes you are wrong actually... "theres no white on them...... killer whales ? ummmm..." you were implying that they were not orcas, when in fact they are. I am not embarassed, if anything you should be, I was just stating two facts. One being that these whales are in fact orcas and the second being your lack of intelligence. I'm not trying to "somehow justify myself", stop trying to seem smart on the internet, I'm sure you already know it but you really aren't.
Spongey1985 - 12 years ago
@sweetypie000 Alright smartass, just because I know general knowledge about a species it automatically makes me a know it all? Grow the fuck up and accept that you're wrong, stop making yourself look even more stupid than is necessary.
Spongey1985 - 12 years ago
@sweetypie000 The white part never surfaces when they are swimming..idiot.
HELENation - 12 years ago
WOW! you guys are so lucky!!
Ben Dodge
Ben Dodge - 12 years ago
did you see that??? there was a black guy in a kayak. Its a good thing they had a camera with them.
kmkfiction2 - 12 years ago
@jiminy82 There is nothing innacurate about the name Killer Whale or the Latin translations. Youtube search the footage of Killer Whales drowning baby Gray Whales. Or perhaps watch the dvd Trials of Life "Hunting and Escaping" to hold the ruthless nature of these predators face to face.
Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown - 12 years ago
Wow! Your lucky you got to experience that.
eriknrobyn - 12 years ago
Very cool! Thanks for sharing--looks like a fabulous experience!
Rebecca De Pillo
Rebecca De Pillo - 12 years ago
I LOVE killer whales but I've never exactly come close to them...so yeah i would most likely have an excitement/panic attack and flip over...lol
RoqueM64 - 12 years ago
0:11 That's what your mom said (:
nyc cavmusicnyc
nyc cavmusicnyc - 12 years ago
pretty wild for sure and I would think unsafe
Matthijs den Hartog
Matthijs den Hartog - 12 years ago
@wexlerchick Of course, they're predators, i know that. But it's just the way they look, beautiful to watch. Killer sounds more shark-ish to me :P
Choco Chicka
Choco Chicka - 12 years ago
@MatthijsDH If you knew naything about these whales, you'd name that the name ''Killer'' is extremely accurate. Just because you used to color pictures of this thing in ''kinnie garten'' doesn't mean they aren't apex predators.
bphatboyjohn123 - 12 years ago
omg, thats so amazing,. i wish i am that lucky one day:D
cole moore
cole moore - 12 years ago
enema of the state
enema of the state - 12 years ago
possibility of death just swimming by
Pieceshtcar97 - 12 years ago
:15 "There huge" thats what she said XD
qlaw sjc
qlaw sjc - 12 years ago
i would shit a brick if i was there
John Smith
John Smith - 12 years ago
Matthijs den Hartog
Matthijs den Hartog - 12 years ago
Killer whales is such a negative word... they're called Orca's where i live
hut765 - 12 years ago
yeah this is how you die
axelboy243 - 12 years ago
I'm with cornracker. I guess I should were a diaper when kayaking.
Emily Goldstein
Emily Goldstein - 12 years ago
@LukeShetler There is not one documented case of an orca eating humans. Any time an orca has killed a human, it has been in captivity - where orcas behave more aggressively. Transient killer whales hunt marine mammals, as you said, like whale calves. They kill whale calves to consume the tongue. Humans are not natural prey of orcas, therefore they do not hunt us. And not every orca hunts mammals - there are pods called residents that feed exclusively on fish, which these most likely are.
cornraker - 12 years ago
i think i woudl shit my pants
Scotty Goebel
Scotty Goebel - 12 years ago
i would get the hell outta there before i had a heartattack
Joshua Bertin
Joshua Bertin - 12 years ago
That is a tactic that orcas use to stun fish... it would be considered an attack... and as attacks on humans are rare.. its unlikley that would happen
0unhallowed0 - 12 years ago
i know i'll have no real reason to.... but i'll would have shit myself lol...
