Keys Kayak Fishing - That Escalated Quickly

Finally got outside to the blue water. Put in some trolling hours with not much to show. The wrecks were kind of quiet as well. Did pull up a couple though. The wind is down for a bit so should be able to get out a bit more often. Boy those sharks are aggessive.

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Finally got outside to the blue water. Put in some trolling hours with not much to show. The wrecks were kind of quiet as well. Did pull up a couple though. The wind is down for a bit so should be able to get out a bit more often. Boy those sharks are aggessive.

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Endy Eater of Donuts Wolf
Endy Eater of Donuts Wolf - 4 years ago
Megan Painter
Megan Painter - 4 years ago
Poor fishy :(
HedgeOwl Invest
HedgeOwl Invest - 4 years ago
do you have like a death wish?
Bails Lennils
Bails Lennils - 4 years ago
Didnt escalate that quick
Courtney Bostdorff
Courtney Bostdorff - 4 years ago
Just love it when those grey suits show up :-)
Councilman Les Wynan
Councilman Les Wynan - 4 years ago
and this is why i prefer fishing in northern lakes
Bassman Dan
Bassman Dan - 4 years ago
Is that the Shimano Torium that you used against that bonita? I’ve been thinking about picking one up.
Eric No
Eric No - 4 years ago
for those with slow interwebs you came for 8:34
Elder Fidelis
Elder Fidelis - 4 years ago
Sorry I have to call bullshit. Unless you paddle your ass out and back you're not kayaking man lol you have a narrow John boat. How lazy can you get man? That's like putting a motor kit on your bicycle and saying your a cyclist. If your kayak takes gas, your a fraud lol sorry partner.

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Ron Lee
Ron Lee - 4 years ago
Great white gonna come up to that kayak and take a bite out of the kayak
2viewbosque - 4 years ago
Had to stop watching when he starts grunting. Grunting sharkbait.
Big Nuts
Big Nuts - 4 years ago
Am i the only one that feels sorry for the fish thats missing a chunk of its body ?
Robert Olsen
Robert Olsen - 4 years ago
In a canoe f u really
therealneilvowles - 4 years ago
Sharks are like dogs, they only bite when you touch their private parts
That guy
That guy - 4 years ago
This is why people should lose this fad of Tupperware fishing. There nuts
chris moffat
chris moffat - 4 years ago
RIP my ears
Abigail Sockeye
Abigail Sockeye - 4 years ago
your gonna need a bigger boat
Adam Behrends
Adam Behrends - 4 years ago
Too bad the sharks didn't knock over your boat and eat you.
Nito - 4 years ago
fuck u u hit the sharks nd made that poor fish get killed fuck u asian bastard

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Nito - 4 years ago
fuck u bastard killing poor endangered fish for bait fuck u
Suyesh Rana
Suyesh Rana - 4 years ago
So, what happened to the fish, the bitten one. Did u let the shark have it in the end, or did u take it with urself n cooked it....just curious, since it was dead already
Voodoochild from Hell
Voodoochild from Hell - 4 years ago
are that silky sharks?
Izom - 4 years ago
holyshit- what a hobby!? ;- ()- love the keys- but since know what creatures there in water i stay in the pool ....
Pbloc - 4 years ago
Long silence
Life with Ken and Jane
Life with Ken and Jane - 4 years ago
Rigged PFA is who Gave the shout out. Thank you
Mike L
Mike L - 4 years ago
Looks like you were simply using that poor little fish for your own sadistic pleasure.
triggerd millennial
triggerd millennial - 4 years ago
After this many times just take a 45. And go shark hunting
SP Q - 4 years ago
A Sandbar Shark ate your AJ!  Up close & personal, after all that work. 
And then you were done for the day on that particular spot bc nothing'll get by those amazing creatures!
O_0  WoW!   Nice video.  You ever double the line & tie a Palomar?
HarcourtFootballProductions - 4 years ago
why so disrespectful

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Nip Nip2K
Nip Nip2K - 4 years ago
Whoop Whoop
Whoop Whoop - 4 years ago
Another fake video! They were obviously guys dressed in shark costumes!
Aimee Curry
Aimee Curry - 4 years ago
ЩУКА НА ВОБЛЕР - 4 years ago
Like from Ukrainian fisherman!
Greg E.
Greg E. - 4 years ago
That shark absolutely wrecked that fish - goes to show how sharp their teeth are.
Nappy Kemps
Nappy Kemps - 4 years ago
a little editing of the footage would be great.
krackerToo - 4 years ago
Some "Young Dummy Man and the Sea" shit there.
Soknov Lorn
Soknov Lorn - 4 years ago
Cici - 4 years ago
Hey does anyone know where this is? Oh wait IT'S CAPE HELLNAW, that's right.....
Matthew Morrison
Matthew Morrison - 4 years ago
The 1000 dislikes are from commercial fisherman who charge money to take people out to that wreck. Great video. Your man card is firmly punched, my friend.
Joe PM
Joe PM - 4 years ago
Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson - 4 years ago
I guarantee you this guy has no real job
Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson - 4 years ago
Rose Epp
Rose Epp - 4 years ago
You were pissed
Stuart Stuart
Stuart Stuart - 4 years ago
Hate seeing living creatures get killed for fun or left to suffocate...hoping this fun-seeking bastard gets a bit if karma and maybe the removal of a limb by something from the deep ...dont mind in the slightest fishing if it is THE only way you have to put food on the table for yourself or family, but not for so-called FUN...
Quandleberg Humpadick
Quandleberg Humpadick - 4 years ago
reel in the shark and taser the fuckerr that's bound to get you $20 at the Asian Restaurants.
Quandleberg Humpadick
Quandleberg Humpadick - 4 years ago
here fishiefishiefishiefishie.
Quandleberg Humpadick
Quandleberg Humpadick - 4 years ago
kayak fishermen = kamikaze fishermen
Richard Weed
Richard Weed - 4 years ago
Du er alle verdiløs og svak. Slip nå og gi meg tjue!
Lachlan Thistlethwaite
Lachlan Thistlethwaite - 4 years ago
Are bonita fish big?

50. comment for Keys Kayak Fishing - That Escalated Quickly

ReelJedi - 4 years ago
I have seen this video a few times now! That was crazy! Do you carry a piece with you now, just in case?
icewall flatearth
icewall flatearth - 4 years ago
crazy ass Thai's!. I would have shot them sharks. slither up on that kayak and bite yo ass up. shhhhhiiiiiiitttttt!....
d2excess - 4 years ago
Finger lakes in ny are enuff to scare me in my yak. Dont think i will be going out in the ocean. But you have a nice setup for it with the pontoon and motor
Eff Yoo
Eff Yoo - 4 years ago
happy bait! yes! run that dog!
Conflict Ortiz
Conflict Ortiz - 4 years ago
How far can you go out with a kayak
Scarfy Boy
Scarfy Boy - 4 years ago
At 6 46 he like at dis moment he new he f up
Elizabeth Angel
Elizabeth Angel - 4 years ago
11:02 "Hehehehhhh................................F*ck you.....................Bitches." lol
Mining Profit
Mining Profit - 4 years ago
How dosnt the kayak sink from the weight of your balls sir ?
Kennedy Crevoiserat
Kennedy Crevoiserat - 4 years ago
Got some balls man im so fucking afraid of sharks and the fact your literally right there fishing around them and comfortable is really awesome. Does seeing them discourage you?
mix songs
mix songs - 4 years ago
What did you do with tuna at the first catch
phdfxwg Fischercat
phdfxwg Fischercat - 4 years ago
send it back its allready been chewed !
phdfxwg Fischercat
phdfxwg Fischercat - 4 years ago
send it back its allready been chewed !
DogFaced Boy
DogFaced Boy - 4 years ago
The more time I spent out on big bodies of water in little craft, the MORE scared of sharks I got, not less scared. When that second, larger one showed up, the odds of a third, and larger one showing up goes WAY up. And the fourth one'll be even larger etc. "Good sportsman" is not in their personality outline. And people on sailcraft, ANYWHERE from maybe Daytona beach Fl. on down South, past all the islands? STAY on your boat. Yes, there's no one around, yes you can swim naked. Yes, there's NO ONE AROUND. And there is no match-up of skills, there. They are FISH and you are FOOD. I'd actually seen people towing dead bleeding fish behind their boat (so it wouldn't get their boat dirty) and jump in swimming right next to their bleeding SHARK BAIT. Sharks just don't DO macho, they run on a different value system entirely.
ChickenBoss02 - 4 years ago
Fuck going into the ocean on a kayake no way
Soul - 4 years ago
steel balls here guys
ThE DIDDL3R - 4 years ago
just cut the fucking line....
lion fish
lion fish - 4 years ago
Dustin , Glad you are a fan of adventure. HEMINGWAY AND HIS TRAVELS , ARE A MUST READ. OLD MAN AND THE SEA !!!, WILL ALWAYS BE !!!!.
KrazyKiwi - 4 years ago
Sharks swimming around, all like "Hey, give us more free food, you fuck." They clearly know what's going on, smart fuckers.
lee gar
lee gar - 4 years ago
You were at a dangerous moment, if something goes wrong, these mothefuckers, do not distinguish if you are fish or not, I think that the whole world should start eating them in all products, sausages, Burgers, etc. and the skin use it in shoes, purses, belts, etc, ok I say the big ones, 4 feet and up. and I say this because a few months ago, I went out in a boat one night of bluefish fishing, around 60 person on the boat, that night everybody fishing quantities of sharks, I personally around 15 sharks, The seas are full of these son of a bitches
CLIFFLIX - 4 years ago
Reef sharks? I don't think they were Bulls and not black or white tips. If not Reef than Lemon?
SP Q - 4 years ago
I think it's a Sandbar Shark aka a brown shark... not a Bull, nose too pointy & too 'yellow' in color & not as stocky in body... not a Lemon bc if you look closely at the dorsal fins of these sharks, they are very large.  Look at a Lemon's dorsal fin, not only are they smaller compared to the whole shark, but Lemons have 2 dorsals about the same size. Reef sharks have smaller dorsal fins.  That's my guess, anyway.
Emiliano Alvarez
Emiliano Alvarez - 4 years ago
Estas re cracy
Robert Evras
Robert Evras - 4 years ago
The sharks were just making sure you fully bless your catch!
chrs_chris - 4 years ago
what about the poor wounded fish?! JUST HIT HIM DEATH
Valerie Freeman
Valerie Freeman - 4 years ago
Juan Valladares
Juan Valladares - 4 years ago
Bring a machete next time my friend
Justus 04
Justus 04 - 4 years ago
You should kill the fish and not throw him back to water.
OCEANO Florida Keys Outfitters
OCEANO Florida Keys Outfitters - 4 years ago
Clean bite
NoName - 4 years ago
Who is here in February 2018
jay failing
jay failing - 4 years ago
landlord took his cut rent man in the grey suit
Jamie Broyles
Jamie Broyles - 4 years ago
It don't matter what pound shark. If the kak flips. It's over. Good luck. Or the shark can leap out water and take your head off. What is wrong with ppl now days.
Andreas Bakkers
Andreas Bakkers - 4 years ago
You can make a living from all these tuna's. Every day fishing. Wat a life. Cheers
Lucas Andrade
Lucas Andrade - 4 years ago
Eu amor pesca
Jack Glastra
Jack Glastra - 4 years ago
joseph findlay
joseph findlay - 4 years ago
once u saw the shark you stuck aroud wow.. brave
Winged Paragon
Winged Paragon - 4 years ago
How was that thing still alive!?
Marlin [Bryce]
Marlin [Bryce] - 4 years ago
i would’ve went into cardiac arrest and he just calmly says “awe no shark dang it”
Paul Downes
Paul Downes - 4 years ago
It's idiots like you that shouldn't be allowed on the sea.  Your rod is totally inadequate allowing the fish far too much time to attract unwanted attention while coming up.  Your damn lucky those sharks were not Tigers of Great Whites as they would attack and destroy your little Kayak, and then Daddy would not be going home today.  So buy a proper rod and source a second hand brain on Ebay
gator bites
gator bites - 4 years ago
Man bet made u fell like kid again! I moved to tn from there was just home and spent a week fishing beaches and and docks wadein it and was very sucseful for not having a boat and a 20lb king was most fun i had in long time ! So thank u for the video . and buy the way rivers and lakes suck give me the salt man !
gator bites
gator bites - 4 years ago
Justin Stallings
Justin Stallings - 4 years ago
next time press the spool release and let the fish run, make some noise by kicking your kayak or hitting the rod on it or anything (sounded like you had a motor, crank it). the sharks will often spook and the fish will get away from the sharks and you can try to get him back in one solid piece.
Killmonger - 4 years ago
crackers are crazy
wheeping willow2 4U
wheeping willow2 4U - 4 years ago
I would NEVER go in a Kayak, that is just to scary. Ive seen to many people turn over, and then your the bait. :) tc out there.
marvin O'Neale
marvin O'Neale - 4 years ago
That bonito was kickn your ass
Fuori Di Pesca
Fuori Di Pesca - 4 years ago
lenlu007 - 4 years ago
I can't.... The last 3min of this video is to jerky...jumpy and nauseating....
Leif apag
Leif apag - 4 years ago
Just bring a gun and shoot it
WeAreDragons - 4 years ago
This is the next Jeremy Wade
fred d
fred d - 4 years ago
why would you go fishing for fish that are bigger than your boat?
Devan McClaine
Devan McClaine - 4 years ago
Is he really teasing sharks? Humans are the best...
Couple of Adventures
Couple of Adventures - 4 years ago
Man you had the sharks just surrounding your kayak. lol I hate catching a good fish and losing it to a shark! Good video!

