Kieran kayaks his first class 4 rapids

Kieran kayaks his first class 4 rapids - Roosters and Arlenes - Rangitata gorge Second class 4 rapid is at 06:00 Unedited footage - Sorry, I had no editing software whatsoever at the time of the upload.

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Kieran kayaks his first class 4 rapids - Roosters and Arlenes - Rangitata gorge Second class 4 rapid is at 06:00 Unedited footage - Sorry, I had no editing software whatsoever at the time of the upload.

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for Kieran kayaks his first class 4 rapids

datapro007 - 4 years ago
"Beater Boater Goes for a Swim" - lol.
Marco M.
Marco M. - 4 years ago
If I drove that would look like that.
Everybody starts small.
James Caylor
James Caylor - 4 years ago
Was he doing that in a dagger rpm.
Steven Hughes
Steven Hughes - 4 years ago
Now that was funny when you went straight over . Thought you were not going to get back up . I have dislocated my left shoulder going down a weir , a few years ago . I kept hold of the paddle and the force of the water when I was upside down pulled my left shoulder out ha ha . Love it . And the second dunking for you was really funny . That reminds me of when I attempted to roll a sea kayak whilst fully laden going around the Great Orme in North Wales . I failed and had to bail out ha ha . Important point to remember is we can always bail out :)
Stephen Smith, M.D.
Stephen Smith, M.D. - 4 years ago
His first and last?
Peto111222 - 5 years ago
matt kbm18
matt kbm18 - 5 years ago
slower water with your feet kicked out and a nice cold beverage in your hand is the way to go
LibertyIsDead - 5 years ago
Most people wouldn't have the balls for this. Good job, but become more proficient in your skills first. You never know when you'll be the rescuer.
Taint Tamer
Taint Tamer - 5 years ago
Soooo many know it alls. Everyone is better. I give the boy credit. He is trying. That's how you get better

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Michael McClain
Michael McClain - 5 years ago
Glad he lived, though he needs lots more practice just doing the basics like ferrying, getting into and out of eddies, etc. He only ended up upside down because he had no experience with plowing through holes, or to lean downstream when hitting one sideways.
Nathan Rondeau
Nathan Rondeau - 5 years ago
hahaha that's great
ShakespeareDefinitely - 5 years ago
JonoMDK - 5 years ago
Mate I have kayaked for a year now and I have kayaked the River dart in England on Grade 4 and all I could tell that you did wrong was that you did not edge enough when you tried to break into the rapids.
Omnio - 5 years ago
2:24 ew The fuck?
Omnio - 5 years ago
Turns out it's my favorite part
davekingpt - 5 years ago
Pretty sure that you are leaning back and losing control of your bow as a result. Forward is offense, leaning back is defense. Stay on offense.
Ian Groenstein
Ian Groenstein - 6 years ago
I definitely don't think he was ready for that river. Being a paddler myself I belive he should have waited until he had a stronger roll and his overall paddling ability improved before attempting a class 3+ / 4- river. (not trying to be a hater but it's situations like this that get people into trouble on harder rivers).
Ian Groenstein
Ian Groenstein - 6 years ago
Also the phrase " I got ripped out of my boat " is just a excuse for pulling your skirt. Trust me I have used this phrase many times when I first began paddling. Yet not once in the entire time I have paddled have even come close to being pulled out of my boat by the sheer strength of the water despite having paddled many stronger and more powerfull class 4 rivers.
Jack Baker
Jack Baker - 6 years ago
This paddler was not ready for those conditions, which is a very good way to get killed.
Explorer Mike
Explorer Mike - 5 years ago
Jack Baker well, he did it, and now he is a class 4 kayaker. Only one way to get experience and that's by doing it.
CainB - 5 years ago
i've been kayaking for awhile now and i still get caught out by class one rapids, rivers are scarily powerful :0
Philomena Calliope
Philomena Calliope - 6 years ago
I agree
Ian Groenstein
Ian Groenstein - 6 years ago
Yes I totally agree.
Jackson Finnegan
Jackson Finnegan - 6 years ago
when you hit the first rapid i thought the same thing you said when u rolled back up
Jose Magana
Jose Magana - 6 years ago
lol great start