Goodnitejen - 12 years ago
I am totally jealous of your amazing experience
moviesforrandy - 12 years ago
nise video. most animals will leave you alone if you dont bother them. unless they are hungry.
rewill17 - 12 years ago
hahaha that guy who said "wow! at the end was pretty scared! lol.
Casey Lewis
Casey Lewis - 12 years ago
well that was kiiiind of strange.... lol
Erunil - 12 years ago
oh man, that is just awesome! and so u close too.....wow.....wish I was there xD
germanshepherdlvr100 - 12 years ago
lol me too....i miss keiko hes the reason i like killer whales..(i said that cuz i saw ur username) ;)
USpeachy - 12 years ago
@smoon3 oh yes, me toot!!
keiko44 - 12 years ago
if i were you, i would jump into the water and swim with them. <3
tads110 - 12 years ago
now don´t fall into the water
smoon3 - 12 years ago
I would panic and flip over
mwillblade - 12 years ago
Always one of you guys around to spoil a good time .
Marc Christopher
Marc Christopher - 12 years ago
who the hell invited the black guy?
PcGamingRig - 12 years ago
wow! wish that was me there :) whales are very smart they scout there food before eating so i think you were pretty safe :D i'd be nervous that a wave caused by them surfacing would knock me in though lol
LMSTactical - 12 years ago
You never know what they might be able to accomplish if they had an opposing thumb. That one feature is required in addition to intelligence for one to rise to the top of the food chain.
Tatiana Villanueva
Tatiana Villanueva - 12 years ago
That is so amazing but I probably, no, I would have had a heart attack right then and there! I'm so terrified of Orcas.. When I was a kid my sisters held me down and made me watch Free Willy.... Lol.. Amazing experience though, glad you were able to share it!
scrubbin627 - 12 years ago
I would have shit my pants
rfgstl - 12 years ago
The big debates on here crack me up lol! Killer whales, sharks, other marine life...all simply extraordinary and powerful creatures to me. Science isn't needed to prove that at all, just look at them :)
kmkfiction2 - 12 years ago
Second thing. The notion "trial and error" is Nature's main learning process is flat out false. For an altricial human being, ok yes that's true. For a precocial animal that learns to run or hunt in a week? Uh, no. Nature endows both predators and prey with survival strategies. If every animal had to rely on trial and error to know what a poisonous/dangerous creature was, fewer genes would be passed to the next generation. Instinct teaches over animal's limited cognitive abilities.
kmkfiction2 - 12 years ago
I think you are relying on speculative assumptions that disregard known scientific facts. Sharks are opportunisitc, generalist feeders. Why speculate that a shark "mistakenly" attacked a known prey item (humans)? There has never been a time, era or historical period where sharks didn't attack and eat people. H. erectus colonized Java, what 2mm years ago? How did humans not come into contact with sharks along the Zambezi river? These facts disprove the speculation they don't "know" what we are.
nat365 - 12 years ago
We are making similar points, the big difference being you seem to think a shark would never, ever make a hunting mistake, while I say that while some may target people deliberately, the idea that a shark could mistake a person for something else is perfectly credible. Just because an animal is sophisticated doesn't mean there is no room for error; trial and error is nature's main learning process. I'd bet most sharks have never even seen a human. There are far more of them in the ocean than us
kmkfiction2 - 12 years ago
Dogs "bite" people. True shark attacks are when sharks bite people and eat parts of our bodies. Sharks are not "territorial" and do not attack people like a nesting crocodile would attack a human. Sharks attack due to hunger. The fact they eat a single limb or half a person doesn't prove they "didn't intend" on doing what the predator (ahem) just did.
kmkfiction2 - 12 years ago
Second thing. I very much believe that Tiger/Bull/White/Oceanic Whitetips ALL are "sophisiticated" enough to know what humans are and be able to tell the difference between us and, say, a seal. White sharks do NOT attack humans like they do seals in 90% of the true predation events. As an aside, do lions know what everything on the savannah is? Do eagles know what everything is? Nature endows predators with amazing instincts. I don't know the mechanism is is given; isn't all trial and error.