100. comment for Keys Kayak Fishing - That Escalated Quickly

Lucius In Fabula
Lucius In Fabula - 4 years ago
Bit of a nice thing to do to kill the catch straight away, you know?
U.S.Slave - 4 years ago
Nathan Choi
Nathan Choi - 4 years ago
Really cool rig you got there. Thanks for sharing.
Steven horsefield
Steven horsefield - 4 years ago
It would be cool to have a drone out there to get some of the footage.
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown - 4 years ago
I feel dizzy.
NomadRepublic - 4 years ago
Your relentless fiddling with shit makes me wish the boat capsized & you were torn to pieces. Maybe you can record that on 12 different cameras like a hyper fidgety asshole.
Foxy rollins
Foxy rollins - 4 years ago what do you think of this situation steve?
Foxy rollins
Foxy rollins - 4 years ago
were they attacking fish underneath, were they being aggressive to the boat.. I think hammerheads are man eaters. Shouldve he ignored them?
Derrick Healy
Derrick Healy - 4 years ago
tax man cometh!!!
Victorial Rose
Victorial Rose - 4 years ago
i hope one day you fall in. You could of at least killed the fish instead of it have half of its body gone.
Lorraine - 4 years ago
You know what they say ....Your not yourself when your hungry. I guess next time you can throw him a fish haha.
Jim Panze
Jim Panze - 4 years ago
fish comes up @ 4:43
wipout1 - 4 years ago
you need a powerhead instead of that GoPro when you were whacking that shark...
Steffi S
Steffi S - 4 years ago
hoping you didnt let the fish suffer
DavidAames2000 - 4 years ago
S Grzymkowski
S Grzymkowski - 4 years ago
An improved clinch knot or trilene knot is 50% stronger at the base of the knot because of using two strands of your line going through the tip of the lure.
S Grzymkowski
S Grzymkowski - 4 years ago
You guys down south ever hear of the improved clinch knot or trilene knot? Just saying I wouldn't be using a standard Uni knot unless I was fishing for goldfish or small koi
lion fish
lion fish - 4 years ago
Don't use Bonita for Bait .You said you could sale Bonita for Bait at $ 10s . That's not right!!!!. If you personally don't catch to consume then let it live and breed another day. You can use Squid for Snappers and sooo many other Fish.
pete sampson
pete sampson - 4 years ago
Thanks, Claudia. I'm not planning on visiting the coast this year so there's no rush! I just like to watch blue water fishing when it's -10F here at home. It's 31F now and supposed to get near 40F mid week so I'll be ice fishing for bluegills if I can free the time. They are awfully tasty too, especially out of ice cold water, but freshwater fish simply lack that "marine tang" and "oiliness". The cost and difficulty of getting really fresh seafood here in flyover land means I seldom risk anything more exotic than farmed salmon. I mange a few trips to the Great Lakes for salmon each year and they are better than farmed salmon but they aren't quite the same as a sea run fish either. It all works out though. When I go visit my no-good relatives on the coasts, I can spend half my time fishing and a quarter each cooking and eating. Everyone gets along best that way!

BTW. Smoking is another answer for oily fish. Smoking, broiling, grilling; the common theme is that one wants the strong tasting oils to drain out and replace them with something milder. I bake wild game, especially ducks, on a rack draped with bacon for the same reason. Now a snack and off to bed before our prattle gets us blocked.

Cheers to all from balmy Minnesota!
lion fish
lion fish - 4 years ago
pete sampson,Sounds delicious. I'll text you soon on who to get that oily taste out of your Mackerel and Bonita.
pete sampson
pete sampson - 4 years ago
BTW. I grew up in Minnesota where the kinds of bait fish one can use are limited to proper minnows. No game fish or pan fish allowed so I grew up with an aversion to using fish I like to eat as bait. That being said, bonito are plentiful enough that I don't see much harm in using them as bait but I would rather eat them myself since I only make it to the coast every few years.

Cheers again!
pete sampson
pete sampson - 4 years ago
Hi, Claudia. The most important thing is to bleed the bonito, or mackerel or any other fish with relatively dark meat, and get it on ice right away. I actually like the taste of the red meat along the lateral line but usually remove it for others or if it's particularly big. After that it's simple. A few squirts of lemon juice, a light brush with Italian salad dressing, then throw it on the grill for a few minutes per side. Butter, lemon, and garlic works too but I generally only use butter when I do it under the broiler and can control the heat better. If I use butter on the grill I end up burning it half the time.