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Evan Baker
Evan Baker - 6 years ago
what is that at 2:24 ?
Johnny Utah's Outdoors
Johnny Utah's Outdoors - 4 years ago
Evan Baker a dam dragon
1204gameday - 6 years ago
Yeah, No thanks. I prefer life.
Edward Roach
Edward Roach - 6 years ago
His buddy is a fine paddler
East Bridge
East Bridge - 6 years ago
проебал крен
Kevin Page
Kevin Page - 6 years ago
Awesome you gave it a go! Been there haha. Upside down at the start of rapids i mean
Super Earthling Yamcha
Super Earthling Yamcha - 6 years ago
elijah goodspeed
elijah goodspeed - 6 years ago
He is not ready for class 3+ whosoever. He has a weak roll, goes into bigger waves and holes with no force and just drifts, and cannot pull out of a eddie at all. Go to a big playwave and practice pulling out into the current a few times
ClashWithOctec - 4 years ago
Danul83 aight same kid here elijah, new account solid class V skills on upper gauley Watauga etc. The kid was not prepared at all and having flipped on class V stuff water does not pull u down unless your in a hole which he was not.
Danul83 - 6 years ago
He had a rough start and was probably psyched out. As he said, the water was pulling down, strong enough to wrench him out of his boat. Not easy to roll regardless of skill in that sort of messy water.
HeyI'tsAaron - 6 years ago
+John Housh that is true. he should've been watching more carefully tho
John Housh
John Housh - 6 years ago
+HeyI'tsAaron I do think his friend leading him down should have been judging. It might have been possible that the big water freaked him out, so he might have looked worse than normal, but his friend should have recognized it, and not taken him into that last eddy.
HeyI'tsAaron - 6 years ago
It was his first time give it a break, and whos judging anyways
Andrew Felcey
Andrew Felcey - 6 years ago
big balls small brain lot's off fun
David Bassou
David Bassou - 6 years ago
Kiam Kuczynski
Kiam Kuczynski - 6 years ago
thats crazy good video
gkarjala - 6 years ago
This is a great vid!!! thx for sharing your exreience with us. Good on ya Kieran, mates!!!
gkarjala - 6 years ago
+gkarjala Sure you didn't pull? Much respect either way, your the BOSS!

30. comment for Kieran kayaks his first class 4 rapids

Jose Suarez
Jose Suarez - 6 years ago
6:38 this moment he realized....shit got real
Gregg Silk
Gregg Silk - 7 years ago
6:30 bobbing around on the eddy line with no momentum, no focus on the direction you're trying to go, psyched out by the boulder and just drifts into it.  Find a surfing wave with a large eddy line and practice punching it 20 times.
Andrea Carimando
Andrea Carimando - 7 years ago
First Song title ??
matsfreedom - 7 years ago
If you can make it through the first season of "learning",white water kayaking can be a real pleasure. Be smart, and go for it!
Gopro Madness
Gopro Madness - 7 years ago
or if anyone could help me find a sturdy kayak
Gopro Madness
Gopro Madness - 7 years ago
hey man I am looking at buying a sturdy kayak and I clearly see this is a very sturdy kayak. I was wondering what kind of kayak this is and if you could comment on one of my videos to tell me what kind it is
Kevin Hill
Kevin Hill - 7 years ago
That looks more like "Kieran flipping and swimming his first class 4 rapids" to me.
The main problem I have is that he was clearly paddling too far above his pay grade (i.e., his skill level). His edging, peel outs, and rolling all looked weak. It may or may not have been dangerous, but I certainly don't think it was useful to him or his development as a paddler. Think about Vygotsky's 'Zone of Proximal Development.' To make the most progress, you want to push yourself a bit beyond what you are currently comfortable or proficient with, preferably under the guidance of those who know or can do more; but push too far and you are make few, if any, gains.
Orionvirtual - 4 years ago
considering he made it out successfully and learned from it whos to say it wasnt for the best in his development
Homefront - 5 years ago
Kevin Hill Agreed
Kayak Life
Kayak Life - 5 years ago
Kevin Hill I agree. Looked like no real skills. I have seen a mentality in many that they don't need to work on tough skills in easy water. They think the easy water is below them.
Chickenooble - 7 years ago
"It ripped me out of my boat!"  No, you tried to roll for almost twenty seconds, realized you can't roll well, and pulled.
ClashWithOctec - 4 years ago
Danul83 hey I have been ripped out of my boat tho and BTW wirlpools don't pull you out of your boat however big hydraulics do. The way that you get pulled out of your boat is the under current moving fast while the hole holds you boat In. The kid was not prepared, missed alot of roles freaked out and pull.
David H
David H - 6 years ago
Except he didn't capsize into whirlpool. He peeled out too low on his eddy and his right-side rode right up on the pillow of a rock. He didn't trapped in a large hole or anything like that because you can see in the video, right before he went under, that there was wasn't a hole.