nat365 - 12 years ago
Of course they know the difference in taste - which is why more people are bitten then eaten. Also, you undermine yourself - a shark would not target a person instead of a seal, because a seal is indeed 'fat-rich' and therefore better to eat. But if it thinks a person is a seal, because they are on a surf board or the way they sound when swimming... Also, they can't just 'know' what a person is, they have to experience them. You don't know whether something's good to eat until you bite it.
kmkfiction2 - 12 years ago
I'm not "ignoring" it. When a camera is placed underwater, MOST White sharks avert the attack at the last second. But they are coming up at, what 50-80mph? I just don't think it is relevant to "disprove" human predation. Isn't that what "mistaken identity" theory is all about? As for "mouthing/exploratory" behavior, this is obviously NOT predation. But we are talking about two different things. The man killed a month ago at Fish Hoek was consumed by the White shark. It was feeding itself.
nat365 - 12 years ago
So you're ignoring the fact that white sharks have consistently attacked decoy seals made of rubber being pulled along behind boats? Clearly because they think they're seals, even though there's no electro magnetic current, no scent, nothing except visual and sound? Ok then. Look, I'm not saying deliberate attacks don't happen, but sharks are not so sophisticated that they know everything in the sea. Their senses are for finding things - exploratory bumps/bites are for figuring them out.
kmkfiction2 - 12 years ago
It is disingenous at best to posit that such a finely tuned predator would have such a strident evolutionary disadvantage of not being able to identify, more importantly, differentiate between a fat-rich prey item (seals) and low-fat prey item (humans) without biting into it. Even if that were the case, after a shark bites into a human, surely you cannot credibly contend that the shark doesn't know the difference in taste? Neither make logical sociobiological, evolutionary or practical sense.
kmkfiction2 - 12 years ago
You incorrectly presuppose that, for example, the White shark's perceptive faculties cannot identify an object without biting into it. Where is the evidence for such a proposition? As for sharks biting into boats or inanimate objects, I don't see how that is relevant to the theory of mistaken idenity. Sharks dont have hands to investigate foreign objects. But humans & their progenitors are hardly "foreign objects." We are 110% edible. We have a constant, unbroken course of dealing w/ sharks.
nat365 - 12 years ago
Orcas take the time to figure out what they're attacking. Sharks do not. If they think it might be food, they go for it, if they're not sure what it is, they go for it. All their senses (electricity, blood, sight) tell them that something is there, and that it might be food, so they attack because it's probable. Also, who says our body's electro magnetic current is so different from a seal? Sharks may be able to sense that current, but who says that they can read the current so finely?
nat365 - 12 years ago
Sharks don't always take the time to figure out what something is before they bite it (in fact, they often bite to find out) - otherwise the phenomenon of sharks biting boats or other inanimate things would make no sense. Also, sharks attack decoy seals all the time, there are a lot of videos of it, and the decoys do not emit current, or bleed or smell; they just look and move like seals, and the sharks see that from underneath and attack because of it. They stop when they realise it's not food.
kmkfiction2 - 12 years ago
Last thing. "Mistaken identity theory totally disregards the sharks uniquely adapted perceptive faculties OTHER than sight, e.g., ampullae of lorenzini, hearing, smell and lateral lines. ALL of these enable sharks to quickly identify and differentiate potential meals. The human being does NOT emit the same electro magnetic current as a seal, a turtle or any marine creature at close range.The "theory" turns the science of the shark's lateral lines and other perceptive faculties on its head.
kmkfiction2 - 12 years ago
You are making an unfounded assumption based on mere statistical interpretation. It may sound "logical" to you, but the phenomena of human predation abides, e.g., youtube search "shark takes woman's leg." The shark was migrating, hungry and realized a feeding opportunity. The fact "there aren't more shark attacks" is immaterial to understanding the shark's intention under the instant facts. Humans are a known, tertiary prey item. Sharks are opportunistic, generalist feeders. Case closed.