lion fish
lion fish - 4 years ago
pete sampson , yes if you prepare it correctly. How do you cook your Bonita? These small tuna shouldn't be used as bait .
pete sampson
pete sampson - 4 years ago
Bonita are also delicious!
lion fish
lion fish - 4 years ago
lion fish
lion fish - 4 years ago
Looks like Bull Shark's to me . Just think that could have been his leg !!!!.
T02 - 4 years ago
Check out the Elias V Swim shads. This is a review of a bait thats been killing it on the kayak and in the surf.
Something_BassBoosted - 4 years ago
hehehe fuck you......bitches.
Nicholas Mueller
Nicholas Mueller - 4 years ago
Hey key west kayak Fisher I want to put a outboard on my kayak can u please show me a picture of your set up
Hav Risen
Hav Risen - 4 years ago
I wish the sharks would've knocked you off your kayak and eaten you to death. You dumb cunt.
Rendezvous - 4 years ago
Boy, them sharks have quite a bite!
Justin. T Rimjob
Justin. T Rimjob - 4 years ago
this video would be really something if you were to throw hilary clinton overboard to the shark.
Homeless - 4 years ago
You need a .308 Jab-Stick
ksdtzfir - 4 years ago
They looked like young bull sharks! ..Right?
WHY70122 - 4 years ago
You should have bitten the shark back lol
SamGillette - 4 years ago
listerine 2010
listerine 2010 - 4 years ago
Hey Tarzan the fish is struggling for his survival ,what are you struggling for? fun? Wont you soon get the sharks food please?
Perikles Angelblog
Perikles Angelblog - 4 years ago
i didnt saw an esculation, only wild animals who wants to feed
Erin. wc18
Erin. wc18 - 4 years ago
These videos give me anxiety lmaooo
Sunray06 - 4 years ago
You are the intruder in their element. You are part of the food chain. Your Kayak tips and you're on the menu
Catweasle - 4 years ago
Great footage, but you could have got some great underwater footage if didn't faf around with the camera so much. Other than that, fantastic.
Larsen Villaranda
Larsen Villaranda - 4 years ago
Great kayak, it can support your massive brass balls!
Ryan Misener
Ryan Misener - 4 years ago
Well theirs bait! Now I am scared
KageNoTenshi - 4 years ago
Shark: you come to my home steal my food, and yo dare laugh at me and call me bitches?
Road Toad
Road Toad - 4 years ago
Get a gaf hook already. You are mental enough just being out there but reaching in like that...bat shit crazy.
Tc Linn
Tc Linn - 4 years ago
Be very cool if shark ate his GoPro, then his right leg
Roger Balcer
Roger Balcer - 4 years ago
So let get this straight you catch perfectly edible fish to use as bait for sharks that you catch and release ???
Eric Minniear
Eric Minniear - 4 years ago
Awesome video
Clint Whatley
Clint Whatley - 4 years ago
Worried about your camera instead of your fish. Dumbass
colt1911com - 4 years ago
anybody that fishes in the ocean from a floating platform no bigger than a surf board is only serving themselves up as appetizers...go pros are a good idea, than they can figure out what happened to your dumb ass...P.S.....HAVING A HALF DOZEN M-80'S IN YOUR TACKLE BOX WOULDVE SCARED THOSE SHARKS AWAY..
Stephen Dobbs
Stephen Dobbs - 4 years ago
Why did you put the fish back in the water alive? surely you should have dispatched it first, not good that.
Ishaq Vally
Ishaq Vally - 4 years ago
Is there no kayak slightly wider out there so you can have room to move around/change position? This seems awfully narrow.
iTz Newblood
iTz Newblood - 4 years ago
Sharks r diks
Paul Tran
Paul Tran - 4 years ago
I just happened to land on your channel and watch a few videos. I understand that you live somewhere in FL Keys. I'm so surprised how calm the water was. Where Were you fishing? You were not in the Atlantic Ocean side, were you?
AdiL oSaFi
AdiL oSaFi - 4 years ago
you actually should throw it to them because you steal thier food
Perpetual Student
Perpetual Student - 4 years ago
You paddle really fast.
Skid Mark
Skid Mark - 4 years ago
I understand not giving the fish to the sharks because they will learn to look for kayaks for food, but what do you do with a fish like that after the tax man takes his cut?
Michael Song
Michael Song - 4 years ago
That didn't escalate at all. So a shark took your fish. Wow, a big deal.
SaltWaterRiders - 4 years ago
Very cool channel! Would love to hear your thoughts on mine. Please check it out
Jordan Bestte
Jordan Bestte - 4 years ago
I feel bad for the fish on the line.. the f*cker got a chunk bit out of it then flopping around in the boat dying.. I know nature is savage but I don't like watching it
Charles Wilder
Charles Wilder - 4 years ago
Sorry the sharks came; that was a beautiful fish. I found a school of 10-lb tuna just outside the breakwater at Redondo Beach, CA, but every time I wore one out and was ready to boat it, a sea lion took all but the head! The stinking sea lions are protected, so i could not even knock them on the head with an oar, to discourage them! I tried letting the tuna wear themselves out at a distance, then rip them quickly back to the boat, but the sea lions still got them, right at the boat. I know 10-lb tuna don't sound like much to you, but while I was broke in law school, it was great to us, much better than 3-lb bonito and 1-lb mackerel, all that I usually caught with day rental of a 12-foot wood boat, small motor, and sled of anchovies.
Zero Cool
Zero Cool - 4 years ago
Sharks...natures biggest asshole
Brian Nielsen
Brian Nielsen - 4 years ago
Fake  G.G.I. Come on man that never really happened.
ralph crosby
ralph crosby - 4 years ago
Great Video
ralph crosby
ralph crosby - 4 years ago
I am to old and my cahones are not as big as they once were. I’ll stick to a charter boat on the big blue water
Tony Ting
Tony Ting - 4 years ago
Isnt it quite scary kayaking alone on the ocean?
vince snetterton
vince snetterton - 4 years ago
i was hoping the sharks would catch you
BURGER MACE - 4 years ago
Lol what a troll
TheStevage - 4 years ago
Need to work on your editing.... Sheesh
Justice Team - Minecraft Catching Hackers
Justice Team - Minecraft Catching Hackers - 4 years ago
using the gopro to smack the sharks...
quickstep - 4 years ago
some great shots there!
Andrew Baker
Andrew Baker - 4 years ago
It's the shark's home. You're the visitor.
How would you feel if the shark came into your home and took food out of your refrigerator?
Gustavo Gonçalves
Gustavo Gonçalves - 4 years ago
Do you have any tips to people who just started fishing?
oak mitchell
oak mitchell - 4 years ago
this dude got some real balls! first a sword fish now sharks,all on a kayak. I guess I'm a wussy.
varanid9 - 4 years ago
He violated 2 fundamental rules here: 1) Never go out on the ocean alone, and 2) Never go out to sea in a craft better suited for the hotel swimming pool.
Matt Grimzy
Matt Grimzy - 4 years ago
LOL that fish got fuckin destroyed.
OtterBabs - 4 years ago
Shark Comes In at 8:35
jacob sirois
jacob sirois - 4 years ago
Cody Samuel look in my anus
He is their...... Pice of shit
Marc Dufresne
Marc Dufresne - 4 years ago
wow; check out that tail kick..
Cody Samuel
Cody Samuel - 4 years ago
my hero
theshow1234 - 4 years ago
shark said, thanks mate!
OtterBabs - 4 years ago
Great video, btw. This is for the non-anglers here (I'm sure very many) who just came to see the action!
cody ferrier
cody ferrier - 4 years ago
its dirk pit
c p
c p - 4 years ago
"Fuuck youu, Bitches" lol
Love Fishing
Love Fishing - 4 years ago
Whaooo !!! Amazing !
dunky dog
dunky dog - 4 years ago
Dinky boat no thanks
sparkimoto - 4 years ago
At least the sharks left enough to take home for dinner!
sparkimoto - 4 years ago
12:00 .. There you go all you flat earthers!!!! The EARTH is a F-in SPHERE!!! Lol!
Levi Roch
Levi Roch - 4 years ago
lol, that sucks, that spot is ruined for the rest of the day
John Smith
John Smith - 4 years ago
that poor fish with the huge chunk taken out of it and it is still fighting
Scott Whaley
Scott Whaley - 4 years ago
First of all I would not be out there on that kayak in the middle of the ocean. Second of all I'll be more worried about them sharks that I would my camera. But that's just me.
Ruben Galvan
Ruben Galvan - 4 years ago
I have seen a lot of anglers use Bonita for Shark bait.
azrael reloaded
azrael reloaded - 4 years ago
Hey there is a shark trying to steal my catch, lets make sure the gopro is getting it all.
Specialized 29er
Specialized 29er - 4 years ago
Looks like you need a tinny.
Lo que se pesca se come
Lo que se pesca se come - 4 years ago
Muy bueno !!!
jimmyrayblues - 4 years ago
Awesome! One day...maybe I will see you out there! I would probably shit a golden chicken at first!!! But it would be awesome to catch something like that...heck just to see that water!
Sally Bollywood
Sally Bollywood - 4 years ago
He should've just let that fish go it was missing a huge part of it idk why he made it keep living
Danny Branderson
Danny Branderson - 4 years ago
In my experience as long as you bring extra Doritos sharks will leave you alone. But if you don't share or forget Doritos you could be is trouble.
