Kayaking with Redondo Beach Blue Whales, with underwater footage and Lunge feeding GoPro

From 10/8/2011. A blue whale lunge feeding right next to the Kayak, plus some underwater footage. While the lunge feed was heart pounding excitement, I found that seeing one underwater was relaxing and peaceful. Was an awesome day!!! Shot with GoPro 1080 w/ mako flat lens. See the lunge feed in slow motion at: http://youtu.be/JaRO3jDzmH0 Some of our underwater photography can be seen at www.ricksusie.com I'd like to take a moment to state that I don't recommend, endorse or in any way want to encourage anyone to try and swim with these whales. The whales are large unpredictable animals and potentially dangerous. I've talked to the NOAA and would like to share these Whale Watching Guidelines from the NOAA site: http://swr.nmfs.noaa.gov/psd/watching.htm

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From 10/8/2011. A blue whale lunge feeding right next to the Kayak, plus some underwater footage. While the lunge feed was heart pounding excitement, I found that seeing one underwater was relaxing and peaceful. Was an awesome day!!! Shot with GoPro 1080 w/ mako flat lens. See the lunge feed in slow motion at: http://youtu.be/JaRO3jDzmH0 Some of our underwater photography can be seen at www.ricksusie.com I'd like to take a moment to state that I don't recommend, endorse or in any way want to encourage anyone to try and swim with these whales. The whales are large unpredictable animals and potentially dangerous. I've talked to the NOAA and would like to share these Whale Watching Guidelines from the NOAA site: http://swr.nmfs.noaa.gov/psd/watching.htm

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for Kayaking with Redondo Beach Blue Whales, with underwater footage and Lunge feeding GoPro

Paleo Motion
Paleo Motion - 5 years ago
0:35 it blew a bubble. A SINGLE BUBBLE
Bluenose352 - 5 years ago
Great footage! Blue Whales still seem to keep their distance, unlike other whales. You are so lucky to get somewhat of a closeup!!
BadAim - 5 years ago
I'd be terrified the whale would breach on top of me.
GerSHAK - 4 years ago
Don't worry. Blue whales don't breach. :)
gator bait
gator bait - 6 years ago
I think your a little too close Rick. Great footage and must have been awesome but if she had a little one she might have become protective and made mush out of you with a fin or tail slap. But she seems totaly comfortable eating and everything else with you right there
Erdi Evren
Erdi Evren - 6 years ago
he has 10 kg balls
Jerome Talor
Jerome Talor - 5 years ago
balls as big as a whales heart.
Samantha Bowlin
Samantha Bowlin - 6 years ago
If that's not living your life to the fullest idk what is! Awesome video!
Frena Irlian Tannu
Frena Irlian Tannu - 5 years ago
Samantha Bowlin
Samantha Bowlin - 6 years ago
Judging by the winking face that's something u wanna do lol
cxns155 - 6 years ago
Doing it with a shark ;)
Sandra H.
Sandra H. - 6 years ago
It's absolutely amazing! I would have been totally freaked out by knowing this huge animal is swimming right underneath me...like wow.....they are so huge and so massive and totally beautiful.
And the whale is probably like "Oh look how small it is, this cute little thingy from above" ^o^
CrazyWharf625 - 6 years ago
wowwwww I wanna do that so badddddddddd
Ernesto Gomez
Ernesto Gomez - 6 years ago
holy snap tha dude is brave for sure.

10. comment for Kayaking with Redondo Beach Blue Whales, with underwater footage and Lunge feeding GoPro

Adrenaline Addiction
Adrenaline Addiction - 6 years ago
Excellent clips! Keep it up!
LotusEater - 6 years ago
U lucky @#$% ... lol sorry i m too excited and jealous that you got such an AWESOME chance to go so fcking close to the majestic blue..
OrionoftheStar - 7 years ago
This is majestic.
I mean, there are plenty of nature documentaries that give you perfect, stable images of whales in really clear water, but the first-person imagery there, right alongside the whale... the sheer immensity of the blue whale is overwhelming.
"Majestic" is often used as a joke, but this is the sort of thing the word was made for.
holy shit, if i were you, i would shit brix
Ivan Pedersen
Ivan Pedersen - 7 years ago
I cant be the only one that finds this scary as fuck?! Fuck bathing in the ocean... give me a pool!!
James Payne
James Payne - 6 years ago
+CreaturePlaysGames Le Reddit army has arrived
Creature Plays Games
Creature Plays Games - 6 years ago
Definitely. Gives off a very large thalassophobia vibe. Thalassophobia is the fear of open water, just so you know.
DipsyDoo Zacharoo
DipsyDoo Zacharoo - 7 years ago
Currently watching this on MSNBC
Mathew  Rickey
Mathew Rickey - 7 years ago
Hey same here
Cesca Peay
Cesca Peay - 7 years ago
Blue whales are the largest animal to EVER have existed. Bigger than any dinosaur and even megalodon.
Manaviecreations - 7 years ago
Oh man Rick! That rocked my socks off! Epic!
easdcoastlover - 7 years ago
Blue whales don't attack humans id be more scared of a white shark blue whales are just beautiful
Levi Hackerman
Levi Hackerman - 7 years ago
So they don't attack people ?
Wild Outdoor Living
Wild Outdoor Living - 6 years ago
+OrionoftheStar They aren't aggressive but due to their massive size there is still a great deal of risk for people to be this close. Totally worth it for this footage though.
CrazyWharf625 - 6 years ago
+OrionoftheStar nooooooo they're harmless. They don't have teeth. Instead they have bristles to filter feed. sharks are dangerous though
OrionoftheStar - 7 years ago
+Levi Ackerman What? No, of course not. How would they? They're filter feeders, they don't even have teeth. A number of bayleen whales, including blue whales, can actually be friendly.

20. comment for Kayaking with Redondo Beach Blue Whales, with underwater footage and Lunge feeding GoPro

Ivens desulme
Ivens desulme - 7 years ago
amazing and beautiful creatures, even they're not predators i would still shit pants. that thing is huge
Manikandan Venkataraman
Manikandan Venkataraman - 7 years ago
He's the MAN with balls
pec1739 - 7 years ago
Stranded Deep
Luiz Ferreira
Luiz Ferreira - 7 years ago
This animal has the size of a building, even though it didn't scare me. Just made me wonder how crazy Mother Nature can be.
SoulRythm - 7 years ago
omg i would freak seeing something so huge right next to me.  hell! i'm freaking now and it's only a vid. lol that was pretty epic. 
SAVAGE308SNIPER - 7 years ago
I can't comprehend how nearly a century of people can unlike this footage. It is great.
irlBEAST x
irlBEAST x - 7 years ago
holy shit thats a big fish
Lorenz Meyer
Lorenz Meyer - 7 years ago
Lorenz Meyer
Lorenz Meyer - 7 years ago
wales are no fishes
Yura Kim
Yura Kim - 7 years ago
Breathtaking! Thanks for sharing with us this awesome moment.
Daz Ediss
Daz Ediss - 7 years ago

Joe Brown
Joe Brown - 7 years ago
dude for real
dudes got balls
Juana Maria Coronel
Juana Maria Coronel - 7 years ago
Sencillamente espectacular.