kmkfiction2 - 12 years ago
Nothing about the differences between orca & sharks tends to support mistaken identity theory for sharks. The notion that a White/Tiger/Bull shark could "mistake" a human being it has just bumped, smelled and/or tasted to be a seal or other marine life that has a distinctive smell/taste is silly. These sharks are ALL opportunistic, generalist feeders. That is why Tigers and Oceanic Whitetips congregate at maritime disasters, i.e., to eat people. A human is a "distressed animal" in that instance
enzarto - 12 years ago
@dobiemama100 so true, i would love to do this one day.
nat365 - 12 years ago
I'm not saying every shark attack is a case of mistaken identity. They are opportunistic predators in a way that orcas aren't, and thus could well attack a person knowing full well that they weren't a seal. However, if sharks were completely aware of people, it follows pretty logically that there would be a lot more shark attacks than there are. After all, lions that get a taste of humans often go rogue and start hunting us. If we were actually on their list attacks would be far more frequent.
nat365 - 12 years ago
Sharks recognise things in a different way, so yes a shark could be fooled where an orca would not be. They see and hear better than sharks, and their echo location allows them to know the specific shapes of things. Also, there's usually a group of them, so they can confer about what something is. The way we swim sounds like a distressed animal (we splash a lot), the shadow of a man on a surfboard looks like a seal from below (even to a person) but would not sound like one (echolocation).
FalaProMundo - 12 years ago
you are a madman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cowman1970 - 12 years ago
I used to have nightmares about Orcas and I don't know why. I still shudder when I watch these videos. I even sat as close as I can to them at Sea World several times and that still didn't help my fear.
mwillblade - 12 years ago
I would have done the same !!
meuntitled - 12 years ago
There are stores from my aria where Killer whales attack and flip over rowboats in the old days and kill the sailer's, this are not friendly nice animals like dolphins, there is a reason they are call "the wolf of the sea" They actually take on and kill big whales like beaked whale, i remember my grandpa telling me store about that, and another store where beaked whale hid under a boat for long time. I have seen them use seal pup as a ball to train hunting, and then leave when he stop moving
Sydney-anne - 12 years ago
@SkullPhace no shit sherlock but i kinda thought that anyone with half a brain would actually know that captain obvious
Uomonutria - 12 years ago
I agree!
Sheryl Kunya Bryner
Sheryl Kunya Bryner - 12 years ago
This was shot off the West Coast of San Juan Island, Washington State. I live here year round and the best time to catch them is over the summer. Kayaking is great or if you want to stay on land, there's always Lime Kiln Whale Watch Park. They are just amazing in person!
Sammie Sea
Sammie Sea - 12 years ago
Does anyone know where this video was taken? I am taking a trip to B.C. this summer and was hoping that some of you might be able to tell me where the best place to find these wonderful creatures would be? Also what time of year is the best time of year to watch them. I will also be taking some kayaking time and hope to catch some glimpses of these creatures
Sydney-anne - 12 years ago
wow that really would have been an amazing expirence but they are dolphins not whale so you might want to change your description:)
fred59fr - 12 years ago
really lucky...that was be dangerous
nat365 - 12 years ago
And I will second torinNZ. It is a punishable offense to chase them or deliberately get close (I think partly because with bigger boats they could be hurt by the propellors) but if they come towards you it's absolutely fine. There's no 'run away at top speed' rule, simply a 'don't chase' rule. If this were not the case, then all whale watching would be illegal.
DerangedFox - 12 years ago
How were you able to touch "Shamu"? Was this recently?
Danyelle D
Danyelle D - 12 years ago
wow thats amazing...i wish i was there...i got to touch shammoo*spelled wrong*it was so exciting
DerangedFox - 12 years ago
dude28mack, that video was proven to be fake. There is no evidence that any orca has acted aggressively upon anyone sea kayaking. They were amateurs on vacation with a guide. People often seek adventerous vacations with their time off. And nowadays we have guidance and equipment to experience the wonder and beauty of these whales. This was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for these folks. I find it rude for you to chastise them for having an inspiring experience. Maybe you're jealous.