And, no, I'm not going to "show respect" -- this dude got handled and then came up with an excuse to explain why he had to swim.
Danul83 - 6 years ago
You clearly haven't been ripped out of a boat before. Try capsizing into a whirlpool or strongly sucking river feature and then shut your bloody mouth. Show some respect.

Rolling in that sort of water is really hard, as the water is pulling you down and doesn't give as much purchase. Sure, a perfect roll would likely get him back up, but after capsizing in the first rapid and rushing straight into the next ones he was likely completely psyched out.
R Barrett
R Barrett - 6 years ago
Stefan Schmitz
Stefan Schmitz - 7 years ago
good thing is: that four letter word works as a noun, verb, adjective AND compliment ... this way Kieran can nearly form complete phrases without stressing his language skills.
WaterfallSurfer - 7 years ago
That Dagger is probably the worst boat to paddle in those conditions. Zero primary stability. Trade it in for a Mamba and try again!
WaterfallSurfer - 5 years ago
Edward Roach I know what you mean, some of the more solid boats aren't as easy to control. Almost like they are stuck. I do a lot of low volume technical creeking and I want to be able to hold a line when I need to but still be able to quickly change course if I have to, which a lot of the time I do lol. My Pyranha Nano is the one boat I can't live without. The older boats really are effortless to roll. The only boat I have ever been able to hand roll was my friends old Perception Super Sport. It's a really cool boat all around.
WaterfallSurfer - 5 years ago
John Housh You are definitely right about that! I am definitely a fan of high volume boats with good rocker. They fit my style of paddling very well. I think in this scenario if he had a more stable and voluminous boat it probably would have made up for the lack of experience.
Edward Roach
Edward Roach - 5 years ago
I had a Dagger Pirouette and other paddlers with newer boats were always telling me they just couldn't paddle a boat like mine. That boat's rounded hull allowed for great boat control and edging and the secondary stability was excellent. If you did flip it was easy as could be to roll back up.
John Housh
John Housh - 5 years ago
The problem isn't the 2ndary stability, or even the primary stability. It's the low volume stern. That said, his paddling was the primary problem. But if you look at other films on his site, he clearly has overcome his issues.
Edward Roach
Edward Roach - 6 years ago
Boat is not the problem! Maybe the primary stability isnt great but the secondary stability is, some folks just cant paddle classic kayaks
John Housh
John Housh - 6 years ago
+Hans Kinki While it is true, and he leaned the wrong way when heading for the bolder during the peal out too, an RPM is certainly not helping.
Hans Kinki
Hans Kinki - 6 years ago
+WaterfallSurfer Comeon, he didnt paddle or edge at all. clearly lack of skill, the boat is fine.
Yamparunner - 7 years ago
It was a scary peelout with weird water  and I think Kieran just missed the lean.   But Good job and Kudos for giving it a go.  
Inspiration011 - 7 years ago
What the fuck was this ass clown doing? Paddling a river like that when he couldn't even peel out aggressively enough, marginal roll, from his complaints about the hydraulics trying to pull him out of his boat, it sounds like he didn't adjust the outfitting properly (and no, there's no way features that small would have pulled someone out of a boat if they had it rigged properly, worst I could see would be a skirt implosion if he really hit it wrong). On top of that, no attempt at self rescue, and straddling a boat like that is a fantastic way to shatter your hips on a rock. He should NOT have been there, he lacked boating skill, confidence, and just basic safety skills.
wrbrbl irbl
wrbrbl irbl - 7 years ago