30. comment for Kayaking with Redondo Beach Blue Whales, with underwater footage and Lunge feeding GoPro

Jonathan Muralles
Jonathan Muralles - 7 years ago
I am so jealous. 
camXpert - 7 years ago
Das ist mal eine Begegnung!@.@
Aideen Wolfe
Aideen Wolfe - 7 years ago
Omg how awesome to tell people "I swam with blue whales"
SHALKKE.TV - 8 years ago
Dude, you are the real balls of steel!
Frank Charron
Frank Charron - 8 years ago
Although I'm all for experiencing nature and wildlife while kayaking, let's be honest here...you were WAY too close to the whales and should have backed off. Sure it makes for a "cool" video but it was a bad call on your part. Don't be so selfish Rick and give the beautiful animals a little personal space.
Daz Ediss
Daz Ediss - 7 years ago
He wasn't doing any harm you absolute pleb. Just creating some of the best Blue Whale footage that the world has ever seen.

To be honest, this animal weighs upward of 150 tonnes.

If it had so much as given one tail flap, this dude would be history.

The animal was never in any remote danger and judging from my previous experience with whales, they are genuinely intelligent & curious animals. It probably enjoyed the attention.

Meanwhile there are fishermen worldwide who are illegally killing these creatures for profit. Perhaps copy and paste your bullshit verbal attack on some greenpeace videos.
Anton Posa
Anton Posa - 8 years ago
Dude you got so close, that's insane. What an experience that must have been. I'm very jealous.
Jonathan Manning
Jonathan Manning - 8 years ago
Are you sure its a blue whale, its really small for one but it might be a baby
vandechu - 8 years ago
I would have died. Heart attack for sure! You got ballzzz dude
Sazabi MSN-04
Sazabi MSN-04 - 8 years ago
If that whale had made any sudden movements with its tail you would of been a dead man. Amazing footage though, you got balls.
Derek Borba
Derek Borba - 8 years ago
I would have shit myself the moment that whale broke water next to me.
Quinn Silenttiger
Quinn Silenttiger - 8 years ago
This guy has some serious balls jeezus XD 
c miller
c miller - 8 years ago
I used this video in attachment to an article that I taught my students.  Thanks Rick Coleman it really helped my students make a connection with what they were reading.  (FYI: "Pelagic Paddler")
Raymond Torres
Raymond Torres - 8 years ago
Its all fun and games until the whale decides to jump...on your kayak!
James Cannon
James Cannon - 8 years ago
Much respect for having the balls to do this haha! I'd be petrified!
EightGames_ - 8 years ago
Christopher Chambers
Christopher Chambers - 8 years ago
Absolutely awesome!
Zed Girl
Zed Girl - 8 years ago
Amazing Footage!!
Lucky! There huge.. I'd be scared... Being very respectful..
Take Aim
Take Aim - 8 years ago
1:39 - Pure stoke
Chris Eberlein
Chris Eberlein - 8 years ago
Filed under: This Is Why You Take Up Kayaking.
Jacob - 8 years ago
Imagine the terror if they were predators 
Temple of Ice
Temple of Ice - 8 years ago
This is so amazing! Such beautiful and amazing creatures, I'm glad we get footage of them. From what I hear they are difficult to find.

50. comment for Kayaking with Redondo Beach Blue Whales, with underwater footage and Lunge feeding GoPro

Dana D
Dana D - 8 years ago
Amazing video, what a wonderful experience! How far out from the beach where you?
Nora N.
Nora N. - 8 years ago
I felt so small watching that, I can't imagine what it must be like to swim with one.
BDVScout - 8 years ago
I came because of the news! That was awesome dude and great job!
That Awkward Kid
That Awkward Kid - 8 years ago
You sir have some balls.
Vlat Khushnav
Vlat Khushnav - 8 years ago
AntoonV - 8 years ago
That noise he makes at 0:08 is just him shitting bricks
ECWnWWF - 8 years ago
Can't you be fined for getting that close? Anyway, corporate america should dump a lot of Oil and Chemicals in that part of the Ocean - give my comment a thumbs up if you think pollution and Whale-a-side is the humanitarian thing to do. 
Patanol - 8 years ago
What's "Whale-a-side"?
QQ - 8 years ago
Oh, man...  How amazing that must've been...
Andrew Erickson
Andrew Erickson - 8 years ago
Damn it Susie. Where are you!? You're missing the blue whale swim. 
CLod CLoD - 8 years ago
Very Very Free!!! Paradise on ocean
Skyhighblu - 8 years ago
2+ years later and I'm very concerned for Susie. Did she make it? Lol
Skyhighblu - 8 years ago
Mike C.
Mike C. - 8 years ago
Awesome footage!
SUPERSAYENNICK - 8 years ago
Awesome! Whales are such gentle giants.
TheAntiParadox - 8 years ago
You are so damn lucky. If only I could see blue whales before I die (or they do).
James Lawson
James Lawson - 8 years ago
you have balls
QuickSilverize - 8 years ago
That is so amazing. Such awesome creatures. Great vid.
tsukako100 - 8 years ago
wow fantastic! thank you. I wanna do it one day!
S S - 8 years ago
you are so lucky guy!
Tomis Muska
Tomis Muska - 8 years ago
you are so stoked, you re holding the paddle wrong haha
Marko Kondic
Marko Kondic - 8 years ago
Holy Shit.....30 Meter Long Whale under me? I think, i will die...but one of me dreams are, too se a blue whale...what for beautiful animals
Frank Garrett
Frank Garrett - 8 years ago
3:42 "So you got whale stew!"
Cristina Diaz
Cristina Diaz - 8 years ago
Podria verlo un millon de veces! Maravillso!
ClansmanPR - 8 years ago
Among the coolest videos I've seen on Youtube. Great work :)
Shawn Crews
Shawn Crews - 8 years ago
Just saw this video on TV "caught on camera 5" @AXN
SERGIO GARCIA - 8 years ago
flishingTV - 8 years ago
You just earned urself a subscriber
Anna Sasson
Anna Sasson - 8 years ago
That's EPIC
18CYN18 - 8 years ago
A-MA-ZING!!!! Thank you for sharing :-)
Derek Holland
Derek Holland - 8 years ago
Dude you rock
eric jacobs
eric jacobs - 8 years ago
Intellectard - 8 years ago
who cares you are a champion for swimming with that giant and getting this footage !!!
s gradon
s gradon - 8 years ago
now i would love to see a blue whale in a kayak!
Cristian Bascur
Cristian Bascur - 8 years ago
Jenna Rogers
Jenna Rogers - 8 years ago
i would die if i saw that in a kayak
halabi97 - 8 years ago
You're not alone
halabi97 - 8 years ago
You're not alone
Vanessa S
Vanessa S - 9 years ago
This is amazing!!
Alexandra Olivares
Alexandra Olivares - 9 years ago
He isn't hurting them. if the whales didn't enjoy his company, they would have swam away from him.
Cat Lover
Cat Lover - 9 years ago
Individual blue whales can be identified by the mottled pattern on their skin
Matt Young
Matt Young - 9 years ago
Emily - 9 years ago
I know this video from watching Caught On Camera show =D Amazing!!
Brendan McDonald
Brendan McDonald - 9 years ago
I would be shitting my pants
nasty - 9 years ago
Blue whales freak me out
Nemrod Frias
Nemrod Frias - 9 years ago
Your brave that is scary blue whales just poping out
msbella roma
msbella roma - 9 years ago
scary and exciting at the same time
yılansı fare
yılansı fare - 9 years ago
this dude has balls !
animalchan - 9 years ago
leave them lone pls!
nein danke
nein danke - 9 years ago
i would cry so hard
emily fournet
emily fournet - 9 years ago
I like the way u say woo hoo