CHeWy - 12 years ago
i would pack it
Two words- bigger boat! YIKES!
sdarms111 - 12 years ago
That's fantastic, what an amazing experience. Did you see the video of the whale breaching and landing on top of the kayaker? It' breathtaking
T Wang
T Wang - 12 years ago
how do you say "don't eat me" in Orcanese?? In case, I get too scare. I scream that S**T out. " YUMMY YUMMY NO NO"
kmkfiction2 - 12 years ago
You are right about Orcas, but do you really think sharks' keen perceptive faculties cannot differentiate between a fur seal and human in a wetsuit? "Mistaken identity" theory with sharks has no basis in Science- it is pure speculation and seems to presuppose facts that explain away predation that coincides w/ sharks' ecological niche. True or False.
kmkfiction2 - 12 years ago
Orcas do not have aggression? Towards people, yes. Aside from people, however, it is difficult to find a species with more aggression. See, e.g., Orcas off Patagonia. I make these inferences dispassionately and with immense love and respect for them.
PacoWarabi - 12 years ago
That would be an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing.
Housenebula - 12 years ago
it's a esperience that i'd like have, great clip. saludos, maravilloso video.
minni merc
minni merc - 12 years ago
did it smell of poo when you took the spraydecks off, males are fucn HUGE so from a kayak that would be amazing.
Jakaar9 - 12 years ago
would be shitting bricks for sure
KioP - 12 years ago
Lehmann Peters
Lehmann Peters - 12 years ago
there is absolutely no need to fear a killer whale. It will not harm you.
Lehmann Peters
Lehmann Peters - 12 years ago
Killer whales are extremely smart and clearly recognize humans are different than seals. Killer whales have never harmed humans and never will.
Daniel Lame
Daniel Lame - 12 years ago
Check this one. Loool: watch?v=ZQUSI3eAUx4
AniuLonewolf - 12 years ago
that is amazing!
drieske333 - 12 years ago
i dont think they would eat plastic, with you inside it =P they like meat/fish more then they like you ;) at least thats what i hope xD
California Travel Tips
California Travel Tips - 12 years ago
Wow! That must have been somewhat scary! I've seen them tear into those seals ...
Sea Hawks
Sea Hawks - 12 years ago
i dont care what the books say about Orcas...I know they're harmless but it's still very intimidating to be in their presence. Always humbling to say the least. They may not be man eaters...but they sure are meat eaters
generaloflight - 12 years ago
They are lucky they all aren't DEAD. They aren't called Killer Whales for nothing! If they were hungry at that time of the day, those kayakers would be TOAST! Don't gimme that bullcrap about "being safe unless you're smaller than a 5 year old" These whales have great white sharks AND grey whale calves as appetizers!
RCasto - 12 years ago
vampireprince5006 - 12 years ago
actully, unless you were in the water, and about the size of a of a five year old, they wouldnt mess with you, you might get a small bite but thats it, one of the safest times in my mind to be in the ocean is around killer whales, they feed on sharks, and they dont attack humans, i personnly use to surf, use to swim in the ocean, but decided, its not were i belong, and i dont want to be bitten then have a man haunt out for the animal that bit me so im sticking to pools, even thought i miss it
MANUAIM - 13 years ago
Yeah...I don't want any problems with anyone on youtube over this video lol....These people kayacking are extremely brave even to the point where one can easily call them "not smart" for doing it! Yes Killer whales are cool to look at but ah be even praying for the professionals that work at Sea World during the shows they have!!! Serious question for you?!?! You think they really understand these are literal killing machines who are extremely smart & for protein kill Great Whites?!?!?
eyeojo - 13 years ago
Stefanie. - 13 years ago
Oh how coooooool:):)
CptSchmidt - 13 years ago
That was a fake. That didn't actually happen.