Vaquero 357
Vaquero 357 - 4 years ago
would be a nice fishing channel if you could leave out the expletives.
Chester Finecat
Chester Finecat - 4 years ago
Moron should've been saying "Bite me" or "Eat me!"
Marius Lauch
Marius Lauch - 4 years ago
a fish bitten in half, give it to the sharks or kill it ffs, dont let it lie there in pain u idiot
ROGER RABBIT - 4 years ago
mate how do you fit your fishing gear and your balls in that tiny canoe at the same time ?
Infinity 58
Infinity 58 - 4 years ago
how do your balls fit in that kayak?
Entelektüel Adamdan Bilgiler
Entelektüel Adamdan Bilgiler - 4 years ago
Stupid old man!
OkiPuhno - 4 years ago
oceanic white tips?
Arctic - 4 years ago
instead of fucking waiting a second when it got to the top of the water. pull it out of the fucking water and it wouldn't have a shark bite on it dumbass
Brucer Ducer
Brucer Ducer - 4 years ago
God git mah gun.
Borna909 - 4 years ago
dat bite... almost as if if was cut out with a huge razorblade...
JJ Villy
JJ Villy - 4 years ago
anyone who goes in 300 ft of water in that little piece of crap is nuts. hell no
Michael Cude
Michael Cude - 4 years ago
might work on editing a bit.
michaelwni - 4 years ago
you're in a little plastic boat in 300 ft of water, predators swimming in circles around you, one bump and you can easily be dumped in the water... probably have fish guts/bait on his clothes with some nice scent.. no one around for assistance. this is a hobby? geez
Gahl Yogu
Gahl Yogu - 4 years ago
idk or care about anything to do with fishing ....but these vids made me want to start lol
DK Nationn
DK Nationn - 4 years ago
Just looking at all that water, thinking of all the bizarre creatures we haven't discovered yet... It's mind boggling... The amount of creatures that can potentially be swimming hundreds and hundreds of feet, maybe even yards beneath the surface. It amazes me.
johnny wright
johnny wright - 4 years ago
What kind of fish was the first one you caught ?
Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael - 4 years ago
Can you catch Tuna ?
Randy H
Randy H - 4 years ago
At least they weren’t bulls lol
David Harris
David Harris - 4 years ago
Wooh, that looks like a good arm and core workout! Reeling in a big fish from 100+ feet underwater!
Billder Inbaja
Billder Inbaja - 4 years ago
Outstanding video, excellent from start to finish. Headed out, working some bait balls, going for bigger mackeral bait, you can really see how hard this "work" can be... what fun! Then up comes Mr Gray Suit... then another... then a 3rd... woohoo! You did well amigo, cheers.
Mystic Rider
Mystic Rider - 4 years ago
"Fucker!" <-- LOL!!!!
Chuck Atkins
Chuck Atkins - 4 years ago
learn to edit!
John Riccobono
John Riccobono - 4 years ago
Lol that bite taken out looks like a damn cartoon
cotswald03 - 4 years ago
Anyone know what type of sharks? They look like sandbar
Ricky Rick IB CA
Ricky Rick IB CA - 4 years ago
MisterTwister - 4 years ago
“Black eyes, like a dolls eyes”
Chad Martin
Chad Martin - 4 years ago
lol if you are gonna use an engine why not just get a real boat? this is just stupid.
Bri Bri Vanessa
Bri Bri Vanessa - 4 years ago
so they just gona eat the shit like its theirs, rude ass sharks
Thom Curry
Thom Curry - 4 years ago
I'm sure you get asked this a lot, but where do you put the fish?
Cheese Miester
Cheese Miester - 4 years ago
Just imagine if that fish was someone's leg
llennon73 - 4 years ago
very mature [mvb
Me- Man
Me- Man - 4 years ago
Shit.. haven´t you seen JAWS? i would've cut that line in a nanosecond
ted ted
ted ted - 4 years ago
Some good vids. always enjoy them. Couple of ? Why only 1 outrigger & can you send me a pic of your outboard motor bracket?
Get thee Gone
Get thee Gone - 4 years ago
cool but that was a little disturbing to see the fish with its back bitten off and still trying to swim away
Ken Jataimu
Ken Jataimu - 4 years ago
how disgusting to see you torture a fish that way. you're fucked in the head.
Sanctuary Gaming
Sanctuary Gaming - 4 years ago
my guy over he got some balls sat calm with 2 sharks swimming around him
eccentricPlays - 4 years ago
Dude that's so cool great work! I'd be terrified! I love how you were just like: "hehehe fuck you" to the sharks XD
Jekku - 4 years ago
Margaret Hollander
Margaret Hollander - 4 years ago
Pepe Mujica
Pepe Mujica - 4 years ago
Minuto 11:41 ha ha ha xD jjajajajajaj
Christian Eidsmoe
Christian Eidsmoe - 4 years ago
You shouldn't go alone, buddy!
TheFolding Gamer
TheFolding Gamer - 4 years ago
I know sharks must be a nuisance as a fisherman, but what I wouldn't give to be so close to such fascinating animals...
Gregg Smith
Gregg Smith - 4 years ago
When they find you, you might as well call it a day
azadxavas - 4 years ago
retarded kayak fisherman wish he fell into water "defending" himself.
doinjusfine1 - 4 years ago
Hey hey hey.. fuck you... Bitches... 11:15.. lol
Arahorn - 4 years ago
You have the cutest little techy setup there bro!
Oj Erasa
Oj Erasa - 4 years ago
No way im fishing in a kayak deep out there. Catch something bigger than you and it'll pull u in
BusBoppin Bimbo
BusBoppin Bimbo - 4 years ago
*pans camera to half chomped fish clinging to life
Muffin Top
Muffin Top - 4 years ago
This video made me dizzy.
Bouboune - 4 years ago
Charles frago
Charles frago - 4 years ago
8:30 for shark
tamsmith61 - 4 years ago
You should have just let the sharks have that fish. Sheesh.
One Pan Fan
One Pan Fan - 4 years ago
cool videography
Esiah Campos
Esiah Campos - 4 years ago
11:15 This man just went into THEIR spot. Took THEIR fish. SWATTED them away.
And called THEM bitches for it. This man is a savage if i ever seen one
Abogado Guapo
Abogado Guapo - 4 years ago
Looks like fun! Any organized tours?
Yaseen Kutbi
Yaseen Kutbi - 4 years ago
Shark be like: ima pakman dis motherfucker
Lyla Christopherson
Lyla Christopherson - 4 years ago
And I wonder why i hAVE OCEAN NIGHTMARES
pootis s
pootis s - 4 years ago
Woah its cool cuz its so deep
williamconor1492 - 4 years ago
How do your balls fit in the kayak lol
JXGaming - 4 years ago
just buy a fuking boat man.. those sharks will get to you on that shitty kayak
Silent- -Gamer- - {EIRE}
Silent- -Gamer- - {EIRE} - 4 years ago
That's pretty cool :)
Tamas Mihaly
Tamas Mihaly - 4 years ago
Seems like a lot of work.
hakan mavruk
hakan mavruk - 4 years ago
in like the 7:50 i hate it how hes like ehhh arghhh the noises its annoying asf
Peter Weltweit
Peter Weltweit - 4 years ago
i thought he is pulling the wreck up...
Inshore Yaker TV
Inshore Yaker TV - 4 years ago
Hey bud!!! Awesome videos brother. I just started my first YouTube channel as well. Inshore Yaker TV. I was wondering if you could subscribe and share a few of my videos. I have a bunch more videos coming this fall. I am trying to increase my subscribers. Thanks for your help. I am planning a trip to the keys next year. Maybe we can collaborate a little bit!!! Tight lines
Josua campion
Josua campion - 4 years ago
when theres fish there's sharks lol and then theres Key West Kayak Fishing
wylo Megia
wylo Megia - 4 years ago
Something funny about these videos. Forgetting yo fast forward
KittenSlippers - 4 years ago
"fuuuuck you..............bitches"
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person - 4 years ago
This is exactly why I hate the ocean
AnonyGen - 4 years ago
When you're on a kayak and you see a shark at what point do you tell yourself time to leave?
lilljack - 4 years ago
Dude when you jabbed one of them you had me dying
Uncle Bob
Uncle Bob - 4 years ago
A guy in our dorm at Ohio U. @1971 had a pet iguana he kept in an aquarium in his room
It would follow him down the hall to the bath and shower with him. It escaped on a below freezing night, got outside and froze to death.
goodrita - 4 years ago
Out in the middle of no where with two sharks circling your tiny kayak....let's poke this fucker with a GoPro :D
ALPHUUR - 4 years ago
Big chomp.
Chuck Reynolds
Chuck Reynolds - 4 years ago
Could you even eat that fish after the shark took that huge bite out of it? like safe to eat?  bacteria etc?
Cavan DM
Cavan DM - 4 years ago
Id be shitin my pants
Joanne Wu
Joanne Wu - 4 years ago
Am i the only one who felt bad for the bitten fish
A Cheeky Motherfucker
A Cheeky Motherfucker - 4 years ago
That one awkward moment when ur fishing and 2 sharks come up and bite the shit outta ur fish and don’t leave you alone
Pat Long
Pat Long - 4 years ago
Be nice to have some M80s about now
TheSteelTech - 4 years ago
Get back...i'mma poke you with my camera!
Igotknobblies - 4 years ago
What depth water? You were cranking for ages with the bonito.....
ComputerBuild123 - 4 years ago
Did you still eat it?
Cryptic Wolf
Cryptic Wolf - 4 years ago
Huh, the earth is round after all
lost lamos
lost lamos - 4 years ago
bring few firecrackers...the shockwave will drive them away..
Cedric J
Cedric J - 4 years ago