+Inspiration011 He can be wherever he wants to be. Keep in mind there are people that likely think you are incompetent at certain things you enjoy and should not be allowed to do them. You can talk about safety, that's great, but just like old Lee down below you comments say a lot more about your personality than Kieran's.
Varian Bartolini
Varian Bartolini - 7 years ago
He is not a beginner. He paddled fine, the RPM is a hard boat to paddle. EVERYONE SWIMS!! 
Steve Allen
Steve Allen - 7 years ago
RPM roll like logs, I paddled one for several years, The one I had was from the early 90's.  Many people loved those boats because of how well they rolled, punched though waves and because of how stable they were (almost no edge). RPM stands for "radical play machine"  which (because of how short they were) they were considered to be back in the early 90's. There was so much demand that Dagger recently brought the design concept back.  I know one paddler that bought 2 because she was afraid that they would stop making them again and it is the only boat she can roll.  The camera tells the whole story.  He entered the current at a right angle and was swept against the rock and never rolled, we've all been there and will be there again (as soon as all this snow melts).
Ruben Valdez
Ruben Valdez - 7 years ago
"I got ripped out of my boat!"  hahahaha nice try, but im gonna just go with you pulled and swam.
TehGlitchs - 7 years ago
2 people on a grade 4 plus someone who can't roll. Bad idea
brianm1231 - 7 years ago
Thanks for posting the video. That was intense and you had my heart racing. I am glad you are safe.
Bigcheese7382 - 7 years ago
Got pulled out of his boat my ass...i guess ive never paddled an rpm, but my first boat was an old riot glide. believe me, i got flipped in a lot of holes in that thing. and not once did i ever get "pulled out". He is making excuses for his bad skills. Seriously, swims happen to  even the best paddlers, just own it.
Howard Morland
Howard Morland - 7 years ago
The leader in the red boat led him into an eddy that is hard to get out of.  Sure enough, Kieran didn't peel out high enough and when he got pushed into the rock he leaned away from the rock instead of toward it.  The leader didn't have or didn't use his quick-release leash in attempting to capture the loose blue boat.  Finally, three people should be a minimum size group for a run like this, especially with a novice.
Inspiration011 - 7 years ago
+Varian Bartolini Then empty it. There was a good, easy run out, easy enough to drain the boat most of the way and either tether or push. I have a cowtail but I still only use it about 60% of the time, the rest of the time it's not a great situation to use one.
Steve Allen
Steve Allen - 7 years ago
no point in tethering to an 800lb boat.  Better empty it out first
Varian Bartolini
Varian Bartolini - 7 years ago
It's totally unsafe to tow a swamped boat, even on a quick release. 
Scotty Nelson
Scotty Nelson - 7 years ago
Thats okay mate, its a great river you should definitely visit at some stage. Make sure ya hit us up when you do!
Scotty Nelson
Scotty Nelson - 7 years ago
+jacobsviper Rangitata Gorge mate in Peel Forest, New Zealand.
Jonathan Davidson
Jonathan Davidson - 7 years ago
The eddy part I agree with, but Kieran definitely didn't make the most spirited attempt to get out either. In any case, it wasn't an actually dangerous place to be, just a difficult one. In terms of recapturing the blue boat, the priority should always, ALWAYS be on the swimmer. The boat was a secondary concern in this scenario, so it makes perfect sense that the leader got Kieran to shore and ensured his safety before anything else. That was absolutely the correct decision to make.
zebster05 - 8 years ago
Scary.  Might want to get more training.
Coolbrinkman1 - 8 years ago
He burped at 8:30, meaning he got (at minimum) a mouthful of water.