100. comment for Kayaking with Redondo Beach Blue Whales, with underwater footage and Lunge feeding GoPro

Eastwoodisboss - 9 years ago
I would be pretty scared to be under water and then see the biggest animal on the planet right below me
Indian Phly
Indian Phly - 9 years ago
Can you cuddle a whale ? If yes How ?
EpicWinNY - 9 years ago
This dude is RAW
datpmf - 9 years ago
Redondo Beach in L.A.
datpmf - 9 years ago
Redondo Beach in L.A.
Michael Cazares
Michael Cazares - 9 years ago
@theinferno515, my thoughts exactly. This guy is bad ass.
Isamar Correa
Isamar Correa - 9 years ago
love it!! I want to do that!!
seanzscorpio - 9 years ago
2.15 That is the scariest shit I have ever seen!
Damon Hall
Damon Hall - 9 years ago
OMG wow good job bro
zamardii12 - 9 years ago
Something about something that massive being right under me in deep water is terrifying to me... even if they are gentle creatures. Damn you Jaws!
LettuceSoup - 9 years ago
ahahah who gives a fuck you dick head want me to fucking stab you
Mairaj Alma
Mairaj Alma - 9 years ago
Wow this is absolutely amazing! Massive creds for you man!
Mairaj Alma
Mairaj Alma - 9 years ago
Wow this is absolutely a
DtodaH - 9 years ago
I think you are Nuckin Futs!
Raphael Santos
Raphael Santos - 9 years ago
Oh Man, I thank you for posting this video. Surreal Experience!
Erik Lundström
Erik Lundström - 9 years ago
haha you funny I would jump in the water and clap it
Dominick Perusi
Dominick Perusi - 9 years ago
Holy shit that just scared the shit out of me..
KawaiiMVS - 9 years ago
I'm sorry. I love animals of the sea so much but if that would happened to me I would died D:
THACK14 - 9 years ago
Dude has some balls. Living life to its limit
drepop803 - 9 years ago
yeah i know. even though whales are docile its still intimidating to be in dark blue water with a giant or two.
TheRunge17 - 9 years ago
Quetzalcoatlv3p14 - 9 years ago
Brave of you to get into the water with them! Where is this?
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke - 9 years ago
what a site!
TotalVikingPower - 9 years ago
what íf it started singing ! You would be fucked
instasis - 9 years ago
Redondo Beach - southwestern part of Los Angeles area
graystripe87 - 9 years ago
Wow! Your so lucky to have been there! I'd give up my family to be there hahahaha
Rick Coleman
Rick Coleman - 9 years ago
I think you are right and I also believe you are the first person to point it out!
HEZNAH - 9 years ago
رائع جدا.. مغامرات شيقة ومثيرة . تصوير جيد.
lolroe - 9 years ago
i would shit my pants if i saw that swimming to me
QueenOfObeys - 9 years ago
Omg. I would be so scared.
Joshua Mayo
Joshua Mayo - 9 years ago
I watched this in "caught on camera" (did that just happen)
gumpwumper - 9 years ago
Why would you post NOAA guidelines when you clearly violate them by how close you are to this whale? Unless of course you had a sanctioned permit for scientific study, which you clearly do not.
Kevin Lanktree
Kevin Lanktree - 9 years ago
I would've shit my pants
Sonyag1 - 9 years ago
I guess Blue Whales love to race people on kayaks....
paradisepaddy - 9 years ago
Very nice man. They look so peaceful and curious as do you.
Aziz Gharbi
Aziz Gharbi - 9 years ago
where was this in which country and city??? damn i love your video men !
Jakeshapedworld - 9 years ago
I love how when the largest animal in the world surfaces right next to his tiny, fragile boat, he just says "Oh" and gets in with them.
Putra Tambunan
Putra Tambunan - 9 years ago
awesome. . your very brave. .
Jason bruhn
Jason bruhn - 9 years ago
2 tons as far as I know
Jason bruhn
Jason bruhn - 9 years ago
They eat krill
Ziphiid21 - 9 years ago
They were joking, child.
Kari Havoth
Kari Havoth - 9 years ago
Great video but I'm not sure you should be paddling at them while they are trying to have a peaceful lunch. Think if you were eating lunch at a cafe and suddenly people started jumping out of their cars to run over and have a look and take a pic. How annoying.
Ian Spangler
Ian Spangler - 9 years ago
That whale would have made me shit my pants.
here2watch08 - 9 years ago
juicyjuice743 - 9 years ago
this is what life is all about
ChillyCheezItz - 9 years ago
You crazy for this one, Rick
TheValvacious - 9 years ago
Wow... you are lucky they were not hungry for a human snack
danni smash
danni smash - 9 years ago
Fantastic vid sir, great job
TheDormage - 9 years ago
Your one crazy mofo..
shaun lovett
shaun lovett - 9 years ago
that is living life to the limit!
SveThomas - 9 years ago
sg98films - 9 years ago
sg98films - 9 years ago
U a
miura yukio
miura yukio - 9 years ago
I'll continence met for this
Kenneth Vincenzo
Kenneth Vincenzo - 9 years ago
what a fearless mothafucker dayyum.
femack5 - 9 years ago
Ohhh!! Ok thanks now I know XD
Jordi Swibel
Jordi Swibel - 9 years ago
you are one crazy mother fucker!!!
Cilla Takarangi
Cilla Takarangi - 9 years ago
i love this part of youtube
skeetv123 - 9 years ago
Bravery ! To be a single person in the presence of the biggest creature ever to inhabit earth, basically creeping beneath you where you can't see it. When the camera went underwater & it was right there I'll admit I was terrified !
Ziphiid21 - 9 years ago
No. Blue whales off California only average 68 feet long.
Ziphiid21 - 9 years ago
Oh, were you one of the morons that they photographed paddle boarding way too close to that humpback? :)
Sinister134 - 9 years ago
Rebecca Fouraker
Rebecca Fouraker - 9 years ago
Amazing brave I could never see myself doing that
mhtinla - 9 years ago
Super !!
Alex Calish
Alex Calish - 9 years ago
Wow Rick. I got to paddle around with the Humpbacks off of King Harbor today and it was Incredible! But that lunge feeding would have scared the crap out of me. Looks like you had some amazing experiences this day
LexiZoeAndDogs - 9 years ago
Isn't he scared????
Smartian Martian
Smartian Martian - 9 years ago
I'm afraid of the ocean if this happened to me i would fucking trip shit
femack5 - 9 years ago
Was it a baby? It looked really small for a blue whale.
The91Walrus - 9 years ago
I'd be afraid of sharks
Cade Locke
Cade Locke - 9 years ago
Doesn't take a lot of balls to do this. Just careful planning.
xxdreamsxx100 - 9 years ago
Health Inspector
Health Inspector - 9 years ago
are you retarded?
xxdreamsxx100 - 9 years ago
You said it at 4:22
Health Inspector
Health Inspector - 9 years ago
when did i ever say they eat humans?
xxdreamsxx100 - 9 years ago
They don't eat humans. Now shut the fuck up about balls already. If anything you should feel safer around these.
michael stello
michael stello - 9 years ago
then they would smell your fear
PastorNolte - 9 years ago
it is
niina - 9 years ago
I'm having a fkn panic attack just watching this.
Steto5 - 9 years ago
omg you are really brave , even though whales are not angry and stuff i would totally be scared to death and in that Kayak omg ! love this video ! love whales <3