Old man's gotta be the old man, fish has gotta be the fish. You gotta be who you are in this world, no matter what (lol) ~Denzel Washington
Petter Bruland
Petter Bruland - 4 years ago
Loving the setup, super cool. Also cool video with the Iguana you found way out off shore.
Jo Blogs
Jo Blogs - 4 years ago
Love all the camera angles. Your good, and bold.
Jo Blogs
Jo Blogs - 4 years ago
Hey dude, I'm not a fisherman, so I apologise for asking probably a dumb question, did it have its mouth wide open, to bite you? I've not watched your channel before, I'm vegetarian so I don't know much about it, but it interests me, I find fishing fascinating. That is when you catch something. Apart from the view, at sea, now that gets more than a tad boring. I've just realised!! Your all play in the snow! Seriously, inland the places rivers flow through, can be beautiful. Love your boat! Is that half a catamaran, or two thirds, if you get my drift? Was that a small tuna?
Destinee Mikayla
Destinee Mikayla - 4 years ago
Poor fish still alive I bet he’s in so much pain
Mareva TERAIAMANO - 4 years ago
@8:52 LMAO
Rob 2x
Rob 2x - 4 years ago
yall so kno whales and sharks tip ppl over on those things all the time
Milky Moo
Milky Moo - 4 years ago
Don't mess with the shark mafia man, they'll hunt you down.
Jason Ray
Jason Ray - 4 years ago
Brother, you can have all that shit.
stripervince1 - 4 years ago
Jesus just give them the fish. Is it worth your life. How badly do you need to eat that fish
adam tullius
adam tullius - 4 years ago
Dudes got some nads
Vinette Ricci
Vinette Ricci - 4 years ago
Mickr4 - 4 years ago
8:17 To get to the escalating part...
powertoke420 - 4 years ago
I would've fed alot of people with that shark
Sake Bobombs
Sake Bobombs - 4 years ago
Heheheh.. fuck you, bitches.
oink ooink
oink ooink - 4 years ago
Teasing animals...good one
s. Conragutltaion for radenig tih
s. Conragutltaion for radenig tih - 4 years ago
Did you end up consuming that bitten fish? Or did you end up throwing it back into the water? I'd assume it would be okay to consume it right away (before it turns bad due to open wound)... but is there a possibility of getting sick due to sharks bacteria being present around the bitten areas? Do most people try to salvage parts of such fish, or do they throw it out?
Cow Cow
Cow Cow - 4 years ago
He probably thre it out
mustng Gt Gaming
mustng Gt Gaming - 4 years ago
Any one else just waiting for his boat to flip over
keith jones
keith jones - 4 years ago
why don't you use a rod with a little more backbone ?
Ben Alexander
Ben Alexander - 4 years ago
Bruh, I don't even like fishing but this guy is awesome!
Twellow - 4 years ago
Poor fish=(
resonator resonator
resonator resonator - 4 years ago
You know, a talented and aspiring cosmetic fish surgeon could have fixed that poor guy right up..
Red mando commando
Red mando commando - 4 years ago
Love how your not even phased by two sharks popping out of nowhere to eat your fish. All he said was "fucking sharks." XD
Welkon - 4 years ago
10:59 The world is round...
Zues - 4 years ago
"Fucker!" You got some of the biggest balls playing tug of war with a shark in his home territory. You need an Ozzie.
Roshein Perera
Roshein Perera - 4 years ago
First human to poke a sharky with a Gopro
andypoop - 4 years ago
i was like wow thats a big fish now its time to go home but then he said it was just bait...
matic1203cc - 4 years ago
Awesome!! Started out watching the iguana episode and now I can stop!! BTW, this looks great on my 60 in 4k but it won't let me adjust the video settings.
Firsbt Lastbb
Firsbt Lastbb - 4 years ago
A good idea is to never put your thumb on the reel spool while fighting a fish. I learned the hard way when I hooked a 13.5 pound sheepshead. My thumb is still scarred!
Truthseeker1 - 4 years ago
A couple of rounds from a large caliber handgun would turn these scavenging sharks into fish food.
Beats 4 Vidz
Beats 4 Vidz - 4 years ago
What are the odds of 2 sharks chasing your 1 fish in that huge ocean
Roaming Texans
Roaming Texans - 4 years ago
Thanks for the GPS way points, Not that you will see my chicken butt out there. Love your videos.
monkey D luffy
monkey D luffy - 4 years ago
Now this is what i come on youtube to see. That was a cool badass video, great content! and thx for posting it and sharing your experience with the rest of us! that was very entertaining my man!
J L - 4 years ago
Anyone know what kind of sharks they were? Grey reef sharks maybe?
Teagan Ven
Teagan Ven - 4 years ago
Going on the middle of a deep lake / ocean / Nope /
Brad Dillion
Brad Dillion - 4 years ago
You killed that beautiful fish for $10 in bait? WOw.
Mike Dickinson
Mike Dickinson - 4 years ago
Is that a Saltist? I love that reel!
Mike Dickinson
Mike Dickinson - 4 years ago
Tie a better knot and it won’t slip. I’m not sure that a uni is the right knot for rigging hooks.
jfmauto - 4 years ago
I Love this type of adventure! Love your videos!!!
Larry Lee
Larry Lee - 4 years ago
I like a kayak in the bay for trout and redfish. I'm kinda thinking you might need a skiff. At least a trampoline over your rigging to lay fish, rods and shit on.
Dob Loper
Dob Loper - 4 years ago
Shark meat taste good and sharks kill people. Why do Australian and US governments protect sharks?
mrnickbig1 - 4 years ago
A motorized SOT with an outrigger is hardly a kayak!
SÑÖW ÇÄT - 4 years ago
That shark took a big ass bit hold fuck
Misterpolytech - 4 years ago
I don't think my back could take the leverage needed for larger catches in that sitting position...
I think I'll stick w/ my 19' Arima!
munchitheguy 95
munchitheguy 95 - 4 years ago
Pretty cool video
Quinton Hall
Quinton Hall - 4 years ago
Fucking hate sharks... Unless im eating them xD
Don B
Don B - 4 years ago
Wow that bit is like straight outta a cartoon
SD1Griffin - 4 years ago
5k likes and 1k dislikes, wtf is wrong with ppl? THANKS FOR THE VIDEO, SUBBED.
ahmed albrhoumi
ahmed albrhoumi - 4 years ago
Good Job Steve! Great channel.
Motor rider
Motor rider - 4 years ago
Did u keep the fish?
ursaltydog - 4 years ago
Poor fish.. he still was trying to live after that huge chunk was taken out by shark..
brandon - 4 years ago
fuck sharks man, so god damn annoying
MynameaChef - 4 years ago
lmfao that fucking fish got bodied.
Alabama Thorne
Alabama Thorne - 4 years ago
keep fooling with the camera and the sharks gonna get you.
Joe Silkwood
Joe Silkwood - 4 years ago
Good conversation
Man of Action
Man of Action - 4 years ago
The thing is, though- That was a little one. Seen them twice that size. You have to watch your Pontoon boats, as well. They will bite them in half, if your not careful. You might want to pack the 12 gauge on those trips.
KsK - Berdush
KsK - Berdush - 4 years ago
13:13 please kill me
Alvani Mercado
Alvani Mercado - 4 years ago
Like that thing would live that long
The Frostbitten Florida Fisherman
The Frostbitten Florida Fisherman - 4 years ago
Steve, you are one brave MF. Not sure I would be playing around with those big guys as you were, especially in a little kayak, level with the water. Would love to get out with you sometime. I am Canadian but have a home in Bonita Springs Florida, and looking forward to fishing my retirement hours away. Definitely want to get down to the keys to try some of the spots you have shown on your videos. Keep up the great work.
M VGA - 4 years ago
Rob Boss
Rob Boss - 4 years ago
Super cool footage, subscribed!!
xxxlostxxxxx - 4 years ago
Did he...Did he just boop a shark with a gopro?
Greg Snowball
Greg Snowball - 4 years ago
Personally, I would've have waited until I was on land before taunting the sharks.
Kahele Koki
Kahele Koki - 4 years ago
Sharks be like "let us have the rest of that Scooby snack playa"
Maria Leija
Maria Leija - 4 years ago
Loved it! Don't edit, I want to hear the reel scream and see that pole bend! Btw loved the snarky reply to that damn shark!
Edgar Molina
Edgar Molina - 4 years ago
I have never used the uni knot
Is it good??
Bremstones Gaming
Bremstones Gaming - 4 years ago
Shark - Ohh hey bro we see you fishing out here, you wish to make it back? We will bite what ever you catch as payment? Deal?
Vetal рыбак
Vetal рыбак - 4 years ago
You good, man. Cool fishing. Welcome to my channel.
Dash Warburton
Dash Warburton - 4 years ago
What type of sharks were those??
Fornwith - 4 years ago
The IRS of the sea.
Teemu-TV - 4 years ago
All fish that are caught for eating must be handled carefully to reduce stress and humanely killed as soon as possible after capture. Humane killing requires that the fish is stunned (rendered instantaneously insensible) before being bled out. Percussive stunning involves a forceful and accurate blow to the head with a blunt instrument. The force required will depend on the size of the fish. The blow should be aimed just above the eyes to impact on the brain. The effectiveness of the stun should be checked and another blow applied if the fish is not unconscious.