HeadNtheClouds - 13 years ago
Alchie - 13 years ago
make that three of us.
bdwsr88888 - 13 years ago
honestly i'd been scared at first...then benn like OMFG AN ORCA!!! FREE WILLY!!!
eyeojo - 13 years ago
so lucky
Piotr Harbut
Piotr Harbut - 13 years ago
I'm soo jealous... I wanna kayak there..
chrischris292 - 13 years ago
i would too lol
alex melani
alex melani - 13 years ago
they shittin in their pants lol
stevevox1 - 13 years ago
If you say your heart wasnt racing your lying, I hate seeing these big ocean creatures when Im out kayaking, a sea lion hit my kayak once and I crapped it, I must have upset it
MANUAIM - 13 years ago
LOL huh....Seriously they have guts of steel! LOL but they playing gin rummy with uno cards.....Bro. I think Orcas are cool they are my favorite WILD KILLING MACHINES of the Ocean..I just wouldn't kayack with them. Yes Sir...No videos on Orcas attacking the kayackers....But I don't wanna wonder why? It scares me... Peace : ^ )
MANUAIM - 13 years ago
Let me go look outside,,,,okay...Honestly I don't! I live in Condo's & there are no powerlines I see hanging anywhere near me. I do drive on the freeway with cars going at least 70 to 80 an hour that drive pass me often though;nevertheless, if you meant to say there is everyday dangers or something similar I agree.... But kayacking with Orcas....Think about this & let it simmer for a moment! KYYYACKING WITHHHHHH KILLLLLLLER WHALLEEESSSS.. Come on bro. this is not wise! Seriously!
MANUAIM - 13 years ago
I know that this is a hobby for some people. But think about it & this is why I also said YHWH i.e. GOD forbid this from happening...But those kayacks are extremely small & all it would take is for the oceans most fierce killing machine to MALFUNCTION (from being politically correct to hobbying kayackers) & spy hop on the kayack or simply knock it over & be wild orcas then what? Then it will another news tragedy etc. it's not worth their lives! Btw there R more clips then just the CNN clip!
jonmcfarlenbager - 13 years ago
that is so incredibly dangerous. ahahahahhaha you gotz balls son.
MANUAIM - 13 years ago
What would you guys do if they just spy hopped on top of you kayak's... Like seriously you guys think this is cool but it's not smart at all..... I just seen a video where the orcas were teaching their young ones how to hunt & they had witty tactics to get the seals off of the huge blocks of ice! Ice much bigger than those kayak's! YHWH forbid nothing ever happens to you dudes... I think you are very ignorant for it though! What if the whales have a bad day & want to hurt something?
muttonbuster - 13 years ago
Woohoo. That's going to be me this summer. Going to Friday Harbor for 5 days. I really hope I see some. Going to take my digital SLR and my 500mm lens.
taurekas - 13 years ago
omg you are soo dang lucky im sooo jealous :SS
TilikumLive - 13 years ago
How about that!
Vince Natividad
Vince Natividad - 13 years ago
L0st - 13 years ago
lol he told him to smile because he was camouflaged with the black of the whales
nis0cheese - 13 years ago
don't call them "killer whales" that sounds horrible..that are orcas, nice and loveley orcas
Christian Winter
Christian Winter - 13 years ago
I'm so jealous. This is a once-in-a-lifetime expirience. :-)
James Fuller
James Fuller - 13 years ago
The whale tour I was on said there are 3 types of orcas. Residents, Transients, and Offshores. Do you know how type A,B,C translates to this? These whales look like the Resident Orcas of J-pod that I saw in the San Juan Islands.
James Fuller
James Fuller - 13 years ago
I was thinking the same thing. Ruffles really sticks out.
kasey neil
kasey neil - 13 years ago
People must not like retaliation because if I got thumbs down for that, then you people are pathetic. Go ahead and thumb down this to too.
kasey neil
kasey neil - 13 years ago
Their are alot of fish in the oceans. I think can find somthing besides humans.