cedeerve - 9 years ago
At 2:15 i was like SHIT ITS COMING AT ME !!!
Wandering Sole Images
Wandering Sole Images - 9 years ago
What can one say other than "absolutely amazing!"
Jessie Byrne
Jessie Byrne - 9 years ago
are you sure this is a blue whale... I've seen videos where they look a lot bigger. cool vid nonetheless
Health Inspector
Health Inspector - 9 years ago
i'm surprised the kayak didnt sink immediately by the man's balls of steel
puffyshirt681 - 9 years ago
kerichan333 - 9 years ago
Where was this!? So amazing!
Valerie Castro
Valerie Castro - 9 years ago
Thankd you for this!! I have been looking at blue whales videos and none have had me on edge and have been as thrilling as this! I felt like I was right there with you. And when you got in the water and it was under you .. I shrieked!! Awesome and amazing!
MrGazzafabian - 9 years ago
Trys to swim with them Nek minnit great white shark
KIDTAKO - 9 years ago
You lucky fucker... good for you brother.
bobzyurunkel - 9 years ago
That's pretty neat.
Kayak NewsUSA
Kayak NewsUSA - 9 years ago
I love Redondo
b2e1z - 9 years ago
I'm gonna start kayaking asap
Justin Boeing
Justin Boeing - 9 years ago
where is this???
breadandcircus1 - 9 years ago
There he goes this imbecile harassing the whale and making his stupid noises: what a moron
Clint Evans
Clint Evans - 9 years ago
What safety measures could you have taken should there be a whale attack?
Alfie Canning
Alfie Canning - 9 years ago
Love how completely fucking calm he is when he can't find his friend.
mandark24 - 9 years ago
Thank you for posting the guidelines too! I once followed the guidelines that told me not to go closer than 400meters to a bunch of beluga whales. But they did not read the rule and came to check me out :-) Looking into the eyes of a whale is an incredible thing. The guidelines should also mention to go to the restroom before doing this, otherwise your pants might be ruined :-)
Scott TheOzoneGuy
Scott TheOzoneGuy - 9 years ago
Once in a lifetime experience. No wonder you have a million and a half views. Fantastic. Link forwarded.
meng0is0great - 9 years ago
would whales attack though? I thought this was not a killer whale. Amazing video. It's so beautiful and scary. I think I might take a lesson in whale from Dory in case I get near one.
spljicna - 9 years ago
Tanner Frazier
Tanner Frazier - 9 years ago
Now THIS is YOLO lol
silvertwist12345 - 9 years ago
you were so clearly trying to show of to those boats by jumping in the water!
Ziphiid21 - 10 years ago
Says the "whale expert". I think it was too busy eating to care, says another "whale expert". Like when my wife bitches at me when I'm eating a double-bacon cheeseburger. "Women, I'm eating". Whale moaned the same thing to petite kayaker.
volkswaben - 10 years ago
who would dislike this video???
Joker x Warrior
Joker x Warrior - 10 years ago
U r one Brave Man To go into the ocean with that whale. Awesome Video! :)
bebebebota11 - 10 years ago
2:20 Holly cow!! I would have been scared shitless!!
Ryan Magee
Ryan Magee - 10 years ago
I'd feel vulnerable even if I saw one 100ft away while on an aircraft carrier. Haha. I can't even begin to imagine being 10-20feet away from one in a kayak! Not even counting the fact that this guy swam with them........way to grab an experience by the balls buddy.
KatherineJane001 - 10 years ago
I LOVE whales, but I think I would have been really scared being that close to one in a kayak!
srbia bg
srbia bg - 10 years ago
Bet he did crap his panties lol
Andrew Huang
Andrew Huang - 10 years ago
congratulations. you officially have had a life (at least a good one).
Yeap - 10 years ago
super jealous
Yeap - 10 years ago
That so sick
Ally Dee
Ally Dee - 10 years ago
OMG that was beautiful! I would love to do that one day...I wud have touched it...oh yea..I'm about dat life :) ur lucky!
Ozzy Chingas
Ozzy Chingas - 10 years ago
Huevos de Fiero Amigo!!!!(Iron Balls)...I'd have done it cause I'm Stupid.
lost619 - 10 years ago
Your braver than me, I know they a not aggressive but I'd be terrified still! Amazing footage!
DrumGuitarDude - 10 years ago
i actually jumped at 1:10 Holy shit.
ImChaseHD - 10 years ago
lol at 0:09
TSMPimpDaddyPain - 10 years ago
Great footage....this guy is lucky to be alive. Imagine if the thing got pissed off from being followed so close
Caio Camisão
Caio Camisão - 10 years ago
That's the moment when you think "I'm going to record this and make it a you tube viral" or you just shit yourself and scream like a little girl.
TraxxasRustler97 - 10 years ago
hey, it was on my b-day. oh and your lucky the tail didnt come down and kill you.
AAUBaller20 - 10 years ago
You have whales too?
Abhishek Tiwari
Abhishek Tiwari - 10 years ago
lovedragonflys07 - 10 years ago
malika malika
malika malika - 10 years ago
Владимир Сылка
Владимир Сылка - 10 years ago
Прикольно.но страшно.
saikrishna jampuram
saikrishna jampuram - 10 years ago
a guy withbuilt in metal balls!
ajjs02 - 10 years ago
Creative Person
Creative Person - 10 years ago
nice name
HetfieldMustaine22 - 10 years ago
dude youre so luckyy! i want to do that
mohammadalmeraikhi - 10 years ago
شكرا لك
Guy On The Moon
Guy On The Moon - 10 years ago
Fucking hilarious Lol
godsproject0 - 10 years ago
i would shit in my pants
rachybop - 10 years ago
marco gonzales salinas
marco gonzales salinas - 10 years ago
notan vueno
Silver D. Wolf
Silver D. Wolf - 10 years ago
Fucking awesome! I want to do what he did someday... =)
crocodylus73 - 10 years ago
I wouldn't be afraid to be eaten. What I would be afraid of is getting bumped into. It would feel like getting hit by a bus!
Teankun - 10 years ago
The loud water splashing sounds makes this video seem very amateurish, but that is a good thing for it shows others can do it too. I am not sure what other commentators are so scared about. As I understand, baleen whales are among the most gentle animals on the Earth and unless you are krill offer little danger.
RiipeBananas - 10 years ago
This guy is very lucky....But who in there right mind would get out of the kayak???? Lol
austin - 10 years ago
Roy Wright
Roy Wright - 10 years ago
No, just you douchebag! ;)
Legowright - 10 years ago
Anyone else hoping for a shark to take a bite out of him?
shawners02 - 10 years ago
Must be a weird feeling seeing a blue whale and taking a shit in a wet suit at the time!!!!
Caroline Beverly Steinberg
Caroline Beverly Steinberg - 10 years ago
Loic Jiang
Loic Jiang - 10 years ago
thespringheeledjack - 10 years ago
2:10 sh*t bricks
Reka King
Reka King - 10 years ago
I just seen this on caught on camera on mnbc also.
Charlie - 10 years ago
incredible! im just waiting for the whale to pop up right underneath you, mustve been an absolutely exhilarating experience.
Deb Jones
Deb Jones - 10 years ago
That's amazing. I am so envious! If that is not among the top 10 highlights of your life then you lead an exceptionally eventful life. ♥
Heck Yeah