After stunning the fish should be bled out by cutting the gill rakers or, with larger fish, a main artery. With the very small fish breaking the neck is good way to kill. Just put your thumb or other finger to the mouth of the fish and quickly make a move upwards.

All this is important because fish also feel pain and suffer. When the fish is in pain and suffering, the fish also produce stress hormone. Stress hormone makes the meat of the fish taste worst and stress hormone also reduce keeping quality.

Tight lines!
membernypd - 4 years ago
I love to fish but I don't swim (I know, I know) but, having seen this, I bet you I'd be paddling that kayak at break-neck speed! (or so I'd hope) Also, I'd never get in that kayak...Kudos to those that are brave! :-)
TheKoprusInspiration - 4 years ago
ok but like what did you expect throwing that big ass bait out there???
Daniel O
Daniel O - 4 years ago
The tax men get what the tax men want!
Funny dog Videos
Funny dog Videos - 4 years ago
If I hear the oriley auto parts theme song one more time I'm going to smash my head into the keyboshebdjshbsnsjahabbdjsbwhjsndvdhannsi
Van Sem
Van Sem - 4 years ago
awesome too bad the shark took a bite outta your catch
Elisamar Barajas
Elisamar Barajas - 4 years ago
What reel are you using? A Talica or a Torium ?
Jared Rodgers
Jared Rodgers - 4 years ago
Bruh... That shark took a fat ass bite out of that fish's back!!!! Lol
G Wiz
G Wiz - 4 years ago
did you ever eat that fish? or just feed it to the sharks..?
Brittany Guidry
Brittany Guidry - 4 years ago
your go pro skills make me sick literally
MascotAL - 4 years ago
Kayak fishing is the reason there are more shark attacks these days. More and more kayaks are on the water fishing and that will attract sharks. They are like dogs looking for a easy snack.
41magfan - 4 years ago
What a crappy way to spend a day. Lol
caranx89 - 4 years ago
ohhhh medregal out!!jajajja
do you not used spinning reel? i need medium size good but cheap.....maybe spheros or daiwa bg??
Nick Trench
Nick Trench - 4 years ago
How is that fish still alive?..
ronin samurai
ronin samurai - 4 years ago
No fishes the keys without paying taxes
P A - 4 years ago
You should dump the fish faster. One bite to the side and you are sinking. Especially when it's bleeding between your legs. Common sense. They are in a frenzy that can go wrong fast. They bite the sides of my boat sometimes. Glad it worked out and you got the shots.
Jeff White
Jeff White - 4 years ago
How can that kayak hold all that weight from your steel balls?
andy pincince
andy pincince - 4 years ago
Never seen a video with so many thumbs down..I can see why..your nuts!
andy pincince
andy pincince - 4 years ago
you are crazy going that far in a small piece of plastic..any decent size shark can have you for lunch!
Radley2612 - 4 years ago
Give me back my lunch or the go-pro gets it
Above The Hook
Above The Hook - 4 years ago
We had a Mako encounter the other day in La Jolla CA on the kayak, aggressive SOB's!! Check out our channel "Above the Hook" Kayak Fishing TV. Awesome video BTW!
Cristina Jean Donato
Cristina Jean Donato - 4 years ago
scary sharks
erdwinjc - 4 years ago
Great video! :) Is it true you cannot eat the fish after a shark has bitten it due to bacterial infection?
Michael Donlon
Michael Donlon - 4 years ago
Forward to 4:20 unless you need a nap.
herr trigger
herr trigger - 4 years ago
Does he have an AJ? Nope, Yellowfin? Nope, a frickin' bonito!?!?  took that long?  WTF? Try some heavier tackle bro-
Azzen Loewe
Azzen Loewe - 4 years ago
Sick vid ya got guts dude let's just hope they stay out of the jaws
paperchasin23 - 4 years ago
You ever thought about bringing a 9mm on the boat and shooting sharks?
Aidan Brown
Aidan Brown - 4 years ago
Why wouldn't u just buy a boat
Backflip Bro
Backflip Bro - 4 years ago
yeeeeeet seriously though nice catch
Loren Couch
Loren Couch - 4 years ago
Some creepy looking animals.
baitrunner1000 - 4 years ago
How da fuck does he fit his balls into that kayak!!!!!!! Crazy
Ron Yeahright
Ron Yeahright - 4 years ago
"fuck you"
Brian Feeney
Brian Feeney - 4 years ago
where do u store ur fish when u catch it
Chris McNally
Chris McNally - 4 years ago
I get a kick out of the last sentence in the description, it's like an afterthought "btw, the sharks circling me and trying to feed were a nuisance". They're probably not a danger but for us landlubbers the casual attitude is funny.
Joe Puentes
Joe Puentes - 4 years ago
The pair on this guy
Bone Fish
Bone Fish - 4 years ago
maybe you should actually use a rod you can real in false albacore under an hour especially on a kayak...or don't complain as you kill fish for no reason and get attacked and lose a hand or a foot
ThexBorg - 4 years ago
Keep ya legs in the boat. 8-)
Kopa Husi
Kopa Husi - 4 years ago
This is nothing compares to those fishing the Pacific Ocean...most times fish were thrown back..but if sharks keep hanging around then you have to leave that spot or spear one so the others will feast on that one, aim for the eye because the hide is tough...cruel but hey! you're family expect you he's lucky the sharks did not try to bite the kyak ..
GoMiGman - 4 years ago
Seems so uncomfortable to fish out of a kayak.  No matter how much and how fancy the equipment, you're still cramped, sitting in a pretty uncomfortable position putting tension on your back, can't move your legs much etc. and you can see it with this guy bringing out the first bonita how he had a tough time holding the rod and trying to grab the fish and making sure he didn't drop anything.  Not to mention how dangerous it is being out there by yourself if anything happens.  I know not everyone can afford a boat, but this is really tough it seems more trouble than it's worth.
mand0rk - 4 years ago
Surprised that kayak can float, considering the weight of your gargantuan balls!
hellgate1981 - 4 years ago
yep.......while gomer was playing with his vanity camera his fish got wasted........nice job dork
Goɴɴa - 4 years ago
probably a stupid question but what happens if you catch something too big? lol
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 4 years ago
You let it go.
24oz pinesolcan
24oz pinesolcan - 4 years ago
For all that money you spent on that kayak, you could've got a nice skiff with a 115hp or something.
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 4 years ago
Skiffs are useless in blue water. Can't go on skinny of water as mine either.
bigearedmouse17 - 4 years ago
I wouldn't be reaching for my GoPro I would be reaching for my.38
Dr.Trollish - 4 years ago
And also just to add a little fun fact, because of physics, a bullet hitting the water will lose almost all its energy within about 14 inches of water.
Even if you're shooting a .50 BMG out of a rifle...the result is still the same. So unless the fish in question is at the surface or very near to it, shooting at it is just a waste of ammo. So you actually want to be reaching for your spear gun or bow and arrow vs a firearm in a fishy situation. But those still won't really stop a shark.
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 4 years ago
THat would just make them mad.
Plebus plebus plebosaurus
Plebus plebus plebosaurus - 4 years ago
that poor fish
James Parrish
James Parrish - 4 years ago
You have balls of steel.
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 4 years ago
I guess no babies for me. LOL.
2amProFilms - 4 years ago
You have got to be an elite group of dumb fucks going out into open ocean on a dinky ass fucking Kayak.
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 4 years ago
Just not a big pussy like you. Coward. Going to die a boring sad life.
TheSlowMoBro - 4 years ago
were are you fishing at
TheSlowMoBro - 4 years ago
Key West Kayak Fishing thx
TheSlowMoBro - 4 years ago
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 4 years ago
Atlantic Ocean.
Ryan Allison
Ryan Allison - 4 years ago
I'd of thrown that to the sharks and filmed it with the go pro.
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 4 years ago
I just didn't want to give them the satisfaction. Bastards.
Clank & Ratchet
Clank & Ratchet - 4 years ago
that is a clean bite tho wow
GamingTommy 68
GamingTommy 68 - 4 years ago
What kind of shark is that?
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 4 years ago
Paweł Gosk
Paweł Gosk - 4 years ago
Pieprzny uchodźca
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 4 years ago
Pepper's refugee? I think my translator doesn't work.
gabe markgraf
gabe markgraf - 4 years ago
I'd have to say that you've got some big balls
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 4 years ago
nah, ten pound steel ones just like everybody else. LOL.
Bertrand Van der Berg
Bertrand Van der Berg - 4 years ago
Robert strikers
Robert strikers - 4 years ago
Fuck that what is stopping them from knocking you over
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 4 years ago
I'm handsome.
Toph BeiFong
Toph BeiFong - 4 years ago
Wow Didn't know sharks we're such assholes
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 4 years ago
Yea, they suck.
Substandard Gamer Kiba
Substandard Gamer Kiba - 4 years ago
Get a job sharks, don`t steal.
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 4 years ago
They are the taxman. But I guess taxmen are thieves as well.
China Shop
China Shop - 4 years ago
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Ray Ward
Ray Ward - 4 years ago
Great Videos Steve,
I'll be heading to Marathon 0n the 9th and renting a Worldcat while there. You are invited to go with, if you are intertested.