Lynn Summer
Lynn Summer - 13 years ago
i would be scared as shit! do they eat people?
Redanimated - 13 years ago
wow was that intimidating at all?
animegirl687 - 13 years ago
Wow, I'd so love to do this someday! When that one orca came up that close, though, I probably would've flipped my boat over from the shock! XD
kasey neil
kasey neil - 13 years ago
You're full of crap. Thank you for your two cents. Take it somewhere else now thank you.
kasey neil
kasey neil - 13 years ago
Capitalize the begining of your sentence without the lower case "s" at the begining and put a period and the end of your sentence without leaving it out at the end.
paragirl1 - 13 years ago
that's so close!!
Amanda Johanson
Amanda Johanson - 13 years ago
that is so beautiful! i love orcas!
Steven Vitovsky
Steven Vitovsky - 13 years ago
ahhahaha BULLSHIT!!........i think ill pass on this one
kasey neil
kasey neil - 13 years ago
kasey neil
kasey neil - 13 years ago
And by the way, Orcas are whales. They're killer whale but are in the dolphine family. Type c is the smallest and lives in larger groups than any other type. Its eyepatch is distinctively slanted forwards, instead of parallel to the body axis. Like Type B. It has a dorsal cape. Its only prey observed so far is the Antarctic Cod. Males are typically from 6-8 m long which is19-26 ft and weigh about 6 tonnes. Females are smaller, ranging from 5-7 m about 16-23 ft and weighs 3 to 4 tons.
kasey neil
kasey neil - 13 years ago
Naw really, I know that. They are in the dolphin family. There are type A,B, and C orcas. They feed on sea lions, seals, walruses, and even large whales. They're considered the apex predator of the marine world. There are up to five distinct Killer Whale types. They're highly social which means they do not known to hurt humans. Type B and C whales liveAntarctic ice pack and are a different species. Type B is smaller than type A. Type A looks like a typical killer whale and eat Minke Whales.
Negative Zero Media
Negative Zero Media - 13 years ago
ok calm down - I didnt say anything about attacking humans, and I didnt say that they shouldnt kill things, I just said they are not nice animals. And the Orcas in the Documentary were wild, not caged. Calm down.
Negative Zero Media
Negative Zero Media - 13 years ago
the orca is not a nice whale... I saw a documentary on them and they were killing baby whales. And by the way Orcas are not whales, they are a from of dolphin. They are called 'Killer Whales" because they kill whales.
Figuin Rox
Figuin Rox - 13 years ago
that's scary
kasey neil
kasey neil - 13 years ago
It's not that they're dangerous. You just have to be carfull. If thy were dangerous then they would have fliped them in the kayak. Or jusmped out of the water and land on top of them. I don't think orcas are bothered by humans unless humans are trying to hurt them. If orcas see you're struggleing to stay above the waterm not garunteeing but they would probably come up from underneith you and give you support. Ever saw Free Willy? It may be a movie but it's based on how orcas really are.
kasey neil
kasey neil - 13 years ago
Well I admit I would be nurvous but I don't think they would harm you intentionaly.
kasey neil
kasey neil - 13 years ago
Actually if they were to flip over, the orcas would probably save they or help them. Killer whales have that instinked. It's like they can sence when a person is in danger.
kasey neil
kasey neil - 13 years ago
Well I'm sure when you see a 6,000lb killer whale coming at you or swimming 3 ft. away from you, even though they're friendly wonderful creatures, I'm sure you would at least get a little freaked out lol. Where can you go to purchase kayaks and tours with orcas?? Do you know? And no I'm not being sarcastic I'm serious.
kasey neil
kasey neil - 13 years ago
They're one of the smartest animals on the planet. And the smartest sea animals on the planet.
CareandCompassion - 13 years ago
this was metal
kasey neil
kasey neil - 13 years ago
Actually the orca is a friendly whale.
kasey neil
kasey neil - 13 years ago
Do you mean the black people?