Heck Yeah - 10 years ago
Does everyone fully comprehend that a Blue Whale is the largest animal (known to science) thats ever lived, even bigger than any Dinosaur. There is a risk involved kayaking and swimming with them, but I would give anything to do so. One of God's greatest creations.
Yoko D Yong-Sun
Yoko D Yong-Sun - 10 years ago
Man..How Many Balls U have ???
Mark TN
Mark TN - 10 years ago
you brave man ,, very nice
Jackson Barnhisel
Jackson Barnhisel - 10 years ago
Thats awesome
Jackson Barnhisel
Jackson Barnhisel - 10 years ago
That's awesome
Slevin Reviews
Slevin Reviews - 10 years ago
I live in Redondo Beach and blue whales do go there from time to time. I was out wind surfing I felt a huge vibration and looked behind me and saw two blues whales. One came out of the water... scared the living shit out of me. But saw he was just passing by... I wish I caught that on camera cause it was the most amazing thing ever. In real life being next to one of these things makes you feel so tiny... its amazing!
djsoundmeizter - 10 years ago
my life sucks....
beachfeet1000 - 10 years ago
they are virtually harmless they are not predators and have no teeth, they also only eat tiny shrimp so once you know that it may be cool !
Joseph Melia
Joseph Melia - 10 years ago
That's beautiful,almost spiritual,even if more than a little unnerving.
Kathy Miller
Kathy Miller - 10 years ago
Psalm91new testament thought
kupellupy - 10 years ago
oh, by any chance did you manage to pet any of them?? just out of curiousity...
kupellupy - 10 years ago
I'm so jealous and i can see the excitement in your face when you went 'woohoo' lol. This video is such a heart racing. Very cool, love it!
Wang Tracy
Wang Tracy - 10 years ago
Darby Terry
Darby Terry - 10 years ago
Such beautiful creatures.
CarbonTitanium - 10 years ago
You, sir, are a hero. I've spent some time in the water with whale sharks, but I can't imagine sharing the space with the real kings of the sea! Well done. What a truly awesome experience.
Rishab Samuel
Rishab Samuel - 10 years ago
whale stalker
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley - 10 years ago
i wouldve took a monster shit in my pants if a whale was right next to me.
HyperShot12 - 10 years ago
I like teh whales :DD
Foxr6 - 10 years ago
Wow this blew my mind! Thanks so much for that post!
waydej87 - 10 years ago
Who the fuck just jumps in the ocean! I wouldent! Awesome video though
jack - 10 years ago
It easily could have came under the kayak but great vid!!!
OddFoxxeP - 10 years ago
i would get nervous just from the sheer waves and churning water that massive animal would be doing O_O and by nervous i mean scared shitless of a fluke or some other majestic body part colliding with me. I would've gotten as much distance between me and it as possible lol XD, kudos to you for having the nerves to stay and enjoy this beautiful sight. Not say that it would've attacked me btw, but those animals are BIG and getting knocked off of a kayak is not a favorite activity of mine.
TurboSouthAfrican - 10 years ago
Kellie Altieri
Kellie Altieri - 10 years ago
That's my son's birthday. At that time, we were seeing a movie. :)
b1krboy - 10 years ago
OMFG!!! How f***ing cool is that! I've snorkeled with things 1000x smaller than that and almost hyperventilated in sheer excitment! Right the f*** on man, I'm jealous!
bh617 - 10 years ago
one in a million, this is an INCREDIBLY rare sight
antiirony - 10 years ago
52 people eat whale blubber every morning for breakfast.
Darien Rivera
Darien Rivera - 10 years ago
im lost of words.....too amazing
Emmalogical xo
Emmalogical xo - 10 years ago
wow what an awesome experience !!! you seem like you got really really close . Did you try and touch the whale at all or is that not a smart thing lol ??? whales are so beautiful it bothers me so much to know that not everyone respects them . Especially since they are in there own enviroment and we still come in and kill them =( .
Mahmoud Z
Mahmoud Z - 10 years ago
before i watched this video i was playing jaws unleashed on ps2 then i saw a dead blue whale and got scared in the game :S so if i was in his place kayaking around the whales i would be shocked !!
Fire - 10 years ago
That whale is thinking,"hmmm, large plankton"....Loved it!!
SelfTaughtSteph - 10 years ago
i would shit my pants.
Barbiie4President - 10 years ago
awesome!!! thank you so much!! you lived my dream better then i could do it :p (i would be too scared to see it so close) but i could watch it :D so thank you very very very much !
bignslipery123 - 10 years ago
you sir are very brave
Peter O'Brien
Peter O'Brien - 10 years ago
Also 2:15 is incredible, you get so close!
Peter O'Brien
Peter O'Brien - 10 years ago
1:08 so scary!!!
asteroceras - 10 years ago
I had a pet blue whale but it ate so much pork I had to have it put down.
Simon - 10 years ago
marissamace - 10 years ago
This makes me nervous just watching it!
Chloe Painter
Chloe Painter - 10 years ago
I would have turned that Kayak around the minute I first saw the whale . That is truly amazing , but I'd be way too much of a whimp to do what you did .
Taran Elijah
Taran Elijah - 10 years ago
This would have made my life complete.
Babylauncher3000 - 10 years ago
@cassssspar Japanese dont hunt Blue Whales. They mostly hunt Minke whales which are a very common and not endangered species. (although thats still not a good reason to kill them)
Babylauncher3000 - 10 years ago
@zahgaan That Blue Whale is less dangerous then a common house cat. As long as literly dont "swim in front of it" you should be fine.
riohmusic - 10 years ago
Awesome video!!!!!! Amazing. Why would people want to kill these animals is beyond me.
aisxiloscity - 10 years ago
great video.lucky man.
zahgaan - 10 years ago
white man, stop fucking with dangerous animals.
David Henderson
David Henderson - 10 years ago
I was legit getting scared when it was 5 feet from you. i wanna do marine biology or something but its alot of work
Dev The Dude
Dev The Dude - 10 years ago
i honestly think i wouldve had a heart attack lol amazing animals tho:)
resoloser - 10 years ago
2:14 felt like The Chemical Brothers - The Test! Damn! Can you hear me now?
alexanderbrooksify - 10 years ago
2:20 MFW O_O
RCycleRider4Eva - 10 years ago
How magical. I can't imagine being next to a Blue whale, although, I did get the opportunity to touch a baby Humpback whale in Mexico many years ago on a Lindblad Expeditions cruise. That being said, the baby whale was trying to knock the Zodiac over. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. As a whale lover and someone who considered being a meteorologist because I loved whales so much, this was a beautiful inspiring video. Thank you!
The Dive Log
The Dive Log - 10 years ago
Both videos are awesome.
GBVenkman - 10 years ago
I've seen some wildlife from surfling and would love to see a blue whale in person like this.. Yet I think I'd still crap myself if it happened to me.