Best of fishing.

Ray W.
dian colyn
dian colyn - 4 years ago
Damn daniel
3Buffylover - 4 years ago
either he was trying to make this video or does not know how to fish. why keep the fish at the surface struggling like that if u are not trying to attract shark?
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson - 4 years ago
What an idiot you have to be to kayak nine miles into the middle of the ocean by yourself and play with sharks. What a loser.
D M D - 4 years ago
What about the poor fish with a chunk taken out off him dying on you lap ! Sick twat.
anasazi79 - 4 years ago
Hey sharks, can I get a time out so I can tend to your victim? Gtfoh
Blurgh Gitty
Blurgh Gitty - 4 years ago
When I used to visit my family in Florida and we'd go fishing they actually taught me to fillet the fish while they were still alive. If you thought this was bad, that was a lot worse. I'm not apathetic to the fish or their feelings though and I did feel awful for doing it but the fact of the matter is that we are already faking them out with food and jamming a hook in their mouth then forcing them out of their home only for an inevitable death so I mean... If you can look past all that I suppose you can try your best to look past letting them suffer for a little bit before they die.
limirl - 4 years ago
Did you expect him to give the fish CPR, mouth to mouth, place a tourniquet!
CeciN'est PasUnePipe
CeciN'est PasUnePipe - 4 years ago
no actually most fish don't have neural networks setup to feel pain the same way we do.
Jake Matsubayashi
Jake Matsubayashi - 4 years ago
Lemonoise I think it’s only invertebrates and such that don’t feel pain, fish aren’t so they can
Lemonoise - 4 years ago
caterina cergol Fish don't feel pain like mammals. They don't have the mental capacity
caterina cergol
caterina cergol - 4 years ago
Connor Beattie I don't really know much about fish, so I can't judge, but he maybe could have put it out of its misery...? I bet it was in pain (again idk though there might be reasons to why he didn't)
Connor Beattie
Connor Beattie - 4 years ago
D M D what was he supposed to do that's what happened in nature
Jack Parr
Jack Parr - 4 years ago
Great video brother!!!
Asa Mckaig
Asa Mckaig - 4 years ago
Where do you put the fish after you catch them?
Dan The Man
Dan The Man - 4 years ago
Idk why but this video looks fake to me.
Danny Keeley
Danny Keeley - 4 years ago
from 07:00 the guy is trying to take a dump
SantehClaws - 4 years ago
that escalated slower than i was hoping
Dumb Freddy
Dumb Freddy - 4 years ago
Dumb Freddy
Dumb Freddy - 4 years ago
Hentaichimp - 4 years ago
how can the fish be still alive for so long with almost 1/4 of its body missing?
Eddalot - 4 years ago
Why do you put yourself on a small ass boat, with no fucking room, and then proceeds to fucking hunt for fish who hardly fit in the boat. Then risk finding a shark who can keel you over like nothing and then devour your fucking guts. There's literally no fucking space in between you and the shark. Fishing in a Kayak, phuh, might aswell throw a sheet of paper in the water and use that as a boat instead, would be just as safe.
Sebastian Gustafsson
Sebastian Gustafsson - 4 years ago
I´m kinda confused that he didn´t just cut the line. But it might not be the right move to make either. Also adrenaline I guess.
Mandi Ford
Mandi Ford - 4 years ago
This is the reason why sharks are coming closer to land, we take their food so they take us!
Blu Ωhow to
Blu Ωhow to - 4 years ago
And there's bait wtf
Lee Hallam
Lee Hallam - 4 years ago
you didn't even have the decency to put the fish out of its misery, man I wish them sharks would have taken a bite out of you
Austin Caruso
Austin Caruso - 4 years ago
are bonita fish big?
Albert Saez Guillen
Albert Saez Guillen - 4 years ago
no release? disrespect
NoTalk Gaming
NoTalk Gaming - 4 years ago
you are such idiotic, takes you 5 min to pull the fucking fish out, what are you expecting
smaakmakend - 4 years ago
action @ 8:30 guys
ItsCyrus - 4 years ago
I would just accept death at that point aha
SunriseLP - 4 years ago
Why dont you kill the fish immidiatly?
bbsonjohn - 4 years ago
The shark is like om nom nom nom
FishingKakiTV - 4 years ago
Nice of you to put the waypoints.
TheBreezest - 4 years ago
Did you ever got scared and just threw you rod in the water and peddled the fuck up out of there? This is cool to watch but it's scary as hell
Pepe's bodega
Pepe's bodega - 4 years ago
Holy crap never seen a shark bite before and godam that was a big chunk of that fish
Mrwateeer - 4 years ago
Dr. Sean Gando
Dr. Sean Gando - 4 years ago
Great video man! Hello from California! Be safe!
1.3B • Views
1.3B • Views - 4 years ago
Where do people put the fish the catch when in a Kayak?
Antaqua R
Antaqua R - 4 years ago
It has to suck for a shark to bite your catch but out of curiosity, what do you do with it afterwards? Do you still keep it or do you give it back to the sharks?
VentureTube - 4 years ago
you had to pay the tax man in the grey suit lol!
Poison - 4 years ago
damn nature, you crazy
siegerinjesus - 4 years ago
the rod is too soft for this strong fish!
Aaron Tabak
Aaron Tabak - 4 years ago
Fuck mate get on with it fish is still alive half eaten and your just playing with it get it in the boat or let the sharks have it have feelings too
Topaine Reginald
Topaine Reginald - 4 years ago
It's not enough to enjoy the ocean and the wonderful view but this guy has to kill what's in there. I hope he gets whats coming to him. Sharks don't have supermarkets to get their dinner. Unlike this jerk.
Luke Grim
Luke Grim - 4 years ago
That fish is gonna be ok right?
YouTubeSearch ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX
YouTubeSearch ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX - 4 years ago
This video footage reminded me of that movie ``The old man and the sea`` where sharks eat his fish.
Hacked by OurMine
Hacked by OurMine - 4 years ago
Hey while watching this I was wondering if u have ever fallen in the water while fishing like this
ice la honk
ice la honk - 4 years ago
8:30 to escalate is not quick!!!
Braden - 4 years ago
a trio of bullsharks?
Rolexbeatzsti Official
Rolexbeatzsti Official - 4 years ago
13:15 fuckeerrss...LOL
FuckYouWhosNext - 5 years ago
this didnt escalate as quickly as advertised
PunchianThe3rd - 5 years ago
"Fuck You! Bitches!" after taking food from sharks.
Only In America
Effram Coleman
Effram Coleman - 5 years ago
You fish in 300 ft water with a kayak okay then
Xplycko - 5 years ago
That is a really sweet little rig you have set up there. I bet that took a ton of trial and error before you got it the way you wanted it. And I am referencing his kayak.
Xplycko - 5 years ago
Well I really enjoy your video's and think your kayak is super cool and setup really well for fishing. I really enjoyed how the sharks came after your catch. Stunk for getting bait but it was cool to see nature in action. Great vids bro!
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
LOL. Thanks for the clarification. Actually, it went together pretty seamlessly. Actually, the motor mount is the original prototype but it worked right off the bat so I have never done anything to it. Ive been waiting for it to fail or need something so I can finish it off, but never found a need.
DerajAzden - 5 years ago
so calm
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
It's so beautiful out there.
omar khan
omar khan - 5 years ago
Shit shark........ shark says = thats right nigga this is my home, where are u from.
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
Just passin through.
Lawrence Kedz
Lawrence Kedz - 5 years ago
Too bad the boat didn't tip over.
Andres Mendez
Andres Mendez - 5 years ago
great video. nd btw, me would never dare going there alone
Hunter Truth
Hunter Truth - 5 years ago
That looks crazy fun!
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
Like going to the dog park.
Heidi K.
Heidi K. - 5 years ago
You should have put this poor fish out of his misery first!
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
The Shark bit through the spine and the upper organs. Not much more I could do to it.
Master Pussy Eater
Master Pussy Eater - 5 years ago
Tends to happen when kooks like you take forever to land the fish. Many times your catch gets chased from sharks when on a shipwreck.
Time Deer
Time Deer - 5 years ago
10:34 ...Boop!
Purplebeard - 5 years ago
viciados em pescar RJ
viciados em pescar RJ - 5 years ago
rapaz nao tem medo,, desses bichos caraca tubaroes grandes,
viciados em pescar RJ
viciados em pescar RJ - 5 years ago
pescaria show de bola,
I Cant Comp
I Cant Comp - 5 years ago
Damn what the fuck those turtles were fast af
Tor Arne Svingen
Tor Arne Svingen - 5 years ago
You could not pay me enough to get in that little shit boat in the ocean like that.
Tor Arne Svingen
Tor Arne Svingen - 5 years ago
Yeah whatever smartass
Excuse My French
Excuse My French - 5 years ago
Tor Arne Svingen it's a kayak lol
Sosic - 5 years ago
Is the water really that blue in the ocean? Or is it just the camera?
best drummer ever
best drummer ever - 4 years ago
Keys fishing
Ethan Roberts
Ethan Roberts - 4 years ago
I'm pretty sure he was in the Mediterranean ocean so the water is especially blue there.
Sosic - 4 years ago
I hope I get to visit it one day
Jonathan Cousino
Jonathan Cousino - 4 years ago
Sosic it's really that blue
LionelMessiTheGoat - 5 years ago
Lol i never had the luck to see a shark here in europe only dolphins and wales
Ben G.
Ben G. - 5 years ago
You got a decent South African accent oak
Saxon Van Der Walt
Saxon Van Der Walt - 4 years ago
Ben G. i was born in southafrica and mooved to aus whrn i was 10 I'm 21 now
Ben G.
Ben G. - 5 years ago
I knew it from the first seconds you were talking ;-)
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
Spent a lot of time down there.
Syno Tutorialz
Syno Tutorialz - 5 years ago
i dont get it... on a fuking kajak... on the ocean.. stupid af
Syno Tutorialz
Syno Tutorialz - 5 years ago
Key West Kayak Fishing cmon dude when u hook a big Ass Fish your Kayak Start to fuking fly xD
Okay Sry when i hate so much i give me a second Chance? ^^
♡♡♡♡♡♡ its Not good for My Karma and i dont want to die a sad boring death :'D
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
That is because you are scared of living and will die a sad boring death. Yawn.
Steve Karlton
Steve Karlton - 5 years ago
this guy seems like a total jackass in every aspect of life.
Colleen Posadas
Colleen Posadas - 4 years ago
Steve Karlton You know Steve you and others criticize him and expect him to take it? I don't agree that much with profanity but a person can defend himself. go watch blue ocean videos and eat alfalfa grass why not.
Steve Karlton
Steve Karlton - 5 years ago
Key West Kayak Fishing thank you for validating my point. dipshit.
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
Definitely comes out when I am doing your Mom.
bong breaker
bong breaker - 5 years ago
Why Do You Not Use A Net? One More Thing To Carry?
bong breaker
bong breaker - 5 years ago
Key West Kayak Fishing ... Right dude. Didn't Look Like You Were Having Any Trouble At All There Buddy... My Bad... Awesome Video Dude... Thumbs Up.
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
Fast hands. Be one with the fish.
CHUBTUBS - 5 years ago
Ik that u didnt do it on purpose but if I accidentally did that I would've felt really bad bc chances are he wouldn't have gotten eaten if he wasn't caught on a hook.
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
Here is a life tip. Everything dies.
Michael Keoleian
Michael Keoleian - 5 years ago
Ur a bad youtuber u have to talk more when u reel fish in. Nobody is gonna want to watch you reel in a fish for 20 min and not have a word said talking about what fish I think it is or how deep you got him
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
I seem to be doing pretty well. Feel free to show me the way.
Felix Rodríguez
Felix Rodríguez - 5 years ago
Next time take a 357 magnum with you..
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
or a longer stick.
John Secret
John Secret - 5 years ago
Sir, I've never kayaked, and I don't live near an ocean, I'm smack dab in between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, I seriously consider buying a kayak often, but I have to ask, where do you put those fish that you've caught?
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
When I am food hunting, I have a large cooler that fits in my back well. A few frozen two liter bottles and I am set.
MyDirecTV - 5 years ago
I was waiting for the fool to tip over. What an idiot.
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
You were the one waiting for no reason. Who's the idiot?
Buckwild 65
Buckwild 65 - 5 years ago
SLM Shark Life's Matter still got a nice filet, until they tip you over just make sure to keep your GoPro on so we can see how shark poop is made
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
Sorry not a woosy boy like you. LOL.
slumbr - 5 years ago
i woulda cut the line as soon as i saw a shark, fuck that. I'm also deathly afraid of the ocean so i wouldnt have been there regardless.
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
But they are such cool creatures.
Carl Dean Williams
Carl Dean Williams - 5 years ago
It takes a special kind of stupid to load 500 lbs of gear, a human, and a fish finder onto a piece of plastic and go out to 300 ft deep water to fish. Then to pull bloody Bonita into your glorified kazoo and expect sharks not to hone in on you is even dumber. Get yourself a real boat, and stop risking your life you dumbass.
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
Man up a bit and stop being scared of everything coward. Your tombstone. "Wasted a life because he or she was afraid of life". Coward.
gaterzoom - 5 years ago
Carl Dean Williams It's fun dude, you should try it some day
Will Stroud
Will Stroud - 5 years ago
Finally some real proof that the earth is round!
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
Hail GoPro.
Azzie Blankenship
Azzie Blankenship - 5 years ago
looks like fun, but you gotta have balls to do that... Those sharks get pretty aggressive and quick..
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
Yea, but they are not aggressive to you. They just want the fish. No different than walking around with a hamburger around dogs. They could care less about you, they just want a bit of that burger.
Stefano - 5 years ago
this guy really hates these sharks :D
Timmisthedank - 5 years ago
How deep was it
Zapdos - 4 years ago
the ocean
Atown Rocks
Atown Rocks - 5 years ago
I was waiting to watch him fall into the water and get eaten up by the sharks
chris crociata
chris crociata - 5 years ago
those sharks are harmless lol Swam with em down in the keys
2nipples - 5 years ago
>catches bigger fish than I ever have
>"there's bait"
nitemareman1 - 5 years ago
First fish is not a Bonita. It's a Little Tunny aka False Albacore.
How many times do u think a person has told a shark fuck you throughout history lulz
STT VOYAGER - 5 years ago
This was awesome. Would have enjoyed a little bit more narration but I,love your setup!! SUBSCRIBED
bernhard226 - 5 years ago
you are a real DODO and an IDIOT to boot. you saw the surf conditions and you were aware of the impending situation. Why did you not secure your equipment and your boat before entering the surf zone. I hope you learnt your lesson. You Yanks just take the cake in the stupidity category.
Colleen Posadas
Colleen Posadas - 4 years ago
bernhard226 way to categorize a whole country of several hundred million
hardfugoo1 - 5 years ago
Seems like you would just go out on a normal boat at this point. Is that even a kayak anymore haha.
H Monk
H Monk - 5 years ago
Damn, zero compassion for the fish, lol, sharks are fuckers, half eaten and suffocating
H Monk
H Monk - 5 years ago
Just for bait? Just 10 dollars
Orlando Woods
Orlando Woods - 5 years ago
He's too cocky, hope he has that same energy when something bigger shows up.
[ o b s i d i a n d r e a m e r ]
[ o b s i d i a n d r e a m e r ] - 5 years ago
Looked kinda like a lemon shark
leftymadrid - 5 years ago
Great fishing bro, but not in that small vessel, you got balls... I have had too many encounters myself...
Gain - 5 years ago
Bastard, at least put the fish out of its misery.
best drummer ever
best drummer ever - 4 years ago
Kagura Kun stupid fuck
11219tt - 5 years ago
Is it still a kayak if you have a stabilizer and a motor?
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
If I take them off?
Bv791510 - 5 years ago
Wow. That looks so fun
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
Thanks. I love it out there.
DLTBGYD 1 - 5 years ago
You were in no hurry to put that fish out of its misery at all, sad.
Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson - 4 years ago
Lemonoise Studies have shown that I don't give a fuck about a fishes feelings or about the fact that tou are a pussy and have no spine. Go eat some kale and fuck off. Thanks
Evan Mittlestaedt
Evan Mittlestaedt - 4 years ago
"claimed to have found" Not conclusive. Do you really think a fish is alive and feeling pain with 1/4 of its body bitten off? Not to mention that the reason it looks to be wriggling around is the same principal as a chicken running around with its head cut off, the nerves are still active upon death.
Lemonoise - 4 years ago
David Stone I got it from your authoritative bias
David Stone
David Stone - 4 years ago
In 2003, scientists from Edinburgh claimed to have found the first conclusive evidence of pain perception in fish.
They discovered 58 receptors in the heads of rainbow trout responded to electric and chemical shocks.
When the scientists injected bee venom into the lips of some fish, they found they demonstrated a rocking motion - similar to that seen in mammals.
'The trout injected with the acid that were also observed to rub their lips onto the gravel in their tank...these do not appear to be reflex responses,' said Dr Lynne Sneddon.
She added the study 'fulfils the criteria for animal pain.'
David Stone
David Stone - 4 years ago
So where did you get your PhD in ethology Lemonoise? Oh you don't have a PhD in ethology like Jonathan Balcombe?