BradW789 - 13 years ago
Your a moron. Enough Said.
jcpicatoste - 13 years ago
hahahaha stupid ass is the fucking orca is hungry is going to eat ur ass stupid mo0ro, is called killer whale not yoggy bear stupid cunt
Andrew Casso
Andrew Casso - 13 years ago
Whales do not attack people in the wild. Idiot
sarah jo
sarah jo - 13 years ago
Whales don't eat people.
logos6F1H9L - 13 years ago
lucky for them they were not perceived as a threat...they'd be shredded.
4_Leaf_Clover - 13 years ago
Why would you shit your pants? These people paid to kayak with Killer Whales...its a tour you can purchase :)
Ryan Reilly
Ryan Reilly - 13 years ago
Must've been the experience of a lifetime
pharoahsoulero - 13 years ago
nor geography teachers
Marcusthegladiator - 13 years ago
I would have shit in my kayak.
Ricardo Nazario
Ricardo Nazario - 13 years ago
im from PR and there arent killer whales here
griggie78 - 13 years ago
This vid would probably have more veiws if someone in the kayak had been eaten!
Jade S
Jade S - 13 years ago
Took me a while to figure out what you meant and if you were being racist, but i get it now :D lol
discosushi1 - 13 years ago
better be glad it wasn't a sperm whale!
namzuG23 - 13 years ago
hell no,,, lol
gamegenie11 - 13 years ago
cant put a price on that
sedantez24 - 13 years ago
thats incredible - what a great experience!
Chet Robertson
Chet Robertson - 13 years ago
i love orcas but i'd be abit paranoid n scared dat one orca myt not go a lil crazy n come from udnerneath or skyhop on top of me lol
jcpicatoste - 13 years ago
Walter Lucio Paoloemilio
Walter Lucio Paoloemilio - 13 years ago
scare eh
cta1boy - 13 years ago
OMG...hope this place is not in Japan..lovely video.thanks sender for sharing!!
hanmwah - 13 years ago
replied to your page.....
hanmwah - 13 years ago
well at least we agree on something :D they're Irish magic shrooms. best ye can get in my opinion!
hanmwah - 13 years ago
well i dunno if anyone wants to have sex with an orca.. i certainly don't, beastality isn't something im in to.. i don't think anyone here dedicates their life to them, though there's some researchers that i'm sure do.. but so what? better job than sitting behind a desk in an office for the rest of your life.. yes that is a 'psychedelic' mushroom indeed! you have a problem with them too? :D
hanmwah - 13 years ago
oh right... so why are you watching this video? and you obviously have a lot of time to waste if you come on here just to make fun of us 'Whale Fags'.. shouldn't you be spending time with your "real" friends....?
hanmwah - 13 years ago
whats a whale fag?
Kimberly C
Kimberly C - 13 years ago
I woulda been so fricken scared lol
karrola20 - 13 years ago
OMG! They were so close!!! I'm jealous :)
Laura Cox
Laura Cox - 13 years ago
hey mike!
Annie Emms
Annie Emms - 13 years ago
Whoa!! that's amazing! Where was it??

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3,231 likes 1,432,888 views 13 years ago

Theyre All Around Us! Who knew when I woke up on this Thursday morning that it was going to be an extraordinary...


Killer Kayak Flounder Fishing!

3,186 likes 769,795 views 6 years ago

A rare day in NJ when the weather forecast holds and the fluke fishing is on! Caught a limit and watched my buddy...


Orca whales approaching our sea kayak...

2,432 likes 630,667 views 11 years ago

Orca whales, northern resident members of the A24 and I15 matrilines, gather in front of our kayaks in the Johnstone...


Re: Killer Whale Lands On Kayak : Proof It's fake

178 likes 256,792 views 14 years ago

A comparison of the original stock wildlife footage and the doctored footage used for Asian Poweraid sports "very...

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