Mastahcheech - 10 years ago
i would be freaking out haha..
SemperFy21 - 10 years ago
omg the shore is so far away....
Saltydog Productions
Saltydog Productions - 10 years ago
WOOHOOHOO!!! Yeah man did ya see THAT!...and I got it all on video to prove it!
3lit3gn0m3 - 10 years ago
i skipped it in a bit to see him dunking the camera under water, and almost had a heart attack.
Ryan Conifer
Ryan Conifer - 10 years ago
I can't even imagine
SuperDrRockzo - 10 years ago
@demure88 Maybe he was scared. Bravery is being afraid but doing it anyway.
SuperDrRockzo - 10 years ago
@Buck380s I'm sure it can.
TxS2006 - 10 years ago
i like
Buck380s - 10 years ago
this is incredible. can the whale go under the kayak and flip you over?
SuperBeautifulNoise - 10 years ago
Wow he/she is a beautiful animal.
Joe Cerny
Joe Cerny - 10 years ago
GAAHHH so jealous! This is so fucking cool.
giggie - 10 years ago
sooooooo cooooool !! thanks for posting !! i'm jealous !! i've never seen a whale in the ocean ... yet !!
Leeat A
Leeat A - 10 years ago
How was this guy not afraid?!
Rockatansky100 - 10 years ago
Amazing man, greetings from Brazil!!!
FindThatFish - 10 years ago
this is way cool!!!
diane189444 - 10 years ago
Amazing video I love it I felt like I was right out there with them. They are so peaceful so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
AmericansAgainstBush - 10 years ago
The lovely Redondo Blue Whales have vacationed here 2 years in a row...let's hope these beautiful beings continue to stop here..WE LOVE THEM! :)
kunapwd - 10 years ago
this man is awesome :)
HaleLightning - 10 years ago
es una cosita hermosa ya quiero nadar con una =) muy bellas e impresionantes criaturas
HaleLightning - 10 years ago
@Lauraax3ist es una cosita hermosa *w* son increíbles y ya quiero tocar una
HaleLightning - 10 years ago
I would be please to be in your position but you were the lucky one I envy you I Hope I can see them one day =) just not in an aquarium(?) Nah forget it It's impossible big size for these creatures small place for them =) as long as you don't find yoursel with sharks while doing kayak everything It's ok
HaleLightning - 10 years ago
OK I H8 but In a god way Ilove blue whales fascinating creatures however Iwould be a thousands of time scared if it was a Great White and not a Whale , blue Whales are peacefull , the only thing is to keep your distance so they don't smash you uder the water , above from that everything seem to be OK
Tact1ks - 10 years ago
@shanestar relax dude he's just filming them.
Melanie Davis
Melanie Davis - 10 years ago
You are crazy!
Melanie Davis
Melanie Davis - 10 years ago
You are crazy!
docjulian1337 - 10 years ago
Better than a double rainbow!
Abner Petri da Silva
Abner Petri da Silva - 10 years ago
Um dia eu quero fazer isso!!!
Federico Reppucci
Federico Reppucci - 10 years ago
Luzia Damazio
Luzia Damazio - 10 years ago
ual joinha com prazer, maluco o cara
MEMPSHIT - 10 years ago
What would we do without ppl like him!
TheMrLandon - 10 years ago
@blueknight1324 Redondo Beach, CA.
Grayden Nethercott
Grayden Nethercott - 10 years ago
where is this???????
Guba Gubby Jr
Guba Gubby Jr - 10 years ago
craziest shit i've ever seen in a video
SAVAGEX xXcLuTcH - 10 years ago
Wow didnt take that long to get a million views
SAVAGEX xXcLuTcH - 10 years ago
Wow didnt t
jean michel Jungblut
jean michel Jungblut - 10 years ago
corajoso heinn.. magina. nadou la no fundo perto da baleia vai q ela come ele . perigoo!
thiiago - 10 years ago
Juan Breez
Juan Breez - 10 years ago
\m/ WHOHOO!!
Paulo Lobo
Paulo Lobo - 10 years ago
@plindiful go sleep dumb ass
Paulo Lobo
Paulo Lobo - 10 years ago
Lucas Lengruber
Lucas Lengruber - 10 years ago
Brasileiro entao da um gostei ae ;)
skipaa2 - 10 years ago
where abouts was this?
J0KERB0I - 10 years ago
he got in the water. . .as if he wasnt close enough. . .some people are fearless. awesome video tho
Lyssnerskan - 10 years ago
I have to agree with @pocochoir on this. It is stressful and potentially hurtful to chase the whale like this. You shouldn't approach the whale, but instead let it come to you in its on pace. I don't deny this being an amazing video, but if we made everything thrilling legal the world wouldn't be a good place. Show the nature some respect.
shh4 - 10 years ago
"suzy was just swallowed by a whale..I'm going to go get more footage." typical lunatic white guy behavior
Colin Albright
Colin Albright - 10 years ago
44 dudes in their moms' basements have somehow become convinced that hating whales will win them a hot girlfriend
LTF85199 - 10 years ago
i would be so freaking scared to be anywhere near that thing nevertheless great footage thanks for sharing
TraustiGeir - 10 years ago
@shortstuff2064 That question is not stupid, I don't know either. I'm guessing you need to climb on top of it in a certain way only known by people who engage in this sport.
stitchcastle - 10 years ago
@meglupo18 whales that size don't eat people.
nick n
nick n - 10 years ago
WOW.... You are lucky ! I would have been scared as hell HAHAH That thing is huge
SkyisSniping - 10 years ago
@pocochoir shut up prick, you trust the government a little too much if you get pissed off over something like this.
P15151 - 10 years ago
Poor Susie, eaten by a whale. :( If I was a whale I'd probably eat a giant banana floating across the water too!
hotjam22 - 10 years ago
He's gunna need a bigger boat
Starpilot149 - 10 years ago
@pocochoir Dude.....save your breath for the Japanese. At least this guy wasn't chasing the whale with a harpoon.
Hip48Xn3 - 10 years ago
japan sucks for hunting these beautiful creatures
jmvmike - 10 years ago
Looks Like FUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MrsMegGamblin - 10 years ago
this dude has obviously never heard of Jonah! lol. I always say this is one of my biggest fears!! bein by a whale that size, holy crap!
Beau Ba Fett
Beau Ba Fett - 10 years ago
That's a big mother fucker.
tlainy - 10 years ago
oh my gosh, where is this? this is how I want to live my life outside of my work :)
mistervanderveer - 10 years ago
Well, I gotta hand it to you: your balls are bigger than that of the whale, thats for sure!
pocochoir - 10 years ago
@pblevins10 I just did. And this is still just as shameful
pocochoir - 10 years ago
@fergie1653 Who said anything about government? It's an international agreement!
John Robertson
John Robertson - 10 years ago
You can watch whales migrate along the coastline from nearby Point Vicente Interpretive Center. Well worth a visit if you happen to be in the area!
John Robertson
John Robertson - 10 years ago
This is not off Redondo Beach... it is off Palos Verdes Peninsula, just south of RB.
Iced Out
Iced Out - 10 years ago
he said holy cow but there was none, it was just whales
bshick88 - 10 years ago
@pocochoir shut up. don't be a party pooper, you would have done the same thing, but you would probably do it worse.