50. comment for Kieran kayaks his first class 4 rapids

CakeSulli - 8 years ago
dang bro :D
Nikolay Kulikov
Nikolay Kulikov - 8 years ago
I think I know how to get a free boat now :)
Mirek Vanis
Mirek Vanis - 8 years ago
where is this river? what is it's name? 
Edward Mol
Edward Mol - 5 years ago
I knew it! love that country!
saysimasass - 8 years ago
Rangitata River, Canterbury, New Zealand  :)
Lee Laughton
Lee Laughton - 8 years ago
Do you think you should have become a little more competent at class 2 before attepting this? I thought about recreating your video by chucking my gopro in the spa and turn the bubbles on.. Your lack of ability not only endangers yourself but puts your mates in danger too.Better luck in the future !!
Lee Laughton
Lee Laughton - 8 years ago
whatever dude,you can use what ever excuses you want to feel better !!! I have seen 6 drownings in 30 years of paddling , I would just hate to hear about another... Do what ya like and if you want to take people down rivers they arent ready for, then you go for it ! Like I said before, you wont listen so I hope you enjoy putting people at risk !
Lee Laughton
Lee Laughton - 8 years ago
+hempwort anatase
beginners shouldnt be doing that sort of shit, think sbout it !!!!!  but you wont and we will probably read about some drowning that didnt need happen !!!
wrbrbl irbl
wrbrbl irbl - 8 years ago
Can all the noseplug wearing borg paddlers please leave? The only dangerous thing that happened was the way he held onto the rescue boat. Guess what- HE'S A BEGINNER. "Oh but he should learn swiftwater..." lol you have been assimilated.
Dave Worst
Dave Worst - 8 years ago
All I have to say is that Kieran makes his Dagger, RPM I believe, look like a sh*t boat... Dagger never really put out a bad boat, and the RPM was the #1 selling boat. Ever. Anyone who started out kayaking with an experiance kayaker, wouldn't let him paddle class 4 rapids if he can't even get out of an eddie.... I would never have let him go in my group whit such shotty skills...
Kyle The gamer
Kyle The gamer - 8 years ago
Bye bye kayak
TERRORIZERRRR - 8 years ago
All I do is Kayak Fishing, And I thought launching from surf was crazy, No way this shit looks real hard. I wanna try it now. Lol your friend went for a swim.
Razzupaltuff - 8 years ago
True. It's like either - or: Either roll on the downstream side, or wait until you're as fast as the water around you. I do however think that rolling downstream gives you a bit more control when moving on.
saysimasass - 8 years ago
Let's just say, Kierans come a long way with his paddling skills haha, I'm going to have to disagree with you there though, if you wait untill the boat is moving as fast as the current, it will be just as easy rolling on the upstream side as it would on the downstream side. However, if the water is moving downstream faster then your boat, then yes, it generally becomes easier to roll on the downstream side. Thanks for the input =P
Razzupaltuff - 8 years ago
I don't know where Kieran is paddling wise now, but there are a few things you can do to make rolling easier: If you capsize, take your time to orient, wait until the boat has the same speed as the water around it, and then roll at the side where the water flows to.
saysimasass - 8 years ago
Hey man, the first rapid may have been class 3 because of the flow, it is usually class 4 but the flow was really high so it washed out the rapid quiet a bit, all of the other rapids were class 3 apart from the last one (the one Kieran swam on), that was class 4 he got beatdown in a sizeable hole for almost 10 seconds, the only reason you didn't see any class 4 was because he was under water the entire time haha. And yep, I do use proper editing programmes now, thanks for the advice though.
Razzupaltuff - 8 years ago
Nice swim :D, but where was the class 4 whitewater? I could only see class 3. You also got around all the nice waves and holes ... You can try Windows Movie Maker to edit your video.
Bondo - 8 years ago
Intense paddle dude. Wow good job. I like to try that someday. I've onlybeen kayaking down class 1.
Jim Barton
Jim Barton - 8 years ago
agreed but leaning down stream may help :)
David Hague
David Hague - 8 years ago
Mate, good effort all round. You stayed under well beyond the call of duty. WD for posting happens to the best of us!! ;O) Keltic Paddler
Andrew Stuart
Andrew Stuart - 8 years ago
Thanks for the post, really exciting. I was willing you to come back up!
Chris Jundt
Chris Jundt - 8 years ago
Way to stick with it. You looked more comfortable before the second dunking. Don't forget your paddler's box and KEEP YOUR HIPS LOOSE. Nicely done and thanks for the vid
susannah50001 - 8 years ago
looks brilliant I will say I am still coming to doing these skills on the river .and I know how nerve racking it is when you are under the water. but to be honest I can not wait when I am up to that level to do this .
Piln - 8 years ago
had a buddy break his pelvis and back because he wrapped his legs around the rescue boat on a swim, one hell of a nut shot. but man this place looks incredible!
mikefromspace - 9 years ago
You got the boat back?
mikefromspace - 9 years ago
Now those are rapids. I ran too close to the right once and slammed the wall at 20mph. Some river turns make it impossible to conquer a turn. If you ever do this, get sideways fast or better to jump out if you can't. A head on catch of the nose can break your back. Lucky my wall only launched me airborne.
Ryan Morris
Ryan Morris - 9 years ago
hey man, sub me. if your ever up in much we should go for a paddle! :)

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