I will now refer you back to my previous comment "Science says that they do feel pain you ignorant baboon. How the fuck can I explain it to you any simpler. Should I explain it to you as if you were a 5 year old?"
Lemonoise - 4 years ago
David Stone No, I said I do not care about one single study amongst hundreds of others that have come to the opposite result. There could be many other reasons that the fish could've decided to go to the "undesirable" part of the tank. It would've been a much better study if more groups and variables were tested.
David Stone
David Stone - 4 years ago
Lemonoise says that he wont trust a philosophers word. Well apparently he wont support an ethologists word either. Ethology is the scientific and objective study of animal behavior, usually with a focus on behavior under natural conditions, and viewing behavior as an evolutionary adaptive trait. An ethologist who specializes in fish is literally the most trustworthy person on the planet to listen to on the topic of fish behavior. An ethologist that wrote a book that compiled years of research data by numerous different scientists that concludes that all bony fish (fish with spines) do indeed feel pain. The zebra fish study I quoted was not conducted by Mr. Balcombe, yet you dismiss it because he can't be trusted somehow, and he's the person that reported it?

For years scientists and so called experts claimed that Earth was the center of the universe. Then someone comes along that proves that is undoubtedly not true. So Lemonoise says there are years of consensus data that says that Earth is the center of the universe, so lets burn the heretic at the stake for proving that's not true!

Just to get the story straight here, you do indeed acknowledge that zebra fish feel pain right Lemonoise? Can w e at least draw the line there?
Lemonoise - 4 years ago
David Stone many studies compiled to a supported conclusion is more important to me than a single study on a single species of fish quoted by a guy who seems a bit biased toward a conclusion
David Stone
David Stone - 4 years ago
Lemonoise heres an example of a study done by "actual scientists," and is a quote from Balcombe's book:

The most elegant study of fish pain that I've ever seen ... was done a few years ago by a biologist named Lynne Sneddon ... in the U.K. She used zebra fishes, which are very commonly used in research. And what they did was they put a group of zebra fishes — I don't remember how many, perhaps 30 — in a complex tank that had two chambers. One chamber was enriched, it had rocks and vegetation, and the other chamber was barren. It was open. You can probably guess which chamber these fishes spent all their time in — it was the enriched one. Fishes like places to hide, they like stimulation in their environments.

And then they injected the fishes either with one of two things. One was with an acid solution, which is known to be caustic and presumably painful to these fishes, if they can feel pain. And then the other ... half of the fishes were randomly selected; [they] were injected with saline, which causes just the pierce of the needle and then the pain is not going to be lasting, because it's not acidic. And then they watched to see how they behaved, and they all remained swimming in the enriched tank. And then they dissolved a painkiller solution in the barren, undesirable chamber of this complex tank. And lo and behold, some of the fishes then started to migrate across and swim and hang out in that normally undesirable tank, and it was only the ones injected with the acid, and not the ones injected with the saline. I find that a pretty convincing demonstration of pain in fishes.
David Stone
David Stone - 4 years ago
Don't trust philosophers? Okay, how about Jonathan Balcombe, who is a scientist and author and currently serves as the Director of Animal Sentience with the Humane Society Institute for Science and Policy, and Department Chair for Animal Studies with Humane Society University, in Washington, DC. He lectures internationally on animal behavior and the human-animal relationship. He is Associate Editor of the journal Animal Sentience.

In his new book, What A Fish Knows: The Inner Lives Of Our Underwater Cousins, Balcombe presents evidence that fish have a conscious awareness — or "sentience" — that allows them to experience pain, recognize individual humans and have memory. He argues that humans should consider the moral implications of how we catch and farm fish.

Check out an article about his scientific findings here:

His study was is more up to date with current sceintific research than the study you linked. As this study just came out last year.
Lemonoise - 4 years ago
David Stone Or physical
Lemonoise - 4 years ago
David Stone Everything in science is "probably" or "likely", as almost nothing can be PROVEN as complete fact. What that means is that that is the most supported and widely accepted claim made by the scientific community. The study claims that they are not aware of pain. Not emotional or psychological
David Stone
David Stone - 4 years ago
"science says fish probably don't in the same way we do." First of all the word "probably" indicates that we don't really know. Although you seem very sure about it. Secondly "the same we that we do." means that they do indeed feel pain.

There are different types of pain: Sensational pain, which is what humans and yes indeed fish as well feel. And Emotional or psychological pain, which humans feel, although fish do not.
Lemonoise - 4 years ago
David Stone but since I know you won't send me one, here's one from a credible source right at the top of the google search of "do fish feel pain?"
Lemonoise - 4 years ago
David Stone You already have seeing as you spell like one. Send me one credible backed up scientific paper that claims fish feel pain like we do
David Stone
David Stone - 4 years ago
Science says that they do feel pain you ignorant baboon. How the fuck can I explain it to you any simpler. Should I explain it to you as if you were a 5 year old?
Lemonoise - 4 years ago
David Stone It's called science. Science says puppies feel pain, science says fish probably don't in the same way we do. Science makes observations and experiments to find the answers. I don't give a shit about any philosophies
Lemonoise - 4 years ago
Koter alexous Just because they respond to physical stimuli doesn't mean they feel pain the same way we do buddy
David Stone
David Stone - 4 years ago
Lemonoise its funny that you say that you don't care what a philosopher says, considering that the reason why people (like you) still ignorantly think that non-human animals don't feel pain is because philosophers hundreds of years ago theorized that they don't. Only a couple hundred years ago philosophers would torture puppies by cutting them open while they were still alive. They claimed that the animal was only acting instinctively to the pain. Do you honestly think that puppies feel no pain? Where does your ignorance draw the line lemonoise? How about chickens? How about birds?
Koter alexous
Koter alexous - 4 years ago
^^^  and there it is in black and white..."i don't care"   My eyes cant be trusted!   When I slide the knife in and the fish writhes in the same way a human would..."i don't care"  It ain't me MF!   I think there needs to be a "study."  because I'm obtuse.
Lemonoise - 4 years ago
David Stone I don't care about what a philosopher says. Unless a study is conducted by professionals, I don't care
David Stone
David Stone - 4 years ago
Lemonoise In 2012 the American philosopher Gary Varner reviewed the research literature on pain in animals. He compiled a list of similarities between fish and humans:1) they have a brain linked with nociceptors, as well as 2) endogenous opiods, and 3) analgesics effect responses, and also 4) respond to damaging stimuli similar to humans.Arguing by analogy, Varner claims that any animal which exhibits the properties listed above could be said to experience pain. On that basis, he concludes that all vertebrates, including fish, probably experience pain
Koter alexous
Koter alexous - 4 years ago
that's why they flop and writhe in agony..and try to escape..they cant feel.
Lemonoise - 4 years ago
thellamanater The nervous system of a fish doesn't function the same as a humans. At all.
Lemonoise - 4 years ago
Michael Cerda Google it.
Michael Cerda
Michael Cerda - 4 years ago
Lemonoise that was a dumb thing to say.
thellamanater - 4 years ago
nono, i think you got yourself and fish mixed up again lemonoise, anything with a spine, obviously feels pain, that is where the nerves travel, it is only you, that lacks the mental capacity to think properly. i would like to say that it is possible to live a few days with no entrails. not so sure with no spine and wound like that. but u could ofhit it over the head real quick, not that u guna be thinking straight in that kind of situation though my friend, if it happens again tho, maybe hit him on the head :)
Lemonoise - 4 years ago
Jack Baker They lack the mental capacity to feel pain.
Jack Baker
Jack Baker - 4 years ago
Lemonoise The fuck
Lemonoise - 4 years ago
Fish don't feel pain
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
It had to spine or upper entrails. Not much more could be done. Be happy.
Sean Young
Sean Young - 5 years ago
At this point key west kayak fishing knew he fucked up
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
LOL. That is when the fun starts.
Brad Luck
Brad Luck - 5 years ago
That little fish was a beast to keep on kicking why it was missing it's flipping spine!
Nugz Bunny
Nugz Bunny - 5 years ago
So I'm assuming the Florida Stand Your Ground law doesn't apply to sharks, just black kids?
Carlos Fil
Carlos Fil - 4 years ago
If black kids stop commuting crime, they would get a brake from the cops. Fucking amazing !!!
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
Yea, they give no Fuchs.
Jenna Bateman
Jenna Bateman - 5 years ago
Can not stand fishing. Bunch of assholes
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
Yea, it is not for everyone. But you should try it.
Thomas Bill
Thomas Bill - 5 years ago
How so?
Jon DavaoCity
Jon DavaoCity - 5 years ago
your gonna need a bigger boat
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
Or a longer selfie stick .
random films
random films - 5 years ago
That fish died all because of you
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
Thanks. The Sharks were happy. They send me Xmas cards.
addidaswguy - 5 years ago
also what is he jabbing them with? a shock stick/harpoon or something? and he should have chucked that half eaten fish Waaay away from him and padded In the opposite direction
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
My gopro selfie stick.
addidaswguy - 5 years ago
What I want to know is, how did he just catch that fish, And set it in the Kayak, without the thing ever moving/Flopping around? Did he like Bash it off camera? lol
Key West Kayak Fishing
Key West Kayak Fishing - 5 years ago
The Sharks ripped out it's spine. Not doing much after that.
addidaswguy - 5 years ago
every fish I've ever caught, well at least 90% of them flip around like crazy when they first get out of the water, and only Chill out when they are dying/Out of the water for longer periods..

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