TheMarkoanton - 10 years ago
FAKE! He would have drowned because of the heavy balls
pocochoir - 10 years ago
This video is a blatant example of chasing whales - which is illegal throughout North America. NO one is allowed to move their vessel CLOSER to a whale. If one breaches nearby, that's up to the whale. This guy is clearly paddling TOWARD the whales and not watching in a benign manner. Shame on you for showing it. By showing it you are making it OKAY for others to do the same.
HouseForLife6 - 10 years ago
The whales where coming up to the surface because they where jealous of the size of his balls.
Normie Cuck of the Year
Normie Cuck of the Year - 10 years ago
Amazing footage. Please keep it up!
O_Lovecraft - 10 years ago
Whales are amazing.
Vincent tétreault
Vincent tétreault - 10 years ago
stephy1771 - 10 years ago
While this is surely an awesome experience, it is highly dangerous to be that close. Those whales are massive and powerful and could easily (and accidentally) kill someone with a stroke of their tail. Marine mammal regulations protect people as much as they protect whales. At least they are in kayaks, not boats with motors that could injure the whales.
stephy1771 - 10 years ago
@D2ooSAX Blue whales eat krill, not fish. People are responsible for declining fish populations because we've been overfishing (taking too many fish) for decades. The whales that DO eat fish do not eat nearly enough to impact fish populations in the way that humans do. Many marine mammal species are now threatened because their food sources (small fish) have declined due to human overfishing.
Rety - 10 years ago
Guy has balls the size Jupiter.
vidgirlss - 10 years ago
Omg that is insane
MegaProgramer1 - 10 years ago
1:40 yooohohohoh!!!!!
AmericansAgainstBush - 10 years ago
I can assure this is not a fake video...whales are biblical!!! Lucky man...
shouta - 10 years ago
craazylisa11 - 10 years ago
sailecaragua - 10 years ago
Alex Endr
Alex Endr - 10 years ago
Saw this on the HERD!
Hiikeri - 10 years ago
Awesome vid, Thx for sharing it to us. Greets from Finland.
Ares Olympianos
Ares Olympianos - 10 years ago
@amandabentes0 That's a blue whale. The title means those whales were in the beach called Redondo.
Amanda Bentes
Amanda Bentes - 10 years ago
This is the most amazing video I've ever seen! So beautiful! But you guys are really brave! Just a question, is the Beach Blue Whale a smaller version of the Blue Whale? x.x
Julie Hanson
Julie Hanson - 10 years ago
Jao Alberto
Jao Alberto - 10 years ago
Oooh my goooood
kabaddifan89 - 10 years ago
just saw this on sportsnation.. THUMBS UP!!
jrHAHA2 - 10 years ago
TrapZoneCanine - 10 years ago
Aileen Torres
Aileen Torres - 10 years ago
@krnshorttrackvids Im scared of the ocean when u go that far out and even tho whales are harmless there so big idk how i would react.
link boy
link boy - 10 years ago
wonderful world :-)
Gan John
Gan John - 10 years ago
Jeams Dalaguit
Jeams Dalaguit - 10 years ago
@CodyJaneKoala haha but u gunna need lots of fuckin guts to do it.. i can only swim along with sardines but not in the deep water.. LMAO
ayatube800 - 10 years ago
So sad that people blame only what Japanese poeple do. Poeple are in ignorance of other counties do same things with different ways. BTW, this is awsome!!
Bubba's Doghouse
Bubba's Doghouse - 10 years ago
Even the whales can't get away from pesky paparazzi! Leave the whales alone, dude. I wish there was a shark around...
TchockDr - 10 years ago
Jeromy Johnson
Jeromy Johnson - 10 years ago
@PaddlerMike7 cry me a river...
phil myweiner
phil myweiner - 10 years ago
i would freak the fuck out if i saw that!
dukemalibu - 10 years ago
Incredible footage!!
Quincy Vermeer
Quincy Vermeer - 10 years ago
For everyone who doesn't want to look up Stillnakedbullwinkles comment, I said shut up because he said: You left your fellow kayaker. You never leave your partner. You know that right? HOw do you know if they were in touble? You do not because you forgot about her? As a kayaker in alaska, I know about leaving your partner or being out of communication with them. You got an epic video for sure. But, you broke the cardinal rule of safety in kayaking with a partner... Not important, watch the vid!
XXdevilsemoXX - 10 years ago
I have been kayaking for over 20 years with Gray, Humpback, Killer (Orcas) and a few times with Blue whales. I have led guided kayak tours to watch whales. This Guy is getting way too close. Its dangerous, disrespectful, and will encourage other people to do similar things. It's also definitely illegal and subject to large fines.
Lucas Zueiro
Lucas Zueiro - 10 years ago
NUSSS,, viajei aqui
Nayara Fonseca
Nayara Fonseca - 10 years ago
Só pelas imagens eu fiquei com medo , rs mas ele deve ter adorado o momento !!
ayon619 - 10 years ago
Fagetlover - 10 years ago
@maipoena no
Mai Poena
Mai Poena - 10 years ago
Is there any case that the whale will open his mouth and swallow him? o.O
L4uraa89 - 10 years ago
simply amazing! i'm jealous...
toksuno - 10 years ago
If this whale was a person.... the man would have been squashed like a bug for NO reason!
Micheldw89 - 10 years ago
@Mabaals now i have to look up his comment x.x
AMgamer94 - 10 years ago
i have never seen a video on youtube with a whale so close :3
Posthuman - 10 years ago
as much as I love these animals I would shit myself
R Roop
R Roop - 10 years ago
AWESOME!!!!!! Props to you bro, you are the luckiest person on earth today!
Melissa Etehad
Melissa Etehad - 10 years ago
@Guaxinim26 thats exactly what was going through my mind while watching this :)
mwcorell - 10 years ago
Wow I actually got the top comment..... like a boss
divinethug1 - 10 years ago
Like A Bawz!!
Bruno Luis Andrade
Bruno Luis Andrade - 10 years ago
Esse tem coragem
captainbutch - 10 years ago
awesome!!! next time you should speaking "whale" like Dory
2bemytube - 10 years ago
Sensational footage. Big thumbs up!
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith - 10 years ago
that is simply stunning
Stefan Detrez
Stefan Detrez - 10 years ago
2:32 Woohoow!
Dave1307 - 10 years ago
@STILLNAKEDBULLWINKLE I don't see a partner.
AnalistasdeOcio - 10 years ago
Quincy Vermeer
Quincy Vermeer - 10 years ago
Anton Slizzardhands
Anton Slizzardhands - 10 years ago
Dat shit cray
Juan Breez
Juan Breez - 10 years ago
This is what living life means!
PhotoGalleryZEROcom - 10 years ago
how lucky you are!!
Henrique - 10 years ago
UHU haha
Leoyoutb - 10 years ago
I would have soiled my pants.
Mike Davis
Mike Davis - 10 years ago
Where is the restroom?
the22game - 10 years ago
@Copiophonica I wonder if modern canoesnow come with internet wikipedia browsing capabilities.
ワタリドリ - 10 years ago
Amazing!! XD
G20047 - 10 years ago
woooooow....!!! it's amazing. It's like the whale wanna talk to you :) I LOVE NATURE !!!!!!!
SheSoTalented216 - 10 years ago
he is living out my absolute worst fear! and WHOO HOOing in the process!
Andy Gamer
Andy Gamer - 10 years ago
Daniel Schmitt
Daniel Schmitt - 10 years ago
Juan Breez
Juan Breez - 10 years ago
Amazing!. He has balls
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez - 10 years ago
Saw this on weather channel. Amazing work!
Ian Woodworth
Ian Woodworth - 10 years ago
I want to convert the sound of the water on your camera into a ringtone
Aroldo Cidaum
Aroldo Cidaum - 10 years ago
i love the sound of water in the camera
JungleBoogie _
JungleBoogie _ - 10 years ago
wow, that is amazing. thanks for sharing this video.
Renan Caselatto
Renan Caselatto - 10 years ago
4thenucks97 - 10 years ago
This is the most breath taking video i have ever seen! Thank you for posting!
Caio Camisão
Caio Camisão - 10 years ago
That's why YouTube was made for. Simple people can record amazing things.
Will Corleone
Will Corleone - 10 years ago
Just two words for this video: FUCK YEAH!!!
wendus93 - 10 years ago
MelonJMusic - 10 years ago
I would die. Literally. I'd be so afraid that thing would squash me like a bug by accident that I would seriously die of shock. You are super brave. But question: (serious question because I'm not aware of all the laws) Isn't there a distance one must be from these beautiful animals as they are endangered and protected?
Paul Peluso
Paul Peluso - 10 years ago
JUST AMAZING !!! Wish it was me
Barret - 10 years ago
That's in Redondo? Amazing!
TTundragrizzly - 10 years ago
we have blue whales near alaska too. Would love to go swimming with them.
Michigan Hiker
Michigan Hiker - 10 years ago
Fantastic! Thanks for sharing such a fantastic experiance.
Mahdi - 10 years ago
swimming like a BOSS
leibowitzeable - 10 years ago
From the MMPA: "Level B Harassment means any act of pursuit, torment, or annoyance which has the potential to disturb a marine mammal or marine mammal stock in the wild by causing disruption of behavioral patterns, including, but not limited to, migration, breathing, nursing, breeding, feeding, or sheltering but which does not have the potential to injure a marine mammal or marine mammal stock in the wild." Cool video, that whale was feeding, thus your pursuit could be considered harassment.
ChappyBT - 10 years ago
@cacamonster91st True, but surprisingly an occurrence that is extremely rare! The whales have a very good sense of what is around them, and an even better sense of what their flukes may hit. I've seen divers within feet of large whales, and the whales invariably can stop short of hitting any of them. You can even see that they shorten their stroke so as not to hit them...really amazing creatures!
ChappyBT - 10 years ago
@BeachKeever The whale was feeding, it's easy to see if you know what you're looking at. In one shot it clearly shows the whale's throat grooves were heavily expanded, and water was visible being forced thru the baleen.
Staward - 10 years ago
That video was incredible, thank you so much for sharing it!
dick_tracy - 10 years ago
woo hoo!
mwcorell - 10 years ago
That guy has balls the size of the moon
hotdrumchick - 10 years ago
@flashgo8 There are many Japanese people living in RB.
John Carson
John Carson - 10 years ago
This is on my bucket list!!...... I'm just afraid it'll be in the bucket forever. I want to see this so bad. Its sucks that just to be able to see the planet I live on I need to have money.....ahhh I just want to experience this.
meh - 10 years ago
Gd dat shit craze
BerryVlog - 10 years ago
I'd Be Flipping The F*ck Out!!
Jh Mon
Jh Mon - 10 years ago
Wow... que belleza de animal tan grande
Tom Ricketts
Tom Ricketts - 10 years ago
@BeachKeever dont worry the whale wasent feading the whale whase just couris
BeachKeever - 10 years ago
Beautiful! Please remember to respect the Marine Mammal Protection Act and give them space, no matter how exciting the experience may be. If these animals are feeding, we do not want to interfere. Thank you!
KARIN LANE - 10 years ago
That was freaking AWESOME!! Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I didn't even know there were blue whales off of Redondo Beach! Amazing. :)
Rafiu - 10 years ago
what a privilige for him!
cam201040 - 10 years ago
One of those moments where you shit your pants with the biggest smile on your face.
Lord Heed
Lord Heed - 10 years ago
TWITTER = TheRealSunGod
glassandroid - 10 years ago
absolutely amazing ;)
JJ T - 10 years ago
Rickypr18 - 10 years ago
Aby Cruz
Aby Cruz - 10 years ago
Shit!! A Whale, Watch Out !! :O
leo J
leo J - 10 years ago
kinda reminds me of Jonah getting swallowed by a whale lol !
rockernice1990 - 10 years ago
lifeizgood68 - 10 years ago
@The51Bubs51 sad but true
CJ23 - 10 years ago
stupid white people.
Noah Lagaly
Noah Lagaly - 10 years ago
This is flat out amazing
The51Bubs51 - 10 years ago
@lifeizgood68 you explained 99.9 percent of america nowadays
Skrimpish - 10 years ago
that must feel so cool
lifeizgood68 - 10 years ago
@The51Bubs51 ya its nice to see and all...but then people see this then everyone wants to do it and that is when you get idiots doing stuff they shouldn't, we all gota play by the same rules you know
The51Bubs51 - 10 years ago
@lifeizgood68 oh i didnt know.. than this should be illegal i suppose i mean thats basically what i researched and it said that so ya ur right i guess
Trump2020 - 10 years ago
-cries- Double whales!!! WHAT COULD THIS MEAN!!!?
beergo99les - 10 years ago
xRawrItsIan - 10 years ago
@TTundragrizzly it's here in California.
seyned89 - 10 years ago
im crying right now.. its so beautiful
TTundragrizzly - 10 years ago
oh and where is this? Never heard of Redondo beach.
TTundragrizzly - 10 years ago
aren't kyaks very tippy? in other words how can u get back in it from the water without it just tipping over?
lifeizgood68 - 10 years ago
@The51Bubs51 I believe there is a law your not supposed to approach whales this close due to harm that can be cause to yourself or possibly the whale, research it you will find something along those lines
MrThanmaaaan - 10 years ago
I want to be a whale...
Aileen Torres
Aileen Torres - 10 years ago
The51Bubs51 - 10 years ago
@lifeizgood68 how is this illegal.. if your video taping them, im pretty sure its ok... now poaching is another thing..
lifeizgood68 - 10 years ago
pretty sure this is illegal
floridafishingo - 10 years ago
@dmvella3 Why? You must be a Dumb ass.
Kanavit Choonit
Kanavit Choonit - 10 years ago
๋i wanna see jaws!!
Donny Wahyudi
Donny Wahyudi - 10 years ago
i agree with you haha @CookieLaffay Nice camera Never gets wet
Krystian Chalupczak
Krystian Chalupczak - 10 years ago
Shit thats nice
Donny Wahyudi
Donny Wahyudi - 10 years ago
cool......!!! great experience!
ukgirlonce - 10 years ago
you rock!!!! thanks so much for sharing this with us!!!
Alejandro Cosío
Alejandro Cosío - 10 years ago
RCasto - 10 years ago
Thank you for sharing such an amazing video!

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